Timelines of History
3/15/01 #1
This newsletter will be sent about every 2 weeks and will inform you of changes to the “Timelines of History” web site. I will include technical matters concerning the site’s material and organization as well as interesting feedback from you and other users. These letters will be archived as a file titled “Newsletter Archive” and listed among other subjects at the top of the front page.
    The “SearchButton” search engine will soon no longer offer free service and asked me to upgrade to paid service for $5K with a 10% discount. I shall remove their search link as soon as it is no longer useable.
    The “SiteMiner” search engine also is terminating free service but did offer paid service for $119 per year. I signed for the paid service.
    The opt-in mail list to which you signed on is so far the best I have found in terms of ease of use and dependability. Let me know if it works ok for you. I hope too much span does not result from its use.
    The free Guest Book provided by MyComputer.com is also requesting paid service at $35 per year. I may remove it and stick with the still free CoolBoard.
    This site has not generated any income to speak of and I am considering setting it up as a non-profit so as to be able to solicit tax deductible contributions to cover overhead.
    As always I appreciate your feedback and comments.
    Let me know how you make use of T of H information and I will provide a summary in the next newsletter.
    As of this mailing there are about a dozen recipients.

4/1/01 #2

    The Timelines of History site is getting about 4,000 hits per week. I suspect there are some heavy users and for their benefit I am going to make all the files available for download in MS Word format for a fee. These files will be the most up to date that I have. They will be in longer form and years will not need to be cut up to adjust for bandwidth restrictions as on theGlobe.com. This will allow timeline research without necessarily logging on to the net. These files will be stored at a 3rd party web site that provides for file sharing. All the files will be available but only the ones desired need be downloaded at any one time. Access will cost $25 per year, and you will need to contact me directly ([email protected]) for details.
    For the last few years I have used a program from A1Software for finding specific information. Their TextFinder software for $15 will quickly scan hundreds of files in any selected directory and correctly pull up specific info with hypertext access. This SW is indispensable for extracting info from large and numerous files. Orders can be placed at www.a1soft.com.
    The HistoryNet has contacted me and I may soon sport their logo in exchange for being listed as part of their recommended resources.
    As of this mailing there are about 20 mail list recipients.

4/15/01 #3

I get a weekly update on some of the subjects that users type into the Atomz.com search engine. The last set included the following phrases:
summer 1947 of holocaust; 26th amendment; abstract art timeline; Alaska; closed  insane asylums around Pittsburgh Pa.
The only query that would have given good results would be “26th amendment,” because the phrase is specific, significant and one could expect numerous references to it. Some people misunderstand the Timelines of History web site and expect to find timelines of specific subjects. Sorry to say, we’re not there yet. Some subjects are listed under subjects, but the list is short. All the US states do have their own files and the author of the “Alaska” query failed to overview the front page.
I have had no takers on my $25 offer of access to updated files in word format, ready for download from a file storage site now available (see newsletter #2). The price is now reduced to $5.
The opt-in mail list to which you have subscribed has held steady to 20 list members. I find this very surprising since total site hits still surpass 4,000 per week. I do not have a way to check on whether the mail-list works properly. I would like to ask some of you to opt out for a few days and then try to opt in. I may just create my own mail list with aol and transfer the current names if the service does not show signs of life.
As always, your feedback is most appreciated.

Timelines of History
Newsletter #4
May 25, 2001

I have decided to discontinue the Opt-In mail program due to its unreliability. The subscriber list had been locked in at just 20 for over 2 months. I shall manually maintain a mail list on my AOL account. If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe, a simple e-mail to [email protected] with the message subscribe will suffice.
The “CoolBoard” message board service has announced that they will discontinue their service as of June 29. They may recommend another message board.
The “Recommend-It” people have redesigned their logo so that it pops up on every log in to the Timelines front page. The pop-up stopped so I will continue to use the service.
As always your comments and feedback are highly appreciated.
The Google link stopped as a merchant affiliate, but I have retained a link to allow a Quick jump to their powerful internet search engine.

Timelines of History
Newsletter #5
June 2, 2001

I would first like to recommend the book “Eyewitness to History” edited by John Carey (Harvard Univ. Press (1988). It is a compilation of short eyewitness accounts of such events as the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170 and the Black Death of 1348. Some 250 events are described by observers who were actually there.
In order for you to understand the process that I go through to put the timeline files on line, I am going to provide here a short run down of the process. Perhaps you might see steps that could be simplified or improved.
a) All the files are initially created as MS Word documents with references, formatted with spaces between entries and held this way for updates. At the tops of the files I often maintain a list of appropriate links gathered from the web.
b) When I am ready to upload I spell check and save the file in text. Due to bandwidth constraints I try to keep the text files down to about 25k and link associated files. I cut and paste the files into my Netscape browser and add in appropriate links with the browser tools and a clipper tool that holds often used links.
c) I upload the files with CuteFTP, a file transfer protocol, that allows me to rapidly organize and edit the HTML on the website and make the files available.
d) On a weekly basis I upload 7 individual days of updated files for the “Today in History” section, so this section is relatively current. I update individual years, countries, states and subjects as time permits.
As you see there is quite a bit of tedious work in the process. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this. I have tried using MS software to directly create the html from the word docs, but the files seemed very bloated compared with the html created from text.
I would like to post your feedback in the next newsletter and include that as a regular newsletter feature. Recent e-mails included a request to link with a Mongolian trekking outfit; an updated link on an excellent site on Portugal; and a request to correct an error on the date of the April 25, 1951, Korean Battle of Imjim River, initially misdated by Historynet to April 1952.
I would also like to solicit your help in locating other timeline files on the Net. I believe that here are now a great deal of timelines created for many subjects. If you run across such sites, just send the URL to me and I will place the subject and link into my subjects section.
The mail list now has about 30 subscribers.

Timelines of History
Newsletter #6
June 16, 2001

I would like to bring your attention to the web site www.itnarchive.com, a very large database of films, images and stories. This link is now on my front page. It requires a short register form to access, but there is no charge for viewing and you can decline the offer for ads. The Database material goes  back to 1896. The archive includes the following:
Gaumont Graphic  1896-1933
Empire News Bulletin  1926-1930
British Paramount News  1931-1957
Gaumont British News  1929-1959
Universal News  1930-1949
Visnews  1957-1992
Reuters Television  1992-yesterday
ITN  1955-yesterday
A daily event list begins in 1955 with many additional categories organized by subject. If this site is used together with the “Timelines of History,” events in the timelines can be immediately found with full articles. This combination is very powerful and I highly recommend this parallel use.
The Cyber Surfari people (http://www.cybersurfari.org) have asked to feature the “Timelines of History” site for their summer “Web Hunt.” My suggested quest will be to find the day when nothing happened.
My attempt to store all my history files in MS Word Doc form on a 3rd party web site is caput as the free storage option was discontinued and the new cost option is prohibitive. I can send large files as attachments if you need something for a special project.

My name is Greg Carpenter and I live in Bonavista Newfoundland, Canada.  I would just like to tell you how great your website is on world history!!!  It is probably the best history site on the net and you should be very proud of yourself for making such a remarkable site.
Thank you for your time.
Greg Carpenter

As always all feedback is very much appreciated, especially if it is like Mr. Carpenter’s.

Timelines of History
Newsletter #7
June 29, 2001
CyberSurfari is a fun and educational Internet expedition where players explore more than 100 hand-picked destination sites throughout the Internet.  The contest is a “kid-safe” way to show students, teachers and families valuable information that can be found on the Web and how to find it!  The contest is designed by the Children’s Web Surfing Alliance, Inc., a 501-C3 nonprofit organization. 
How it Works:
Players can register as a team or an individual and collect “treasure” by finding the answers to clues written by participating Outposts.  To find the answer the player must go to the Outpost’s site to search for the answer.  When the answer is found, players enter a unique keycode to get credit for their discovery.  Players can race to the finish or play at their own pace.  The summer contest will launch on June 29th at 3:00 PM Eastern time.  Sign up now to prepare!  http://www.cybersurfari.org/ !
Some 25,000 players were expected.

Timelines of History
Newsletter #8
Aug 1, 2001

There has been just a few minor changes in the Timelines. I did receive the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award. A platinum level award is available and would look very nice but has an attached fee. I would happily consider any offers of sponsorship for the platinum level.
I received notice of an updated link for the excellent Cambodian history site: http://www.geocities.com/khmerchronology
I added a front page link to the American Immigration History Center, which allows searches for ancestors who came through Ellis Island from 1892-1924 along with a link to the Mormon ancestry DB.
Consider the following e-mail as a generic one to represent any subject and the answer as generic also:
Hi!  I enjoy your web site quite a bit.  However, I have noticed that there have been many major events (mostly crime-related) that are not mentioned (such as Winnie Ruth Judd, Thomas Capano, and other major crimes) for the last century.  Are you planning any updates?  I do have some dates and events that you could add, that are relevant to history, especially in those states).  Just an offer!
Bonnie K.
Hello Bonnie,
Thanks for your kind comments. I would be very interested in any material you could contribute. I update constantly from many sources, but have not concentrated on, or even thought of big crime stories from the past except when I run across them in current stories. If you do put something together, please provide short snippets with references for source material. I can keep it all together in a subject "crime" file and insert the items into the general timelines. I will incorporate your e-mail and this response into my next newsletter issue, due soon. Shall I put you on my newsletter list?
Thanks a bunch,

As always all feedback is very much appreciated.
Algis Ratnikas

Timelines of History
Emergency Note
Aug 7, 2001

Dear faithful newsletter subscribers,
It looks as if my worst fears are materializing. TheGlobe.com appears to be in serious financial difficulty and access to their web sites is deteriorating. I am unable to transfer files and make updates or corrections. Already the link to the July-December section of Today in History is empty. This is a very serious matter to me and in effect almost erases 6-7 years of work on the site. I hope they can stabilize their situation but have no confidence in them maintaining users web sites. I began an alternate site months ago titled "timelines.ws," housed with Google, just in case of such events. The site is not very usable and it will take months to correct all the internal links and transfer all the files over. Please bear with me, send me your sympathies and I will keep you informed as to my progress.
Algis Ratnikas

Timelines of History
Newsletter #9
Aug 15, 2001

The Net giveth and the Net taketh away and the Net giveth again:
There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth in timeline land over the last week but I am happy to say to most all of the “Timelines of History” files have been transferred to my new site “timelines.ws” and that my pointer “algis.com” is directed there and it works. I would like to make a special note of thanks to Richard Karns, who warned me on August 6 that he could not access the July-December “Today in History” files. This led me to find the directory to be completely empty. I scrambled to see what was going on with theGlobe and learned that they were sinking rapidly and were about to eliminate all hosted web sites. I spent the evening frantically downloading via ftp some 800 files in order to keep the html code intact. (The next 2 days I spent in Alaska on business needs.) I already had a contingent site and upon my return began building everything back up. Numerous people contacted me about problems on the Timelines site and by Aug 9 nothing could be accessed. I then got an e-mail form theGlobe warning that all sites would be down by the end of the month. Suffice it to say there are no good words to express my feelings on the way theGlobe’s management handled this.

I also want to thank Barbara Seaman, who months ago inspired me to begin this newsletter. It has been my only way to maintain contact with some of the most steadfast users of the timelines in this time of stress. I thank you all for your encouraging e-mails and ask only 2 favors: One is that you hit the “recommend it” button a lot for a while to get the new site name a little needed publicity; and two that you give me feedback on bad links, aside from those at the top and bottom of most files, which will take much time to correct.

The following 2 e-mail excerpts are representative of the many I have received in the last week: I've never written you before to thank you for your WONDERFUL website. As with so many things, we wait until there are problems to speak up.  I can't get into the archives for August - December.  Do you know what’s going  on? I use your page for my daily school lessons. My children look forward to this part of the school day as their favorite (I kid you not; I'll thrill you with the details if you wish).  Without your site info, my culture presentation must rely on inferior sources for info (not to mention, it takes me 3 or 4 times as much time to prepare). Please help!! Is there hope that this problem will be fixed soon??? I really do hope you get this and I want to express, above all, even above my desire to see your page back to normal, my appreciation for your site. I think it's the best 'this day n history' site on the web. Your awards are well merited.

Hoping to hear from you,
Susan Gerard (I sent Susan attachments for the month of August)
Wow, Algis, Thank you so much!!  And my children thank you, too. I didn't know if I was even going to get ANY kind of answer...! I will email you in September if I can't find your site or get into it. Until then, good luck and thanks again. And I will bore you with my story, then, since you are so kind: every school day, we start the day with a cup of tea and "this date in history". From the events, we pick one or two to explore in more depth (read Robert Burn's poetry on his birthday - he became a favorite - or viewed Grant Wood's paintings on his b'day).  Then on to regular school. One evening last week, I gave my oldest son the following day off to go fishing, a last minute invitation had been extended to him. As he was readying his gear, he came to me and asked - this is not a lie or an exaggeration - "Mom, can we do tomorrow's 'this day in history' tonight? I don't want to miss it." So, your site is a big hit here! If I can do anything to help, please let me know.
Thanks again, Susan Gerard.

It is these kind of responses that make the project worthwhile.
Algis Ratnikas

Timelines of History
Newsletter #10
Aug 30, 2001

A lot of fine-tuning has taken place on the T of H site since moving everything from theGlobe.com to the Yahoo hosted site. Traffic has diminished by 90% and is clearly due to people not knowing where T of H has gone. Many retained my e-mail address and were able to make direct contact to get the new address. The rest will have to search it out. Please note that the pointer “algis.com” is a quick way to access the site and is independent of the domain name “timelines.ws.” Should Yahoo ever fail me, a new host would be set for the pointer.
All of the internal links (Return to algis.com and Go to…) in the Today in History section have been updated. Internal links in those countries with multiple files have been updated. Both local search engines have been re-indexed for the new site. Internal links for the US states are done and the rest of the world countries and various subjects will be done asap. Let me know if you find bad links.
New files have been added for the following countries: Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bohemia, Brunei, Burkina Faso and Byzantium. All country entries through the letter “B” have been updated.
I have exchanged links with many timeline users in the past. These links get buried in my pages and may never get to your attention. From here on I will present new links in the newsletter for your quick reference. If you would like attention drawn to your sites let me know and I will note them here: e.g.

A Research guide for Students:
The Chevalier De Saint Georges:

Monthly hosting with Yahoo costs $14.95. If you are a heavy user, please consider contributing this amount to help cover site costs. Money received will go to hosting the site into the future. I will print a sum of all donations received in each upcoming newsletter.

Thanks for your continuing support,
Algis Ratnikas

Timelines of History
Newsletter #11
Sep 15, 2001

I got stuck in Alaska for a week following the 9/11 NYC-Pentagon National tragedy. I share my tears with all people, especially the families of the victims.
I post this as is and will spend the next few weeks working to catch up.
I will soon post my NYC file under states and cities.
The following countries or entities have been added: Carthage, Celts, Corsica, Dagestan, Eq. Guinea, European Union, Flanders, Gypsy. The year 2001 has been updated in the 21st Century to cover through August.
I have signed up for a daily e-mail from:


that provides an extended “Today in History.” The details are often fuzzy and many entries are contradictory to existing data, but it does provide more firm dates from the last millennium and the earlier part of this millennium. Together with what I have, the additions should be meaningful.
The below URL was recommended to me as an aid in getting the site back on to the main search engines. It is very easy to use and I recommend it.  


I have received my 1st donation, $20 from Susan Haller and The Hans in British Colombia. Could this be the beginning of a trend?
I have begun working with a Web Page designer to improve the front end look and perhaps make the site more negotiable. This will not be cheap, but I think the changes will be worthwhile.

E-mail from: Dr. John Dougherty, Coordinator of Social Studies Education, New Jersey Department of Education (Mr. Dougherty made some kind remarks and asked to subscribe to the NL. I thanked him and asked if he would let his teachers and students know of the T of H  site.)
Thank you, Algis. I will share my enthusiasm with the whole state.

A good way to spread the word is to inform your local librarians of the Timelines site. I have always found them to be very appreciative.
Thanks for your continuing support,
Algis Ratnikas

Timelines of History
Newsletter #12
Oct 1, 2001

Site use is back to around 2 thousand hits per week. This is about 30% below what it was before the address change, but the recovery has been very good.

I have again been asked to participate in the CyberSurfari, an educational Internet expedition where players explore more than 100 hand-picked destination sites throughout the Internet (see NL # 7):


My clue for this Fall will be to identify the cultural origin of the following quote: “While the word is yet unspoken, you are master of it; when once it is spoken, it is master of you.”
The answer can be found in the quotes and proverbs section of the timelines.

The following countries have been updated: Argentina, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary and the Congo Republic. New additions include Arabs (including Muslim History), Hittites, and Holy Roman Empire under countries and New York City under cities.

I am still working on design ideas for a front page re-design. Comments or suggestions to improve navigation are most welcome.

I am still working on setting up the site as a non-profit organization. This requires a board of directors. If anybody would like to be considered as a board member, please let me know. I would prefer people with some professional expertise in either, history, law or business, but unflagging enthusiasm would also serve well.

My financial report for Fiscal Year 2001 is as follows:

Income: Donations: $20 (Canadian)
Expenses: $1217.05 (labor not included)

Chinese proverb: “Even as a hollow building echoes all sounds, so is a vacant mind open to all suggestions.” I ponder this quote while considering the thousands of young people stuck in refugee camps in the Middle East.

Pax vobiscum,
Algis Ratnikas

Timelines of History
Newsletter #13
Oct 15, 2001

I often run across interesting juxtapositions and in past have just smiled and continued my work. I note here the following example:

1946        Oct 9, The Eugene O’Neill drama “The Iceman Cometh” opened at the Martin Beck Theater in New York.
    (AP, 10/9/97)
1946        Oct 9, The 1st manufactured electric blanket sold for $39.50.
    (MC, 10/9/01)

I have begun a file named quirks to track these and expect it to grow slowly. I will let you know when it is large enough to post. If you run across similar strange duples from your perusals let me know and I will add them in.

A user noted that the file on Germany up to 1861 was a dead link. That has been corrected and all the Germany files were updated in the process.

The Timelines of History project is off to a good start for fiscal year 2001. I have received a very generous  $30.00 donation from Susan Gerard. My sincere thanks to Susan and her students who feed daily on the “Today in History” section.

My Lithuanian connection, Tomas Baranauskas, notified me that his excellent website on Medieval Lithuania has been updated with language capability in Lithuanian, English and Russian. The new URL is:

Your feedback, suggestions and support is as always greatly appreciated.

I part with these words by Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist: “I believe I’ve found the missing link between animal and civilized man. It is us.” 


Timelines of History
Newsletter #14
Nov 1, 2001

A tsunami hit the Timelines of History site (http://timelines.ws) on Oct 15. The folks at emazing.com put out a review of the T of H site as follows:

Timelines of History   What was going on in the world a hundred years ago? This site lists major events in chronological order, so you can easily see that the U.S. was experiencing racial tension after President Theodore Roosevelt invited black leader Booker T. Washington to the White House. You can view the events by date (going back to 1,000 A.D.), by State, by U.S. city, by world country, or by subject (Computers, Environment, Footnotes to History, Films, Medicine and AIDS Quotes, Proverbs).- Lorri Malone

This created an immediate rush for NL subscriptions. Over 100 new users subscribed by the end of the week.

On Oct 15 the CyberSurfari Fall student game began and by the end of the week the site hits jumped from some 2k per week to 2k per day.

With thousands of new eyes on the site the potential for finding, identifying and correcting errors is markedly increased. A reporter from the York Dispatch in Pennsylvania promptly corrected details on local events cited for July 21, 1969. I urge all users to keep a look out for errors and to bring them to my attention.

This is the 1st NL to be received by many new subscribers. I urge the new subscribers to scan the previous postings in the NL Archive listed at the top of the web site. I would like to reiterate that I am the only person managing this site and I do so in my spare time (see Bio next to NL Archive). I very much welcome donations to defer expenses. I also welcome suggestions for improvements and all feedback. I would very much like to make this project a full time occupation and even hire some help, but until some financial base is established I will have to continue in the present mode.

I have recently begun making an active effort to stop at all historical landmark sites that I encounter on the state highways. I found that California has a book titled “California Historical Landmarks” and have ordered it from Amazon. I suspect that every US state has similar landmark programs and books to reference them. If you know of such for your own state or country, let me know and I will post the info both in the NL and in the appropriate Timelines space.

Thank you for your continued support,

Timelines of History
Newsletter #15
Nov 15, 2001

I am always working on various special subject timelines, many of which are not yet posted. These include a compilation of the US presidents in order of office with their individual timelines, a timeline of major air crashes, a timeline of the Nobel winners, technology, medical events, periodic events etc. I would like to regularly send an attachment of some or part of these working files to NL subscribers as a preview and reward for subscribing. Each NL would be accompanied by a short 5-10 page file that would be described in the NL. I need to know if there are any major objections to such attachments. I can assure you that these files would be virus-free.

My free site counter went down since the last NL and this impacted access to the Timelines site. I quickly subscribed to a new counter for a small fee. Free services are nice but they seem to inevitably disappear without some sort of financial support. I received no donations in the last period. One subscriber did point out that I have not included an address with my requests for financial support. My address will now be posted at the end of each NL.

Iain McNeil from London recommends his company’s new game - Legion, a PC strategy game set in ancient Rome: www.slitherine.co.uk 

Giorgio Coraglia of Italy would like people to see his site:
Linotype & Linotipisti  (http://digilander.iol.it/linotype/)
It is dedicated to the Linotype, the profession of the Linotype operator, and to all the Linotype operators who have worked on newspapers throughout the world. It contains the description and the history of the Linotype and its inventor, covering:
All the models of linotype: the American, English, German, Italian and Intertype.
Technical cards.
Use and maintenance.
Mail and testimonies (also photographic) of linotype operators (including his own work history), editors and journalists.
The site is in Italian but there are links to translation software.

Bon giorno,

Algis Ratnikas
117 Alta Vista
Daly City, Ca. 94014

Timelines of History
Newsletter #16
Dec 1, 2001

You will notice a new subscriber box for the Newsletter near the top of the TofH front page. Hopefully the Topica NL service will automate the processing of NL requests. I have not put all the old subscribers on the Topica list yet. I 1st want to make sure that it works with the handful of new subscribers. If and when I do transfer all subscriber names to the list, you will get a Topica e-mail to verify that your request for the NL is valid and you will have to respond for validation. I will warn you know before that occurs.

I recently received my 1st paycheck from work related to the Timelines. A user requested the compilation of the 100 worst atrocities in human history. I searched all my files and gathered the instances where the largest numbers of people were killed by human direction, excluding battlefield events. I will soon post a file title “Atrocities” in the subject section over the next month in timeline form. I would like to thank Mr. Neal Hammond for his request and prompt payment.

This opens the realm of providing users with targeted timelines on request. I will make quotes based on individual requests.
I would like to thank Ms. Jane Birch from Utah for her donation, periodic recommendations and undaunted support.

Netscape has begun offering a free service whereby one can post a business card on the web using their resources. The link to my Netscape business card is as follows. You may find this useful for your own purposes.
Net business card:

Adrian Mihai would like to recommend his site on Romania:

Krystyna Rutkowski would like to recommend her site on Roman and Byzantine coins:

The new subject file on US Presidents should be ready within a few weeks. My address for donations is again as follows. Consider the Timelines site as a periodical supported only by subscriptions. As stated before, these funds will solely be used to maintain the Timelines site into the future. Thus far the donated total for 2001 is $60. As always your comments are most appreciated.

Timelines of History
Newsletter #17
Dec 15, 2001

The transfer of subscribers to the Topica service is complete. I expected that a good number people would not bother to re-register. It appears that about a third of the subscribers did not bother to make the transfer. The NL is now automated for both subscribing and unsubscribing and it is a relief and a time saver not to have to process these requests.

A user recently pointed out that my 1970 entry marking the death of Janice Joplin included 2 dates for her age, either 26 or 27, and found this confusing. There are many entries with similarly confusing facts. This is because media sources are not always correct and I do not always have the time to delve into resolving which point or fact or date is correct. I thus present conflicting info into the timelines to point out that issues here needs resolution. My hope is that users will follow up on the info and let me know what is correct along with the correcting source. In the case of JJ above, the user took the time to look up Janice Joplin’s birthday and presented me with the date and her accurate age at death, 27. Ideally this is the way this project works: stimulus and feedback.

The years 1943 and 1970 have been updated.
The months of October and November for 2001 have been added.
The individual days in history have been updated up to Dec 11. Seven days are updated weekly and are always 4-11 days behind the current day of the year. Many events take days if not months and years to play out. The 4-11 day lapse is usually enough time for the major substance of recent events to play out.

Hank Donat would like to recommend his San Francisco site:

Should anybody like to donate to the Timelines Project, my address is provided below.

Algis Ratnikas
117 Alta Vista
Daly City, Ca. 94014

As always I encourage your feedback, comments and recommendations and will post all such material in the newsletter.

End of file 

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