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1864            Sep 14, Lord Robert Cecil, one of the founders of the League of Nations and its president from 1923 to 1945, was born.
     (HN, 9/14/98)

1876            Aug 17, Eric Drummond, 1st Secretary-General of League of Nations (1919-33), was born.
    (SC, 8/17/02)

1887          Feb 26, Sir Benegal Narsing Rau, president of UN Security Council (1950), was born in India.
    (SC, 2/26/02)

1896          Jul 16, Trygve Lie, first secretary-general of the United Nations, was born.
             (HN, 7/16/98)

1905          Jul 29, Dag Hammarskjold, Nobel Peace Prize (1961) winning secretary-general of the United Nations (1953-1961), was born in Sweden.
             (HN, 7/29/98)

1919          Jan 25, The League of Nations plan was adopted by the Allies.
             (HN, 1/25/99)

1919          Feb 3, League of Nations held its 1st meeting in Paris.
            (MC, 2/3/02)

1920          Jan 10,  Entry into force of the Versailles Peace Treaty and of the Covenant of the League of Nations.

1920          Jan 16, The League of Nations held its first meeting in Paris.
            (HN, 1/16/99)

1920          Jan 19, US Senate voted against membership in the League of Nations.
            (MC, 1/19/02)

1920          Feb 13, The League of Nations recognized the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland.
            (AP, 2/13/98)

1920          Oct 15, The Paris Conference on Passports & Customs Formalities and Through Tickets opened. The week-long event ending on Oct 21 was hosted by the League of Nations and set standards for passports.
            (Econ, 3/3/12, p.73)(www.indiana.edu/~league/1920.htm)

1920          Oct 27, League of Nations moved headquarters in Geneva.
            (MC, 10/27/01)

1920          Dec 8, President Wilson declined to send a representative to the League of Nations in Geneva.
            (HN, 12/8/98)

1920          Dec 13, League of Nations established the Int’l. Court of Justice in The Hague.
            (MC, 12/13/01)

1920          Dec 14, The League of Nations created a credit system to aid Europe; U.S. export trade was threatened.
            (HN, 12/14/98)

1920          Dec 15, China won a place on the League Council; Austria was admitted.
            (HN, 12/15/98)

1921          Oct 4, League of Nations refused to assist starving Russians.
            (MC, 10/4/01)

1921          The League of Nations granted Russia’s Aland Island group to the new Finnish Republic.
            (WSJ, 12/5/97, p.A1)

1923          Mar 3, US Senate rejected membership in International Court of Justice, The Hague.
            (SC, 3/3/02)

1923          Sep 10, The Irish Free State joined the League of Nations.
            (MC, 9/10/01)

1923-1928    Gilbert Murray (b.1866), Australian born scholar served as the chairman of the League of Nations.
            (HN, 1/2/99)

1925          Sep 8, Germany was admitted into the League of Nations. Joseph Avenol, secretary-general of the League of Nations, sold out the organization he had sworn to uphold.
            (HN, 9/8/98)

1925          Dec 3, The League of Nations ordered Greece to pay an indemnity for the October invasion of Bulgaria.
            (HN, 12/3/98)

1926          Jan 27, US Senate agreed to join the World Court.
            (MC, 1/27/02)

1926          Feb 25, Poland demanded a permanent seat on the League Council.
            (HN, 2/25/98)

1926          Sep 8, The League of Nations Assembly voted unanimously to admit Germany.
            (MC, 9/8/01)

1926          Sep 25, The Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slavery, an international treaty created under the auspices of the League of Nations, was first signed in Geneva to be effective March 9, 1927.

1927          Dec 17, U.S. Secretary of State Kellogg suggested a worldwide pact renouncing war.
            (HN, 12/17/98)

1931          Jan 24, The League of Nations rebuked Poland for the mistreatment of a German minority in Upper Silesia.
            (HN, 1/24/99)

1932          Dec 8, Japan told the League of Nations that it had no control over her designs in China.
            (HN, 12/8/98)

1933          Jan 21, The League of Nations rejected Japanese terms for settlement with China.
            (HN, 1/21/99)

1933          Feb 24, The League of Nations told the Japanese to pull out of Manchuria.

1933          Mar 27, Japan left the League of Nations.

1933          Oct 14, The Geneva disarmament conference broke up as Germany proclaimed withdrawal from the disarmament initiative, as well as from the League of Nations, effective October 23.
            (AP, 10/14/97)(HN, 10/14/98)

1933          Oct 23, Germany withdrew from the League of Nations in light of the failure of the Germans to gain military parity with the Western powers.

1934          Sep 18, The League of Nations admitted the Soviet Union. Joseph Avenol, secretary-general of the League of Nations, sold out the organization he had sworn to uphold.
            (WUD, 1994, p.424,1682)(HN, 9/18/98)

1935          Jan 27, The League of Nations majority favored depriving Japan of mandates.
            (HN, 1/27/99)

1935          Oct 11, The League of Nations met and voted 50 to 4 (Austria, Hungary, Italy and Albania opposed) to condemn Italy for the attack on Ethiopia.

1935          The League of Nations studied the khat plant, chewed and brewed as a legal stimulant in many parts of the world. It was found to contain cathinone, a natural amphetamine, that produces alertness and a kind of euphoria along with side effects that cause users to become unstable.
            (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A19)

1936          Jun 30, Haile Selassie asked the League of Nations for sanctions against Italy.

1936          Jul 4, The League Council voted to end economic sanctions against Italy with the collapse of Ethiopia. The cancellation of economic sanctions against an aggressor state marked the failure of collective security under the League and was a harbinger of conflict in the upcoming years.

1938          Sep 27, League of Nations declared Japan the aggressor against China.
            (MC, 9/27/01)

1939          Dec 14, The Soviet Union was dropped from the League of Nations. [See Nov 30 attack on Finland]
            (AP, 12/14/97)(HN, 12/14/98)

1942          Oct 7, US and British government announced the establishment of United Nations.
            (MC, 10/7/01)

1943          Jun 3, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration formed.
            (MC, 6/3/02)

1943          Oct 30, The Molotov-Eden-Cordell Hull accord over operations at UN.
            (MC, 10/30/01)

1943          Oct, The United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC) was established with a secretariat in London.
            (Econ, 1/29/11, p.84)

1944          Aug 21, The Dumbarton Oaks conference, which laid the foundation for the establishment of the United Nations, was held in Washington, D.C.
            (SFEC, 6/29/97, p.T10)(HN, 8/21/98)

1945          Jan 1, France was admitted to the United Nations.
            (AP, 1/1/98)

1945          Feb 12, Mayor Roger Lapham of SF was informed by Washington that San Francisco was chosen as the site of the Founding Conference of the UN.
            (SFEC, 3/8/98, p.W39)

1945             Apr 25, Delegates from some 50 countries met in San Francisco to organize the United Nations. Charles Easton Rothwell (d.1987) headed the 500-member group that helped establish the UN Charter.
            (AP, 4/25/97)(SFC, 8/14/04, p.B6)

1945          Apr 28, John F. Kennedy, correspondent for the Hearst Newspapers, filed his 1st dispatch on the founding of the UN in San Francisco.
            (SSFC, 6/26/05, p.F1)

1945          May 4, John F. Kennedy, correspondent for the Hearst Newspapers, filed a dispatch on the founding of the UN in San Francisco in which he said: Any organization drawn up here will be merely a skeleton. Its powers will be limited… The hope is however, that this skeleton will put on flesh as time goes by.
            (SSFC, 6/26/05, p.F6)

1945          Jun 26, The United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) was held in San Francisco. Officials gathered to draft a UN Charter, and 50 countries signed the Charter on this date at what is now the Herbst Theater. This signifies the birth of the UN. The Charter was drafted in the Garden Room of the Fairmont Hotel.
            (Park, Spring/95, p.2)(AP, 6/26/97)(SSFC, 2/4/07, p.F1)

1945          Jul 6, Nicaragua became the first nation to formally accept the United Nations Charter.
            (AP, 7/6/05)

1946          The International Court of Justice, the main judicial organ of the United Nations, was established.

1945          Jul 28, US Senate ratified UN charter 89-2.
            (SC, 7/28/02)

1945          Oct 24,  The United Nations was born with the ratification of its charter by the first 29 nations at a San Francisco Conference chaired by the State Department’s Alger Hiss.
            (TMC, 1994, p.1945)(AP, 10/24/97)(HN, 10/24/98)(WSJ, 12/19/03, p.A1)

1945          Nov 12, Cordell Hull (d.1955) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in founding the United Nations. Hull served as secretary of state in the Franklin Roosevelt Administration (1933-1944) longer than any other individual. Hull, born in Tennessee in 1871, had been a U.S. senator prior to his appointment by Roosevelt.
            (HNQ, 7/6/98)(MC, 11/12/01)

1945          Dec 4, The US Senate approved participation in the United Nations.
            (AP, 12/4/97)

1945          Dec 27, 28 nations signed an agreement creating the World Bank. The International Monetary Fund and the Bank for Reconstruction and Development was created. Better known as the World Bank, the IMF was created to promote healthy international trade and began transactions in 1947.
            (AP, 12/27/97)(HN, 12/27/98)(HNQ, 12/27/00)

1945          Dec 31, The ratification of the UN Charter was completed.
            (MC, 12/31/01)

1946          Jan 10, The first General Assembly of the United Nations convened in London.
            (AP, 1/10/98)

1946          Jan 17, The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting.
            (AP, 1/17/98)

1946          Jan 19, The first complaint heard by the United Nations Security Council was made by Iran and directed against the Soviet Union. Iran alleged Soviet interference in its internal affairs and the refusal to remove Soviet troops from Iranian territory. The very first session of the UN had begun just days earlier, on January 10, 1946, in London.  The issue was resolved without UN intervention.
            (HNQ, 6/2/00)

1946          Jan 24, The UN established the International Atomic Energy Commission.
            (HN, 1/24/99)

1946          Mar 21, The United Nations set up temporary headquarters at Hunter College in New York City.
            (AP, 3/21/97)

1946          Apr 8, The League of Nations assembled in Geneva for its last session.
            (AP, 4/8/08)

1946          Apr 18, The League of Nations was dissolved.
            (AHD, 1971, p.744)(AP, 4/18/97)(HN, 4/18/98)

1946          Nov 4, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was established. Julian Huxley, biologist, was the first secretary-general.
            (HN, 11/4/98)(SFC, 10/8/99, p.A12)

1946          Dec 11, The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund  (UNICEF) was established. The organization received a Nobel Prize in 1965.
            (AP, 12/11/97)(MC, 12/11/01)
1946          Dec 11, Spain was suspended from the UN.
            (MC, 12/11/01)

1946          Dec 12, A United Nations committee voted to accept a six-block tract of Manhattan real estate offered as a gift by John D. Rockefeller Jr. to be the site of U.N. headquarters.
            (AP, 12/12/97)

1946          Dec 14, The United Nations General Assembly voted to establish the U.N. headquarters in New York City. The UN adopted a disarmament resolution prohibiting the A-Bomb.
            (AP, 12/14/97)(HN, 12/14/98)

1946          The UN created a list of “non-self-governing” states. It consisted of territories reported as dependencies by colonial powers. By 2013 the list was reduced to just 16 territories officially on queue for decolonization.
            (Econ, 5/25/13, p.41)

1947          Sep 2, The Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (IACHR) was adopted by the original signatories in Rio de Janeiro (hence the colloquial name "Rio Treaty." It came into force on December 3, 1948, and was registered with the United Nations on December 20, 1948.

1947          Nov 29, The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the partitioning of Palestine [Jerusalem] between Arabs and Jews.
            (SFC, 10/18/96, C8)(AP, 11/29/97)

1947          The UN produced the short film "First Steps," a documentary about a disabled child who learns to walk. The film won an Academy Award.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1948          Apr 7, The World Health Organization was founded by the UN. [see Sep 1, 1948]
            (AP, 4/7/97)(MC, 4/7/02)

1948          Jun 18, The United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It stated in part that: "Everyone has the right to leave any country including his own and to return to that country." In 2001 Mary Ann Glendon authored "A World Made New," a history of the drafting of the declaration.
            (AP, 6/18/97)(SFC, 5/30/98, p.E4)(WSJ, 3/1/00, p.A20)

1948          Apr 7, The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded by the UN. In 1948, the First World Health Assembly called for the creation of a "World Health Day" to mark the founding of the World Health Organization. Since 1950, World Health Day has been celebrated on the 7th of April annually.
            (AP, 4/7/97)(www.who.int/world-health-day/previous/en/index.html)

1948          Sep 14, A groundbreaking ceremony took place in New York at the site of the United Nations' world headquarters.
            (AP, 9/14/99)

1948          Sep 17, Count Folke Bernadotte (b.1895) of Sweden, the UN mediator for Palestine, was assassinated in Jerusalem by members of the extreme Zionist Stern Group. Yehoshua Zettler (d.2009 at 91), one of the founding members of the group, masterminded the assassination.
            (AP, 9/17/98)(www.us-israel.org/jsource/biography/Bernadotte.html)(AP, 5/25/09)

1948          Sep 18, Ralph J. Bunche was confirmed as acting UN mediator in Palestine.
            (MC, 9/18/01)

1948          Nov 22, Ho Chi Minh’s Democratic Republic of Vietnam requested admittance to the UN.
            (HN, 11/22/98)

1948          Dec 8, UN approved the recognition of South Korea.
            (HN, 12/8/98)

1948          Dec 9, The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was approved by the UN General Assembly. It entered into force on Jan 12, 1951.
            (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide_Convention)(SFC, 9/3/98, p.A14)(Econ., 4/18/15, p.54)

1948          Dec 10, The U.N. General Assembly adopted its Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
            (AP, 12/10/97)

1948          Dec 11, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 was passed near the end of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The resolution expresses appreciation for the efforts of UN Envoy Folke Bernadotte after his assassination by members of the Stern Gang. It was later often quoted in support of the Palestinian right of return.
            (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_General_Assembly_Resolution_194)(Econ, 9/6/08, p.68)

1949          Jan, The UN ordered a cease-fire in Kashmir.
            (SSFC, 12/30/01, p.A22)

1949          Mar 4, Security Council of UN recommended membership for Israel.
            (SC, 3/4/02)

1949          May 11, Israel was admitted to the United Nations as the world body's 59th member by a vote of 37-12. The capital was moved to Tel Aviv.
            (TOH, 1982, p.1949)(AP, 5/11/97)(MC, 5/11/02)

1949          Nov 21, The UN Assembly decided for the eventual independence of Italy’s former colonies. In the meantime they remained under UN supervision. United Nations granted Libya its independence in the year 1952.
            (EWH, 1968, p.1176)(HN, 11/21/98)

1949          Oct 4, United Nations' permanent NYC headquarters was dedicated.
            (MC, 10/4/01)

1949          Dec 9, UN took trusteeship over Jerusalem.
            (HN, 12/9/98)

1949        Dec, The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was established to serve Palestinian Arabs after more than 750,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled during the 1948 war surrounding Israel's creation. By 2018 it was supplying aid to more than three million of the five million eligible Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian territories.
    (SSFC, 5/19/02, p.A10)(AFP, 10/2/18)

1950          Mar 23, UN World Meteorological Organization was established.
            (SS, 3/23/02)

1950          Jun 27, North Koreans troop reached Seoul. UN Security Council called on members for troops to aid South Korea.
            (HN, 6/27/98)(MC, 6/27/02)

1950          Sep 1, 13 North Korean divisions opened an assault on UN lines.
            (MC, 9/1/02)

1950          Sep 19, The UN rejected membership of China's People Republic.
            (MC, 9/19/01)

1950          Sep 26, United Nations troops recaptured the South Korean capital of Seoul from the North Koreans.
            (AP, 9/26/97)

1950          Oct 7, The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to establish a unified and democratic Korea.
            (HN, 10/7/98)

1950          Nov 24, UN troops began an assault with the intent to end the Korean War by Christmas.
            (HN, 11/24/98)

1950          Dec 2, The UN voted 46-10 for Eritrea to be federated with Ethiopia under the prompting of the United States. Union was to be achieved September 15, 1952.

1950          Minerva Bernardino (d.1998 at 91) was appointed a representative of the Dominican Republic at the United Nations. She was one of the only 4 women to sign the 1945 UN Charter in San Francisco. She had insisted that the document include the phrase "to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination against race, sex, condition or creed."
            (SFC, 9/5/98, p.A23)

1950          The US put forward its “uniting for peace” resolution to the UN to overcome the Soviet veto on military intervention in Korea.
            (Econ, 7/31/04, p.40)

1950-1953    The United Nations employed 39,000 ground forces that joined with the United States in the Korean War.
            (HNQ, 4/14/00)

1951          Jan 4, During the Korean conflict, North Korean and Communist Chinese forces captured the city of Seoul. UN forces abandoned Seoul, Korea to the Communists.
            (AP, 1/4/98)(HN, 1/4/99)

1951          Jan 10, UN headquarters opened in Manhattan, NY.
            (MC, 1/10/02)

1951          Feb 1, The UN condemned the People's Republic of China as aggressor in Korea.
            (MC, 2/1/02)

1951          Feb 16, Stalin contended that the U.N. was becoming the weapon of aggressive war.
            (HN, 2/16/98)

1951          Mar 7, U.N. forces in Korea under General Matthew Ridgeway launched Operation Ripper, an offensive to straighten out the U.N. front lines against the Chinese.
            (HN, 3/7/99)

1951          Apr 1, U.N. forces again crossed the 38th Parallel in Korea.
            (HN, 4/1/98)

1951          May 18, The United Nations moved out of its temporary headquarters in Lake Success, N.Y., for its permanent home in Manhattan.
            (AP, 5/18/97)(HN, 5/18/98)

1951          May 19, UN began a counter offensive in Korea.
            (MC, 5/19/02)

1951          Jul 28, The UN members adopted the Convention on Refugees. It was not signed by Indonesia. This was the founding charter for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It spelled out the entitlements of those who flee their country for fear of being killed or persecuted. A 1967 Protocol removed limitations to persons fleeing events occurring before 1 January 1951 and within Europe and thus gave the Convention universal coverage.
            (www.unhchr.ch/html/menu3/b/o_c_ref.htm)(Econ, 4/22/06, p.43)(Econ, 9/6/08, p.67)

1951          Sep 8, A formal Treaty of Peace was signed by 48 nations of the United Nations and Japan at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. On the same day the US and Japan signed a Joint Security Pact at the Presidio. The Soviet delegation refused to sign and said the deal provided for the exclusive existence of American military bases in Japan.
            (Park, Spring/95, p.2)(AP, 9/8/97)(Ind, 9/8/01, 5A)

1951          Oct 7, Dr. Eduardo Anze Matienzo of Bolivia, UN commissioner for Eritrea, announced that Eritrea had accepted the UN Federation plan.

1952          Nov 10, Trygve Halvdan Lie resigned as 1st secretary-general of UN.
            (MC, 11/10/01)

1953          Mar 31, UN Security Council nominated Dag Hammarskjold secretary-general.
            (MC, 3/31/02)

1953          Jun 4, North Koreans accepted U.N. proposals in all major respects.
            (HN, 6/4/98)

1953          Jul 27,    An armistice ending fighting in the three-year Korean War was signed by representatives of the United Nations, Korea and China in Panmunjom. Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison represented the UN and Gen. Nam Il represented North Korea. General Mark Clark, commander of the UN forces, added his signature to the armistice agreement. Armistice negotiations had begun in July 1951, when the outlook for reunifying North and South Korea became bleak, and fighting continued. The cease-fire provided for an exchange of prisoners of war and established a 2 ½ mile wide demilitarized zone and a demarcation line at the 38th parallel. Not all aspects of the agreement, however, were finalized—the UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea was not suspended until 1977. N. Korea measures 46,540 sq. miles, its population in 1974 was ~15 million people. 33,651 Americans had died and 8,000 were still missing in 2000.
            (NG, 8/74, p.255)(TMC, 1994, p.1953)(WSJ, 6/24/96, C1)(WUD, 1994, p.1685)(HNPD, 7/27/98)(HN, 7/27/98)(SFEC, 5/9/99, p.T10)(SFEC, 6/25/00, Par p.5)(SFC, 7/25/03, p.E6)

1953          Oct, Universal Children’s Day was first observed in India. It was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1954. It became observed on different days in different ways in more than 120 nations. In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November, the birth anniversary of PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

1953          Dec 8, Pres. Eisenhower delivered his "Atoms for Peace" address to the UN. He called on both the US and Soviet Union to abandon their nuclear arsenals. The "Atoms for Peace" program spread nuclear technology to nations that agreed not to use it for military purposes.
            (SFC, 5/28/98, p.A9)(SFC, 12/9/03, p.A10)

1954          Aug 19, Ralph J. Bunche was named undersecretary of UN.
            (MC, 8/19/02)

1954          Sep 30, NATO nations agreed to arm and admit West Germany.
            (HN, 9/30/98)

1955          Jun 20, The 10th commemorative session of the UN opened in SF with delegates from 60 nations. Pres. Eisenhower pledged a US policy of “peaceful and reasonable negotiations” with all other powers.
            (SFC, 6/17/05, p.F3)

1956          Apr 18, An Israeli-Egyptian cease fire, arranged by UN Gen’l. Sec. Dag Hammarskjold, went into effect.
            (EWH, 1968, p.1241)

1956          Nov 2, The UN passed an American resolution, 64 to 5, for a ceasefire at the Suez Canal in Egypt. The General Assembly took up a Canadian suggestion for an emergency force to monitor the ceasefire. The UN Emergency Force (UNEF) became the first “blue hat” UN peace-keepers.
            (Econ, 7/29/06, p.24)(www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/missions/past/unefi.htm)

1956          Nov 8, UN demanded USSR leave Hungary.
            (MC, 11/8/01)

1957          Mar 9, Egyptian leader Nasser barred U.N. plans to share the tolls for the use of the Suez Canal.
            (HN, 3/9/98)

1957          Sep 26, Dag Hammarskjold was re-elected secretary-general of UN.
            (MC, 9/26/01)

1957          The UN produced the film "Out." It was about Hungarian refugees with a script by John Hersey.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1958          Jan 13, 9,000 scientists of 43 nations petitioned the UN for a nuclear test ban.
            (MC, 1/13/02)

1958          The UN produced the film "Overture." It was directed by Thorold Dickinson and featured Beethoven’s Egmont Overture against a background of war, hunger and poverty.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1959          Nov 20, The United Nations issued its "Declaration of the Rights of the Child."
            (AP, 11/20/99)

1960          Jul 16, The 1st UN troops reached Congo to replace Belgian troops.

1960          Sep 26, Fidel Castro made the longest speech in UN history, 4 hrs, 29 mins.
            (MC, 9/26/01)

1960          Sep 30, Fifteen African nations were admitted to the United Nations.
            (HN, 9/30/98)

1960          Oct 12, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev disrupted a UN General Assembly session by pounding his desk with a shoe when a speaker criticized his country.
            (AP, 10/12/07)

1960          In this year 17 former African colonies became independent members of the UN.
            (SSFC, 2/11/07, p.C1)

1961          Mar 30, The UN adopted its Single Convention on Narcotics Drugs. It included language that prohibited the chewing of coca leaves. It became effective on Dec 13, 1964.
            (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Convention_on_Narcotic_Drugs)(SFC, 1/19/11, p.A2)

1961          Apr 13, The U.N. General Assembly condemned South Africa for apartheid.
            (HN, 4/13/98)

1961          Aug 30, A UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness opened for signatures. It entered into force on Dec 13, 1975. By 2007 only 34 countries had signed it.
            (http://tinyurl.com/2tdgb6)(Econ, 12/1/07, p.75)

1961          Sep 13, Battles took place between UN and Katanga troops in Congo.
            (MC, 9/13/01)

1961          Sep 18, Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the UN, was killed in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). He was flying to negotiate a cease-fire in the Congo. Hammarskjold was the son of a former Swedish prime minister. In 1953, he was elected to the top UN post and in 1957 was reelected. During his second term, he initiated and directed the United Nation's vigorous role in the Belgian Congo. Hammarskjold had sent Conor O’Brien (1919-2008), an Irish diplomat, to the Congo where a rebellion was openly being backed by Belgium and secretly by Britain and France. O’Brien ordered in UN troops, but the mission ended in disarray and the UN repudiated the mission. O’Brien recounted his version of the events in his book “To Katanga and Back” (1962).
            (TMC, 1994, p.1961)(WUD, 1994, p.1684)(AP, 9/18/97)(SSFC, 12/21/08, p.B6)

1961          Oct 27, Outer Mongolia and Mauritania become the 102nd and 103rd members of UN.
            (MC, 10/27/01)

1961          Oct 30, UN unanimously elected U Thant acting UN Secretary General.
            (MC, 10/30/01)

1961          Nov 11, Congolese soldiers murdered 13 Italian UN pilots.
            (MC, 11/11/01)

1961          Nov 24, The UN adopted bans on nuclear arms over American protest.
            (HN, 11/24/98)

1961          Nov 30, Soviets vetoed a UN seat for Kuwait, pleasing Iraq.
            (HN, 11/30/98)

1961          Dec 19, The UN General Assembly adopted Resolutions 1714 (XVI) for the formation of its World Food Program (WFP).

1961-1971    U Thant of Burma served as the Secretary-General of the UN.
            (SFC, 12/14/96, p.A1)

1962          Feb, The UN’s Intergovernmental Committee, the governing body of the World Food Program (WFP), held its first session. Addeke Boerma was appointed as WFP's first Executive Director in April.
            (Econ, 3/20/10, p.52)(www.wfp.org/about/corporate-information/history)

1962          Sep 1, UN announced Earth’s that human population has hit 3 billion.
            (MC, 9/1/02)

1962          Oct 25, U.S. ambassador Adlai E. Stevenson presented photographic evidence of Soviet missile bases in Cuba to the U.N. Security Council. Ambassador Adlai E. Stevenson demanded USSR and Zorin answer regarding Cuban missile bases saying "I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over."
            (AP, 10/25/97)(MC, 10/25/01)

1962          Nov 30, U Thant of Burma, who had been acting secretary-general of the United Nations following the death of Dag Hammarskjold the year before, was elected to a four-year term.
            (AP, 11/30/08)

1963          The "Decolonization Committee" was set up to oversee the carrying out of a General Assembly resolution that declared that "the subjection of peoples to alien subjugation… is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations," and that "all peoples have the right to self-determination."
            (WSJ, 11/29/99, p.A29)

1964          Mar 23, The UNCTAD 1 world conference opened in Geneva.
            (SS, 3/23/02)

1964          Jun 15, The Group of 77 (G-77) was established by 77 developing countries signatories of the "Joint Declaration of the Seventy-Seven Countries" issued at the end of the first session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva.

1964          Aug, A US presidential commission on the future of Alcatraz Island in the SF Bay recommended a proposal by the American Association for the UN that the island be used as the site for a monument commemorating the founding of the UN and as a symbol of peace.
            (SSFC, 8/3/14, DB p.38)

1965          Feb 19, Fourteen Vietnam War protesters were arrested for blocking U.N. doors in New York.
            (HN, 2/19/98)

1965          Nov 9, Roger Allen LaPorte a 22 year old former seminarian and a member of the Catholic worker movement, immolated himself at the United Nations in New York City in protest of the Vietnam War.
            (HN, 11/9/98)

1965          Nov 17, General Meeting of UN refused admittance of China.
            (MC, 11/17/01)

1965          Nov 20, UN Security council called for a boycott of Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe).
            (MC, 11/20/01)

1965           Indonesia became the first nation ever to withdraw from the United Nations. Indonesia withdrew in protest of the seating of Malaysia on the UN Security Council. The former Dutch colony bitterly opposed the formation of its neighbor Malaysia in 1963, refusing to recognize it and waging a guerilla war against it. In 1966 a peace agreement with Malaysia was reached and shortly thereafter Indonesia resumed its membership in the UN.
            (HNQ, 5/14/98)

1965          The United Nations added 4 non-permanent seats to the Security Council, bringing the non-permanent  total to 10 and the whole to 15.

1965-1967    Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan (d.2003), a wealthy philanthropist who held a string of top UN humanitarian posts and was the uncle of the spiritual leader of the Ismaili sect of Shiite Islam, served as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
            (AP, 5/13/03)(SFC, 5/15/03, p.A21)

1966          Oct 27, The UN deprived South Africa of Namibia.
            (MC, 10/27/01)

1966          Dec 16, The UN General Assembly endorsed the Int’l. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). It came into force from March 23, 1976, and committed its parties to respect the civil and political rights of individuals. In 1992 the US Senate ratified the treaty but exempted itself from a provision that banned the execution of those under 18.
1966          Dec 16, The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), a multilateral treaty, was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and in force from 3 January 1976. It commits its parties to work toward the granting of economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR).

1966          Dec 30, Trygve Halvdan Lie (72), 1st UN sect-general (1946-53), died.
            (MC, 12/30/01)

1966          The UN set up an Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to promote industrial development in the Third World.
            (SFC, 2/17/96, p.A14)

1966          The UN applied international sanctions intended to cut off Rhodesia from the rest of the world due to Rhodesia’s (later Zimbabwe) opposition to majority rule.
            (SFC, 11/23/07, p.B14)

1967          Mar 27, A North Vietnamese spokesman unequivocally rejected a new peace plan proposed by UN Sec. General U Thant (1907-1974) on March 14.

1967          Oct 4, The UN Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees went into effect. The 1967 Protocol removed geographical and temporal restrictions from the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.
            (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protocol_Relating_to_the_Status_of_Refugees)(Econ, 11/27/04, p.44)

1967          Nov 22, The U.N. Security Council approved Resolution 242, which called for Israel to withdraw from territories it captured in 1967, and implicitly called on adversaries to recognize Israel's right to exist.
            (AP, 11/22/97)

1967          Dec 14, Israel submitted to the United Nations a five-year plan to solve the Arab refugee problem conditioned on a general peace settlement between Israel and the Arab states.
            (AP, 12/14/02)

1968          May 29, UN resolved sanctions on white-minority-ruled Rhodesia.
            (SC, 5/29/02)

1968          Jun, The United Nations General Assembly approved a Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
            (WSJ, 12/19/03, p.A8)

1968          World leaders proclaimed that individuals have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and timing of their children. This led to the annual UN celebration of World Population Day.
1968          The International Comparison Program (ICP) was established to compare the economic outputs of countries. The ICP was established as a joint venture of the UN Statistical Division (UNSD) and the International Comparisons Unit of the University of Pennsylvania with financial contributions from the Ford Foundation and the World Bank.
            (Econ, 5/3/14, p.65)(http://tinyurl.com/ku3m76a)

1969          Jul 14-1969 Aug 2, In West Papua the "Act of Free Choice" was conducted by the Indonesian military forces. A UN approved referendum, involving 1,026 handpicked pro-Jakarta tribal chiefs, ratified Indonesia’s 1963 annexation of West Papua. Many voted at gunpoint in the unanimous decision. In papers released in 2004, it has been revealed that US Ambassador, Marshall Green in 1969 had fore knowledge that Indonesia had no intention of allowing a Papuan vote that might prevent Indonesia from annexing West Papua as a Indonesian province; he further pointed out that any UN member would unwise to expect free or direct elections.
            (WSJ, 6/6/00, p.A23)(SSFC, 9/1/02, p.A15)(http://tinyurl.com/7cxq3)

1970          Mar 17, The United States cast its first veto in the UN Security Council. The US killed a resolution that would have condemned Britain for failure to use force to overthrow the white-ruled government of Rhodesia.
            (AP, 3/17/00)

1970          Nov 20, UN General Assembly accepted membership of the People’s Republic of China.

1970          The UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property was set up to protect cultural heritage.
            (AM, 5/01, p.20)

1971          Oct 25, The UN General Assembly voted to admit the People’s Republic of China and expel Nationalist China (Taiwan).
            (WUD, 1994, p. 1688)(AP, 10/25/97)

1971          Nov 23, The People's Republic of China was seated in the UN Security Council. The UN vote to admit was Oct 25.
            (WUD, 1994, p. 1688)(AP, 11/23/97)

1971          Dec 22, The UN General Assembly voted to ratify the election of Kurt Waldheim (1918-2007) of Austria to succeed U Thant as the 4th Secretary-General.
            (AP, 12/22/99)

1971-1973    George H.W. Bush served as the US ambassador to the United Nations.
            (SSFC, 8/15/04, p.D11)

1972          Jan 1, Kurt Waldheim (1918-2007) of Austria began serving as the UN Secretary-General. He continued until Jan 1, 1982.
            (SFC, 12/14/96, p.A1)

1972          Jun, The London Convention was called for by the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. The treaty was drafted at the Intergovernmental Conference on the Convention on the Dumping of Wastes at Sea on Nov 13, 1972, in London and it was opened for signature on Dec 29, 1972.

1972          Nov 16, The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (the World Heritage Convention) was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO. As of 2009 it was ratified by 186 states and had placed some 890 sites under its purview.
            (http://whc.unesco.org/en/conventiontext/)(Econ, 9/12/09, p.65)

1973          Oct 22, Israeli troops reconquered Mount Hermon from Syria. The UN Security Council Resolution 338 called for a cease fire to the Yom Kippur War. The UN Security Council issued Resolution 338 calling for a ceasefire and the start of negotiations aimed at implementation of  Resolution 242.

1973          Oct 23, In the Yom Kippur War Syria announced it had accepted a UN sanctioned cease-fire, and the Iraqi government ordered its forces home.

1973          Oct 24, The UNSC passed Resolution 339, serving as a renewed call for all parties to adhere to the cease fire terms established in Resolution 338. Organized fighting on all fronts ended by October 26.

1973          Dec 21, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, US and USSR leaders met in Geneva. The Geneva Conference of 1973 was an attempt to negotiate a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict as called for in UN Security Council Resolution 338 which was passed after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.

1973-1976    Sir Robert Rhodes James (d.1999 at 66) served as the principal officer in the executive office of Kurt Waldheim.
            (SFC, 5/25/99, p.B2)

1974          Nov 1, The UN General Assembly unanimously passed the first of countless resolutions calling all states to respect the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-alignment of the Republic of Cyprus.

1974          Nov 12, South Africa was suspended from UN General Assembly over racial policies.

1974          Nov 13, Yasser Arafat addressed the UN General Assembly on behalf of Palestine.
            (SFC, 11/11/04, p.A18)

1974          Nov 16, In Rome the first UN World Food Conference ended. At the conference, which had opened on Nov. 5, governments examined the global problem of food production and consumption, and solemnly proclaimed that "every man, woman and child has the inalienable right to be free from hunger and malnutrition in order to develop their physical and mental faculties."
            (SFC, 11/18/96, p.A10)(www.un.org/esa/devagenda/food.html)

1974          Nov 22, UN General Assembly recognized Palestine's right to sovereignty and national independence.
            (SFC, 2/8/99, p.A6)(http://tinyurl.com/52x3eg)

1974          Nov 25, Former U.N. Secretary-General U Thant died in New York at age 65.
            (AP, 11/25/97)

1974          The UN recognized the right of Palestinians to sovereignty and national independence.
            (SFC, 2/8/99, p.A6)

1975          Feb 14, Julian S. Huxley (b.1887), English biologist, died. He served as the first Director-General of UNESCO (1946-1948).

1975          Mar 8, The United Nations began observing International Women's Day.

1975          Oct 17, A UN committee passed a resolution saying "Zionism is a form of racism." The resolution was reversed in 1991.
            (www.heritage.org/Research/InternationalOrganizations/bg851.cfm)(Econ, 4/25/09, p.62)

1975          Nov 10, The UN General Assembly approved a resolution equating Zionism with racism. However, the world body repealed the resolution in December 1991.
            (AP, 11/10/97)(www.heritage.org/Research/InternationalOrganizations/bg851.cfm)

1975          Pres. Gerald Ford appointed Daniel Patrick Moynihan as ambassador to the United Nations.
            (SFC, 11/7/98, p.A2)

1976          Mar 23, International Bill of Rights went into effect (35 nations ratify).
            (SS, 3/23/02)

1976          Jul 9, Uganda asked UN to condemn Israeli hostage rescue raid on Entebbe.

1976          Nov 9, The UN General Assembly approved ten resolutions condemning apartheid in South Africa, including one characterizing the white-ruled government as "illegitimate."
            (AP, 11/9/00)

1976          Dec 7, The UN Security Council endorsed Kurt Waldheim (1918-2007) of Austria for a 2nd 5-year term as UN Secretary-General.

1976          The 1966 UN endorsed the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights took effect.
            (MT, Dec. '95, p.16)(SFC, 10/6/98, p.A10)

1977          Jul 20, The UN Security Council voted to admit Vietnam to the world body.
            (AP, 7/20/07)

1977          The United Nations imposed an arms embargo against South Africa to pressure it to end apartheid.
            (WSJ, 12/19/03, p.A8)

1977-1986    Oleg Troyanovsky (1919-2003) served as the Soviet Ambassador to the United Nations.
            (AP, 12/23/03)

1978          Mar 19, The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 425 demanding that Israel withdraw from Lebanon.
            (SFC, 5/24/00, p.A15)

1978          Mar 23, UNIFIL forces arrived in Lebanon setting up headquarters in Naqoura. In response to Israel’s invasion, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 425 and Resolution 426 calling for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon. The UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) was created to enforce this mandate, and restore peace and sovereignty to Lebanon.

1978          UNESCO named Ecuador’s 19 Galapagos Islands a World Heritage Site.
            (SSFC, 12/22/02, p.M6)(Econ, 8/28/10, p.49)
1978          Ghassan Tueni (1926-2012, Lebanon’s UN ambassador (1977-1982), pushed for the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 425, which called for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon.
            (AFP, 6/8/12)

1979          Jan 1, UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim signed a proclamation  declaring 1979 as the International Year of the Child.

1979          Jan 9, ABBA performed "Chiquitita" at the Music for UNICEF Concert held at the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate UNICEF's Year of the Child. ABBA donated the copyright of this worldwide hit to the UNICEF; see Music for UNICEF Concert. The single was released the following week, and reached #1 in ten countries.

1979          Jan 15, The Soviet Union vetoed a United Nations resolution and called for the withdrawal of all Vietnamese troops from Cambodia.
            (HN, 1/15/99)

1979          Dec 18, The UN Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted with 10 abstentions. It entered into force on Sep 3, 1981. By 2005 the treaty was endorsed by more than 170 nations, but still opposed by the US.
            (www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/cedaw/text/econvention.htm)(SFEC, 10/8/00, Z1 p.4)

1979          The UN produced the animated film "Broom." It won the Cannes Festival Palme D’Or.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1979          The UN produced the film "People: A Matter of Balance." It included film footage shot by director Roberto Rossellini in the Amazon and Africa.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1979          The UN opened a major branch in Vienna, Austria, as a third world center.
            (SFC, 2/17/96, p.A14)

1980          Jan 14, UN voted 104-18 to deplore the Soviet Afghan acts.
            (HN, 1/14/99)

1980          Apr 18, In Lebanon three UN peacekeepers were kidnapped. Derek Smallhorne and Thomas Barrett of Ireland were subsequently murdered and John O’Mahony seriously wounded. In 2014 a Mahmoud Bazzi (71), a suspect in the killings, agreed to return to Lebanon from Detroit, where he was living without proper documentation.
            (SFC, 8/12/14, p.A4)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_Tiri_Incident)

1980          Aug 20, UN Security Council condemned (14-0, US abstains) Israeli declaration that all of Jerusalem is it's capital.

1980          Oct 10, The UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) was concluded in Geneva and entered into force in December 1983. It seeks to prohibit or restrict the use of certain conventional weapons which are considered excessively injurious or that have indiscriminate effects. It was updated to cover land mines in May, 1996. The process continued into 2007 to include cluster bombs.
            (www.icrc.org/ihl.nsf/FULL/500?OpenDocument)(Econ, 6/23/07, p.67)(SFC, 5/4/96, p.A-9)(WSJ, 5/31/96, p.A13)

1981          Sep 21, Belize under leader George Price (1919-2011) gained independence from Britain and joined the UN under protests from Guatemala. As head of the centrist People's United Party, Price served two terms as prime minister, 1981-84 and 1989-1993.
            (www.belizenet.com/bzeguat/chap10.html)(AP, 9/19/11)

1981          Sep 28, US Pres. Ronald Reagan designated, October 24, 1981, as United Nations Day. In 2002, September 21 was declared the annual date for "commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples."
            (AFP, 9/20/09)(www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/1981/92881d.htm)

1981          Dec 11, The UN Security Council chose Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru to be the fifth secretary-general of the world body. He served to 1992.
            (SFC, 12/14/96, p.A1)(AP, 12/11/97)

1981          Japan signed the UN Refugee Convention of 1951.
            (Econ., 3/14/15, p.42)

1982          Apr 3, Britain dispatched a naval task force to the south Atlantic to reclaim the disputed Falkland Islands from Argentina. The UN Security Council demanded Argentina withdraw from Falkland Islands.
            (AP, 4/3/02)

1982          Jun 17, Pres. Reagan addressed the UN General Assembly in NYC.

1982          Dec 10, The UN Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) treaty opened for signature. It extended internationally recognized territorial waters to 200 miles offshore. The convention came into force on November 16, 1994, one year after the sixtieth state, Guyana, signed it. The treaty gave countries the power to restrict fishing within 231 miles of their coasts. The UN convention created the International Seabed authority and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. As of 2016 it was still not ratified by the US.
            (http://tinyurl.com/2wsq9p)(WSJ, 1/18/07, p.A13)(Econ, 8/18/07, p.51)(Econ, 8/6/16, p.12)

1982          A UN treaty allowed land-locked countries to use sea routes including providing paid services such as ship registry.
            (AFP, 4/3/12)

1983          Dec 29, US announced its withdrawal from UNESCO.

1983          The "Man and the Biosphere" Reserve system included the Big Sur coastal area by Limekiln State Park (est. 1995).
            (SFEC, 3/30/97, p.T3)

1984          US Sec. of State George Shultz, on behalf of the Reagan administration, signed a letter that resigned the US from UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In 2001 efforts were made to rejoin.
            (SFC, 12/6/01, p.E1)

1984          VP George H.W. Bush nominated Pedro A. Sanjuan to be director of political affairs in the UN Secretariat. His real job was to spy on the Soviet spies working for the secretary-general. Sanjuan left the Secretariat in 1992. In 2005 he authored “The UN Gang,” an account of UN operations from 1984-1992.
            (WSJ, 9/13/05, p.D8)

1985          Nov 17, Olaf Palme stopped an illegal shipment of 80 HAWK missiles through Sweden from Israel to Teheran, as he mediated an end of the Iran-Iraq war for the UN.

1985          Dec 18, The UN Security Council unanimously condemned "acts of hostage-taking."

1985-1986    Jeffrey Sachs, UN special advisor, helped stop the hyperinflation in Bolivia.
            (Econ, 7/7/07, p.27)

1986          Nov 20, UN's WHO announced 1st global effort to combat AIDS.

1987          Jul 20, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve a U.S.-sponsored resolution demanding an end to the Persian Gulf war between Iraq and Iran, a move supported by Iraq and dismissed by Iran.
            (AP, 7/20/97)

1987           A Convention Against Torture was established.
            (SSFC, 5/19/02, p.A18)

1988          Jan 5, The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to ask Israel not to deport Palestinians from the occupied territories in the first council vote against Israel since 1981.
            (AP, 1/5/98)

1988          Jan 14, With the United States abstaining, the U.N. Security Council voted 14-0 to call on Israel to stop deporting Palestinians and to allow those already expelled to return.
            (AP, 1/14/98)

1988          Mar 2, The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to order the United States to submit to binding arbitration its plan to close the observer mission of the Palestine Liberation Organization. A federal court later stopped the U.S.
            (AP, 3/2/98)

1988          Jul 26, U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar met twice with Iran's foreign minister in the first formal talks about a cease-fire for the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq.
            (AP, 7/26/98)

1988          Jul 27, U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar held separate peace talks with the foreign ministers of Iraq and Iran on a cease-fire in the eight-year-old Persian Gulf war.
            (AP, 7/27/98)

1988          Aug 8, U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar announced a cease-fire between Iran and Iraq. This became an Iraqi national holiday until it was abolished in 2003.
            (SFC, 2/24/9, p.A9)(AP, 8/8/98)(AP, 7/13/03)

1988          Sep 20, The 43rd General Assembly opened at the United Nations.
            (AP, 9/20/98)

1988          Sep 26, In a farewell speech to the U.N. General Assembly, President Reagan saw "a moment for hope" for peace in the world, citing a new U.S.-Soviet treaty to sharply reduce nuclear arms due during the following year.
            (AP, 9/26/98)

1988          Oct 13, Absa Claude Diallo, Chairman of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, addressed a letter to the UN Sec.-Gen. concerning profound concern at the “continued grave situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the intensification of the policy of repression pursued by Israel against the Palestinian people.”

1988          Nov 30, UN General Assembly (151-2) censured US for refusing PLO's Arafat a visa.
            (MC, 11/30/01)

1988          The UN and World Meteorological Organization established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The authority issued ist first assessment on global warming in 1990 and continued with reports every 5 years.
            (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intergovernmental_Panel_on_Climate_Change)(SFC, 11/4/99, p.A5)

1989          Sep 25, President Bush, addressing the UN General Assembly, offered to slash American stocks of chemical weapons by more than 80%, provided the Soviets did the same.
            (AP, 9/25/99)

1989          Sep 26, In a speech to the UN General Assembly, Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze accepted President Bush's call for deep cuts in US and Soviet chemical weapon stockpiles. Shevardnadze called for the total destruction of Soviet and US chemical weapons.
            (AP, 9/26/99)(www.fas.org/nuke/control/bwc/chron.htm)

1989          Nov 20, The Int’l. Convention on the Rights of the Child was established to protect the economic, social and civil rights of children. The US and Somalia did not ratify the Convention.
            (SFEC, 10/8/00, Z1 p.4)(AP, 11/20/09)

1989          The UN produced the film "Breaking Barriers." It was about the disabled.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1989          The UN Convention on Int’l. Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) imposed a total ban on the trade of ivory and elephant hide. In 2007 the ban was extended for another 9 years.
            (WSJ, 1/7/97, p.A1)(SFC, 6/20/97, p.A20)(SFC, 4/18/00, p.A9)(Econ, 3/8/08, p.85)

1990          Jun 11, UN appoints Olivia Newton-John as environmental ambassador.
            (SC, 6/11/02)

1990          Aug 2, By a vote of 14-0, the United Nations Security Council condemned the invasion and annexation of Kuwait by Iraq and demanded in Resolution 660 the unconditional withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait.
            (HNQ, 5/27/99)

1990          Aug 6, The UN Security Council (Resolution 651) ordered a worldwide embargo on trade with Iraq to punish the Baghdad regime for invading Kuwait.
            (SFC, 9/4/96, p.A8)(NH, 9/96, p.14)(AP, 8/6/00)(SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1990          Sep 2, The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) entered into force. As of 2008 only the United States and Somalia had failed to ratify the document.
            (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convention_on_the_Rights_of_the_Child)(Econ, 5/31/08, p.62)

1990          Sep 13, The UN Security Council at its 2939th meeting adopted Resolution 666, regarding foodstuffs to be supplied to the civilian population in Iraq or Kuwait in order to relieve human suffering.

1990          Oct 12, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to condemn Israel’s security forces for killing 17 Palestinian demonstrators on the Temple Mount.
            (AP, 10/12/00)

1990          Nov 26, Five permanent members of U.N. Security Council agreed on peace plan for Cambodia.
            (AP, 11/26/02)

1990          Nov 29, The UN Security Council, led by the United States, voted 12-to-two to authorize military action if Iraq did not withdraw its troops from Kuwait and release all foreign hostages by January 15th, 1991.
            (AP, 11/29/00)

1990          The United Nations Association awarded Sally Lilienthal the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award.
            (SFEC, 9/29/96, Z1 p.3)

1991          Jan 10, Five days before a UN deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, peace efforts intensified, with UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar setting off on a mission aimed at averting war.
            (AP, 1/10/01)

1991          Jan 13, UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar met with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in a bid to avoid war in the Persian Gulf.
            (AP, 1/13/01)

1991          Jan 15, With hours remaining before a United Nations deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar made a final appeal to Saddam Hussein to remove his troops.
            (AP, 1/15/01)

1991          Mar 2, The UN Security Council adopted a resolution dictating allied demands that Iraq had to meet before a formal-cease fire was declared in the Persian Gulf War.
            (AP, 3/2/01)

1991          Mar 21, A UN Security Council panel decided to lift the food embargo on Iraq.
            (AP, 3/21/01)

1991          Apr 3, The UN Security Council (Resolution 687) adopted a Gulf War truce resolution demanding that Iraq abolish weapons of mass destruction, renounce terrorism and pay reparations.
            (AP, 4/3/01)(SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1991          Apr 11, U.N. Security Council issued a formal cease fire with Iraq to end the Gulf War.
            (SFC, 2/24/98, p.A9)(HN, 4/11/98)

1991          Aug 7, The five permanent members of the UN Security Council agreed to authorize Iraq to sell as much as $1.6 billion in oil over six months to pay for food, humanitarian supplies and war reparations; however, Baghdad rejected the resolution.
            (AP, 8/7/01)

1991          Aug 15, The UN Security Council, by a vote of 13-to-one, authorized Iraq to export one-point-six billion dollars’ worth of oil in a tightly controlled sale to pay for desperately needed food and medicine.
            (AP, 8/15/01)

1991          Sep 19, UN Resolution 712 allowed a partial lifting of the embargo against Iraq for humanitarian purposes.
            (SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1991          Sep 25, The U.N. Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 713 that imposed a worldwide arms embargo against Yugoslavia and all its warring factions.
            (SFC, 6/11/96, p.A14)(AP, 9/20/01)

1991          Nov 21, The U.N. Security Council chose Boutros Boutros-Ghali of Egypt to succeed Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru as Secretary-General of the UN.
            (SFC, 6/22/96, p.A13)(AP, 11/21/97)

1991          Nov 27, The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution paving the way for the establishment of a U.N. peacekeeping operation in war-ravaged Yugoslavia.
            (AP, 11/27/01)

1991          Nov 26, UNICEF said fighting and crop failures in southern Sudan had forced unprecedented exodus of 200,000 people.
            (AP, 11/26/02)

1991          Dec 16, The U.N. General Assembly rescinded its 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism by a vote of 111-25.
            (AP, 12/16/97)

1991          The United Nations Compensation Commission was established after the allies’ victory in the Gulf War to settle claims filed by individuals, corporations and governments who suffered due to the war.
            (WSJ, 8/18/97, p.A1)
1991          The UN set up a modest Kurdish haven in the mountains of Iraq.
            (Econ, 7/9/16, p.38)
1991          The UN began its Change for Good operation to help support the Children’s Fund. The program recruited flight attendants to collect left over change in foreign currencies from passengers returning to the US. By 2002 the program raised some $31 million.
            (SSFC, 1/6/02, p.C3)
1991          The UN’s health agency destroyed nearly 200 million doses of smallpox vaccine because it lacked the $25,000 a year for storage.
            (WSJ, 11/30/01, p.A1)
1991          The UN banned fishing drift nets longer than 2.5 km. Some had been as long as 50k.
            (Econ, 2/22/14, p.52)

1992          Jan 31, Leaders of the U.N. Security Council's member states held an unprecedented summit, after which they issued a declaration on collective security, arms control and nuclear non-proliferation.
            (AP, 1/31/02)

1992          Mar 2, The 47th session of the UN General Assembly welcomed eight former Soviet republics and San Marino as its newest members. Kazakhstan’s Pres. Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to the UN General Assembly an annual reduction of military budgets by 1% and using the money to fund and strengthen UN peace projects.
            (AP, 3/2/02)(Econ, 12/16/06, p.81)

1992          Mar 11, Members of the U.N. Security Council accused Iraq of playing a game of "cheat and retreat" from its promises to disarm and respect its people's human rights; Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz lashed back, saying his country was complying with Gulf War cease-fire resolutions.
            (AP, 3/11/02)

1992          Mar 13, The U.N. Security Council stood firm in its demand that Iraq comply totally with Gulf War cease-fire resolutions, rebuffing an appeal for leniency from Saddam Hussein's special envoy, deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz.
            (AP, 3/13/97)

1992          Mar 15, The United Nations officially embarked on its largest peacekeeping operation with the arrival of a diplomat in Cambodia. The UN peacekeeping mission in Cambodia soon began running a radio station to disseminate reliable information before elections.
            (AP, 3/15/97)(Economist, 9/1/12, p.51)

1992          May 9, The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) was adopted.
            (Econ, 12/5/15, p.76)

1992          Jun 5, In Brazil government leaders at the Rio Earth Summit opened for signing the UN Convention on Biological Diversity dedicated to promoting sustainable development. The convention recognized plants as part of countries’ national heritage and outlawed biopiracy. The Convention entered into force on 29 December 1993, which was 90 days after the 30th ratification.
            (https://www.cbd.int/history/default.shtml)(Econ, 9/12/15, p.55)

1992          Oct 6, The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to establish a war crimes commission for Bosnia-Herzegovina.
            (AP, 10/6/97)

1992          Oct 9, The U.N. Security Council voted to ban all military flights over Bosnia-Herzegovina.
            (AP, 10/9/97)

1992          Dec 3, The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a U.S.-led military mission to help starving Somalia.
            (AP, 12/3/97)

1992          Dec 18, The U.N. Security Council unanimously denounced Israel's deportation of more than 400 Palestinians and demanded their immediate return.
            (AP, 12/18/97)

1992          Dec 22, The UN General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/47/193 by which 22 March of each year was declared World Day for Water, to be observed starting in 1993.

1992          The Association of Cambodian Local Economic Development Agencies (ACLEDA) was set up by the UN and the Int’l. Labor Organization as a microfinance non-governmental organization. By 2010 it was Cambodia’s largest bank by assets.
            (Economist, 9/22/12, p.85)
1992          UNESCO established the Memory of the World Program.

1993              Feb 22, The UN passed Resolution 808 that established the Hague Int'l. War Crimes Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law committed in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since 1 January 1991.

1993          May 25, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was established by Resolution 827 of the UN Security Council. Judges were elected on 15 September 1993 and on 15 August 1994 the Prosecutor was appointed.
            (SFC, 5/8/96, p.A-11)(www.un.org/icty/glance-e/index.htm)

1993          Mar 31, The U.N. Security Council increased international pressure on Bosnian Serbs, authorizing NATO warplanes to shoot down aircraft that violated a ban on flights over Bosnia.
            (AP, 3/31/98)

1993          May 28, Eritrea became a member of the United Nations.

1993          Jun 16, The UN authorized an arms and oil embargo against Haiti.

1993          Aug 27, The U.N. Security Council suspended 2 1/2-month-old economic sanctions against Haiti to spur the country's return to democracy. They were reimposed the following October.
            (AP, 8/27/98)

1993          Oct 8, UN lifted remaining economic sanctions against South Africa.
            (MC, 10/8/01)

1993          Oct 13, The U.N. Security Council voted to reimpose sanctions on Haiti unless military leaders there stopped violating a U.N.-brokered accord.
            (AP, 10/13/98)

1993          Oct 16, The U.N. Security Council endorsed the deployment of U.S. warships to block arms and oil shipments to Haiti in an attempt to increase pressure on Haiti's military leaders.
            (HN, 10/16/98)

1993          UN members made a declaration that the promotion and protection of human rights is a legitimate concern of the int’l. community.
            (SFC,10/15/97, p.C2)
1993          The UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) began a database to count incidents of nuclear trafficking.
            (Econ, 10/04/08, p.65)

1994          Jan 1, Botswana, Germany, Italy, Honduras, and Indonesia joined the Security Council.
            (SFC, 1/1/97, p.C1)

1994          Apr 8, About this time the commander of UN forces in Rwanda warned Kofi Annan, head of the UN Peacekeeping operations, that the Kigali government was planning to slaughter Tutsis. Annan’s office ordered Gen’l. Romeo Dallaire of Canada not to protect the informant or to confiscate arms stockpiles. Annan later claimed that he lacked the military might and political backing to stop the slaughter of more than 500,000 people.
            (USAT, 5/4/98, p.9A)(USAT, 5/5/98, p.11A)

1994          May 17, The U.N. Security Council approved a peacekeeping force and an arms embargo for violence-racked Rwanda. By June, 1994, 800,000 died there despite the presence of a small UN mission.
            (AP, 5/17/99)

1994          May 25, The UN Security Council lifted a 10-year-old ban on weapons exports from South Africa, scrapping the last of its apartheid-era embargoes.
            (AP, 5/25/99)

1994          Jul 31, The U.N. Security Council voted 12-0 with 2 abstentions to authorize member states to use "all necessary means" to oust the military leadership in Haiti.
            (AP, 7/31/99)(MC, 7/31/02)

1994          Sep 5, A U.N.-sponsored population conference opened in Cairo, Egypt, where Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland lashed out at the Vatican and at Muslim fundamentalists by defending abortion rights and sex education. 179 nations signed a statement to ensure every woman’s right to education and health care and to make choices about childbearing. In 2004 world leaders of 85 nations endorsed the plan but the US refused because the statement mentioned “sexual rights.”
            (AP, 9/5/99)(SFC, 10/14/04, p.A9)

1994          Nov 16, The UN Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), ratified in 1993, took effect. Arvid Pardo (d.1999 at 85), Maltese delegate to the UN, proposed in 1967 that the bounty of the sea should be considered "the common heritage of mankind" and asked that some of the sea's wealth be used to bankroll a fund to help close the gap between rich and poor nations. The International Seabed Authority came into existence as the law took effect. The first Secretary-General of the Authority, Satya Nandan (Fiji) was elected in March 1996, and the Authority became fully operational as an autonomous international organization in June 1996, when it took over the premises and facilities in Kingston, Jamaica. The UN Law of the Sea treaty, which extended internationally recognized territorial waters to 200 miles offshore, came into force one year after the sixtieth state, Guyana, signed it. As of 2015 it was still not ratified by the US.
            (http://tinyurl.com/2wsq9p)(SFC, 7/19/99, p.A22)(Econ, 10/31/15, p.42)

1994          Nov 8, The UN Security Council established the Int’l. Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) to prosecute those responsible for the Rwanda genocide. By 2004 18 people were convicted. In 2004 Sylvestre Gacumbitsi, a former Rwandan mayor, was convicted for his role in the slaughter and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
            (SSFC, 4/7/02, p.A19)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Criminal_Tribunal_for_Rwanda) (SFC, 6/18/04, p.A3)

1994          Manfred Nowak was assigned the job of envoy of the UN for missing persons in the former Yugoslavia. He resigned in 1997 and said that he failed to receive support to account for the 20,000 missing people of the Bosnian war.
            (SFC, 3/27/97, p.A18)

1994          The El Vizcaino Biosphere Region in Baja California was declared a UN World Heritage Site.
            (SFC, 3/13/99, p.A14)

1995          Jan 1, Chile, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Poland and South Korea joined the non-permanent sector of the Security Council.
            (SFC, 1/1/97, p.C1)

1995          Apr 14, The UN Security Council (Resolution 986) gave permission to Iraq, still under sanctions for its invasion of Kuwait, to sell $2 billion dollars' worth of oil to buy food, medicine and other supplies. Iraq later rejected the offer.
            (AP, 4/14/00)(SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1995          May 11, A United Nations conference indefinitely extended the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which was originally set to expire after 25 years.
            (AP, 5/11/00)

1995          May 25, NATO warplanes struck Bosnian Serb headquarters. Serbs answered with swift defiance, storming UN weapons depots, attacking safe areas and taking peacekeepers as hostages.
            (AP, 5/25/00)

1995          May 26, Serbs bombarded Serajevo. On Jun 6 NATO launched 2 air raids against an ammunition dump in Serb-held central Bosnia.
            (SFC, 6/7/96, p.A10)(SFC,10/16/97, p.A12)

1995          Jun 6, NATO launched 2 air raids against an ammunition dump in Serb-held central Bosnia.  The air strikes touched off a crises in which [270] 350 UN peacekeepers were taken hostage by Bosnian Serbs. Serb forces seized 270 UN peacekeepers, shackled them to potential targets, and ordered them to plead on camera for the NATO air attacks to stop. Serbia improved its relations with the West by helping to arrange the release of the hostages.
            (SFC, 6/7/96, p.A10)(SFC,10/16/97, p.A12)

1995          Jul 23, The United Nations ordered the first combat unit from its rapid reaction force to Sarajevo to take out any rebel Serb guns that fire at U.N. peacekeepers.
            (AP, 7/23/97)

1995          Oct 22, The largest gathering of world leaders in history marked the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.
            (AP, 10/22/05)

1995          Sep 15, The UN Fourth World Conference on Women adjourned in Beijing after approving a wide-ranging platform running the gamut from promoting inheritance rights to condemning rape in wartime. The Beijing Platform, signed by 189 states, urged a review of all laws that punish women for having abortions.
            (AP, 9/15/00)(Econ, 5/19/07, p.65)

1995-2000    Sergei Tretyakov, served as deputy head of intelligence at Russia's UN mission. In 2000 he defected to the US and in 2008 said "Inside the UN, we were fishing for knowledgeable diplomats who could give us first of all anti-American information."
            (AP, 1/27/08)

1996          Mar 27, The UN Security Council (Resolution 1051) established an export-import monitoring system for Iraq and demanded full cooperation.
            (SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1996          May 16, UN and Iraqi officials reached a tentative agreement to resume oil sales of $4 billion a year to buy food and medicine. The oil for food program mandated that 13% of the UN resources go to northern Kurdish areas. In 2004 it was reported that illicit trade agreements with neighbors netted Iraq nearly $11 billion between 1990 and 2003. In 2004 the estimate for illicit trade was raised to $21.3 billion.
            (SFC, 5/16/96, p.A-9)(SFC, 9/3/01, p.A9)(SFC, 10/9/04, p.A15)(SFC, 11/16/04, p.A9)

1996          Jun 12, The UN passed Resolution 1060, the 1st of many condemnations of Iraq’s denial of access to UN weapons’ inspectors.
            (SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1996          Sep 10, The UN General Assembly voted to endorse a nuclear test ban treaty. India re-fused to sign and prevented the treaty from taking effect. India, Bhutan and Libya voted against the treaty. Cuba, Lebanon, Syria, Tanzania and Mauritius abstained.
            (SFC, 9/11/96, p.A8)

1996          Oct 21, Security Council elections for the 1997 5 non-permanent seats were won by Ja-pan, Kenya, Sweden, Costa Rica and Portugal for a 2-year period. Ten of the seats are temporary and five are chosen annually.
            (SFC, 10/22/96, p.B1)

1996          Nov 1, Norway announced a $24 million donation to educate girls in 19 African countries. The gift went to UNICEF’s African Education for All program.
            (SFC, 11/2/96, p.C1)

1996          Dec 9, UN chief Boutros-Ghali gave Iraq the go-ahead to resume oil exports for the first time since 1990 to buy food and medicine. Two billion of oil sales will be allowed every 6 months to buy food, medicine and other necessities. In 1999 Ghali published "Unvanquished: A US-UN Saga.
            (WSJ, 12/9/96, p.A1)(AP, 12/9/97)(SFEC, 8/8/99, BR p.5)

1996          Dec 17, Kofi Annan of Ghana was elected by acclamation as the 7th Secretary-General of the UN. His 5-year term will start Jan 1.
            (SFC, 12/18/96, p.C2)(AP, 12/17/97)

1996          The US was ousted from its seat on the budget committee because of unpaid dues.
            (SFC, 11/7/98, p.A14)
1996          UNAIDS, a joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, was created to deal with the new HIV/AIDS disease.

1997          Jan 1, The new members of the UN security council, Japan, Kenya, Sweden, Costa Rica and Portugal, took their seats.
            (SFC, 1/1/97, p.C1)

1997          Jan 1, Kofi Annan assumed the title of United Nations secretary-general.
            (AP, 1/1/98)

1997          Jan 1, As of this date the US withdrew completely from the UN Industrial Development Organization.
            (SFC, 2/17/97, p.A14)

1997          Jan 16, Maurice Strong, Canadian millionaire businessman and environmentalist, was appointed by Kofi Annan to coordinated UN reform for a salary of $1 per year.
            (SFC, 1/17/96, p.A14)

1997          Feb 18, The UN endorsed a 5-point peace plan for Zaire.
            (SFC, 2/19/96, p.A10)

1997          Mar 13, The UN General Assembly voted 130 to 2 for Israel to abandon its plan to build new Jewish housing on Arab land.
            (SFC, 3/14/97, p.A12)

1997          Mar 26, Manfred Nowak resigned the job of envoy of the UN for missing persons in the former Yugoslavia and said that he failed to receive support to account for the 20,000 missing people of the Bosnian war. He had begun the job in 1994.
            (SFC, 3/27/97, p.A18)

1997          Mar 28, The Security Council agreed to send a multinational force to Albania to protect the delivery of humanitarian aid.
            (SFC, 3/29/97, p.A10)

1997          Apr 24, The US ratified the UN Chemical Weapons ban. It came into force on April 29. The Senate voted 74-26 to approve the chemical weapons treaty, five days before the pact was to take effect. It was the 75th country to ratify the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention ban signed by 164 states. The signing obliges members to destroy all chemical weapons and production facilities by 2007.
            (SFC, 4/26/97, p.A10)(AP, 4/24/98)(Econ, 8/31/13, p.20)

1997          Apr 29, The UN ban on chemical weapons went into effect. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was formed this year to enforce the Chemical Weapons convention.
            (http://tinyurl.com/owskts7)(AP, 4/29/98)

1997          May 21, The UN approved an agreement for equitable use of waters that flow through more than one country. Only China and Turkey refused to sign the key UN convention on trans-national rivers.
            (SFC, 5/22/97, p.C2)(AP, 4/16/11)

1997          Jun 12, Mary Robinson, Pres. of Ireland, was named the top human rights official for the United Nations.
            (SFC, 6/12/97, p.A16)

1997          Aug, The UN produced film "Secrets in the Sand" was shown at the Venice Film Festival. it was about Iraq’s stockpile of biological weapons.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1997          Aug, The UN produced film "A Cyber-Tale of Three Cities" was shown at the Venice Film Festival. It featured three teenagers talking over the internet about urban problems. The UN had more than 100 films and videos in active distribution.
            (SFC, 8/26/97, p.E4)

1997          Sep 2, The US demanded exemptions to a proposed global ban on land mines at an int'l. meeting in Oslo, Norway. The exemptions were for mines on the Korean peninsula and for certain types of mines.
            (SFC, 9/3/97, p.C2)

1997          Sep 17, Pres. Clinton announced that the US would not sign the int’l. treaty banning anti-personnel land mines after 89 nations rejected US demands to water down the accord. 89 nations endorsed the pact.
            (SFC, 9/18/97, p.A1)(AP, 9/17/98)

1997          Sep 17, A UN helicopter crashed in Bosnia and 12 officials were killed.
            (SFC, 9/18/97, p.A12)

1997          Sep 18, Ted Turner pledged to give the United Nations $1 billion over the next ten years.
            (SFC, 9/19/97, p.A1)

1997          Oct 8, The UN imposed sanctions on Sierra Leone to pressure for the restoration of civilian government.
            (SFC, 10/9/97, p.C3)

1997          Oct, China signed the UN Int’l. Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights during pres. Zemin’s visit to the US.
            (SFC, 10/6/98, p.A10)

1997          Nov 12, The UN resolution 1137 imposed mild new sanctions on Iraq. A travel ban on Iraqi officials who interfere with weapons inspections was set by a unanimous Security Council vote.
            (WSJ, 11/13/97, p.A1)(SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1997          Dec 4, UNESCO designated additional places as World Heritage sites at a conference in Naples. Prior to the addition there were 506 sites designated over the last 25 years.
            (SFC,12/5/97, p.B7)

1997          Dec 8, At the UN conference on global warming in Kyoto, Japan, US Vice President Al Gore signaled a willingness on the part of the US to compromise and perhaps raise the amount of greenhouse gases it is willing to cut.
            (SFC,12/897, p.A1)

1998          The UN and the US Congress designated this year as "the year of the Ocean."
            (SFC, 3/31/98, p.C10)
1998          The Roll Back Malaria Partnership was founded by WHO, UNICEF, UNDP and the World Bank, in an effort to provide a coordinated global response to the disease.
            (Econ, 10/22/11, p.102)(www.rollbackmalaria.org/rbmmandate.html)

1998          Jan 27, The UN named Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former prime minister of Norway as the head of the World Health Organization (WTO).
            (SFC, 1/28/98, p.A6)

1998          Feb 2, UN Sec-Gen Kofi Annan recommended that the Security Council more than double the amount of oil Iraq is allowed to sell.
            (SFC, 2/3/98, p.A6)

1998          Feb 20, The UN Security Council voted to more than double the amount of oil Iraq may sell to buy food and medicine. The increase was from $2 bil to $5.256 bil, although Iraq has said it was only capable of producing $4 billion worth of oil over six months. With the US military poised to attack Iraq, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan began a final campaign to end the cri-sis over weapons inspections without bloodshed.
            (SFC, 2/21/98, p.A8)(AP, 2/21/08)

1998          Mar 2, U.N. Security Council unanimously endorsed Secretary-General Kofi Annan's deal to open Iraq's presidential palaces to arms inspectors.
            (AP, 3/299)

1998          Mar 31, The UN Security Council imposed a new arms embargo on Yugoslavia to press Milosevic to grant ethnic Albanians concessions in Kosovo.
            (SFC, 4/1/98, p.A8)(AP, 3/31/99)

1998          Apr 22, The UN Commission on Human Rights called on Iran to halt torture, amputations and stonings.
            (SFC, 4/23/98, p.A13)

1998          Jul 17, In Rome UN delegates from more than 100 countries overwhelmingly approved (120-7) a historic treaty, the Statute of Rome, creating the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal, with jurisdiction over individuals, ignoring strenuous U.S. objections over certain provisions. It was to be located in the Hague with 18 judges from 18 countries serving 9 year terms. It  still required ratification by 60 countries to become effective. The vote passed 120 to 7 with 21 abstentions. The US, China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar and Yemen voted against the International Criminal Court Treaty (ICC). In 2002 the US moved to withdraw its signature.
            (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 7/20/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/6/02, p.A1,4)(Econ, 11/22/03, p.27)

1998          Sep 9, The UN General Assembly elected Uruguay’s foreign minister as president for its 53rd session. Didier Opertiti replaced Hennadiy Udovenko of Ukraine.
            (SFC, 9/10/98, p.C2)

1998          Sep 9, The UN Security Council voted to suspend periodic reviews of the economic sanctions on Iraq.
            (SFC, 9/10/98, p.A12)

1998          Sep 16, The UN announced that the treaty to eliminate anti-personnel land mines will take effect in 6 months. Burkino Faso became the 40th country to ratify the pact.
            (SFC, 9/17/98, p.C4)

1998          Sep 23, The UN adopted a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in Kosovo.
            (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A12)

1998          Sep 24, NATO instructed its generals to begin preparing for air strikes on Yugoslavia unless Pres. Milosevic ends his attacks on ethnic Albanians.
            (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A12)

1998          Oct 14, The UN for a 7th year called for an end to the US economic embargo against Cuba. Only the US and Israel cast negative votes.
            (SFC, 10/15/98, p.C4)

1998          Oct 16, Serbian Pres. Milosevic was given an additional 10 days to withdraw forces from Kosovo and comply with UN demands.
            (SFC, 10/17/98, p.A1)

1998          Oct 30, The UN extended its 460-member peacekeeping force in the Western Sahara over land contested between Morocco and the Algerian-based Polisario Front.
            (SFC, 10/31/98, p.A15)

1998          Nov 5, The UN Security Council unanimously demanded that Iraq resume cooperation with UN weapons inspectors.
            (SFC, 11/6/98, p.A14)

1998          Nov 24, The UN Security Council voted to allow Iraq an additional $5.2 billion in oil sales over the next 6 months to cover humanitarian aid.
            (SFC, 11/25/98, p.A14)

1999          Jan 6, It was reported that UN Sec. Gen'l. Kofi Annan had evidence that UN arms inspectors helped collect intelligence used in American efforts to undermine the Iraqi regime.
            (SFC, 1/6/99, p.A6)

1999          Jan 18, UN leader Kofi Annan recommended that UN military observers leave Angola due to their targeting by the warring sides.
            (SFC, 1/19/99, p.A6)

1999          Jan 20, The UN announced that it would release over $81 million to Iraq to buy electricity generating equipment. This included $6.5 million for oil industry spare parts.
            (SFC, 1/21/99, p.A14)

1999          Jan 21, The UN voted to maintain at least a token presence in Angola.
            (SFC, 1/22/99, p.A12)

1999          Jan 30, The UN Security Council agreed to establish panels to assess Iraqi disarmament and adherence to other UN resolutions.
            (SFEC, 1/31/99, p.A17)

1999          Feb 26, The UN Security Council voted to close its peacekeeping mission in Angola due to the renewed civil war.
            (SFC, 2/27/99, p.A16)

1999          Mar 26, The UN Security Council defeated a Russian resolution demanding an immediate end to NATO attacks on Yugoslavia.
            (SFC, 3/27/99, p.A11)

1999          Apr, The UN Human Rights Commission voted in favor of a worldwide moratorium on executions over the objections of fewer than a dozen countries that included the US, China, Rwanda and Sudan.
            (SFC, 4/28/99, p.C16)

1999          Jul, Bernard Kouchner arrived in Kosovo as the UN official in charge. He served as the virtual czar until Jan 2001 and was succeeded by Hans Haekkerup, a former Danish defense minister.
            (SSFC, 1/14/01, p.D2)

1999          Jul 2, A 3-day UN conference on population closed after 170 nations agreed on sex education, access to abortion and parental rights.
            (SFC, 7/3/99, p.C1)

1999          Oct 12, The world population was projected to reach 6 billion. This day was declared by the UN as the Day of 6 Billion.
            (SFC, 6/30/99, p.A12)(SFEC, 7/11/99, p.A19)

1999          Sep 15, The UN authorized an int'l. peacekeeping force in East Timor led by Australia with some 8,000 troops from a number of nations.
            (SFC, 9/15/99, p.A15)(WSJ, 9/16/99, p.A1)

1999          Oct 5, Kofi Annan presented a UN plan to take full control of East Timor and guide the territory to nationhood over 2-3 years.
            (SFC, 10/6/99, p.A10)

1999          cNov 6, The General Assembly approved for the 8th time in 8 years a resolution condemning the US embargo of Cuba.
            (SFC, 11/27/99, p.A14)

1999          Nov 13, Jacque Diouf of Senegal won a 2nd 6-year term as director-general for the UN Food and Agricultural Organization.
            (SFEC, 11/14/99, p.A27)

1999          Dec 10, The UN extended Iraq's "oil-for-food" program for 6 months and set the stage for the suspension of sanctions if UN weapon's inspectors are allowed back into the country.
            (SFC, 12/11/99, p.C1)

1999          Dec 17, The UN Security Council (Resolution 1284) ended a yearlong deadlock and voted to create a new inspection team (UNMOVIC) to complete the disarmament of Iraq.
            (SFC, 12/18/99, p.A1)(AP, 12/17/00)(SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

1999          The UN Security Council set up a terrorist watch list. It was greatly expanded after the September 2001 terrorist attacks.
            (Econ, 2/2/08, p.66)(www.un.org/sc/committees/1267/consolist.shtml)

1999          A UN peacekeeping force (MONUC) was deployed to Congo, but failed to keep anyone safe. In 2004 the UN Security Council ordered an expansion of forces from 10,000 to 16,000.
            (Econ, 12/4/04, p.45)

1999          Koichiro Matsuura of Japan became the director general of UNESCO.
            (SFC, 12/6/01, p.E1)

2000          Jan 20, Jesse Helms addressed the UN Security Council and argued that the US Congress has the right to dictate conditions for payment of American debt to the organization.
            (SFC, 1/21/00, p.A1)

2000          Jan 26, The UN appointed Hans Blix of Sweden to be the new weapons inspector for Iraq.
            (SFC, 1/27/00, p.A12)

2000          Feb 7, The UN Security Council voted to expand the peacekeeping force in Sierra Le-one from 6,000 to 11,100.
            (SFC, 2/8/00, p.A14)

2000          Mar 31, The UN Security Council decided to let Iraq spend more money to repair its oil industry, an investment intended to boost the amount of food and medicine Baghdad could buy through the UN humanitarian program.
            (SFC, 4/1/00, p.A12)(AP, 3/31/01)

2000          May 17, Ethiopian forces pushed into Eritrean territory and the UN Security council ap-proved an embargo against both countries.
            (SFC, 5/18/00, p.A11)

2000          May 20, The 5 nuclear powers of the UN Security Council agreed to eliminate their nu-clear arsenals over time as part of a new disarmament agenda approved by 187 countries.
            (SFEC, 5/21/00, p.A8)

2000          Jun 8, The UN voted (Resolution 1302) to extend Iraq’s oil for food program. Over the next 2 years the extensions were repeated every 180 days.
            (SFC, 9/24/02, p.A12)

2000          Jul 5, The UN Security Council placed a diamond ban on the rebels of Sierra Leone to strangle their ability to finance the civil war. 90% of the diamond mines were in rebel hands.
            (SFC, 7/6/00, p.A12)

2000          Sep 6, World leaders gathered in NYC for a UN Millennium Summit to bring peace and prosperity to the world.
            (WSJ, 9/5/00, p.A1)(SFC, 9/5/00, p.A10)(SFC, 9/7/00, p.A10)

2000          Sep 7, The UN Security Council approved an organizational overhaul of UN peacekeeping.
            (SFC, 9/8/00, p.A12)

2000          Sep 8, The UN Millennium Summit ended in NYC with the adoption of an 8-page plan, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to cure the world’s direst problems. Pledges were made to halve the proportion of people in poverty by 2015, to reverse the spread of AIDS, and to strengthen the UN’s ability to keep peace. The plan under Jeffrey Sachs proposed 7 basic reforms to improve lives and provide livelihoods. The goal of halving poverty was achieved 5 years early.
            (SFC, 9/9/00, p.A1)(AP, 9/8/01)(Econ, 1/22/05, p.69)(Econ, 4/29/06, p.52)(Econ, 6/1/13, p.22)

2000          Nov 20, China singed an agreement with the UN for cooperation and training on individual rights and the rule of law.
            (SFC, 11/21/00, p.A13)

2000          Dec 21, Ted Turner offered to make up the $35 million difference between dues the US owes to the UN and the amount Congress is wiling to pay.
            (SFC, 12/22/00, p.A1)
2000          Dec 21, A UN report accused Jonas Savimbi and UNITA rebels in Angola of trading diamonds for arms.
            (SFC, 12/22/00, p.A20)

2000          Dec 22, UN members agreed to reduce US dues following the Ted turner proposal to pick up a $34 million tab.
            (SFC, 12/23/00, p.A12)

2000          Dec 23, The UN voted to reduce US dues and to reallocate costs among the 189 members.
            (SSFC, 12/24/00, p.A1)

2000          The UN launched its “Global Compact” initiative to bring business and its critics together for an inclusive dialogue on globalization. By 2000 ten core principles were drawn up.
            (Econ, 6/19/04, p.61)

2001          Feb 26, The UN War Crimes tribunal in the Hague convicted Dario Kordic, a former Bosnian Croat leader, for crimes against humanity in the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. Mario Crekez (41), a brigade commander of Croatian troops in Bosnia, was also convicted. They had carried out an "ethnic cleansing" campaign in an area they wished to be joined to Croatia.
            (SFC, 2/27/01, p.A12)(WSJ, 2/27/01, p.A1)

2001          Mar 22, UN Sec.-Gen. Kofi Annan said that he agreed to seek a 2nd five-year term.
            (SFC, 3/23/01, p.D5)

2001          Mar 29, UN troops from Uruguay began to set up camp on Lake Tanganyika for their mission to help end the Congo civil war.
            (SFC, 3/30/01, p.D4)

2001          Apr 15, U.N. investigators arrested Bosnian Serb army officer Dragan Obrenovic in connection with the Serbian Army's slaughter of as many as 7,000 Muslim men and boys. Obrenovic later pleaded guilty to five war crimes charges and testified against his one-time superior officers; he was sentenced to 17 years in prison.
            (AP, 4/15/06)

2001          Apr 19, In Kosovo NATO troops broke up Serb roadblocks set up to protest UN tax col-lections on goods from elsewhere in Yugoslavia.
            (WSJ, 4/20/01, p.A1)

2001          May 4, The UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Liberia for failing to sever ties with rebels in Sierra Leone.
            (SFC, 5/5/01, p.D2)

2001          Jun 27, Kofi Annan was nominated for a 2nd 5-year term as UN Sec.-Gen.
            (WSJ, 6/28/01, p.A1)
2001          Jun 27, The UN special session on AIDS adopted a 16-page Declaration of Commitment with a 5-year plan to boost spending in low and middle income nations to $7-10 billion.
            (SFC, 6/28/01, p.A1)

2001          Jun 29, Kofi Annan was swore himself in for a 2nd 5-year term as UN Sec.-Gen.
            (SFC, 6/30/01, p.A10)

2001          Jul 21, Over 140 UN nations agreed on a voluntary pact to stem small arms into conflict zones. It required manufacturers to compile records of sales and to mark weapons to enable their traces. The US managed to keep out some restrictions.
            (SSFC, 7/22/01, p.A14)(WSJ, 7/23/01, p.A1)

2001          Aug 2, The UN war crimes tribunal found Radislav Krstic, former Bosnian Serb general, guilty for the 1995 genocide of some 8,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica. He was sentenced to 46 years in prison. A 2004 appeal reduced the sentence to 35 years.
            (SFC, 8/3/01, p.A1)(http://tinyurl.com/gm9l9)

2001          Aug 31, The UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance began in Durban, South Africa.
            (SFC, 9/1/01, p.A1)

2001          Sep 1, In Durban, South Africa, a variety of African leaders at the UN World Conference Against Racism demanded apologies, and in some cases financial reparations, from Western countries that benefited from slavery and colonization of African countries for over 3 centuries. Activists at the conference developed a strategy, later known as “BDS,” that included boycotts, divestments and sanctions, to push their agenda.
            (SSFC, 9/2/01, p.A12)(Econ, 9/15/07, p.74)

2001          Sep 7, In Durban the UN Conference on Racism went into overtime and agreed on a deal. The conference acknowledged that slavery and the salve trade were crimes against  humanity, expressed an apology and offered a package of economic assistance to Africa. A deal on the Middle East was not yet reached.
            (SFC, 9/8/01, p.A8)

2001          Sep 9, The US pulled out of the World Conference Against Racism objecting to hateful language in a preliminary declaration.
            (SFC, 12/30/01, p.D5)

2001          Sep 10, The UN Security Council ended an arms embargo against Yugoslavia.
            (SFC, 9/11/01, p.B3)

2001          Sep 24, The US agreed to pay $582 million in overdue dues to the UN.
            (SFC, 9/25/01, p.A1)

2001          Sep 28, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a US sponsored resolution to oblige all 189 member states to crack down on the financing, training and movement of terrorists.
            (SFC, 9/29/01, p.A10)
2001          Sep 28, The UN Security Council lifted sanctions against Sudan after the US abstained from voting.
            (SFC, 9/29/01, p.A10)

2001          Oct 8, Syria won a seat on the UN Security Council and was opposed only by Israel.
            (SFC, 10/8/01, p.B1)
2001          Oct 8, In the Abkhazia region of Georgia a UN helicopter was shot down and 9 people were killed.
            (SFC, 10/8/01, p.B4)

2001          Oct 12, Kofi Annan, Sec. Gen. of the UN, and the UN itself won the Nobel Peace Prize.
            (SFC, 10/13/01, p.A13)

2001          Oct 24, A Greek captain provided the UN Security Council with a letter that admitted the illegal export of 500,000 barrels of Iraqi crude oil during 2 trips in May and August.
            (SFC, 10/26/01, p.D4)

2001          Oct 25, Ismat Kittani, Iraqi diplomat, died at age 71. He served in the UN under 5 secretaries-general and was president of the 36th UN General Assembly from 1981-1982.
            (SFC, 10/26/01, p.D7)

2001          Nov 8, A UN helicopter crashed into the sea off of Sierra Leone. All 7 aboard were presumed dead,
            (SFC, 11/9/01, p.A15)

2001          Nov 14, The UN Security Council approved a resolution to fill the political vacuum in Afghanistan and to provide security in areas freed by anti-Taliban forces.
            (SFC, 11/15/01, p.A5)

2001          Nov 23, In Belgium the UN war crimes tribunal announced that Slobodan Milosevic, former Yugoslav president, would stand trial on charges of genocide in the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia. Milosevic died in March 2006 while his trial was in progress.
            (SFC, 11/24/01, p.A11)(AP, 11/23/06)

2001          Nov 29, The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a resolution extending for 6 months the U.N. humanitarian program in Iraq and setting the stage for an overhaul of U.N. sanctions against Baghdad the following year. The US and Russia agreed to overhaul the pro-gram before the next vote.
            (WSJ, 11/30/01, p.A1)(AP, 11/29/02)

2001          Dec 20, In Afghanistan the 1st int’l. peacekeeping forces arrived from Britain as the U.N. Security Council authorized a multinational force for Afghanistan. A grenade attack in Mazar-e-Sharif market wounded some 35-100 people. US air strikes at Asmani and Pokharai killed about 50 civilians.
            (SFC, 12/21/01, p.A24)(WSJ, 12/21/01, p.A1)(AP, 12/20/02)

2001          The UN Fish Stocks Agreement (UNFSA), adopted in 1995 to impose some order on high seas fishing, came into effect.
            (http://tinyurl.com/j8dr8j9)(Econ, 7/16/16, p.68)
2001          At Washington’s request the UN Security Council ordered that the assets of Yassin Qadi, a Saudi businessman and multimillionaire, be frozen soon after the Sep 11 attacks in NYC. He was alleged to be a financier of Islamic terrorism with close links to al-Qaida. The EU froze the assets of Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi businessman, and the Al-Barakaat International Foundation, a Sweden-based charity suspected of funding al-Qaida terror groups. In 2008 the EU's highest court overturned the decision saying the order failed to offer those on a terror blacklist any legal rights to a judicial review under European law. Also frozen were the assets of Omar Mohammed Othman, also known as Abu Qatada, an extremist Muslim preacher from Jordan. In 2009 an EU court voided the freeze on Othman due to lack of proper judicial review. Othman has lived in Britain since 1993, has been arrested several times there under anti-terrorist legislation and currently faced deportation to Jordan.
            (WSJ, 8/29/07, p.A1)(AP, 9/3/08)(AP, 6/11/09)
2001          China ratified the Int’l. Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), endorsed by the UN in 1966.
            (http://tinyurl.com/zrw2bt6)(Econ, 3/19/15, p.48)

2002          Jan 3, The UN made public a decision by Kofi Annan to pursue war crimes in Sierra Le-one with a war crimes tribunal.
            (SFC, 1/5/02, p.A7)

2002          Jan, The Global Fund was formed as a charitable foundation, based in Geneva. The Board held its first meeting and in April 2002 approved the first round of grants. The concept of the new int’l effort, to increase coordination and mobilize additional resources to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, was first proposed at the July 2000 G-8 Summit in Okinawa. Richard, Feachem, who served as the 1st executive director, stepped down in 2006.
            (www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2002/15583.htm)(SFC, 3/7/06, p.B8)

2002          Mar 3, Switzerland voted to join the United Nations, the 190th member.
            (SFC, 3/4/02, p.A2)

2002          Mar 12, The UN Security Council endorsed a Palestinian state for the 1st time and called for an immediate cease-fire.
            (SFC, 3/13/02, p.A1)

2002          Mar 21, A UN meeting on poverty, despair and violence opened in Mexico City.
            (SFC, 3/22/02, p.A13)

2002          Mar 22, Pres. Bush addressed the UN meeting in Monterey, Mexico, and called on wealthy nations to link foreign aid to economic reform.
            (SFC, 3/23/02, p.A1)

2002          Apr 11, The UN sponsored Int’l. Criminal Court was ratified without US approval. Temporary headquarters will be in the Hague, Netherlands.
            (SFC, 4/11/02, p.A10)(SFC, 4/12/02, p.A9)

2002          Apr 12, UN delegates in Madrid agreed on a 44-page "Int’l. Plan of Action on Aging." There were no specifics to finance or monitor compliance.
            (SFC, 4/13/02, p.A11)

2002        Apr 13, The Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC), established to determine the new border, released its report. The UN panel ruled in favor of Ethiopia on all territory contested with Eritrea. The ruling stated that Engal is in fact Eritrean. The decision would divide the minority ethnic Irob community, spread across the region, one of the few centers of Ethiopian Catholicism, introduced in the 19th century by Italian saint Justin de Jacobis. Ethiopia's rejection of the UN ruling on the demarcation of the border threw Addis Ababa's relations with Asmara into deadlock, prompting Eritrea to seal its borders.
    (www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/hornafrica.html#eri)(WSJ, 4/15/02, p.A1)(AFP, 7/20/18)

2002          Apr 17, The UN officially declared former guerrilla leader Xanana Gusmao as winner in East Timor’s 1st presidential elections.
            (SFC, 5/18/02, p.A15)

2002          Apr 29, The US regained its seat on the UN Human Rights Commission.
            (WSJ, 4/30/02, p.A1)

2002          Apr, The UN voted to remove Iran from the list of countries assigned to a special investigator to watch on human rights abuses.
            (SFC, 7/27/02, p.A6)

2002          May 14, The UN Security Council revamped its sanctions against Iraq in order to ease the delivery of civilian goods and tighten controls on military items.
            (SFC, 5/15/02, p.A12)

2002          May 16, The WHO created the 1st global strategy for traditional medicine.
            (SFC, 5/17/02, p.A16)

2002          May 22, A UN environmental report said population growth was slowing but that severe water shortages should be expected in the Middle East over the next generation and biodiversity will continue to be damaged in many world regions. Ocean degradation was also noted.
            (SFC, 5/23/02, p.A6)

2002          May 23, The UN voted to extend the mandate for an int’l. force in Afghanistan for 6 months but with no expansion of troops or presence beyond Kabul.
            (SFC, 5/24/02, p.A13)

2002          Jun 1, The UN ordered its employees in India and Pakistan to evacuate their families over a growing concern of war.
            (SSFC, 6/2/02, p.A12)

2002          Jun 13, The U.N. World Food Summit in Rome ended much as it began, with criticism about the proliferation of biotech crops and complaints that too little has been done to end world hunger.
            (AP, 6/13/02)

2002          Jul 12, The UN Security Council agreed to exempt US peacekeepers from war crimes prosecution for a year, ending a threat to UN peacekeeping operations.
            (AP, 7/12/03)

2002          Jul 13, A unanimous UN Security Council vote to exempt American peacekeepers from prosecution by the new war crimes tribunal for a year ended a U.S. threat to halt U.N. peace-keeping but angered many court supporters.
            (AP, 7/13/02)

2002          Ju 17, Switzerland formally requested membership to the United Nations.
            (SFC, 7/18/02, p.A15)

2002          Jul 22, The Bush administration said it would not contribute to a UN program that it con-tends provides aid to the Chinese government to coerce women in getting abortions. $34 million was withheld under the 1985 Kemp-Kasten law.
            (SFC, 7/23/02, p.A3)

2002          Jul 24, The UN voted 35-8 on a plan to enforce a convention on torture that called for independent visits to prisons. The US failed to block the vote.
            (SFC, 7/25/02, p.A10)(WSJ, 7/25/02, p.A1)

2002          Jul 29, The United Nations indefinitely suspended aid operations in Chechnya after the kidnapping last week of a Russian aid worker in the breakaway republic.
            (AP, 7/29/02)

2002          Aug 10, It was reported that the Bush administration had begun warning foreign diplo-mats that they could lose US military assistance if they join the Int’l. Criminal Court without pledging to protect Americans from its reach. Article 98 allowed nations to negotiate immunity on a bilateral basis.
            (SFC, 8/10/02, p.A12)

2002          Aug 10, A UNICEF report said about 2,500 Haitian children are smuggled illegally into the Dominican Republic each year to work as manual laborers or beggars.
            (AP, 8/10/02)

2002          Aug 15, The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to strengthen the U.N. presence in Angola to help consolidate peace in the southwest African nation after 27 years of civil war.
            (AP, 8/15/02)

2002          Aug 26, The 4th UN World Summit on Sustainable Development opened in Johannes-burg, SA, with a call for coordinated international action to fight poverty and protect the world's natural resources. Pres. Bush sent Colin Powell as his stand-in. The 3rd gathering was in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
            (SSFC, 8/25/02, p.A3)(AP, 8/26/02)

2002          Aug 28, The United Nations confirmed that Uganda and Zimbabwe have begun their pledged troop withdrawals from Congo.
            (AP, 8/28/02)
2002          Aug 28, U.N. Sec.-Gen. Kofi Annan urged the United States to resist attacking Iraq, joining calls from leaders in Germany, China, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for restraint in considering military action to topple Saddam Hussein.
            (AP, 8/28/02)

2002          Sep 2, At the UN Earth Summit in South Africa negotiators agreed on a global plan to reduce the use of oil and switch to other cleaner and more efficient forms of energy.
            (SFC, 9/3/02, p.A1)

2002          Sep 4, The World Summit on Sustainable Development closed Wednesday with just a handful of small victories and some promising new initiatives. Colin Powell was heckled and the US was viewed as a key obstacle to setting firm targets on many issues.
            (AP, 9/5/02)(SFC, 9/5/02, p.A10)

2002          Sep 7, The U.N. Security Council has decided to keep U.N. peacekeepers in Ethiopia and Eritrea six more months to give the countries time to mark their border.
            (AP, 9/7/02)

2002          Sep 13, Foreign ministers of the U.N. Security Council's permanent five nations said that Iraq's refusal to obey past U.N. resolutions "is a serious matter and that Iraq must comply." Russia, Europe and key Arab states piled pressure on Iraq on Friday to readmit U.N. weapons inspectors to avert possible U.S.-led military action.
            (AP, 9/13/02)(Reuters, 9/13/02)

2002          Sep 27, East Timor, the first country to be born in the 21st century, gained a seat at the United Nations, swelling the membership roll to 191.
            (Reuters, 9/27/02)

2002          Oct 1, Allied aircraft launched an airstrike in the southern no-fly zone over Iraq after Iraqi aircraft penetrated the restricted area. Iraq agreed to a plan for the return of UN weapons inspectors for the first time in nearly four years, but ignored US demands for access to Saddam Hussein's palaces and other contested sites. Iraq said it expected an advance party in Baghdad in two weeks.
            (AP, 10/1/07)(AP, 10/2/02)

2002          Oct 10, The United Nations' highest judicial body ruled in favor of Cameroon in a border dispute with Nigeria, giving it possession of an oil-rich peninsula in the Gulf of Guinea.
            (AP, 10/12/02)

2002          Oct 21, A UN panel accused criminal groups linked to the armies of Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Congo of plundering Congo's riches, and called on the United Nations to impose financial restrictions on 29 companies and 54 individuals.
            (AP, 10/21/02)

2002          Nov 8, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a tough new Iraq resolution, aimed at forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face "serious consequences." Iraq has until Nov. 15 to accept its terms and pledge to comply. Iraq has until Dec. 8 to provide weapons inspectors and the Security Council with a complete declaration of all aspects of its chemical, biological and nuclear programs. Weapons inspectors have until Dec. 23 to resume their work in Iraq. Weapons inspectors are to report to the Security Council 60 days after the start of their work. If inspectors resume their work on Dec. 23, the latest they would be able to report to the council would be Feb. 21, 2003.
            (AP, 11/8/02)

2002          Nov 11, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan presented Greek and Turkish Cypriots with a plan to unite their divided island into a single country modeled on Switzerland, with two equal states.
            (AP, 11/11/02)

2002          Nov 13, A U.N. body voted to restrict the international trade of big leaf mahogany, sea horses and 26 species of sea turtles, but failed to pass legislation to protect two species of threatened sharks.
            (AP, 11/14/02)

2002          Nov 18, UN inspectors returned to Iraq after a 4-year hiatus to resume the search for weapons of mass destruction.
            (AP, 11/18/03)

2002          Dec 8, The UN Security Council agreed to give the United States, Russia, France, China and Britain full access to Iraq's arms declaration.
            (AP, 12/9/02)

2002          Dec 9, The UN Security Council lifted 9-year-old sanctions against Angola's UNITA movement, welcoming efforts by the government and the former rebel group to end the country's civil war.
            (AP, 12/9/02)

2002          Dec 13, The U.N. Security Council condemned "acts of terror" against Israel in Kenya and deplored the claims of responsibility by the al-Qaida terror network.
            (AP, 12/13/03)

2002          Dec 19, U.N. weapons inspectors reported that Iraq's new arms declaration contained inconsistencies and contradictions and didn't answer key questions about its nuclear, chemical and biological programs.
            (AP, 12/19/02)

2002          Dec 20, U.N. weapons inspectors put Iraq on notice that it must provide far more evidence about its weapons of mass destruction. Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix urged the United States and Britain to hand over any evidence they have about Iraq's secret weapons programs so U.N. inspectors can check it on the ground. The US began sharing sensitive in-formation with the UN.
            (AP, 12/20/02)(AP, 12/21/02)(SFC, 12/21/02, p.A7)

2002          Dec 28, The U.N. nuclear agency said its inspectors would leave North Korea early next week after the communist state said it would expel them and press on with its nuclear plans.
            (Reuters, 12/28/02)

2002          Dec 30, The UN passed a resolution by a 13-0 vote with Russia and Syria abstaining that put new limits on Iraq for purchases of certain communications equipment and antibiotics.
            (AP, 1/2/03)

2003          Jan 8, A U.N. team was reported to be investigating reports that Congolese rebel troops had killed and eaten Pygmies in northeastern Congo. UN authorities confirmed the reports Jan 15 and identified the rebel campaign as "Operation Clean Slate."
            (AP, 1/8/03)(SFC, 1/16/03, p.A9)

2003          Jan 9, UN weapons inspectors said there's no "smoking gun" to prove Iraq has nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, but they demanded that Baghdad provide private access to scientists and fresh evidence to back its claim that it had destroyed its weapons of mass destruction.
            (AP, 1/9/08)

2003          Jan 13, U.N. inspectors took their hunt for banned arms to science and technology colleges in Baghdad, and the top nuclear inspector said his teams' mission would take several more months.
            (AP, 1/13/03)

2003          Jan 18, UN officials warned Iraq it was running out of time to cooperate and avoid war.
            (AP, 1/18/08)

2003          Jan 19,  Hans Blix and Mohamed El Baradei, the chief U.N. arms inspectors, sat down for urgent talks with Iraqi officials.
            (AP, 1/19/03)

2003          Jan 20, The chief U.N. arms inspectors and Iraqi officials agreed on practical steps to greater Iraqi cooperation in the U.N. disarmament program, including Baghdad's encouragement of weapons scientists to submit to private U.N. interviews.
            (AP, 1/20/03)
2003          Jan 20, The U.N. human rights watchdog elected a Libyan diplomat as its president for this year, despite concern from the United States about the country's poor record on civil liber-ties and its alleged role in sponsoring terrorism.
            (AP, 1/20/03)

2003          Jan 27, The Bush administration moved toward a military showdown with Iraq and suggested a decision could come as early as next week after U.N. inspectors credited Iraq with only limited cooperation in the search for weapons.
            (AP, 1/27/03)(SFC, 1/28/03, p.A1)

2003          Jan 31, Top U.N. arms inspectors said they would not agree to new talks in Baghdad unless Iraq demonstrated more cooperation and met unspecified conditions.
            (AP, 1/31/03)

2003          Feb 4, The United Nations indicted 32 people, including 15 Indonesian soldiers, on allegations they tortured and killed East Timorese during the country's bloody split from Indonesia in 1999.
            (AP, 2/4/03)

2003          Feb 8, The chief UN arms inspectors arrived in Baghdad for a new round of crucial talks with Iraqi officials.
            (AP, 2/8/04)

2003          Feb 14, Saddam Hussein banned all weapons of mass destruction from Iraq, meeting a long time U.N. demand.
            (AP, 2/14/03)
2003          Feb 14, U.N. weapons inspectors haven't found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but chief inspector Hans Blix said many proscribed materials remain unaccounted for.
            (AP, 2/14/03)

2003          Feb 14, The Hans Blix report on Iraq failed to support Pres. Bush’s call for war on Iraq. The UN Security Council called for more inspections.
            (SFC, 2/15/03, p.A1)

2003            Feb 21, Chief UN inspector Hans Blix ordered Baghdad to begin destroying dozens of illegal missiles and their components by March 1.
            (AP, 2/22/03)(SFC, 2/22/03, A1)

2003            Feb 23, The UN Children’s Fund and Iraqi health teams began a five-day campaign to vaccinate 4 million Iraqi children against polio.
           (AP, 2/23/03)

2003          Mar 13, The UN Human Rights chief excoriated the US Guantanamo policy. He said the world shouldn’t have territory "where no law applies."
           (WSJ, 3/14/03, p.A1)

2003          Mar 17-May 25, Iraq was scheduled to take over as chairman of the UN disarmament organization.
           (SSFC, 2/9/03, p.A16)

2003          Mar 20, UN Sec. Gen’l. Kofi Annan asked to be put in charge of a humanitarian program to aid Iraq.
           (SFC, 3/21/03, p.W14)

2003            Feb 24, The UN indicted former Indonesia military chief Wiranto, 6 generals and an ex-governor for the bloodbath preceding East Timor independence.
           (WSJ, 2/25/03, p.A1)

2003            Mar 2, UN weapons inspectors returned to an Iraqi military compound to supervise the disposal of more outlawed Al Samoud 2 rockets.
           (AP, 3/2/03)

2003            Mar 11, Kofi Annan said military action against Iraq without support of the UN security council would be out of conformity with the UN charter. The US and Britain considered a short extension past March 17, but rejected a 45-day deadline backed by 6 council members.
           (SFC, 3/11/03, p.A1)(SFC, 3/12/03, p.A1)

2003            Mar 11, The 18-judge world court was inaugurated at the Hague. It had been approved Jul 17, 1998, by the Rome Treaty.
           (SFC, 3/12/03, p.A1)

2003          Mar 13, The UN Human Rights chief excoriated the US Guantanamo policy. He said the world shouldn’t have territory "where no law applies."
           (WSJ, 3/14/03, p.A1)

2003          Mar 28, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan for a year.
           (AP, 3/28/03)

2003          Apr 2, The UN health agency advised travelers to avoid going to Hong Kong and the Chinese province of Guangdong because of the deadly outbreak of SARS.
            (AP, 4/2/03)

2003          Apr 3, US Sec. of State Colin Powell assured NATO allies and the EU that the Bush administration seeks a partnership with the United Nations for the reconstruction of post-war Iraq.
            (AP, 4/3/03)

2003          Apr 11, The leaders of Russia, France and Germany gathered for a summit that was expected to push for the United Nations to play the leading role after the end of hostilities in Iraq.
            (AP, 4/11/03)

2003          Apr 25, UN agencies reported that malaria kills 3,000 children a day in Africa and robs the continent of millions of dollars in lost productivity, even though the disease could be con-trolled with nets costing $5 and other simple measures.
            (AP, 4/25/03)

2003          May 12, The UN Security Council tentatively agreed to send peacekeepers to the Ivory Coast to help enforce an agreement aimed at ending nine months of civil war.
            (AP, 5/12/03)

2003          May 22, The UN Security Council overwhelmingly approved an end to 13-year-old sanctions against Iraq and gave the United States and Britain extraordinary powers to run the country and its lucrative oil industry. Security Council Resolution 1483 identified the US and Britain as “occupying powers” in Iraq.
           (AP, 5/22/03)(Econ, 4/19/08, p.102)

2003          Jun 4, A UN-backed war crimes court indicted Liberian Pres. Charles Taylor, accusing him of "the greatest responsibility" in the vicious 10-year civil war in neighboring Sierra Leone.
            (AP, 6/4/03)
2003          Jun 4, The UN Security Council agreed to end a ban on the export of so-called "blood diamonds" from Sierra Leone because of government efforts to control the diamond industry.
            (AP, 6/4/03)

2003          Aug 19, In Baghdad a car bomb exploded in front of the hotel housing the UN headquarters, collapsing the front of the building. UN Special Representative Sergio Vieira de Mello (55) of Brazil and 22 other people were killed. UNICEF said that its program co-coordinator for Iraq, Canadian Christopher Klein-Beekman, was among the dead. In 2008 Samantha Power authored “Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World.” In 2010 a court sentenced two Iraqis to life in jail for taking part in the bombing and the kidnap of two French journalists a year later.
            (SFC, 8/20/03, p.A12)(AP, 8/21/03)(SSFC, 2/10/08, p.M1)(AFP, 9/22/10)

2003          Sep 12, The UN Security Council lifted 11-year-old sanctions on Libya after Moammar Gadhafi's government took responsibility for bombing a Pan Am jet over Scotland and agreed to pay the victims' families $2.7 billion.
            (AP, 9/12/03)

2003          Sep 16, The UN turned over responsibility for security in East Timor's second largest city to the country's fledgling police force.
            (AP, 9/16/03)

2003          Oct 13, The UN Security Council approved a resolution expanding the NATO-led peace-keeping force in Afghanistan.
           (AP, 10/13/04)

2003          Oct 16, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at attracting aid to stabilize Iraq and putting it on the road to independence. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) was established by a UN Security Council resolution, at the request of the Iraqi government, and the mission was expanded four years later.
           (AP, 10/16/03)(AFP, 9/1/18)

2003          Oct 21, The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution demanding that Israel tear down a barrier jutting into the West Bank.
            (AP, 10/21/04)

2003          Nov 26, The UN Children's Fund warned that AIDS has already orphaned more than 11 million African children under the age of 15, and "the worst is yet to come."
            (AP, 11/26/03)
2003          Nov 26, The UN nuclear watchdog agency, IAEA, condemned Iran over an 18-year cover-up of its nuclear energy program and said future violations of non-proliferation obligations would not be tolerated.
            (AP, 11/26/03)

2003          Dec 9, The Global Commission on International Migration was launched by the United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and a number of governments in Geneva.
            (Econ, 10/8/05, p.86)(www.gcim.org/en/)

2003          Dec 11, The UN children's fund said some 65 million girls worldwide are kept out of school, increasing the risks that they will suffer from extreme poverty, die in childbirth or from AIDS and pass those dangers on to future generations.
            (AP, 12/11/03)

2003          Dec 12, A UN conference on climate control closed in Milan, Italy. Many countries planned to go ahead with their Kyoto Protocol commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
            (AP, 12/13/03)

2003          Dec 13, Oscar Schachter (88), pioneer of int'l. law, died in NYC. He helped establish the legal framework of the United Nations.
            (SSFC, 12/28/03, p.A29)

2003          Dec 15, The UN said it was suspending for a month a disarmament campaign in war-battered Liberia so it can improve a camp for former combatants.
            (AP, 12/15/03)

2003          Dec 22, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to maintain sanctions on Liberia including an arms embargo and a ban on importing diamonds from the west African nation.
            (AP, 12/23/03)

2003          Dec,  The US signed the U.N. Convention Against Corruption, which requires countries to cooperate in investigations and return funds to the countries where they were stolen.
            (AP, 1/12/04)

2003          The UN imposed a ban in Liberia on trade in logs due to uncontrolled and environmentally devastating logging.
            (Econ, 3/8/08, p.92)

2004          Jan 14, A UN agency said Libya has ratified the nuclear test ban treaty. The treaty is 12 nations short of the 44 ratifications needed for it to enter into force. Once it comes into force, the treaty bans any nuclear weapon test explosion in any environment.
            (AP, 1/14/04)

2004          Feb 8, A UN team met with Iraqi leaders to discuss the feasibility of early legislative elections, and its leader pledged to do "everything possible" to help the country regain its sovereignty.
            (AP, 2/8/04)

2004          Feb 9, The UN adopted Resolution 1559. It called for free elections in Lebanon and the withdrawal of all foreign forces and the disbanding of all militias.

2004          Feb 17, UN agencies began urgently airlifting relief supplies into eastern Chad and western Sudan to help more than 600,000 Sudanese lacking food, water and medical supplies because of fighting.
            (AP, 2/17/04)

2004          Mar 25, The United States used its veto power to quash a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel for killing Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin in a missile strike.
            (AP, 3/26/04)

2004          Mar 29, In a stinging rebuke, Secretary-General Kofi Annan fired one top UN official and demoted another for security failures leading to the Aug. 19 bombing of the U.N.’s Baghdad headquarters that killed 22 people.
            (AP, 3/29/05)

2004          Apr 8, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed disappointment after Cypriot leaders on both sides rejected his reunification plan.
            (AP, 4/8/04)

2004          Apr 16, Pres. Bush said is handing over the lead role in the Iraqi political transition to the UN's top envoy.
            (SFC, 4/17/04, p.A1)

2004          Apr 18, The UN reported that at least 50,000 people have fled their homes in recent weeks because of militia attacks and fighting between Sudanese government and rebel forces in southern Sudan.
            (AP, 4/18/04)

2004          Apr 24, Greek Cypriots overwhelmingly rejected a UN plan, the Annan Plan, to reunite Cyprus. The European Union pledged to start searching for ways to extend a hand of friendship to the island's long-ostracized Turkish side. It meant that only the Greek side of Cyprus would join the European Union on May 1.
            (AP, 4/25/04)(WSJ, 4/26/04, p.A13)(Econ, 5/1/04, p.49)

2004          Apr 28, The UN Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 1540 requiring all 191 UN states to pass laws to keep weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of terrorists.
            (AP, 4/29/04)(www.nti.org/f_WMD411/f2n.html)

2004          May 10, A U.N.-backed tribunal issued an arrest warrant against Indonesia's former military chief and current presidential candidate Gen. Wiranto for human rights abuses during the territory's bloody break with Jakarta in 1999.
            (AP, 5/10/04)

2004          May 26, The U.N. Security Council called for the immediate deployment of international monitors to Sudan's western Darfur region and put new pressure on the country's government to end a conflict there.
            (AP, 5/26/04)

2004          Jun 1, In Haiti US commanders began turning over authority to a UN force under Gen. Augusto Pereira of Brazil.
            (SFC, 6/2/04, A1)

2004          Jun 8, The UN voted 15-0 to accept a US and British resolution to end the formal co-occupation of Iraq on June 30.
            (SFC, 6/9/04, A1)

2004          Jun 13, The UN Conference on Trade and Development opened in San Paulo, Brazil. This marked its 11th forum over a 40 year history. The so-called Group of 77 developing nations actually has 132 member nations.
            (AP, 6/13/04)

2004          Jun 18, The U.N. atomic watchdog agency censured Iran for past cover-ups in its nu-clear program in a resolution, warning Tehran to be more forthcoming.
            (AP, 6/18/04)

2004          Jul 1, The United Nation's World Food Program (WFP) began airlifting enriched food from the Ethiopian capital to Sudan's western Darfur region, where it estimates 1.2 million people will need food aid every month until October.
            (AFP, 7/2/04)

2004          Jul 20, The U.N. General Assembly called for the structure to be torn down in compliance with a world court ruling. Israel's construction of its West Bank barrier continued.
            (AP, 7/21/04)

2004          Jul 27, The U.N. Security Council extended an arms embargo on Congo for a year as fighting continued between rival factions.
            (AP, 7/27/04)

2004          Aug 1, The Sudanese cabinet condemned the 30-day deadline for action on Darfur set by the U.N. Security Council, but said it would implement a 90-day program agreed earlier with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.
            (AP, 8/1/04)

2004          Aug 2, The UN began air-dropping food for refugees in Darfur, Sudan.
            (WSJ, 8/3/04, p.A1)

2004          Aug 29, The UN Security Council set this date for Sudan to stop the killing in Darfur, al-low help to reach the region and disarm the militias terrorizing the region.
            (Econ, 8/28/04, p.39)

2004          Sep 2, The UN Security Council narrowly approved a U.S.-backed resolution aimed at pressuring Lebanon to reject a second term for its pro-Syrian president and calling for an im-mediate withdrawal of all foreign forces.
            (AP, 9/2/04)(Econ, 9/11/04, p.43)

2004          Sep 18, A divided UN Security Council approved a resolution threatening oil sanctions against Sudan unless the government reins in Arab militias blamed for a killing spree in Darfur and ordered an investigation of whether the attacks constitute genocide.
            (AP, 9/19/04)

2004          Sep 21, The UN Children's Fund and the World Food Program launched a $123 million program to reduce the mortality rate of children in Ethiopia.
            (Reuters, 9/21/04)

2004          Sep 21, Seeking more influence over global decisions, Brazil, Germany, India and Ja-pan joined forces to lobby for a permanent UN Security Council seat and pledged to work together to reform the United Nations.
            (AP, 9/22/04)

2004          Sep 22, On the 2nd day of the General Assembly's ministerial meeting the UN Security Council highlighted the need for more military and civilian cooperation to rebuild war-torn nations, while the secretary-general called for more resources and a more practical approach to international peacekeeping efforts.
            (AP, 9/23/04)

2004          Sep 24, The UN High Commissioner for Refugees proposed autonomy for the troubled Darfur region of Sudan. The government has resisted this but said it would be willing to discuss it anew in an effort to end the violence that has killed 50,000 people.
            (CP, 9/24/04)

2004          Sep 30, A United Nations body argued that Africa's debt must be completely written off if the continent is to have a chance of meeting international goals on reducing poverty.
            (AP, 9/30/04)

2004          Oct 1, The United Nations launched a massive voluntary repatriation program to return an estimated 340,000 Liberian refugees still scattered across West Africa.
            (AP, 10/1/04)

2004          Oct 15, Japan won a two-year term on the U.N. Security Council along with Argentina, Denmark, Greece and Tanzania.
            (AP, 10/15/04)

2004          Oct 19, UN officials warned that the spread of AIDS in Ecuador's most populated province is reaching levels comparable to Africa and the Caribbean a decade ago and could mush-room into a national epidemic if left unchecked.
            (AP, 10/20/04)

2004          Oct 28, For the 13th straight year, the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly urged the United States to end its more than four decade trade embargo against Cuba.
            (AP, 10/28/04)

2004          Nov 15, The UN Security Council imposed an immediate arms embargo on Ivory Coast's hard-line government.
            (AP, 11/16/04)

2004          Nov 18, The UN Security Council opened an extraordinary two-day session in Nairobi, the first outside its New York headquarters in 14 years. Sudan topped the agenda. Great Lakes regional foreign ministers approved a pact for greater cross-border cooperation and confidence-building. It was due to be adopted at a summit in Dar es Salaam.
            (AP, 11/18/04)(AP, 11/19/04)

2004          Nov 19, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urged leaders of Africa's blood-soaked Great Lakes region to implement a peace plan that could herald a "new era" for millions of Africans.
            (AP, 11/19/04)

2004          Nov 23, The UN Working Group on Internet Governance (40 delegates) met in Geneva.
            (Econ, 11/20/04, p.65)

2004          Nov 25, The UN World Food Program said it has suspended its operations in most of the Sudanese state of North Darfur and relocated its staff to the capital due to renewed clashes between rebels and government forces.
            (AP, 11/25/04)

2004          Nov 26, A UN spokesman said the son of Secretary-General Kofi Annan received payments from a firm with a UN Iraqi oil-for-food contract more than four years longer than the world body previously admitted.
            (AP, 11/26/04)

2004          Dec 13, The UN restricted its humanitarian operations in Sudan's troubled South Darfur area following a shooting that killed two aid workers. Rebels said they would boycott peace talks until the government stops a Darfur offensive.
            (AP, 12/14/04)(WSJ, 12/14/04, p.A1)

2004-2007    In Haiti at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers exploited nine children in a sex ring from during this period. In the wake of a UN report, 114 peacekeepers were sent home. None was ever imprisoned.
            (AP, 4/12/17)

2005          Jan-2005 Dec, The UN named 2005 as the year of Microcredit.
            (Econ, 12/17/05, p.74)

2005          Jan 5, The UN said that camps for up to 500,000 tsunami refugees will be built on devastated Sumatra island, while world leaders headed to Indonesia to discuss how to distribute billions of dollars in aid.
            (AP, 1/5/05)

2005          Jan 6, A tsunami aid conference convened in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the UN asserted control over the massive relief campaign.
            (WSJ, 1/7/05, p.A1)

2005          Jan 30, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, at a summit of the 53-member African Union in Abuja, urged pan-African cooperation to resolve conflicts.
            (AFP, 1/30/05)

2005          Jan 31, A UN-appointed commission accused the Sudanese government of gross, systematic human rights violations in Darfur, but stopped short of labeling the violence in the region as genocide.
            (AP, 1/31/05)

2005          Jan, A 220-page UN report on atrocities in Afghanistan was scheduled for release but kept under wraps for the next 18 months. Publication was expected in mid-2006.
            (SFC, 6/17/06, p.A1)

2005          Feb 3, An interim UN report zeroed in on the chief of the oil-for-food program, Benon Sevan, saying Saddam Hussein's regime awarded oil allocations in his name to a trading company between 1998 and 2001.
            (AP, 2/4/05)

2005          Feb 4, Diplomats said Iran has agreed to give the UN nuclear watchdog agency a fresh look at a military complex linked by the US to possible atomic arms research.
            (AP, 2/4/05)
2005          Feb 4, The UN vowed to discipline two officials implicated in a report that detailed conflicts of interest and flawed management in the U.N. oil-for-food program. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will discipline Benon Sevan and another UN official, Joseph Stephanides, who may have "tainted" bidding for an oil-for-food contract,
            (AP, 2/4/05)

2005          Feb 7, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan suspended the head of the UN oil-for-food program in Iraq and a senior official who dealt with contracts, following an independent investigation that accused them of misconduct.
            (AP, 2/7/05)

2005        Feb 20, Ruud Lubbers, former prime minister of the Netherlands, was forced to resign as UN High Commissioner for Refugees in a sexual harassment scandal. Lubbers maintained his innocences.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruud_Lubbers)(SSFC, 2/18/18, p.C12)

2005          Mar 7, President Bush named John R. Bolton (56), undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, as US ambassador to the UN.
            (AP, 3/8/05)(SFC, 3/8/05, p.A10)

2005          Mar 10, The UN panel overseeing compensation for victims of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait approved new awards worth $265 million, mostly to families of people who died in Iraqi detention.
            (AP, 3/11/05)

2005          Mar 21, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan proposed a new Human Rights Council, a smaller body that would meet year-round.

2005          Mar 25, The UN Security Council voted to send 10,700 peacekeepers to Sudan to monitor a peace deal ending a 21-year-civil war.
            (AP, 3/25/05)

2005          Mar 31, After weeks of often bitter negotiations, the UN Security Council approved a resolution to refer Sudanese war crimes suspects to the International Criminal Court, agreeing to major concessions demanded by United States.
            (AP, 4/1/05)

2005          Mar, Kofi Annan proposed a UN reform plan that included increasing the security council membership from 15 to 24. A change in the charter required the approval of at least two-thirds of the UN’s 191 members.
            (Econ, 3/26/05, p.31)

2005          Apr 4, A one year mandate for UN forces in the Ivory Coast ended. 6,000 UN and 4,000 French troops separated the northern New Forces rebels from the southern half under Pres. Laurent Gbagbo.
            (Econ, 3/19/05, p.52)

2005          Apr 5, The UN handed prosecutors from the International Criminal Court thousands of documents and a list of 51 people to be investigated for alleged war crimes in Sudan's conflict-wracked Darfur region.
            (AP, 4/6/05)

2005          Apr 13, The UN approved a global treaty aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism by making it a crime for would-be terrorists to possess or threaten to use nuclear material.
            (AP, 4/13/05)

2005          Apr 18, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to widen the arms embargo in Congo as part of stepped-up efforts to bring peace to the African country's volatile east.
            (AP, 4/18/05)

2005          Apr 26, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan nominated former Turkish finance minister Kemal Dervis to lead the UN Development Program, breaking with a tradition of giving top UN posts to major contributor nations.
            (AP, 4/26/05)

2005          May 2, The world's nations gathered, for the 7th time since it took force in 1970, to reassess how well the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is working.
            (AP, 5/2/05)

2005          May 6, The UN Sec. Gen. appointed Alvaro de Soto as the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. De Soto resigned in May, 2007.

2005          May 22, The UN condemned as "utterly unacceptable" the alleged abuse of detainees at the main US base in Afghanistan and called on the American military to allow an investigation by Afghan human rights officials.
            (AP, 5/22/05)

2005          May 28, In Sudan tens of thousands of chanting refugees lined the muddy streets of Darfur's largest camp to greet the U.N.'s Kofi Annan, who later listened as women raped during the conflict told their stories.
            (AP, 5/28/05)

2005          Jun 1, A 5-day UN World Environment Day conference opened in SF.
            (SFC, 6/1/05, p.A1)

2005          Jun 3, UN Pres. Jean Ping presented 191 member governments the first draft of a plan for overhauling the United Nations, complete with demands to pay more attention to poverty and human rights. The document avoided the contentious issues of Security Council expansion, defining terrorism and guidelines for using force.
            (AP, 6/4/05)

2005          Jun 13, Israel was elected one of 21 vice-presidents of the next UN General Assembly session.
            (AP, 6/13/05)
2005          Jun 13, Mohammed ElBaradei won a third term as head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency.
            (AP, 6/13/05)
2005          Jun 14, A UN report showed South America's cocaine output rose by 2 percent last year, bucking a five year downward trend as increases in Peru and Bolivia outpaced Colombia's clampdown on coca cultivation.
            (AP, 6/14/05)

2005          Jun 16, Board members of the UN atomic watchdog agency approved a deal that ex-empts Saudi Arabia from nuclear inspections, despite serious misgivings about the arrangement in an era of heightened proliferation fears.
            (AP, 6/16/05)

2005          Jun 22, The UN Security Council voted to temporarily enlarge the peacekeeping mission in Haiti by more than 1,000 troops and police in the run-up to elections set for later this year.
            (AP, 6/22/05)

2005          Jun 23, UN human rights experts said they have reliable accounts of detainees being tortured at the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
            (AP, 6/23/05)

2005          Jun 24, The UN Security Council approved the transfer of $200 million in oil-for-food revenue to the Development Fund for Iraq and said an additional $20 million can be used to pay Iraq's past UN dues.
            (AP, 6/24/05)

2005          Jun 27, The UN said it wanted to move hundreds of Uzbek refugees to third countries from camps in Kyrgyzstan because there were fears Uzbekistan might try to snatch them and take them home by force.
            (AP, 6/27/05)

2005          Jun 29, A UN team of experts called for an international tribunal to prosecute Indonesia’s security forces and militia during its bloodstained exit from East Timor in 1999.
            (AP, 6/29/05)
2005          Jun 29, The UN World Food Program in Zambia said lack of funds will soon force it to slash rations and reduce the number of vulnerable women and children on food aid.
            (AP, 6/29/05)

2005          Jun 30, The UN panel overseeing compensation for victims of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait approved its final claims, bringing the total award to $52.5 billion.
            (AP, 6/30/05)

2005          Jul 4, In Austria  IAEA representatives of more than 100 countries gathered at the UN nuclear agency's Vienna headquarters to consider strengthening international laws meant to safeguard nuclear materials from theft and prevent terrorist attacks on atomic power plants.
            (AP, 7/4/05)
2005          Jul 4, In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, UN agencies met for a 3-day conference on bird flu virus and said the disease remains as dangerous as ever and nations must do more to prepare for a pandemic among humans.
            (AP, 7/4/05)
2005          Jul 4, The UN’s World Food Program (WFP) said it has suspended aid shipments to lawless Somalia after gunmen hijacked a vessel it chartered and demanded a $500,000 ransom.
            (AP, 7/4/05)

2005          Jul 8, In Austria an 89-nation UN conference approved broadening a treaty meant to keep nuclear material from the hands of terrorists, opening the way for states to ratify the agreement. The Convention of the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material originally obligated the 112 countries that have accepted it to protect nuclear material during international transport. The amended version expands such protection to materials at nuclear facilities, in domestic storage and during domestic transport or use.
            (AP, 7/8/05)

2005          Jul 27, A UN envoy presented her report condemning Zimbabwe's sweeping slum clearance to the Security Council, despite opposition from China, Russia and African countries, and called for urgent assistance to help those who have lost their homes and jobs.
            (AP, 7/27/05)
2005          Jul 27, The UN started evacuating more than 400 refugees from a camp in Kyrgyzstan and will fly them to a third country to keep them from being sent home to Uzbekistan where they fear prosecution. Uzbekistan has been pressuring Kyrgyzstan to hand over the refugees, and Kyrgyz officials relented in recent weeks, sending at least 87 of them back.
            (AP, 7/27/05)

2005          Jul 29, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a US-sponsored resolution expanding UN sanctions against al-Qaida terrorists and Afghanistan's former Taliban rulers to affiliates and splinter groups.
            (AP, 7/29/06)
2005          Jul 29, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend an arms embargo and other sanctions against Congo for another year.
            (AP, 7/29/05)
2005          Jul 29, The UN's cancer research agency added hormone pills to the list of substances that can cause cancer.
            (AP, 7/29/05)

2005          Aug 1, President Bush sidestepped the Senate and installed embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton would only be able to serve until the end of the current Congress i.e. December 2006.
            (AP, 8/1/05)(Econ, 8/6/05, p.23)

2005          Aug 7, Benon Sevan (67), the former head of the scandal-tainted oil-for-food program, resigned from the UN hours before he was expected to be accused of getting kickbacks from the $67 billion operation.
            (AP, 8/8/05)

2005          Aug 11, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend its mission in Iraq, reaffirming its leading role in helping to promote a national dialogue which is crucial for the country's political stability and unity.
            (AP, 8/11/05)

2005          Aug 23, UN officials called on African ministers meeting in Mozambique to declare TB and emergency in the area.
            (WSJ, 8/24/05, p.A1)

2005          Aug 26, The UN food relief agency said that it's battling to feed 90,000 Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees displaced in eastern Sudan mainly due to a serious funding shortfall.
            (AP, 8/27/05)

2005          Aug 27, UN member states agreed to let about 30 nations take the lead in trying to re-solve major differences over an action plan world leaders can adopt at next month's summit.
            (AP, 8/27/05)

2005          Aug 30, UN officials said the 9 UN agencies involved in the oil-for-food program have agreed to pay Iraq about $40 million in oil proceeds they received in 2003 to finish their work but never spent.
            (AP, 8/30/05)

2005          Sep 1, Vadim Kouznetsov, the chair of a powerful UN budget committee, was arrested by the FBI on money laundering charges. Kouznetsov, who heads the General Assembly panel that oversees the UN budget, was the 2nd Russian UN official to be arrested by the FBI for alleged money laundering in recent weeks. On Aug. 8, Alexander Yakovlev, a Russian who worked in the UN procurement office, was arrested for allegedly soliciting a bribe from a company seeking an oil-for-food contract.
            (AP, 9/2/05)
2005          Sep 1, The UN said a cholera epidemic spreading across West Africa has sickened tens of thousands of people this year and killed nearly 500 amid a long-term deterioration in health services in one of the world's poorest regions.
            (AP, 9/1/05)

2005          Sep 7, Investigators strongly criticized UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, his deputy and the Security Council for allowing Saddam Hussein to bilk some $10.2 billion from the giant humanitarian operation.
            (AP, 9/7/05)

2005          Sep 12, A senior UN official said traffickers have been shifting to the manufacture of amphetamine-type drugs in Asia as cultivation and production of heroin drops sharply.
            (AP, 9/13/05)

2005          Sep 13, The UN General Assembly approved a watered-down, 35-page reform document after months of hard bargaining. The current text refers the issue back to the president of the General Assembly for further negotiations “with the aim of establishing the mandate, modalities, functions, size, composition, membership, working methods and procedures for the council.”
            (AP, 9/14/05)(http://tinyurl.com/lfzje)

2005          Sep 14, In Geneva the UN refugee and food agencies' chiefs made a joint appeal to donors for more money to alleviate shortages of survival rations for people displaced by war across Africa.
            (AP, 9/14/05)
2005          Sep 14, Taiwan failed for the 13th straight year to get a seat at the United Nations, a move that has been blocked annually since 1993 by archrival China and its allies.
            (AP, 9/14/05)
2005          Sep 14, In NYC UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appealed to world leaders marking the 60th anniversary of the United Nations to help restore confidence in the world body. He also said that UN members had failed to achieve the profound reform the global organization needed on its 60th anniversary. President Bush urged compassion for the needy and pressed the global community to "put the terrorists on notice" by cracking down on any activities that could incite deadly attacks.
            (AP, 9/14/05)
2005          Sep 14, In NYC Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted US unilateralism, militarism and privilege and called for the UN to promote spirituality. The conservative Muslim leader advanced unusual broad concepts, including recommendations that the UN "institutionalize justice at the international level" and ensure all members have "equal rights."
            (AP, 9/16/05)

2005          Sep 15, The UN General Assembly adopted the concept of “responsibility to protect” (R2P) during its World summit in NYC.
            (Econ, 6/28/08, p.51)(http://tinyurl.com/669gvu)
2005          Sep 15, Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez took Pres. Bush to task in front of a global summit for waging war in Iraq without UN consent and won rousing applause for his critique.
            (AP, 9/16/05)

2005          Sep 16, UN Sec.-Gen. Kofi Annan announced that a group of six US-based foundations is committing $200 million over five years to support universities in 7 African countries (Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda) including a project to significantly improve Internet access. The Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford and MacArthur foundations were extending their involvement in an earlier project, while the Andrew W. Mellon and William and Flora Hewlett Foundations began participating for the first time.
            (AP, 9/16/05)
2005          Sep 16, The UN said the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica has grown to near record size this year, suggesting 20 years of pollution controls have so far had little effect.
            (AP, 9/16/05)
2005          Sep 16, A 3-day UN summit, billed as the largest gathering of world leaders in history, ended and achieved far less than U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan had hoped. The final document represented the lowest common denominator that all 151 member states could agree on after months of negotiations.
            (AP, 9/17/05)

2005          Sep 18, At least 2.2 million people die of work-related accidents and diseases around the world each year, the UN International Labour Organization said in a report, adding that the estimate was 10 percent higher than in 2002. The report was to be released at the 17th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Orlando, Florida, which runs to Sep 22.
            (AP, 9/18/05)

2005          Sep 18, Leaders from developing nations took the speaker's platform on the second day of the annual UN General Assembly debate to criticize rich countries for not doing enough to ease the plight of the world's poorest people.
            (AP, 9/19/05)

2005          Sep 21, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the United States and 10 other key countries to ratify the 1996 nuclear test-ban treaty so it can finally take effect, but like Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea, the U.S. administration refuses to do so. It has been signed by 175 countries and ratified by 123 countries. But it will only take effect when 44 countries that participated in the Conference on Disarmament in 1996 and possessed nuclear research and power reactors have ratified it. To date, 33 of the 44 countries have ratified the treaty, but there seems little prospects of getting all 11 holdouts to change their positions.
            (AP, 9/22/05)

2005          Sep 23, The UN Security Council extended the peacekeeping mission in Sudan by six months.
            (AP, 9/23/05)

2005          Sep 24, The 35-nation board of the U.N. atomic watchdog agency approved a resolution that could lead to Iran's referral to the U.N. Security Council for violating a nuclear arms control treaty, something the United States has been urging for years.
            (AP, 9/24/05)

2005          Sep 28, Jan Egeland, UN humanitarian chief, said escalating violence in the Sudanese region of Darfur is threatening to halt aid work as increasing numbers of international staff come under attack.
            (AP, 9/28/05)

2005          Sep 29, The UN warned that a global flu pandemic could kill as many as 150 million people if the world fails to prepare for an expected mutation of the bird flu virus enabling it to spread from human to human.
            (AP, 9/29/05)

2005          Oct 4, UN peacekeepers preparing to pull out of Sierra Leone said they have completed the mission they began six years ago but warn the country still has a long way to go before it recovers from one of Africa's most brutal wars.
            (AP, 10/4/05)
2005          Oct 4, The UN Security Council warned Ethiopia and Eritrea against reigniting their border war and urged Eritrea to immediately reverse its ban on all helicopter flights by UN peace-keepers.
            (AP, 10/4/05)

2005          Oct 6, A UN official said the International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for five leaders of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a Ugandan cult notorious for raping, maiming and killing children.
            (Reuters, 10/6/05)

2005          Oct 18, A new UN study said armed conflicts have declined by 40 percent since the end of the Cold War primarily because the United Nations was finally able to launch peacekeeping and conflict-prevention operations around the world.
            (AP, 10/18/05)

2005          Oct 20, A UN report implicated the brother-in-law of Syria's president in the Feb 14 assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri, and Lebanese intelligence officials helped organize it. The UN inquiry officially linked Damascus to the slaying for the first time. Syria rejected the report. The names of top Syrians were edited out in the final version of the report.
            (AP, 10/21/05)
2005          Oct 20, UNESCO's member nations voted overwhelmingly to approve a pact on protecting cultural diversity after a bitter debate left the United States isolated in opposition to what it sees as a threat to sales of American movies and music.
            (AP, 10/20/05)

2005          Oct 22, In Haiti Muhammed Khalaf (32), a UN peacekeeper from the Jordanian army.  was shot while on patrol near the volatile Cite Soleil slum of Port-au-Prince. He died 2 days later.
            (AP, 10/24/05)

2005          Oct 27, The 18-month Independent Inquiry Committee under former US Federal Re-serve chairman Paul Volcker issued a final 623-page report on corruption in the UN oil-for-food program. It claimed that between 1997 and 2003 the Iraqi government sold $64 billion of oil to 248 companies and bought $34.5 billion worth of humanitarian goods. The report accused more than 2,200 companies from some 40 countries of colluding with Saddam's regime to bilk the humanitarian program in Iraq of $1.8 billion.
            (AP, 10/27/05)(Econ, 10/29/05, p.28)(AP, 1/26/08)

2005          Oct 28, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the 16,700-member UN peacekeeping mission in Congo for a year and add 300 troops.
            (AP, 10/28/05)
2005          Oct 28, The UN food agency warned that at least 1.7 million Zambians need food, and the situation is deteriorating rapidly.
            (AP, 10/27/05)

2005          Nov 1, The UN General Assembly adopted a landmark resolution that will create the first international day of commemoration for the six million Jews and other victims of the Nazi Holocaust. The International Day of Commemoration will be held every year on Jan. 27.
            (AP, 11/1/05)

2005          Nov 7, The United Nations elected five judges -- from the United States, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand and Russia -- to the prestigious World Court, the highest judicial authority of the world body.
            (AP, 11/8/05)

2005          Nov 8, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the mandate of the nearly 180,000-strong multinational force in Iraq for a year, a move the United States called a significant signal of international commitment to Iraq's political transition.
            (AP, 11/8/05)

2005          Nov 14, A UN report said the Iraqi army and multinational forces violated international law during military operations in western Iraq last month by arresting doctors and occupying medical facilities.
            (AP, 11/14/05)

2005          Nov 17, UN officials said Zimbabwe has backtracked on its refusal to allow the UN to help build emergency housing for people whose homes were demolished in a government eviction campaign.
            (AP, 11/17/05)

2005          Nov 21, A UN count of HIV infections around the world topped 40.3 million.
            (SFC, 11/22/05, p.A1)

2005          Nov 22, The UN’s food and farming body renewed its plea for more effort to improve agriculture in poor countries to ease hunger and malnutrition which kill nearly 6 million children a year.
            (AP, 11/22/05)

2005          Nov 24, The UN food agency said the United States has thrown a lifeline to six southern African countries, donating food aid valued at $45 million.
            (AP, 11/24/05)

2005          Dec 1, A UN Security Council committee called on all governments to freeze the assets and travel of two individuals linked to international gunrunner Victor Bout over past arms sales to Liberia. The council added Syrian-born accountant Richard Ammar Chichakli of Texas and Ukrainian-born businessman Valeriy Naydo, with an address in the United Arab Emirates, to its list of people whose assets and travel are to be frozen around the world.
            (AP, 12/01/05)

2005          Dec 2, Manfred Nowak, the first UN torture investigator to visit China said that abuse was still widespread and authorities subjected detainees to electric shocks, beatings and sleep deprivation. He also accused the government of obstructing his work.
            (AP, 12/02/05)

2005          Dec 6, The UN top election official, Carina Perelli of Uruguay, vowed to fight her dis-missal over sexual harassment charges, which she rejected as false and complained that she was being denied due process.
            (AFP, 12/07/05)

2005          Dec 7, The UN rejected an Eritrean order to expel Western members of the peacekeeping mission that monitors its tense border with Ethiopia amid concerns that war between the two countries could re-ignite.
            (AP, 12/07/05)

2005          Dec 13, A UN tribunal convicted former Lt. Col. Aloys Simba, a retired Rwandan army officer, of genocide and sentenced him to 25 years in prison for participating in the slaughter of ethnic minority Tutsi.
            (AP, 12/13/05)

2005          Dec 15, The UN approved the establishment of a Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) under Jan Egeland, coordinator of the UN’s emergency relief.

2005          Dec 20, A Canadian police officer serving as a UN peacekeeper in Haiti was shot to death near a volatile slum on the outskirts of the capital.
            (AP, 12/21/05)

2005          Dec 21, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to maintain diamond and timber sanctions against Liberia but said it will lift the embargoes when the country's new government ends illicit trade in its valuable resources.
            (AP, 12/21/05)
2005          Dec 21, The UN and the African Union condemned an attack on a village in Sudan’s western Darfur region in which camel and horse-riding assailants killed 20 civilians and burned their huts.
            (AP, 12/21/05)

2005          Dec 24, Congolese and UN troops captured a militia base in the volatile east, as referendum results showed an overwhelming "Yes" to a new constitution intended to help end the country's conflict.
            (AP, 12/24/05)

2005          Dec 28, Officials said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has nominated Serge Brammertz, a Belgian prosecutor, to lead the next stage of a probe into the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.
            (AP, 12/28/05)

2005          The UN listed 193 sovereign nations, 191 members plus Taiwan and the Vatican. The Travelers’ Century Club listed 315 “countries” on its list.
            (SSFC, 9/25/05, 9)
2005          A UN unit called the Joint Integrated Unit was created and stationed in Malakal, Sudan, after the 2005 north-south peace deal that ended more than two decades of civil war.
            (AP, 2/4/11)

2006          Jan 8, The UN envoy to Myanmar, Razali Ismail of Malaysia, said he had quit his post after being refused entry for the past 2 years to the military-ruled country where he pushed for reforms.
            (AFP, 1/8/06)

2006          Jan 12, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he wants the US and European countries to help form a tough mobile force that would stop the bloodshed, rape and plunder in Sudan's Darfur region.
            (AP, 1/12/06)

2006          Jan 16, A lawyer told a government inquiry that Australia's wheat exporter, AWB Ltd., knowingly provided hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime and deceived the United Nations about the payments under the oil-for-food program.
            (AP, 1/16/06)

2006          Jan 23, The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) appealed for $805 million to pro-vide aid to children and mothers in 29 emergencies worldwide.
            (AP, 1/23/06)

2006          Feb 3, The UN Security Council authorized planning for the expected UN takeover of peacekeeping operations in Sudan's conflict-wracked Darfur region.
            (AP, 2/3/06)

2006          Feb 6, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced he was establishing a foundation for agriculture and women's education in his home continent of Africa as he received a 500,000-dollar environment prize.
            (AFP, 2/6/06)

2006          Feb 8, Kenya’s government and the UN said  Kenya needs $221.5 million in aid to help feed 3.5 million people threatened by starvation due to drought and avoid a "massive humanitarian catastrophe."
            (AP, 2/8/06)

2006          Feb 10, The UN said Secretary-General Kofi Annan has sent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo a $3.6 million bill for UN property and equipment damaged or lost during January riots.
            (Reuters, 2/10/06)

2006          Feb 13, The UN launched a $680 million aid plan for the Democratic Republic of Congo, complaining the world remained ignorant of what it called the worst humanitarian crisis since World War Two.
            (Reuters, 2/13/06)

2006          Feb 14, The UN said 13 Eritreans employed by the UN peacekeeping mission in Eritrea have been detained by local authorities and another 30 are in hiding for fear of being arrested.
            (AP, 2/14/06)
2006          Feb 14, The UN asked Lebanon to explain reports of arms shipments crossing the Syrian border destined for the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah.
            (AP, 2/14/06)

2006          Feb 16, The UN released a report saying the US should shut down the prison for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay and either release all detainees or bring them to trial.
            (AP, 2/16/06)

2006          Feb 20, UN mediated talks on the future status of Kosovo opened in Vienna as Serbs and ethnic Albanians staked out tough positions.
            (AP, 2/20/06)

2006          Feb 28, A top UN envoy said Sudan has begun a campaign to keep African Union troops in Darfur and prevent a UN force from taking over efforts to restore peace there. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi rejected the replacement of an AU force in the Sudanese region of Darfur by UN peacekeepers.
            (AP, 2/28/06)

2006          Mar 1, Congolese army soldiers fighting alongside U.N. peacekeepers against ethnic militiamen mutinied and ransacked a UN camp in the east of the vast country. Hundreds of peacekeepers and thousands of government troops have fought for three days to dislodge militia fighters from the town of Tchei in northeastern Ituri district, where ethnic violence has killed 60,000 people since 1999.
            (Reuters, 3/1/06)(Reuters, 3/2/06)

2006          Mar 21, The UN appealed for nearly $327 million in aid to help starving people in southern Somalia, which is suffering its worst drought in a decade.
            (AP, 3/21/06)

2006          Mar 22, The UN gave a green light to abolish the discredited Human Rights Commission on June 16, clearing the way for the new Human Rights Council to become the UN's main rights watchdog.
            (AP, 3/22/06)

2006          Mar 24, The UN Security Council voted keep UN peacekeepers in Sudan to monitor an accord ending a 21-year civil war and authorized planning for the expected extension of the UN force's operations to Darfur.
            (AP, 3/24/06)

2006          Mar 26, The UN said it did not expect Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah guerillas by force but hoped they would join the Lebanese army.
            (AP, 3/26/06)

2006          Mar 29, The UN Security Council demanded that Iran suspend uranium enrichment, the first time the body directly urged Tehran to clear up suspicions that it was seeking nuclear weapons.
            (AP, 3/29/07)

2006          Apr 3, Jan Egeland, the U.N.'s top humanitarian official in Sudan, said the government barred him from visiting Darfur to prevent him seeing poor conditions there.
            (AP, 4/3/06)

2006          Apr 5, Actor Michael Douglas presented UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan with an award for his dedication to ridding the world of land mines, marking the first international day to honor the cause.
            (AP, 4/5/06)

2006          Apr 5, Sudan said it would allow UN Undersecretary Jan Egeland to visit Darfur.
            (AP, 4/5/06)

2006          Apr 7, The UN appealed for $426 million to help victims of drought in Horn of Africa, where more than 40 percent of people are undernourished and thousands have died because of complications due to hunger.
            (AP, 4/7/06)

2006          Apr 11, The UN said it has ended its policy of unrestricted political contacts with the Palestinians and will now assess every request for political talks with the new Hamas-run government.
            (AP, 4/11/06)
2006          Apr 11, The UN Security Council demanded that the Sudanese government and rebels reach agreement by April 30 to end the conflict in Darfur.
            (AP, 4/11/06)

2006          Apr 19, A UN spokesman said Sudan has refused to grant visas for a UN military assessment mission planning a UN peacekeeping operation in Darfur.
            (Reuters, 4/19/06)

2006          Apr 25, The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on four men accused of atrocities in Sudan's Darfur region, the first time it has moved to punish those responsible for three years of conflict that has left 180,000 dead.
            (AP, 4/25/06)

2006          Apr 27, The UN panel overseeing compensation for victims of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait said the UN has paid out a $248 million installment to cover claims for losses and dam-ages.
            (AP, 4/27/06)

2006          Apr 28, A powerful group of developing nations blocked reform proposals that would have given Secretary-General Kofi Annan more budget power, and rich countries warned the move could push the world body toward financial crisis.
            (AP, 4/28/06)
2006          Apr 28, The UN food agency said it is cutting rations in half for about 3 million refugees in Sudan's war-ravaged Darfur region because of a shortage of money, calling it "scandalous" that it has to stretch out supplies while it pleads for funds.
            (AP, 4/28/06)

2006          Apr 30, In Ethiopia visiting Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has said he backed plans for an expanded United Nations Security Council, adding that he would present his country's position at the African Union (AU) headquarters in Addis Ababa.
            (AFP, 4/30/06)

2006          May 4, Over Chinese and Russian opposition, Western nations circulated a UN Security Council resolution that would demand Iran abandon uranium enrichment or face the threat of unspecified further measures, a possible reference to sanctions.
            (AP, 5/4/06)

2006          May 8, A report said UN peacekeepers, aid workers and teachers are having sex with Liberian girls as young as 8 in return for money, food or favors, threatening efforts to rebuild a nation wrecked by war.
            (AP, 5/8/06)

2006          May 9, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia won seats on the new UN Human Rights Council despite their poor human rights records. Two rights abusers, Iran and Venezuela, were defeated.
            (AP, 5/10/06)

2006          May 11, The UN’s World Food Program said it has reached agreement with North Korea to resume food aid to the hunger-stricken country, but the operation will be smaller than it was before its suspension in December.
            (AP, 5/11/06)

2006          May 12, It was announced that "King Kong" star and Oscar nominee Naomi Watts of Australia has agreed to serve as special representative for the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS).
            (AFP, 5/12/06)

2006          May 16, The UN Security Council passed a resolution pressing Sudan to cooperate with the United Nations as it prepares take over peacekeeping in Darfur from an underfunded African Union force.
            (AP, 5/16/06)

2006          May 19, The UN panel that monitors compliance with the world's anti-torture treaty said the United States should close its prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and avoid using secret detention facilities in the war on terror. The report by the Committee Against Torture came as the US military disclosed that prisoners wielding improvised weapons had clashed with guards trying to save a detainee who was pretending to commit suicide.
            (AP, 5/19/06)(AP, 5/19/07)

2006          May 22, Dr. Lee Jong-wook (61) died following surgery for a blood clot on the brain. He spearheaded the World Health Organization's successive battles against SARS and bird flu and was the first South Korean to head a UN agency.
            (AP, 5/22/06)

2006          May 23, A high-level UN delegation arrived in Sudan to press a reluctant government to accept a large force of U.N. peacekeepers in the strife-torn Darfur region.
            (AP, 5/23/06)

2006          May 25, Sudan said it would permit the UN to lay the groundwork for possible deployment of a peacekeeping force in Darfur, but cautioned that the world body's role would be smaller than some Security Council members want.
            (AP, 5/25/06)

2006          May 31, The UN Security Council cut the number of peacekeepers deployed in Eritrea and Ethiopia by at least one-third while extending the UN mission's mandate for another four months.
            (AP, 5/31/06)

2006          Jun 2, The United Nations General Assembly concluded a conference on AIDS by promising to set "ambitious national targets," but falling short of setting exact financial goals for the fight against the disease.
            (AP, 6/2/07)
2006          Jun 2, Four governments (Brazil, Chile, France, and Norway), the UN and the world's soccer federation launched a plan to use the proceeds of a new airline ticket tax to treat people in the developing world suffering from AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. Countries that have either approved or say they expect to approve a new airline ticket tax include Britain, Cyprus, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mauritius and Nicaragua.
            (AP, 6/2/06)
2006          Jun 2, The UN Security Council added 1,500 peacekeepers to its mission in Ivory Coast in renewed efforts to restore order in the troubled West African country.
            (AP, 6/2/06)

2006          Jun 5, Activists marked World Environment Day with the United Nations warning that desertification was a main obstacle to ending poverty and can trigger conflicts.
            (Reuters, 6/4/06)

2006          Jun 8, Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, a pioneering lawyer and women's rights advocate from Bahrain, was elected UN General Assembly president, the first woman from the Middle East to take the post.
            (AP, 6/8/06)

2006          Jun 13, The UN Security Council eased a ban on weapons sales to Liberia so it could arm newly trained security forces. The US proposed lifting a UN embargo on Liberian timber exports.
            (AP, 6/13/06)
2006          Jun 13, UN chief Kofi Annan asked UN human rights chief Louise Arbour to help set up an independent enquiry commission to probe a recent wave of ethnic violence in East Timor.
            (AP, 6/13/06)

2006          Jun 18, Thousands of Palestinian government workers who have been living without salaries for nearly four months received food packets from the UN.
            (AP, 6/19/06)

2006          Jun 19, The UN inaugurated its new Human Rights Council. The 47-member council replaced the Human Rights Commission, which became discredited in recent years as rights-abusing countries conspired to escape condemnation. Muslim countries and various non-democracies held a majority of the 47 seats.
            (AP, 6/19/06)(Econ, 3/24/07, p.68)

2006          Jun 20, The UN said production of the coca plant used to make cocaine had increased by 8% in Colombia, to 330 square miles.
            (AP, 6/20/06)
2006          Jun 20, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a report that Congo's armed forces and police are responsible for the majority of documented abuses against children in the chaotic country, sometimes abducting kids to carry equipment or for sex.
            (AP, 6/20/06)
2006          Jun 20, A senior UN official marked World Refugee Day by welcoming home 125 Liberians from Sierra Leone where they lived for years seeking haven from Liberia's civil war. Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was taken to a Dutch prison to await a UN war crimes trial for the killing, rape or mutilation of hundreds of thousands in West Africa.
            (AP, 6/20/06)

2006          Jun 22, The UN Security Council unanimously recommended that newly independent Montenegro become the 192nd member of the United Nations.
            (AP, 6/23/06)

2006          Jun 23, UN bird flu experts said 7 recent deaths in Indonesia involved a viral mutation, but one that didn’t spread beyond that gathering.
            (WSJ, 6/24/06, p.A1)

2006          Jun 28, A spokesman said the UN Development Program has halted a voluntary disarmament program in Uganda's troubled northeast amid new reports of rights abuses by government troops in the region.
            (AP, 6/28/06)
2006          Jun 28, The UN General Assembly unanimously admitted the newly independent Re-public of Montenegro as the 192nd member of the world body.
            (AP, 6/28/06)

2006          Jun 29, The new UN Human Rights Council overrode Canadian and Russian objections and passed a declaration to protect the rights of indigenous peoples around the world. The declaration asserted that indigenous peoples may have a right to restitution of land and resources taken from them. The Council also unanimously approved an international treaty that would ban states from abducting perceived enemies and hiding them in secret prisons or killing them.
            (AP, 6/29/06)(Reuters, 6/30/06)

2006          Jun 30, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to conclude its peacekeeping mission in Burundi on Dec. 31 and replace it with a UN office to help promote development and democracy in the central African nation.
            (AP, 6/30/06)
2006          Jun 30, The UN General Assembly lifted a $950 million budget spending cap over objections from the US, which wanted to keep the lid to press for management reforms.
            (AP, 7/1/06)

2006          Jul 5, Japan, the United States and Britain readied a UN Security Council resolution demanding that nations withhold all funds, goods and technology that could be used for North Korea's missile program.
            (AP, 7/5/06)

2006          Jul 7, The UN General Assembly unanimously approved a series of reforms that were welcomed by the US as a long overdue step toward greater efficiency and accountability. A two-week UN conference reviewing efforts to fight the illegal weapons trade ended in failure, with nations too divided on too many contentious issues to agree on the best way to combat a scourge that fuels conflict worldwide. Japan introduced a draft UN Security Council resolution to sanction North Korea for test-launching a series of missiles. The Council unanimously adopted a compromise resolution on July 15.
            (AP, 7/8/06)(AP, 7/7/07)

2006          Jul 12, UNESCO, meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, added 8 sites added to its World Heritage list including a panda refuge in China and an agave producing region in Mexico.
            (AP, 7/12/06)

2006          Jul 15, The UN Security Council unanimously passed resolution 1718 condemning North Korea's multiple missile launches on July 5 and imposed limited sanctions; a defiant North said it would launch more missiles.
            (AP, 7/16/07)(Econ, 2/28/09, p.63)
2006          Jun 15, This day was established as the First Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) and the UN’s World Health Organization to bring awareness to the much-ignored problem of elder abuse and neglect on an international level.
            (SSFC, 6/16/13, p.A4)

2006          Jul 16, North Korea rejected a UN Security Council resolution sanctioning the communist nation for recent missile tests and warned the measure was a prelude to a renewed Korean War.
            (AP, 7/16/06)

2006          Jul 17, British PM Tony Blair and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for the deployment of international forces to stop Hezbollah from bombing Israel, a proposal that Israel quickly rejected.
            (AP, 7/17/06)

2006          Jul 20, The UN food agency said China became the world's third-largest food aid donor in 2005, the same year it stopped receiving assistance from the World Food Program, while the US and the EU remained the top two contributors.
            (AP, 7/20/06)

2006          Jul 25, Israeli troops sealed off the town of Bint Jbail, a Hezbollah stronghold in fierce fighting in south Lebanon. Warplanes struck Nabatiyeh and destroyed a house killing seven people, four from the same family. Guerrillas fired rockets at northern Israel, killing a girl. An Israeli airstrike killed 4 UN observers at a UNIFIL post in southern Lebanon. The observers were from Austria, Canada, China and Finland. Irish observers had warned that airstrikes were too close. UNIFIL was created in 1978 after Israel's first major invasion of southern Lebanon and has been there ever since.
            (AP, 7/25/06)(Reuters, 7/25/06)(WSJ, 7/27/06, p.A1)

2006          Jul 28, The UN decided to remove 50 unarmed observers (UNTSO and UNIFIL)  from posts along the Israeli-Lebanese border and relocate them with lightly armed UN peacekeepers.
            (AP, 7/28/06)
2006          Jul 28, The five permanent members of the UN Security Council reached a deal on a resolution that would give Iran until the end of August to suspend uranium enrichment or face the threat of economic and diplomatic sanctions.
            (AP, 7/28/06)

2006          Jul 31, The UN scrapped a meeting of nations that might contribute troops to help stabilize south Lebanon, a decision that reflected the deep divisions among key nations on how to end the three-week war between Israel and Hezbollah.
            (AP, 7/31/06)

2006          Aug 3, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, making his first trip to Haiti, called for strengthening the national police force to stem an upsurge in kidnapping and lawlessness.
            (AP, 8/3/06)

2006          Aug 5, The US and France reached agreement on a UN Security Council resolution aimed at ending the fighting between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas.
            (AP, 8/5/06)

2006          Aug 11, The UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel for "massive bombardment of Lebanese civilian populations" and other "systematic" human rights violations, and decided to send a commission to investigate. UN Resolution 1701 called for Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon and the disarmament of Hezbollah.
            (AP, 8/11/06)(Econ, 8/26/06, p.11)(www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2006/sc8808.doc.htm)

2006          Aug 12, The UN Security Council adopted a resolution seeking a "full cessation" of violence between Israel and Hezbollah, offering the region its best chance yet for peace after a month of fighting that has killed more than 800 people and inflamed Mideast tensions.
            (AP, 8/12/06)

2006          Aug 15, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti for six months and urged its troops and police to help fight gang violence and kidnapping.
            (AP, 8/15/06)

2006          Aug 21, Diplomats and UN officials said Iran has turned away UN inspectors wanting to examine its underground nuclear site in an apparent violation of the Nonproliferation Treaty.
            (AP, 8/21/06)

2006          Aug 25, The UN established a new mission in East Timor but left Australian-led troops in place following a dispute over whether they should remain independent or be part of a UN force.
            (Reuters, 8/25/06)
2006          Aug 25, A military truck carrying UN peacekeepers crashed in Ivory Coast, killing six Bangladeshi troops and injuring 11 others.
            (AP, 8/26/06)
2006          Aug 25, In Niger the UN food agency inaugurated a program to help feed hundreds of thousands of people as the impoverished West African nation struggles to recover from severe shortages.
            (AP, 8/25/06)

2006          Aug 31, The UN Security Council passed a resolution that would give the United Nations authority over peacekeepers in Darfur as soon as Sudan's government gives its consent, which it has so far refused to do.
            (AP, 8/31/06)
2006          Aug 31, An internal investigation concluded that a UN official steered millions of dollars in contracts to a company owned by the government of his native India in exchange for favors that included low-rent apartments.
            (AP, 9/1/06)

2006          Sep 1, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that Syria had pledged to step up border patrols and work with the Lebanese army to stop the flow of weapons to Hezbollah.
            (AP, 9/1/06)

2006          Sep 4, In Lebanon US civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson met with Hezbollah officials and called on them to show proof that two captured Israeli soldiers are still alive. A UN spokes-man said Secretary-General Kofi Annan has agreed to requests by Hezbollah and Israel that he mediate in negotiations over the release of two abducted Israeli soldiers. Qatar announced that it would contribute 200 to 300 troops to the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, making the Persian Gulf state the first Arab country to commit soldiers to the peace effort in Lebanon.
            (AP, 9/4/06)

2006          Sep 8, The UN General Assembly adopted a long-awaited strategy to combat terrorism, though many nations lamented that it does not include a definition or say anything about states that commit terrorist acts.
            (AP, 9/8/06)

2006          Sep 15, Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga joined the race to become the next UN secretary-general, becoming the first woman vying for the UN's top post.
            (AP, 9/15/06)
2006          Sep 15, Over strong opposition from China, the UN Security Council put Myanmar on its agenda in what US officials called a "major step forward" in American efforts to increase pres-sure on the country's military dictatorship.
            (AP, 9/15/06)

2006          Sep 19, President Bush addressed the 61st meeting of the UN General Assembly with a call for nations to unite to work for a more peaceful world where "extremists are marginalized by the peaceful majority." UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan delivered an emotional farewell ad-dress, appealing to the world to unite against human rights abuses, religious divisions, brutal conflicts and an unjust world economy.
            (AP, 9/19/06)(AP, 9/19/07)
2006          Sep 19, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the UN General Assembly and took aim at US policies in Iraq and Lebanon. He accused Washington of abusing its power in the UN Security Council to punish others while protecting its own interests and allies.
            (AP, 9/19/06)
2006          Sep 19, Sudan's Pres. Omar Hassan al-Bashir, on the sidelines of the UN General assembly, said his country would never allow UN peacekeepers into Darfur and charged that the West wanted to dismember his country in order to help Israel.
            (Reuters, 9/19/06)

2006          Sep 20, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took his verbal battle with the US to the floor of the UN General Assembly, calling President Bush "the devil." "The devil came here yesterday," Chavez said. "He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world."
            (AP, 9/20/06)

2006          Sep 26, The UN and Sudan discussed the deployment of UN military advisers to rein-force African Union peacekeepers in Darfur, in a possible compromise in their standoff over the war-torn region.
            (Reuters, 9/26/06)

2006          Sep 29, The UN Security Council extended the mandate of peacekeepers in Eritrea and Ethiopia by four months, and threatened to overhaul the mission if the two sides don't make progress toward demarcating their border.
            (AP, 9/29/06)
2006          Sep 29, The UN Security Council allowed UN experts, who have recommended sanctions on top Sudanese officials, to continue monitoring atrocities and arms embargo violations in Darfur.
            (AP, 9/29/06)

2006          Oct 2, An informal UN poll showed that South Korea's foreign minister Ban Ki-Moon (67) has nearly full support from the Security Council, including its five veto-wielding members, and appears almost certain to succeed Kofi Annan as secretary-general of the United Nations.
            (AP, 10/3/06)

2006          Oct 5, The Latvian and Thai candidates dropped out of the race to become the next U.N. chief on Thursday, leaving South Korea's foreign minister as the lone remaining contender and near-certain successor to Kofi Annan.
            (AP, 10/5/06)

2006          Oct 6, A unanimous UN Security Council urged North Korea to abandon all atomic weapons, as it promised last year, and cancel plans to detonate a device. Japan hinted the North could face sanctions or possible military action.
            (AP, 10/6/06)
2006          Oct 6, The fledgling UN Human Rights Council ended its second session after failing to approve any decisions addressing the world's worst abuses. The 47-member council adjourned following a 3-week session. The US is not a member but is an observer. Human Rights Watch said the council, which held its first session in June and July, was a disappointing successor to the widely discredited UN Human Rights Commission.
            (AP, 10/6/06)

2006          Oct 9, The UN Security Council officially nominated South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon to be the next UN secretary-general.
            (AP, 10/9/06)

2006          Oct 12, The UN said it has temporarily pulled international staff out of parts of Somalia controlled by Islamic radicals after receiving written threats.
            (AP, 10/12/06)

2006          Oct 13, The UN General Assembly appointed South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon as the next UN secretary-general. The veteran diplomat who grew up during a war that divided his country pledged to make peace with North Korea a top priority.
            (AP, 10/13/06)

2006          Oct 14, The UN Security Council gave unanimous approval to sanctions against North Korea for its purported nuclear test. The US-sponsored resolution demanded that North Korea eliminate nuclear weapons, but expressly rules out military action against the country.
            (AP, 10/15/06)

2006          Oct 16, Guatemala topped Venezuela in the first round of voting for a UN Security Council seat, but it failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority to win a two-year term on the decision-making body. The 192-nation General Assembly elected South Africa, Indonesia, Italy and Belgium for the four other open seats in a secret ballot.
            (AP, 10/16/06)

2006          Oct 19, The UN Environment Program said the number of "dead zones" in the world's oceans had reached 200, an increase of 34% in 2 years, threatening fish stocks and the people who depend on them.
            (AP, 10/19/06)(WSJ, 10/20/06, p.A1)
2006          Oct 19, A UN report said The North Korean government rounds up disabled people and sends them away from the capital Pyongyang to special camps, where they are sorted by their handicap and subjected to "subhuman conditions."
            (AP, 10/19/06)

2006          Oct 20, The UN refugee agency said it had received reports of at least 38 civilians killed in attacks in southern Sudan and was suspending its operation helping Sudanese refugees re-turn from neighboring Uganda.
            (AP, 10/20/06)

2006          Oct 22, The Sudanese government ordered the chief UN envoy to leave the country within three days after he wrote that the Sudanese army had suffered serious losses in fighting with rebels in northern Darfur.
            (AP, 10/22/06)

2006          Oct 24, Georgia's Foreign Ministry said it had protested to the UN about Russia's crack-down on illegal Georgian migrants, demanding a stop to what it called "persecution on ethnic grounds."
            (AP, 10/24/06)

2006          Oct 26, Russia rejected a draft UN resolution put forward by European powers targeting Iran's nuclear program, saying the proposed measures did not advance objectives agreed on earlier by major world powers.
            (AP, 10/26/06)

2006          Oct 27, The UN said it is sending a mission to Chad and the Central African Republic to look at operations to curb the escalating violence and help protect hundreds of thousands of civilians.
            (AP, 10/28/06)
2006          Oct 27, Hundreds of protesters marched peacefully through Haiti's largest slum to demand the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers, accusing the troops of killing civilians during gunbattles with street gangs.
            (AP, 10/27/06)

2006          Nov 1, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend Ivory Coast's transitional government for a final year and give new powers to the country's unelected prime minister to implement a peace plan and prepare for long-delayed elections.
            (AP, 11/1/06)
2006          Nov 1, The UN Security Council agreed on a list of banned items that could be used to make nuclear, chemical and biological weapons or ballistic missiles and ordered all countries to prevent North Korea from importing or exporting the items.
            (AP, 11/1/06)
2006          Nov 1, Venezuela and US-backed Guatemala agreed to withdraw from the race and support Panama, a compromise reached after voting in the UN General Assembly dragged through 47 rounds of balloting.
            (AP, 11/2/06)

2006          Nov 2, The UN management chief said an investigation into corruption was "at full throttle" and he urged anyone with relevant information to cooperate.
            (AP, 11/3/06)
2006          Nov 2, Russia and China indicated that they will not support a draft UN resolution impos0ing tough sanctions on Iran for its refusal to halt its nuclear enrichment program.
            (AP, 11/2/06)

2006          Nov 3, Latin American and Caribbean nations unanimously endorsed Panama for a seat on the UN Security Council after Guatemala and Venezuela agreed to withdraw to break a deadlock that dragged on through 47 votes in the General Assembly.
            (AP, 11/3/06)
2006          Nov 3, In Uruguay UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan praised leaders at the 16th annual Ibero-American summit for resolving to make progress on growing illegal immigration in an increasingly mobile world community.
            (AP, 11/3/06)
2006          Nov 3, The UN weather agency said heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a record high in 2005 and are still increasing.
            (AP, 11/3/06)

2006          Nov 6, In Kenya thousands of delegates from around the world opened a UN conference on next steps to ward off the worst effects of climate change.
            (AP, 11/6/06)

2006          Nov 7, Panama won a seat on the UN Security Council on the 48th ballot after US-backed Guatemala and Venezuela, led by leftist anti-American President Hugo Chavez, dropped out to end a deadlock.
            (AP, 11/7/06)
2006          Nov 7, The UN named American diplomat Josette Sheeran the next head of the World Food Program and she said her top priorities will be to ensure no child goes to bed hungry and to reduce hunger-related deaths.
            (AP, 11/7/06)

2006          Nov 8, The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to urge the United States to end its 45-year-old trade embargo against Cuba after defeating an amendment calling on Fidel Castro's government to free political prisoners and respect human rights.
            (AP, 11/8/06)

2006          Nov 9, The UN ranked Norway as the best country to live in for a sixth consecutive year, prompting the country's aid minister to tell Norwegians to stop whining about wanting more.
            (AP, 11/9/06)

2006          Nov 10, The UN announced it would postpone a decision on the future status of Serbia's breakaway Kosovo province, hours after Serbia said it would hold an early general election in January.
            (AP, 11/10/06)
2006          Nov 10, A report launched by the UN Human Development Program (UNDP) highlighted how more than 2.6 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation and how dirty water claims more lives than AIDS or conflicts. According to the UN 78% of Mozambique's 17 million people earn less than two dollars a day and more than 20,000 children die every year from wa-ter-borne diseases.
            (AP, 11/10/06)

2006          Nov 11, The US vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that sought to condemn an Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip and demand Israeli troops pull out of the territory.
            (AP, 11/12/06)
2006          Nov 11, In Haiti 2 UN peacekeepers from Jordan were shot to death in Port-au-Prince after coming under attack by gunmen. Jordan counted about 1,500 troops in the force of some 8,800 peacekeepers. Nine peacekeepers have been killed since the force arrived in June 2004.
            (AP, 11/11/06)

2006          Nov 12, Jan Egeland, the UN's top humanitarian official, helicoptered to a jungle clearing to meet with Joseph Kony, a Ugandan rebel leader accused of war crimes, but he failed to secure freedom for women and children held captive by the insurgent group. Kony denied that his forces are holding prisoners.
            (AP, 11/12/06)

2006          Nov 13, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that any effort to stop growing violence between Islamic and Western societies must include an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict.
            (AP, 11/13/06)
2006          Nov 13, The Lebanese government approved a UN draft setting up an international tribunal to try suspects in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. A London-based Arabic newspaper said Al-Qaida has purportedly issued a statement threatening to topple Lebanon's "corrupt" Western-backed government.
            (AP, 11/13/06)

2006          Nov 14, The UN called Lebanon's approval of an international tribunal for the suspected killers of former PM Rafik Hariri "an important step" toward fulfilling the requirements of a Security Council resolution.
            (AP, 11/14/06)

2006          Nov 15, A UN report identified 10 African and Arab countries, as well as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, as arms suppliers to the Islamic militia in Somalia.
            (WSJ, 11/16/06, p.A1)

2006          Nov 16, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan worked with key African, Arab, European leaders in Ethiopia to break the deadlock over worsening violence in Sudan's Darfur region. Leaders agreed in principle to a joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force for Dar-fur. UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland arrived in Darfur to find security so bad he could not visit the camps outside el-Geneina town housing tens of thousands of displaced Darfuris.
            (Reuters, 11/16/06)(AP, 11/16/06)(AP, 11/16/07)
2006          Nov 16, In Kenya the UN conference on climate change ended. The participating 180 countries reached no agreement on how to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
            (http://unfccc.int/meetings/cop_12/items/3754.php)(Econ, 11/25/06, p.60)

2006          Nov 17, The UN General Assembly called for an end to Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip, overwhelmingly passing a resolution in an emergency special session the Israeli ambassador blasted as a "farce" and a "circus."
            (AP, 11/18/06)
2006          Nov 17, UN aid bodies said torrential rains and floods have hit up to 1.8 million people in the Horn of Africa, driving tens of thousands from their homes and threatening to trigger epidemics. Torrential rains have pounded the Horn of Africa this month, bringing misery to large parts of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea.
            (AP, 11/17/06)

2006          Nov 21, In Austria diplomats said most of the 35 nations at a key meeting of the UN nu-clear watchdog agency have agreed to deny Iran technical aid for a plutonium-producing reactor.
            (AP, 11/21/06)
2006          Nov 21, The UN Security Council voted to extend the EU peacekeeping force in Bosnia for a year, welcoming "tangible signs" of the Balkan nation's progress toward EU membership.
            (AP, 11/21/06)
2006          Nov 21, The UN said an estimated 4.3 million people were infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, in the last 12 months. The UNAIDS report estimated that the total number of people infected with HIV stood between 34-47 million.
            (http://tinyurl.com/tajka)(Econ, 11/25/06, p.84)

2006          Nov 22, Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir told Britain and the UN that he still rejects the deployment of UN troops in war-torn Darfur.
            (AFP, 11/23/06)

2006          Nov 23, The UN nuclear agency decided to deny Iran technical help in building a plutonium-producing reactor, but left room for Tehran to eventually renew its request.
            (AP, 11/23/06)

2006          Nov 24, The UN said its investigators have discovered three mass graves at a northeast Congo military camp containing the bodies of 30 people, including women and children, who were allegedly killed by soldiers.
            (AP, 11/24/06)
2006          Nov 24, A UN anti-torture panel said it had credible reports of unofficial detention centers, abuse and disappearances in Russia's restive southern province of Chechnya.
            (AP, 11/24/06)
2006          Nov 24, Fishing nations led by Iceland and Russia blocked UN negotiators from imposing a full-fledged ban against destructive bottom trawling on the high seas. After weeks of talks in New York, a United Nations committee that oversees high seas fisheries failed to gain unanimous support this week for ending unregulated bottom trawling.
            (AP, 11/24/06)

2006          Nov 29, The UN Security Council condemned a "significant increase" in the flow of weapons to and through Somalia in violation of a 1992 arms embargo and voted unanimously to keep monitoring weapons trafficking in the poor and lawless Horn of Africa nation.
            (AP, 11/30/06)

2006          Dec 4, The White House, unable to win Senate confirmation, said UN Ambassador John Bolton will step down when his temporary appointment expires within weeks.
            (AP, 12/4/06)

2006          Dec 11, UN officials said Israel has blocked a UN fact-finding mission to the Gaza Strip that was to be led by Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said that no final decision has been made.
            (AP, 12/11/06)

2006          Dec 12, The UN inquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri said it has now identified suspects and witnesses and found possible links to 14 other murders or attempted murders in Lebanon in the last two years.
            (AP, 12/12/06)
2006          Dec 12, A UN-backed commission, the Int’l. Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), was established to investigate rampant organized crime in Guatemala, which authorities said has become a key point of transit for smugglers bringing drugs into the US.
            (AP, 12/12/06)(Econ, 3/13/10, p.39)

2006          Dec 13, A UN court trying leaders of Rwanda's 1994 genocide jailed a former Catholic priest for 15 years for ordering bulldozers to level a church, sparking the death of 2,000 people hiding inside.
            (AP, 12/13/06)

2006          Dec 14, South Korea's Ban Ki-moon formally took the reins of the UN as the institution grappled with internal reforms, volatility in the Middle East and international standoffs over the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran.
            (AP, 12/14/06)

2006          Dec 15, The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to establish an office to register Palestinian damage claims stemming from Israel's construction of a barrier in the West Bank.
            (AP, 12/16/06)

2006          Dec 19, Dr. Peter Piot, the head of the UN anti-AIDS agency, said AIDS-stricken Southern African nations should develop a policy of mass male circumcision to fight the disease.
            (Reuters, 12/19/06)
2006          Dec 19, The UN evacuated 71 aid workers from the largest refugee camp in Darfur after gunmen looted their compounds, leaving some 130,000 refugees virtually without humanitarian help.
            (AP, 12/19/06)

2006          Dec 22, The UN adopted new regulations aimed at restricting the future employment of UN staff who handle contracts for goods and services following fraud allegations.
            (AP, 12/23/06)

2006          Dec 23, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions on Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment. The Security Council resolution ordered all countries to stop supplying Iran with materials and technology that could contribute to its nuclear and missile programs. It also froze the Iranian assets of 10 key companies and 12 individuals related to those programs. Iran denounced the sanctions. China’s endorsement was an important symbolic act.
            (AP, 12/24/06)(Econ, 1/13/07, p.37)

2006          Dec 26, President Omar al-Bashir said in the letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan that Sudan is ready to immediately implement two recent agreements endorsing a three-step UN plan to strengthen the beleaguered 7,000-strong African Union force in Darfur.
            (AP, 12/27/06)

2006          Paul Kennedy authored “The Parliament of Man: The Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations.”
            (Econ, 7/15/06, p.81)

2006          The UN created an antifraud task force and funded it through 2008. Over the next 3 years it identified about $630 million in allegedly tainted UN contracts. At the end of 2008 funding was not renewed and efforts to retain some investigators were delayed following objections by the Russian government.
            (WSJ, 1/8/09, p.A4)

2007          Jan 1, South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon became the UN’s eighth secretary-general.
            (AP, 1/1/07)

2007          Jan 2, New UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ran into trouble on his first day of work over Saddam Hussein's execution when he failed to state the United Nations' opposition to the death penalty and said capital punishment should be a decision of individual countries.
            (AP, 1/2/07)
2007          Jan 2, A UN official said the UN will investigate a report of allegations of sexual abuse and child rape by peacekeepers operating in southern Sudan.
            (AP, 1/2/07)

2007          Jan 4, Sudan described the alleged sexual abuse of children by UN peacekeepers in south Sudan as "outrageous" and said it would launch its own investigation into the affair.
            (AP, 1/4/07)

2007          Jan 5, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Tanzania's Foreign Minister Asha-Rose Migiro to the deputy secretary-general post at the UN, calling her a highly respected leader and outstanding manager who has championed the developing world. A senior UN official said the United Nations has investigated more than 300 members of UN peacekeeping missions for alleged sexual exploitation and abuse during the past three years and more than half were fired or sent home.
            (AP, 1/6/07)

2007          Jan 11, The UN Security Council said it backs the speedy deployment of African troops to Somalia and strongly urges a dialogue among all political players, in addition to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the country.
            (AP, 1/11/07)

2007          Jan 12, China and Russia blocked the Security Council from demanding an end to political repression and human rights violations in military-ruled Myanmar, rejecting a resolution pro-posed by the United States. South Africa sided with China and Russia.
            (AP, 1/13/07)(Econ, 1/27/07, p.47)

2007          Jan 18, East Timor and the UN launched an appeal for $16.6 million to help resettle and reintegrate about 100,000 people displaced by violence which wracked the country last year.
            (AFP, 1/18/07)

2007          Jan 19, US deputy ambassador Mark Wallace charged that the UNDP operated "in blatant violation of UN rules" for years in North Korea. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon responded quickly to the accusations, calling on all UN funds and programs to conduct an urgent outside investigation into their operations.
            (AP, 1/20/07)

2007          Jan 20, The UN’s food agency said some 800,000 Burundians face a serious food crisis after devastating floods ravaged several regions of the tiny central African nation.
            (AP, 1/20/07)

2007          Jan 22, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that an external audit would be conducted of the UN Development Program in North Korea after the US alleged the program had funneled millions of dollars to Kim Jong Il's regime.
            (AP, 1/22/07)

2007          Jan 26, The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the denial of the Holocaust, with only Iran rejecting it as an attempt by the United States and Israel to exploit the atrocity for their political interests.
            (AP, 1/26/07)
2007          Jan 26, Officials said Jody Williams, the US anti-landmine campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize winner, will lead a team of United Nations investigators to probe killings, rapes, destruction of villages and mass flight in Darfur.
            (AP, 1/26/07)

2007          Jan 27, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held up Congo's first elections in 46 years as a sign of hope for the rest of Africa, praising the country's fragile democracy on his first tour of the continent.
            (AP, 1/27/07)

2007          Jan 30, The United Nations said it will send 350 more peacekeepers to Haiti in the latest effort to flush out armed gangs from the capital's slums.
            (AP, 1/30/07)

2007          Feb 2, UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari unveiled his long-awaited plan for Kosovo, a proposal recommending internationally supervised statehood for the contested province where separatists fought a bloody war with Serbia in the late 1990s.  
            (AP, 2/2/07)

2007          Feb 9, The UN atomic monitor suspended nearly half the technical aid it provides to Iran, a symbolically significant punishment for nuclear defiance that only North Korea and Sad-dam Hussein's Iraq had faced in the past.
            (AP, 2/9/07)
2007          Feb 9, The United Nations agreed to a Serbian request to delay final talks on the fate of breakaway Kosovo province by a week to give Belgrade time to appoint delegates.
            (Reuters, 2/9/07)
2007          Feb 9, Hundreds of UN peacekeepers raided Haiti's largest and most violent slum, seizing a portion of it in a six-hour gunbattle that left a gang member dead and two soldiers wounded.
            (AP, 2/10/07)

2007          Feb 10, UN police in Kosovo fired teargas and rubber bullets during clashes with ethnic Albanians protesting against a UN plan on the fate of the breakaway Serbian province.
            (Reuters, 2/10/07)

2007          Feb 15, The Security Council voted unanimously to extend the nearly 18,000-strong UN peacekeeping force in Congo for two months to give the secretary-general time to recommend possible changes in its mandate following last year's successful elections.
            (AP, 2/15/07)

2007          Feb 16, A spokesperson said the UN has allocated $2.35 million from an emergency fund to provide humanitarian aid to Guinea, which is in the midst of a tense nationwide strike.
            (AP, 2/16/07)

2007          Feb 17, James Morris, the head of the UN food agency, said some 18,000 children die every day because of hunger and malnutrition and 850 million people go to bed every night with empty stomachs, a "terrible indictment of the world in 2007."
            (AP, 2/17/07)

2007          Feb 20, In Somalia mortar rounds and rockets hit Mogadishu in a series of attacks that killed 15 people, including a 4-year-old boy, and wounded more than 40 others. The UN Security Council voted unanimously to authorize an African Union force to help stabilize Somalia.
            (AP, 2/20/07)(AFP, 2/20/07)

2007          Feb 22, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN mission in East Timor for a year and beef up the international police force ahead of upcoming elections.
            (AP, 2/22/07)

2007          Feb 26, The United Nations' highest court exonerated Serbia of direct responsibility for the mass slaughter of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica during the 1992-95 Bosnia war, but ruled that it failed to prevent genocide.
            (AP, 2/26/07)

2007          Feb 27, The UN said Somali authorities have arrested four suspects in the hijacking of a UN-chartered cargo ship delivering food aid. The MV Rozen, however, was still under the control of four pirates who remained aboard with 12 crew members as hostage.
            (AP, 2/27/07)

2007          Mar 5, John Holmes, the new UN humanitarian chief, said the UN plans to open an office in Jordan to deal with the increasingly serious humanitarian problems posed by 1.8 million Iraqis who have fled to neighboring countries and a similar number who have fled their homes and are still inside Iraq.
            (AP, 3/6/07)

2007          Mar 14, The chief UN nuclear inspector returned from a one-day trip to Pyongyang saying that North Korea was "fully committed" to an agreement that requires it to shutter its main nuclear reactor and let in inspectors as soon as the U.S. drops financial sanctions.
            (AP, 3/14/07)

2007          Mar 12, Peter Smith, the highest-ranking American at UNESCO, sent a letter to director Koichiro Matsuura saying that fierce opposition to his reforms and the "negative climate" forced him to quit. Smith had served as associate director general for education. French business magazine Capital recently reported that Smith, a former Republican congressman from Vermont, had awarded seven contracts worth a total of $2 million to Washington-based Navigant Consulting without proper oversight from UNESCO's Executive Board.
            (AP, 3/16/07)

2007          Mar 18, The UN said a first group of Congolese refugees, who escaped a 2004 massacre at a camp in Burundi, left for the US to start a program to resettle more than 500 people.
            (AFP, 3/18/07)

2007          Mar 21, The EU and the UN eased their diplomatic boycott of the Palestinian government, holding talks with non-Hamas ministers.
            (Reuters, 3/21/07)

2007          Mar 23, The United Nations said nearly 800 people have died after a meningitis epidemic spread from Burkina Faso to eight other western African countries since the start of the year. Benin, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Togo have also been affected to differing degrees.
            (AFP, 3/23/07)

2007          Mar 24, The UN Security Council unanimously voted to impose additional sanctions against Iran for its refusal to stop enriching uranium, a move intended to show Tehran that defiance will leave it increasingly isolated.
            (AP, 3/25/07)

2007          Mar 25, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, declaring the atmosphere "not fully ripe," shunned officials from the Islamic militant Hamas group. Ban Ki-Moon toured a Palestinian refugee camp and a stretch of Israel's separation barrier in the West Bank, and said the visit strengthened his resolve to work for Mideast peace.
            (AP, 3/25/07)

2007          Mar 26, A report by a special envoy for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recommended independence for Serbia's breakaway province of Kosovo, supervised by the international community.
            (AP, 3/26/07)

2007          Mar 28, Sudan and the UN signed an agreement to guarantee humanitarian access to refugees in Darfur.
            (AP, 3/28/07)

2007          Mar 29, Britain took its escalating crisis with Iran over 15 captured sailors to the UN Security Council, as Tehran said it would not release the only woman among the detainees.
            (AP, 3/29/07)

2007          Mar 30, Leaked extracts of a UN report said Australia will suffer more droughts, fires, floods and storms due to global warming and its famous Great Barrier Reef will be devastated by 2030.
            (AFP, 3/30/07)
2007          Mar 30, Islamic countries pushed through a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council urging a global prohibition on the public defamation of religion, a response largely to the furor last year over caricatures published in a Danish newspaper of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.
            (AP, 3/31/07)
2007          Mar 30, In an unprecedented show of support to empower the physically and mentally impaired, 80 countries signed a UN convention enshrining the rights of the world's 650 million disabled. 19 more ratifications are needed before the convention comes into force.
            (AP, 3/31/07)
2007          Mar 30, The World Health Organization (WHO) said demand for human organ trans-plants far exceeds supply, fueling a growth in "transplant tourism" to developing nations where organs can be bought.
            (AP, 3/30/07)

2007          Apr 2, A UN conference on climate change opened in Belgium with the EU's top environment official calling on the US to join efforts to curb global warming.
            (AP, 4/2/07)

2007          Apr 6, UN climate experts issued their starkest warning yet about the impact of global warming, ranging from hunger in Africa to a fast thaw in the Himalayas, in a report that in-creased pressure on governments to act.
            (Reuters, 4/6/07)

2007          Apr 10, South African President Thabo Mbeki arrived in Khartoum to join the international push for UN peacekeepers in Darfur, amid fears of a regional spillover after clashes be-tween Sudan and Chad. Officials said the UN, the African Union and the Sudanese government have reached agreement to beef up the African force in Sudan's violence-wracked Darfur region with UN troops, police and equipment.
            (AP, 4/10/07)

2007          Apr 11, The Ivory Coast government and rebels signed an agreement with foreign peacekeepers to dismantle a buffer zone dividing the west African nation since 2002. The deal required the head of the UN mission to sign off on election results.
            (AFP, 4/11/07)(Econ, 12/4/10, p.60)

2007          Apr 15, The official Saudi news agency reported that Sudan has signed a joint agreement with the UN and the African Union that defines their respective roles in Darfur.
            (AP, 4/16/07)

2007          Apr 18, The UN Security Council expressed "serious concern" at mounting reports of weapons being smuggled from Syria to Lebanon and authorized an independent mission to evaluate monitoring of the border between the two countries.
            (AP, 4/18/07)

2007          May 16, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend its peacekeeping mission in Congo until the end of the year while calling for a timetable to gradually withdraw the nearly 18,000-member force.
            (AP, 5/16/07)

2007          May 18, The UN accused Sudan government forces of direct involvement in recent ma-chine-gunning of Darfur villages that left at least 100 dead.
            (WSJ, 5/19/07, p.A1)

2007          May 22, The UN's top refugee official arrived in Nepal for a visit aimed at resolving the fate of around 100,000 refugees from Bhutan stuck in Nepal for 16 years.
            (AP, 5/22/07)

2007          May 23, The UN human rights commissioner said that Burundi has agreed to set up a tribunal to try people suspected of genocide and war crimes during its 12-year civil war.
            (AP, 5/23/07)

2007          May 24, The head of the UN nuclear agency said he agreed with CIA estimates that Iran was three to eight years from being able to make nuclear weapons and he urged the US and other powers to pursue talks with the Islamic country.
            (AP, 5/24/07)

2007          May 31, Iran pledged to end years of stonewalling and provide answers on past suspicious activities to the UN nuclear monitoring agency probing its atomic program, in a move being seen as an attempt to avoid new UN sanctions.
            (AP, 6/1/07)

2007          May, UN police detained James Wasserstrom in at his home in Greece. He had been working for Unmik, the UN Mission in Kosovo. He had raised concerns over links between UN officials and a local utility company. He also hired by Kosovo to fight corruption. In 2012 the UN Ethics office ruled that his maltreatment was “perhaps excessive.”
            (Econ, 6/30/12, p.64)

2007          Jun 1, The UN refugee agency said hundreds of women and children fled by foot and on donkeys from Darfur to the neighboring Central African Republic after their town was attacked by planes and helicopters. The refugees said their town of Dafak, in southern Darfur, was at-tacked repeatedly by janjaweed militia from May 12 to May 18 and that their homes had been bombarded by airstrikes.
            (AP, 6/1/07)

2007          Jun 2, The UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) decided to permit a one-off sale of 60 tons of ivory from Botswana, Namibia and South Africa to Japan, saying it would monitor closely the impact on poaching and population levels.
            (Reuters, 6/3/07)

2007          Jun 4, The UN warned in a report that up to 12% of Arctic ice has turned to water in the past 30 years, an alarming fact that only accelerates global warming further.
            (AP, 6/4/07)

2007          Jun 6, The UN and African Union chief executives resolved a dispute over command of a proposed joint military force to help end bloodshed in Darfur, but the deal still must be ap-proved by their organizations' security councils and Sudan's government.
            (AP, 6/6/07)

2007          Jun 7, Sanjaya Bahel (57), former UN chief of the Commodity Procurement Section (1999-2003), was convicted in NYC of helping a friend secure $100 million in UN contracts in exchange for a huge discount on two luxury apartments in Manhattan and cash.
            (SFC, 6/8/07, p.A10)

2007          Jun 14, A UN spokesman said that Ethiopia has accepted a UN commission's ruling to turn over the disputed town of Badme to Eritrea. In a letter last week to the UN Security Council, the Ethiopian government gave its unconditional acceptance of the commission's decision announced five years ago.
            (AP, 6/15/07)

2007          Jun 15, New international health regulations (IHRS) obliged governments to co-operate with Margaret Chan, director-general of WHO, and report potential pandemics at once.
            (Econ, 6/16/07, p.67)

2007          Jun 29, A top official said the UN nuclear watchdog and North Korea have reached an agreement on how the agency will monitor and verify shutdown of the country's main nuclear reactor.
            (AP, 6/29/07)

2007          Jul 4, UN food agencies called for global backing for a "Green Revolution" in Africa to help the continent build stable agricultural systems and rescue tens of millions of people from poverty.
            (Reuters, 7/4/07)

2007          Jul 13, UN officials said they are investigating allegations that Indian peacekeepers in Congo traded food and even military intelligence with Rwandan Hutu rebels in return for gold.
            (Reuters, 7/13/07)

2007          Jul 14, UN inspectors arrived in North Korea to monitor the communist country's long-anticipated promise to scale back its nuclear weapons program. North Korea said it had shut down its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, hours after a ship cruised into port loaded with oil promised in return for the country's pledge to disarm.
            (SSFC, 7/15/07, p.A4)(AP, 7/14/08)

2007          Jul 15, UN and African Union representatives gathered in Tripoli to evaluate Darfur.
            (AP, 7/15/07)

2007          Jul 20, The UN said that it had confined a group of peacekeepers to their base in Ivory Coast after receiving allegations of widespread sexual abuse, the latest in a string of accusations of sexual violations by UN forces around the world.
            (AP, 7/20/07)

2007          Jul 23, The United Nations rejected Taiwan's application to become a member of the world body, citing UN adherence to the "one China" policy and its recognition of the Chinese government in Beijing.
            (AP, 7/24/07)

2007          Jul 25, The UN governor in Kosovo called on major powers to set a clear roadmap to the final status of Serbia's breakaway province, whose independence bid is blocked by Russia. Serbia warned the US and the EU not to recognize Kosovo's independence without UN con-sent, saying that would prompt an immediate response from Serbian authorities and could de-stabilize the region.
            (AP, 7/25/07)

2007          Jul 26, UN arms experts reported that Eritrea has secretly supplied "huge quantities of arms" to a Somali insurgent group with alleged ties to al-Qaida in violation of an international arms embargo and despite the deployment of African peacekeepers.
            (AP, 7/26/07)

2007          Jul 30, UN inspectors visited a nuclear reactor being built in central Iran, a facility that has been off-limits since April. Iran's foreign ministry spokesman criticized a US plan to sell state-of-the-art weapons to Saudi Arabia.
            (AP, 7/30/07)

2007          Aug 1, Denmark, France and Indonesia offered to contribute to a joint UN-African Union mission for Darfur, a 26,000-strong force expected to be made up mostly of peacekeepers from Africa with backup from Asian troops. Sudan accepted a UN resolution approving a joint African Union-UN peacekeeping force in Darfur.
            (AP, 8/1/07)(AFP, 8/1/07)

2007          Aug 10, A Security Council resolution authorized the UN, at the request of the Iraqi government, to promote political talks among Iraqis and a regional dialogue on issues including border security, energy and refugees as well as help tackling the country's worsening humanitarian crisis.
            (AP, 8/11/07)

2007          Aug 17, The UN announced that the Netherlands has agreed to host the tribunal that will prosecute suspects in the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.
            (AP, 8/17/07)

2007          Aug 18, UNESCO said a joint mission of several UN agencies is conducting an emergency investigation into the shooting of endangered mountain gorillas in a Democratic Republic of Congo national park. In the last two months, seven of the primates have been killed in separate incidents in the Virunga park.
            (AP, 8/19/07)

2007          Aug 20, The UN Security Council authorized an African Union force in chaotic Somalia for another six months and asked the secretary-general to develop plans for a possible UN troop replacement.
            (Reuters, 8/20/07)

2007          Aug 23, Sudan summoned the envoy of the European Commission and the Canadian charge d'affaires and informed them they were considered persona non grata because they interfered in Sudanese affairs. The UN chief called on the Sudanese military to remove troops remaining in southern Sudan, expressing disappointment that a July 9 deadline was not met as called for in a 2005 peace deal.
            (AFP, 8/24/07)(AP, 8/24/07)

2007          Aug 24, A deal was reached with Islamic extremists holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon to allow their families to leave the besieged area. The UN Security Council voted unanimously to keep peacekeepers in Lebanon for another 12 months.
            (AP, 8/24/07)(AP, 8/24/07)

2007          Aug 30, The UN nuclear agency said that Iran was producing less nuclear fuel than expected and praised Tehran for "a significant step forward" in explaining past atomic actions that have raised suspicions.
            (AP, 8/30/07)

2007          Aug 31, In Vienna, Austria, negotiators from 158 countries reached basic agreement, at a UN conference on climate, on rough targets aimed at getting some of the world's biggest polluters to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.
            (AP, 8/31/07)(WSJ, 9/1/07, p.A1)

2007          Sep 3, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Sudan in a bid to jumpstart the peace process in strife-torn Darfur ahead of a massive joint UN-African Union peacekeeping operation.
            (AFP, 9/3/07)

2007          Sep 7, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Chad for talks with President Idriss Deby Itno on the Darfur crisis in neighbouring Sudan, and the plight of refugees who have fled to his country.
            (AP, 9/7/07)

2007          Sep 18, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that Taiwan's application to join the UN wasn't accepted for legal reasons linked to the 1971 UN resolution that gave China's seat to the Beijing-based People's Republic of China.
            (AP, 9/18/07)

2007          Sep 21, Today was the United Nations' International Day of Peace.
            (AFP, 9/21/07)

2007          Sep 25, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told global leaders the world faces "a daunting array of challenges" in the coming year, from combating global warming and fighting poverty to ending the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region and promoting Mideast peace. He spoke at the opening of the UN General Assembly's annual ministerial meeting.
            (AP, 9/25/07)
2007          Sep 25, The UN Security Council unanimously passed a French resolution endorsing sending a European Union-UN force to Chad and the Central African Republic to protect civilians reeling from a spillover of the Darfur conflict.
            (AP, 9/25/07)
2007          Sep 25, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega accused the US of imposing a worldwide dictatorship and defended the right of Iran and North Korea to pursue nuclear technology in a speech before the UN General Assembly meeting.
            (AP, 9/25/07)

2007          Sep 27, A UN tribunal convicted Mile Mrksic (60), a Serb army officer, of clearing the way for the torture and killing of nearly 200 Croats seized from a hospital in a 1991 massacre. Veselin Sljivancanin (54), the area's chief security officer, was sentenced to five years for failing to protect the Croats from beatings and torture by the local Serb paramilitary forces and Territorial Defense units. Officer Miroslav Radic (45) was acquitted of any wrongdoing.
            (AP, 9/27/07)

2007          Oct 1, Myanmar's junta leader stalled a UN envoy for yet another day, delaying his chance to present international demands for an end to the crackdown on the largest protests in two decades. A Norway-based dissident news organization, the Democratic Voice of Burma, said pro-democracy activists estimate 138 people were killed in the recent protests. Shari Villarosa, the top US diplomat in Myanmar, said her staff had visited up to 15 monasteries around Yangon and every single one was empty. She put the number of arrested demonstrators, monks and civilians, in the thousands.
            (AP, 10/1/07)(AP, 10/1/07)

2007          Oct 2, Myanmar's reclusive junta leader, Senior Gen. Than Shwe, finally granted an audience to a UN envoy hoping to broker an end to Myanmar's crackdown on pro-democracy pro-testers.
            (AP, 10/2/07)

2007          Oct 3, The UN General Assembly's ministerial meeting that saw an international outcry over military repression in Myanmar, new killings in Darfur and Iran's nuclear program, closed in NYC with a call for global action on climate change, poverty and terrorism.
            (AP, 10/4/07)

2007          Oct 12, Former Vice President Al Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for spreading awareness of man-made climate change and laying the foundations for counteracting it.
            (AP, 10/12/07)(SFC, 10/13/07, p.A8)

2007          Oct 15, The Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN observer mission in Georgia, expressing "serious concern" at violence that has escalated tensions between Georgia and the breakaway region of Abkhazia.
            (AP, 10/15/07)
2007          Oct 15, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti for a year, noting significant improvements in security in recent months but saying the situation remains fragile.
            (AP, 10/15/07)

2007          Oct 16, Libya, a former pariah state condemned by the U.S. as a sponsor of terrorism, won a seat on the UN Security Council without opposition from the Bush administration.
            (AP, 10/16/07)

2007          Oct 17, Irdris Osman, the head of UN food agency operations in the violence-wracked Somali capital, was taken away by 50 to 60 heavily armed government security officers who had stormed the UN compound in Mogadishu. Overnight, at least eight civilians and one policeman died during a battle between Islamic insurgents and policemen.
            (AP, 10/17/07)

2007          Oct 18, The UN said action would be taken against the interpreter responsible for an erroneous report that Syria has a nuclear facility and expressed regret at the incident.
            (AP, 10/18/07)

2007          Oct 28, UN-brokered peace talks ground to a halt, with officials saying there could be no key steps until the fighters decided how to negotiate with the Sudanese government.
            (AP, 10/28/07)

2007          Oct 30, The UN General Assembly voted for the 16th straight year to urge the United States to end its trade embargo against Cuba, whose foreign minister accused the US of step-ping up its "brutal economic war" to new heights.
            (AP, 10/30/07)

2007          Nov 1, The UN General Assembly's disarmament committee approved a resolution calling for all nuclear weapons to be taken off high alert, despite objections from the United States, Britain and France.
            (AP, 11/1/07)

2007          Nov 2, A UN helicopter crashed on a routine flight in northern Liberia, killing two crew members and leaving a third missing.
            (AP, 11/2/07)

2007          Nov 7, The UN said the governor of South Darfur ordered the UN humanitarian director to leave the state, which has been the scene of recent fighting. South Darfur's Governor Ali Mahmood Mohammed said in a letter that Wael Al-Haj Ibrahim, a Canadian, "was not complying with the Humanitarian Act," but he didn't elaborate.
            (AP, 11/7/07)

2007          Nov 13, In a letter to the UN Security Council, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon nominated Canadian prosecutor Daniel Bellemare to lead the UN investigation into the 2005 killing of former Lebanese PM Rafik al-Hariri.
            (Reuters, 11/13/07)

2007          Nov 17, A Nobel-winning UN scientific panel said in a landmark report that the Earth was hurtling toward a warmer climate at a quickening pace.
            (AP, 11/17/08)

2007          Nov 21, The UN Security Council extended the EU's peacekeeping force in Bosnia for a year, citing the Balkan nation's "very limited progress" towards EU membership and its failure to implement key reforms.
            (AP, 11/22/07)
2007          Nov 21, The UN Security Council welcomed a deal signed by Congo and Rwanda to forcibly disarm Rwandan Hutu rebels in Congo in an effort to reduce tensions between the central African neighbors.
            (Reuters, 11/21/07)

2007          Nov 22, The UN resumed the repatriation of 12,000 Congolese refugees from Zambia which was suspended three months ago due to insecurity in the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Katanga province.
            (AP, 11/22/07)

2007          Nov, In Haiti 108 Sri Lankan soldiers were recalled after investigators found they had paid for sex with Haitians, some of whom were underage.
            (AP, 12/26/07)

2007          Dec 7, A UN court in Tanzania trying masterminds of Rwanda's 1994 genocide sentenced Francois Karera, a former provincial governor, to life imprisonment for his role in the killings, including helping soldiers kill refugees in a church.
            (Reuters, 12/7/07)

2007          Dec 11, Car bombs exploded minutes apart in central Algiers, heavily damaging UN buildings and ripping the facade off the wing of a government office. 37 people were killed, including at least 11 UN employees. Two convicted terrorists who had been freed in an amnesty carried out the suicide bombings at U.N. and government buildings.
            (Reuters, 12/11/07)(AP, 12/12/07)(AP, 12/13/07)

2007          Dec 12, The UN Yugoslav war crimes tribunal at The Hague sentenced former Bosnian Serb general Dragomir Milosevic (b.1942) to 33 years imprisonment for the shelling of Sarajevo during the Bosnian war, one of the court's toughest sentences. In 2009 UN judges trimmed the sentence from 33 to 29 years but upheld his convictions for leading troops who terrorized Sarajevo with a deadly rain of shells and sniper bullets.
            (AP, 12/12/07)(AP, 11/12/09)

2007          Dec 14, Australian PM Kevin Rudd and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon jetted into East Timor to lend support to the nation's efforts to stabilize and rebuild after violence last year. Rudd pledged to support the nation's ongoing security needs during the five-hour stop.
            (AP, 12/14/07)(AFP, 12/14/07)
2007          Dec 14, The UN refugee agency said more than 200 migrants are feared to have drowned at sea in separate incidents off Yemen, Turkey and the Canary Islands so far this month.
            (AP, 12/14/07)
2007          Dec 14, Diplomats from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda met in Kampala to discuss border tensions that have triggered deadly clashes on one of Africa's hottest frontiers in the search for oil. The UN said rival factions in Congo are forcibly recruiting hundreds of children and sending them to fight on the front lines of an escalating conflict in the east of the country.
            (AP, 12/14/07)(AP, 12/15/07)

2007          Dec 18, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the US-led multinational force in Iraq for one year, a move that Iraq's prime minister said would be his nation's "final re-quest" for help.
            (AP, 12/18/07)
2007          Dec 18, The UN passed a resolution backed by 104 states calling for the 1st time for a worldwide moratorium on capital punishment.
            (Econ, 4/26/08, p.46)(www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2007/ga10678.doc.htm)

2007          Dec 19, Donors pledged millions of dollars at a conference in Spain to help Guinea Bissau, which a top UN official called "under siege" by drug cartels who might even sway the country's future polls.
            (AFP, 12/19/07)

2007          Dec 21, The Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo for a year and demanded that all militias and armed groups in the volatile east lay down their weapons and start disarming.
            (AP, 12/21/07)

2007          Dec 27, The Afghan government expelled UN advisor Mervyn Patterson and EU official Michael Semple, on accusations they held unauthorized meetings with Taliban militants. A spokesman for the UN mission said the diplomats had traveled to Musa Qala, a former Taliban stronghold in southern Helmand province on Dec 24, where they met with local leaders.
            (AP, 12/27/07)

2007          Dec 31, In Sudan the African Union transferred authority to a new joint peacekeeping force with the UN in Darfur. An AU official said Ethiopia and Egypt will each send 850 troops early in the new year to serve with a joint UN-AU force in the Darfur region.
            (AP, 12/31/07)(Reuters, 12/31/07)

2007          The World Bank launched its Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to help developing nations recover as-sets stolen by corrupt leaders and invest the returned funds in development programs.
    {Banking, World Bank}
            (AFP, 8/25/12)

2008          Jan 1, This marked the start of the Year of the Potato as declared by the UN.
            (Econ, 3/1/08, p.18)
2008          Jan 1, Libya took over the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council in a major step back to global respectability after decades as a pariah of the West.
            (AP, 1/1/08)

2008          Jan 16, The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on three Kuwaitis who allegedly help finance al-Qaida operations and recruit fighters for the terrorist network. The three men, Hamid Al-Ali, Jaber Al-Jalamah and Mubarak Mushakhas Sanad Al-Bathali, will be added to a list of some 480 individuals and businesses with purported links to al-Qaida and the Taliban.
            (AP, 1/16/08)

2008          Jan 18, UN chief Ban Ki-moon picked Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney, a passionate advocate for an end to war and famine in Sudan's Darfur region, as the world body's latest Messenger of Peace.
            (AFP, 1/18/08)

2008          Jan 22, The UN Security Council's permanent members and Germany agreed on a new draft resolution on sanctions against Iran, strengthening existing measures over the country's refusal to suspend its nuclear program.
            (AP, 1/22/08)
2008          Jan 22, A UN report said a newborn in Sierra Leone has the lowest chance in the world of surviving until age 5, and the prospects are almost as bad for children in Angola and Afghanistan.
            (AP, 1/22/08)

2008          Jan 23, Russia said a new draft UN resolution on Iran's disputed nuclear program does not call for any harsh sanctions, and the Iranian president said new measures would not deter the country in its pursuit of nuclear technology.
            (AP, 1/23/08)

2008          Jan 23, Canada bowed out of the 2009 UN conference on racism in Durban, South Africa, saying it would likely "degenerate into ... expressions of intolerance and anti-Semitism."
            (AFP, 1/24/08)

2008          Jan 30, The United Nation's disaster relief agency announced that a meningitis outbreak that has claimed some 52 lives in Burkina Faso by mid-month has spread to three other west African countries. A spike in the number of meningitis cases has also been reported in Mali, Niger and Nigeria since the end of 2007.
            (AFP, 1/31/08)
2008          Jan 30, The UN Security Council renewed the mandate of the struggling UN peace force on the Eritrea-Ethiopia border for six months despite a request from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for just one month.
            (Reuters, 1/30/08)

2008          Jan 31, In Kenya an opposition lawmaker was gunned down by a police officer in the second fatal shooting of an opposition legislator this week. National police chief Hussein Ali said the police officer, who has been arrested, shot David Too in a dispute over the officer's girl-friend. The opposition said it was an assassination plot. Kofi Annan suspended crisis talks aimed at ending Kenya's political crisis after the lawmaker was shot dead, triggering further clashes. In Ethiopia UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met with Pres. Kibaki at the African Union summit and warned that the violence in Kenya could spiral out of control unless quick action was taken.
            (AP, 1/31/08)(AFP, 1/31/08)

2008          Jan 31, An official at the UN labor agency said more than 5 million people will lose their jobs this year as the world economy slows.
            (AP, 1/31/08)

2008          Feb 4, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the UN has transferred $161 million from the defunct oil-for-food program to a development program for Iraq.
            (AP, 2/4/08)
2008          Feb 4, The UN Security Council sent a "firm and unwavering demand" that Eritrea immediately lift fuel restrictions hampering the efforts of peacekeepers monitoring a tense buffer zone between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
            (AP, 2/4/08)

2008          Feb 5, UN officials said Ethiopia and Bangladesh have offered to jump-start the UN peacekeeping mission in Darfur by loaning it helicopters to fly troops and supplies around the vast region in western Sudan.
            (AP, 2/5/08)

2008          Feb 8, The UN said it is being forced to prepare an imminent pullout from Eritrea and plans to relocate all its peacekeeping troops there across the border in Ethiopia.
            (AP, 2/9/08)

2008          Feb 29, The UN refugee agency said that 3,000 refugees from Darfur have arrived in Chad in the last week, bringing the total number to over 13,000 in February alone.
            (AFP, 2/29/08)

2008          Mar 3, The UN Security Council imposed another round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment. Iran defiantly vowed to continue its nuclear program, which it insists is aimed only at generating power.
            (AP, 3/4/08)

2008          Mar 11, Serbia and Russia demanded that the UN administration in Kosovo halt the transfer of authority to the European Union, calling a handover illegal and declaring they will never recognize the independence of the Serb province.
            (AP, 3/12/08)

2008          Mar 12, A UN tribunal extended the sentence of Rwandan Roman Catholic priest Athanase Serombawar to life in prison after upholding his war crimes conviction for ordering militia-men to burn and bulldoze a church with 1,500 people inside during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He was originally sentenced to 15 years in prison.
            (AP, 3/13/08)

2008          Mar 14, The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution demanding the "immediate, complete and unconditional" withdrawal of all Armenian forces from Azerbaijan's territory in a vote in which more than 100 countries abstained.
            (AFP, 3/15/08)

2008          Mar 15, Azerbaijan warned it would review relations with France, Russia and the US after they voted against a UN resolution calling on Armenia to pull out of Azerbaijani territory.
            (AFP, 3/15/08)

2008          Mar 17, UN forces pulling Serb demonstrators from a UN courthouse were attacked by hundreds of furious protesters who massed outside, setting off an hours-long battle with rocks, grenades and live ammunition.
            (AP, 3/17/08)

2008          Mar 23, Serbian PM Vojislav Kostunica accused NATO peacekeepers and UN police of using "snipers and banned ammunition" to quell a Serb riot against Kosovo's independence.
            (AP, 3/23/08)

2008          Mar 26, The African Union-UN mission said 5 civilians were killed and more than a dozen others injured when an international peacekeeping vehicle crashed into a bus in Darfur.
            (AFP, 3/26/08)

2008          Mar, Islamic members of the UN Human Rights Council, backed by China and Russia, pushed through a resolution saying free speech could be limited out of “respect for religions and beliefs.”
            (Econ, 4/26/08, p.77)

2008          Apr 1, Poor countries at a UN conference in Thailand said they won't sign a global warming pact unless industrialized nations guarantee them billions of dollars needed to adapt to the impact of climate change.
            (AP, 4/1/08)

2008          Apr 2, Diplomats said that China has given the UN nuclear watchdog intelligence linked to Tehran's alleged attempts to make nuclear arms.
            (AP, 4/2/08)
2008          Apr 2, Russia's foreign minister said that Moscow will not allow newly independent Kosovo to become a member of the UN.
            (AP, 4/2/08)

2008          Apr 3, President Bush won NATO's endorsement for his plan to build a missile defense system in Europe over Russian objections. The proposal also advanced with Czech officials announcing an agreement to install a missile tracking site for the system in their country. NATO decided not to put Georgia and Ukraine on track to join the alliance after vehement Russian opposition, but the alliance pledged that the strategically important Black Sea nations will be-come members one day.
            (AP, 4/3/08)
2008          Apr 3, The UN tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, ruled that there was not enough evidence to convict former Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj of murder, torture and rape of Serbs and non-Albanians during the Kosovo war.
            (AP, 4/4/08)

2008          Apr 4, At least three Haitians were killed and 25 others injured amid food riots and clashes with UN peacekeepers.
            (AP, 4/4/08)

2008          Apr 8, The UN refugee agency unveiled a new partnership with Internet giant Google to help track refugees from Iraq to Darfur and raise public awareness of its work.
            (AP, 4/8/08)

2008          Apr 10, The UN Environment Program said dumping of waste by ships in the Mediterranean Sea will become illegal as of May 1, 2009.
            (AFP, 4/11/08)

2008          Apr 21, In Sudan gunmen killed a second driver delivering food aid for the UN's World Food Program in the Darfur region, where banditry has forced vital rations to be halved.
            (AFP, 4/24/08)

2008          Apr 23, The UN nuclear monitoring agency announced what it called a "milestone" agreement with Iran that aims to provide answers about allegations that Tehran tried to develop nuclear weapons.
            (AP, 4/23/08)

2008          Apr 30, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in southern Sudan and called for demarcation of the contested oil-rich border region between the north and south.
            (AP, 5/1/08)

2008          May 1, Pascal Marlinge, the country head of Save the Children UK in Chad, was shot dead by gunmen who held up his three-car convoy between the villages of Forchana and Hadjer Hadid, not far from the border with Sudan's Darfur region. UN aid agencies suspended all but their most urgent work in eastern Chad for two days in a "symbolic protest."
            (Reuters, 5/2/08)

2008          May 2, A UN official said rising prices and funding shortages have forced the UN to stop providing emergency food aid to more than 13 percent of the 750,000 Palestinian refugees it feeds in Gaza.
            (AP, 5/2/08)

2008          May 4, Senegal’s Pres. Abdoulaye Wade called the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) a “bottomless pit of money largely spent on its own functioning.”
            (Econ, 5/10/08, p.69)

2008          May 7, The international relief effort for hundreds of thousands of Myanmar cyclone victims picked up speed as India dispatched two planeloads of aid and Myanmar authorized the UN to send its own air shipment.
            (AP, 5/7/08)

2008          May 8, The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities entered into force.
2008          May 8, Relief supplies from the United Nations began arriving in Myanmar, but US military planes loaded with aid were still denied access by the country's isolationist regime five days after a devastating cyclone. Some feared that lack of safe food and drinking water could push the death toll above 100,000.
            (AP, 5/8/08)

2008          May 9, Myanmar's junta seized UN aid shipments headed for hungry and homeless survivors of last week's devastating cyclone prompting the world body to suspend further help. Ac-cording to state media, 23,335 people died and 37,019 are missing from Cyclone Nargis.
            (AP, 5/9/08)

2008          May 14, Experts said the 1.5 million people left destitute by Myanmar's cyclone are in increasing danger of disease and starvation, but the ruling junta said no to a Thai request to admit more aid workers. Another powerful storm headed toward Myanmar's cyclone-devastated delta and the UN warned that inadequate relief efforts could lead to a second wave of deaths among the estimated 2 million survivors.
            (AP, 5/14/08)

2008          May 19, In Ireland UN chief Ban Ki-Moon called for a "visionary" global deal to ban cluster bombs, as delegates from over 100 countries opened a conference aimed at outlawing the lethal weapons.
            (AFP, 5/19/08)

2008          May 21, UN chief Ban Ki-moon began a mission for Myanmar's cyclone victims, saying "our focus now is on saving lives," as the military government gave approval UN helicopters to distribute aid.
            (Reuters, 5/21/08)(WSJ, 5/22/08, p.A1)

2008          May 23, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Myanmar's junta agreed to allow all aid workers into the country after weeks of refusing access to foreign relief experts seeking to help cyclone survivors.
            (AP, 5/23/08)
2008          May 23, UN peacekeepers found over 100 bodies in three mass graves in the east of Democratic Republic of Congo. A UN spokesman said they apparently were graves dating back to the 1990s, but that is was difficult to know accurately.
            (Reuters, 5/24/08)
2008          May 23, A UN food aid agency said the response to its appeal for money to help meet soaring fuel and food costs went beyond what it had hoped to collect, saying $500 million from Saudi Arabia means it won't have to cut rations.
            (AP, 5/23/08)

2008          May 27, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said the UN will investigate allegations by a leading children's charity that UN peacekeepers are involved in widespread sexual abuse of children. The report by Save the Children UK was based on field research in southern Sudan, Ivory Coast and Haiti.
            (AP, 5/27/08)

2008          Jun 2, Foreign ships gained UN authorization to enter Somali waters when fighting pi-racy and armed robbery.
            (AP, 6/2/08)

2008          Jun 3 The UN commission on the legal empowerment of the poor released a report that said 2 of every 3 people on the planet are excluded from the rule of law.
            (Econ, 6/7/08, p.87)

2008          Jun 5, In Italy a 3-day UN summit aimed at fighting hunger worldwide ended with pledges to boost food output, calls to cut trade barriers and more research on biofuels. Just be-fore the meeting Saudi Arabia announced a donation of $500 million.
            (WSJ, 6/6/08, p.A10)(Econ, 6/7/08, p.70)

2008          Jun 7, Congo President Joseph Kabila met with UN envoys who backed his plans to dis-arm and expel Rwandan rebels behind years of strife. They also planned to refocus the biggest UN peace force on rebuilding the shattered nation.
            (Reuters, 6/7/08)

2008          Jun 9, UN helicopters fanned out across Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta, ferrying critical supplies to villages struggling to survive since a devastating cyclone struck more than five weeks ago.
            (AP, 6/9/08)

2008          Jun 12, ASEAN said Southeast Asian and UN experts will have full access to cyclone-devastated parts of Myanmar, where more than a million people have still not received any foreign help.
            (AFP, 6/12/08)
2008          Jun 12, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Kosovo's leaders he intends to re-shape the UN mission there to allow the EU to take on key tasks, according to a letter in the let-ter to Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu. Russia demanded disciplinary action against the head of the UN mission in Kosovo for preparing to hand over powers to a EU mission that Moscow says is illegal.
            (Reuters, 6/12/08)

2008          Jun 16, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon unveiled an arresting shaft-of-light memo-rial in London to journalists killed in the line of work.
            (AP, 6/16/08)

2008          Jun 18, The UN said up to 5 million people could go hungry in Zimbabwe next year due to a steady drop in food production coupled with the world's highest rate of inflation.
            (AP, 6/18/08)

2008          Jun 19, The UN adopted Resolution 1820 affirming that sexual violence as a weapon of war affects international peace and security, and could trigger sanctions.
            (Econ, 2/21/09, p.61)(http://tinyurl.com/lg8px5)

2008          Jun 21, In Somalia Hassan Mohamed Ali, head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees organization in Mogadishu, was abducted from his home on the outskirts of Mogadishu. He was released in late August. He had suffered bullet wounds in the neck and knee from the kidnapping, but said that he was generally treated well during his captivity.
            (AP, 8/28/08)

2008          Jun 23, UN experts began probing allegations that Syria has a hidden nuclear program, as Damascus imposed strict secrecy on the visit, warning the UN not to drag it into a drawn-out investigation like the standoff with Iran.
            (AP, 6/24/08)
2008          Jun 23, Zimbabwe police raided the opposition party's headquarters and took away about 60 people, a day after the party's presidential candidate withdrew from a runoff against longtime leader Robert Mugabe. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai took refuge at the Netherlands embassy in Harare. World leaders challenged Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's legitimacy and threatened sanctions. UN Security Council members unanimously condemned Zimbabwe's government, saying it has waged a "campaign of violence" that has made it impossible to hold a fair presidential election. The Zimbabwe opposition said that one of its lawmakers was in intensive care after being beaten up by President Robert Mugabe's supporters ahead of an aborted campaign rally.
            (AP, 6/23/08)(AFP, 6/23/08)(AP, 6/24/08)(AFP, 6/24/08)

2008          Jun 25, A senior UN atomic inspector said an initial probe of US allegations that a Syrian site hit by Israeli warplanes was a secretly built nuclear reactor is inconclusive and further checks are necessary.
            (AP, 6/25/08)

2008          Jun 26, A UN rights official said many poor countries accept toxic waste from abroad, such as old computers, rusted ships and pesticides, in a shortsighted bid to lift themselves out of poverty, despite the dangers to human health and the environment.
            (AP, 6/26/08)

2008          Jul 7, A UNESCO official said that an 11th century temple that sits on Cambodia's disputed border zone with Thailand has been designated as a world heritage site. Hindu-themed Preah Vihear reflects the beliefs of the kings who ruled what was then the Angkorean empire.
            (AP, 7/8/08)

2008          Jul 8, In Sudan 5 peacekeepers from a joint UN-African Union force were killed and 17 were missing after their patrol was ambushed in northern Darfur.
            (AP, 7/9/08)

2008          Jul 10, Nigeria's main militant group said it would resume attacks in the country's oil-rich river delta region because of Britain's recent pledge to back the government in the conflict there. UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari resigned as chairman of a planned peace summit for the oil-rich Niger Delta following opposition from regional leaders.
            (AP, 7/10/08)(AFP, 7/10/08)

2008          Jul 11, The UN commemorated World Population Day.
2008          Jul 11, Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change said a total of 113 MDC supporters have now been killed in politically-related violence. Zimbabwe's ruling party and opposition held a second day of talks in South Africa. A UN Security Council bid to pass sanctions against Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe was vetoed by Russia and China.
            (AP, 7/11/08)(AFP, 7/11/08)(AFP, 7/12/08)

2008          Jul 21, The African Union urged the UN Security Council to put on hold the International Criminal Court's move to indict Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir over war crimes in Darfur.
            (Reuters, 7/21/08)

2008          Jul 22, Cambodia asked the UN Security Council and its Southeast Asian neighbors to intervene in resolving a military standoff over disputed border territory around an ancient temple, stepping up its rhetoric against Thailand.
            (AP, 7/22/08)

2008          Jul 23, The African Union said it was incapable of stabilizing the situation in Somalia and urged the UN take over peacekeeping operations in the lawless Horn of Africa country.
            (Reuters, 7/23/08)

2008          Jul 25, A UN official said as much as 25 percent of cyclone relief aid in Myanmar is being lost because of the military government's foreign exchange system.
            (AP, 7/25/08)

2008          Jul 25, Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, the UN special envoy for Somalia, sounded the alarm about rampant illegal fishing and the dumping of toxic waste off the coast of the lawless nation.
            (AFP, 7/25/08)

2008          Jul 28, Navanethem Pillay, a judge from South Africa, was confirmed as the new UN chief of human rights.
            (SFC, 7/29/08, p.A3)

2008          Jul 29, A UN court trying the masterminds of Rwanda's 1994 genocide said that its man-date had been extended by a year until 2009.
            (AP, 7/29/08)

2008          Jul 30, The UN said hunger in North Korea is at its worst since the 1990s, prompting the resumption of emergency UN food shipments after a two-year hiatus.
            (AFP, 7/30/08)
2008          Jul 30, The UN Security Council voted to end an 8-year-long peacekeeping mission be-tween Eritrea and Ethiopia despite continuing tensions, a move that the United Nations' chief has warned could lead to a new war.
            (AP, 7/30/08)

2008          Jul 31, Fourteen of the UN security council's 15 members voted in favor of Resolution 1828 to extend the mandate of the joint UN-African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur (UNAMID) for one year from this day, when it had been set to expire. The United States abstained in the vote because language added to the resolution noting concern that any indictment of Beshir might jeopardize the Darfur peace process.
            (AFP, 8/1/08)

2008          Aug 1, The UN atomic watchdog's board of governors unanimously approved an inspections agreement with India that is key to finalizing a US-India nuclear deal.
            (AP, 8/1/08)

2008          Aug 18, Tens of thousands of Muslims waving green and black protest flags gathered in Indian Kashmir's main city for a march to UN offices demanding freedom from India and intervention by the world body.
            (AP, 8/18/08)

2008          Aug 26, A UN team in Herat, Afghanistan, said it found "convincing evidence" that 90 civilians, including 60 children, were killed in US-led air strikes last week. Aerial bombardment was clearly evident with some 78 houses having been totally destroyed and serious damage to many others. A Japanese aid worker was kidnapped at gunpoint with his driver in eastern Afghanistan.
            (AP, 8/26/08)

2008          Aug 27, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to keep a peacekeeping force in Lebanon for another year, calling for stepped-up efforts to achieve a permanent cease-fire and long-term resolution of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war.
            (AP, 8/27/08)

2008          Aug 30, The UN says Russian soldiers are telling thousands of refugees in Georgia who want to return to their homes that their security can't be guaranteed. All hoped to return to villages that are in the "security zones" that Russia has claimed for itself. Russian PM Vladimir Putin urged the EU to ignore calls to punish Moscow over the Georgia conflict as Tbilisi ap-pealed for targeted punishment of the Russian leadership.
            (AP, 8/30/08)(AFP, 8/30/08)

2008          Sep 1, The top UN aid official John Holmes called for greater international efforts to help millions of Ethiopians suffering from a severe drought.
            (AP, 9/1/08)

2008          Sep 9, Tamil Tiger rebels launched an air and ground assault on a military complex in northern Sri Lanka, in an attack that killed 11 troops, one civilian and 10 of the assailants The UN announced it was withdrawing its aid workers from Sri Lanka's embattled north ahead of a major military drive, as Colombo claimed its first downing of a rebel aircraft.
            (AP, 9/9/08)

2008          Sep 10, In Sri Lanka air force jets attacked a rebel intelligence base in the north, step-ping up a punishing wave of airstrikes a day after Tamil Tiger fighters launched a surprise at-tack on a military base. UN chief Ban Ki-moon expressed international concern for tens of thou-sands civilians trapped in Sri Lanka's north as government forces prepared for a major show-down with Tamil separatists.
            (AP, 9/10/08)

2008          Sep 11, A Paris court convicted Didier Bourguet, a former UN employee, for the rape of young Africans during his postings in Central African Republic and Congo. Bourguet was sentenced to nine years in prison for having committed about 20 rapes of teenage girls between 1998 and 2004 during his postings as a mechanic for the UN.
            (AP, 9/11/08)

2008          Sep 12, The Sudanese government army and Janjaweed militias launched new attacks in a mountainous area of south Darfur according to rebel claims made the next day. UN boss Ban Ki-moon welcomed the establishment of an Arab League panel led by Qatar that will work with the African Union and United Nations to sponsor peace talks in Sudan's Darfur region.
            (AFP, 9/12/08)(AFP, 9/13/08)

2008          Sep 21, The UN said guns fell silent across much of Afghanistan for the 26th anniversary of the International Day of Peace that saw pledges by the US, NATO, the Afghan government and the Taliban to halt attacks. Taliban militants attacked a security company guarding a road construction crew in the southern province of Ghazni, killing two guards. In southwestern Afghanistan suspected Taliban militants kidnapped about 156 civilian laborers who were traveling in three buses in the Bala Buluk area.
            (AP, 9/21/08)(AFP, 9/22/08)

2008          Sep 24, North Korea barred UN nuclear inspectors from its main nuclear reactor and within a week plans to reactivate the plant that once provided the plutonium for its atomic test explosion.
            (AP, 9/24/08)

2008          Sep 27, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a new resolution reaffirming previous sanctions on Iran for refusing to halt its uranium enrichment program and offering Tehran incentives to do so.
            (AP, 9/27/08)

2008          Oct 3, The United Nations said fighting has killed at least 80 civilians in Somalia's capital over the last two weeks. More than 100 people have been injured. UN humanitarian office spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs said nearly half of Somalia's 8.3 million people were in need of food and other assistance.
            (AP, 10/3/08)

2008          Oct 7, The UN food agency (WFP) said it is resuming free breakfasts for hundreds of thousands of poor Cambodian schoolchildren after securing new funds for a program suspended due to high food prices.
            (AP, 10/7/08)
2008          Oct 7, The UN refugee agency said at least 5,000 people have fled violence in north-eastern Congo and sought shelter in neighboring Sudan over the last two weeks due to ferocious attacks by rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army from neighboring Uganda.
            (AP, 10/7/08)

2008          Oct 10, The UN urged Congo and Rwanda to hold talks to avoid a war after Kinshasa accused its eastern neighbor of sending troops over the border to back Congolese rebels.
            (Reuters, 10/10/08)

2008          Oct 14, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to renew its peacekeeping mission in Haiti for another year.
            (AP, 10/15/08)

2008          Oct 17, The UN added Japan, Austria, Turkey, Mexico and Uganda as members to the 10 non-permanent seats of the Security Council, replacing Belgium, Indonesia, Italy, Panama and South Africa.
            (AP, 10/17/08)

2008          Oct 20, The UN said the financial crises will add at least 20 million people to the world’s jobless, raising the total to 210 million.
            (WSJ, 10/21/08, p.A1)

2008          Oct 27, Thousands of civilians threw rocks at four UN offices in eastern Congo, venting outrage at the organization's inability to protect them from rebel forces advancing on the provincial capital of Goma.
            (AP, 10/27/08)

2008          Oct 29, The UN panel overseeing compensation for victims of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait said it has paid an $888.6 million (709.4 million euros) installment from Iraqi oil funds to cover losses and damages suffered by governments and private companies.
            (AP, 10/29/08)
2008          Oct 29, The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution urging the US to repeal its trade embargo against Cuba, and the island nation's foreign minister said he expects the next American president to respond positively.
            (AP, 10/29/08)
2008          Oct 29, Congolese rebel forces advanced on the eastern city of Goma, threatening to overwhelm government troops and a 17,000-strong UN force deployed to halt a return to all-out war. The Congolese army said troops from Rwanda have crossed the nearby border and at-tacked its soldiers in support of a minority Tutsi rebellion.
            (Reuters, 10/29/08)(AP, 10/29/08)

2008          Nov 7, The UN secretary-general joined African leaders to try to end the fighting in eastern Congo, where a fragile cease-fire is close to collapse. A UN official and a peacekeeping officer said Angolan troops are fighting alongside Congolese soldiers battling rebels outside the eastern provincial capital of Goma. The UN official said an unspecified number of Angolans ar-rived four days ago.
            (AP, 11/7/08)

2008          Nov 11, The UN reported that hundreds of Congolese soldiers rampaged through several villages in eastern Congo raping women and pillaging homes as they pulled back ahead of a feared rebel advance.
            (SFC, 11/12/08, p.A7)

2008          Nov 18, Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo unveiled his lavish, $23 million ceiling painting at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Switzerland, a project that has evoked controversy over its hefty price tag.
            (AP, 11/18/08)

2008          Nov 19, The UN asked for $7 billion (5.5 billion euros) to fund its humanitarian work around the world in 2009, almost double last year's appeal as a result of soaring food prices and crises in Africa, among other factors. The UN's food agency will slim down its bureaucracy, work to cut costs and make investments that will improve efficiency as part of a reform plan adopted by member nations.
            (AP, 11/19/08)
2008          Nov 19, Vladimir Kuznetsov, a former UN diplomat convicted in the US of money laundering and fraud, arrived in Moscow and will serve the last 16 months of his sentence in a Russian prison. Kuznetsov once chaired the UN's powerful budget oversight committee.
            (AP, 11/19/08)

2008          Nov 20, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to send some 3,000 additional UN peacekeepers to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to help prevent a new war in the country's east.
            (AP, 11/20/08)
2008          Nov 20, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the European Union's peacekeeping force in Bosnia for a year, emphasizing the importance of the country's progress towards Euro-Atlantic integration.
            (AP, 11/20/08)
2008          Nov 20, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions on pirates, arms smugglers, and perpetrators of instability in Somalia in a fresh attempt to help end years of lawlessness in the Horn of Africa nation.
            (AP, 11/20/08)

2008          Nov 23, Congolese soldiers stopped a peacekeepers' convoy at an impromptu road-block and dragged 23 Congolese men off the trucks, accusing them of being rebels. UN officials said the men were rebels who had surrendered as well as national policemen and civilians.
            (AP, 11/24/08)

2008          Nov 25, Afghan President Hamid Karzai demanded at a meeting with a UN Security Council team that the international community set a "timeline" for ending military intervention in Afghanistan.
            (AFP, 11/25/08)

2008          Nov 26, The UN and other aid agencies appealed to the international community to send $462 million in emergency assistance to address what they said is a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories.
            (AP, 11/26/08)
2008          Nov 26, The UN Security Council approved the deployment of a EU mission (Eulex) throughout Kosovo under the UN umbrella.
            (AP, 11/26/08)(Econ, 11/15/14, p.55)

2008          Dec 5, The UN General Assembly passed a resolution that as of 2009, June 8th would be recognized as World Oceans Day.
            (SSFC, 6/9/13, p.C3)

2008          Dec 10, The government of Cambodia and the UN agreed in principle to strengthen measures to prevent corruption among staff at the country's genocide tribunal.
            (AP, 12/10/08)

2008          Dec 12, A UN Security Council panel said that Rwanda and Congo are fighting a proxy war by aiding each other's enemies, a conclusion that could lead to additional UN sanctions over the conflict in the central African region. A UN report cited an advisor to Rwandan President Paul Kagame and a member of the Congolese opposition, both wealthy businessmen, as key financial backers of rebels in eastern DR Congo.
            (AP, 12/12/08)(AFP, 12/13/08)
2008          Dec 12, In Poland negotiators at a UN climate conference broke through red tape and freed up millions of dollars to help poor countries adapt to increasingly severe droughts, floods and other effects of global warming.
            (AP, 12/12/08)

2008          Dec 14, In Niger Tuareg rebels of the Front for the Forces of Redress (FFR) kidnapped a UN special envoy and three other people.
            (AP, 12/16/08)

2008          Dec 16, The UN Security Council approved land and air attacks on pirate bases in Somalia.
            (SFC, 12/17/08, p.A14)

2008          Dec 17, The UN said it will double the budget of its Afghan mission next year, taking on hundreds of new staff and opening more offices to meet more "complex" challenges. The UN’s chief in Afghanistan called for international military forces to revise their agreement with the Afghan government to include practices that will better safeguard civilians.
            (AFP, 12/17/08)(AP, 12/17/08)

2008          Dec 28, The UN Security Council has issued a statement expressing serious concern at the escalating violence in Gaza and is calling on Israel and the Palestinians to immediately halt all military activities.
            (AP, 12/28/08)

2008          Dec 29, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanded an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and urged Mideast and world leaders to do more to help end the Israeli-Hamas conflict and promote political dialogue.
            (AP, 12/30/08)

2008          Dec 31, The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on an Arab request for a binding and enforceable resolution condemning Israel and halting its military attacks on Gaza. The US immediately called the draft resolution circulated by Libya on behalf of the 22-member Arab League "unacceptable" and "unbalanced" and because it makes no mention of halting the Hamas rocket attacks that led to the Israeli offensive.
            (AP, 1/1/09)

2008          Dec, A 131-page report by the UN Procurement Task Force said former officials Ventzislav Stoykov and Edgar Casals each scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars and ran outside ventures at the UN's Economic Commission for Africa. The task force recommended providing the ECA report to prosecutors in Ethiopia and the Philippines and to US authorities to review visas Casals apparently obtained through Santiago "Sonny" Busa, a former US consular chief in Addis Ababa.
            (AP, 6/19/10)

2008          The UN estimated that Afghanistan’s illegal opium trade for this year was worth about $3.4 billion, or 33% of the country’s GDP.
            (Econ, 8/22/09, p.22)

2009          Jan 3, The United States blocked approval of a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers.
            (AP, 1/4/09)

2009          Jan 5, Israel consolidated its hold on parts of the Gaza Strip, seizing high-rise buildings on the outskirts of the territory's biggest city as a stream of world leaders headed for the region to press for a truce. About 12 Palestinian children were killed. The 10th day of fighting put the Palestinian death toll at an estimated 550. 3 Israeli soldiers were killed and 24 others wounded by friendly fire. Gaza health officials said an Israeli airstrike outside a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip killed 39 people, many of them children.
            (AP, 1/5/09)(SFC, 1/6/09, p.A3)(AP, 1/11/09)

2009          Jan 6, In Somalia 3 masked gunmen fatally shot a Somali aid worker, as the UN envoy to Somalia said the UN should create a Baghdad-style Green Zone in the African country so he can base all his aid workers there.
            (AP, 1/6/09)

2009          Jan 8, The UN halted aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza Strip, citing Israeli attacks on a UN truck that killed 2 Palestinian workers. For a 2nd straight day, Israel suspended its Gaza military operation for three hours to allow in humanitarian supplies. Israel killed at least 11 people, including three who were fleeing their homes, raising the death toll from its 13-day offensive to 699 Palestinians. 11 Israelis have died since the offensive began. Militants in Lebanon fired at least three rockets into Israel. UN figures said as many as 257 children have been killed and 1,080 wounded, about a third of the total casualties since Dec. 27.
            (AP, 1/8/09)(SFC, 1/9/09, p.A3)
2009          Jan 8, In Somalia  gunmen fatally shot a UN World Food program worker during a food distribution, the second staff member killed this week.
            (AP, 1/8/09)

2009          Jan 9, Israeli jets and helicopters bombarded Gaza and Hamas responded with a barrage of rockets on at least two cities as both sides defied a UN call for an immediate cease-fire. By the afternoon 22 Palestinians had been killed, pushing the death toll to 776 and in the two-week-old conflict.
            (AP, 1/9/09)

2009          Jan 12, The United States circulated a draft resolution calling for a UN peacekeeping force to be deployed in Somalia to replace a small African Union force, but leaving the Security Council to make a final decision by June 1.
            (AP, 1/13/09)

2009          Jan 13, Israeli ground troops closed in on downtown Gaza City, battling Palestinian militants in the streets of a densely populated neighborhood, destroying dozens of homes and sending terrified residents running for cover as gunfire and explosions echoed in the distance. Some 15 rockets and mortar shells were fired toward Israel, causing no injuries. Egyptian mediators pushed the militant Palestinian Hamas group to accept a truce proposal for the embattled Gaza Strip in talks. The UN secretary-general headed to the region to join the multitrack diplomatic efforts for a cease-fire in Israel’s 18-day offensive, in which more than 900 Palestinians have been killed, half of them civilians.
            (AP, 1/13/09)

2009          Jan 14, The UN Security Council authorized 5,200 UN peacekeepers to replace a 3,300-strong EU force in Chad and Central African Republic, which have been seriously affected by fighting in neighboring Sudan's Darfur region.
            (AP, 1/14/09)

2009          Jan 15, Israel shelled the United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip, engulfing the compound and the main warehouse in fire and destroying thousands of pounds of food and humanitarian supplies intended for Palestinian refugees. Fighting killed at least 70 people including 2 top Hamas leaders, Said Siam (49), the minister of the interior, and deputy Salah Abu Sharah. Gaza medical officials said 1,100 Palestinians have been killed since Israel's offensive started Dec. 27.
            (AP, 1/15/09)(SFC, 1/16/09, p.A2)

2009          Jan 16, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution expressing its intention to establish a UN peacekeeping force in Somalia, but putting off a decision for several months in order to assess the volatile situation in the Horn of Africa nation.
            (AP, 1/17/09)

2009          Jan 18, The UN-African Union peacekeeping mission said rebels from the Justice and Equality Movement have taken control of Muhajaria town in the western Sudan region of Darfur.
            (AP, 1/19/09)

2009          Jan 20, In Gaza UN chief Ban Ki-moon voiced sorrow and frustration over the suffering of civilians during Israel’s 3-week war on Hamas rulers. Ismail Radwan, a Hamas legislator, celebrated the blood battles as proof of Hamas strength and defiance.
            (SFC, 1/21/09, p.A21)

2009          Jan 29, The UN launched an emergency appeal for $613 million to help Palestinians recover from Israel's three weeks of military operations in Gaza.
            (AP, 1/29/09)

2009          Feb 1, In Sudan a spokeswoman for the UN mission known as UNAMID said the has government asked peacekeepers to clear out of the town of Muhajeria. She said Sudan wants to launch an offensive against rebels from the Justice and Equality Movement, a Chad-backed rebel group that has held the south Darfur town since mid-January.
            (AP, 2/1/09)

2009          Feb 2, In southwestern Pakistan gunmen seized John Solecki, head of the UN refugee office in the city of Quetta, as he traveled to work. On April 4 Solecki was released unharmed.
            (AP, 2/2/09)(SSFC, 4/5/09, p.A7)

2009          Feb 16, The UN said Tamil Tiger guerrillas have prevented tens of thousands of civilians from leaving Sri Lanka's war zone and those trying to escape have been "shot and sometimes killed."
            (AP, 2/16/09)

2009          Feb 17, The UN said some 4.9 million more Ethiopians are in urgent need of food aid, bringing the total number of people in Ethiopia who need relief aid to 12 million, or 15 percent of the population.
            (AP, 2/17/09)
2009          Feb 17, The UN agency for children said Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers have stepped up conscription of child soldiers, as the rebels prepare to face a final onslaught by the military. Tamil politicians accused the Sri Lankan government of ignoring the safety of tens of thousands of civilians in its campaign to wipe out the Tamil Tiger rebels, saying more than 2,000 noncombatants have been killed in the recent fighting.
            (AFP, 2/17/09)(AP, 2/17/09)

2009          Feb 26,  At The Hague UN judges in the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal acquitted former Serb President Milan Milutinovic of ordering a deadly campaign of terror by Serb forces against Kosovo Albanians in 1999. The court convicted five other senior Serbs and gave them prison sentences of between 15 and 22 years. The marathon trial started July 10, 2006.
            (AP, 2/26/09)

2009          Feb 27, The UN Children's Fund said 53 million children are being targeted by a mass immunization drive against polio in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo. Some 844 polio cases were reported in the 8 countries in 2008, 95% of them in Nigeria.
            (AFP, 2/27/09)

2009          Mar 6, A UN spokesman said its human rights office will examine whether Sudan's decision to expel aid groups constitutes a breach of basic human rights and possibly a war crime. UN agencies warned that Sudan's decision to expel 13 international aid groups will leave more than a million people without food or health care and could threaten thousands of lives.
            (AP, 3/6/09)(AFP, 3/6/09)

2009          Mar 15, In Abeche, Chad, UN forces took over command from EU peacekeepers to protect refugees and displaced people in Chad and the Central African Republic.
            (AFP, 3/15/09)

2009          Mar 16, In southern Somalia gunmen seized four UN workers, the latest in a series of attacks on aid workers in the war-ravaged Horn of Africa nation.
            (AP, 3/16/09)
2009          Mar 16, In Turkey a UN global forum on water opened in Istanbul. The UN said global demand for water is rising as access to safe drinking water remains inadequate in much of the developing world.
            (SFC, 3/17/09, p.A2)

2009          Mar 20, The UN Security Council gave a stamp of approval to Somalia's new unity government and urged increased international aid to African Union (AU) peacekeepers trying to contain the violence in the lawless country.
            (AP, 3/20/09)

2009          Mar 26, The UN's top human-rights body approved a proposal by Muslims nations urging passage of laws around the world to protect religion from criticism. The resolution was sponsored by Pakistan, Belarus and Venezuela.
            (AP, 3/26/09)(Econ, 4/4/09, p.17)

2009          Mar 31, The US State Department said the United States will seek election to the UN Human Rights Council this year, announcing the Obama administration's latest reversal of former President George W. Bush's foreign policies.
            (AP, 3/31/09)

2009          Apr 3, The UN appointed Richard Goldstone, former chief prosecutor for war crimes in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to lead a mission to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip.
            (SFC, 4/4/09, p.A2)
2009          Apr 3, Australia endorsed a UN declaration that recognizes indigenous rights, reversing years of opposition and promising a new era in relations between white Australians and the nation's impoverished Aborigines. Australia was one of four nations that voted against the declaration when it was adopted by the General Assembly in 2007.
            (AP, 4/3/09)

2009          Apr 7, UNESCO awarded the World Press Freedom Prize to Lasantha Wickrematunge, a murdered Sri Lankan journalist, whose self-written obituary accused the government of silencing him. His self-written obituary was published three days after his murder in early January, in which no arrests have been made.
            (AP, 4/7/09)

2009          Apr 13, The UN Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea's April 5 rocket launch, demanded an end to missile tests and said it will expand sanctions against the reclusive communist nation.
            (AP, 4/14/09)

2009          Apr 18, The Obama administration said it will boycott the April 20-25 UN conference on racism due to objectionable language in the meeting’s final draft document.
            (SSFC, 4/19/09, p.A13)

2009          Apr 20, A UN racism conference opened in Geneva. Iran’s Pres. Ahmadinejad accused Israel of being the "most cruel and racist regime," sparking a walkout by angry Western diplomats. The US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland boycotted the conference out of concern that it could be used by Muslim countries to criticize Israel and to limit free speech when it comes to criticizing their religion.
            (AP, 4/19/09)(AP, 4/20/09)

2009          Apr 21, National libraries and the UN education agency put some of humanity's earliest written works online, from ancient Chinese oracle bones to the first European map of the New World. The World Digital Library project is modeled on the Library of Congress' American Memory project, which debuted in the 1990s.
            (AP, 4/21/09)(http://www.wdl.org)
2009          Apr 21, In Geneva over 100 countries agreed on a declaration to combat racism and related forms of intolerance worldwide. The US was not among them, prompting sharp criticism from African-American groups participating in the UN's second global conference on racism.
            (AP, 4/21/09)

2009          Apr 30, The UN Security Council extended for another year the mandate of UN peace-keepers in southern Sudan who monitor compliance with a peace deal that ended Sudan's two-decade-long civil war.
            (Reuters, 4/30/09)
2009          May 1, A UN agency urged Israel to freeze demolitions of Arab homes in east Jerusalem, citing a growing housing crisis in the part of the city the Palestinians claim as their future capital.
            (AP, 5/1/09)

2009          May 5, The UN chief accused Israel of lying about attacks on United Nations schools and other facilities during the Gaza military campaign, including one reported to have killed more than 40 people, and formally demanded compensation.
            (AP, 5/5/09)
2009          May 5, A restricted UN report said IAEA inspectors detected nuclear particles in Egypt last year and in 2007. A senior diplomat accredited to the agency said that it was the first time the traces were reported by the Vienna-based nuclear monitor.
            (AP, 5/6/09)

2009          May 9, UN officials said a UN-sponsored treaty to combat highly dangerous chemicals has been expanded beyond the original "dirty dozen" to include nine more substances that are used in pesticides, flame retardants and other products.
            (AP, 5/9/09)

2009          May 11, The UN condemned a "bloodbath" in Sri Lanka's northern war zone after two days of shelling that a government doctor said killed as many as 1,000 ethnic Tamil civilians, including 106 children.
            (AP, 5/11/09)

2009          May 18, UN military commanders told top UN officials that Congolese rebels integrated into the country's army as part of a peace deal are looting, raping and killing the civilians they are meant to protect.
            (AP, 5/18/09)

2009          May 19, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon formally named Bill Clinton as its special envoy to Haiti.
            (AP, 5/19/09)
2009          May 19, The UN Security Council said that it had asked the Congolese government to investigate and arrest five high-ranking army officers known to have committed atrocities.
            (AP, 5/19/09)

2009          May 22, The African Union called on the UN Security Council to take "immediate measures" to impose sanctions on Eritrea over its support for Islamist insurgents in Somalia.
            (AFP, 5/22/09)

2009          May 28, In Senegal UN, African Union, EU and Arab League representatives met with Mauritian political parties in Dakar to discuss upcoming polls and a political stalemate since a coup.
            (AFP, 5/28/09)

2009          Jun 10, Sudan’s President Omar al-Beshir inaugurated a new plant that he said will begin producing ethanol from sugar cane with a target of 200 million liters in two years. Former rebels who fought a devastating 22-year civil war in south Sudan began laying down their arms as the UN’s biggest demobilization program stepped up a gear.
            (AFP, 6/10/09)
2009          Jun 10, Western powers reached agreement with North Korea's key allies on a UN draft proposal that would impose tough new sanctions on the communist nation's weapons exports and financial dealings, and allow inspections of suspect cargo in ports and on the high seas.
            (AP, 6/10/09)(SFC, 6/11/09, p.A3)

2009          Jun 12, The UN Security Council agreed to expand an arms embargo against North Korea with the goal of derailing the isolated nation's nuclear and missile programs. It passed Resolution 1874 authorizing the search of North Korean ship suspected of carrying illegal arms.
            (AP, 6/13/09)(Econ, 6/27/09, p.50)

2009          Jun 15, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva brought a message of worker solidarity and economic responsibility to the United Nations. He left with some rare, sharp criticism from human rights groups that once championed his government.
            (AP, 6/15/09)
2009          Jun 15, Moscow vetoed a Western-proposed resolution to extend the mandate of UN monitors in the breakaway region of Abkhazia. It designed to buy time to negotiate a long-term plan for the 16-year-old monitoring mission in the Black Sea rebel region.
            (Reuters, 6/16/09)

2009          Jun 18, In Haiti a confrontation between UN peacekeepers and mourners for Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, a popular priest allied with former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, left one person dead. A video showed marchers throw rocks at UN soldiers, who periodically turn and fire their assault rifles into the air.
            (AP, 6/19/09)

2009          Jun 19, The United States joined the UN Human Rights Council, a body widely criticized for failing to confront abuses around the world and for acting primarily to condemn Israel, one of Washington's closest allies.
            (AP, 6/19/09)
2009          Jun 19, The UN Food and Agriculture Organization said one in six people in the world, or more than 1 billion, is now hungry, a historic high due largely to the global economic crisis and stubbornly high food prices.
            (AP, 6/19/09)
2009          Jun 19, The UN said Colombia's coca crop shrank by nearly a fifth last year while cultivation of the bush that is the basis of cocaine rose for a third straight year in Peru and Bolivia, the world's two other coca-producing nations.
            (AP, 6/19/09)

2009          Jun 30, The UN adopted a resolution calling on all 192 UN member states not to recognize any government in Honduras other than Zelaya's. Roberto Micheletti, Honduras' interim leader, warned that the only way his predecessor will return to office is through a foreign invasion. The regime that ousted Zelaya claimed that the deposed president allowed money and tons of cocaine to be flown into the Central American country on its way to the US.
            (AP, 7/1/09)

2009          Jul 2, The UN nuclear agency's governing board (IAEA) chose Yukiya Amano, a veteran Japanese diplomat as its new head. The term of the present head, Mohamed ElBaradei, ends in November.
            (AP, 7/2/09)

2009          Jul 4, In Myanmar UN chief Ban Ki-moon gave a rare public speech outlining his vision for a democratic Myanmar, just hours after the ruling junta refused to let him meet opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
            (AFP, 7/4/09)

2009          Jul 9, An African Union panel said former UN chief Kofi Annan handed the International Criminal Court the names of key suspects in Kenya's post-poll violence which he helped end last year.
            (AFP, 7/9/09)
2009          Jul 9, The UN passed a resolution extending the lifetime of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to next year. The latest extension is the second for the Tanzania-based court which had originally been scheduled wind up its lower court cases by December 2008, but had its life extended to December 2009.
            (AFP, 7/9/09)

2009          Jul 13, The UN’s highest court set travel rules for the Nicaraguan river that borders Costa Rica, affirming freedom for Costa Rican boats while upholding Nicaragua's right to regulate traffic.
            (AP, 7/13/09)

2009          Jul 16, The UN Security Council banned travel and froze assets of 10 North Korean individuals and businesses linked to the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
            (SFC, 7/17/09, p.A2)
2009          Jul 16, In northwestern Pakistan gunmen killed UN employee Zill-e-Usman (59) and a guard during a failed kidnap attempt at a refugee camp near Peshawar, a blow to humanitarian efforts to help civilians displaced by army offensives against the Taliban.
            (AP, 7/16/09)(SFC, 7/17/09, p.A2)

2009          Jul 17, The UN said an international accord requiring governments to publicly identify sites of environmental pollution will come into force on Oct. 8.
            (AP, 7/17/09)

2009          Jul 20, A UN war crimes court in the Hague convicted Milan Lukic and Sredoje Lukic, two Bosnian Serb cousins, for a "callous" 1992 killing spree that included locking scores of Muslims in two houses and burning them alive in Visegrad. He sentenced Milan to life in prison and Sredoje to 30 years.
            (AP, 7/20/09)
2009          Jul 20, In Somalia Islamic insurgents with alleged links with al-Qaida looted two United Nations compounds in southern Somalia, and announced they will ban three UN agencies from operating in areas the militants control.
            (AP, 7/20/09)

2009          Jul 30, The UN Security Council unanimously extended the mandate for the joint UN-African Union peacekeeping mission which has been slowly deploying in Sudan's conflict-torn Darfur region.
            (Reuters, 7/30/09)

2009          Jul 31, UN human rights experts asked Azerbaijan to stop curbing free speech and to protect journalists from harassment, violence and even murder.
            (Reuters, 7/31/09)

2009          Aug 11, Former US President Bill Clinton appointed the physician and Harvard University professor Paul Farmer as the UN Deputy Special Envoy to Haiti to assist in advancing the economic and social development of the impoverished Caribbean nation.

2009          Sep 7, The UN’s Children's Fund reacted furiously to Sri Lanka's decision to expel its spokesman over his allegedly pro-rebel stance in the final stages of the island's ethnic war. James Elder, communications chief for UNICEF in Sri Lanka, was accused by the government of issuing "propaganda" in support of the Tamil Tiger separatists before their defeat at the hands of government forces in May.
            (AFP, 9/7/09)

2009          Sep 14, The US attended its first formal meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, saying it will try to promote dialogue at a body it once avoided and heavily criticized.
            (AP, 9/14/09)

2009          Sep 15, Israeli and Palestinian activists presented the most detailed vision yet of what a peace deal could look like. It included more than 400 pages crammed with maps, timetables for troop withdrawals and even a list of weapons a non-militarized Palestine would be barred from having. The UN Goldstone Commission accused Israel of having deliberately committed war crimes during its 3-week attack on Gaza in January.
            (AP, 9/15/09)(Econ, 9/19/09, p.14)
2009          Sep 15, The UN refugee agency said 16 African migrants have died and another 49 were missing and presumed dead after trying to cross the Gulf of Aden in three boats. One boat reached Yemen on Sep 13, one had capsized on Sep 13 and one sank on Sep 14.
            (AP, 9/15/09)

2009          Sep 16, Israel rejected UN calls to open an independent inquiry into its conduct in last winter's Gaza Strip war and said it would launch a diplomatic offensive to block any attempt to bring its soldiers before an international war crimes tribunal. The Goldstone Commission report had concluded that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes during its December incursion into Gaza. It also concluded that there was evidence that Palestinian armed groups had committed war crimes against humanity.
            (AP, 9/16/09)(SSFC, 9/20/09, p.A20)

2009          Sep 17, In Somalia Islamist insurgents drove two stolen UN cars loaded with explosives onto the main base of African Union peacekeepers and triggered massive blasts that a witness said killed 21 people, including 4 suicide bombers, 16 officials from the government and AMISOM, the AU peacekeeping force, and the Burundian deputy commander of the force. Islamist insurgents said the attack was in revenge for a US commando raid that killed an al-Qaida operative. An hour later missiles were fired from the AU base strike rebel-controlled areas of Mogadishu, killing seven people and wounded 16.
            (AP, 9/17/09)(AP, 9/18/09)

2009          Sep 21, Grant Kippen, the Canadian head of the UN-backed panel investigating fraud in Afghanistan's presidential vote, said the panel has agreed to allow a recount of just a sampling of hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots to speed the process. In southern Afghanistan a roadside bomb killed an American service member.
            (AP, 9/21/09)(AP, 9/22/09)

2009          Sep 22, The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced that flash floods and lighting have claimed 187 lives and affected 635,273 people in west Africa since the rainy season started in June. This included 103 dead in Sierra Leone, followed by Ghana (24), Mali (20), Ivory Coast (19), Burkina Faso (8), Niger (7) and Senegal (6).
            (AFP, 9/22/09)

2009          Sep 23, US President Barack Obama delivered a stern message to global leaders to work together to solve the world's most pressing problems in his maiden speech to UN General Assembly. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon challenged world leaders to cleanse the globe of nuclear weapons, tackle the threat of catastrophic climate change and combat growing poverty from the global financial crisis.
            (AFP, 9/23/09)(AP, 9/23/09)

2009          Sep 24, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a historic resolution aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons at a summit-level meeting chaired by President Barack Obama.
            (AP, 9/24/09)

2009          Sep 28, In Thailand climate talks kicked off in Bangkok with the UN urging nations to break the deadlock over a global warming deal that is supposed to be finalized in just 70 days time, and warning that failure to act would leave future generations fighting for survival.
            (AP, 9/28/09)

2009          Sep 30, In North Korea a ceremony marked the return of UN Development Program to the country. UNDP withdrew its operations in March 2007 following allegations that the agency had left itself open to exploitation by the communist regime for money laundering and other illicit purposes. A UN audit cleared UNDP of wrongdoing in June, 2008.
            (AP, 9/30/09)
2009          Sep 30, The UN dismissed Peter Galbraith, the top US diplomat at the UN mission in Afghanistan, after he quarreled with Kai Eide, his European boss, over the Afghan presidential election.
            (Reuters, 9/30/09)

2009          Oct 1, In Switzerland senior American and Iranian delegates met one-on-one during a lunch break at seven-nation talks in Geneva. Iran brought a broad range of geopolitical issues to the table, while the six powers, the permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany, sought to soften Iran's resistance to freezing its uranium enrichment program. Iran accepted a demand to allow UN inspectors into its covertly built enrichment plant.
            (AP, 10/1/09)(AP, 10/2/09)

2009          Oct 5, A UN agency said Norway enjoys the world's highest quality of life, while Niger suffers the lowest, as it released Human Development Index, a ranking that highlights the wide disparities in well-being between rich and poor countries.
            (AP, 10/5/09)(http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/)
2009          Oct 5, In Pakistan a suicide bomber disguised as a security officer struck the lobby of the UN food agency's headquarters in Islamabad, killing five people a day after the new leader of the Pakistani Taliban vowed fresh assaults.
            (AP, 10/5/09)

2009          Oct 9, In Haiti 11 UN peacekeepers were killed when a CASA C-212 surveillance flight slammed into a mountain. The victims were Uruguayan and Jordanian troops serving with the 9,000-strong UN peacekeeping force that has been in Haiti since 2004.
            (AP, 10/10/09)

2009          Oct 16, The UN Human Rights Council voted to endorse a Gaza war crimes report and send it to the Security Council, possibly setting up international prosecution of Israelis and Palestinians accused of war crimes.
            (AP, 10/16/09)

2009          Oct 25, In Iran UN IAEA inspectors got their first look inside the Fordo uranium enrichment site 20 miles north of Qom, a once-secret uranium enrichment facility that has raised Western suspicions about the extent of Iran's nuclear program.
            (AP, 10/25/09)

2009          Oct 28, In Afghanistan Taliban militants wearing suicide vests and police uniforms stormed a guest house used by UN staff in the heart of Kabul. 11 people were killed, including 5 UN staff, 3 attackers, 2 security guards and an Afghan civilian. It was the biggest in a series of attacks intended to undermine next month's presidential runoff election. The assault included rocket attacks at the presidential palace and the city's main luxury hotel. Two NATO members were killed in bomb blasts in the south, including one American.
            (AP, 10/28/09)(AP, 10/29/09)
2009          Oct 28, The UN said Zimbabwe's government has blocked a visit by Manfred Nowak, the UN’s torture investigator who was to examine alleged attacks on opposition activists by ruling party supporters.
            (AP, 10/28/09)

2009          Oct 29, Honduras filed a case at the UN's highest court accusing Brazil of meddling in internal Honduran affairs by allowing ousted President Manuel Zelaya to stay at its embassy in Tegucigalpa since Sep 21.
            (AP, 10/29/09)

2009          Nov 2, A top UN official announced that the UN has withdrawn its support for Congolese army units operating in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, accusing its soldiers of killing 62 civilians.
            (AFP, 11/2/09)

2009          Nov 5, The UN said at least 50 peacekeepers have received punishments ranging from reduction in military rank to eight months imprisonment for committing sexual abuses on United Nations missions since 2007.
            (AP, 11/5/09)
2009          Nov 5, The UN said that it will send more than half its international staff either out of Afghanistan or into more secure compounds following last week's deadly Taliban attack against UN workers, the most direct targeting of its employees during decades of work in the country.
            (AP, 11/5/09)

2009          Nov 6, A UN report said 2 Iranian businessmen working at a Dubai-based firm were linked to video surveillance devices sold to Sudan and used in unmanned drones in Darfur in violation of a UN arms embargo.
            (Reuters, 11/6/09)

2009          Nov 10, Libya signed an agreement with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to join forces to crack down on organized crime in the Maghreb region.
            (AFP, 11/11/09)

2009          Nov 13, A UN official said an agreement has been reached for sweeping anticorruption reviews on how countries account for their public assets. The pact came after talks in Qatar's capital, Doha, between the United Nations, World Bank and watchdog groups.
            (AP, 11/13/09)

2009          Nov 16, A 3-day summit on world hunger opened in Rome. Zimbabwe’s Pres. Mugabe used the UN summit on world hunger to lash out at the West and defend land reforms blamed for plunging his people into starvation. Some 60 heads of state and dozens of minister rejected a UN call to commit $44 billion annually for agricultural development in poor countries.
            (AP, 11/17/09)(SFC, 11/17/09, p.A8)

2009          Nov 17, Zimbabwe’s Pres. Mugabe used the UN summit on world hunger in Rome to lash out at the West and defend land reforms blamed for plunging his people into starvation.
            (AP, 11/17/09)

2009          Nov 18, In Italy the head of a UN food agency expressed regret that an anti-hunger summit failed to result in precise promises of funding, and critics said the meeting had only thrown crumbs to the world's 1 billion people without enough to eat.
            (AP, 11/18/09)

2009          Nov 24, A report was leaked on the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the CongoDRC, better known as MONUC. The report alleged collusion between peacekeepers and Congo’s army to help various rebel groups in exchange for cash and access to mineral wealth.
            (Econ, 11/28/09, p.54)(http://congosiasa.blogspot.com/2009/11/leak-un-expert-report.html)

2009          Nov 25, A United Nations report confirmed that one of Africa's most brutal rebel movements relies on a vast, international network of supporters in at least 25 countries including in the US and Europe who facilitate arms trafficking, money transfers and day-to-day operational support. The findings are a scathing indictment of how little has been done by the international community to cut off logistical support to the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), an ethnic Hutu militia which has wreaked havoc in Congo.
            (AP, 11/25/09)

2009          Nov 27, Haiti's UN peacekeeping mission urged local officials to provide a justification for banning 17 political groups from participating in next year's legislative elections.
            (AP, 11/27/09)

2009          Nov 30, The United Nations asked for $7.1 billion to pay for its humanitarian work around the world next year, with Sudan and its troubled Darfur region most in need and Afghanistan rising to second.
            (AP, 11/30/09)

2009          Dec 1, In Vienna Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano took the helm of the UN atomic watchdog (IAEA), pledging a steady hand to steer the agency through the storm surrounding Iran's nuclear drive. Mohamed ElBaradei (67), the outgoing Egyptian chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), handed over his leadership to Yukiya Amano.
            (AP, 11/30/09)(AFP, 12/1/09)

2009          Dec 8, The UN weather agency reported that this decade is on track to become the warmest since records began in 1850, and 2009 could rank among the top-five warmest years, on the second day of a pivotal 192-nation climate conference.
            (AP, 12/8/09)

2009          Dec 14, Human Rights Watch said a UN-backed Congolese military operation to oust rebels from eastern Congo has caused more civilian casualties than damage to rebels, with more than 1,400 people deliberately killed over a nine-month period.
            (AP, 12/14/09)

2009          Dec 18, The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said an estimated 74,000 Africans, mainly from Ethiopia and Somalia, have fled to Yemen as refugees or economic migrants. That's a 50 percent higher than in 2008.
            (AP, 12/18/09)

2009          Dec 19, In Denmark the 13-day UN climate conference ended. It narrowly escaped collapse by agreeing to recognize a political accord brokered by President Barack Obama with China and other emerging powers. The US supported the idea that, by 2020, $100 billion should be flowing from the north to the south every year to pay for emissions reduction and climate adaptation. A small group of nations blocked the Copenhagen Accord, because it lacked specific targets for reducing carbon emissions. After a break, the conference president gaveled the decision to "take note" of the agreement instead of formally approving it. Experts said that clears the way for the accord to become operational in practice even though it has not been formally approved by the conference. Several developing countries, including Bolivia, Cuba, Sudan and Venezuela, bitterly protested the deal and said it is unacceptable because it lacks specific targets for reducing carbon emissions.
            (AP, 12/19/09)(SSFC, 12/20/09, p.A1)(Econ, 10/30/10, p.79)

2009          Dec 21, The UN accused the Ugandan-based Lord's Resistance Army of killing, mutilating and raping villagers in Sudan and Congo in what may have been crimes against humanity.
            (AP, 12/21/09)

2009          Dec 23, The UN Security Council voted to renew the mandate of peacekeeping forces in Congo by 5 months instead of the usual year amid plans to overhaul their role in the war-torn country.
            (Reuters, 12/23/09)
2009          Dec 23, The UN Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea and pledged to slap financial and travel restrictions on its leaders for arming Islamist militants in Somalia.
            (SFC, 12/24/09, p.A2)

2009           The UN estimated the illegal drug industry is worth some $320 billion a year.
            (Econ, 3/7/09, p.15)
2009          In the Ivory Coast a random poll of 10 underage girls in Toulepleu by aid group Save The Children U.K. found that eight performed sexual acts for UN-Benin peacekeepers on a regular basis in order to secure their most basic needs. A 2010 diplomatic cable revealed that "Eight of the 10 said they had ongoing sexual relationships with Beninese soldiers in exchange for food or lodging," citing information shared with the embassy by a protection officer.
            (AP, 9/1/11)

2010          Jan 5, The UN food agency said it is stopping aid distribution to about 1 million people in southern Somalia because of attacks against staff and demands by armed groups that aid organizations remove women from their teams.
            (AP, 1/5/10)

2010          Jan 7, A top UN human rights investigator said video footage purportedly showing troops shooting blindfolded, naked Tamils in the final months of Sri Lanka's civil war, appeared to be authentic. The video, reportedly shot by a soldier with a mobile phone, revived calls for a war crimes investigation and cast a shadow over the upcoming presidential elections.
            (AP, 1/8/10)

2010          Jan 15, In Haiti the UN and other aid organizations struggled to get food and water to stricken millions. Fears spread of unrest among the people in their fourth day of desperation. France urged Haiti’s creditors to cancel the nation’s debt.
            (AP, 1/15/10)(SFC, 1/16/10, p.A2)
2010          Jan 15, A UN official said North Korea is meting out harsher punishment to citizens who try to flee the country, a sign that overall human rights conditions remain dire in the communist state.
            (AP, 1/15/10)

2010          Jan 17, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon flew to Haiti to support earthquake relief efforts and to visit his staff's devastated headquarters in what the agency is calling the most challenging disaster it has ever faced.
            (AP, 1/17/10)

2010          Jan 19, A UN report said corruption in Afghanistan is so entrenched that Afghans had to pay bribes worth nearly a quarter of the country's GDP last year.
            (AP, 1/19/10)

2010          Jan 28, The US formally pledged to the UN that it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% (from what they were in 2005) by 2020. Meeting the target depended on getting a climate bill through Congress.
            (Econ, 2/6/10, p.38)

2010          Jan 31, In Ethiopia UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended the AU's annual summit in Addis Ababa and again failed to pledge peacekeepers for Somalia. Ban Ki-Moon criticized power-grabs in Africa in a speech to the continent's leaders as Libya's Moamer Kadhafi reluctantly handed over the presidency of the African Union to Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika. The AU agreed to consider a Senegalese proposal to resettle Haiti's earthquake homeless and possibly create a state for them in Africa.
            (Reuters, 1/31/10)(AFP, 1/31/10)(Reuters, 1/31/10)

2010          Feb 9, The UN said in an international appeal that aid groups in Pakistan need nearly $538 million over the next six months to help hundreds of thousands of people displaced by army clashes against the Taliban.
            (AP, 2/9/10)

2010          Feb 11, Willem Wijnstekers, head of the UN program to protect endangered species, said that Zimbabwe security forces had killed over 200 rhinos over the past 2 years putting that population on the verge of extinction.
            (SFC, 2/12/10, p.A2)

2010          Feb 22, A UN report said sales of household electrical gadgets will boom across the developing world in the next decade, wreaking environmental havoc if there are no new strategies to deal with the discarded TVs, cell phones and computers.
            (AP, 2/22/10)

2010          Feb 28, A UN-backed military operation against Rwandan Hutu rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was launched. The operation will involve 18 battalions from the Congolese FARDC army in a series of targeted attacks throughout north and south Kivu provinces in Congo's conflict-racked east.
            (AP, 3/4/10)

2010          Mar 13, In Qatar a two week UN conference opened with a focus on the Atlantic bluefin tuna and other marine life in the world's overfished oceans. The 175-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) discussed new proposals on regulating the trade in number of plant and animal species.
            (AP, 3/13/10)

2010          Mar 18, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon signed a cooperation agreement with Nikolai Bordyuzha, the head of the Collective Treaty Organization, a Moscow-dominated alliance that includes Russia and six other former Soviet republics.
            (AP, 3/18/10)

2010          Mar 20, UN chief Ban Ki-moon, after getting a closer look at some of the Israeli enclaves scattered across Palestinian-claimed territories, said Israeli settlement building anywhere on occupied land is illegal and must be stopped.
            (AP, 3/20/10)

2010          Mar 24, The UN and Interpol released a joint report saying gorillas in central Africa are in danger from illegal logging, mining and from hunters who are killing great apes for meat.
            (AP, 3/24/10)

2010          Mar 25, The top UN envoy for Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, met with delegates from Hezb-e-Islami, the country's second-biggest militant group, who are in Kabul for talks on a possible peace deal. Hezb-e-Islami is headed by warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is black-listed as a terrorist by the UN and the US.
            (AFP, 3/25/10)
2010          Mar 25, In Switzerland the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council (HRC) voted 20-17 for a text that lists the “defamation of religion” as an infringement of liberty.
            (Econ, 4/3/10, p.62)

2010          Mar 31, Nearly 50 donors pledged $9.9 billion in reconstruction aid for Haiti at a UN donor conference, but leaders and businessmen stressed private investment would be the key to improving the lot of the hemisphere's poorest nation.
            (AP, 4/1/10)

2010          Apr 2, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pushed Turkmenistan to improve its human rights record, opening a trip through ex-Soviet Central Asia where complaints of violations are extensive.
            (AP, 4/2/10)

2010          Apr 3, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon repeatedly criticized Kyrgyzstan for human rights problems, a strong rebuke to the country once regarded as former Soviet Central Asia's "island of democracy."
            (AP, 4/3/10)

2010          Apr 4, In Uzbekistan UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the drying up of the Aral Sea one of the planet's most shocking disasters and urged Central Asian leaders to step up efforts to solve the problem.
            (AP, 4/4/10)

2010          Apr 5, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Uzbekistan to fulfill its international human rights commitments and take further steps toward improving the repressive political cli-mate in the Central Asian nation.
            (AP, 4/5/10)

2010          Apr 6, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized as "unacceptable" Uzbekistan's placing of land mines along parts of its border with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan that have not been delineated.
            (AP, 4/6/10)

2010          Apr 20, A UN court delivered a long-awaited ruling rejecting Argentina's claim that a Uruguayan pulp mill pollutes their shared river. Both sides said the decision by the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands gave them what they need to resolve their differences, with Argentina taking heart from a part of the ruling that said Uruguay did not properly inform it about the project. Argentine activists were still blocking the main bridge across the river and refused to give up their fight. Activists in June voted to lift their four-year bridge blockade.
            (AP, 4/21/10)(AP, 6/17/10)

2010          Apr 22, The UN World Health Organization and UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) asked for funds for vaccinations saying almost 200 children have died of measles in 16 African countries in the first three months of this year.
            (AFP, 4/22/10)

2010          Apr 23, Diplomats said Iran has agreed to give the UN nuclear monitoring agency greater inspection and monitoring rights to a sensitive site where it is enriching uranium to higher levels.
            (AP, 4/23/10)

2010          May 3, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seized center stage at the opening of a monthlong debate at the United Nations on how to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. But behind the scenes, UN Security Council powers were discussing ways to punish Iran for defying their demands that it curb nuclear activities that could be used to make bombs.
            (AP, 5/4/10)

2010          May 4, The Croatian government and the UN said Justice Minister Ivan Simonovic has been chosen to be assistant UN secretary-general for human rights.
            (AP, 5/4/10)

2010          May 5, Yukiya Amano, the head of the UN atomic watchdog, asked for international in-put on an Arab-led push to have Israel join the Nonproliferation Treaty, in a move that adds to pressure on the Jewish state to disclose its unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.
            (AP, 5/6/10)

2010          May 12, The UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan said Clashes between rival Arab tribes have claimed 107 lives since March in Darfur, warning of a buildup of government and rebel troops in the region.
            (AFP, 5/12/10)

2010          May 13, The UN General Assembly approved all 14 candidates for the 14 seats on the 47-member Human Rights Council. Human rights groups criticized the poor human rights re-cords 7 of the candidates: Angola, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Qatar, Thailand and Uganda.
            (SFC, 5/14/10, p.A2)

2010          May 23, In Gaza masked gunmen stormed a UN-run Gaza summer camp early on Sun-day and set it on fire, threatening "harsh measures" against the Gaza director of UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.
            (AFP, 5/23/10)

2010          May 24, Iran, seeking to evade new UN sanctions, formally submitted its plan to swap some of its enriched uranium for reactor fuel and said the onus was on world powers to defuse tensions by accepting the deal.
            (AP, 5/24/10)

2010          May 25, Chad's government succeeded in forcing a 3,300-strong UN peacekeeping force operating in Chad and the Central African Republic to pull out by the end of this year.  The UN Food and Agriculture Organization warned that a dramatic shortfall in donations for Chad's agriculture relief puts 2 million people at risk of hunger.
            (AP, 5/25/10)

2010          May 28, The UN, bowing to pressure from Congo's President Joseph Kabila, agreed to withdraw up to 2,000 peacekeeping troops and redefine the remaining force as a "stabilization" mission in his nation to coincide with its 50th anniversary of independence on June 30.
            (AP, 5/28/10)

2010          May 31, Indonesia's failure to ban tobacco advertising or enforce laws against smoking in bars and restaurants came under heavy fire as the UN marked world anti-tobacco day.
            (AP, 5/31/10)
2010          May 31, UN chief Ban Ki-moon called for African nations to cooperate with the International Criminal Court by arresting fugitive Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, and some of his commanders.
            (AP, 5/31/10)
2010          May 31, The UN atomic agency said Iran has amassed more than two tons of enriched uranium in a report that heightened Western concerns about the country developing the ability to produce a nuclear weapon.
            (AP, 5/31/10)

2010          Jun 1, China called on Iran to improve its cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog, after the agency said in a report that Tehran was pressing ahead with its controversial atomic program.
            (AFP, 6/1/10)

2010          Jun 2, UN chief Ban Ki-moon demanded that Israel lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip immediately in the wake of its deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.
            (AP, 6/3/10)

2010          Jun 3, Israel rejected calls from the UN and others for an international investigation of its deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla but left the door open to foreign involvement. The Foreign Press Association demanded that Israel’s military stop using the captured material without permission and identify the source of the video already released. The material appeared Wednesday on the army's YouTube site labeled as "captured."
            (AP, 6/3/10)

2010          Jun 4, South Korea handed over a letter officially referring North Korea to the UN Security Council over the March 26 sinking of the Cheonan, which left 46 sailors killed.
            (AP, 6/4/10)

2010          Jun 5, Rwanda hosted UN World Environment Day with a ceremony to name 11 endangered baby mountain gorillas in which Internet users worldwide were for the first time able to take part.
            (AFP, 6/5/10)

2010          Jun 8, The UN refugee agency said it is being expelled from Libya without explanation despite being responsible for thousands of refugees in the North African country. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees received a note from Libyan authorities last week ordering it to cease its work and leave the country.
            (AP, 6/8/10)
2010          Jun 8, A Russian source close to Security Council talks told reporters that UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program have been "completely agreed upon."
            (Reuters, 6/8/10)

2010          Jun 9, The US, Russia and France dismissed a proposal by Iran to swap some of its enriched uranium for reactor fuel hours before an expected UN Security Council vote on new sanctions. The UN Security Council endorsed a 4th round of sanctions against Iran.
            (AP, 6/9/10)(Econ, 6/12/10, p.15)

2010          Jun 10, Iran said it will review relations with the UN nuclear watchdog a day after the UN Security Council approved a fourth round of sanctions against Tehran over its disputed nuclear program. Russia looked set to freeze the sale to Tehran of S300 air defense missiles in response to new UN sanctions on Iran.
            (AP, 6/10/10)(AFP, 6/10/10)

2010          Jun 17, The United Nations said it will set up a panel to probe war crimes in Sri Lanka despite repeated protests from the island's hawkish government.
            (AFP, 6/17/10)

2010          Jun 18, The UN said a recent measles outbreak in eastern and southern Africa has killed more than 700 people, threatening to reverse gains made over several years to stem the disease.
            (AP, 6/18/10)
2010          Jun 18, In Haiti UN and Haitian police raided a crowded earthquake survivor camp to capture 30 criminal suspects in the biggest law-enforcement operation since the Jan. 12 earth-quake.
            (AP, 6/19/10)

2010          Jun 21, The UN Human Rights Council unanimously elected Thailand's ambassador in Geneva as its president for the coming year. Sihasak Phuangketkeow succeeds Belgium's Alex Van Meeuwen after being nominated as the Asian region's sole candidate.
            (AP, 6/21/10)

2010          Jun 24, Libya justified its closure of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in a statement that included claims its representative had offered refugee status in exchange for sex.
            (AP, 6/25/10)

2010          Jun 27, A new UN report cited political repression as one of the main forces preventing Egyptian youths, who make up a quarter of the population, from participating in the country's development.
            (AP, 6/27/10)

2010          Jun 28, In central Gaza 2 dozen masked men vandalized a UN summer camp for children, burning and slashing tents, toys and a plastic swimming pool. It was the second such attack in just over a month.
            (AP, 6/28/10)

2010          Jul 6, Britain's Queen Elizabeth (84) addressed the UN for the first time since1957. The queen's 10-minute speech to a special session of the General Assembly was finished before Netherlands and Uruguay returned to their soccer match in Cape Town. Netherlands moved to the finals after beating Uruguay 3-2.
            (Reuters, 7/6/10)

2010          Jul 21, Sudanese rebel group JEM signed a landmark deal with the UN, pledging to protect children caught up in the Darfur conflict.
            (AFP, 7/21/10)

2010          Jul 22, The UN Security Council pressed for effective actions to combat the growing threat of drug trafficking and organized crime in the west African nation of Guinea-Bissau.
            (AFP, 7/22/10)
2010          Jul 22, The UN's highest court said that Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008 did not break international law.
            (AP, 7/22/10)

2010          Jul 29, The UN released $650 million in Iraqi compensation to Kuwait, the latest payment of a war reparation scheme that began in 1994. The payment brings the total sum of compensation paid to Kuwait to $30.15 billion. A further $22.3 billion is due to Kuwait.
            (AFP, 7/29/10)

2010          Jul 30, A UN panel of experts called on Israel to fall in line with international norms on civil rights and to take action against targeted killings, torture and impunity for security forces.
            (AP, 7/30/10)
2010          Jul 30, The UN Security Council extended the stay of peacekeepers in Sudan's western Darfur region by another year, telling the force to focus primarily on protecting civilians and aid deliveries.
            (Reuters, 7/30/10)
2010          Jul 30, UNESCO added a region of mountainous forests in Sri Lanka and the Papa-hanaumokuakea archipelago off Hawaii to the World Heritage list. Florida's Everglades and Madagascar's tropical forest were added to the roll of endangered sites, which is meant to ring alarm bells and encourage protective measures.
            (AFP, 7/31/10)

2010          Jul 31, UNESCO added seven cultural sites to its World Heritage List including Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, home to nuclear bomb testing in the 1940s and 1950s. Also added to the list were the Turaif District in Saudi Arabia; Australia's penal colony sites; the Jantar Mantar astronomical observation site in India; a shrine in Ardabil in Iran; the Tabriz historic bazaar complex, also in Iran; and the historic villages of Hahoe and Yangdong in South Korea.
            (AP, 8/1/10)

2010          Aug 2, UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced a four-member panel, including an Israeli and a Turk, to probe Israel's deadly raid in May on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.
            (AP, 8/2/10)
2010          Aug 2, UNESCO added 6 sites located in Brazil, China, Mexico, France's Reunion Is-land and the South Pacific nation of Kiribati to World Heritage status.
            (AP, 8/2/10)

2010          Aug 3, The UN launched an appeal for 478 million dollars (362 million euros) in aid to Zimbabwe, 100 million dollars more than in 2009, saying the country was at crossroads.
            (AFP, 8/3/10)

2010          Aug 11, The UN appealed for $459 million in aid for flood-hit Pakistan, warning of a second wave of death among sick, hungry survivors unless help arrived quickly.
            (Reuters 8/11/10)

2010          Aug 15, UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged the world to quicken aid for up to 20 million people hit by Pakistan's worst humanitarian crisis as he flew in to visit areas ravaged by record floods.
            (AFP, 8/15/10)

2010          Aug 18, In the Democratic of Republic of Congo 3 Indian UN peacekeepers were killed in a surprise attack on their base by 50 fighters armed with machetes, spears and traditional weapons. The next day Congolese soldiers arrested two suspects in the killing of the Indian  peacekeepers.
            (Reuters, 8/18/10)(AFP, 8/19/10)
2010          Aug 18, Iran took its case against the United States to the UN and strongly condemned the top US military chief for saying military action remains a possibility if the country develops nuclear weapons.
            (AP, 8/18/10)

2010          Aug 19, The UN said more than 4 million Pakistanis have been made homeless by nearly 3 weeks of floods, making the critical task of securing greater amounts of aid more urgent.
            (Reuters, 8/19/10)

2010          Aug 20, UN agencies stepped up calls for donors to cash up pledges for Pakistan in or-der to prevent what UN chief Ban Ki-moon called a "slow-motion tsunami" from wrecking further catastrophe.
            (AFP, 8/20/10)

2010          Aug 24, The UN said some 80,000 people have been cut off by floods in Pakistan and that it needs at least 40 more helicopters to ferry aid to increasingly desperate people.
            (SFC, 8/25/10, p.A3)

2010          Aug 27, The UN anti-racism panel called on Iran to counter racism and ethnic discrimination, including incitement to hatred by officials and "double discrimination suffered by women from minorities.
            (AP, 8/27/10)

2010          Sep 7, The UN said more than 10 million people have been left without shelter in Pakistan's floods for the past 6 weeks, in "one of the worst humanitarian disasters" in UN history.
            (AFP, 9/7/10)

2010          Sep 8, The UN Children's Fund launched a scheme to provide 13 million textbooks to Zimbabwe's students, in a 50-million-dollar effort to revive the struggling school system.
            (AFP, 9/8/10)
2010          Sep 8, Iran’s UN ambassador Mohammad Khazaee told the UN General Assembly his country needs more international help to combat the narcotics trade which he said was the "main financial source" for militant groups in the region.
            (AFP, 9/8/10)

2010          Sep 13, The UN court that settles disputes among member states swore in 2 new female judges, one from the United States and one from China to join the 15-member bench. Russia's Yury Fedotov took office as the UN's new drugs and crime czar. He replaced Italy's Antonio Maria Costa as the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and will also oversee the UN office in the Austrian capital.
            (AP, 9/13/10)
2010          Sep 13, The head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency warned that Iran's selective cooperation with his inspectors means that he cannot confirm that all of Tehran's atomic activities are peaceful.
            (AP, 9/13/10)

2010          Sep 21, The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) said 40 young Europeans are murdered every day, with Russia, Albania and Kazakhstan having the highest homicide rates for people aged 10-29.
            (AP, 9/21/10)

2010          Sep 24, The UN atomic watchdog threw out an Arab-backed resolution urging Israel to accede to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The International Atomic Energy Agency, on the last day of its annual general conference, voted against the resolution, with 51 votes against, 46 votes for and 23 abstentions.
            (AFP, 9/24/10)

2010          Sep 27, Pakistan was chosen to head the UN atomic agency's governing body, despite its refusal to accept the nonproliferation treaty and its link to the nuclear black marketer who supplied Iran and North Korea.
            (AP, 9/27/10)

2010          Sep 29, The UN Security Council lifted a 13-year-old arms embargo against Sierra Leone after being assured that the nation is sufficiently stable following the civil war that ended in 2002.
            (AP, 9/29/10)

2010          Sep 30, The UN's drug agency said Afghanistan's opium production has fallen by almost half in 2010 due largely to the spread of a disease that damaged poppy plants, but the amount of land used for growing the crop remained the same after two years of declines.
            (AP, 9/30/10)

2010          Oct 1, The UN released its 545-page report into mass killings in Congo over a ten-year period. Rwanda and Uganda insisted the $3 million report is flawed and could harm security in Africa's volatile Great Lakes region.
            (AP, 10/1/10)

2010          Oct 12, At the United Nations Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa were elected to join the big guns on the UN Security Council for two years, starting in January.
            (http://news.yahoo.com/s/csm/20101012/ts_csm/331624)(Reuters, 10/13/10)

2010          Oct 14, Margot Wallstrom, the UN special representative for sexual violence in armed conflict, told the 15-nation Security Council that a man known as "Colonel Serafim" was among those believed to be responsible for the rape of over 300 people. She also said Congolese government troops are raping, killing and looting civilians in the same area of eastern Congo where militias carried out mass rapes over two months ago.
            (AP, 10/14/10)(AP, 10/14/10)

2010          Oct 17, In Morocco world leaders at the World Policy Conference (WPC) in Marrakech examined frameworks for global governance ahead of a G20 summit in Seoul, with UN chief Ban Ki-Moon stressing no single power could tackle key issues alone.
    {Morocco, UN}
            (AFP, 10/17/10)

2010          Oct 18, The UN said it is sending 100 more troops to Sudan's oil-producing Abyei region to step up security ahead of a referendum that could pitch the area back into bloodshed.
            (Reuters, 10/18/10)

2010          Oct 19, The UN said that 377 people had died in flooding in central and west Africa, with nearly 1.5 million people affected since the start of the rainy season in June. The highest toll was in Nigeria with 118, followed by Ghana (52), Sudan (50), Benin (43), Chad (24), Mauritania (21), Burkina Faso (16), Cameroon (13), Gambia (12), with other countries reporting less than 10 dead.
            (AFP, 10/19/10)

2010          Oct 21, UNESCO, the UN's cultural and education agency, suspended plans to grant a prize named after Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea's longtime dictator, after human rights groups slammed the award by citing the leader's poor human rights record.
            (AP, 10/21/10)

2010          Oct 24, In CongoDRC militia attacked a UN base near Virunga National Park. Some 100 attackers were members of the shadowy Mai Mai militia. Peacekeepers killed 8 militiamen.
            (AP, 10/26/10)

2010          Oct 28, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, called on all Lebanese to boycott the UN tribunal investigating the 2005 assassination of a former prime minister, saying all information gathered by the team was being sent to Israel. He spoke a day after a crowd of women attacked two UN investigators and a Lebanese interpreter as they gathered evidence at a private gynecology clinic in Beirut. He confirmed that the wives and relatives of Hezbollah commanders and officials were among the clinic's patients.
            (AP, 10/29/10)

2010          Oct 30, In Japan representatives to a UN conference on biodiversity agreed to expand protected areas on land and at sea in the hopes of slowing the rate of extinction of the world’s animals and plant. Scientists have estimated that the Earth is losing species at 100 to 1,000 times the historical average.
            (SFC, 10/30/10, p.A2)

2010          Nov 4, The UN named oil-rich Norway as the country with the best quality of life, while Asia has made the biggest strides in recent decades. Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Ireland followed at the top of the standings. Zimbabwe came in last among the 169 nations ranked, behind Mozambique, Burundi, Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo.
            (AFP, 11/5/10)

2010          Nov 6, United Nations officials said they were investigating reports that some 700 Congolese women were sexually attacked along the country's border with Angola. Many women had said Angolan soldiers were responsible for their attacks.
            (AP, 11/6/10)

2010          Nov 8, President Barack Obama backed India for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, a dramatic diplomatic gesture to his hosts at the end of his first visit to this booming nation. The White House said Indian and US companies have discussed or signed over $14.9 billion in deals around President Barack Obama's trip that will support 53,670 US jobs.
            (AP, 11/8/10)

2010          Nov 9, A UN report suggesting North Korea may have supplied Syria, Iran and Myanmar with banned nuclear technology headed to the Security Council. The latest report by the so-called Panel of Experts on Pyongyang's compliance with UN sanctions was delivered to the Security Council's North Korea sanctions committee in May, but did not move for nearly six months due to Chinese objections.
            (Reuters, 11/9/10)

2010          Nov 12, The UN asked for $164 million to fight the cholera outbreak in Haiti, as the death toll reached 724 with 10 of the deaths and 278 cases in the capital Port-au-Prince.
            (AP, 11/12/10)
2010          Nov 12, After weeks of delays due to Chinese objections, the UN Security Council received a report on violations of the arms embargo in Sudan's western Darfur region that infuriated Beijing. The confidential report said Khartoum committed multiple breaches of the embargo and China has done little to ensure its weaponry is not used in Darfur.
            (Reuters, 11/12/10)

2010          Nov 16, The UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized everything from the growing of corn, beans and chilies to Mexican dishes prepared with grinding stones and mortars as an ancient process worth safeguarding in the face of encroaching global influences. France's multi-course gastronomic meal, Flamenco in Spain and carpet-weaving in Azerbaijan also made the list.
            (AP, 11/17/10)

2010          Nov 19, A UN General Assembly committee passed resolutions condemning human rights violations in Iran, North Korea and Myanmar, provoking a furious reaction from their delegations. The committee passed the resolution by 80 votes to 44, with 57 abstentions.
            (AFP, 11/19/10)

2010          Nov 24, The UN human rights office says a new international treaty against enforced disappearances will come into effect on Dec. 23 after Iraq became the 20th country to ratify it. The 2006 International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance declares widespread or systematic kidnappings a crime against humanity. The US has not signed the treaty.
            (AP, 11/24/10)

2010          Nov 29, The United Nations released a report saying armed groups in volatile eastern Congo, including the army, have bypassed international efforts at reform and have instead formed criminal networks to exploit the nation's mineral wealth.
            (AP, 11/29/10)
2010          Nov 29, The UN launched an appeal for $252 million (193 million euros) in international aid to respond to the urgent needs of some 32 million West Africans in 2011.
            (AFP, 11/30/10)

2010          Dec 1, The UN said it is seeking $530 million for aid projects in Somalia next year, and it called the country's 20 years of strife a catastrophe that is "as urgent as ever."
            (AP, 12/1/10)
2010          Dec 1, The UN named 3 Rwandan rebel leaders and a Congolese military officer, suspected of recruiting child soldiers and other abuses, on its worldwide travel ban and assets freeze aimed at stemming widespread violence in Congo.
            (AP, 12/2/10)

2010          Dec 2, The UN appealed for $415 million (€315 million) to feed almost two million Zimbabweans facing near immediate malnutrition.
            (AFP, 12/2/10)

2010          Dec 16, The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1960, which called for an end to all acts of sexual violence. The Secretary-General was asked to include information on parties suspected to be responsible for acts of rape or other acts of sexual violence, which the Council would use to engage with the parties or take action against them.

2010          Dec 18, A Sri Lanka Cabinet minister backtracked saying the government will now allow a UN team to visit the country and share evidence gathered during an investigation into whether war crimes were committed during the final phase of the island's bloody civil war.
            (AP, 12/18/10)

2010          Dec 19, The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
            (AP, 12/19/10)

2010          Dec 22, The UN nuclear agency said tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste from a defunct Serbian reactor have been repatriated to Russia. The 2.5 metric tons (2.76 tons) of the spent fuel arrived at a secure Russian facility from Serbia's Vinca reactor.
            (AP, 12/22/10)
2010          Dec 22, The UN Security Council voted to increase by half the number of African Union peacekeepers supporting Somalia's transitional government against Al-Qaeda-inspired rebels.
            (AP, 12/22/10)

2010          Dec 23, The UN said at least 173 people have been killed in the Ivory Coast and 90 others tortured or treated inhumanely because of post-election violence.
            (AP, 12/23/10)

2010          Dec 29, Sudan demanded a detailed UN audit on a program to rehabilitate ex-civil war soldiers following charges that millions of dollars have been embezzled or mismanaged.
            (AFP, 12/29/10)

2010          Dec 30, The United Nations accused Ivory Coast incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo's security forces of blocking access to mass graves, saying investigators believe as many as 80 bodies may be in one building that UN personnel are being kept from entering.
            (AP, 12/30/10)

2010          The Green Climate Fund (GCF) was established within the framework of the UNFCCC. It was founded as a mechanism to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change. It is based in the new Songdo district of Incheon, South Korea.

2011          Jan 14, The UN peace mission to Nepal ended after a four-year engagement that helped end a communist insurgency.
            (AP, 1/14/11)

2011          Jan 19, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Catherine Bragg launched a $51 million appeal to help Sri Lankans recover from deadly floods as she began a 3-day visit to the island.
            (AP, 1/19/11)
2011          Jan 19, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to deploy 2,000 additional peacekeepers to Ivory Coast, where the incumbent president has refused to relinquish his post to the man internationally recognized as the legitimate leader.
            (AP, 1/19/11)
2011          Jan 19, The UN reported that Lt. Col. Kibibi Mutware, a former rebel commander integrated as a colonel into the Congolese army, has been arrested in the rapes of dozens of women in volatile eastern Congo on New Year's Day. 7 other soldiers were also arrested.
            (AP, 1/19/11)

2011          Jan 20, Ivory Coast's incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo ordered the military to stop and search UN vehicles, the latest escalation of hostilities between the man who refuses to leave office and the global body that declared his rival the election winner.
            (AP, 1/21/11)

2011          Jan 23, UN Development Program spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that the program's policy bars it from sharing internal audit reports with the Global Fund, but that it is reassessing that policy. Investigators for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria said donated prescription drugs wind up being sold on the black market. As much as two-thirds of some grants have been eaten up by corruption.
            (AP, 1/24/11)

2011          Feb 4, In Sudan two days of fighting in Malakal, a flashpoint town near the north-south border, has killed nine people, including a UN staff member.
            (AP, 2/4/11)

2011          Feb 9, An Ivory Coast regulatory board loyal to incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo ordered United Nations radio off the air. UN radio director Sylvain Semilinko said the next day that work continued as normal at UN radio headquarters as preparations were being made in case their signal was jammed.
            (AP, 2/10/11)

2011          Feb 18, The Obama administration vetoed a UN Arab-backed Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israel for continuing to build Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank.
            (AP, 2/19/11)

2011          Feb 23, A UN spokesman said  Aisha al-Khadafy, the daughter of Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy, has been terminated as good will ambassador for the UN Development Program (UNDP).
            (SFC, 2/24/11, p.A2)
2011          Feb 23, The UN Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in the Hague sentenced Vlastimir Djordjevic (62) to 27 years in prison after pronouncing him guilty of murdering at least 724 Kosovo Albanians, as well as committing inhumane acts, persecution and deportations.
            (AP, 2/23/11)

2011          Feb 26, Russia joined other UN Security Council members in ordering an arms embargo against Libya and other sanctions (Resolution 1970). Russia stood to lose a total of up to $10 billion in arms sales, including almost $4 billion with Libya, from the wave of unrest currently destabilizing regimes in north Africa and the Middle East. The UN Security Council agreed to tell the prosecutor of the Int’l. Criminal Court (ICC) to probe the Libyan crisis.
            (AFP, 2/27/11)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_Resolution_1970)

2011          Mar 1, The UN General Assembly suspended Libya from its top human rights body as governments worldwide pressured Moammar Gadhafi to halt the deadly crackdown on his people. It is the first time any country has been suspended from the 47-member council since it was formed in 2006.
            (AP, 3/2/11)
2011          Mar 1, The UN Refugee Agency said the Uganda-based Lord’s Resistance Army has killed 35 people and displaced over 1700 since January.
            (SFC, 3/2/11, p.A2)

2011          Mar 4, The UN said its Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)  has sent a team of animal health experts to North Korea to help manage an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that could worsen a food crisis.
            (AFP, 3/4/11)

2011          Mar 17, The UN Security Council voted to permit "all necessary measures" to establish a no-fly zone, protect civilian areas and impose a ceasefire on Kadhafi's military. Five countries on the 15-strong council abstained, including China, Russia, India, Brazil and Germany. Resolution 1973 outlined the "responsibility of the Libyan authorities to protect the Libyan population.
            (AFP, 3/18/11)

2011          Mar 18, The United States disavowed torture and pledged to treat terror suspects humanely, but set aside calls to drop the death penalty, as the UN carried out its first review of Washington's human rights record.
            (AP, 3/18/11)

2011          Mar 24, The UN human rights council voted to appoint an investigator to monitor Iran amid a crackdown on dissent and surge in executions in the country.
            (AFP, 3/24/11)
2011          Mar 24, The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) called on the UN Security Council to take immediate steps to force Laurent Gbagbo to cede power in Ivory Coast.
            (SFC, 3/25/11, p.A2)

2011          Mar 27, United Nations police returned full control of East Timor to the national force, more than four years after bloody clashes threatened to push the country into civil war.
            (AFP, 3/27/11)

2011          Mar 29, The UN refugee agency says over 2,000 people have arrived in Italy from Libya by boat since March 26 and more are believed to be en route.
            (AP, 3/29/11)

2011          Apr 1, In Afghanistan 7 foreigners including 4 Nepalese guards were killed after demonstrators protesting a reported burning of the Muslim holy book stormed a UN office in Mazar-e-Sharif, opening fire on guards and setting fires inside the compound. Those killed included Nepalese guards who were working for the UN and other foreigners employed at the complex. Five Afghan protesters were also killed and others wounded.
            (AP, 4/1/11)(Reuters, 4/2/11)(SFC, 4/2/11, p.A4)
2011          Apr 1, The United Nations' highest court threw out Georgia's complaint accusing Russia and separatist militias of years of ethnic cleansing in two breakaway Georgian provinces. The court said it had no jurisdiction in the case because Russia and Georgia had never attempted to negotiate a settlement to the dispute before Georgia brought it to the court.
            (AP, 4/1/11)

2011          Apr 3, Israel demanded that the United Nations bin a report critical of its deadly 2008-2009 offensive on Gaza after the author, South African judge Richard Goldstone, said he had been wrong to say it had targeted civilians.
            (AFP, 4/3/11)

2011          Apr 4, In CongoDRC a UN plane crashed while attempting to land at the airport serving Kinshasa, killing 10 people and injuring 16.
            (Reuters, 4/4/11)
2011          Apr 4, In Ivory Coast UN and French forces opened fire with attack helicopters on the home of incumbent Pres. Laurent Gbagbo and 3 strategic military garrisons as foot soldiers backing Alassane Ouattara pierced the limits of Abidjan.
            (SFC, 4/5/11, p.A4)

2011          Apr 10, In the Ivory Coast UN and French helicopters fired rockets on strongman Laurent Gbagbo's residence in an assault the UN said was to retaliate for attacks by his forces on UN headquarters and civilians.
            (Reuters, 4/10/11)

2011          Apr 13, The UN said that more than 800 people have been killed and 94,000 displaced because of violence in Southern Sudan this year. A top official warned of a humanitarian crisis if the violence continues. A militia aligned with the northern government reportedly attacked el-Feid and the nearby village of Um Barmbita in the Nuba Mountains of southern Kordofan state. Attackers burned between 300 to 500 houses and reportedly killed more than 20 people, including women and children.
            (AP, 4/13/11)(AP, 4/20/11)

2011          Apr 28, The UN nuclear agency said for the first time that a target destroyed by Israeli warplanes in the Syrian desert five years ago was a covertly built nuclear reactor, countering assertions by Syria that it had no atomic secrets to hide.
            (AP, 4/28/11)

2011          May 3, A UN report said the world’s population is growing and may hit 10.1 billion by the year 2100.
            (SFC, 5/4/11, p.A2)

2011          May 9, In Turkey a five-day UN-backed conference of the 48-member "least-developed countries" opened to address the problems of the world's poorest countries. The last such conference was hosted by the EU in Brussels in 2001. France hosted the two previous ones in 1990 and 1981.
            (AP, 5/9/11)

2011          May 13, A report was submitted to the Security Council by a UN Panel of Experts, a group that monitors compliance with UN sanctions imposed on Pyongyang after it conducted two nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009. It said North Korea and Iran appear to have been regularly exchanging ballistic missile technology in violation of UN sanctions. The report said the illicit technology transfers had "trans-shipment through a neighboring 3rd country," said to be China.
            (Reuters, 5/14/11)

2011          May 16, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, International Criminal Court prosecutor, sought an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi accusing him of committing crimes against humanity by killing protesters during an uprising against his 41-year rule.
            (Reuters, 5/16/11)

2011          May 17, China downplayed a UN report saying North Korea remains "actively engaged" in exporting ballistic missiles, components and technology to numerous customers in the Middle East, saying it was not an official Security Council report.
            (AP, 5/17/11)

2011          May 27, In southern Lebanon a roadside bomb ripped through a UN convoy carrying Italian peacekeepers, wounding six of them in the first such attack since 2008.
            (AP, 5/27/11)

2011          May 30, A UN human rights expert said gruesome new footage from the final days of Sri Lanka's civil war is authentic and proves war crimes took place there, challenging the government's claim that videos showing the army executing captured rebels in May 2009 are faked.
            (AP, 5/30/11)

2011          Jun 1, NATO agreed to extend its Libyan air war by three months and dismissed charges by Moamer Kadhafi's regime that the bombing campaign has already killed 718 civilians. Libyan oil minister Shukri Ghanem said in Rome that he now supports the rebel insurgency who have set up a de-facto capital in Benghazi. A UN panel said government forces have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes in a conflict that has left an estimated 10-15 thousand people dead.
            (AP, 6/1/11)(AP, 6/2/11)(SFC, 6/2/11, p.A4)

2011          Jun 3, The UN Security Council demanded that Sudan withdraw troops from Abyei and stop looting and attacks in the region disputed with rival southern Sudan.
            (AP, 6/4/11)

2011          Jun 6, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of South Korea announced his intention to seek a second five-year term. His current term expires at the end of December.
                      (AP, 6/6/11)

2011          Jun 10, A UN AIDS summit adopted a ground-breaking declaration that committed to providing life-saving medications to 15 million AIDS sufferers in the poorest countries by 2015.
                      (AFP, 6/10/11)

2011          Jun 17, The UN Security Council approved 2 resolutions to unlink Al-Qaida and the Taliban and recognize their different agendas.
            (SFC, 6/18/11, p.A2)

2011          Jun 20, Rival north and south Sudan signed a deal to demilitarize their disputed frontier region of Abyei and let in an Ethiopian peacekeeping force. Sudanese intelligence agents posed as Red Crescent workers and ordered some 7000 civilians to leave a UN camp in Kadugli, Southern Kordofan.
            (AP, 6/21/11)(AP, 6/23/11)(AP, 6/28/11)

2011          Jun 25, Thailand announced its withdrawal from the UN's World Heritage Convention, at a meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Paris. Thailand said it was withdrawing because the committee's consideration of Cambodia's plan for managing the Preah Vihear temple site could threaten Thai sovereignty and territory.
            (AP, 6/26/11)

2011          Jun 26, Jose Graziano da Silva of Brazil was elected as director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN agency tasked with reducing world hunger at a time of high food prices.
            (AP, 6/26/11)

2011          Jun 27, The UN Security Council ordered a 4,200-strong Ethiopian peacekeeping force to Abyei to monitor the withdrawal of northern Sudanese troops who occupied the disputed border region on May 21.
            (AFP, 6/29/11)
2011          Jun 30, A UN-backed court investigating the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri delivered four arrest warrants. Lebanese authorities were given 30 days to serve the indictments on suspects or execute arrest warrants. If they fail, the court can then order the indictment published and advertised in local media. One of the people named is Mustafa Badreddine, believed to have been Hezbollah's deputy military commander. He is the brother-in-law of the late Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh and is suspected of involvement in the 1983 bombings of the U.S. and French embassies in Kuwait that killed five people. The other suspects are: Salim Ayyash, also known as Abu Salim; Assad Sabra and Hassan Anise, who changed his name to Hassan Issa.
            (AP, 6/30/11)(AP, 7/1/11)

2011          Jun 28, The UN officially declared that the rinderpest disease has been wiped off the face of the Earth. The UN program to eradicate the animal disease began in 1945 and cost some $5 billion.
            (SFC, 6/28/11, p.A4)

2011          Jun 30, A UN-backed court investigating the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri delivered four arrest warrants. Lebanese authorities were given 30 days to serve the indictments on suspects or execute arrest warrants. If they fail, the court can then order the indictment published and advertised in local media.
            (AP, 6/30/11)

2011          Jun, UN Statistics Division said 70 territories would be holding censuses in 2011. Only Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar, Somalia, Uzbekistan and Western Sahara would fail to hold a count in this ten-year round.
            (Econ, 6/4/11, p.71)

2011          Jul 6, The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the Lord's Resistance Army forces killed 26 civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo in June alone.
            (AFP, 7/7/11)

2011          Jul 10, The head of the UN refugee agency said that drought-ridden Somalia is the "worst humanitarian disaster" in the world. The World Food Program estimated that 10 million people already need humanitarian aid. More than 380,000 refugees had moved into Kenya’s Dabaab refugee camp.
            (AP, 7/10/11)

2011          Jul 13, The United Nations made its first aid delivery to a rebel-held Somalia region after the insurgents lifted a ban on the operations of foreign aid agencies.
            (AFP, 7/17/11)

2011          Jul 14, South Sudan became the newest and 193rd member of the United Nations, as it was welcomed into the world's top club amid pledges to help one of the planet's poorest states take its first steps.
            (AFP, 7/15/11)

2011          Jul 18, The UN's highest court ordered troops from both Thailand and Cambodia to immediately withdraw military forces from disputed areas around a World Heritage temple straddling their border.
            (AP, 7/18/11)

2011          Jul 20, The United Nations said it faces a $4.3 billion shortfall in helping the 50 million people worldwide in need of emergency food, shelter and other humanitarian aid. The UN declared famine in 2 regions of southern Somalia.
            (AP, 7/20/11)(SFC, 7/21/11, p.A2)

2011          Jul 22, The United Nations named two Congolese army colonels who appear to be blocking an investigation of soldiers accused of mass gang-raping at least 47 women in eastern Congo, and said if the attackers are not identified the officers themselves should stand trial for the crimes committed by the troopers under their command. Col. Chuma Balumisa was commander of the operational area including the attacked villages, and Col. Bobo Kakudji was commander of overall operations in North Kivu during the New Year eve rapes.
            (AP, 7/22/11)
2011          Jul 22, UN food official Olivier De Schutter ended a five-day visit to Madagascar. He said nearly 70 percent of people living in the south of the island nation are food insecure and that the country has one of the world's highest levels of child malnutrition. He also said US and EU sanctions have led to major job losses and hurt agricultural development and urged nations to reconsider their sanctions.
            (AP, 7/23/11)

2011          Jul 26, The UN refugees agency said some 40,000 famine-hit people have fled to the Somali capital Mogadishu over the past month in search of food and water. An estimated 3.7 million people in Somalia, around a third of the population, are on the brink of starvation and millions more in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda have been affected by the worst drought in the region in 60 years.
            (AFP, 7/26/11)

2011          Aug 9, The World Food Program said it is sending 800 metric tons of high energy biscuits to East Africa to help fight the famine in Somalia. The UN food agency said that the series of nine airlifts will be enough to feed 1.6 million people for a day.
            (AP, 8/9/11)

2011          Aug 15, The United Nations called for a thorough probe into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Sudan's South Kordofan region between June 5-30, shortly before the nation formally separated into two countries.
            (AP, 8/15/11)
2011          Aug 15, The UN's World Food Program for the first time acknowledged it has been investigating food theft in Somalia for two months. Vast piles of food sacks with stamps on them from the World Food Program, the US government aid arm USAID and the Japanese government were found for sale in Mogadishu markets.
            (AP, 8/15/11)

2011          Aug 17, The United Nations appealed for $1.2 billion for famine victims in Somalia and its Horn of Africa neighbors and Muslim nations pledged to contribute $350 million.
            (AP, 8/17/11)

2011          Aug 19, The UN released the full text of its report on the Syrian crackdown. It said Syrian government forces may have committed crimes against humanity by conducting summary executions, torturing prisoners and targeting children. The release included rebuttals from the Syrian Foreign Ministry, offering a rare firsthand look into the regime's justifications for the crackdown.
            (AP, 8/20/11)
2011          Aug 19, The UN said tens of thousands of people have already died in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. It warned that the famine has not peaked and that 12 million people in the area need food aid.
            (AP, 8/20/11)

2011          Aug 20, In Honduras the UN-backed 1st World Summit of African Descendants called on the UN to create a development fund to fight poverty and protect the human rights of Afro-descendants. Over 1,000 representatives from 70 nations gathered for the event. The 2nd World Summit was scheduled for 2014 in Madrid.
            (AP, 8/21/11)

2011          Aug 22, A UN human rights expert said Arab nations have agreed to demand that Syria allow an international probe within its borders to see whether crimes against humanity have been committed.
            (AP, 8/22/11)

2011          Aug 23, The UN's top human rights body voted overwhelmingly to demand that Syria end its crackdown and cooperate with an international probe into possible crimes against humanity. The opposition took steps toward forming a national council, but serious divisions and mistrust among the members have prevented them from presenting a unified front against Assad's regime.
            (AP, 8/23/11)(AP, 8/24/11)

2011          Aug 26, In Nigeria a suicide bomber in car laden with explosives rammed through two gates and blew up at the UN offices in Abuja shattering part of the 4-story concrete structure. 23 people were killed and 116 wounded. The radical Muslim sect known locally as Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attack.
            (AP, 8/26/11)(AP, 8/27/11)(AP, 9/15/11)

2011          Aug 29, The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned about a new mutant strain of the deadly bird flu H5N1 virus (H5N1 - in China and Vietnam, saying there could be a "major resurgence" of the disease.
            (AFP, 8/29/11)

2011          Sep 4, Haitian President Michel Martelly "vigorously condemned" an alleged sexual assault by UN troops against an 18-year-old man. The incident aggravated mistrust between Haitians and the peacekeeping mission. The UN was investigating allegations that five Uruguayan naval personnel at a UN base in the south sexually molested an 18-year-old man in an attack reportedly captured by a cell phone camera.
            (AP, 9/5/11)

2011          Sep 6, The UN's labor agency said more than two dozen global clothing brands pledged to investigate a spate of mass faintings among Cambodian garment workers.
            (AFP, 9/6/11)
2011          Sep 6, Syrian soldiers opened fire in the restive city of Homs and armored vehicles rolled through its streets, as the UN secretary-general urged the world community to take action on Syria.
            (AP, 9/6/11)

2011          Sep 13, In Austria a 35-nation meeting of the UN nuclear agency adopted a post-Fukushima nuclear safety plan, despite gripes by influential member nations that it to too timid for making compliance voluntary.
            (AP, 9/13/11)

2011          Sep 14, Somalia's PM Abdiweli Mohamed Ali pleaded with the UN Security Council to send more peacekeepers to help his beleaguered government fight Islamist militants.
            (AFP, 9/14/11)

2011          Sep 16, Libyan revolutionary forces faced fierce resistance as they streamed into Bani Walid and Sirte, among the last remaining bastions of support for Moammar Gadhafi. The battles coincide with a visit to Tripoli by Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The UN General Assembly also voted to give Libya's seat in the world body to the National Transitional Council.
            (AP, 9/16/11)(AP, 9/17/11)

2011          Sep 20, The UN called for an immediate truce between rival groups in the Central African Republic fighting for control over diamond mines.
            (AFP, 9/20/11)
2011          Sep 20, Matt Bryden, head of the UN arms monitoring group, said that corrupt Somali politicians could face travel bans and have their foreign bank accounts and property frozen under tough new UN sanctions.
            (AP, 9/20/11)

2011          Sep 21, President Barack Obama publicly pushed for the Palestinians to drop a statehood bid as he addressed the UN General Assembly.
            (AP, 9/21/11)
2011          Sep 21, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called on the United Nations to admit Palestine as a non-member state, upgrading its status as a simple observer but opposing a Palestinian bid for full membership.
            (AFP, 9/21/11)

2011          Sep 23, Palestinians calling for UN recognition of a Palestinian state clashed with Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, just hours before their president, Mahmoud Abbas, was to deliver his widely anticipated request to the world body.
            (AP, 9/23/11)

2011          Oct 4, China and Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution threatening action against Syria's deadly crackdown on protests.
            (AP, 10/5/11)

2011          Oct 6, The UN said increased access to technology that allows parents to know the sex of their fetus has left Asia short of 117 million women, mostly in China and India.
            (AFP, 10/6/11)
2011          Oct 6, A United Nations report said Honduras and El Salvador have the highest homicide rates in the world. Honduras had 6,200 killings in 2010 out of a population of 7.7 million people, while El Salvador with 6.1 million people had 4,000 homicides.
            (AP, 10/6/11)

2011          Oct 9, Yemeni opposition spokesman Mohammed Qahtan urged the UN Security Council to break the political deadlock in Yemen, scoffing at a statement from President Ali Abdullah Saleh that he was ready to step down.
            (AFP, 10/9/11)

2011          Oct 10, The UN issued a 74-page report that found that detainees in 47 facilities in 24 provinces run by the Afghan National Police and the Directorate of Security suffered interrogation techniques that constituted torture under both international and Afghan law.
            (AP, 10/10/11)
2011          Oct 10, In Sudan attackers killed three UNAMID peacekeepers and wounded six others near the Zam Zam displaced persons camp in North Darfur. One assailant was killed.
    {Sudan, UN}
            (AP, 10/11/11)

2011          Oct 11, UNICEF, the UN children's agency, warned that the west and central Africa region is facing one of the worst cholera epidemics in its history, with over 85,000 cases reported leading to 2,466 deaths this year.
            (AFP, 10/11/11)

2011          Oct 12, The Yemeni government urged the UN Security Council to avoid a resolution targeting embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh, calling on it instead to back a political solution for the country's crisis.
            (AFP, 10/13/11)

2011          Oct 13, Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Nguema Obiang signed a decree  nominating his playboy son, Teodoro Obiang Mangue, as his deputy envoy to UNESCO in apparent retaliation for the UN body's refusal to award a prize named in his honor. The news was made public on Oct 19. Teodorin's appointment was announced on the same day that Human Rights Watch urged United States authorities to move quickly to probe his alleged corruption and money-laundering.
            (AFP, 10/19/11)

2011          Oct 19, The UN called on Damascus to end its incursions into Lebanon, which have left three Syrians dead in recent weeks, warning the raids could ignite tensions in the region.
            (AFP, 10/20/11)

2011          Oct 20, A United Nations envoy said North Korea is estimated to hold up to 200,000 people in political prisons, a sharp increase from a decade ago. South Korea estimates that North Korea holds 154,000 political prisoners in six large camps across the country.
            (AP, 10/20/11)

2011          Oct 21, The UN Security council unanimously passed a resolution that "strongly" condemns the deadly Yemen government attacks on demonstrators and backs a Gulf plan for Pres. Saleh to end his 33 years in power.
            (AFP, 10/22/11)

2011          Oct 26, UN and industry officials said 8 drug makers have agreed to create a UN-administered pool of patented information and other data to spur new research into 21 tropical diseases and ailments.
            (AP, 10/26/11)

2011          Oct 31, The UN marked the world population reaching 7 billion amid fears of how the planet will cope.
            (AP, 10/31/11)
2011          Oct 31, In Afghanistan insurgents driving a suicide truck bomb and attacking on foot killed five people, including three UN employees, near the offices of the UN's refugee agency in the Kandahar city. Afghan forces and the militants exchanged fire for nearly seven hours before the militants were killed.
            (AP, 10/31/11)
2011          Oct 31, The Palestinians were admitted to UNESCO as full members in a vote at the UN cultural body's general assembly in Paris. The resolution was adopted by 107 countries, 14 countries voted against and 52 abstained, bringing member states to 195.
            (AFP, 10/31/11)
2011          Oct 31, In Zimbabwe a $430 million fund was launched with the help of the EU and UNICEF to give children and pregnant women free medical care at public hospitals.
            (AFP, 10/31/11)

2011          Nov 2, Kenyan military spokesman Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir said that military planes would target and attack weapons flown into the Somali town of Baidoa so they cannot be used. A July UN report said illicit flights with weapons or fighters for Somali militants could be originating from Eritrea, Yemen or the United Arab Emirates. The report also said Eritrea gives about $80,000 a month to al-Shabab-linked individuals in Nairobi.
            (AP, 11/2/11)

2011          Nov 3, Top UN envoy to Iraq, Martin Kobler, offered to broker the peaceful closing of out of Camp Ashraf, a camp of Iranian exiles, before the government in Baghdad forces its residents out at the end of the year.
            (AP, 11/3/11)

2011          Nov 8, The UN International Atomic Energy Agency claimed Tehran was on the brink of developing a nuclear weapon.
            (AP, 11/9/11)
2011          Nov 8, The Boston-based Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti said it has filed claims with the United Nations seeking damages on behalf of more than 5,000 Haitian cholera victims and their families.
            (AP, 11/8/11)
2011          Nov 8, The Palestinian foreign minister admitted for the first time there is not enough support in the UN Security Council for recognition of a Palestinian state.
            (AP, 11/9/11)

2011          Nov 17, The UN nuclear agency said a Hungarian manufacturer of medical radioactive substances was "most probably" the source of increased radiation levels measured in several European countries in the past weeks.
            (AP, 11/17/11)

2011          Nov 18, The UN downgraded famine declarations in three Somali regions, but warned the crisis remains the worst in the world with nearly 250,000 people facing imminent starvation.
            (AFP, 11/18/11)

2011          Nov 22, The UN secretary-general's envoy to Yemen said all parties have agreed on a plan under which longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh would step down. A date for signing the deal was yet to be set.
            (AP, 11/22/11)
2011          Nov 22, Turkey's PM Erdogan said that Syria's Pres. Bashar Assad must step down over the country's crackdown on dissent. The Local Coordination Committees and the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said four children, ages of 10 and 15, were killed by gunshots fired at random from a military checkpoint near the town of Houla in Homs province. A fifth person was killed by security forces in the district of Khaldieh. 122 countries voted for a resolution at the UN General Assembly's human rights committee condemning the government crackdown.
            (AP, 11/22/11)(Reuters, 11/23/11)

2011          Nov 23, The Palestinians signed a document finally giving them a voice within the vast UNESCO system, bringing pride across the Arab world yet hobbling the agency's pro-democracy projects around the globe. Last month's decision by the Paris-based UN education and cultural organization to give Palestine membership triggered an immediate funding cutoff by the US that will force UNESCO to scale down literacy and development programs in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan or the new nation of South Sudan.
            (AP, 11/23/11)

2011          Nov 24, The UN warned that Ethiopia's reported deployment of troops into Somalia could worsen what is already the world's most severe humanitarian crisis.  
            (AFP, 11/24/11)

2011          Nov 28, The United Nations completed the first-ever global assessment of the state of the planet's land resources, finding in “"State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture,” that a quarter of all land is highly degraded and warning the trend must be reversed if the world's growing population is to be fed.
            (AP, 11/28/11)
2011          Nov 28, UN climate negotiations opened in Durban, South Africa, with pressure building to salvage the only treaty limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
            (AP, 11/28/11)
2011          Nov 28, The UN released a report a detailing alleged torture and ill treatment in lockups controlled by the forces that overthrew dictator Moammar Gadhafi. The report says that Libyan revolutionaries still hold about 7,000 people, many of them sub-Saharan Africans who in some cases are accused or suspected of being mercenaries hired by Gadhafi.
            (AP, 11/29/11)
2011          Nov 28, A UN investigation concluded that Syrian forces committed crimes against humanity by killing and torturing hundreds of children, including a 2-year-old girl reportedly shot to death so she wouldn't grow up to be a demonstrator.
            (AP, 11/28/11)

2011          Nov 29, The UN weather office said world temperatures keep rising, and are heading for a threshold that could lead to irreversible changes of the Earth.
            (AP, 11/29/11)

2011          Nov 30, In South Africa Rajendra Pachauri, the UN's top climate scientist, cautioned climate negotiators that global warming is leading to human dangers and soaring financial costs, but containing carbon emissions will have a host of benefits.
            (AP, 11/30/11)

2011          Dec 5, The UN Security Council toughened sanctions against Eritrea which neighboring governments accuse of plotting terrorist attacks and supporting Somali Islamist rebels.
            (AFP, 12/5/11)

2011          Dec 8, The UN's World Food Program said meager rains and diminished harvests have left between five and seven million people in Africa's Sahel region facing food shortages.
            (AFP, 12/9/11)

2011          Dec 9, UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Somalia's Al Qaeda-linked insurgents to end violence during a surprise visit to war-torn Mogadishu.
            (AFP, 12/9/11)

2011          Dec 11, In South Africa a UN climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement on a far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change. The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would ensure that countries will be legally bound to carry out any pledges they make. It would take effect by 2020 at the latest. The conference also agreed on a Green Climate Fund, which would funnel some of the $110 billion, promised by rich countries to poor ones, to help them cut emissions and adopt to climate change.
            (AP, 12/11/11)(Econ, 12/17/11, p.140)

2011          Dec 13, The Palestinian flag was raised for the first time above a UN agency, the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, in a diplomatic victory won despite stiff resistance from the US and Israel.
            (AFP, 12/13/11)

2011          Dec 14, Colombia's government and the UN Office of Drugs and Crime released a new study th says more than 3,000 square miles (800,000 hectares) of Colombia's woodlands have been cleared since 1981 in the planting and destruction of drug crops. According to the UN, Colombia had 240 square miles (62,000 hectares) of coca under cultivation last year.
            (AP, 12/14/11)

2011          Dec 19, The UN General Assembly approved a resolution denouncing human rights violations in Iran in an 89-30 vote. There were 64 abstentions.
            (SFC, 12/19/11, p.A2)

2011          Dec 21, The UN tribunal for Rwanda handed life sentences to Matthieu Ngirumpatse and Edouard Karemera, former heads of the ex-ruling party, for genocide crimes committed in 1994.
            (AFP, 12/21/11)

2011          Dec 27, UN human rights officials in Haiti issued a report accusing the national police department of excessive force, saying there is evidence officers may have killed at least nine people in the capital.
            (AP, 12/27/11)

2012          Jan 5, The African Union asked the UN to authorize an increase of its peacekeeping force in war-torn Somalia by 5,700 to 17,700 amid mounting attacks by Islamist rebels.
            (AFP, 1/5/12)

2012          Jan 12, Speaking in Sudan the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said Eritrean refugees are being kidnapped and sometimes killed by human traffickers. He called for global action against the crimes.
            (AFP, 1/12/12)

2012          Jan 15, UN chief Ban Ki-moon, speaking in Beirut, called for an end to Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, saying the illegal building of settlements worked against a two-state solution. Ban Ki-moon also demanded that Syria's president stop killing his own people.
            (AFP, 1/15/12)(AP, 1/15/12)

2012          Jan 20, The UN refugee agency said an upsurge in violence involving government troops and militia in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has forced 100,000 people from their homes since November.
            (AFP, 1/20/12)
2012          Jan 20, The UN refugee agency raised concern over the record numbers of Ethiopians and Somalis flocking to Yemen, despite the deteriorating security situation there. Last year 103,000 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants crossed the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, almost double the 2010 figure of 53,000.
            (AFP, 1/20/12)

2012          Jan 25, The UN said that the worldwide fishing industry could benefit from a $50 billion boost annually if stocks were allowed time to recover. A UN Environment Program report released in the Philippine said 32 percent of the world's fish stocks have already been depleted by years of overfishing and poor coastal management.
            (AFP, 1/25/12)

2012          Jan 27, The UN called on Israel to immediately halt the destruction of Palestinian homes in the West Bank after reporting a dramatic rise in demolitions in the past year.
            (AFP, 1/28/12)

2012          Feb 1, Senior UN nuclear expert Herman Nackaerts announced plans to revisit Tehran soon after a "good trip," indicating progress on his team's quest to probe suspicions that the Islamic Republic is secretly working on an atomic arms program.
            (AP, 2/1/12)

2012          Feb 2, Palestinians tried to block the UN chief from entering the Gaza Strip and flung shoes at his armored convoy, the second day of Ban Ki-moon's mission to the region to keep informal peace talks alive.
            (AP, 2/2/12)

2012          Feb 3, The UN's highest court confirmed that Germany has legal immunity from being sued in foreign courts by victims of World War II Nazi atrocities.
            (AP, 2/3/12)

2012          Feb 4, Western diplomats at the United Nations said they are determined to vote on a resolution condemning bloodshed in Syria, despite strong Russian objections.
            (AFP, 2/4/12)

2012          Feb 10, The UN refugee agency said it needs $145 million (110 million euros) in extra funds to help thousands fleeing fighting in Sudan's Blue Nile and South Kordofan states.
            (AFP, 2/10/12)

2012          Feb 13, The United Nations backed the Maldives' new leader's proposal for a national unity government though the ousted leader called for a snap poll to resolve a political crisis.
            (AP, 2/13/12)

2012          Feb 15, United Nations and EU aid chiefs called for "urgent" assistance for West Africa's drought-hit Sahel region, saying it needed $725 million (552 million euros) this year.
            (AFP, 2/15/12)

2012          Feb 16, UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Afghanistan to make fighting drug trafficking a priority as opium harvests soar in the world's top producer, and said the world must help in the effort in his opening address in Vienna of a Paris Pact meeting to fight drug trafficking in Afghanistan.
            (AFP, 2/16/12)
2012          Feb 16, Syrian forces attacked the city of Daraa, carrying out arrests and shooting randomly in the city where the uprising against President Bashar Assad erupted 11 months ago. UN chief Ban Ki-moon called for an end to the violence in Syria and urged the international community to find a common response to the unrest.
            (AP, 2/16/12)(AFP, 2/16/12)

2012          Feb 20, UN nuclear inspectors arrived in Iran in the latest push to hold key talks with Iranian officials about how far the country's controversial nuclear program has come.
            (AP, 2/20/12)

2012          Feb 22, The UN nuclear agency acknowledged renewed failure after a trip to probe suspicions of covert Iranian nuclear weapons work. Their statement was issued just hours after an Iranian general warned of a pre-emptive strike against any foe threatening the country.
            (AP, 2/22/12)

2012          Feb 24, The UN said clashes between the army and Tuareg rebels in northern Mali have forced 126,400 people to flee their homes since mid-January and called for $35.6 million (26.5 million euros) to cover the needs of those displaced by the escalating conflict.
            (AFP, 2/24/12)

2012          Mar 1, Members of the UN Human Rights Council voted 37 in favor and three against a resolution proposed by Turkey that calls on Syria to immediately stop all attacks on civilians and grant unhindered access to aid groups. Russia, China and Cuba objected to the resolution.
            (AP, 3/1/12)

2012          Mar 7, UN's humanitarian chief Valerie Amos arrived in Syria to try to secure aid for battered protest cities, as tanks and troops headed for a rebel bastion in Idlib. Syria's deputy oil minister, Abdo Husameldin, defected to Turkey. His online video emerged the next day, making him the highest ranking civilian official to abandon the regime since the uprising against President Bashar Assad erupted a year ago.
            (AFP, 3/7/12)(AP, 3/8/12)(Econ, 3/10/12, p.60)

2012          Mar 8, UNESCO's governing board voted for the UN's educational body to go ahead with a controversial prize financed by Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.
            (AFP, 3/8/12)

2012          Mar 12, The UN and humanitarian group Oxfam said more than six million people in Niger need immediate help as the country faces a persistent food crisis due to drought and a number of other factors.
            (AFP, 3/12/12)
2012          Mar 12, UN-Arab League peace envoy on Syria, Kofi Annan, held talks with top Qatari officials after a weekend trip to Damascus where he urged leaders to end the bloodshed there.
            (AFP, 3/12/12)

2012          Mar 19, A UN report said Israeli settlers have taken over dozens of natural springs in the West Bank, limiting or preventing Palestinian access to much-needed water sources.
            (AFP, 3/19/12)

2012          Mar 22, The UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution urging Sri Lanka to conduct a credible investigation into alleged war crimes committed during its battle against Tamil Tiger separatists in 2009.
            (AFP, 3/22/12)
2012          Mar 22, UN envoy Michael von der Schulenburg called on the impoverished Sierra Leone government to explain why it imported several million dollars worth of assault weapons last January for a police paramilitary wing. A leaked shipping bill indicated the arms included machine guns and even grenade launchers.
            (AFP, 3/22/12)

2012          Mar 23, The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution urging Libya's new rulers to probe all alleged abuses, but threw out a Russian proposal calling for a halt to arbitrary detentions.
            (AFP, 3/23/12)

2012          Mar 27, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad toured the flashpoint Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs. A spokesman for UN envoy Kofi Annan said Syria has accepted his 6-point plan to end the bloodshed in the country. Syrian security forces reportedly killed 10 people as the regime pushed to retake areas still under rebel control.
            (AFP, 3/27/12)(AP, 3/27/12)

2012          Mar 30, The UN refugee agency warned that attacks by the renegade Lord's Resistance Army were on the rise and forcing thousands of people to flee. Since March 6, 13 new attacks were recorded in northwest CongoDRC, displacing 1,160 people in the region.
            (AFP, 3/30/12)

2012          Apr 2, UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had accepted an April 10 deadline to start implementing a peace plan, as more than 30 people died in new clashes.
            (AFP, 4/2/12)

2012          Apr 5, A team led by a Norwegian major general arrived in Damascus to negotiate the possible deployment of a UN team that would monitor a cease-fire agreement between Syrian government troops and rebel forces.
            (AP, 4/5/12)

2012          Apr 10, UN children's aid organization UNICEF led a cross-agency appeal for funds for the Sahel region where 15 million are suffering from malnutrition.
            (AFP, 4/10/12)

2012          Apr 14, Syria shelled rebel districts of Homs. A fragile truce was now in its third day. 5 people were killed, among them Samir Shalab al-Sham (26), a photographer and father of two who had been documenting the destruction. In Aleppo 3 civilians were wounded when a funeral procession came under fire. In Dmeir, outside Damascus, security forces opened fire on a car killing one civilian and wounding two. 2 soldiers were killed in an attack on their car in the southern province of Daraa. The UN Security Council in New York voted to authorize an advance team of observers to help maintain the cease-fire. UN Resolution 2042 approved the sending of 30 unarmed military observers as soon as possible and called on both the government and opposition forces to halt "armed violence in all its forms."
            (AFP, 4/14/12)(AP, 4/15/12)(AFP, 4/16/12)

2012          Apr 16, The UN Security Council tightened sanctions against North Korea over its failed rocket launch and warned of new "action" if the isolated state stages a new nuclear test.
            (AFP, 4/16/12)

2012          Apr 19, Syria and the UN signed a deal on the framework for observers to monitor a shaky ceasefire, as Arab and Western ministers gathered in Paris to pile pressure on Damascus. At least three people were reported killed in violence across Syria today.
            (AFP, 4/19/12)

2012          Apr 21, In Syria a group of UN cease-fire observers toured a rebel-held neighborhood in the central city of Homs as residents chanted loudly for a military intervention to protect them from President Bashar Assad's regime forces. State media said Syria has released 30 people who were detained for their alleged role in an anti-regime uprising, but who have "no blood on their hands." Fighting and government shelling stopped in Homs and troops hid tanks in advance of the visit by the UN observers. A huge explosion rocked a Syrian military airport on the outskirts of the capital.
            (AP, 4/21/12)(AFP, 4/21/12)

2012          Apr 22, UN and African officials urged sovereign wealth funds (SWF) worth an estimated $5 trillion to invest in developing countries, even as they seek the right climate and demand steps against corruption.
            (AFP, 4/22/12)

2012          Apr 24, The UN released a report slamming Hungary for the treatment of migrants from violence-ridden countries detained for months without convictions.
            (SFC, 4/25/12, p.A2)

2012          Apr 28, Sudan rejected UN Security Council involvement in efforts to end weeks of border clashes with South Sudan, which said it repelled an attack by Khartoum-backed rebels.
            (AFP, 4/28/12)

2012          May 2, The UN Security Council put three top North Korean state firms on a sanctions black list over the country's failed rocket launch.
            (AFP, 5/3/12)
2012          May 2, Sudanese officials extended the expulsion deadline for thousands of ethnic South Sudanese encamped south of Khartoum. A UN Security Council resolution called for Sudan and South Sudan to cease hostilities along their border, and resume talks to settle unresolved issues.
            (AFP, 5/2/12)(AFP, 5/10/12)

2012          May 13, In Syria regime forces battled rebels and carried out raids across the country in a surge of violence that killed 23 people. The UN mission said it now has 189 military observers on the ground, nearly two-thirds of its planned strength of 300.
            (AFP, 5/13/12)

2012          May 15, In CongoDRC villagers marched on the UN base in the Bunyiakiri district of South Kivu province after an overnight attack which reportedly killed six people. At least 11 Pakistani peacekeepers were injured as villagers opened fire.
            (AFP, 5/15/12)
2012          May 15, In Syria regime troops "massacred" 20 people during a funeral procession in Khan Sheikhun. A roadside bomb hit a UN convoy in the town and left them stranded overnight with rebel forces. The attack came minutes after witnesses said regime forces gunned down mourners at a funeral procession nearby. Across the country 64 people were reportedly killed, including two rebel fighters and 11 regular army soldiers.
            (AP, 5/16/12)(AFP, 5/16/12)
2012          May 15, The UN World Food Program launched the distribution of cash vouchers for the purchase of food in Neteboulou, in Senegal's Tambacounda region, for people hit by poor harvests and high food prices.
            (AFP, 5/18/12)

2012          May 18, The UN Security Council unanimously ordered sanctions against the leaders of last month's military coup in Guinea-Bissau and warned it was ready to take new measures.
            (AFP, 5/18/12)

2012          May 22, UN nuclear chief Yukiya Amano said  that despite some remaining differences, a deal has been reached with Iran that will allow the UN nuclear agency to restart a long-stalled probe into suspicions that Tehran has secretly worked on developing nuclear arms.
            (AP, 5/22/12)

2012          May 23, The UN refugee agency said fighting between Congolese army and mutineers has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes since late April, with thousands taking refuge in Uganda and Rwanda.
            (AFP, 5/23/12)

2012          May 24, Iranian negotiators rejected proposals by six world powers to curb Tehran's nuclear program, and demanded answers to their own counteroffer meant to alleviate concerns about the Islamic Republic's ability to build atomic weapons. The 2-days talks ended with no clear signs of progress, but parties agreed to reconvene in Moscow in June.
            (AP, 5/24/12)(SFC, 5/25/12, p.A4)

2012          May 31, The Geneva-based office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees says it now needs $153.7 million for its operations this year, quadrupling its aid appeal for Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and Niger.
            (AP, 5/31/12)

2012          Jun 1, The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva voted overwhelmingly to condemn Syria over the slaughter of more than 100 civilians last week. Only Russia, China and Cuba voted against the resolution, with Uganda and Ecuador abstaining. The Philippines was absent.
            (AP, 6//12)

2012          Jun 5, Syria barred a string of US and European diplomats, saying they were "no longer welcome" as the country plunged into its most profound international isolation in decades. UN officials announced that Syria's government has agreed to a written deal with the United Nations and other international organizations that would allow aid workers and supplies to enter four hard-hit provinces.
            (AP, 6/5/12)

2012          Jun 8, In the Ivory Coast 7 UN peacekeepers from Niger were killed in an ambush. They had been patrolling in an area between two villages after hearing rumors of an imminent attack on communities in the region. At least 8 civilians were also killed. Deputy defense minister Paul Koffi Koffi said the attackers had crossed over from neighboring Liberia, adding that two Ivorian soldiers and at least one civilian may also have been killed.
            (AFP, 6/9/12)

2012          Jun 13, A UN independent group of experts on CongoDRC briefed the UN Security Council saying very senior Rwandans, including the minister of defense, were backing rebels in the eastern Kivu provinces. Its report was published on June 29.
            (Econ, 7/7/12, p.48)

2012          Jun 16, UN observers suspended their mission to Syria, blaming intensifying violence as government forces shelled rebel strongholds including Douma near the capital and the central city of Homs. A watchdog reported 31 people killed across Syria taking the countrywide death toll to 169 in the past three days.
            (AFP, 6/16/12)

2012          Jun 18, An Ethiopian security officer with the United Nations faced up to 10 years in jail after a court in Addis Ababa found him guilty of "participating in a terrorist organization." Abdurahman Sheikh Hassan was charged last July with having links to the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a secessionist rebel group.
            (AFP, 6/18/12)

2012          Jun 19, In Brazil “Rio+20,” the biggest UN summit on sustainable development in a decade, approved a draft agreement filled with weasel words and compromises. A decision on managing global oceans was postponed for 3 years.
            (Econ, 6/23/12, p.64)

2012          Jun 22, In Brazil “Rio+20,” the biggest UN summit on sustainable development in a decade, approved a strategy to haul more than a billion people out poverty and cure the sickness of the biosphere. The gathering of 191 UN members crowned a 10-day forum marking 20 years since the Rio Earth Summit, where leaders vowed the world would live within its environmental means. "Sustainable Development Goals" will replace the UN's Millennium Development Goals from 2015.
            (AFP, 6/23/12)

2012          Jun 28, The United Nations declared that March 20 each year will be the International Day of Happiness.
            (AFP, 6/29/12)

2012          Jul 5, The UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for sanctions against Al-Qaeda fighters in Mali but again held back giving a UN mandate to a proposed African force in the conflict-stricken country.
            (AFP, 7/5/12)

2012          Jul 6, The United Nations Children’s Fund said that armed groups occupying northern Mali were recruiting children, while others had been raped and killed by explosive devices.
            (AFP, 7/6/12)

2012          Jul 6, The UN Human Rights Council set up a 3-person panel to probe Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, a move that further irked Israel which said it will bar its access to the sites of inquiry.
            (AFP, 7/7/12)

2012          Jul 12, Myanmar's Pres. Thein Sein told the UN that refugee camps or deportation was the "solution" for nearly a million Rohingya Muslims in the wake of communal unrest in the west of the country.
            (AFP, 7/12/12)

2012          Jul 14, It was announced that former British PM Gordon Brown is to become a special global education envoy to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
            (AFP, 7/14/12)

2012          Jul 16, The UN's drugs and crime office launched a new media awareness campaign to highlight the threat posed by the multi-billion dollar operations run by organized crime groups worldwide.
            (AFP, 7/16/12)
2012          Jul 16, A UN Security Council report said that for every $10 received, $7 never made its way into Somalia state coffers. The report cited systematic misappropriation, embezzlement and outright theft. Somali PM Abdiweli Mohamed Ali condemned the allegations.
            (SFC, 7/17/12, p.A2)

2012          Jul 17, The UN food agency warned the unrest in northern Mali means that efforts to contain the threat of desert locusts are being hampered and appealed for $10 million (8.1 million euros) in aid. It said control operations cannot be carried out because of political conflict and that 30 trucks and other equipment had been looted.
            (AFP, 7/17/12)
2012          Jul 17, The UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea Int’l. Prize for Research in the Life Sciences went to scientists from Egypt, Mexico and South Africa. The prize was sponsored by Equatorial Guinea’s Pres. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, who faced major allegations of corruption.
            (Econ, 7/21/12, p.sd43)

2012          Jul 19, At the United Nations permanent Security Council members Russia and China vetoed resolutions on Syria for the third time in nine months.
            (AFP, 7/19/12)

2012          Jul 20, The UN refugee agency said up to 30,000 Syrians have fled into Lebanon over the past 48 hours. The UN Security Council added a "final" 30 days to the mandate of the UN Supervision Mission, tasked with overseeing a ceasefire that was supposed to have taken effect in April but which has been violated daily.
            (AFP, 7/20/12)(AFP, 7/21/12)
2012          Jul 20, The United Nations' highest court ordered Senegal to prosecute former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre on torture charges "without further delay" if the country does not extradite him to Belgium.
            (AP, 7/20/12)

2012          Jul 25, Liberia's government welcomed the lifting of UN sanctions against 17 Liberians who were part of former warlord-turned-president Charles Taylor's regime.
            (AFP, 7/25/12)

2012          Jul 26, The UN's food agency said 10 Central African countries have agreed to take part in a regional initiative to monitor the Congo Basin, one of the world's largest primary rainforests. They included Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Rwanda and Sao Tome and Principe.
            (AFP, 7/26/12)
2012          Jul 26, The UN Security Council renewed the mandate of its peacekeeping force in the Ivory Coast but reduced its size despite persistent ethnic violence in the west of the country.
            (AFP, 7/26/12)

2012          Aug 2, Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, resigned citing divisions within the Security Council preventing a united approach to stop the fighting.
            (AP, 8/3/12)

2012          Aug 3, The UN General Assembly denounced Syria’s crackdown on dissent voting 133 in favor, 12 against and 31 abstaining. UN Security Council resolutions have been stopped by Russian and Chinese vetoes.
            (SFC, 8/4/12, p.A3)

2012          Aug 12, UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced an initiative to protect oceans from pollution and over-fishing and to combat rising sea levels which threaten hundreds of millions of the world's people, marking the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
            (AFP, 8/12/12)

2012          Aug 15, The UN food agency staged a rare air drop of food to thousands of desperate refugees in South Sudan stranded by floods.
            (AFP, 8/16/12)
2012          Aug 15, A UN panel laid the groundwork for possible prosecutions in international courts against the Syrian leader and other senior government officials. It called the May 25 massacre in Houla a war crime perpetrated by the government forces and shabiha militia backing the regime of President Bashar Assad.
            (AP, 8/15/12)

2012          Aug 16, The United Nations said deadly clashes between soldiers and a Muslim rebel group in the violence-plagued southern Philippines had displaced up to 45,000 people. Members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) attacked several army detachments in the southern province of Maguindanao last week, triggering gunbattles that left at least five soldiers dead.
            (AFP, 8/16/12)

2012          Aug 17, The UN said Lakhdar Brahimi (78) of Algeria, a veteran diplomat troubleshooter, will take over from Kofi Annan as the international envoy on the Syria conflict.
            (AFP, 8/17/12)
2012          Aug 17, Syrian forces battled rebels near the airport in Aleppo. A UN refugee agency spokesman said 3,500 people crossed into Turkey over the previous 2 days. UN officials in Syria were starting to close down their military observer mission after failed international attempts to broker a cease-fire.
            (AP, 8/17/12)

2012          Sep 1, Jordan and the UN's refugee agency issued an urgent call to international donors for $700 million to handle the rapidly rising number of Syrian refugees seeking safe haven in the country.
            (AP, 9/1/12)

2012          Sep 4, The three UN food agencies urged governments to take quick action to curb rising prices of corn, wheat and soybeans and avoid a repeat of the 2007-2008 food crises.
            (AP, 9/4/12)

2012          Sep 7, The UN nearly doubled its humanitarian appeal for Syria, seeking $347 million for people in need, including more than half a million children forced to flee their homes.
            (AP, 9/7/12)

2012          Sep 28, The UN's top human rights body extended by six months the mission of its independent expert panel probing alleged war crimes in Syria's 18-month conflict.
            (AP, 9/28/12)

2012          Oct 8, A new report from UN experts accused exiled allies of Ivory Coast's former president of trying to recruit Islamist rebels who took control of the northern half of neighboring Mali in a campaign to destabilize the volatile West African region.
            (AP, 10/8/12)

2012          Oct 9, The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said its 2009 headline-grabbing announcement that 1 billion people in the world were hungry was off-target and that the number is actually more like 870 million.
            (AP, 10/9/12)

2012          Oct 11, Four UN agencies called on India to take action against child marriages on the first Int’l. Day of the Girl Child.
            (SFC, 10/12/12, p.A2)

2012          Oct 12, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a plan to back an African-led military force to help the Malian army oust Islamic militants who have seized the northern half of the country.
            (SFC, 10/13/12, p.A2)

2012          Oct 16, The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization marked World Food Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of global food security. It said one in eight people around the world goes to bed hungry every night.
            (AP, 10/16/12)

2012          Oct 24, The UN-Arab League envoy to Syria said the government in Damascus and some rebel leaders have agreed to a temporary cease-fire during a four-day Muslim holiday that starts Oct 26.
            (AP, 10/24/12)

2012          Nov 9, A UN plan to provide $836 million in emergency aid to Syrians battered by their nation's civil war ran into funding problems despite an additional US donation of $34 million.
            (AP, 11/9/12)

2012          Nov 13, The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn the US commercial, economic and financial embargo against Cuba for the 21st year in a row. The final tally was 188-3, with Israel and Palau joining the United States.
            (AP, 11/13/12)

2012          Nov 16, The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Hague overturned the convictions of Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac, two Croat generals for murdering and illegally expelling Serb civilians in a 1995 military blit. Both men returned home to a hero's welcome. The acquittals enraged hardline opponents of the UN court in Serbia who accuse its judges of anti-Serb bias.
            (AP, 11/16/12)

2012          Nov 21, A new UN report accused the Rwandan military of commanding and supporting rebel forces in eastern Congo and charged that Salim Saleh (52), the brother of Uganda's long-serving President Yoweri Museveni, actively backs the movement.
            (AP, 11/22/12)

2012          Nov 26, In Austria ceremonies were held to launch a Saudi-sponsored and funded center in Vienna meant to promote dialogue between the world's main religions. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke and urged Israel and Hamas to respect their cease-fire.
            (AP, 11/27/12)
2012          Nov 26, UN talks on a new climate pact resumed in Qatar, where negotiators from nearly 200 countries will discuss fighting global warming and helping poor nations adapt to it.
            (AP, 11/26/12)

2012          Nov 29, The United Nations endorsed an independent state of Palestine, giving sweeping international backing to their demands for sovereignty over lands Israel occupied in 1967. Only nine, including the US,  of 193 General Assembly members voted against it.
            (AP, 11/30/12)
2012          Nov 29, A UN war crimes tribunal acquitted Kosovo's former PM Ramush Haradinaj for the second time of murdering and torturing Serbs and their supporters in Kosovo's war for independence. PM Hashim Thaci said the ruling vindicated the ethnic-Albanian guerrilla force that fought Serbia in 1998-99.
            (AP, 11/29/12)

2012          Nov, Kazakhstan was for the first time elected to sit on the UN Human Rights Council.
            (Econ, 12/22/12, p.57)

2012          Dec 7, In Qatar nearly 200 countries failed to reach a deal on a global climate pact following a 2-week UN conference in Doha.
            (SFC, 12/8/12, p.A3)

2012          Dec 9, Russian and US diplomats met with UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi for more talks on the civil war in Syria.
            (AP, 12/9/12)

2012          Dec 12, A UN war crimes court at The Hague convicted Gen. Zdravko Tolimir, a Bosnian Serb commander, of genocide for playing a key role in the July, 1995, massacre at Srebrenica.
            (SFC, 12/13/12, p.A5)

2012          Dec 14, China provided the United Nations with detailed claims to waters in the East China Sea, apparently padding out its legal argument in an ongoing territorial dispute with Japan.
            (AP, 12/14/12)
2012          Dec 14, Envoys in Dubai from nearly 90 nations signed the first new UN telecommunications treaty since the Internet age, but the US and other Western nations refused to join after claiming it endorses greater government control over cyberspace. The Int’l. Telecommunications Union (ITU) has no technical powers to change how the Internet operates or force countries to follow its nonbinding accords.
            (AP, 12/14/12)

2012          Dec 15, A UN court in Germany ordered the immediate release of Argentina’s ARA Libertad training ship, which was seized in Ghana on Aug 2. The UN's International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea said warships enjoy immunity under international law and seizing the ship was "a source of conflict that may endanger friendly relations among states."
            (AP, 12/15/12)

2012          Dec 18, The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague acquitted Congolese militia leader Mathieu Ngudjolo of all charges of commanding fighters who destroyed a village in eastern Congo in 2003, raping and hacking to death some 200 people, including children.
            (AP, 12/18/12)

2012          Dec 19, In Pakistan gunmen shot dead a woman working on UN backed polio vaccination efforts and her driver in the northwestern town of Charsadda. Earlier in the day gunmen shot a polio worker in the head in the city of Peshawar, wounding him critically. The recent killings prompted the UN's public health arm to suspend work on the vaccination drive in two of Pakistan's four provinces.
            (AP, 12/19/12)

2012          Dec 20, The UN Security Council authorized military action to wrest northern Mali from the control of al-Qaida extremists, but demanded progress first on political reconciliation, elections and training African troops and police.
            (SFC, 12/21/12, p.A8)
2012          Dec 20, In Pakistan another victim from attacks on UN-backed anti-polio teams in Pakistan died, bringing the three-day death toll in the wave of assaults on volunteers vaccinating children across the country to nine. Hilal Khan (20) died a day after he was shot in the head in Peshawar.
            (AP, 12/20/12)

2012          Dec 21, The UN said 4 peacekeepers have been killed and one injured in Sudan’s Darfur region when one peacekeeper opened fire on fellow UN-AU peacekeepers.
            (SFC, 12/22/12, p.A2)

2012          Dec 27, Russia and Lakhdar Brahimi, UN envoy for Syria, both said that they want to revive a long-shelved peace initiative that would call for a transitional government to run the country until elections can be held.
            (AP, 12/27/12)

2012          The UN banned exports of Somali charcoal in an effort to reduce income of the Shaba militant group. The production of charcoal has led to massive deforestation and desertification across Somalia.
            (Econ, 10/11/14, p.60)

2013          Jan 1, Rwanda took a prestigious seat on the UN Security Council. Human Rights Watch has been calling on the Security Council for months to sanction the Rwandan officials the rights group believes is helping M23 rebels in eastern Congo.
            (AP, 1/8/13)

2013          Jan 2, The UN said more than 60,000 people have killed in the 21-months of the Syrian conflict.
            (SSFC, 1/6/13, p.A4)

2013          Jan 8, The UN World Food Program said it is unable to help 1 million Syrians who are going hungry.
            (AP, 1/8/13)

2013          Jan 16, Senior UN investigators opened a new round of talks with Iranian officials in Tehran in the hopes of restarting a probe into allegations that the Islamic Republic carried out atomic bomb trigger tests and other suspected weapons-related studies.
            (AP, 1/16/13)

2013          Jan 19, In Geneva more than 140 nations adopted the first legally-binding international treaty aimed at reducing mercury emissions, capping four years of negotiations on how to set limits on the use of a highly toxic metal. 50 nations must ratify it before it comes into force, which officials said they would expect to happen within about three to four years.
            (AP, 1/19/13)

2013          Jan 20, The United Nations said that Afghan authorities were still torturing prisoners, such as hanging them by their wrists and beating them with cables, a year after the UN first documented the abuse and the Afghan government promised detention reform.
            (AP, 1/20/13)

2013          Jan 22, UN agencies and international aid groups said Yemen's government and international donors must allocate over $700 million to help ease a deepening humanitarian crisis that includes widespread malnutrition in the Arabian peninsula's poorest country.
            (AP, 1/22/13)
2013          Jan 22, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to adopt Resolution 2087, the third of its kind since 2006, condemning a North Korean rocket launch as violating a ban on missile activity.
            (AP, 1/23/13)(Econ, 2/2/13, p.34)

2013          Jan 24, The UN Security Council approved the use of surveillance drones over eastern Congo to monitor roving militias.
            (SFC, 1/25/13, p.A2)

2013          Jan 27, African Union leaders met in the Ethiopian capital for talks dominated by the conflict in Mali as well as lingering territorial issues between the two Sudans. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended the two-day summit in Addis Ababa, where Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn took over from President Yayi Boni of Benin as chairperson of the African Union.
            (AP, 1/27/13)

2013          Jan 29, At its meeting in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council waited for Israel to appear for its once-every-four-years rights review, then determined it had not. Israel said last year it would stop cooperating with the council because of an international fact-finding mission into Israeli settlements.
            (AP, 1/29/13)

2013          Jan 31, The United Nations demanded that Egyptian authorities act to bring perpetrators of sexual assaults to justice, saying it had reports of 25 sexual assaults on women in Tahrir rallies over the past week.
            (AP, 2/2/13)
2013          Jan 31, A UN panel called for Israel to immediately halt all settlement activity in Palestinian territory and withdraw all settlers. The panel said Israel’s settlements have clearly violated the Geneva Conventions.
            (SFC, 2/1/13, p.A5)

2013          Feb 8, The UN refugee agency said there has been a huge increase in the number of people fleeing Syria, with 5,000 refugees crossing the borders daily into neighboring countries.
            (AP, 2/8/13)

2013          Feb 11, Hundreds of Rwandans marched to the offices of the United Nations tribunal set up to try key cases related to Rwanda's 1994 genocide to protest the court's decision to acquit two former cabinet ministers accused of masterminding killings.
            (AP, 2/11/13)

2013          Feb 13, Iran's nuclear chief said his country has begun installing a new generation of uranium enrichment centrifuges at its main facility making nuclear fuel. IRNA news quoted Fereidoun Abbasi as saying that Iran began installing the new centrifuges at Natanz site about a month ago. Senior UN investigators began a new round of talks with government officials over allegations that Tehran may have carried out tests on triggers for atomic weapons.
            (AP, 2/13/13)

2013          Feb 14, Senior officials of the UN atomic agency returned from Tehran without a hoped-for deal that would have led to the resumption of a probe into allegations that Iran worked secretly on nuclear arms.
            (AP, 2/14/13)

2013          Feb 15, The UN said an outbreak of hepatitis E has killed 111 refugees in camps in South Sudan since July, and has become endemic in the region.
            (AP, 2/15/13)

2013          Feb 28, UN appeals judges at The Hague, Netherlands, acquitted Gen. Momcilo Perisic of aiding and abetting atrocities by rebel Serbs, including the Srebrenica massacre, by providing them with military aid during the Balkan wars (1992-1995). He had been sentenced to 27 years in 2011, after being convicted of crimes including murder, inhumane acts and persecution.
            (AP, 3/1/13)

2013          Mar 5, A UN aid agency canceled the Gaza marathon after the Palestinian territory's militant Hamas rulers banned women from participating in the annual sporting event.
            (AP, 3/5/13)

2013          Mar 6, Syrian rebels detained 21 Filipino UN peacekeepers in the area in another destabilizing twist to the country's two-year-old conflict. The number of Syrian refugees topped 1 million, half of them children.
            (AP, 3/6/13)(AP, 3/7/13)

2013          Mar 7, The UN Security Council voted unanimously for tough new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test. North Korea’s Army Gen. Kang Pyo Yong told a crowd of tens of thousands that North Korea is ready to fire long-range nuclear-armed missiles at Washington.
            (AP, 3/7/13)

2013          Mar 9, North Korea formally rejected a UN Security Council resolution that demands an end to its nuclear arms program, as China called for calm, saying sanctions were not the "fundamental" way to resolve tensions on the Korean peninsula.
            (AP, 3/9/13)

2013          Mar 15, The head of a UN team investigating casualties from US drone strikes in Pakistan declared after a secret research trip to the country that the attacks violate Pakistan's sovereignty.
            (AP, 3/15/13)

2013          Mar 21, The UN’s top human rights body unanimously approved a formal probe into North Korea for possible crimes against humanity.
            (AP, 3/21/13)
2013          Mar 21, For the second time in as many years, the UN's top human rights body approved a US-backed resolution calling on Sri Lanka to more thoroughly investigate alleged war crimes committed by both sides during the country's quarter-century civil war with the Tamil Tiger rebels.
            (AP, 3/21/13)

2013          Mar 26, UN officials in Liberia said they've temporarily halted the repatriation of tens of thousands of refugees from Ivory Coast because of continued unrest near the border between the two countries.
            (AP, 3/26/13)

2013          Mar 28, The UN Security Council authorized a new intervention brigade for CongoDRC with a mandate to take military action alone or with Congolese troops against rebel groups to help bring peace in the conflict-racked east.
            (SFC, 3/29/13, p.A2)

2013          Apr 2, The 193-nation UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved the first treaty on the global arms trade, which seeks to regulate the $70 billion business in conventional arms and keep weapons out of the hands of human rights abusers. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) will come into legal force 90 days after the 50th country has ratified it.
            (Reuters, 4/2/13)(Econ, 4/6/13, p.69)

2013          Apr 4, The UN says it is shuttering all its food distribution centers in the Gaza Strip after dozens of people stormed one of its compounds to protest the suspension of cash assistance to thousands of families.
            (AP, 4/5/13)

2013          Apr 9, The United Nations reopened food distribution centers in Gaza that closed last week following a violent protest at a UN compound.
            (AP, 4/9/13)
2013          Apr 9, In South Sudan armed rebels that South Sudan believes are backed by Sudan opened fire on a UN convoy, killing five UN peacekeepers from India and at least seven civilians.
            (AP, 4/9/13)

2013          Apr 15, A UN report said opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has been increasing for a third year in a row.
            (AP, 4/16/13)
2013          Apr 15, The United Nations Children's Fund said more than a quarter of children under the age of 5 worldwide are permanently "stunted" from malnutrition, leaving them physically and intellectually weak and representing a scandalous waste of human potential.
            (AP, 4/15/13)

2013          Apr 16, The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said the security situation in Central African Republic is deteriorating and expressed concern about "a wide range of alleged grave violations" including rape, torture, kidnappings and targeted killings.
            (AP, 4/16/13)

2013          Apr 23, Israel and Palestine agreed to renewed involvement by UNESCO in the Old City of Jerusalem.
            (SFC, 4/24/13, p.A2)

2013          Apr 25, The UN Security Council authorized the deployment of a 12,600 member peacekeeping force to Mali.
            (AP, 4/26/13)(Econ, 6/15/13, p.44)

2013          May 2, The UN said it recorded 712 people killed in Iraq last month, including 117 members of the security forces. More people were killed in violent attacks across the country in April than in any other month since June 2008.
            (AP, 5/2/13)

2013          May 10, UN officials and delegates said more than 120 nations have agreed to tighter controls on several chemicals and hazardous waste, including a gradual ban on a flame retardant and some new export requirements for other substances.
            (AP, 5/10/13)

2013          May 22, In CongoDRC UN Sec. Gen’l. Ban Ki-moon and World Bank president Jim Yong Kim launched a novel partnership in Kinshasa. $1 billion in funds pledged by the World Bank for development would back UN efforts for peace in eastern Congo.
            (Econ, 6/1/13, p.51)
2013          May 22, The UN atomic agency detailed rapid Iranian progress in two programs that the West fears are geared toward making nuclear weapons, saying Tehran has upgraded its uranium enrichment facilities and advanced in building a plutonium-producing reactor.
            (AP, 5/22/13)

2013          May 29, A UN court in the Netherlands convicted six Bosnian Croat political and military leaders of persecuting, expelling and murdering Muslims during Bosnia's war and said leaders in neighboring Croatia helped hatch and execute their plan to carve out a Croat state in Bosnia.
            (AP, 5/29/13)

2013          Jun 3, At the UN more than 60 countries signed a landmark treaty regulating global arms trade. The US said it will sign soon.
            (SFC, 6/4/13, p.A2)

2013          Jun 7, The UN asked donor countries for $5.2 billion in humanitarian aid for refugees in Syria’s civil war.
            (SFC, 6/8/13, p.A3)

2013          Jun 13, The UN human rights office said Syria's spiraling violence has resulted in the confirmed killings of nearly 93,000 people but the real number is likely to be far higher.
            (AP, 6/13/13)

2013          Jun 19, In Somalia 7 al-Shabab gunmen detonated a pick-up truck rigged with explosives at the gate of the UN compound in Mogadishu, launching a bombs-and-gunfire assault that saw militants pour into the complex, killing at least 13 people, including 3 foreigners. The gunmen all died in the assault.
            (AP, 6/19/13)

2013          Jun 25, The UN Security Council approved the July 1 deployment of a new Mali peacekeeping force to help the government regain control of rebel-held areas and organize elections.
            (SFC, 6/26/13, p.A2)

2013          Jun 27, The UN raised the alarm about the recent rape of 9 girls in eastern Congo. The youngest was 18 months old and 2 of the girls died.
            (SFC, 6/28/13, p.A2)

2013          Jun, The UN reported over 250 synthetic drugs, altered after being banned, in circulation.  
            (Econ, 8/10/13, p.12)

2013          Jul 1, Gulf Arab states called on the UN Security Council to meet urgently to prevent a massacre in Homs, as pro-government forces in Syria try to wrest the city from rebels fighting to topple President Assad.
            (Reuters, 7/1/13)
2013          Jul 1, A UN report said: Some 80 percent of withdrawals from the Central Bank of Somalia are made for private purposes and not for the running of government, representing a patronage system and a set of social relations that defy institutionalization of the state. "Key to these irregularities has been the current governor of the Central Bank, Abdusalam Omer."
            (Reuters, 7/1/13)

2013          Jul 12, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday on the world stage at the United Nations, defiantly telling Taliban extremists who tried to end her campaign for girls' education in Pakistan with a bullet that the attack gave her new courage and demanding that world leaders provide free education to all children.
            (AP, 7/12/13)

2013          Jul 14, Toby Lanzer, the UN humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan, said some 200 civilians have been wounded in ongoing clashes between rival tribes in Jonglei state. He urged the central government and local officials to stop "the cycle of violence" that has killed many people and displaced thousands.
            (AP, 7/15/13)

2013          Jul 24, The UN General Assembly designated November 19 as World Toilet Day to spotlight the plight of 2.5 billion people who don't have basic toilets.
            (AP, 7/24/13)

2013          Jul 26, The United Nations' human rights office launched its first global outreach campaign to promote tolerance and greater equality for lesbians, gays, transgender people and bisexuals.
            (AP, 7/26/13)
2013          Jul 26, Syrian rebel leaders met with the UN Security Council for the first time to discuss the country's two-year war and appealed to Russia to stop its powerful political and military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government.
            (Reuters, 7/26/13)

2013          Jul 30, The UN peacekeeping mission in Congo announced that it plans to disarm anyone outside the national security forces who is caught with a firearm in the eastern city of Goma and its northern suburbs.
            (AP, 7/30/13)

2013          Jul 31, The UN said that civilian casualties in Afghanistan had dramatically increased by 23% in the first six months of the year and blamed the insurgency for the vast majority of the dead and wounded.
            (AP, 7/31/13)

2013          Aug 12, Nigeria became the first African country to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty marking "resolute and unyielding" efforts to deny arms to terrorists, pirates and bandits.
            (AP, 8/13/13)

2013          Aug 18, A team of UN chemical weapons experts arrived in Damascus to investigate the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria's civil war.
            (Reuters, 8/18/13)

2013          Aug 22, The UN said Australia’s indefinite detention of 46 recognized refugees amounts to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Many have been held as security threats for over two years.
            (SFC, 8/23/13, p.A2)

2013          Aug 24, In CongoDRC shells fired by M23 rebels killed at least 3 people in the eastern city of Goma. Two UN peacekeepers from Uruguay reportedly shot dead 2 people who were part of a crowd that tried to storm the mission's base in Goma during a protest against alleged UN inaction in the strife-torn region.
            (Reuters, 8/24/13)(AFP, 8/26/13)

2013          Aug 25, Germany's Der Spiegel weekly said the US National Security Agency has bugged the UN New York headquarters, in the latest in a series of reports on US spying that has strained relations between Washington and its allies.
            (Reuters, 8/25/13)

2013          Aug 26, The UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo said it has opened a probe after residents accused its peacekeepers of killing 2 people who tried to storm a UN base in Goma.
            (AFP, 8/26/13)

2013          Aug 28, The latest UN IAEA report said Iran has installed about 1,000 advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges and is set to test them.
            (Reuters, 8/28/13)
2013          Aug 28, UN chemical weapons experts headed to a Damascus suburb for a new tour of areas struck by a purported poison gas attack.
            (AP, 8/28/13)

2013          Sep 10, France announced it will put forward a resolution in the UN Security Council aimed at forcing Syria to ultimately dismantle its chemical weapons program, seizing on a diplomatic opening from Syrian ally Russia amid Western threats of force against President Bashar Assad's regime.
            (AP, 9/10/13)

2013          Sep 11, UN rights investigators reported that they have established that Syrian government forces were almost certainly responsible for two massacres last May in which up to 450 civilians were killed.
            (Reuters, 9/11/13)
2013          Sep 11, The UN Food and Agricultural Organization said one-third of all food produced in the world gets wasted, amounting to a loss of $750 billion a year.
            (SFC, 9/12/13, p.A2)

2013          Sep 12, The UN urged the international community, especially Gulf states, to increase aid to impoverished Yemen, saying that more than 10 million people in the country go hungry.
            (AFP, 9/12/13)

2013          Sep 13, UN investigators said Syrian government forces are bombing and shelling hospitals in rebel-held areas to stop sick and wounded people getting treatment, acts which constitute war crimes.
            (Reuters, 9/13/13)

2013          Sep 16, UN war crimes investigators said they know of 14 potential chemical attacks in Syria since they began monitoring Syrian human rights abuses in September 2011. Un inspectors confirmed that sarin was used in the mass killing near Damascus on Aug 21.
            (Reuters, 9/16/13)(SFC, 9/17/13, p.A3)

2013          Sep 17, UN human rights investigators said inmates in North Korea's prison camps have suffered starvation, torture and other "unspeakable atrocities", in their first report on violations in the reclusive state. North Korea rejected the findings as part of a political plot.
            (Reuters, 9/17/13)
2013          Sep 17, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a report by UN inspectors, who investigated an August 21 chemical weapons attack in Syria, leaves no doubt about the responsibility of President Bashar al-Assad's government.
            (Reuters, 9/17/13)

2013          Sep 18, In northern Mali a company of about 150 Chadian soldiers of the UN peacekeeping force abandoned their posts in protest at the length of time they have served.
            (Reuters, 9/18/13)

2013          Sep 24, Pres. Obama addressed the opening of the UN General Assembly in NYC. Obama and Iran's new leader made very tentative moves to end decades of hostility between their countries but could not break the deadlock enough to organize a meeting.
            (SFC, 9/24/13, p.A3)(AFP, 9/25/13)

2013          Sep 26, The US and its international partners emerged from a meeting at UN headquarters with Iran declaring that a "window of opportunity has opened" to peacefully settle their nuclear standoff. Both sides agreed to fast-track negotiations and hold a substantive round of talks on Oct. 15-16 in Geneva.
            (AP, 9/27/13)

2013          Sep 27, The UN Security Council adopted a resolution that demands the eradication of Syria's chemical weapons but does not threaten automatic punitive action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government if it does not comply.
            (Reuters, 9/28/13)
2013          Sep 27, Gambia's Pres. Yahya Jammeh warned the UN General Assembly that gays were a threat to human existence, along with excessive greed and obsession with world domination, and criticized other countries for regarding homosexuality as a human right.
            (Reuters, 9/27/13)

2013          Oct 1, A new UN report said 27 people have been tortured to death in Libya, 11 this year, since the 2011 downfall of Moammar Khadafy.
            (SFC, 10/2/13, p.A2)

2013          Oct 2, The UN refugee agency said 17 countries including the United States, France and Australia have agreed to receive quotas of refugees fleeing the bloody conflict in Syria.
            (AFP, 10/2/13)

2013          Oct 7, UN leader Ban Ki-moon said about 100 international experts will have to spend up to a year in Syria destroying its chemical weapons in a mission of unprecedented danger.
            (AFP, 10/8/13)

2013          Oct 10, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the mandate of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan for the last time before it hands over total responsibility for security to Afghan forces at the end of 2014.
            (AP, 10/11/13)

2013          Oct 11, The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as  the global watchdog worked to destroy Syria's stockpiles of nerve gas and other poisonous agents.
            (AP, 10/11/13)

2013          Oct 17, The UN General Assembly elected five new members to the Security Council. The uncontested seats included Chad, Chile, Lithuania, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
            (AP, 10/17/13)

2013          Oct 18, Saudi Arabia, in an unprecedented show of anger at the failure of the international community to end the war in Syria and act on other Middle East issues, said it would not take up its seat on the UN Security Council.
            (Reuters, 10/18/13)

2013          Oct 22, Western countries accused China of arresting activists, curbing Internet use and suppressing ethnic minorities, as the United Nations formally reviewed its rights record for the first time since Xi Jinping became president.
            (Reuters, 10/22/13)

2013          Oct 23, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon requested the deployment of 250 troops to protect the global body's personnel and facilities in the strife-torn Central African Republic.
            (AFP, 10/23/13)
2013          Oct 23, The UN said extreme floods across vast parts of remote and impoverished South Sudan have affected over 156,000 people.
            (AFP, 10/24/13)

2013          Oct 24, In Mali the French military said it has engaged with UN and Malian forces in a major operation aimed at preventing a resurgence of Islamist rebels in Mali.
            (AFP, 10/24/13)

2013          Oct 27, Israel’s PM Netanyahu said his country will renew cooperation with the UN Human Rights Council, following a boycott that began in March 2012 due to an investigation into settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
            (SSFC, 11/3/13, p.A4)

2013          Oct 28, Chinese pianist Lang Lang (31) became a UN messenger of Peace.
            (SFC, 10/30/13, p.F4)

2013          Oct 29, The UN's health agency said it has confirmed 10 polio cases in northeast Syria, the first confirmed outbreak of the highly contagious disease in the country in 14 years, and a top UN official urged warring sides to grant health workers access to 500,000 children who have never received immunization.
            (AP, 10/29/13)

2013          Nov 5, The United Nations that 40 percent of all Syrians are now in need in need of humanitarian aid.
            (AP, 11/5/13)

2013          Nov 6, The UN weather agency said world carbon dioxide pollution levels in the atmosphere are accelerating and reached a record high in 2012.
            (AP, 11/6/13)

2013          Nov 8, The UN said emergency plans are under way to vaccinate more than 20 million children in the Middle East after polio resurfaced in war-torn Syria.
            (AFP, 11/8/13)
2013          Nov 8, American influence in culture, science and education around the world took a high-profile blow after the US automatically lost voting rights at UNESCO, after missing a crucial deadline to repay its debt to the world's cultural agency. The US hasn't paid its dues in three years in protest to the decision by world governments to make Palestine a UNESCO member in 2011. Israel suspended its dues at the same time in support of the US and also lost voting rights.
            (AP, 11/8/13)
2013          Nov 8, Denmark said it would provide transport and security for the international effort to destroy Syria's arsenal of chemical weapons, after receiving a request from the UN.
            (AFP, 11/8/13)

2013          Nov 10, The governments of Kenya and Somalia signed a deal with the UN’s High Commission for Refugees to facilitate voluntary returns.
            (Econ, 11/30/13, p.48)

2013          Nov 11, Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog agreed on a "roadmap for cooperation" over Tehran's controversial atomic drive, as the US accused Iran of scuttling efforts to end the deadlock.
            (AFP, 11/11/13)

2013          Nov 12, A new report by the UN Development Program said Latin America is the most unsafe region in the world.
            (SSFC, 11/17/13, p.A4)
2013          Nov 12, China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia won seats on the UN Human Rights Council, despite fierce international criticism of their records.
            (AP, 11/13/13)

2013          Nov 13, The UN said opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has reached a record high as farmers seek to "insure" themselves ahead of NATO forces' withdrawal next year.
            (AFP, 11/13/13)

2013          Nov 15, Nickolay Mladenov, the UN's new envoy to Baghdad, said Iraq's security forces require "massive amounts of re-training" in human rights to better conduct operations and combat the country's deadliest violence since 2008.
            (AFP, 11/15/13)

2013          Nov 20, At UN talks in Poland the governments of Norway, Britain and the United States said they will allocate $280 million of their multi-billion dollar climate change finances to a new initiative aimed at halting deforestation.
            (Reuters, 11/20/13)

2013          Nov 21, Myanmar rejected a UN resolution urging it to grant citizenship to the Rohingya, a stateless Muslim minority group, and accused the United Nations of impinging on its sovereignty.
            (Reuters, 11/21/13)
2013          Nov 21, The UN in Somalia called for a "proper investigation" after police arrested an alleged rape victim and the journalists who reported her story for defamation.
            (AFP, 11/21/13)

2013          Nov 22, A senior UN official said up to 6,000 children have been enrolled by warring militias in the Central African Republic, issuing a stark warning about the country's spiralling crisis.
            (AFP, 11/22/13)
2013          Nov 22, In Poland UN negotiators agreed rules on financing forest projects in developing nations, paving the way for multi-billion dollar investments from governments, funding agencies and private firms in schemes to halt deforestation.
            (Reuters, 11/22/13)
2013          Nov 22, The UN refugee agency confirmed that 52 refugees of Syrian and Palestinian origin had refused to receive food delivered by a UNHCR-funded charity to the police station where they are held in Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria.
            (Reuters, 11/22/13)
2013          Nov 22, The UN Committee against Torture said torture is rife in prisons and police stations in Uzbekistan, where activists are rounded up and routinely mistreated.
            (Reuters, 11/22/13)

2013          Nov 23, In Poland UN negotiators reached consensus on some of the foundations for an ambitious, global climate pact, modifying wording in a document that had threatened to derail talks in Warsaw. The Conference of the parties (COP) agreed that countries would make contributions to climate change reduction.
            (AFP, 11/23/13)(Econ, 11/30/13, p.59)

2013          Nov 25, The UN said Syria's government and opposition will hold their first peace talks on Jan. 22 in Geneva, in an attempt to halt the nearly 3-year-old civil war that has killed more than 100,000 people.
            (AP, 11/25/13)

2013          Nov 27, The Syrian government said it will participate in UN-sponsored peace talks aimed at ending the country's civil war, but insisted that it is not going to the conference to hand over power.
            (AP, 11/27/13)

2013          Dec 1, The UN said Ivory Coast sent hit squads to Ghana to kill followers of former strongman Laurent Gbagbo and paid Liberian mercenaries not to stage cross-border attacks for Gbagbo.
            (AFP, 12/1/13)

2013          Dec 3, UN forces in Democratic Republic of Congo launched unmanned aircraft to monitor the volatile border with Rwanda and Uganda, the first time UN peacekeepers have deployed surveillance drones. The UN announced its peacekeeping troops will go after other armed groups in the DRC, after helping to defeat the M23 rebel force.
            (Reuters, 12/3/13)(AFP, 12/3/13)

2013          Dec 4, The Green Climate Fund, designed as the UN’s most important funding body in the battle on climate change in developing nations, launched its headquarters in South Korea.
            (AP, 12/4/13)

2013          Dec 6, The UN called for an urgent investigation into allegations in a Reuters report that Thai immigration officials moved Myanmar refugees into human trafficking rings.
            (Reuters, 12/6/13)

2013          Dec 8, UN inspectors visited an Iranian plant linked to a planned heavy-water reactor that could yield nuclear bomb fuel, taking up an initial offer by Tehran to open its disputed nuclear program to greater scrutiny.
            (Reuters, 12/8/13)

2013          Dec 10, The UN said it would for the first time begin airlifting food and other aid items across the border from Iraq to Syria after receiving the go-ahead from both governments.
            (AFP, 12/10/13)

2013          Dec 10, The UN command and Congolese troops launched an offensive in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo against against the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda), a Rwandan rebel group linked to the 1994 genocide.
            (AFP, 12/11/13)

2013          Dec 13, A UN inquiry published today said chemical weapons were likely used in five out of seven attacks investigated by UN experts in Syria, where a 2 1/2-year civil war has killed more than 100,000 people.
            (Reuters, 12/13/13)
2013          Dec 13, UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous said an arsenal of weapons have been found by UN peacekeepers, including heavy caliber arms and enough ammunition to last a year, at the site of the last stand by M23 rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
            (Reuters, 12/13/13)

2013          Dec 15, The first UN aid flight from Iraq landed in northeastern Syria with badly needed supplies, after a winter storm delayed it for several days.
            (AFP, 12/15/13)

2013          Dec 16, The UN appealed for a record $6.5 billion for Syria and its neighbors to help 16 million people, many of them hungry or homeless victims of a conflict that has lasted 33 months with no end in sight.
            (Reuters, 12/16/13)

2013          Dec 18, The heads of the UN and European Union aid agencies called for a "humanitarian ceasefire" in Syria to allow convoys to deliver help to areas that aid workers cannot reach.
            (Reuters, 12/18/13)
2013          Dec 18, In Morocco a visiting group of UN experts said Morocco must put an end to the practice of convicting detainees on the basis of confessions obtained through torture.
            (AFP, 12/18/13)

2013          Dec 19, South Sudan said that the government no longer controls Bor, the capital of Jonglei, its largest and most populous state. Two UN peacekeepers from India were killed and a third wounded when a UN base was overrun by armed youths in Jonglei State.
            (AP, 12/19/13)(AP, 12/20/13)
2013          Dec 19, A UN panel probing war crimes in Syria reported that people around the country are systematically vanishing without a trace as part of a widespread campaign of terror against civilians.
            (AP, 12/19/13)

2013          Dec 20, The United Nations says 34,000 people in South Sudan are seeking refuge at UN bases in three locations across the country.
            (AP, 12/20/13)

2013          Dec 24, The UN said a mass grave believed to contain the bodies of 75 ethnic Dinka soldiers has been found in South Sudan, fuelling fears of ethnic bloodletting in the world's newest state.
            (AP, 12/24/13)

2013          Dec 29, The United Nations said that it has completed the first aid airlift from Iraq to Syria, providing much-needed supplies to a difficult-to-access region of the war-torn country.
            (AFP, 12/29/13)

2013          Dec 30, The UN appealed for the Syrian army and rebel fighters to allow urgent aid to reach a Palestinian district of southern Damascus where it said 15 people have died of malnutrition in recent months.
            (Reuters, 12/30/13)

2014          Jan 1, Jordan took over the UN Security Council presidency, the first day of its two-year stint on a 15-nation body struggling to cope with conflicts in Syria, South Sudan.
            (Reuters, 1/1/14)
2014          Jan 1, The UN said that violence claimed the lives of 7,818 civilians in Iraq in 2013, the highest annual death toll in years.
            (AP, 1/1/14)

2014          Jan 10, The UN refugee agency warned that fighting in South Sudan could by April drive more than half a million people from their homes, doubling the number of those already affected.
            (AFP, 1/10/14)

2014          Jan 13, Iraq’s PM Nuri al-Maliki publicly rebuked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's call for the country to halt executions while standing beside him at a joint news conference. Ban Ki-moon called for Iraqi leaders to address the "root causes" of a surge in bloodshed as security forces clashed with gunmen in violence-wracked Anbar province. A car bomb exploded on a commercial street in northern Baghdad, killing at least six people.
            (AFP, 1/13/14)(AP, 1/13/14)

2014          Jan 14, The UN human rights office said a UN human rights team has gathered testimony that Chadian citizens, including peacekeepers, carried out mass killings during chaotic violence in the Central African Republic. The team also received reports that French disarmament of ex-Seleka forces left Muslim communities vulnerable.
            (Reuters, 1/14/14)

2014          Jan 15, Donors gathered in Kuwait as the UN sent out a distress signal, warning that nearly half Syria's population needs urgent humanitarian assistance and that some 245,000 Syrians faced severe food shortages. Western and Gulf Arab nations pledged $1.4 billion for UN aid efforts in Syria. This included $500 million from Kuwait and 380 million from the US.
            (AFP, 1/15/14)(Reuters, 1/15/14)

2014          Jan 19, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said Iran has been invited to attend a Jan 22 meeting of foreign ministers in the Swiss city of Montreux ahead of internationally brokered peace talks between Syria's warring factions. The UN invite sparked a boycott call from the opposition and President Bashar al-Assad ruled out a power-sharing deal.
            (AP, 1/19/14)(AFP, 1/20/14)

2014          Jan 20, Iran rebuffed a precondition for taking part in Syria peace talks in Geneva this week, saying it could not accept a plan for a Syrian political transition agreed at talks in the Swiss city in 2012. In response UN leader Ban Ki-moon withdrew his surprise invitation to Iran, less than 24 hours after he announced it.
            (Reuters, 1/20/14)(AFP, 1/21/14)

2014          Jan 24, The World Food Program said looters in South Sudan have stolen UN food aid that would have fed over 220,000 people for a month.
            (AFP, 1/24/14)

2014          Jan 27, The UN’s highest court set a new maritime boundary between Chile and Peru, granting Peru a bigger piece of the pacific Ocean but keeping rich coastal fishing grounds in Chilean hands.
            (SSFC, 2/2/14, p.A8)
2014          Jan 27, UN aid chief Valerie Amos arrived in war-torn South Sudan amid a growing humanitarian crisis, with rebels and government accusing each other of breaking a ceasefire aimed at ending the conflict.
            (AFP, 1/27/14)

2014          Jan 28, The UN Security Council authorized the deployment of an EU force to bolster French and African troops in the Central African Republic.
            (SFC, 1/29/14, p.A2)

2014          Feb 3, The UN launched a bid to raise $2.0 billion (1.48 billion euros) from international donors in 2014 to help more than 20 million people threatened by famine in Africa's Sahel region.
            (AFP, 2/3/14)

2014          Feb 4, The UN issued an urgent appeal for $1.27 billion for aid for South Sudan, hit by a seven-week-old conflict that has forced close to a million people from their homes.
            (AFP, 2/4/14)

2014          Feb 5, A UN human rights committee urged the Holy See to open its files on pedophiles and bishops who concealed their crimes saying the Vatican "systematically" adopted policies that allowed priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children over decades.
            (AP, 2/5/14)

2014          Feb 12, UN leader Ban Ki-moon condemned what he said was the use of cluster bombs in the war in South Sudan.
            (AFP, 2/12/14)

2014          Feb 14, It was reported that a UN Commission of Inquiry has found that crimes against humanity have been committed in North Korea and recommends that its findings be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
            (AP, 2/14/14)

2014          Feb 17, A UN panel warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he may be held accountable for orchestrating widespread crimes against civilians.
            (AP, 2/17/14)

2014          Feb 21, The UN refugee agency said around 28,000 people have fled from conflict-torn Central African Republic to neighbouring Cameroon since the start of this month.
            (AFP, 2/21/14)

2014          Feb 23, In southern Lebanon 2 UN peacekeepers died and three were injured in a car accident.
            (AFP, 2/23/14)

2014          Feb 24, In Lebanon actress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie completed a surprise 3-day visit to Lebanon to draw attention to the challenges facing thousands of Syrian refugee children and to highlight the massive displacement Syria's three-year conflict has created.
            (AP, 2/24/14)

2014          Feb 26, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing sanctions against individuals and organizations threatening peace, security or stability in Yemen.
            (AP, 2/26/14)

2014          Mar 3, The UN Environmental Program marked its first ever World Wildlife Day to raise awareness about an illicit global trade in illegal timber, elephant ivory and rhino horns worth an estimated $19 billion.
            (AP, 3/3/14)
2014          Mar 3, The United Nations' highest court banned Australia from making any use of documents it seized from a lawyer working for East Timor in an arbitration case over a multibillion-dollar oil and gas deal between the two nations.
            (AP, 3/3/14)

2014          Mar 10, State officials in the Central African Republic were paid their first wage for six months, a small sign of normality in a country that has been paralyzed by war for over a year. A group of UN-mandated investigators said they will launch a probe into human rights violations amid fears of genocide and ethnic cleansing.
            (AFP, 3/10/14)

2014          Mar 13, Ukraine's parliament appealed to the UN to discuss the occupation by Russian forces of its Crimea peninsula and said it reserved the right to ask individual countries for help in resolving the issue. A man (22) was stabbed to death in Donetsk in clashes between pro-Russian protesters and a crowd favoring European integration and denouncing Russian forces' seizure of Crimea.
            (Reuters, 3/13/14)(Reuters, 3/14/14)

2014          Mar 15, Russia vetoed a UN resolution declaring the March 15 referendum on the future of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula illegal, but close ally China abstained in a show of Moscow's isolation.
            (AP, 3/15/14)

2014          Mar 18, United Nations human rights investigators said they have added to their list of suspected war criminals from both sides in the Syrian civil war after a new round of atrocities in recent weeks.
            (Reuters, 3/18/14)

2014          Mar 20, Several UN aid trucks crossed the Turkish border into Syria for the first time.
            (Reuters, 3/20/14)

2014          Mar 21, Denis Flory, deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said about 140 cases of missing or unauthorized use of nuclear and radioactive material were reported to the UN atomic agency in 2013.
            (AP, 3/21/14)

2014          Mar 22, The UN Commission on the Status of Women approved a 45-page document to promote equality for women that reaffirms the sexual and reproductive rights of all women and endorses sex education for adolescents.
            (AP, 3/22/14)

2014          Mar 25, The United Nations human rights office said an Egyptian court's decision to sentence 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death contravened international law.
            (Reuters, 3/25/14)

2014          Mar 27, The UN's top human rights body agreed to launch an international criminal investigation into alleged abuses from Sri Lanka's ended civil war, approving a US-led resolution over the strong protests of Sri Lanka's government.
            (AP, 3/27/14)
2014          Mar 27, The UN passed a non-binding resolution declaring invalid Crimea's Moscow-backed referendum on seceding from Ukraine  with 100 votes in favor, 11 against and 58 abstentions in the 193-nation General Assembly. Russia threatened several Eastern European and Central Asian states with retaliation if they voted in favor of a United Nations General Assembly resolution.
            (Reuters, 3/28/14)(Reuters, 3/29/14)

2014          Mar 28, The UN's top human rights body voted overwhelmingly to renew its war crimes investigation in Syria for another year.
            (AP, 3/28/14)

2014          Mar 28, The UN said over a million people in South Sudan have been forced from their homes during more than three months of ongoing fighting, with conditions continuing to worsen.
            (AFP, 3/29/14)

2014          Apr 1, The UN said it was trying to evacuate 19,000 Muslims urgently from Bangui and other parts of Central African Republic who are surrounded by anti-balaka Christian militia threatening their lives.
            (Reuters, 4/1/14)

2014          Apr 2, Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki said he has delivered requests for membership of several UN agencies, as part of a move that shook a fragile Middle East peace process.
            (AFP, 4/2/14)

2014          Apr 5, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon traveled to Central African Republic for the first time since the country erupted into sectarian bloodshed four months ago. Ban has urged council members to act quickly on his recommendation for a 12,000-member peacekeeping mission.
            (AP, 4/5/14)

2014          Apr 7, The US approved a bill barring Iranian diplomat Hamid Abutalebi from entering the country. Officials objected to his selection as Iran’s new UN ambassador because of his alleged participation in a Muslim student group that held 52 Americans hostage in the 1979 seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran.
            (AP, 4/9/14)
2014          Apr 7, In Somalia a Briton and a Frenchman working for the United Nations were shot dead at Galkayo airport.
            (Reuters, 4/7/14)
2014          Apr 7, Sri Lanka's foreign minister says that his country will not cooperate with the United Nations human rights chief when she begins an investigation into alleged war crimes from the island nation's civil war.
            (AP, 4/7/14)

2014          Apr 8, Sudan expelled the country chief of a UN agency and accused her of interfering in domestic affairs. Pamela DeLargy, an American, had headed the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) office in Sudan.
            (AFP, 4/9/14)

2014          Apr 10, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a nearly 12,000-strong UN peacekeeping force for Central African Republic.
            (AP, 4/10/14)

2014          Apr 12, Iran rejected a US decision to deny a visa for its newly appointed ambassador to the United Nations, pledging to take up the case directly with the world body in a dispute that has reopened old wounds dating to the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
            (Reuters, 4/12/14)

2014          Apr 13, Iran state news said the government has complained to the UN about the United States refusing to grant a visa to Hamid Abutaleb, its newly appointed UN ambassador over his role in the 1979 hostage crisis.
            (Reuters, 4/14/14)

2014          Apr 15, The UN Security Council met privately to view projected slides of bodies from the civil war in which more than 150,000 have died. Ten of the photos were publicly released in January in a study known as the "Caesar Report," which was funded by the government of Qatar.
            (AP, 4/15/14)

2014          Apr 16, The United Nations and aid groups launched an appeal for $274 million to help people who have fled the Central African Republic because of the sectarian conflict.
            (AP, 4/16/14)

2014          Apr 24, A UN panel that settles claims for damages resulting from Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait paid out another $990 million. The Geneva-based commission was established by the UN Security Council in 1991 and is funded by a 5 percent tax on the export of Iraqi oil. It makes payments every three months.
            (AP, 4/24/14)

2014          Apr 27, The Palestine Liberation Organisation's central council adopted a plan to pursue attempts to join 60 United Nations bodies and international agreements.
            (AFP, 4/28/14)

2014          Apr 30, The UN's human rights chief said over 9,000 children have been recruited as soldiers in South Sudan's brutal four-month long civil war by both government and rebel forces.
            (AFP, 4/30/14)

2014          May 7, The UN continued to urge Qatar to abolish the sponsorship system tying migrant workers to employers raising concerns about exploitation of workers in construction and domestic households. Several of 84 states speaking in the session linked Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup with the need to reform its laws.
            (AP, 5/7/14)
2014          May 7, Iranian media said UN inspectors have visited a uranium mine and reached agreement on how to monitor a planned reactor, part of an effort to allay fears about Tehran's nuclear program.
            (AP, 5/7/14)

2014          May 9, The UN Security Council ordered sanctions against three Central African Republic leaders, including former president Francois Bozize. The leader of the anti-Balaka militia Levy Yakete and the Seleka militia's number two Nourredine Adam were also targeted.
            (AFP, 5/10/14)

2014          May 12, A confidential new report by a UN panel of experts highlighted Iran's methods of evading sanctions - from concealing titanium tubes inside steel pipes to using its petrochemical industry as a cover to obtain items for a heavy-water nuclear reactor.
            (Reuters, 5/12/14)

2014          May 13, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said Lakhdar Brahimi will resign as the joint UN-Arab League envoy on Syria after a nearly two-year effort that failed to bring peace to the war-ravaged country.
            (AP, 5/13/14)

2014          May 20, UN diplomats said Nigeria has formally asked the UN Security Council al Qaeda sanctions committee to blacklist the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.
            (Reuters, 5/20/14)
2014          May 20, The UN refugee agency said at least 10,000 people have been driven from their homes since the start of the Ukraine crisis, with Crimean Tatars the hardest-hit.
            (AFP, 5/20/14)

2014          May 22, China and Russia vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court for war crimes committed by both sides in its civil war.
            (AFP, 5/22/14)
2014          May 22, The United Nations children's agency defended a decision to pay nearly $90,000 a month for its new office in Myanmar — a three-story house owned by the family of Maj. Gen. Nyunt Tin, who was slapped with US sanctions during the country's dictatorship.
            (AP, 5/23/14)

2014          May 23, A United Nations committee concluded that the Vatican has effective worldwide control over bishops and priests who must comply with a UN anti-torture treaty, a finding that could expose the Catholic Church to new lawsuits by victims of clerical sex abuse.
            (AP, 5/23/14)
2014          May 23, The UN said nearly 30 children fleeing the war-ravaged Central African Republic have died in just a month from starvation, exhaustion and exposure after crossing into Cameroon.
            (AFP, 5/23/14)

2014          Jun 20, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Syria, describing foreign powers and groups as "irresponsible" for giving military support to the warring parties in the three-year conflict.
            (Reuters, 6/20/14)
2014          Jun 20, The United Nations cultural agency listed the Palestinian village of Battir as a World Heritage site in danger, raising hopes among residents that this will protect their community against Israel's West Bank separation barrier.
            (AP, 6/21/14)

2014          Jun 21, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the humanitarian situation in Syria is worsening and the number of people needing urgent help has reached 10.8 million, almost half of Syria's population.
            (AP, 6/21/14)
2014          Jun 21, Hundreds of Afghans protested in Kabul against alleged fraud in last week's presidential runoff, forcing a closure of the airport road amid escalating tensions over what Western officials had hoped would be a smooth transfer of power. The UN urged Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah to return to the electoral process after he dropped out earlier this week, accusing the organizers and the president of fraud.
            (AP, 6/21/14)(Reuters, 6/21/14)

2014          Jun 23, The first-ever United Nations Environmental Assembly opened in Kenya, as more than 150 high-level delegations began a weeklong examination of the intersection between global economic progress and the environment.
            (AP, 6/23/14)

2014          Jun 24, The UN and Interpol released a report saying global environmental crime is worth up to $213 billion a year and helps finance criminal and terrorist groups threatening security and sustainable development worldwide.
            (AFP, 6/24/14)

2014          Jun 26, The UN said the number of civilians seeking shelter in UN bases in South Sudan has reached over 100,000 for the first time in more than six-months of conflict.
            (AFP, 6/26/14)

2014          Jun 27, The UN Human Rights Council agreed to set up a year-long inquiry into human rights in Eritrea, similar to previous high-level investigations into Syria, North Korea and Sri Lanka.
            (Reuters, 6/27/14)

2014          Jul 1, The UN warned that nearly 800,000 refugees in Africa have had their food rations slashed by up to 60 percent, threatening to push many to the brink of starvation. The situation was most dire for the 300,000 refugees in Chad, mainly from Sudan's Darfur region and from the Central African Republic.
            (AP, 7/1/14)

2014          Jul 2, The UN's food aid agency warned that Ethiopia is facing a huge wave of refugees from South Sudan, where the specter of famine threatens to heap further misery on a people already rocked by civil war.
            (AFP, 7/2/14)

2014          Jul 10, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said it is more urgent than ever to avoid another Israeli-Palestinian war and is urging both leaders to show statesmanship and agree to an immediate cease-fire.
            (AP, 7/10/14)

2014          Jul 16, The UN said the worsening conflict in Darfur and an influx of people fleeing war in South Sudan helped push to almost seven million the number needing aid in Sudan.
            (AFP, 7/16/14)

2014          Jul 17, Lebanon filed a complaint against Israel at the UN Security Council, saying it had violated its sovereignty by opening fire on its territory in retaliation for rocket attacks. The foreign ministry said Israel fired 102 shells at Lebanon between July 11 and 14.
            (AFP, 7/17/14)

2014          Jul 19, The United Nations accused Islamic State fighters in Iraq of executions, rape and forced recruitment of children during a campaign to seize much of northern Iraq, part of a conflict it said has killed almost 5,600 civilians this year.
            (Reuters, 7/18/14)

2014          Jul 21, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry headed to Cairo to try to end two weeks of Israel-Hamas fighting that has killed at least 508 Palestinians and 20 Israelis and displaced tens of thousands of Gaza residents.
            (AP, 7/21/14)

2014          Jul 24, UN official Jacqueline Badcock said Jihadists in Iraq have ordered that all women between the ages of 11 and 46 must undergo female genital mutilation, which could affect up to four million women and girls in the war-ravaged country.
            (AP, 7/24/14)

2014          Jul 27, The UN Security Council agreed on a statement calling for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire" in the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas.
            (AP, 7/27/14)

2014          Aug 2, The UN refugee agency UNHCR said Sri Lanka must stop deporting Pakistani asylum seekers, a practice banned under international law. Sri Lanka began arresting asylum seekers and refugees on June 9 and has since detained 214 Pakistanis and Afghans in two asylum centers.
            (Reuters, 8/3/14)

2014          Aug 8, In Libya a UN delegation held talks in Tripoli to try to broker a ceasefire between armed factions that have turned the capital into a battleground after the worst fighting since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.
            (Reuters, 8/8/14)

2014          Aug 12, UN rights monitors called for the global community to take urgent action to avoid a potential genocide against the Yazidi community in Iraq. 20,000-30,000 Yazidi people were reported trapped on Mount Sinjar. An Iraqi helicopter crashed while delivering aid to the displaced Yazidis.
            (AFP, 8/12/14)(AP, 8/12/14)
2014          Aug 12, UN Security Council envoys warned South Sudan's warring leaders they would face sanctions if a civil war that has pushed the young nation to the brink of famine does not stop.
            (AFP, 8/12/14)

2014          Aug 14, The UN health agency said the death toll from the worst outbreak of Ebola in four decades had now climbed to 1,069 in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The WHO said the scale of the Ebola epidemic has been vastly underestimated and that "extraordinary measures" were needed to contain the killer disease.
            (AFP, 8/15/14)

2014          Aug 15, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution intended to weaken the Islamic State - an al Qaeda splinter group that has seized swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria and declared a caliphate - and al Qaeda's Syrian wing, Nusra Front. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait the next day agreed to comply with the resolution after four of their nationals were named among a group blacklisted by the international body.
            (Reuters, 8/17/14)

2014          Aug 16, In northern Mali 2 UN peacekeepers were killed and nine others injured in a suicide attack on a patrol base in the village of Ber.
            (Reuters, 8/17/14)

2014          Aug 18, The UN said it is undertaking a massive polio vaccination program in Iraq following two cases discovered earlier this year in Baghdad.
            (SFC, 8/19/14, p.A2)

2014          Aug 20, In Iraq scattered attacks killed at least 11 people in and near Baghdad. Shiite Turkmens of Amrili, besieged by Sunni militants, appealed to Iraq's military and the international community to intervene to end the siege. The UN refugee agency launched a massive air, road and sea 10-day operation to help the displaced, including a four-day airlift with Boeing 747 planes that will bring in aid from Aqaba, Jordan, to Iraq's northern Kurdish region.
            (AP, 8/20/14)

2014          Aug 22, The UN reported that the death toll from three years of Syria's civil war has risen to more than 191,000 people.
            (AP, 8/22/14)

2014          Aug 26, In South Sudan a UN mission Mi-8 cargo helicopter crashed near Bentiu, a hotly contested between the government and rebel fighters. A South Sudan government spokesman blamed the rebels for shooting down the helicopter. 3 people were reported killed with one surviver.
            (AP, 8/26/14)

2014          Aug 28, In the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights a group of 44 UN peacekeepers from Fiji were detained by militants fighting the Syrian army in the vicinity of Al Qunaytirah. 81 troops from the Philippines had their movements restricted.
            (Reuters, 8/28/14)(SFC, 8/30/14, p.A6)
2014          Aug 28, Somalia took its maritime border dispute with Kenya to the United Nations' top court, which could decide the fate of potentially lucrative oil and gas reserves off east Africa.
            (AFP, 8/29/14)

2014          Aug 29, In Syria 44 Fijian soldiers working as UN peacekeepers remained captive to a militant group while 75 Philippine soldiers were in tense standoff with the rebels.
            (AP, 8/29/14)

2014          Sep 4, A UN report on Libya said four months of fighting by militias in Libya's two biggest cities, Tripoli and Benghazi, has forced some 250,000 people to flee, including 100,000 who have been internally displaced.
            (AP, 9/4/14)

2014          Sep 17, A UN human rights team looking into complaints of torture in Azerbaijan said it had cut short its investigations because it had been stopped from visiting some government detention centers.
            (Reuters, 9/17/14)

2014          Sep 19, Iran and six wold powers opened a new round of talks at the UN to overcome differences in the way of a deal on curbing Tehran's nuclear program.
            (AFP, 9/19/14)

2014          Sep 22, The UN, the EU and 13 countries, including those suspected of supporting rival sides in Libya, signed an agreement that calls for an end to any "outside interference" in the country that is plagued by violence and torn between two governments and parliaments.
            (AP, 9/22/14)

2014          Sep 23, At a UN metting on climate control more than 30 countires set the first-ever deadline top end deforestation by 2030, but Brazil said it would not join because it was not included in the planning process.
            (SFC, 9/24/14, p.A2)

2014          Oct 1, The UN said that at least 1,119 Iraqis died in violence in September but that the real figure was likely much higher since the reported death toll did not include killings in areas controlled by the Islamic State group.
            (AP, 10/1/14)

2014          Oct 3, In Mali  9 United Nations peacekeepers from Niger were killed in an ambush on their convoy.
            (Reuters, 10/3/14)

2014          Oct 13, UN Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to scrap plans to expand settlements in East Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the capital of a future state, and urged both sides to return to peace talks.
            (Reuters, 10/13/14)

2014          Oct 27, UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced at the start of a visit to Ethiopia that the EU and several regional development banks have pledged $8 billion in development aid for projects across eight countries in the Horn of Africa. Countries targeted are Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.
            (AFP, 10/27/14)(AP, 10/27/14)

2014          Oct 30, UN chief Ban Ki-moon launched a global campaign to end the often deadly practice of female genital mutilation within a generation.
            (AFP, 10/30/14)

2014          Nov 2, The UN's panel on climate science said climate change is happening, it's almost entirely man's fault and limiting its impacts may require reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero this century.
            (AP, 11/2/14)

2014          Nov 7, The UN Security Council slapped sanctions against Yemen’s influential former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and two rebel commanders for threatening peace.
            (AFP, 11/8/14)

2014          Nov 12, The UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime said opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has hit a record high this year and accounted for 90% of the world’s heroin supply.
            (SFC, 11/13/14, p.A2)

2014          Nov 14, UN investigators said Islamic State commanders are liable for war crimes on a "massive scale" in northeast Syria where they spread terror by beheading, stoning and shooting civilians and captured fighters.
            (Reuters, 11/14/14)

2014          Nov 18, The UN General Assembly’s human rights committee approved a resolution that urges the Security Council to refer North Korea’s harsh human rights situation to the Int’l. Criminal Court.
            (SFC, 11/19/14, p.A4)

2014          Nov 20, Donor nations meeting at a conference in Germany pledged a total $9.3 billion to the UN Green Climate Fund (GCF to help developing countries tackle climate change, but environmental campaigners said the funds fell short of what is needed.
            (Reuters, 11/20/14)

2014          Nov 21, The UN General Assembly's human rights committee approved a resolution urging Myanmar to allow its persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority access to full citizenship on an equal basis.
            (AP, 11/22/14)

2014          Dec 1, The UN World Food Program suspended a food voucher program serving more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees, citing a funding crisis after many donors failed to meet their commitments.
            (AP, 12/1/14)

2014          Dec 8, The UN appealed for $16.4 billion to pay for global humanitarian needs in 2015, saying it needs that money to help 57.5 million of the world's most vulnerable people.
            (AP, 12/8/14)
2014          Dec 8, The International Criminal Court's 122 member states opened their annual meeting at UN headquarters in NYC with Africa the focus.
            (AP, 12/9/14)

2014          Dec 9, The UN World Food Program said it has reinstated a food aid program to help feed over 1.7 million Syrian refugees following a significan cash infusion.
            (SFC, 12/10/14, p.A3)

2014          Dec 12, International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told the UN Security Council that she has suspended investigations into alleged war crimes in Sudan's Darfur, criticizing the UN Security Council for inaction over the conflict-hit region.
            (AFP, 12/13/14)

2014          Dec 13, In Peru UN talks on a new global warming pact went into overtime as negotiators considered a draft agreement that environmentalists complain fails to clearly define the responsibilities countries are due to accept at a key summit in Paris next year.
            (AP, 12/13/14)

2014          Dec 15, UN rights investigators said at least 4,707 people have been killed in fighting in eastern Ukraine between government troops and pro-Russian rebels since the conflict began in mid-April.
            (SFC, 12/16/14, p.A2)

2014          Dec 17, The UN Security Council renewed for 12 months its authorization for humanitarian access without Syrian government consent into rebel-held areas of Syria at four border crossings from Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.
            (Reuters, 12/17/14)

2014          Dec 19, Israel was asked by the UN General Assembly to compensate Lebanon for $856.4 million in oil spill damages it caused during its 2006 war with Hezbollah. The US, Australia, Canada and Israel were among the six states that voted against the UN text.
            (AFP, 12/20/14)

2014          Dec 23, The UN human rights office and the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said recent fighting has killed hundreds of civilians and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.
            (AFP, 12/23/14)
2014          Dec 23, The UN said nearly 300 sites of incalculable value for Syria and human history have been destroyed, damaged or looted in almost four years of war.
            (AFP, 12/23/14)

2014          Dec 25, Sudan was reported to have ordered two senior United Nations officials to leave, after a recent spike in tensions between Khartoum and the peacekeeping mission in Darfur.
            (AFP, 12/25/14)

2014          Dec 29, The United Nations said it had begun delivering food aid to war-torn South Sudan via the Nile River from Sudan for the first time since it became independent in 2011.
            (Reuters, 12/29/14)

2014          Dec 30, The UN Security Council rejected their motion to end Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and establish a Palestinian state by 2017.
            (AFP, 12/31/14)

2014          Dec 31, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed on to 20 international agreements, including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), as a new avenue for action against Israel after the UN Security Council rejected a resolution on ending the occupation.
            (AFP, 12/31/14)(Reuters, 1/1/15)
2014          Oct 31, Sudanese soldiers attacked the village of Tabit in the Darfur region. In an apparent 2-day rampage over the disappearance of one of their own they reportedly raped some 200 women. An official UNAMID statement found no evidence of such crimes. An internal UNAMID report said people were warned not to talk. On Feb 11, 2015, a new Human Rights Watch report, based on more than 130 interviews, said girls as young as 10 were raped by Sudanese army forces, and that some women and girls were assaulted multiple times and in front of their families.
            (Econ, 12/6/14, p.62)(AP, 2/11/15)

2014          The UN tallied 219,000 migrants crossing the Mediterranean this year, nearly four times more than a year earlier.
            (Econ., 4/18/15, p.21)

2015          Jan 6, UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon said the Palestinians will join the Int’l. Criminal Court (ICC) on April 1.
            (SFC, 1/8/15, p.A5)
2015          Jan 6, The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) said an estimated 670,000 children in Syria are being deprived of education after Islamic State forces ordered schools closed while the curriculum is made to conform with religious rules.
            (Reuters, 1/6/15)

2015          Jan 13, The UN said that the latest wave of Boko Haram's "vicious, ruthless attacks" in northeastern Nigeria has sent 11,320 people fleeing into Chad in a matter of days.
            (AFP, 1/13/15)

2015          Jan 22, The UN General Assembly held its first-ever meeting devoted to countering anti-Semitism.
            (SFC, 1/23/15, p.A5)

2015          Jan 24, UN Security Council members arrived in Haiti for a three-day visit to urge the government to hold long-delayed elections in order to stem a mounting political crisis.
            (AFP, 1/24/15)
2015          Jan 24, The United Nations said Liberia was dealing with just five remaining cases of Ebola, in the clearest sign yet that the country is nearing the end of the outbreak.
            (AFP, 1/24/15)

2015          Jan 27, In northern Mali 3 people were killed after a 2nd day of demonstrations against the UN military mission. The crowd was protesting against an agreement concluded at the weekend to create a "temporary security zone" in the Tabankort district of the Gao region. On April 2 the UN said its police peacekeepers had used unauthorized and excessive force and that members of the responsible unit would be repatriated to face justice.
            (AFP, 1/27/15)(Reuters, 4/2/15)

2015          Jan 28, Dozens of Palestinians attacked a UN compound in Gaza City following the world body's suspension of an aid program for victims of last year's war due to lack of funds.
            (AP, 1/28/15)

2015          Jan, The UN Security Council authorized a 3,000 strong multinational intervention force against the FDLR, a militia in eastern Congo formed two decades ago by Rwandan Hutu rebels after they lost power.
            (Econ, 1/24/15, p.43)

2015          Feb 1, The UN reported that fighting and other violence in Iraq killed at least 1,375 people including 790 civilians in January.
            (Reuters, 2/1/15)

2015          Feb 3, The United Nations' top court ruled that Serbia and Croatia did not commit genocide against each other's people during the bloody 1990s wars sparked by the breakup of Yugoslavia.
            (AP, 2/3/15)
2015          Feb 3, The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) declared itself "extremely concerned" by photographs showing its food parcels being handed out in Syria with Islamic State logos on them.
            (Reuters, 2/3/15)

2015          Feb 9, The UN said over 2.5 million South Sudanese are on the brink of famine, with the civil war likely to intensify as it launched a $1.8 billion aid appeal.
            (AFP, 2/9/15)

2015          Feb 12, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2199 aimed at choking off earnings from oil smuggling, antiquities trafficking and ransom payments to the Islamic State group.
            (AFP, 2/12/15)(Econ, 6/13/15, p.46)

2015          Feb 15, The UN Security council adopted a resolution demanding that Houthi rebels in Yemen immediately relinquish control and withdraw from government institutions.
            (SFC, 2/16/15, p.A2)
2015          Feb 15, Congo's Pres. Joseph Kabila condemned a decision by the United Nations to withdraw its support from a joint military offensive against a rebel group because the military decided it should be directed by two generals who have links to human rights violations.
            (AP, 2/15/15)

2015          Feb 20, UN war crimes investigators announced a radical change of strategy, saying they would publish names of suspects involved in Syria's four-year war and push for new routes towards international justice.
            (Reuters, 2/20/15)
2015          Feb 20, The UN envoy to Yemen said rival factions have agreed on a new legislative body to serve during the country’s transition period.
            (SFC, 2/21/15, p.A3)

2015          Feb 24, UN-appointed investigators said Yemeni ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh is suspected of corruptly amassing as much as $60 billion, equivalent to Yemen's annual GDP, during his 1978-2012 rule, and colluding in a militia takeover last year.
            (Reuters, 2/25/15)

2015          Feb 27, Switzerland became the first country to submit a pledge to the UN for a new global climate deal, vowing to cut its greenhouse gas emission in half by 2030 compared with 1990 levels.
            (SFC, 2/28/15, p.A2)

2015          Mar 3, The UN Security Council established a sanctions regime for South Sudan but stopped short of imposing worldwide travel bans and asset freezes on officials in the conflict-torn country or an arms embargo.
            (Reuters, 3/3/15)

2015          Mar 20, A new UN report warned that the world could suffer a 40 percent shortfall in water in just 15 years unless countries dramatically change their use of the resource.
            (AP, 3/20/15)

2015          Mar 26, The UN Security Council boosted the number of peacekeepers in Central African Republic by more than 1,000 after the mission was overburdened by a need to protect infrastructure and senior officials in the capital Bangui.
            (Reuters, 3/26/15)
2015          Mar 26, The UN Security Council voted to cut 2,000 troops from the UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite calls from Kinshasa for a bigger drawdown.
            (AFP, 3/26/15)

2015          Mar 27, The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said that LRA fighters kidnapped 16 people last weekend who had been working in their fields in Congo, just over the border from Central African Republic. The rebels released 13 of them but were still holding three refugee boys.
            (AP, 3/27/15)

2015          Mar 28, Saudi Arabia's navy evacuated dozens of diplomats from Yemen and the United Nations pulled out international staff after a third night of Saudi-led air strikes trying to stem advances by Iranian-allied Houthi fighters.
            (Reuters, 3/28/15)

2015          Mar 31, Saudi-led airstrikes pounded Yemen's Shiite rebels for the sixth day, destroying missiles and weapons depots controlled by the rebels. The UN human rights office in Geneva said that in the past five days, at least 93 civilians have been killed and 364 wounded in five Yemeni cities.
            (AP, 3/31/15)
2015          Mar 31, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said donors meeting in Kuwait have pledged $3.8 billion in humanitarian aid for the people of war-wracked Syria.
            (AFP, 3/31/15)

2015          Apr 9, The UN launched an appeal for $174 million to give "life-saving aid" to the almost 200,000 Nigerians who have fled the country due to attacks by Boko Haram.
            (AFP, 4/10/15)

2015          Apr 14, The UN Security Council adopted a resolution imposing an arms embargo on Yemen's Houthi rebels and demanding they pull back from territory they have captured. Russia abstained from the vote backed by 14 of the 15 members.
            (AFP, 4/14/15)

2015          Apr 15, The United Nations refugee agency said more than 5,800 Burundian refugees have crossed into Rwanda so far this month amid fears of violence before elections scheduled for June 26.
            (AP, 4/15/15)

2015          Apr 20, Britain informed a United Nations sanctions panel of an active Iranian nuclear procurement network linked to two blacklisted firms.
            (Reuters, 4/30/15)

2015          Apr 22, In Tanzania the UN-backed international tribunal trying Rwanda's worst genocide cases ended its final hearing after more than two decades of work.
            (AFP, 4/22/15)

2015          May 9, The UN World Health Organization (WHO) declared Liberia Ebola-free, hailing the "monumental" achievement in the west African country where the virus has killed more than 4,700 people.
            (AFP, 5/9/15)

2015          May 15, The UN refugee agency said more than 105,000 people have fled Burundi to Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, following an attempted coup and protests.
            (Reuters, 5/15/15)

2015          May 22, The UN refugee agency said an outbreak of cholera has infected 3,000 people in a Tanzanian border region where refugees from Burundi have massed. UNHCR said 300 to 400 new cases are being reported daily.
            (AP, 5/22/15)

2015          May 23, In Geneva delegates from the WHO's 194 member states approved the creation of a $100 million fund to help the World Health Organization respond rapidly to emergencies.
            (AP, 5/23/15)

2015          Jun 8, A UN investigation said Eritrea's government is responsible for systematic and widespread human rights abuses on an almost unprecedented scale, driving some 5,000 Eritreans to flee every month.
            (AFP, 6/8/15)

2015          Jun 10, UNESCO, the UN's cultural agency, said it has named Inle Lake, with its diverse plants and animals and floating gardens, as Myanmar's first biosphere reserve to help safeguard natural ecosystems while promoting sustainable economic development.
            (AP, 6/10/15)

2015          Jun 15, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened the Geneva discussions on Yemen and called for a humanitarian ceasefire with the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
            (Reuters, 6/16/15)

2015          Jun 22, An independent UN commission released its report on Operation Protective Edge, finding evidence that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes during the 2014 summer war in the Gaza Strip.
            (SSFC, 6/28/15, p.A4)

2015          Jun 24, A UN expert called for a probe into whether the Eritrean government should face justice for alleged crimes against humanity following a damning report on sweeping rights violations.
            (AFP, 6/24/15)

2015          Jun 30, A UN rights report said South Sudan's army raped then torched girls alive inside their homes during a recent campaign.
            (AFP, 6/30/15)
2015          Jun 30, A UN report quoted Yemen health officials as saying that 8,000 people had contracted dengue fever in Aden since the crisis began in March. An average of 150 new cases of dengue fever and around 11 deaths were being reported daily.
            (Reuters, 7/1/15)

2015          Jun, UN children's agency chief Anthony Lake said warring forces in South Sudan have carried out horrific crimes against children, including castration, rape and tying them together before slitting their throats.
            (AP, 6/19/15)

2015          Jul 3, The UN children's agency said at least 29 people have died in South Sudan's latest cholera outbreak.
            (AP, 7/3/15)

2015          Jul 5, The UNESCO World Heritage Committee approved the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, as a world heritage site. Four other Spanish Roman Catholic sites were also approved.
            (SFC, 7/6/15, p.A5)
2015          Jul 5, The UNESCO World Heritage Committee approved a collection of almost two dozen Japanese sites, as a world heritage site, illustrating the country’s industrial revolution during the 1868-1912 era of the Meiji Emperor.
            (SFC, 7/6/15, p.A5)

2015          Jul 8, A UN resolution condemning the 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica as a "crime of genocide" was vetoed by Russia, earning denunciations by the US and Britain and by international human rights groups like Amnesty International.
            (SFC, 7/9/15, p.A2)

2015          Jul 12, South Sudan said it it has decided to expel UN diplomat Mary Cummins from norhtern Unity state in retaliation for the publication of a human rights report  that accused the government of committing widespread attacks on civilians there.
            (SFC, 7/13/15, p.A2)

2015          Jul 20, The United Nations Security Council endorsed a deal to curb Iran's nuclear program in return for sanctions relief, but it will be able to re-impose UN penalties during the next decade if Tehran breaches the historic agreement.
            (Reuters, 7/20/15)
2015          Jul 20, The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said markets and farms in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ivory Coast and Ghana have been hit with the deadly H5N1 virus over the past six months.
            (Reuters, 7/20/15)

2015          Jul 28, The UN said the civilian death toll from four months of fighting in Yemen has risen to nearly 1,900, with at least 202 people killed over the past 12 days.
            (AP, 7/28/15)

2015          Aug 1, The UN reported that at least 1,332 Iraqis were killed by violence in July amid the war against the Islamic State group, a slight drop from June.
            (AP, 8/1/15)

2015          Aug 2, In the Central African Republic one UN peacekeeper was killed and eight were injured in Bangui after they came under attack by armed men bearing machine guns and grenades.
            (AP, 8/2/15)

2015          Aug 4, Russia pressed a claim at the UN for an additional 1.2 million square km (463,000 square miles) of Arctic shelf, an area of escalating international tension.
            (AP, 8/4/15)

2015          Aug 7, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at identifying those responsible for using chlorine and other chemical weapons in attacks in Syria.
            (SFC, 8/8/15, p.A3)

2015          Aug 12, UN Chief Ban Ki-moon said that he has fired Senegalese Gen. Babacar Gaye, head of the peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic, over the force’s handling of sexual and other misconduct allegations.
            (SFC, 8/13/15, p.A4)

2015          Aug 14, The UN Committee against Torture called on Iraq to close what it described as secret detention centers where militant suspects, including minors, are severely tortured.
            (Reuters, 8/14/15)

2015          Aug 24, UN Security Council members opened their first-ever meeting on LGBT rights to hear Syrian and Iraqi gays tell of terror under Islamic State rule.
            (AFP, 8/24/15)

2015          Aug 26, UN peacekeepers said they would have to cut rations for 6,800 ex-rebels and their families left in limbo in government camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo, blaming a shortage of funds and calling for the state to step in.
            (AP, 8/26/15)

2015          Sep 7, The head of the UN atomic energy agency said satellite imagery of North Korea's main nuclear site indicates that the country is expanding its atomic program.
            (AP, 9/7/15)

2015          Sep 16, Ukraine's parliament unanimously voted in favor of a recommendation for the United Nations to revoke Moscow's right to block Security Council resolutions in cases when "conflicts grow especially fierce".
            (AFP, 9/17/15)

2015          Sep 17, Kenyan security forces searching one of its ships at Mombasa port discovered undeclared weapons among the consignment of UN vehicles. The consignment of vehicles was from Mumbai, India, and was destined for the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. On Sep 27 the Norwegian-flagged ship was reported released.
            (AP, 9/23/15)(AP, 9/27/15)

2015          Sep 18, In Yemen at least 14 pro-government troops were killed overnight when a Saudi-led coalition air raid targeted their position "by mistake" in the region of Harib. The United Nations' children's agency said it was "appalled" that vital water supplies, which were intended to help 11,000 people, were destroyed in the bombing of a warehouse used by the agency in southern Sanaa.
            (AFP, 9/18/15)(AP, 9/19/15)

2015          Sep 20, The UN accused the army of Libya's internationally recognized government of deliberately trying to sabotage crunch peace talks with a new offensive in second city Benghazi.
            (AFP, 9/20/15)

2015          Sep 21, The head of the UN nuclear watchdog said environmental samples have been taken at a sensitive military site in Iran, citing "significant progress" in its investigation of Tehran's past activities.
            (Reuters, 9/21/15)

2015          Sep 22, The UN’s Climate change Secretariat launched Climate Neutral Now, a website that estimates an individual’s carbon footprint based on whereabouts, recycling habits, energy use and so on.
            (Econ, 10/3/15, p.63)

2015          Sep 24, The United Nations' highest court ruled that it has jurisdiction to hear a case focusing on Bolivia’s access to the Pacific Ocean. Bolivia asked the International Court of Justice in 2013 to order Chile to negotiate over Bolivia's claim to at least part of the 240-mile (400-km) strip of the Pacific coast.
            (AP, 9/24/15)

2015          Sep 25, At the UN international leaders approved an ambitious 15-year plan to tackle the world's biggest problems, from eradicating poverty to preserving the planet and reducing inequality.
            (AP, 9/25/15)
2015          Sep 25, The UN refugee agency criticized Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine for shutting the door on international aid, while the rebels themselves said the ban was instituted to restore order.
            (AP, 9/25/15)

2015          Sep 26, In NYC Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking at a sustainable development summit of world leaders at the UN, announced that Beijing will establish an assistance fund with an initial pledge of $2 billion to help developing countries implement a global sustainable development agenda over the next 15 years.
            (Reuters, 9/26/15)

2015          Sep 27, Brazil pledged to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent by 2030 as its contribution to a UN climate agreement, but said it will include reductions from past efforts against deforestation to help it reach the target. Pres. Dilma Rousseff presented the country's pledges during a speech at the UN General Assembly in NYC.
            (Reuters, 9/27/15)
2015          Sep 27, Rebels in Sudan's Darfur region ambushed a South African unit that is part of a UN-African Union peacekeeping mission, killing one soldier and seriously injuring another.
            (AP, 9/27/15)

2015          Sep 28, In Central African Republic 3 protesters were killed in Bangui when UN peacekeepers opened fire on a crowd amid a resurgence of deadly violence. After the break-up of the protest, shooting broke out elsewhere in the city where a teenager too was killed after being hit by a stray bullet.
            (AFP, 9/28/15)

2015          Oct 1, The UN refugee agency said it expects 700,000 migrants and refugees to reach Europe via the Mediterranean this year and projected at least the same amount again in 2016.
            (AFP, 10/1/15)

2015          Oct 2, The UN backed a Saudi-led resolution to support Yemen in setting up a national inquiry into human rights violations.
            (Reuters, 10/2/15)
2015          Oct 2, Pakistan took its long-running dispute with neighboring India to the UN as the country's UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi presented three dossiers to Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon's office alleging Indian involvement in fomenting unrest in Pakistan.
            (AP, 10/2/15)

2015          Oct 5, In Congo DRC 5 civilians were reportedly killed in a UN helicopter attack against rebel fighters. The MONUSCO raids were targeted at the Nduma Defense of Congo group, blamed for setting villages on fire in the region in recent days.
            (AFP, 10/8/15)

2015          Oct 6, US authorities charged John Ashe, a former president of the UN General Assembly, billionaire Macau real estate developer Ng Lap Seng (68) and four others, for engaging in a wide-ranging corruption scheme. John Ashe, the UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda, was the UN president in 2013.
            (Reuters, 10/6/15)

2015          Oct 9, The UN Security Council authorized European naval operations to seize and dispose of vessels operated by human traffickers in the high seas off Libya.
            (Reuters, 10/9/15)

2015          Oct 15, Egypt, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine and Uruguay were elected to the UN Security Council during an uncontested vote for the non-permanent seats.
            (AFP, 10/15/15)

2015          Oct 16, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon marked World Food Day with a visit to the Milan Expo World's Fair, which is focused on food security and nutrition.
            (AP, 10/16/15)
2015          Oct 16, UN experts said the Islamic State group is paying supporters up to $10,000 for each person that they recruit to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq.
            (AFP, 10/16/15)

2015          Oct 21, The UN's cultural body approved a resolution from a group of Arab states criticizing Israel for failing to protect heritage sites and rebuild regions destroyed by war.
            (AFP, 10/21/15)

2015          Oct 22, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein accused the Czech Republic of committing systematic human rights violations by detaining refugees for up to 90 days and strip-searching them for money to pay for their own detention.
            (Reuters, 10/22/15)

2015          Oct 26, Rebels in South Sudan seized UN barges they suspected were transporting weapons for government troops. 28 UN peacekeepers were freed on Oct 29, but 12 contractors were kept hostage. On Nov 1 the UN sent helicopters to pick up the South Sudanese workers, and recovered the barge, but not the 55,000 liters of fuel it was carrying.
            (AP, 10/29/15)(SFC, 10/30/15, p.A4)(Reuters, 11/2/15)

2015          Oct 27, The UN said more than 700,000 refugees and migrants have reached Europe's Mediterranean shores so far this year, amid the continent's worst migration crisis since World War II.
            (AFP, 10/27/15)

2015          Nov 6, The Green Climate Fund (GCF), a multi-billion dollar fund set up by the United Nations to help poor countries tackle climate change, approved its first eight projects, a key step before a global climate summit starts on Nov 30.
            (Reuters, 11/6/15)
2015          Nov 6, The UN warned that over 90,000 people in war-torn southern Somalia have been hit by weeks of severe flooding, almost half of them forced from their homes.
            (AFP, 11/7/15)

2015          Nov 9, Members of the UN cultural agency narrowly rejected Kosovo's bid for membership, in a victory for Serbia and Russia and a blow to Kosovo's mission for global recognition as a state.
            (AP, 11/9/15)

2015          Nov 11, A UN conference agreed to dedicate part of the radio spectrum to a global flight tracking system, to avoid a repeat of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in March last year.
            (Reuters, 11/11/15)

2015          Nov 17, The UN refugee agency criticized Thailand for deporting two refugees who were about to be resettled in a third country. The US branch of Amnesty International issued a statement on Nov 16 identifying them as Jiang Yefei and Dong Guangping, and said they were most likely sent to China on Nov 13.
            (AP, 11/17/15)

2015          Nov 18, The UN nuclear watchdog said Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium has increased in the past three months even though Tehran is supposed to reduce it significantly under a deal with major powers.
            (Reuters, 11/18/15)

2015          Nov 20, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a French-sponsored resolution calling on all nations to redouble and coordinate action to prevent further attacks by Islamic State terrorists and other extremist groups.
            (SFC, 11/21/15, p.S2)

2015          Nov 30, World leaders arrived in Paris for UN climate change talks. Over the next two weeks, negotiators will hammer out the strongest international climate pact yet.
            (Reuters, 11/30/15)

2015          Dec 7, The UN appealed for a record $20.1 billion (18.6 billion euros) to provide aid to a surging number of people hit by conflicts and disasters around the globe.
            (AFP, 12/7/15)

2015          Dec 8, The United Nations called on Jordan to allow in 12,000 Syrian refugees stranded at the border in deteriorating humanitarian conditions and offered to help reinforce security at registration points.
            (Reuters, 12/8/15)

2015          Dec 9, The UN said more than 170,000 people have fled war-torn Yemen for the Horn of Africa and the Gulf, as they appealed for $94 million in aid.
            (AFP, 12/9/15)

2015          Dec 15, The UN nuclear watchdog's 35-nation board decided to close its investigation into whether Iran once had a nuclear weapons program.
            (Reuters, 12/15/15)
2015          Dec 15, The UN Yugoslav war crimes court quashed the acquittals of two top figures from the late Slobodan Milosevic's regime, ordering them to be retried on charges of running Serbian death squads in the 1990s. Judge Fausto Pocar said former intelligence chief Jovica Stanisic and his deputy Franko Simatovic must be retried on all counts of the indictment.
            (AFP, 12/15/15)

2015          Dec 17, Finance ministers from the 15 UN Security Council nations adopted a plan aimed at disrupting outside revenue that the Islamic State extremist group gets from oil and antiquities sales, ransom payments and other criminal activities.
            (AP, 12/17/15)
2015          Dec 17, The UN Security Council's Central African Republic (CAR) sanctions committee added Haroun Gaye and Eugene Barret Ngaikosset to a UN blacklist for attempting to undermine the transitional government. They are now subject to an international travel ban and assets freeze.
            (Reuters, 12/22/15)

2015          Dec 18, In NYC some 20 foreign ministers gathered for the latest conference on Syria's civil war. The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution endorsing an international road map for a Syria peace process, a rare show of unity among major powers on a conflict that has claimed more than a quarter million lives.
            (AP, 12/18/15)(Reuters, 12/19/15)

2015          Dec 29, The UN's health agency declared Guinea's Ebola outbreak over two years after it emerged.
            (AFP, 12/29/15)
2015          Dec 29, In Haiti 2 UN police officers from Rwanda were fatally shot at their residence in Cap Haitien.
            (AP, 12/31/15)

2015          China’s contribution to the UN this year reached $140 million, about the same as Britain or France.
            (Econ, 10/3/15, p.45)

2016          Jan 9, UN officials said at least 10 people have died and over 1,000 fallen sick with cholera in an outbreak among Somali refugees in the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya.
            (AFP, 1/9/16)

2016          Jan 15, The UN said it has documented cases of Burundi's security forces gang-raping women during searches of opposition supporters' houses and heard witness testimony of mass graves.
            (Reuters, 1/15/16)
2016          Jan 15, The UN children's fund UNICEF confirmed cases of severe malnutrition among children in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya, where local relief workers reported 32 deaths of starvation in the past month.
            (Reuters, 1/15/16)

2016          Jan 18, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon signed a letter informing the General Assembly that 15 countries including oil producer Venezuela are in arrears in paying their annual contribution to the UN regular budget, which means they can't vote in the 193-member world body unless there are exceptional circumstances.
            (AP, 1/22/16)

2016          Jan 19, The UN said the number of civilians killed in violence in Iraq over the past two years is "staggering", with at least 18,802 people killed and another 36,245 injured. The figures count only documented casualties from January 1, 2014, through October 31, 2015, and the actual numbers were likely far higher.
            (AFP, 1/19/16)
2016          Jan 19, The UN said an estimated 3,500 people, mainly women and children, are being held as slaves in Iraq by Islamic State militants.
            (Reuters, 1/19/16)

2016          Jan 20, The UN World Food Program said that some 2.5 million people in the Central African Republic face hunger. The number has doubled in just one year.
            (AP, 1/20/16)

2016          Jan 21, A UN report said South Sudanese government troops held women as sex slaves while attacking scores of civilians just outside UN bases in Unity state.
            (SFC, 1/22/16, p.A2)

2016          Jan 23, In Ethiopia UN Security Council ambassadors and African Union leaders met for crisis talks on Burundi, after the government refused a proposed AU force to stem violence in the troubled country.
            (AFP, 1/23/16)

2016          Jan 26, UNICEF said some 250 million children live in countries affected by violent conflicts, and that it needed nearly $3.0 billion this year to help the most vulnerable of them.
            (AFP, 1/26/16)

2016          Jan 27, The UN launched an appeal for $393 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to help millions of vulnerable people this year.
            (AP, 1/27/16)
2016          Jan 27, The UN said some 34,000 people in Sudan's western Darfur region have fled fierce clashes between government forces and rebels around the mountainous Jebel Marra area.
            (AFP, 1/27/16)

2016          Jan 29, The UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura will meet a Syrian government delegation in Geneva to kick off the first peace talks for almost two years and will later meet other participants in the talks, his office said in a statement.
            (Reuters, 1/29/16)

2016          Jan 31, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warnedy Ethiopia is struggling from its worst drought for 30 years with some 10.2 million in dire need of life saving aid.
            (AFP, 1/31/16)
2016          Jan 31, The UN launched an appeal for $861 million in international humanitarian assistance to help millions of people in Iraq who are suffering from war and displacement.
            (AFP, 1/31/16)

2016          Feb 3, A confidential report to the UN Security Council accused Rwanda of recruiting and training Burundian refugees with the goal of ousting Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.
            (Reuters, 2/3/16)

2016          Feb 4, A UN envoy halted his attempts to conduct Syrian peace talks after the army, backed by Russian air strikes, advanced against rebel forces north of Aleppo, choking opposition supply lines from Turkey to the city.
            (Reuters, 2/4/16)
2016          Feb 4, The UN children's agency released a report saying at least 200 million girls and women in 30 countries are estimated to have undergone female circumcision — half of them in Egypt, Ethiopia and Indonesia.
            (AP, 2/4/16)

2016          Feb 5, A UN panel said it had adopted an opinion "in which it considered that Mr Julian Assange was arbitrarily detained by the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." It added: "The working group also considered that the detention should be brought to an end and that Mr Assange should be afforded the right to compensation."
            (AFP, 2/5/16)

2016          Feb 5, A UN report said thirty-four militant groups from around the world had reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State extremist group as of mid-December — and that number will only grow in 2016.
            (AP, 2/5/16)

2016          Feb 8, The UN said at least 40,000 people are being starved to death in South Sudan war zones on the brink of famine.
            (AFP, 2/8/16)

2016          Feb 10, The United Nations Development Program said it has raised $60 million for food aid in Zimbabwe and is feeding 1 million people as the country faces its worst drought in a quarter century.
            (Reuters, 2/10/16)

2016          Feb 12, In northern Mali militants attacked a UN base, killing at least 3 people and injuring 30 others in Kidal.
            (AP, 2/12/16)

2016          Feb 15, The UN World Food Program (WFP) said as many as 49 million people in southern Africa could be affected by a drought that has been worsened by the most severe and longest El Nino weather pattern in 35 years.
            (Reuters, 2/15/16)

2016          Feb 16, In Egypt Boutros Boutros-Ghali (93), the first UN chief from the African continent, died in Cairo. He helped negotiate Egypt's landmark peace deal with Israel but then clashed with the United States when he served a single term as UN secretary-general (1992-1996).
            (AP, 2/18/16)

2016          Feb 25, A UN human rights report documented thousands of cases of beheadings, arbitrary detention and torture involving electrocution and beatings with pipes and cables in an increasingly lawless Libya, where impunity has grown since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi nearly five years ago.
            (AP, 2/25/16)

2016          Mar 1, North Korea said it will boycott the UN Human Rights Council deploring the "politicization" of the body.
            (Reuters, 3/1/16)

2016          Mar 2, The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that dramatically expands existing UN sanctions on North Korea in response to its Jan. 6 nuclear test, a measure largely negotiated by Washington and Beijing.
            (Reuters, 3/2/16)

2016          Mar 11, The UN said South Sudan has encouraged fighters to rape women in place of wages while children have been burnt alive and called the young nation one of the world's most "horrendous" human rights situations.
            (AFP, 3/11/16)
2016          Mar 11, The UN Security Council approved its first-ever resolution tackling the escalating problem of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers who act as predators when sent to protect vulnerable civilians in some of the world's most volatile areas.
            (AP, 3/11/16)

2016          Mar 14, The United Nations human rights investigator for North Korea called for leader Kim Jong Un and senior officials in the country to be prosecuted for committing crimes against humanity.
            (Reuters, 3/14/16)
2016          Mar 14, In Switzerland UN mediator Staffan de Mistura opened talks to end a five-year war in Syria. The first of three rounds of talks aimed to agree a "clear roadmap" for Syria fail to make progress.
            (Reuters, 3/14/16)

2016          Mar 16, The United Nations' food agency said it needed $220 million in funding to provide assistance to drought-hit Zimbabwe until March 2017.
            (Reuters, 3/16/16)

2016          Mar 22, This year's United Nations World Water Day focused on water and jobs and designed to highlight how water can create paid and decent work and contribute to a greener economy and sustainable development. Some 650 million people, or one in 10 of the world's population, lacked access to safe water.
            (Reuters, 3/16/16)

2016          Mar 16, The Moroccan government said it reducing its support for the UN peacekeeping operation in Western Sahara in response to UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s recent comments about the disputed territory.
            (SFC, 3/17/16, p.A2)

2016          Mar 18, The UN World Food Program said some Syrians in the besieged areas of Daraya and Deir al-Zor have been reduced to eating grass because food supplies are cut off.
            (Reuters, 3/18/16)

2016          Mar 22, The UN Security Council agreed to a Chinese request to remove sanctions on four ships the United Nations had blacklisted for ties to Pyongyang's arms trade. The agreement came after China secured assurances the vessels would not use North Korean crews.
            (Reuters, 3/22/16)

2016          Mar 24, UN war crimes judges at The Hague threw out one of two charges of genocide against wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic. The UN war crimes tribunal handed a genocide conviction and 40-year sentence to Karadzic.
            (AFP, 3/24/16)(AFP, 3/24/16)

2016          Mar 25, In the Congo DRC UN helicopter gunships attacked Ugandan rebels active in the volatile east, inflicting casualties.
            (AFP, 3/25/16)

2016          Mar 31, UN war crimes judges acquitted radical Serb leader Vojislav Seselj (61) on all nine charges of committing atrocities in the 1990s Balkans wars in a surprise verdict swiftly denounced as "shameful" by Croatia.
            (AFP, 3/31/16)

2016          Apr 1, The UN peacekeeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congo said that it has received allegations of sexual abuse against Tanzanian peacekeepers based in Congo's northeast.
            (Reuters, 4/2/16)

2016          Apr 22, Leaders from 175 states gathered at the UN on Earth Day to sign the Paris climate deal, a record turn-out that boosted hopes of quick action on combating global warming. The Paris agreement will come into force as soon as 55 countries responsible for 55 percent of the world's greenhouse gases have ratified the accord.
            (AFP, 4/22/16)(SFC, 4/23/16, p.A3)

2016          Apr 29, The UN Security Council voted to restore the UN mission in disputed Western Sahara but was divided over the steps demanded from Morocco to bring the peacekeeping force back to full operations.
            (AFP, 4/29/16)

2016          May 2, A UN arbitration court ruled that India should release Italian marine Salvatore Girone, who has been detained in Delhi for more than four years, and allow him to return home.
            (Reuters, 5/2/16)

2016          May 14, UN experts said Congolese army officers and police reported receiving pistols from a group of 30 North Korean instructors training their presidential guard and special police forces, which would appear to be a violation of UN sanctions banning Pyongyang from exporting weapons or providing military training.
            (AP, 5/13/16)

2016          May 20, The United Nations human rights office called on Mexico to properly investigate large-scale extrajudicial killings and bring those responsible to justice, including higher-ranking military officers.
            (Reuters, 5/20/16)
2016          May 20, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appointed former Irish president Mary Robinson and Kenyan diplomat Macharia Kamau as special envoys for El Nino and climate.
            (AFP, 5/20/16)

2016          May 22, The UN envoy for Yemen said peace talks in Qatar aimed at ending fighting in the impoverished Arab country are making "incredible progress" and that a halt in fighting is largely holding.
            (AP, 5/22/16)

2016          May 27, The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said around 2.8 million people in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras need food aid after two consecutive years of severe drought decimated crops and exacerbated hunger among the poor due to prolonged dry spells since mid-2014, linked to the El Niño weather phenomenon.
            (Reuters, 5/27/16)

2016          May 29, In central Mali at least five UN peacekeepers were killed in an ambush by suspected militants some 50 km out of Mopti.
            (AFP, 5/29/16)

2016          Jun 3, The UN accused both the Ukrainian authorities and pro-Russian rebels of torturing fighters and their sympathisers captured in the separatist east.
            (AFP, 6/3/16)

2016          Jun 4, UN and police officials said criminal gangs are plundering the Earth's natural resources faster than previously thought, with the value of environmental crimes estimated to be as high as $258 billion annually.
            (Reuters, 6/4/16)

2016          Jun 8, Eritrea's government rejected accusations of human rights abuses after a UN commission of inquiry said Eritrea's "systematic, widespread" human rights abuses should be referred to the International Criminal Court as crimes against humanity that include enslavement of up to 400,000 people.
            (Reuters, 6/8/16)(AP, 6/8/16)

2016          Jun 9, A UN panel said Ireland’s abortion ban subjects women to discriminatory, cruel and degrading treatment and should be ended immediately for cases involving fatal fetal abnormalities.
            (SFC, 6/10/16, p.A5)

2016          Jun 16, United Nations investigators said the Islamic State is committing genocide against the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq to destroy the religious community of 400,000 people through killings, sexual slavery and other crimes.
            (Reuters, 6/16/16)

2016          Jun 20, The UN said the number of refugees and others fleeing their homes worldwide has hit a new record, spiking to 65.3 million people by the end of 2015.
            (AP, 6/20/16)

2016          Jun 22, The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Accord panel was awarded Spain's Princess of Asturias award for international cooperation.
            (AP, 6/22/16)

2016          Jul 12, The UN launched a global appeal for $952 million to fund Sudan's humanitarian needs, most of it to help people affected by the deadly conflict in Darfur.
            (AFP, 7/12/16)

2016          Jul 15, UNESCO put four new sites on its World Heritage List. The new sites, announced in Istanbul, include China's Zuojiang Huashan rock art cultural landscape, Iran's ancient aqueducts known as Qanat, and India's archaeological site of Nalanda Mahavihara. The World Heritage Committee also selected Micronesia's artificial islets of Nan Madol and simultaneously placed it on the List of World Heritage in Danger.
            (AP, 7/15/16)
2016          Jul 15, The UN said at least 300 people were killed and 42,000 fled their homes this month during the July 8-11 intense gun battles in Juba, South Sudan. The dead included two Chinese peacekeepers.
            (AFP, 7/15/16)(Reuters, 7/29/16)

2016          Jul 22, The United Nations refugee agency said more than 26,000 people have fled South Sudan to Uganda this month.
            (AP, 7/22/16)
2016          Jul 22, The UN World Tourism Organization signed an agreement with Turkey to help the country boost its ailing tourism sector, which has suffered due to a string of bombings and a failed coup.
            (AFP, 7/22/16)

2016          Jul 29, The UN Security Council agreed to send a contingent of 228 United Nations police to Burundi to control the continuing violence and to protect human rights in the East African nation.
            (AP, 7/30/16)

2016          Jul 30, In Burundi more than 1,000 people participated in a government-backed demonstration in the capital, Bujumbura, to protest France's proposal passed by UN Security Council to deploy UN police to the country.
            (AP, 7/30/16)

2016          Aug 2, UN agencies said tens of thousands of people have fled a fresh outbreak of violence in South Sudan, reporting mass killings, looting and forced recruitment of child soldiers. At least 9 people were reported killed over the weekend in the latest clashes on a road in Central Equatoria state, the region that includes the capital Juba.
            (Reuters, 8/2/16)

2016          Aug 3, A UN commission investigating human rights abuses in Syria said the Islamic State group is still committing genocide and other crimes against the Yazidi minority in Iraq.
            (AP, 8/3/16)

2016          Aug 4, The UN refugee agency said it has received reports that the Islamic State group may have captured up to 3,000 Iraqis who were fleeing violence and that 12 of them may have been killed.
            (AP, 8/5/16)

2016          Aug 5, The Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Shiite rebels announced that the coalition has committed eight "unintended bombings" and blamed UN agencies for not coordinating with the coalition, causing civilian casualties.
            (AP, 8/5/16)

2016          Aug 9, The United Nations warned that up to two million people in Syria's Aleppo have gone without running water for the past four days.
            (AFP, 8/9/16)

2016          Aug 18, The United Nations said for the first time that it was involved in the introduction of cholera to Haiti in October 2010 and needs to do "much more" to end the suffering of those affected, estimated at more than 800,000 people.
            (AP, 8/19/16)

2016          Aug 25, The UN called for the creation of an independent international body to investigate an array of serious violations in war-torn Yemen.
            (AFP, 8/25/16)

2016          Sep 9, The UN said its peacekeeping force in Congo has evacuated some 300 supporters of South Sudan's opposition leader Riek Machar, many of whom were wounded, acutely malnourished or in life-threatening condition.
            (AP, 9/9/16)

2016          Sep 20, The United Nations suspended all aid shipments into Syria after what it said was a deadly attack on an aid convoy carrying humanitarian supplies.
            (Reuters, 9/20/16)

2016          Sep 23, Iraq and the UN signed an agreement aimed at helping the Baghdad government tackle sexual violence in conflict, an issue that made headlines following the capture and rape of Yazidi women by Islamic State extremists in 2014.
            (AP, 9/23/16)

2016          Sep 24, Syrian government forces captured a rebel-held area on the edge of Aleppo. A monitoring group said 49 people were killed. The UN said nearly 2 million people in Aleppo are without running water following an escalation in fighting over the past few days.
            (AP, 9/24/16)

2016          Sep 29, The United Nations described a desperate situation in Syria's rebel-held eastern Aleppo, warning "hundreds" needed medical evacuation and that there was only enough food aid left for a quarter of the city's population.
            (AFP, 9/29/16)
2016          Sep 29, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani signed a peace treaty with a notorious warlord, pledging to lobby the US and the United Nations to remove him and his party from terrorist blacklists. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar signed the agreement via a video link into Kabul's presidential palace.
            (AP, 9/29/16)

2016          Oct 2, India ratified the Paris climate change agreement at the UN in New York.
            (SFC, 10/3/16, p.A2)

2016          Oct 4, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights warned Russia over use of incendiary weapons in air strikes on the Syrian city of Aleppo, where he said attacks on civilian targets may amount to crimes against humanity.
            (Reuters, 10/4/16)

2016          Oct 14, Israel suspended cooperation with UNESCO, a day after the UN cultural agency adopted a draft resolution that Israel says denies the deep, historic Jewish connection to holy sites in Jerusalem.
            (AP, 10/14/16)

2016          Oct 18, UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, adopted a controversial Arab-sponsored resolution condemning Israel's actions at a flashpoint holy site in east Jerusalem that has sparked fury in the Jewish state.
            (AFP, 10/18/16)

2016          Oct 21, The UN said Islamic State militants have taken 550 families from villages around Mosul and are holding them close to Islamic State locations in the city, probably as human shields.
            (Reuters, 10/21/16)

2016          Oct 23, The Afghan government and UN released a new joint survey that saw an increase of 10 percent in opium poppy cultivation and 91 percent decrease in eradication across the country.
            (AP, 10/23/16)

2016          Oct 28, The UN General Assembly voted Russia off the Human Rights Council.
            (SFC, 10/29/16, p.A2)

2016          Nov 4, UN experts said the Afghan government and several other countries estimated that there are about 45,000 opposition fighters in Afghanistan and that between 20 percent and 25 percent are foreigners.
            (AP, 11/4/16)

2016          Nov 7, UN talks to implement the Paris climate pact opened in Marrakesh. Diplomats from 196 nations met in Morocco to flesh out the planet-saving plan inked in the French capital last December.
            (AFP, 11/7/16)

2016          Nov 9, The first batch of Kenyan troops who had served in a UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan arrived home, after Nairobi ordered them to withdraw in response to the sacking of the Kenyan commander of the UNMISS force.
            (Reuters, 11/9/16)

2016        Nov 11, The UN said aid workers in a besieged section of Aleppo, Syria, distributed their last food rations today.

2016          Nov 15, The United Nations warned that 75,000 Nigerian children risk dying in "a few months" as hunger grips the country's ravaged northeast in the wake of the Boko Haram insurgency.
            (AFP, 11/15/16)
2016          Nov 15, A key UN committee approved a resolution condemning North Korea's "systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights" and encouraging the Security Council to refer the country to the International Criminal Court.
            (AP, 11/15/16)

2016          Nov 17, The United Nations said its budget to assist people suffering from Zimbabwe's worst drought in a quarter of a century that left millions in need of food aid had fallen short by $140 million.
            (Reuters, 11/17/16)

2016          Nov 18, The UN Security Council extended for one year an international inquiry to determine blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria, paving the way for a showdown between Russia and Western powers over how to punish those responsible.
            (Reuters, 11/18/16)
2016          Nov 18, UN talks to implement the Paris climate pact ended in Marrakesh. Diplomats from 196 nations had met in Morocco to flesh out the planet-saving plan inked in the French capital last December.
    {Morocco, UN, Environment}
            (AFP, 11/7/16)(Econ, 11/26/16, p.55)

2016          Nov 30, The UN warned that op to 500,000 civilians in Mosul are facing a "catastrophic" drinking water shortage, as Iraqi forces advanced against the Islamic State group in the city.
            (AFP, 11/30/16)
2016          Nov 30, The United Nations Security Council imposed new sanctions on North Korea aimed at cutting the Asian country's annual export revenue by a quarter in response to Pyongyang's fifth and largest nuclear test in September.
            (Reuters, 11/30/16)

2016          Dec 1, The UN mission in Iraq said 1,959 Iraqi forces were killed last month and at least 450 others wounded. The UN statement also said at least 926 civilians were killed, bringing to 2,885 the number of Iraqis killed in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict last month.
            (AFP, 12/1/16)
2016          Dec 1, Yasmin Sooka, the head of the UN commission of human rights in the South Sudan, said ethnic cleansing is taking place in some areas of South Sudan and the stage is set for a repeat of the Rwandan genocide.
            (Reuters, 12/1/16)
2016          Dec 1, UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed and President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi met in the southern city of Aden to discuss a new bid to end the country's conflict.
            (AFP, 12/1/16)

2016          Dec 2, UN investigators said South Sudanese soldiers have brutally raped an elderly woman and a pregnant woman lost her baby after being gang-raped by seven soldiers. Three in five women in UN-administered "protection of civilian" sites around the capital Juba experienced rape or sexual assault, according to a 2016 report by the UN Population Fund.
            (Reuters, 12/2/16)
2016          Dec 2, The UN said nearly 20,000 children have fled their homes in battered east Aleppo in recent days, warning that time is running out to provide them with the help they desperately need.
            (AFP, 12/2/16)

2016          Dec 5, The UN launched a record humanitarian appeal, asking for $22.2 billion in 2017 to help almost 93 million people hit by conflicts and natural disasters.
            (AP, 12/5/16)

2016          Dec 7, The UN Committee against Torture called on Sri Lanka to investigate "routine torture" of detainees by security forces and rebuked its government for failing to prosecute war crimes committed during the country's 26-year conflict.
            (Reuters, 12/7/16)

2016          Dec 12, Former Portuguese PM Antonio Guterres was sworn in as the 9th sec. general of the UN.
            (SFC, 12/13/16, p.A2)

2016          Dec 13, Rheal LeBlanc, head of UN press and external relations, said the appointment of Wonder Woman as an honorary ambassador for the Empowerment of Woman and Girls would end this week, a move that come less than two months after a splashy ceremony at the UN.
            (AP, 12/13/16)
2016          Dec 13, The UN said Syrian pro-government forces executed 82 civilians in Aleppo including women and children as the crucial battle for the city neared its end.
            (AP, 12/13/16)

2016          Dec 14, The UN said that Islamic State extremists have destroyed the ancient site of Nimrud in Iraq almost beyond recognition.
            (SFC, 12/15/16, p.A2)
2016          Dec 14, A team of UN investigators said South Sudan is "on the brink of an all-out ethnic civil war which could destabilize the entire region".
            (AP, 12/14/16)

2016          Dec 16, The UN said it is getting daily reports of rapes and killings of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar and independent monitors are being barred from investigating.
            (Reuters, 12/16/16)

2016          Dec 19, The UN Security Council approved the deployment of UN monitors to Aleppo as the evacuation of fighters and civilians from the last remaining opposition stronghold in the northern city resumed after days of delays.
            (AP, 12/19/16)

2016          Dec 20, The UN human rights chief asked Philippine authorities to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte for murder after he claimed to have killed people in the past and also to examine the "appalling epidemic of extra-judicial killings" committed during his anti-drug crackdown.
            (AP, 12/20/16)

2016          Dec 22, The UN Security Council postponed a vote on a draft resolution demanding that Israel halt its settlement activities in the Palestinian territories and east Jerusalem. Egypt requested the delay to allow time for consultations on the measure.
            (AFP, 12/22/16)

2016          Dec 23, The UN Security Council passed a landmark resolution condemning Israeli settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank after the United States refrained from using its veto. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the US, France, Russia, Britain or China to be adopted. New Zealand, along with Senegal, Venezuela and Malaysia, co-sponsored the UN Security Council resolution.
            (Reuters, 12/23/16)(AFP, 12/24/16)(AP, 6/13/17)
2016          Dec 23, The United Nations Security Council failed to adopt a US-drafted resolution to impose an arms embargo and further sanctions on South Sudan despite warnings by UN officials of a possible genocide in the world's newest state.
            (Reuters, 12/23/16)

2016          The UN paid at least $18 million this year to companies with close ties to Syria’s Pres. Bashar Assad.
            (SFC, 8/2/17, p.A2)

2017          Jan 11, Aid agencies said dozens of migrants are at risk of freezing to death in Europe after heavy snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures hit Greece and the Balkans. The UN Missing Migrants Project has recorded 11 migrant deaths in the Mediterranean since the start of the year.
            (AP, 1/11/17)

2017          Jan 16, The UN humanitarian aid official in Yemen said that the civilian death toll in the nearly two-year conflict has reached 10,000, with 40,000 others wounded.
            (AP, 1/16/17)
2017          Jan 16, Lawyers at a UN court urged Turkey to release Judge Aydin Sedaf Akay, who is being held in connection with July's coup attempt, saying his detention was delaying a Rwandan politician's conviction for genocide.
            (Reuters, 1/17/17)

2017          Jan 17, The UN said Somalia risks slipping back into famine, as worsening drought has left millions without food, water or healthcare in a country crippled by decades of war.
            (Reuters, 1/17/17)

2017          Jan 18, Senegal presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council seeking support for ECOWAS efforts to press Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh to step down. At least 26,000 people have fled Gambia into Senegal fearing President Yahya Jammeh's decision to stay in power.
            (AFP, 1/18/17)(AP, 1/18/17)

2017          Jan 20, UN human rights envoy Yanghee Lee ended a 12-day visit to Myanmar with a bleak evaluation of the government's ability to deal with the problems facing the country's ethnic minorities. She said the situation there was deteriorating.
            (AP, 1/20/17)

2017          Jan 26, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to keep the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus for another six months and urged Greek and Turkish Cypriots "to grasp the current opportunity" to reunite the divided Mediterranean island.
            (AP, 1/26/17)  

2017          Jan 28, UN sanctions monitors reported to the world body's Security Council that the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition has carried out attacks in Yemen that "may amount to war crimes".
            (Reuters, 1/29/17)

2017          Jan 31, The UN children's agency (UNICEF) launched an appeal for $3.3 billion to help 48 million children caught up in crises worldwide amid fears of a funding cut from top donor the United States.
            (AFP, 1/31/17)

2017          Jan 31, An armed group attacked a UN technical team working along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, killing five people and wounding several near the Cameroonian border town of Kontcha.
            (Reuters, 2/1/17)

2017          Feb 2, The United Nations' highest court ruled that it has the authority to adjudicate in a maritime boundary dispute between Kenya and Somalia over stretches of the Indian Ocean potentially rich in oil and gas.
            (Reuters, 2/2/17)

2017          Feb 3, The UN human rights office said Myanmar's security forces have committed mass killings and gang rapes of Rohingya Muslims and burned their villages since October in a campaign that probably amounts to crimes against humanity and possibly "ethnic cleansing".
            (Reuters, 2/3/17)
2017          Feb 3, The United Nations removed the name of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a former Afghan warlord, from its Islamic State group and al-Qaida sanctions list.
            (AP, 2/4/17)

2017          Feb 8, Senior UN officials said more than 1,000 Rohingya Muslims may have been killed in a Myanmar army crackdown, suggesting the death toll has been a far greater than previously reported.
            (Reuters, 2/8/17)
2017          Feb 8, The UN appealed for $2.1 billion to provide desperately needed aid to millions of people in war-ravaged Yemen this year, warning the country could soon face famine.
            (AFP, 2/8/17)

2017          Feb 10, The United Nations received a notice from Gambia's reversing its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.
            (AP, 2/14/17)

2017          Feb 15, The UN children's agency launched a $110 million appeal to help two million acutely malnourished children across Sudan, including hundreds of thousands living in conflict areas.
            (AFP, 2/15/17)

2017          Feb 16, The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Zimbabwe is likely to be the country hardest hit by an outbreak of armyworms that is destroying crops and threatening food security in southern Africa.
            (Reuters, 2/16/17)

2017          Feb 17, The UN World Meteorological Organization said the extent of sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic last month was the lowest on record for January, while concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a January record.
            (Reuters, 2/17/17)

2017          Feb 21, UNICEF said nearly 1.4 million children are at "imminent risk" of death in famines in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.
            (Reuters, 2/21/17)

2017          Feb 23, UN aid agencies and donor countries gathered in Oslo for a two-day meeting to raise emergency aid for millions of people threatened by famine in the Lake Chad region, which comprises northeast Nigeria, northern Cameroon, western Chad and southeast Niger.
            (AFP, 2/23/17)
2017          Feb 23, Syrian peace talks under the auspices of the United Nations resumed in Geneva, 10 months after falling apart over escalating bloodshed in the war-torn country. The UN's Syria envoy met rival negotiators, but even getting them into the same room appeared uncertain as hopes remained slim for a breakthrough.
            (AP, 2/23/17)(AFP, 2/23/17)

2017          Feb 24, In Norway fourteen donor countries, with the US conspicuously absent, pledged $672 million in emergency aid for people threatened by famine after eight years of Boko Haram violence in the Lake Chad region, but the sum is just a fraction of what the UN says is needed.
            (AFP, 2/24/17)

2017          Feb 26, Syrian activists called for the Assad government to engage in serious talks on political transition and for the United Nations to strengthen the fragile ceasefire as violence engulfed parts of the country.
            (Reuters, 2/26/17)

2017          Feb 27, The United Nations refugee agency said more than 31,000 South Sudanese refugees - mostly women and children - have crossed the border into Sudan this year, fleeing famine and conflict.
            (Reuters, 2/27/17)
2017          Feb 27, The UN World Health Organization (WHO) issued a list of the top dozen bacteria most dangerous to humans, warning that doctors are fast running out of treatment options. They included Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.
            (AP, 2/27/17)(Econ, 3/4/17, p.65)

2017          Feb 28, The UN said nearly 1,500 children have been recruited by Yemen's warring parties, mostly the Shiite Huthi rebels, since March 2015.
            (AFP, 2/28/17)
2017          Feb 28, China and Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have imposed new sanctions on Syria for using chemical weapons against its own citizens.
            (SFC, 3/1/17, p.A3)

2017          Mar 1, The UN's World Meteorological Organization published the highest temperatures on record in three Antarctic zones, setting a benchmark for studying how climate change is affecting this crucial region.
            (AFP, 3/1/17)
2017          Mar 1, A UN official said fighting around Yemen's port of Mokha has forced some 45,000 people from their homes, with many facing continued uncertainty and the threat of further displacement.
            (AP, 3/1/17)

2017          Mar 3, The UN said Sri Lankan security and police forces are reportedly still committing rape and torture, and the country must investigate and prosecute those involved as well as those implicated in past wartime atrocities.
            (Reuters, 3/3/17)

2017          Mar 4, The United Nations announced aid worth $5 million (4.7 million euros) to help people affected by the humanitarian crisis in the violence-wracked Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
            (AFP, 3/4/17)
2017          Mar 4, The annual report by a UN panel of experts on North Korea said North Korean weapons barred by UN sanctions have ended up in the hands of UN peacekeepers in Africa.
            (AP, 3/4/17)

2017          Mar 5, The UN said tens of thousands of civilians have fled offensives against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, where the jihadists are battling to keep what remains of their territory.
            (AFP, 3/5/17)

2017          Mar 7, UN Sec.-Gen. Antonio Guterres urged int’l. support to alleviate Somalia’s worsening hunger crisis.
            (SFC, 3/8/17, p.A4)
2017          Mar 7, The United Nations said South Africa's withdrawal from the International Criminal Court has been revoked, stalling what would have been the first-ever departure from the tribunal that pursues the world's worst atrocities.
            (AP, 3/8/17)
2017          Mar 7, A new United Nations report described South Sudan as teetering on the edge of genocide and experiencing ethnic cleansing, a stark portrayal of a nation whose crises now include famine.
            (AP, 3/7/17)

2017          Mar 8, The UN nuclear agency's 35-nation Board of Governors backed the agency's chief, Yukiya Amano (69), for a third term as director general after he ran unopposed on a platform of continuity in dealing with issues like Iran's nuclear program.
            (Reuters, 3/8/17)
2017          Mar 8, The UN warned that fighting in Colombia in recent weeks has displaced some 913 families in areas formerly dominated by leftist rebels in four provinces along the Pacific Ocean.
            (SFC, 3/9/17, p.A2)
2017          Mar 8, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the top UN rights official, said three mass graves have been discovered in central Democratic Republic of Congo, where hundreds have been killed since July in clashes between security forces and a local militia.
            (Reuters, 3/8/17)

2017          Mar 10, The UN warned that the world is facing its worst humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II, with more than 20 million people facing starvation and famine in four countries (northeastern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen).
            (AFP, 3/11/17)
2017          Mar 10, The UN accused Turkish security forces of committing serious abuses during operations against Kurdish militants in the southeast after a ceasefire collapsed in July 2015.
            (AFP, 3/10/17)

2017        Mar 12, In eastern CongoDRC UN officials Michael Sharp of the United States and Zaida Catalan, a dual national of Chile and Sweden, disappeared along with four Congolese citizens while traveling in the Kasai region. On March 27 the bodies of Sharp, Catalan and a Congolese were found in the region. They had been investigating an armed conflict in the region between government forces and the Kamuina Nsapu militia. Jose Tshibuabua (1964-2019) was charged with murder after Reuters and Radio France Internationale (RFI) revealed in December 2017 that he had been working as an intelligence service informant at the same time he and several family with ties to the militia met the investigators to help them plan their fatal trip.
    (SFC, 3/16/17, p.A4)(AP, 3/28/17)(AFP, 3/29/17)(Reuters, 10/22/19)

2017          Mar 14, The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria said Syria's air force deliberately bombed water sources in December, a war crime that cut off water for 5.5 million people in and around the capital Damascus. The UN investigative commission also said it believes government forces deliberately bombed a school complex in the country's northern countryside in October, killing 21 children.
            (Reuters, 3/14/17)(AP, 3/14/17)

2017          Mar 18, Rima Khalaf, a UN undersecretary-general, resigned after refusing to withdraw her report for the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. She had authored a recent report that accused Israel of establishing an "apartheid regime." Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas soon informed Rima Khalaf by phone that she would receive the Palestine Medal of the Highest Honor in recognition of her "courage and support" for the Palestinian people.
            (AP, 3/19/17)
2017          Mar 18, CongoDRC’s UN mission said government forces have targeted civilians, including women and children, resulting in numerous deaths in central Congo this week and are restricting United Nations peacekeepers' access to the area.
            (Reuters, 3/18/17)
2017          Mar 18, Meeting in Cairo representatives of the United Nations, European Union, Arab League and African Union supported efforts by Libya's unity government to assert control over Tripoli after days of fighting with rival militias.
            (AFP, 3/18/17)

2017          Mar 20, French Pres. Francois Hollande said world donors pledged more than $75 million to an historic UNESCO-backed alliance to protect cultural heritage sites threatened by war and the wave of ideological-driven destruction carried out by Islamic State group militants.
            (AP, 3/20/17)
2017          Mar 20, The United States criticized the UN Human Rights Council, saying addressing the human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories as part of its agenda exhibited the group's "long-standing bias against Israel."
            (Reuters, 3/20/17)

2017          Mar 21, The UN said more than 2,600 Nigerians who fled into northern Cameroon to escape Boko Haram jihadists have been forced to go home since the start of the year.
            (AFP, 3/21/17)

2017          Mar 24, The UN-backed Human Rights Council approved a resolution to dispatch an int’l. fact-finding mission to Myanmar to probe reported abuses by military and security forces, particularly against the minority Rohingya Muslim community.
            (SFC, 3/25/17, p.A2)
2017          Mar 24, The United Nations human rights office said an average of 100 civilians a month are dying in Yemen's war which enters its third year this weekend, most killed by the Saudi-led coalition's air strikes and shelling.
            (Reuters, 3/24/17)

2017          Mar 27, The United States, Britain and France were among almost 40 countries that did not join talks on a nuclear weapons ban treaty starting at the UN.
            (Reuters, 3/27/17)

2017          Mar 30, The UN refugee agency said the number of Syrians who have fled their country after six years of civil war has surpassed the 5-million mark.
            (AP, 3/30/17)

2017          Mar, United Nations satellite images showed at least 18,000 structures have been destroyed in the Yei area of South Sudan, one of the most significant caches of evidence of widespread destruction in the country's civil war.
            (AP, 4/7/17)

2017          Apr 4, The US State Department said the UN Population Fund will lose $32.5 million in funding from the 2017 budget, with funds shifted to similar programs at the US Agency for International Development. The Trump administration accused the agency, through its work with China's government, of supporting population control programs in China that include coercive abortion.
            (AP, 4/4/17)
2017          Apr 4, Iraqi air strikes resumed on Islamic State positions Mosul. The United Nations said it was expanding camps for people fleeing the city.
            (Reuters, 4/4/17)

2016          Apr 10, The UN said European countries must stop returning asylum seekers to Hungary due to deteriorating conditions there for new arrivals including children, and allegations of abuse.
            (AFP, 4/9/17)

2017          Apr 12, UNICEF said thousands of children in Peru are at risk of severe malnutrition as a result of recent floods and mudslides that have killed 106 people and left many homeless.
            (SFC, 4/13/17, p.A2)

2017          Apr 13, The Security Council voted unanimously to end the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti in mid-October after more than 20 years. The resolution also creates a follow-on peacekeeping mission for an initial period of six months comprising 1,275 police who will continue training the national police force.
            (AP, 4/13/17)
2017          Apr 13, The UN demanded that Chechnya halt the abduction, detention and killing of gay and bisexual men. Russia’s Novaya Gazeta had recently published a series of reports saying recent waves of crackdowns in Chechnya have seen more than 100 men arrested and at least three killed.
            (SFC, 4/14/17, p.A2)(Econ, 4/8/17, p.44)
2017          Apr 13, A panel of United Nations human rights experts condemned Turkey for violating the right to work and education through blanket dismissals of civil servants and school teachers under a state of emergency.
            (AP, 4/13/17)
2017          Apr 13, The UN said cholera and acute diarrhea have killed more than 500 people and left tens of thousands of others sick in drought-hit parts of Somalia since January.
            (AFP, 4/13/17)

2017          Apr 17, The UN said the six-month-old operation to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State group has forced around half a million people to flee their homes.
            (AFP, 4/17/17)

2017          Apr 18, The UN rights chief condemned the feared youth wing of Burundi's ruling party for repeatedly calling for the rape and murder of opposition supporters. Human Rights Watch has accused the Imbonerakure of being involved in assaults on opposition members, gang-rapes of women and torture. The UN regularly refers to them as a militia.
            (AFP, 4/18/17)

2017          Apr 19, The UN human rights office said that investigators have confirmed another 17 mass graves in central Congo, bringing the number to 40 discovered since clashes between soldiers and a local militia intensified in August. Congolese soldiers reportedly dug the 17 newly discovered mass graves after fighting with suspected militia members in late March and killing at least 74 people, including 30 children.
            (AP, 4/19/17)
2017          Apr 19, Judges at the UN's highest court rejected a Ukrainian interim request to order Russia to stop supporting troops in the east of the country, saying its request did not meet legal requirements under an international terrorism treaty. The court ordered Russia to halt discrimination of ethnic Crimean Tartars.
            (Reuters, 4/19/17)
2017          Apr 19, UNESCO awarded its prestigious Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize to migrant rescue association SOS Mediterranee and Lampedusa Mayor Giuseppina Nicolini, whose tiny Italian island is on the frontline of the refugee crisis.
            (AFP, 4/19/17)

2017          Apr 25, The UN said int’l. donors have pledged $1.1 billion to avert famine in Yemen and appealed to the fighting sides to allow humanitarian access.
            (SFC, 4/26/17, p.A2)

2017          Apr 27, The UN refugee agency chose Yusra Mardini as a goodwill ambassador. The Syrian teenage girl helped save a boat carrying fellow refugees and swam on the first Refugee Olympic team in Rio last year.
            (AP, 4/27/17)

2017          Apr 28, United Nations officials said at least 11 people have died from a mysterious illness in Liberia, and tests have been negative for the Ebola virus. Those who fell sick this week all had attended a relative's funeral.
            (AP, 4/28/17)
2017          Apr 28, The United Nations Security Council unanimously backed attempts to restart talks between Morocco and the Polisario independence movement over the Western Sahara conflict and extended its peacekeeping mission for another year.
            (Reuters, 4/29/17)
2017          Apr 28, The US urged the UN Security Council to increase economic pressure on North Korea over its nuclear weapons program and to lean on China to turn the screws on its wayward ally.
            (AP, 4/28/17)

2017          May 1, The UN said an advance party of peacekeepers with a bolstered mandate to use force have arrived in South Sudan, the first blue helmets with a greater authority to protect civilians in the troubled East African nation.
            (AP, 5/1/17)

2017          May 2, UNICEF said about 1.4 million children in drought-hit Somalia are projected to suffer acute malnutrition this year, 50 percent more than estimated in January.
            (Reuters, 5/2/17)

2017          May 3, In Colombia UN official Arley Lopez, a member of a team working on a project to substitute illegal crops with legal ones, was kidnapped by dissident former FARC rebels who have rejected the peace process. On July 5 the government announced that Lopez has been released.
            (Reuters, 5/4/17)(Reuters, 7/5/17)
2017          May 3, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he will withhold $1 million in payments to the United Nations following a resolution adopted by its cultural agency that he says diminishes Jewish ties to Jerusalem.
            (AP, 5/3/17)

2017          May 5, The UN’s human rights office denounced China's "ongoing crackdown" and detention of lawyers and activists and called on authorities to release all those being held for exercising what it called fundamental freedoms.
            (Reuters, 5/5/17)
2017          May 5, The executive board of the UN's cultural agency ratified a resolution that identifies Israel as "the occupying power" in Jerusalem and calls on it to rescind any move changing the city's "character and status."
            (AFP, 5/5/17)

2017          May 8, Attackers in Central African Republic ambushed a convoy of UN peacekeepers from Cambodia and Morocco, killing one Cambodian soldier and wounding 8 others. Eight fighters from the anti-Balaka rebel group were also killed in the battle. Three Cambodian soldiers and a Moroccan peacekeeper were reported missing and possibly kidnapped. The three Cambodian soldiers were found dead the next day.
            (AP, 5/9/17)(AP, 5/21/17)

2017          May 11, The United Nations confirmed 58 cases of cholera and 47 cholera-associated deaths across war-torn Yemen in the past two weeks, the second such outbreak in a year.
            (AFP, 5/11/17)

2017          May 12, The UN called for an investigation into crimes against sexual minorities following an uptick in deadly violence against transgender women in El Salvador.
            (Reuters, 5/12/17)

2017          May 17, UNICEF said more than 300,000 children migrated alone worldwide from 2015 through 2016.
            (SFC, 5/18/17, p.A2)

2017          May 18, The UN International Court of Justice ordered Pakistan not to execute Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, convicted of espionage and terrorism, in a case that has further strained relations between the Asian neighbors.
            (AP, 5/18/17)

2017          May 24, Angry UN staff in Geneva protested against a proposed 7.5 percent cut to their salaries, the equivalent of almost a month's pay, and called for strike action if it is implemented.
            (Reuters, 5/24/17)

2017          Jun 1, The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) found "part of a tunnel in Gaza that passed under two adjacent agency schools in the Maghazi camp" during construction work while the schools were empty during the summer holiday.
            (AFP, 6/10/17)

2017          Jun 3, UNICEF said Yemen was getting an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 new cholera cases every day and that many patients can’t afford to travel to free clinics.
            (SSFC, 6/4/17, p.A3)

2017          Jun 8, The UN rights office said it has credible reports that the Islamic State group has killed more than 230 civilians trying to flee western Mosul since May 26.
            (AFP, 6/8/17)

2017          Jun 9, The UN mission in Mali, MINUSMA, said its Kidal camp "had come under heavy rocket/mortar fire" and "a little later a position nearby was attacked" outside their base, killing three peacekeepers and wounding eight more.
            (AFP, 6/9/17)
2017          Jun 9, The UN children's agency warned that the fight for the Islamic State group's stronghold of Raqqa threatens more than 40,000 children, while overnight airstrikes on the city in northern Syria killed more than a dozen people.
            (AP, 6/9/17)

2017          Jun 12, UN agencies said at least 279 people have died and thousands sickened in Sudan from suspected acute diarrhea since August, raising health concerns in the country ahead of the rainy season.
            (AFP, 6/12/17)

2017          Jun 14, A Turkish court in Ankara sentenced Aydin Sefa Akay, a Turkish national and UN judge, to seven and a half years in prison for "membership in an armed terror group." The conviction drew a rebuke the next day from the UN court he works for.
            (AP, 6/15/17)

2017          Jun 21, The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that paves the way for the deployment of a five-nation African military force to fight jihadists in the Sahel region. Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger had agreed in March to set up the special joint counterterrorism operation.
            (AFP, 6/21/17)

2017          Jun 24, A new UN report said Angola has expelled more than 8,000 Congolese who entered the southern African country while fleeing deadly violence at home.
            (AP, 6/24/17)

2017          Jun 26, The UN certified that all FARC individual firearms and weapons, except for a small number needed to safeguard the soon-to-disband camps, have been collected.
            (AP, 6/27/17)

2017          Jun 28, A UN Security Council diplomat said a tentative deal on nearly $600 million in cuts to the UN peacekeeping budget has been reached following weeks of tough negotiations over US demands for a sharp cost reduction.
            (AFP, 6/28/17)

2017          Jun 29, The UN Security Council extended sanctions on illegal oil exports from Libya to cover refined petroleum products as well, in a bid to stem rampant smuggling of subsidized fuel by sea.
            (Reuters, 6/30/17)

2017          Jun 30, The United Nations closed its peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast after 13 years during which it ushered the West African nation through a political crisis to elections and played a decisive role in the 2011 civil war.
            (Reuters, 6/30/17)

2017          Jul 7, At the UN 122 nations approved a treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons. The meeting was boycotted by all NATO members, except the Netherlands and all nine nuclear-armed nations. The Netherlands was opposed and Singapore abstained.
            (SFC, 7/8/17, p.A4)
2017          Jul 7, A week of UN-mediated talks in the Swiss Alps to end the partition of Cyprus collapsed in acrimony, throwing the prospect of any reunification between Greek and Turkish Cypriots into disarray.
            (Reuters, 7/7/17)
2017          Jul 7, UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, described Hebron's Old City as a Palestinian world heritage site in danger, prompting a walkout by Israel's ambassador to the organization.
            (AP, 7/7/17)

2017          Jul 8, Eritrean officials claimed "victory" after the UN cultural agency unanimously decided to put the African nation's capital city of Asmara on the UNESCO World Heritage list — the result of years of lobbying by one of the world's most reclusive governments.
            (AP, 7/8/17)

2017          Jul 9, The United Nations' cultural agency added to its list of World Heritage sites six caves in west Germany with art dating back to the Ice Age and old silver ore mines in southern Poland.
            (AP, 7/9/17)
2017          Jul 9, UNESCO added Mbanza Kongo in northwest Angola as a world heritage site. It was the capital of the Kongo kingdom, a largely independent state between the 14th and 19th centuries.
            (AP, 7/10/17)

2017          Jul 10, The UN's envoy for Syria opened a new round of indirect talks in Geneva, the seventh so far, between Syrian government representatives and opposition leaders to try to wind down the battered country's civil war.
            (AP, 7/10/17)

2017          Jul 11, The UN said about 80,000 people have fled fighting between the Democratic Republic of Congo army and a new rebel coalition, joining the millions already uprooted in Africa's worst displacement crisis.
            (Reuters, 7/11/17)

2017          Jul 12, The UN said it has identified an additional 38 probable mass graves in Democratic Republic of Congo's central Kasai region, bringing the total to at least 80 since the outbreak of an insurrection last August.
            (Reuters, 7/12/17)

2017          Jul 14, UN officials said more than 52,000 Venezuelans have applied for asylum this year, nearly twice the number in all of 2016. The UN human rights office noted figures from the Venezuelan Attorney General's office indicating 92 people have died in connection with protests since April 1.
            (AP, 7/14/17)

2017          Jul 17, A UN report said 1,662 civilians were killed in Afghanistan between January and June of this year. Insurgent attacks killed 1,141 and 434 were killed during military operations against insurgents.
            (SFC, 7/18/17, p.A2)

2017          Jul 21, The UN reported that North Korea is suffering its worst drought in 16 years.
            (SFC, 7/22/17, p.A2)

2017          Jul 26, The UN said Congo DRC military elements were responsible for digging at least 42 mass graves in three Kasai provinces after clashes with alleged militia members in recent months. Experts were appointed to look into the growing crisis.
            (SFC, 7/27/17, p.A2)

2017          Aug 5, The UN Security Council unanimously approved the sanctions on North Korea, including banning coal and other exports worth over $1 billion. The US-drafted measure, negotiated with China, aimed at increasing economic pressure on Pyongyang to return to negotiations on its nuclear and missile programs.
            (AP, 8/6/17)
2017          Aug 5, The United Nations said it was investigating mass graves found in a northern Mali town along with a slew of human rights abuses committed by armed groups vying for control of the area.
            (AFP, 8/6/17)

2017          Aug 14, UN food agencies said nearly eight million people face acute hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a result of conflict, especially in the central Kasai region.
            (AFP, 8/14/17)

2017          Aug 21, A confidential UN report, seen by Reuters today, found North Korea evaded UN sanctions by "deliberately using indirect channels" to export banned commodities and had generated $270 million since February.
            (Reuters, 8/21/17)

2017          Aug 24, The United Nations called for a humanitarian pause to allow an estimated 20,000 trapped civilians to escape from the Syrian city of Raqqa, and urged the US-led coalition to rein in air strikes that have caused casualties.
            (Reuters, 8/24/17)

2017          Aug 25, The UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) said in an annual report that North Korea has increased its efforts to produce parts for a new nuclear reactor it is building while continuing to operate the main existing one that provides fuel for its atom bombs.
            (Reuters, 8/25/17)

2017          Aug 27, The UN World Food Program (WFP) says it has reduced food rations for 320,000 refugees living in northwest Tanzania as a result of funding shortfalls.
            (AP, 8/27/17)
2017        Aug 27, Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales announced he is expelling the head of a UN anti-corruption commission (CICIG) that is investigating the president's campaign financing. He also announced he was firing Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales for failure to carry out the expulsion. The constitutional court soon blocked the expulsion order.
    (AP, 8/27/17)(Econ, 9/2/17, p.29)

2017          Aug 28, The UN refugee agency said more than 3,000 Rohingya refugees had arrived in Bangladesh from Myanmar in the past three days.
            (AFP, 8/28/17)

2017          Aug 30, UN chief Antonio Guterres called for the blockade of Gaza to be lifted as he visited the Palestinian enclave enduring "one of the most dramatic humanitarian crises" he had seen.
            (AFP, 8/30/17)
2017          Aug 30, The UN said Venezuela's security forces had committed extensive and apparently deliberate human rights violations in crushing anti-government protests and that democracy was "barely alive".
            (Reuters, 8/30/17)

2017          Sep 4, The UN Security Council held its second emergency meeting in a week about North Korea after a powerful nuclear test explosion added another layer of urgency for diplomats wrestling with what to do about the North's persistent weapons programs.
            (AP, 9/4/17)
2017          Sep 4, UN investigators accused Burundi's government of crimes against humanity, including executions and torture, and urged the International Criminal Court to open a case "as soon as possible". Burundi formally announced it was withdrawing from the court, with the move set to take effect on October 27.
            (AFP, 9/4/17)

2017          Sep 5, The UN Security Council agreed to set up a sanctions regime for Mali to punish those who obstruct a 2015 peace deal as fears grow that the West African country is sliding back into turmoil.
            (AFP, 9/5/17)

2017          Sep 6, UN-mandated investigators said that Syrian President Bashar Assad's air force conducted a sarin-gas attack last April 4 that killed at least 83 civilians and sparked a retaliatory US strike. Investigators said government forces have used chemical weapons more than two dozen times during Syria's civil war, including the deadly attack on Khan Sheikhoun.
            (AP, 9/6/17)(Reuters, 9/6/17)
2017          Sep 6, UN workers said about 146,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh since violence erupted in Myanmar in late August. This has brought to 233,000 the number of Rohingya who have sought refuge in Bangladesh since October 2016.
            (Reuters, 9/6/17)

2017          Sep 8, The UN refugee agency said an alarming and unprecedented influx of 270,000 Rohingya have sought refuge in Bangladesh over the past two weeks from violence in Myanmar, a dramatic jump in the total as new pockets of people are found.
            (AP, 9/8/17)
2017          Sep 8, The UN warned that its staff had witnessed destruction and suffering on "an enormous scale" in the Democratic Republic of Congo's volatile Kasai region.
            (AFP, 9/8/17)
2017          Sep 8, The UN said it is preparing to deploy up to 250 Nepalese guards to Libya to protect its base in the capital as part of a plan to return its operations to the country.
            (Reuters, 9/8/17)

2017          Sep 11, The office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said the number of people who have fled to Bangladesh to escape violence in Myanmar's western state of Rakhine has reached 313,000.
    (AP, 9/11/17)   
2017        Sep 11, The UN voted on a new resolution for the toughest sanctions ever on North Korea. UN experts have reported that North Korea illegally exported commodities worth at least $270 million to China and other countries over a six-month period ending in August. The council banned textile exports and capped imports of crude oil.
    (SFC, 9/11/17 p.A2)(AP, 9/12/17)

2017        Sep 12, North Korea condemned "vicious" new UN sanctions imposed over its sixth and largest nuclear test, warning it would make the US "suffer the greatest pain" it has ever experienced.
    (AP, 9/12/17)

2017        Sep 14, The UN said the number of Rohingya who have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh to escape ethnic unrest hit 389,000 and warned of a looming "worst case scenario" with all of the Muslim minority group trying to leave. The UN appealed for massive help.
    (AFP, 9/14/17)(Reuters, 9/14/17)
2017        Sep 14, A North Korean state agency threatened to use nuclear weapons to "sink" Japan and reduce the United States to "ashes and darkness" for supporting a UN Security Council resolution and sanctions over its latest nuclear test.
    (Reuters, 9/14/17)

2017        Sep 19, Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi said her government stands ready to accept returnees once procedures are worked out, and to be globally scrutinized by the international community. In Geneva the International Organization for Migration put the total number of Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh at 421,000. UNICEF said more than a quarter of a million of those were children.
    (AP, 9/19/17)

2017        Sep 20, At the UN 51 countries lined up to sign a new treaty outlawing nuclear weapons. None of the nine countries that possess nuclear weapons -- the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel -- took part in the negotiations. The treaty was adopted by 122 countries at the United Nations in July. The treaty will enter into force when 50 countries have signed and ratified it.
    (AFP, 9/20/17)

2017        Sep 21, The UN Security Council unanimously decided to set up an investigation team to collect evidence on the massacres of Iraq's Yazidi minority and other atrocities committed by the Islamic State group in Iraq.
    (AFP, 9/21/17)

2017        Sep 22, China’s commerce ministry said it will limit exports of refined petroleum products to North Korea starting October 1, confirming Beijing's participation in new UN sanctions intended to rein in its rogue neighbor.
    (AP, 9/23/17)

2017        Sep 24, In northern Mali three UN soldiers from Bangladesh were killed by an explosive device that detonated as they were escorting a convoy.
    (Reuters, 9/24/17)

2017        Sep 25, The UN human rights office said in a report that Russia is violating international law in Crimea, including by imposing Russian citizenship on its people and deliberately transferring hundreds of prisoners and detainees to prisons in Russia.
    (AP, 9/25/17)

2017        Sep 26, The UN drastically increased the estimated number of Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Myanmar to 480,000 as Bangladesh eased restrictions on aid groups working in refugee camps and sought $250 million to cope with the crisis.
    (AFP, 9/26/17)
2017        Sep 26, Human Rights Watch said Myanmar is committing crimes against humanity in its campaign against Muslim insurgents in Rakhine state and called for the UN Security Council to impose sanctions and an arms embargo.
    (Reuters, 9/26/17)

2017        Sep 29, The UN Human Rights Council voted to extend the mission of an international probe into atrocities in Burundi, overriding strong pushback from the government accused of crimes against humanity.
    (AFP, 9/29/17)
2017        Sep 29, The UN Children's Fund said Boko Haram's ongoing insurgency in northern Nigeria has forced the closure of more than 57 percent of schools in Borno state, leaving about 3 million children without an education as the school year begins.
    (AP, 9/29/17)
2017        Sep 29, The UN Human Rights Council deadlocked over whether to send war crimes investigators to Yemen, a move being pushed by some EU states but fiercely resisted by Saudi Arabia.
    (AFP, 9/29/17)

2017        Oct 2, A Myanmar minister proposed taking back hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled to Bangladesh following a military crackdown, as UN representatives were given their first access to Rakhine since the trouble erupted on August 25.
    (AFP, 10/2/17)

2017        Oct 3, Iraqi security forces pushed to recapture Hawija. The UN said up to 78,000 people could be trapped in the northern Islamic State-held city.
    (Reuters, 10/3/17)

2017        Oct 4, The UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) said that it regrets a decision by Turkish Cypriot authorities to start imposing taxes and fees on humanitarian goods delivered to Greek Cypriots in the breakaway north of the ethnically split island.
    (AP, 10/4/17)

2017        Oct 5, The UN said Somali refugees are fleeing war, cholera and hunger in Yemen, with 10,000 expected to return home to a country they escaped over conflict and poverty.
    (AFP, 10/5/17)

2017        Oct 6, In eastern Congo DRC militia fighters attacked a UN peacekeeping base, triggering clashes that left two of the fighters dead and two peacekeepers slightly wounded. Thirty-four rebels from a Mai-Mai militia have been killed in fighting with Congo's army in the past week.
    (Reuters, 10/6/17)

2017        Oct 9, In eastern Congo DRC a UN peacekeeper was killed and 12 others injured after an attack near a UN base in Mamundioma by Ugandan rebels belonging to the group known as ADF. At least 22 people were reported missing.
    (AP, 10/9/17)(SFC, 10/10/17, p.A2)

2017        Oct 9, The UN atomic agency chief affirmed Iran's commitment to a 2015 nuclear deal, in a statement that came as US President Donald Trump said Tehran was not living up to the "spirit" of the agreement.
    (AFP, 10/9/17)

2017        Oct 12, The US State Dept. said the US is pulling out of UNESCO, effective Dec. 31, because of what Washington sees as its anti-Israel bias and a need for "fundamental reform" of the UN cultural agency. The US stopped funding UNESCO after it voted to include Palestine as a member in 2011. The US now owes about $550 million in back payments. Washington did the same thing in the 1980s because it viewed the agency as mismanaged, corrupt and used to advance Soviet interests. The US rejoined in 2003.
    (Reuters, 10/12/17)(AP, 10/12/17)
2017        Oct 12, A group of senior officers from the general staff of the Russian armed forces could not attend the joint briefing with the Chinese military at the UN in NYC because they were not issued US visas.
    (AP, 10/13/17)
2017        Oct 12, The United Nations migration agency said West African migrants trying to reach Europe are dying in far greater numbers in the Sahara than in the Mediterranean but efforts to dissuade them may cause new routes to open up.
    (AP, 10/12/17)

2017        Oct 13, The UN human rights office said Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia have all unjustly arrested dozens of people during anti-gay crackdowns in recent weeks, subjecting many to mistreatment in custody.
    (Reuters, 10/13/17)

2017        Oct 19, A Baghdad court issued an arrest warrant for Kosrat Rasul, the vice president of Iraqi Kurdistan, on charges of "provocation" against Iraq's armed forces. The UN expressed concern at reports of forced displacement of civilians, mainly Kurds, and the looting and destruction of their houses and businesses in northern Iraq.
    (AFP, 10/19/17)(Reuters, 10/19/17)

2017        Oct 20, The UN subcommittee on torture prevention suspended a visit to Rwanda, citing obstructions imposed by the government that compromised its fact-finding mission.
    (Reuters, 10/21/17)

2017        Oct 23, A UN committee said it has added 32 items that have both civilian and military use to a list of prohibited goods and technologies banned from sale or transfer to North Korea.
    (SFC, 10/24/17, p.A2)
2017        Oct 23, UNICEF said more than 1,100 children are suffering from acute malnutrition in the besieged rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus.
    (AFP, 10/23/17)
2017        Oct 23, The UN's humanitarian coordination agency OCHA said more than 11 million Yemeni children need humanitarian aid as a result of a war raging since March 2015.
    (AFP, 10/23/17)

2017        Oct 24, Russia cast a veto at the UN Security Council preventing the renewal of the mandate to a mission that investigates the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The mission's mandate is due to expire in mid-November.
    (Reuters, 10/24/17)

2017        Oct 27, UN human rights investigators, after a first mission to Bangladesh, said Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar have testified that a "consistent, methodical pattern" of killings, torture, rape and arson is taking place.
    (Reuters, 10/27/17)
2017        Oct 27, The UN's food assistance agency said Myanmar's government has given the go-ahead for it to resume operations in northern Rakhine state after a two-month hiatus.
    (AP, 10/27/17)
2017        Oct 27, The UN condemned the "deliberate starvation of civilians" as a war tactic following the release of "shocking" images showing severely malnourished children in an area near Damascus besieged by Syria's military.
    (AFP, 10/27/17)

2017        Oct 28, The state-run Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM) newspaper said it had "incorrectly stated that UN-Habitat had agreed with the Union government to provide technical assistance in building housings for displaced people in northern Rakhine." Union officials said that the issue is still under negotiation.
    (Reuters, 10/28/17)

2017        Oct 30, The UN weather agency warned that carbon-dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increased at record-breaking speed last year.
    (AP, 10/30/17)

2017        Oct, Paraguay’s education minister banned classes about sexual diversity in schools and even volunteered to help burn all books related to the subject. The ban was implemented after schools began using a UN Children's Fund guidebook for teachers on avoiding discrimination between girls and boys and achieving gender equality.
    (AP, 12/14/17)

2017        Nov 2, Russia dismissed a report by a UN-led panel that blamed the Syrian regime for the April 4 sarin gas attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhun as "superficial and unprofessional".
    (AFP, 11/2/17)

2017        Nov 3, The UN human rights office called on Australia to restore food, water and health services to about 600 interned refugees and asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea, which Canberra cut off three days ago.
    (AP, 11/3/17)

2017        Nov 5, In Congo DRC clashes between Congolese troops and supporters of renegade Colonel Abbas Kayonga in the eastern city of Bukavu killed seven people before he surrendered and turned himself in to UN peacekeepers. Kayonga was sacked on Nov. 2 from his post overseeing anti-fraud efforts in local mines.
    (Reuters, 11/5/17)

2017        Nov 6, The UN said this year will be among the three hottest on record, as almost 200 countries began talks in Germany to bolster a global climate accord that the United States plans to quit.
    (Reuters, 11/6/17)

2017        Nov 7, The United States accused Iran of supplying Yemen's Houthi rebels with a missile that was fired into Saudi Arabia in July and called for the UN to hold Tehran accountable for violating two UN Security Council resolutions.
    (Reuters, 11/7/17)
2017        Nov 7, A company working in Central African Republic on a UN contract said it has fired a driver who took bribes to transport Muslim civilians to safer parts of the country amid rising sectarian violence. Dubai-based ECOLOG International said that it has terminated the employee implicated in the matter.
    (AP, 11/7/17)
2017        Nov 7, Syria said at UN climate talks in Bonn that it would join the Paris Agreement, leaving the United States as the only nation to say it will remain outside the landmark treaty.
    (AFP, 11/7/17)

2017        Nov 8, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Moscow opposed a draft UN resolution to extend the mandate of the investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/8/17)
2017        Nov 8, A UN report said a militant faction loyal to Islamic State (IS) has increased its following in northern Somalia from a few dozen last year to up to 200 this year.
    (Reuters, 11/8/17)

2017        Nov 9, A coalition of US cities, companies and other groups said that many in the United States remained committed to the 2015 Paris climate agreement despite plans by US President Donald Trump to pull out. The coalition opened a 2,500-square meter tent pavilion outside the COP23 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn.
    (AP, 11/9/17)
2017        Nov 9, UN humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland said the 400,000 civilians besieged in the Syrian enclave of Eastern Ghouta face "complete catastrophe" because aid deliveries are blocked, and hundreds of people need urgent medical evacuation.
    (Reuters, 11/9/17)
2017        Nov 9, The United Nations and more than 20 aid groups said that the Saudi-led coalition's tightening of a blockade on war-torn Yemen could bring millions of people closer to "starvation and death".
    (AP, 11/9/17)

2017        Nov 10, UNESCO member states overwhelmingly approved the nomination of France's former culture minister Audrey Azoulay to head the embattled cultural agency.
    (AFP, 11/10/17)

2017        Dec 24, The US Mission to the UN said that the UN's 2018-2019 budget would be slashed by over $285 million. The mission said reductions would also be made to the UN's management and support functions.
    (AP, 12/26/17)

2017        Dec 28, China blocked a US effort at the United Nations to blacklist six foreign-flagged ships following reports of illicit sales of oil products to North Korea.
    (Reuters, 12/31/17)
2017        Dec 28, The UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen said Saudi-led airstrikes have killed 109 civilians over the past 10 days.
    (AP, 12/28/17)

2017        A UN Security Council resolution demanded that all countries send home all North Korean workers by Dec. 22, 2019, to stop them earning foreign currency for North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
    (Reuters, 1/23/20)

2018        Jan 2, UN human rights experts called on Saudi Arabia to end "repression" of rights activists and release dozens detained since September for peacefully exercising their civil and political rights.
    (Reuters, 1/2/18)

2018        Jan 11, The United Nations refugee agency and Nigerian government officials said more than 15,000 Cameroonian refugees have fled to Nigeria amid a crackdown on Anglophone separatists.
    (Reuters, 1/11/18)

2018        Jan 17, Syria's dominant Kurdish party called on the UN Security Council to act quickly to ensure the safety of Kurdish-controlled territories in the country's north, including an enclave that Turkey has threatened to attack.
    (AP, 1/17/18)

2018        Jan 19, The United Nations said about half the 2.6 million people displaced in Iraq after a three-year war with Islamic State militants are children and persisting violence hampers efforts to ease their suffering.
    (Reuters, 1/19/18)
2018        Jan 18, The United Nations refugee agency said intensified hostilities in Yemen have forced more than 32,000 people to flee their homes in the past two months. Unidentified gunmen abducted an employee at the UN migration agency in Sanaa.
    (AFP, 1/19/18)(AP, 1/20/18)

2018        Jan 21, The United Nations made a record appeal for aid to Yemen, calling for $2.96 billion in humanitarian relief for the war-torn country.
    (AFP, 1/21/18)
2018        Jan 21, France called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over Syria following a Turkish incursion into northern Syria's Afrin province.
    (Reuters, 1/21/18)

2018        Jan 22, The UN agency for Palestinian refugees launched an "unprecedented" appeal seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in response to funding cuts by the Trump administration.
    (AP, 1/22/18)

2018        Jan 21, Congolese security forces shot dead at least six people and wounded dozens more as they fired tear gas to disperse a protest organized by the Catholic church in Kinshasa against President Joseph Kabila. 68 people were wounded and 121 arrested. The UN later said it had information about "a number of other killings" in protests elsewhere in the country and that UN monitors were among the targets of violence by Congolese security agents.
    (Reuters, 1/23/18)(Reuters, 1/21/18)

2018        Jan 23, The UN refugee agency said more than 688,000 people were displaced inside the Central African Republic as of the end of 2017, a 60 percent jump from the year before. The population of CAR is estimated at around 4.6 million.
    (AP, 1/23/18)

2018        Jan 24, UN sources said that Yemen's Houthi rebels have banned over 35 UN and international agencies and relief groups from working in the territory under their control, allegations denied by a rebel spokesman.
    (AP, 1/24/18)

2018        Jan 25, UN-brokered peace talks with the Syrian government and opposition began in Vienna, days before Syria's close ally Russia was due to host separate negotiations to end the war.
    (AP, 1/25/18)

2018        Jan 28, The African Union summit opened in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. UN leaders and the African Union urged stronger international cooperation.
    (AP, 1/28/18)

2018        Jan 30, The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said an estimated 60,000 children face potential starvation in North Korea, where international sanctions are exacerbating the situation by slowing aid deliveries.
    (Reuters, 1/30/18)
2018        Jan 30, The head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said that Russia, Kuwait and nine European countries have agreed to speed up their contributions to help fill a shortfall left by the Trump administration's decision to greatly reduce crucial US funding.
    (AP, 1/30/18)

2018        Jan 31, The UN human rights office said that 206 companies — mostly Israeli and American — are facing a review of their business practices involving Israeli settlements, which are considered illegal under international law.
    (AP, 1/31/18)
2018        Jan 31, The UN refugee agency appealed for $157 million (126 million euros) to help over a quarter of a million people affected by the insurgency led by the militant Islamist group Boko Haram. Since 2013, the Boko Haram conflict has internally displaced another 2.4 million people in northeast Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.
    (AFP, 1/31/18)

2018        Feb 2, The UN's top court on sided largely with Costa Rica in a decade-old border dispute, ordering Nicaragua to remove a military camp from disputed territory. The International Court of Justice at The Hague laid down definitive maritime boundaries between Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean and a small land boundary in a remote, disputed wetland.
    (Reuters, 2/2/18)(AP, 2/2/18)
2018        Feb 2, A UN humanitarian report said conflict between Myanmar's army and guerrillas of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in northern Myanmar has escalated since Jan. 19, including in Sumprabum, Waingmaw and Tanai townships.
    (Reuters, 2/2/18)
2018        Feb 2, UN experts said North Korea is flouting UN sanctions on oil and gas, engaging in prohibited ballistic missile cooperation with Syria and Myanmar, and illegally exporting commodities that brought in nearly $200 million in just nine months last year.
    (AP, 2/3/18)
2018        Feb 2, It was reported that Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, daughter of former Uzbek leader Islam Karimov, has stepped down as Uzbekistan's UNESCO representative, becoming the latest official from her father's administration to depart.
    (Reuters, 2/2/18)

2018        Feb 5, In Nepal a visiting UN rights official said Nepal's restrictions on woman migrating for work are discriminatory and inconsistent with international law. Nepal last year introduced a ban on women working as domestic helpers in the Gulf.
    (AFP, 2/5/18)

2018        Feb 7, The United Nations top human rights official called on the Maldives government to immediately lift the state of emergency imposed two days ago, calling it to "an all-out assault on democracy".
    (Reuters, 2/7/18)
2018        Feb 7, The UN said more than 300 child soldiers have been released by armed groups in South Sudan.
    (SFC, 2/8/18, p.A2)

2018        Feb 8, The UN said a military offensive launched last month by Congolese troops against Ugandan militants in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is likely to force nearly 370,000 people from their homes.
    (Reuters, 2/8/18)

2018        Feb 9, The UN's World Food Program (WFP) said poor rains and crop infestations in southern Africa are threatening deeper hunger across the region, with millions of people, particularly children, at risk.
    (Reuters, 2/9/18)
2018        Feb 9, The UN said that surging violence across Yemen had pushed some 85,000 people from their homes in the past 10 weeks, with hundreds continuing to flee each day.
    (AFP, 2/9/18)

2018        Feb 11, The United Nation's children agency said one in four Iraqi children are in poverty and four million are in need of assistance as a result of the country's war with Islamic State militants.
    (Reuters, 2/11/18)

2018        Feb 13, The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said over 22,000 people fled Congo to Uganda last week following a surge of ethnic violence in the northeast, raising the total number of arrivals to about 34,000 since the start of the year.
    (Reuters, 2/13/18)

2018        Feb 18, The UN Commission on Human Rights and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said violence by criminal gangs battling over drug trafficking areas has displaced more than 800 people in northwestern Colombia.
    (Reuters, 2/19/18)

2018        Feb 19, A top UN food agency official said about 224 million people are under-nourished in Africa as climate change and conflicts heighten food insecurity across the continent.
    (AFP, 2/19/18)

2018        Feb 21, In western Rwanda anti-riot police surrounded at least 3,000 Congolese refugees who had camped at a UN refugee office overnight to protest reduced food rations at their camp. UNHCR said last month it was cutting rations due to funding shortages.
    (Reuters, 2/21/18)

2018        Feb 22, The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said twenty-six refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have died in a camp in Uganda from acute diarrhea, and hundreds more cases have been registered.
    (Reuters, 2/22/18)
2018        Feb 22, The UN said journalists and rights activists in South Sudan have been killed or arrested and newspapers closed, often by the government, hampering coverage of one of the world's biggest humanitarian crises.
    (Reuters, 2/22/18)

2018        Feb 23, A report by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) said the United Kingdom violates women's rights in Northern Ireland by unduly restricting their access to abortion.
    (Reuters, 2/23/18)
2018        Feb 23, The UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura renewed his urgent call for a ceasefire to stop both the "horrific" bombing of besieged eastern Ghouta and indiscriminate mortar shelling on Damascus.
    (Reuters, 2/23/18)
2018        Feb 23, South Sudan's government said it was asking the UN commission for the names of accused senior military officials and will investigate. A new UN report told of gang-rapes, castrations, ethnic violence and other abuses. UN investigators said they had identified more than 40 South Sudanese military officers who may be responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    (AP, 2/23/18)(Reuters, 2/24/18)

2018        Feb 24, The UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan said it has recalled a Ghanaian police unit working at one of its protection camps while it investigates allegations that some of them were involved in sexual abuse.
    (Reuters, 2/24/18)
2018        Feb 24, The UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in Syria "without delay", to allow for aid deliveries and medical evacuations.
    (AFP, 2/25/18)

2018        Feb 26, It was reported that the UN mission in South Sudan has recalled a 46-member peacekeeping unit after some members allegedly paid women living in a protection camp for sex. Ghanaian officers were recalled from Wau to Juba.
    (SFC, 2/26/18, p.A2)
2018        Feb 26, A United Nations spokeswoman said military operations have killed at least 30 people, including women and children, in Syria's besieged eastern Ghouta in the last 48 hours, while shelling on Damascus continued from the rebel-held area.
    (Reuters, 2/26/18)

2018        Feb 28, UN experts said its investigations into Pyongyang's transfer of prohibited ballistic missile, conventional arms and dual use goods found more than 40 previously unreported shipments to Syria between 2012 and 2017. It said an unnamed UN member state also reported evidence of Myanmar's receipt of a range of conventional weapons from North Korea including multiple rocket launchers and surface-to-air missiles in addition to ballistic missile systems.
    (AP, 2/28/18)

2018        Mar 1, In northeastern Nigeria three workers for UN agencies were among 11 people killed in an attack by armed Boko Haram militants on a military base near the border with Cameroon.  Aid agencies soon pulled out of Rann, leaving tens of thousands uprooted by the fighting living again in parlous conditions with little or no international humanitarian support.
    (AP, 3/2/18)(Reuters, 3/22/18)

2018        Mar 2, The UN suspended aid work helping tens of thousands of people in northeastern Nigeria after an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants a day earlier in the town of Rann, Borno state. The suspected militants killed at least 11 people, including the three aid workers. Three other aid workers were missing.
    (Reuters, 3/3/18)

2018        Mar 5, A UN report said Iran has arrested activists and political opponents in a clampdown on freedom of expression as use of torture continues despite promises of reform. The report was compiled by Asma Jahangir, a Pakistani lawyer serving as UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, who died suddenly last month.
    (Reuters, 3/5/18)

2018        Mar 9, The United Nations warned that more than 2 million children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are estimated to be at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition if they do not get the aid they need.
    (Reuters, 3/9/18)
2018        Mar 9, South Sudan said it is suspending the UN’s Radio Miraya station for allegedly refusing to comply with the country's media laws. The government may not be able to take the station off the air because the transmitter is on the UN base in Juba.
    (AP, 3/9/18)

2018        Mar 12, A UN investigator said that Myanmar's government appears to be pursuing a policy of starvation in Rakhine state to force out the remaining Muslim Rohingya population.
    (Reuters, 3/12/18)

2018        Mar 15, The UN human rights office said in a report that Mexican authorities had tortured dozens of people in connection with an investigation into the 2014 disappearance of 43 students, and called for a full inquiry.
    (Reuters, 3/15/18)
2018        Mar 15, The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution renewing for a year its peace mission in South Sudan, while also threatening to later impose an arms embargo if necessary.
    (AFP, 3/15/18)

2018        Mar 20, The UN's anti-corruption commission in Guatemala said the government has removed 11 police investigators working with a panel to uncover graft.
    (SFC, 3/21/18, p.A2)   
2018        Mar 20, The UN called on Turkey to end its 20-month-old state of emergency and accused Ankara of mass arrests, arbitrary sackings and other abuses.
    (Reuters, 3/20/18)

2018        Mar 21, The United Nations human rights office said armed groups execute and torture civilians in Libya in almost complete impunity seven years after the revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi.
    (Reuters, 3/21/18)
2018        Mar 21, The UN's International Labour Organization (ILO) launched a commission of inquiry into complaints that Venezuela is violating standards including freedom of association and workers' rights to organize.
    (Reuters, 3/21/18)

2018        Mar 22, The UN Security Council in a unanimous statement said at least 13.1 million Congolese are in need of humanitarian aid, including 7.7 million who are severely food insecure.
    (AFP, 3/24/18)
2018        Mar 22, Cambodia's ambassador to the UN's office in Geneva rejected a statement to the UN Human Rights Council endorsed by 45 nations that urges improvements in the Southeast Asia nation's rights situation ahead of a general election this July.
    (AP, 3/22/18)

2018        Mar 27, The UN Security Council unanimously backed a resolution that tasks the peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo with helping to prepare elections and avoid deadly violence.
    (AFP, 3/27/18)

2018        Mar 30, The UN Security Council annnounced a new package of sanctions that targeted smuggling at sea by North Korea. The UN blacklisted 27 ships, 21 shipping companies and one individual accused of helping North Korea evade previous sanctions. The ships included five based in China, 15 North Korean ships and 12 non-North Korean ships.
    (AP, 3/31/18)(SSFC, 4/1/18, p.A4)(Reuters, 4/3/18)

2018        Mar 31, In the Central African Republic UN peacekeepers on patrol exchanged fire with members of an armed group in the Muslim rebel bastion called PK5 in Bangui.
    (AFP, 4/1/18)

2018        Apr 2, Israel announced it had reached a deal with the UN refugee agency to cancel a controversial plan to deport African migrants and replace it with a new one that will see thousands sent to Western countries. PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that Canada, Italy and Germany will take in some of Israel's African migrants under an agreement Israel reached with the UN refugee agency.
    (AfP, 4/2/18)(Reuters, 4/2/18)

2018        Apr 3, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he was cancelling an agreement with the UN refugee agency to relocate thousands of African migrants, bowing to right-wing pressure to scrap the deal. The fact that thousands of migrants would be allowed to stay raised an outcry from right-wing politicians and on social media from Netanyahu's nationalist voter base.
    (Reuters, 4/3/18)
2018        Apr 3, In Switzerland the United Nations raised more than $2 billion to help civilians in Yemen. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates drew praise for offering hundreds of millions of dollars in aid for Yemen, where their air campaign against Houthi rebels has killed thousands of civilians and their crippling blockade has hindered aid delivery.
    (AFP, 4/3/18)(AP, 4/3/18)

2018        Apr 4, The United Nations said that it has conducted its first humanitarian mission to Raqa since the Syrian city was liberated from the Islamic State group, warning that returning civilians face enormous risks. Jan Egeland, the head of the UN's Syria humanitarian taskforce, said the city is littered with unexploded devices, homes are still full of bombs (and) grenades and children are still being maimed and killed.
    (AFP, 4/4/18)

2018        Apr 5, The United Nations said it is beefing up its inspections of ships bringing humanitarian aid to Yemen to ensure that no military items are being smuggled and to speed delivery of desperately-needed relief supplies.
    (Reuters, 4/5/18)
2018        Apr 5, In Mali two Chadian peacekeepers were killed and at least 10 others were wounded when a UN camp came under mortar fire in the northern Kidal region. The French army said that French and Malian troops had killed about 30 Islamist insurgents during a gun battle near the border with Niger.
    (Reuters, 4/7/18)

2018        Apr 6, Mali's army killed 14 jihadist suspects, arrested a day earlier in Dioura, who were trying to escape detention in its central region. The suspects were later said to be Fulani civilians. A UN peacekeeper from Niger was killed when two armed men in the northern city of Gao opened fire on his vehicle.
    (Reuters, 4/7/18)(AFP, 4/7/18)(AP, 4/9/18)

2018        Apr 8, In the Central African Republic unidentified gunmen opened fire on a UN base in the Muslim PK5 neighborhood of Bangui late today, capping a day that saw at least one civilian killed and dozens of people injured.
    (Reuters, 4/9/18)

 2018        Apr 10, The United Nations said Libyan militias, including some affiliated with authorities, are holding thousands of prisoners in prolonged arbitrary and unlawful detention that includes torture.
    (AP, 4/10/18)

2018        Apr 11, A UN war crimes court sentenced Serbian ultranationalist Vojislav Seselj to ten years in prison, partially overturning his acquittal over crimes against humanity and other charges dating to the Balkan wars in the 1990s. He was acquitted in 2016 of nine war crimes and crimes against humanity charges because of insufficient evidence.
    (AP, 4/11/18)

2018        Apr 12, In France Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, US and EU delegations along with representatives of UNESCO leadership negotiated a compromise resolution on "Occupied Palestine". Diplomats agreed to move the most controversial language to a non-binding annex and avoided a contentious vote.
    (AP, 4/13/18)

2018        Apr 13, A new UN report put Myanmar's armed forces on a UN blacklist of government and rebel groups "credibly suspected" of carrying out rapes and other acts of sexual violence in conflict for the first time.
    (AP, 4/14/18)

2018        Apr 14, Russia called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council as Moscow said it would consider supplying S-300 missile systems to Syria following US-led strikes. Russia said Syria's air defence system, which mostly consists of systems made in the Soviet Union, has intercepted 71 of the missiles fired by the US, British and French forces. Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White warned that Russia was actively attempting to sow confusion about the attack.
    (Reuters, 4/14/18)

2018        Apr 16, The United Nations said it has provided the "necessary clearances" for a fact-finding mission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate a suspected chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma.
    (AP, 4/16/18)

2018        Apr 22, Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he is donating $4.5 million to the United Nations body that oversees climate change negotiations.
    (AP, 4/23/18)

2018        Apr 23, Jailed Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid won the 2018 Press Freedom Prize awarded by the UN cultural agency UNESCO, a choice that drew criticism from the Egyptian authorities.
    (Reuters, 4/23/18)

2018        Apr 24, The United Nations called on Nicaragua to investigate a crackdown on protests that have left at least 27 dead.
    (AFP, 4/24/18)
2018        Apr 24, The European Union and the UN appealed for swift political talks to end the long war in Syria, saying the latest territorial gains by Damascus and its allies had not brought peace any closer.
    (Reuters, 4/24/18)

2018        Apr 28, A UN Security Council delegation arrived in Bangladesh to get a firsthand look at the plight of some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled Myanmar to escape military-led violence.
    (AP, 4/28/18)

2018        Apr 29, In Bangladesh Rohingya refugees made emotional pleas to the UN Security Council for help to return safely to their homes in neighboring Myanmar and for justice over the reason they fled - accusations of killings, rapes and arson.
    (Reuters, 4/29/18)

2018        Apr 30, The UN said ten aid workers have been released after being abducted in South Sudan almost a week ago.
    (AP, 4/30/18)
2018        Apr 30, In Myanmar members of a UN Security Council team probing the country's crisis over its ethnic Rohingya Muslim minority met with State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and military commander Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing after visiting Bangladesh.
    (AP, 4/30/18)

2018        May 1, In Myanmar a 15-member UN Security Council delegation visited volatile areas of Rakhine state, from where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled military-led violence, to see firsthand the aftermath of the army's crackdown as well as Myanmar's preparations for taking back the refugees.
    (AP, 5/1/18)

2018        May 9, The UN Security Council urged Myanmar's government to fulfill its commitment to hold perpetrators of violence against Rohingya Muslims accountable and to address the root causes that led about 700,000 members of the ethnic minority to flee to Bangladesh.
    (AP, 5/10/18)

2018        May 10, The UN's refugee agency airlifted 132 vulnerable migrants from Libya to Niger, the first group to be flown out after a two-month halt in such evacuations.
    (AP, 5/10/18)
2018        May 10, The United Nations human rights investigator on North Korea called on for six South Korean nationals in custody there to be freed, voicing concern over conditions of their detention.
    (Reuters, 5/10/18)

2018        May 14, The UN appealed for a major increase in funding to aid Sudan with hundreds of thousands of people set to join millions in need of relief amid worsening economic and humanitarian crises.
    (AFP, 5/15/18)
 2018        May 14, The UN World Health Organization said eliminating trans fats is critical to preventing deaths worldwide as it released a plan to help countries wipe out trans fats from the global food supply in the next five years.
    (AP, 5/14/18)

2018        May 15, The UN said some 160,000 people have fled their homes in Cameroon's English-speaking regions because of violence between anglophone separatists and government forces.
    (AFP, 5/15/18)

2018        May 17, The UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said it is sending 150 peacekeepers to Unity state to protect civilians who are being targeted in clashes between the government and rebel troops.
    (Reuters, 5/17/18)

2018        May 18, The UN Human Rights Council voted 29-2 with 14 abstentions to back a resolution that also condemned "the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force by the Israeli occupying forces against Palestinian civilians." The United States decried it as an example of a biased focus on Israel by the council.
    (AP, 5/18/18)

2018        May 24, The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution that for the first time recognizes the link between conflict and hunger and condemns the use of starvation as a method of warfare.
    (SFC, 5/25/18, p.A2)

2018        May 28, The UN agency for children said it has distributed cash to nearly 1.5 million families in war-battered Yemen to help avert the risk of famine.
    (AP, 5/28/18)

2018        May 30, The UN said it has documented the disappearance of 21 men and two women in Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas State from February until May 16 this year. The U.N. human rights office said it has "strong indications" that Mexican federal security forces are behind a wave of disappearances in and around the city of Nuevo Laredo.
    (Reuters, 5/30/18)

2018        Jun 4, UNESCO, the UN's cultural body, released its first ever guidelines on fighting anti-Semitism in education.
    (AP, 6/4/18)

2018        Jun 5, The United Nations urged Washington to immediately halt its controversial practice of separating asylum-seeking Central American immigrant children from their parents at the southern border. Pres. Trump tweeted: "Separating families at the Border is the fault of bad legislation passed by the Democrats," however no law mandates that parents must be separated from their children at the border, and it's not a policy Democrats have pushed or can change alone as the minority in Congress.
    (AFP, 6/5/18)(AP, 6/5/18)
2018        Jun 5, A new UN report said government bans on plastic can be effective in cutting back on waste, but poor follow-through has left many such bans ineffective. World Environment Day highlighted the perils of plastic with the tagline "if you can't reuse it, refuse it".
    (AP, 6/5/18)(AFP, 6/5/18)

2018        Jun 6, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said Bangladeshi security forces have shot dead around 130 people and arrested 13,000 in the past three weeks since the government introduced a "zero tolerance" policy against illegal drugs.
    (AP, 6/6/18)
2018        Jun 6, Myanmar and UN agencies signed an agreement that could eventually lead to the return of some of the 700,000 Rohingya Muslims. The memorandum of understanding promised to establish a "framework of cooperation" that aims to create conditions for "voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable" repatriation of Rohingya refugees but does not address Myanmar's denial of citizenship for the minority.
    (AP, 6/6/18)

2018        Jun 8, The United Nations General Assembly voted to elect Germany, Belgium, South Africa, the Dominican Republic and Indonesia for a two-year term in the Security Council starting on Jan. 1, 2019.
    (Reuters, 6/8/18)
2018        Jun 8, Lebanon accused the United Nations refugee agency of intimidating refugees to prevent their return to Syria and blocked residency applications for the agency's staff.
    (AFP, 6/8/18)

2018        Jun 19, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres said the number of countries involved in "violent conflicts" is the highest in 30 years, while the number of people killed in conflicts has risen tenfold since 2005. Guterres spoke at the annual Oslo Forum panel discussion on peacemaking.
    (AP, 6/19/18)
2018        Jun 19, The US announced its withdrawal from the UN's Human Rights Council. No country had ever dropped out voluntarily in the 12-year history of the 47-member council.
    (AP, 6/20/18)

2018        Jun 21, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein said new Hungarian laws that criminalize people for helping asylum-seekers are shameful and blatantly xenophobic.
    (Reuters, 6/21/18)
2018        Jun 21, UN envoy for Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener ended nine days of talks with Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and commander-in-chief General Min Aung Hlaing among other officials. She told authorities in Naypyidaw that credible measures were needed to establish accountability for the violence that engulfed Rakhine state and drove 700,000 Rohingya from their homes.
    (AFP, 6/21/18)
2018        Jun 21, A report by the UN children's agency UNICEF said that a third of all children living in Britain, around 4.5 million, live in areas with harmful air pollution.
    (Reuters, 6/21/18)

2018        Jun 22, Diplomats in Geneva said that Israel has temporarily reduced its participation with the UN's main human rights body, days after the United States pulled out largely over its allegation that the Human Rights Council is biased against Israel.
    (AP, 6/22/18)
2018        Jun 22, The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said government security forces in Venezuela carry out unjustified killings without any apparent consequences as the rule of law. The report highlights the case earlier this year in which rebel police officer Oscar Perez and six in his group were shot to death as they tried to surrender. UN officials say they believe the group was executed on orders from top government officials in violation of their basic rights.
    (AP, 6/22/18)

2018        Jun 25, UNAIDS staffer Martina Brostrom, who says she was sexually assaulted by UNAIDS former deputy executive director Luiz Loures in Thailand in 2015, cast fresh doubt on an investigation into her case and called for the agency chief to be sacked.
    (AFP, 6/25/18)

2018        Jun 27, The United States cut a $2 million pledge for the UN Counterterrorism Office and downgraded its presence at a conference on the issue.
    (AP, 6/27/18)

2018        Jun 29, The UN's migration agency snubbed the Trump administration's candidate to lead it. Portuguese Socialist and former EU commissioner Antonio Vitorino (61) won an election to be the next director-general of the International Organization for Migration, edging out both a top IOM official and US candidate Ken Isaacs.
    (AP, 6/29/18)

2018        Jul 2, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he heard "unimaginable" accounts of atrocities during a visit to Bangladesh's refugee camps and called for Myanmar to be held responsible for "crimes" against the Rohingya.
    (AFP, 7/2/18)
2018        Jul 2, The UN refugee spokesman said the number of people forced to flee their homes in southwestern Syria as a result of the two week escalation in fighting has climbed to 270,000 people.
    (Reuters, 7/2/18)

2018        Jul 5, Peru, in a joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, led more than 50 countries in urging Venezuela to restore the rule of law and open its doors to humanitarian assistance, as an economic crisis causes shortages of medicine and growing malnutrition.
    (Reuters, 7/5/18)

2018        Jul 10, The UN human rights office said at least 232 civilians were killed and 120 women and girls raped in "scorched earth" attacks by South Sudan government troops and aligned forces in opposition-held villages earlier this year.
    (Reuters, 7/10/18)
2018        Jul 10, The UN said more than 800 children as young as 11 years of age were recruited to Yemen's devastating conflict in 2017 alone.
    (AFP, 7/10/18)
2018        Jul 10, The UN said at least 16,000 people have been displaced from their homes by armed conflict in the border region between Colombia and Venezuela.
    (AFP, 7/11/18)
2018        Jul 10, In Yemen Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy for Yemen, met with embattled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi in another round of talks aimed at brokering a truce between the government and rebels.
    (AFP, 7/10/18)

2018        Jul 13, All 193 UN member nations except the United States, which pulled out last year, approved the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. On July 18 Hungary said it will quit the migration pact before its final approval, calling the agreement a "threat to the world." By early December right-wing European governments such as Austria, Hungary and Poland had dropped out. The pact was to be adopted mid-December in Marrakesh, Morocco.
    (Reuters, 7/18/18)(Reuters, 12/9/18)
2018        Jul 13, The United Nations Security Council imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan, nearly five years after civil war erupted in the country.
    (Reuters, 7/13/18)

2018        Jul 17, The UN human rights office said police and authorities in Nicaragua have killed and imprisoned people without due process and committed torture. It called for an end to violence in which an estimated 280 people have died since April.
    (Reuters, 7/17/18)

2018        Jul 23, The UN Int'l Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered the United Arab Emirates to immediately allow Qatari families affected by a dispute between the countries to reunite, imposing the measure before it hears the full case filed by Qatar at a later date.
    (Reuters, 7/23/18)

2018        Jul 25, The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said it would reduce jobs in Gaza and the West Bank at the end of this month following US budget cuts.
    (Reuters, 7/25/18)
2018        Jul 25, UN special envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths arrived in Sanaa to meet with rebel leaders amid efforts to restart peace talks after a two-year hiatus.
    (AP, 7/25/18)

2018        Aug 2, UN peacekeepers returned to patrol the frontier between Syria and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. The peacekeeping mission had been halted in 2014 over security concerns amid the violence in Syria's civil war.
    (SFC, 8/3/18, p.A2)

2018        Aug 3, UN experts said in a new report that North Korea has not stopped its nuclear and missile programs and is violating UN sanctions including by "a massive increase in illicit ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products".
    (AP, 8/4/18)

2018        Aug 7, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he has chosen former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to be the world body's new human rights chief.
    (Reuters, 8/8/18)

2018        Aug 8, Workers seized partial control of the headquarters of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees in Hamas-run Gaza, accusing their union of "mutiny" over job cuts.
    (AFP, 8/8/18)

2018        Aug 10, The UN gave unanimous approval for former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet as the next UN human rights chief.
    (AP, 8/11/18)   
2018        Aug 10, A UN anti-discrimination committee raised concerns over China's treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority, citing reports of mass detentions as it considered Beijing's record over recent years.
    (AP, 8/11/18)

2018        Aug 14, UNHCR spokesman William Spindler said Libya's Misrata militia ran 370 families, originally from the western city of Tawergha, out of their homes in the Triq al-Matar camp last week. The militia forced 1,900 displaced people out of their refugee camp in the capital, Tripoli.
    (AP, 8/14/18)

2018        Aug 17, The UN Human Rights Committee ruled that Brazil's imprisoned leftist leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva cannot be disqualified from upcoming presidential elections because his legal appeals are ongoing.
    (AFP, 8/17/18)

2018        Aug 18, Kofi Annan (80) of Ghana, a former UN Secretary-General (1997-2006) and Nobel peace laureate (2001), died in Switzerland. He was the first black African to assume the world's top diplomatic post.
    (AP, 8/18/18)

2018        Aug 19, In South Sudan the UN World Food Program dropped food supplies in Nyal, an opposition-held town in the war-ravaged region. The WFP said it expected 30,000 people will have come by the time it has delivered the final drop on August 21. The UN has been dropping food supplies in Nyal every three months since 2014.
    (Reuters, 8/20/18)

2018        Aug 20, The UN's World Health Organization said the number of measles cases in Europe jumped to more than 41,000 during the first six months of 2018 and at least 37 people have died. Half, or some 23,000 cases, occurred in Ukraine.
    (AP, 8/20/18)
2018        Aug 20, The UN nuclear watchdog said it did not find any indication that North Korea had stopped its nuclear activities, adding to doubts about the country's willingness to abandon its arsenal.
    (Reuters, 8/21/18)

2018        Aug 23, The United Nations refugee and migration agencies called on Latin American countries to ease entry for Venezuelan nationals fleeing economic hardship and a deepening political crisis.
    (Reuters, 8/23/18)

2018        Aug 24, The UN migration agency said the exodus of migrants from Venezuela is building towards a "crisis moment" comparable to events involving refugees in the Mediterranean.
    (Reuters, 8/24/18)

2018        Aug 27, UN investigators said Myanmar's military carried out mass killings and gang rapes of Muslim Rohingya with "genocidal intent" and the commander-in-chief and five generals should be prosecuted for the gravest crimes under international law.
    (Reuters, 8/27/18)

2018        Aug 28, Three experts working for the UN's top human rights body said the governments of Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia may have been responsible for war crimes including rape, torture, disappearances and "deprivation of the right to life" during 3½ years of battling Yemeni rebels.
    (AP, 8/28/18)

2018        Aug 29, The UN reported that Nicaragua's government turned a blind eye while armed mobs rounded up protesters, some of whom were later raped with rifles and tortured in detention. Managua rejected the report as biased.
    (Reuters, 8/29/18)

2018        Aug 30, The government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega ended a United Nations human rights team visit a day after the body published a report blaming it for the violent repression of opposition protests.
    (AP, 8/31/18)

2018        Aug 31, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced that he is shutting down a crusading UN-sponsored anti-graft commission that pressed a number of high-profile corruption probes, including one pending against the president himself over purported illicit campaign financing.
    (AP, 8/31/18)
2018        Aug 31, The US announced that it will no longer support the 68-year-old United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). Contributions were cut from $360 million to $60 million this year and down to zero in 2019.
    (AP, 8/31/18)(SFC, 6/4/19, p.A2)

2018        Sep 1, The United Nations human rights mission left Nicaragua after being ordered out by a government it criticized over its heavy-handed response to anti-regime protests.
    (AFP, 9/1/18)
2018        Sep 1, Dutch former defence minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (45) was appointed as the United Nation's envoy to Iraq, to head a mission which plays an essential role in the country's political and economic spheres.
    (AFP, 9/1/18)

2018        Sep 3, In Lebanon UN schools for Palestinian refugees started the new school year on time, despite the US decision to cancel funding to the international body's Palestinian relief agency.
    (AP, 9/3/18)

2018        Sep 5, UN investigators warned that crimes against humanity and other serious rights violations were continuing unabated in Burundi, blaming in part President Pierre Nkurunziza's repeated calls to hatred and violence.
    (AFP, 9/5/18)

2018        Sep 6, In Geneva, Switzerland, scheduled peace talks between Yemen's government and Huthi rebels hung in the balance as both sides traded ultimatums and a UN envoy scrambled to mediate. The rebel delegation, still in Sanaa, insisted the UN must meet a list of conditions before it will travel to Switzerland, prompting government representatives already in Geneva to give the Huthis a 24-hour deadline or it "will leave".
    (AFP, 9/6/18)

2018        Sep 7, The United Nations-mediated peace talks on Yemen stalled pending the arrival of the Shiite rebels to Geneva, who said they didn't attend because they were not guaranteed safe return after the discussions.
    (AP, 9/7/18)
2018        Sep 7, North Korea and South Korea asked the United Nations to circulate the "Panmunjom Declaration on Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula" as an official UN document.
    (AP, 9/8/18)

2018        Sep 8, Yemen peace talks in Geneva collapsed after three days of waiting for the Houthi movement delegation, but the UN envoy vowed to press ahead with diplomacy.
    (Reuters, 9/8/18)

2018        Sep 10, In Geneva new UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet criticized the Italian government for refusing entry to migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean operated by private charities. Hours later Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who heads Italy's anti-immigrant League party, threatened to cut Italian funding for the UN.
    (Reuters, 9/11/18)

2018        Sep 11, In Geneva the UN envoy for Syria hosted key diplomats from Iran, Russia and Turkey to discuss work toward rewriting the country's constitution, amid concerns about a possibly devastating military offensive on rebel-held Idlib province.
    (AP, 9/11/18)

2018        Sep 13, The UN Security Council extended its political mission in Libya for a year but did not endorse a December 10 date for elections that was agreed during a Paris meeting four months ago.
    (AFP, 9/13/18)

2018        Sep 18, UN-backed investigators who examined a bloody crackdown by Myanmar security forces that caused hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims to flee to neighboring Bangladesh issued a searing critique of the United Nations' own response to the human rights crisis. The members of a fact-finding mission on Myanmar fleshed out preliminary findings and recommendations released in a shorter version three weeks ago.
    (AP, 9/18/18)

2018        Sep 19, The UN said more than 500 people have died from cholera in the Lake Chad region since the start of the year, representing the worst outbreak to hit the area in four years. The Lake Chad region straddles parts of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger, which are also grappling with a jihadist insurgency.
    (AFP, 9/19/18)
2018        Sep 19, A new UN report indicated that Colombian coca cultivation increased 17 percent in 2017.
    (SFC, 9/20/18, p.A2)

2018        Sep 22, The United Nations said a cholera outbreak in north-eastern Nigeria has claimed nearly 100 lives over the past two weeks.
    (AFP, 9/22/18)

2018        Sep 24, The UN World Food Program took its campaign to fight world hunger to a global cinema audience with an innovative, interactive advertisement.
    (AFP, 9/24/18)
2018        Sep 24, Donald Trump arrived at the UN for a meeting on the global drug trade, ahead of a sit-down with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who comes bearing a personal message to Trump from Kim after their inter-Korean talks last week. Some 129 countries at the UN signed on to a US-drafted pledge to fight the global drug problem.
    (AP, 9/24/18)(Reuters, 9/24/18)
2018        Sep 24, Staff at the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees went on strike in the Gaza Strip to protest against job losses and US funding cuts.
    (AFP, 9/24/18)

2018        Sep 25, In NYC UN Sec.-Gen. Antonio Guterres opened the annual meeting of world leaders. He painted a grim picture of the world spotlighting the breakdown of trust around the globe and the need to counter unilateralism and reinvigorate the int'l. cooperation that is the foundation of the UN.
    (SFC, 9/26/18, p.A2)
2018        Sep 25, The United Nations and individual donors rushed food to a desperate corner of northern Yemen where starving villagers were found to be living off leaves.
    (AP, 9/25/18)

2018        Sep 27, The UN's top human rights body agreed to set up a team to collect evidence of alleged crimes committed in Myanmar since 2011 that could one day be used to prosecute violators in court.
    (AP, 9/27/18)

2018        Sep 28, The United Nations Human Rights Council voted to extend an international probe of alleged war crimes committed in Yemen despite strong opposition from Saudi Arabia and several of its allies.
    (AP, 9/28/18)

2018        Sep 30, The Maltese authorities finally took 58 migrants from the Aquarius to Valletta after they had waited for days in rough seas on the rescue ship that can no longer go to port after its flag was pulled. The UN refugee agency UNHCR said that it had not yet been decided where which of the migrants.
    (AFP, 9/30/18)

2018        Oct 1, UNRWA pulled part of its international staff out of the Gaza Strip due to security concerns.
    (AP, 10/2/18)

2018        Oct 3, The UN's top court (ICJ) ordered the United States to lift sanctions on humanitarian goods for Iran in a stunning rebuke to US President Donald Trump.
    (AFP, 10/3/18)(SFC, 10/4/18, p.A2)
2018        Oct 3, Yemen's Shiite rebels released Salah and Madian Saleh, the two sons of late former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The UN children's agency suspended cash transfers to 9 million of Yemen's most impoverished citizens under pressure from Yemen's Houthi rebels. UNICEF said the decision came after it was unable to set up a call center to get feedback from beneficiaries.
    (AP, 10/3/18)

2018        Oct 4, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced in a statement a "detailed plan to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem and replace its services with municipal services".
    (AFP, 10/5/18)

2018        Oct 7, The UN children's agency resumed emergency cash transfers to 9 million Yemenis after it was allowed to operate a call center to help monitor aid distribution.
    (AP, 10/9/18)

2018        Oct 9, Nikki Haley (46) announced her resignation as the top US diplomat to the United Nations saying was leaving by the end of the year.
    (AP, 10/10/18)

2018        Oct 10, The UN said that the number of Afghans killed or wounded by air strikes rose 39 percent in the first nine months of 2018. At least 8,050 Afghan civilians were killed or wounded in the first nine months of 2018. The United States is the only foreign force known to carry out air strikes in Afghanistan.
    (AFP, 10/10/18)(AP, 10/10/18)   
2018        Oct 10, The UN urged warring parties in Syria to allow basic health service deliveries to tens of thousands of increasingly desperate Syrians trapped in the desert near the Jordanian border. UNICEF said two babies without access to hospitals had died in the past 48 hours near the Rukban border crossing.
    (AFP, 10/10/18)

2018        Oct 12, The UN children's agency UNICEF said a militia fighting against the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria has released 833 children from its own ranks, some as young as 11.
    (AP, 10/12/18)
2018        Oct 12, The Philippines became one of 18 new council members elected to the UN Human Rights Council despite rights groups' complaints that its government, widely condemned internationally for a deadly drug crackdown, doesn't belong in a group meant to call out abuses.
    (AP, 10/12/18)

2018        Oct 13, UN sanctions monitors in an unpublished report said banned charcoal exports from Somalia are thriving, generating millions of dollars a year for al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremists — and often passing through Iran to have their origins obscured.
    (AP, 10/13/18)

2018        Oct 16, The UN refugee agency expressed concern over Angola's expulsion of some 200,000 Congolese in the past two weeks, saying it would create a humanitarian crisis.
    (SFC, 10/17/18, p.A2)
2018        Oct 16, The rival Koreas and the US-led United Nations Command met to discuss efforts to disarm a military zone the rivals control within their shared border under a peace agreement between the two countries.
    (AP, 10/16/18)

2018        Oct 17, UN agencies called for an end to the practice in some countries of determining whether a girl or woman is a virgin through gynecological testing.
    (SFC, 10/18/18, p.A2)

2018        Oct 18, A new UN report said South Sudan's armed opposition abducted women and girls as young as 12 and lined them up so commanders could choose "wives," and those not selected were left to be raped repeatedly by other fighters. The report focused on the Western Equatoria region between April and August, saying 900 people were abducted and some 24,000 people forced to flee their homes as fighting surged after months of relative calm.
    (AP, 10/18/18)
2018        Oct 18, A UN humanitarian aid official said that Syria's government has withdrawn a controversial law that allowed authorities to seize property left behind by civilians who fled the country's civil war.
    (AP, 10/18/18)

2018        Oct 23, The UN Human Rights Committee said that France's ban on the niqab, the full-body Islamic veil, was a violation of human rights and called on it to review the legislation. It gave Paris 180 days to report back to say what actions it had taken.
    (Reuters, 10/23/18)

2018        Oct 29, UN aid chief Mark Lowcock told the UN Security Council that up to 15,000 people remain within the IS-controlled area and around 7,000 people have in recent weeks been displaced by fighting from Hajin, the last major stronghold of Islamic State in Syria on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.
    (AP, 10/29/18)

2018        Nov 1, The UN General Assembly vote 189-2 to approve a resolution condemning the American embargo of Cuba. The US and Israel voted no. Moldova and Ukraine did not vote.
    (SFC, 11/2/18, p.A2)
2018        Nov 1, The UN children's agency said over seven million children face a serious threat of famine in Yemen and ending the country's war will not save all of them.
    (AFP, 11/1/18)

2018        Nov 6, UN investigators said more than 200 mass graves containing between 6,000 and 12,000 bodies have been found in Iraq from the time of the Islamic State group's three-year reign.
    (AP, 11/6/18)

2018        Nov 7, The UN and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent completed a desperately needed aid delivery to displaced Syrians in the remote Rukban desert camp near the border with Jordan. Nearly 50,000 people were stranded in the desert and had received no aid since January.
    (AP, 11/7/18)

2018        Nov 8, The UN said at least 2.3 million people have fled economic and political crisis in Venezuela, mostly since 2015.
    (AFP, 11/8/18)

2018        Nov 13, UN human rights boss Michelle Bachelet called on Bangladesh to halt plans to repatriate 2,200 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, warning that their lives would be at "serious risk".
    (Reuters, 11/13/18)

2018        Nov 14, The UN Security Council unanimously voted to lift a nearly decade-old arms embargo and targeted sanctions on Eritrea after a rapprochement with Ethiopia and thawing of relations with Djibouti.
    (Reuters, 11/14/18)

2018        Nov 16, The United States said it would oppose for the first time an annual resolution at the United Nations calling on Israel to rescind its authority in the occupied Golan Heights, drawing praise from Israeli officials.
    (Reuters, 11/16/18)

2018        Nov 19, In France UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder unveiled the interactive "Facts about the Holocaust " site at the cultural agency's Paris headquarters.
    (AP, 11/19/18)
2018        Nov 19, A UN draft resolution on Yemen was presented to the Security Council. It called for an immediate truce in the port city of Hodeida and set a two-week deadline for the warring sides to remove all barriers to humanitarian aid.
    (AFP, 11/19/18)

2018        Nov 22, United Nations envoy Martin Griffiths met Yemen's rebel chief to nail down details of peace talks expected in December, a day before a planned visit to the battleground port city of Hodeida.
    (AFP, 11/22/18)

2018        Nov 23, The UN migration agency said at least 631 African migrants have died trying to reach Spain so far this year, nearly three times more than in all of 2017.
    (Reuters, 11/23/18)

2018        Nov 24, South Korea said that the United Nations Security Council granted an exemption to sanctions that will allow surveys on North Korean railroad sections the Koreas want to connect with the South.
    (AP, 11/24/18)

2018        Nov 26, UNESCO said Korean wrestling was added to a list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" on the basis of an application by the two Koreas.
    (AP, 11/26/18)

2018        Nov 27, UN agencies said asylum seekers at the Mexican border fleeing violence or persecution are entitled to lodge claims in the United States to obtain sanctuary there in a fresh attempt to shield migrants from tough US immigration policies.
    (Reuters, 11/27/18)
2018        Nov 27, The United Nations environment office warned that the gap is widening between current greenhouse gas emissions and the levels needed to stop catastrophic global warming. It said in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 F) this century, emissions need to drop 55 percent by 2030 compared to 2017 levels.
    (AP, 11/27/18)

2018        Nov 29, An investigation by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) of its widely-praised refugee program in Uganda said it has found corruption costing millions of dollars and misconduct.
    (Reuters, 11/29/18)

2018        Nov 30, The United Nations said it had helped hundreds of Central Americans who travelled with migrant caravans towards the US to return to their home countries.
    (AFP, 11/30/18)

2018        Nov, A UN-backed study was published saying the area of Mexico that illegally farms opium poppies had grown by more than one-fifth this year, to an area the size of Philadelphia.
    (AP, 2/6/19)

2018        Dec 3, The UN World Intellectual Property Organization said China has issued the most international patent applications for an eighth straight year, showing the country's heft in intellectual property amid US President Donald Trump's accusation that the growing Asia power steals it.
    (AP, 12/3/18)
2018        Dec 3, UN official Michel Forst called on the Colombian government to step up measures to protect human rights defenders following an upsurge in the number murdered since the signing of a peace agreement with former FARC guerrillas.
    (AFP, 12/4/18)
2018        Dec 3, A UN chartered flight flew 50 wounded rebels along with their escorts out of the Yemeni capital Sanaa for medical treatment, a critical step towards bringing warring parties to planned UN-brokered negotiations in Sweden.
    (AFP, 12/3/18)
2018        Dec 3, In Poland UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a dramatic appeal to world leaders to take the threat of global warming seriously and to act boldly to avert a catastrophic rise in temperatures before the end of the century. Nations facing imminent environmental disaster called on rich polluters to help them back from the brink.
    (AP, 12/3/18)(AFP, 12/3/18)

2018        Dec 4, The UN said it was seeking $738 million in 2019 to help neighboring countries cope with the inflow of millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants, who have "no prospect for return in the short to medium term".
    (Reuters, 12/4/18)
2018        Dec 4, The UN warned of a "severe increase" in Yemen's hunger rate and cautioned the situation would deteriorate further in 2019, when four million more people are expected to need food aid.
    (AFP, 12/4/18)
2018        Dec 4, A Houthi delegation left for Sweden for UN-sponsored Yemen peace talks, the first since 2016, as Western nations pressed for an end to the war and the United Nations warned of a looming economic disaster.
    (Reuters, 12/4/18)

2018        Dec 5, The UN secretary-general's envoy for Western Sahara met with foreign ministers from Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania plus leaders of the Polisario Front in Geneva over the future of the Morocco-annexed territory.
    (AP, 12/5/18)

2018        Dec 6, The UN's human rights office said Burundi's government has asked it to leave, months after the outgoing UN rights chief called the country one of the "most prolific slaughterhouses of humans in recent times".
    (AP, 12/6/18)
2018        Dec 6, The UN World Food Program said a survey of food security in Yemen has found more than 15 million people are in a "crisis" or "emergency" situation and that number could hit 20 million without sustained food aid.
    (Reuters, 12/6/18)
2018        Dec 6, Meeting in Sweden Yemen's warring sides agreed to free thousands of prisoners, in what a UN mediator called a hopeful start to the first peace talks in years to end a war that has pushed millions of people on the verge of starvation.
    (AP, 12/6/18)
2018        Dec 6, In Geneva two days of UN talks on Western Sahara ended with all sides promising to meet again for a similar "round table" in the first quarter of 2019, UN envoy Horst Koehler told reporters after the meeting ended unexpectedly early.
    (Reuters, 12/6/18)

2018        Dec 9, The UN's humanitarian office said that 369 trucks will carry one month's worth of supplies to Syria. It's the first cross-border aid shipment since the Syrian government recaptured a trade crossing with Jordan from Syrian rebels and reopened it in October.
    (AP, 12/9/18)

2018        Dec 10, In Morocco a United Nations conference in Marrakesh adopted a migration pact in front of leaders and representatives from around 150 countries, despite a string of withdrawals driven by anti-immigrant populism.
    (AFP, 12/10/18)
2018        Dec 10, Brazil's incoming foreign relations minister said Brazil will pull out of a United Nations pact on dealing with rising migration, joining the United States and a growing number of countries in rejecting the agreement.
    (Reuters, 12/11/18)

2018        Dec 12, Sweden said it was freezing its support to UNAIDS until executive director Michel Sidibe is removed. An expert report has blasted the agency's leadership for systematically failing to address bullying, abuse and sexual harassment.
    (AFP, 12/12/18)

2018        Dec 13, United Nations human rights experts expressed concern over recent rollbacks of women's rights in Poland, especially those regarding reproductive health and societal roles.
    (AFP, 12/13/18)
2018        Dec 13, Scandal-plagued UNAIDS head Michel Sidibe offered to resign in June, following an expert report that said his "defective leadership" had plunged the agency into crisis.
    (AFP, 12/13/18)
2018        Dec 13, Yemen's warring parties agreed to cease fighting for the Houthi-held port city of Hodeidah and withdraw their troops. The Houthis have agreed in principle on a UN's role in Sanaa airport, a spokesman for the armed movement said in Sweden. The UN role would include carrying out safety and inspection checks at the airport.
    (Reuters, 12/13/18)

2018        Dec 14, The Nigerian military accused United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) staff of spying for Islamist militants in northeast Nigeria, and suspended the agency's activities there. A new military statement hours later lifted a suspension of UNICEF's work in the extremist-threatened northeast. The reversal came after an emergency meeting with UNICEF representatives.
    (Reuters, 12/14/18)(AP, 12/14/18)

 2018        Dec 17, The United Nations and the Palestinian Authority appealed for $350 million in aid for Palestinians next year, saying much more was needed but they had to be realistic after a year of funding cuts.
    (Reuters, 12/17/18)

2018        Dec 19, The UN's World Food Program (WFP) said it will cut food aid next year to about 190,000 poor Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank due a shortage of funds.
    (Reuters, 12/19/18)

2018        Dec 20, The UN said the "overwhelming majority" of women and older girls who passed through Libya as migrants reported being gang-raped by traffickers or having witnessed others taken away to be sexually abused in a report based on hundreds of interviews.
    (AP, 12/20/18)
2018        Dec 20, The United States told the UN Security Council that it was committed to the "permanent destruction" of Islamic State in Syria and would "use all instruments of our national power" to push for the withdrawal of Iranian-backed forces in the country.
    (Reuters, 12/20/18)

2018        Dec 22, UN monitors arrived in Yemen to oversee a fragile ceasefire in the rebel-held city of Hodeida, the latest push to secure peace in the devastated country.
    (AFP, 12/22/18)

2018        Dec 23, A UN team led by a Dutch officer arrived at Hodeida to monitor a cease-fire that went into force in the Red Sea port city where Yemen's civil war rivals been fighting for months.
    (AP, 12/23/18)

2018        Dec 31, The UN food agency threatened to suspend some aid shipments to Yemen if the Houthi rebels do not investigate and stop theft and fraud in food distribution. The suspension would affect some 3 million people.
    (AP, 12/31/18)

2019        Jan 1, The US and Israel officially quit UNESCO, the UN's educational, scientific and cultural agency at the stroke of midnight, the culmination of a process triggered more than a year ago amid concerns that the organization fosters anti-Israel bias. Since 2011 the US has accrued $600 million in unpaid dues, which was one of the reasons for Pres. Donald Trump's decision to withdraw. Israel owed an estimated $10 million.
    (AP, 1/1/19)
2019        Jan 1, Somalia's government ordered the UN top envoy to the troubled country to leave, accusing him of "deliberately interfering with the country's sovereignty." Nicholas Haysom had raised concerns at the action of Somalia's UN-backed security services in recent violence that left several people dead.
    (AFP, 1/2/19)

2019        Jan 4, The UN human rights office called on Bahrain to release activist Nabeel Rajab, saying that the upholding of his five-year jail sentence by the top court this week showed "continued suppression of government critics".
    (Reuters, 1/4/19)

2019        Jan 15, The UN reported that freezing temperatures and the lack of medical care have killed at least 15 displaced Syrian children in recent weeks.
    (AFP, 1/15/19)

2019        Jan 16, The UN Security Council unanimously approved the deployment of up to 75 observers to Yemen's port city of Hodeidah for six months to monitor a ceasefire and redeployment of forces by the warring parties.
    (AP, 1/16/19)
2019        Jan 16, The UN said at least 890 people are believed to have been killed over three days in December in ethnic violence in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo, and it warned that the toll could be higher still.
    (Reuters, 1/16/19)

2019        Jan 18, The United Nations said it was "extremely alarmed" by the forced return by Cameroon of thousands of refugees to northeast Nigeria, where Boko Haram Islamists pose a continuing threat to civilians. The UN refugee agency said Cameroon forced "several thousand" refugees back to Nigeria this week. According to the UNHCR Cameroon is currently hosting 370,000 refugees, 100,000 of whom are Nigerians.
    (AFP, 1/18/19)
2019        Jan 18, The UN human rights office said at least 34 people have been killed in Congo since disputed provisional election results were announced on Jan. 10.
    (AP, 1/18/19)

2019        Jan 19, A new UN report said fuel is being shipped illegally for Iran to Houthi Shiite rebels in Yemen to finance their war against the government.
    (SSFC, 1/20/19, p.A8)

2019        Jan 22, Libya's coastguard said 473 migrants trying to reach Italy by inflatables had been brought back to the North African country. The UN criticized European countries for not allowing migrants to disembark at safe ports.
    (Reuters, 1/22/19)

2019        Jan 24, Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said she will travel to Turkey next week to head an "independent international inquiry" into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
    (Reuters, 1/24/19)

2019        Jan 25, A separatist movement in Indonesia's West Papua province delivered a petition with 1.8 million signatures demanding an independence referendum to UN Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet.
    (Reuters, 1/27/19)
2019        Jan 25, Yanghee Lee, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar, said Myanmar's army chief should be prosecuted for genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority, adding that holding perpetrators to account for crimes was necessary before refugees who fled the country could return.
    (Reuters, 1/25/19)
2019        Jan 25, The UN human rights boss Michelle Bachelet called for an independent investigation into alleged excessive use of force by Venezuelan security forces or allied militia, citing reports of at least 20 people killed this week.
    (Reuters, 1/25/19)

2019        Jan 26, Venezuela's political showdown moved to the United Nations where a Security Council meeting called by the United States pit backers of President Nicolas Maduro against the Trump administration and supporters of the country's self-declared interim leader Juan Guaido.
    (AP, 1/26/19)

2019        Jan 29, It was reported that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been chosen as the winner of Germany's prestigious International Charlemagne Prize for contributions to European unity.
    (AP, 1/29/19)
2019        Jan 29, The United Nations refugee agency says more than 30,000 Nigerians fled the border town of Rann over the weekend to seek safety in Cameroon as attacks by Boko Haram extremists continue. Spokesman Babar Baloch said thousands more have fled to neighboring Chad because of the violence in northeastern Nigeria.
    (AP, 1/29/19)

2019        Feb 2, The UN and African Union announced that a peace deal has been reached between the Central African Republic government and 14 armed groups after their first-ever direct dialogue aimed at ending years of conflict.
    (AP, 2/2/19)

2019        Feb 3, The head of the UN mission in Yemen launched talks between the government and Huthi rebels aboard a boat in the Red Sea aimed at shoring up a ceasefire.
    (AFP, 2/3/19)

2019        Feb 4, The UN Human Rights Committee ruled that Finland has breached the political rights of its Sami population, charging that Helsinki had violated the indigenous people's right to "internal self-determination." According to the Finnish Sami parliament, there are 10,000 Sami in Finland.
    (AFP, 2/4/19)

2019        Feb 6, The UN said that its largest humanitarian aid convoy since the start of the Syrian conflict has reached Rukban refugee camp, where thousands of desperate people are stranded in the desert close to the border with Jordan.
    (Reuters, 2/6/19)

2019        Feb 13, Judges at the International Court of Justice ruled that the UN body has jurisdiction to hear a claim by Iran to recover $1.75 billion in assets frozen by Washington. The case filed in June 2016 centers on assets from the Iranian national bank, Bank Markazi, seized by US courts to compensate families of victims of a 1983 bombing of a U.S. Marine Corps. base which Washington blames on Iran.
    (Reuters, 2/13/19)

2019        Feb 18, The UN said Yemen's warring parties have agreed to start withdrawing forces from the main port of Hodeidah under a UN-sponsored deal, following weeks of diplomacy to salvage a pact that stalled over control of the Red Sea city.
    (Reuters, 2/18/19)

2019        Feb 19, A UN report said more than 100,000 people have been displaced by factional fighting and lawlessness in Burkina Faso, most within the past two months.
    (Reuters, 2/19/19)

2019        Feb 20, A UN report said investigators have identified perpetrators of pervasive rape and killings and torture in secret safe houses in South Sudan, and believe oil revenues have driven much of the violence in its civil war.
    (Reuters, 2/20/19)

2019        Feb 23, The UN said that three Guinean peacekeepers had been killed during an attack on their vehicles in Siby near the capital of Bamako, Mali.
    (AP, 2/24/19)

2019        Feb 24, The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said 3,804 civilians were killed last year, the highest number since the international organization began tallying figures in 2009.
    (AP, 2/24/19)

2019        Feb 25, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the international arms control system is facing collapse and urged Russia and the US to stop the imminent demise of a crucial nuclear treaty.
    (AFP, 2/25/19)
2019        Feb 25, The United Nations' highest court ruled that Britain carved up Mauritius illegally when it agreed to end colonial rule and must "bring to an end its administration of the Chagos Archipelago as rapidly as possible".
    (AP, 2/25/19)

2019        Feb 28, A UN probe released today said Israel may have committed crimes against humanity in responding to last year's unrest in Gaza, as snipers "intentionally" shot civilians including children, journalists and the disabled.
    (AFP, 2/28/19)

2019        Mar 5, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said Burundi has forced the United Nations to shut its local human rights office after 23 years.
    (Reuters, 3/5/19)

2019        Mar 6, United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said that she is seeking access to China to verify continuing reports of disappearances and arbitrary detentions, particularly of Muslims in the Xinjiang region.
    (Reuters, 3/6/19)
2019        Mar 6, UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet said sanctions had exacerbated the crisis in Venezuela but also slammed Maduro's "violations of civil and political rights" in her annual report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
    (AFP, 3/6/19)

2019        Mar 7, In Geneva three dozen countries, including all 28 EU members, called on Saudi Arabia to release 10 activists and cooperate with a UN-led investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate. This was the first rebuke of the kingdom at the UN Human Rights Council since it was set up in 2006.
    (Reuters, 3/7/19)

2019        Mar 8, The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said in a report that around 5,000 Yemeni civilians were either killed or wounded last year, which averages out to 93 victims each week.
    (AP, 3/8/19)

2019        Mar 10, The UN said its children's fund is paying some 100,000 teachers in Yemen, as two million children go without education in the war-torn country.
    (AFP, 3/10/19)

2019        Mar 11, The UN's anti-drug agency said production of methamphetamine is skyrocketing in Southeast Asia, with prices dropping and usage expanding.
    (AP, 3/11/19)

2019        Mar 12, A document drawn up by the World Food Program (WFP), labeled as a "Concept of Operations," outlined how the UN organization and its partners "may facilitate the identification, staging, forward movement, reception, and sustainment of (Rohingya) refugees" on Bhasan Char, Bangladesh, estimating an initial appeal for donor funding of between $8.6 and $19 million.
    (Reuters, 3/23/19)

2019        Mar 13, A human rights expert urged the UN to take "immediate action" to provide justice and remedies to displaced minority communities in Kosovo who were sheltered on lead-contaminated wasteland.
    (AP, 3/13/19)
2019        Mar 13, In Kenya the sixth Global Environment Outlook was released at a UN conference in Nairobi. It said unsustainable human activities globally have degraded the Earth's ecosystems, endangering the ecological foundations of society.
    (SFC, 3/14/19, p.A6)

2019        Mar 14, The United Nations said that no UN staff should travel on the Boeing 737 Max 8 planes.
    (AP, 3/14/19)

2019        Mar 15, In Kenya nations meeting at the UN environment assembly in Nairobi announced that they had agreed to "significantly reduce" single-use plastics over the next decade.
    (AFP, 3/15/19)

2019        Mar 18, A UN report released today showed an increase in allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by staff working in UN agencies and their partner organizations.
    (AFP, 3/18/19)

2019        Mar 20, UN judges sentenced former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic to life in prison on appeal, ending one of the most momentous trials over massacres and other atrocities committed during the Balkan wars of the 1990s.
    (Reuters, 3/20/19)
2019        Mar 20, The UN human rights chief warned that children in Yemen continued to be killed and maimed at an alarming rate, despite a three-month-old truce in Hodeida. The UN said thousands of tons of food aid near the port city of Hodeida is infested with insects and must be fumigated to feed millions of people.
    (AP, 3/20/19)(AFP, 3/20/19)

2019        Mar 22, The UN Human Rights Council criticized Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights a day after US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the disputed territory.
    (Reuters, 3/22/19)

2019        Mar 26, In Tunisia UN official Moncef Kartas, charged with investigating alleged violations of a UN arms embargo on Libya, was detained in Tunis on suspicion of spying. On March 29 Tunisian authorities confirmed that they had detained two Tunisians, including Kartas, on suspicion of "spying for foreign parties".
    (AFP, 3/29/19)(AFP, 4/13/19)

2019        Mar 28, The UN Security Council ordered countries worldwide to step up the fight against terrorism financing by ensuring they have laws that make it a serious crime to fund terrorist acts.
    (AFP, 3/28/19)

2019        Mar 30, United Nations officials said at least 746 people have been reported killed in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe since Cyclone Idai landed on March 14.
    (Reuters, 3/30/19)

2019        Apr 2, The UN said more than 113 million people across 53 countries experienced "acute hunger" last year because of wars and climate disasters, with Africa the worst-hit region.
    (AFP, 4/2/19)

2019        Apr 4, A UN official said Mali is in dire need of humanitarian aid, with more than three million people requiring food and basic assistance even as billions of dollars go to security missions.
    (AFP, 4/4/19)
2019        Apr 4, The World Health Organization said global life expectancy grew by 5.5 years between 2000 and 2016.
    (AFP, 4/4/19)

2019        Apr 9, The UN Security Council told the Central African Republic that it must make progress in reintegrating rebels into the security forces as a condition to review an arms embargo. The UN arms embargo was imposed in 2013 when the country descended into bloodletting.
    (AFP, 4/9/19)

2019        Apr 11, The United Nations said the fighting in Libya between Haftar's forces and troops under the internationally-backed Tripoli government had killed at least 56 people and forced 8,000 to flee their homes in the city in the last week.
    (Reuters, 4/11/19)

2019        Apr 14, The UN health agency said more than 120 people have been killed since a Libyan military commander launched an assault on the capital 10 days ago, igniting clashes with rival militias.
    (AP, 4/14/19)

2019        Apr 17, The UN said around a third of all conflict-related detainees in Afghanistan say they have suffered from torture or ill-treatment. The US-backed Afghan government is holding thousands of detainees, many of them captured as part of the ongoing war with the Taliban.
    (AP, 4/17/19)

2019        Apr 18, The United States and Russia said they could not support a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Libya at this time.
    (Reuters, 4/19/19)

2019        Apr 19, The UN said it had evacuated 163 refugees from war-ravaged Libya to neighboring Niger, but more than 3,000 others were still trapped in detention centers affected by clashes.
    (AFP, 4/19/19)

2019        Apr 23, A UN panel overseeing compensation claims by countries and organizations affected by Iraq's 1990-1991 invasion of Kuwait said it has paid $240 million to the Gulf state's national oil company.
    (AP, 4/23/19)
2019        Apr 23, A UN-commissioned report said the war in Yemen has set back its development by more than 20 years.
    (AP, 4/23/19)

2019        Apr 25, UN peacekeepers in Lebanon confirmed the existence of a third cross-border tunnel, out of six the Israeli military said it discovered in the area last year.
    (AP, 4/25/19)

2019        Apr 26, The UN's International Labour Organization said Qatar is set to abolish its controversial exit visa system for all foreign workers by the end of the year.
    (AFP, 4/26/19)
2019        Apr 26, A UN spokesperson said more than 7,000 people have left a desperate desert camp for displaced Syrians near the Jordanian border since March. Around 36,000 people remained in the isolated Rukban camp near Al-Tanf base used by the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group.
    (AFP, 4/26/19)
2019        Apr 26, The UN migration agency said Yemeni authorities have rounded up about 3,000 irregular migrants, predominantly Ethiopians, in the south of the country, "creating an acute humanitarian situation".
    (Reuters, 4/26/19)

2019        Apr 30, The UN refugee agency said that seeking asylum was a fundamental right and that people lodging applications should not be made to pay a fee, as proposed by the Trump administration.
    (Reuters, 4/30/19)

2019        May 1, The UN added Masood Azhar, the leader of a Pakistan-based Islamist group, to its list of global terrorists after China lifted its objections. Pakistan confirmed the move. This came months after Azhar's group, Jaish-e-Mohammad, claimed responsibility for the Feb. 14 suicide attack in disputed Kashmir that killed 40 Indian soldiers.
    (AFP, 5/1/19)(AP, 5/1/19)
2019        May 1, The UN said fighting in northwestern Syria has displaced more than 32,500 people since February, as the regime and its ally Russia have stepped up their bombardment. More than 200 civilians have been killed since February.
    (AFP, 5/1/19)

2019        May 2, The UN's migration agency said at least eight Africa migrants have died in makeshift camps in war-hit Yemen of complications related to acute watery diarrhea at the Ibn Khaldoon Hospital in Lahj.
    (AP, 5/2/19)

2019        May 3, The UN human rights office said Hungary is deliberately depriving rejected asylum seekers of food as they await deportation, in violation of international law.
    (Reuters, 5/3/19)
2019        May 3, The UN's top food agencies said about 10 million people in North Korea are facing "severe food shortages" after the East Asian nation had one of the worst harvests in a decade.
    (AP, 5/3/19)

2019        May 6, The United Nations' first comprehensive report on biodiversity said nature is in more trouble now than at any other time in human history, with extinction looming over 1 million species of plants and animals.
    (AP, 5/06/19)

2019        May 10, United Nations environmental officials said almost every country in the world has agreed on a legally binding framework for reducing polluting plastic waste, with the United States a notable exception.
    (AP, 5/11/19)

2019        May 14, A UN fact-finding mission said the world must cut off financial and other support for Myanmar's armed forces, repeating a call for top generals to be prosecuted for abuses against the Rohingya Muslim minority.
    (Reuters, 5/14/19)

2019        May 15, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, speaking in Fiji, said that he's traveling to three South Pacific island nations to see the effects of climate change firsthand.
    (AP, 5/15/19)

2019        May 17, North Korea sent a letter asking United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to deal with the "illegal" seizure of one of its cargo ships by the United States.
    (Reuters, 5/18/19)

2019        May 18, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it was vital "to save the Pacific to save the world" as he wrapped up his brief South Pacific tour in Vanuatu.
    (AP, 5/18/19)

2019        May 20, The UN Food and Agricultural Organization warned that plunging populations of bees worldwide threaten the future of agriculture and food security.
    (http://tinyurl.com/y32c5qtc)(SSFC, 5/26/19, p.A16)

2019        May 21, The United Nations human rights office called on US authorities to ensure that women have access to safe abortions, saying bans lead to risky underground abortions that can endanger a woman's life.
    (Reuters, 5/21/19)

2019        May 23, The UN named David Gressly as pointman to coordinate the global response to the devastating Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as it ramps up efforts to contain the outbreak.
    (AP, 5/23/19)

2019        May 25, A UN maritime tribunal ruled that Russia must immediately release three Ukrainian naval vessels captured by Russia in November and also free the 24 sailors it detained.
    (AP, 5/25/19)

2019        May 28, The United Nations refugee agency said violence in northwest Nigeria has forced around 20,000 refugees to flee to neighboring Niger since April.
    (Reuters, 5/28/19)
2019        May 28, The UN human rights office reported that North Koreans are forced to pay bribes to officials to survive in their isolated country where corruption is "endemic" and repression rife, Pyongyang dismissed the report as politically motivated.
    (Reuters, 5/28/19)

2019        May, UNAIDS chief, Michel Sidibe, left his post early after allegations that he improperly handled sexual assault claims against one of his deputies.
    (AP, 8/14/19)

2019        Jun 3, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of a "high risk" of atrocities in Mali in a report that calls for beefing up the UN peacekeeping presence in the strife-torn center of the country.
    (AFP, 6/3/19)
2019        Jun 3, A UN said people in all major cities across the western Balkans face alarming levels of air pollution that are reducing their life expectancies because the underdeveloped, politically fragile region is still heavily reliant on burning coal to generate power. The report was prepared cooperation with the WHO and air quality management institutions in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.
    (AP, 6/3/19)
 2019        Jun 3, UN officials said international donors have pledged $1.2 billion to help Mozambique recover from the devastation caused by cyclones Idai and Kenneth, but $3.2 billion is needed overall.
    (AFP, 6/3/19)

2019        Jun 4, The UN's World Food Program said fighters have set fire to thousands of acres of wheat and other crops in northwest Syria in a campaign that has turned food supplies in a "weapon of war" and forced hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee.
    (Reuters, 6/4/19)

2019        Jun 7, The UN refugee agency said heavy rains have triggered severe flooding in southwestern Libya since late May, killing four people and forcing more than 2,500 to flee their homes.
    (AP, 6/7/19)

2019        Jun 8, The Philippine government attacked UN human rights experts for "unpardonable intrusions", after a call for an international investigation into killings linked to President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.
    (Reuters, 6/8/19)

2019        Jun 10, The head of the UN atomic watchdog urged world powers to continue dialogue with Iran to keep it in the landmark 2015 deal aimed at preventing the country from building nuclear weapons, and to help defuse mounting tensions in the region.
    (AP, 6/10/19)

2019        Jun 13, The UN said it had confirmed the killing of 17 people and the burning of more than 100 houses in Deleij village in Sudan's central Darfur region earlier this week. Opposition medics said "Janjaweed militias" fired live ammunition at civilians on June 10 at a market in Deleij, killing 11 people and wounding 20 others.
    (Reuters, 6/13/19)
2019        Jun 13, UN counterterrorism chief Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov began a 3-day visit to Xinjiang despite protests from the US and a rights group that the trip would be inappropriate in light of the human rights conditions in China's far west region.
    (AP, 6/16/19)

2019        Jun 14, The highest UN court rejected a request by the United Arab Emirates for interim measures to be imposed on Qatar in a racial discrimination dispute. Judges at the International Court of Justice rejected by a 15-1 majority a UAE application to compel Qatar to unblock a website that enables family reunifications and to prevent state-run media from aggravating the dispute. They also rejected a request for Doha to drop a similar case at a UN anti-discrimination committee.
    (AP, 6/14/19)
2019        Jun 14, The World Health Organization emergency committee met on whether to declare a raging Ebola epidemic an international threat, after an outbreak that began in Democratic Republic of Congo crossed into Uganda. The committee expressed deep concern but declined to declare a global emergency.
    (AFP, 6/14/19)(SFC, 6/15/19, p.A4)

2019        Jun 17, The UN reported that  the world's population of 7.76 billion will reach 9.7 billion in 2050.
    (SFC, 6/19/19, p.A4)

2019        Jun 18, The UN and local authorities said hundreds of thousands of people have fled inter-ethnic violence in northeastern areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the past two weeks. Local officials last week said at least 50 people had been killed in a matter of days in Ituri province, while other sources put the death toll from the inter-ethnic violence at over 70.
    (AFP, 6/18/19)

2019        Jun 19, Two UN human rights experts said Cambodian authorities have questioned, summoned or detained more than 140 members of the former Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) in an escalating suppression of dissent.
    (Reuters, 6/19/19)
2019        Jun 19, An independent UN report into the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi said there is "credible evidence" to warrant further investigation into the possible role of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and suggested sanctions on his personal assets.
    (AP, 6/19/19)
2019        Jun 19, The UN refugee agency said a record 71 million people have been displaced worldwide by war, persecution and other violence.
    (AP, 6/19/19)
2019        Jun 19, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet arrived in Venezuela as part of a visit to review the country's ongoing economic and political crisis.
    (AFP, 6/20/19)

2019        Jun 21, The UN's International Labor Organization (ILO) overseeing international labor standards adopted a new treaty against violence and harassment in the workplace, fueled by the women's #MeToo movement.
    (Reuters, 6/21/19)
2019        Jun 21, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet called on Venezuela to release jailed dissidents and said the crisis-wracked country faced a "serious" humanitarian situation.
    (AFP, 6/21/19)

2019        Jun 23, Qu Dongyu (55) became the first Chinese national to be elected to head the UN's Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
    (AFP, 6/23/19)

2019        Jun 25, The UN Security Council has approved a resolution establishing a political mission in Haiti starting on Oct. 16 to advise the government on promoting political stability and rule of law in the Western Hemisphere's poorest country.
    (AP, 6/25/19)
2019        Jun 25, Hatice Cengiz, the Turkish fiancee of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi, took her campaign for justice in his killing to the United Nations' top human rights body and urged the UN to take "the next step" following a key investigator's finding that Saudi Arabia bears responsibility.
    (AP, 6/25/19)

2019        Jun 26, The UN refugee agency said a photo of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter Valeria, who drowned on the US-Mexico border, symbolizes the failure to deal with their desperation.
    (Reuters, 6/26/19)
2019        Jun 26, The UN Security Council approved a resolution establishing a political mission in Haiti starting Oct. 16 that will officially replace all UN peacekeeping activities in the country.
    (SFC, 6/27/19, p.A2)

2019        Jun 28, The UN Security Council voted to beef up the mandate of the more than 16,000 peacekeeping mission  in Mali to help tackle escalating violence.
    (SSFC, 6/30/19, p.A4)
2019        Jun 28, A new UN report said more than 7,500 children have been killed or wounded in Yemen in the past 5½ years.
    (SSFC, 6/30/19, p.A4)

2019        Jul 2, A United Nations investigator said Burmese security forces and insurgents are committing human rights violations against civilians in restive western states that may amount to fresh war crimes.
    (Reuters, 7/2/19)
2019        Jul 2, The UN World Food Program (WFP) said it will triple the number of people it is providing food and cash assistance to in northeastern Congo's Ituri province, which is facing inter-ethnic violence and an Ebola epidemic.
    (AP, 7/3/19)

2019        Jul 3, The UN said that conflict had intensified in a region of South Sudan since a peace deal was signed, with hundreds of civilians raped or murdered by warring factions.
    (AFP, 7/3/19)

2019        Jul 4, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet reported that Venezuela's government registered nearly 5,300 killings during security operations last year linked to cases of "resistance to authority," denouncing a "shockingly high" number of extrajudicial killings.
    (AP, 7/5/19)

2019        Jul 8, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said that she was "deeply shocked" by conditions under which migrants and refugees are held at US detention centers, following reports of severe overcrowding and disease-ridden cells.
    (AFP, 7/8/19)
2019        Jul 8, The UN Global Study on Homicide 2919 said some 464,000 homicides were recorded around the world in 2017, far more than the number pf people killed in armed conflicts and terrorist attacks.
    (AP, 7/8/19)
2019        Jul 8, The UN said war-battered Yemen has been hit with more than 460,000 suspected cholera cases so far this year — a sharp rise from the 380,000 cases for all of 2018.
    (AP, 7/9/19)
2019        Jul 8, Twenty-two countries signed a letter to the UN Human Rights Council, calling on China to end the “mass arbitrary detention” of Uighurs and other Muslims and to allow international observers access to detention camps.
    (Econ, 7/27/19, p.36)

2019        Jul 9, The UN said the battle between rival militias for the Libyan capital has killed more than 1,000 people since it began in April.
    (AP, 7/9/19)

2019        Jul 10, The UN environment agency said networks and organizations representing more than 7,000 institutions of higher and further education around the world have signed a letter declaring "a climate emergency" and committing to tackle it.
    (AP, 7/10/19)

2019        Jul 11, The United Nations’ top human rights body voted to launch an investigation into thousands of killings in the Philippines’ brutal war on drugs. The Human Rights Council voted 18-14 with 15 abstentions to approve the resolution.
    (AP, 7/11/19)
2019        Jul 11, China attacked a statement by 22 Western countries at the UN urging it to stop holding members of its Muslim population in detention centers, calling the measure necessary for national security and accusing the countries of trampling on its sovereignty.
    (AP, 7/11/19)

2019        Jul 12, The United Nations said it was "alarmed" at death sentences given by a court run by Yemen's Huthi rebels to 30 academics, trade unionists and preachers for alleged spying.
    (AFP, 7/12/19)
2019        Jul 12, United Nations Security Council ambassadors got a firsthand look at the challenges of peace nearly three years into Colombia's historic accord with leftist rebels as they visited with Pres. Ivan Duque, politicians and former rebels at a time of mounting concern.
    (AP, 7/12/19)
2019        Jul 12, Sweden said that it will refrain from signing a United Nations convention on nuclear weapons, with the foreign minister arguing that the treaty "in its current form is not ready".
    (AP, 7/12/19)

2019        Jul 15, The United Nations reported that more than 821 million people suffered from hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition worldwide last year. The number has risen now for the third year in a row.
    (AFP, 7/15/19)

2019        Jul 17, The UN said hundreds of fighters from several militia groups in conflict-torn Central African Republic have laid down their weapons. The nation, gripped by crisis since a 2013 coup, is striving to disarm and demobilize some 14 rebel groups as part of its latest peace efforts.
    (AFP, 7/17/19)
2019        Jul 17, The United Nations' highest court ordered Pakistan to stay the execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav, an alleged Indian spy, and undertake a full review of his case, after agreeing with India's contention the man's rights had been violated in a case that has been a source of friction between the nuclear neighbors.
    (AP, 7/17/19)

2019        Jul 18, A new United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report said transnational crime syndicates are raking in tens of billions of dollars a year selling everything from drugs to counterfeit goods as cartels outpace law enforcement to expand their influence across Southeast Asia.
    (Bloomberg, 7/18/19)

2019        Jul 25, The UN reported that nearly 700 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo were victims of summary and extrajudicial executions this year, with a third carried out by security forces.
    (AFP, 7/25/19)
2019        Jul 25, Diplomats said the United States has blocked an attempt to get the UN Security Council to condemn Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
    (The Independent, 7/25/19)

2019        Jul 29, UN envoy Ghassan Salame raised the alarm over "the increasing frequency of attacks on Mitiga", the Libyan capital's only functioning airport.
    (AFP, 8/1/19)
2019        Jul 29, An internal ethics report has alleged mismanagement and abuses of authority at the highest levels of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees even as the organization faced an unprecedented crisis after US funding cuts.
    (AFP, 7/29/19)

2019        Jul 30, A UN report said more civilians were killed by Afghan and international coalition forces in Afghanistan in the first half of this year than by the Taliban and other militants.
    (AP, 7/30/19)

2019        Jul 31, Kelly Craft (57), married to a wealthy coal magnate, won Senate confirmation to be the next US ambassador to the UN, overcoming Democratic resistance after Pres. Donald Trump tapped her for the high-profile post.
    (AFP, 8/1/19)

2019        Jul