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2001         Jan 1, The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians opened up Tahquitz Canyon near Palm Springs for visitors.
    (SSFC, 3/11/01, p.T5)

2001        Jan 4, State regulators approved raising electricity rates by an average 10% as state utilities stood near bankruptcy.
    (SFC, 1/5/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 4, Dustin Thomas (20), was killed in the Sunnydale housing projects. Thomas had recently testified as a murder witness.
    (SFC, 1/9/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 5, Gov. Davis proposed extending the school year for middle-school from 180 to 210 days.
    (SFC, 1/6/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 5, Southern California Edison announced plans to cut 1,450 jobs to save $465 million due to high power costs.
    (SFC, 1/6/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 8, Gov. Davis offered a series of proposals to resolve the state energy crises. These included efficiency incentives, use cutbacks and power generation capacity increases.
    (SFC, 1/9/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 8, California unveiled its new one-stop Web site: www.ca.gov
    (SFC, 1/8/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 10, Gov. Davis proposed a $102 million budget.
    (SFC, 1/11/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 10, LA Mayor Richard Riordan warned Gov. Davis that he would cut off the sale of surplus power to the state, unless LA was paid in advance.
    (SSFC, 12/16/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 10, The State Dept. of Fish and Game decided to slash its trout stocking program for Sierra lakes in order to protect endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs.
    (SFC, 1/11/01, p.A3)
2001        Jan 10, In Nevada County, Ca., Scott Harlan Thorpe (40) killed 3 people, including Laura Wilcox (19), and wounded 2 others at the Nevada County Behavioural Health clinic before he was apprehended by police near Smartville. Thorpe had refused to take medication and could not be force to do so under the 1967 Lanterman-Petris-Short state law. In 2000 a bill AB1421 named Lauras Law, was pending to address the issue. In 2002 Gov. Gray Davis signed Lauras Law allowing for court-ordered assisted outpatient treatment or forced anti-psychotics in most cases.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura%27s_Law)(SFC, 1/11/01, p.A1)(SFC, 5/1/02, p.A20)

2001        Jan 11, PG&E announced the layoff of 1,000 workers and a cut back in some customer service to save an estimated $180 million.
    (SFC, 1/12/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 12, The FERC approved a corporate restructure for PG&E that allowed the parent company to shield profits from the mounting debts of its utility subsidiary.
    (SFC, 1/16/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 14, It was reported that power generators in California were suspected of shutting down power plants to sell high-valued natural gas contributing to high costs and power shortages.
    (SSFC, 1/14/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 16, Mike Bowers (37), a former inmate from San Bernadino County with a grudge against Gov. Davis, drove a semi-truck into the south side of the state Capitol. He was killed in the resulting explosion.
    (SFC, 1/17/01, p.A1)(SFC, 1/18/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 16, Southern California Edison said it would not be able to pay its outstanding bills. PG&E said it was days away from a default.
    (SFC, 1/17/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 17, Gov. Davis declared a state of emergency and ordered the Dept. of Water Resources to buy and sell electricity to help alleviate the crises. PG&E defaulted on $76 million in short term debt.
    (SFC, 1/18/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 18, The state legislature signed a $400 million energy rescue measure as Pres.-elect Bush rejected electricity price caps sought by Gov. Davis.
    (SFC, 1/19/01, p.A1)
2001        Jan 18, SF sued 13 energy providers for collusion to fix prices and restrict the energy supply.
    (SFC, 1/19/01, p.A12)

2001        Jan 23, Spencer Abraham, energy secretary, extended 2 federal emergency orders forcing power suppliers to continue selling electricity and natural gas to California.
    (SFC, 1/24/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 24, In California the state received bids for long-term electricity contracts in an auction to help ease the energy crises.
    (SFC, 1/25/01, p.A1)

2001        Feb 1, State lawmakers enacted legislation to spend up to $10 billion for power. Gov. Davis ordered large retail outlets to dim lights with penalties beginning Mar 15.
    (SFC, 2/2/01, p.A1)

2001        Feb 2, Mexico agreed to sell a small amount of power to California. The Bush administration refused to impose energy price caps despite pleas by Western governors.
    (SFC, 2/3/01, p.A3,8)

2001        Feb 5, California clinched deals for long term power contracts at $60-65 per megawatt hour as federal assistance ended.
    (SFC, 2/6/01, p.A1)

2001        Feb 7, An appellate court ruled that Prop 21 violated judges constitutional authority over sentencing. It overturned a provision that let prosecutors charge youths 14-17 as adults in serious crimes.
    (SFC, 2/8/01, p.A1)

2001        Feb 8, The new Disney theme park Disneys California Adventure opened in Anaheim.
    (WSJ, 1/22/01, p.B1)(SFC, 2/8/01, p.A1)

2001        Feb 11, It was reported that the state PUC filed law suits against El Paso Natural Gas Co. for restricting competition in the natural gas market.
    (SSFC, 2/11/01, p.A11)

2001        Feb 16, Gov. Davis began negotiations to purchase 32,000 miles of transmission lines from the utilities that would allow them to issue bonds to pay off their debt.
    (SFC, 2/17/01, p.A1)

2001        Feb 20, A fire at the Delta & Pine Land Co. in Tulare County was later claimed to have been set by the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) purportedly to destroy stored transgenic cottonseed.
    (SFC, 3/6/01, p.A2)

2001        Feb 21, The Trust for Public Land announced the purchase of the 1,226-acre Bixby Ocean Ranch near Big Sur for $26.25 million.
    (SFC, 2/21/01, p.A22)

2001        Feb 22, The California state PUC voted to absolve PG&E and Southern California Edison of responsibility for costs above the revenue they collect from ratepayers.
    (SFC, 2/23/01, p.A3)
2001        Feb 22, Ashley Ellerin (22), former girlfriend of actor Ashton Kutcher, was found dead in her Hollywood Hills home. In 2008  police matched DNA linking Michael Gargiulo (32), an air conditioning repairman, to her murder and to another fatal stabbing of a Monterey Park woman in 2005. They also suspect Gargiulo in the 1993 killing of a high school girl in the Chicago suburb of Glenview, where Gargiulo lived at the time. Tricia Pacaccio, a senior at Glenbrook South High School, was found stabbed to death on her front doorstep, clutching her door key.
    (AP, 8/30/08)(www.lapdonline.org/february_2001/news_view/23272)

2001        Feb 23, GM sued Californias air quality board over rules that required automakers to produce pollution-free cars by 2003.
    (SFC, 2/24/01, p.A3)
2001        Feb 23, David Edward Attias (18), a freshman at UC Santa Barbara, rammed his Saab into a crowd in Isla Vista and killed 4 students, Nicholas Shaw Bourdakis (20), Christopher Edward Divis (20), Ruth Dasha Golda Levy (20) and Elie Israel (27). A 5th victim, Albert Arthur Levy (27), was severely battered. Attias was charged with murder the next day. Attias was convicted on 2nd degree murder in 2002 and jurors found him insane.
    (SFC, 2/26/01, p.A1)(SFC, 2/27/01, p.A13)(SFC, 6/13/02, p.A1)(SFC, 6/21/02, p.A17)

2001        Feb 28, Mardi Gras parades in Fresno, Monterey and San Jose turned violent.
    (SFC, 3/1/01, p.A2)

2001        Feb, Wesley Shermantine (35) of Stockton was convicted of 4 brutal murders. Authorities believed that he was responsible for another 22 slayings in the Central Valley.
    (SFC, 3/5/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 2, Pehong Chen, CEO and founder of BroadVision, donated $15 million to Stanford Univ. to study the power source of the Big Bang and the role of dark matter in the universe.
    (SFC, 3/3/01, p.A16)

2001        Mar 4, Sang Cho, a registered nurse in Moraga, won the $89 million California SuperLotto Plus.
    (SFC, 3/6/01, p.A15)

2001        Mar 5, Charles Andrew Williams (15), a freshman at Santana High School in Santee, Ca., a San Diego suburb, shot and killed 2 students and wounded 13 others. Williams was sentenced 50 years to life in prison on Aug 15, 2002.
    (SFC, 3/6/01, p.A1)(SFC, 8/16/02, p.A3)

2001        Mar 9, Federal regulators warned power companies that they may have to refund $69 million to California ratepayers for charging unreasonable prices.
    (SFC, 3/10/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 11, It was reported that Californias alleged growth of electricity use was significantly less than that portrayed by power industry.
    (SSFC, 3/11/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 17, Ray Rice, one of the founders of the Art and Architecture movement, died at age 85 in Mendocino. His work include 40 short films.
    (SFC, 4/9/01, p.A17)(http://tinyurl.com/23geum)

2001        Mar 19, Rolling power blackouts hit California as alternative power generators shut down due to nonpayment by PG&E and Southern California Edison.
    (SFC, 3/20/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 20, Rolling blackouts continued for a 2nd day. PG&E and Edison called for an end to the rate freeze to accompany the sale of transmission lines.
    (SFC, 3/21/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 21, Pres. Vicente Fox arrived in California for his 1st foreign trip as President of Mexico. He appealed to Gov. Davis to allow Mexicans in California greater access to doors of opportunity.
    (SFC, 3/21/01, p.A1)(SFC, 3/22/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 22, In California Jason Hoffman (18) opened fire at Granite Hills High School in San Diego County. 10 people were injured. Hoffman reached a plea agreement and faced at least 27 years in prison. Hoffman was found dead in his cell Oct 29.
    (SFC, 3/23/01, p.A1)(SFC, 3/24/01, p.A3)(SFC, 9/14/01, p.A28)(SFC, 10/30/01, p.E10)

2001        Mar 26, California state regulators proposed a 40% rate increase to help remedy the states energy crisis.
    (SFC, 3/27/01, p.A1)

2001        Mar 27, The California state PUC voted an average monthly 40% energy rate increase.
    (SFC, 3/28/01, p.A1)
2001        Mar 27, Robert Lee Massie (59) became the 9th prisoner to be executed in California since the death penalty was reinstated in 1997.
    (SFC, 12/13/05, p.A13)

2001        Mar 30, In Half Moon Bay a new Ritz-Carlton Hotel opened.
    (SSFC, 3/25/01, p.B6)

2001        Mar, The Turning Point Academy, espoused by Gov. Davis, opened in San Luis Obispo. It focused on troubled youths. It closed in July 26, 2002.
    (SFC, 7/27/02, p.A16)

2001        Apr 2, The D.Q. University (f.1971), the states only Indian tribal college, was scheduled to receive the deed of trust for its 643 acre campus.
    (SFC, 4/5/00, p.A15,22)

2001        Apr 6, In California PG&E filed for bankruptcy with $9 billion in debt. Just before filing the utility awarded bonuses and raises to 6,000 senior managers and other employees. SF Judge Dennis Montali was assigned the case.
    (SFC, 4/7/01, p.A1,3)

2001        Apr 7, Gov. Davis said PG&Es management is suffering from two afflictions: denial and greed.
    (SFC, 4/9/01, p.A1)

2001        Apr 9, Gov. Davis and California Edison agreed to a $2.8 billion bailout deal that included state possession of 12,000 miles of power lines.
    (SFC, 4/10/01, p.A1)

2001        Apr 10, Mayoral elections were held in LA. City Attorney James Hahn led the race with businessman Steve Soboroff and state Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa close behind. Final results put Hahn (30%) in a runoff against Villaraigosa (25%).
    (SFC, 4/11/01, p.A3)(SFC, 4/12/01, p.A3)

2001        Apr 11, Gov. Davis singed an $850 billion conservation package for loans and grants to make homes and businesses more energy efficient.
    (SFC, 4/12/01, p.A3)

2001        Apr 17, California reported that daily energy costs had soared to $73.2 million per day.
    (SFC, 4/18/01, p.A1)

2001        Apr 19, CHP Commissioner Dwight O. Helmick issued an order the prohibited consent searches, a practice that contributed to racial profiling.
    (SFC, 4/20/01, p.A1)

2001        Apr 24, Californias credit rating was downgraded by S&P for the 1st time since the recession of 1994.
    (SFC, 4/25/01, p.A1)

2001        Apr 25, US federal regulators voted for a mitigation plan to tame wholesale electricity prices in California.
    (SFC, 4/26/01, p.A1)

2001        Apr 30, Chandra Levy (24), an intern from Modesto, Ca., was last seen at a health club near her apartment in Washington, DC. On July 5 the aunt of Chandra Levy reported that her niece told her of a relationship with US Rep. Gary Condit before she disappeared. Levys remains were found May 22, 2002, in Rock Creek Park, Washington DC. In 2009 Ingmar Guandique (27), a Salvadoran immigrant already serving a 10-year sentence for attacking 2 women in the same park, was charged in her murder. In 2010 Scott Higham and Sari Horwitz authored Finding Chandra: The True Washington Murder Mystery. In Nov 22, 2010, a jury found Guandique guilty of 2 counts of 1st degree murder. On Feb 11, 2011, Guandique was sentenced to 60 years in prison. In 2015 Guandique was granted a new trial. In 2016 the DC US Attorneys office said it has moved to dismiss the case against Guandique.
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2001        May 4, Gov. Davis declared a state of emergency for Siskiyou and Modoc counties because of drought conditions in the Klamath Basin.
    (SFC, 5/5/01, p.A8)
2001        May 4, Bonny Lee Bakley (44), the wife of actor Robert Blake (67), died from a bullet wound to the head as she sat in a car near a restaurant in Los Angeles. Blake and his bodyguard, Earle Caldwell, were arrested April 18, 2002, in connection with Bakley's death. Blake, accused of the killing, was acquitted in a 2005 criminal trial but was found liable by a civil jury and ordered to pay damages.
    (BS, 5/12/01, p.3A)(SFC, 4/23/02, p.A3)(SFC, 3/17/05, p.A1)(AP, 5/4/07)

2001        May 5, It was reported that California faced an over-production of apricots by some 30,000 tons. Producers hope for a federal buyout. Turkey put apricots into New York at $1 a pound. California growers needed $2.50 to $3 a pound to pay expenses.
    (SFC, 5/5/01, p.F1)

2001        May 7, Rolling blackouts hit the state following record high temperatures.
    (WSJ, 5/8/01, p.A1)

2001        May 8, A 2nd afternoon of rolling blackouts hit the state.
    (SFC, 5/9/01, p.A1)

2001        May 9, It was reported that El Paso Merchant Energy had crimped space in its desert pipeline and forced power buyers to pay some $3.8 billion in excess over the past year.
    (SFC, 5/9/01, p.A7)

2001        May 14, Gov. Davis announced a $3.5 billion budget deficit.
    (SFC, 5/15/01, p.A3)

2001        May 15, In California energy regulators adopted the highest rate increase in the states history. The residential consumer burden was raised by over $100 million.
    (SFC, 5/16/01, p.A1)
2001        May 15, In Stockton 3 kids (4-6), Pearl, Ashley and Bobby Burks, and their grandmother, Mikhala Burke (48), were slain. Police sought Roger Johnson (48), a former boyfriend of the childrens mother. Johnson committed suicide May 19 by his wifes grave in Lodi.
    (SFC, 5/16/01, p.A22)(SFC, 5/17/01, p.A4)(SSFC, 5/20/01, p.A23)

2001        May 16, Univ. of Cal. regents rescinded their 1995 ban on affirmative action.
    (SFC, 5/17/01, p.A1)

2001        May 17, California energy regulators uncovered evidence that some electrical power companies repeatedly shut down generating plants for unnecessary maintenance.
    (SFC, 5/18/01, p.A1)

2001        May 24, Gov. Davis issued an executive order requiring one hours notice prior to energy blackouts.
    (SFC, 5/24/01, p.A1)

2001        May 25, PG&E filed for permission to award $17.5 million in additional payouts to the management team that guided the company to bankruptcy.
    (SFC, 5/30/01, p.A1)

2001        May 29, Pres. Bush met with Gov. Davis in California. Bush ruled out federal price controls and Davis said he would sue to impose controls.
    (SFC, 5/30/01, p.A1)
2001        May 29, Epidural cortisone shots at the Sierra SurgiCenter in Walnut Creek caused 2 deaths from contamination that led to meningitis. A batch of betamethasone steroid was contaminated with serratia bacteria.
    (SFC, 6/8/01, p.A1)(SFC, 6/9/01, p.A1)

2001        May 30, Gov Davis said he would use his executive powers to claim excess power from local utilities if they do not lower their prices to the state.
    (SFC, 5/31/01, p.A1)

2001        The Black Rock Arts Foundation, associated with the Burning Man festival, was formed to fund artists involved with non-traditional, interactive art.
    (SSFC, 8/19/01, p.E2)

2001        Jun 3, In California pilot Daniel Katz (24) disappeared while flying over San Bernardino National Forest. This spurred one of the most extensive and high-tech searches in the area's history. In 2008 the wreckage of his rented plane was found on a steep mountainside north of Rancho Cucamonga near Lytle Creek.
    (AP, 9/23/08)

2001        Jun 4, Bill Simon Jr., investment banker and son of former Treasury Secretary William E. Simon, said he would pursue the GOP nomination for state governor.
    (SFC, 6/5/01, p.A3)

2001        Jun 5, Voters in LA elected City Attorney James Hahn as mayor over former Assembly speaker Antonio Villaraigosa 54-46%.
    (SFC, 6/6/01, p.A1)(SFC, 6/7/01, p.A3)

2001        Jun 6, A jury in Los Angeles awarded more than $3 billion to lifelong smoker Richard Boeken, deciding that tobacco giant Philip Morris was responsible for his incurable lung cancer. The jury award was reduced by a Superior Court judge to $100 million, then cut to $50 million by an appeals court; the U.S. Supreme Court refused in March 2006 to consider tossing out the award altogether; Boeken died in 2002.
    (SFC, 6/7/01, p.A3)(AP, 6/6/06)

2001        Jun 9, Phil Bronstein, executive editor of the SF Chronicle, was attacked by a Komodo dragon named Komo at the LA Zoo. Bronstein escaped with a crushed big toe and lacerated tendons. He had removed his white shoes to reduce the possibility of an attack.
    (SFC, 6/23/01, p.A7)

2001        Jun 11, Gov. Davis wrote an executive order to ease air pollution standards on power plants to avoid summer power outages.
    (SFC, 6/12/01, p.A1)

2001        Jun 14, It was reported that FERC planned to impose round-the-clock price restrictions on wholesale electricity sold to California.
    (SFC, 6/14/01, p.A1)

2001        Jun 15, In Gilroy the new 75-acre Bonfante Gardens Theme Park was scheduled to open. Michael Bonfante (60) was the owner of Nob Hill Markets.
    (SFC, 6/9/01, p.A1)

2001        Jun 18, US federal regulators imposed a price ceiling on Western wholesale electricity prices effective June 19 to the end of summer.
    (SFC, 6/19/01, p.A1)
2001        Jun 18, Thousands of firefighters fought the Martis fire at Floriston near Truckee that covered 12,300 acres since Jun 17. The fire on the California-Nevada border reached 14,500 acres with 2/3 in Nevada.
    (SFC, 6/19/01, p.A1)(SFC, 6/20/01, p.A3)(SFC, 6/23/01, p.A3)

2001        Jun 19, Stanley Mosk (88) state Supreme Court Justice for nearly 37 years, died at age 88.
    (SFC, 6/20/01, p.A1)

2001        Jun 22, Former Duke Energy workers testified that production was ramped up and down at one San Diego plant to drive up electricity costs.
    (SFC, 6/23/01, p.A1)

2001        Jun 23, It was reported that swarms of grasshoppers were descending from the hills into the valleys of California.
    (SFC, 6/23/01, p.C8)
2001        Jun 23, Joaquin Gutierrez (39) of Hollister shot and killed his wife (39) and stepson (15) in Watsonville. Gutierrez killed himself Sep 6 near Patterson following a 13-hour standoff with police.
    (SFC, 9/7/01, p.D2)

2001        Jun 24, A $141 million lottery ticket, the largest in the states history, was reported to have been sold from Union Avenue Liquors in San Jose. Alcario Castellano, a retired grocery clerk, and his wife Carmen claimed the win June 29.
    (SFC, 6/25/01, p.A1)(SFC, 6/30/01, p.A13)

2001        Jul 1, A new law took effect requiring preschool children to be immunized for chicken-pox.
    (SFC, 7/19/01, p.A3)

2001        Jul 2, It was reported that sudden oak death had turned up in California buckeye trees, Aesculus californica, the 10th species stricken by the fungus-like organism.
    (SFC, 7/2/01, p.A13)

2001        Jul 5, The aunt of Chandra Levy reported that her niece told her of a relationship with US Rep. Gary Condit (D-Ceres) before she disappeared.
    (SFC, 7/6/01, p.A1)

2001        Jul 6, US Rep. Gary Condit (D-Ceres) admitted to authorities that he had a sexual relationship with Chandra Levy before she disappeared.
    (SFC, 12/30/01, p.D3)

2001        Jul 13, It was reported that California was awash with methamphetamines produced by Mexican drug trafficking cartels. Prices were down to $20 per gram vs. $100 in the rest of the country.
    (SFC, 7/13/01, p.A3)

2001        Jul 17, A USAF F-16 crashed in northeast San Bernadino County, Ca. Maj. Aaron George, pilot, and Judson Brohmer, photographer, were killed.
    (SFC, 7/18/01, p.A5)

2001        Jul 26, Gov. Davis signed a $100 billion budget package. $126 million in cuts to community colleges was part of the package.
    (SFC, 7/27/01, p.A1)(SFC, 8/14/01, p.A11)

2001        Jul, The McClellan Air Force Base northeast of Sacramento Ca. was scheduled to close. The US federal government closed McClellan Air Force Base, but contaminated dirt on the property remained a problem as plans developed for transfer of the land to civilian hands in 2019. In 2013 Air Force plans centered on collecting radioactive waste from various spots on the base into a single permanent dump on the base.
    (SFC,12/24/97, p.A14)(SFC, 9/17/13, p.A7)

2001        Aug 14, Gov. Davis signed a law that allowed people to bet on California horse races using the telephone and Internet.
    (SFC, 8/14/01, p.A1)

2001        Aug 20, Four oil companies (Chevron, Shell, Texaco and Unocal) agreed to clean up MTBE contamination in California caused by leaking storage tanks. 4 others (ARCO, Exxon, Mobil and Tosco) declined to settle the suit.
    (SFC, 8/21/01, p.A3)
2001        Aug 20, Near Sacramento, Ca., Nikolay Soltys (27), a Ukrainian immigrant, stabbed to death his pregnant wife and 4 other relatives including 2 young cousins. He fled the area with his 3-year-old son. The body of Sergey Soltys (3) was found the next day in a blood-soaked carton in Placer County. Soltys was caught in his mothers backyard near Sacramento Aug 30. Soltys committed suicide Feb 13, 2002.
    (SFC, 8/21/01, p.A1)(SFC, 8/22/01, p.A1)(SFC, 8/31/01, p.A1)(SFC, 2/14/02, p.A17)
2001        Aug 20, Jana Carpenter-Koklich (41), daughter of former Sen. Paul Carpenter, was last seen in her Lakewood home. Her blood-soaked SUV was found a week later at Signal Hill. In 2002 police arrested Bruce Koklich for her murder.
    (SFC, 2/1/02, p.A10)

2001        Aug 23, The 2-year union strike at Basic Vegetable Products, an onion and garlic dehydration plant, in King City approached an end as workers voted on a new 5-year contract.
    (SFC, 8/23/01, p.A3)

2001        Aug 23, Modesto Rep. Gary Condit acknowledged on a TV interview with Connie Chung that he had made mistakes but that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Chandra Levy.
    (SFC, 8/24/01, p.A1)

2001        Aug 24, Pope Shenouda III, the 117th successor of St. Mark and head of the 12-million member Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church, was denied access to a site in Marin, Ca., where a new monastery was planned.
    (SFC, 8/25/01, p.A10)

2001        Aug 26, It was reported that MTBE was leaking from 251 underground gasoline tanks in the Bay Area and reached 48 wells in public water systems.
    (SSFC, 8/26/01, p.A1)

2001        Aug 27, Two Dept. of Forestry air tanker pilots, Larry Groff (55) and Lars Stratte (45) were killed in a mid-air collision in Mendocino County. Frank Brady (50) was later charged with murder was well as causing the fire which started next to his methamphetamine lab.
    (SFC, 8/28/01, p.A3)(SFC, 8/29/01, p.A1)

2001        Aug 28, The 3,500 residents of Weaverville were evacuated as fire hit the eastern edges.
    (SFC, 8/29/01, p.A1)

2001        Aug 29, Residents of Weaverville returned to their homes after fire destroyed 9 homes on the western edge.
    (SFC, 8/30/01, p.A1)

2001        Aug 30, Nikolay Soltys was captured hiding under a desk in his mother's back yard in Citrus Heights, Calif., after a ten-day nationwide manhunt for the Ukrainian immigrant accused of butchering six relatives. Soltys committed suicide in his jail cell in February. [see Aug 20]
    (WSJ, 8/31/01, p.A1)(AP, 8/30/02)

2001        Sep 5, In Calaveras County a fire destroyed a wooden water flume that provided Stanislaus River water to some 9,000 area residents.
    (SFC, 9/10/01, p.A1)
2001        Sep 5, In Simi Valley 2 kids and an adult were shot to death. Reynaldo Herrera Rodriguez (35) was sought.
    (SFC, 9/6/01, p.A4)

2001        Sep 9, In Sacramento Joseph Ferguson (20), a suspended security guard, killed a 5th victim in 24 hrs. He shot himself to death the next day following a police chase and shootout that injured 2.
    (SFC, 9/10/01, p.A1)(WSJ, 9/11/01, p.A1)

2001        Sep 10, Larry McNabney (53), Sacramento lawyer, was poisoned by his wife, Laren Renee Sims (35), with horse tranquilizer and died the next day. His body was found Feb 6, 2002. Sims (36) was arrested in Florida and confessed on Mar 18, 2002. Sims hanged herself Mar 30.
    (SFC, 3/25/02, p.A1,11)(SFC, 4/1/02, p.B1)

2001        Sep 22, Volunteers celebrated the completion of the Tahoe Rim Trail, a 150-mile loop around Lake Tahoe that began with an idea by US Forest Service ranger Glenn Hampton in 1980.
    (SFC, 9/29/01, p.A13)(SSFC, 4/14/02, p.C5)

2001        Sep 26, Gov. Davis nominated Carlos Moreno to the State Supreme Court.
    (SFC, 9/27/01, p.A1)
2001        Sep 26, In Vacaville FBI agents arrested Bryan Douglas Rosenquist (39) and Michelle Elaine Serrao (41) for embezzling almost $12 million from BofA.
    (SFC, 9/27/01, p.A13)
2001        Sep 26, A Senate committee issued subpoenas to 16 California energy officials to determine whether they colluded to manipulate the states power market.
    (SFC, 9/27/01, p.A13)

2001        Sep 29, In California Abdo Ali Ahmed, a Yemeni-born father of 8, was shot to death by assailants at his store in Reedley, Fresno Ct. A carload of teenagers fled the scene.
    (SFC, 10/3/01, p.A1)

2001        Oct 2, Public tours of the Watts Towers, made by Italian immigrant Sabato Simon Rodia (1921-1954), resumed after 7 years following earthquake work.
    (SSFC, 9/30/01, p.A17)

2001        Oct 3, Over half of California 9th graders failed the math portion of a new graduation exam, and over a third failed the language arts part. Graduates in 2004 will be required to pass the test to receive a diploma.
    (SFC, 10/4/01, p.A1)

2001        Oct 5, A federal judge approved a $3.3 billion rescue plan for Southern California Edison 3 days after the states PUC endorsed it.
    (SFC, 10/6/01, p.A13)

2001        Oct 10, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California was elected House Democratic Whip, the highest post ever held by a woman in Congress.
    (WSJ, 10/11/01, p.A1)

2001        Nov 1, The Davis administration re-increased the sales tax by a quarter cent effective Jan 1.
    (SFC, 11/2/01, p.A21)

2001        Nov 4, A freeway shooting on I-10 in LA left 2 people dead.
    (SFC, 11/5/01, p.A17)

2001        Nov 5, PG&E Corp., the parent of bankrupt PG&E, reported a 243% jump in profits during the 3rd quarter.
    (SFC, 12/30/01, p.D8)

2001        Nov 17, A state legislative analyst reported a $12 billion shortfall in revenues for thus year and next despite budget cuts and a hiring freeze.
    (SFC, 12/30/01, p.D8)

2001        Nov 21, A series of 100 waves broke over Mavericks Reef in Half Moon Bay, Ca.
    (SFC, 1/31/07, p.A1)

2001        Nov 23, An Amtrak passenger ran into a tractor in Ventura County. The tractor driver (65) was killed and 12 passengers received minor injuries.
    (SFC, 11/24/01, p.A11)

2001        Nov 27, Harry Sternberg (97), artist and teacher, died in San Diego.
    (SFC, 12/5/01, p.A23)

2001        Dec 3, Gov. Davis of California met with Pres. Fox and Mexican legislators in Mexico City to discuss economic solutions on mutual interests.
    (SFC, 12/4/01, p.A3)

2001        Dec 10, US authorities announced the indictment of 32 people in a human-smuggling operation that involved a Los Angeles bus company. Raid over the last 2 days had picked up 26 of the 32 indicted.
    (SFC, 12/11/01, p.A7)

2001        Dec 12, US federal agents began a crackdown on student visa violations and arrested 10 foreigners in San Diego.
    (SFC, 12/13/01, p.A1)
2001        Dec 12, In Los Angeles police arrested Irving David Rubin (56) head of the Jewish Defense League, and Earl Leslie Krugel (59), for plotting to blow up a local mosque. Rubin committed suicide in 2002. In 2005 Krugel was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
    (SFC, 12/13/01, p.A3)(SFC, 9/23/05, p.A3)
2001        Dec 12, The Amtrak Oakland to Bakersfield train hit a van near Shafter and killed 7 Latino men.
    (SFC, 12/13/01, p.A21)

2001        David Fine authored Imagining Los Angeles: A City in Fiction, a literary history of Los Angeles.
    (SSFC, 2/11/01, BR p.4)

2001        The Literature of California Volume I: Native American Beginnings to 1945 was edited by Jack Hicks, James D. Houston, Maxine Hong Kingston and Al Young.
    (SFC, 1/17/01, p.E1)
2001        In California the city of Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County, filed for bankruptcy. It emerged from protection in 2004.
    (SFC, 11/18/13, p.A5)
2001        The new $214 million California Public Health Laboratory opened on a 28-acre site in Richmond.
    (SSFC, 7/31/05, p.A1)
2001        Robert Mondavi backed the opening of Copia, the $50 million American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, in Napa, Ca.
    (USAT, 6/17/98, p.2D)(SSFC, 8/6/06, p.G8)
2001        Rubbersidewalks Inc. of Gardena, Ca., began grinding old tires into crumbs, adding chemical binders, and baking the material into sidewalk sections that weigh under 11 pounds per square foot, or a quarter of the weight of concrete.
    (AP, 7/27/06)

2002        Jan 1, A state law sponsored by Carole Migden went into effect that added burglary, arson and carjacking to 9 other crimes already eligible for DNA testing.
    (SFC, 2/19/02, p.A13)

2002        Jan 3, Some 80 cars piled up in Kern County on a foggy Hwy 58 near the Hwy 99 intersection. One person was killed.
    (SFC, 1/4/02, p.A24)

2002        Jan 7, Elvira Burnson (54) of Gilroy went missing. Daughter Paula (30) and Paulas boyfriend Robert Beckwith were later arrested for murder.
    (SFC, 1/23/02, p.A15)

2002        Jan 8, Gov. Davis made his State of the State speech and said he would not raise taxes to close the $12.2 billion budget deficit.
    (SFC, 1/9/02, p.A1)

2002        Jan 10, Gov. Davis introduced a $100 billion budget with a $5 billion deficit.
    (SFC, 1/11/02, p.A1)

2002        Jan 15, Nancy Pelosi, US Senator, began her position as Democratic whip.
    (SFC, 1/15/02, p.A1)

2002        Jan 16, Four former SLA members, Sara Jane Olson, William Harris, Emily Harris and Michael Bortin, were arrested in California for the 1975 slaying of Myrna Lee Opsahl.
    (SFC, 1/17/02, p.A1)
2002        Jan 16, The Fresno Unified School District revoked a charter contract with an agency that ran 14 campuses due to legal violations.
    (SFC, 1/21/02, p.A1)

2002        Jan 18,  Sara Jane Olson, '70s radical-turned-suburban mother, was sentenced in Los Angeles to 20 years to life in prison for plotting to blow up a pair of police cars 27 years earlier. On March 17 2008 Olson was released on parole, but soon returned to prison for another year due to an alleged clerical error made in 2004. In 2009 Olson (62) was freed from prison in California  and returned to Minnesota to serve a year long parole.
    (AP, 1/18/03)(AP, 3/21/08)(SFC, 3/24/08, p.B1)(SFC, 3/18/09, p.A5)

2002        Jan 19, Benneta Buell-Wilson (42) was left a paraplegic after her Ford Explorer rolled over in San Diego County after she swerved to avoid an obstacle on the road. An initial ruling awarded her $122 million in compensation and $246 million in punitive damages. The trial judge reduced the total to $150 million. In 2006 an appeals court reduced the total award to $82 million. In 2009 the US Supreme Court upheld her $55 million in punitive damages.
    (SFC, 7/20/06, p.B2)(SFC, 12/1/09, p.C3)

2002        Jan 24, The Florida state pension fund reported a $325 million loss from the demise of Enron. The Univ. of California reported a $145 million loss.
    (SFC, 1/25/02, p.A24)

2002        Jan 29, In California Stephen Wayne Anderson (48), was executed for the 1980 murder of Elizabeth Lyman (81) during a robbery in her home. He spent years on death row and wrote a number of award-winning plays, books and poems.
    (SSFC, 1/27/02, p.A3)(SFC, 1/30/02, p.A13)

2002        Feb 1, Danielle van Dam (7) went missing from Sabre Springs, her San Diego suburban home. David Westerfield (49), a neighbor, was arrested Feb 22 after her blood was found on his clothing and in his motor home. Her body was found Feb 27 some 25 miles northeast of San Diego at Dehesa. Westerfield was convicted of her kidnapping and murder on Aug 21 and was sentenced to death Jan 3, 2003.
    (NW, 2/18/02, p.34)(SFC, 2/23/02, p.A3)(SFC, 2/28/02, p.A3)(SFC, 8/22/02, p.A3)(SFC, 1/4/03, p.A3)

2002        Feb 6, Larry McNabney, Sacramento lawyer, was found in a hastily dug grave. His wife, Elisa McNabney (35), was believed to have murdered him months earlier and was sought by the FBI. [see Sep 10, 2001]
    (SSFC, 3/10/02, p.A29)(SFC, 3/25/02, p.A1)

2002        Feb 7, A US federal court ruled that it is unconstitutional to sentence a felon to 25 years to life for shoplifting, which was allowed under the California three strikes law.
    (SFC, 2/8/02, p.A1)

2002        Feb 8, A bankruptcy judge rejected a reorganization plan proposed by Pacific Gas and Electric.
    (SFC, 2/9/02, p.A1)
2002        Feb 8, Marine Sgt. Todd Sommer (23) died in his home in San Diego. His death was at first ruled a heart attack but later tests found high arsenic levels in his liver. In 2005 his wife, Cynthia Sommers, was charged with 1st degree murder. In 2007 his wife, Cynthia Sommer (33) was convicted of murdering him with arsenic so she could cash in on his $250,000 life insurance policy, some of which she used to have her breasts enlarged.
    (SFC, 12/16/05, p.A2)(AP, 1/30/07)

2002        Feb 10, A wildfire in Fallbrook, San Diego Ct., destroyed at least 30 homes. Santa Ana winds were blamed.
    (SFC, 2/11/02, p.A2)(SFC, 2/12/02, p.A3)

2002        Feb 17, There were 3 reported winning Lotto tickets in the record $193 million Cal. state lottery. Andy Kampe (57) picked up a claim form at Albertsons in Half Moon Bay on Feb 18.
    (SFC, 2/18/02, p.A2)(SFC, 2/19/02, p.A1)

2002        Feb 19, Adair Xavier Garcia (30) killed 5 of his children in Pico Rivera after he left a grill on inside the family home. Garcia was charged with murder on Feb 25.
    (SFC, 2/26/02, p.A5)

2002        Feb 22, The California state Supreme Court struck down the Son of Sam law that required felons to turn over profits from books and movies to their victims.
    (SFC, 2/22/02, p.A1)
2002        Feb 22, Police in San Diego arrested David Westerfield in connection with the disappearance of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam. Westerfield was later sentenced to death for Danielle's murder.
    (AP, 2/22/07)

2002        Feb 28, The body of a young girl found outside San Diego, Ca., was positively identified as that of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam, who'd disappeared from her bedroom about a month earlier; a neighbor, David Westerfield, was later convicted of her murder and sentenced to death.
    (AP, 2/28/07)

2002        Feb, Charles Jackson (64) died at Folsom prison of a heart attack while serving a life term for a 1982 rape-murder. DNA evidence later linked him to 6 unsolved knife slayings in the East Bay in the 1970s and early 1980s.
    (SFC, 3/19/02, p.A1)

2002        Mar 5, In California state elections Bill Simon won the Republican race over Richard Riordan (49-30) to face Gov. Davis in Nov. In Modesto Rep. Gary Condit lost to Assemblyman Dennis Cardoza (56-37) for the Democratic nomination to Congress. Voters rejected Prop 45, an easing of term limits.
    (SFC, 3/6/02, p.A1)(SFC, 3/7/02, p.A13)

2002        Mar 15, Gov. Davis delayed a ban on the gasoline additive MTBE for one year.
    (SFC, 3/16/02, p.A1)

2002        Mar 19, A 5th body was found in New Melones Lake near Sonora, Ca. Meyer Muscatel (58), a Sherman Oaks contractor, was found last October. A Russian crime gang was suspected. Alexander Umansky (35) and George Safiev (37), found Mar 17, were suspected to be among the 4 dead. The body of Nick Kharabadze (29), was found Mar 18. 4 men were already indicted in connection with their disappearance: Iouri Mikhel, Jurijus Kadamovas, Petro Krylov and Ainar Altmanis. Altmanis, a Latvian citizen, later admitted orchestrating the plot to kidnap wealthy businessmen. In 2004 Aleksejus Markovskis pleaded guilty to conspiracy and was later sentenced to 15 years in prison. In 2007 Jurijus Kadamovas and Iouri Mikhel were convicted of orchestrating the kidnapping-for-ransom scheme and sentenced to death. Petro Krylov was convicted April 26 and sentenced to life in prison.
    (SFC, 3/21/02, p.A3)(SFC, 3/22/02, p.A3)(SFC, 6/7/02, p.A9)(SFC, 1/18/07, p.B10)(SFC, 4/27/07, p.B5)(SFC, 1/18/08, p.B4)

2002        Mar 26, In Merced John P. Hogan (49) shot and killed his 3 step-children (14-17) and daughter (5) over the break-up of his marriage.
    (SFC, 3/27/02, p.A17)
2002        Mar 26, The bodies of 3 young people, David Bachman (26), Melinda Leippe (19) and Brenda White (19), from Littleton, Colorado, were found on Bonny Doon Beach, 5 miles north of Santa Cruz. A possible suicide pact was suspected.
    (SFC, 3/27/02, p.A19)(SFC, 3/28/02, p.A17)

2002        Mar 28, A US Navy helicopter crashed on Split Mountain in the Sequoia National Forest and 2 crew members were killed.
    (SFC, 3/29/02, p.A5)

2002        Mar 29, At Fort Irwin, Ca., a mortar round exploded prematurely and 3 soldiers were killed.
    (SFC, 3/30/02, p.A3)
2002        Mar 29, John Thomas (71), poet, died in LA. He was born as John Thomas Idlet and grew up in Baltimore. His work included From Patagonia.
    (SFC, 4/13/02, p.A21)

2002        Mar 31, In Windsor Carl Donohue (71) shot and killed his wifes grandson, Jesse Brady (19) and then killed himself.
    (SFC, 4/1/02, p.B1)

2002        Apr 1, The American Rivers environmental group listed the most endangered US rivers and included the Missouri, Big Sunflower (Mississippi), and Klamath (California) in the top 11.
    (SFC, 4/2/02, p.A3)

2002        Apr 8, At Folsom State Prison warring gangs waged a bloody battle that left 24 inmates injured and one guard disabled.
    (SFC, 1/17/04, p.A1)

2002        Apr 9, The LA civilian police commission voted to deny a 2nd term to chief Bernard Parks. Black leaders described the vote as a betrayal.
    (SFC, 4/10/02, p.A3)

2002        Apr 20. A US Navy F-4 crashed during an air show at Ventura, Ca., and its 2 crew members were killed.
    (SSFC, 4/21/02, p.A29)

2002        Apr 22, Estimates for the state budget showed a $22 billion shortfall. Long-term energy contracts were reworked to save ratepayers $3.5 billion.
    (SFC, 4/23/02, p.A1)

2002        Apr 23, The US Supreme Court ruled that property owners were not entitled to compensation in cases where a temporary freeze stops development. The ruling stemmed from a development freeze around Lake Tahoe.
    (SFC, 4/24/02, p.A1)
2002        Apr 23, The Metrolink Train from Riverside to Orange County collided with a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train and 2 people were killed. Over 260 were injured. The freight train failed to heed line signals.
    (SFC, 4/24/02, p.A3)(SFC, 4/25/02, p.A3)

2002        Apr, A PG&E rate freeze was scheduled to end and the company planned to implement heavy rate increases to cover an estimated $15 billion in expenses.
    (SFC, 9/6/00, p.A1)

2002        May 1, Californias Dept. of Insurance released a list of former slaves and slaveholders. Records of 613 salves and 433 slaveholders were made public.
    (SFC, 5/1/02, p.A1)(SFC, 5/2/02, p.A17)

2002        May 2, Gov. Davis forced Arun Baheti, chief technology officer, to resign for accepting a check from Oracle Corp. during contract negotiations. Elias Cortez, director of the Dept. of Information Tech., was suspended.
    (SFC, 5/3/02, p.A1)
2002        May 2, The Rev. Paul Shanley, a priest at the epicenter of the clergy sex abuse scandal, turned himself in to authorities in San Diego to face charges in Massachusetts of raping boys during the 1980s. Shanley pleaded innocent but was later convicted of repeatedly raping one boy at a Newton parish in 2005, and was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison. On July 28, 2017, Shanley (86) was released from prison.
    (AP, 5/2/07)(SFC, 7/22/17, p.A6)

2002        May 4, In southern California four family members were murdered. Virendra, his brother Pravin and Carlos Amador were later found guilty of  strangling Gita Kumar (42), her son Paras (18), her daughter Tulsi (16), and her mother in law, Sitaben Patel (62) at their house in the Hollywood Hills and then burning the house down. On Nov 4, 2018, Virendra (51) was found dead in his San Quentin Prison cell.
    (http://tinyurl.com/ybmh5cae)(SFC, 11/6/18, p.C2)

2002        May 6, Federal regulators released documents that showed Enron Corp. had manipulated the California power system to increase profits.
    (WSJ, 5/7/02, p.A1)

2002        May 7, David Geffen (59), co-founder of DreamWorks, donated $200 million to the school of medicine at UCLA. This was the largest ever donation to a school of medicine in the US
    (SFC, 5/8/02, p.A12)

2002        May 9, Conservation groups acquired a 10,000 acre area of Big Sur called the Palo Corona Ranch from Craig McCaw.
    (SFC, 5/10/02, p.A1)

2002        May 11, A wildfire burned 3,200 acres of the Angeles National Forest and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.
    (SSFC, 5/12/02, p.A23)

2002        May 12, Six train cars derailed in Placer County and one hung over the China Wall.
    (SFC, 5/13/02, p.A6)

2002        May 14, Gov. Davis proposed program cuts, loans and new taxes to close a $23.6 billion budget gap.
    (SFC, 5/15/02, p.A1)

2002        cMay 16, Ralph Dills (91), former state senator, died. He had married his stepdaughter (57) on Sep 13, 2001.
    (SSFC, 8/18/02, p.A16)

2002        May 21, Citigroup agreed to buy Cal Fed Bank for $5.8 billion in cash and stock.
    (SFC, 5/22/02, p.A1)

2002        May 28, It was reported that state garlic farmers were greatly challenged by imports of low priced Chinese garlic, despite tariffs of nearly 400%.
    (SFC, 5/28/02, p.A1)
2002        May 28, State officials levied $88.7 million in fines to 2 LA pharmacists for filing over 3,500 illegal prescriptions over the Internet.
    (SFC, 5/29/02, p.A1)

2002        May 30, Federal regulators dismissed state attempts to add billions to the existing demand of $9 billion in alleged overcharges by power sellers during the 2001 energy crises.
    (SFC, 5/31/02, p.A5)

2002        May 31, Antonio Pineiro (48), opened fire in a Top Valu market in Long Beach, Ca., and killed Marcela Perez (38), a store clerk, and Barbara Ibasco (8). Police shot and killed Pineiro and found the year old remains of an elderly couple, believed to be his parents, dead in his apartment.
    (SFC, 6/1/02, p.A2)

2002        Jun 3, Lew Wasserman (89), movie mogul, died in Beverly Hills, Calif. In 2003 Connie Bruck authored his biography: "When Hollywood Had a King."
    (AP, 6/3/03)(WSJ, 6/6/03, p.W8)

2002        Jun 5, Phyllis Wattis (97), SF arts patron, died. Her contributions to Northern California cultural institutions exceeded $150 million. Her husband, Paul L. Wattis, headed the construction company that built Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam).
    (SFC, 6/6/02, p.A22)

2002        Jun 5, The California Supreme Court decided that a man who raises a child, but is not the biological father, can still be the legal parent.
    (SFC, 6/7/02, p.A1)

2002        Jun 7, Los Angeles county firefighters worked to contain the 23,500 acre Copper Fire that was ignited by a grinding tool in Green Valley. A fire in Ventura county covered 20,800 acres.
    (SFC, 6/8/02, p.A20)

2002        Jun 11, Quincy Troupe (62), prof. of creative writing at UC San Diego, was named California state poet laureate. Troupe resigned Oct 18 after he acknowledged that he lied in his resume about graduating from college.
    (SFC, 6/12/02, p.D5)(SSFC, 10/20/02, p.A14)

2002        Jun 12, The Los Angeles Lakers finished off the New Jersey Nets in four games, winning their third straight NBA title with the 113-to-107 victory.
    (AP, 6/12/03)
2002        Jun 12, Gov. Davis signed into law and proclaimed the 3rd Saturday of June as National Juneteenth Freedom Day.
    (SFC, 6/18/04, p.B2)

2002        Jun 17, A converted C-130 air tanker crashed over a flaming ridge near Walker in Mono County, Ca., and 3 crew members were killed. It was later reported that the 1956 plane had been used by the CIA and lacked maintenance records.
    (SFC, 6/17/02, p.A1)(SFC, 1/7/03, p.A3)

2002        Jun 19, California reached a $45.8 million settlement with BP over inadequate underground storage tanks at Arco gas stations.
    (SFC, 6/20/02, p.A1)

2002        Jun 26, In LA a van with 27 suspected illegal immigrants crashed after it tried to avoid a border patrol check and 6 people were killed.
    (SFC, 6/26/02, p.A3)

2002        Jul 3, The federal government agreed to nullify the 2001 designation of most of 4.1 million acres as protected habitat for the red-legged frog in an agreement with the Home Builders Association of Northern Calif.
    (SFC, 7/4/02, p.A1)
2002        Jul 3, State regulators made a tentative settlement with Pac Bell over incorrect DSL billing to 30-70 thousand customers. It included a $27 million fine.
    (SFC, 7/4/02, p.A1)

2002        Jul 4, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet (41), an Egyptian-born 10-year resident of Irvine, opened fire at Israels El Al airline ticket counter in Los Angeles' airport. Victoria Hen and Yaakov Aminov were killed before Hadayet, born July 4, 1961, was shot to death by a guard.
    (AP, 7/5/02)(Reuters, 7/5/02)(SFC, 7/5/02, p.A1)(SFC, 7/6/02, p.A12)

2002        Jul 6, In Ingleside, Ca., police officer Jeremy Morse was caught on video tape beating Donovan Jackson (16), who was already subdued and handcuffed. Jacksons father, Coby Chavis, was being investigation for expired registration tags. The video led to federal involvement in the case. Mitch Crooks (27), the man who made the tape, was arrested July 11 on an outstanding warrant for petty theft. Officers Morse and Bijan Darvish were indicted July 17. Morse was dismissed Oct 14.
    (SFC, 7/11/02, p.A3)(SFC, 7/12/02, p.A2)(SFC, 7/18/02, p.A1)(SFC, 10/26/02, p.A5)
2002        Jul 6, In California Bob Stern (77) left his Central Valley home and committed suicide. He had discussed his plans with family members the previous evening. In 2005 his daughter Susan Stern produced the documentary film The Self-Made Man for PBS TV.
    (SFC, 7/25/05, p.1)

2002        Jul 12, The IRS named Bill Simon, GOP candidate for California state governor, in a case involving potentially illegal offshore tax shelters. Dozens of other wealthy investors were also named.
    (SFC, 7/13/02, p.A1)

2002        Jul 13, A family of 4 were found stabbed to death in their home near Whittier, Ca. Jasmine Ruiz (8) was sexually assaulted before being killed. Alfonso Ignacio Morales (23) was arrested July 15.
    (SSFC, 7/14/02, p.A7)(SFC, 7/16/02, p.A4)

2002        Jul 15, In Stanton, Ca., Samantha Runnion (5) was kidnapped. Her body was found the next day in Riverside county. An autopsy revealed that she had been sexually abused and died from a crushed abdomen. A sample of DNA was also found under her fingernail. On July 19 police arrested Alejandro Avila (27), previously acquitted for child molestation. In 2005 Avila was convicted of kidnapping, murder and sexual assault. On May 16 a jury called for the death penalty. He was sentenced to death on July 22.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Runnion)(SFC, 7/17/02, p.A2)(SFC, 7/20/02, p.A1)(SFC, 4/29/05, p.A4)(SFC, 5/17/05, p.B8)(SFC, 7/23/05, p.B7)

2002        Jul 16, The body of Samantha Runnion (5), who had been kidnapped a day earlier from her home in Stanton, Calif., was found in a heavily forested area about 50 miles away.
    (AP, 7/16/03)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Runnion)

2002        Jul 18, The California Supreme Court ruled that the states marijuana law can help pot smokers avoid being tried for drug offenses.
    (SFC, 7/19/02, p.A1)

2002        Jul 19, West Coast Homebuilders under Albert Seeno agreed to pay $1 million for draining frog-breeding ponds for 3,200 homes in Pittsburg, Ca. Seeno also agreed to turn hundreds of acres over to a frog refuge.
    (SFC, 7/20/02, p.A1)

2002        Jul 22, Gov. Davis signed a bill for California air regulators to enact measures by 2009 to cut vehicle emissions of greenhouse gases believed to contribute to global warming.
    (SSFC, 7/21/02, p.A1)(WSJ, 7/23/02, p.A1)
2002        Jul 22, Factory worker Alejandro Avila was charged with murder and kidnapping in the abduction and slaying of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion of Stanton, Calif.
    (AP, 7/22/03)

2002        Jul 23, In California the Davis administration and Oracle Corp. agreed to cancel a $95 million DB software contract.
    (SFC, 7/24/02, p.A18)
2002        Jul 23, In California a growing fire in Sequoia Natl. Park consumed 48,200 acres in 3 days.
    (SFC, 7/24/02, p.A1)

2002        Jul 26, The Turning Point Academy in San Luis Obispo, set up by Gov. Davis as a military-style, troubled youth program in Mar, 2001, was closed. The program had served 34 students and graduated 11 at a cost of some $1 million per graduate.
    (SFC, 7/27/02, p.A15)

2002        Jul 28, A wildfire near Klamath claimed 3 state firefighters when their fire engine slipped off a mountain road and plunged 800 foot into a ravine.
    (SFC, 7/29/02, p.A3)

2002        Jul 29, A fire broke out northeast of San Diego after a National Guard helicopter clipped a power line. Residents of Warner Springs and Chihuahua Valley prepared to evacuate on Aug 8.
    (SFC, 8/9/02, p.A9)

2002        Jul 31, A state jury awarded $65 million in a fraud case against a firm founded by GOP candidate for governor Bill Simon. On Sep 12 a judge dismissed the verdict saying the fraud was done by a former partner.
    (WSJ, 8/1/02, p.A1)(SFC, 9/13/02, p.A1)

2002        Aug 1, In California 2 girls (one 16 and Jacqueline Marris, 17) were rescued in Kern County 12 hours after being kidnapped and raped near Lancaster by Roy Ratliff (37). Police shot Ratliff dead. Police credited the new Amber alert system, named after a Texas girl abducted and killed in 1996.
    (SFC, 8/2/02, p.A1,8)(SFC, 8/3/02, p.A5)

2002        Aug 5, Shell Oil agreed to pay $28 million to the Tahoe Public Utility District to help cleanup contamination from the gasoline additive MTBE.
    (SFC, 8/6/02, p.A17)

2002        Aug 6, Surgeons in LA completed a 22-hour operation on Guatemalan twins, Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez and sister Maria Teresa, joined at their heads. UCLA doctors donated their services in the $1.5 million operation. They returned to Guatemala Jan 13, 2003.
    (SFC, 8/7/02, p.A1)(SFC, 8/8/02, p.A3)(SFC, 2/7/03, p.A12)

2002        Aug 9, US officials said they broke up an intl. child pornography ring headquartered in Clovis, Ca. 10 Americans were arrested in Operation Hamlet. Lloyd Alan Emmerson (45), chiropractor, was arrested Jan 26 on a tip from Danish police.
    (SFC, 8/10/02, p.A1,11)(SFC, 8/13/02, p.A13)

2002        Aug 11, Galen Rowell (61) and his wife (54), acclaimed outdoor photographers, were killed in a small plane crash in Inyo County.
    (SFC, 8/13/02, p.A13)

2002        Aug 27, Jonathan Patrick Klausen (19), a California Conservation Corps (CCC) firefighter, was arrested for allegedly starting 5 fires in San Diego County.
    (SSFC, 9/1/02, p.A23)

2002        Aug 29, The federal government approved a plan to store Colorado River water under the Mohave Desert and tap it for use by Southern California during times of drought.
    (SFC, 8/30/02, p.A10)

2002        Aug 31, The state Assembly approved a budget to plug a $23.6 billion deficit. Gov. Davis was left with finding $750 million in additional cuts.
    (SSFC, 9/1/02, p.A1)

2002        Sep 1, In Salinas Jaime Hernandez shot and killed 3 teenagers (17-18) in retaliation for an earlier shooting. In 2003 Hernandez (17) was sentenced to 180 years in prison.
    (SFC, 8/22/03, p.A23)

2002        Sep 2, The $195 million Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles was dedicated. It was designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo.
    (SFC, 9/2/02, p.A2)

2002        Sep 3, Gov. Davis signed legislation requiring landlords to give at least a 60-day notice before evicting a tenant and a formal notice before entering their property.
    (SFC, 9/4/02, p.A19)

2002        Sep 4, In California it was reported that the Phytophthora ramorum microbe, responsible for sudden oak death, had infected the coastal redwood saplings.
    (SFC, 9/5/02, p.A1)

2002        Sep 5, Gov. Davis signed a $98.9 billion state budget. Some projected a $12 billion shortfall.
    (SFC, 9/6/02, p.A23)

2002        Sep 9, A state appellate court ruled that government agencies in California may not open their public meetings with sectarian prayers.
    (SFC, 9/10/02, p.A13)

2002        Sep 12, Gov. Davis signed legislation to dramatically increase Californias use of renewable energy.
    (SFC, 9/13/02, p.A23)

2002        Sep 15, Stephen Tauzer (57), Kern County prosecutor, was found murdered in his garage in Bakersfield. On Oct 22 Chris Hillis (47), a former police officer, was charged with the murder.
    (SFC, 9/19/02, p.A1)(SFC, 10/23/02, p.A3)

2002        Sep 17, Gov. Davis signed into law a bill that allows the use of force to get DNA samples from convicted murderers, rapists and child abusers.
    (SFC, 9/18/02, p.A17)

2002        Sep 22, Gov. Davis signed legislation intended to make California a haven for stem cell research.
    (SFC, 9/23/02, p.A1)

2002        Sep 23, Governor Gray Davis signed a law making California the first state to offer workers paid family leave.
    (SFC, 9/24/02, p.A1)(AP, 9/23/03)
2002        Sep 23, The Croy grass fire broke out in Morgan Hill. It grew to 3,150 acres threatening Santa Cruz County before it was contained Sep 27. Complete control was expected by Oct 11.
    (SFC, 9/26/02, p.A1)(SFC, 9/28/02, p.A13)(SFC, 10/1/02, p.A15)

2002        Sep 27, The federal government increased the flow of water into the Klamath River from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon following the die-off of some 20-30,000 salmon in northern California.
    (SFC, 9/28/02, p.A2)(SFC, 10/3/02, p.A3)

2002        Sep, The Charles M. Schultz Museum and Research Center opened in Santa Rosa.
    (SSFC, 9/29/02, p.C1)

2002        Oct 1, Arturo Tapia Martinez (27), a transient from LA, stabbed Greyhound bus driver Abel Hernandez on I-5 near Coalinga. The bus slid onto its side and 2 passengers were killed.
    (SFC, 10/2/02, p.A17)

2002        Oct 2, West Coast dockworkers and shippers agreed to federal mediation as the 4-day lockout paralyzed 29 ports.
    (SFC, 10/3/02, p.A1)

2002        Oct 3, The new $57 million Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts opened at UC Davis.
    (SFC, 9/26/02, p.D1)

2002        Oct 4, A jury in Los Angeles awarded former smoker Betty Bullock (1938-2003) $850,000 in medical costs and $28 billion in punitive damages against Philip Morris. On Dec 18 a judge reduced the punitive award to $28 million. The punitive portion was reduced to $13.8 million in 2009. This was upheld by a state appeals court in 2011.
    (SFC, 10/5/02, p.A2)(SFC, 12/19/02, p.A8)(SFC, 8/18/11, p.C6)

2002        Oct 9, West Coast longshoremen returned to ports crammed with cargo after a lockout that ended only after President Bush intervened.
    (AP, 10/9/03)

2002        Oct 13, The Anaheim Angels routed the Minnesota Twins 13-5 to win the American League Championship Series in five games.
    (AP, 10/13/03)

2002        Oct 14, In New Mexico VP Cheney met with representatives of Bajagua, a start-up waste processing firm targeting waste water in Tijuana, Mexico. Waste from Tijuana flowed into San Diego County and its Tijuana River estuary. Bajagua spent $585,000 in lobbying efforts from 2001-2006. Estimates of costs to the US ranged from $580-780 million. A 1999 environmental impact statement called the Bajagua plan not feasible.
    (WSJ, 1/27/07, p.A15)

2002        Oct 17, Timothy Belden, former Enron executive, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. Belden admitted to giving grid operators false information and shipping power from within California out of state and selling it back at higher prices.
    (SFC, 10/18/02, p.A1)

2002        Oct 18, Two US Navy planes, F/A-18F Super Hornet jets, collided off the Big Sur coast of California and 4 pilots were killed.
    (SFC, 10/19/02, p.A17)

2002        Oct 20, It was reported that Gov. Davis helped a number of political contributors get coastal building permits despite environmental concerns.
    (SSFC, 10/20/02, p.A1)

2002        Oct 24, It was reported that over 8,000 backyard poultry had been killed in southern California to stop the spread of Exotic Newcastle disease. The deadly avian infection last surfaced in California the 1970s when some 12 million birds were destroyed. The number of chickens killed reached 100,000.
    (SFC, 10/24/02, p.G2)(SFC, 10/26/02, p.A3)(SFC, 12/28/02, p.A3)

2002        Oct 25, A judge ordered the release of Marva Wallace (44), who had been convicted of shooting her husband to death in 1984. She was released pending trial under a new state law that gives battered women, convicted prior to 1992, a 2nd chance in court.
    (SFC, 10/26/02, p.A1)

2002        Oct 27, The Anaheim Angels beat the SF Giants in the 7th game of the baseball World Series 4-1.
    (SFC, 10/28/02, p.A1)

2002        Oct 29, In SF the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the federal government cannot punish California doctors who recommend marijuana use to their patients.
    (SFC, 10/30/02, p.A1)

2002        Oct, Pat Derby opened the Ark 2002 elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, Ca.
    (SFC, 6/21/04, p.A8)

2002        Nov 8, The California State Medical Board moved to suspend the licenses of Dr. Chae Hyun Moon and Dr. Fidel Realyvasquez of Redding Medical Center for performing needless heart surgeries from 1992-2002. In 2003 Tenet Healthcare, owner of RMC, paid $54 million to settle federal charges related to the allegations. In 2004 Tenet agreed to pay an additional $395 million to settle cases with over 769 heart patients. In 2007 Stephen Klaidman authored Coronary: A True Story of Medicine Gone Awry.
    (SSFC, 11/10/02, p.A18)(SFC, 12/22/04, p.A1)(SSFC, 2/18/07, p.E1)

2002        Nov 10, A Hetch Hetchy pipe ruptured near Modesto and some 70 million gallons of water were lost in about 9 hours.
    (SFC, 11/12/02, p.A1)

2002        Nov 19, In Red Bluff, Ca., police officer David Mobilio (31) was shot to death at a gas station. On Nov 25 Andrew Hampton McCrae (23), an ex-soldier and drifter, posted a message on the Internet admitting the murder. On Nov 26 McCrae was arrested in Concord, NH.
    (SFC, 11/27/02, p.A1)

2002        Dec 18, In California Gov. Davis announced a $34.8 billion cash shortage over the next 18 months and that tax increases would be needed. A legislative analyst later assessed the deficit at $21 billion.
    (SFC, 12/19/02, p.A1)(SFC, 1/8/03, p.A17)

2002        Dec 24, Laci Peterson (27) disappeared from her Modesto, Ca., neighborhood. She was 8-months pregnant. A reward for her return soon reached $500,000. On Jan 24 Amber Frey stepped forward and admitted to an affair with Scott Peterson, the husband of Laci. Lacis body was found April 14 near the SF Bay Berkeley Marina, where Scott had gone fishing on Dec 24. [see Apr 18, 2003] Peterson convicted of 1st degree murder on Nov 12, 2004.
    (SSFC, 12/29/02, p.A23)(SFC, 1/25/03, p.A1)(AP, 11/12/04)

2002        Dec 27, The hamlet of Bridgeville on Highway 36 in Humboldt County, Ca., was sold on Ebay for $1.77 million. The eBay deal failed and in 2004 Southern California investor purchased the 82-acre town for $700,000.
    (SFC, 12/28/02, p.A3)(SFC, 5/21/04, p.B3)

2002        H.W. Brands authored The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream.
    (Econ, 12/21/13, p.41)
2002        Ray McDevitt authored The Courthouse of California, an outline of the courthouses in all 58 state counties.
    (SFC, 4/13/02, p.A15)
2002        David L. Ulin edited Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology.
    (SSFC, 10/12/02, p.M1)
2002        Kevin Shelley was elected as Sec. of State. In 2004 it was reported that $100,000 in campaign funds was linked to sources that received California state grants brokered by Shelley.
    (SSFC, 8/8/04, p.A1)
2002        Garland Hardeman (45), lobbyist and former LA police officer, became a government informant after being convicted of attempting to bribe an official. He recorded 17 people, including a girlfriend and close associates in cases involving bribes and kickbacks for municipal contracts in southern California. In 2006 he began serving a sentence reduced to a year and a day.
    (WSJ, 10/21/06, p.A1)

2003        Jan 3, David Westerfield, the man who'd kidnapped and murdered 7-year-old neighbor Danielle van Dam, was sentenced to death by a judge in San Diego.
    (AP, 1/3/04)

2003        Jan 6, California Gov. Davis promised to create 500,000 new jobs over the next 4 years.
    (AP, 1/7/03)

2003        Jan 10, Gov. Davis announced tax increases that included a 1 cent increase in the sales tax and higher income taxes for the states wealthiest. His budget plan included a 1% funding increase for state prisons and an $8 million increase for the Legislature.
    (SFC, 1/10/03, p.A1)(SFC, 1/13/03, p.A1)(SFC, 1/17/03, p.A1)

2003        Jan, Matthew B. Montejo (15) and half brother Jason V. Bautista (20) were arrested in Riverside, Ca., for the murder of their mother, Jane Bautista (41). Her headless and handless body was found dumped in the Cleveland National Forest.
    (SFC, 1/4/05, p.B8)

2003        Feb 3, Phil Spector (62), rock-n-roll producer, was arrested in LA for murder after Lana Clarkson (40) was found dead in his mansion. In 2007 his murder case ended in a mistrial with a 10-2 deadlock.
    (SFC, 2/4/03, p.A1)(SFC, 9/27/07, p.A2)

2003        Mar 19, Pacific Lumber began removing tree sitters near Eureka, Ca. Some of the 18 sitters had been in the trees for almost a year.
    (SFC, 1/19/02, p.A23)

2003         Mar 20, El Paso Corp. agreed to pay California $1.7 billion to settle claims over manipulation of natural gas prices in 2000 and 2001.
    (SFC, 1/20/02, p.A1)

2003        Mar 29, A rented Ford Econoline 3-350 crashed on I-15 in southern California and 5 women enroute to a retreat were killed. Families in 2004 sued Ford alleging negligence.
    (SFC, 8/4/04, p.B5)

2003        Mar 31, A state web site, http://nocall.doj.state.ca.us, began registering Californians to block telemarketing calls.
    (SFC, 4/3/03, p.A17)

2003        Apr 18, Scott Peterson was arrested in San Diego for the death of his wife, Laci, who was eight months pregnant when she vanished on Christmas Eve. Genetic testing proved that two bodies found Apr 13-14 near the SF Bay Berkeley Marina were Laci Peterson and her baby. [see Dec 24, 2002]
    (AP, 4/19/03)(SFC, 4/19/03, p.A1)

2003        Apr 29, California biologists reported that some 92 southern sea otters had died since the beginning of the year between Point Conception and Half Moon Bay. A cat parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, was cited as one factor weakening the animals.
    (SFC, 4/30/03, A1)(SFC, 5/7/03, p.A1)

2003        Apr, The Arcata City Council approved an ordnance telling its management workers they cannot assist or voluntarily cooperate with investigators carrying out provisions of the federal Patriot Act.
    (SSFC, 4/13/03, p.A17)

2003        May 8, A federal grand jury indicted Chinese-born California socialite Katrina Leung on charges that she'd illegally taken, copied and kept secret documents obtained from an FBI agent. A federal judge later dismissed the case against Leung, rebuking prosecutors for misconduct.
    (AP, 5/8/08)

2003        May 18, It was reported that many California community state pension expenses will soon exceed 40% of the public safety payroll.
    (SSFC, 5/18/03, p.D3)

2003        May 12-13, Thieves overnight broke into the museum at Pt. Lobos on the Monterey Peninsula and stole a collection of 48 abalone scrimshaw carvings.
    (SFC, 5/20/03, p.A1)

2003        Jun 4, Corey Marques Jasmin (20), an airman at Travis Air Force Base, robbed an adult book store in Fairfield, Ca. Hours later he killed two homeless women, Otilia Carrington (48) and Ricksehlla Harrison (29). In 2008 a state appeals court upheld his life sentence without parole.
    (SFC, 9/27/08, p.B2)
2003        Jun 4, Delmar E. Brown (84), renowned fly fisherman, died in Watsonville, Ca. He invented the Del Brown Crab Fly and held a record-setting catch of a tarpon 15 times the test of his line.
    (SSFC, 6/8/03, p.A29)

2003        Jun 6, In California a small plane plunged into an apartment building near Hollywood, sending the three-story structure into flames within minutes and killing at least two people.
    (AP, 6/6/03)

2003        Jun 20, Gov. Davis announced that car license fees would triple as of Oct. 1 and Finance Director Steve Peace said California was now operating off of borrowed money.
    (SFC, 6/21/03, p.A1)
2003        Jun 20, In Los Angeles County 31 train cars broke loose and rolled over 30 miles before workers forced a derailing at Commerce.
    (SFC, 6/21/03, p.A3)

2003        Jun 26, The US Supreme court ruled that a provision of the 1994 California penal code that extended the statute of limitations for child molestation was unconstitutional.
    (SFC, 6/27/03, p.A1)

2003        Jun 29, Joseph Parker (30), a bagger at Albertson's in Irvine, Ca.,, killed 2 people with a sword before police fatally shot him.
    (SFC, 6/30/03, p.B4)

2003        Jul 1, Rancho Cordova, a community that arose around the edges of Mather Air Force Base, became the 478th city of California.
    (SSFC, 8/3/03, p.D6)

2003        Jul 2, The film "Ken Parks" by Larry Clark and Edward Lachman received an illegal public screening in Balmain, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The film was about the dysfunctional lives of skateboarders in the suburbs of Visalia, Ca., and was banned due to its explicit sex and violence.
    (SFC, 7/7/03, p.D2)

2003        Jul 4, Manuel Gehring (44) shot and killed his 2 children, Philip (11) and Sarah (14), following a dispute with his wife in Concord, NH. He was later arrested in Gilroy, Ca. He confessed to police that he shot and killed his 2 children in New Hampshire and buried them in the Midwest. In 2005 authorities found the bodies of the 2 children buried off I-80 in Ohio. Gehring committed suicide in his jail cell on February 19, 2004 at the Merrimack County Jail in Boscawen, New Hampshire.
    (SFC, 8/1/03, p.A3)(SSFC, 12/4/05, p.A22)(http://tinyurl.com/62dfka)

2003        Jul 8, A California petition drive by Republican backers to recall Gov. Davis ended with enough signatures to force a vote in the fall.
    (WSJ, 7/9/03, p.A1)
2003        Jul 8, Joanie Harper (39), her 3 children aged 2 months to 4 years, and her mother, were shot and killed in Bakersfield, Ca. Husband Vincent E. Brothers (41), a Bakersfield teacher and administrator, was arrested and released, but remained a prime suspect. In May, 2007, Brothers was convicted. On Sep 27 he was sentenced to death for the murders.
    (SFC, 7/9/03, p.A13)(SFC, 7/11/03, p.A17)(SFC, 9/28/07, p.B12)

2003        Jul 16, In Santa Monica, Ca., 10 people were killed and over 70 injured when a car driven by George Russell Weller (87) plowed through a crowded street market in an apparent accident. In 2006 a jury convicted Weller on 10 counts of felony manslaughter. He was sentenced to 5 years probation due to his failing health. Weller was also ordered to pay about $107,100 in fines and restitution.
    (SFC, 7/18/03, p.A1)(SFC, 11/21/06, p.A3)(AP, 7/16/08)

2003        Jul 23, California's 1st statewide recall for Gov. Davis qualified for ballot, which was soon scheduled for Oct 7.
    (SFC, 7/24/03, p.A1)(SFC, 7/25/03, p.A1)

2003        Jul 26, Backers of a drive to oust California Governor Gray Davis held a boisterous celebration at the state Capitol in Sacramento, more than two months before the Oct. 7 recall election.
    (AP, 7/26/04)

2003        Jul 29, The state Assembly sent Gov. Davis a nearly $100 billion spending plan.
    (SFC, 7/30/03, p.A1)

2003        Aug 1, In San Diego, Ca., a 206-unit complex under construction was leveled by a fire. Members of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) claimed responsibility.
    (SFC, 9/20/03, p.A5)

2003        Aug 2, Gov. Davis signed a nearly $100 million budget for California and blamed Republicans for the budget's painful cuts.
    (SSFC, 8/3/03, p.A1)

2003        Aug 4, California Governor Gray Davis asked the state Supreme Court to delay his Oct. 7 recall election until the following March. The recall went ahead as originally scheduled.
    (AP, 8/5/04)

2003        Aug 6, Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Tonight Show told Jay Leno and a national TV audience of his candidacy to replace Gray Davis as governor of California. Hours later, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante said he was entering the recall race as well.
    (SFC, 8/7/03, p.A1)(AP, 8/6/04)

2003        Aug 9, California Gov. Davis signed legislation banning 2 forms of flame-retardant chemicals (PBDEs) effective Jan 1, 2008.
    (SSFC, 8/10/03, p.A32)

2003        Aug 13, Arnold Schwarzenegger, candidate for governor of California, named Warren Buffet as his economic adviser. 135 candidates were certified.
    (WSJ, 8/14/03, p.A1)

2003        Aug 19, Deborah B. Franzman (50) was attacked and killed by a suspected white shark near the Avila Beach pier near San Luis Obispo. She was the 10th California shark victim since 1952.
    (SFC, 8/20/03, p.A1)(SFC, 8/21/03, p.A17)

2003        Aug 22, In southern California members of the Earth Liberation Front struck 4 car dealerships. Damage at a Chevrolet dealership in West Covina was over $1 million.
    (SFC, 8/23/03, p.A2)

2003        Sep 5, Gov. Davis signed legislation to permit illegal residents to obtain driver's licenses.
    (SFC, 9/6/03, p.A1)
2003        Sep 5, A roller coaster derailed at Southern California's Disneyland theme park, killing one man and injuring 10 other people, including a 9-year-old.
    (Reuters, 9/5/03)

2003        Sep 13, The California Democratic Party voted to endorse Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante while continuing to support Gov. Gray Davis in the Oct. 7 recall election.
    (AP, 9/13/04)

2003        Sep 14, Yetunde Price (31), older sister of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, was shot and killed in LA County. Suspect Aaron Michael Hammer (24) was arrested 2 days later.
    (SFC, 9/16/03, p.A1)

2003        Sep 15, In California a judicial panel postponed the Oct 7 recall balloting because old ballot equipment could deprive voters of their right to be counted. On Sep 23 the 9th Circuit Court ruled that the recall be held on Oct 7.
    (AP, 9/16/03)(SFC, 9/16/03, p.A1)(SFC, 9/20/03, p.A1)(SFC, 9/24/03, p.A1)

2003        Sep 19, Gov. Davis signed AB205, a California domestic partners bill.
    (SFC, 9/20/03, p.A1)
2003        Sep 19, Joy Risker (25) disappeared following dinner in San Diego with her husband Sean Goff. Risker was one of 2 women married to Goff. In 2006 Goff admitted that he stabbed Risker during an argument, mutilated her body and buried her in the Arizona desert.
    (SFC, 7/19/06, p.B10)

2003        Sep 22, California signed into law a privacy bill, effective Jul 1, 2004, that prevents use of vehicle recorded data without the consent of the owner. GM began installing data boxes in the 1970s.
    (SFC, 9/23/03, p.A1)

2003        Sep 23, A federal appeals court unanimously put California's recall election back on the calendar for Oct. 11.
    (AP, 9/23/04)
2003        Sep 23, In California's Gov. Gray Davis signed a law to prohibit spam effective Jan 1.
    (SFC, 9/24/03, p.A1)

2003        Sep 24, In California's Gov. Gray Davis signed a law to tack $6-10 onto each new computer and television sold in the state to pay for recycling costs.
    (SFC, 9/26/03, p.B1)

2003        Sep 30, In California Gov. Davis signed 2 bills aimed at tracking water contamination from perchlorate use over the past 53 years. Ariana Huffington dropped out of the race for governor.
    (WSJ, 10/1/03, p.A1)

2003        Sep, Sonora, Ca., held its 1st annual US Jousting Championship.
    (SSFC, 9/11/04, p.B1)

2003        Oct 1, Robert Dynes assumed the office of president of the Univ. of California.
    (SFC, 8/14/07, p.A4)
2003        Oct 1, California state car license fees increased $150 from $73 to $223.
    (SFC, 9/29/03, p.A1)
2003        Oct 1, California approved a phosphite product developed by Agrichem of Australia to treat sudden oak death.
    (SFC, 10/3/03, p.A17)

2003        Oct 3, The Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir in Riverside County opened to fisherman and boaters. The $1.9 billion, 8-sq.-mile lake took 4 years to fill.
    (SFC, 10/2/03, p.A16)

2003        Oct 7, California voters recalled Gov. Davis. Among the replacement candidates, Arnold Schwarzenegger won with 3.74 million votes or 49%. Propositions 53 on racial privacy and 54 on state infrastructure funding were defeated.
    (AP, 10/8/03)(SFC, 10/8/03, p.A1)(SFC, 10/9/03, p.A15)

2003        Oct 8,  A day after being elected governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was promised "a very smooth transition" by ousted Gov. Gray Davis and vowed to "open up the books" in dealing the state's ailing economy.
    (AP, 10/8/08)

2003        Oct 12, Some 70,000 employees of Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons grocery stores began a strike in southern California, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio. Health care costs were a main issue. Workers approved an agreement for southern California on Feb 29, 2004.
    (SFC, 10/14/03, p.B2)(SFC, 11/5/03, p.B1)(SFC, 3/1/04, p.A5)

2003        Oct 14, In LA, Ca., some 2,000 train and bus mechanics went on strike and halted the mass-transit system.
    (SFC, 10/15/03, p.A9)
2003        Oct 14, The Rohnert Park City Council approved a revenue sharing agreement with the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria for a casino. $200 million over 20 years was pledged.
    (SFC, 10/15/03, p.A25)

2003        Oct 23, The new Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, designed by Frank Gehry, was set to open.
    (SFC, 10/16/03, p.A1)

2003        Oct 16, Pres. Bush met with Calif. Gov-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger during a stopover at the start of a weeklong trip to Asia and Australia.
    (ST, 10/17/03, p.A5)

2003        Oct 19, Decorated Marine Cpl. Sok Khak Ung (22), just back from service in Iraq, was shot and killed by an unknown gunman at a family barbeque in Long Beach.
    (SFC, 10/22/03, p.A1)

2003        Oct 23, In Santa Clara, California, 7-Eleven owner Narinder Badwal learned that he had sold the winning California Lottery and was entitled to a $250,000 commission. He then learned that he had sold the winning ticket worth $49,747,500 to himself.
    (SFC, 10/28/03, p.A15)

2003        Oct 25, Trainer Richard Mandella won a record four races at the Breeders' Cup.
    (AP, 10/25/08)

2003        Oct 26, Flames stoked by powerful winds raced through parts of Southern California, torching more than 208,000 acres, destroying 500 homes and causing at least 11 deaths. A major radar facility was forced to close and many flights in the area were cancelled.
    (AP, 10/26/03)(SSFC, 10/26/03, p.A1)(SFC, 10/27/03, p.A1)

2003        Oct 27, The southern California fires crossed into Mexico. The death toll climbed to 15 and damages were estimated to top $500 million.
    (SFC, 10/28/03, p.A1)(WSJ, 10/28/03, p.A1)

2003        Oct 28, The California unemployment insurance program was expected to go bankrupt in January.
    (SFC, 10/28/03, p.A1)
2003        Oct 28, Southern California fires covered 600,000 acres. The death toll climbed to 20. Some 11,467 firefighters covered the blazes. Arson was suspected in most of the 10 fires. Firefighters saved hundreds of homes in the San Fernando Valley from California's deadliest wildfires in more than a decade. In 2009 Rickie Lee Fowler (28) was indicted on murder and arson charges for a 2003 wildfire that destroyed nearly 1,000 homes in San Bernadino County. On Jan 28, 2013, Fowler was given the death penalty.
    (SFC, 10/29/03, p.A1)(AP, 10/28/08)(SFC, 10/21/09, p.A4)(SFC, 1/29/13, p.A4)

2003        Oct 29, Arnold Schwarzenegger met with leaders in Washington DC and pushed for fire relief in California and a stronger ban on assault weapons. Steven Rucker (38), a firefighter from Novato, was killed in the Cedar blaze as the death toll rose to 20.
    (SFC, 10/30/03, p.A1)(WSJ, 10/30/03, p.A1)

2003        Oct 31, In California lawyer Gerald Curry was shot 5 times by William Strier outside a courthouse in San Fernando Valley. The shooting was caught on videotape by crews covering actor Robert Blake's murder case in Van Nuys. In 2006 Strier (66) was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison plus 25 years.
    (SFC, 1/21/06, p.B2)(AP, 10/31/08)

2003        Nov 4, California firefighters gained control over record south state fires that killed 20 people and destroyed over 3,570 homes.
    (WSJ, 11/4/03, p.A1)

2003        Nov 7, The 16,116-seat, $103-million Save Mart Center, planned home for Fresno State Univ. basketball games, opened with a concert featuring Andrea Bocelli. Fresno Grand Opera paid $1 million to entice the artist.
    (SFC, 11/7/03, p.A3)

2003        Nov 11, Gov. Davis appointed 187 people to state posts, most of which could be repealed by incoming Gov. Schwarzenegger.
    (SFC, 11/12/03, p.A3)

2003        Nov 17, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who arrived in the United States 35 years ago as a bodybuilder dreaming of fame and fortune, was sworn in as the 38th governor of California in a low key inauguration ceremony. He immediately rolled back the state's 300% increase in the vehicle license fee, which would have produced some $4 billion in annual revenue.
    (AP, 11/17/03)(SFC, 11/18/03, p.A1)
2003        Nov 17, A 35-day transit strike in LA ended.
    (SFC, 11/18/03, p.A8)

2003        Nov 18, California Gov. Schwarzenegger laid out a plan for a $15 billion bond issue to ease the state budget crises.
    (WSJ, 11/19/03, p.A1)
2003        Nov 18, A judge in Modesto, Calif., ordered Scott Peterson to stand trial for the killing of his wife, Laci, and their unborn son. Peterson was later convicted and sentenced to death.
    (AP, 11/18/08)

2003        Nov 20, California Gov. Schwarzenegger let stand a state parole decision to release Fred Nesbit (63), who served 17 years for shooting to death the boyfriend of his estranged wife.
    (SFC, 11/22/03, p.A5)
2003        Nov 20, Record producer Phil Spector was charged with murder in the fatal shooting of actress, Lana Clarkson, on Feb 3, 2003, at his home in Alhambra, Calif.
    (AP, 11/20/04)(SFC, 9/27/07, p.A2)
2003        Nov 20, Michael Jackson turned himself over to police in Santa Barbara, Ca., on an arrest warrant alleging multiple counts of child molestation. He posted a $3 million bail bond. Jackson was later acquitted at trial.
    (AP, 11/20/08)

2003        Nov 24, Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed nearly $2 billion in midyear spending cuts. The state Senate voted to repeal a bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses starting Jan 1. Gov. Schwarzenegger signed it Dec 3.
    (SFC, 11/25/03, p.A1)(SFC, 12/4/03, p.A9)

2003        Nov 28, It was reported that the New Zealand mud snail had invaded trout streams in Northern California. They were capable of stripping entire river systems of algae and had already infested trout streams in Montana.
    (SFC, 11/28/03, p.A21)

2003        Nov, Officer Matthew Pavelka (26) was fatally shot in Burbank, Ca. David Garcia was later arrested in Mexico and returned to the US for the killing.
    (SFC, 6/29/05, p.B4)

2003        Dec 3, A California state commission denied a Texas company's plan to sell GloFish, genetically-altered glow-in-the-dark fish. National sales of the transgenic fish were set for Jan.
    (SFC, 12/4/03, p.A2)

2003        Dec 5, A tractor in Tracy, Ca., punctured a Chevron oil pipeline and over 21,000 gallons of oil leaked out. Officials said the leak could exceed 40,000 gallons.
    (SFC, 12/6/03, p.A17)

2003        Dec 12, In California Hispanics protested the repeal of a law allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses, taking to the streets in a statewide boycott of schools and businesses.
    (AP, 12/12/03)(SFC, 12/12/03, p.A1)

2003        Dec 15, California's longest strike by nurses ended after workers at Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo and Pinole approved a new contract with Tenet Healthcare Corp. ending a 13-month walkout.
    (SFC, 12/17/03, p.A23)

2003        Dec 16, Dr. Peter Valk (63), Sacramento internist and pioneer in the clinical use of P.E.T. scans, died. He had recently finished editing "Positron Emission Tomography: Basic Science and clinical Practices."
    (SFC, 1/15/04, p.A19)

2003        Dec 17, UC and Cal Tech received 2 grants totaling $35 million to design the world's most powerful telescope, a 30-meter telescope (TMT) to be built on a yet to be chosen mountaintop.
    (SFC, 12/18/03, p.A23)

2003        Dec 18, In California the small Sierra Railroad (b.1897) announced a successful $1.4 million bid for the 40-mile Mendocino County Skunk train.
    (SFC, 12/19/03, p.A21)

2003        Dec 22, A 6.5 earthquake jolted the central California coast. Marilyn Zafuto (55) and Jennifer Myrick (20) were killed in Paso Robles when the 1892 Mastagni Building and its 15-foor clock tower collapsed. Damages were estimated at some $100 million.
    (AP, 12/23/03)(SFC, 12/23/03, p.A1)(SFC, 12/24/03, p.A1)

2003        Dec 23, A medical helicopter crashed in Mendocino County and 3 people were killed.
    (SFC, 12/24/03, p.A14)

2003        Dec 24, A twin-engine Piper Seneca crashed on Santa Catalina Island and all 5 people aboard were killed.
    (SFC, 12/25/03, p.A16)

2003        Dec 25, Near San Bernadino, Ca., 16 people were killed at a youth camp after mudslides, triggered by heavy rain, swept down the San Gabriel Mountains recently scorched by wildfire. 2 of the 14 people killed were at a KOA campground near Devore.
    (SFC, 12/27/03, p.A1)(SFC, 12/29/03, p.A1)(AP, 12/25/05)

2003        Dec 29, Heavy rain and snow closed down I-5 between Redding, Ca., and Ashland, Ore.
    (SFC, 12/30/03, p.A1)

2003        Federal energy regulators (FERC) validated California claims to 2000-2001 overcharges for energy and said the state is owed $3.3 billion in refunds from Enron and 5 other energy firms. California called for $9 billion.
    (SFC, 3/27/03, p.A1)

2003        Doctors at St. Vincent Medical Center in LA, Ca., performed a liver transplant on a Saudi citizen, who was 52nd on a transplant list. The Saudi Arabian Embassy paid $339,000 for the operation. In 2005 the hospital suspended its liver program after determining that the 2003 operation was improper.
    (SFC, 9/28/05, p.A7)

2004        Jan 1, A California ban on the gasoline additive MTBE went into effect. Ethanol became the new additive of choice, even though it could increase air pollution.
    (AP, 12/31/04)
2004        Jan 1, Restrictions on wood-burning stoves in the San Joaquin Valley went into effect. Fresno County was noted for the highest childhood asthma rate in California and the SJ valley was considered the 2nd dirtiest air basin in the US outside of Los Angeles.
    (SFC, 1/1/04, p.A20)
2004        Jan 1, A new California law, aimed at boosting recycling, increased redemption values for all containers under 24 ounces to 4 cents and for those over 24 ounces to 8 cents.
    (SFC, 2/17/04, p.B1)

2004        Jan 6, Gov. Schwarzenegger gave his 1st major policy speech and asked voters to support a $15 billion bond issue to get through the current fiscal crisis.
    (SFC, 1/7/04, p.A1)
2004        Jan 6, Jirayr Zorthian, Armenian-born eccentric painter of nudes, died in southern California. He had hosted the Pasadena Doo Dah queen coronation at his Altadena ranch.
    (SFC, 1/10/04, p.A18)

2004        Jan 8, A mountain lion was shot and killed following 2 attacks on people. Mark Jeffrey Reynolds (35) was found dead and partly eaten near his bike in the Whiting Ranch Wilderness in Orange County, Ca.
    (SSFC, 1/11/04, p.A23)

2004        Jan 9, Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed a $76.1 billion California state budget. He said it would solve the state's money troubles in 2 years.
    (SFC, 1/9/04, p.A1)(SFC, 1/10/04, p.A1)

2004        Jan 13, An independent analyst said Gov. Schwarzenegger's proposed budget would leave a $6 billion shortfall.
    (SFC, 1/14/04, p.A1)

2004        Jan 20, Gov. Schwarzenegger fired John Chen, a state investigator for an independent agency that watches over the penal system. Chen had urged that oversight be strengthened.
    (SFC, 1/20/04, p.A1)
2004        Jan 20, California Youth Authority counselors in Stockton severely beat 2 youths. The event was caught on film and charges against the counselors were recommended.
    (SFC, 3/25/04, p.A1)

2004        Feb 6, Gov. Schwarzenegger reversed his position on an independent state agency to oversee prisons and said he would seek to increase its funding and clout.
    (SFC, 2/7/04, p.A1)

2004        Feb 20, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger directed the California state attorney general to take immediate legal steps to stop SF from granting marriage licenses to gay couples.
    (AP, 2/21/04)(SFC, 2/21/04, p.A1)

2004        Feb 21, Bill Lockyer, California state Attorney General, rebuffed Gov. Schwarzenegger's demand to force an end to same-sex marriages in SF, calling the directive political rhetoric.
    (SSFC, 2/22/04, p.A1)

2004        Feb 26, The freighter Med Taipei lost 15 steel containers in rough seas off of Monterey, Ca. Scientists discovered one container 3 months later 4,200 feet down in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. In 2006 3 intl. shipping companies paid $3.25 million to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for damaging the sanctuarys ecology.

2004        Feb 27, Bill Lockyer, California state Attorney General, asked the California Supreme Court to stop SF officials from issuing same-sex marriage licenses and invalidate the 3,400 gay and lesbian weddings that have taken place at City Hall since Feb 12. The justices halted the weddings the following month.
    (SFC, 8/13/04, p.A16)(AP, 2/27/05)

2004        Mar 2, Californians voters approved Proposition 57, Gov. Schwarzenegger's $15 billion bond measure, to be repaid over the next 9 to 14 years. Prop 58 to prohibit future deficit financing also passed.
    (SFC, 3/03/04, p.A1)

2004        Mar 9, California public schools became beneficiaries of $28.5 million after a 6-month window closed on a Sep 8 Lotto winner.
    (SFC, 3/09/04, p.A1)

2004        Mar 10, The Monrovia Growers in Azusa, LA County, reported that its camellias were infested with oak disease, Phytophthora ramorum. Plants from the nursery were distributed around the country.
    (SFC, 3/11/04, p.B1)

2004        Mar 11, The California Supreme Court halted gay weddings in San Francisco for at least a few months while it decides whether they are legal. SF responded by suing the state in Superior Court contending that the state ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.
    (AP, 3/12/04)(SFC, 3/12/04, p.A1)(SFC, 6/27/15, p.A12)
2004        Mar 11, The California Office of Environmental Health Hazzard Assessment raised the action level for reporting perchlorate pollution in drinking water from 4 to 6 ppb.
    (WSJ, 3/12/04, p.A8)
2004        Mar 11, San Diego opened its new 46,000 downtown Petco Park baseball stadium with the Aztec Invitational, a 4-day series between the San Diego Univ. Aztecs and the Univ. of Houston Cougars.
    (Econ, 4/10/04, p.23)

2004        Mar 12, In California six unwed gay couples filed suit in Superior Court challenging the states marriage law on constitutional grounds. The suit was later consolidated with a SF suit filed a day earlier.
    (SFC, 6/27/15, p.A12)
2004        Mar 12, In Fresno, Ca., Marcus Wesson (57) was arrested on suspicion of killing 9 family members, aged 1-24. He lived a bizarre life of polygamy and incest, even fathering two of his victims with his own daughters. In 2005 Wesson was convicted on 9 counts of murder and sentenced to death. In 2009 reporter Alysia Sofios authored Where Hope Begins: One Family's Journey Out of Tragedy-and the Reporter Who Helped Them Make It.
    (AP, 3/14/04)(SSFC, 3/14/04, p.A1)(SFC, 6/18/05, p.B7)(SFC, 7/28/05, p.B4)(SFC, 9/14/09, p.A1)

2004        Mar 13, In the first DARPA Grand Challenge robotic vehicles began a 200-mile road race near Barstow, California. The Pentagon sponsored race ended without a winner, as none of the autonomous vehicles built by the 15 qualifying teams was able to travel farther than 7 miles from the starting line.
    (SFC, 3/13/04, p.A1)(AP, 3/14/04)

2004        Mar 18, It was reported that the California Dept. of Parks and Recreation had purchased a 1,785 acre parcel in Sutter Buttes at Peace Valley near the North Butte for $2.9 million.
    (SFC, 3/18/04, p.B1)

2004        Mar 26, The US Department of Agriculture ordered a 60-day ban on the interstate sale of host plants from California due to infestation by the sudden oak death disease.
    (SFC, 3/27/04, p.A1)

2004        Mar 29, Gov. Schwarzenegger unveiled a new California quarter to be minted in Jan 2004. It featured John Muir and Yosemite's Half Dome along with a flying condor.
    (SFC, 3/30/04, p.B3)

2004        Mar 31, The Vallejo school board voted to turn over the debt-ridden district to state control. A $20 million shortfall faced the 20,000 student district. 57 districts across California recently filed reports warning they may not be able to pay their bills during the next 2-3 years.
    (SFC, 4/1/04, p.B1)(SSFC, 4/4/04, p.A1)

2004        Apr 2, It was reported that the PG&E bankruptcy reorganization resulted in the permanent protection of some 140,000 acres of California land. A 10-year $100 million fund by ratepayers would contribute to management costs of the land divided over nearly 1000 parcels.
    (SFC, 4/2/04, p.A1)

2004        Apr 8, The San Diego Padres hosted the SF giants at the new 46,000 downtown Petco Park baseball stadium. It anchored a new 26-block re-development area.
    (SSFC, 3/21/04, p.D2)

2004        Apr 15, The US EPA warned California and a 30 other states to clean up smog-plagued regions. 474 counties fell short of standards including 36 in California.
    (SFC, 4/16/04, p.A1)
2004        Apr 15, It was reported that over 20 sea otters have turned up dead or sick at Morro Bay over the last week. Scientists suspected a natural marine toxin. 62 otters died by the end of the month and the opossum parasite Sarcocystis neurona was later found to be responsible.
    (SFC, 4/15/04, p.A1)(SFC, 5/21/04, p.B10)

2004        Apr 16, California lawmakers passed legislation aimed at reforming the nation's most expensive workers' compensation program, a move that businesses applauded but critics derided as a sellout to insurance companies.
    (AP, 4/17/04)

2004        Apr 21, Thomas Steiner (35), CHP officer, was assassinated by a 15-year-old gang member wannabe after leaving the Pomona courthouse in Southern California.
    (SFC, 11/19/05, p.B3)(www.camemorial.org/htm/steinert04.htm)

2004        Apr 23, The California Dept. of Food and Agriculture ordered milk processors to pay dairy farmers an additional 47 cents per gallon as of May 1. Farm price of raw milk would be $1.83 a gallon in Northern California.
    (SFC, 4/24/04, p.A1)

2004        Apr 25, Thom Gunn (b.1929), British-born poet, died in SF. His 1st book, titled "Fighting Terms" (1954), was recognized as part of the British group called "The Movement."
    (SFC, 4/28/04, p.B7)

2004        Apr 26, California officials reported that a tentative $281.5 million settlement had been reached with Dynegy and NRG Energy over price gauging during the last energy crisis.
    (SFC, 4/27/04, p.C1)

2004        May 3, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a hastily arranged visit to King Abdullah II of Jordan following criticism from Arab-Americans that his Mideast trip excluded a meeting with Arabs.
    (AP, 5/3/04)

2004        May 4, Some 3,000 firefighters battled wildfires in Southern California.
    (SFC, 5/5/04, p.A7)

2004        May 7, William J. Knight (74), California state senator and former US Air Force test pilot, died. In 1967 he set a speed record in a rocket-powered X-15-2A that reached 4,520 mph. In 2000 he authored Proposition 22, the Defense of the Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman.
    (SSFC, 5/9/04, p.B7)

2004        May 13, Gov. Schwarzenegger presented a revised spending budget of $77.6 billion.
    (SFC, 5/14/04, p.A1)

2004        May 20, Regents of the Univ. California voted to increase student fees.
    (SFC, 5/21/04, p.A1)

2004        Jun 13, Robert Lees, former screenwriter, was decapitated at his Hollywood home. Keven Lee Graff (27) was later charged with Lees murder and that of a neighbor.
    (SFC, 7/29/04, p.B3)

2004        Jun 21, Five of 61 California Indian tribes signed gaming compacts setting standards for future negotiations. They agreed to higher payments in exchange for removing a cap of 2,000 slot machines per tribe.
    (SFC, 6/21/04, p.A1)

2004        Jul 1, AB 1627 declared that beginning on this day each California hospital will be required to make one written or electronic copy of its charge description master (chargemaster) available at the hospitals location or on its Internet Web site.
    (www.oshpd.cahwnet.gov/hid/hospital/chrgmster/index.htm)(WSJ, 12/28/04, p.A1)

2004        Jul 4, The new Sundial Pedestrian Bridge in Redding opened to the public. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
    (SSFC, 6/27/04, p.D5)

2004        Jul 17, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger mockingly used the term "girlie men" during a rally as he claimed Democrats were delaying the state budget by catering to special interests.
    (AP, 7/17/05)

2004        Jul 18, A spokesman said California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would not apologize for mocking certain lawmakers as "girlie men," despite criticisms from Democrats that the remark was sexist and homophobic.
    (AP, 7/18/05)

2004        Jul 19, The Dept. of Veterans Affairs announced it would purchase the 561-acre farm in Dixon of Alvin Hayman to create a new national cemetery. Hayman (80) died the next day.
    (SFC, 7/21/04, p.B1)

2004        Jul 28, In California police in Irvine said they were looking for a man who may have witnessed the contamination of baby food jars with ground-up castor beans containing tiny amounts of the poison ricin. Notes were found in jars on May 31 and June 16.
    (SFC, 7/29/04, p.A3)

2004        Jul 31, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a $78.8 billion California spending package.
    (SFC, 7/30/04, p.A1)

2004        Jul-2004 Sep, A string of fires in Californias Los Padres National Forest burned 800 acres and cost $2.5 million to fight. In 2006 Craig Matthew Underwood, former US forest fighter, pleaded guilty to starting the fires.
    (SFC, 2/14/06, p.B3)

2004        Aug 4, The 2,500 California Performance Review, commissioned by Gov. Schwarzenegger in February, was made public.
    (SFC, 8/4/04, p.A1)

2004        Aug 10, Gov. Schwarzenegger reached an agreement with attorneys in the Williams vs. California case to improve education access to low-income students.
    (SFC, 8/11/04, p.A1)

2004        Aug 11, A 3-day wildfire near Lake Shasta broke out and covered some 10,000 acres destroying 86 homes in Jones Valley. Matt Rupp (44) served 2 years in jail for accidentally igniting the fire while riding a mower over a field of dry grass.
    (SSFC, 8/15/04, p.B2)(SSFC, 8/10/08, p.A1)

2004        Aug 12, Californias Supreme Court struck down San Franciscos attempt to legalize same-sex marriages, saying Mayor Newsome had illegally defied state law. 3955 marriages recorded between Feb 12 and Mar 11 were voided.
    (SFC, 8/13/04, p.A1)(SFC, 6/27/15, p.A13)

2004        Aug 18, In California federal agents raided a farm in lake County where Charles Lepp grew over 32,000 marijuana plants. He said he had informed local authorities that his land would be used to enable patients who didnt own land to grow marijuana for medical purposes. In 2009 Lepp (56) was sentenced to 10 years in prison under federal law that required a 10-year term for growing at least 1,000 marijuana plants.
    (http://fugitive.com/archives/6212)(SFC, 5/19/09, p.B4)
2004        Aug 18, Two campers were found slain in their sleeping bags at Fish Head Beach in Sonoma Ct., Ca. Lindsay Cutshall (22) of Fresno, Ohio, and Jason Allen (26) of Zeeland, Mich., were found with gunshots to the head on a Jenner beach. Both were believed to have been killed after nightfall on August 14.  They had planned a wedding for next month. On March 24, 2017, Shaun Gallon (38) of Forestville killed his younger brother, was swiftly arrested and confessed enough to tie him to the 2004 Jenner beach murders. In 2018 Gallon was charged with the Jenner beach murders. In 2019 Gallon pleaded no contest to his crimes and was sentenced to three life terms in prison.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenner,_California_Double-Murder_of_2004)(SFC, 8/21/04, p.A1)(SFC, 5/6/17, p.A1)(SFC, 5/17/18, p.D1)(SFC, 6/14/19, p.C3)(SFC, 7/16/19, p.A8)

2004        Aug 19, Sudden oak death, Phytopthora ramorum, was confirmed in trees in Golden Gate Park, making SF the 14th infected country in California.
    (SFC, 8/20/04, p.B1)

2004        Aug, The Eureka Reporter in Eureka, California, began as an online publication. It was owned by Robin P. Arkley II, head of Security National Holding Co., a national real estate development and loan acquisitions company. By April, 2005, it published 3 editions per week. In January, 2006, it expanded to a daily paper with free distribution.
    (SFCM, 8/13/06, p.13)

2004        Sep 6, Some 2,600 firefighters gained ground on the 12,200 acre Geysers Fire in Sonoma and Lake Counties.
    (SFC, 9/7/04, p.B1)

2004        Sep 10, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill barring necrophilia.
    (Reuters, 9/10/04)

2004        Sep 14, Arizona, California and Nevada joined with the federal government to undertake a 50-year, $620 million project to restore wildlife habitat along 342 miles of the lower Colorado River.
    (SFC, 9/15/04, p.A8)

2004        Sep 15, The California Coastal Commission approved a deal to protect over 80,000 acres of Central Coast at Hearst Ranch from development.
    (SFC, 9/16/04, p.A1)

2004        Sep 22, Some 20 dentists in 3 Central Valley clinics were accused of defrauding the Medi-Cal system of $4.5 million by performing unnecessary procedures.
    (SFC, 9/23/04, p.A1)

2004        Sep 23, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed bills allowing some hybrid vehicles to use freeway carpool lanes and requiring older autos to pass smog checks. He also authorized the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, a new California agency dedicated to preserving 25 million Sierra acres.
    (SFC, 9/24/04, p.A1)
2004        Sep 23, Californias Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board approved restrictions on hand-weeding in most commercial crops.
    (SFC, 9/24/04, p.B7)
2004        Sep 23, Edward Zelinsky (82), historian and owner of the Musee Mecanique, died.
    (SFC, 9/25/04, p.B6)

2004        Sep 24, The California Air Resources Board backed sweeping reductions in auto emissions.
    (AP, 9/24/05)

2004        Sep 28, A 6.0 earthquake shook central California, cracking pipes, breaking bottles of wine and knocking pictures from walls. The quake was centered about seven miles southeast of Parkfield, a town of 37 people known as California's earthquake capital.
    (AP, 9/28/04)

2004        Sep 30, Gov. Schwarzenegger rejected the current Bay Bridge bid. New bids and a redesign were expected.
    (SFC, 10/1/04, p.A1)

2004        Oct 5, Supermarket janitors in California won a $22.4 million settlement against 3 grocery chains and a cleaning contractor in a class-action suit over failure to pay for overtime.
    (SFC, 10/6/04, p.B3)

2004        Oct 10, The Rumsey Fire began in Capay Valley in northeast Napa Valley and soon covered 29,500 acres. It was contained Oct 16 after burning over 39,000 acres.
    (SFC, 10/12/04, p.B3)(SSFC, 10/17/04, p.B5)

2004        Oct 16, The body of Richard Celebrini (32), a suspected arsonist, was found in the Hetch Hetchy basin where a fire burned over 2,000 acres. Police in Brentwood found Celebrinis wife and 3 daughters dead.
    (SSFC, 10/17/04, p.B1)(SFC, 10/18/04, p.A1)

2004        Oct, California authorities charged Chester D. Turner, a former pizza delivery man, for murdering 10 women between 1987 and 1998 after DNA evidence linked him to the victims. Turners trial began in 2007.
    (SFC, 4/4/07, p.B5)

2004        Nov 1, In Napa, Ca., Leslie Ann Mazzara (26) and Adriane Michelle Insogna (26) were stabbed to death as a 3rd roommate escaped and called police. In 2005 police used DNA evidence and arrested Eric Matthew Copple (26) as a suspect. In 2007 Copple was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.
    (SFC, 11/3/04, p.B2)(SFC, 9/29/05, p.B1)(SFC, 1/11/07, p.B1)

2004        Nov 2, California Prop. 64, limiting citizens rights to file lawsuits, won. Prop 71, a $3 billion stem cell research initiative, won. Prop 72, requiring business owners to pay for employee health insurance, was defeated. Prop 66, a measure to amend the 3 strikes law, was defeated. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) was later charged with issuing grants with the bond money from Prop 71.
    (SFC, 11/4/04, p.B5,C1)(SSFC, 9/9/18, p.A10)

2004        Nov 4, Gov. Schwarzenneger announced that former Republican Rep. Tom Campbell (52) would head his finance dept.
    (SFC, 11/5/04, p.A1)

2004        Nov 12, Scott Peterson (32) was convicted of 1st degree murder of his pregnant wife and dumping her body in San Francisco Bay in Dec 2002 in what prosecutors portrayed as a cold-blooded attempt to escape marriage and fatherhood for the bachelor life. He was also convicted of 2nd degree murder for the unborn child.
    (AP, 11/12/04)(SFC, 11/13/04, p.A1)

2004        Dec 1, Tom Campbell (52), former Republican legislator and dean of UC Berkeleys Haas School of Business, took over as director of Californias Dept. of Finance. He faced a budget deficit of at least $8.1 billion.
    (SFC, 12/28/04, p.B1)

2004        Dec 17, The California state budget deficit for the coming fiscal year was reported to be $8.1 billion, a billion higher than previously forecast.
    (SFC, 12/18/04, p.A1)
2004        Dec 17, Robert N. Klein (59), lawyer and financier, was appointed head of the 29-member board of the new California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, created as a result of Prop. 71 for stem cell research.
    (SFC, 12/18/04, p.B1)
2004        Dec 17, Johnnie Carl (57), longtime conductor of the Crystal Cathedral Orchestra, shot himself to death following a 9-hour standoff at the church in Garden Grove, Ca.
    (SFC, 12/18/04, p.A4)

2004        Dec 20, Attorneys presented opening statements in the Robert Blake murder trial in Los Angeles.
    (AP, 12/20/05)

2004        Kevin Starr, USC history professor, published Coast of Dreams: On the Edge 1990-2003, the final volume of his multi-volume California history.
    (WSJ, 9/21/04, p.D8)
2004        Californias spending on prisons surpassed spending on universities about this time.
    (Econ, 9/10/11, p.36)
2004        California voters approved a ballot measure that requires police to take DNA samples from convicted felons. The law became effective in 2009. In 2012 the Ninth US Court of Appeals upheld the legislation.
    (SFC, 2/24/12, p.C1)

2005        Jan 1, A new California law took effect giving gay couples who register as domestic partners nearly the same responsibilities and benefits as married spouses.
    (AP, 1/1/05)
2005        Jan 1, A new California law took effect levying a surcharge on computer sales to defray recycling costs.
    (Econ, 1/29/05, p.60)
2005        Jan 1, Robert Matsui (63), 13-term California Democratic congressman, died. On April 13 US Representatives voted to name the federal courthouse in Sacramento in his honor.
    (SFC, 1/3/05, p.A1)(SFC, 4/14/05, p.B3)

2005        Jan 5, Gov. Schwarzenneger outlined austerity proposals including a call to privatize California pension plans.
    (WSJ, 1/6/05, p.A1)

2005        Jan 8, Lance Cpl. Andres Raya (19) shot and killed Ceres police officer Sgt. Howard Stevenson. Police returned fire and killed Raya, who was high on cocaine.
    (SSFC, 1/16/05, p.A17)
2005        Jan 8, Richard P. Rodriguez (29) stabbed to death Angela M. Smith (51) in Tucson, Az. Rodriguez was found dead of a gunshot wound the next day in Blythe, Ca., near the Arizona border. He had grown up in the evangelical sex cult Children of God also known as the Family. Smith, a member of the cult, was involved in his upbringing. The cult was later linked to the San Diego based Family Care Foundation. In 2007 Don Lattin authored Jesus Freaks: A True Story of Murder and Madness on the Evangelical Edge.
    (SFC, 1/11/05, p.B8)(SSFC, 2/6/05, p.A1)(SSFC, 10/20/07, p.M1)

2005        Jan 9, More heavy rain spread across parts of California and snow piled deeper in the mountains as the state sat under a storm system that left at least 7 dead.
    (AP, 1/9/05)(SFC, 1/10/05, p.B1)

2005        Jan 10, Gov. Schwarzenneger proposed an $85.7 billion California state budget with cuts in programs to the poor, elderly and disabled to help close a $9.1 billion deficit.
    (SFC, 1/11/05, p.A1)
2005        Jan 10, Randall W. Harding pleaded guilty to money laundering and wire fraud charges as part of a scam that authorities say bilked investors from Palm Springs to Orange County, including church members at Crossroads Christian Church in Riverside, Ca.
    (SFC, 8/14/06, p.A2)(http://tinyurl.com/qhm4u)(http://home.att.net/~fcwriter/news29.htm)
2005        Jan 10, A mudslide at La Conchita in Ventura County, Ca., crushed over 15 homes and killed 10 people.
    (SFC, 1/12/05, p.A1)(SFC, 1/13/05, p.A3)

2005        Jan 19, Donald Beardslee (61) became the 11th prisoner to be executed in California since the death penalty was reinstated in 1997.
    (AP, 12/13/05)

2005        Jan 26, In Glendale, Ca., a Metrolink commuter train struck a vehicle, derailed and sideswiped another train, killing 11 people and injuring about 180 others. Juan Manuel Alvarez (25) left his SUV on a railroad track after changing his mind about committing suicide. Alvarez was convicted in 2008 on 11 counts of murder and was sentenced to 11 consecutive life terms in prison. In 2009 Metrolink agreed to pay some $30 million to settle most of the lawsuits related to the derailment.
    (AP, 1/27/05)(SFC, 1/27/05, p.A1)(SFC, 8/21/08, p.A3)(SFC, 10/14/09, p.A6)

2005        Feb 2, Matthew Carrington, a student at Cal State Chico, died of heart failure after drinking excessive amounts of water while doing calisthenics during a hazing ritual for the Chi Tau fraternity.
    (SFC, 1/18/07, p.A5)

2005        Feb 4, Kevin Shelley resigned as Californias secretary of state amidst allegations of questionable fund raising and misuse of federal voting funds.
    (SFC, 2/4/05, p.A1)
2005        Feb 4, It was reported that Californias mysterious explosion of autism cases increased by 13% in 2004. State services for autism had increased from some 5,000 in 1993 to 26,000 in 2004. The US federal Dept. of Education reported that autism in schoolchildren increased 1,700% nationally from 1992 to 2002.
    (SFC, 2/4/05, p.A1)

2005        Feb 8, The California Lottery commission voted 3-0 to join the Mega Millions multistate lottery rather than Powerball. Odds in the big prize will be 1 in 135 million.
    (SFC, 2/9/05, p.A1)

2005        Feb 10, California sued Canadian energy firm Powerex Corp. a 2nd time for overcharges during the electricity crises of 2000-2001.
    (SFC, 2/11/05, p.C1)

2005        Feb 11, Gov. Schwarzenegger picked former state Sen. Bruce McPherson to replace Kevin Shelley as Sec. of State.
    (SFC, 2/12/05, p.A1)

2005        Feb 16, It was reported that Georgia Pacific has put up 434 acres for sale in Fort Bragg. Contamination levels on the land were not yet determined.
    (SFC, 2/16/05, p.A1)

2005        Feb 21, Heavy storms in California left 3 people dead.
    (WSJ, 2/22/05, p.A1)

2005        Mar 4, A California court ruled that hospitals must comply with a 1:5 nurse to patient ratio that was set under a 1999 law.
    (SFC, 3/5/05, p.B7)

2005        Mar 10, The US Dept. of Transportation authorized $150.3 million for the construction of a $270 million tunnel to bypass Devils Slide on Highway 1 between Pacifica and Montara.
    (SFC, 3/11/05, p.A1)

2005        Mar 14, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer declared Californias ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.
    (SFC, 3/15/05, p.A1)

2005        Mar 16, In California a judge sentenced a Scott Peterson (32) to death for the 2002 murder of his wife and unborn son.
    (AP, 3/17/05)(SFC, 3/17/05, p.A1)
2005        Mar 16, Robert Blake (71), actor, was found not guilty of murder charges in the 2001 shooting death of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.
    (SFC, 3/17/05, p.A1)

2005        Mar 30, Former Calif. State Sen. Bruce McPherson was sworn in as Sec. of State.
    (SFC, 3/31/05, p.A1)

2005        Apr 5, A few thousand demonstrators protested Gov. Schwarzeneggers fund raiser at the SF Ritz-Carlton.
    (SFC, 4/6/05, p.A1)

2005        Apr 7, California state prosecutors charged Julie Lee, a top volunteer fund-raiser for former Sec. of State Kevin Shelley, with grand theft and other felonies. In 2008 Lee (62) was found guilty on 5 of 7 charges relating to Shelleys 2002 campaign, All the charges related to a $500,000 grant for a SF Sunset District community center that was never built. In state court Lee pleaded guilty to 9 counts.
    (SFC, 4/8/05, p.A1)(SFC, 7/12/08, p.A1)(SFC, 7/17/08, p.B1)

2005        Apr 10, Steve Vaught (39) left his San Diego, Ca., home on a walking trip to New York in an effort to loose some of his 400 lbs. By July he was in Arizona and down to 350 lbs. A year later he was in Ohio with less than 400 miles to NYC. His weight was down to 292. He completed his walk at 178th and Broadway in New York City on May 9, 2006; he had lost approximately 100 lbs.
    (SFC, 7/9/05, p.A2)(www.thefatmanwalking.com)

2005        Apr 20, An air tanker Lockheed P-3 Orion crashed in Californias Lassen National Forest killing 3 crew members during a training run. A report in 2006 was unable to determine the cause of the crash.
    (SFC, 4/22/05, p.B3)(SFC, 9/5/06, p.B1)

2005        Apr 22, Roberta Saum (44) won  $3.3 million settlement from the Santa Rosa Catholic diocese for sexual abuse by now defrocked Rev. Donald Kimball when she was 15.
    (SFC, 4/23/05, p.B5)

2005        Apr 25, Mayor Dick Murphy (62) of San Diego announced his resignation effective July 15 under the weight of mounting scandals and fiscal probes. San Diego faced a $50 million budget deficit and a $1.3 billion pension shortfall.
    (SFC, 4/26/05, p.A1)(WSJ, 4/26/05, p.A1)

2005        May 10, The northern California 3,373-acre Willow Creek site was purchased for $20,787,000 from Mendocino Redwood Co. by a coalition of state and non-profit agencies to become part of Sonoma Coast State Beach.
    (SFC, 5/11/05, p.B1)
2005        May 10, In Riverside County, Ca., David McGowan (44) killed his wife, mother and 3 children, a boy (14) and 2 girls (8 and 10), while they slept. He then killed himself at their home in Garner Valley.
    (SFC, 5/12/05, p.A5)

2005        May 11, Teachers across California honored the 23rd annual Day of the Teacher by protesting deep cuts to education and changes to their retirement system.
    (SFC, 5/12/05, p.B1)

2005        May 17, Los Angeles Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa (52) trounced Mayor James Hahn to become the city's first Hispanic mayor in more than a century as voters embraced the promise of change in a metropolis troubled by gridlock, gangs and failing schools.
    (AP, 5/18/05)

2005        May 25, Thousands of public employees rallied in Sacramento and Los Angeles charging that Gov. Schwarzeneggers policy agenda shortchanges schoolchildren and undermines the fabric of Californias poor and middle class.
    (SFC, 5/26/05, p.A1)

2005        Jun 1, In California a landslide destroyed 17 multimillion-dollar houses and damaged nearly 11 others in Laguna Beach.
    (AP, 6/2/05)

2005        Jun 5, FBI agents in Lodi, Ca., arrested Hamid Hayat (22) for training at an al Qaeda camp in Pakistan and his father (47) for lying about his sons activities. In 2006 Umer Hayat pleaded guilty to charges of lying to customs agents to avoid a trial. In 2007 Hamid was sentenced to 24 years in prison for supporting terrorists by training with them in Pakistan.
    (SFC, 6/9/05, p.A1)(SFC, 6/1/06, p.B1)(SFC, 9/11/07, p.D2)

2005        Jun 13, California Gov. Schwarzenegger called for a special election on his initiatives to change state government.
    (SFC, 6/14/05, p.A1)

2005        Jun 14, The 7.0-magnitude quake struck northern California about 90 miles southwest of the coastal community of Crescent City, where a 1964 tsunami killed 11 people.
    (AP, 6/15/05)

2005        Jun 17, Marcus Wesson, the domineering patriarch of a large clan he'd bred through incest, was convicted in Fresno, Calif., of murdering nine of his children. Wesson was later sentenced to death.
    (AP, 6/17/06)

2005        Jun 20, California state and federal officials set aside $2 million to determine why smelt and other species in the San Joaquin and Sacramento River Delta has dropped sharply. Numerous causes were suspect including nonnative predators and increasing herbicide and pesticide runoff as well as water draw down to supply Southern California and the Central Valley.
    (SFC, 6/21/05, p.B3)

2005        Jun 21, It was reported that the number of California state employees who earned over $132,000 nearly doubled from 2002 to 2004.
    (SFC, 6/21/05, p.A1)
2005        Jun 21, Some 1,300 federal and local law enforcement agents arrested 23 people in raids across San Fernando Valley on racketeering charges related to the 2003 slaying of Burbank police officer Matthew Pavelka.
    (SFC, 6/29/05, p.B4)

2005        Jun 22, US drug agents launched a wide-ranging crackdown on medical marijuana providers in northern California, raiding pot clubs, homes and businesses in San Francisco and arresting a husband and wife in Sacramento. The operation followed a 2-year investigation dubbed Operation Urban harvest.
    (AP, 6/23/05)(SFC, 6/23/05, p.A1)(SFC, 6/24/05, p.B4)

2005        Jun 23, An indictment, unveiled in US federal court in Los Angeles, said Seymour Lazar and his family were plaintiffs in over 50 class action lawsuits against both large and small companies. Prosecutors claimed that he received $2.4 million in illicit kickbacks from a New York law firm believed to be Milberg Weiss. In 2008 Melvyn Weiss (72) agreed to plead guilty to racketeering and acknowledge that his firm, Milberg Weiss, concealed secret payment arrangements with plaintiffs in class-action suits.
    (Econ, 7/2/05, p.65)(SFC, 3/21/08, p.C3)

2005        Jun 24, California Gov. Schwarzenegger and state Senate Pres. Don Perata finalized plans to build the original Bay suspension bridge at a total cost of $6.2 billion.
    (SFC, 6/25/05, p.A1)

2005        Jun 29, The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento agreed to pay $35 million to 33 people who said they were sexually assaulted by area priests. Half of the plaintiffs said their abuse came from Rev. Mario Blanco, a Sacramento priest, between 1969-1973.
    (SFC, 6/30/05, p.B3)

2005        Jun 30, A federal judge ordered that a receiver take control of Californias prison health care system and correct what he called deplorable conditions.
    (SFC, 7/1/05, p.A1)
2005        Jun 30, At El Cahon, Ca., 5 illegal immigrants were killed and six others injured when their van collided with a pickup truck shortly after it sped around a border checkpoint.
    (AP, 7/1/05)

2005        Jul 1, A force of 400 federal and local law officers raided 11 suspected brothels, 10 in SF and one in Emeryville, and arrested 27 suspects in what was described as a major Bay Area sex trafficking operation that preyed on Korean women brought into the country illegally. A similar operation took place in southern California.

2005        Jul 5, Police in Torrance, Ca., arrested 2 men for robbing gas stations. Investigations soon revealed that they were associated with Kevin James, an inmate at California State Prison in Sacramento, a founder of Jamiyyat Ul-Islam Is Saheeh (JIS). The group was planning terrorist attacks in the LA area. Another participant was arrested Aug 2. In 2007 Kevin James (31) and Levar Haley Washington (28) pleaded guilty to conspiring to levy war against the US.
    (SFC, 9/1/05, p.A4)(SFC, 12/15/07, p.A3)

2005        Jul 7, The California Legislature, 7 days into the fiscal year, approved a $90.1 billion state budget.
    (SFC, 7/8/05, p.B1)

2005        Jul 10, Police in LA killed Jose Raul Pena (34) as well as Susie Marie Lopez (19 months) as Pena fired at police while holding the child.
    (SFC, 7/12/05, p.A3)

2005        Jul 11, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a $90 billion California general budget.
    (SFC, 7/12/05, p.B1)

2005        Jul 13, A helicopter crash near Nimbus Dam, south of Folsom Lake, killed 2 Sacramento County sheriffs deputies.
    (SFC, 7/15/05, p.B3)

2005        Jul 14, California Gov. Schwarzenegger said he intended to keep his 2nd job as editor of two bodybuilding magazines. Income from the magazines was at least $1 million per year.
    (SFC, 7/15/05, p.A1)

2005        Jul 15, California Gov. Schwarzenegger said he would quit his 2nd job as editor of two bodybuilding magazines following criticism of the lucrative moonlighting. Following this he soon severed ties with the Arnold Classic, a premier bodybuilding event.
    (SFC, 7/15/05, p.A1)(SFC, 7/23/05, p.A1)
2005        Jul 15, Dick Murphy resigned as mayor of San Diego amid a pension fund scandal.
    (SFC, 7/19/05, p.A10)
2005        Jul 15, Bankrupt Enron Corp. agreed to pay up to 1.52 billion dollars to settle charges of market manipulation during the energy crisis that hit California and other western US states in 2000 and 2001. The actual payout was expected to be closer to $260 million due to Enrons bankruptcy and limited assets.
    (AFP, 7/16/05)(SFC, 7/16/05, p.C1)

2005        Jul 18, California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed legislation to allow construction to go forward on the new eastern half of the Bay Bridge.
    (SFC, 7/19/05, p.B1)
2005        Jul 18, California reinstated a program to issue identity cards to patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana.
    (SFC, 7/19/05, p.B1)
2005        Jul 18, San Diego acting Mayor Michael Zucchet and councilman Ralph Inzunza were convicted in federal court of taking illegal campaign cash from a strip club owner. Councilwoman Toni Atkins succeeded Zucchet.
    (SFC, 7/19/05, p.A10)

2005        Jul 21, Sealed court documents were filed in which the U.S. Attorney's Office initiated attempts to seize the home of U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, alleging that the California Republican's $3.5 million estate in Rancho Santa Fe, a San Diego suburb, was purchased with bribe money. In 2006 prosecutors alleged that Brent Wilkes, a San Diego businessman, paid Cunningham over $626,000 in bribes between 2000 and 2004 to win government contracts for his companies.
    (AP, 8/19/05)(SSFC, 5/14/06, p.A18)

2005        Jul 28, Stephen McCullagh (29), an assistant scoutmaster from St. Helena, and Boy Scout Ryan Collins (13) were killed by lightning in Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada.
    (SFC, 8/6/05, p.B2)

2005        Jul, The California Supreme Court ruled that favoritism could be used as evidence in cases of sexual harassment.
    (Econ, 7/23/05, p.30)

2005        Aug 1, The California State Supreme Court ruled that state businesses must treat same-sex domestic couples the same as married couples.
    (SFC, 8/2/05, p.A1)

2005        Aug 8, In California 42 inmates were injured when a simmering dispute between two ethnic groups erupted into the largest riot at San Quentin State Prison in 23 years.
    (AP, 8/9/05)

2005        Aug 9, Officials in San Jose, Ca., opened their new $390 million, 18-story City Hall. It was designed by Richard Meier with an original budget of $214 million.
    (SFC, 8/10/05, p.B4)

2005        Aug 12, The annual California state Fair opened for a 25-day run at CalExpo.
    (SSFC, 8/7/05, p.F7)

2005        Aug 18, A riot at Calipatria State Prison, east of San Diego, Ca., left one inmate dead.
    (SFC, 8/19/05, p.B10)

2005        Aug 19, In California Skylar James Deleon (26), a former child actor, was charged with luring John Jarvi to Mexico in December of 2003, slitting his throat and leaving the body by the side of a road. Deleon was already facing trial for hijacking a yacht and throwing the owners overboard in Nov 2004.
    (Reuters, 8/20/05)

2005        Aug 22, The California Supreme Court ruled that lesbian and gay partners who plan a family and raise children should be considered legal parents after a breakup.
    (SFC, 8/23/05, p.A1)

2005        Aug 25, California sued 39 pharmaceutical companies for allegedly inflating prices.
    (SFC, 8/26/05, p.A1)
2005        Aug 25, in Southern California summer heat and the loss of key transmission lines forced power officials to impose rolling blackouts, leaving as many as half a million people without power for an hour at a time.
    (AP, 8/25/05)

2005        Aug, Judi Werthein (38), Argentine-born artist, introduced special shoes at Insite, an art exhibition in San Diego and Tijuana, designed to help migrants cross the US-Mexico border. The Brinco sneakers were equipped with a compass, flashlight and other special features.
    (SFC, 11/18/05, p.A2)

2005        Sep 6, The California Legislature became the first legislative body in the nation to approve same-sex marriages, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger later vetoed the bill.
    (SFC, 9/7/05, p.A1)(AP, 9/6/06)

2005        Sep 6, An appeals court ruled that government run utilities that overcharged California during the 2001 energy crises do not have to repay an estimated $1 billion.
    (WSJ, 9/7/05, p.A1)
2005        Sep 6, The California state Assembly approved a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.
    (SFC, 9/7/05, p.A1)
2005        Sep 6, UC Merced, the 10th campus of the Univ. of California system, opened with an inaugural class of 1000 students.
    (SFC, 9/6/05, p.A1)

2005        Sep 7, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would veto a bill to legalize same-sex marriage "out of respect for the will of the people." He cited Proposition 22, a ballot measure passed in 2000 that defined marriage in California.
    (AP, 9/8/05)(SFC, 9/8/05, p.A5)

2005        Sep 9, A Nevada couple pleaded guilty in San Jose, Calif., to all charges related to planting a human fingertip in a bowl of Wendy's chili in a scheme to extort money from the fast food restaurant chain.
    (AP, 9/9/06)

2005        Sep 15, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a bill to reduce obesity in schools.
    (SFC, 9/16/05, p.A1)

2005        Sep 29, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill to give same sex couples the right to marry in the state.
    (SFC, 6/27/15, p.A13)
2005        Sep 29, In southern California a wind-whipped brush fire quickly doubled in size to at least 7,000 acres, destroying at least one home and prompting evacuations in the San Fernando Valley as flames rose along a ridge for miles.
    (AP, 9/29/05)

2005        Oct 7, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed legislation to allow local governments to regulate certain breeds of dogs.
    (SFC, 10/8/05, p.A11)

2005        Oct 10, In Half Moon Bay, Ca., Joel Holland, a retired Washington state firefighter, won the annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off, presenting a gigantic pumpkin that weighed 1,229 pounds. This matched his winner in 2004. The contest here began in 1974.
    (AP, 10/10/05)(SFC, 10/10/06, p.B3)

2005        Oct 12, Human Rights Watch reported that 2,225 inmates in the US were serving life-without-parole terms for crimes committed when they were under 18. California had 180 prisoners serving such sentences for murders committed when they were 17 or 18.
    (SFC, 10/13/05, p.B3)

2005        Oct 15, Marcia and Ken Powers, a husband-and-wife team, reached the Pacific Ocean on after a 4,900-mile cross-country hike, becoming the first to backpack the transcontinental American Discovery Trail in one continuous trek. They had started Feb. 27 at Cape Henlopen in Delaware.
    (AP, 10/16/05)

2005        Oct 24, Edward Roybal (b.1916), former US Representative from Los Angeles (1962-1992), died in Pasadena. He was the 1st Hispanic to serve in Congress since 1879.
    (SFC, 10/27/05, p.B9)

2005        Oct 29, In Aliso Viejo a 19-year-old in a black cape and a paintball mask went on a shooting rampage in his upscale Southern California neighborhood, killing a man and his daughter before committing suicide.
    (AP, 10/30/05)

2005        Nov 1, Paul Richards (49), former mayor of Lynwood, Ca., was convicted of federal charges involving the funneling of millions of dollars in city contracts to a sham consulting company he secretly controlled.
    (SFC, 11/2/05, p.B3)

2005        Nov 3, Kevin Henry (39), of Albion, Ca., was murdered by Nathan McWilliams (22) and Trevor Conley (23) of Ukiah, Ca., near Lake Mendocino following use of crystal methamphetamine. In 2007 Conley and McWilliams were sentenced 15 years to life in prison.
    (SFCM, 1/20/08, p.17)

2005        Nov 8, California voters rejected Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's efforts to reshape state government during a special election that darkened his prospects for a second term.
    (AP, 11/9/05)(SFC, 11/9/05, p.A1)

2005        Nov 11, In Vallejo, Ca., Curtis Mack Allen (35) was killed. Police issued a murder warrant for Kim Saelio (22), a pimp who had planned to rob Allen using a prostitute as bait. On June 21, 2006, police killed Saelio following a chase in Oakland.
    (SFC, 6/22/06, p.B7)

2005        Nov 14, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in China on a six-day mission to promote California products and encourage Chinese officials to crack down on the piracy of copyrighted music, movies and software.
    (AP, 11/14/05)

2005        Nov 16, The US House passed a bill authorizing up to $38 million in federal funds to preserve and restore 10 WW II internment camps, including Tule Lake and Manzanar in California, as well as 17 assembly centers. Nonprofits would need to come up with 75% of the money for the projects.
    (SFC, 11/17/05, p.A15)

2005        Nov 17, Andy Stevens (37), a California CHP officer, was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in Yolo County. Police the next day arrested suspects Brendt Anthony Volarvich (20) in Rocklin and Gregory Fred Zielesch (47) of Woodland. Volarvich was later convicted of murder and sentenced to death. In 2009 a Sacramento district court upheld a murder conviction against Zielesch and his sentence of 57 years to life in prison.
    (SFC, 11/18/05, p.B2)(SFC, 11/19/05, p.B3)(SFC, 11/25/09, p.C2)

2005        Nov 27, In Santa Maria, Ca., a Greyhound bus overturned, killing two people and injuring dozens of others.
    (AP, 11/27/05)

2005        Nov 28, Randy "Duke" Cunningham (63), a Republican US congressman, resigned after pleading guilty in San Diego, Ca., to taking 2.4 million dollars in bribes in return from a military contractor to influence the award of defense deals. Cunninghams exploits as a Navy fighter pilot inspired the 1986 film Top Gun. In 2007 Seth Hettena authored Feasting on the Spoils: The Life and Times of Randy Duke Cunningham, Historys Most Corrupt Congressman, and Marcus Stern, Jerry Kammer, Dean Calbreath, and George E. Condon Jr. authored, a team from the San Diego Tribune, The Wrong Stuff. 
    (AFP, 11/28/05)(Econ, 12/3/05, p.32)

2005        Dec 7, In Clearlake, Ca., Shannon Edmonds (31) shot and killed 2 of 3 intruders at his home. Renato Hughes Jr. (21), the 3rd intruder, was charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder under a controversial legal theory. In 2008 Hughes was acquitted of murder by a jury in Contra Costa County. He was found guilty of 2 lesser charges, assault and burglary. The jury deadlocked on a final charge of assault causing great bodily injury. On Sep 8 Hughes was sentenced to 8 years in prison with credit for 33 months in custody.
    (SFC, 2/7/06, p.B8)(SFC, 8/9/08, p.B1)(SFC, 8/12/08, p.B3)(SFC, 9/9/08, p.B3)

2005        Dec 12, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to block the imminent execution of Stanley Tookie Williams, rejecting the notion that the founder of the murderous Crips gang had atoned for his crimes and found redemption on death row.
    (AP, 12/12/06)
2005        Dec 12, US federal agents raided 13 San Diego-area marijuana dispensaries.
    (SFC, 12/14/05, p.B3)

2005        Dec 13, Stanley Tookie Williams maintained his innocence right up until his death, even when an admission of guilt may have spared him execution. California's execution of Stanley Tookie Williams outraged many in Europe who regard the practice as barbaric, and politicians in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's native Austria called for his name to be removed from a sports stadium in his hometown.
    (AP, 12/13/05)

2005        Dec 21, US Energy Sec. Samuel Bodman announced that the Univ. of California would retain management of the New Mexico Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab in a 7-year, $512 million contract in a consortium that includes Bechtel Corp.
    (SFC, 12/22/05, p.A1)

2005        Dec 28, US officials said the number of indictments for bilking victims of Hurricane Katrina has grown to 49 at a Bakersfield, California, call center used by the Red Cross.
    (WSJ, 12/29/05, p.A1)

2005        Dec 31, A powerful storm plowed through Northern California, causing mudslides and widespread flooding and snarling holiday traffic from Sonoma to Monterey.
    (AP, 12/31/05)
2005        Dec 31, Guillermo Martinez (18) died in a Tijuana hospital one day after he was shot by a US Border Patrol agent near a metal wall separating that city from San Diego. On Jan 2 Mexico opened an investigation into the killing saying he was shot while sneaking into California, using the death to draw attention to a contentious US anti-immigration measure. In 2008 the US Dept. of Justice cleared the Border Patrol agent of any wrongdoing.
    (AP, 1/3/06)(SFC, 2/16/08, p.A4)

2005        California first lady Maria Shriver conceived of a California state Hall of Fame. Since 2006, the museum has hosted an annual ceremony to induct roughly a dozen individuals per year into the California Hall of Fame.
    (SFC, 12/2/09, p.C6)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Hall_of_Fame)
2005        In southern California a gang alliance between Public Enemy and the Aryan Brotherhood was cemented in when Donald Reed "Popeye" Mazza, an alleged leader of Public Enemy, was inducted into the Aryan Brotherhood. In 2007 police agencies in Orange County arrested 67 suspected members after learning about the hit list against officers in Anaheim, Buena Park and Costa Mesa. Those arrested in the raid were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of illegal weapons and identity theft, among other things.
    (AP, 3/5/07)
2005        In southern California an archeological survey found the remains of a Native American man who died some 10,000 years ago on San Miguel, one of the state's five Channel Islands. In 2018 the remains of the Tuqan man were returned to San Miguel Island by the Santa Ynez Band of the Chumash Indians.
    (SFC, 6/15/18, p.A5)
2005        The new Central Valley campus of UC Merced was scheduled to open on a 2,000 acre site 6 miles northeast of Merced.
    (SFC, 1/16/98, p.A17)
2005        The new $700 million California state prison at Delano was due to open.
    (SFC, 1/5/04, p.A1)

2005        The insect myoporum thrips, a native to eastern Australia, was first detected in the US in Orange County, Ca.
    (SSFC, 5/9/10, p.L3)
2005        California this year was the worlds 12th biggest producer of greenhouse gases. The states 36 million cars contributed to the pollution.
    (Econ, 8/19/06, p.30)

2006        Jan 1, The California Energy Commission introduced mandatory standby requirement for various electronic devices.
    (Econ, 3/11/06, Survey p.34)

2006        Jan 2, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in 7 northern counties making them eligible for disaster aid. The aid was soon extended to 16 more counties.
    (SFC, 1/3/06, p.A1)(SFC, 1/4/06, p.B1)

2006        Jan 5, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger in his State of the State speech called for over $222 billion for public works projects.
    (SFC, 1/6/06, p.A1)

2006        Jan 9, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger had a minor motorcycle accident in Los Angeles and was found not to have a motorcycle driving license.
    (SFC, 1/11/06, p.A1)

2006        Jan 10, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed a $97.9 billion general fund budget with increased spending on education, transportation and prisons.
    (SFC, 1/11/06, p.A1)

2006        Jan 12, California energy regulators approved a $2.9 billion plan for solar energy.
    (SFC, 1/13/06, p.C1)
2006        Jan 12, In Palm Springs, Ca., Richard Milanovich, chairman of the Agua Caliente Ban of Cahuilla Indians, apologized to other tribal leaders for the scandal tied to Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He addressed tribal leaders on the 2nd day of a 3-day conference for casino-operating tribes. Abramoff and associates had collected some $66 million from 6 American Indian tribes seeking influence in Washington.
    (SFC, 1/13/06, p.B14)

2006        Jan 17, California executed Clarence Ray Allen, its oldest death row inmate, minutes after his 76th birthday, despite arguments that putting to death an elderly, blind and wheelchair-bound man was cruel and unusual punishment. He was sentenced to death in 1982 for hiring a hit man who killed a witness and two bystanders.
    (AP, 1/17/06)

2006        Jan 20, A federal judge ordered Los Angeles to pay $1.1 million in legal costs to the family of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. as sanctions for intentionally withholding evidence during the family's civil lawsuit trial.
    (AP, 1/21/06)

2006        Jan 23, Albertson's Inc., the nation's second biggest traditional grocery store chain, said it has agreed to sell the company. The deal was valued at about $17.4 billion in cash and stock and debt to an investment group including supermarket chain Supervalu Inc. and drugstore chain CVS Corp. In June the new owners announced the closure of 37 underperforming stores in Northern California. In 2007 the remaining stores were renamed under the Lucky name.
    (AP, 1/23/06)(SFC, 1/24/06, p.E1)(SFC, 6/8/06, p.C1)(SFC, 7/19/07, p.C3)

2006        Jan 24, Officials said 4 people were killed in Carlsbad, Ca., when a twin-engine plane from Idaho skidded off an airport runway and burst into flames.
    (AP, 1/24/06)

2006        Jan 25, US authorities discovered what they say is the largest and most sophisticated tunnel under their border with Mexico, one that was used by drug trafficking gangs. The tunnel began near Tijuanas airport and ended 2,400 feet away in a warehouse on the US side of the border. The find included 2 tons of marijuana.
    (AFP, 1/27/06)(SFC, 1/27/06, p.B14)

2006        Jan 26, California legislators became the 1st in the US to designate secondhand tobacco smoke as a toxic air contaminant.
    (SFC, 1/27/06, p.B1)

2006        Jan 30, In Goleta, Ca., Jennifer San Marco, a female ex-postal worker, opened fire at a mail processing plant, killing 5 people before committing suicide. A former neighbor was found slain the next day and a critically wounded worker died Feb 1.
    (AP, 1/31/06)(SFC, 2/2/06, p.A4)

2006        Feb 2, In California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that it will install a battery of machine guns to deter terrorists. The Gatling guns will be capable of firing 4,000 rounds a minute from 6 barrels with a range of nearly a mile.
    (SFC, 2/4/06, p.B1)

2006        Feb 4, In Southern California nearly 2,000 inmates rioted at the Castaic North County Correctional Facility, throwing mattresses and banging heads against bunk beds, in an uproar that officials said stemmed from racial tensions. One inmate was killed.
    (AP, 2/5/06)

2006        Feb 10, The FBI and the California attorney generals office said they had begun investigations in the theft by an intl. counterfeiting ring of debit card numbers belonging to as many as 200,000 consumers.
    (SFC, 2/11/06, p.A1)

2006        Feb 12, In northern California 2 people were killed when their home-built aircraft crashed into a 2-story house in Roseville.
    (SFC, 2/13/06, p.B1)

2006        Feb 15, A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals halted California's recall election, saying it was unacceptable for several counties to use punch-card ballots. A larger panel of eleven judges from the 9th Circuit later ordered the election to go forward.
    (AP, 2/15/07)
2006        Feb 15, Police in Los Angeles, Ca., busted 8 people connected to an intl. car theft ring. The racket, disguised as a charity group, was linked to Chechnya and police believed proceeds from the stolen cars was used to finance Chechen terrorist operations.
    (WSJ, 12/29/06, p.A1)

2006        Feb 17, CHP Officer Earl Scott (36) was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop on Highway 99 in Salida, Ca. A few hours later Columbus Jr. Allen II (30), turned himself in to the Stockton Police Dept., and was arrested on suspicion of murder.
    (SFC, 2/18/06, p.B1)

2006        Feb 21, In California the execution of Michael Morales at San Quentin was put on hold after 2 anesthesiologists backed out of assuring that he would be unconscious while dying per a requirement by US District Judge Jeremy Fogel.
    (SFC, 2/23/06, p.A14)
2006        Feb 21, Stefan Eriksson (44) was involved in the crash of a million-dollar Ferrari Enzo in northern Malibu, Ca. In 2005 he and some partners had racked up some $400 million in losses in Gizmondo, a London-based subsidiary of Tiger Telematics, that was developing a handheld gaming device. Prior to Gizmondo Eriksson had served time in a Swedish prison for counterfeiting. Eriksson was arrested on April 8 for failing to make payments on 3 cars worth $3.5 million. On Nov 7 Eriksson was sentenced to 3 years in prison for embezzlement and gun possession.
    (SSFC, 4/9/06, p.A1)(SFC, 4/10/06, p.A2)(SFC, 11/8/06, p.A4)

2006        Feb 24, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger issued an emergency declaration to speed improvement on 24 severely eroded portions of Bay Area delta levees.
    (SFC, 2/25/06, p.A1)

2006        Feb 27, Five California state prison employees, who objected to questionable purchases for inmate drug treatment programs, testified that they were told to stay quiet.
    (SFC, 2/28/06, p.A1)
2006        Feb 27, Otis Chandler (b.1927), former publisher of the LA Times (1960-1980), died in Ojai, Ca.
    (SFC, 2/28/06, p.A2)

2006        Mar 2, LA prosecutors said 19 people, many of them former police officers or with police connections, have been charged with staging home robberies in Southern California to steal drugs, money and weapons.
    (Reuters, 3/2/06)

2006        Mar 3, Former US Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (64), who pleaded guilty last year to taking $2.4 million in bribes, was sentenced by a federal judge in San Diego, Ca., to eight years and four months in prison.
    (Reuters, 3/4/06)
2006        Mar 3, Officials in southern California said archaeologists, excavating a housing development site, had found a prehistoric milling area at the base of the Angeles National Forest estimated to be 8,000 years old. Workers removed and catalogued about 100 tools and implements used by the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe. Azusa Land Partners is developing 1,250 homes on the 520-acre site.
    (AP, 3/3/06)

2006        Mar 5, Rodney Strong (78), dancer-turned winemaker, died in Healdsburg, Ca.
    (SFC, 3/7/06, p.B5)

2006        Mar 9, California authorities ordered Michael Jackson to shut down his Neverland Valley Ranch and fined the pop star $169,000 for failing to pay his employees or maintain proper insurance.
    (Reuters, 3/9/06)

2006        Mar 16, The Univ. of California regents, citing genocide in Darfur, voted to divest UC of tens of millions of securities from 9 foreign companies doing business with Sudan.
    (SFC, 3/17/06, p.A1)

2006        Apr 5, Brown-Forman said it will lay off 76 people and close its Fetzer Vineyards Valley Oaks Hospitality Center in Hopland. Brown-Forman acquired Fetzer in 1992.
    (SFC, 4/6/06, p.F2)

2006        Apr 6, In California 3 ski patrollers were killed when snow collapsed around a volcanic gas vent at Mammoth Lakes.
    (SFC, 4/7/06, p.A2)

2006        Apr 13, In California an independent task force issued a 29-page report faulting UC executives and the Board of Regents for lack of oversight in pay practices and the use of public funds.
    (SFC, 4/14/06, p.A1)

2006        Apr 17, In California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a law mandating names-based reporting of HIV cases.
    (SSFC, 4/23/06, p.A3)

2006        Apr 21, Pres. Bush began a 4-day visit to California. He denied Gov. Schwarzeneggers request for federal funds to repair Bay Area levees.
    (SFC, 4/22/06, p.A1)

2006        Apr 22, Pres. Bush declared hydrogen to be the fuel of the future in an Earth Day speech in Sacramento on the 2nd day of his visit to California.
    (SSFC, 4/23/06, p.A1)
2006        Apr 22, Ed Davis, former LA police chief (1969-1978) and California state representative (1980-1992), died in San Luis Obispo.
    (SSFC, 4/23/06, p.B7)

2006        Apr 23, Some 10,000 people marched in SF to denounce a bill in the US House of Representatives that would make illegal immigration a felony. Latinos organized a day of protests in over 100 cities. As many as 500,000 marched in Los Angeles.
    (SFC, 4/24/06, p.A1)(Econ, 5/8/10, p.14)

2006        Apr 25, California legislators demanded that UC reveal details of extra pay and perks to dozens of top executives following an audit that found 91 exceptions to policy and procedures over the past decade. In Feb. Pres. Dynes had appeared before the state Senate Education Committee to apologize for the compensation scandal.
    (SFC, 4/26/06, p.B1)(SFC, 8/14/07, p.A4)
2006        Apr 25, Hamid Hayat (23) of Lodi, Ca., was convicted by a federal jury of providing material support to terrorists as a result of his training in a terrorist camp in Pakistan (2003-2005). His fathers case ended in a mistrial. In 2014 lawyers appealed the conviction and 24-year sentence saying Hayats lawyer was inexperienced and that the camp in Pakistan has already been dismantled before he supposedly attended it. In 2019 a federal judge overturned the conviction of Hamid Hayat, sying his defense was undermines by his trial lawyer's failure to call alibi witnesses.
    (SFC, 4/26/06, p.A1)(SFC, 5/2/14, p.D1)(SFC, 7/31/19, p.A1)

2006        Apr 28, The US government adopted a federal advisory councils recommendations for deep cuts to the 2006 salmon season for California and Oregon.
    (SFC, 4/29/06, p.B1)
2006        Apr 28, Mexican police in Tijuana found the body of a US citizen kidnapped nearly 3 weeks earlier. They said he had been beaten, strangled, stripped naked and stashed in the trunk of a car. George Kwok Choi Chu, a seafood wholesaler, worked in Tijuana but lived across the border in San Diego.
    (AP, 4/29/06)

2006        May 7, Golden West Financial Corp. of Oakland, Ca., agreed to sell itself to Wachovia Corp. for $25.5 billion. Investors soon expressed skepticism calling the transaction risky and too costly.
    (AP, 5/8/06)(SFC, 5/8/06, p.A1)

2006        May 8, US federal Judge Gary Klausner in Los Angeles sentenced "botmaster" Jeanson Ancheta (20) to 57 months in jail for taking control of an array of computers he had corralled into his "Botnet."
    (AFP, 5/9/06)

2006        May 16, After months of intense pressure, the director of Los Angeles' J. Paul Getty Museum agreed to recommend to the museum's board to return ancient artifacts in its collections that Greece claims were illegally spirited out of the country.
    (AP, 5/16/06)
2006        May 16, UC spokesman Paul Schwartz said that the university had negotiated at least 700 separation agreements worth over $23 million over the last 5 years.
    (SFC, 5/17/06, p.A1)

2006        May 25, Mexican President Vicente Fox addressed the California legislature. He praised a US Senate which had just approved sweeping immigration reforms as a "monumental step forward" in the relationship between his country and the United States.
    (AP, 5/26/06)

2006        May 26, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed legislation making California the 1st state in the country to adopt comprehensive controls on fish farming.
    (SFC, 5/27/06, p.B2)

2006        May 27, In southern California Phuong Le, his wife Ngoc Lam  and their son (6) were killed over an $80,000 debt. An 11-month old daughter was left unharmed and found 2 days later sitting next to her dead mother. In 2010 Quang Van Quan was sentenced to 3 life terms in prison for fatally stabbing the 3 family members.
    (http://tinyurl.com/256wo4u)(SFC, 12/18/10, p.A6)

2006        Jun 1, California Gov. Schwarzenegger reluctantly reached an agreement with the federal government to deploy 1,000 members of the California National Guard along the US-Mexico border.
    (SFC, 6/2/06, p.B1)

2006        Jun 3, John Finley Scott (b.1934), a retired UC Davis sociology professor, went missing from his home outside Davis, Ca. Much spattered blood was found in his bedroom and foyer. Scott was also known for inventing the mountain bike. In January 2007 Yolo County authorities arraigned his handyman, Charles Cunningham (38). Cunningham was charged with murdering a witness and five other felonies. In December Cunningham was sentenced to 31 years in prison.
    (www.charleyproject.org/cases/s/scott_john.html)(SFC, 12/5/07, p.B2)

2006        Jun 11, Phoenix (b.1923), a 100-foot-long, glass-bottom paddleboat, sank while passing Malibu on its way to Martinez, Ca.
    (SFC, 6/12/06, p.B2)

2006        Jun 21, In California some 830 firefighters battled a fire in the Los Padres National Forest, which grew to an estimated 14,000 acres. It was 35% contained.
    (SFC, 6/22/06, p.B4)

2006        Jun 24, Denice Denton (46), UC Santa Cruz Chancellor, jumped to her death from the roof of the 42-story Paramount apartment building in SF. She had assumed office on Feb 14, 2005, and soon called for some $600,000 in upgrades to her university provided housing.
    (SSFC, 6/25/06, p.A13)

2006        Jun 26, In California 2 Navy jets collided near King City and one pilot was killed.
    (SFC, 6/27/06, p.B5)

2006        Jul 1, An estimated 5,000 bikers rode into Hollister, Ca., for the annual 4th of July motorcycle rally, even though it was officially cancelled last year by the City Council.
    (SSFC, 7/2/06, p.B1)

2006        Jul 4, In Gustine, Ca., Trevor Branscum (38) killed his 4 young children with a hunting rifle and then turned the weapon on himself.
    (SFC, 7/5/06, p.B3)

2006        Jul 8, In Fresno as many as 10 men allegedly sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl.
    (SFC, 7/13/06, p.B2)

2006        Jul 11, The Land Trust of Napa County planned to acquire the 3,045-acre Wildlake Ranch for $18.75 million.
    (SFC, 7/8/06, p.B1)

2006        Jul 12, The 37,000-acre Sawtooth Complex fire in southern California was only 15% contained as it destroyed at least 42 homes.
    (SFC, 7/13/06, p.A1)

2006        Jul 13, The Sawtooth Complex fire in southern California grew to 40,000 acres and remained out of control. It looked to soon merge with the 2,500-acre Millard fire.
    (SFC, 7/14/06, p.A1)

2006        Jul 14, The Sawtooth Complex fire in southern California merged with the Millard fire creating a 69,000-acre blaze. Some 1,800 firefighters battled the fire which so far had destroyed 45 homes.
    (SFC, 7/15/06, p.A1)

2006        Jul 20, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger authorized $150 million in loans to the states stem cell agency. A day earlier Pres. Bush vetoed legislation that would have expanded federal funding for stem cell research.
    (SFC, 7/21/06, p.B1)

2006        Jul 21, The California Dept. of Education said an estimated 5% of high school seniors (40,173 of 436, 374) did not qualify for graduation because they failed exit exam.
    (SFC, 7/22/06, p.B1)

2006        Jul 24, Power companies worked to restore electricity to thousands of customers throughout California as a scorching heat wave threatened to push the state into a power emergency with the potential for more blackouts. Storm problems cut power to areas of New York and Missouri.
    (AP, 7/24/06)(WSJ, 7/25/06, p.A1)

2006        Jul 27, In California as many as 126 people were reported dead over the last 12 days from a heat wave. The heat also killed an estimated 16,000 livestock in the Central Valley as well as some 1 million poultry. By the end of the month the heat wave left 164 dead in California and moved east.
    (SSFC, 7/30/06, p.A12)(WSJ, 8/2/06, p.A1)(SFC, 8/3/06, p.C2)
2006        Jul 27, In California the Trust for Public Land donated 6,845 acres of coastline property north of Santa Cruz to the state for public use. The Coast Dairies property was initially settled by the Moretti and Respini families in 1866.
    (SFC, 7/28/06, p.A1)

2006        Jul 29, The Middle East crisis dominated the first full day of PM Tony Blair's tour of California, forcing his promotion of British business interests here to take a back seat. Blair's former foreign secretary, Jack Straw, condemned Israeli action against Lebanon as "disproportionate" in the first such comment by a senior British government minister. PM Blair said an international agreement, leading to a cease-fire in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, is possible sometime in the next few days.
    (AFP, 7/30/06)(AP, 7/29/06)
2006        Jul 29, The Junction Fire broke out near Junction City, northern California. It threatened the historic gold-mining town of Weaverville. After 2 days fire fighters managed to contain 70% of the 3,126 acre fire.
    (SFC, 7/31/06, p.B1)(SFC, 8/1/06, p.B3)

2006        Jul 31, In Los Angeles 2 women, Olga Rutterschmidt (73) and Helen Golay (75), were charged with killing homeless men in hit-and-run car crashes in order to collect over $2 million in life insurance. In 2008 both women were convicted of murder and conspiracy. They were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison.
    (SFC, 8/1/06, p.A3)(SFC, 4/18/08, p.B6)(SFC, 7/16/08, p.B5)

2006        Aug 17, Several large California auto insurers said they will set premiums based on driving records rather than ZIP codes and reduce rates for most motorists.
    (SFC, 8/18/06, p.A1)

2006        Aug 19, In California explorers from the Cave Research Foundation discovered a large cave in Sequoia National Park, which they named Ursa Minor.
    (SSFC, 9/24/06, p.A1)

2006        Aug 21, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger and Democratic lawmakers agreed to raise Californias minimum wage by $1.25 over the next year to $8.00 per hour, making it the highest minimum wage in the nation.
    (SFC, 8/22/06, p.A1)

2006        Aug 30, In California Gov. Schwarzenegger and Democrats struck a deal to require state industries to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
    (SFC, 8/31/06, p.A1)

2006        Aug 31, J.S. Holliday (b.1924), California historian, died. His book included The World Rushed In (1981), a history of the California gold rush.
    (SFC, 9/2/06, p.B1)

2007        Sep 3, A fire began east of Morgan Hill, Ca., that burned 47,760 acres in and around Henry W. Coe State Park. Margaret Pavese was later charged with a misdemeanor for accidentally starting the fire when burning trash near her cabin.
    (SFC, 9/27/07, p.B2)

2006        Sep 8, The Day fire in Californias Los Padres National Forest burned out of control for a 5th day and blackened over 11,500 acres (18 square miles).
    (SFC, 9/9/06, p.B2)

2006        Sep 9, Joanna Veil, aged 28 and pregnant, vanished after leaving work in Ben Lomond, Ca. Her body was found Sep 14 in a remote area of Santa Cruz County. In 2007 authorities named Michael McClish (38) a suspect in the case. McClish was convicted in 2007 for another murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison. In 2008 he was charged with Veils murder.
    (SFC, 9/16/06, p.B1)(SFC, 5/8/08, p.B2)

2006        Sep 13, In California water users and environmentalists announced a settlement that requires Friant to release 364,000 to 462,000 acre-feet of water in normal years to the San Joaquin River, the states 2nd longest river.
    (SFC, 9/13/06, p.B1)

2006        Sep 14, US federal health officials said an outbreak a deadly strain of E. coli (0157:H7) had left at least one person dead in Wisconsin over 100 others sick and warned consumers not to eat bagged fresh spinach. The outbreak in 8 states soon extended to 25. The number sickened rose to at least 190. Most of the spinach crop at this time of the year comes from California. A special effort was under way in the Salinas Valley of California, a major leafy-vegetable growing region, to look for any possible source of contamination there. The outbreak was traced to Californias Natural Selection Foods of San Juan Bautista, which recalled all suspect products. This was the same deadly strain that in 1982 had sickened at least 47 people in Oregon and Michigan who ate McDonalds burgers. A surveillance system setup after a 1993 outbreak at the Jack-in-the-Box fast food chain helped single out spinach as the likely source of this outbreak. A 2nd death on Sep 20, a 2-year-old boy in Idaho, was attributed to the spinach E. coli. A 3rd death in late August, a woman (84) in Nebraska, was also attributed to the spinach E. coli. On Sep 29 the FDA cleared spinach from Californias Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara counties.
    (SFC, 9/23/06, p.A9)(WSJ, 9/25/06, p.A4)(SFC, 9/30/06, p.A5)(SFC, 10/7/06, p.A6)

2006        Sep 15, In Costa Mesa, Ca., the new $200 million Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall opened. It was designed by Cesar Pelli (79).
2006        Sep 15, In California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed legislation requiring the driver use of hands-free devices for cell phones starting in 2008.
    (SFC, 9/15/06, p.B1)

2006        Sep 17, In California a fire in Los Padres National Forest crossed 60,589 acres, or about 93 square miles, since it began on Labor Day. Containment was estimated at 15%.
    (AP, 9/18/06)

2006        Sep 19, George Lucas, creator of "Star Wars," announced that his private foundation will give his alma mater, the University of Southern California, $175 million to endow and rebuild its School of Cinematic Arts in what amounts to the largest donation in USC history.
    (Reuters, 9/19/06)

2006        Sep 20, California sued 6 major auto makers for greenhouse-gas inaction.
    (WSJ, 9/21/06, p.A1)

2006        Sep 23, California Gov. Schwarzenegger singed a bill to crack down on illegal street racing and another to allow motorists who lose their car keys to get a replacement from a locksmith rather than just the car dealer.
    (SSFC, 9/24/06, p.B2)

2006        Sep 25, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two bills to bar the state's massive pension funds from investing in companies in Sudan and to indemnify the University of California system from liability from divesting its investments in the country.
    (Reuters, 9/25/06)

2006        Sep 27, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB32. The legislation called for the state to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases by 25% by 2020.
    (SFC, 9/28/06, p.A1)

2006        Sep 29, In Oakland, Ca., Anthony J. Quintero, a Brinks security guard and former Marine, was shot dead during a daylight robbery. Quinteros partner, Clifton Wherry Jr. (28), was soon arrested for the murder and admitted that he had planned the robbery. On Oct 5 Dwight Omar Campbell (23) was arrested in San Diego County for allegedly shooting Quintero.
    (SFC, 9/30/06, p.B1)(SFC, 10/3/06, p.B3)(SFC, 10/7/06, p.B3)

2006        Oct 3, In California Cambodian and US representatives signed a sister park accord between Samlaut Park and Sequoia National Park.
    (SFC, 10/4/06, p.A1)

2006        Oct 5, In California a state appeals court ruled 2-1 that gays and lesbians have no constitutional right to marry in California.
    (SFC, 10/6/06, p.A1)

2006        Oct 13, Mayme Clayton (b.1923), librarian and collector of black Americana, died in Inglewood, Ca. Local officials planned a Mayme A. Clayton Library, Museum & Cultural Center in Culver City to house and catalogue some 30,000 items in her collection.
    (SFC, 10/21/06, p.B6)

2006        Oct 16, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger announced that he was planning to set up an emissions-trading scheme between California and other states to try to curb the output of greenhouse gases.
    (Econ, 10/21/06, p.14)

2006        Oct 17, It was reported that teams of scientists from the Dubna nuclear research center in Moscow and Livermore Lawrence National Laboratory in California had detected element 118 after bombarding californium with calcium ions in a Russian cyclotron.
    (SFC, 10/17/06, p.A1)

2006        Oct 20, Corrections officials said California will begin shipping thousands of inmates to prisons in four other states next month at a cost of more than $51 million a year.
    (AP, 10/20/06)

2006        Oct 26, An arson fire near Palm Springs, Ca., killed 4 US Forest Service firefighters as they attempted to protect a home close to where the fire began in Cabazon. The fire raced across almost 38 square miles as more than 1,100 firefighters worked to protect homes and build fire lines. A 5th firefighter of Engine 57 died Oct 31. Raymond Lee Oyler (36) was arrested on Oct 31 for setting the Esperanza Fire. It was later reported that he set the fire as a diversion to free his familys impounded pit bull. On March 6, 2009, Oyler was convicted of 5 counts of first degree murder. On June 5, 2009, Oyler was sentenced to death.
    (AP, 10/27/06)(SFC, 11/1/06, p.A3)(SFC, 3/16/07, p.B7)(SFC, 3/7/09, p.A5)(AP, 6/6/09)

2006        Oct 27, In Sacramento, Ca., Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell (38) was shot and killed following an early morning traffic stop. A van matching the one he stopped was found that evening in the Consumnes River with 2 dead occupants.
    (SFC, 10/28/06, p.B2)

2006        Oct 30, A new ranking compiled by Morgan Quitno Press listed St. Louis as the most dangerous city in the USA, leading a trend of violent crimes rising much faster in the Midwest than in the rest of nation. The study looked at crime only within St. Louis city limits, with a population of about 330,000 under Mayor Francis Slay. The safest city in 2005 was Brick, N.J., with a population about 78,000, followed by Amherst, N.Y., and Mission Viejo, Calif. The second most dangerous city was Detroit, followed by Flint, Mich., and Compton, Calif.
    (AP, 10/30/06)

2006        Oct 31, In Long Beach, Ca., 9 African-American youths accosted and severely beat 3 white women in a racially charged attack on Halloween night. In 2007 a judge ruled the attack a hate crime and the 9 youths were convicted in juvenile court in Long Beach, Calif.
    (SFC, 1/27/07, p.A3)(AP, 1/26/08)

2006        Nov 7, Jerry Brown, mayor of Oakland and former California state governor, was elected as state attorney general.
    (AP, 11/9/06)
2006        Nov 7, California voters passed Prop. 83, also known as Jessicas Law, by 70.5% increasing sentences for sex offenders and prohibited them from residing within 2,000 feet of a school or park.
    (SFC, 10/2/14, p.D2)(SFC, 6/19/15, p.D2)

2006        Nov 16, The Vermont based Conservation Fund partnered with the state of California to purchase 16,000 acres in northern California from the Hawthorne Timber Co. for $48.5 million.
    (WSJ, 11/17/06, p.A4)

2006        Nov 17, Ivan Hill, the so-called Freeway Slayer, was convicted of killing six prostitutes in 1993 and 1994 in southern California. On Jan 2 a jury recommended the death penalty.
    (SFC, 1/3/07, p.B10)

2006        Nov 27, California authorities announced the arrests of 2 men involved with the theft of almonds and walnuts in the Central Valley. About $400,000 of stolen nuts were recovered, part of an estimated $2 million stolen over the past year.
    (SFC, 11/28/06, p.B1)

2006        Nov, Cheryl Athene Miller (58) was arraigned in Ukiah, Ca., on 4 counts of murder following a claim by her brother that she had killed her 4 children between 1965 and 1970. She allegedly confessed to killing 2 daughters in Escondido (1965-1966), a son in Long Beach, and a daughter in Mendocino County (1970). In 2007 prosecutors dropped the charges for lack of evidence.
    (SFC, 6/23/07, p.B6)

2006        Dec 2, A sport utility vehicle driven by actor Lane Garrison hit a tree in Beverly Hills, killing a 17-year-old passenger; Garrison was later sentenced to three years and four months in prison for drunken driving.
    (AP, 12/2/07)

2006        Dec 6, In California the inaugural class to the state Hall of Fame included: Ronald Reagan, Cesar Chavez, Walt Disney, Amelia Earhart, Clint Eastwood, Frank Gehry, David D. Ho, M.D., Billie Jean King, John Muir, Sally K. Ride, Ph.D., Alice Walker and the Hearst and Packard Families.

2006        Dec 15, A federal judge declared California's execution procedure unconstitutional, extending the states execution moratorium. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush suspended all executions there after a bungled execution this week. Florida's death row has 374 inmates. California's is the largest, with more than 650 inmates.
    (AP, 12/16/06)(WSJ, 12/16/06, p.A1)
2006        Dec 15, New US rules went into effect governing the reporting of public sector pension assets. A number of US states faced pension asset shortfalls. Taxpayers in Connecticut and Rhode Island faced some $3500 in unfunded liabilities per citizen. California faced $49 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.
    (Econ, 11/18/06, p.36)

2006        Dec 16, In Petaluma, Ca., Gibb Theopolis Olivarez Jr. (16) stabbed and wounded Salvador Cucci after demanding that Cucci buy liquor for him. Olivarez fled but was chased down by Nathaniel Reifers (31) of Santa Rosa. Olivarez then stabbed Reifers, who died within minutes. In 2009 Olivarez was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
    (SFC, 12/18/09, p.C3)

2006        Dec 18, A small plane crashed into a raw sewage plant in Gilroy, Ca., killing a flight instructor and 2 students.
    (SFC, 12/19/06, p.C2)

2006        Dec, Fresno, Ca., Mayor Alan Autry said we must find a way to become energy self-sufficient as local businessmen unveiled plans for a nuclear power plant.
    (SSFC, 4/8/07, p.A15)

2006        Ruth Wilson Gilmore authored Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis and Opposition in Globalizing California.
    (SSFC, 12/31/06, p.M1)
2006        The California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation had an operating budget of $8.8 billion for this year to oversee the state prison system, which housed some 172,000 inmates. 1,423 employees earned at least $50,000 in overtime. 36 workers received over $100,000 in overtime pay.
    (SSFC, 7/15/07, p.A1,11)
2001        California-based Webvan, a grocery home delivery service founded in 1999, collapsed after expanding at breakneck speed. In 2009 it was resurrected by Amazon.
    (Econ, 11/30/13, p.61)
2006        In California the top 1% of earners paid 48% of all income taxes.
    (Econ, 2/21/09, p.31)
2006        In California an epidemic of valley fever, clinically known as coccidioidomycosis, resulted in over 5,500 cases and 33 deaths. The cases included 514 among inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison. The disease was endemic in the southwest US and was triggered by spores rising from disturbed soil.
    (SFC, 12/29/07, p.A3)

2007        Jan 8, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed to extend medical insurance to all Californians, including illegal immigrants. He said the $12 billion cost would be spread among employers, individuals, insurers, government and health care providers.
    (SFC, 1/9/07, p.A1)

2007        Jan 10, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger released a proposed $143.4 billion budget.
    (SFC, 1/11/07, p.A1)
2007        Jan 10, California State coastal regulators voted to impose restrictions on the US Navy's use of sonar, which has been linked to harmful effects on whales and other marine mammals.
    (AP, 1/11/07)

2007        Jan 12, In California the Fresno-based Westlands Water District purchased 3,000 acres on the McCloud River for $35 million. They planned to sell the land to the federal government if officials and lawmakers decide to raise the nearby Shasta Dam.
    (SSFC, 1/28/07, p.A1)
2007        Jan 12, Jennifer Strange (28) of Rancho Cordova, Ca., died after guzzling a large quantity of water as part of a Sacramento KDND-FM radio show contest. In 2009 Entercom Sacramento LLC was found negligent and ordered to pay nearly $16.6 million to the family of Jennifer Strange.
    (SFC, 1/18/07, p.A1)(SFC, 10/30/09, p.A8)

2007        Jan 15, Californias top agricultural official said 3 days of freezing temperatures had ruined as much as 70% of the states citrus crop.
    (SFC, 1/16/07, p.A1)

2007        Feb 16, Francisco Castaneda, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, died of penile cancer that went undiagnosed for more than a year while he was in state and federal custody in California. In 2010 a Los Angeles jury awarded his family $1.73 million.
    (SFC, 11/12/10, p.A9)(http://tinyurl.com/2atfmvw)

2007        Feb 17, At Camp Pendleton, Calif., Marine Lance Cpl. Robert B. Pennington was sentenced to 8 years in military prison for his role in the kidnapping and killing of an Iraqi civilian.
    (AP, 2/17/08)

2007        Jan 22, The US Supreme Court struck down a California sentencing law because it allowed judges to add years to a prison term based on their own fact finding. The court said juries must rule on any evidence used to justify longer prison terms.
    (SFC, 1/23/07, p.A1)(WSJ, 1/23/07, p.A1)
2007        Jan 22, It was reported that federal officials had arrested 119 people in Contra Costa County, Ca., in a weeklong immigration crackdown that was part of Operation Return to Sender. Immigration officials arrested over 750 illegals in the Los Angeles area. The operation has arrested 13,000 nationwide people since June 2006.
    (SFC, 1/23/07, p.B8)(WSJ, 1/24/07, p.A1)

2007        Jan 26, A US Navy helicopter crashed during a training mission in the ocean about 50 miles off the southeastern coast of California. One sailor was reported dead and 3 missing.
    (SSFC, 1/28/07, p.A2)

2007        Jan, In California construction began on new execution chambers at San Quentin State Prison. Lawmakers did not learn of the project until April because it fell just under a $400,000 mark that would have required legislative approval. Construction was halted in April pending legislative approval. $725,000 was already spent on the new room.
    (SFC, 4/14/07, p.A1)(SFC, 4/21/07, p.A1)
2007        Jan, Carl Malamud of Sebastopol, Ca., introduced www.public.resource.org, a web site offering a variety of public code manuals free online.
    (SFC, 9/27/08, p.B1)(www.public.resource.org)

2007        Mar 2, The US Energy and Defense departments chose Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to design the countrys first new nuclear warhead since the Cold War.
    (SFC, 3/3/07, p.A1)

2007        Mar 6, Ernest Gallo (97), who parlayed $5,900 and a wine recipe from a public library into the world's largest winemaking empire, died at his home in Modesto, Ca.
    (AP, 3/7/07)

2007        Mar 8, Winners were announced for the annual Ted Prize at the annual TED conference in Monterey, Ca., where attendees examined technology, entertainment and design.
    (SSFC, 3/11/07, p.D1)(www.ted.com/ted2007/)

2007        Mar 11, Richard Jeni (49), a standup comedian who played to sold-out crowds, was a regular on the "Tonight Show" and appeared in movies, died of a gunshot wound in an apparent suicide in West Hollywood.
    (AP, 3/12/07)

2007        Mar 12, Firefighters in Southern California faced another day of scorching heat and dry weather as they tried to corral a wind-whipped blaze that had already damaged two homes amid what is shaping up to be one of the driest years yet. The 2,036-acre wildfire was ignited by flames from a stolen car that was set ablaze.
    (AP, 3/12/07)(SFC, 3/13/07, p.B5)

2007        Mar 14, A US appeals court ruled that a California woman with an inoperable brain tumor may not smoke marijuana to ease her pain even though California voters have approved its medicinal use.
    (Reuters, 3/14/07)
2007        Mar 14, Regents of the Univ. of California voted to raise student fees by 7% and professional school fees by 12%. CSU trustees voted a 10% increase. This marked the 5th tuition hike in 6 years.
    (SFC, 3/15/07, p.A1)

2007        Mar 15, In Sacramento, Ca., a fire burned hundreds of feet of a railroad trestle at the American River causing part of the bridge to collapse. This halted passenger and freight traffic on Amtrak and the Union Pacific lines on the main east-west route in Northern California.
    (SFC, 3/16/07, p.A2)

2007        Mar, An insect-borne virus that has killed tomato plants across Central America, Florida and Georgia was been detected in California for the first time. Tomato yellow leaf curl, has devastated crops in the Dominican Republican and in Mexico, forcing those countries to curtail the growing season to contain the spread of the disease. The bemisia white flies, which carry the disease, are native to Imperial, Riverside and San Diego counties, but not to any counties in the Central Valley.
    (AP, 5/22/07)

2007        Apr 4, Film director Robert Clark (67), best known for the holiday classic "A Christmas Story" (1983), was killed in southern California with his son in a head-on crash with a vehicle steered into the wrong lane by a drunken driver.
    (AP, 4/5/07)

2007        Apr 7, Thousands of people marched through downtown Los Angeles, demanding a way for the country's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants to become citizens and condemning President Bush's latest proposal.
    (AP, 4/8/07)

2007        Apr 21, Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (b.1938), a 7-term congressman from Southern California, died of cancer.
    (SFC, 4/23/07, p.A2)

2007        Apr 26, California lawmakers approved a $7.4 billion prison construction proposal. This was called the biggest prison expansion plan in American history.
    (SFC, 4/27/07, p.B1)

2007        Apr 27, In Santa Cruz, Ca., Steven Harold Smith (50),a supervisor at a wastewater treatment plant, wounded his estranged wife, shot and killed a co-worker and then killed himself.
    (SFC, 4/28/07, p.B2)

2007        May 10, A US federal jury in Santa Ana, Ca., convicted Chi Mak, a China-born engineer, of passing submarine data to Beijing. Mak was later sentenced to 24 1/2 years in federal prison.
    (WSJ, 5/11/07, p.A1)(AP, 5/10/08)

2007        May 11, In California firefighters struggled to protect Avalon, Catalina island's main city, from a wildfire that forced hundreds of residents to flee on ferries as ash rained down like snow.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, In California the high school graduation rate fell to 67%, a 10-year low, as the exit exam for basic skills was required for the first time.
    (SFC, 5/12/07, p.A1)

2007        May 12, Joseph Rattigan (87), former California state senator and justice, died. He represented Sonoma County from 1958 to 1966. In 1966 Gov. Pat Brown appointed him to the First District Court of Appeal in SF, where he served for 18 years.
    (SFC, 5/17/07, p.B5)

2007        May 13, A mother humpback whale and her calf were spotted in the Sacramento River. They reached close to Sacramento before turning around back to SF Bay as thousands watched media marked their wayward progress. On May 29 the pair reached SF Bay and the next day were spotted outside the Golden Gate.
    (SFC, 5/31/07, p.B1)

2007        May 21, It was reported that Californias spending trends would have the prison budget overtake spending on state universities in five years.
    (SFC, 5/21/07, p.A1)

2007        May 23, The California Energy Commission announced rules that barred municipal utilities from signing new contracts with coal-fired power plants. Coal generated about 20% of the states electricity.
    (SFC, 5/28/07, p.A17)

2007        May 30, Ontario and California leaders said they will work together to develop new stem cell therapies to help conquer cancer, and will cooperate on curbing greenhouse gas emission.
    (Reuters, 5/31/07)

2007        May, UC San Diego, home to the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), received $29 million to design and construct technology and networking components for the Ocean Observatories Initiative to monitor activity on the ocean floor. It will likely become part of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems.
    (SSFC, 7/29/07, p.A8)

2007        Jun 1, In California a federal court judge barred the state from seizing abandoned assets until officials find a better way to notify people that their property is about to be taken.
    (SFC, 6/2/07, p.B1)

2007        Jun 4, In California 9 Hmong leaders, Gen. Vang Pao, a former Laotian military general, and Harrison Jack, a former officer in the California National Guard, were arrested during a sweep by more than 200 federal, state and local agents for their alleged plot, hatched last winter, to overthrow the communist government of Laos. They were charged with violating the US federal Neutrality Act. In 2009 federal prosecutors in Sacramento, Ca., dismissed charges against Vang Pao.
    (AP, 6/5/07)(SFC, 5/12/09, p.A5)(SFC, 9/19/09, p.A1)

2007        Jun 7, After three days in jail for a reckless-driving probation violation, Paris Hilton was released by Los Angeles County sheriff's officials because of an undisclosed medical condition to be sent home under house arrest. The next day, a judge ordered Hilton back to jail.
    (AP, 6/9/08)

2007        Jun 8, Paris Hilton was sent screaming and crying back to jail after a judge in Los Angeles ruled she had to serve out her sentence for a probation violation behind bars rather than under house arrest.
    (AP, 6/9/08)
2007        Jun 8, Japans Inamori Foundation announced that a California-based earthquake scientist, Japanese chemist and German choreographer have won the $410,000 Kyoto Prize for achievement in the arts and sciences. The basic sciences award went to Hiroo Kanamori of the California Institute of Technology for his research on major earthquakes along the Pacific Rim; Hiroo Inokuchi at the University of Tokyo received the advanced technology award for his work in organic electronics; German choreographer Pina Bausch was awarded the arts and philosophy prize for her pioneering work in developing a new genre of ballet dubbed "Tanztheater," or dance theater.
    (AP, 6/9/07)

2007        Jun 18, In California a citizens commission, appointed by the governor, voted to raise the compensation of legislators and most constitutional officers by 2.75%.
    (SFC, 6/19/07, p.B1)

2007        Jun 23, Donna Jou (19), a student a San Diego State Univ., was last scene on the back of a motorcycle driven by John Steven Burgess (35), a convicted sex offender. In August Burgess pleaded guilty to a drug charge in Florida and waived extradition to California.
    (SFC, 8/16/07, p.B9)

2007        Jun 25, In California a forest fire raged out of control for a 2nd day near Lake Tahoe. The 7-day Angora fire destroyed 254 homes burning 3,100 acres with damages estimated at over $150 million.
    (SFC, 6/26/07, p.A1)(SFC, 6/30/07, p.A1)(SFC, 6/21/08, p.A1)

2007        Jul 1, In California the price for milk, set by the state Dept. of Food and Agriculture, rose to $1.98 per gallon, up from $1.06 a year ago.
    (SFC, 6/30/07, p.A1)

2007        Jul 4, In California the Zaca wildfire began in Santa Barbara County. By the end of the month it had consumed 32,000 acres and was 70% contained.
    (SFC, 7/30/07, p.A4)

2007        Jul 5, The last feral pig on Californias Santa Cruz Island was killed. They had been introduced by island ranchers as farm animals in the 1850s but some escaped. Some 5,036 pigs were killed on the 96-square-mile island in an effort to restore native species.
    (SFC, 8/31/07, p.B6)

2007        Jul 7, Wildfires in California consumed 17,000 acres in Inyo National Forest and 7,500 acres in Los Padres National Forest. An 8,000-acre wildfire forced hundreds of people in the town of Winnemucca to leave their homes, one of more than a dozen blazes that charred a combined 55 square miles in northern Nevada. In Utah a 160,000-acre wildfire forced evacuations at Cove Fort and the Blundell Geothermal Power Plant. Wildfires also burned in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Washington states.
    (AP, 7/8/07)(SSFC, 7/8/07, p.A5)

2007        Jul 10, A judge in Los Angeles sentenced pizza deliveryman Chester Turner to death for murdering 10 women and a fetus during the 1980s and '90s.
    (AP, 7/10/08)

2007        Jul 14, The Los Angeles archdiocese agreed to a landmark $660 million clergy abuse settlement. Over 500 claimants will get an average payout in excess of $1.3 million.
    (AP, 7/15/07)(SSFC, 7/15/07, p.A1)

2007        Jul 17, The California State Water Resources Control board passed a 70-year mercury cleanup plan for the SF Bay.
    (SFC, 7/19/07, p.B1)

2007        Jul 18, NYC and New Jersey claimed $170.2 million in anti-terrorism funds, LA and Long Beach, Ca., claimed $72.6 million, DC claimed $61.7 million, Chicago got $47.3 million, the SF Bay Area got $34.1 million and Houston got $25 million.
    (SFC, 7/19/07, p.B3)

2007        Jul 23, In northern California a helicopter crashed while delivering water to firefighters in the Klamath National Forest, killing the pilot. More than 1,100 fire crews were battling a cluster of about 30 lightning-sparked fires covering 14 square miles near the Oregon state line. The fires started July 10 and had threatened up to 550 homes near the town of Happy Camp.
    (AP, 7/24/07)

2007        Jul 25, In Stockton, Ca., police arrested 51 alleged gang members and seized $400,000 worth of drugs following a 6-month investigation. Members and affiliates of the Norteno and south side Stockton gangs were arrested with state and federal warrants.
    (SFC, 7/27/07, p.B12)

2007        Jul 26, There was an explosion at a remote test facility in the Mojave Desert belonging to Scaled Composites LLC during testing of a new space tourism vehicle. 2 people died at the scene and one later died at a hospital after surgery.
    (AP, 7/27/07)

2007        Jul 27, Californias top court ruled that police can no longer seize vehicles of suspects in drug or prostitution arrests.
    (WSJ, 1/28/07, p.A1)

2007        Aug 2, A Marine Corps squad leader was convicted at Camp Pendleton, Calif., of murdering an Iraqi man (52) during a frustrated search for an insurgent in 2006. The next day Sgt. Lawrence G. Hutchins III was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing Hashim Ibrahim Awad (see Aug 3).
    (AP, 8/2/08)(SFC, 6/18/15, p.A6)

2007        Aug 3, A jury at Camp Pendleton, Calif., sentenced Marine Sgt. Lawrence G. Hutchins III to 15 years in prison for the murder of an Iraqi civilian during a fruitless search for an insurgent. In 2013 the militarys highest court overturned the Hutchins murder conviction saying his rights were violated during his interrogation in Iraq. On June 17, 2015, Hutchins was found guilty of unpremeditated murder.
    (AP, 8/3/08)(SFC, 6/27/13, p.A5)(SFC, 6/18/15, p.A6)
2007        Aug 3, Two dogs belonging to actor Ving Rhames mauled Jacob Adams (40), a caretaker for the actor's dogs, to death at the star's Brentwood, Ca., home.
    (AP, 8/4/07)(AP, 8/5/07)

2007        Aug 10, Federal regulators said that they are pulling $200 million in funding from the Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital a troubled hospital that serves one of LAs poorest neighborhoods, forcing it to all but shut down. The hospital was built after the 1965 Watts riots to bring health care to poor, minority communities in south Los Angeles.
    (AP, 8/11/07)

2007        Aug 16, Kathleen Culhane (40), former private investigator in California, was sentenced  to  5 years in state prison for forging documents to save the lives of Death Row inmates.
    (SFC, 8/16/07, p.B5)

2007        Aug 21, California state senators ended a 52-day budget impasse and agreed on a $145 million spending plan for 2007-2008.
    (SFC, 8/22/07, p.A1)

2007        Aug 24, In California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the overdue state budget after cutting $703 million in exchange for the support of Senate Republicans. Line-item cuts included $527 million in health and human services, $70 million in raises to state workers and $39 million in prison funding.
    (SFC, 8/25/07, p.A1)

2007        Aug 26, In northern California the 17th annual Cotati Accordion Festival ended with some 5,000 people and 30 bands attending the 2-day event. Day tickets rose to $17.50.
    (SFC, 8/27/07, p.D2)

2007        Aug 27, In California the Santa Rosa Roman Catholic Diocese agreed to pay over $5 million to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit involving fugitive priest Francisco Ochoa-Perez, who fled to Mexico in May, 2006.
    (SFC, 9/13/07, p.B3)

2007        Aug 28, Paul MacCready (b.1925), designer of the Gossamer Albatross, died in California. His bicycle powered plane crossed the English Channel in 1979. He founded AeroVironment in 1971 to monitor air pollution.
    (www.sas.org/maccready.htm)(Econ, 9/8/07, p.88)

2007        Aug 31, A federal appeals court allowed the US Navy to resume underwater sonar blasts in anti-submarine warfare tests off of Southern California, saying military needs come before whales. A federal judge ruled that giant pumps in northern California supplying water to southern California were killing smelt and would have to be shut down for much of the year.
    (SFC, 9/1/07, p.B3)(Econ, 9/8/07, p.36)

2007        Sep 3, In California temperatures headed back toward triple digits, the seventh day of a heat wave that has contributed to blackouts leaving thousands without air conditioning.
    (AP, 9/3/07)

2007        Sep 5, Coroners in Southern California said as many as 28 people may have died of heat-related causes during the last 8-day run of hot weather.
    (SFC, 9/6/07, p.A3)

2007        Sep 7, The California Legislature, for the 2nd time in three years, approved a bill to give same-sex couples the right to marry. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it.
    (SFC, 6/27/15, p.A14)
2007        Sep 7, The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego said it has agreed to pay $198.1 million to settle 144 claims of sexual abuse by clergy, the second-largest payment by a diocese. The agreement caps more than four years of negotiations in state and federal courts.
    (AP, 9/7/07)

2007        Sep 14, The Monitor Group of Cambridge issued a scathing review of the administration of the Univ. of California finding widespread poor performance in the UC presidents office and a broad lack of confidence in the office by the governing regents and 10 UC campuses.
    (SFC, 9/15/07, p.A1)
2007        Sep 14, In Sacramento, Ca., Sean Aquitania and his 7-month-old-son were killed by robbers. On Oct 10, 2011, Oakland police arrested Donald Jeffrey Ortez-Lucero (27) in connection with the killings.
    (SFC, 10/12/11, p.C3)

2007        Sep 16, An out-of-control wildfire raged through the San Bernardino National Forest, keeping about 5,000 people from their homes in two mountain communities.
    (AP, 9/16/07)

2007        Sep 19, The governing Board of Trustees of California State Univ. approved hefty executive pay increases ranging from 9-18 percent for Chancellor Charles Reed, his four top deputies and 23 campus presidents.
    (SFC, 9/20/07, p.B1)
2007        Sep 19, In California AT&T ended its automated time phone service, saying it needed the prefix for new phone numbers.
    (SFC, 9/3/07, p.D1)

2007        Sep 20, Univ. of California regents voted substantial pay raises to faculty and sharply increased fees students pay at the universitys law, medical and other professional schools.
    (SFC, 9/21/07, p.B1)

2007        Sep 25, In northern Plumas County, California, state Dept. of Fish and Game began poisoning Lake Davis to rid the reservoir of northern pike. A similar attempt in 1997 failed.
    (SFC, 9/26/07, p.A1)

2007        Sep 28, In Yuba City, Ca., Willie Dean Roberts Jr. (32) was dragged to death under a car. In 2010 2 Nortenos gang members were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
    (www.plumaslakelife.com/articles/ouellette-92634-marysville-roberts-sanudo.html)(SSFC, 6/20/10, p.A8)

2008        Sep 29, Kyle Dustin Foggo (53), former executive director of the CIA, pleaded guilty to defrauding the government. His guilty plea to a single charge wiped out 27 additional counts. The case was linked to the corruption scandal involving Randy Cunningham, former Republican congressman from San Diego. In 2009 Foggo was sentenced to 37 months in prison.
    (SFC, 9/30/08, p.A3)(SFC, 2/27/09, p.A5)

2007        Oct 3, US federal authorities said they had rounded up more than 1,300 illegal immigrants in Southern California during the past two weeks in the largest sweep of its kind.
    (AP, 10/3/07)

2007        Oct 8, Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, won the 34th annual pumpkin competition in Half Moon Bay with his 1,524 pound squash. The world record was set this year by Joe Jutras of Rhode Island with a 1,689-pound squash.
    (SFC, 10/9/07, p.B1)

2007        Oct 10, California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a law termination investment by the states pension funds in companies doing business with Iran. He also signed a bill that will give California motorists fines of up to $100 next year if they are caught smoking in cars with minors, making their state the third to protect children in vehicles from secondhand smoke.
    (AP, 10/11/07)(Econ, 10/20/07, p.42)

2007        Oct 12, Two men were sentenced to prison in the first successful criminal prosecution under the CAN-SPAM Act. James R. Schaffer, 41, of Paradise Valley, Arizona, and Jeffrey A. Kilbride, 41, of Venice, California, were convicted in June of fraud, conspiracy, money laundering, and obscenity. Last week, the judge in the case sentenced Schaffer to 63 months and Kilbride to 72 months in federal prison.
2007        Oct 12, In southern California 28 commercial vehicles and one passenger vehicle were involved in the crash in the southbound truck tunnel of Interstate 5 that killed three people and injured at least 10.
    (AP, 10/14/07)

2007        Oct 14, In California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed legislation banning toys that contain toxic plastic softeners, i.e. phthalates, becoming the first state in the US to do so.
    (SFC, 10/16/07, p.A1)

2007        Oct 15, In San Diego, Ca., local and federal agents seized over 5,000 trained birds in the largest cockfighting bust in US history.
    (SFC, 10/16/07, p.D12)

2007        Oct 16, In California a blinding sandstorm north of Los Angeles caused a pileup of some 15 vehicles leaving at least 2 people dead and 16 injured.
    (SFC, 10/17/07, p.B4)

2007        Oct 21,     More than a half-dozen wildfires driven by powerful Santa Ana winds spread across Southern California, killing one person near San Diego and destroying several homes and a church in celebrity-laden Malibu. The Buckweed fire started rampaging across 38,000 acres in the Santa Clarita area, 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. An unidentified youngster, believed to be a preteen, later admitted to playing with matches and starting the fire.
    (AP, 10/21/07)(Reuters, 10/31/07)

2007        Oct 23,     Thousands more residents were ordered to evacuate their homes, bringing the number of people chased away by the wind-whipped flames that have engulfed Southern California to at least 300,000. At least 700 homes were already destroyed. President Bush declared a federal emergency for seven counties.
    (AP, 10/23/07)(AP, 10/23/08)

2007        Oct 24,     US federal and local law enforcement officials, targeting a violent Mexican heroin drug ring, raided numerous locations in Oakland and northern California arresting 30 people and confiscating drugs, guns and cash.
    (SFC, 10/25/07, p.A2)
2007        Oct 24,     Fires in southern California expanded destruction to 1,500 homes and charred over 500,000 acres. Over half a million residents were forced to flee the area, the largest evacuation in state history.
    (WSJ, 10/25/07, p.A1)(WSJ, 10/26/07, p.A1)

2007        Oct 25, President Bush visited Southern California, telling residents weary from five days of wildfires: "We're not going to forget you in Washington, D.C."
    (AP, 10/25/08)

2007        Oct 26, Thousands of southern Californians returned to their neighborhoods as wildfires charred some 800 square miles. At least 7 people had died in the fires including 4 in a migrant camp. 7 other deaths were reported from various causes following evacuation.
    (SFC, 10/27/07, p.A6)(WSJ, 10/27/07, p.A1)

2007        Oct 30, In California Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona was indicted on seven counts, including conspiracy, mail fraud and witness tampering, according to a sweeping indictment unsealed a day earlier. Carona and others allegedly accepted $350,000 in gifts and cash in exchange for political favors in a scheme that began as early as 1998, the year he was first elected. On Jan 16, 2009, a jury convicted Carona on one count of witness-tampering and acquitted him of bribery charges.
    (AP, 10/31/07)(SFC, 10/31/07, p.A3)(SFC, 1/17/09, p.A3)

2007        Nov 1, In California the Trust for Public Land announced that it had agreed with a group led by Perry Norris to purchase the 1,462-acre Waddle Ranch near Truckee for $23.5 million.
    (SFC, 11/2/07, p.A1)

2007        Nov 3, Boss, a robotic Chevrolet Tahoe from Carnegie Mellon Univ., won the annual DARPA sponsored race in San Bernadino County, Ca. 6 of 11 starting vehicles finished the 10-mile race, designed to simulate a town. No car finished the first race in 2004.
    (Econ, 11/10/07, p.100)
2007        Nov 3, Eighteen big rigs were involved in the massive pileup on Highway 99 just south of Fresno, Ca., as patches of dense fog obscured visibility on the heavily traveled roadway. More than 100 cars and trucks crashed, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more.
    (AP, 11/4/07)

2007        Nov 8, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, joined by 14 other states, sued the Bush administration over its refusal to let them enforce bigger auto emissions cuts than those required by the federal government.
    (WSJ, 11/9/07, p.A6)

2007        Nov 10, Patrick Healy (b.1946), manager of Fetzer Vineyards in Hopland, Ca., died. Healy had initiated the companys recycling program and cut waste from operations by 95%.
    (SFC, 11/24/07, p.A8)

2007        Nov 12, Constellation Brands said it will pay $885 million for the US wine business of Fortune Brands, which includes the Geyser Peak, Wild Horse, Buena Vista Carneros and Gary Farrell labels. The deal also included 1,500 acres of vineyards in Sonoma and Napa counties.
    (SFC, 11/13/07, p.B1)

2007        Nov 16, San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis, the Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATT), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) announced an undercover operation resulting in the break up of an extensive and highly organized auto theft ring in the South Bay. The auto theft ring bust is the largest in San Diego County and possibly in the state of California.

2007        Nov 19, California Sec. of State Debra Bowen sued Election Systems and Software, a Nebraska voting machine company, for allegedly selling nearly 1,000 uncertified machines to San Francisco and 4 other counties. Bowen sought reimbursements of nearly $15 million.
    (SFC, 11/20/07, p.D1)

2007        Nov 24, In southern California a fast-moving wildfire destroyed more than a dozen homes and spread through the canyons and hills above Malibu, forcing dozens of residents to flee ahead of the flames. 53 homes were destroyed with 7 square miles scorched. On Dec 13 authorities arrested five men on allegations they caused the fire which caused over $100 million in losses in Malibu.
    (AP, 11/24/07)(SSFC, 11/25/07, p.A1)(WSJ, 11/26/07, p.A1)(AP, 12/14/07)

2007        Nov 26, The US Bureau of Reclamation halted drainage on Prospect Island in the Sacramento River delta following the death of thousands of game fish. The drainage was part of a levee repair program.
    (SFC, 11/27/07, p.B3)

2007        Dec 5, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver inducted the 2007 California Hall of Fame inductees: Ansel Adams, Milton Berle, Steve Jobs, Willie Mays, Robert Mondavi, Rita Moreno, Jackie Robinson, Jonas Salk, M.D., John Steinbeck, Elizabeth Taylor, Earl Warren, John Wayne, and Tiger Woods.

2007        Dec 7, US federal officials outlined a new plan on how to allocate water to California, Arizona and Nevada from the Colorado River in case of shortages.
    (SFC, 12/10/07, p.A9)

2007        Dec 12, Igor Olenicoff (65), California billionaire real estate developer, pleaded guilty to lying on his tax returns and paid $52 million in back taxes, one of the largest individual tax cases in Southern California history.
2007        Dec 12, Police in northern California arrested Art Cheney, a winery tour guide dubbed The Highway 101 Bandit, following his robbery of a bank in Fairfield. He had robbed at least 17 banks, including at least 8 in the Bay Area, most of which were on the Highway 101 corridor. In 2008 Cheney (65) was sentenced to 90 months in prison and ordered to pay back the $50,760 that he stole.
    (SFC, 12/14/07, p.A1)(SFC, 10/21/08, p.B3)

2007        Dec 18, PG&E reported plans to support the first commercial wave power plant off Californias Humboldt County coast. 8 power generating buoys, to be built by Canadas Finavera Co., was expected to begin operations in 2012.
    (SFC, 12/18/07, p.A1)

2007        Dec 18, The city council of Half Moon Bay, Ca., voted to hire a team of appellate lawyers to fight a federal court decision that ordered the city to pay a developer $36.8 million in a property dispute. The citys annual budget was $10 million. On April 1, 2008 the City Council approved a settlement under which it would pay $18 million only if it was unable to get special legislation passed to allow Charles Keenan to build 129 lots on property in question and an adjoining parcel, bypassing wetlands protection laws.
    (SFC, 12/19/07, p.B1)(SFC, 4/2/08, p.B1)

2007        Dec 19, The United States government rejected a request by California for it to be allowed to introduce tough new vehicle emissions standards, dealing a blow to the state's hopes of slashing greenhouse gas levels over the next decade.
    (AFP, 12/20/07)

2007        Dec 31, In California murders for 2007 in the Florence-Firestone neighborhood of Los Angeles held at 19 as of Dec 24. Murders there had dropped from 43 in 2005 to 19 in 2006. In a murderous quest aimed at "cleansing" their turf of snitches and rival gangsters, members of Florencia 13, or F13, one of Los Angeles County's most vicious Latino gangs sometimes killed people just because of their race.
    (AP, 12/31/07)

2007        Derek Hayes authored his Historical Atlas of California.
    (SSFC, 12/2/07, p.M1)
2007        California passed legislation requiring traceable micro-stamping in all new semiautomatic handgun models effective as of May 2013.
    (SFC, 1/27/14, p.A1)

2008        Jan 1, In California a batch of new state laws took effect including a 50-cent raise in the minimum wage to $8 per hour. AB1298 too effect. It expanded the states data-breach notification law to include unencrypted medical histories.
    (SFC, 1/2/08, p.A1)(SFC, 1/4/08, p.C1)

2008        Jan 2, California led 15 other states and 5 environmental groups into federal court to challenge the Bush administrations refusal to let the state limit vehicle emissions of gases that contribute to global warming.
    (SFC, 1/3/08, p.A1)

2008        Jan 4, Flights were grounded and trucks overturned in Northern California as wind gusted to 80 mph during the second wave of the arctic storm that has sent trees crashing onto houses, cars and roads. Hundreds of thousands of customers lost power from central California into Oregon and Washington. An estimated 1.9-2.1 million PG&E customers lost power.
    (AP, 1/5/08)(SFC, 1/8/08, p.A1)

2008        Jan 8, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger in his 5th State of the State speech proposed a constitutional amendment to keep the state from spending more than it collects in taxes. He said the projected $14 billion deficit was driven by voter-approved mandates escalating faster than state income. The proposed cost cutting included a the shutdown of 48 state parks.
    (SFC, 1/9/08, p.A1)(SFC, 1/17/08, p.A12)

2008        Jan 14, California officials confirmed that zebra mussels have been found in the San Justo Reservoir, a dam near Hollister. This type of mussel was first detected in the US in the Great lakes in 1989 and has spread like a plague. Colorado officials had recently confirmed zebra mussels in Lake Pueblo.
    (SFC, 1/25/08, p.B1)(http://tinyurl.com/2nojd2)

2008        Jan 15, Pres. Bush signed an exemption to allow the US Navy to continue using high-power sonar off the coast of Southern California. Anti-submarine warfare training would still not go forward because an injunction was in place against the practice due to its effect on whales and other marine mammals. On Feb 4 a federal judge rejected the Bush exemption.
    (SFC, 1/17/08, p.A3)(SFC, 2/5/08, p.A3)

2008        Jan 19, In southern California a Hummer, suspected of carrying drugs and heading to Mexico, cut through a campground and hit and killed Luis Aguilar (32), a US Border Patrol, as he threw a spike strip in front of the vehicle. On Jan 23 Jesus Navarro Montes (22) was arrested in the northern state of Sonora for hitting Aguilar. On April 12, 2011, Navarro was found guilty of drug charges and second degree murder for killing Aguilar. On July 1 Navarro was sentenced to life in prison and was given an additional 80 years in prison on drug charges.
    (SFC, 1/21/08, p.A3)(AP, 1/23/08)(Reuters, 4/13/11)(SFC, 7/2/11, p.A5)

2008        Jan 20, In southern California The two small Cessnas crashed near the small Corona Municipal Airport, killing five and raining debris and bodies down on car dealership parking lots.
    (AP, 1/21/08)

2008        Jan 28, It was reported that security costs for California Gov. Schwarzenegger and other top state officials approached $38 million a year. A state senate panel rejected a proposed $14.7 billion health-care plan supported by Gov. Schwarzenegger.
    (SFC, 1/28/08, p.D1)(WSJ, 1/29/08, p.A1)

2008        Jan 29, Federal fishery regulators said the number of chinook salmon returning to California's Central Valley has reached a near-record low, pointing to an "unprecedented collapse" that could lead to severe restrictions on West Coast salmon fishing this year.
    (AP, 1/29/08)

2008        Feb 7, In Los Angeles a man barricaded himself in a house after telling police he had killed 3 relatives, then opened fire on a SWAT team, killing one officer and wounding another. Randall Simmons (51) was the first SWAT officer killed in the line of duty in the units 41-year history.
    (AP, 2/7/08)(SFC, 2/8/08, p.A4)

2008        Feb 11, A US defense official, an ex-Boeing engineer and two others were charged in 2 separate spy cases with spying for China involving sensitive military and aerospace secrets, including on the space shuttle. Dongfan Chung, a longtime aerospace worker in Southern California, was indicted for allegedly passing classified documents to China in an elaborate espionage endeavor that spanned two decades and exposed trade secrets from the space shuttle, the Delta IV rocket and the C-17 military transport aircraft. In 2010 Chung was sentenced to over 15 years in prison.
    (http://articles.latimes.com/2008/feb/12/nation/na-espionage12)(SFC, 2/12/08, p.A3)(SFC, 2/9/10, p.A4)
2008        Feb 11, Rep. Tom Lantos (80) of California, the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress, died.
    (AP, 2/11/08)

2008        Feb 12, Brandon McInerney (14) shot and killed Larry King, a gay classmate in Ventura County, Ca. On Nov 21, 2011, McInerney pleaded guilty to the murder charge, as well as one count each of voluntary manslaughter and use of a firearm. On Dec 19 McInerney was sentenced to 21 years in prison. 
    (SFC, 8/12/11, p.C5)(AP, 11/21/11)(AP, 12/19/11)

2008        Feb 17, The US Department of Agriculture ordered the recall of 143 million pounds of frozen beef from a California slaughterhouse, the subject of an animal-abuse investigation, that provided meat to school lunch programs.
    (AP, 2/18/08)

2008        Feb 22, California state Senator Leland Yee introduced a bill to let Daly City purchase the 68-acre Cow Palace property, owned by the state, and tear it down for redevelopment.
    (SFC, 2/28/08, p.A1)
2008        Feb 22, John Heath (81) was sentenced In Los Angeles to 28 years in prison in an investment scam that prosecutors say seeped across half the country and bilked 1,800 people, many of them elderly, of about $190 million.
    (AP, 2/23/08)

2008        Feb 23, In Santa Monica, California, "Juno," a runaway hit comedy about a wisecracking pregnant teen, picked up the top prize at the Spirit Awards, the independent film community's version of the Oscars.
    (Reuters, 2/23/08)

2008        Feb 27, The annual TED conference opened for a 4-day session in Monterey, Ca.
    (SFC, 2/28/08, p.A1)
2008        Feb 27, Boyd Coddington (63), car-building legend, died in southern California. His testosterone-injected cable TV reality show "American Hot Rod" introduced the nation to the West Coast hot rod guru.
    (AP, 2/28/08)

2008        Feb 28, Californias Second District Court of Appeal ruled that California law requires parents to send their children to full-time public or private schools, or have them taught by credentialed tutors at home. The ruling put an estimated 166,000 children as possible truants. On March 7 Gov. Schwarzenegger denounced the ruling and promised to change the law if necessary to guarantee that parents are able to educate their children at home. On August 8 a state appeals court ruled that parents have a right to educate their children at home even if they lack a teaching credential.
    (SFC, 3/7/08, p.A1)(SFC, 3/8/08, p.A1)(SFC, 8/9/08, p.A1)
2008        Feb 28, At the TED conference in Monterey, Ca., Geneticist Craig Venter, who mapped his genome and the genetic diversity of the oceans, said he is creating a life form that feeds on climate-ruining carbon dioxide to produce fuel.
    (AFP, 2/28/08)

2008        Mar 2, In southern California Jamiel Shaw II (17) was gunned down by Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant, in Arlington Heights, LA County. On Nov 2, 2012, Espinoza was sentenced to death.

2008        Mar 5, The US Federal Housing Authority (FHA) raised loan limits in California.
    (WSJ, 3/6/08, p.A1)

2008        Mar 27, The Univ. of California Board of Regents confirmed Mark Yudof as the universitys new president and will pay the former Univ. of Texas chancellor $591,084.
    (SFC, 3/28/08, p.A1)

2008        Apr 1, The US EPA took over cleanup of an oil spill in Santa Barbara, Ca., after failed efforts by Greka Oil & Gas to clean up a spill. 2 spills since last summer had left some 29,000 gallons of crude oil and toxin-laden water in a creek in Los Olivos.
    (SFC, 4/2/08, p.B6)
2008        Apr 1, A California state Senate committee declined to act on a bill by Senator Leland Yee to declare the Cow Palace in Daly City to be surplus property.
    (SFC, 4/2/08, p.A1)

2008        Apr 17, In Fresno, Ca., Jesus Carrizales (17), a Roosevelt High School sophomore, attacked a campus police officer with a baseball bat. Officer Junus Perry received a 2-inch gash in the head before shooting and killing Carrizales.
    (SFC, 4/18/08, p.B14)

2008        Apr 22, In California Gov. Schwarzenegger designated the historic Irvine Ranch, nearly 40,000 acres of protected habitat, as the 1st California Natural Landmark.
    (SFC, 4/23/08, p.B6)
2008        Apr 22, In California a grizzly bear named Rocky (5) killed a trainer (39) in San Bernadino County.
    (SFC, 4/23/08, p.A2)

2008        Apr 23, It was reported that home foreclosures in California and the SF Bay Area soared over 300% during the first 3 months of 2008.
    (SFC, 4/23/08, p.A1)

2008        Apr 25, In San Diego a bomb exploded at the FedEx building. Another bomb exploded at a downtown San Diego courthouse on May 4. There were no injuries in either of the early morning bombings. On August 6 authorities indicted 3 people: Rachelle Carlock, Ella Louise Sanders and Eric Reginald Robinson, for both bombings. On Feb 16, 2013, Donny Love (46) was sentenced to 55 years in prison for allegedly masterminding the bombings.
    (SFC, 8/7/08, p.A7)(SSFC, 2/17/13, p.A12)
2008        Apr 25, Near San Diego, Ca., a shark killed triathlete David Martin (66) at Solano Beach.
    (AP, 4/26/08)

2008        Apr 26, A wildfire broke out in southern California, 10 miles northeast of Pasadena. Officials the next day said that it has scorched 270 acres and forced the evacuation of about 100 homes in neighborhoods might not be under control for days.
    (AP, 4/27/08)

2008        Apr 29, Californias Gov. Gov. Schwarzenegger said the state deficit could grow to as much as $20 billion.
    (SFC, 4/30/08, p.A1)

2008        May 1, The National Marine Fishery Service announced a ban on fishing for chinook salmon in the ocean off California and most of Oregon.
    (SFC, 5/2/08, p.B2)

2008        May 8, Federal officials arrested 13 fraternity members in San Diego, Ca., in a drug bust. Officials said 128 people, including at least 75 SDSU students, had been arrested as part of a 5-month investigation.
    (SFC, 5/9/08, p.B2)

2008        May 11, In Santa Rosa, Ca., the body of Patricia Barrales (25) was found by her mother in a closet buried under toys in a toy chest. She had been stabbed 68 times. In Dec, 2009, Honorio Pantaleon (32) was convicted of the murder of the mother of his 2 children.
    (SFC, 12/19/09, p.C2)

2008        May 13, In California Assemblywoman Karen Bass (54) became the 67th speaker of the Assembly, the 1st African American woman speaker of the state Assembly.
    (SFC, 5/14/08, p.B3)
2008        May 13, Timothy Kooyman (24), a homeless man in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca., was arrested on animal cruelty charges. In 2009 additional charges of using scissors to cut off feline tails was added to counts of soaking cats in gas and torching them. Kooyman pleaded insanity.
    (www.animalshelter.org/forum/Serial_Cat_Torturer,_Timothy_Kooyman/m_1804/tm.htm)    (SFC, 2/27/09, p.B4)

2008        May 14, In California UC regents announced a 7.4% tuition increase and CSU voted for a 10% increase. These marked the 6th increases in 7 years.
    (SFC, 5/15/08, p.A1)

2008        May 15, The California Supreme Court affirmed the right of same-sex couples to marry.
    (SFC, 5/16/08, p.A1)
2008        May 15, Anthony Pellicano (64), a Hollywood private eye, was convicted on federal racketeering and other charges for digging up dirt on well-heeled LA clients. He and 14 others were initially indicted in February, 2006. On August 29 Pellicano and entertainment lawyer Terry Christensen (64) were convicted of conspiring to illegally wiretap the ex-wife of billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. The verdicts were the result of a 2002 FBI probe into Pellicanos business. On Dec 15, 2008, Pellicano was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
    (SFC, 5/16/08, p.B4)(SFC, 8/30/08, p.A2)(SFC, 12/16/08, p.A15)

2008        May 16, Robert Mondavi (b.1913), the pioneering vintner who helped put California wine country on the map, died at his Napa Valley home. He was 52 and a winemaking veteran in 1966, when he opened the winery that would help turn the Napa Valley into a world center of the industry.
    (AP, 5/16/08)(SFC, 5/17/08, p.A1)
2008        May 16, Maria Isavel Vasquez Jimenez (17), a pregnant Mexican migrant worker, died after succumbing to heat stroke from laboring more than 9 hours in a San Joaquin County, Ca., vineyard.
    (AP, 3/9/11)

2008        May 22, The Summit Fire began in the Californias Santa Cruz mountains. After 5 days it had covered 4,270 acres and destroyed 31 residences before becoming fully contained.
    (SFC, 5/23/08, p.A1)(SFC, 5/28/08, p.B2)

2008        May 24, In California a tour helicopter crashed on Santa Catalina Island killing 3 people and injuring 3 others.
    (SSFC, 5/25/08, p.A6)

2008        Jun 4, Californias Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought after two years of below-average rainfall, low snowmelt runoff and a court-ordered restriction on water transfers.
    (AP, 6/5/08)

2008        Jun 6, Pres. Bush signed a transportation bill that freed $45 million for environmental studies for a levitating train planned to run from Disneyland  to Las Vegas.
    (SFC, 6/7/08, p.C2)

2008        Jun 12, Chiles Pres. Bachelet visited California on a trade mission, addressed the state Assembly and signed a cooperation agreement with Gov. Schwarzenegger.
    (SFC, 6/13/08, p.B12)

2008        Jun 13, Leonard B. Auerbach (61), an American fugitive, was deported from Cuba to face federal charges in California of sexually abusing a Costa Rican girl and possessing child pornography. He was arrested on May 7, about a month after his arrival.
    (AP, 6/14/08)
2008        Jun 13, In northern California some 2,800 firefighters battled the Humboldt Fire in Butte County. 9,000 residents were evacuated as the fire covered 23,000 acres. By June 15 most of the fire was under control after destroying 74 homes and damaging 20 more in Paradise.
    (SFC, 6/14/08, p.B1)(SFC, 6/16/08, p.B1)

2008        Jun 16, In California county clerks began issuing marriage rights to gay men and lesbians, becoming the 2nd US state to grant such rights.
    (SFC, 6/17/08, p.A1)

2008        Jun 22, The Walker Fire began in Lake County, Ca. By June 25 it had covered 14,000 acres and was only 5% contained.
    (SFC, 6/26/08, p.B1)

2008        Jun 23, More than 840 wildfires sparked by an "unprecedented" lightning storm burned across Northern California, alarming the governor and requiring the help of firefighters from Nevada and Oregon.
    (AP, 6/24/08)

2008        Jun 25, Jerry Brown, Californias attorney general, sued Countrywide Financial for unfair business practices relating to home loan mortgages. Lisa Madigan, the attorney general of Illinois, also filed suit against Countrywide, which is being acquired by Bank of America. The Washington State Dept. of Financial Institutions filed an administrative action against Countrywide alleging discriminatory lending practices.
    (SFC, 6/26/08, p.C1)(WSJ, 6/26/08, p.A3)

2008        Jun 26, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Assistant Chief Counsel Constantine Peter Kallas (38) and wife Maria Kallas (39), both of Alta Loma, Ca., were arrested at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino on suspicion of accepting thousands of dollars from both legal and illegal immigrants in exchange for immigration benefits.
    (AP, 6/27/08)

2008        Jun 28, US President George W. Bush declared a state of emergency in California and ordered federal aid to help authorities battle more than 1,000 wildfires burning out of control.
    (AFP, 6/28/08)

2008        Jul 2, In California Hans Florine (44) and Yuji Hirayama (39) broke a World Record for the fastest climb up the Nose of El Capitan (2:43:33) in Yosemite National Park. On Oct 12 they broke the record again with a time of 2:37:5. On Nov 6, 2010, climbers Dean Potter and Sean Leary broke the record with a time of 2:36:45.
    (SFC, 7/3/08, p.A1)(SFC, 10/13/08, p.A1)(SFC, 11/15/10, p.A1)

2008        Jul 4, In California 27 major fires were considered active. These included the Basin Complex Fire in Los Padres National Forest where over 68,700 acres were scorched and the Indians Fire in Monterey County with 81,300 acres consumed.
    (SFC, 7/4/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 8, In California the Butte Lightning Complex Fire destroyed 41 homes overnight in and around Paradise. The next day 10,000 people were evacuated from the area.
    (SFC, 7/10/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 9, The California state Board of Education voted to make algebra mandatory in the eighth grade beginning in 2011, in order to bring the state into compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind program.
    (SFC, 7/10/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 11, US banking regulators seized IndyMac Bancorp Inc., Pasadena-based mortgage lender, after withdrawals by panicked depositors led to the second-largest banking failure in US history. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said that their finances were sufficiently sound to withstand the housing crisis as government officials scrambled to restore confidence in the country's two largest mortgage finance companies.
    (Reuters, 7/12/08)(SFC, 7/12/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 15, In California 2 vehicles collided on a bridge and fell into the Delta-Mendota Canal near Westley. 6 farm workers and a septic truck driver died.
    (SFC, 7/16/08, p.B3)(SFC, 7/17/08, p.B2)

2008        Jul 16, California state educators said 24% of the states high school students had dropped out of school during the 2006-2007 school year.
    (SFC, 7/17/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 17, California became the first US state to approve green building standards.
    (SFC, 7/18/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 22, California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed SB685 giving state pet owners the right to set up a legally enforceable trust to care for their animals. The bill was sponsored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo).
    (SFC, 7/26/08, p.C1)(http://tinyurl.com/5uppps)
2008        Jul 22, California reported 63,061 foreclosures during the 2nd 3 months of this year.
    (SFC, 7/23/08, p.A1)

2008        Jul 25, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a bill banning trans fat in restaurants and food facilities, making California the first state to do so. The law takes effect in two stages: Jan 1, 2010 and Jan 1, 2011.
    (WSJ, 7/26/08, p.A1)(SSFC, 7/27/08, p.C1)
2008        Jul 25, US regulators took over two banks and sold them to Mutual of Omaha Bank, the sixth and seventh bank failures this year as financial institutions struggle with a housing bust and credit crunch. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said it closed First National Bank of Nevada and First Heritage Bank NA of California.
    (Reuters, 7/26/08)

2008        Jul 31, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger ordered the layoffs of thousands of state workers along with steep pay cuts for most other state employees to ease the states budget gap of $17.2 billion.
    (SFC, 8/1/08, p.A1)

2008        Aug 2, In Santa Cruz, Ca., 2 firebombs exploded outside the homes of 2 UC Santa Cruz biologists. They were similar to some used in the past by animal rights activists.
    (SFC, 8/4/08, p.A1)

2008        Aug 5, In California 9 firefighters were killed and 4 injured when their helicopter crashed after battling a blaze in Trinity County. Investigators in 2010 concluded that lax federal oversight and Carson Helicopters decision to underestimate the crafts weight led to the crash.
    (SFC, 8/7/08, p.A1)(SFC, 12/8/10, p.C7)

2008        Aug 7, It was reported that the Dubai-based Al Yousuf Group has invested $10 million in Zap, a Santa Rosa, Ca., firm that makes electric cars.
    (SFC, 8/7/08, p.C1)

2008        Aug 11, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger sued state Controller John Chiang for refusing to follow the governors order to slash pay for thousands of state workers during the budget impasse.
    (SFC, 8/12/08, p.B1)
2008        Aug 11, Jurors in Stockton, Ca., convicted William Choyce (54) for the murders of 3 prostitutes. He was serving time in state prison for rape when DNA evidence linked him to the murders dating back to 1988.
    (SFC, 8/13/08, p.B12)

2008        Aug 12, In California state and federal officials celebrated the official transfer of 3,300 acres from the US Army to the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, which will oversee the redevelopment of the 28,000-acre base on Monterey Bay.
    (SFC, 8/13/08, p.A1)

2008        Aug 18, Californias supreme court barred doctors from denying medical care to gays and lesbians based on religious beliefs.
    (WSJ, 8/19/08, p.A1)

2008        Aug 26, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a measure for a statewide bullet train system to be placed on the November ballot.
    (SFC, 8/27/08, p.A1)
2008        Aug 26, California Attorney General Jerry Brown said he expected raids on medical pot clubs that sell for big profits in the Bay Area. He had recently issued guidelines on sales of medical marijuana and state officials over the weekend raided a club in Los Angeles County.
    (SFC, 8/27/08, p.B1)

2008        Sep 1, In Fairfield, Ca., councilman Matt Garcia (21) was critically wounded outside a friends house. He was declared brain dead the next day. There were no suspects and police had no idea why he was shot. Garcia was taken off life support on Sep 5. On Sep 13 police announced the arrest of 2 suspects. On Sep 16 murder charges were filed against Henry Don Williams (32), who remained at large. On Sep 18 murder charges were filed against Gene Allen Combs (45). Police released Nicole Stewart (33), who was pregnant by Williams and remained a witness. Garcia appeared to be the innocent victim of an attempt to collect drug debts. On May 28, 2010, Williams was convicted of first degree murder. On Aug 30 Williams was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.
    (SFC, 9/3/08, p.A1)(SFC, 9/6/08, p.B3)(SSFC, 9/14/08, p.B1)(SFC, 9/19/08, p.B6)(SFC, 5/29/10, p.C2)(SFC, 8/31/10, p.C2)

2008        Sep 5, In Lancaster, Ca., a road was paved, at the request of Hondas Santa Monica advertising agency, with grooves so that passing cars would hear a rendition of Rossinis William Tell Overture. On Sep 23, following complaints and safety concerns the road was repaved.
    (WSJ, 10/24/08, p.A1)

2008        Sep 11, Javier Sanchez Perfino (30) pleaded guilty in San Diego to running a smuggling organization from 2003 to 2006, which at its peak smuggled 60-80 people per day and charging $1,500 per person. The operation ran through a live bombing range in southeastern California.
    (SFC, 9/12/08, p.B12)

2008        Sep 12, In southern California a commuter train smashed head-on into a freight train killing at least 25 people in the deadliest US passenger train accident in 15 years. Officials the next day attributed the accident to failure of the passenger train engineer to stop at a red light. It was later found that engineer Robert Sanchez, who died in the crash, had sent a text message 22 seconds before the crash.
    (AP, 9/13/08)(Reuters, 9/13/08)(WSJ, 10/2/08, p.A11)

2008        Sep 16, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger promised to veto a state budget approved by lawmakers just hours earlier.
    (SFC, 9/17/08, p.A1)

2008        Sep 17, The Bush administration released $100 million in disaster relief to West coast salmon fisherman, $70 million less that was approved by Congress. About $63 million will go to California, $25 million to Oregon and $12 million to Washington state.
    (SFC, 9/18/08, p.A8)

2008        Sep 18, Californias budget standoff ended as Gov. Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders struck a deal on a $104 billion budget after 80 days of stalemate.
    (SFC, 9/19/08, p.A1)
2008        Sep 18, The last redwood sitters in northern California came down near Scotia in Humboldt County, after the president of the new Humboldt Redwood Co. said old growth redwoods would not be cut.
    (SFC, 9/24/08, p.B6)

2008        Sep 20, The California Coastal Commission sponsored its annual coastal cleanup. Some 55,634 volunteers collected over 742 thousand pounds of debris.
    (SSFC, 9/21/08, p.B1)

2008        Sep 23, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a $144.5 billion spending plan. The state budget was a record 85 days late.
    (SFC, 9/24/08, p.A1)(WSJ, 9/24/08, p.A1)

2008        Sep 24, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger began signing bills including legislation that bans text messaging while driving and a law that forbids companies that do business with the state from having investments in Sudan.
    (SFC, 9/25/08, p.B1)
2008        Sep 24, In California a mercury spill at Searles Valley Minerals in San Bernardino County released some 90 pounds during a demolition project. Another 90 pounds was released in a 2nd spill at the site on Oct 10.
    (SSFC, 2/8/09, p.A21)

2008        Oct 4, In the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles County Karthik Rajaram (45), an unemployed financial adviser despondent over his troubles, shot and killed his wife (39), mother-in-law (69), and 3 sons (7,12,19), before taking his own life.
    (SFC, 10/7/08, p.A6)

2008        Oct 5, In northern California 8 people were killed when a passenger bus, carrying 41 senior Laotian, casino-bound gamblers, ran off a rural road near Williams. Police the next day arrested driver Quintin  J. Watts (52) on suspicion of driving under the influence. Daniel E. Cobb (68), owner of the bus, was among the dead. The bus had invalid plates and identification numbers and a lapsed corporate registration. A 9th victim died on Oct 10. The death toll later reached 11. On Feb 3, 2021, Watts was released from prison after his sentence was reduced because of changes in state law.
    (SFC, 10/6/08, p.A1)(SFC, 10/7/08, p.A1)(SFC, 10/11/08, p.B3)

2008        Oct 7, California State Controller John Chiang warned that state revenues and cash flows were deteriorating and that the state was already short $1.1 billion after the first 3 months of its fiscal year.
    (WSJ, 10/8/08, p.A9)

2008        Oct 10, In Los Angeles Leland Wong (51), a former city commissioner (2002-2004) under Mayor James Hahn, was sentenced to 5 years in prison and ordered to pay about $139,000 in restitution for accepting bribes from companies seeking city business.
    (SSFC, 10/12/08, p.B7)
2008        Oct 10, A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Pacific Ethanol, Californias largest ethanol plant. The Stockton plant, already running for 2 weeks, will process 21 million bushels of corn a year.
    (SFC, 10/14/08, p.D1)

2008        Oct 12, In California Hans Florine (44) and Yuji Hirayama (39) broke their own World Record for the fastest climb up the Nose of El Capitan (2:37:5) in Yosemite National Park. They first record was set on Jul 2 with a time of 2:43:33.
    (SFC, 7/3/08, p.A1)(SFC, 10/13/08, p.A1)

2008        Oct 13,  In Half Moon Bay, Ca., Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Ore., won the 35th annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off. His 1,528 pumpkin beat the record he set last year by 4 pounds.
    (SFC, 10/14/08, p.B3)

2008        Oct 14, A wildfire in northern Los Angeles covered 13,285 acres.
    (SFC, 10/15/08, p.B6)

2008        Oct 15, At Camp Pendleton, California, Sgt. Jan Pietrzak (24) and his wife, Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak (26) were found gagged, tied and shot in the head in the living room of their Winchester home. Investigators said the house had been ransacked and a fire had been set, an apparent effort to destroy evidence. 4 Marines were later charged with two counts of first-degree murder and special-circumstance allegations of committing multiple murders, committing the crime during a robbery and rape by instrument.
    (AP, 11/21/08)

2008        Oct 22, Near Livermore, Ca., 2 horses were found shot to death in a pasture on Collier Canyon Road. A calf was also found shot to death on Manning Road in Alameda County. A reward of $17,000 was later offered for information on the killing of the horses.
    (SFC, 10/31/08, p.B4)

2008        Oct 23, In California a new solar thermal power plant, built by startup Ausra, opened north of Bakersfield. It will generate as much as 5 megawatts, enough for 3,750 homes. Ausra and other companies planned bigger plants in the future.
    (SFC, 10/24/08, p.C1)

2008        Oct 26, John Campbell (1941), Australia-born mayor of Fortuna, Ca., and former head of Pacific Lumber (PALCO), died.
    (SFC, 10/27/08, p.B3)

2008        Oct 28, In Anaheim, Ca., a newlywed, killed by police after he stepped outside his home to confront suspected burglars, was shot in a case of mistaken identity. Julian Alexander died after being shot twice in the chest by a police officer who was chasing four burglary suspects.
    (AP, 10/29/08)
2008        Oct 28, In California Bill Martin (65), Mendocino realist painter and art teacher, died. His 3 books included Paintings 1969-1979.
    (SFC, 11/13/08, p.B4)

2008        Oct 29, Marc M. Keyser (66) was arrested at his home in Sacramento for sending hoax anthrax threats by mail to media outlets.
    (SFC, 10/31/08, p.B4)

2008        Oct 30, In California Randall Cover (46), a former city of Sonoma Water Department supervisor, was indicted by a federal grand jury in SF for receiving $102,795 in kickbacks from Underground Express. In November a suit was filed against 2 former employees of San Franciscos Public Utilities Commission for taking thousands of dollars in kickbacks from Sheldon Morris and his Novato plumbing company, Underground Express. In 2009 Morris was sentenced to nearly 3 years in federal prison.
    (SFC, 11/1/08, p.B2)(SFC, 11/25/08, p.B1)(SFC, 5/30/09, p.B2)

2008        Nov 2, In southern California police in Long Beach found 5 people shot to death in a homeless encampment in the shadow of the San Diego Freeway. In 2017 gang members David Ponce and Max Rafael were found guilty of five counts of murder. Police said the motive was a feud over drug debts between Ponce and one of the victims, and that the others were killed to ensure there were no witnesses.
    (SFC, 11/4/08, p.A2)(SSFC, 9/24/17 p.A6)

2008        Nov 4, California voters put a stop to gay marriage, creating uncertainty about the legal status of 18,000 same-sex couples who tied the knot during a four-month window of opportunity opened by the state's highest court. On Nov 19 the California state Supreme Court agreed to decide on the legality of the Proposition 8 measure. It was later reported that opponents and supporters had pumped a total of $85 million in to the measure. State voters approved Proposition 2 for improved treatment of farm animals. Voters also approved Proposition 1A, a $9.5 billion bond for high-speed rail service from SF to LA. Marin and Sonoma voters approved Measure Q for a quarter cent sales tax increase to build and operate a commuter train for Cloverdale to Larkspur. Prop. 11, a measure to overhaul state redistricting rules, passed as the final tally was completed 3 weeks later. 
    (AP, 11/6/08)(SFC, 11/5/08, p.A17)(SFC, 11/6/08, p.A17, B1)(SFC, 11/20/08, p.A1)(SFC, 11/27/08, p.A1)(SFC, 2/3/09, p.B1)
2008        Nov 4, California voters passed Prop. 9 by 54% increasing crime victims rights to participate in legal procedings and required inmates who are denied parole to wait as long as 15 years for their next parole hearing.
    (SFC, 10/2/14, p.D2)
2008        Nov 4, Michael Crichton (b.1942), doctor turned author and film director, died in LA. His books included The Andromeda Strain (1969), The Great Train Robbery (1975) and Jurassic Park (1990), all of which were made into popular films. He also created the TV series ER in 1994.
    (SFC, 11/6/08, p.A4)

2008        Nov 6, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed $4.4 billion in new taxes and a similar amount in spending cuts to deal with California's worsening fiscal crisis, saying, "We must stop the bleeding."
    (AP, 11/6/08)

2008        Nov 13, Police in Richmond, Ca., arrested 18 people in connection with a crackdown on the Deep Central (Deep C) gang. Officials served 43 arrest warrants in Richmond as well as other Bay Area and Sacramento counties wrapping up a yearlong investigation by California drug agents.
    (SFC, 11/14/08, p.B5)

2008        Nov 14, In California firefighters and a squadron of aircraft launched a desperate daylight attack to push back a wind-whipped wildfire that destroyed 210 homes and forced thousands to evacuate near Santa Barbara. The fire was later traced to a bonfire out at a tea garden by a group of young adults, who thought they had put the fire. Further south a wildfire broke out in the foothill community of Sylmar on the edge of the Angeles National Forest and quickly spread across 2,600 acres. By the next day it tore through the city's northern foothills, sending thousands of residents fleeing in the dark, forcing a hospital to evacuate and destroying an untold number of homes.
    (AP, 11/14/08)(AP, 11/15/08)(SFC, 11/19/08, p.A4)

2008        Nov 15, In southern California the Triangle Complex broke out in Corona and Orange counties. The fire soon covered 10,475 acres and damaged or destroyed 119 residences.
    (SFC, 11/17/08, p.A9)

2008        Nov 19, California state and federal officials said they have seized 5.2 million marijuana plants from public and private land during this years growing season, half of which were grown in California.
    (SFC, 11/20/08, p.B8)

2008        Nov 23, In Hollywood, Ca., Mario Majorski (48) of Oregon was shot and killed by a security guard at the Scientology Celebrity Center as he tried to attack guests with a pair of Samurai swords.
    (SFC, 11/25/08, p.B8)
2008        Nov 23, In New Jersey Joseph Pallipurath (27) of Sacramento, Ca., shot and killed Reshma James (24), his estranged wife, at the Syrian Orthodox Knayaya Church in Clifton. He also killed a 2nd man at the church and wounded a 3rd person. Pallipurath was arrested late the next day in Georgia.
    (SFC, 11/25/08, p.A3)(SFC, 11/26/08, p.A3)

2008        Nov 26, Missouri mother Lori Drew was convicted by a federal jury in Los Angeles of three minor offenses for her role in the mean-spirited Internet hoax that apparently drove Megan Meier (13) to suicide in 2016. Drews convictions were later thrown out.
    (Detroit Free Press, 11/26/19, p.2A)

2008        Dec 1, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency and called legislators into a new special session in order to trim a $11.2 billion budget deficit.
    (SFC, 12/2/08, p.A1)
2008        Dec 1, In Tracy, Ca., Kyle Ramirez (16) escaped from a home where he had been shackled and tortured for over a year. In 2010 defendants Michael Schumacher (36) was sentenced to 30 years in prison, his wife Kelly Lau (32) received 33 years, and the boys guardian Caren Ramirez (45) was given 34 years. All three had accepted plea deals. In 2010 Anthony Waiters (31), a neighbor, was convicted of 9 charges including aggravated mayhem and false imprisonment. On Feb 28, 2011, Waiters was sentenced to life in prison. In 2015 Sacramento County agreed to pay $4 million to settle a suit accusing its Child Protective Services workers of ignoring Kyles welfare.
    (SFC, 10/9/10, p.C2)(SFC, 11/24/10, p.C3)(SFC, 12/7/10, p.C3)(SFC, 3/1/11, p.C3)(SFC, 7/24/15, p.D1)

2008        Dec 5, Cliff Lambert (74), a Palm Springs retiree, was stabbed to death and buried in the desert. To date his body has not been found. The murder was orchestrated by Kaushal Niroula, a SF New College exchange student from Nepal along with 2 other students including Craig McCarthy of Daly City. Miguel Bustamante was the alleged murderer. In 2010 the three faced trial on murder charges. McCarthy (30) pleaded guilty to lesser charges and testified against the others. The plot to kill Lambert, sell his home and take his assets also included  Danny Garcia and SF attorney David Replogle. On Dec 3, 2011, Replogle and Bustamante were convicted of 10 criminal counts including first-degree murder. On Sep 7, 2012, Niroula and Garcia were convicted of first-degree murder and other charges.
    (SSFC, 5/23/10, p.A17)(SSFC, 9/5/10, p.C3)(SFC, 1/4/11, p.C2)(SFC, 9/8/12, p.C4)

2008        Dec 8, In San Diego The F/A-18D Hornet crashed into a street about two miles from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar as the pilot was returning from a training flight. 4 people, a mother, 2 children and a grandmother, were killed in one house. Two homes were destroyed.
    (AP, 12/9/08)(WSJ, 12/9/08, p.A1)(SFC, 12/10/08, p.A6)

2008        Dec 11, Californias air quality board approved the nations most sweeping plan to reduce global warming by curbing emissions.
    (SFC, 12/12/08, p.A1)
2008        Dec 11, California conservation officials said a $9.9 million deal to buy the Sonoma Ranch, also known as the Walsh Property, would be completed by the end of the year.
    (SFC, 12/12/08, p.B1)
2008        Dec 11, In Los Angeles the husband and daughter of Karine Hakobyan were killed. On March 26, 2010, Karine Hakobyan was shot to death in Hollywood.
    (AP, 3/30/10)

2008        Dec 15, California Senator Diane Feinstein (75) was tapped as the chairwoman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee.
    (SFC, 12/16/08, p.A1)
2008        Dec 15, California Governor Schwarzenegger and First Lady Shriver gave introductory speeches broadcast live via video from the California Museum website for the 2008 inductees to the California Hall of Fame. The inductees included Dave Brubeck, Jane Fonda, Theodor Geisel ("Dr. Seuss"), Robert Graham, Quincy Jones, Jack LaLanne, Dorothea Lange, Julia Morgan, Jack Nicholson, Linus Pauling, Leland Stanford and Alice Waters.

2008        Dec 19, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger ordered layoffs and mandatory unpaid time off for state workers.
    (SFC, 12/20/08, p.B1)

2008        Dec 22, California's chief financial officer warned that the state would run out of money in about two months as hopes of a Christmas budget compromise melted into political finger-pointing by the end of the day.
    (AP, 12/23/08)
2008        Dec 22, In California it was announced that the Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery has been sold to the Foley Wine Group of Los Olivos, Ca.
    (SFC, 12/23/08, p.A1)

2008        Dec 24, In Covina, Ca., a man dressed as Santa who had been having marital problems opened fire at a Christmas party, leaving 9 people dead in a home that then caught fire. Hours later police found the body of the suspect, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo (45), at the home of his brother in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles. Police said he killed himself but would not say how.
    (AP, 12/25/08)(AP, 12/26/08)(SFC, 12/27/08, p.A3)
2008        Dec 24, In Sacramento, Ca., Wilbert Paana (72) died following a natural gas explosion at his home. His daughter and granddaughter were critically injured. In 2011 PG&E agreed to pay $26 million for federal and state safety violations related to the explosion.
    (SFC, 6/21/11, p.A1)

2008        Dec 31, SF ended the year with 98 homicides. In Milwaukee, Wisc., the total number of homicides dropped 32%, from 105 in 2007 to 71 in 2008, the lowest number since 1985. Detroit had 344 slayings, a 13% drop from the 396 in 2007; Philadelphia's 332 killings were a 15% drop from the 392 in 2007; and the 234 homicides in Baltimore were 17% less than the 392 the year before. Cleveland recorded 102 homicides in 2008, down from a 13-year high of 134 in 2007. Homicides in New York rose 5.2%, to 522 from 496 the year before. Slayings in Los Angeles were down to 376 in 2008 compared to 400 the prior year. Preliminary data in Chicago showed 508 homicides were reported in 2008, the first time the city had more than 500 murders since 2003 and about 15% more than the 442 homicides reported in 2007. Washington, D.C., ended 2008 with 186 homicides, up from 181 in 2007.
    (SFC, 1/2/09, p.1)(AP, 1/3/09)

2009        Jan 5, The California Supreme Court decided that churches that break away from a national denomination may not take church assets with them.
    (SFC, 1/6/09, p.A3)

2009        Jan 9, California officials said they will close state offices two Fridays a month as the state faced a $42 billion budget gap.
    (WSJ, 1/12/09, p.A1)

2009        Jan 13, The city of Los Angeles, plagued by 23,000 violent gang crimes since 2004, including 784 murders and 12,000 felony assaults, announced that it had won its first civil judgment, for $5 million, against a criminal gang that had dominated the heroin trade downtown for decades.
    (CSM, 1/15/09)(http://tinyurl.com/85n3cl)

2009        Jan 20, State Attorney General Jerry Brown said California will get $54 million as its share of a national settlement with drug maker Eli Lilly & Co. for marketing the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa for unapproved uses. Lilly agreed to pay $1.415 billion to US state and the federal government, the largest recovery in a health care fraud case in US history.
    (SFC, 1/21/09, p.A21)

2009        Jan 26, In Bellflower, California, Nadya Suleman (33) gave birth to eight babies, only the second time in history octuplets have survived more than a few hours. The woman already had six other children and never expected to have eight more when she took fertility treatment. Her mother later said the woman had conceived all 14 of her children through in vitro fertilization, is not married and has been obsessed with having children since she was a teenager.
    (AP, 1/27/09)(AP, 1/30/09)(AP, 1/31/09)(SFC, 1/31/09, p.A2)

2009        Jan 27, In California federal prosecutors said purchasing managers for Kraft Foods and Frito-Lay have admitted to taking $318,000 in bribes from Randall Rahal, a former sales broker for SK Foods of Lemoore, a major Central California tomato processor. On August 11 Robert Watson (59), former Kraft Foods purchasing manager, was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months for taking $158,000 in bribes.
    (SFC, 1/28/09, p.B3)(SFC, 8/12/09, p.D2)
2009        Jan 27, Near Los Angeles police found the bodies of 7 people at a home in Wilmington.  Ervin Lupoe (40) killed his five children and his wife before turning the gun on himself. Both adults were recently fired from their hospital jobs.
    (AP, 1/28/09)

2009        Jan 29, A California judge ruled that Gov. Schwarzenegger can force state workers to take furloughs to help close the budget gap.
    (WSJ, 1/30/09, p.A1)

2009        Feb 1, In California police officers and two armed robbers exchanged gunfire at a Papa John's Pizza outlet in Chino, 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Bystander Daniel Baledran (21), of Rubidoux, died after he was shot by officers.
    (AP, 2/3/09)

2009        Feb 6, California ordered 200,000 employees, 90% of the state work force, to take an unpaid day off amid a fiscal crises.
    (WSJ, 2/7/09, p.A1)

2009        Feb 8, In Fort Bragg, Ca., Aaron Vargas (31) shot and killed Darrell McNeill (63), a former neighbor. McNeill, a former boy Scout leader and Big Brother, had begun molesting Vargas at age of 11 and continued as Vargas grew into his 20s. 12 other men soon came forward with stories of molestation by McNeill. On April 6, 2010, Vargas pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter charges. On June 15 Vargas was sentenced to 9 years in prison.
    (SSFC, 2/21/10, p.A1)(SFC, 4/7/10, p.A1)(SFC, 6/16/10, p.A1)

2009        Feb 9, US Federal judges tentatively ordered California to release tens of thousands of inmates, up to a third of all prisoners, in the next three years to stop dangerous overcrowding.
    (Reuters, 2/10/09)

2009        Feb 13, In Southern California Amber Dubois (14) disappeared while on her way to Escondido high school. Her body was found on March 6, 2010, on the Pala Indian Reservation. On May 15, 2010 John Albert Gardner was sentenced to life in prison for attacks on Chelsea King (17) and Amber Dubois (14).
    (SFC, 3/8/10, p.C3)(SFC, 5/18/10, p.A4)

2009        Feb 19, The California state Senate approved a long-awaited budget intended to wipe out a $42 billion deficit, possibly steering the state clear of a fiscal disaster.
    (AP, 2/19/09)

2009        Feb 20, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger made nearly $1 billion in line-item trims and signed the new budget bill. The 33 bills in the budget plan included $15 billion in spending cuts, $11.4 billion in borrowing, $12.8 billion in taxes and about $2 billion in funds from the new federal stimulus package.
    (SFC, 2/20/09, p.A12)(SFC, 2/21/09, p.A1)

2009        Feb 23, Californias Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco introduced a bill to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.
    (SFC, 2/24/09, p.B1)

2009        Feb 27, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought emergency.
    (SFC, 2/28/09, p.A1)

2009        Mar 4, In California David Paradiso (28), a man accused of killing his girlfriend, was shot to death in a Stockton courtroom after he attacked the judge presiding over his murder trial.
    (AP, 3/5/09)

2009        Mar 6, In California Annette Yeomans (51) surrendered at the Vista jail and was booked for investigation of grand theft and embezzlement. The former bookkeeper reportedly embezzled $9.9 million, forcing her company to make layoffs as she bought 400 pairs of shoes that she kept in a room-sized closet decorated with a crystal chandelier and a plasma television. Authorities alleged that Yeomans embezzled the money from 2001 to 2007 while she was chief financial officer for Quality Woodworks, Inc., a cabinetry business in San Marcos.
    (AP, 3/8/09)

2009        Mar 11, A California state study said global warming is expected to cause a rise of nearly 5 feet along the coastline and severely threatening SF Bay by 2100. The rising waters could cost the state $14 billion of more to safeguard the coast.
    (SFC, 3/12/09, p.A1)(WSJ, 3/12/09, p.A1)

2009        Mar 12, The Pacific Fishery Management Council agreed to extend for a 2nd year the fishing ban of chinook salmon in California and Oregon.
    (SFC, 3/13/09, p.B1)

2009        Mar 13, California said it faced a new $8 billion shortfall by July 2010 due to declining tax revenues.
    (WSJ, 3/14/09, p.A1)

2009        Mar 22, In Montana a single-engine turboprop airplane crashed just short of Buttes Bert Mooney Airport, killing all 14 people aboard, including 7 children. The aircraft had departed from Oroville, Calif., and the pilot had filed a flight plan showing a destination of Bozeman.
    (AP, 3/23/09)
2009        Mar 22, Frank Bogert (1910), long time mayor of Palm Springs, Ca., died. He was elected to the City Council as a Republican in 1958 and was appointed major. He stepped down after 9 years in office and in 1992 became the citys first elected mayor.
    (WSJ, 4/4/09, p.A4)

2009        Mar 24, Kraft Foods Inc. notified the FDA that it had detected salmonella in roasted pistachios through routine product testing. Kraft and the Georgia Nut Co. recalled their Back to Nature Nantucket Blend trail mix the next day. The FDA contacted California-based Setton Pistachio and California health officials shortly afterward. California alone is the second-largest producer of pistachios in the world.
    (AP, 3/31/09)

2009        Mar 25, The US House voted to set aside over 2 million acres in 9 states as protected wilderness. Legislators also approved a $400 million project to restore a 3-mile stretch of the San Joaquin River in central California.
    (SFC, 3/26/09, p.A1)(WSJ, 3/26/09, p.A5)
2009        Mar 25, One of the US Air Force's top-of-the-line F-22 fighter jets crashed in the high desert of Southern California, killing test pilot David Cooley (49), an employee of prime contractor Lockheed Martin Corp.
    (AP, 3/26/09)(WSJ, 3/26/09, p.A5)

2009        Mar 26, In Los Angeles US automaker Tesla Motors unveiled its state-of-the-art five-seat sedan, billed as the world's first mass-produced, highway-capable electric car.
    (AFP, 3/26/09)

2009        Mar 27, In Tracy, Ca., Sandra Cantu (8) went missing from her mobile park home. On April 6 her body was found in a suitcase dumped in an irrigation pond a few miles away. On April 10 Melissa Huckaby (28), a Sunday school teacher, was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and killing Cantu. In 2010 Huckaby was sentenced to life in prison without parole. 
    (AP, 4/7/09)(AP, 4/11/09)(SFC, 6/15/10, p.C2)

2009        Apr 7, In southern California a gunman in Temecula opened fire at a Korean Christian retreat center, leaving one woman dead and four people injured.
    (AP, 4/8/09)

2009        Apr 12, Marilyn Chambers (born in 1952 as Marilyn Ann Briggs), adult film star, was found dead at her home in the Los Angeles suburb of Canyon Country. The pretty Ivory Snow girl helped bring hard-core adult films into the mainstream consciousness when she starred in the explicit movie "Behind the Green Door" (1972).
    (AP, 4/14/09)

2009        Apr 13, In California a jury found Phil Spector (69), former rock-n-roll producer, guilty of second-degree murder in the 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson (40).
    (AP, 4/14/09)

2009        Apr 16, In Sacramento, Ca., a tent city of some 150 homeless people was closed. It had been around for close to a decade on a strip of land between the American River and a power company.
    (Econ, 4/25/09, p.39)(http://obrag.org/?p=6660)
2009        Apr 16, In California pharmacy worker Mario Ramirez (50) showed up at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and shot Hugo Bustamante (46) and Kelly Hales (56) before turning the gun on himself and pulling the trigger.
    (AP, 4/17/09)

2009        Apr 17, California received a windfall of over $3 billion for its schools and universities from the federal stimulus package, becoming the first state to receive an infusion of cash meant to stop a downward spiral in public education.
    (SFC, 4/18/09, p.B1)

2009        Apr 21, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom formally declared his 2010 campaign for California governor.
    (SFC, 4/22/09, p.A1)

2009        Apr 23, In California Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a securities fraud lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co. for deceptively marketing a financial instrument to thousands of state investors who suffered losses of over $1.5 billion.
    (SFC, 4/24/09, p.A1)

2009        Apr 27, Five members of the US Congress were arrested while protesting the expulsion of aid groups from Darfur in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC. The included Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, John Lewis of Georgia, Donna Edwards of Maryland and Lynn Woolsey of California.
    (AP, 4/27/09)

2009        Apr 28, In California a charter bus carrying French tourists overturned near Soledad killing at least 5 people.
    (SFC, 4/29/09, p.B1)

2009        May 3, In California Briant Rodriguez (3) was kidnapped by 2 gunmen who broke into his familys home in San Bernadino.
    (www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,518779,00.html)(SFC, 5/5/09, p.A7)

2009        May 4, Californias State Water Resources Control board released a study that said only 21 of 152 lakes studied were free of mercury and other contaminants. 131 lakes showed one or more pollutants above state health guidelines.
    (SFC, 5/5/09, p.A1)

2009        May 5, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger said that the time is right to debate legalizing marijuana for recreational use in California.
    (SFC, 5/6/09, p.A1)
2009        May 5, A Marine Corps helicopter crashed shortly before midnight in a remote area of Southern California, killing the two people who were on board.
    (AP, 5/6/09)
2009        May 5, In California a wildfire broke out in the Santa Ynez mountains near Santa Barbara. By May 15, after destroying 80 homes, it was 90% contained. On Dec 10 officials charged 2 men with misdemeanors for allegedly sparking the Jesusita fire.
    (SFC, 5/15/09, p.B7)(SFC, 12/11/09, p.A11)

2009        May 6, In California a wildfire surged into Santa Barbara forcing at least 8,000 residents to evacuate.
    (SFC, 5/7/09, p.B6)

2009        May 7, LA Dodgers star Manny Ramirez (36) was suspended by Major League Baseball for 50 games for using HCG, a banned drug.
    (SFC, 5/8/09, p.A1)
2009        May 7, Univ. of California regents voted 17-4 to raise tuition by 9.3%, the 6th increase in 7 years.
    (SFC, 5/8/09, p.B3)

2009        May 8, In California the 4-day Jesusita fire in Santa Barbara was only 10% contained as of the evening, after charring more than 13 square miles and destroying about 31 homes with another 47 damaged. By the next day the fire was 40% contained and residents were allowed to return to the area.
    (AP, 5/9/09)(SSFC, 5/10/09, p.A12)

2009        May 13, RealtyTrac Inc. said new data indicated that the number of US households faced with losing their homes to foreclosure jumped 32 percent in April compared with the same month last year, with Nevada, Florida and California showing the highest rates.
    (AP, 5/13/09)
2009        May 13, The California State Univ. Board of Trustees voted 17-2 to adopt a 10% tuition increase at its 23 campuses. This was its 7th increase since 2002.
    (SFC, 5/14/09, p.B3)

2009        May 19, California voters defeated 5 of 6 propositions aimed to reduce the states $21.3 billion budget deficit. Voters approved Prop. 1F, which barred elected officials from receiving pay raises when the states reserve fund has a deficit larger than 1% of the general fund.
    (SFC, 5/20/09, p.A1)
2009        May 19, In Ventura, Ca., an intruder dressed in black and wearing a motorcycle helmet barged into a beach home and stabbed to death a pregnant Davina Husted (42) and father, Brock Husted (42)  as their two children were in other rooms.
    (AP, 5/21/09)

2009        May 21, In northern California police arrested James Stanley Koenig (57), Gary T. Armitage (59) and Jeffery A. Guidi (54) for running an alleged Ponzi scheme that swindled thousands of people of more then $200 million since 1997.
    (SFC, 5/23/09, p.B1)

2009        May 24, The space shuttle Atlantis and its 7 astronauts landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California ending a 13-day mission that repaired and enhanced the Hubble Space Telescope. Stormy weather in Florida prevented a return to NASA's home base.
    (AP, 5/24/09)(SFC, 5/25/09, p.A5)

2009        May 26, The California Supreme Court ruled 6-1 to uphold proposition 8, the November initiative that amended the state constitution to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The court said same-sex couple married before Nov. 4 remain legally wed.
    (SFC, 5/27/09, p.A1,6)
2009        May 26, Russia's uranium export company signed a groundbreaking $1 billion package of contracts to supply three US utilities with enriched fuel for nuclear power plants. Tenex signed contracts to provide enriched uranium fuel to San Francisco, California-based Pacific Gas & Electric Company; St. Louis, Missouri-based AmerenUE; and Dallas, Texas-based Luminant. Tenex will supply fuel to the US utilities from 2014 through 2020 under the contracts, which provide the option for renewal.
    (AP, 5/26/09)

2009        May 27, US federal prosecutors dropped a 5-year probe on former California state Senate leader Don Perata (64). The FBI had begun a probe of the Oakland Democrat in 2003 following charges of financial improprieties.
    (SFC, 5/28/09, p.A1)

2009        May 29, In California the new National Ignition Facility was dedicated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It was designed to create conditions like those found in stars and in the explosions of hydrogen bombs. The project was over 5 years behind schedule and costs to date reached $4 billion, almost 4 times the original estimate.
    (SFC, 5/30/09, p.A1)(Econ, 5/30/09, p.81)

2009        Jun 5, Raymond Lee Oyler (38), a convicted arsonist, was sentenced to death for setting the October 26, 2006, Southern California Esperanza wildfire that killed five federal firefighters struggling to defend a rural home from raging, wind-driven flames.
    (AP, 6/6/09)

2009        Jun 8, The US border patrol said a Mexican truck driver was arrested over the weekend at a checkpoint in San Diego County after 73 illegal Mexican immigrants were found in the back of his rig.
    (SFC, 6/9/09, p.A5)

2009        Jun 9, In California, George Torres, founder of a grocery store chain, was released on $1 million bond after a judge tossed out racketeering and conspiracy charges regarding orders for killing a rival. He remained convicted of 53 lesser charges.
    (SFC, 6/10/09, p.B3)

2009        Jun 10, California's state controller said the government risks a financial "meltdown" within 50 days in light of its weakening May revenues unless Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lawmakers quickly plug a $24.3 billion budget gap.
    (Reuters, 6/11/09)

2009        Jun 15, In California the body of Joanne Witt (47) was found at her home in El Dorado Hills, east of Sacramento. On June 17 her daughter Tyler Marie Witt (15) and boyfriend Steven Paul Colver (20), suspects in the stabbing death, were arrested at a strip mall in the Bay Area city of San Bruno.
    (SFC, 6/18/09, p.B3)

2009        Jun 23, In Santa Cruz, California, Clyde Persley (49) turned in his winning SuperLotto Plus ticket and should get his first check for about $16 million in four to six weeks.
    (AP, 6/28/09)

2009        Jun 27, In Los Angeles County a gunman opened fire outside a restaurant in Pico Rivera during a fundraiser by the motorcycle group know as the Old School Riders. 3 people were killed and 7 others injured.
    (SFC, 6/29/09, p.A4)

2009        Jun 30, In California August Provost (29), a black and gay sailor, was burned and killed during an arson attack at Camp Pendleton. On July 31 Petty Officer Jonathan (32) was found dead of suicide in the bases brig.
    (SSFC, 8/2/09, p.A9)(http://socialistworker.org/2009/07/20/why-did-august-provost-die)

2009        Jul 1, Californias Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal state of emergency after Lawmakers failed to balance the state's main checkbook. State Controller John Chiang said his office is prepared to issue IOUs totaling $3.3 billion in July.
    (AP, 7/2/09)
2009        Jul 1, California began enforcing a new menu-labeling law. It required chain restaurants with over 20 branches to post the calories of their fare on menus.
    (Econ, 7/25/09, p.30)

2009        Jul 2, California State Controller John Chiang began to issuing IOUs to pay taxpayer refunds and vendors. On July 9 the SEC classified the IOUs as municipal securities subject to regulation to prevent their being traded by entrepreneurs in an open secondary market.
    (SFC, 7/10/09, p.A1, 12)

2009        Jul 5, John Bachar (b.1957), free-style rock climber, fell to his death from a dike wall in the eastern Sierra near Mammoth Lakes, Ca.
    (Econ, 7/18/09, p.84)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Bachar)

2009        Jul 12, In Novato, California, James Raphael Mitchell (27) allegedly bludgeoned to death Danielle Keller, the mother of his one-year-old daughter. He was arrested late the same day. Mitchells father, Jim Mitchell, was the co-founder of San Franciscos x-rated OFarrell Theater. In 2011 Mitchell testified he did not kill Keller and had fought off two attackers at her home on the day of her death. Mitchell was convicted of 1st degree murder on July 12, 2011. On Aug 16 Mitchell was sentenced to 35 years in prison.
    (SFC, 7/14/09, p.A1)(SFC, 7/6/11, p.C5)(SFC, 7/13/11, p.C3)(SFC, 8/17/11, p.C3)

2009        Jul 15, California tax officials said a bill to tax and regulate marijuana in California like alcohol would generate nearly $1.4 billion in revenue for the cash-strapped state.
    (AP, 7/16/09)

2009        Jul 16, In California the UC Board of Regents cut $813 million from US budgets and approved pay raises, dividends and other benefits for over two dozen executives.
    (http://tinyurl.com/n3hcj3)(SFC, 8/7/09, p.A1)

2009        Jul 20, In California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and four legislative leaders agreed to bridge a $26.3 billion gap between expenditures and the state's plummeting revenues. The agreement composed of cuts, borrowing and fund shifts was not expected to resolve California's financial problems as the economy continues to struggle and tax revenue lags far behind the level of the boom years.
    (AP, 7/21/09)

2009        Jul 23, US Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas was killed near Campo, Ca. On July 25 Mexican federal police detained four men suspected of involvement in the killing of Rosas. Included was Ernesto Parra Valenzuela, identified as the suspected killer of Rosas. In 2009 Christian Daniel Castro Alvarez (17) pleaded guilty to murdering Rosas. On April 29, 2010, Alvarez was sentenced to 40 years in prison. A 2nd suspect, Marcos Manuel Rodriguez Perez, was arrested on April 11, 2011.
    (AP, 7/26/09)(http://texasfred.net/archives/4628)(SFC, 7/27/09, p.A4)(SFC, 11/21/09, p.A4)(AP, 4/29/10)(AP, 4/11/11)

2009        Jul 24, It was reported that federal and state agents have arrested 82 people for growing over $1.2 billion worth of marijuana in Californias Sierra Nevada. Over the last 10 days more than 314,000 plants at 70 different sites were destroyed. Several Mexican drug cartels were said to involved and all but one of those arrested were from Mexico.
    (SFC, 7/24/09, p.D7)

2009        Jul 28, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger cut a half billion more from the state budget and signed a package of legislation to wipe out the states $24 billion deficit. It was later reported that state lawmakers added 336 employees between January and the end of July adding about $14.4 million a year to the state payroll.
    (SFC, 7/29/09, p.A1)(SSFC, 8/9/09, p.A1)

2009        Jul 29, In Van Nuys, Ca., Sandro Karmryan was kidnapped. He was beaten and held captive for days as his tormentors tried to negotiate a $1 million ransom. In 2011 Suren Garibyan (34) was sentenced to 17 years in prison for his role in the kidnapping.
    (SFC, 4/27/11, p.C2)

2009        Jul 30, Bill Leigon, president of Hahn Family Wines in Soledad, Calif., said that visits to the company's Web site have increased tenfold since news of an Alabama ban on his Cycles Gladiator wine broke late last week. Callers from across the country have been asking where they can buy the wine. It was reported that the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board had recently told stores and restaurants to quit serving Cycles Gladiator wine because of a label that features a nude nymph. The wine's label is copied from an 1895 French advertising poster for Cycles Gladiator bicycles. It shows a side view of a full-bodied nymph flying alongside a winged bicycle.
    (AP, 7/31/09)

2009        Jul 31, California authorities said the white striped fruit fly has been found in Southern California, marking the first detection of the Southeast Asian pest in the Western Hemisphere. Several thousand traps were soon placed in the La Verne area of eastern Los Angeles County, where 7 of the flies were found.
    (SFC, 8/1/09, p.A4)

2009        Jul, Los Angeles police arrested Mohammad Reza Sadeghnia. Prosecutors said he tried to hire a man to kill Jamshid Sharmahd, who ran a LA-based radio programming for the Iranian opposition group Tondar. Sadeghnia spent a year in jai and thenwas placed on probation and traveled to Iran. H e failed to return for a court date and was declared a fugitive.
    (SFC, 12/4/10, p.A7)
2009        Jul, Californias Air Resources Board adopted a 24-mile threshold for ships bound for state ports to begin using low sulfur fuel.
    (SFC, 3/29/11, p.C5)

2009        Aug 4, A US federal court panel ordered California to reduce its prison population by 40,000 over the next 2 years to meet constitutional standards for inmate health care.
    (SFC, 8/4/09, p.A1)

2009        Aug 8, In Dinuba, Ca., a car fleeing from police ran a stop sign and slammed into a pickup, killing three people in the car and four young children in the truck.
    (AP, 8/9/09)
2009        Aug 8, In Chino, Ca., a 2-day prison riot began. It housed almost twice as many prisoners as it was designed for and was typical of Californias 33 state prisons. At this time California spent about $49,000 a year on each prisoner, almost twice the national average.
    (Econ, 8/15/09, p.28)

2009        Aug 14, In California the Lockheed fire in Santa Cruz County, which began on Aug 12, covered over 5,000 acres and was only 15% contained. 9 big wildfires across the state covered over 100,000 acres.
    (SFC, 8/15/09, p.A8)

2009        Aug 15, In southern California the body of Jasmine Fiore (28), a swimsuit model, was found stuffed in a suitcase and dumped into a trash bin in Orange County. Her husband Ryan Alexander Jenkins (32), a reality TV show contestant and CEO of Skyhomes in Calgary, Canada, reported her missing the same day. On Aug 20 Jenkins was charged with murder and believed to be hiding in Canada. On Aug 23 Jenkins was found dead of apparent suicide in a motel in Hope, British Columbia.
    (SFC, 8/20/09, p.A5)(SFC, 8/20/09, p.A9)(Reuters, 8/24/09)

2009        Aug 22, Vicki Cruse (40) from Santa Paula, Calif., died in an accident during the World Aerobatic Championships at Britain's Silverstone motor racing circuit. She was a former member of the US national aerobatics team and was the first woman to qualify to race in her class at the Reno National Championship Air Races.
    (AP, 8/22/09)

2009        Aug 26, In California Phillip Garrido (58) and his wife Nancy (55) were arrested for their 1991 kidnapping of  Jaycee Lee Dugard (11) from a bus stop outside her home in South Lake Tahoe. Police freed Dugard and her 2 children who were fathered by Dugard, who had kept them in tents in a fenced, backyard compound in Antioch, Ca.
    (AP, 8/28/09)
2009        Aug 26, In southern California the Station Fire began in Los Angeles County and soon grew to become the largest wildfire in county history. It did not get contained until Sep 1.
    (SFC, 11/14/09, p.A4)

2009        Aug 28, California Gov. Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles and Monterey counties due to wild fires.
    (SSFC, 8/30/09, p.A10)

2009        Aug 29, California Gov. Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Mariposa County due to a wild fire in Yosemite National Park.
    (SSFC, 8/30/09, p.A10)

2009        Aug 30, In southern California 2 firefighters died north of Los Angeles when their vehicle rolled down a mountainside amid wildfire flames.
    (SFC, 8/31/09, p.A4)(SFC, 9/4/09, p.A7)

2009        Aug 31, In southern California fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was sentenced to 59 years to life in prison for sexually assaulting aspiring models he lured to Los Angeles.
    (AP, 9/1/09)
2009        Aug 31, In southern California a massive fire in the Angeles National Forest nearly doubled in size overnight, threatening 12,000 homes in a 20-mile-long swath of flame and smoke and surging toward a mountaintop broadcasting complex.
    (AP, 8/31/09)(SFC, 8/31/09, p.A4)

2009        Sep 1, In Southern California the Station wildfire continued to rage with 53 homes up in smoke, thousands more threatened and new rounds of evacuations as towering flames crackled close to foothill neighborhoods just 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. On Sep 3 investigators said the fire was an act of arson. On Oct 17 the US Forest Service said the 250-square-mile Station fire was 100% contained, 52 days after it began.
    (AP, 9/1/09)(SFC, 9/4/09, p.A7)(SFC, 10/20/09, p.A5)

2009        Sep 3, California state wildlife regulators canceled the San Francisco Bay herring fishing season for the first time as the population plunged to a dangerous low.
    (SFC, 9/4/09, p.A19)

2009        Sep 8, In Connecticut Annie Le (24), a California graduate student at Yale, disappeared after entering a laboratory building. She was due to be married on Sep 13. On Sep 13 police found her body stuffed behind a wall in the high-security laboratory building where she worked. On June 3, 2011, Raymond Clark III was sentenced to 44 years in prison for the murder.
    (SSFC, 9/13/09, p.A16)(AP, 9/14/09)(SFC, 6/4/11, p.A4)

2009        Sep 9, California Assemblyman Mike Duvall, R-Yorba Linda, resigned after a videotape surfaced of his bragging about sexual exploits with 2 women, one of whom reportedly worked as a lobbyist.
    (SFC, 9/10/09, p.A11)
2009        Sep 9, James Krenov, world-renowned cabinetmaker, died in Fort Bragg, Ca. His first book was titled A Cabinetmakers Notebook was published in 1976.
    (SFC, 9/30/09, p.D6)

2009        Sep 15, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed an executive order mandating that the state Air Resources Board create a regulation requiring that 1/3 of energy sold by utility companies in the state over the next decade come from renewable sources.
    (SFC, 9/16/09, p.A16)
2009        Sep 15, In California a juice sucking grapevine moth, known as Lobesia botrana, was first detected in the Oakville area of Napa County. In March, 2010, the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture quarantined 162 square miles of land in the area to halt the infestation.
    (SFC, 3/12/10, p.A1)

2009        Sep 23, It was reported that solar power company SolarCity and Dutch Bank RaboBank have teamed together to build 5 recharging stations along Highway 101, between the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles, to support the new Tesla electric cars. The $109,000 roadster was limited to range of about 250 miles. Recharging would take 30-45 minutes. Fully charging the cars took over 3 hours at a cost of about $4.
    (SFC, 9/23/09, p.A1)

2009        Sep 24, In California thousands of students, professors and workers at UC campuses across the state poured out of classrooms to rally against deep cuts to public education.
    (SFC, 9/25/09, p.A1)
2009        Sep 24, Susan Atkins (61), a follower of cult leader Charles Manson, died at a prison facility in Chowchilla, Ca. Her remorseless witness stand confession to killing pregnant actress Sharon Tate in 1969 shocked the world. She had been suffering from brain cancer.
    (AP, 9/25/09)

2009        Sep 25, In Sacramento, Ca., Garret Griffith Gililland III (28) pleaded not guilty to charges that included 24 counts  in an alleged $100 million mortgage fraud ring. He was arrested last year in Spain and was returned to the US to face federal fraud charges.
    (SSFC, 9/27/09, p.A8)
2009        Sep 25, Robbers in Pebble Beach, Ca., allegedly stole some 30 pieces of art valued at $27 million. Angelo Amadio (31) and Dr. Ralph Kennaugh (62) said the stolen art included paintings by Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh. Investigators on Oct 6 said the heist appeared to be a scam. 
    (SFC, 9/30/09, p.D3)(SFC, 10/7/09, p.A1)

2009        Sep 29, In California 28 parties, after a decade of negotiations, reached a tentative agreement to remove 4 dams on the Klamath River, which have blocked salmon migrations.
    (SFC, 9/30/09, p.A1)

2009        Oct 1, In California operators at the Friant Dam began releasing pulses of water in a move to rewet the San Joaquin riverbed in preparation for reintroducing salmon species beginning next year. The dam, completed in 1944, had turned 64 miles of the river into a dusty trench.
    (SFC, 10/1/09, p.A1)

2008        Oct 4, Luis Santos (b.1986), a Concord, Ca., resident, was stabbed to death after a party near the San Diego college campus. Esteban Nunez (19), the son of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, was later arrested along with three others in connection with the stabbing death. In 2010 Esteban Nunez pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and on June 25, 2010, he and a co-defendant were sentenced to 16 years in prison.
    (SFC, 5/6/10, p.A4)(http://tinyurl.com/2eaav49)(SFC, 6/26/10, p.A4)

2009        Oct 8, In southern California Damon Thompson (20) was arrested in a UCLA chemistry building shortly after stabbing a female student in the throat. He was booked on suspicion of attempted murder and was being held on $1 million bail. The woman underwent surgery for multiple stab wounds at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and was in stable condition.
    (AP, 10/9/09)

2009        Oct 11, California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act to provide legal aid to low-income residents. The modern movement to offer legal services to low-income people was spearheaded by Sargent Shriver in 1966, aided by the American Bar Association.
    (http://tinyurl.com/ybgj3etb)(SSFC, 11/26/17, p.E7)
2009        Oct 11, California Senate Bill 94 was enacted into law making it illegal in California for any person or business to demand, charge, or collect any advance or upfront fee for loan modification work or services.

2009        Oct 12, Don Young of Des Moines, Iowa, won the 39th Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival with his 1,658-pound pumpkin. It broke the year-old record of 1,528 pounds. His first prize of $9,948 came out to $6 per pound. The world record had just been set on Oct 10 in Ohio by a 1,725-pound Atlantic giant pumpkin.
    (SFC, 10/13/09, p.C1)(SSFC, 10/11/09, p.A14)

2009        Oct 18, Dawn Viens was last seen leaving her husband's successful restaurant in Lomita, Calif. Her husband did not report her missing. On Feb 23, 2011, David Viens jumped of a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes following news reports that he was suspect in his wifes disappearance.
    (www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20016368-504083.html)(SFC, 2/24/11, p.A5)

2009        Oct 22, California authorities said a grand jury has indicted 18 people on charges of marijuana growing and mortgage fraud. The San Francisco Bay Area residents allegedly operated marijuana gardens in 50 homes in the Central Valley in 2006 and 2007.
    (SFC, 10/23/09, p.A14)

2009        Oct 23, Anthony Pellicano and associate Alexander Proctor pleaded no contest to threatening LA Times reporter Anita Busch, who was putting together a story on actor Steven Seagals possible connections to organized crime. Pellicano, a former Hollywood private eye, was already serving a 15 year sentence for digging up dirt public figures.
    (SFC, 10/24/09, p.A8)

2009        Oct 24, City and state officials in Los Angeles dedicated the new 10-story, $437 million police headquarters.
    (SSFC, 10/25/09, p.A8)

2009        Oct 25, In California a fire broke out in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Morgan Hill and Sant Cruz. The Loma Fire covered 485 acres and was only 20% contained. The Loma Fire was fully contained on Oct 27.
    (SFC, 10/26/09, p.A1)(SFC, 10/28/09, p.A9)

2009        Oct 29, A US panel that refers cases to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct announced that it was investigating two California Democrats, Reps. Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson, even as its embarrassed leaders took pains to explain that several other lawmakers also were identified in the leaked confidential committee memo but may have done nothing wrong.
    (AP, 10/30/09)
2009        Oct 29, A US Coast Guard airplane on a nighttime search for a boater collided with one of four Marine Corps helicopters flying in formation to a military training island off Southern California. All seven people aboard the Coast Guard plane and the two-person crew of the Marine Corps AH-1W Super Cobra helicopter were missing.
    (AP, 10/30/09)

2009        Oct 30, SF Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that he was dropping out of the race for governor of California.
    (SFC, 10/31/09, p.A1)
2009        Oct 30, US banking regulators closed nine banks in California, Illinois, Texas and Arizona. They were all divisions of privately held FBOP Corp. based in Oak Park, Ill.
    (SSFC, 11/1/09, p.A15)

2009        Oct 31, In Mendota, Ca., searchers found the body of Alex Mercado (4) stuffed into a clothes dryer. Raul Renato Castro (14) later told investigators that he drowned his neighbor in a bathtub and then hid the body in a dryer because the child was going to reveal that the teen had molested him.
    (SFC, 11/5/09, p.C3)

2009        Nov 3, In California Democrat John Garamendi (64) won the US House seat vacated by Rep. Ellen Tauscher, who has taken an arms control job in the State Dept.
    (SFC, 11/6/09, p.A10) 

2009        Nov 4, US federal prosecutors said Alan Huey (53), a former top executive of SK Foods, has agreed to plead guilty to taking part in a 4-year conspiracy in which the California tomato processor bribed food companies and mislabeled tomato paste that exceeded government mold standards.
    (SFC, 11/5/09, p.C2)

2009        Nov 6, US banking regulators shut down United Commercial Bank of San Francisco. The government had invested $300 million from the Treasurys Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in the parent UCBH Holdings. The assets, loans and 63 branches of UCBH were sold to East West Bank of Pasadena.
    (SSFC, 11/29/09, p.D1)

2009        Nov 14, In Riverside County, Ca., Maysam Barbar and daughter Tamara (6) were found dead in their Perris home. Suspect Michael Barbar, the husband and stepfather, was arrested the next day in Deming, NM.
    (SFC, 11/16/09, p.A6)
2009        Nov 14, In Lassen County, Ca., a medical Aerospatiale AS350 helicopter crashed near the Nevada state line killing all three crew members. They were returning to Susanville after dropping off a patient in Reno.
    (SSFC, 11/15/09, p.A12)

2009        Nov 16, In Los Angeles the new $898 million Metro Gold Line extension began regular service from Union Station to Atlantic Boulevard.
    (SFC, 11/16/09, p.A6)
2009        Nov 16, Iraqi officials said gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms abducted and killed at least 13 people in the village of al-Saadan, a village west of Baghdad, in what some described as revenge against Sunnis who helped fight al-Qaida. In Kirkuk a parked car bomb exploded in a market, killing two civilians and wounding 10 others. An American soldier died of injuries sustained in a vehicle accident during a patrol. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped in on US troops in Iraq, thanking them for the sacrifices they and their families are making.
    (AP, 11/16/09)(AP, 11/17/09)

2009        Nov 17, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited his native Austria.
    (AP, 11/18/09)

2009        Nov 18, Californias Legislative Analyst Office reported that the state will face a $20.7 billion deficit next year.
    (SFC, 11/19/09, p.A1)

2009        Nov 19, California Attorney General Jerry Brown issued an opinion that the salaries of legislators and other elected officials can be cut in the middle of their terms. The decision was expected to save the state $2.8 million next year. UC regents passed a 32% tuition increase despite protests by angry students.
    (SFC, 11/20/09, p.C1)(SFC, 11/20/09, p.C2)

2009        Nov 28, In Sonoma County, Ca., John Maloney (45), his wife Susan (42), and 2 children Aiden (8) and Gracie (5) were killed when Steven Culbertson (19) of Lakeport broadsided their car on Highway 37. The family was on its way home from a vacation in Hawaii. News of the tragedy prompted Michael Vincent Gutierrez (26) of Redwood City and girlfriend Amber Marie True (29) to break into the Maloneys empty house. They ransacked the home and drove off in the Maloneys 2006 Nissan 350Z. Gutierrez and True were arrested Dec 1 just hours after a neighbor noticed the Maloneys garage door open.
    (SFC, 12/3/09, p.A1)

2009        Dec 1, California Governor Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver inducted the latest nominees to the California Hall of Fame. They included: Carol Burnett, Andy Grove, Hiram Johnson, Rafer Johnson, Henry J. Kaiser, Joan Kroc, George Lucas, John Madden, Harvey Milk, Fritz Scholder, Danielle Steel, Joe Weider and General Chuck Yeager.
    (SFC, 12/2/09, p.C6)

2009        Dec 5, It was reported that US federal regulators have approved the use of the name Calistoga as an appellation for vintners in Calistoga, Ca. James Barrett, proprietor of the Chateau Montelena winery, had begun petitioning the Treasury Dept. for the name in 2003.
    (SFC, 12/5/09, p.D1)

2009        Dec 7, Virgin Galactic unveiled its first commercial spaceship, the VSS Enterprise, at the Mohave Air and Space Port in California. Initial trips to the edge of space were expected to cost $200,000 per person.
    (Econ, 12/12/09, p.91)

2009        Dec 9, In Chula Vista, Ca., Maribel Arteaga (28), a pregnant woman, was fatally stabbed in front of her two children by a man authorities believe is her estranged husband. On Jan 28, 2011, Arteaga Garcia was detained by Mexican police.
    (SSFC, 1/30/11, p.A10)(http://tinyurl.com/47x9hte)

2009        Dec 10, In California the Assemblys Democratic Caucus selected openly gay Latino Democrat John Perez from Los Angeles as the lower houses leader. He was expected to be voted in as the 68th Assembly speaker in January.
    (SFC, 12/11/09, p.A1)

2009        Dec 11, US immigration agents arrested 280 people in California as they fanned out across the state for a 3-day search for illegal immigrants.
    (SFC, 12/12/09, p.A5)

2009        Dec 14, Researchers from US Santa Barbara and the Univ. of Mich published a study describing their synthetic red blood cells, which are capable of delivering medicine, oxygen or MRI contrast agents throughout the body.
    (SFC, 12/18/09, p.A28)

2009        Dec 17, In California the Sonoma Land Trust completed the $36 million purchase of 5,630 acres of coastal grasslands and redwood forest known as the Jenner Headlands.
    (SFC, 12/18/09, p.A1)
2009        Dec 17, Xcor Aerospace of Mohave, Ca., said it has been selected to supply launch services to the Yecheon Astro Space Center, a nonprofit organization in South Korea.
    (SFC, 12/18/09, p.A21)

2009        Dec 31, In Mexico Roberto Salcedo (33), an assistant principal and Southern California school board member, was killed while he and his wife were visiting relatives in Gomez Palacio.
    (AP, 1/31/10)

2009        Elaine Elinson and Stan Yogi authored Wherever Theres a Fight: How Runaway Slaves, suffragists, Immigrants, Strikers, and Poets Shaped Civil Liberties in California.
    (SFC, 12/18/09, p.F6)
2009        Kevin Starr, historian, authored Golden Dreams: California in an Age of Abundance 1950-1963, the 8th book in his epic series American and the California Dream.
    (Econ, 8/8/09, p.72)
2009        William T. Vollman authored Imperial, a look at the struggle for water and jobs in Californias Imperial Valley.
    (Econ, 8/1/09, p.71)

2009        Americas Dept. of Energy agreed to gave Fisker, a California-based maker of hybrid electric cars, a big green energy loan to start production of its Karma sports car. Production ceased in 2012 and the company filed for bankruptcy in 2013. Hybrid Tech Holdings of Hong Kong soon bought the DOEs loan at a big discount and competed with Wanxiang, a Chinese maker of car parts, for control of Fisker.
    (Econ, 1/11/14, p.54)
2009        Virtually all investment managers of California Public Employees' Retirement System (of CalPERS) were awarded bonuses of more than $10,000 each, with several earning bonuses of more than $100,000 during the 2008-09 fiscal year. The cash awards were distributed as the fund lost $59 billion.
    (AP, 9/21/10)
2009        Southern California Edison, a utility company preparing to build a new substation in an arid canyon southeast of Los Angeles, stumbled on a trove of animal fossils dating back 1.4 million years. All the bones were dated to the Irvingtonian period, which spanned 1.8 million to 300,000 years ago. The bones found in Riverside County were dated by observing the layers of sediment they were found in and fall at about 1.4 million years ago.
    (AP, 9/21/10)
2009        Christian Carl Gerhartsreiter, a German national who came to the United States in the 1970s, was convicted in Boston in the kidnapping of his 7-year-old daughter. He had assumed many identities, including Clark Rockefeller, was sentenced to 4-5 years in prison. In 2011 Los Angeles prosecutors filed a murder charge against Gerhartsreiter in the 1985 disappearance of 27-year-old John Sohus. In 2011 Mark Seal authored The Man in the Rockefeller Suit: The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Imposter.
    (AP, 3/16/11)(SSFC, 7/10/11, p.G6)
2009        In southern California Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry formed the Pedego Electric Bikes company to manufacture and sell plug-in electric bikes. In 2014 the company signed a branding deal with Ford Motor Co.
    (SSFC, 10/26/14, p.F2)

2010        Jan 1, In the Rose Bowl at Pasadena Terrelle Pryor passed for a career-high 266 yards and two touchdowns, rushed for 72 more and threw a 17-yard scoring pass to DeVier Posey with 7:02 to play, leading the No. 8 Buckeyes to a 26-17 victory over No. 7 Oregon.
    (AP, 1/2/10)

2010        Jan 5, In California 3 biologists with the California Dept. of Fish and Game were killed along with their helicopter pilot while they were surveying deer in the foothills of Sierra national Forest after their vehicle clipped a power line and crashed.
    (SFC, 1/6/10, p.C2)

2010        Jan 6, It was reported that Santa Barbara-based Cybersitter has filed a $2.2 billion lawsuit against China, accusing Beijing of stealing its technology to bar Internet access to political and religious sites in China. The suit alleges that the Chinese makers of Green Dam illegally copied more than 3,000 lines of code from its filtering software, and conspired with China's rulers and computer manufacturers to distribute more than 56 million copies of the pirated software throughout China.
    (AFP, 1/6/10)

2010        Jan 9, California-based eSolar Inc. said it will help build a series of solar thermal power plants in China, as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases tries to decrease its heavy reliance on coal, imported gas and oil.
    (AP, 1/9/10)

2010        Jan 12, In California a state commission voted unanimously to approve the most stringent, environmentally friendly building code standards of any state in the nation. The new code, dubbed Calgreen, will take effect next January.
    (SFC, 1/13/10, p.A1)

2010        Jan 16, A small boat packed with illegal immigrants overturned off the San Diego coast at Torrey Pines State Park. 2 people died and 5 were injured. 16 people, all Mexican citizens, were accounted for. On Jan 28 two men were indicted on charges of illegal smuggling.
    (SSFC, 1/17/10, p.A14)(SFC, 1/18/10, p.A6)(SFC, 1/30/10, p.A4)

2010        Jan 18, US officials said on some 390 tons of ground beef produced by a California meat packer, some of it nearly two years ago, is being recalled for fear of potentially deadly E. coli bacterium tainting.
    (Reuters, 1/18/10)

2010        Jan 23, Abby Sunderland (16) of Thousand Oaks, Ca., sailed into the Pacific aboard a 4-foot craft called wild Eyes in an effort to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. On April 24 Sunderland wrote on her blog that it would be "foolish and irresponsible" to keep going after losing use of her boat's main autopilot.
    (SFC, 1/25/10, p.A5)(AP, 4/25/10)

2010        Feb 4, Joseph McStay (40), his wife, Summer (43), and their two children disappeared from their San Diego County home. Their white, 1996 Isuzu Trooper was found four days later in a strip mall in San Ysidro, about 70 miles from their home. In 2013 The bodies of the family were found in a shallow graves near Victorville.
    (AP, 2/25/10)(http://tinyurl.com/lllfc82)(SFC, 11/16/13, p.A6)

2010        Feb 9, California lawmakers called for federal and state investigations into Anthem Blue Cross regarding new rates hikes of as much as 39% for thousands of policyholders statewide. On Feb 13 Anthem announced that it would delay the increase for two months to allow state regulators to conduct a review. On April 29 WellPoint, the parent of Anthem Blue Cross, said it was withdrawing the proposed rate increase and planned to file new rates.
    (SFC, 2/10/10, p.A1)(SSFC, 2/14/10, p.A1)(SFC, 4/30/10, p.C1)

2010        Feb 13, In California, South African Chris Bertish won the $50,000 first prize at the 7th Mavericks Surf Contest north of Half Moon Bay. Earlier in the day a series of waves crashed into some of the thousands of fans who had flocked to a beach to try to see the action.
    (SSFC, 2/14/10, p.A1)

2010        Feb 19, Pres. Obama, speaking in Nevada targeted Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada in a $1.5 billion innovation fund to assist homeowners struggling against foreclosure.
    (SFC, 2/20/10, p.A1)
2010        Feb 19, In California Albert Halluin (70), former biotech patent attorney, and his fiance Judy Perchonock (60) were killed when Halluins single-engine plane crashed near Pine Lake Airport in Tuolemne County.
    (SFC, 2/22/10, p.A1)

2010        Feb 25, In California Rick Ray Liles (51) shot and killed deputy Joel Wahlenmaier (49) in Minkler, Fresno County, during an investigation of arson blazes in the village. Liles took his own life in the gunbattle at his mobile home.
    (SFC, 2/27/10, p.A7)
2010        Feb 25, In California Chelsea King (17) failed to return from a run at a San Diego park. On Feb 28 John Albert Gardner III (30) of Lake Elsinore man was arrested for investigation of murder and rape. Kings body was found buried on March 2 in a shallow grave on the south shore of Lake Hodges. On April 16, 2010, Gardner pleaded guilty to the murder of King and Amber Dubois (14), who had vanished in February, 2009. On May 15 Gardner was sentenced to life in prison for attacks on King and Amber Dubois (14).
    (AP, 3/3/10)(SFC, 4/17/10, p.A5)(SFC, 5/18/10, p.A4)

2010        Mar 2, In California Jerry Brown, former 2-term Democrat state governor (1975-1983), announced that he would run for a 3rd term as governor.
    (SFC, 3/2/10, p.A1)

2010        Mar 4, In California thousands of protesters lashed out against budget cuts to the states educational system in the Day of Action to Defend Public Education.
    (SFC, 3/5/10, p.A1)

2010        Mar 8, In California GOP State Sen. Roy Ashburn (55) announced that he was gay on a Kern County radio station. 5 days earlier he was arrested near a gay bar in Sacramento on suspicion of drunk driving.
    (SFC, 3/10/10, p.A1)

2010        Mar 9, Rodney Alcala (66), an amateur photographer, was convicted in southern California of killing a girl and 4 women between 1977 and 1979. The Santa Ana jury recommended a death penalty. Photographic evidence from a Seattle storage locker, rented before his arrest in 1979, linked him to at least one woman listed for decades as missing. On march 30 Alcala was sentenced to death.
    (SFC, 3/11/10, p.A8)(SFC, 3/17/10, p.C3)(SFC, 3/31/10, p.A7)

2010        Mar 12, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom formally announced that he is in the race for the office of California lieutenant governor.
    (SFC, 3/13/10, p.A1)

2010        Mar 17, In California US Border patrol agents seized 580 pounds of marijuana inside a tractor-trailer near Blythe in Riverside County.
    (SFC, 3/20/10, p.A5)

2010        Mar 22, Scientists, policy experts and journalists gathered at Asilomar on the Monterey peninsula of California for a 5-day discussion on geoengineering, a term to describe deliberate large-scale actions to combat the climate changing effects of greenhouse gas emissions, without actually curbing those emissions.
    (Econ, 4/3/10, p.81)

2010        Mar 30, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sued the escrow firm Rehab Financial Corp. after learning the company had abruptly shuttered its Huntington Beach office and drained accounts holding city funds. The suit accused the company of misappropriating several million dollars from SF and at least a dozen other California cities.
    (SFC, 4/1/10, p.C2)

2010        Apr 1, The US national board for ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, closed its California state affiliate field offices. The group, formed in 1970, was under pressure due to videotapes in 2009 of ACORN allegedly assisting a proposed prostitution ring. In 2013 the makers of the secretly filmed video agreed to pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit with Juan Carlos Vera, who said he was just trying to get information from James OKeefe and Hannah Giles, the makers of the video.
    (http://tinyurl.com/54o77a)(SFC, 4/2/10, p.c2)(SFC, 2/9/13, p.A5)

2010        Apr 3, In Los Angeles Nerse Arthur Galstyan (28), an Armenian national killed, 4 people in a restaurant following a dispute and escaped the scene.
    (SFC, 4/10/10, p.A4)

2010        Apr 14, Federal agents in northern California arrested 18 people on charges of defrauding banks and lenders with bogus mortgage loan applications. Losses totaled at least $10 million from 2005 to 2009.
    (SFC, 4/15/10, p.C3)
2010        Apr 14, In Los Angeles Dr. Daniel Healy (45) was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison for dispensing over a million hydrocodone tablets for cash. He made nearly $700,000 in 2008 from selling the powerful painkiller.
    (SFC, 4/15/10, p.A7)

2010        Apr 16, Daryl Gates (83), the blunt former Los Angeles police chief best known for his handling of the Rodney King beating and 1992 race riots, died.
    (Reuters, 4/16/10)
2010        Apr 16, US banking regulators shut down 8 banks, including 2 in northern California, 3 in Florida, one in Washington state, one in Massachusetts, and one in Michigan, bringing the total this year to 50. In 2009 140 banks failed in the US compared to 25 in 2008 and 3 in 2007.
    (SFC, 4/19/10, p.D3)

2010        Apr 19, San Diego, Ca., Sheriff Bill Gore said that 24 documented gang members and eight gang associates have been booked on suspicion of various offenses following the two-day multi-agency operation called "Allied Shield."
    (AP, 4/19/10)
2010        Apr 19, In Los Angeles Brian Alexik (34) slipped out the back window of his apartment as detectives interviewed local tenants regarding a gas odor. Detectives found a cache of loaded weapons, including an AK-47, next to a mosaic depicting the CIA seal. They found equipment for counterfeiting money. High-powered binoculars were trained on the US Federal Reserve building next door. Alexik had been paying about $4,000 cash for his rent but had recently stopped paying and was on the verge of getting evicted. He allegedly had been bleaching low-denomination bills then using a printer to change the value to $100 or $50. In all, police recovered about $15,000 in bogus bills. Alexik was caught on June 3.
    (AP, 6/27/10)

2010        Apr 25, In California Fresno police began a crackdown on gangs after 3 people were killed in separate shootings. By May 10 police made some 648 arrests including 216 for felony offenses.
    (SFC, 5/10/10, p.A4)

2010        Apr 28, The US Supreme Court refused to order the removal of a cross from the Mohave National Preserve  in southern California. Veterans of Foreign Wars had placed a cross there in 1934 to honor soldiers killed in WWI. The first wooden cross was later replaced by a metal cross, which was around May 9-10, 2010.
2010        Apr 28, Sempra Energy, the parent company of San Diego Gas and Electric Co., agreed to pay $410 million to settle claims that it played Enron-style games with Californias electricity market during the 2000-2001 energy crises.
    (SFC, 4/28/10, p.D1)

2010        Apr 30, Peter Lopez (60), a successful entertainment attorney who was married to actress Catherine Bach, was found dead at his home in the Encino Hills, Ca., in an apparent suicide.
    (AP, 5/1/10)

2010        May 3, Prosecutors said Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has agreed to pay $27.6 million to settle allegations that it improperly handled and dumped hazardous waste at stores across California in a case that led to changes in the retailer's practices nationwide.
    (AP, 5/3/10)

2010        May 6, In California Joseph Mercado (27) shot and killed Serena Tarin, his ex-girlfriend, as well as her father and brother. 6 other family members escaped the rampage in Hawaiian Gardens, LA County. Mercado was arrested by police after a bullet grazed his head.
    (SFC, 5/7/10, p.C6)

2010        May 7, In California former Burbank middle school teacher Amy Victoria Beck (33) was sentenced to 2 years in prison for unlawful sexual intercourse and committing a lewd act on a child. Back had pleaded no contest to having sex with a former student (14).
    (SFC, 5/8/10, p.A5)
2010        May 7, In southern California CHP officer Danny Benavides (39) was killed when his patrol plane went down near Highway 78 in Imperial County.
    (SSFC, 5/9/10, p.A8)

2010        May 13, The Los Angeles City Council voted to boycott Arizona businesses, making it the largest city to take such action to protest the state's tough new law targeting illegal immigration.
    (AP, 5/13/10)

2010        May 15, In Fresno, Ca., police arrested 60 people and impounded 37 vehicles as part of a crackdown on gangs that began last month.
    (SFC, 5/17/10, p.A4)

2010        May 22, Jordan Romero (13), an eighth-grader from California, became the youngest climber to reach the top of Mount Everest, surpassing the previous record set by Temba Tsheri (16) of Nepal.
    (AP, 5/22/10)

2010        May 23, Jose Lima (1972-2010), a right-hand Dominican pitcher who was a 20-game winner and an All-Star during a 13-year major league career, died in Pasadena, Ca., of an apparent heart attack.
    (AP, 5/23/10)
2010        May 23, British screenwriter Simon Monjack (39), the husband of Brittany Murphy, was found dead at his Los Angeles home, five months after the Hollywood actress died. Murphy, best known for her major roles in "Clueless," "Girl Interrupted," and "8 Mile" in 2002, died Dec. 20, at age 32 after collapsing in her home.
    (AP, 5/24/10)

2010        May 28, US Regulators shut down three banks in Florida and one each in Nevada and California, bringing the number of US bank failures this year to 78.
    (AP, 5/29/10)
2010        May 28, Mexican migrant Anastasio Hernandez (42) was shocked by a Customs and Border Protection agent at the San Ysidro border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego. A US coroner later ruled his death a homicide. On March 16, 2011, his family filed wrongful death lawsuit against the federal government charging that Hernandez was beaten by immigration agents before one of them fired a stun gun several times as he lie on the ground.
    (AP, 6/4/10)(AP, 6/8/10)(AP, 3/17/11)

2010        Jun 1, In Van Nuys, Ca., a porn actor went on a rampage with a machete-style weapon killing a fellow adult-film performer. Herbert Hin Wong (30) was killed in the attack. Suspect Stephen Clancy Hills (34) died on June 5 of head injuries after he fell from a hillside following an 8-hour standoff with police.
    (SFC, 6/3/10, p.A6)(SSFC, 6/6/10, p.A10)

2010        Jun 4, John Wooden (99), college basketball's gentlemanly Wizard of Westwood, died. He built one of the greatest dynasties in all of sports at UCLA and became one of the most revered coaches ever.
    (AP, 6/5/10)

2010        Jun 8, Voters in 12 states expressed their anger with Washington and special interests by defeating a $10 million union campaign to unseat Arkansas, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D), who had the courage to stand up against their special interest legislation, promoting women outsiders who have run public companies but never held office, and supporting candidates aligned with Tea Party  values. In the California governors race, Meg Whitmans victory over state insurance commissioner Steve Poizner places her in a faceoff against the quintessential career politicianJerry Brown, governor of California from 1975 to 1983, then mayor of Oakland and now the state attorney general.
    (AP, 6/9/10)

2010        Jun 12, A French fishing vessel rescued Abby Sunderland (16), a California teenager from her crippled sailboat in the turbulent southern Indian Ocean, bringing relief to her family but ending her around-the-world sailing effort. Sunderland had set out from Los Angeles County's Marina del Rey on Jan. 23, trying to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo and nonstop.
    (AP, 6/12/10)

2010        Jun 17, The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team won their 16th championship following a gritty 83-79 victory over the Boston Celtics.
    (AP, 6/18/10)

2010        Jun 24, The California Budget Project issued a report titled Making Ends Meet. It estimated that a single adult must earn nearly $32,000 to live in San Francisco and that 2 working parents with 2 children must take in a little more than $84,000 to get by in the city.
    (SFC, 6/25/10, p.D1)

2010        Jul 2, In California a state appellate court sided with the Schwarzenegger administration in its attempt to temporarily impose the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage on tens of thousands of state workers.
    (AP, 7/2/10)(SFC, 7/2/10, p.C1)
2010        Jul 2, More than 180,000 people packed into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum over two days for a rave party. A suspected overdose led to the death of a girl (15). Scores of injuries resulted when people tried to force their way closer to the event's five stages.
    (AP, 7/2/10)

2010        Jul 6, California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill extending voter approved mandates for the humane treatment of egg-laying hens in the state.
    (SFC, 7/7/10, p.C1)

2010        Jul 8, In California a Los Angeles jury found BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the Jan 1, 2009, shooting of Oscar Grant (22). The verdict sparked a riot in downtown Oakland, Ca., with at least 50-100 people arrested for smashing windows and looting.
    (SFC, 7/9/10, p.A1)

2010        Jul 9, In California scuba divers began killing invasive Asian clams in Lake Tahoe. Long rubber mats were laid over half an acre in a test effort starve the clams of oxygen.
    (SFC, 7/10/10, p.C2)

2010        Jul 12, Police in Los Angeles County discovered thousands of pounds of marijuana in a railroad car that entered this month from Mexico.
    (SFC, 7/13/10, p.A6)

2010        Jul 22, In California a Greyhound bus crashed just outside downtown Fresno killing 6 people with 9 injured. It had struck an overturned SUV. 3 of the dead were women in the SUV. The driver (18) of the SUV was later found to have a .11% blood alcohol level.
    (SFC, 7/23/10, p.C3)(SFC, 8/4/10, p.C4)

2010        Jul 23, In Bell, Ca., 3 administrators whose huge salaries sparked outrage in this small blue-collar suburb of LA agreed to resign. Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo (56) was being paid $787,637 a year. Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia made $376,288 a year, and Police Chief Randy Adams made $457,000. On July 26 the City Council voted to slash salaries by 90%. On April 14, 2014, Rizzo was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison on two counts of tax fraud. On April 16 Rizzo was sentenced to 12 years in state prison.
    (AP, 7/23/10)(SFC, 7/27/10, p.A6)(SFC, 4/15/14, p.A6)(SFC, 4/17/14, p.A5)

2010        Jul 28, California Gov. Schwarzenegger, citing an impending cash crises, ordered furloughs for 156,000 state employees, requiring them to take 3 unpaid days a month beginning on July 31. On Aug 12 a judge denied Schwarzeneggers request pending a full hearing in September. On Aug 18 the state Supreme Court allowed the furlough program to resume as it continued to revue his authority to do so.
    (SFC, 7/29/10, p.C2)(SFC, 8/13/10, p.C1)(SFC, 8/19/10, p.C1)

2010        Aug 2, The US House ethics committee said California Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, will face a trial for her 2009 role in steering federal funds to a bank she is personally connected.
    (SFC, 8/3/10, p.A6)

2010        Aug 4, US Federal Judge Vaughn Walker struck down California's same-sex marriage ban as an unconstitutional violation of gay couples' civil rights, but a pending appeal of the landmark ruling could prevent gay weddings from resuming in the state any time soon.
    (AP, 8/5/10)(Econ, 8/7/10, p.30)

2010        Aug 5, US federal indictments were unsealed in Alabama, California and Minnesota charging 14 people with terrorism offenses for allegedly aiding the radical Islamist al-Shaba organization in Somalia.
    (SFC, 8/6/10, p.A8)

2010        Aug 9, In California a federal grand jury charged Samuel Maoli Cohen of Belvedere, Marin County, with 32 counts of wire fraud and money laundering related to defrauding over 55 victims of some $30 million.
    (SFC, 8/9/10, p.D1)

2010        Aug 16, Sheriffs deputies at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, Ca., stunned inmate Martin Harrison (51) with Tasers as they tried to move him to another cell so that his could be cleaned. Harrison was in the midst of alcohol withdrawal and died two days later. In 2015 Alameda County and Corizon Health Inc. agreed to pay $8.3 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by his four adult children.
    (http://tinyurl.com/ldo9487)(SFC, 2/11/15, p.D1)
2010        Aug 16, Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan (50), who made headlines for performing multiple surgeries on reality TV star Heidi Montag, died in a car crash in southern California. He was texting while driving and accidentally went over a cliff. Ryan opened his private practice in 1994, the same year he established his namesake charitable foundation that provides free removal of gang-related tattoos and hosts day and overnight camps for children at Malibu's Bony Pony Ranch.

2010        Aug 17, In Los Angeles an abandoned trunk was found by two women clearing out an apartment building basement that was filled with items that accumulated during years of remodels. Two leather doctor bags contained the mummified remains of two infants. The trunk also contained ticket stubs from the 1932 LA Olympic games. DNA testing later linked the infants to Janet M. Barrie (1897-1994), an Irish immigrant who worked as a private live-in nurse for Mary Knapp, the wife of dentist George Knapp.
    (SFC, 11/19/10, p.C5)

2010        Aug 20, US regulators shut down 8 more banks including 4 in California, one in Chicago, one in Virginia and two in Florida. This brought the total number of failed US banks to 118 for the year thus far.
    (SFC, 8/23/10, p.D2)

2010        Aug 23, California Attorney Genl. Jerry Brown sued Roni Deutch for $34 million for allegedly swindling thousands of people. Deutch, who billed herself as the tax lady, has appeared in nationwide TV ads to help people with tax problems.
    (SFC, 8/24/10, p.C3)

2010        Aug 24, In SF the temperature hit a record 98 degrees. Records were broken across much of northern California.
    (SFC, 8/25/10, p.C2)

2010        Aug 25, The California Energy Commission approved the Beacon Solar Energy Project, which a Florida company plans to build on the western edge of the Mojave Desert. This was the first in a series of large scale solar projects planned in California.
    (SFC, 8/26/10, p.D1)
2010        Aug 25, In northern California pot farmer Mikal Wilde killed Juarez Madrid, a hired migrant worker, and wounded another as a third fled. In June 3, 2015, Wilde was sentenced to life in prison plus 35 years.
    (SFC, 6/5/15, p.D2)

2010        Aug 28, In California a drug task force found 47,800 marijuana plants hidden in an 8-acre cornfield in Atwater. 2 men were arrested.
    (SFC, 8/30/10, p.A5)

2010        Sep 5, In southern California 7 people were shot at a house party in Lancaster, including a girl (14) who later died of her wounds. Manuel Jamines, a Guatemalan immigrant, was fatally shot by a Los Angeles police officer. His death led to several days of violent protests. Police and witnesses said Jamines was threatening people with a knife.
    (SFC, 9/6/10, p.A4)(AP, 9/21/10)

2010        Sep 9, A US federal judge in southern California ruled that the US militarys ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional under the First Amendment. Judge Virginia Phillips ruled for the plaintiffs, a group of gay activists know as the Log Cabin Republicans.
    (SFC, 9/9/10, p.A9)(Econ, 10/16/10, p.40)

2010        Sep 13, William Coblentz (88), California power broker, died. He had served for 16 years as a regent of UC, including 2 years as chairman.
    (Econ, 10/2/10, p.93)

2010        Sep 15, California Attorney General Jerry Brown sued 8 current and former members of the city of Bell accusing them of defrauding taxpayers by granting themselves high salaries and bloated pensions. The suit demanded that officials return hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    (SFC, 9/16/10, p.A10)

2010        Sep 17, Californias budget stalemate officially became the longest in state history, surpassing the 78-day record of 2008.
    (SFC, 9/17/10, p.A1)

2010        Sep 19, Deputies searched a wide swath of Southern California for a break-off religious sect of 13 people that included children as young as three. They had left behind letters indicating they were awaiting an apocalyptic event and would soon see Jesus and their dead relatives in heaven. The group of El Salvadoran immigrants, led by Reyna Marisol Chicas (32) of Palmdale, was found just before noon at Jackie Robinson Park near Palmdale.
    (AP, 9/19/10)(SFC, 9/20/10, p.A5)

2010        Sep 21, In California police arrested 8 current and former officials of the city of Bell, including the mayor and ex-city manager, on charges of corruption. Mayor Rizzo was booked on 53 counts of misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest.
    (SFC, 9/22/10, p.C2)

2010        Sep 26, It was reported that the Hilmar Cheese company in Merced County is the likely culprit in ruining at least 18 wells in and around Hilmar. Partially treated effluent from the 27-acre plant has been discharged onto land around the plant for years.
    (SSFC, 9/26/10, p.A1)

2010        Sep 27, Downtown Los Angeles, Ca., recorded a record 113 degrees.
    (SFC, 9/29/10, p.A1)

2010        Oct 1, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a measure making marijuana possession up to ounce an infraction, on par with traffic and littering tickets. Schwarzenegger opposed Proposition 19, the upcoming marijuana initiative.
    (SFC, 10/2/10, p.A1)

2010        Oct 8, Californias Gov. Schwarzenegger signed an $86.6 billion state budget, 100 days after beginning the fiscal year. He used his line-item veto power to cut nearly $1 billion from the plan approved by the Legislature. An independent analyst later estimated that the budget remained $25.4 billion in deficit.
    (SFC, 10/9/10, p.A1)(Econ, 12/4/10, p.37)

2010        Oct 10, Virgin Galactics space tourism rocket, SpaceShip Two, achieved its first solo glide flight. Manned by 2 pilots it flew for 11 minutes before landing in Mojave, Ca.
    (SFC, 10/11/10, p.A5)(Econ, 10/16/10, p.100)

2010        Oct 13, Mexican national Jose Antonio Medina Arreguin (36) was booked into a Ventura, Ca., county jail after being extradited from his home country. Court documents later showed Medina, accused of being Mexico's "King of Heroin," caught on wiretap conversations talking to coconspirators about drug transactions involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. In March 2011 Arreguin pleaded guilty and faced up to 24 years in prison.
    (AP, 11/13/10)(AP, 3/17/11)

2010        Oct 15, A light plane carrying four US citizens on a medical aid flight crashed in Baja California, killing all four aboard. The plane that went down was one of three on a mission from the San Luis Obispo, Ca., area.
    (AP, 10/17/10)

2010        Oct 18, In Southern California Crystal Cathedral, the megachurch birthplace of the televangelist show "Hour of Power," filed for bankruptcy after struggling to emerge from debt that exceeds $43 million.
    (AP, 10/19/10)

2010        Oct 21, In Northern California an entire arm of the Roseville Galleria, a high-end regional mall, was destroyed after Alexander Corney Pigee (Piggee, 23), barricaded himself inside a video game store and started a fire.
    (AP, 10/22/10)

2010        Oct 22, A shark attack off the coast of Santa Barbara County, Ca., killed surfer Lucas Ransom (19).
    (SFC, 10/23/10, p.A12)

2010        Oct 27, In San Diego, Ca., police officer Christopher Wilson (50) was fatally shot as officers tried to serve warrants on Holim Lee (30). Hours later Lee was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His girlfriend, Lucky Xayasene (27) was also fatally shot. Wilson died of his wounds the next day.
    (SFC, 11/1/10, p.A6)
2010        Oct 27, BrightSource Energy of Oakland, Ca., broke ground on its Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mohave Desert. Plant operator NRG Energy Inc. agreed to invest $300 million into the $2 billion project. On April 11, 2011, BrightSource finalized $1.6 billion in loans for the project.
    (SFC, 10/28/10, p.D1)(Econ, 4/16/11, p.69)

2010        Oct 29, In southern California 2 doctors were arrested along with 5 others for leading a scam in which mentally ill homeless patients were paid $100 each for unnecessary treatments that were fraudulently billed to Medicare and Medi-Cal.
    (SFC, 10/30/10, p.A6)

2010        Nov 1, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said welfare recipients can no longer use state-issued debit cards at medical marijuana shops, psychics and other businesses whose services have been deemed "inconsistent with the intent" of the program. In June Schwarzenegger barred welfare cards at casino ATMs.
    (AP, 11/2/10)

2010        Nov 2, In California federal agents arrested Adam Gitschlag, a retired US Marine, for allegedly selling illegal assault weapons to members of Florencia 13, a Los Angeles street gang. On Nov 8 ATF agents arrested 2 more retired Marines associated with Gitschlag, and 2 others for smuggling machine guns from Iraq.
    (SFC, 11/10/10, p.A8)
2010        Nov 2, In California Jerry Brown defeated Meg Whitman (54%-41%) in his bid for a comeback to the governor's office he occupied for two terms more than a quarter-century ago. Sen. Barbara Boxer was elected to a fourth term, overcoming a challenge from Carly Fiorina.
    (AP, 11/3/10)(SFC, 11/4/10, p.A1)
2010        Nov 2, The US attorneys office indicted 3 San Diego residents on charges of conspiring to provide money to Al Shabab, a terrorist group in Somalia.
    (SFC, 11/3/10, p.A5)
2010        Nov 2, California voters rejected Proposition 19 declining to make their state the nation's first to legalize marijuana use and sales, heeding warnings of legal chaos and that pot smokers would get behind the wheel and show up to work while high. Voters approved Prop. 25 to allow lawmakers to pass a budget with a simple majority vote.
    (AP, 11/3/10)(SFC, 11/3/10, p.A17)
2010        Nov 2, San Franciscos Mayor Gavin Newsom was elected as state lieutenant governor.
    (AP, 11/4/10)

2010        Nov 3, Federal authorities in San Diego said they have made one of the largest marijuana seizures in the United States, confiscating more than 20 tons of pot that was smuggled into the country through an underground tunnel connecting warehouses on either side of California's border with Mexico.
    (AP, 11/4/10)
2010        Nov 3, In Colorado Richard Paul (34) was arrested and federal agents seized five pounds of C-4 military explosives from his home in Durango. In Las Vegas Andrew Kaufman (36) was arrested. In San Diego Navy SEAL Nicholas Bickle (33) was arrested. They were accused of conspiring to smuggle and sell weapons to an undercover federal agent in Nevada and Colorado. Bickle, his close friend Paul, and their associate Kaufman allegedly sold machine guns for $1,300 to $2,400 each, and handguns for $300 to an undercover federal agent who told them they would be shipped to Mexico.
    (AP, 11/4/10)

2010        Nov 5, In Los Angeles ex-BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle (28) was sentenced to a minimum term of 2 years for fatally shooting unarmed train rider Oscar Grant (22) at the Oakland Fruitvale BART station on Jan, 2009. Protesters marched in downtown Oakland and mobs smashed about a dozen cars. 152 people were arrested.
    (SFC, 11/6/10, p.A1)(SSFC, 11/7/10, p.C10)

2010        Nov 8, Video posted on the CBS News website showed an object flying through the evening sky over southern California that left a large contrail, or vapor trail. A news helicopter owned by KCBS, a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, shot the video. Pentagon officials were stumped by the event.
    (AP, 11/9/10)

2010        Nov 10, Californias Legislative Analysts Office said the state faces a $25.4 billion budget deficit over the next 20 months.
    (SFC, 11/11/10, p.A1)

2010        Nov 12, The California state Dept. of Education reported 50.4% of the states public schools students identified themselves as Latino. 27% identified themselves as white, 9% as Asian and 7% as black.
    (SFC, 11/13/10, p.A1)

2010        Nov 13, In California a gold Honda Accord tried to pass a group of motorcycles and caused a Dodge car to lose control on two-lane Route 98, a desert highway near Ocotillo, triggering a crash that killed five people and injured six others. Authorities were looking for the driver of the Accord. The driver of the dodge was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.
    (AP, 11/14/10)(SFC, 11/15/10, p.A8)

2010        Nov 15, A California woman, Nima Ali Yusuf (24), was charged with conspiring to provide money and people to a Somali terrorist group to help carry out killings in the African nation, according to a federal indictment unsealed today. She was the fourth person charged in the past month in San Diego with helping al-Shabab.
    (AP, 11/15/10)

2010        Nov 16, Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen (64) was shot to death in her car in Beverly Hills as she drove home after the party. Police later attributed her murder to a botched robbery by small-time convict Harold Martin Smith, who killed himself on Dec 1 as detectives attempted to question him.
    (AP, 12/2/10)(http://tinyurl.com/29scdch)(SFC, 12/9/10, p.A18)

2010        Nov 17, Some 48 of 1,730 California doctors, who received money from pharmaceutical companies over the past 21 months, have been the subject of disciplinary action as reported by ProPublica, an investigative news organization.
    (SFC, 11/18/10, p.A1)

2010        Nov 18, In southern California police arrested George Djura Jakubec (54), a Serbian emigre, after finding large quantities of explosive ingredients, including PETN, at his home in Escondido. On June 13, 2011, Jakubec was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
    (SFC, 11/27/10, p.A7)(SFC, 6/14/11, p.A4)

2010        Nov 19, The Los Angeles Auto Show opened. Fiat, now associated with Chrysler, introduced its tiny Fiat 500. Fiat sales in America would begin in January, following a 27-year absense.
    (Econ, 11/27/10, p.69)

2010        Nov 24, In California Rep. Steve Cooley conceded defeat to Dem. Kamala Harris for the office of attorney general. Harris became the states first woman, the first African American and the first Indian American in California history to be elected as state attorney general.
    (SFC, 11/25/10, p.A1)
2010        Nov 24, In southern California Carlie Rose Attebury (31), a former El Modena High School high school band teacher, was convicted of 4 counts stemming from her sexual relationship with a boy (15).
    (SFC, 11/26/10, p.A6)(http://tinyurl.com/2g9r229)

2010        Nov 25, US authorities found a sophisticated tunnel used to smuggle drugs between Mexico and San Diego, the second such discovery in the region in less than a month. Investigators seized some 20 tons of marijuana. The 2,200-foot passage ran from a residence in Tijuana to a warehouse in San Diego's Otay Mesa area.
    (AP, 11/25/10)(SFC, 11/27/10, p.A5)

2010        Nov 29, The dismembered body of Herbert White (49) was found by a maid in a backpack in a Los Angeles hotel room. Authorities linked the $40-a-night hotel room to Edward Garcia Jr. (36) and his wife, Melissa Hope Garcia (25). The Pennsylvania couple were arrested on Dec 9.
    (SFC, 12/11/10, p.A4)(http://tinyurl.com/27gm7lw)

2010        Nov, Ronald L. Brekke of California was arrested for helping nearly 1,000 people falsely claim millions of dollars in tax refunds. He had earned over $400,000 since February 2009. Brekke had told his victims the US Treasury would pay out tax refunds equal to their personal debt, a deception known as "1099 OID" fraud, after the form used to claim the refund. The scam started to fall apart after two co-conspirators, both Canadians, tried to cash refund checks worth more than $350,000 each at a bank in Bellingham, Wash. In 2012 Brekke was convicted of conspiracy and wire fraud.
    (AP, 3/18/12)

2010        Dec 1, Harold Martin Smith (43), a man wanted in the Nov 16 slaying of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen (64), killed himself in the lobby of a dreary Los Angeles hotel as police closed in to question him.
    (AP, 12/2/10)(SFC, 12/9/10, p.A18)
2010        Dec 1, In Rohnert Park, Ca., Calli Murray (2) was killed and her mother injured as a Sonoma State Univ. student ran into them while texting on her phone. In 2011 Kaitlyn Dunaway (19) pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 5 days in jail and nearly 4 months of home detention.
    (SFC, 11/17/11, p.C3)

2010        Dec 2, NASA researcher Felisa Wolfe-Simon (33) reported that a strange bacterium, Halomonadaceae, found in California's Mono Lake, thrives on arsenic and redefines life as we know it. She said the bacterium does not merely eat arsenic, but incorporates the toxic element directly into its DNA. Her finding stirred much controversy. In 2012 scientists reported that the bacteria is just resistant to arsenic and actually dependent for life on phosphorous.
    (Reuters, 12/2/10)(SFC, 5/28/11, p.C1)(SFC, 7/10/12, p.C3)

2010        Dec 7, In California 52 Filipino hospital workers sued their employer, Delano Regional Medical Center, alleging they were the sole ethnic group targeted by a rule requiring them to speak only English.
    (AP, 12/8/10)

2010        Dec 12, The Washington Post reported that 8 out of the 12 top US gun dealers whose products fuel Mexico's drug violence are located in the state of Texas. 3 others were in Arizona, and one was in California. There are 3,800 gun retailers in Texas, 300 in Houston alone.
    (AFP, 12/12/10)
2010        Dec 12, In Long Beach, Ca., police officers shot Doug Zerby (35) over a dozen times as he manipulated a pistol grip water nozzle. The shooting spurred street protests. Prosecutors in 2011 said police acted lawfully in killing Zerby, who was drunk at the time. His family filed a federal civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit against the city.
    (SFC, 11/4/11, p.C6)

2010        Dec 14, In California a mother loading her 2-year-old son into an SUV was killed and six others were wounded in a gunbattle at a strip mall in south Sacramento. A 2nd victim, Marvion Barksdale (20), died at a hospital of his injuries.
    (AP, 12/15/10)(SFC, 12/16/10, p.E3)

2010        Dec 16, The California Air Resources Board approved the creation of the nations first broad-based program to put a cap on green house gas emissions.
    (SFC, 12/17/10, p.A1)
2010        Dec 16, In California Rohayent Gomez (13) was shot and paralyzed by police officer Victor Abarca as the boy held a replica gun. In 2012 a jury ruled that the LAPD must pay $24 million to Gomez.
    (SSFC, 12/16/12, p.A12)

2010        Joe Matthews and Mark Paul authored California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It.
    (Econ, 4/23/11, SR p.10)
2010        Californias Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law limiting handgun ammunition sales. It was to take effect in February, 2011, but was blocked by a Superior court judge in Fresno. In 2013 a state appeals court barred enforcement of the law.
    (SFC, 11/8/13, p.D6)
2010        Californias federal prison receivership put a stop to all tubal ligations on female prisoners. In 2013 the Center for Investigative Reporting found that 148 women in state prisons had received tubal ligations without required state approvals from 2006-2010. This prompted state lawmakers to call for an investigation.
    (SFC, 7/12/13, p.D8)

2011        Jan 8, In Los Angeles a 2nd suspect was arrested regarding videotaped sexual assaults of profoundly disabled women at a residential care facility. As many as 10 suspects were possibly involved.
    (SFC, 1/10/11, p.A4)

2011        Jan 11, Californias Gov. jerry Brown issued his first executive order ordering state agency and department heads to collect half of some 96,000 state-issued cell phones used by public employees.
    (SFC, 1/12/11, p.A6)
2011        Jan 11, A Los Angeles judge stripped Dr. Conrad Murray of his medical license after ruling that prosecutors have sufficient evidence to try him for manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.
    (SFC, 1/12/11, p.A4)
2011        Jan 11, In southern California sheriffs deputy trainee Mohamed Ahmed (27), a Somali immigrant, was shot in the face. The gunman, a Lott Stoner gang member Nestor Torres (37), was shot and killed by a 2nd deputy.
    (SFC, 1/13/11, p.C5)

2011        Jan 13, Marc Knapp (35) of Simi Valley, Ca., accused of trying to export military equipment to Iran, pleaded guilty in federal court in Delaware to two felony counts involving violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Arms Export Control Act. Sentencing was set for May 23.
    (AP, 1/13/11)

2011        Jan 14, In San Bernadino, Ca., 3 people were electrocuted, one after the other, as a wife and son attempted to rescue Steven Vego (43), each coming in contact with a 12,000-volt power line that had fallen over in their backyard.
    (AP, 1/15/11)

2011        Jan 18, In Stanislaus County, Ca., Jose Esteban Rodriguez (27), kidnapped Juliani Cardenas (4), the son of his girlfriend, from the arms of the boys grandmother and fled in a Toyota car. A witness saw the car plunge into a canal with a man and boy inside. Authorities found the car on Jan 28 in a canal near Patterson. On Feb 1 the childs body was found in the Delta-Mendota canal about 30 miles south of Patterson. Tabitha Cardenas was pregnant with Rodriguezs daughter. On Feb 12 the body of Rodriguez was found in the Delta-Mendota Canal near Patterson.
    (SFC, 2/2/11, p.C3)(SSFC, 2/13/11, p.C9) 

2011        Jan 20, In California regents of the Univ. of Cal. awarded hundreds of employees over $4 million in incentive pay and raises one day after UC Pres. Mark Yudof said US would need to close a $1 billion budget gap next year.
    (SFC, 1/20/11, p.C1)

2011        Jan 24, The California Supreme Court ruled that cities and counties do not have to consult with unions before deciding to lay off workers to save money.
    (SFC, 1/25/11, p.C1)

2011        Jan 30, In southern California over 2 dozen protesters were arrested for protesting against Charles and David Koch, brothers who have used millions from their energy conglomerate to finance conservative causes. 11 busloads of protesters converged on a political retreat run by the Kansas billionaires at a resort in Rancho Mirage.
    (SFC, 1/31/11, p.A4)

2011        Feb 2, In northern California John Luebbers, a school janitor, shot and killed Placerville elementary school principal Sam LaCara (50), following a personal dispute.
    (SFC, 2/5/11, p.A4)

2011        Feb 4, In California a Stockton real estate executive pleaded guilty to conspiring to rig bids and commit mail fraud. Richard W. Northcutt (56) became the 4th person to plead guilty in a federal investigation of anti-competitive practices in real estate foreclosure auctions across northern California.
    (SFC, 2/5/11, p.C1)

2011        Feb 6, A US rocket carrying a national security payload launched from Vandenberg air Force Base in southern California.
    (SFC, 2/7/11, p.A4)

2011        Feb 9, US federal prosecutors announced charges against 41 alleged gang members for activities ranging from racketeering conspiracy to drug and gun trafficking and murder in four states and Washington D.C. Some 29 defendants were arrested and more arrests are expected in connection with the separate cases from Los Angeles; McAllen, Texas; Kansas City; Washington D.C.; and Las Vegas.
    (Reuters, 2/9/11)

2011        Feb 15, California Gov. Jerry Brown instituted a hiring freeze across state government citing the states $25.4 billion budget deficit.
    (SFC, 2/16/11, p.C1)

2011        Feb 16, In California Norman Wielsch (49), commander of the Central Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Team, was arrested along with Christopher Butler (49), owner of a Concord private investigation firm, for allegedly stealing and selling drugs. Stephen Tanabe (47), a Contra Costa deputy sheriff, was arrested on March 4 on drug and weapons charges related to the case against Wielsch and Butler. Tanabe resigned on March 10 after being accused of making dirty DUI arrests. Butler later said he helped Wielsch set up a house of prostitution at 670 Gregory Lane in Pleasant Hill in 2009. Butler also said Wielsch robbed prostitutes whose operations competed with his own. Butler and Wielsch were indicted on Aug 15 on drug and corruption charges. Tanabe was indicted on Dec 15. On May 4, 2012, Butler pleaded guilty to 7 criminal counts. His former associate, vice cop Louis Lombardi, was sentenced to 3 years in prison. He had admitted to 9 felonies while working under Wielsch. On Sep 25, 2012, Butler was sentenced to 8 years in prison. On Dec 5, 2012, Wielsch pleaded guilty to stealing drugs and robbing prostitutes. On May 20, 2013, Wielsch was sentenced to 14 years in prison.
    (SFC, 2/18/11, p.C2)(SFC, 3/11/11, p.C3)(SFC, 5/13/11, p.A1)(SFC, 5/14/11, p.A1)(SFC, 8/16/11, p.C1)(SFC, 12/17/11, p.C2)(SFC, 5/5/12, p.A8)(SFC, 9/26/12, p.A1)(SFC, 12/6/12, p.C3)(SFC, 5/21/13, p.C1)

2011        Feb 26, In southern California jail visitor Gabriel Carrillo was beaten by Los Angeles County sheriffs deputies while visiting his brother at Mens Central Jail. Deputies had found him with a cell phone. In May, 2014, he accepted $1.2 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit. In 2015 sheriffs deputy Eric Gonzalez was sentenced to eight years in prison for the beating. Four other convicted deputies were awaiting sentencing and a fifth was recently indicted. In 2019 a jury found former deputy Byron Dredd guilty of lying to federal prosecutors looking into the case. This marked the final conviction against each of 22 deputies and officials charged in the beating.
    (http://tinyurl.com/npzjqgq)(SFC, 11/3/15, p.A5)(SSFC, 1/20/19, p.A10)

2011        Feb 27, In the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles "The King's Speech," a historical film, won best picture and three other prizes over more daring, contemporary contenders like "The Social Network" and "Black Swan." The Oscar for best-actor went to Colin Firth for "The King's Speech," Natalie Portman won best-actress for "Black Swan," and Christian Bale and Melissa Leo won as best supporting actors, both for "The Fighter."
    (AP, 2/28/11)

2011        Mar 4, In California two Sikh men were shot in Elk Grove, a suburb of Sacramento. Surinder Singh (65) died at the scene and Gurmej Atwal (78) was hospitalized.
    (SFC, 3/7/11, p.A6)

2011        Mar 8, In southern California hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of sardines floated dead in the King Harbor area of Redondo Beach. Authorities said a storm had chased the sardines toward shore where they died due to a lack of oxygen. The millions of sardines  soon tested positive for domoic acid, a powerful neurotoxin. This acid is often found in the stomach of fish that have been feeding on plankton during toxic algae blooms.
    (SFC, 3/9/11, p.A9)(AP, 3/12/11)

2011        Mar 11, In Santa Cruz, Ca., a tsunami from the earthquake off Japan caused at least $17.1 million in damage to the harbor, and another $4 million to private boats. Gov. Jerry Brown issued an emergency declaration for the harbor. A series of powerful surges generated by the quake arrived about 7:30 a.m. and pounded the Crescent City harbor in northern California. Eight boats were believed sunk and dozens of others damaged.
    (AP, 3/13/11)

2011        Mar 16, In California 5 of 6 people died in the crash of a small corporate plane near Long Beach Airport.
    (SFC, 3/17/11, p.A9)
2011        Mar 16, In central California a 40-foot section of Highway 1 crumbled south of Carmel just after 5 pm following several days of rainy weather. The entire southbound lane was gone, and the soil under the northbound lane also was giving way.
    (AP, 3/17/11)

2011        Mar 17, In southern California Huy Pham (29) jumped off roof of City Hall in Costa Mesa at 3:20 pm and was pronounced dead at the scene. The maintenance worker jumped to his death an hour after he was called in to get his layoff notice. He was on a list of more than 200 people, nearly half of the city's workforce, targeted for layoffs in a drastic move to plug a $15 million budget hole.
    (AP, 3/18/11)

2011        Mar 24, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law billions of dollars in cuts to state programs and services to help solve the states $26.6 billion deficit.
    (SFC, 3/25/11, p.C1)

2011        Mar 31, SF Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten and left in a coma following a game outside Dodger Stadium. LA police on May 22 arrested suspect Giovanni Ramirez (31). On June 20 Ramirez was given a 10-month prison sentence for alleged gun possession. On July 21 police arrested two new suspects in the case, Louis Alex Sanchez (29) and Marvin Eugene Norwood (30).
    (SFC, 5/23/11, p.A1)(SFC, 6/21/11, p.C2)(SFC, 7/22/11, p.A1)(SFC, 7/23/11, p.A8)

2011        Apr 7, In California an Asian citrus psyllid, which can carry a disease killing trees, was discovered in Ventura County. The county was put under quarantine for the tiny aphid-like pest.
    (SFC, 4/11/11, p.A4)

2011        Apr 11, US federal prosecutors said 10 people, including two former basketball players and a former assistant coach at the University of San Diego, have been indicted in connection with a scheme to fix games since 2008.
    (Reuters, 4/11/11)
2011        Apr 11, Reno photographer Joseph Naso (77) was arrested in South Lake Tahoe in connection with the killings of four women in Northern California between 1997 and 1994.
    (SFC, 4/13/11, p.C2)

2011        Apr 12, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring the states utilities to get 33% of its electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2020.
    (SFC, 4/13/11, p.D1)

2011        Apr 21, Jess Stonestreet Jackson (81), lawyer turned winemaker, died in Geyserville, Ca. He and his first wife, Jane Kendall, produced their first wine under the Kendall-Jackson label in 1982. His brand soon became synonymous with Chardonnay, the nations most favored grape.
    (SFC, 4/22/11, p.A1)

2011        May 1, Jeffrey Hall, a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement, was shot to death in Riverside, Ca., by his son (10). In 2013 a judge convicted the boy of 2nd degree murder. In 2013 a judge ruled that the boy spend at least the next seven years in a state juvenile facility.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Jeff_Hall)(SFC, 1/15/13, p.A4)(SFC, 11/1/13, p.D5)

2011        May 9, Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver announced their separation, cleaving a sometimes-turbulent 25-year relationship. On May 17 Schwarzenegger acknowledged that he had fathered a child with a member of his household staff over a decade ago.
    (AP, 5/10/11)(AP, 5/17/11)

2011        May 13, California state parks officials said 70 state parks will close starting in September as a result of state budget cuts.
    (SFC, 5/14/11, p.A1)

2011        May 23, The US Supreme Court said California must reduce its prison population by over 30,000 in two years to address its inadequate prison health care system.
    (SFC, 5/24/11, p.A1)

2011        May 24, In California a family of four was found dead in San Diego in what police called a triple murder suicide.
    (SFC, 5/25/11, p.A6)

2011        Jun 7, California Blue Shield CEO Bruce Bodaken announced a 2% cap on revenue.
    (SFC, 6/7/11, p.A8)

2011        Jun 9, California officials reported that giant Central Valley water pumps killed 6 million young splittail fish last month and tens of thousands of imperiled chinook salmon since October.
    (SFC, 6/9/11, p.A1)

2011        Jun 13, In southern California an indictment was unsealed charging radiologist Dr. Sim Hoffman, neurologist Dr. Thomas Heric and two staffers in a $17 million workers compensation insurance fraud scheme.
    (SFC, 6/13/11, p.C3)

2011         Jun 14, In California US District Judge James Ware has upheld the ruling made by another judge, Vaughn Walker, which overturned a ban on gay marriage. In August 2010, Walker ruled that Californias Proposition 8 discriminated against gay people. Opponents of gay marriage appealed, saying Walker should have recused himself because he is gay and thus unable to be impartial. But Judge Ware rejected the appeal, saying that with such logic, a female judge could not rule on any cases where a woman was seeking legal relief, and a minority judge could not rule on civil rights cases.     
            (LAT, 6/14/11)(Reuters, 6/14/11)
2011        Jun 14, In an effort to help combat childhood obesity, the Los Angeles Unified School District agreed to stop serving flavored milk; neither chocolate nor strawberry milk will be available in school cafeterias after July 1.
            (LAT, 6/15/11)(AP, 6/14/11)
2011        Jun 14, In northern California Jerry Wayne Steele (60) shot Cecilia Mortenson (14) and her mother, Ashley Volore (49), after botching an attempt to kidnap them in Crescent City. Steele had molested the girl over a 4-year period. Steele shot and killed himself as police approached. Cecilia was removed from life support on June 17.
    (SFC, 6/21/11, p.C2)

2011        Jun 15, Californias Democrat-controlled legislature passed a budget, but it was vetoed the next day by Gov. Brown due to questionable maneuvers.
    (Econ, 6/25/11, p.38)

2011        Jun 17, In California government and corporate leaders broke ground on the $4 billion Blythe Solar Power Project in Riverside County, developed by Solar Millennium, a German firm.
    (SFC, 6/18/11, p.A8)

2011        Jun 22, Mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger (81) was captured near Los Angeles, along with longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig, after 16 years on the run that embarrassed the FBI and exposed the bureau's corrupt relationship with its underworld informants.
    (AP, 6/23/11)

2011        Jun 27, The US Supreme Court refused to let California regulate the sale or rental of violent video games to children, saying governments do not have the power to "restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed" despite complaints about graphic violence.
    (AP, 6/27/11)

2011        Jun 28, California lawmakers approved a budget package with $86 billion in general fund spending, ensuring that they will once again get paid.
    (SFC, 6/28/11, p.A1)

2011        Jun 30, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a budget plan. He used his line-item veto to cut an additional $23.8 million from the states $86 billion general fund.
    (SFC, 7/1/11, p.A1)

2011        Jul 1, Six weeks after Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed he had fathered a child out of wedlock, his wife Maria Shriver filed divorce papers to end their marriage of 25 years.
    (AP, 7/2/11)

2011        Jul 5, A bill to require California public schools to teach the historical accomplishments of gay men and lesbians passed the state Legislature on a vote of 49-25, without a single Republican supporting it.
    (Reuters, 7/5/11)
2011        Jul 5, California police killed Manuel Ramos (37), a mentally ill, homeless man, during a violent confrontation at the Fullerton Transportation Center. In September 2 police officers were charged with killing Ramos. The beating was captured on video.
    (SFC, 9/27/11, p.A9)

2011        Jul 7, In California Santa Cruz residents David Edward Houghton (43), his wife and two sons were killed when his small plane crashed following takeoff in Watsonville.
    (SFC, 7/9/11, p.C2)

2011        Jul 13, The body of Rebecca Nalepa (32), the girlfriend of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp chief executive Jonah Shacknai, was found dead at his mansion near San Diego, prompting an investigation by homicide detectives. Two days earlier the 6-year-old son of Shacknai fell down the stairs at the mansion. The boy died on July 17.
    (Reuters, 7/14/11)(SFC, 7/18/11, p.A5)

2011        Jul 14, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill making California the first state in the nation to add lessons about gays and lesbians to social studies classes in public schools.
    (AP, 7/15/11)

2011        Jul 18, In southern California a veteran police detective and her 18-year-old daughter were stabbed to death, and her son was arrested on suspicion of murder after he was found sitting next to the teenager's nude body outside their Rancho Penasquitos home.
    (AP, 7/18/11)

2011        Jul 20, The Los Angeles passed a pioneering new law intended to protect bicyclists from harassment by motorists.
    (SFC, 7/21/11, p.A6)

2011        Jul 25, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill allowing illegal immigrants to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state's public colleges and universities.
    (Reuters, 7/25/11)

2011        Jul 29, Law enforcement officials said they struck a major blow against illegal marijuana cultivation on public lands in the heart of Northern California pot country. US Attorney Melinda Haag said a two-week operation to purge the Mendocino National Forest of illicit pot gardens uprooted 460,000 pot plants and led to more than 100 arrests.
    (AP, 7/29/11)

2011        Aug 7, San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood (36) died one day after being shot in the face while sitting in his patrol car. Suspect Dejon Marquee White (23) was fatally shot by police as he tried to avoid arrest.
    (SFC, 8/8/11, p.A5)

2011        Aug 8, The US Justice department and 4 the attorney generals of California, Illinois, Florida, and Indiana accused Pittsburgh-based Education Management Corp. of paying recruiters to enroll students in an $11 billion fraud case.
    (SFC, 8/8/11, p.A5)

2011        Aug 11, Three boys, the grandsons of Republican U.S. Rep. Gary Miller, were turned over to US authorities at the Tijuana border. Their mother, Jennifer Dejongh, was supposed to drop her three sons off at the California congressman's house in 2007 for an extended visit but did not take them there. Dejongh (34) was turned over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and was held on $500,000 bail.
    (AP, 8/11/11)

2011        Aug 16, California Gov. Jerry Brown and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a pact with the federal government to increase the clarity of Lake Tahoe by half a foot per year for the next 65 years.
    (SFC, 8/17/11, p.C1)

2011        Aug 18, US federal officials said they have busted a drug trafficking gang in El Cahon, southern California. Many of the 60 suspects were Iraqi Chaldeans suspected of being affiliated with the Chaldean Organized Crime Syndicate based in Detroit, Michigan.
    (SFC, 8/19/11, p.A11)

2011        Aug 19, William Walter Asher III (66), a convicted murderer who escaped from a California prison camp in 1975, was taken into custody without incident at a home in the Northern California town of Salida. Asher was originally arrested in Chicago in 1966, where authorities say he fled at the age of 20 after taking part in a San Francisco bar robbery in which the bartender was shot and beaten to death.
    (Reuters, 8/22/11)

2011        Aug 21, In El Cajon, San Diego County, Ca., Kevin Collier committed suicide after killing his baby daughter and mother-in-law. He wounded a police officer and torched his home before killing himself. His wife had filed for divorce days before.
    (SFC, 8/27/11, p.A4) 

2011        Aug 27, In northern California Jere Melo, a Fort Bragg councilman, was shot and killed after he stumbled on a marijuana operation east of the city. Aaron Bassler was identified as the suspect in the shooting. Bassler was also suspected in the Aug 11 death of property manager Matthew Coleman (45).
    (SFC, 8/29/11, p.C1)(SSFC, 10/2/11, p.A14)

2011        Aug 29, Adult film productions in Los Angeles shut down temporarily after an adult film performer tested HIV-positive. A retest by the end of the week indicated no virus and film production was allowed to resume.
    (SFC, 8/30/11, p.A6)(SSFC, 9/4/11, p.A8)

2011        Sep 1, Santa Cruz, Ca., attorney Celestial Cassman (35) was murdered while vacationing on the island of Maui. The next day Geral Galaway of Santa Cruz was arrested for the murder. In 2012 he pleaded no contest under a plead deal to manslaughter and kidnapping.
    (SFC, 6/9/12, p.C3)

2011        Sep 2, In California Kinde Durkee, a Democratic campaign manager based in Burbank, was arrested on suspicion of mail fraud. She was alleged to have misappropriated or stolen $670,000 from state Assemblyman Jose Solorio. Sen. Dianne Feinsteins campaign funds were also believed to be involved. On Sep 23 Feinsteins campaign filed suit against Durkee and the First California Bank in Los Angeles county.  On March 30, 2012, Durkee pleaded guilty to 5 charges of mail fraud. On Nov 28, 2012, Durkee was sentenced to 8 years in prison for the largest embezzlement of political funds in California history. In 2017 Beverly Hills-based Pacific Western Bank paid $1.75 million to settle allegations that it had facilitated the embezzlement. Durkee had acknowledged defrauding clients of more than $7 million.
    (SSFC, 9/4/11, p.A8)(SFC, 9/14/11, p.A9)(SFC, 9/24/11, p.A1)(SFC, 3/31/12, p.C1)(SFC, 11/29/12, p.C3)(SFC, 10/7/17, p.A7)

2011        Sep 8, A power blackout hit the southwest affecting 5 million people in Baja California, southern California, Arizona and parts of Sonora. It was caused by a utility worker making a routine repair in Yuma, Az. Most power was restored within 12 hours.

2011        Sep 21, California prosecutors charged one police officer with murder and another with manslaughter in the July 5 killing of an unarmed, mentally ill homeless man who was pummeled, shocked with a Taser and slammed with the butt of a stun gun in a beating that lasted nearly 10 minutes.
    (AP, 9/21/11)

2011        Sep 22, In northern and central California some 23,000 nurses associated with Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente went on a one-day strike.
    (SFC, 9/23/11, p.C4)

2011        Sep 23, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed compromise legislation under which Amazon.com drops its attempt to overturn by referendum an online sales tax in return for the state agreeing to postpone collections until next September. Amazon said it will create 10,000 full-time jobs in the state and invest $500 million in a variety of facilities.
    (SFC, 9/27/11, p.D1)

2011        Sep 28, Mir Najibullah Sadat Sahou (68), the former governor of Afghanistans central bank, was shot and killed during a suspected robbery near San Diego. Sahou had fled to the United States as a political fugitive. In December the remains of Ismael Lopez, suspected of Sahou, were found by divers off San Diego.
    (SFC, 12/24/11, p.A5)

2011        Oct 1, In northern California a Sacramento SWAT team shot and killed Aaron Bassler (35), a suspect in two previous north coast murders.
    (SSFC, 10/2/11, p.A1)

2011        Oct 2, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that that will prevent local governments from banning male circumcision.
    (AP, 10/3/11)

2011        Oct 7, Federal authorities in California vowed to shut down dozens of pot growing and sales operations in a major crackdown, saying the worst offenders are using the cover of medical marijuana to act as storefront drug dealers.
    (AP, 10/8/11)
2011        Oct 7, Californias Gov. Jerry Brown signed measures to ban the importation, possession and sale of shark fins. The importation ban begins in January, but sale and use will continue to July 2013.
    (SFC, 10/8/11, p.A1)

2011        Oct 8, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill giving illegal immigrant college students access to state-funded financial aid, the second half of two-part legislation known as the "Dream Act."
    (Reuters, 10/9/11)

2011        Oct 10, In California a 1,704 pumpkin won a prize of $11,224 in the annual Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. Leonardo Urenas pumpkin set a state record, but was 106 pounds short of a world record set in 2010 by a Wisconsin grown gourd.
    (SFC, 10/11/11, p.C1)

2011        Oct 12, In Seal Beach, Ca., a gunman burst through the door of a hair salon and began shooting. The shooter then stepped outside, shot a man sitting in a truck in the parking lot and sped off. 8 people, including his wife, were killed and another one left in critical condition. Police arrested Scott Dekraai (42) about a half-mile from the Salon Meritage. He was the ex-husband of stylist Michelle Fournier, who worked there. On April 28, 2014, Dekraai agreed to plead guilty. In 2017 Dekraai was sentenced to eight consecutive life terms in prison.
    (AP, 10/13/11)(SFC, 10/15/11, p.A7)(SFC, 4/29/14, p.A6)(SFC, 9/23/17 p.A7)

2011        Oct 14, Californias top prosecutor said 103 gang suspects have been arrested over the last 3 days under various charges as part of operation garlic press. Charges included drug sales and possession of firearms and stolen vehicles.
    (SFC, 10/15/11, p.C1)

2011        Oct 28, In San Diego, Ca., police arrested 51 people who occupied the Civic Center Plaza and Children's Park for three weeks. Occupy San Diego protesters vowed to return to the civic plaza behind City Hall.
    (AP, 10/29/11)

2011        Nov 7, California pot suppliers filed lawsuits in federal court to halt the Obama administrations campaign to close down their dispensaries, saying the survival of Californias medical marijuana law is at stake.
    (SFC, 11/8/11, p.C2)

2011        Nov 15, In southern California an estimated 17 tons of marijuana were seized in the discovery of a cross-border tunnel linking warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana. Authorities said it was one of the most significant secret drug smuggling passages ever found on the US-Mexico border.
    (AP, 11/17/11)

2011        Nov 16, A California Legislative Analysts Office report said the state will collect billions of dollars less in revenue than expected and expect a budget deficit of $13 billion in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. California State Univ. trustees raised tuition by 9% as police in Long Beach clashed protesters at the systems headquarters.
    (SFC, 11/17/11, p.A1)

2011        Nov 18, The LA Times reported that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, California is buying Robert Schuller's celebrated Protestant Crystal Cathedral megachurch for $57.5 million. On June 9, 2012, Bishop Tod Brown renamed it as Christ Cathedral.
    (http://tinyurl.com/7qn599h)(SSFC, 6/10/12, p.A10)
2011        Nov 18, An officer at Californias UC Davis calmly pepper-sprayed a line of several sitting protesters as onlookers shrieked and screamed out for the officer to stop. The next day video of the incident surfaced online. The chancellor of the University of California described the video images as "chilling" and said she was forming a task force to investigate even as a faculty group called for her resignation.
    (AP, 11/20/11)

2011        Nov 25, In Los Angeles a shopper pepper-sprayed other bargain hunters and robbers in South Carolina and northern California shot at customers to steal their Black Friday purchases, marring the start of the US holiday shopping season.
    (Reuters, 11/26/11)

2011        Nov 29, Arthur Morgan III (27) was captured without incident at a home in San Diego, Calif. The arrest came one week after he allegedly killed Tierra Morgan-Glover during a court-approved visit in New Jersey and then fled the state. The girl's mother, Imani Benton, called police after Morgan failed to return the child on Nov. 21.
    (AP, 11/30/11)
2011        Nov 29, Dr. Conrad Murray (58), convicted in the 2009 overdose of pop singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009), was sentenced in Los Angeles to 4 years behind bars.
    (SFC, 11/30/11, p.A12)
2011        Nov 29, Authorities in San Diego uncovered a 600-yard cross border tunnel and seized 32 tons of marijuana.
    (SFC, 12/1/11, p.A13)

2011        Dec 1, The California Public Utilities Commission approved a record $38 million fine against Pacific Gas & Electric for a string of safety violations that led up to a 2008 Christmas Eve explosion outside Sacramento that killed a homeowner.
    (SFC, 12/2/11, p.A1)

2011        Dec 9, In California Tyler Brehm (26) was shot and killed in Los Angeles after he walked down the middle of Sunset Boulevard firing on motorists. Music executive John Atterberry (40) died on Dec 12 from wounds suffered in Brehms shooting.
    (SSFC, 12/11/11, p.A11)(SFC, 12/13/11, p.A11)

2011        Dec 13, Californias Attorney General Kamala Harris announced a new unit devoted to prosecuting high-tech crimes. Each year over 1 million Californians were said to be victims of identity theft, with losses of over $46 million in 2010.
    (SFC, 12/14/11, p.D1)

2011        Dec 16, San Diego Gas & Electric Co. has agreed to pay $24.5 million to San Diego County in relation to the wind-driven 2007 brush fires that burned more than 200,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,500 homes. In 2009 the utility agreed to pay $14.3 million to the state.
    (AP, 12/18/11)(SSFC, 12/18/11, p.A15)\

2011        Dec 21, It was reported that California Watch has found repeated violations over the past year by Prime Healthcare Services for aggressive billing to Medicare.
    (SFC, 12/21/11, p.A1)

2011        A California law set aside a $5 fee on gun sales to support state programs to identify and confiscate guns from people who purchased them legally but later became ineligible to own them because of convictions for serious or violent crimes.
    (SFC, 6/2/17, p.D1)

2011        Californias spending on prisons reached about 10% of the state budget, up from 4% in the mid 1980s. This now exceeded the amount for university funding.
    (Econ, 10/8/11, p.36)
2011        A toxic red tide killed tens of thousands of abalone as well as sea urchins, starfish and other mollusks along the northern coast of California. In 2014 scientists identified a poison producing micro-organism known as Gonyaulax spinifera as the culprit.
    (SFC, 5/10/14, p.A1)

2012        Jan 1, In southern California an apparent murder-suicide left 4 people dead, 3 men and a woman, in Coronado. Two of the dead were F/A-18 pilots training at the US Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Navy pilot Robert Reeves (25) shot David Reis (25), Reis sister Karen Reis and Matthew Saturley (31) before shooting himself. Reeves was later reported to have had a .16 blood alcohol content.
    (SFC, 1/2/12, p.A4)(Reuters, 1/2/12)

2012        Jan 2, In Los Angeles Harry Burkhart, a Germany citizen, was arrested in West Hollywood following 4 nights of arson fires around the city.
    (SFC, 1/3/12, p.A5)

2012        Jan 3, Patagonia, an outdoor clothing firm, became the first company to take advantage of a new California law designed to give businesses greater freedom to pursue strategies which they believe benefit society as a whole rather than having to concentrate on maximizing profits. California became the 6th state to allow B Corps; the first was Maryland in April, 2010.
    (Econ, 1/7/12, p.57)

2012        Jan 4, In San Diego, Ca., Benjamin Arellano Felix (58), Mexican drug kingpin, pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy to launder money in exchange for a sentence of no more than 25 years.
    (SFC, 1/5/12, p.A6)

2012        Jan 8, In California animal rights arsonists destroyed 14 cattle trucks at the Harris Ranch of I-5.
    (SFC, 1/11/12, p.C3)

2012        Jan 12, California state ordered reports said PG&E had diverted over $100 million in gas safety and operations money over a period of 15 years and spent it for other purposes including profit for stockholders and bonuses for executives.
    (SFC, 1/13/12, p.A1)

2012        Jan 13, In California Orange County police detained Itzcoatl Ocampo (23) of Yorba Linda in relation to 4 recent killings of homeless men in the area. On Feb 6 Ocampo was charged with two more murders, the stabbing deaths of his high school friends mother and older brother in Yorba Linda. On  Nov 28, 2013, Ocampo died after being found sick in his cell.
    (SSFC, 1/15/12, p.A9)(SFC, 2/7/12, p.A9)(SFC, 11/29/13, p.A20)

2012        Jan 16, Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla told paroled killer Loren Herzog that his partner in crime, Wesley Shermantine, was prepared to disclose the location of missing bodies and was trying to pin the murders on him. Hours later Herzog was found dead in his Lassen County, Ca., trailer. Investigators believed that the two men, dubbed the speed freak killers, killed as many as 19 people during a methamphetamine spree in the 1980-1990s.
    (SFC, 1/19/12, p.C6)

2012        Jan 24, In California the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors voted to cancel its 2-year-old medical marijuana permit program following threats from federal prosecutors.
    (SSFC, 1/29/12, p.A12)

2012        Jan 27, The California Air Resources Board approved strict vehicle emissions regulations in a package known as the Advanced Clean Car program. It would cut in half current greenhouse gas emission by 2025.
    (SFC, 1/27/12, p.C1)

2012        Jan 28, A California police officer under investigation for sexual misconduct with a teenage minor was shot and killed while on duty by fellow officers as they tried to arrest him in Santa Maria.
    (AP, 1/28/12)

2012        Jan 30, Californias Claremont College acknowledged that that the school had submitted false SAT scores to publications since 2005 to inflate the schools ranking.
    (SFC, 2/1/12, p.A6)

2012        Jan 31, In northern California two men broke into the Siskiyou County Courthouse and stole $1.26 million worth of gold nuggets, jewelry and other artifacts. On Sep 12, 2013, Scott Bailey (51) of San Pablo, Ca., pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. David Dean Johnson (49) of El Sobrante was scheduled for trial on Nov 19.
    (SSFC, 9/15/13, p.C3)

2012        Feb 1, The California Public Utilities Commission approved an opt-out program for PG&E customers who refuse SmartMeters and wish to keep their analog gas and electricity meters. It would cost a one-time fee of $75 plus $10 per month.
    (SFC, 2/2/12, p.A1)

2012        Jan 4, In San Diego, Ca., Benjamin Arellano Felix (58), Mexican drug kingpin, pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy to launder money in exchange for a sentence of no more than 25 years. On April 2 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
    (SFC, 1/5/12, p.A6)(SFC, 4/3/12, p.A10)

2012        Feb 7, The 9th Circuit Court in California struck down as unconstitutional the state's voter-passed ban on gay marriage, ruling 2-1 that it violates the rights of gay Californians.
    (AP, 2/7/12)(SFC, 2/8/12, p.A1)

2012        Feb 9, The US EPA approved a federal rule banning ships from flushing their sewage into the sea within 3 miles of the California coast.
    (SFC, 2/10/12, p.A1)

2012        Feb 10, Former San Diego police officer Anthony Arevalos was sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison for soliciting sexual favors in exchange for not issuing traffic tickets against young women.
    (SFC, 2/11/12, p.A5)
2012        Feb 10, In California information from death row inmate Wesley Shermantine led trained dogs to a site in Calaveras County containing the remains of Chevelle Wheeler (16), who disappeared while skipping school in 1985. A day earlier the same dogs found the remains of Cyndi Vanderheiden (25), last seen in front of her home in San Joaquin County in 1998.
    (SFC, 2/11/12, p.A6)

2012        Feb 11, Philippine government agents in Manila arrested Dr. Eric Chan, alias Eric Uy Garchitorena, accused of defrauding a California health care program of more than $3 million.
    (AP, 2/14/12)

2012        Feb 12, In Northern California authorities unearthed more skull fragments and other human remains, along with clothes, a purse and jewelry, in a well where convicted serial killer Wesley Shermantine said there may be 10 or more victims.
    (AP, 2/12/12)

2012        Feb 16, In Long Beach, Ca., an immigration agent shot and injured another agent and was then killed by a third colleague in a federal building.
    (SFC, 2/17/12, p.A5)

2012        Feb 21, A US federal grand jury indicted Jacquline Hoegel (55) of American Canyon, Ca., and William Wise (62) of Raleigh, NC, for bilking investors of $75 million while running a nation-wide $129 million Ponzi scheme, which was shut down in March, 2009.
    (SFC, 3/1/12, p.C2)

2012        Feb 23, California officials said about a third of an estimated 50,000 hens at A&L Poultry, west of Turlock, died after about two weeks without feed, and most of the rest are being euthanized because of their weak condition.

2012        Feb 26, Hollywood gave its best film award to the silent French movie "The Artist." It also collected Oscars for its star Jean Dujardin and director Michel Hazanavicius, as well as for musical score and costume design. Meryl Streep won as Best Actress for playing former British PM Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady." Veteran Christopher Plummer made history by becoming the oldest winner ever at age 82 with his role as an elderly gay man in "Beginners."
    (Reuters, 2/27/12)
2012        Feb 26, In Los Angeles the Iranian film A Separation won an Oscar for best foreign film. Director Asghar Farhadi's movie explores troubles in Iranian society through the story of a marriage in collapse.
    (AP, 2/27/12)
2012        Feb 26, In Los Angeles Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won her country's first Oscar for a filmmaker for "Saving Face," a short documentary about acid attacks on women, and those who help them recover.
    (AFP, 2/27/12)

2012        Feb, In northern California and southern Oregon migrating waterfowl began dropping dead from avian cholera as they gathered in Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. An estimated 10-20,000 birds died from the disease.
    (SFC, 4/21/12, p.A1)

2012        Mar 2, In California police and federal agents seized 750 pounds of methamphetamine from a San Jose apartment. Street value was estimated at $34 million.
    (SSFC, 3/4/12, p.C1)

2012        Mar 8, In California retired El Dorado County sheriffs deputy Donald Philip Atkinson (50) was arrested for embezzling over $300,000 from his union from 2005-2011. He had served as the president of the El Dorado County Sheriffs Association. On July 30 Atkinson was sentenced to 5 years in prison.
    (SFC, 3/9/12, p.C3)(SFC, 7/31/12, p.C4)

2012        Mar 10, In Los Angeles, Ca., a 340 ton granite boulder arrived at the LA County Museum of Art under the direction of earth artist Michael Heizer.
    (Econ, 3/17/12, p.38)

2012        Mar 14, In California Abel Gutierrez (27), an Iraq war veteran, shot his sister (11) and himself to death in their Gilroy apartment. The body of his mother was found on March 22 about 20 miles from Gilroy off Pacheco Pass Highway.
    (SFC, 3/16/12, p.C1)(SFC, 3/23/12, p.C2)
2012        Mar 14, In southern California a Latino boy (15) was attacked as he walked home from school in Palmdale. 7 black teenagers, ages 13-16, were arrested the next day for suspected assault and committing a hate crime.
    (SSFC, 4/1/12, p.A7)

2012        Mar 16, In California Sierra LaMar (15) was last seen at her home in Morgan Hill getting ready for school. On May 21 police arrested Antolin Garcia-Torres (21) in connection to the missing teen. His DNA was found on clothing in LaMar's bag recovered shortly after her disappearance.  In Feb, 2014, Garcia-Torres was charged with murder. On May 9, 2017, a Santa Clara County jury convicted Garcia-Torres of murder. On June 5 Garcia-Torres was sentenced to life in prison.
    (SFC, 5/22/12, p.C2)(SSFC, 7/13/14, p.C8)(SFC, 5/10/17, p.D1)(SFC, 6/6/17, p.A1)

2012        Mar 19, In California Korey Kauffman (26) of Turlock, a seller of scrap metal, went missing. His decomposing body was found on Aug 19, 2013, in the Mariposa County forest. In 2015 Modesto lawyer Frank Carson, his wife and three CHP officers were arrested along with five accomplices in connection with Kauffmans murder. They allegedly killed Kauffman for stealing scrap metal Carsons scrap yard in Modesto.
    (SFC, 8/15/15, p.A1)(http://tinyurl.com/p6x2zs2)

2012        Mar 21, In southern California Shaima Alawadi (32), a woman from Iraq, was found by her daughter (17) unconscious on the dining room floor of her home in El Cajon. She was taken to the hospital and put on life support, but she was taken off life around 3 p.m. on March 24. Police investigated her death as a possible a hate crime. On Nov 9 police announced the arrest of her husband, Kassim al-Himidi, on suspicion of her murder. On June 23, 2014, Kassim al-Himidi was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison for his wifes fatal beating.
    (ABCNews, 3/25/12)(SFC, 11/10/12, p.A4)(SFC, 6/24/14, p.A6)

2012        Mar 23, In Sacramento, Ca., Frederick Salyer (56), the former owner of SK Foods, pleaded guilty to running the company as a racketeering enterprise that bribed purchasers, fixed prices and doctored lab tests of moldy tomato paste. Salyer served as CEO from 1999-2009, when the company filed for bankruptcy. Salyer was arrested in Feb, 2010, during a brief return to the US from Andorra. In 2013 he was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison and ordered to forfeit $3.45 million.
    (SFC, 3/24/12, p.D5)(SFC, 2/13/13, p.E3)
2012        Mar 23, In California Sandra Jessee (61) was sentenced to life in prison for the August 13, 1998, murder of her 3rd husband. She had him murdered to avoid paying for his cancer treatment and to collect insurance money.
    (SFC, 3/24/12, p.A5)(http://tinyurl.com/7wx9dol)
2012        Mar 23, California border patrol officials found 13 pounds of methamphetamine in the gas tank of a car being towed through a checkpoint in Temecula. Another 38 pounds of the drug were found in the panel of a car at the same checkpoint on March 25.
    (SSFC, 3/25/12, p.A10)

2012        Mar 27, The California Judicial Council voted to kill a $2 billion computer system linking the states 58 county courts. Over $500 million was already spent in a launch effort.
    (SSFC, 4/1/12, p.C1)

2012        Mar 29, In California the SF-based Save the Redwood League donated Four Corners, a 164-acre property in Mendocino County, to the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, made up of local native Indian groups.
    (SFC, 4/28/12, p.A6)

2012        Apr 3, A US rocket carrying a top-secret payload for the National Reconnaissance Office blasted off from Californias Vandenberg Air Force Base.
    (AP, 4/4/12)

2012        Apr 6, California artist Thomas Kinkade (54) died. His brushwork paintings of idyllic landscapes, cottages and churches were big sellers for dealers across the country.
    (AP, 4/6/12)

2012        Apr 7, In Concord, Ca., Solaiman Nuri (41) and his daughter (9), out on a sidewalk bike ride, were killed after a boy (17) lost control of his Cadillac Escalade.
    (SSFC, 4/8/12, p.A1)

2012        Apr 11, In southern California Chinese USC graduate students Qu Ming and Wu Ying, both 23, were shot and killed during a suspected bungled carjacking. On Oct 27, 2014, Javier Bolden (22) was convicted of 1st degree murder.
    (http://newscontent.cctv.com/news.jsp?fileId=138035)(SFC, 10/28/14, p.A7)

2012        Apr 17, In California the body of Brittany Dawn Killgore (22) was found near Lake Skinner in Riverside County. The Marines wife had disappeared a week earlier.
    (SFC, 4/19/12, p.A5)

2012        Apr 20, Pres. Obama declared some 14,000 acres of Californias Fort Ord a national monument under the 1906 Antiquities Act.
    (SFC, 4/21/12, p.A1)
2012        Apr 20, In Sacramento, Ca., a man suspected in a crime spree led to the temporary closure if I-80. Officers fatally shot Jimmy Lee Graves (38) on a 2nd-story balcony after he started a fire and refused to show his hands.
    (SSFC, 4/22/12, p.A6)

2012        Apr 21, US DEA agents in San Diego raided a house for drugs and detained 9 people including engineering student Daniel Chong (23). The DEA forgot about Chong and left him in a holding cell for 4 days with no food or water. Chong planned to seek damages. On July 30, 2013, his attorney said Chong had agreed to settle claims for $4.1 million.
    (SFC, 5/3/12, p.A9)(SFC, 7/31/13, p.A6)

2012        Apr 22, A meteor, dubbed the Sutters Mill Meteriote, exploded into fragments over northern California. It weighed barely 2 pounds and was apparently from a family of known asteroids named 495 Eulalia. 
    (SFC, 12/21/12, p.C9)

2012        Apr 24, The US Department of Agriculture reported the country's fourth-ever case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a California dairy cow, but stressed the outbreak was contained and no contaminated meat had entered the food chain.
    (AFP, 4/25/12)

2012        Apr 25, US federal officials announced that multiple airport screeners have been arrested for allegedly taking handsome bribes to look the other way while loads of illegal drugs slipped through security at Los Angeles International Airport.
    (ABCNews, 4/25/12)
2012        Apr 25, Two major South Korean retailers pulled US beef from their stores following the discovery of mad cow disease in a California dairy cow. US health authorities a day earlier said the animal was never a threat to the nation's food supply. US authorities said the dead cow had what scientists call an atypical case of BSE, meaning that a random mutation in the animal rather than infected cattle feed was the cause.
    (AFP, 4/25/12)

2012        Apr 28, The 37-foot yacht Aegean ran into trouble during a race off the coast of California and Mexico. Three crew members were killed and a 4th was missing.
    (SSFC, 4/29/12, p.A2)

2012        May 1, In southern California Gavin Smith (57), an executive for 20th Century Fox, was last seen in Ventura Countys Oak Park neighborhood. On Oct 26, 2014, hikers discovered his remains near Palmdale. On July 3, 2017, John Creech (44) was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Smith had reportedly been having an affair with Creechs wife.
    (SFC, 11/7/14, p.A6)(SFC, 7/4/17, p.A5)

2012        May 4, Federal agents in southern California arrested Michael Franks (29), suspected in 10 bank heists. He was dubbed the Snowboarder Bandit for often wearing snowboarder cloths.
    (SSFC, 5/6/12, p.A9)

2012        May 11, In San Diego, Ca., Clyde Thompson Jr. (51), the president of the local Black Sabboth Motorcycle chapter, was killed in a drive-by shooting.
    (SFC, 5/14/12, p.A5)

2012        May 12, California Gov. Jerry Brown said the states budget deficit has swelled to a projected $16 billion much larger than had been predicted just months ago and will force severe cuts to schools and public safety if voters fail to approve tax increases in November.
    (AP, 5/12/12)

2012        May 18, US Border Patrol agents stopped a fake UPS van as the driver tried to circumvent a highway checkpoint near Niland, about 150 miles east of San Diego in California's Imperial Valley, near the Mexican border. 13 suspected illegal immigrants from Mexico were stuffed inside.
    (AP, 5/24/12)

2012        Jun 1, In California federal prosecutors announced charges against 2 Sacramento County sheriffs deputies, Ryan McGowan (31) and Thomas Lu (42), accused of illegally selling dozens of weapons.
    (SFC, 6/2/12, p.A5)

2012        Jun 5, California voters approved Proposition 28. It reduced the time citizens can serve in the state Legislature from 14 years to 12, but allowed a member to serve the entire time in one house.
    (SFC, 6/6/12, p.A11)

2012        Jun 9, In Sacramento, Ca., an assailant entered a home and shot 3 people dead. The suspected gunman was also found dead in the home.
    (SFC, 6/11/12, p.C4)
2012        Jun 9, In Selma, Ca., police found Avtar Singh (47) dead in his living room. His 36-year-old wife and three-year-old son were dead in a bed in the master bedroom. His 17-year-old son lay dead in his bedroom. A third son (15), was barely alive in another room and later died. All had been shot in the head. In 2011, Singh was arrested after his wife said he choked her, and police discovered Singh was a former Indian Army major who was wanted for the 1996 killing of Jalil Andrabi, a lawyer and prominent human rights advocate in the disputed Himalayan region of Indian-controlled Kashmir.
    (AP, 6/16/12)

2012        Jun 17, Rodney King (b.1965), whose videotaped beating by police in 1991 led to the L.A. riots, was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool at his Rialto, California, home.
    (Reuters, 6/17/12)(SFC, 6/18/12, p.A6)

2012        Jun 19, Washington state authorities said Ricky Charles Goodrich (54) of Novato, Ca., has been charged with stealing $380,000 from Pearl Jam, a Seattle grunge band. He stole from the band from 2006 until 2010, when he was fired from his position as chief financial officer.
    (SFC, 6/20/12, p.C3)

2012        Jun 28, Stockton, Ca., city officials filed for Chapter 9 protection, making Stockton the largest US city to vote itself into bankruptcy. The city council had voted to file for bankruptcy on June 26.
    (SFC, 6/27/12, p.A1)(SFC, 6/29/12, p.C8)

2012        Jun 27, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a roughly $92 billion state budget bill. The budget kept most of the state parks open this year.
    (SFC, 6/28/12, p.C1)(SFC, 6/29/12, p.A1)

2012        Jul 2, California state lawmakers passed a set of foreclosure relief bills. The legislation would stop dual tracking, where a lender pursues foreclosure proceedings on a homeowner even as the homeowner seeks a modification on the terms of the loan.
    (SFC, 7/3/12, p.A1)
2012        Jul 2, In California the council members of Mammoth Lakes voted to file for bankruptcy, becoming the 2nd city in the state to do so.
    (SFC, 7/5/12, p.C2)

2012        Jul 6, California lawmakers approved billions of dollars in construction financing for the initial segment of the nation's first dedicated high-speed rail line connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    (AP, 7/7/12)

2012        Jul 7, Thousands of visitors climbed aboard the USS Iowa as the storied WWII and Cold War battleship opened as a museum at the port of Los Angeles.
    (Reuters, 7/7/12)

2012        Jul 10, In California the City Council of San Bernadino voted to authorize filing under Chapter 9 federal bankruptcy law, the 3rd California municipality to do so this year.
    (SFC, 7/12/12, p.C2)

2012        Jul 12, The Mexican army found an incomplete tunnel in a Tijuana warehouse with more than 40 tons of marijuana at the entry. The passage extended nearly 400 yards, including more than 100 yards into the United States. It was the second, major incomplete tunnel discovered in the San Diego-Tijuana area in two days and the third along the US-Mexico border since July 9, when a completed passage was found in a vacant strip mall storefront in the southwestern Arizona city of San Luis.
    (AP, 7/13/12)

2012        Jul 20, California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman resigned and her deputy was fired after state officials learned that her cash-strapped department had squirreled away $54 million in funds unreported to the state for 12 years.
    (SFC, 7/21/12, p.A1)

2012        Jul 21, In San Diego, Ca., active US service members marched for the first time in full uniform at the citys Gay Pride Parade.
    (SSFC, 7/22/12, p.A6)

2012        Jun 26, In Orinda, Ca., James Collin (62) used a machete to hack his live-in companion, Evangeline Cumber Devera (56), to death. 26 years earlier he had killed his brother in the same kitchen, while cleaning a shotgun.
    (SFC, 8/3/12, p.C3)

2012        Aug 3, In southern California Darren Burley (29) was arrested following a confrontation with police in Compton. Burley was zapped with a stun gun and handcuffed by officers after he allegedly tried to choke a pregnant woman. He died 12 days later. In December 2014, Long Beach jurors found deputies liable for negligence and battery and awarded Burleys family $8 million.
    (http://tinyurl.com/n7qbd6g)(SFC, 1/2/15, p.A5)

2012        Aug 10, A federal jury in San Diego found 2 former Border Patrol agents guilty of smuggling for money hundreds of people into the US.
    (SFC, 8/11/12, p.A4)

2012        Aug 13, British energy group BP said that it has agreed to sell its Carson refinery in California to US peer Tesoro Corporation for $2.5 billion (2.02 billion euros) as part of its ongoing restructuring. BP also said that Eagle Rock Energy Partners is paying $227.5 million in cash for the Sunray and Hemphill gas processing plants in Texas.
    (AFP, 8/13/12)

2012        Aug 14, In California William Howard of Danville, a law enforcement whistleblower, was relieved from duty. He had cooperated in building a criminal case against former Deputy Sheriff Stephen Tanabe (49), who was indicted for making dirty DUI arrests. Howard said his dismissal was retaliation for breaking the police code of silence. On Sep 3, 2013, Tanabe was convicted for his role in the DUI arrests. On Feb 19, 2014, Tanabe was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison.
    (SFC, 8/18/12, p.A1)(SFC, 9/4/13, p.A8)(SFC, 2/20/14, p.D2)

2012        Aug 16, In California 12 federal counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud were brought against Terence Bonner (59), former leader of the national union representing Border Patrol agents. He allegedly filed false claims for hundreds of thousands of dollars from 2007-2010.
    (SFC, 8/18/12, p.A6)
2012        Aug 16, In California gang member Pierre Mercado was found guilty in Los Angeles of 4 counts of murder during a mid 1990s crime spree. He was a member of the Asian Boys founded by his brother, Marvin, now serving life in prison.
    (SFC, 8/17/12, p.A8)

2012        Sep 17, Californias Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB661, which set a buffer zone of 300 feet for any protests at funeral homes.
    (SFC, 9/18/12, p.C1)

2012        Aug 19, In California the Asian citrus psylid was reported to be threatening the states $1.6 billion citrus industry.
    (SSFC, 8/19/12, p.A12)

2012        Aug 30, In California Yosemite park officials closed 91 Curry Village tent cabins following 3 more cases of hantavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 6 cases, including 2 deaths. The cabins were apparently infested with deer mice, carriers of the disease. A 3rd death from the incurable disease was reported on Sep 6.
    (SFC, 8/31/12, p.A1)(SFC, 9/7/12, p.A18)

2012        Sep 4, In California CHP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom was shot by Christopher Boone Lacy (36) during a traffic stop on I-680 near Alamo. Lacy was shot a killed by another officer. Youngstrom died of his wounds the next day.
    (SFC, 9/6/12, p.A1,13)

2012        Sep 11, A Los Angeles jury doubled its verdict against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis ordering him to pay an additional $20 million in punitive damages to Steve Wynn for claiming the casino mogul threatened to kill him. A day earlier the jury awarded Wynn $20 million finding that Francis allegations had slandered Wynn. In November a judge cut the $40 million verdict by more than half.
    (SFC, 9/12/12, p.A8)(SFC, 11/13/12, p.A5)

2012        Sep 17, Californias Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB661, which set a buffer zone of 300 feet for any protests at funeral homes.
    {California, USA}
    (SFC, 9/18/12, p.C1)

2012        Sep 22, In California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing nurses to dispense birth control.
    (SSFC, 9/23/12, p.A10)

2012        Sep 25, Californias Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB1298 making robotic vehicles legal in the state. This made California the 3rd state to affirm driverless vehicles. He also signed bills that will keep the state parks open for the next two years.
    (SFC, 9/26/12, p.A1)(NYT, 9/27/12, p.A18)

2012        Sep 26, The Univ. of California agreed to $1 million legal settlement with students pepper sprayed by police during a protest last November. 21 students will receive about $30,000 each and a written apology from the university chancellor.
    (SFC, 9/27/12, p.C3)
2012        Sep 26, The Univ. of California agreed to $1 million legal settlement with students pepper sprayed by police during a protest last November. 21 students will receive about $30,000 each and a written apology from the university chancellor.
    (SFC, 9/27/12, p.C1)

2012        Sep 28, In California a US Border Patrol agent fatally shot Valeria Alvarado (32), a mother of five in suburban San Diego as he rode on the hood of her car after she ran into him.
    (AP, 9/29/12)

2012        Sep 29, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB1172 banning controversial therapy practices that attempt to change the sexual orientation of minors.
    (SSFC, 9/30/12, p.A1)

2012        Oct 3, The city council of Atwater, Ca., approved a fiscal emergency declaration, a move that could put the city of 28,000 on the path to becoming the fourth city in the most populous US state to declare bankruptcy this year.
    (Reuters, 10/3/12)

2012        Oct 8, In Half Moon Bay, Ca., Thad Starr (45) of Pleasant Hills, Oregon, won the 39th annual giant pumpkin contest with a 1,775 gourd, a local record. The world record was recently set in Massachusetts by a 2,009-pound specimen.
    (SFC, 10/9/12, p.C2)

2012        Oct 12, US federal officials approved a plan to set aside 285,000 acres of public land for the development of large-scale solar power plants in 6 states. Most of the land is in Southern California.
    (SFC, 10/13/12, p.A6)

2012        Oct 17, Los Angeles authorities arrested county assessor John Noguez, a top aide and a campaign contributor, as part of a probe into alleged influence peddling and slashing of property taxes for political allies.
    (SFC, 10/18/12, p.C3)

2012        Oct 20, In southern California Desmond John Moses (55) went on the early morning shooting rampage over a dispute with the victims. He set fire to his backyard bungalow before shooting five members of a family, killing a father (30) and his 4-year-old son in Inglewood.
    (AP, 10/20/12)

2012        Oct 23, In California surfer Francisco Javier Solorio Jr. was killed in a shark attack off the coast of Surf Beach in Lompoc.
    (SFC, 10/24/12, p.A6)

2012        Oct 24, In southern California Douglas Harris (30) shot and killed 3 people at a fire extinguisher business and a nearby home in Downey. Two others were wounded.
    (SFC, 10/30/12, p.A6)
2012        Oct 24, Police in southern California arrested Akingide Cole of Palmdale for the theft of $1.6 million in casino chips from the Venetian resort in Las Vegas. Detectives recovered $396,000 in chips.
    (SFC, 10/31/12, p.A4)

2012        Nov 1, Michela Wooldridge (24), a homeless woman, was stabbed to death in Santa Rosa, Ca. On Aug 19, 2014, police arrested Jessy Zetino (22) after DNA evidence tied him to the murder.
    (SFC, 8/21/14, p.D2)

2012        Nov 4, The California state Supreme Court issued an order to allow the states political watchdog to identify contributors to an Arizona groups last minute infusion of $11 million to campaigns opposing Gov. Browns tax initiative and supporting an antiunion measure on the Nov 6 ballot. The Arizona group declined and said it would appeal to the US Supreme Court.
    (SFC, 11/5/12, p.C1)

2012        Nov 6, In California Proposition 30, Gov. Browns tax plan for education, passed. Prop 35, an initiative to increase sex-trafficking fines, passed by a landslide. Voters also approved Proposition 36, an initiative to change the three strike law. Prop 31 for budget process changes failed; Prop 32 to stop payroll political contributions failed; Prop 33 for insurance rates by driver history failed; Prop 34 to repeal the death penalty failed; prop 37 to label genetically modified food failed; Prop 38 on tax increases for education failed; prop 39 on taxes for multi-state businesses failed.
    (SFC, 11/7/12, p.A14)(SFC, 11/8/12, p.A20)

2012        Nov 7, A US federal judge blocked enforcement of a provision on Californias newly approved sex-trafficking law (Prop 35) that required 73,000 registered sex offenders to reveal their Internet identities to police.
    (SFC, 11/8/12, p.C1)
2012        Nov 7, In California Lawrence Jones (42), a discharged parolee, shot four coworkers before shooting himself about at Valley Protein, a poultry processing plant.

2012        Nov 14, California held its first carbon auction under the new state cap-and-trade system. The median bid was $12.96 and all 23.1 million permits for use in the coming year were sold.
    (SFC, 11/20/12, p.A1,13)

2012        Nov 17, In southern California 4 suspected gang members were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following a shooting that wounded a sheriffs deputy in south Los Angeles.
    (SSFC, 11/18/12, p.A11)

2012        Nov 27, A labor strike by 500 clerical workers began at the twin California ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Their industrial action and clout was significantly strengthened because some 10,000 members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union supported them, refusing to cross the clerical workers' picket lines. Operations at 10 or 14 terminals were idled. A deal to settle was struck on Dec 4.
    (Reuters, 12/2/12)(SFC, 12/4/12, p.A11)(Econ, 12/8/12, p.31)

2012        Nov 28, In California Roy Curtis Marcum (45), an animal control officer from Elk Grove, was shot and killed while trying to retrieve pets from a home whose owner was evicted a day earlier. Joseph Francis Corey (65) was arrested the next day and faced murder charges.
    (SFC, 11/30/12, p.C2)

2012        Nov 29, US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar ordered the shut down of a popular oyster farm at Drakes Bay, an estuary at Point Reyes National Seashore. The Drakes Bay Oyster Co. had accounted for almost 40% of the states oyster production. The National Park Service intends to turn the 2,700-acre area into the first federally designated marine wilderness on the West Coast.
    (SFC, 11/30/12, p.A1)

2012        Dec 2, In southern California a smuggling vessel rammed a small US Coast Guard boat killing Terrell Horne III (34) near the Channel Islands west of Malibu. Two Mexican suspects were detained.
    (SFC, 12/3/12, p.A6)(SFC, 12/4/12, p.A14)

2012        Dec 4, It was reported that conservationists have saved some 3,000 acres in Californias Sierra Nevada. The Truckee Donner land Trust and Trust for Public Land closed an $8 million deal to buy Webber Lake and Lacey Meadows at the headwaters of the Little Truckee River.
    (SFC, 12/4/12, p.A1)

2012        Dec 8, In Porterville, Ca., Hector Celaya (31), a member of the Tule River Indian Reservation, went on a shooting rampage that left a daughter, his mother and her two brothers dead. The suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot in a shootout with police.
    (AP, 12/10/12)(SFC, 12/28/12, p.D5)

2012        Dec 12, In California Darcey Greenfield, a former Los Angeles police officer, was arrested on charges of bilking people out of at least $3 million in a real estate investment scheme.
    (SSFC, 12/16/12, p.A12)

2012        Dec 13, In California the Illinois-based Walgeen Co. was ordered to pay $16.57 million to local government and environmental agencies to settle claims of dumping hazardous wastes.
    (SFC, 12/14/12, p.A12)

2012        Dec 14, The US DEA said over 2 dozen people have been charged in San Diego in a scheme to smuggle drugs into California from Mexico. The bust netted over 1,000 pouns of methamphetamine, 200 pounds of cocaine and 28 pound of heroin.
    (SFC, 12/15/12, p.A7)

2012        Dec 26, Los Angeles police traded gift cards for guns in a buyback program Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced as a crime-fighting response to the deadly shooting rampage in Newtown, Connecticut.
    (Reuters, 12/26/12)

2012        Dec 29, The California Supreme Court handed down a decision to dissolve redevelopment agencies across the state.
    (Fog Cutter, Spring, 2012, p.2)

2012        Dec, Samiah Downing (4) died after daily beatings, torture and dehydration under the care of Ronald Greer and Bianca Stanch. They were found guilty of the crimes on Oct. 6, 2020. In 2021 the father and his girlfriend were sentenced to 32 years in prison for killing her.
    (https://tinyurl.com/5275t8pv)(The Grio, 3/18/21)

2012        Los Angeles detectives caught up with Samuel Little (72), a former boxer, with DNA evidence that tied him to slayings of two women in 1989. His rap sheet detailed crimes in 24 states over 56 years and he was suspected of rapes and murders across the country.
    (SFC, 4/19/13, p.D7)

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