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2008        Jan 10-2008 Jan 17, Who will win the US Democratic Nomination: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?
    With 485 votes cast Hillary won 32% and Barack won 68%.

2008        Jan 17-2008 Jan 24, With the US in a recession, who do you think is more capable of leading the country back to prosperity: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?
    With 401 votes cast Hillary won 36% and Barack won 64%.

2008        Jan 24-2008 Jan 31, Are you over 25 years of age or under?
    With 150 votes cast, 59% were 25 years old or under and 41% were over 25.

2008        Jan 31-2008 Feb 7, Stolen laptops and computer data breeches have been much in the news. In response computer manufacturers have been placing new hardware on motherboards. Have you ever heard of the Trusted Programming Module (TPM)?
    With 78 votes cast, 17% said yes, and 83% said no.

2008        Feb 7-2008 Feb 14, Who do you think will become the next president of the United States: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John McCain?
    With 280 votes cast, 50% said Obama, 28% said Clinton and 22% said McCain.

2008        Feb 14-2008 Feb 21, Which is the more significant issue confronting the world at large: Global warming or religious fundamentalism?
    With 158 votes cast global warming topped religious fundamentalism 63% to 37%.

2008        Feb 21-2008 Feb 28, Would you consider yourself generally an optimist or a pessimist?
    With 118 votes cast 64% said they were optimists and 36% said they were pessimists.

2008        Feb 28- Mar 6, Do you believe in God?
    With 264 votes cast 86% said yes and 14% said no.

2008        Mar 6-Mar 13, Do you believe in the devil?
    With 159 votes cast 59% said yes and 43% said no.

2008        Mar 13-20, Do you believe in heaven?
    With 203 votes cast 80% said yes and 20% said no.

2008        Mar 20-27, Do you believe in evolution as outlined by Darwin?
    With 132 votes cast 49% said yes and 51% said no.

2008        Mar 27-Apr 3, Assume you are well off and somebody gave you $100 asking that you donate part of this gift to charity. Which amount would you likely donate: $80, $60, $50, $40, $20, 0?
    With 99 votes cast 34% said $80, 8% said $60, 16% said 50$, 11% said $40, 19% said $20 and 11% said 0.

2008        Apr 3-Apr10, Do you think that freedom of speech includes the right to mock the religious beliefs of other people?
    With 112 votes cast 43% said yes and 57% said no.

2008        Apr 10-17, Wikipedia was launched in 2001, 9 years after the timelines.ws project and has become very successful due to user input. Do you think the timelines.ws project should open up to user input?
    With 97 votes cast 44% said yes, 25% said no, and 31% said Dont care.

2008        Apr 17-24, Do you find the the timelines.ws project a useful resource?
    With 168 votes cast 32% said yes, 11% said no, 9% said its ok and 48% said it sucks.

2008        Apr 24-May 1, Do you think the US is in a recession or just an economic slowdown?
    With 75 votes cast 69% said recession and 31% said slowdown.

2008        May 1-May 8, Do you think Rev. Wright has significantly hurt the presidential prospects of Sen Barack Obama?
    With 83 votes cast 60% said yes and 40% said no.

2008        May 8-May 15, Do you think Barack Obama should offer the position of vice-president to Hillary Clinton?
    With 122 votes cast 43% said yes and 57% said no.

2008        May 15-May 22, Do you think Barack Obama should offer the position of vice-president to John Edwards or Hillary Clinton?
    With 104 votes cast 59% said Edwards and 41% said Clinton.

2008        May 22- May 29, When Barack Obama is elected president would you like to see him offer the position of Sec. of State to Hillary Clinton or retain Condoleezza Rice?
    With about 50 votes cast 50% said Clinton and 50% said Rice (minor flaws experienced in data processing).

2008        May 29-Jun 5, Do you invest in the stock market? Major computer manufacturers are including a hardware-based solution (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trusted_Platform_Module) for security in new laptop computers. See http://timelines.ws/subjects/WaveSystems.HTML.
    With 17 votes cast 53% said yes and 47% said no.

2008        Jun 5-Jun 12, Do you think Barack Obama will defeat John McCain in the November US presidential election.
    With 68 votes cast 74% said Yes and 26% said No.

2008        Jun 12-Jun 19, Which of the following is closest to your favorite type of music: Classical, Country, Electronic, Jazz, or Rock?
    With 52 votes cast 15% said Classical, 12% said Country, 6% said Electronic, 10% said Jazz and 58% said Rock.

2008        Jun 19-Jun 26, Are you male of female?
    With 50 votes cast 62% said male, and 38% said female.

2008        Jun 26-Jul 3, Do you think Zimbabwes Pres. Mugabe should be ousted by force?
    With 37 votes cast 84% said yes, and 16% said no.

2008        Jul 3-Jul 10, Do you think the US will emerge from recession within the next 6 months?
    With 34 votes cast 38% said yes, and 62% said no.

2008        Jul 10-Jul 24, Do you tend to favor activities that match your personal level of complexity or do you favor activities that just provide you pleasure?
    With 16 votes cast 62% said complexity, and 38% said pleasure.

2008        Jul 24-Aug 7, If you were old and infirm would you like to have the option of suicide to terminate your life?
    With 66 votes cast 64% said yes, and 36% said no.

2008        Aug 7-Aug 21, The Olympics have become a major platform for sounding various political concerns. Do you favor this trend or consider it a distortion of the Olympic motto: Citius, altius, fortius-swifter, higher, stronger.
    With 70 votes cast 19% said yes, the Olympics are fair game for politics, while 81% said no, the games should not be politicized.

2008        Aug 21-Sep 4, Russian forces, despite promises of withdrawal, remain deep inside the territory of Georgia, a hopeful member of NATO. Do you think NATO should forcefully confront the Russian incursion?
    With 84 votes cast 58% said yes, while 42% said no.

2008        Sep 4-Sep 18, Do you think Sen. John McCain made a good choice in selecting Gov. Palin of Alaska as the GOP vice-presidential nominee? 
    With 299 votes cast 48% said yes, while 52% said no.

2008        Sep 18-Oct 2, Has the current financial crises seriously affected you or your family?
    With 97 votes cast 58% said yes, while 42% said no.

2008        Oct 2-Oct 16, Did you read any books last month?
    With 136 votes cast 25% said no, while 75% said yes.

2008        Oct 16-Oct 30, Do you subscribe to any of the social networking web sites, such as Facebook, or MySpace?
    With 111 votes cast 29% said Facebook, 31% said Myspace, 5% said other and 36% said no.

2008        Oct 30-Nov 13, Would you support a move by the new US administration to end sanctions against Cuba?
    With 102 votes cast 63% said yes, 37% said no.

2008        Nov 13-Nov 27, Do you like to cook?
    With 181 votes cast 75% said yes, 25% said no.

2008        Nov 27- Dec 11, In an attempt to identify the dominant culprit of the current worldwide economic crises, would you put primary blame on intl. corporate policy, intl government policy, intl. individual behavior, or a combination of all the above.
    With 98 votes cast 13% said intl. corporate policy, 16% said intl. government policy, 8% said intl. individual behavior and 62% said a combination of all the above.

2008        Dec 11-Dec 25, Under the current severe economic conditions would you support a temporary minimum 10% reduction in the salaries of all federal and state government employees to be matched by management in public and private companies?
    With 63 votes cast 59% said yes, 41% said no.

2008        Dec 25-Jan 7, Do you believe that it is paramount for the United States to maintain its status as the worlds No. 1 military power?
    With 81 votes cast 65% said yes, 35% said no.

2009        Jan 7-Jan 21, Do you support Israels current incursion into Gaza?
    With 174 votes cast 42% said yes, 58% said no.

2009        Jan 21-Feb 4, Are you confident that Pres. Obama will manage to get the US economy moving forward within 6-12 months?
    With 210 votes cast 55% said yes, 45% said no.

2009        Feb 4-Feb 18, Do you tend to trust religious leaders, such as Pope Benedict XVI, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, more than current political leaders, such as Dmitry Medvedev, Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy?
    With 62 votes cast 60% said yes, 40% said no.

2009        Feb 18-Mar 4, Karl Marx in Das Kapital identified over-production as an essential flaw in capitalist economics. He did not predict that large scale scammers such as Bernie Madoff would work as negative forces in capitalist economics. Nor did he perceive the effect of real estate speculation in economic cycles. He did identify the finance sector as smoke and mirrors and its wealth as fictitious capital. Do you think Marxs analysis is valid in todays global economic crises.
    With 72 votes cast 64% said yes, 36% said no.

2009        Mar 4-Mar 18, Do you think that the US federal and state governments should temporarily allow a reduction of minimum wage requirements, e.g. by 10% for one year, to help qualifying businesses under severe pressure to survive to remain in business.
    With 82 votes cast 26% said yes, 74% said no.

2009        Mar 18-Apr 1, The International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague has recently issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for crimes against humanity in Darfur. In 2002 the US moved to withdraw its signature supporting the ICC. Do you think that the US should reinstate its membership in the ICC?
    With 47 votes cast 57% said yes, 43% said no.

2009        Apr 1-Apr 15, Do you attend some sort of religious service at least once a week?
    With 109 votes cast 61% said yes, 39% said no.

2009        Apr 15-Apr 29, Do you believe that the US government should decriminalize drug abuse?
    With 122 votes cast 52% said yes, 48% said no.

2009        Apr 29-May 13, A summary of daily events is posted every morning on our sister site at: www.timelinesdb.com. Would you like to see a daily blog with user feedback discussing these events. If you would like to run such a blog please let me know ([email protected]). There is some potential for a little income here. 
    With 24 votes cast 46% said yes, 54% said no.

2009        May 13-May 27, Do you support the death penalty for those convicted of heinous crimes?   
    With 155 votes cast 63% said yes, 37% said no.

2009        May 27-Jun 10, A handful of US states now acknowledge gay marriages. Do you believe same-sex marriages should be acceptable nationwide?
    With 121 votes cast 51% said yes, 49% said no.

2009        Jun 10-Jun 24, Do you support a single payer national medical insurance system?
    With 40 votes cast 57% said yes, 42% said no.

2009        Jun 24-Jul 8, Have you listened to the Randy Barton Today in History audio via the  link near the top of this page? If yes please respond with one of the following ratings: A = very good, C = take it or leave it, U = a waste of time. If you have not tried it, please take a listen and come back to vote.
    With 14 votes cast 29% said A, 36% said C and 36% said U.

2009        Jul 8-Jul 22, Which of the following would you most prefer for a pet: Dog, Cat, Other, or None.
    With 78 votes cast 60% said Dog, 15% said Cat, 9% said Other and 15% said none.

2009        Jul 22-Aug 5, On July 21, 2009, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that police who tell investigators about alleged corruption in their departments have no constitutional protection for their statements and can be fired. Do you agree?
    With 49 votes cast 18% said yes, 82% said no.

2009        Aug 5-Aug 19, Which of the following musical instruments do you think is the most difficult to learn: A) Accordion, B) Clarinet) C) Guitar, D) Piano, E) Saxophone, F) Violin, G) Other.
    With 109 votes cast 30% said accordion, 8% said clarinet, 6% said guitar, 8% said piano, 5% said saxophone, 28% said violin, and 14% said other.

2009        Aug 19-Sep 2, Which of the following professional careers do you respect most: A) Engineer B) Lawyer C) Nurse D) Medical doctor E) Police officer F) Politician G) Other
    With 95 votes cast 16% said engineer, 5% said lawyer, 16% said nurse, 26% said medical doctor, 18% said police officer, 0% said politician, and 19% said other.

2009        Sep 2-Sep 16, Which of the following professional people do you believe are most overpaid: A) Corporate CEOs B) Doctors C) Lawyers D) Politicians E) Prof. Athletes F) Other
    With 46 votes cast (this period is skewed due to the transition to new home page) 39% said Corporate CEOs, 4% said Doctors, 13% said Lawyers, 4% said Politicians, 39% said Professional athletes, 0% said other.

2009        Sep 16-Sep 30, Do you like the new Timelines of History front page format?
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care.
    With 108 votes cast 30% said yes, 36% said no, 34% said dont care.

2009        Sep 30-Oct 14, Which of the following professional sports do you like the most: A) Baseball B) Basketball C) Football D) Soccer E) Other F) None.
    With 209 votes cast 13% said Baseball, 20% said Basketball, 24% said Football, 20% said Soccer, 16% said other and 7% said none.

2009        Oct 14-Oct 28, As ancient humans began to develop which do you think came first: A) The human belief in spirits B) The human taming  of fire.
    With 228 votes cast 68% said human belief in spirits came first, 32% said the taming of fire came first.

2009        Oct 28-Nov 11, Who do you think first came up with the idea of a single god: A) Extra-terrestrial aliens B) The Neanderthals or Cro-Magnon man C) Human ancestors after the last ice age D) Moses E) Other.
    With 255 votes cast 11% said Extra-terrestrial aliens, 11% said The Neanderthals or Cro-Magnon man, 31% said Human ancestors after the last ice age, 20% said Moses, and 27% said other.

2009        Nov 11-Nov 25, In regards to intellect, and relative to your peers, would you consider yourself A) Average, B) Above average or C) Below average.
    With 253 votes cast 26% said Average, 68% said Above average, and 6% said Below average.

2009        Nov 25-Dec 9, On the general political spectrum would you consider yourself A) Biased to the left B) Biased to the right C) Pretty much dead center.
    With 243 votes cast 41% said Biased to the left, 29% said Biased to the right, and 30% said Pretty much dead center.

2009        Dec 9-Dec 23, Do the arts (e.g. film, literature, music, painting, theater) play a significant role in your life?
    A) Yes, B) No
    With 225 votes cast 83% said yes, and 17% said no.

2009        Dec 23-Jan 6, Iain McGilchrest recently authored The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. He noted how the left side of the brain specializes in narrowly focused attention and how the right side attends to broader contexts. Would you consider yourself to be more prone to left-brain, right-brain behavior, or pretty well balanced.
    A) Left brain B) Right brain C) Well balanced
    With 121 votes cast 22% said left brain, 54% said Right brain and 24% said Well balanced.

2010        Jan 6-Jan 20, What is your main source for daily world news:
    A) Newspaper B) TV C) Internet D) Radio E) Other
    With 273 votes cast 5% said Newspaper, 24% said TV, 60% said Internet, 5% said Radio and 5% said other.

2010        Jan 20-Feb 3, Do you think that the election of a Republican Senator in Massachusetts represents a serious setback to the policies of Pres. Barack Obama and his Democratic administration?
    A) Yes B) No C) No big deal D) I do not care.
    With 684 votes cast 56% said Yes, 18% said No, 10% said No big deal, and 16% said I do not care.

2010        Feb 3-Feb 17, Do you try to recycle your used material as much as possible?
    A) Yes B) Sometimes C) No
    With 246 votes cast 59% said Yes, 23% said Sometimes, 18% said No.

2010        Feb 17-Mar 3, If this Web site were to begin charging an annual access fee, would you be willing pay? A)Yes B) No
    If so, which of the following amounts would you consider to be most reasonable:
    A) $0 B) $5 C)$10 D)$15.
    With 237 votes cast 1.7% said Yes, 71.3% said no, 17.3% said $0/yr, 3% said $5/yr, 3.4% said $10/yer, and 3.4% said $15/yr.

2010        Mar 3-Mar 17, Do you support Pres. Obamas efforts to push his Health Care plan through Congress?
    A) Yes B) No C) Do not care.
    With 343 votes cast 41.1% said Yes,  46.1% said No, and 12.8% said Do not care.

2010        Mar 17-Mar 31, Do you consider yourself to be a student, a teacher, a writer, a journalist or part of some other category?
    A) Student B) Teacher C) Writer D) Journalist E) Other
    With 283 votes cast 60% said Student, 13% said Teacher, 7% said Writer, 1% said Journalist, and 19% said Other.

2010        Mar 31-Apr 14, The US educational system is currently under a lot of criticism for not meeting minimal government standards. Which of the following entities do you think is most responsible for poor US student performance:
    A) Family environment B) The federal government C) Local school boards D) Students E) Teachers F) Other.
    With 198 votes cast 41% said Family environment, 21% said the federal government, 14% said Local school boards, 13% said Students, 9% said Teachers, and 2% said other.

2010        Apr 14-Apr 28, Do you think that the current ongoing scandal of Catholic clerical pedophilia is predominantly a result of A) Faulty theology B) Poor clerical training C) Bad leadership D) Muckraking journalism E) Human biology F) Other
    With 189 votes cast 25% said Faulty theology, 7% said Poor clerical training, 25% said Bad leadership, 10% said Muckraking journalism, 16% said Human biology, and 16% said other.

2010        Apr 28-May 12, The average cost of this years decennial US Census is estimated at $46.93 per person compared to 1.13 cents in 1790. Note that the value of $1.00 in 1790 is comparable to over $42.00 in 2010. So the approximate increase in cost is more like a factor around 100, rather than something around 4,000. Note also that most census expense goes directly into the US economy in the form of pay to part-time census workers. Do you think that this is money well spent?
    With 80 votes cast 64% said Yes, 35% said No.

2010        May 12-26, Bertrand Russell said: Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. These passions, like great winds, have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course, over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair.
    Have you read anything by Bertrand Russell?
    With 69 votes cast 69.6% said No and 30.4% said Yes.

2010        May 26-Jun 9, Outside of physical presence, what is your most preferred method of communication?
    A) Telephone B) E-mail C) Letter D) Social network (e.g. Facebook)
    With 45 votes cast 44% said Telephone, 42% said E-mail, 0% said letter and 13% said Social network.

2010        Jun 9-June 23, Outside of physical presence, what form of communication do you appreciate the most?
    A) Telephone call B) E-mail C) Letter D) Social network notice (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
    With 45 votes cast 27% said Telephone call, 34% said E-mail, 27% said letter and 12% said Social network.

2010        Jun 23-Jul 7, How do you spend most of your free time?
    With 35 votes cast 3% said Socializing, 43% said Computer related activities, 29% said reading, 6% said Music related activities and 20% said other.
    A) Socializing B) Computer related activities C) Reading D) Music related activities E) Other

2010        Jul 7-Jul 21, Looking at your personal future over the next 2-3 years would you consider yourself to be optimistic, pessimistic or simply without a clue?
    With 51 votes cast 55% said Optimist, 25% said Pessimist, and 20% said Clueless.
    A) Optimist B) Pessimist C) Clueless

2010        Jul 21- Aug 4, Does your household tolerate 4-letter swearing?
    A) Yes B) No
    With 48 votes cast  33% said Yes, 67% said No.

2010        Aug 4 - Aug 18, When confronted with a difficult decision, which of the following is most dominant in your decision process:
    A) Emotion B) Logic C) Politics D) Religion E) Other
    With 58 votes cast  12% said Emotion, 59% said Logic, 3% said Politics, 24% said religion, 2% said other.

2010        Aug 18 Aug Sep 1, He Who Must Not Be Named refers to:
    A) A biblical figure B) A character in Chinese history C) A character in a novel D) A Mexican drug lord. The answer here is a character in a Harry Potter novel.
    With 152 votes cast  30.3% said Biblical figure, 5.9% said Character in Chinese history, 57.9% said Character in a novel and 5.9% said Mexican drug lord.

2010        Sep 1- Sep 15, The US Tea Party is said to be invigorating the Republican Party. Would you like to have daily tea with the US Tea Party:
    A) Yes B) No
    With 103 votes cast  40% said Yes, 60% said No.

2010        Sep 15 - Sep 29, In November, 2010, elections do you think the Republican party will win control of the US Congress.
    A) House of Representatives only B) Senate only  C) Both D) Neither
    With 116 votes cast  11% said House of Representatives only, 10% said Senate only, 41% said both, 38% said neither.

2010        Sep 29 Oct 13, Do you support legalizing marijuana for personal use.
    A)Yes B) No C) Unsure
    With 130 votes cast  62% said Yes, 34% said No, and 5% said Unsure.

2010        Oct 13 Oct 27, Spitting in the street, commonly observed among young men these days, is most likely attributed to:
    A) Environmental pollution B) Attitude related to exposed underwear C) Attitude unrelated to exposed underwear D) A personal social statement E) Clint Eastwood F) Other
    With 75 votes cast  4% said A, 8% said B, 5% said C, 40% said D, 21% said E, 21% said other.

2010        Oct 27 Nov 10, Can you think of an American politician better than Pres. Obama to lead the US at this point in time? You can use the TL Facebook link to specify details.
    With 145 votes cast  52% said Yes and 48% said No. Not details were specified.

2010        Nov 10 Nov 24, Who cleans up after dinner at your residence?
    A) Mother B) Father C) User D) It rotates E) Child F) Everybody F) Other
    With 160 votes cast  34% said Mother, 6% said Father, 4% said User, 11% said It rotates, 12% said Child, 29% said Everybody, 4% said Other

2010        Nov 24 Dec 8, You are assigned to organize a major project. Your general approach would be:
    A) Sub-divide project and assign tasks B) Build a base and work up C) Negotiate and integrate all involved parties D) Other
    With 40 votes cast  28% said Sub-divide, 40% said Build a base, 22% said Negotiate, and 10% said Other.

2010        Dec 8 Dec 22, Do you support WikiLeaks-type exposure (http://wikileaks.org/) of corporate and world government activities.
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care.
    With 95 votes cast  54% said Yes, 32% said No, 15% said Dont care.

2010        Dec 22 Jan 5, Does a users prolific use of profane language enhance or detract your esteem of that person.
    A) Esteem enhanced B) Esteem reduced C) Irrelevant D) Depends on circumstances
    With 63 votes cast  6% said esteem enhanced, 56% said esteem reduce, 8% said irrelevant, 30% said depends on circumstances.

2011        Jan 5 Jan 19, Which of the following countries do you think is the most threatening to world security:
    A) China, B) Iran, C) Israel, D) North Korea, E) Pakistan, F) USA
    With 279 votes cast  14% said China, 13% said Iran, 4% said Israel, 27% said North Korea, 11% said Pakistan and 32% said USA.

2011        Jan 19 Feb 2, Who makes your bed?
    A) Self B) Mother C) Wife D) Other E) Nobody, it stays rumpled.
    With 212 votes cast  44% said Self, 8% said Mother, 2% said Wife, 1% said Other, and 45% said Nobody, it stays rumpled.

2011        Feb 2-Feb 9: Are you familiar with fake food?
    A) Yes B) No
    With 17 votes cast  24% said Yes, 76% said No.

2011        Feb 9-Feb 23: Our human mind experiences significant idle time (i.e. day dreaming). Which of the following topics occupies most of your minds idle time:
    A) Business/Money B) Personal Issues C) Personal Relations D) Politics E) Sex F) Other
    With 144 votes cast 10% said Business/Money, 24% said Personal Issues, 15% said Personal Relations, 4% Politics, 36% said Sex and 12% Other.

2011        Feb 23-Mar 9: Following government upsets in Tunisia and Egypt, which of the following governments do you think will fall next?
    A) Bahrain B) Ivory Coast C) Libya D) North Korea E) Yemen F) Other
    With 125 votes cast 6% said Bahrain, 2% said Ivory Coast, 69% said Libya, 8% said North Korea, 8% Yemen, and 6% said Other.

2011        Mar 9-Mar 23: Which of the following represents your primary means of transportation: A) Car B) Bicycle C) Public transit D) Walking E) Other
    With 102 votes cast 70% said Car, 3% said Bicycle, 7% said Public transit, 17% said Walking and 4% Other.

2011        Mar 23-Apr 6: Would you like to watch a regular evening program titled something like: The Best of YouTube Today.
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care
    With 99 votes cast 43% said Yes, 26% said No and 30% said Dont care.

2011        Apr 6-Apr 20: Who for the most part washes your dishes:
    A) Self B) Spouse C) Mother E) Father F) Sibling G) Other
    With 115 votes cast 43% said Self, 9% said Spouse, 33% said Mother, 7% said Father, 1% said Sibling and 7% said Other.

2011        Apr 20-May 4: Would you like to see a professional Web site that displays US medical costs in a well-structured table form per procedure, including laboratory costs per test as well as the average cost of routine doctor and specialized doctor visits organized geographically by provider by US state. Such a site might also include comparative annual medical insurance rates in all their permutations organized by company.
    A) Yes B) No C) Will never happen D) Dont Care
    With 28 votes cast 54% said Yes, 7% said No, 4% said Will never happen, and 36% said Dont care.

2011        May 4-May 18, Do you think the US legal system is geared to financially benefit the legal community, where everybody gets paid except the jurors and the defendants. Or are high legal costs just the price we need to pay for justice.
    A) System benefits the legal community B) Its just the cost of Justice. C) Do not care D) Other.
    With 61 votes cast 64% said System benefits legal community, 11% said Its just the cost of Justice. 15% said Do not care, and 10% said Other.

2011        May 18-Jun 1, If you have a cell phone how much is your monthly bill?
    A) Under $25 B) $25-$50 C) $50-$75 D) over $75 E) Do not have cell phone.
    With 37 votes cast 8% said under $25, 16% said $25-$50, 43% said over $75, and 19% said do not have a cell phone.

2011        Jun 1-15, What is your favorite desert?
    A) Cake B) Fruit C) Ice cream D) Pie E) Other
    With 85 votes cast 20% said Cake, 11% said Fruit, 40% said Ice cream,  18% said Pie and 12% said Other.

2011        Jun 15- 29, How much TV do you watch?
    A) One hour or less per day B) 1-2 hours per day C) 3 or more hours per day.
    With 68 votes cast 44% said One hour or less per day, 31%% said 1-2 hours per day, 25%% said 3 or more hours per day.

2011        Jun 29-Jul 13, How often do you eat fast food?
    A) Once per week or less B) 2-3 times per week C) Over 4 times per week
    With 29 votes cast 79% said Once per week or less; 17% said 2-3 times per week, 3% said Over 4 times per week.

2011        Jul 13-Aug 3, Who do you think is most to blame for the US budget impasse?
    A) The Democrats B) The Republicans C) President Obama.
    With 117 votes cast 27% said The Democrats; 54% said The Republicans, 19% said President Obama.

2011        Aug 3-Sep 14, This September 11 is the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in NYC. The Twin Towers and Building 7 all collapsed at various times in under ten seconds. Increasing evidence has mounted that the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed due to controlled demolition, in direct contradiction to the US government position that their collapse was due to fire from the impacts of hijacked airplane terrorist attacks. (See (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ptvvbaR0-U). Do you accept the US government position?
    A) Yes B) No C) Unsure.
    With 197 votes cast 52% said Yes; 35% said No, 13% said Unsure.

2011        Sep 14-Sep 28, Do you think that Pres. Obama will be defeated in the 2012 elections?
    A) Yes B) No C) Maybe.    
    With 161 votes cast 50% said Yes; 38% said No, 12% said Maybe.

2011        Sep 28-Oct 19, In your opinion which of the following animals best symbolize stock market behavior:
    A) Fox B) Owl C) Lemming D) Pig E) Vulture
    With 156 votes cast 19% said Fox; 10% said Owl, 14% said Lemming; 23% said Pig; 35% said Vulture.

2011        Oct 19-Nov 2, Do you support the Occupy Wall Street movement?
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care
    With 558 votes cast 56% said Yes; 25% said No, and 18% said Dont care.

2011        Nov 2-Nov 16, In your opinion might the Occupy Wall Street movement develop into a significant political force in the United States?
    A) Yes B) No C) Hope so D) Hope not E) Dont care
    With 507 votes cast 18% said Yes; 29% said No, 29% said Hope so, 16% said Hope not, and 8% said Dont care.

2011        Nov 16-Nov 30, Do you think mandatory retirement should be required for government officials, elected, appointed or hired, by age 70.
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care
    With 124 votes cast 41% said Yes; 37% said No and 22% said Dont care.

2011        Nov 30-Dec 8, Do you think that the US corporate financial sector is adequately participating in efforts to revitalize the economy?
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care
    With 83 votes cast 12% said Yes; 72% said No and 16% said Dont care.

2011        Dec 8-Dec 28, How secure are you with the economic future of the USA?
    A) Very secure B) Somewhat secure C) Insecure D) Dont care
    With 176 votes cast 9% said Very secure; 19% said Somewhat secure: 60% said Insecure; 12% said dont care.

2011        Dec 28- 2012 Feb 4, Regarding the 2012 US presidential elections would you consider yourself:
    A) Committed Democrat B) Committed Republican C) Uncommitted Democrat D) Uncommitted Republican E) Other
    With 481 votes cast 25% said Committed Democrat; 21% said Committed Republican; 16% said Uncommitted Democrat; 15% said Uncommitted Republican; 23% said other.

2011        Feb 5- 2012 Mar 28, Do you think that the US Republican Party will win the 2012 presidential election.
    A) No B) Yes C) Dont care.
    With 730 votes cast 50% said no; 27 % said yes; 24% said dont care.

2012        Mar 28, Iran would clearly respond to an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities. How many Israelis do you think might die in Irans immediate response.
    A) 0-100 B) 100-1000 C) 1000-10,000 or more. 
    With 180 votes cast 17% said 0-100; 26% said 100-1000 and  57% said 1000-10,000 or more.   

2012        Apr 25, Old oil tankers could be refurbished to ship water to drought stricken populations around the world. This could be tied to carbon credits for entities supporting such shipments. It could also be tied to efforts by receiving countries to provide fresh water to their needy citizens. Would you support a UN effort to push in this direction.
    A) Yes B) No C) Dont care.
    With 122 votes cast 73% said Yes;14% said No and  13% said Dont care.
2012        May 29, Who do you think will win the 2011 US presidential elections?
    A) Barack Obama B) Mitt Romney
    With 437 votes cast 67% said Barack Obama;33% said Mitt Romney.

2012        Aug 13, Would you like to see Pres. Obama ask Vice-President Biden to become Sec. of State and for Hillary Clinton to assume the role of Vice-President?
    With 229 votes cast 29% said Yes; 23% said No. 17% said It will never happen, 13% said It wont help, and 17% said I do not care.

2012        Sep 12, The government of Syria is in dire straits. Do you think it will collapse?
    a) Within 6 months b) Within one year c) It will not collapse d) Dont care.
    With 217 votes cast 27% said within 6 months. 27% said within one year. 18% said it will not collapse. 28% said dont care.

2012        Oct 17, Which US presidential candidate do you think is most qualified to lead the United States for the next four years.
    a) Barack Obama b) Mitt Romney c) Neither d) Dont care.
    With 345 votes cast 52% said Barack Obama. 26% said Mitt Romney. 17% said neither. 6% said dont care.

2012        Nov 7, In your opinion which of the following is most favored by the current American economic system:
    A) Large corporations B) Lawyers C) The general public D) Vested interests E) Other
    With 267 votes cast 52% said Corporations. 11% said lawyers. 8% said the general public. 22% said vested interests. 7% said others.

2013        Jan 17, Do you support Bradley Manning?
    With 204 votes cast 13% said Yes. 10% said No. 77% said Who is Bradley Manning.

2013        Nov 23, Which of the following do you find most interesting:
    A) History of Money. B) History of Religion. C) History of technology.
    With 113 votes 13.3% said money; 38.1$ said religion and 48.7% said technology.

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