Today in History - May 11

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For Asia History:

330        May 11, Constantine renamed the town of Byzantium to: “New Rome which is Constantine’s City." It became know as Constantinople.
    (ATC, p.31)(HN, 5/11/98)

1189        May 11, Emperor Frederik I Barbarossa and 100,000 crusaders departed Regensburg.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1421        May 11, Jews were expelled from Styria, Austria.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1502        May 11, Columbus embarked on his 4th voyage with 150 men in 4 caravels. Among those in the fleet were Columbus's brother Bartholomew, and Columbus' younger son Fernando, then just 13 years old. They reached the coast of Honduras after 8 months and passed south to Panama (1503). The ships included the Capitana, which served as the flagship, and the Vizcaina. In 2006 Klaus Brinkbaumer authored “The Voyage of the Vizcaina."
    (WSJ, 1/11/99, p.R49)(, 5/26/06, p.W5)

1568        May 11, Christian I, ruler of Anhalt-Bernburg (Battle of White Mountain), was born.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1573        May 11, Henry of Anjou became the first elected king of Poland.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1588        May 11, The Spanish Armada of 130 ships with 30,000 men left Lisbon for England. [see May 19]
    (ON, 3/02, p.2)

1610        May 11, Matteo Ricci, Italian Jesuit missionary (China), died.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1647        May 11, Peter Stuyvesant (37) arrived in New Amsterdam to become governor of New Netherland. The one-legged professional soldier was sent from the Netherlands to head the Dutch trading colony at the southern end of Manhattan Island. Stuyvesant lost a leg in a minor skirmish in the Caribbean in 1644.
    (ON, 4/00, p.1)(AH, 10/04, p.74)(AP, 5/11/08)

1689        May 11, French and English naval battle took place at Bantry Bay.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1690        May 11, In the first major engagement of King William’s War, British troops from Massachusetts seized Port Royal in Acadia (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) from the French, their objective was to take Quebec.
    (HN, 5/11/99)

1742        May 11, Francesco Stradivari (70), Italian violin maker, son of Antonius, died.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1744        May 11, In Britain Elizabeth Robinson of Middlesex and 2 other women were tried and convicted at the Old Bailey on charges of stealing 104 imported China oranges from a grocer’s warehouse with the intent to sell them. She was sentenced to transport for a term of 7 years. She was pregnant and gave birth on ship.
    (SFEC, 10/27/96, p.T9)

1745        May 11, French forces defeated an Anglo-Dutch-Hanoverian army at Fontenoy.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1751        May 11, The 1st US hospital was founded in Pennsylvania. [see Feb 11, 1752]
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1752        May 11, The 1st US fire insurance policy issued in Philadelphia.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1772        May 11, Joseph Kerckhoff, Limburg surgeon, robber captain, was hanged.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1778        May 11, William Pitt Sr. (69), English premier (1756-61, 66-68), died.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1792        May 11, The Columbia River was discovered and named by Captain Robert Gray.
    (HN, 5/11/98)(MC, 5/11/02)

1811        May 11, Chang and Eng Bunker, Chinese Siamese twins, were born.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1812        May 11, The Waltz was introduced into English ballrooms. Most observers considered it disgusting and immoral.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1812        May 11, British PM Spencer Perceval was shot by a bankrupt banker in the lobby of the House of Commons. Lord Liverpool (1770-1828) was asked to serve as PM of Britain and he served until 1827.
    (HN, 5/11/99)(WSJ, 2/9/05, p.D10)(

1814        May 11, Americans defeated the British at Battle of Plattsburgh.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1853        May 11, Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild of England purchased Chateau Mouton in Bordeaux, France, for 1,125,000 gold francs.

1857        May 11, Indian mutineers against the British seized Delhi.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1858        May 11, Minnesota became the 32nd state of the Union.
    (AP, 5/11/97)(HN, 5/11/98)

1860        May 11, Giuseppe Garibaldi landed at Marsala, Sicily. He began a series of campaigns that politically unified most of the Italian peninsula in 1861.
    (HN, 5/11/99)(ON, 10/06, p.7)

1862        May 11, The Confederates scuttled the CSS Virginia off Norfolk, Virginia.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1864        May 11, Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart was mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1866        May 11, Confederate President Jefferson Davis became a free man after spending two years in prison for his role in the American Civil War.
    (HN, 5/11/99)
1866        May 11, The Overend Gurney, known as the 'bankers bank,' suspended payments and went into liquidation owing £11 million to shareholders and the public. Overend Gurney began collapsing in the early months of 1866. The bank run on Overend Gurney was the last in the UK until 2007. The Bank of England’s role as a lender of last resort helped to establish sterling as an international currency.
    (,_Gurney_and_Company)(Econ, 9/22/07, p.16)(Econ, 1/31/15, p.62)

1880        May 11, A US Marshal and his deputies faced a group of farmers in the San Joaquin Valley of California over a land dispute between the farmers and the Southern Pacific Railroad. The farmers had developed an irrigation system that turned the land into a rich agricultural area and the Railroad then claimed the land for itself and won a suit to that effect. Seven men were killed in what became known as the battle of Mussel Slough.
    (Smith., 5/95, p.84)

1885        May 11, "King" Joseph Oliver, jazz cornetist and bandleader, was born.
    (HN, 5/11/02)

1888        May 11, Songwriter Irving Berlin (d.1989), Jewish composer of White Christmas, was born Israel Isadore Baline in Temun, Russia. He arrived in the US with his family at age 5.
    (AP, 5/11/97)(HN, 5/11/98)(SFC, 12/28/12, p.E1)

1889        May 11, Major Joseph Washington Wham took charge of $28,000 in gold and silver to pay troops at various points in the Arizona Territory. The money was soon stolen in a train robbery.
    (HN, 5/11/99)

1891        May 11, Alexandre Becquerel (b.1820), French physicist, died. In 1839, Becquerel observed the photoelectric effect via an electrode in a conductive solution exposed to light.

1894        May 11, Martha Graham, choreographer (Appalachian Spring), was born in Allegheny, Penn.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1894        May 11, Mari Sandoz, writer and biographer (Crazy Horse), was born.
    (HN, 5/11/02)
1894        May 11, Workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company in Illinois went on strike. The American Railway Union, led by Eugene Debs, subsequently began a boycott of Pullman that blocked freight traffic in and out of Chicago. Pullman had cut wages due to the recession but left high rents in his company town. Mail cars were coupled to Pullman cars and Pres. Cleveland ordered federal troops onto the trains to insure the delivery of mail. Illinois Gov. John Peter Altgeld opposed Cleveland’s plans. 34 union workers were killed when federal troops intervened.
    (AP, 5/11/97)(SFC, 12/3/98, p.A3)(SFC, 10/4/02, p.A17)

1895        May 11, William Grant Still was born. He is considered the Dean of black African composers.
    (HN, 5/11/99)

1904        May 11, Salvador Dali (d.1989), surrealist painter, was born in Figueres, Spain.
    (HN, 5/11/98)(WSJ, 1/25/99, p.A16)(SFEC, 7/16/00, p.T4)
1904        May 11, Andrew Carnegie donated $1.5M to build a peace palace.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1910        May 11, Glacier National Park in Montana was established.
    (AP, 5/11/97)

1911        May 11, Doodles Weaver, comedian (Spike Jones and City Slickers), was born in LA, Calif.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1912        May 11, Phil Silvers, comedian and actor, was born. He stared on TV’s “Sergeant Bilko."
    (HN, 5/11/99)

1916        May 11, Einstein's paper “The Basis of the General Theory of Relativity" was published.
1916        May 11, Max [Johann BJM] Reger (43), German composer, pianist, organist, died.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1918        May 11, Richard Feynman (d.1988), theoretical physicist was born. His classic lectures were published in 1995 in the book “Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by its most Brilliant Teacher" by Addison -Wesley in 1995. In 1996 Feynman’s “Lost Lecture" was written by David L. and Judith R. Goodstein. Feynman won a Nobel Prize in 1965.
    (WSJ, 11/6/95, p. A-20)(HN, 5/11/02)(MC, 5/11/02)

1921        May 11, Tel Aviv became the 1st all Jewish municipality.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1927        May 11, An official organizational banquet was held for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Biltmore Hotel. Of the 300 guests, 230 joined the Academy, paying $100 each. [see May 4] Douglas Fairbanks served as the first president.
    (, 1992, p.783)
1927        May 11, Henry Martyn Robert (90), (Robert's Rules of Order), died.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1930        May 11, Stanley Elkin, author (George Mills), was born in Brooklyn, NY.
    (HN, 5/11/02)(MC, 5/11/02)

1933        May 11, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the black Nation of Islam, was born.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1935        May 11, The US Rural Electrification Administration was established.
    (SSFC, 1/18/09, p.D6)

1937        May 11, Spam, a canned ham by Hormel, was registered as a trademark. It was introduced to the public as Spam on July 5, 1937.
    (WSJ, 4/29/04, p.D10)(

1939        May 11, In San Francisco the Top of the Mark Nightclub opened at the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel.
    (SFEM, 11/24/96, p.13)(SSFC, 5/11/14, DB p.50)

1941        May 11, London’s Bridgewater House was bombed. A major work by French painter Paul Delaroche, "Charles I Insulted by Cromwell's Soldiers" (1837) depicting the British monarch shortly before his execution in 1649, was thought to have been virtually destroyed. In 2009 it was unrolled and found to be in good condition.
    (Reuters, 11/24/09)
1941        May 11, The 1st Messerschmidt 109F was shot down above England.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1943        May 11, During World War II, American forces landed on Japanese-held Attu island in the Aleutians; the Americans took the island 19 days later.
    (AP, 5/11/02)
1943        May 11, Hermann Goering division in Tunisia surrendered.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1944        May 11, Allied forces launched a major offensive against German lines in Italy.
    (AP, 5/11/07)

1945        May 11, Kiyoshi Ogawa, Japanese pilot, crashed his plane into the US carrier Bunker Hill near Okinawa. 496 Americans died with him and the ship was knocked out of the war.
    (SFC, 3/29/01, p.A15)

1946        May 11, Robert Jarvik, physician: inventor of the Jarvik artificial heart, was born in Michigan.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1946        May 11, The first packages from the relief agency CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) arrived in Europe, at Le Havre, France.
    (AP, 5/11/97)

1947        May 11, The B.F. Goodrich Company of Akron, Ohio, announced the development of a tubeless tire.
    (AP, 5/11/97)

1948        May 11, Haganah took control of Safed and port of Haifa.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1948        May 11, Edward Ricketts (Doc Ricketts, 51), marine biologist and friend of John Steinbeck, died in Monterey, Ca., after his car stalled on railroad tracks and was struck by a Del Monte Express. He authored “Between Pacific Tides."
    (SFC, 2/22/02, p.A21)

1949        May 11, The 1st Polaroid camera sold $89.95 in NYC.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1949        May 11, Israel was admitted to the United Nations as the world body's 59th member by a vote of 37-12. The capital was moved to Tel Aviv.
    (TOH, 1982, p.1949)(AP, 5/11/97)(MC, 5/11/02)
1949        May 11, Siam changed its named to Thailand.
    (AP, 5/11/97)

1951        May 11, Jay Forrester patented computer core memory.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1953        May 11, An F5 tornado hit downtown Waco, Texas, killing 114 people with 597 injured. Damages were estimated at $200 million.
    (SSFC, 5/11/03, Par p.11)(SFC, 5/11/09, p.D8)
1953        May 11, Winston Churchill criticized the domino theory of John Foster Dulles.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1960        May 11, John D. Rockefeller Jr. (86), philanthropist, died.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1960        May 11, Israeli soldiers captured Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires as he returned home from his job at the Mercedes factory. Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal, was nabbed by Peter Malkin. Eichmann was taken to Israel where he was tried, found guilty and hung in 1962.
    (SFEC, 11/3/96, Par. p.13)(WSJ, 4/28/97, p.A17)(HN, 5/11/98)(MC, 5/11/02)

1962        May 11, US sent troops to Thailand.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1963        May 11, "Puff The Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul and Mary hit #2.
    (MC, 5/11/02)
1963        May 11, Racial bomb attacks took place in Birmingham, Alabama.
    (MC, 5/11/02)

1965        May 11, The US 10th fighter Bomber F105D was shot down at Xien Khouong, Laos.
    (SSFC, 11/9/03, p.D6)
1965        May 11-12, In East Pakistan a cyclone killed some 12,000.

1967        May 11, The United Kingdom re-applied to join the European Community. It was followed by Ireland and Denmark and, a little later, by Norway. General de Gaulle was still reluctant to accept British accession.
1967        May 11, French President Charles de Gaulle for a second time said he will veto Britain's application to join the Common Market. One reason he gave was the incompatibility of its farming policies.
    (, 11/24/12, p.62)
1967        May 11, David Galula (b.1919), Tunisia-born French military officer and scholar, died in France. He was influential in developing theories of counterinsurgency. He wrote his experiences in two books, later published by the RAND Corporation: “Pacification in Algeria" (1963), and “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice" (1964).
    (, 3/14/09, p.W9)
1967        May 11, In Vietnam the siege of Khe Sanh ended, with the base still in American hands.
    (HN, 5/11/98)

1968        May 11, In France PM Georges Pompidou made a speech conceding to the demand to reopen the universities and implied the government would release arrested students. The night of May 10-11 became known as the ``Night of the Barricades.’ These events galvanized public support for the students.

1969        May 11, The Monty Python comedy troupe formed.
1969         May 11, Canada’s CBC public broadcaster announced it will no longer accept advertising from tobacco companies.
1969        May 11, The Battle of Hamburger Hill began. [see May 10]
    (HFA, '96, p.30)(SFC, 6/24/96, p.A15)

1970        May 11, The song "Long & Winding Road" by the Beatles was released in the US. It was their last American release.

1972        May 11, US pilot First Lt. Michael Joseph Blassie (b.1948) was shot down by anti-aircraft fire after having logged 137 combat missions. His remains were entombed on Memorial Day, 1984, at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington. In 1998 his remains were exhumed and identified by DNA testing.
    (SFC, 1/20/98, p.A2)(SFC, 6/30/98, p.A1)(

1973        May 11, Charges against Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo (1936-2008) for their role in the Pentagon Papers case were dismissed by Judge William M. Byrne, who cited government misconduct.
    (AP, 5/11/97)(SFC, 8/12/08, p.B5)

1974        May 11, In Argentina leftist liberation theology priest Carlos Mugica (b.1930) was killed by ultra-right groups.
    (AP, 11/4/08)(

1975        May 11, The Cambodian government seized an American merchant ship, the Mayaguez.
    (SFEC, 5/11/97, p.T10)

1976        May 11, Col. Joaquin Zenteno Anaya, Bolivia’s ambassador to France, was assassinated in Paris. Members of the Che Guevara brigade claim credit. Zenteno had led the army division that captured and executed Che Guevara in 1967.
1976        May 11, Alvar Aalto (b.1898), Finnish architect, died. A show in 1998 featured his work and an accompanying book was published that covered his Nordic classicism of the 1920s to the completion of his Finlandia Hall in Helsinki in 1971.
    (WSJ, 7/28/00, p.W11C)(

1980        May 11, In Ivory Coast the first stone of St. Paul’s Roman Catholic cathedral was consecrated by Pope John Paul II during his first pastoral visit to Côte d'Ivoire. Pres. Felix Houphouet-Boigny built the $150 million St. Paul's Cathedral, designed by architect Aldo Spirito, in Abidjan. It was completed in 1985.

1981        May 11, The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Cats," based on TS Eliot poems, premiered in London.
1981        May 11, Bob Marley (b.1945), Jamaican reggae artist, died of brain cancer in Miami.
    (AP, 5/11/97)(SFEC, 2/14/99, p.T7)(

1982        May 11, In Massachusetts Michael Donohue (b.1906) and FBI informant Brian Halloran were shot to death in a hit allegedly planned and carried out by gang boss James Bulger.
    (, 7/20/13, p.28)

1985        May 11, 56 people died when a flash fire swept a jam-packed soccer stadium in Bradford, England.
    (AP, 5/11/07)

1986        May 11, Fred Markham (US), unpaced and unaided by wind, became 1st to pedal 65 mph on a level course, Big Sand Flat, Calif.

1987        May 11, In a medical first, doctors in Baltimore transplanted the heart and lungs of an auto accident victim to Clinton House who gave up his own heart to a 2nd recipient. House, the nation's first living heart donor, died 14 months later.
    (AP, 5/11/97)
1987        May 11, Former US National Security Adviser Robert C. McFarlane began testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings. 
    (AP, 5/11/97)
1987        May 11, The trial of former Gestapo official Klaus Barbie began in Lyons, France.
    (AP, 5/11/97)
1987        May 11, Legislative elections in the Philippines gave pro-Aquino candidates a large majority.

1988        May 11, Master spy Harold "Kim" Philby, the notorious "Third Man" of a British espionage ring, died in the Soviet Union at age 76. In 2014 Ben Macintyre authored “A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal" and Tim Milne authored “Kim Philby: The Unknown Story of the KGB’s Master Spy."
    (AP, 5/11/98)(Econ, 4/19/14, p.76)
1988        May 11, Fans of Irving Berlin paid tribute on his 100th birthday with celebrations that included a gala at New York's Carnegie Hall.
    (AP, 5/11/98)

1989        May 11, President Bush recalled the US ambassador and planned to dispatch about 1,700 soldiers and 165 marines in phases to reinforce troops already in Panama.
1989        May 11, US Federal Judge Walter Nixon (61) of Mississippi was impeached by the House of Representatives. The US Senate voted to remove Nixon from the bench on November 4, 1989. He had been convicted in 1986 on perjury charges and sentenced to five years in prison.
    (SFC, 9/18/08, p.A6)(
1989        May 11, The Franklin Mills mega-mall, the former Liberty Bell Racetrack, opened in Philadelphia.
    (SFC, 5/27/97, p.A15)(
1989        May 11, Kenya announced that it would seek a worldwide ban on the trade of ivory -- a move intended to preserve its fast-dwindling elephant herds.
    (AP, 5/11/99)

1990        May 11, President Bush, on a two-day trip of college commencement speeches, told reporters aboard Air Force One that there were "no conditions" going into a budget summit with Congress.
    (AP, 5/11/00)
1990        May 11, The center fuel tank of Philippine Air Lines B737-300 exploded as the plane pushed back from the gate and 8 people were killed.
    (WSJ, 6/26/08, p.A12)

1991        May 11, President Bush dispatched an amphibious task force with thousands of Marines and dozens of helicopters to help cyclone-ravaged Bangladesh with disaster relief efforts.
    (AP, 5/11/01)

1992        May 11, Leaders of 12 European countries recalled their ambassadors from Serb-dominated Yugoslavia to protest Serb involvement in Bosnia's ethnic war.
    (AP, 5/11/97)
1992        May 11, Carlos Herrera (90), drink inventor (Margarita), died.

1993        May 11, The US Senate approved the so-called "motor voter" bill, designed to make voter registration easier.
    (AP, 5/11/98)
1993        May 11, The US Senate Armed Services Committee heard emotional testimony from Marine Col. Fred Peck, who affirmed his love for his homosexual son, Scott, while reiterating his opposition to lifting the ban on openly gay servicemen.
    (AP, 5/11/98)

1994        May 11, Arkansas put to death two convicted murderers; it was the first time a state executed two people on the same day since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed states to restore the death penalty in 1976.
    (AP, 5/11/99)
1994        May 11, In Rwanda Colonel Ephrem Setako ordered the killings of 10 Tutsis at Mukamira military camp in Ruhengeri prefecture. In 2010 Setako was convicted of crimes against humanity and murder.
    (Reuters, 2/25/10)
1994        May 11, In South Africa the Rand Supreme Court sentenced to death six white rightwing extremists for the murder of four blacks, including an 11-year-old child, at a roadblock near Randfontein on December 12, 1993.

1995        May 11, A United Nations conference indefinitely extended the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which was originally set to expire after 25 years.
    (AP, 5/11/00)

1996        May 11, A ValuJet DC-9 with 110 people onboard caught fire shortly after takeoff crashed in the Florida Everglades shortly after takeoff from Miami Int’l. airport. In 1999 Florida brought murder charges against Sabre-Tech, a Miami repair facility, that had loaded hazardous oxygen generators onto the plane. In 1999 SabreTech Maintenance Co. was convicted for mishandling oxygen canisters that were blamed for the crash. In 2000 an $11 million penalty was ordered against SabreTech. In 2001 8 0f 9 convictions against Sabre-Tech were overturned by a federal appeals court.
    (SFC, 5/12/96, p.A-1)(AP, 5/11/97)(SFC, 7/14/99, p.A1)(SFC, 12/7/99, p.A3) (SFC, 8/15/00, p.3)(SFC, 11/1/01, p.C2)
1996        May 11, In Pomona, California, police officer Daniel Fraembs was shot and killed on South Humane Way.
    (SFC, 5/12/96, p.C-7)
1996        May 11, Mountain climber Beck Weathers went unconscious atop Mt. Everest and was given up by rescuers. He awoke and managed to climb down to base camp.
    (SFC, 5/27/96, p.A3)

1997        May 11, The "Deep Blue" IBM computer demolished an overwhelmed Garry Kasparov and won the six-game chess match between man and machine in New York.
    (AP, 5/11/98)
1997        May 11, In South Africa some 8,000 people filed for amnesty to meet the deadline of the commission for the investigation of apartheid-era crimes.
    (WSJ, 5/12/97, p.A1)

1998        May 11, Attorney General Janet Reno requested an independent counsel to investigate Labor Secretary Alexis Herman for alleged influence-peddling and solicitation of illegal campaign contributions. Herman was later cleared.
    (AP, 5/11/03)
1998        May 11, SBC Communications Inc. announced that it would acquire Ameritech Corp. in a stock merger valued at some $60 billion in stock.
    (SFC, 5/11/98, p.A1)
1998        May 11, Re: the Congo a new study reported that James Kabari, Pres. Kabila’s chief of staff, supervised a special Rwandan military unit that killed 2,000 Hutus in 1997 in the Congolese town of Mbandaka with Kabila’s knowledge.
    (SFC, 5/11/98, p.A8)
1998        May 11, A French mint produced the first coins of Europe's single currency, the euro.
    (AP, 5/11/99)
1998        May 11, India set off the 1st of 3 underground atomic blasts in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan near the Pakistan border, its first nuclear tests in 24 years. Abdul Kalam led the teams of scientists who developed missiles designed for India’s atomic warheads.
    (WSJ, 5/12/98, p.A1)(AP, 5/11/99)(WSJ, 7/15/02, p.A1)(Econ, 12/16/06, p.42)
1998        May 11, Mexico expelled 40 Italian human-rights activists, labeled as professional provocateurs, who spent 9 days in Chiapas and banned them from returning.
    (WSJ, 5/12/98, p.A1)
1998        May 11, In the Philippines elections for a new president were held. Joseph Ejercito Estrada, a former actor, led the polls. He was opposed by business groups and the Catholic Church. Estrada was declared the winner on May 29.
    (SFC, 5/11/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/12/98, p.A1)(SFC, 5/30/98, p.A10)

1999        May 11, Stung by an espionage scandal, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said he would halt the Clinton administration's aggressive declassification of Cold War-era nuclear documents.
    (AP, 5/11/00)
1999        May 11, The solar wind from the sun died away almost completely for 24 hrs and allowed the Earth's magnetic field to stretch out to the moon.
    (SFC, 12/14/99, p.A6)
1999        May 11, In Beijing, protests outside the US Embassy over NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade eased after state-run television aired US and NATO apologies for the attack.
    (AP, 5/11/00)
1999        May 11, NATO bombings continued in Serbia with strikes against radio and TV towers, oil storage tanks, bridges and army barracks.
    (SFC, 5/12/99, p.A7)
1999        May 11, US and British warplanes bombed air defense targets in northern and southern Iraq after they were targeted by radar.
    (SFC, 5/12/99, p.C10)
1999        May 11, In Congo a government plane bombed rebel strongholds at Goma and Uvira and at least 28 people were killed according to Gen'l. Celestin Ilunga.
    (SFC, 5/12/99, p.C10)
1999        May 11, In Cuba 2 tornadoes killed 5 people.
    (WSJ, 5/12/99, p.A1)
1999        May 11, Moroccan police reported that at least 13 migrants drowned after smugglers told them to jump and swim to the Spanish shore while still off the coast of Morocco. 21 others were still missing.
    (SFC, 5/12/99, p.C10)
1999        May 11, In Russia the lower house set impeachment proceedings against Pres. Yeltsin to begin the next day.
    (SFC, 5/12/99, p.A8)
1999        May 11, In Uganda US Ambassador Nancy Powell expressed regret in a decision to withdraw Peace Corps volunteers from the country due to safety.
    (SFC, 5/18/99, p.C12)

2000        May 11, Gov. Angus King signed a bill that made Maine the 1st state to threaten the pharmaceutical industry with price controls.
    (SFC, 5/12/00, p.A9)
2000        May 11, Pope John Paul the Second named Bishop Edward M. Egan of Bridgeport, Connecticut, the new head of the New York archdiocese, succeeding the late Cardinal John O’Connor.
    (AP, 5/11/01)
2000        May 11, At Los Alamos 25,000 people were evacuated and the fire destroyed at least 150-260 homes. Flames scorched parts of the nuclear weapons facility.
    (SFC, 5/12/00, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/12/00, p.A1)
2000        May 11, Chechen rebels ambushed a Russian troop convoy west of Chechnya and killed 18 soldiers.
    (SFC, 5/12/00, p.D3)
2000        May 11, In Japan the Aum Shinri Kyo cult, renamed Aleph, agreed to pay $37.4 million in compensation to victims of the 1995 gas attack in Tokyo.
    (SFC, 5/12/00, p.D2)
2000        May 11, Mexico reached a free-trade agreement with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
    (SFC, 5/12/00, p.D2)
2000        May 11, In Russia masked police raided the offices of Media Most, the country’s largest private media company and outspoken critic of Pres. Putin.
    (WSJ, 5/12/00, p.A1)

2001        May 11, Attorney General John Ashcroft delayed Timothy McVeigh’s execution from May 16 to June 11 due to documents that the FBI had failed to turn over to the defense.
    (BS, 5/12/01, p.1A)(AP, 5/11/02)
2001        May 11, An FDA advisory panel ruled that the allergy medications, Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec, are safe enough for sale without prescriptions.
    (BS, 5/12/01, p.A1)
2001        May 11, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed the James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act.
    (SFC, 5/12/01, p.A3)
2001        May 11, A jury in Pittsburgh sentenced Richard Baumhammers to death for killing five people in a racially motivated shooting rampage.
    (AP, 5/11/02)
2001        May 11, Douglas Adams (b.1952), English author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," died in Santa Barbara, Calif. He was buried at London’s Highgate Cemetery.
    (AP, 5/11/02)(AP, 9/29/09)
2001        May 11, In Colombia an army offensive against FARC began in 7 states. After 3 days of fighting 41 rebels and 3 soldiers were dead.
    (SFC, 5/14/01, p.A12)
2001        May 11, Denise Quinones August of Puerto Rico won the Miss Universe contest held in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
    (SFC, 5/12/01, p.A2)(AP, 5/11/02)
2001        May 11, Cairo authorities arrested 52 males aboard a riverboat restaurant for homosexual activities. 23 of the men were later convicted and sentenced to prison terms of one to five years for immoral behavior and contempt of religion.
    (SFC, 9/19/01, p.B4)(SSFC, 11/2/14, p.A3)
2001        May 11, In Gaza Israeli bulldozers flattened a police station and 5 homes. Tanks fired at the Jabaliya refugee camp. Surface to air missiles hit downtown Gaza City.
    (BS, 5/12/01, p.9A)(SFC, 5/11/01, p.A16)
2001        May 11, It was reported that a new Salvadoran government report documented brutal conditions in its maquiladora factories. The report was suppressed but one copy made it to the National Labor Committee.
    (SFC, 5/11/01, p.A16)

2002        May 11, It was reported that a dead orca whale found off the Washington state coast contained toxic PCBs so high that test equipment needed to be recalibrated. Levels were measured at 1,000 parts-per-million.
    (SFC, 5/11/02, p.A5)
2002        May 11, Joseph Bonanno (97), former Mafia boss known as "Joe Bananas," died in Tucson, Az. His autobiography was titled “A Man of Honor."
    (SSFC, 5/12/02, p.A23)(AP, 5/11/03)
2002        May 11, In Tel Aviv, Israel, some 50,000 protested for peace. A military attack on Gaza was put on hold. Israel pulled out of the West Bank town of Tulkarem, leaving Palestinian-run territories free of Israeli troops for the first time in six weeks.
    (SSFC, 5/12/02, p.A10)(AP, 5/11/03)
2002        May 11, In Japan a cow tested positive for mad cow disease for the 1st time since last fall.
    (SFC, 5/15/02, p.A13)

2003        May 11, The United States declared Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's Baath Party dead.
    (AP, 5/11/04)
2003        May 11, The Burundi army killed 23 Hutu rebels during fighting in central Burundi, but the insurgents claimed the dead were civilians.
    (AP, 5/13/03)
2003        May 11, Anson Carter scored at 13:49 of overtime to give Canada a 3-2 victory over Sweden and win its first world ice hockey championship since 1997.
    (AP, 5/11/03)
2003        May 11, In Lithuania's 2-day referendum to join the European Union 91 percent voted in favor of joining, while 9 percent voted "no." Election officials said more 64 percent of the nation's 2.7 million registered voters cast ballots over two days of voting this weekend. The country will become the first former Soviet republic to vote itself into the EU bloc.
    (AP, 5/11/03)(AP, 5/12/03)
2003        May 11, Montenegro held its 3rd presidential election in six months and former prime minister Filip Vujanovic, who favors independence from Serbia, won a landslide victory. He promised to hold a referendum in 3 years on whether to split with Serbia.
    (AP, 5/11/03)(AP, 5/12/03)(WSJ, 5/13/03, p.A1)
2003        May 11, A Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli motorist in the West Bank and Israeli troops raided a Palestinian town.  Palestinian leaders put aside reservations to parts of the US-developed plan for peace and PM Mahmoud Abbas said Israel was ready to get started on it.
    (AP, 5/11/03)

2004        May 11, The Bush administration ordered economic sanctions against Syria for supporting terrorism. Food and medicine were excepted.
    (SFC, 5/12/04, p.A3)
2004        May 11, NBA star Kobe Bryant pleaded not guilty in a Colorado court to a rape charge. Prosecutors later dropped the case.
    (AP, 5/11/05)
2004        May 11, Oil for June delivery rose to 40.06 per barrel, the highest price in 13 years.
    (SFC, 5/12/04, p.A1)
2004        May 11, A video, posted on an al-Qaida-linked Web site, showed the beheading of Nick Berg, an American civilian in Iraq. The execution was carried out to avenge abuses of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, aka Ahmad Fadhil al Khalayeh, was later identified as the beheader. Nick Berg (26) was from West Chester, Pa.
    (AP, 5/11/04)(SFC, 5/12/04, p.A1)(SFC, 5/14/04, p.A13)(ST, 5/14/04, p.A17)
2004        May 11, Taliban guerrillas killed two Afghan soldiers on a U.S.-funded highway in a troubled southeastern province where American troops continue to arrest suspected militants.
    (AP, 5/12/04)
2004        May 11, Brazil decided to expel American journalist Larry Rohter, who had just published a story on Pres. Lula’s drinking.
    (Econ, 5/15/04, p.36)
2004        May 11, The Int’l. Justice Mission, a US-based evangelical Christian organization, was reported to be active in battling the child-sex trade in Cambodia. The group, founded in 1997 by Gary Haugen, was operating with $1.7 million in federal funds.
    (SFC, 5/11/04, p.A1)
2004        May 11, Cuba’s dollar-only stores “closed for inventory." Cuba blamed new US measures aimed at squeezing the island’s economy.
    (SFC, 5/12/04, p.A9)
2004        May 11, India's stock market suffered its deepest plunge in four years due to fears the government's liberal economic policies might falter if the prime minister's ruling alliance fails to get a majority in Parliament, as predicted by exit polls.
    (AP, 5/11/04)
2004        May 11, Hamas militants triumphantly displayed remains of some of the six Israeli soldiers killed in a roadside bombing in Gaza City, prompting Israeli threats of punishing reprisals if body parts are not returned. 8 Palestinians were killed and 123 wounded in a battle that pitted hundreds of gunmen against Israeli troops.
    (AP, 5/11/04)
2004        May 11, A bomb in a crowded market in Kirkuk killed 4 Iraqis and wounded 3.
    (WSJ, 5/18/04, p.A3)
2004        May 11, In Nigeria angry young Muslim men attacked "nonbelievers" with machetes in Kano, while others burned cars, stores and apartments in apparent revenge for last week's killings of hundreds of Muslims by a Christian group.
    (AP, 5/11/04)
2004        May 11, In Pakistan Shabaz Shariff, the brother of deposed PM Nawaz Sharif, was deported to Saudi Arabia 90 minutes after landing in Lahore.
    (SFC, 5/12/04, p.A9)
2004        May 11, In Scotland an explosion destroyed part of a plastics factory in Glasgow. 7 people were killed and 44 injured. 2 remained missing.
    (AP, 5/11/04)(AP, 5/12/04)

2005        May 11, The US Real ID Act of 2005 was signed into law. It was Division B of an act of the United States Congress entitled Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005.
2005        May 11, In Afghanistan demonstrators angry over the alleged desecration of the Quran at Guantanamo Bay smashed car and shop windows and stoned a passing convoy of US soldiers. Police opened fire on the protesters, killing four and injuring at least 71, as protests spread over the Newsweek. Newsweek later apologized for what it termed errors in the article.
    (AP, 5/11/05)(AP, 5/12/06)
2005        May 11, Actor Macaulay Culkin took the stand at Michael Jackson's trial to denounce the molestation allegations against the pop star as "absolutely ridiculous."
    (AP, 5/12/06)
2005        May 11, Lawmakers in Austria and neighboring Slovakia voted overwhelmingly to ratify the new European constitution, giving much-needed support to the charter intended to strengthen the 25-member European Union.
    (AP, 5/12/05)
2005        May 11, In northeastern China a gas explosion at a coal mine killed nine miners.
    (AP, 5/12/05)
2005        May 11, The European Union parliament voted to abolish loopholes that give member states, especially Britain, a way around the bloc's 48-hour maximum workweek.
    (AP, 5/12/05)
2005        May 11, French police swooped down by helicopter to the luxury Riviera villa of self-exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, seizing documents and computers.
    (AP, 5/12/05)
2005        May 11, India and Pakistan agreed to start a bus service between the cities of Lahore and Amritsar, and share information on fishermen in each other's custody.
    (AP, 5/11/05)
2005        May 11, In the Indian portion of Kashmir a series of rebel bomb attacks and gunfights with security forces left at least 13 people dead and dozens injured.
    (AP, 5/11/05)
2005        May 11, In Hawija, Iraq, a man with explosives strapped to his body killed at least 30 people at a recruitment center. A wave of explosions and gunfire across Iraq killed at least 39 more people.
    (AP, 5/11/05)
2005        May 11, In western Iraq 4 Marines were killed when their troop transporter was struck by a bomb near Karabilah, a village close to the Syrian border, during Operation Matador.
    (AP, 5/14/05)
2005        May 11, A Katyusha rocket fired from Lebanon landed in the northern Israeli town of Shlomi heavily damaging a factory and drawing an Israeli threat of retaliation.
    (AP, 5/11/05)
2005        May 11, Qatar's first hard look at its own human rights shortcomings produced a catalogue of abuses that include prolonged detentions, mistreatment of foreign workers and the use of children as jockeys in camel races.
    (AP, 5/11/05)
2005        May 11, In Sudan's conflict ridden Darfur region 2 main rebel groups signed a declaration pledging to adhere to a cease-fire and help facilitate the flow of humanitarian relief aid.
    (AP, 5/11/05)

2006        May 11, Pres. Bush, responding to reports that the National Security Agency has collected telephone records of tens of millions of Americans, said authorities are not mining or trolling through the personal lives of ordinary Americans and that government efforts are focused on terrorists.
    (SFC, 5/12/06, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/12/06, p.A1)
2006        May 11, The US FDA approved the drug Chantix. It was developed by Pfizer to help smokers kick their habit. By mid-2009 the FDA had received reports of almost 100 suicides related to its use. Clinical trials had failed to test the product on people with mental illness.
    (, 12/18/10, p.A10)
2006        May 11, The Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved a plan to blanket the city's 135 square miles with a high-speed wireless Internet connection, a measure the mayor is expected to sign soon.
    (AP, 5/12/06)
2006        May 11, In SF 2 officials of the defunct Pacific Cement company, including founder Ricardo Ramirez, were arraigned on felony and grand theft charges for using inferior concrete on Bay Area projects from 2001-2005. In 2008 Ramirez pleaded guilty to a single environmental count. He was expected to serve a year of home detention and pay $427,000 in fines and restitution.
    (SFC, 5/12/06, p.A1)(SSFC, 7/9/06, p.A10)(SSFC, 6/1/08, p.A1)
2006        May 11, A priest was convicted in Toledo, Ohio, of murdering a nun; the Rev. Gerald Robinson was immediately sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the 1980 death of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2006        May 11, In Kingston, Tenn., deputy Bill Jones and a friend were shot and killed as they served felony warrants alleging aggravated assault. Jones was shot 33 times by two brothers at a rural farmhouse. Leon Houston (47) and his brother, Rocky Houston (46), were accused of shooting Jones and Mike Brown. Court records show the brothers had filed at least 15 federal lawsuits since 1991 against federal and state judges, police officers, clerks, attorneys and companies. Each petition claimed their civil rights were violated while trying to expose government fraud. All were dismissed.
    (AP, 5/13/06)
2006        May 11, Environmentalists and authorities said about 100 oil-coated penguins have turned up dead in recent weeks off the coast of Argentina, most in a nature reserve near the frigid southernmost tip of Patagonia. The source of the oil was not known.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, Floyd Patterson (71), former heavyweight champion died in New Paltz, N.Y.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2006        May 11, In Australia the local assembly of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which encompasses the national capital Canberra, adopted controversial legislation in a late night vote providing for civil unions between same-sex couples, the first such law in Australia.
    (AFP, 5/12/06)
2006        May 11, Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia reaffirmed her government's determination to crack down on Islamic militants who have killed at least 28 people in the past year.
    (AFP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, In Antwerp, Belgium, a gunman (18) shot and wounded a woman of Turkish descent, then he turned his rifle on a black woman from Mali and the 2-year-old white girl in her care, killing both. In 2007 Hans Van Themsche was sentenced to life in prison for the killings.
    (AP, 5/12/06)(AP, 10/11/07)
2006        May 11, Thousands of Egyptian riot police beat pro-democracy activists in Cairo, chasing and dragging them through the streets to break up a demonstration in support of judges who blew the whistle on election fraud.
    (AP, 5/12/06)
2006        May 11, The EU and Latin America opened a three-day summit in Vienna with over 60 national leaders attending, including Venezuela's fiery, often anti-Washington President Hugo Chavez. Bolivian President Evo Morales said that foreign oil companies would not be compensated for oil and gas resources that have been nationalized, and European Union president Austria called for explanations.
    (AFP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, Indian communists swept to power in two of five state assembly elections. Sonia Gandhi, the chief of the ruling Congress party, easily won a parliamentary by-election.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, Iran's president said he was ready to negotiate with the United States and its allies over his country's nuclear program but he also suggested that any threats against Tehran would make the dialogue more difficult.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, In Iraq 2 US soldiers were killed near Batrah when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. Another soldier died in a similar bombing near Zaybaq in a separate attack. 4 US Marines drowned when their tank rolled off a bridge and plunged into a canal, adding that while the accident occurred in a Sunni insurgent stronghold, it was not the result of an enemy action. Officials said a reporter, who worked for a pro-Sunni Iraqi television station, had been gunned down in Baghdad last week, making him at least the fourth media worker killed in Iraq this month.
    (AFP, 5/11/06)(AP, 5/12/06)
2006        May 11, In Nepal Matrika Yadhav and Suresh Ale Magar, 2 top rebel Maoist leaders, walked free from jail after the new government dropped murder charges against them, marking the administration's first major release of militants.
    (AFP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, In Nigeria gunmen kidnapped at least two foreign oil workers from a bus in the southern city of Port Harcourt.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, The UN’s World Food Program said it has reached agreement with North Korea to resume food aid to the hunger-stricken country, but the operation will be smaller than it was before its suspension in December.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, In southwestern Pakistan 5 bombs ripped through a firing range at a police training school, killing six members of an anti-terrorism unit and wounding nine.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, In Somalia fighters loyal to secular warlords and Islamic extremists fired artillery and mortars at each other Mogadishu as hundreds of families fled violence that has killed at least 122 people over five days.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, Officials in Suriname said floods caused by days of rain have killed three people and left up to 22,000 others homeless along riverbanks of the remote central lowlands.
    (AP, 5/11/06)
2006        May 11, Tamil Tiger rebels sank two Sri Lankan navy gunboats in sea battles and attacked a ferry transporting 700 soldiers. The military hit back with air strikes. At least 50 rebels were killed and 17 Sri Lankan sailors were missing.
    (AFP, 5/11/06)(WSJ, 5/12/06, p.A1)

2007        May 11, Speaking aboard the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis in the Persian Gulf, Vice President Dick Cheney warned Iran that the US and its allies would keep it from restricting sea traffic as well as from developing nuclear weapons.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2007        May 11, In California firefighters struggled to protect Avalon, Catalina island's main city, from a wildfire that forced hundreds of residents to flee on ferries as ash rained down like snow.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, In California the high school graduation rate fell to 67%, a 10-year low, as the exit exam for basic skills was required for the first time.
    (SFC, 5/12/07, p.A1)
2007        May 11, Austrian authorities said they have arrested 40 suspects and seized thousands of videos, CDs and DVDs as part of a yearlong crackdown on child pornography. Police in Italy made two arrests in connection with the investigation, which was code-named Operation Max. The server was located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and since has been shut down.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, In Sao Paulo Pope Benedict XVI canonized Antonio de Sant'Anna Galvao (d.1822), an 18th-century Franciscan monk, as Brazil's first native-born saint. Friar Galvao began a tradition among Brazilian Catholics of handing out tiny rice-paper pills, inscribed with a Latin prayer, to people seeking cures for all manner of ailments.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, Gordon Brown launched his campaign to become Britain's next prime minister, pledging to learn from the mistakes of the Iraq war. Tony Blair has formally endorsed Gordon Brown to be prime minister.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, British private equity group Terra Firma swooped into the aviation sector to become the world's third-biggest aircraft leasing operator, snapping up US firm Pegasus for 5.2 billion dollars.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11-2007 May 12, Local militia allied to Rwandan Hutu rebels killed four Congolese soldiers during clashes in a volatile eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    (AFP, 5/15/07)
2007        May 11, Germany’s steelmaker ThyssenKrupp AG said it will build a new $4.19 billion steel plant in Alabama. Deutsche Telekom employees began an open-ended strike in protest at restructuring measures at Europe's biggest telecoms operator.
    (AP, 5/11/07)(AFP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, Authorities in Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia launched a blockade of all ethnic Georgian villages in the province and demanded that the central government withdraw its police troops from the settlements.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, In Guinea soldiers demanding pay raises spread their revolt from Conakry, seizing control of many provincial towns, going on looting sprees and killing at least two people in the second day of an uprising in the West African nation.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, In India's most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, a party dominated by the lowest caste (dalits) scored a surprise win in elections, while the country's ruling and main opposition parties both lost ground. In eastern India a bus plunged nearly 30 feet into a riverbed, killing at least 20 people and injuring 12. Three Indian officials working for a South Korean steel company were taken hostage by activists who contend that the company's plan to build a plant in eastern India would displace thousands of people.
    (Reuters, 5/11/07)(AP, 5/11/07)(AP, 5/12/07)(Econ, 5/26/07, p.41)
2007        May 11-2007 May 12, At least 31 people died as a storm hammered northern India. All the deaths were reported from the worst-hit state of Uttar Pradesh.
    (AFP, 5/12/07)
2007        May 11, Iran detained Kian Tajbakhsh (45), an Iranian-American working for the George Soros Open Society Institute.
    (SFC, 5/24/07, p.A12)
2007        May 11, Iraq's Kurdish president said his country may need American troops for one or two more years. US-led forces targeting car bombing networks across Iraq killed four suspected insurgents and detained nine others in a series of raids. Two suicide car bombers struck police checkpoints near bridges in a predominantly Shiite area of Baghdad, killing at least 12 people. Near Iskandariyah US snipers killed Genei Nasir al-Janabi in an effort to hide their presence. On June 30 Staff Sgt. Michael A. Hensley from Candler, N.C., and Spc. Jorge G. Sandoval from Laredo, Texas, were charged with the premeditated murder of three Iraqis. A 3rd soldier Sgt. Evan Vela, of Phoenix, Idaho, was similarly charged the next day. In 2008 Sgt. Vela was found guilty on all charges.
    (AP, 5/11/07)(AP, 7/3/07)(AP, 2/10/08)
2007        May 11, Only around half of 45 oil exploration blocks Nigeria put up for auction attracted bids, with foreigners wary of political uncertainty ahead of a government change.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, North and South Korea adopted a military agreement enabling the first train crossing of their heavily armed border in more than half a century.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, Poland's highest court struck down the key provisions of a new law requiring that up to 700,000 Poles with public service jobs be screened for past collaboration with the communist-era secret police.
    (AP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, Malietoa Tanumafili II, head of state of Samoa, died at age 94-95.
    (Econ, 5/26/07, p.101)
2007        May 11, In southern Thailand separatist militants killed two policemen in a raid on a security checkpost, attacking it with guns and grenades before setting it ablaze with the victims inside.
    (AFP, 5/11/07)
2007        May 11, Zimbabwe won approval, in a vote of 26-21 with three abstentions, to lead the important UN Commission on Sustainable Development despite protests from the US, European nations and human rights organizations. African members nominated Francis Nhema, Zimbabwe's minister of environment and tourism, for the post.
    (AP, 5/12/07)(Econ, 5/19/07, p.49)

2008        May 11, In Santa Rosa, Ca., the body of Patricia Barrales (25) was found by her mother in a closet buried under toys in a toy chest. She had been stabbed 68 times. In Dec, 2009, Honorio Pantaleon (32) was convicted of the murder of the mother of his 2 children.
    (SFC, 12/19/09, p.C2)
2008        May 11, Rights groups and local lawmakers about 300 Taliban suspects have been on a hunger strike in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar prison for a week demanding fair trials.
    (AFP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, In Algeria 6 government troops died in an ambush allegedly by armed members of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) as the soldiers were in a truck patrolling Medea province.
    (AFP, 5/13/08)
2008        May 11, China PM Wen Jiabao launched Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (CACC), in an effort to challenge the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing.
    (Econ, 5/17/08, p.82)
2008        May 11, In India suspected rebels lined up and fatally shot eight railroad workers in the insurgency-wracked northeastern region of Assam.
    (AP, 5/12/08)
2008        May 11, Indian forces and suspected Islamic militants clashed in two separate incidents in Indian-controlled Kashmir, killing six people, including two civilians and a news photographer.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, A Quran, with 14 bullet holes and graffiti marked on its paged, was found by Iraqis near a former base outside the town of Radwaniyah, west of Baghdad. An American sniper had used a Quran for target practice. On May 17 an apology was made by the US military. The unidentified soldier was disciplined and removed from Iraq.
    (AP, 5/19/08)
2008        May 11, In Lebanon heavy fighting broke out between supporters of the Western-backed government and opposition followers in the central mountains overlooking the capital. Paramedics said at least 11 people were killed in fighting in the mountains overlooking Beirut.
    (AP, 5/11/08)(AP, 5/12/08)
2008        May 11, In Mexico thousands of white-clad people marched silently to protest a surge of drug-related violence in Ciudad Juarez, where the No. 2 police officer was shot dead.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, In Myanmar a Red Cross boat carrying rice and drinking water for cyclone victims sank, while the death toll jumped to more than 28,000 and aid groups warned of a humanitarian catastrophe.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, In Nepal police detained more than 600 female Tibetan protesters, including many Buddhist nuns, after breaking up several demonstrations against China's recent crackdown in Tibet.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, In southern Nigeria unknown gunmen raided a police station in the oil-rich state of Bayelsa killing two police officers. The gunmen also stole arms and ammunition during the attack at Okiki in Ogbia area of the state.
    (AFP, 5/13/08)
2008        May 11, A member of the militant group Hamas was killed in an explosion along Gaza's fence with Israel.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, A divided Serbia voted in a parliamentary election that gave its people the stark choice of entering or rebuffing the EU after the trauma of losing Kosovo. Voting went ahead in Kosovo despite opposition from the UN and Kosovo Albanians, who see the polls as an illegal attempt by Serbia to partition the breakaway territory. Boris Tadic claimed victory saying his bloc had won 39% of the vote.
    (AP, 5/11/08)(SFC, 5/12/08, p.A9)
2008        May 11, Sri Lanka's ruling coalition was declared the winner of key elections in the east of the island, and hailed its victory as a major boost for the war against Tamil rebels.
    (AP, 5/11/08)
2008        May 11, Sudan severed diplomatic ties with Chad, accusing its neighbor of backing a first ever Darfur rebel assault on Khartoum, and partly lifted a curfew amid its clampdown on remaining rebels.
    (AFP, 5/11/08)

2009        May 11, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates replaced General David McKiernan as the commander of the Afghanistan war, saying the Obama administration needs "fresh thinking" to turn around the war against a resurgent Taliban. Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal was named to replace McKiernan.
    (AP, 5/12/09)
2009        May 11, US District Judge Samuel Kent was sentenced to 3 years in prison for lying to investigators about sexually abusing 2 female employees at his Galveston, Texas, courthouse. Kent had pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice as his trial was about to start in February. This was the first sex abuse case ever against a sitting federal judge.
    (SFC, 5/12/09, p.A5)
2009        May 11, The space shuttle Atlantis and 7 astronauts blasted off from Cape Canaveral on a mission to repair the Hubble telescope.
    (SFC, 5/12/09, p.A6)
2009        May 11, The price of a US first-class stamp rose 2 cents to 44 cents.
    (SFC, 5/11/09, p.A3)
2009        May 11, Insurer American International Group Inc. said it is selling its Japanese headquarters to Nippon Life Insurance Co. for $1.2 billion in cash.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, Confirmed cases of H1N1 swine flu in the US climbed to more than 2,500, surpassing Mexico as the country most affected by the outbreak.
2009        May 11, In Oakland, California, Ivarene Lett (97) was found beaten to death inside her 6th story Van Buren Tower apartment near lake Merritt.
    (SFC, 5/13/09, p.A1)
2009        May 11, The US military accused militants in Afghanistan of using white phosphorus munitions in attacks on American forces and in civilian areas, saying it has documented at least 44 incidents of insurgents using or storing the weapons. Doctors began investigating whether dozens of girls were poisoned at a high school in northern Afghanistan after 61 girls went to the hospital because of sudden illness.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, Australia’s armed forces chief announced that Australia will formally end its military mission in Iraq at the end of July, bringing the country's involvement in one war to a close even as it prepares to send more troops to Afghanistan.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, Bolivia demanded that Peru hand over three former government ministers charged with genocide in the 2003 killing of dozens of protesters. President Evo Morales called asylum an "open provocation of the Bolivian people."
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, British PM Gordon Brown and the leader of the country's main opposition party apologized over lawmakers' excessive expenses claims, pledging to overhaul the allowance system and win back public trust.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, Colombian authorities arrested a senator closely allied with President Alvaro Uribe for alleged collusion with illegal far-right militias. Sen. Zulema Jattin (39) had been under Supreme Court investigation for allegedly benefitting politically from ties with militia boss Rodrigo Tovar. Jattin called her arrest a "kidnapping" by the Supreme Court.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, Georgia's pro-Western president and four of his fiercest opponents failed to agree on a way to resolve the country's political crisis, a negotiator said, promising continued street demonstrations to demand his resignation.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, In Iran an appeals court reduced the jail term of Roxana Saberi (32), dual Iranian-American citizen, to a two-year suspended sentence. She planned to return home to Fargo, North Dakota.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, In Iraq Brig. Gen. Abdul-Hussein al-Kadhoumi, a high ranking traffic police officer, was fatally shot in central Baghdad. Sgt. John M. Russell (44), who had served previously in Iraq, fatally shot five fellow soldiers at a US military counseling clinic at the Camp Liberty base near the Baghdad Int’l. Airport. Russell was charged with murder and aggravated assault. A 325-page report on Russell was released on Oct 16. It painted a picture of a soldier on his third deployment who began to show obvious signs of unraveling nearly two weeks before the shootings at the clinic. In 2013 Russell found guilty of premeditated murder.
    (AP, 5/11/09)(AP, 5/12/09)(AP, 10/20/09)(SFC, 5/14/13, p.A5)
2009        May 11, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was in Egypt for talks seen aimed at showing he can be a true Middle East peace partner before he heads to the White House on May 18. Progress in peace negotiations must come before Arab recognition of Israel, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said in an interview with Israel TV.
    (Reuters, 5/11/09)(AP, 5/12/09)
2009        May 11, Pope Benedict XVI confronted the dark history of his native Germany on the first day of his visit to Israel, shaking the hands of six Holocaust survivors and saying victims of the genocide "lost their lives but they will never lose their names." He also called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian homeland, a stance that could put him at odds with his hosts on a trip aimed at improving ties between the Vatican and Jews.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, Ichiro Ozawa, head of Japan’s opposition DPJ, resigned following a fund raising scandal involving his main political aide.
    (Econ, 5/30/09, p.42)
2009        May 11, A Libyan newspaper reported that Ali Mohamed Abdelaziz al Fakhiri (46), also known as Ibn Sheikh al-Libi, has killed himself in his Libyan jail cell. His fabricated testimony about al Qaeda was used by the United States to justify its 2003 invasion of Iraq. Captured by US-led forces in Pakistan in the weeks after the September 11, 2001 attacks, Fakhiri later made up a story about links between al Qaeda and Iraq to avoid torture while in the custody of Egypt, according to a 2006 US Senate Intelligence Committee report. Fakhiri was extradited by the US to Libya in 2006, when Tripoli authorities sentenced him to life imprisonment. Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri later accused Libya of torturing to death al Fakhiri.
    (Reuters, 5/11/09)(Reuters, 10/4/09)
2009        May 11, Most of Mexico's primary schools and kindergartens welcomed back millions of students after a nationwide shutdown ordered to help put a brake on the spread of swine flu.
    (AP, 5/11/09)
2009        May 11, In the Netherlands thieves pried open the emergency door of the IJsselstein City Museum near Utrecht. They made off with six 17th- and 19th-century landscape paintings, the second major art heist in 10 days in the Netherlands.
    (AP, 5/12/09)
2009        May 11, Pakistani warplanes bombed suspected militant positions in a stronghold close to the capital, pressing ahead with a fierce offensive that has driven hundreds of thousands from their homes, many into crowded refugee camps. 52 Islamist fighters were reported killed. The government claimed 700 insurgents had died over the last 4 days and that the Taliban were on the run.
    (AP, 5/11/09)(SFC, 5/12/09, p.A2)
2009        May 11, In Sudan armed men on camel and horseback shot dead three Sudanese policemen in an ambush in the war-ravaged western region of Darfur.
    (AFP, 5/12/09)
2009        May 11, The UN condemned a "bloodbath" in Sri Lanka's northern war zone after two days of shelling that a government doctor said killed as many as 1,000 ethnic Tamil civilians, including 106 children.
    (AP, 5/11/09)

2010        May 11, The Obama administration announced a shift in national drug policy that would treat illegal drug use more as a public health issue.
    (SFC, 5/12/10, p.A4)
2010        May 11, The Obama administration announced plans to reorganize the Mineral Management Services, the federal Interior Dept. agency that regulates offshore drilling.
    (SFC, 5/12/10, p.A4)
2010        May 11, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill targeting a school district's ethnic studies program, hours after a report by United Nations human rights experts condemned the measure. The measure prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group. State schools chief Tom Horne, who has pushed the bill for years, said he believes the Tucson school district's Mexican-American studies program teaches Latino students that they are oppressed by white people.
    (AP, 5/12/10)
2010        May 11, In Richmond, Ca., city officials signed an agreement with Chevron Corp., which operates the Richmond refinery, to provide the city $114 million over the next 15 years.
    (SFC, 5/14/10, p.C1)
2010        May 11, Afghanistan's government, facing international pressure to wipe out corruption, said it had dissolved 152 Afghan and 20 international aid organizations, some for misconduct. A bomb attack killed two US service members in southern Afghanistan. In northern Kunduz province about 50 students at a girls' school were hospitalized after losing consciousness or vomiting in what the top local health official called a suspected poison gas attack. 4 teachers and 9 students were hospitalized after a bomb went off underneath a stairwell at a boys' school in the Smalhail district of eastern Khost province. In the Mizan district of southern Zabul province, a rocket fired in clashes between allied and Taliban fighters hit a civilian home, killing two girls and injuring a mother and son.
    (AFP, 5/11/10)(AP, 5/11/10)(AP, 5/12/10)
2010        May 11, In Albania Endrit Llambaj (19) stormed into a classroom in the southern town of Elbasan with a handgun and ordered all the students out except 20-year-old Gerta Baja. 3 shots were fired and Baja was found dead at her desk. Llambaj ran away from the school but fatally shot himself a few hundred yards away as police chased him.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, The government of Belize said it will stop sending appeals cases to the colonial-era British Privy Council starting June 1. The Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice will hear all Belize court appeals filed after May 31.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, Britain’s PM Gordon Brown resigned ending 5 days of uncertainty after last week's general election left the country with no clear winner. Queen Elizabeth II named David Cameron (43) as the new prime minister.
    (AP, 5/12/10)(AFP, 5/12/10)
2010        May 11, Egypt's government called for a two-year extension of the country's controversial emergency law but claimed its use would now be limited. Human rights activists dismissed the changes and warned the law would continue to be used to suppress dissent.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, Mohamed Ibrahim, an Egyptian-American university botany professor teaching in the United States, was arrested at Cairo airport after arriving on a direct flight from New York carrying two pistols, 250 bullets, two swords and 11 knives in his luggage.
    (Reuters, 5/12/10)
2010        May 11, French lawmakers unanimously passed a resolution, 434-0, asserting that face-covering Muslim veils are contrary to the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.
    (SFC, 5/12/10, p.A2)
2010        May 11, Indonesia's former chief detective, Gen. Susno Duadji, who has recently exposed corruption among government and police officials, was arrested on allegations that he accepted a bribe in 2008.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, Iran said that Brazil and Turkey have offered a promising new proposal for a nuclear fuel deal as Tehran steps up a diplomatic push to stave off new UN sanctions over its disputed nuclear program. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, could hold talks with EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton in Turkey. The Fars news agency reported that Iranian border guards have arrested 9 Iraqi fishermen in Iranian waters in the Shatt al-Arab waterway in recent days.
    (AP, 5/11/10)(AFP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, Iran’s Fars news agency reported that Iranian border guards have arrested 9 Iraqi fishermen in Iranian waters in the Shatt al-Arab waterway in recent days.
    (AFP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, The Irish government passed a law outlawing the sale of many “head shop" products. Anyone caught selling cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy substitutes would face up to life in prison and any caught in possession would face up to 7 years in jail.
    (SSFC, 5/16/10, p.A4)
2010        May 11, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused nuclear power North Korea of supplying Syria with weapons of mass destruction.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, In Jamaica the gunbattle began when unknown assailants shot at a patrol car in Waterford, near the capital of Kingston. Bystander Josephine Brown (45), the mother of 5 children, was hit and killed when police returned fire.
    (AP, 5/14/10)
2010        May 11, In Jordan John Zinn (33), president and chief executive officer of South Carolina-based Defense Venture Group, died. A top security official said an investigation showed that Zinn was "highly intoxicated." He was in Amman for a military exhibition. Security officials said he fell to his death from the second floor of a deserted building in Amman. Preliminary reports show no indication of foul play or attempted suicide.
    (AP, 5/13/10)
2010        May 11, Volcanic ash from Iceland wound its way down to North Africa and curled over to Turkey, forcing authorities to shut down Casablanca airport in Morocco as well as airports in Spain and airspace over Turkey.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, In Kuwait writer Mohammad Abdulqader al-Jassem (54) was detained on charges of instigating to overthrow the regime. The next day he began a hunger strike to protest the accusations. On Dec 15 Kuwait's appeals court reduced to three months a one-year jail term given to al-Jassem for allegedly slandering the prime minister.
    (AP, 5/19/10)(, 12/15/10)
2010        May 11, Nigerian Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima (49), under fire over marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian girl, justified his actions by saying he was following in the footsteps of Islam's Prophet Mohammed, who had married a nine-year-old girl, Aishatu.
    (AP, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, In Pakistan US drone aircraft killed at least 24 suspected militants in two attacks in North Waziristan, a major al Qaeda and Taliban sanctuary.
    (Reuters, 5/11/10)
2010        May 11, In Puerto Rico hundreds of police and federal agents raided a public housing complex and arrested more than three dozen people allegedly involved in selling an estimated $65 million worth of drugs.
    (AP, 5/12/10)
2010        May 11, Russia's Pres. Medvedev said that Israeli-Arab tensions threaten to draw the Middle East into a new catastrophe, as he added Moscow's weight to a diplomatic push to ease antagonism between Israel and Syria. While in Syria, Medvedev unnerved Israel by paying a visit to Khaled Meshaal, the exiled leader of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.
    (AP, 5/11/10)(AP, 5/14/10)
2010        May 11, In Sweden a maritime museum said a "giant herring" measuring 3.5 meters (11.4 feet) had been discovered off Sweden's western coast -- the first such fish found in the Scandinavian country in more than 130 years.
    (AFP, 5/12/10)
2010        May 11, Thai anti-government demonstrators insisted that they would continue their two-month protest until the country's top leaders face criminal charges for a violent crackdown on their rallies, rejecting a government gesture of concession.
    (AP, 5/11/10)

2011        May 11, The United States designated Badruddin Haqqani, a North Waziristan-based leader of the Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network, to a list of people sanctioned for involvement or support of terrorist organizations.
    (AFP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, The United States signed a deal with the Marshall Islands to continue using the key missile testing range at Kwajalein Atoll through to 2066.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Samuel Kioskli (64), a former San Francisco ATM serviceman, was arrested during a routine traffic stop in Phoenix, Arizona. On July 4, 2010, he stole about 200,000 from six bank branches in SF and one in Daly City, Ca., by replacing cash with counterfeit $20 bills.
    (SFC, 5/27/11, p.C3)
2011        May 11, In NYC Ahmed Ferhani (26), an American of Algerian descent, was arrested in a sting operation after buying weapons and an inert hand grenade from an undercover officer. He and Mohamed Mamdouh (20) were soon charged with conspiracy for plotting to bomb a synagogue in Manhattan. On March 15, 2013, Fehrani was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
    (SFC, 5/13/11, p.A6)(SFC, 2/16/13, p.A6)
2011        May 11, In NYC hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam was convicted on all counts of fraud and conspiracy, in Wall Street's biggest insider trading trial for years.
    (AFP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Snooky Young (92), big band trumpeter, died in Newport Beach, Ca.
    (SFC, 5/19/11, p.A6)
2011        May 11, Afghan police engaged in fierce battles with about 100 Taliban fighters on motorcycles who had attacked Abduraman village in northern Jawzjan province. In an overnight firefight that raged intensely for two hours, 17 insurgents and one villager were killed.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, In Australia WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was awarded the Sydney Peace Foundation's top honor for "exceptional courage in pursuit of human rights", joining the likes of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.
    (AFP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Canadian researchers reported an alarming combination: bedbugs carrying a staph "superbug." Scientists detected drug-resistant staph bacteria in bedbugs from three hospital patients from St. Paul's Hospital located in a downtrodden Vancouver neighborhood.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, A new study released by the American Journal of Public Health said 1,152 women are raped every day in CongoDRC, a rate equal to 48 per hour.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Denmark’s government agreed to reintroduce custom checks at Danish borders.
    (Econ, 5/14/11, p.68)
2011        May 11, Three top French publishers said they were suing US Internet giant Google for scanning thousands of their books for its online library without permission.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, France canceled all of Togo's debt, amounting to 101.1 million euros, in a bid to encourage the West African nation to pursue economic reforms.
    (AFP, 5/12/11)
2011        May 11, The French government imposed a moratorium on fracking, the blasting of fissures in subterranean rock and pumping in water and sand to extract shale gas.
    (Econ, 6/25/11, p.79)
2011        May 11, The sculpture "Leviathan" was unveiled at Paris's Grand Palais by Mumbai-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor. It created an experience of being swallowed by a whale.
    (Reuters, 5/10/11)
2011        May 11, Haitian officials reversed their findings on election results for all but four of 19 legislative races contested by the international community because of concerns about possible fraud.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 18, Hong Kong’s new Mercantile Exchange began trading a dollar-denominated futures contract tied to the physical delivery of gold.
    (Econ, 5/14/11, p.94)
2011        May 11, India said it had lodged a complaint with the Australian government over swimwear carrying the image of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi that has sparked protests. Fashion house Lisa Blue promised to halt production immediately and apologized for any offence the design may have caused.
    (AFP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, said it accepted the government-set reorganization plan. TEPCO agreed to drastic restructuring and cost-cutting in exchange for a government plan to support the company in its obligations to compensate people affected by the crisis. The government planned to inject about $62 billion into a fund to help TEPCO compensate victims.
    (AP, 5/11/11)(Reuters, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, In Libya rebels took total control of the airport in southern Misrata after two days of fighting that left five rebels killed and 105 injured. Five French nationals were stopped at a police checkpoint in Benghazi in the rebel-held east of Libya. 4 were released on May 21. A fifth Frenchman, Pierre Marziali, was shot and wounded and later died in a Benghazi hospital.
    (AP, 5/11/11)(SFC, 5/12/11, p.A3)(Reuters, 5/21/11)
2011        May 11, In Lithuania Konstantin Mikhailov, a former member of a Soviet special police unit, was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killings of seven Lithuanian border guards on July 31, 1991. Mikhailov was arrested in Latvia in 2007 and extradited to Lithuania to stand trial. Several other members of the unit are believed to have fled to Russia.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, In Mexico 15 people were shot dead in separate incidents in a single day in the northern Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon. The Defense Ministry meanwhile announced that troops had seized a record shipment of 194 kilos of heroine in the southeast Pacific coast state of Guerrero as well as 127 kilos of opium poppy seeds and 57 grams of cocaine.
    (AFP, 5/12/11)
2011        May 11, Saudi Arabia said three al-Qaida members have returned from abroad and turned themselves in. Officials said four other al-Qaida operatives surrendered to Saudi security after their leader, Osama bin Laden, was killed in a US raid May 2 in Pakistan.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, In Spain a pair of temblors, with magnitudes of 4.4 and 5.2, killed nine people and caused extensive damage in Lorca.
    (AP, 5/12/11)
2011        May 11, The Syrian army shelled residential areas in Homs, the country's third-largest city, sending people fleeing for cover in a sharp escalation in the government's attempts to crush a popular revolt against President Bashar Assad's autocratic rule. An official, who was not identified, said two soldiers were killed and five wounded during confrontations. Al-Jazeera said that Dorothy Parvaz, one of the network's journalists with extensive connections in the US and Canada, has been sent to Iran following her detention last month in Damascus.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Tunisian police arrested a Libyan man in a car packed with Kalashnikov rifle cartridges in the south of the country, 80 km (50 miles) from the border with Libya. Authorities had also arrested a second man, an Algerian, who was transporting grenades. It appeared the vehicles were traveling from Libya.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, Turkey announced plans to build two earthquake-resistant developments in the Istanbul area to lure residents away from dangerous neighborhoods.
    (AP, 5/11/11)
2011        May 11, In Istanbul 13 European countries signed a Council of Europe convention on combating violence against women.
    (Econ, 5/14/11, p.68)(
2011        May 11, Yemeni security forces killed two protesters in Taiz and wounded dozens as mass rallies demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh paralyzed two major cities. Two others were killed in the town of Dhamar and the city of Hudayda. In Sanaa at least 13 people were killed and hundreds wounded as security forces and plainclothes gunmen fired at protesters.
    (Reuters, 5/11/11)(AP, 5/11/11)(AP, 5/12/11)(SFC, 5/12/11, p.A2)

2012        May 11, In San Diego, Ca., Clyde Thompson Jr. (51), the president of the local Black Sabbath Motorcycle chapter, was killed in a drive-by shooting.
    (SFC, 5/14/12, p.A5)
2012        May 11, The US Attorney in Kansas announced racketeering and other charges against 23 members of the Nortenos gang in Dodge City.
    (SFC, 5/12/12, p.A5)
2012        May 11, In Kansas 3 recent graduates of Oral Roberts Univ. and a former business instructor were killed when their small Cessna airplane crashed near Chanute. Hannah Luce (22) was reportedly pulled out of the burning aircraft by a passenger, an Iraq war veteran, who later died from his injuries.
    (SSFC, 5/13/12, p.A10)(
2012        May 11, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's office confirmed that he had signed the controversial "gateway sexual activity" bill, which stirred up controversy nationwide and even was lampooned by comedian Stephen Colbert.
    (Reuters, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, JPMorgan Chase faced intense criticism for claiming that a surprise $2 billion loss by one of its trading groups was the result of a sloppy but well-intentioned strategy to manage financial risk.
    (AP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, In northern Afghanistan a flash flood swept through villages in a mountainous area, killing at least 17 people in Takhar province.
    (AP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, In Algeria an alliance of Islamist parties expecting a strong showing in Algeria's elections accused authorities of widespread fraud as initial figures pointed to them finishing third, with a spokesman suggesting unrest could ensue.
    (AP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, Bahrain police fired tear gas and birdshot during overnight clashes with protesters demanding the release of jailed opposition activists, wounding several demonstrators.
    (AFP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, British police arrested two people on suspicion of murder after five children died in a house fire in the central English city of Derby. A 6th child died soon after at Birmingham Children's Hospital. The suspects were released on may with no charges. Investigators later said the fire was sparked by petrol poured through the letterbox. On May 29 parents Mick Philpott (55) and his wife Mairead (31) were arrested on suspicion of murder. In 2013 the parents and a family friend were convicted of manslaughter. On April 4 the Philpots and Paul Mosley were sentenced to 17 years in prison.
    (AFP, 5/11/12)(AFP, 5/14/12)(AFP, 5/16/12)(AFP, 5/29/12)(AP, 4/4/13)
2012        May 11, British police arrested 2 local men, aged 52 and 31, over explosives offences in raids on two locations in a quiet residential suburb of Cheltenham, which is also home to Britain's national electronic surveillance center.
    (AFP, 5/12/12)
2012        May 11, Egyptian expatriates voted to replace ousted leader Hosni Mubarak in what were hoped to be the first genuinely contested presidential elections in the country's history. The general election begins May 23.
    (AP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, Guinea-Bissau coup leaders and west African mediators agreed that parliamentary speaker Manuel Serifo Nhamadjo will lead a transition government, ruling out the return of the toppled team.
    (AFP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, In northeastern Honduras police gunfire killed four innocent people, including two pregnant women on the Patuca River. On May 16 the US Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed that some of its agents were on a US-owned helicopter with Honduran police officers when the shooting happened. People on the boat transporting cocaine had reportedly fired on the helicopters. Villagers later said masked agents landed their helicopters in the community near the river and began breaking down doors, hunting for a drug trafficker they called "El Renco." People in the predominantly Indian Mosquito coast region burned down government offices and demanded that US drug agents leave the area.
    (AP, 5/17/12)(AP, 5/22/12)
2012        May 11, India agreed to a $560-million deal to buy 145 howitzer guns from BAE Systems of the United States as it upgrades its antiquated military hardware.
    (AFP, 5/12/12)
2012        May 11, In Italy an anti-nuclear anarchist group, the Informal Anarchist Federation's Olga unit, that previously targeted the tax collection agency claimed responsibility for shooting and wounding the chief executive of a nuclear engineering firm earlier in the week. Roberto Adinolfi was shot in the leg on may 7 near his Genoa home by an unknown masked gunman.
    (AP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, In Mexico the offices of El Manana newspaper in Nuevo Laredo were sprayed with bullets. Two days later the paper announced that it would no longer cover the drug war.
    (Econ, 5/19/12, p.45)
2012        May 11, A Moroccan court sentenced Mouad Belghouat (24), one of the country's most famous rappers, to one year in prison over a video critical of the police.
    (AFP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, Nigerian troops arrested a suspected leading Boko Haram militant in a raid in Kano hours after Maiduguri, where the Islamist group is based, was rocked by blasts and gunfire.
    (AFP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, In Pakistan a taxi driver was killed when a mortar bomb hit his cab in the upmarket Hayatabad area of Peshawar.
    (AFP, 5/12/12)
2012        May 11, Syrian troops opened fire on anti-regime protesters in Damascus, wounding five people, as thousands of people took part in demonstrations across Syria. In Hama province troops shot and wounded 20 demonstrators in the town of Helfaya, where two civilians were killed in a raid. At least 12 people died across the country. State TV said the army foiled a would-be suicide attack a day after twin bombings a day earlier in Damascus killed dozens.
    (AFP, 5/11/12)
2012        May 11, Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez returned home after 11 days of cancer treatment in Cuba.
    (SSFC, 5/13/12, p.A6)

2013        May 11, In Indiana 3 men and a woman were found shot to death in Waynesville.
    (AP, 5/13/13)
2013        May 11, In Afghanistan a bomb killed Faiz Mohammed, the deputy intelligence chief of Nuristan province. A roadside bomb in Nangarhar province ripped through a police vehicle, killing two and injuring three other police officers.
    (AP, 5/11/13)(AP, 5/15/13)
2013        May 11, In Bangladesh recovery operations at the Rana Plaza in Savar continued as the death toll reached 1,115.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, It was reported that unsafe cars made in Brazil, coupled with the nation's often dangerous driving conditions, have resulted in a death rate from passenger car accidents that is nearly four times that of the United States.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, In England a 2-day meeting of G7 financial representatives concluded with formal acknowledgement that each member needed to secure their own countries' growth by balancing economically restraining austerity measures with growth-enhancing policies.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, Canada deported Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad, a former Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine commando, to Lebanon. He had taken part in a 1968 assault on an El Al jet in Athens that killed an Israeli man.
    (Reuters, 5/13/13)
2013        May 11, In China 28 miners were killed in a coal mine blast in Sichuan province.
    (SFC, 5/13/13, p.A2)
2013        May 11, Egypt's interior minister said that security authorities have arrested three suspected al-Qaida-linked militants who were planning to carry out suicide attacks on vital installations and an unspecified foreign embassy. Egypt's top prosecutor ordered the release of Ahmed Maher, founder of the April 6 Youth Movement that was at the forefront of the 2011 revolt that ousted longtime President Hosni Mubarak.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, Marcin Skowronek, an investigator at Europol's European Cybercrime Center in The Hague, said "We are seeing an unprecedented number of cyberscams that include phishing for financial data, viruses, credit card fraud and others." Police Maj. Gen. Pisit Paoin, chief of Thailand's Technology Crime Suppression Division, said in a telephone interview that Thai police have arrested more than 20 suspects involved in the recent $45 million cyber heist including those from Bulgaria, Bangladesh and eastern Europe.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, Thousands of Gabonese people marched to protest ritual killings, in which people are murdered so their body parts can be used in amulets to bring good luck. Sylvia Bongo Ondimba, Gabon's first lady, led the event along with Christian and Muslim religious leaders.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, ISNA, an Iranian semi-official news agency, said a court has lifted a ban on the Reuters news agency, allowing it to restart its operations in Iran.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, In Iraq  a suicide tanker truck packed with explosives blew up outside the home of an army intelligence officer, killing three people and wounding 18 others in al-Shurqat, 250 km northwest of Baghdad.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, In Israel  some two thousand protesters marched in Tel Aviv over proposed tax hikes and benefit cuts.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, The Israel military intentionally crashed an unmanned aircraft into the Mediterranean Sea because of a malfunction. The military then grounded its fleet of high altitude surveillance drones.
    (AP, 5/12/13)
2013        May 11, In northern Italy thousands of supporters of former Premier Silvio Berlusconi rallied in Brescia to protest the media mogul's recent conviction by a Milan appeals court for tax fraud.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, In Italy an illegal immigrant from Ghana went on a rampage with a pickaxe in Milan at dawn, killing a passerby and wounding four others in an apparently random attack. Mada Kabobo (21) was jailed while he is investigated for murder.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, In Mali a suspected jihadist opened fire on a crowd at an aid distribution point in the northern village of Ikadiwane, killing three civilians. The suspect was shot and wounded and taken to Kidal.
    (AP, 5/13/13)
2013        May 11, Pakistanis streamed to the polls for a historic vote. Imran Khan (60) faced off against the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N), headed by two-time former PM Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan People's Party, led by President Asif Ali Zardari. Militant attacks killed 22 people underlining the risks many people took just casting their ballots. Former PM Nawaz Sharif won the elections. The PML-N won 124 of 272 seats. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party of Imran Khan won control of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
    (AP, 5/11/13)(AP, 5/12/13)(Econ, 5/18/13, p.42)(Econ 6/10/17, p.40)
2013        May 11, Sierra Leone state radio said that opposition politician Charles Francis Margai has been detained for alleged subversion. Margai earlier in the week spoke about a land displute he has with Sierra Leone's first lady, Sia Koroma. Margai was reported released on May 13.
    (AP, 5/13/13)
2013        May 11, Activists said Syrian rebels have cut a newly built desert road linking the capital Damascus with the northern city of Aleppo. State media reported that government troops have secured the highway between the capital and the southern city of Daraa.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, A contingent of about 100 Tanzanian troops arrived in eastern Congo, a first step in assembling the new UN intervention brigade.
    (AP, 5/11/13)
2013        May 11, In Turkey 2 car bomb explosions in a town across the border from Syria killed 51 people in Reyhanli, Hatay province, a main hub for Syrian refugees. 13 Turkish citizens, believed to have links to the Syrian intelligence agency, were soon detained.
    (AP, 5/11/13)(AP, 5/12/13)(AP, 5/14/13)

2014        May 11, In Los Angeles members of the Big Hazard Latino street gang firebombed the apartments of some 23 Black families in the Ramona Gardens housing project. No one was injured in the Mother's Day attack. In 2018 three men pleaded guilty for the roles in the attacks.
    (SFC, 4/7/18, p.A7)
2014        May 11, A 2nd US case of MERS was diagnosed in Florida in a man visiting from Saudi Arabia.
    (SFC, 5/13/14, p.A10)
2014        May 11, In Afghanistan a suicide car bomber attacked an Afghan army vehicle, killing 5 civilians and wounding 36 in Kandahar province. NATO said one of its service members died as a result of a non-battle related injury in the country's north.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In eastern China heavy rain caused a retaining wall to collapse at a recycling plant in Qingdao city, killing 18 people.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, China signed a deal with East African leaders to build a $3.8 billion rail link between Kenya's Indian Ocean port of Mombasa and Nairobi, the first stage of a line that will eventually link Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.
    (AFP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In CongoDRC a stampede at the Tata Raphael Stadium in Kinshasa killed at least 15 people and injured more than a dozen after police fired tear gas canisters into the crowd after fighting broke out at the end of a match between soccer teams, AS Vita Club and TP Mazembe.
    (AP, 5/12/14)(AFP, 5/12/14)
2014        May 11, An Egyptian court sentenced 36 students of the prestigious Al-Azhar university to four years in prison each over violent protests backing ousted Pres. Morsi. Suspected militants attacked an army convoy in the Sinai Peninsula, killing one soldier and wounding another.
    (AFP, 5/11/14)(AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In central India leftist rebels detonated a land mine under a police vehicle and killed 7 officers. The blast was followed by a gunbattle between police and the insurgents in the Maharashtra district of Gadchiroli.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In Iraq gunmen in speeding car opened fire on members of the Sahwa militia in Adeim, about 100 km north of Baghdad, killing seven. Outside of Mosul gunmen attacked a joint checkpoint for Iraqi police and the Sahwa, killing 3 police officers and one Sunni militiaman. Another Sahwa member was killed along with his brother and son when gunmen stormed his house in the town of Youssifiyah.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Tokyo for a summit with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe at which he is expected to raise the Iranian nuclear talks and economic cooperation.
    (AFP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In Jordan a man died after being infected with the MERS virus.
    (AFP, 5/12/14)
2014        May 11, At least 40 people died and 51 were rescued after a boat carrying migrants sank off Libya's coast east of Tripoli.
    (Reuters, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, Polls opened in Lithuania for the presidential election. Tough-talking incumbent Dalia Grybauskaite was widely expected to be re-elected for a second term. Grybauskaite got nearly 46 percent of the votes. She will face Social Democratic politician Zigmantas Balcytis, who won 13.6 percent, in the runoff.
    (AP, 5/11/14)(AP, 5/12/14)
2014        May 11, Moldovan authorities said they have stopped Russia's deputy prime minister from leaving the country with a petition calling on Moscow to recognize the separatist Trans-Dniester region, but Dmitry Rogozi claimed he had delivered most of the signatures supporting it.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, Myanmar hosted the Southeast Asian summit (ASEAN) as Vietnam and the Philippines pushed for stronger action to confront China's aggressive behavior in the South China Sea.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In Pakistan Samiullah Khan Afrid, the lawyer for Dr. Shakil Afridi who helped the US find Osama bin Laden, said he wouldn't represent him any longer after facing threats from militants.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In Pakistan a bomb blast targeting refugees registering with the government killed 4 people in northwestern city of Peshawar.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, Saudi Arabia reported that three new deaths from MERS had taken its death toll from the disease to 142.
    (AFP, 5/12/14)
2014        May 11, South Sudan's army and rebel forces blamed each other for violating a ceasefire hours after it came into effect.
    (Reuters, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, Syrian activists said ISIL, an al Qaeda splinter group, has wrested control of key parts of the eastern province of Deir al-Zor from other rebel groups, worsening infighting that has handicapped the insurgency against President Bashar al-Assad.
    (Reuters, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, Residents in eastern Ukraine formed long queues at polling stations to cast their votes in hastily organized independence referendums, defying the central government which called the ballots illegal and funded by neighboring Russia.
    (AP, 5/11/14)
2014        May 11, In southern Yemen a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden car outside a police station in Mukalla, killing 11 police officers and wounding 15. Security forces in Sanaa clashed with suspected al-Qaida gunmen not far from the presidential palace, killing 3 militants.
    (AP, 5/11/14)

2015        May 11, The Obama administration approved plans for Shell Oil to drill in the Arctic Chukchi Sea. Shell still needed to secure seven other permits.
    (SFC, 5/12/15, p.A9)
2015        May 11, The governors of Arkansas and Texas declared disasters in parts of their states following tornadoes and flooding that left at least 5 people dead.
    (Reuters, 5/12/15)
2015        May 11, In NYC a Christie’s auction sold Pablo Picasso’s “Women of Algiers" (Version O) for a record $179.4 million. Alberto Giacometti’s “Pointing Man" sculpture sold for a record $141.3 million.
    (SFC, 5/12/15, p.A7)
2015        May 11, In Afghanistan kidnappers released 19 hostages out of a group of 30 that was kidnapped in February, all members of the Hazara ethnic community from the country's southern Zabul province. The 19 were freed in exchange for 22 Uzbeks.
    (AP, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, In Burundi about 2,000 people marched through a neighborhood of Bujumbura as police looked on, breaking the government's ban on any further street protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid for a third term in power.
    (AP, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, In eastern Congo DRC 5 people were hacked to death in a new attack blamed on Ugandan rebels near Beni.
    (AP, 5/12/15)
2015        May 11, Francois Hollande became the first French president to visit Cuba, using a one-day trip to build business and diplomatic relations five months after a detente between Havana and Washington.
    (AP, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, The presidents of Ghana and Ivory Coast agreed to negotiate an amicable end to issues around their maritime dispute.
    (Reuters, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, Greece emptied an emergency IMF holding account to repay 750 million euros ($839 million) due to the IMF. Athens used about 650 million euros from the holding account and 100 million euros from its cash reserves to make the payment.
    (Reuters, 5/12/15)
2015        May 11, In India an appeals court acquitted Jayaram Jayalalitha (67), a powerful politician in Tamil Nadu, of corruption charges. This cleared the way for her to return to public office. On May 23 she began her 5th spell as chief minister of Tamil Nadu.
    (AP, 5/11/15)(
2015        May 11, Indonesian and Malaysian authorities said nearly 2,000 boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh have been rescued or swum to shore, warning that yet more desperate migrants could be in peril at sea.
    (AFP, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, In Kashmir a crowded bus veered off a rocky village road and fell into a deep gorge, killing at least 23 people in the Indian-controlled portion of the country.
    (AP, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, A Macedonian prosecutor said that 18 citizens of Kosovo were among 30 men charged over a weekend shootout in Macedonia that left 22 people dead, including 8 policemen.
    (AFP, 5/11/15)
2015        May 11, In northern Mali separatist rebels ambushed a military convoy at Tin Telout, 25 miles from Timbuktu. The government said 9 soldiers were killed The Coordination of Movements for Azawad (CMA) said 30 soldiers were killed in the attack.
    (Reuters, 5/11/15)(SFC, 5/12/15, p.A2)
2015        May 11, Niger adopted a law that could see human smugglers facing up to 30 years in prison in an effort to stem the flow of illegal immigrants crossing its borders in hopes of getting to Europe.
    (AP, 5/13/15)
2015        May 11, Saudi-led warplanes pressed air strikes against rebel positions in Yemen, 36 hours before a scheduled five-day pause to allow the delivery of much-needed humanitarian aid. The air strikes on a rocket base in Sanaa killed 90 people and wounded 300.
    (AFP, 5/11/15)(Reuters, 5/12/15)

2016        May 11, In Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami party leader Motiur Rahman Nizami (73), a main political ally of opposition chief Khaleda Zia, was executed for war crimes committed during the country's 1971 independence conflict with Pakistan. His hanging sparked several outbreaks of violence and heightened tensions.
    (AP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, Senators in Brazil began debate on whether to oust President Dilma Rousseff. If a simple majority of the 81 senators vote in favor, Rousseff will be suspended from office and Vice President Michel Temer will take over for up to six months pending a decision on whether to remove her from office permanently.
    (AP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, Former Comoros coup leader Azali Assoumani was elected as president, after last month's election led to a re-run at 13 polling stations due to violence and "irregularities".
    (AFP, 5/12/16)
2016        May 11, Democratic Republic of Congo's highest court ruled that President Joseph Kabila would stay in power beyond the end of his mandate if his government failed to hold an election due in November.
    (Reuters, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas announced plans to annul the historic convictions of tens of thousands of men charged under a law that criminalized homosexuality and to grant them financial compensation.
    (Reuters, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, Indian officials announced plans to close a tax loophole that allows its citizens to channel income through the tropical island of Mauritius and avoid paying taxes.
    (AP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, India's government said South Asian nations will set up a toll-free helpline and online platform to fight human trafficking, and trace the thousands of children who go missing in the region annually. Ministers from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Nepal came to the agreement after a conference on child protection held under the auspices of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).
    (Reuters, 5/12/16)
2016        May 11, In Iraq three car bombs in Baghdad, including a huge blast at a market in a Shiite area, killed at least 93 people. IS issued an online statement claiming responsibility for the attack in Sadr City and saying a suicide bomber it identified as "Abu Sulaiman al-Ansari" detonated the explosives-rigged vehicle killing at least 64.
    (AFP, 5/11/16)(SFC, 5/12/16, p.A2)
2016        May 11, In Iraq the Islamic State group of Nineveh province released a video showing five alleged "spies" being shot dead in Iraq by young men from a crowd assembled for the execution.
    (AFP, 5/12/16)
2016        May 11, Italy's parliament gave a green light for the introduction of gay civil unions in the last major Western country not to legally recognize same-sex relationships.
    (AFP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, Kenya’s interior security minister said the government will close Dadaab refugee camp. It held an estimated 328,000-344,000 refugees mostly from Somalia and is often referred to as the world's largest camp.
    (AP, 5/11/16)(Econ, 5/14/16, p.40)   
2016        May 11, In Nigeria Shell closed the terminal exporting the country’s benchmark Bonny Light crude oil as was evacuating workers as renewed militant attacks cut production.
    (SFC, 5/12/16, p.A2)
2016        May 11, Syrian regime forces battled jihadists who cut a key supply route west of ancient Palmyra, after new bombardments hit Aleppo city where a ceasefire is due to expire at midnight.
    (AFP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, In Tunisia two suspected jihadists were killed during a security operation near the capital against a cell planning "simultaneous" attacks. Sixteen others were arrested during the operation in Ariana province.
    (AFP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, The southern Tunisia of Ben Guerdane went on strike in protest at a decision by Libyan authorities late last month to halt cross-border trade on which its economy depends.
    (AFP, 5/11/16)
2016        May 11, In Uganda opposition leader Kizza Besigye was arrested in Kampala after staging his own swearing-in ceremony and whisked to Moroto, a town in the remote Karamoja region of the country, and subsequently charged with treason. On July 12 Besigye was freed on bail.
    (AFP, 5/14/16)(AP, 7/12/16)

2017        May 11, Pres. Donald Trump said that he had planned to fire FBI Director James Comey regardless of whether top Justice Dept. officials recommended the decision.
    (SFC, 5/11/17, p.A6)
2017        May 11, Pres. Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing a commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression, building on his unsubstantiated claims that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election.
    (SFC, 5/11/17, p.A6)
2017        May 11, Pres. Donald Trump signed an executive order for federal agencies to review how vulnerable they might be to cyberattacks and how they can limit the dangers.
    (SFC, 5/11/17, p.C1)
2017        May 11, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, while under questioning at a Senate hearing, agreed to refrain from updating the White House about an investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election.
    (AP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, US environmental regulators cleared the path for a stalled copper and gold mine in Alaska by agreeing to settle current lawsuits and other issues over the project, which had drawn environmental concerns over its potential impact on the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery.
    (Reuters, 5/12/17)(SFC, 5/13/17, p.A6)
2017        May 11, In Arkansas James Arthur Bowden (42) surrendered at a house near Dardanelle. He was suspected in the killing of Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Mainhart (46) and two female victims. Bowden released one female hostage before giving himself up.
    (SFC, 5/13/17, p.A5)
2017        May 11, In Florida former US Rep. Corrine Brown (70) was found guilty of taking money from a charity. She was convicted of 18 of 22 charges against her.
    (SFC, 5/11/17, p.A5)
2017        May 11, Atlanta’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the heroin epidemic is driving up hepatitis C infections. New infections had tripled in five years to about 2,400 in 2015.
    (SFC, 5/11/17, p.A5)
2017        May 11, In Bangladesh five militants and a firefighter were killed in a police raid on a house during a crackdown on radical groups in the northwestern region.
    (AP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, German industrial conglomerate Siemens AG said it is cutting or outsourcing 2,700 jobs as part of efforts to modernize its IT operations and increase efficiency elsewhere.
    (AP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, Indian PM Narendra Modi arrived in Sri Lanka o attend a UN celebration of Buddha's birth and hold talks with leaders of the island nation.
    (AP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, Six protesters were wounded by Israeli fire at a West Bank demonstration in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, now in its 25th day.
    (AP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, In Kashmir two civilians were killed and three others injured when Indian and Pakistani soldiers traded gunfire and shelled each other's border posts in the disputed region.
    (AP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, After a week of rigorous tests ranging from blind tastings to expertly pairing wines with sumptuous meals, Raimonds Tomsons (36) of Latvia beat out 37 rivals to become Europe's top-rated sommelier.
    (AFP, 5/12/17)
2017        May 11, The US Center for Disease Control said more than 1,000 people have died in an outbreak of meningitis in Nigeria, but added that the spread of the disease is slowing. A new strain of meningitis C was first reported in Zamfara last November.
    (AFP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, In Portugal thousands of angry passengers who were stranded in Lisbon's international airport by a refueling system failure a day earlier and had to sleep on the floor and luggage belts were finally able to travel.
    (Reuters, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, In South Africa there was a gas explosion at the Eland shaft near the town of Welkom. 11 miners survived. Police later recovered 25 bodies believed to be those of illegal miners, from the disused Harmony Gold mine shaft.
    (Reuters, 5/17/17)
2017        May 11, Spanish lawmakers approved a motion calling for the remains of General Francisco Franco to be removed from a controversial mausoleum near Madrid that was built by prisoners during his dictatorship. Approval of the motion is symbolic since it does not place any obligation on the government to act.
    (AFP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, In Syria Abu Asim al-Jazeri, an Islamic State planner from Algeria, was killed a US coalition air strike in Mayadin.
    (AP, 5/26/17)
2017        May 11, In Uganda pictures began circulating online and in local media of Geoffrey Byamukama, mayor of a small town in western Uganda, lying on a hospital bed with gaping wounds on his swollen knees and ankles, and bruises elsewhere on his body inflicted by security personnel. Byamukama was arrested on April 5 on suspicion he had participated in the murder of police official, Andrew Felix Kaweesi on March 17.
    (Reuters, 5/12/17)
2017        May 11, The United Nations confirmed 58 cases of cholera and 47 cholera-associated deaths across war-torn Yemen in the past two weeks, the second such outbreak in a year.
    (AFP, 5/11/17)
2017        May 11, In Yemen Aidaroos al-Zubaidi, the former governor of the area's main city Aden, said senior tribal, military and political leaders have formed a new council seeking the secession of southern Yemen.
    (Reuters, 5/11/17)

2018        May 11, American writer John Greenfield (90) died in Los Angeles. His work included three books about his autistic son: A Child Called Noah" (1972), "A Place for Noah" (1978) and "A Client Called Noah" (1987).
    (SSFC, 6/3/18, p.C4)
2018        May 11, In Baltimore former police Sgt.Thomas Allers was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to nine robberies while on the Gun Trace Task Force.
    (SSFC, 5/13/18, p.A6)
2018        May 11, A New York jury convicted former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of public corruption charges. A previous convicted and 12-year prison sentence in 2015 was tossed out by an appeals court as a result of a Supreme Court ruling that altered the boundaries of what constitutes corruption.
    (SSFC, 5/13/18, p.A14)
2018        May 11, In North Carolina Dr. Jerry Gross (72), and his son, Jason Lee Gross (51), both members of the Word of Faith Fellowship Church in Spindale, were charged with wire fraud in US District Court in Asheville. They were charged in a criminal bill of information, which generally means defendants have agreed to waive indictment and plead guilty.
    (AP, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill that provides legal protections to faith-based agencies that won't place children in LGBT homes because of religious or moral convictions or policies.
    (SFC, 5/12/18, p.A5)
2018        May 11, In Utah a Tesla sedan rear-ended a Fire Dept. truck in South Jordan without breaking before impact. It was unclear if the car's autopilot feature was engaged.
    (SFC, 5/14/18, p.A4)
2018        May 11, In Afghanistan Taliban fighters attacked Afghan bases overnight in the western province of Farah, killing more than 30 police. In Farah city, Taliban fighters killed 11 police and seized a large quantity of weapons and equipment.
    (Reuters, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, In Australia a family of seven including four children was found dead with gunshot wounds at a rural property in Osmington village, Western Australia state, in what could be the country's worst mass shooting in 22 years. Farmer Peter Miles (61) was suspected of killing his wife, daughter and four grandchildren before turning the gun on himself.
    (AP, 5/11/18)(SFC, 5/15/18, p.A2)
2018        May 11, Britain's Electoral Commission imposed a record-matching 70,000 pound fine on the Leave.EU campaign, one of the main groups that campaigned for Brexit, and said police might have to investigate possible criminal offenses because of unreported campaign spending.
    (Reuters, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, In Burundi at least 26 people were killed late today and seven others wounded in an attack in the north western province of Cibitoke. Residents said it was likely the attack was to warn against anyone voting in favor of constitutional changes. Burundi was due to hold a referendum on May 17 to decide whether to amend the constitution to extend presidential terms to seven years from five.
    (Reuters, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, In Congo DRC a park source said some tourists have been kidnapped and a convoy attacked in the Virunga National Park, a famed haven for gorillas and other endangered species. A guard was killed and two British tourists with their driver were abducted.
    (AFP, 5/11/18)(SFC, 5/12/18, p.A2)
2018        May 11, Egypt's transportation authorities more than tripled the standard subway fare from 2 to up to 7 pounds (40 cents) as part of government austerity measures.
    (AP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, French police fired tear gas on students blocking an exam site south of Paris, amid ongoing protests over changes to France's public university system.
    (AP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, Georgian police in Tbilisi arrested eight people in two popular clubs, Bassiani and Cafe Gallery, on suspicion of drug dealing.
    (Reuters, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, In Indonesia Muslim scholars from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan issued an edict saying that violent extremism and terrorism, including suicide attacks, are against Islamic principles, in an effort to convince the Taliban to end its violence.
    (AP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, An Italian tribunal lifted a ban on veteran center-right leader Silvio Berlusconi from holding public office, meaning he could run to be prime minister in the next national election.
    (Reuters, 5/12/18)(AP, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, Kenyan police on the trail of one of the country's most wanted criminals shot dead Arnold Mudanya (17) after mistaking him for suspect Shimoli Junior.
    (Reuters, 5/15/18)
2018        May 11, Kuwait and the Philippines signed a new agreement regarding Filipino laborer rights after the Philippines earlier banned its citizens from working there amid a diplomatic dispute.
    (AFP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, Madagascar's president approved a new election law lifting a provision that would have prevented the main opposition candidate from standing for office, which had provoked a political crisis and deadly street demonstrations.
    (Reuters, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, In Mexico gunmen killed mayoral candidate Remedio Aguirre in central Guanajuato state, the third local candidate in the July 1 national elections murdered in the past week and one of more than a dozen during the entire campaign.
    (AP, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, It was reported that North Korea has informed a United Nations aviation agency that it will not conduct unannounced missile tests or further intercontinental ballistic missile launches because its nuclear arms program is now complete and it no longer needs to do such testing.
    (AP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, Gaza activists burned tires and threw stones near the sealed border with Israel in a seventh weekly protest aimed at shaking off a decade-old blockade of their territory. Dozens of Palestinian demonstrators broke into the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing, setting a pipeline that delivers gas from Israel alight and torching a goods conveyor belt. One Palestinian was reported killed and 49 wounded by Israeli army fire.
    (AP, 5/11/18)(Reuters, 5/12/18)
2018        May 11, The Philippine Supreme Court ousted chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, a critic of the country's authoritarian president, in an unprecedented vote by fellow judges that she and hundreds of protesters called unconstitutional and a threat to democracy.
    (AP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, In Scotland the five tenants on the Isle of Ulva celebrated after reaching an agreement to buy their home, fending off bids from tycoons. A Community Right to Buy was granted over the bulk of the estate at a price set by an independent valuation ordered by the Scottish Government.
    (AFP, 5/11/18)
2018        May 11, It was reported that a court in Thailand has sentenced Boonchai Bach (41), believed to be a kingpin in the illicit wildlife trade, to 2 ½ years in prison for smuggling rhinoceros horns.
    (AP, 5/11/18)

2019        May 11, In Hawaii CO2 levels at the Mauna Loa Observatory reached 415 parts per million, more than twice the level during the ice ages. Scientists said the current concentration has not been seen in 3 million years, a time when Antarctica was covered in forests.
    (SSFC, 5/19/19, p.A16)W
2019        May 11, In Afghanistan unidentified gunmen in Kabul shot and killed Mena Mangal, a female journalist and adviser to the country's parliament.
    (AP, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, In Albania thousands of supporters of the center-right opposition protested in Tirana, calling for the left-wing government to resign and for an early parliamentary election.
    (AP, 5/12/19)
2019        May 11, Chinese media reported that police have seized more than 210,000 hard drives produced by a counterfeit ring that sold them as brand-name items from the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM. The Xinhua news agency said police arrested 56 suspects at two factories and four offices in the cities of Nanjing, Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou, where the hard drives were made and sold, and that the action against the counterfeiters was carried out late last year.
    (Reuters, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, Animal rights groups cheered the release of 37 spotted seal pups rescued from traffickers into the wild in northern China in a small victory for efforts to save the country's endangered species.
    (AP, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, Cuban police broke up an unauthorized pro-LGBT rights march in Havana, held as an alternative to the government-sanctioned Gay Rights parade that authorities canceled earlier in the week.
    (AFP, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, In France "Yellow vest" protesters gathered in Paris and other cities for the 26th straight week of rallies against President Emmanuel Macron, with scattered incidents of violence but overall a marked decline in the size of the crowds.
    (AFP, 5/12/19)
2019        May 11, In Germany the bodies of a man and two women were found with crossbow bolts in them in a hotel room in Passau, Bavaria. On May 13 two more dead women were found in the town of Wittingen. The bodies had been dead for several days, no crossbows or arrows were found, and there were no signs of a struggle. Media later reported that Torsten W. (53) appeared to have controlled the four women like a harsh sect leader who used physical force and psychological manipulation.
    (AP, 5/12/19)(AFP, 5/15/19)
2019        May 11, Hong Kong's legislative assembly descended into chaos as lawmakers for and against controversial amendments to the territory's extradition law clashed over access to the chamber.
    (AP, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, Mexican state prosecutors said investigators over the last week have found thirty-five bodies buried around the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, the country's second city. Four suspects were reported arrested.
    (Reuters, 5/12/19)
2019        May 11, Mexican authorities declared emergencies in 11 municipalities in the southern state of Oaxaca due to raging forest fires, as high temperatures and dry conditions plague much of the country.
    (AP, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, In Pakistan an assault on the Pearl Continental hotel in the southwestern coastal town of Gwadar left nine people dead, including four gunmen killed by security forces.
    (AP, 5/12/19)
2019        May 11, Several thousand nationalists rallied in Warsaw against a US law on the restitution of Jewish properties seized during the Holocaust, an issue which has surfaced ahead of parliamentary elections later this year.
    (AP, 5/11/19)
2019        May 11, Saudi Arabia's security forces killed eight alleged terrorists in a shootout in the predominantly Shiite eastern region of Qatif.
    (AP, 5/12/19)
2019        May 11, The African National Congress retained control of South Africa's parliament but its share of the vote fell, a rebuke from voters fed up with corruption scandals and racial inequalities that remain entrenched a generation after the party took power. With all votes counted the ruling party secured 57.51% of the votes in the May 1 general election.
    (Reuters, 5/11/19)(SFC, 5/12/19, p.A4)
2019        May 11, Yemen's Houthi rebels began a long-delayed withdrawal of their forces from the key port city of Hodeida, following the terms of a cease-fire.
    (AP, 5/11/19)

2020        May 11, President Donald Trump accused Democrats of moving to reopen US states from coronavirus lockdown measures too slowly for political advantage, without providing evidence to support his claim.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Vice President Mike Pence strongly recommended to governors that all residents and staff at such facilities be tested for the coronavirus in the next two weeks. More than 27,000 residents and staff have died from outbreaks of the virus at the nation's nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020         May 11, California to date had 68,944 cases of coronavirus and 2,776 deaths. The SF Bay Area had 9,936 cases and 352 deaths. Total cases nationwide reached over 1,346,723 with the death toll at 80,352.
    (, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Tesla told workers to return to its California electric-car factory in defiance of a local shelter-in-place order designed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
    (AP, 5/12/20)
2020        May 11, Massachusetts reported 129 new coronavirus deaths, bringing the total to 5,108 with 78,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The state’s death toll is most likely higher because the count does not include people who have died but were never tested.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said his state had just 488 new confirmed COVID-19 cases statewide in the last 24 hours.
    (The Week, 5/12/20)
2020        May 11, In South Carolina Roman Catholic churches across the state reopened for services for the first time since a coronavirus-related shutdown began on March 17, allowing parishioners to attend Mass in person.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, The World Health Organization said that coronavirus cases had jumped in countries that eased their stay-at-home orders.
    (The Week, 5/12/20)
2020        May 11, The Afghan government said security forces have arrested three senior South Asia Islamic State members including Abu Omar Khorasani, the group's regional leader.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Belgium allowed most of its shops to reopen with strict hygiene rules for customers, following in the footsteps of Spain in an easing of its eight-week lockdown as the number of COVID-19 cases fall. Belgium has reported 55,000 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and 8,707 deaths.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Bolivian security forces tear-gassed protesters in Cochabamba who were blocking roads and burning tires. One sign read: "If there's no bread for the poor, there's no peace for the rich."
    (Econ., 5/16/20, p.26)
2020        May 11, Brazil's federal police arrested Gonzalo Sanchez (69), a former Argentine navy officer accused of dictatorship-era crimes against humanity and kidnapping. He had been on the run since 2005.
    (SFC, 5/14/20, p.A2)
2020        May 11, The British government published its plan for exiting the coronavirus lockdown. The 51-page document, entitled "Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy", gives an outline of how the United Kingdom could return to normal life.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, In China Mickey Mouse welcomed thinned-out crowds in Shanghai, the first Disney theme park to reopen, with a strict limit on tickets.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, In China the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission issued an emergency notice announcing a "10 Day Battle" to ramp up its ability to conduct nucleic acid tests on the city's 11 million residents. Wuhan reported six new cases, breaking a 35-day streak of zero daily new cases.
    (AP, 5/12/20)(Business Insider, 5/17/20)
2020        May 11, Thirsty Czechs were allowed to return to beer gardens in one of the government's most eagerly anticipated measures to relax coronavirus restrictions. Authorities also eased travel restrictions, allowing residents from outside the EU to enter the country if they can show a negative COVID-19 test and are taking up certain kinds of work, such as in the healthcare sector.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, There are now 107 coronavirus cases in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, including about 50 crew members still aboard the Celebrity Flora, a luxury ship operated by a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises. The islands' first four cases were diagnosed in late March, all believed to have come from Guayaquil before travel was cut off. Tourism has ground to a halt and an economic crisis has left many of the 30,000 residents jobless.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, The International Monetary Fund said it has agreed to lend Egypt $2.77 billion in emergency assistance to deal with the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Hungary's top court ruled that a school Gyongyospata unlawfully segregated minority Roma students for years, granting 100 million forints ($310,000) in compensation to the children's families.
    (Reuters, 5/12/20)
2020        May 11, Indonesia rowed back on plans to weaken rules for the timber products it exports, as green groups warned the proposed move would have undermined international efforts to combat illegal logging and deforestation.
    (Reuters, 5/15/20)
2020        May 11, Iran, which was one of the earliest coronavirus hotspots, imposed a new lockdown on the southwestern province of Khuzestan.
    (Business Insider, 5/17/20)
2020        May 11, In Iraq a protester (20) was shot dead as thousands of young Iraqis took to the streets and resumed anti-government demonstrations. Protesters were demanding a radical transformation of the Iraqi political system to eliminate corruption, reduce unemployment and improve public services.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, The Israeli military demolished the home of a Palestinian accused of being behind a deadly blast in the West Bank last year. Israel says Qassem Barghouti (22) carried out the August 23 attack, which killed Israeli Rina Shnerb (17) and wounded her father and brother.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, In Italy deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic rose by 179. The daily tally of new cases fell to 744. The total death toll now stands at 30,739 and the total number of confirmed cases amounted to 219,814.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Lebanon's health ministry recorded 14 new infections today after recording 36 a day earlier, the highest one-shot uptick in at least a month.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, In Lesotho the coalition of PM Thomas Thabane fell apart in parliament, meaning he will have to leave office on May 22.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, In the Netherlands five experienced surfers drowned when they went out for a session in stormy weather off the coast of The Hague.
    (AP, 5/12/20)
2020        May 11, In Nicaragua doctors and family members of apparent coronavirus victims say, the government has gone from denying the disease’s presence in the country to actively trying to conceal its spread. The government says the country has seen 16 coronavirus cases and five deaths since its first case was diagnosed.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Nigerien and allied forces from neighboring states killed 75 Boko Haram insurgents in security operations in the region where the borders of Niger, Nigeria and Chad converge.
    (Reuters, 5/13/20)
2020        May 11, Markets across Pakistan were teeming after opening up for the first time in over a month as the country began to lift its lockdown despite a rise in the rate of coronavirus infections. Of its 667 deaths from the coronavirus, around 200 have been registered over the past week, and there are almost 31,000 confirmed infections.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin declared an end to a nationwide partial economic shutdown but noted that some restrictions will remain. Putin said that it will be up to regional governors in the far-flung Russian Federation to determine what industrial plants could reopen starting May 12. The Financial Times reported that the real death toll could be 70% higher.
    (AP, 5/11/20)(Econ., 5/23/20, p.39)
2020        May 11, Saudi Arabia announced it was tripling taxes on basic goods, raising them to 15%, and cutting spending on major projects by around $26 billion as it grapples with blows from the coronavirus pandemic and low oil prices on its economy.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, About half of Spain's 47 million population entered the second stage of a four-phase plan to lift a coronavirus lockdown and return to normal by the end of June. Spain reported the lowest number of infections in weeks. There were 123 deaths in the last 24 hours bringing that total to almost 27,000. 400 new cases brought the overall recorded infections to 268,000.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)(SFC, 5/12/20, p.A4)
2020        May 11, Thousands of Swiss children returned to school, many excited to be reunited with their classmates after a nearly two-month break due to the new coronavirus, although some parents had misgivings.
    (Reuters, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Syrian President Bashar Assad replaced the internal trade minister as the country's economic crisis worsens with prices of consumer goods increasing and the local currency reaching record lows.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, Turkey was denounced by ministers of five countries for drilling in an offshore area where Cyprus has exclusive economic rights. Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, France and the UAE also protested a maritime border delineation and military cooperation agreement that Turkey signed last year with Libya's UN-backed government.
    (SFC, 5/13/20, p.A3)
2020        May 11, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said that two US-based political advisers have resigned in the fallout from a failed incursion into the Caribbean nation led by a former-Green Beret aimed at capturing President Nicolás Maduro.
    (AP, 5/11/20)
2020        May 11, In Yemen southern separatist leader Aydarous al-Zubaidi called on supporters to “take up arms and defend dignity and independence" of the country's south.
    (AP, 5/12/20)

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