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    These "Timelines of History" include numerous files arranged in the following order:

    The "Days in History"  features historic events for each day of the year.

    The "History of the World" features a continuous universal timeline from the Big Bang to the present.

    The "States of the USA" and "Cities" feature timelines of the American states and some major US cities.

    The "World Countries" section features timelines of almost every country of the world.

    Next follows a link to a page of assorted subjects and a variety of off-site links.

    Instructions follow here for the local search engine. The references file is below the search engine.

    An invitation follows to subscribe to a free monthly Timelines of History newsletter.

    Links then follow for some site details.
    These include: a c opyright statement, short authors bio, source references and newsletter archives.

    Look here if you would like to make a donation to this site via PayPal.

    My e-mail address is provided at the bottom of this page.
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