Timeline Russia (G) 2015 to Present

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2015        Jan 2, The Eurasian Economic Union, a trade bloc of former Soviet states, expanded to four nations when Armenia formally joined, a day after the union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan began.
    (AP, 1/2/15)

2015        Jan 5, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said he would no longer comply with the terms of his house arrest and had cut off his monitoring tag.
    (Reuters, 1/5/15)

2015        Jan 12, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France scrapped plans to hold a summit in Kazakhstan later this week because of the failure to implement a four-month-old ceasefire agreement fully and there was no sign of when it might be rescheduled.
    (Reuters, 1/13/15)
2015        Jan 12, In Armenia a family of six was killed at their home in the city of Gyumri. Suspect Valery Permyakov, a Russian soldier who deserted his unit at a Russian military base, was detained the next day while trying to cross from Armenia into Turkey.
    (AP, 1/13/15)

2015        Jan 15, The EU parliament condemned Russia as a "potential threat to the European Union itself" even as the EU foreign policy chief sought to resume dialogue with Moscow to help end the conflict in Ukraine.
    (AP, 1/15/15)

2015        Jan 16, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was questioned by Russian investigators and his offices were raided by police in what his colleagues called an attack on his anti-corruption campaigning activities.
    (Reuters, 1/16/15)
2015        Jan 16, A senior Russian diplomat said far more than 800 Russians are fighting alongside the Islamic State group. Those who have joined the group include people from Chechnya and some other regions in the volatile North Caucasus.
    (AP, 1/16/15)

2015        Jan 17, In Russia 3 iron ore miners were missing and two others were hospitalized after an explosion deep underground in the town of Kushva in the Ural Mountains.
    (AP, 1/17/15)

2015        Jan 19, Austrian police said they have arrested a suspected gang leader over the weekend who Russian authorities suspect was involved in the killing of at least six people. Among the victims allegedly killed by the gang was Kazbek Pagiyev, a former mayor of Vladikavkaz, the provincial capital of Russia's republic of North Ossetia. He was shot dead in 2008. Aslan Gagiyev fled Russia last year and was sought on an Interpol warrant.
    (AP, 1/19/15)
2015        Jan 19, In eastern Ukraine pro-Russian separatists renewed attacks on Ukrainian forces at the Donetsk airport complex. Ukrainian officials said 3 soldiers have been killed and 66 wounded over the past 24 hours. Ukraine's military claimed that some 700 Russian troops crossed into the country to aid rebels fighting for control of the country's east.
    (AP, 1/19/15)(AFP, 1/19/15)

2015        Jan 20, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu signed a military cooperation deal with Iran that his Iranian counterpart touted as a joint response to US interference.
    (AFP, 1/20/15)
2015        Jan 20, Schlumberger Ltd. Said it will spend about $1.7 billion for a minority stake in a big Russian energy company at a time when that country's relations with the West are under strain and as energy prices hit multiyear lows.
    (AP, 1/20/15)

2015        Jan 21, In four-way talks in Berlin involving Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France foreign ministers agreed a "demarcation line" between pro-Russian fighters and Kiev's forces from which withdrawal of heavy weapons could start. There were no details.
    (Reuters, 1/22/15)
2015        Jan 21, In Switzerland Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko courted European support World Economic Forum in Davos against what he says are 9,000 Russian troops occupying 7 percent of his nation's territory.
    (AP, 1/21/15)

2015        Jan 23, A Russian court convicted journalist Yelena Klimova (26) under a controversial law banning "gay propaganda" aimed at minors. She had set up the “children 404" website to support gay, lesbian and transgender teenagers. "The verdict was a fine of 50,000 rubles ($783).
    (AFP, 1/23/15)

2015        Jan 26, Russian security forces raided independent Crimean television station ATR, seizing equipment and telling employees they were looking for archival footage of an anti-Russia protest last year.
    (AP, 1/26/15)
2015        Jan 26, Poland led EU criticism of bilateral farm deals with Moscow following a French accord with Russia to lift its ban on live pig and pork imports.
    (Reuters, 1/26/15)
2015        Jan 26, The US charged three Russian citizens with trying to recruit NYC residents as intelligence sources for potential US sanctions against Russian banks and US efforts to develop alternative energy sources. Yevgeny Buryakov, an employee in the Manhattan office of a Russian bank, was arrested. Two other low level diplomats were believed to have returned to Russia.
    (SFC, 1/27/15, p.A4)(Econ, 1/31/15, p.23)

2015        Jan 27, Ukraine's parliament approved a statement defining Russia as an "aggressor state", which deputies said could pave the way for consequences under international law, and called for more international aid and stronger sanctions on Russia. The Russian-backed separatist republics in the east were declared terrorist organizations formally eliminating the possibility of holding peace talks with their representatives.
    (Reuters, 1/27/15)(SFC, 1/28/15, p.A6)

2015        Jan 29, A Bosnian arms exporter threatened to sue government officials who are blocking a 5 million-euro deal his company has with Ukraine because of objections from Russia, which called on Bosnia not to supply Ukraine with weapons.
    (AP, 1/29/15)
2015        Jan 29, The EU extended by six months an existing set of sanctions against Russia and pro-Russian separatist officials because of continued fighting in the Ukraine.
    (SFC, 1/30/15, p.A7)
2015        Jan 29, Representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition wrapped up four days of consultations in Russia with a general statement avoiding any sharp issues.
    (AP, 1/29/15)
2015        Jan 29, Two pilots soaring over the Pacific traveled farther than the 5,209-mile official world distance record for human flight in a gas balloon. The Two Eagles  balloon passed a record set by the Double Eagle in 1981. Troy Bradley of Albuquerque and Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia began their flight from Saga, Japan, on Jan 25. On Jan 30 they surpassed the 1978 duration record by spending over 138 hours in the air.
    (SFC, 1/30/15, p.A8)(SFC, 1/31/15, p.A10)

2015        Jan 30, Russia's top general said a strong nuclear arsenal will ensure military superiority over the West as Moscow forges ahead with a multi-billion dollar plan to modernize its forces by 2020. Gen. Valery Gerasimov said the Russian military would receive more than 50 new intercontinental nuclear missiles this year.
    (AP, 1/30/15)
2015        Jan 30, In a decree published online Russia’s government said that a company owned by Arkady Rotenberg, a longtime ally of President Vladimir Putin, would be given the commission to build a bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia.
    (AP, 1/30/15)
2015        Jan 30, In Russia the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences, one of the country’s largest public libraries, went up in flames in south-west Moscow. The main storage which contained rare medieval Slavic texts didn't seem to be affected.
    (AP, 1/31/15)

2015        Jan, Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment introduced daily monitoring of Lake Baikal levels in an effort to reverse the drying of the lake due to a combination of climate change and growing use of hydropower. In the past four months the lake’s water level has dropped so low that experts are calling it a crisis.
    (Reuters, 3/16/15)

2015        Feb 3, Russian investigators agreed to free from detention a woman accused of high treason after calling Kiev's embassy in Moscow to say Russian troops might be heading to east Ukraine. Svetlana Davydova would, however, have restrictions placed on her movements and she still faced the charge of treason.
    (Reuters, 2/3/15)

2015        Feb 4, The US ambassador to NATO said that Russian soldiers were present in eastern Ukraine in a command role and to operate advanced military equipment.
    (Reuters, 2/4/15)

2015        Feb 5, The Russian film "Leviathan," a harrowing portrayal of small-town corruption, opened in about 450 theaters across Moscow and other cities. The Oscar-nominated film was directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev.
    (AP, 2/5/15)

2015        Feb 6, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine crisis.
    (Reuters, 2/6/15)

2015        Feb 7, NATO and Russia failed to narrow their differences over the Ukraine crisis in talks but agreed they would keep talking to each other.
    (Reuters, 2/7/15)
2015        Feb 7, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko brandished in front of world leaders several passports taken from Russian soldiers in what he said was proof of Moscow's "presence" in his country.
    (AFP, 2/7/15)

2015        Feb 10, Egypt's Pres. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said Egypt and Russia have agreed to build a nuclear power plant together. El-Sissi also said the two nations signed agreements to improve natural gas business and investment. They also agreed to create a Russian industrial zone along the Suez Canal. This came during a joint press conference in Cairo with visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    (AP, 2/10/15)

2015        Feb 12, Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine agreed a deal on that offers a "glimmer of hope" for an end to fighting in eastern Ukraine after marathon overnight talks in Belarus. The deal envisages a ceasefire between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists starting on Feb 15, followed by the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line and constitutional reform to give eastern Ukraine more autonomy.
    (Reuters, 2/12/15)
2015        Feb 12, A Ukrainian military spokesman said around 50 tanks, 40 missile systems and 40 armored vehicles had crossed overnight into eastern Ukraine from Russia.
    (Reuters, 2/12/15)

2015        Feb 15, Russian police in Moscow detained Alexei Navalny, an  anti-corruption campaigner and leading opposition figure, as he and supporters were handing out leaflets urging people to take part in an "anti-crisis" march on March 1.
    (AP, 2/15/15)

2015        Feb 16, The European Union published a new sanctions list of individuals and entities. It added 9 more entities and 19 more individuals, including a Russian deputy minister of defense, for their actions linked to the fighting in eastern Ukraine. There was a week's lapse in the publishing of the list because of the negotiations which led to an agreement between Ukraine and Russia on Feb 12.
    (AP, 2/16/15)

2015        Feb 17, Canada imposed sanctions on Russia over its conduct in Ukraine, a move Moscow said would fuel further tension in Ukraine and prevent the implementation of the ceasefire.
    (Reuters, 2/18/15)
2015        Feb 17, In Hungary PM Viktor Orban hosted Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and reached a political agreement on a new gas deal.
    (SFC, 2/18/15, p.A2)

2015        Feb 19, Georgia condemned the signing of a border agreement between its breakaway region of South Ossetia and Russia, accusing Moscow of moving closer to annexing a territory it supported in a five-day conflict in 2008.
    (Reuters, 2/19/15)
2015        Feb 19, A German government spokesman said Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed in a conference call with the leaders of France, Germany and Ukraine to use his influence on separatists to start an agreed prisoner swap with Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 2/19/15)

2015        Feb 20, Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroshenko said that police evidence showed that a top Russian presidential aide, Vladislav Surkov, had directed "foreign sniper groups" who shot and killed protesters in Kiev a year ago.
    (Reuters, 2/20/15)

2015        Feb 21, In Russia as many as 40,000 ultranationalist bikers, pensioners, war veterans, members of student organizations and activists from other pro-Kremlin groups gathered in Moscow to protest US involvement in Ukraine. Critics said many were paid to attend or bussed in.
    (AP, 2/21/15)(AFP, 2/21/15)
2015        Feb 21, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States and its allies are discussing imposing more sanctions against Russia for undermining a European-brokered truce in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 2/21/15)

2015        Feb 23, The Russian consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said it has suspended since Feb 20 all imports of cheese from Poland due to irregularities in "normative requirements".
    (Reuters, 2/23/15)

2015        Feb 25, Cyprus signed a deal with Russia allowing its navy ships to make regular port calls on the island.
    (AP, 2/25/15)

2015        Feb 27, Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov (55) was shot four times in the back by assailants in a white car as he walked across the bridge over the Moskva River in central Moscow just before midnight with a Ukrainian woman, who was unhurt. Opposition figure Ksenia Sobchak said Nemtsov had been preparing a report on the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 2/28/15)(Econ., 3/7/15, p.94)

2015        Mar 1, Tens of thousands of Russians marched through central Moscow, carrying banners declaring "I am not afraid" and chanting "Russia without Putin" in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov.
    (Reuters, 3/1/15)

2015        Mar 5, The Moscow City Court found Roman Ushakov guilty of treason for handing over classified information to the United States and sentenced him to 15 years in prison.
    (AP, 3/5/15)
2015        Mar 5, Russian officials sharply criticized US fast-food giants Coca-Cola and McDonald's for their "unhealthy" products, comparing aggressive advertising campaigns to a war on citizens.
    (AFP, 3/5/15)
2015        Mar 5, Energy-rich Kazakhstan suspended Russian fuel and gas imports to protect its domestic market from a surplus due to a weakened ruble which has sent ripples of economic uncertainty through Central Asia.
    (AP, 3/5/15)

2015        Mar 6, Russia’s Pres. Putin announced a 10% pay cut for himself and those working for him, including PM Medvedev and his entire Cabinet.
    (SFC, 3/7/15, p.A2)
2015        Mar 6, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny walked out of a Moscow detention center and promised that Russia's opposition will continue to challenge President Vladimir Putin.
    (Reuters, 3/6/15)

2015        Mar 7, In Russia the Investigative Committee, a state body leading the investigation in the Feb 27 murder of Boris Nemtsov, named two men, Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev. as suspects.
    (Reuters, 3/7/15)
2015        Mar 7, In Chechnya a man killed in a standoff with police was wanted by police in connection with Nemtsov's killing. When police arrived at an apartment block in Grozny, the man threw one grenade at officers and then blew himself up with a second.
    (Reuters, 3/8/15)

2015        Mar 8, Russian authorities said they were holding five men over the Feb 27 killing of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, one of whom served in a police unit in the Russian region of Chechnya.
    (Reuters, 3/8/15)
2015        Mar 8, Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov drew criticism from Russian government opponents after praising Zaur Dadayev, a Chechen suspect in the murder of Kremlin foe Boris Nemtsov.
    (AP, 3/9/15)

2015        Mar 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin bestowed the state Order of Honor on Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya.
    (AP, 3/9/15)
2015        Mar 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded a state honor to Andrei Lugovoy, a man suspected by Britain of using radioactive polonium to poison Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.
    (Reuters, 3/9/15)

2015        Mar 10, Russia suspended the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty.
    (https://tinyurl.com/j8vrybfu)(Econ., 1/23/21, p.41)

2015        Mar 11, In Russia a blaze broke out in a first-storey cafe at a shopping center Kazan, Tatarstan province. 5 people were killed and 25 were thought to be trapped under the rubble.
    (Reuters, 3/12/15)
2015        Mar 11, The US placed sanctions on eight Ukrainian separatists and a Russian bank, warning that recent attacks by rebels armed by Russia violated a European-brokered ceasefire in the war-torn country.
    (Reuters, 3/11/15)
2015        Mar 11, It was reported that the United States has asked Vietnam to stop letting Russia use a former US base to refuel nuclear-capable bombers engaged in shows of strength over the Asia-Pacific region, exposing strains in Washington's steadily warming relations with Hanoi.
    (Reuters, 3/11/15)

2015        Mar 12, In Kazakhstan two Russians and an American landed after nearly six months aboard the Int’l. Space Station.
    (SFC, 3/13/15, p.A2)

2015        Mar 14, Sweden-based Ikea, the world's largest furniture retailer, said it is halting its online magazine in Russia out of fears it violates the country's law banning promotion of same-sex gay values to minors.
    (AP, 3/14/15)

2015        Mar 16, Russia’s Pres. Putin made his first public appearance since March 5 meeting Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev at the Constantine Palace outside Russia's second city of St. Petersburg. More than 45,000 Russian troops as well as war planes and submarines started military exercises across much of the country.
    (Reuters, 3/16/15)
2015        Mar 16, The Stockholm Int’l. Peaced Research Institute reported that China has overtaken Germany as the world’s third largest arms exporter with a 5% share, behind the US at 31% and Russia at 27%.
    (SFC, 3/17/15, p.A2)

2015        Mar 18, Russia’s Pres. Vladimir Putin signed a new treaty with the leader of South Ossetia, a breakaway region of Georgia, that called for nearly full integration.
    (SFC, 3/19/15, p.A5)
2015        Mar 18, GM said Opel will leave the Russian market by December in the face of plummeting sales in the economically troubled country. Chevrolet production will be cut back significantly to focus on top-end products such as the Corvette sports car and Tahoe SUV, which are imported into Russia from the US.
    (AP, 3/18/15)
2015        Mar 18, In Moldova airport authorities banned a Russian television crew from entering Moldova and sent them back to Moscow. They were traveling to cover elections this weekend in the semi-autonomous region of Gagauzia, a region where most voters disapprove of Moldova's European aspirations and want closer links to Russia.
    (AP, 3/19/15)
2015        Mar 18, Poland's foreign minister says his government will reciprocate if Russia continues to bill for Poland's diplomatic buildings after the Arbitration Court in St. Petersburg allowed bailiffs to evict Poland's consulate there, saying Poland owes some $1 million in rent.
    (AP, 3/18/15)

2015        Mar 19, Moldova authorities said two Russian journalists planning to travel to Moldova to present a documentary on Crimea have been banned from the country for five years.
    (AP, 3/19/15)

2015        Mar 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a single currency with the Kremlin's closest ex-Soviet allies at a meeting with his Kazakh and Belarusian counterparts in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.
    (AFP, 3/20/15)

2015        Mar 24, Jordan signed a $10 billion deal with Russia to build the kingdom's first nuclear power plant, with two 1,000-megawatt reactors in the country's north.
    (AP, 3/24/15)

2015        Mar 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin fired the governor of a far-flung region who has been arrested on charges of corruption. Alexander Khoroshavin, governor of the island of Sakhalin just north of Japan, was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of receiving a bribe for building a power station.
    (AP, 3/25/15)

2015        Mar 28, NASA said a Russian Soyuz spacecraft with three crew on board successfully docked with the International Space Station after blasting off from Kazakhstan. An American and two Russians floated into the International Space Station, beginning what is to be a year away from Earth for two of them.
    (AFP, 3/28/15)(AP, 3/28/15)

2015        Mar 29, Saudi Arabia accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of hypocrisy, telling an Arab summit that he should not express support for the Middle East while fuelling instability by supporting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.
    (Reuters, 3/29/15)

2015        Mar 31, Crimea's independent television station ATR went off air at midnight after Russian authorities repeatedly refused to give it a broadcasting license.
    (AP, 4/1/15)

2015        Mar, Russian television anchor Pavel Lobkov was targeted by the hacking group known as Fancy Bear, nine months before his messages were leaked. He was one of at least 200 journalists, publishers and bloggers targeted by the group as early as mid-2014 and as recently as a few months ago.
    (AP, 12/22/17)

2015        Mar – 2016 May, US-based cybersecurity company Secureworks, collected data over this period identifying the US defense and security targets of Russian hackers, known as Fancy Bear, from about 19,000 lines of email phishing data created by the hackers. The hackers went after at least 87 people working on militarized drones, missiles, rockets, stealth fighter jets, cloud-computing platforms or other sensitive activities. This was only made public in 2018.
    (AP, 2/7/18)

2015        Apr 1, In Russia Zaur Dadaev, a man charged with the killing of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, told the court he was beaten and pressured to confess. Dadaev was an ex-commander of the “North battalion," a Chechen group made up of Pres. Ramzan Kadyrov’s irregular forces.
    (AP, 4/1/15)(Econ., 3/14/15, p.55)
2015        Apr 1, Russia’s statistical service said wage arrears have risen to $56 million as the country’s economy contracted. Unpaid labor has led to strikes around the country.
    (SFC, 4/22/15, p.A5)

2015        Apr 2, The Russian fishing trawler Dalny Vostok sank in minutes in the icy waters off Russia's Far East coast, killing at least 56 of the 132 people. At least 13 others were missing. Investigators later said greed and corruption were to blame for the sinking.
    (AP, 4/2/15)(Reuters, 4/8/15)

2015        Apr 6, In Russia talks began in Moscow on ending the war in Syria, but the absence of key opposition groups meant there was little hope of progress in resolving the conflict.
    (AFP, 4/6/15)

2015        Apr 7, Russia’s State Duma voted overwhelmingly to strip Ilya Ponomarev of immunity against prosecution. The opposition lawmaker was the sole deputy last year to vote against the annexation of Crimea.
    (AP, 4/7/15)

2015        Apr 10, Talks in Moscow between the Syrian government and members of the domestic opposition tolerated by President Bashar al-Assad broke up with no progress made towards ending the war.
    (AFP, 4/10/15)

2015        Apr 12, In Russia the government of Siberia’s Khakassia region reported that more than 70 people have been injured by agricultural fires that got out of control and swept through more than 20 towns and villages. By April 21 at least 34 people were confirmed dead and 393 people injured.
    (AP, 4/12/15)(Reuters, 4/13/15)(AFP, 4/21/15)

2015        Apr 13, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin lifted a ban on supplying Iran with sophisticated S-300 air defense missile systems after Tehran's landmark outline deal with the West over its nuclear program.
    (AFP, 4/13/15)

2015        Apr 15, In Russia a train collided with a passenger bus near the border with Finland, killing at least 3 people and injuring 27.
    (AP, 4/15/15)

2015        Apr 16, Russia plans to build its own orbiting space station by 2023, President Vladimir Putin said during a marathon call-in session with the nation. Russia and NASA recently agreed to keep operating and financing the International Space Station at least until 2024.
    (AFP, 4/16/15)
2015        Apr 16, Russian masked police raided the Moscow offices of a civil society organization funded by former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Police said they suspected the group, Open Russia, was preparing banners, leaflets and posters that contained calls for "extremist activity" and planned to distribute them at an opposition protest April 19, which was cancelled.
    (AP, 4/16/15)

2015        Apr 17, In Russia the RPR-Parnas, co-founded by Nemtsov, and Party of Progress, led by anti-graft blogger Alexei Navalny, agreed to run on a joint platform in 2016 parliamentary elections, aiming to make a first step in uniting fractious Kremlin adversaries after the killing of party leader Boris Nemtsov.
    (Reuters, 4/17/15)

2015        Apr 18, Ukraine's army chief of staff listed for the first time some of the specific Russian military units alleged to be fighting against Kiev alongside pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine. He named the Russian army's 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the 8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the 331st Airborne Regiment and the 98th Airborne Division.
    (AFP, 4/18/15)

2015        Apr 19, Russian security forces killed the leader of an Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus during a raid on a house in the Dagestan region. Four other suspected militants were also killed with Aliaskhab Kebekov, aka Ali Abu Mukhammad. Kebekov (b.1972) became the leader of the Caucasus Emirate group in early 2014 after Russian security forces killed his predecessor, Doku Umarov.
    (Reuters, 4/20/15)

2015        Apr 22, Russia said it is arming Iraq and Syria to help them fight Islamic State, calling the radical militant group the main threat to his own country's security.
    (Reuters, 4/22/15)
2015        Apr 22, Russia's opposition led by the charismatic activist Alexei Navalny vowed to contest next year's parliamentary elections as liberals firm up plans to close ranks amid an intensifying Kremlin crackdown.
    (AFP, 4/22/15)
2015        Apr 22, Russia said an experimental solid-fuel rocket went off trajectory after being launched from the Plesetsk launch pad in the northern Arkhangelsk region.
    (AFP, 4/22/15)
2015        Apr 22, Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, sent Russia’s Gazprom a charge sheet alleging market abuses.
    (Econ., 4/25/15, p.59)

2015        Apr 23, The United States accused Russia of building up its forces along the border with Ukraine, boosting air defense systems in the country and training Ukrainian rebels in the east.
    (AFP, 4/23/15)

2015        Apr 24, Russia charged Ukrainian air force officer Nadia Savchenko (33) over the deaths of two Russian journalists in a politically charged case that has become emblematic of tensions between Kiev and Moscow.
    (AFP, 4/24/15)
2015        Apr 24, Poland’s Foreign Ministry says it will not allow the Night Wolves, a Russian nationalistic motorcycle group loyal to President Vladimir Putin, to enter Poland to commemorate next week the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.
    (AP, 4/24/15)

2015        Apr 25, In Russia some 20 riders from a nationalist motorcycle group began their run commemorating the Red Army's offensive against Nazi Germany, despite Poland's announcement that it would refuse to let them into the country.
    (AP, 4/25/15)

2015        Apr 27, In Bulgaria Emilian Gebrev, a local arms manufacturer who had been selling ammunition to Ukraine, first realized something was wrong when his right eye suddenly turned “as red as the red on the Russian flag." A Russian poisoning left Gebrev hospitalized for a month. His son was poisoned, and so was another top executive at his company. The Investigative group Bellingcat later reported an alleged Russian military intelligence agent (45) had arrived in Bulgaria a few days before Gebrev was poisoned. The arms industry executive survived, but authorities didn't know who poisoned him. Sergei Fedotov, a suspect in the attempted killing of ex-spy Sergei Skripal in 2018, visited Bulgaria three times this year and was there when Gebrev was poisoned.
    (AP, 2/10/19)(AP, 2/11/19)(NY Times, 12/23/19)
2015        Apr 27, Polish border guards blocked 10 nationalistic Russian bikers loyal to President Vladimir Putin from entering Poland as part of a ride to commemorate the Red Army's victory over Nazi Germany 70 years ago.
    (AP, 4/27/15)

2015        Apr 28, A Russian court ordered the seizure of a factory belonging to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s confectionery business Roshen, hampering his plans to sell assets.
    (Bloomberg, 4/29/15)
2015        Apr 28, Russia’s unmanned Progress vessel, loaded with 3 tons of goods for the Int’l. space Station, began tumbling shortly after its launch from Kazakhstan.
    (AP, 4/29/15)

2015        Apr 28, Russia’s Justice Ministry said that the registration of the opposition Progress Party, led by Alexei Navalny, has been cancelled because it has not registered operation in at least half of Russia’s regions.
    (SFC, 4/29/15, p.A2)
2015        Apr 28, Russia’s unmanned Progress M-27M, loaded with 3 tons of goods for the Int’l. space Station, began tumbling shortly after its launch from Kazakhstan.
    (AP, 4/29/15)(SFC, 4/29/15, p.A2)

2015        May 6, In Germany a Berlin court overturned a federal entry ban on a group of nationalist Russian bikers planning to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany 70 years ago by riding their motorcycles through the capital to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.
    (AP, 5/6/15)

2015        May 12, Russian opposition activists said least 220 Russian soldiers have been killed in east Ukraine in a report offering what they called "ample evidence" to rebut President Vladimir Putin's denial his troops are fighting there. The report, the last project of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, also said Russia had spent more than 53 billion rubles ($1.04 billion) in 10 months to fund the conflict and deprived people of 2.75 trillion rubles of money lost to inflation.
    (Reuters, 5/12/15)

2015        May 15, Russia said it wants 1.163 billion euros ($1.32 billion) from France in compensation for cancelling a contract to deliver two Mistral helicopter carriers. Paris was offering to pay 785 million euros.
    (Reuters, 5/15/15)
2015        May 15, Cambodia, a Russian fugitive, was arrested today for living illegally in the Southeast Asian country after he was accused of embezzling $175 million in his homeland. Sergei Polonsky was arrested in coastal Sihanoukville because his visa has been expired for two years. On May 17 Polonsky was put on a flight to Moscow.
    (AP, 5/15/15)    (AP, 5/17/15)

2015        May 16, Russia lost a Mexican satellite on launch just hours after a glitch with a maneuver involving the International Space Station, the latest in a string of embarrassing failures for its troubled space program.
    (AFP, 5/16/15)
2015        May 16, Ukraine said a government soldier was killed and three were wounded in fighting between government forces and separatists in eastern Ukraine. Pro-Russian separatists in turn reported violations of the ceasefire by Ukrainian forces. Ukraine's military detained two Russian servicemen.
    (AFP, 5/16/15)(Reuters, 5/18/15)

2015        May 17, Russian police detained 17 protesters as they gathered in central Moscow to release colorful balloons into the air to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
    (Reuters, 5/18/15)

2015        May 18, Ukraine Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that Russia had tried to kill two Russian servicemen detained in Ukraine on May 16, as the Kremlin reiterated that there were no regular Russian troops fighting in east Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 5/18/15)

2015        May 19, Ukraine showed off two purported Russian soldiers it captured during a gun battle with separatist fighters in the industrial east of the war-wrecked state. Ukraine's media said Captain Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Sargent Aleksander Aleksandrov were both contract soldiers who had joined the army's main intelligence branch.
    (AFP, 5/19/15)

2015        May 21, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin said Moscow and Baghdad are expanding military cooperation during talks with Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi in the Kremlin.
    (Reuters, 5/21/15)

2015        May 23, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law giving prosecutors the power to declare foreign and international organizations "undesirable" and shut them down.
    (AP, 5/23/15)
2015        May 23, In Vienna, Austria, Sweden beat Russia to win the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, in an event described by organizers as beyond politics but marred by boos for the Russian that were apparently prompted by the Ukraine conflict and the Kremlin's anti-gay policies.
    (AP, 5/24/15)

2015        May 25, Russia’s justice ministry listed Liberal Mission and Dynasty, two of the country’s most respected foundations for science and education, as “foreign agents."
    (Econ, 5/30/15, p.49)

2015        May 28, President Vladimir Putin declared all deaths of Russian soldiers during special operations to be classified as a state secret, a move that comes as Moscow stands accused of sending soldiers to fight in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 5/28/15)
2015        May 28, Moscow released a blacklist of 89 European Union politicians barred from Russia in response to EU sanctions over Crimea and Ukraine.
    (AFP, 5/29/15)

2015        May, Kremlin critic and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, a contributor to The Washington Post, was poisoned by an unidentified substance. He was again poisoned in 2017. In 2021 the Bellingcat Investigation Team reported that members of the FSB were responsible.
    (The Daily Beast, 2/11/21)

2015        Jun 2, The Dutch Safety Board made a draft report on last year's crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 available to representatives of Malaysia, Ukraine, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands. It did not publicize details of the confidential draft.
    (AP, 7/1/15)

2015        Jun 4, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said it has broken up a ring that was smuggling firearms into the country from Latvia. One Latvian citizen and eight Russians were arrested in the case.
    (AP, 6/4/15)
2015        Jun 4, NATO said Russia was delivering sophisticated weaponry to rebels in eastern Ukraine, renewing long-standing accusations amid the worst upsurge in fighting in months between the Kiev government's forces and pro-Russian rebels.
    (Reuters, 6/4/15)

2015        Jun 5, Russia successfully launched a Soyuz 2.1A rocket from the Plesetsk launch pad placing a military satellite into a designated orbit.
    (SFC, 6/6/15, p.A2)

2015        Jun 6, Russia's anti-terrorism committee said police in the Dagestan region killed militant Suleiman Zainalobinov during the night after they stopped his car and he opened fire.
    (AP, 6/6/15)

2015        Jun 11, Russian state statistics revealed the number of citizens living below the poverty line rose by 3.1 million in the first quarter as the economy reeled from the plunging ruble and soaring inflation.
    (AFP, 6/11/15)

2015        Jun 13, In Azerbaijan Russian President Vladimir Putin met Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks expected to touch on energy issues and the Syria crisis. They met a day after attending the opening ceremony of the inaugural European Games, hosted by Azerbaijan.
    (AFP, 6/13/15)

2015        Jun 15, A Russian defense official said a plan by Washington to station tanks and heavy weapons in NATO states on Russia's border would be the most aggressive US act since the Cold War, and Moscow would retaliate by beefing up its own forces.
    (Reuters, 6/15/15)
2015        Jun 15, In Armenia a Russian soldier was found stabbed to death near the Russian military base where he served. This was the second fatal incident involving a Russian soldier at the base this year. He was believed to have been killed by a fellow Russian soldier, who was taken into custody.
    (AP, 6/15/15)

2015        Jun 16, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will boost its nuclear arsenal by over 40 intercontinental missiles this year.
    (AFP, 6/16/15)

2015        Jun 17, European Union governments agreed to extend economic sanctions on Russia over its actions in Ukraine by six months until Jan. 31.
    (Reuters, 6/17/15)

2015        Jun 18, The Russian government condemned the freezing of Russian accounts in France and Belgium as part of an effort to enforce a $50 billion judgment for the destruction of the Yukos oil company.
    (AP, 6/18/15)

2015        Jun 19, Moscow warned that state-linked foreign firms in Russia could be targeted for retaliation to the freezing of Russian official assets in Western Europe over legal claims from former Yukos shareholders.
    (AFP, 6/19/15)

2015        Jun 22, The EU extended economic sanctions against Russia until January to keep pressure on Moscow over the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Russia in turn planned to extend a ban on Western food imports for six months starting from early August.
    (AP, 6/22/15)(Reuters, 6/22/15)

2015        Jun 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended a ban against most Western food imports for a year after EU foreign ministers agreed to prolong sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine conflict until January 2016.
    (AFP, 6/24/15)
2015        Jun 24, In Russia the only member of parliament who voted against the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine last year was formally charged with embezzlement in a case he has described as politically motivated. Ilya Ponomaryov (39) is now in the United States and was stripped of his parliamentary immunity from prosecution in April. Russia’s federal Investigative Committee said that it may put Ponomaryov on an international wanted list if he fails to turn up for the investigation.
    (Reuters, 6/24/15)
2015        Jun 24, In Russia a bus carrying poultry factory workers collided with a truck in the region of Siberia, killing at least 16 people and injuring nine others.
    (AP, 6/24/15)

2015        Jun 26, Yevgeny Primakov (b.1929), former Russian PM (1998-1999), died in Moscow. His career included desperate but unsuccessful diplomatic efforts to avert wars in Iraq and NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia.
    (AP, 6/26/15)(Econ, 7/18/15, p.78)

2015        Jun 28, In Azerbaijan the European Games came to a close. Russia sent its top athletes to the games as a warm-up for next year's Olympics and was rewarded by winning almost four times as many gold medals as its closest rival.
    (AP, 6/28/15)

2015        Jun 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Syria's foreign minister and pledged his support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. Putin called on all Middle East nations to join forces to fight Islamic State militants.
    (AP, 6/29/15)
2015        Jun 29, Canada announced economic sanctions against Russian energy firms including natural gas producer Gazprom over Moscow's role in the Ukraine crisis.
    (Reuters, 6/30/15)

2015        Jun 30, Russia expressed disappointment over new sanctions imposed by Canada over Moscow's role in the Ukraine crisis and warned that it would respond.
    (Reuters, 6/30/15)

2015        Jul 1, The Russian gas company Gazprom halted supplies to neighboring Ukraine after the collapse of pricing talks. An EU official said the dispute would not affect the flow of Russian gas to Europe.
    (AP, 7/1/15)

2015        Jul 3, Russian lawmakers voted for a bill forcing online search engines to remove search results about a specific person at that person's request.
    (AP, 7/3/15)
2015        Jul 3, Russia launched an unmanned cargo ship from Kazakhstan to the Int’l. Space Station. The Progress M-28 ship was set to dock on July 5.
    (SFC, 7/4/15, p.A4)
2015        Jul 3, Slovakia's spy agency in its annual report said Russian agents have significantly increased their activities in Slovakia and all other NATO and European Union countries in connection with the crisis in Ukraine.
    (AP, 7/3/15)

2015        Jul 5, The Russian Progress M-28 cargo ship successfully docked with the Int’l. Space Station after two recent supply missions failed.
    (SFC, 7/6/15, p.A2)

2015        Jul 6, In far eastern Russia 2 pilots of a Sukhoi Su-24 military jet were killed when the plane crashed during a training mission near the Khurba aerodrome.
    (AFP, 7/6/15)

2015        Jul 8, Russian lawmakers in the pro-Kremlin upper chamber called on authorities to blacklist 12 foreign NGOs as "undesirable", the first proposals under a new law critics say is part of a clampdown on civil society.
    (AFP, 7/8/15)
2015        Jul 8, A UN resolution condemning the 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica as a "crime of genocide" was vetoed by Russia, earning denunciations by the US and Britain and by international human rights groups like Amnesty International.
    (SFC, 7/9/15, p.A2)

2015        Jul 10, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced that India and Pakistan will join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a group dominated by Russia and China and also including former Soviet republics in Central Asia.
    (AP, 7/10/15)

2015        Jul 12, In Russia 23 soldiers were crushed to death after their military barracks collapsed in Omsk, Siberia.
    (AFP, 7/13/15)

2015        Jul 14, In far eastern Russia 2 pilots were killed when a strategic Tu-95 bomber with seven people on board crashed while landing outside of the city of Khabarovsk.
    (AFP, 7/14/15)

2015        Jul 16, The United States, Russia and other Arctic nations signed an agreement to bar their fishing fleets from fast-thawing seas around the North Pole. The accord was also signed in Oslo by the ambassadors of Canada, Norway and Denmark.
    (Reuters, 7/16/15)

2015        Jul 22, The MacArthur Foundation, a prominent American non-governmental organization that has operated in Russia for more than two decades, announced it was leaving Russia because of the government's crackdown on foreign groups. The group, which has worked in Russia since 1992, says it has awarded more than $173 million in grants here.
    (AP, 7/22/15)

2015        Jul 23, A Soyuz space capsule carrying a Russian, an American and a Japanese docked smoothly with the International Space Station.
    (AP, 7/23/15)

2015        Jul 24, Moscow's highest court sentenced Ilya Goryachev (33), a leader of a militant neo-Nazi group, to life in prison after he was convicted of ordering five brutal killings, including that of a prominent human rights lawyer.
    (AP, 7/24/15)

2015        Jul 28, In Russia Igor Kalyapin, head of the Committee against Torture, told reporters that the organization will be "liquidated" this week because they refuse to comply with the law and thus admit that they "work for a foreign benefactor." Kalyapin said they have set up a new head office that won't accept foreign funding, thus being able to dodge the listing of "foreign agent."
    (AP, 7/28/15)

2015        Jul 29, The Russian government formally branded the US National Endowment for Democracy as an “undesirable" operation, forcing the organization to shut down offices and cease issuing grants to Russian rights groups.
    (SFC, 7/30/15, p.A2)
2015        Jul 29, Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroshenko vowed to push for justice despite Russia's veto of a UN resolution that would have set up a tribunal to try those responsible for shooting down passenger flight MH17 on July 17, 2014.
    (AFP, 7/29/15)

2015        Jul 30, A Kremlin aide said Russia has reached a compensation deal with France for the non-delivery of two Mistral warships, but Paris the next day refused to confirm a final agreement.
    (AFP, 7/31/15)
2015        Jul 30, The United States imposed further Russia and Ukraine-related sanctions, adding associates of a billionaire Russian gas trader, Crimean port operators and former Ukrainian officials to its list of those it is penalizing in response to Russia's actions in Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 7/30/15)

2015        Aug 2, Russia's counterterrorism agency said its forces in Ingushetia province have killed 8 militants who had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group. Those killed included the group's leader, Adam Tagilov, who was accused of staging December's attack in Chechnya's provincial capital, Grozny, which left 25 people dead.
    (AP, 8/2/15)
2015        Aug 2, A Russian Mi-28 military helicopter from an elite aerobatic squadron crashed during an air show, killing one pilot and injuring another in the Ryazan region.
    (AP, 8/2/15)
2015        Aug 2, In Russia police in St. Petersburg detained several gay activists who held pickets in defense of gay rights on Airborne Forces Day.
    (AP, 8/2/15)
2015        Aug 2, Natalia Molchanova (b.1962), Russian champion and the world’s greatest free diver, went missing during a recreational dive near Ibiza, Spain. Search efforts were abandoned on August 5.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalia_Molchanova)(Econ, 8/15/15, p.82)

2015        Aug 3, Russia said it has merged several branches of its military into the Aerospace Forces, a reorganization aimed at enhancing coordination and efficiency.
    (AP, 8/3/15)
2015        Aug 3, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) forces killed six Islamist rebels in  in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria.
    (Reuters, 8/3/15)

2015        Aug 4, Russia tightened controls on imports of cut flowers from the Netherlands, a move that comes amid a strain in ties over the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine.
    (AP, 8/4/15)
2015        Aug 4, Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev ordered preparation of retaliatory measures against several non-EU European nations that have joined the European Union's sanctions against Russia. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova and Ukraine joined the EU sanctions last week.
    (AP, 8/4/15)
2015        Aug 4, Russian police broke into a family apartment in Nizhny Novgorod and found the bodies of the six children and their mother hacked to pieces. Oleg Belov was detained on suspicion of carrying out the murders. A woman (52), identified as Belov's mother, was found hacked to pieces, in the neighboring Vladimir region. Local media said Belov was unemployed and lived on disability payments after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.
    (AFP, 8/5/15)

2015        Aug 5, In far eastern Russia at least 16 people were killed and more than 50 others were injured when two buses collided head-on on a highway linking Khabarovsk, on the border with China, and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
    (AP, 8/5/15)

2015        Aug 6, The Russian government steamrolled tons of contraband cheese and destroyed fruit with tractors in a public display of its commitment to its one-year-old ban on Western foods. The move raised protests in Russia, with people signing a petition urging the government to instead donate the food to the poor suffering through the country's vicious recession.
    (AP, 8/6/15)

2015        Aug 8, Six Russian opposition activists ended their hunger strike in Novosibirsk after one of them was hospitalized following 12 days of going without food to protest being barred from elections.
    (AP, 8/8/15)
2015        Aug 8, In Russia a privately owned Cessna seaplane and a Robinson R44 helicopter collided over the Istrinskoye reservoir outside Moscow late today and fell into the water. All 9 people aboard the two crafts were killed.
    (AFP, 8/9/15)(AP, 8/10/15)
2015        Aug 8, Finland detained a Russian citizen, Maxim Senakh, at the request of US federal authorities on computer fraud charges. Senakh was accused in the state of Minnesota of infecting computer servers with malware, resulting in criminal gains worth millions of dollars. Russia later called the move illegal.
    (Reuters, 8/27/15)

2015        Aug 11, Russia and Saudi Arabia failed in talks to overcome their differences on the fate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a central dispute in Syria's civil war that shows no sign of abating despite renewed diplomacy.
    (Reuters, 8/11/15)
2015        Aug 11, Russian security services said Magomed Suleimanov (39), the leader of a Caucasus Islamist group in the Dagestan region, has been killed along with 4 others in a mountain raid near Gimry that included air strikes. Suleimanov was suspected of staging the 2012 killing Said Afandi, a leader of Dagestan’s Sufi Muslim brotherhood.
    (AP, 8/11/15)(SFC, 8/12/15, p.A2)
2015        Aug 11, Russian officials said more than 5,000 emergency workers were battling to put out wildfires raging across forests in Siberia with over 1,250 square km of woodland ablaze in at least six eastern regions.
    (AFP, 8/11/15)

2015        Aug 13, Russia's foreign minister hosted a delegation of the main Syrian opposition group, part of the Kremlin's new push for a mediation role in the Syrian conflict.
    (AP, 8/13/15)
2015        Aug 13, Russia broadened a food embargo imposed in retaliation for Western sanctions over Ukraine to include Iceland, a significant fish importer, as well as Montenegro, Albania and Liechtenstein.
    (AFP, 8/13/15)

2015        Aug 15, A Russian Mi-8 helicopter crashed into the Sea of Okhotsk in the far east, and five of the 16 people on board were missing and presumed dead.
    (AP, 8/15/15)

2015        Aug 18, Russian police said they had detained an "international criminal gang" that produced contraband cheese worth some $30 million using banned Western ingredients. An unnamed source in law enforcement said that the rennet used by the ring had been imported illegally from countries including Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, which are subject to Russian sanctions.
    (AFP, 8/18/15)

2015        Aug 19, Russia sentenced Estonian intelligence officer Eston Kohver to 15 years in jail, drawing ire from the EU after Tallinn said he was kidnapped September 5, 2014, at gunpoint on its territory.
    (AFP, 8/19/15)

2015        Aug 22, Russia published a government resolution affirming the country's claim to the seabed and natural resources in the central part of the Okhotsk Sea between the Kuriles and the Russian mainland, adding more than 50,000 square km (19,000 square miles) to Russia's territory.
    (Reuters, 8/22/15)
2015        Aug 22, Japan lodged a protest over Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev's visit to one of four disputed Pacific islands which have strained ties between the two countries since the end of World War Two. The islands are known in Russia as the Southern Kuriles and referred to as the Northern Territories in Japan.
    (Reuters, 8/22/15)

2015        Aug 24, An international arbitration panel said Russia must compensate the Netherlands for seizing a Greenpeace ship protesting at an oil platform in Arctic waters in breach of an international treaty regulating the laws of the sea. The Arctic Sunrise, sailing under a Dutch flag, was seized by Russian authorities in September 2013 during a protest against an offshore oil platform.
    (AP, 8/24/15)

2015        Aug 25, In Russia Crimean filmmaker Oleg Sentsov was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in a Russian maximum-security prison for an alleged terror conspiracy.
    (AP, 8/25/15)
2015        Aug 25, Russia’s Consumer Protection Agency said recent inspection of selected goods by top foreign brands such as Colgate-Palmolive and Procter & Gamble have found high levels of toxic ingredients in them leading authorities to begin removing them from stores.
    (SFC, 8/27/15, p.A2)

2015        Aug 27, In Russia Alexander Borodai, a former leader of pro-Russian separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, announced he was launching a support network for Russian volunteers who fought in the conflict and the families of those killed.
    (AFP, 8/27/15)
2015        Aug 27, NATO opened a training center in Georgia as it eyes closer partnership with the Western military alliance. Russia called the move provocative.
    (AFP, 8/27/15)(Reuters, 8/27/15)

2015        Aug 28, In Russia court in St. Petersburg sentenced Mikhail Glushchenko, a former lawmaker, to 17 years in prison for organizing the 1998 assassination of Galina Starovoitova, a leading democratic politician. Glushchenko insisted that he organized the killing at the request of a powerful mafia leader who was threatening him.
    (AP, 8/28/15)

2015        Aug 29, Russia said Latvia has refused permission to a Russian state news agency to open a bureau in the country, a case that Moscow says is open discrimination.
    (AP, 8/29/15)
2015        Aug 29, The leaders of France, Germany and Russia backed a new ceasefire in eastern Ukraine in a three-way phone call.
    (Reuters, 8/29/15)

2015        Sep 2, Russia staged a military parade to commemorate seizing Sakhalin and the nearby Kurile islands chain from Japan in 1945, a move likely to inflame tensions over a long-running territorial dispute with Tokyo.
    (Reuters, 9/2/15)

2015        Sep 4, A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying three new crew docked at the International Space Station.
    (AP, 9/4/15)

2015        Sep 7, A Greek official said the United States has asked Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria.
    (Reuters, 9/7/15)

2015        Sep 9, Russia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that Russian military advisers were in Syria as part of a long-standing agreement to provide military aid to the government.
    (SFC, 9/10/15, p.A3)
2015        Sep 9, A Syrian military official said Russian military experts have expanded their presence in Syria over the last year. US officials said Russia has sent two tank landing ships and additional aircraft to Syria in the past day or so and has deployed a small number of naval infantry forces. Germany's foreign minister warned Russia against increased military intervention in Syria.
    (Reuters, 9/9/15)

2015        Sep 11, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on world powers to help arm the Syrian army, describing it as the most efficient force against the Islamic State group.
    (AP, 9/11/15)

2015        Sep 12, A Russian space capsule landed safely in Kazakhstan, bringing home a three-person crew from the International Space Station, including a record-breaking Russian cosmonaut. Gennady Padalka completed his fifth mission for a world record of 879 total days in space.
    (AP, 9/12/15)

2015        Sep 13, Russia held local elections. The Kostroma region was the only one of eleven regional parliaments in allowing the anti-Putin opposition to run. Candidates from the ruling United Russia party won the governor's seat in all 21 regions where an election was held, as well as in 11 regional legislatures.
    (SSFC, 9/13/15, p.A5)(AP, 9/14/15)

2015        Sep 15, Russian state news agencies said French supermarket chain Auchan has been fined over $370,000 by Russian officials over alleged food safety violations.
    (AP, 9/15/15)

2015        Sep 16, Libya's coast guard intercepted a Russian-flagged tanker suspected of carrying an illegal shipment of petrol and detained 12 crew members from Russia.
    (AFP, 9/17/15)
2015        Sep 16, Ukraine's parliament unanimously voted in favor of a recommendation for the United Nations to revoke Moscow's right to block Security Council resolutions in cases when "conflicts grow especially fierce".
    (AFP, 9/17/15)

2015        Sep 18, The United States and Russian militaries renewed high-level contacts to discuss their roles in the conflict in Syria.
    (AFP, 9/18/15)

2015        Sep 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he has backed the establishment of an airbase in neighboring Belarus.
    (Reuters, 9/19/15)
2015        Sep 18, Russia delivered new arms including warplanes as the regime increases attacks on jihadists.
    (AFP, 9/22/15)
2015        Sep 19, Russian investigators arrested and charged Komi region regional governor Vyacheslav Gayzer (Gaiser) along with 18 others with serious crimes including fraud and membership of a criminal group. Gayzer was suspected of heading a criminal group along with other senior officials including deputy Alexei Chernov.
    (Reuters, 9/19/15)(SSFC, 9/20/15, p.A4)

2015        Sep 21, In Russia Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu met Pres. Vladimir Putin in Moscow to discuss ways of avoiding any unintended clashes in Syria between Israel and Russian forces supporting President Bashar al-Assad.
    (Reuters, 9/21/15)
2015        Sep 21, Russian radio engineer Gennady Kravtsov, who once worked for military intelligence, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for seeking work with a Swedish company. The judge in the trial, which was held behind closed doors, turned down all of the 23 motions the defense filed and did not allow a single defense witness to testify.
    (AP, 9/21/15)
2015        Sep 21, Lawyers for Sergei Pugachev, a tycoon once dubbed "Putin's banker" because of his influence in the Kremlin, said he has filed a claim against Russia for more than $10 billion after his business empire was carved up when he fell out of favor with President Vladimir Putin. The case will likely to be heard in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.
    (Reuters, 9/22/15)

2015        Sep 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow opened one of the biggest mosques in Europe, warning against the lure of jihadists as the government frets over its citizens fighting for the Islamic State group. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas were the guests of honor.
    (AFP, 9/23/15)
2015        Sep 23, It was reported that Russia is planning a second major military base near the border with Ukraine, where NATO accuses Russian troops of helping pro-Moscow separatists fight Kiev's forces.
    (Reuters, 9/23/15)

2015        Sep 25, Ukraine said it is banning flights by Russian airlines from Oct. 25 as part of a wave of sanctions against Russia over its support for separatists in the east of the country. PM Arseny Yatseniuk added that any Russian planes carrying military hardware or troops had also been banned from flying over Ukrainian territory. The government statement also forbade Ukrainian state companies from using Russian software, particularly from the Russian anti-virus giant Kaspersky Lab. Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said that Russia would be forced to take retaliatory measures.
    (Reuters, 9/25/15)

2015        Sep 26, Russia exchanged Estonian Eston Kohver, who had been convicted of espionage, for Aleksei Dressen, a former Estonian policeman convicted of treason for passing state secrets to Moscow.
    (AP, 9/26/15)
2015        Sep 26, Moscow pressed its military buildup at a new airbase in Syria. The US trained Division 30 of the New Syrian Forces handed over US provided military equipment to the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage in northern Syria.
    (AFP, 9/26/15)(Reuters, 9/26/15)

2015        Sep 27, An Iraqi spokesman said Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria have agreed to set up an intelligence committee in Baghdad aimed at sharing and analyzing information.
    (AFP, 9/27/15)

2015        Sep 30, Russia launched air strikes against Islamic State in Syria after Pres. Vladimir Putin secured his parliament's unanimous backing to intervene to prop up the Kremlin's closest Middle East ally. Russian air strikes, which Moscow said targeted Islamic State fighters, hit a rebel group in Hama province supported by Western opponents of Pres. Bashar al-Assad. The Russian air strikes killed at least 36 civilians and targeted areas where Islamic State and al Qaeda-linked fighters were not present.
    (Reuters, 9/30/15)

2015        Oct 1, Russia launched its Progress M-29M cargo spacecraft from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, to the Int’l. Space Station.
    (SFC, 10/2/15, p.A2)
2015        Oct 1, Two Lebanese sources said hundreds of Iranian troops had reached Syria in the past 10 days with weapons to mount a major ground offensive. Russian jets struck targets near the cities of Hama and Homs in western Syria on the second day of their surprise air campaign. The area where it struck is held by a rival insurgent alliance, which unlike Islamic State is supported by US allies including Arab states and Turkey.
    (Reuters, 10/1/15)
2015        Oct 1, The Pentagon launched talks with the Russian military to discuss ways to avoid mishaps in Syria between planes from the US-led coalition and Moscow.
    (AFP, 10/1/15)

2015        Oct 2, Russia bombed Syria for a third day, mainly hitting areas held by rival insurgent groups rather than the Islamic State fighters it said it was targeting. The US-led coalition called on the Russians to halt strikes on targets other than Islamic State. Russia said it had bombed the Islamic State stronghold of Raqa for the first time.
    (Reuters, 10/2/15)(AFP, 10/2/15)
2015        Oct 2, The leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine met in Paris to consolidate a fragile peace in Ukraine. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said monitors have spotted a Russian mobile TOS-1 'Buratino' weapons system in rebel-held Ukraine this week.
    (AFP, 10/2/15)(Reuters, 10/2/15)

2015        Oct 3, Russian jets hit Islamic State targets and other rebel groups in Syria, on a fourth day of air strikes by Moscow in support of President Bashar al-Assad which have dramatically escalated foreign intervention in Syria. Russia said its air strikes have sown "panic", forcing some 600 "militants" to abandon their positions and head to Europe.
    (Reuters, 10/3/15)(AFP, 10/3/15)

2015        Oct 4, In western Syria air strikes by suspected Russian jets hit targets around the town of Talbiseh. One resident said at least 5 bodies had been recovered from the western part of the town. Russian planes also struck in Homs and Hama provinces.
    (Reuters, 10/4/15)

2015        Oct 6, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Russian strikes at Palmyra killed 15 Islamic State fighters and destroyed 20 vehicles and three weapons depots. Another 4 Islamic State fighters were reported killed near Raqqa. The Observatory said Russian jets carried out at least 34 air strikes in the last 24 hours. Russia’s defense ministry dismissed reports that its planes had launched air strikes against Palmyra.
    (Reuters, 10/6/15)

2015        Oct 7, Russia and Syria carried out what appeared to be the first major coordinated assaults on Syrian insurgents and Moscow said its warships fired 26 missiles at them from the Caspian Sea, a sign of its new military reach.
    (AP, 10/7/15)   

2015        Oct 10, Russia said it had stepped up its bombing campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria, while local observers said several of the air strikes had hit areas in western Syria where the hardline group has little presence.
    (Reuters, 10/10/15)

2015        Oct 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed al-Nahyan to discuss security in the Middle East and the conflict in Syria.
    (Reuters, 10/11/15)
2015        Oct 11, Russian war planes pounded Syrian rebels unaffiliated with Islamic State, helping Moscow's ally Bashar al-Assad reclaim territory and dealing a fresh setback to the strategy of Washington and its allies. A senior Hezbollah commander was killed in the battle while fighting on the Syrian government's behalf.
    (Reuters, 10/11/15)

2015        Oct 12, Russia’s Gazprom resumed gas supplies to Ukraine after receiving prepayment of $234 million from Kiev, assuaging European fears about a new energy crisis ahead of the winter heating season.
    (AFP, 10/12/15)
2015        Oct 12, The EU demanded the "immediate" halt of Russian air strikes against moderate Syrian rebel groups and warned a lasting peace was impossible under Moscow-backed President Bashar al-Assad.
    (AFP, 10/12/15)

2015        Oct 13, Russia said its air force hit 86 "terrorist" targets in Syria in the past 24 hours.
    (AFP, 10/13/15)
2015        Oct 13, The Dutch Safety Board concluded that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine by a Russian-made Buk missile in its final report on the crash on July 17, 2014, that killed all 298 people on board, most of them Dutch.
    (Reuters, 10/13/15)

2015        Oct 14, Bulgaria denied access to its airspace to a Russian plane carrying humanitarian aid for Syria, as Moscow failed to file an application on time.
    (AP, 10/16/15)
2015        Oct 14, In Syria Islamic State militants battled rival insurgent groups north of the city of Aleppo, where officials say the Syrian army is preparing an offensive of its own backed by Iranian soldiers and Russian jets. Russia said its jets hit 40 Islamic State targets in new strikes in Syria over the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 10/14/15)(AFP, 10/14/15)

2015        Oct 16, The Russian parliament voted to sanction an arrest in absentia of Ilya Ponomarev, the sole lawmaker who voted against the annexation of Crimea last year. Ponomarev, who is currently in the United States, is suspected of embezzlement related to his work for a state-funded technological foundation. He said the motion is a politically motivated attempt to kick him out of parliament.
    (AP, 10/16/15)

2015        Oct 17, Russia said its air force has made 36 sorties, hitting 49 Islamic State targets in Syria in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 10/17/15)

2015        Oct 19, In Syria Russian jets hit an Islamic State training camp and command post of Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front as they bombed 49 targets in the latest wave of strikes. Russian air strikes in Latakia province killed rebel commander Basil Zamo and 4 other fighters from First Coastal Division, a group armed by Pres. Bashar al-Assad's foreign enemies. A further 15 civilians were killed in the air strike in Jabal Akrad. At least 3 Russians fighting alongside Syrian government forces were killed and several more wounded when a shell hit their position in Latakia province.
    (AFP, 10/19/15)(Reuters, 10/20/15)

2015        Oct 20, Russia's defense ministry said its planes had flown 55 sorties and struck 60 Islamist militant targets in Syria in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 10/20/15)
2015        Oct 20, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad flew to Moscow to thank Russia's Vladimir Putin personally for his military support, in a surprise visit that underlined how Russia has become a major player in the Middle East.
    (Reuters, 10/21/15)
2015        Oct 20, In Syria 13 people including medical staff were reportedly killed in Russian air strikes against a field hospital in the northwestern province of Idlib that was run by the Syrian-American Medical Society. Russia later called the reports fake.
    (AFP, 10/22/15)
2015        Oct 20, The US and Russia signed an agreement designed to minimize the risk of collisions and other dangers as both countries carry out air strikes in Syria.
    (SFC, 10/21/15, p.A2)

2015        Oct 21, Russia said its jets have hit 83 targets in Syria over the past 24 hours.
    (AFP, 10/21/15)

2015        Oct 22, The Russian defense ministry said its planes had flown 53 sorties and struck 72 militant targets in Syria in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 10/22/15)

2015        Oct 23, The United States, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia met in Vienna to explore a political solution to the Syrian civil war despite the basic US-Russian disagreement over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's fate.
    (AP, 10/23/15)
2015        Oct 23, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Russian air strikes in Syria have killed at least 446 people, more than a third of them civilians, since they began end-September.
    (AFP, 10/23/15)

2015        Oct 24, The Russian defense ministry said its planes had flown 934 sorties and destroyed 819 militant targets in Syria since the start of its operation there on Sept. 30.
    (Reuters, 10/24/15)
2015        Oct 24, In Syria Vadim Kostenko (19) a Russian soldier, reportedly hanged himself at a base on the Syrian coast because of problems in his personal life. At his funeral his father said there were no signs on the body to support the official account.
    (Reuters, 10/28/15)

2015        Oct 25, Direct flights between Russia and Ukraine stopped as a result of continuing tensions over Russia's annexation of Crimea and backing of separatists in eastern Ukraine.
    (AP, 10/2515)

2015        Oct 26, The Russian defense ministry said its planes had flown 164 sorties and struck 285 Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra militant targets in Syria in the last three days.
    (Reuters, 10/2615)

2015        Oct 28, Russia said its air force flew 71 sorties over Syria in the last two days, carrying out 118 strikes on militant targets.
    (Reuters, 10/28/15)

2015        Oct 29, In Russia 5 people were killed in a night-time blast of household gas in an apartment block in the Khabarovsk region of the country's Far East.
    (AP, 10/30/15)
2015        Oct 29, The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there had been 595 deaths in Syria from Russian air strikes since September 30. Russian warplanes renewed strikes, including in the central province of Homs and the northwestern province of Idlib.
    (AFP, 10/29/15)

2015        Oct 31, A Russian airliner carrying 224 passengers and crew crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula after losing radar contact and plummeting from its cruising altitude, killing all aboard. The Airbus A321 was operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia under the brand name Metrojet. Egyptian security sources said early investigations suggested the plane crashed due to a technical fault. A militant group affiliated to Islamic State in Egypt claimed responsibility for the downing of the plane. On Jan 29, 2016 an EgyptAir mechanic, whose cousin joined Islamic State in Syria, was reported as a suspect in planting a bomb on the Russian plane.
    (Reuters, 10/31/15)(AP, 1/29/16)

2015        Nov 2, Russia said its air force flew 131 sorties and hit 237 targets in Syria in the last two days.
    (Reuters, 11/2/15)
2015        Nov 2, A Russian military court in the North Caucasus city of Rostov-on-Don jailed Gadzhi Magomedov for 17 years for allegedly fighting with the Islamic State group in Syria. Pres. Putin has said that up to 7,000 people from Russia and its former Soviet neighbors may be fighting for IS and that he does not want to see them returning to their native countries en masse.
    (AFP, 11/2/15)
2015        Nov 2, Russian state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport said it is preparing a contract to supply Iran with S-300 missile systems.
    (Reuters, 11/2/15)

2015        Nov 3, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it has confirmed 185 civilians killed in Russian airstrikes in the past month. It also reported and 131 IS fighters as well as 279 rebels not connected to IS killed in the Russian airstrikes. Air strikes by Russian warplanes on the Islamic State-held city of Raqqa killed 42 people, including 27 civilians.
    (SFC, 11/4/15, p.A3)(Reuters, 11/6/15)

2015        Nov 5, Russia sent a plane to rebel-controlled Yemen carrying what Moscow said was more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid for the conflict-torn country.
    (AFP, 11/5/15)
2015        Nov 5, NATO's secretary-general sounded the alarm over the build-up of Russian military forces from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean and called on the US-led alliance to come up with a response.
    (AP, 11/5/15)
2015        Nov 5, In Washington DC controversial Russian media mogul Mikhail Lesin (57), who helped found the RT English-language television network, was found dead at the Dupont Circle Hotel. Lesin had amassed a fortune operating one of Russia's first advertising agencies and spent years as Vladimir Putin's media czar.
    (AFP, 11/7/15)(SFC, 3/13/19, p.A7)

2015        Nov 6, A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said all flights to Egypt will be suspended until proper security is in place there.
    (AP, 11/6/15)

2015        Nov 7, Russian Federal Air Transport Agency said it will send 44 planes to repatriate its nationals from two Egyptian Red Sea resorts. Around 80,000 Russians were stranded in Egypt.
    (AFP, 11/7/15)(Reuters, 11/7/15)
2015        Nov 7, The World Anti-Doping Agency said Russia had sabotaged the 2012 London Olympic Games by running a state-sponsored doping program.
    (SSFC, 11/15/15, p.A25)

2015        Nov 9, Russia announced that it has agreed to push on with a deal to deliver S-300 missile systems to Iran after Moscow halted an earlier agreement due to UN sanctions slapped on Tehran.
    (AFP, 11/9/15)
2015        Nov 9, Russia's Defense Ministry said its air force flew 137 sorties and hit 448 targets in Syria in the last three days.
    (Reuters, 11/9/15)
2015        Nov 9, Pyotr Pavlensky, one of Russia's most radical political performance artists, was detained after setting fire to the main entrance to the headquarters of the FSB security service.
    (Reuters, 11/9/15)

2015        Nov 10, President Vladimir Putin said Russia will counter NATO's US-led missile defense program by deploying new strike weapons capable of piercing the shield.
    (AP, 11/10/15)
2015        Nov 10, Russia rejected explosive accusations of doping and corruption and promised a rapid response to avoid suspension from the 2016 Olympics due to the scandal that threatens to spread far beyond the borders of Russia and athletics.
    (AFP, 11/10/15)

2015        Nov 11, Russia's Defense Ministry said its air force flew 85 sorties and hit 277 terrorist targets in Syria in the last two days.
    (Reuters, 11/11/15)

2015        Nov 12, The Islamic State released a Russian-language video threatening attacks in Russia "very soon".
    (Reuters, 11/12/15)

2015        Nov 13, Russia said it has banned incoming flights by Egypt's state-owned airline effective as of Nov 14.
    (Reuters, 11/13/15)
2015        Nov 13, Russia said its air force flew 107 sorties and hit 289 terrorist targets in Syria on November 11-12.
    (Reuters, 11/13/15)

2015        Nov 15, Speaking at a G20 leaders summit in Turkey US President Barack Obama vowed to step up efforts to eliminate Islamic State in Syria and prevent it from carrying out attacks like those in Paris, while European leaders urged Russia to focus its military efforts on the radical Islamists. Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on the need for UN-sponsored peace talks and a ceasefire to resolve years of war in Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/15/15)(AFP, 11/15/15)

2015        Nov 17, The head of Russia's FSB security service said a homemade explosive device brought down a Russian passenger plane over Egypt last month. President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian navy in the Mediterranean to establish contact with its French counterparts and work together.
    (AP, 11/17/15)(AFP, 11/17/15)
2015        Nov 17, France and Russia staged air strikes on Islamic State targets in northern Syria, punishing the group for the Nov 13 attacks in Paris and against a Russian airliner on Oct 31 that together killed 353 people.
    (Reuters, 11/17/15)

2015        Nov 18, Russia set up a taskforce to wipe out the "infection" of doping in track and field as the country faces being banned from next year's Olympic competition.
    (AP, 11/18/15)
2015        Nov 18, The Russian government said it has decided to introduce a ban on food imports from Ukraine starting from January 1 because Kiev joined Western sanctions over Moscow.
    (Reuters, 11/18/15)

2015        Nov 19, Russia signed two agreements to finance and build Egypt's first nuclear power plant, in a ceremony attended by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
    (AFP, 11/19/15)
2015        Nov 19, Russian's military blasted targets across Syria with long-range strategic bombers for a third day.
    (AFP, 11/19/15)

2015        Nov 20, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said more than 1,300 people, around two-thirds of them combatants, have been killed in Russian air strikes in Syria since Moscow's aerial campaign began on September 30.
    (AFP, 11/20/15)
2015        Nov 20, Russian and Syrian warplanes carried out more than 70 strikes in eastern Deir Ezzor province, killing at least 36 people including 10 children. Dozens of oil tankers were destroyed. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that more than 600 rebels had been eliminated as a result of a cruise missile strike a target in Syrian Deir ez-Zour province.
    (AFP, 11/20/15)(Reuters, 11/20/15)(AFP, 11/21/15)

2015        Nov 22, Russian law enforcement officers raided a hideout in the North Caucasus of armed militants allied with the Islamic State group, killing all 11 of them in an exchange of fire on the outskirts of Nalchik, the capital of the Kabardino-Balkaria republic.
    (AP, 11/22/15)

2015        Nov 23, Russia said its warplanes had hit 472 targets in war-torn Syria in the past two days, including tanker trucks and oil infrastructure in territory controlled by the Islamic State group.
    (AFP, 11/23/15)
2015        Nov 23, A Russian court ordered the Church of Scientology in Moscow to be dissolved. A church representative said the decision would be appealed.
    (AP, 11/23/15)
2015        Nov 23, In Iran President Vladimir Putin met with supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Following their meeting a Kremlin official said Russia and Iran jointly oppose "external attempts" to bring regime change in Syria. President Vladimir Putin eased an export ban on nuclear equipment and technology to Iran.
    (AFP, 11/23/15)(Reuters, 11/23/15)
2015        Nov 23, Iran's ambassador to Russia said that Moscow had started the procedure of supplying Tehran with S-300 anti-missile rocket system.
    (Reuters, 11/23/15)
2015        Nov 23, Ukraine ordered a halt to all delivery of goods to Crimea. PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk described the halt as temporary, but added that he had ordered the Cabinet to prepare a draft of a "concrete" halt of goods and services from Ukraine to Crimea.
    (AP, 11/23/15)
2015        Nov 23, Pro-Ukrainian activists prevented repairs to sabotaged power lines leading to Crimea, keeping the Russian-annexed peninsula starved of electricity for a second day and tensions between Moscow and Kiev high.
    (Reuters, 11/23/15)

2015        Nov 24, Syrian fighters destroyed a Russian helicopter with a missile, shortly after they forced it to make an emergency landing in a nearby government-held area in Latakia province.
    (Reuters, 11/24/15)
2015        Nov 24, Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border, saying it had repeatedly violated its air space, one of the most serious publicly acknowledged clashes between a NATO member country and Russia for half a century. The pilot was shot dead by rebels as he parachuted to the ground.
    (Reuters, 11/24/15)(Reuters, 11/25/15)
2015        Nov 24, Power cuts in Crimea affected nearly 940,000 people as tensions raged between Kiev and Moscow over the annexed peninsula and Russia threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.
    (AFP, 11/24/15)

2015        Nov 25, Russia sent an advanced missile system to Syria to protect its jets operating there and pledged its air force would keep flying missions near Turkish air space, sounding a defiant note after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet.
    (Reuters, 11/25/15)
2015        Nov 25, Russian forces launched a heavy bombardment against insurgent-held areas in Syria's Latakia province, near where a Russian warplane had been shot down by Turkey the day before. Air strikes hit a crossing on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey's southern province of Kilis. The strikes reportedly hit a garage for commercial trailers, killing 3 people.
    (Reuters, 11/25/15)(AP, 11/25/15)
2015        Nov 25, The surviving crew member of a Russian warplane shot down by Turkey said the plane received no warnings from the Turkish Air Force and did not fly over Turkish air space. Navigator Konstantin Murakhtin was rescued by Russian and Syrian special forces after ejecting from the plane. The US said data showed the Russian aircraft had transited Turkish airspace.
    (Reuters, 11/25/15)(SFC, 11/26/15, p.A4)
2015        Nov 25, Russia accepted its "full suspension" from world athletics over widespread doping without requesting a hearing from the International Association of Athletics Federations.
    (AFP, 11/26/15)
2015        Nov 25, Russia's natural gas giant Gazprom said it would stop shipping fuel supplies to Ukraine because Kiev had failed to make the required pre-payments on time.
    (AFP, 11/25/15)
2015        Nov 25, Ukraine decided to stop buying gas from Russia and closed its airspace to its giant eastern neighbor's airlines. The Ukrainian military said another soldier was killed in a new bout of clashes across the shattered war zone in the past 24 hours.
    (AFP, 11/25/15)

2015        Nov 26, Russia threatened economic retaliation against Turkey and said it was still awaiting a reasonable explanation for the shooting down of its warplane, but Turkey dismissed the threats as "emotional" and "unfitting".
    (Reuters, 11/26/15)
2015        Nov 26, Russia vowed to work "very actively" with track and field's governing body to eradicate the doping culture that led to its blanket ban from international competition.
    (AP, 11/26/15)
2015        Nov 26, In Russia 10 people on board a Mi-8 helicopter, including employees of Russia's state oil company Rosneft, died when the aircraft crashed in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia.
    (Reuters, 11/26/15)
2015        Nov 26, French President Francois Hollande arrived in Moscow for talks on Syria with Russia's Vladimir Putin. They agreed to tighten cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State group, although they remained at odds over their approach toward Syrian President Bashar Assad.
    (AFP, 11/26/15)(AP, 11/27/15)

2015        Nov 27, Russia said it would suspend its visa-free regime for Turkish nationals from January 1 as it retaliates against Ankara for the downing of a Russian warplane.
    (AFP, 11/27/15)
2015        Nov 27, In Syria suspected Russian warplanes carried out several air strikes on the town of Azaz near the Turkish border, killing an estimated 5 people including a child.
    (Reuters, 11/27/15)
2015        Nov 27, Ukraine said Russia has begun to restrict coal supplies, days after the Kremlin threatened to punish Kiev for a power blackout of Russian-annexed Crimea. Ukraine depends on coal to fulfil around 44 percent of its power needs.
    (Reuters, 11/27/15)

2015        Nov 28, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed "sadness" over Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane that has severely strained relations. Erdogan said the climate change summit in Paris next week could be a chance to repair relations with Moscow.
    (AFP, 11/28/15)(Reuters, 11/28/15)

2015        Nov 29, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee announced that security forces had killed the three militants in Dagestan after they refused to surrender.
    (AP, 11/29/15)
2015        Nov 29, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said airstrikes believed to have been carried out by Russian warplanes killed at least 18 people and wounded dozens in the insurgent held town of Ariha. Ariha Today, a Facebook page that covers events in the town, said the airstrikes killed 40 people and wounding more than 70.
    (AP, 11/29/15)
2015        Nov 29, Turkey recovered the body of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov from northern Syria and presented it to Russian diplomats, five days after shooting down his warplane in an incident that wrecked relations between the two countries.
    (Reuters, 11/29/15)

2015        Nov 30, Russia said it will restrict imports of Turkish fruit and vegetables as part of a package of new sanctions following the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkey last week. Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu said his country would not apologize to Russia for shooting down the warplane and said he hoped Russia would reconsider sanctions.
    (AP, 11/30/15)

2015        Nov, Russian authorities declared the Soros Fund an "undesirable agent" and forced it to stop working in Russia.
    (AP, 1/14/16)

2015        Dec 2, Russia's defense ministry said it had proof that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his family were benefiting from the illegal smuggling of oil from Islamic State-held territory in Syria and Iraq.
    (Reuters, 12/2/15)
2015        Dec 2, NATO invited Montenegro to become the 29th member of the US-led military alliance, defying Russia's warnings it would have to respond to what it branded a threat to its security. Russia said it will end joint projects with Montenegro if the ex-Communist country joins NATO.
    (AFP, 12/2/15)(Reuters, 12/2/15)
2015        Dec 2, The Islamic State posted footage online of Magomed Khasiev (23) in an orange jump suit kneeling beside a lake in Syria and confessing in Russian to spying on Islamic State militants. Another Russian speaker, this one in camouflage fatigues, then uses a hunting knife to hack off the kneeling man's head.
    (Reuters, 12/29/15)

2015        Dec 3, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters work on Turkish Stream, a pipeline intended to pump Russian gas into southeastern Europe via Turkey while bypassing Ukraine, had been suspended.
    (Reuters, 12/3/15)
2015        Dec 3, The foreign ministers of Turkey and Russia met in Belgrade in the first high-level bilateral talks since the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkish jets sparked an unprecedented crisis.
    (AFP, 12/3/15)

2015        Dec 4, Russian prosecutors declared the US-Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) an "undesirable" organization, the fourth entity to be banned under a controversial law targeting foreign groups accused of political meddling in the country.
    (AFP, 12/4/15)

2015        Dec 7, The Kremlin said is not interested in the allegations made in a recent documentary because they do not concern the prosecutor general, but his sons. Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny and his team released an investigation and a documentary online last week, detailing what they described as shady deals involving sons of the prosecutor general and other senior prosecutors.
    (AP, 12/7/15)
2015        Dec 7, In Russia five people were lightly injured when a grenade exploded at a bus stop in central Moscow. The hand grenade went off on Pokrovka Street, an area dotted with bars and restaurants.
    (AFP, 12/8/15)
2015        Dec 7, Syria's government accused the US-led coalition of launching airstrikes a day earlier on an army camp in Der el-Zour that killed 3 soldiers and wounded 13, which if confirmed would mark the first time US-led forces have struck troops loyal to President Bashar Assad. A US military official said the strike was from a Russian warplane.
    (AP, 12/7/15)(SFC, 12/8/15, p.A4)

2015        Dec 8, Russia said that recent air strikes against targets in Syria included the new Kalibre cruise missile from its Rostov-on-Don submarine in the Mediterranean Sea.
    (SFC, 12/9/15, p.A4)
2015        Dec 8, World Chess Federation (FIDE) president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (53), a Russian citizen, said he would seek $50 billion from the United States over his addition to a blacklist for alleged ties to the Syrian regime. Ilyumzhinov has dismissed the charge, repeatedly telling local media he has no economic interests in Syria or Iraq.
    (AFP, 12/8/15)
2015        Dec 8, Syria said it will export more than 700,000 tons of citrus fruits to Russia to "fill the gap" left by Moscow's ban on Turkish agricultural products.
    (AFP, 12/8/15)

2015        Dec 9, Russia said its air force flew 82 sorties against 204 targets in Syria in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 12/9/15)

2015        Dec 11, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has provided air cover, weapons and supplies to a leading Western-backed opposition group in Syria and called for closer coordination with the US-allied coalition.
    (AP, 12/11/15)
2015        Dec 11, Russian investigators charged ex-oil tycoon and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky with organizing the 1998 murder of a mayor in Siberia. Khodorkovsky, who now lives in London, has claimed that the new probe into the mayor's murder was ordered personally by President Vladimir Putin.
    (AFP, 12/11/15)
2015        Dec 11, Russia officially launched its own rating agency as it seeks to counterbalance the influence of Western agencies which have taken a pessimistic line on the country's crisis-hit economy.
    (AFP, 12/11/15)

2015        Dec 12, Russian police detained dozens of opposition activists who tried to hold a demonstration in central Moscow on Constitution Day.
    (AP, 12/12/15)
2015        Dec 12, In Russia a fire swept through a home for people with mental illnesses, killing 23 patients and injuring another 23, many of whom were on medication or otherwise unable to walk in Alferovka, a village in the Voronezh region.
    (AP, 12/13/15)

2015        Dec 13, Russia warned Turkey to stop staging what it called provocations against its forces in or near Syria after one of its warships fired warning shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean to avoid a collision.
    (Reuters, 12/13/15)

2015        Dec 14, President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing Russia’s Constitutional Court to decide whether or not to implement rulings of international human rights courts.
    (Reuters, 12/15/15)

2015        Dec 16, President Vladimir Putin ordered his government to suspend Russia's free trade zone with Ukraine from Jan. 1, making good on Moscow's threats to Kiev which seeks closer ties with the European Union.
    (Reuters, 12/16/15)
2015        Dec 16, Russia said its air force made 59 sorties in Syria in the past 24 hours and hit 212 Islamic State targets in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Khaseke and Raqqa.
    (Reuters, 12/16/15)
2015        Dec 16, Ukraine accused Russia of looting two of its oil rigs after Crimea-based oil and gas firm Chornomornaftogaz moved the equipment off the coast of the annexed peninsula into Russian waters.
    (Reuters, 12/16/15)

2015        Dec 17, Indian defense ministry sources said the Defense Acquisition Council has cleared the purchase of five S-400 air defense systems from Russia.
    (Reuters, 12/17/15)

2015        Dec 18, Ukraine PM Arseny Yatseniuk said the government has imposed a moratorium on the repayment of a $3 billion Eurobond held entirely by Russia, after Moscow refused to accept the terms of a restructuring of the debt.
    (Reuters, 12/18/15)

2015        Dec 20, The Syrian army with the backing of Russian air power said it had seized the rebel held town of Khan Touman in southern Aleppo. In northwest Syria air strikes believed to have been carried out by Russian warplanes killed 58 people in the center of the rebel-held city of Idlib. At least 10 people were wounded in an explosion that hit a military bus in the Mazzeh residential district of western Damascus.
    (Reuters, 12/20/15)(AFP, 12/20/15)(AFP, 12/23/15)

2015        Dec 21, The EU extended sanctions against Russia for six months for fueling the separatist war in Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea.
    (SFC, 12/22/15, p.A6)

2015        Dec 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu agreed in a phone call to coordinate their two countries' actions to fight terrorism in the Middle East.
    (Reuters, 12/22/15)

2015        Dec 23, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin welcomed Indian PM Narendra Modi. Their planned talks were expected to focus on defense, nuclear and space cooperation.
    (AP, 12/24/15)
2015        Dec 23, Russia's Defense Ministry said its air force has carried out 302 sorties in Syria between Dec. 18 and 23, hitting 1,093 Islamic State targets.
    (Reuters, 12/23/15)
2015        Dec 23, Investigators said Russia has issued an international arrest warrant for Mikhail Khodorkovsky on suspicion of ordering a contract killing, prompting the former oil tycoon to declare the Kremlin had gone mad.
    (Reuters, 12/23/15)

2015        Dec 25, Russia’s environment ministry said the country is warming more than twice as fast as the average for the rest of the world, sounding an alarm on the rise in floods and wildfires nationwide.
    (AFP, 12/25/15)
2015        Dec 25, Bangladesh's state-run Atomic Energy Commission signed a deal with Russia to set up two nuclear power plants, each with 1,200 megawatt capacity.
    (Reuters, 12/25/15)\

2015        Dec 29, Russian investigators filed an indictment against four men accused of involvement in the Feb 27 murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, a brazen killing which sent shockwaves among the opposition earlier this year.
    (AP, 12/29/15)
2015        Dec 29, In Dagestan one person was killed and 11 injured in a shooting near the UNESCO heritage citadel site in Derbent, which claims to be Russia's oldest city and celebrated its 2,000th anniversary this year.
    (AFP, 12/30/15)

2015        Dec 30, A Russian court sentenced blogger Vadim Tyumenstev (35), from the Siberian region of Tomsk, to five years in jail for what it said was his extremist activity on the Internet after he urged people to attend a protest against high transport fares and criticized Russian intervention in Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 12/30/15)
2015        Dec 30, Russia said its air force made 121 sorties and hit 424 targets in Syria during December 28-29.
    (Reuters, 12/30/15)

2015        Dec 31, The Russian finance ministry said it will file a lawsuit against Ukraine after Kiev failed to repay a $3 billion Eurobond and $75 million of interest due today.
    (Reuters, 1/1/16)

2015        Dec, Sibur, a Russian petrochemical firm co-owned by Gennady Timchenko, sold 10% of its shares to Sinopec, China’s largest state-owned oil refinery, for $1.3 billion. In 2016 Sibur sold another 10% to China’s state-backed Silk Road Fund.
    (Econ 7/29/17, p.36)

2015        Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov authored “The Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia’s Digital Dictators and the New Online Revolutionaries.
    (Econ, 9/12/15, p.78)
2015        Bill Browder authorer “Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder and One Man’s Fight for Justice." Browder’s lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in 2009 in a Russian prison, had pieced together how corrupt officials had taken over Browder’s assets and treated themselves to a $230 million tax refund paid out in a single day.
    (Econ, 1/31/15, p.73)
2015        Bobby Lo authored “Russia and the New World Disorder."
    (Econ, 8/1/15, p.73)
2015        Mikhail Zygar authored “All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin." It became available in English in 2016.
    (Econ, 9/17/16, p.79)
2015        In Russia the total number of registered HIV cases exceeded one million this year, with authorities struggling to contain an epidemic that experts say could be curbed by increased funding and more awareness campaigns.
    (AFP, 5/28/16)

2016        Jan 1, Ukraine's free-trade deal with the EU came into effect, coinciding with the start of Moscow's food embargo against Kiev that will force the impoverished former Soviet republic to revisit its economic model.
    (AFP, 1/1/16)

2016        Jan 11, Russia detained surgeon Ilya Zelendinov of Belgorod and prepared to jail him pending trial after he punched a patient causing his death last Dec 29 in a brutal attack captured on video.
    (AFP, 1/11/16)

2016        Jan 14, It was reported that Russian authorities have burned more than 50 books and pulled more than 500 other volumes from college libraries on the grounds they contain sentiments "alien to Russian ideology." The books, most of them humanities textbooks, were published with money from the Soros Fund, which in November was declared an "undesirable agent" and forced to stop its work in Russia.
    (AP, 1/14/16)

2016        Jan 18, The Russian ruble, battered by weak oil prices, fell to an all-time low against the euro and dropped to its lowest level in more than a year against the dollar.
    (AP, 1/18/16)

2016        Jan 19, Russia said its air force has delivered more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid to areas of Syria which are blocked by “terrorists."
    (Reuters, 1/19/16)
2016        Jan 19, It was reported that at least 17 people have died of H1N1 swine flu in Russia since last month, as the virus appears to gain ground in the country.
    (AFP, 1/19/16)

2016        Jan 20, Ukraine ratcheted up its trade war with Russia in reprisal for Moscow's seeming efforts to slash its westward-leaning neighbor's economic ties with other former Soviet states. PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Kiev was adding 70 food and other products to its existing list of items Russia cannot sell in Ukraine.
    (AFP, 1/20/16)

2016        Jan 21, The Russian ruble hit another historic low against the dollar as currencies slid across the former Soviet Union against the backdrop of low oil prices.
    (AP, 1/21/16)
2016        Jan 21, A British inquiry concluded that President Vladimir Putin probably approved a 2006 Russian intelligence operation to murder ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive polonium-210 in London, prompting a row with Moscow.
    (Reuters, 1/21/16)
2016        Jan 21, Dubai-based port operator DP World and the Russian Direct Investment Fund said they are launching a joint venture to develop ports, transportation and logistics infrastructure in Russia.
    (AP, 1/21/16)

2016        Jan 27, Judges at the International Criminal Court gave its prosecutor a green light to launch a new inquiry into allegations of war crimes during a brief but bloody 2008 war between Russia and Georgia.
    (AFP, 1/27/16)

2016        Jan 30, In Russia 12 people were killed after a fire in a sewing room in Moscow. The dead were all workers from Central Asia and included 3 kids.
    (Reuters, 1/31/16)(AP, 2/1/16)

2016        Jan, Russia called off all purchases of gas from Turkmenistan.
    (Econ, 12/17/16, p.36)

2016        Feb 1, Russia's Defense Ministry said its air force has carried out 468 sorties in Syria over the past week, hitting more than 1,300 "terrorist" targets.
    (Reuters, 2/1/16)

2016        Feb 8, Russia's Central Bank effectively closed down two of the country's smaller banks after it revoked their operating licenses, its latest effort to consolidate the sprawling banking sector.
    (AP, 2/8/16)
2016        Feb 8, In Russia demolition crews arrived near a metro station in central Moscow to destroy nearly 100 buildings that allegedly posed a danger to the public.
    (Econ, 2/20/16, p.45)
2016        Feb 8, At least 4 Russian servicemen were killed when a military helicopter crashed in the west of the country.
    (AFP, 2/8/16)

2016        Feb 11, Russia's Defense Ministry said that two US aircraft had bombed the Syrian city of Aleppo on Feb. 10, and that Russian planes had not been operating in the area.
    (Reuters, 2/11/16)

2016        Feb 12, Pope Francis headed to Cuba to meet the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Havana before embarking on a tour of Mexico dominated by modern day problems of drug-related violence and migration.
    (Reuters, 2/12/16)

2016        Feb 14, Russia said President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama agreed to intensify diplomatic and other cooperation to implement an agreement on Syria struck at talks in Munich.
    (Reuters, 2/14/16)

2016        Feb 15, Ukraine PM Arseny Yatseniuk said Russian trucks have been banned from crossing its territory in response to a similar move by Moscow.
    (Reuters, 2/15/16)

2016        Feb 16, Russia's energy minister said that his country has agreed with OPEC members Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela to freeze oil production levels if other producers do the same.
    (AP, 2/16/16)
2016        Feb 16, In Russia at least 7 people, including two children, were killed when a gas explosion caused part of a block of flats to collapse in Yaroslavl.
    (AFP, 2/16/16)

2016        Feb 17, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, on a visit to Moscow, called for better relations between Russia and Europe.
    (Reuters, 2/17/16)

2016        Feb 19, A task force set up to discuss a planned cessation of hostilities in Syria met for the first time in Geneva. Western powers rejected a Russian bid at the UN to halt Turkey's military actions in Syria, as France warned of a dangerous escalation in the nearly five-year conflict.
    (Reuters, 2/19/16)(AFP, 2/19/16)

2016        Feb 20, Russia said it has reinforced its military base in Armenia with fourth-generation fighter jets and a modernized helicopter.
    (Reuters, 2/20/16)
2016        Feb 20, It was reported that a bank collapse and the apparent disappearance of top sports official and International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation vice-president Georgy Bedzhamov, decorated by President Vladimir Putin, have caused further disruption to Russian sport, already reeling from its doping scandal.
    (AP, 2/20/16)

2016        Feb 23, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia violated opposition leader Alexei Navalny's right to a fair trial, and has ordered the government to pay him €56,000 euros ($61,700) in legal costs and damages.
    (AP, 2/23/16)

2016        Feb 24, Afghan officials took delivery of 10,000 automatic rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition as a gift from Russia, another sign of deepening involvement by Moscow in the war-torn country.
    (Reuters, 2/24/16)

2016        Feb 25, In Russia explosions at a coal mine in the far north Komi region killed four miners, and a further 26 were missing at the Severnaya coal mine. On Feb 28 emergency services said the 26 miners have died and rescue operations have been halted after a third blast underground killed 6 rescue workers.
    (AFP, 2/26/16)(AFP, 2/28/16)

2016        Feb 26, Russian warplanes carried out intense air strikes on rebel strongholds in Syria hours before a ceasefire was due to come into force.
    (AFP, 2/26/16)

2016        Feb 28, Russian news media reported that the Russian coordination center in Syria has registered nine violations of a cessation of hostilities in the past 24 hours, but that the cessation of hostilities was holding in general.
    (Reuters, 2/28/16)

2016        Feb 29, In Russia Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, presented a new book about his life and times ahead of his 85th birthday. The 700-page book called "Gorbachev in Life" is a collection of memoirs, interviews, letters, documents and articles by him and others.
    (AP, 2/29/16)   
2016        Feb 29, Russian police arrested Gulchekhra Bobokulova (38), a nanny from Uzbekistan, was seen waving the severed head of a small child outside a Moscow subway station. On March 3 she said she had beheaded the child to avenge Muslims killed in the Kremlin's campaign of air strikes in Syria.
    (AP, 2/29/16)(Reuters, 3/3/16)

2016        Mar 1, Russia called for the Syrian-Turkish border to be closed, saying arms were being hidden in humanitarian aid convoys and channeled to fighters of Islamic State and its allies.
    (Reuters, 3/1/16)

2016        Mar 2, Russia's state prosecutor demanded a 23-year prison sentence for Ukrainian pilot and lawmaker Nadiya Savchenko who is accused of killing two Russian journalists in war-torn Ukraine.
    (AFP, 3/2/16)
2016        Mar 2, US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko landed in Kazakhstan after almost a year in space in a ground-breaking experiment foreshadowing a potential manned mission to Mars.
    (AFP, 3/2/16)
2016        Mar 2, In Russia some 15 tons (110 barrels) of oil spilled off from an idled pipeline on the Pacific island of Sakhalin according to oil producer Rosneft. Local ecologists said the scale of disaster was far larger.
    (Reuters, 3/3/16)

2016        Mar 3, Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement it had registered 14 ceasefire violations in Syria over the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 3/3/16)
2016        Mar 3, Russia-based Gazprom said The Bank of China will give it a 2 billion euro ($2.2 billion), five-year loan, the state-run energy company's largest loan agreement from a single credit institution.
    (AP, 3/3/16)
2016        Mar 3, Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who is standing trial over the killing of two Russian journalists in war-torn Ukraine, announced in court that she was going on hunger strike and would refuse both food and water.
    (AFP, 3/3/16)

2016        Mar 4, Russia's Defense Ministry said Turkey is shelling Kurdish units fighting against the Nusra Front in Syria, while columns of trucks with various cargo and weapons for rebels cross into Syria from Turkey daily.
    (Reuters, 3/4/16)

2016        Mar 5, Russia's Defense Ministry said it had registered nine ceasefire violations in Syria over the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 3/5/16)

2016        Mar 7, Russia's Defense Ministry said that eight ceasefire violations had been registered in Syria over the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 3/7/16)

2016        Mar 8, Russia's Defense Ministry said it had registered seven ceasefire violations in Syria over the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 3/8/16)
2016        Mar 8, Hundreds of angry Ukrainians picketed Moscow's embassy in Kiev as global calls grew for the release of Nadia Savchenko (34), a hunger-striking military helicopter pilot on trial in Russia.
    (AFP, 3/8/16)(Econ, 3/12/15, p.50)

2016        Mar 9, Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who is on trial over the killing of two Russian journalists during the Ukraine conflict, vowed to press on with a hunger strike without water unless Russia releases her.
    (AFP, 3/9/16)

2016        Mar 10, Nadezhda Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilot on trial in Russia, agreed to take water but will continue a hunger strike following an appeal by Ukraine's president.
    (AP, 3/10/16)
2016        Mar 10, European Union governments extended sanctions on Russians and Ukrainians targeted in 2014 over the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 3/10/16)
2016        Mar 10, Lithuanian authorities said three journalists from Russian state television have been expelled from the Baltic country after trying to enter a forum for Russian opposition leaders.
    (AP, 3/10/16)

2016        Mar 13, Russia accused Turkey of sending its military across the Syrian border to prevent Kurdish groups there from consolidating their positions.
    (AP, 3/13/16)

2016        Mar 14, Russia's defense ministry said it had recorded 14 ceasefire violations in Syria in the past 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 3/14/16)
2016        Mar 14, In Kazakhstan a joint European-Russian mission aiming to search for traces of life on Mars blasted off for the start of a seven-month unmanned space journey to the Red Planet.
    (AFP, 3/14/16)

2016        Mar 15, Russian warplanes began leaving Syria as Moscow started to draw down forces that have tipped the war President Bashar al-Assad's way. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said the air force will continue striking targets in Syria linked to Islamic State and other terrorist groups despite a partial withdrawal.
    (Reuters, 3/15/16)

2016        Mar 16, A second group of Russian warplanes flew out of Syria in line with Moscow's decision to withdraw most of its forces.
    (AFP, 3/16/16)

2016        Mar 17, President Vladimir Putin honored Fyodor Zhuravlyov (27), a Russian soldier killed in Russia's military operation in Syria, breaking four months of official silence about his death.
    (Reuters, 3/17/16)

2016        Mar 18, The European Union called for more countries to impose sanctions on Russia over its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula two years ago, but the Kremlin said Crimea was Russian land and its status non-negotiable.
    (Reuters, 3/18/16)
2016        Mar 18, In Syria Russian warplanes flew in support of government troops in an offensive to recapture the historic town of Palmyra from the hands of the Islamic State group.
    (AP, 3/18/16)

2016        Mar 19, In Russia all 62 people aboard a passenger jet flying from Dubai to southern Russia were killed when their plane crashed on its second attempt to land at Rostov-on-Don airport. There was strong wind at the airport with a speed of 43 km per hour, with gusts up to 69 km.
    (Reuters, 3/19/16)
2016        Mar 19, A Soyuz space capsule carrying two Russians and an American docked with the International Space Station. Their rocket took off in windy conditions from Russia's space base in Kazakhstan at 2126 GMT March 18.
    (AP, 3/19/16)
2016        Mar 19, Den Katenberg, an alias used by Lt. Aleksey Lukashev, an email phishing specialist with Unit 26165 of Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate, often abbreviated GRU, won access to one of the most important inboxes in American politics.
    (AP, 7/14/18)

2016        Mar 20, The Russian Defense Ministry recorded five violations of a tentative ceasefire agreement in Syria in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 3/20/16)

2016        Mar 21, Russia's state statistical service said the number of people living in poverty last year spiked up by nearly 20 percent.
    (AP, 3/21/16)

2016        Mar 22, A Russian court sentenced Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko to 22 years in jail after finding her guilty of involvement in the killing of two Russian journalists during the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 3/22/16)
2016        Mar 22, Finland's Defense Ministry said its website had come under a cyberattack that forced it divert web traffic to a temporary site. The latest incident coincided with talks in Moscow between Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on cross-border cooperation and international issues including Ukraine and Syria.
    (Reuters, 3/22/16)

2016        Mar 24, Syrian troops backed by Russian warplanes advanced into the ancient city of Palmyra, which has been under jihadist control for nearly a year. A Russian special forces officer was killed in the combat operation.
    (AFP, 3/24/16)(Reuters, 3/25/16)

2016        Mar 25, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia will deploy a range of coastal missile systems on the far-eastern Kuril islands, claimed by Japan, as part of its military build-up in the region.
    (AFP, 3/25/16)
2016        Mar 25, Russian officials said the body of a lawyer representing one of two Russian servicemen on trial in Ukraine has been found buried in an abandoned farm south of Kiev. Two men have been detained in connection with his murder. Yuri Grabovsky was representing Alexander Alexandrov, a serviceman captured along with another Russian, Yevgeny Yerofeyev, last year in rebel-held eastern Ukraine.
    (AP, 3/25/16)

2016        Mar 28, The presidents of Russia and Iran agreed to step up bilateral contacts, including over the Syrian conflict, in which both countries are allies of President Bashar al-Assad.
    (Reuters, 3/28/16)

2016        Mar 29, A Russian police convoy hit a bomb in the restive North Caucasus, killing one person and wounding four others.
    (AP, 3/30/16)

2016        Mar 30, Russia's RIA news reported that around 20 Islamic State followers have been arrested in Moscow trying to recruit new fighters for the group.
    (Reuters, 3/30/16)

2016        Apr 5, President Vladimir Putin said Russia is creating a national guard to fight terrorism and organized crime.
    (Reuters, 4/5/16)
2016        Apr 5, Azerbaijan and Armenian separatists in Nagorny Karabakh said they had halted fighting after four days of bloodshed, as international powers scramble to resolve the worst violence in decades over the disputed region. The ceasefire was brokered in Moscow. The 4-day war left an estimated 200 people dead.
    (AFP, 4/5/16)(Econ, 4/9/16, p.53)(Econ, 5/21/16, p.46)

2016        Apr 11, In southern Russia 3 suicide bombers blew themselves up as they tried to storm a rural police station in the village of Novoselitskoye, causing no other casualties.
    (AFP, 4/11/16)
2016        Apr 11, Iranian media reported that Russia has delivered the first part of an advanced missile defense system to Iran, starting to equip Tehran with technology that was blocked before it signed a deal with world powers on its nuclear program.
    (Reuters, 4/11/16)

2016        Apr 13, A Russian court sentenced former naval officer Yevgeny Mataitis (39) to 13 years in jail for selling state secrets to Lithuania concluding he was guilty of state treason. The court said Mataitis had been gathering information in the Kaliningrad region for six years.
    (Reuters, 4/13/16)
2016        Apr 13, The Lithuanian government said it has blacklisted 46 Russian citizens involved in criminal prosecutions of several Ukrainians including the imprisoned pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.
    (AP, 4/13/16)

2016        Apr 14, Russia's Federal Security Service and tax inspectors searched the offices of Mikhail Prokhorov, a tycoon whose newspaper has published revelations about people close to Vladimir Putin.
    (Reuters, 4/14/16)

2016        Apr 18, A Ukrainian court sentenced two Russian servicemen captured last year to 14 years each in prison after finding them guilty of terrorism and waging a war in eastern Ukraine. The ruling opened the door to a possible prisoner swap between the two countries.
    (AP, 4/18/16)

2016        Apr 19, President Petro Poroshenko said Ukraine has reached a deal with Russia to free a jailed Ukrainian pilot, suggesting that she will be swapped for two Russian servicemen jailed in Ukraine this week.
    (AP, 4/19/16)

2016        Apr 20, A Dutch court quashed a $50 billion award Russia had been ordered to pay the former majority shareholders of Yukos, a major win for Moscow in the high-stakes dispute over the dismantling of what was once Russia's largest oil producer. The Dutch court said a Hague-based arbitration panel in 2014 did not have jurisdiction to rule in the case because the arbitration was based on an energy treaty that Russia had signed but had not ratified.
    (AP, 4/20/16)

2016        Apr 24, In Russia former police officer Andrei Gosht and five relatives were discovered dead in their home in Syzran, a village some 620 miles (1,000 km) southeast of Moscow.
    (AP, 4/25/16)

2016        Apr 26, The Supreme Court in the Russia-annexed peninsula Crimea banned a Crimean Tatar group in the latest step to marginalize the minority.
    (AP, 4/26/16)

2016        Apr 28, Russia launched its first rocket from a new Vostochny cosmodrome in the remote Amur Region near China's border, a day after a technical glitch forced a postponement of the event to carry three satellites into orbit.
    (Reuters, 4/28/16)

2016        Apr, At a London meeting Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud told an adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that the Kremlin had "thousands of emails" about his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
    (AP, 10/22/18)

2016        May 4, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia will form three new military divisions to counter what it believes is the growing strength of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) near its borders.
    (Reuters, 5/4/16)
2016        May 4, Russia said it has withdrawn around 30 aircraft from Syria, including all of its Su-25 attack planes stationed in the country.
    (Reuters, 5/4/16)

2016        May 8, In Russia 5 members of a motorcycle club were shot with a hunting rifle shortly after dawn in Chelokhovo. A suspect (27) was arrested at his nearby home and confessed to shooting the bikers after a conflict.
    (AP, 5/8/16)

2016        May 9, An Australian law firm filed a compensation claim against Russia and President Vladimir Putin in the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of families of victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, shot down over Ukraine on July 17, 2014. The application names the Russian Federation and Putin as respondents and seeks $10 million in compensation per passenger.
    (Reuters, 5/21/16)

2016        May 13, In Russia three key editors at the top media holding firm RBC said they have resigned amid a flurry of probes and police raids around the company.
    (AP, 5/13/16)
2016        May 13, A North Korean coast guard ship detained a Russian yacht with a crew of five people. Russia's Foreign Ministry sent a note to Pyongyang demanding explanation for the cause of the detention. The yacht was released on May 15.
    (Reuters, 5/14/16)(AFP, 5/15/16)

2016        May 14, In Russia a brawl at a cemetery involving up to 200 people has left two people dead and 10 wounded. Police said the brawl was believed to have been about control over providing burial services at the sprawling Khovanskoye cemetery in southwest Moscow.
    (AP, 5/14/16)

2016        May 15, Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko apologized for the doping scandal that threatens the athletic superpower's participation in the Rio Olympics.
    (AFP, 5/15/16)

2016        May 19, Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky, known for his radical, politically charged performances, was convicted of vandalism for a pro-Ukraine protest and sentenced to 16 months in prison. He won't have to serve prison time because the statute of limitations had expired. He remained in custody while awaiting trial in Moscow in a second case after he set fire to the doors of the Russian security agency.
    (AP, 5/19/16)
2016        May 19, Egypt’s official gazette said Russia will loan Egypt $25 billion to finance building and operating a nuclear power plant in Egypt.
    (Reuters, 5/19/16)

2016        May 20, Moscow proposed that Russia and United States, which have been flying separate bombing campaigns in Syria, launch joint air strikes against jihadists in the war-torn country from next week.
    (AFP, 5/20/16)

2016        May 22, In Syria Russian warplanes hit a key rebel supply route to Aleppo in Moscow's first strikes on Syria's battleground second city since a February ceasefire.
    (AFP, 5/22/16)

2016        May 25, Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko (35) arrived home to scenes of jubilation after her release by Russia in a prisoner swap and she promptly offered to fight again for Kiev in its conflict with pro-Russian separatists. Russian State television showed Alexander Alexandrov and Yevgeny Yerofeyev, descending the steps of an aircraft at Moscow's Vnukovo airport after being handed over by Kiev.
    (Reuters, 5/25/16)

2016        May 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first trip to a European Union country this year with a visit to Greece for a two-day visit expected to focus on energy cooperation and Russian investments during talks with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras.
    (AP, 5/27/16)

2016        May, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of a Moscow lab, told the NY Times of a system of swapping out urine samples at the 2014 Sochi Olympics to avoid positive tests.
    (http://tinyurl.com/ja976aa)(Econ, 7/23/16, p.41)

2016        Jun 1, Russian social media users voiced their outrage at Twitter's decision a day earlier to suspend popular accounts parodying Pres. Vladimir Putin and other officials.
    (AP, 6/1/16)
2016        Jun 1, The Russian Defense Ministry said that a temporary ceasefire, which it called a "regime of calm", had taken effect for 48 hours in the Damascus suburb of Daraya to allow for the distribution of humanitarian aid to civilians.
    (Reuters, 6/1/16)

2016        Jun 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for talks expected to focus on boosting bilateral ties and the situation in Syria.
    (AP, 6/7/16)
2016        Jun 7, Russia's gas monopolist Gazprom says it will resume selling gas to Ukraine, following an official request from Kiev.
    (AP, 6/7/16)

2016        Jun 9, Russian Maj. Sergei Yeremenko, a pilot for the air force's elite aerobatic squadron, died when his Su-27 fighter jet crashed near Moscow.
    (AP, 6/9/16)

2016        Jun 12, European soccer's governing body, UEFA, launched disciplinary proceedings against the Russian Football Union after violence marred the end of Russia's Euro 2016 match against England in Marseille the previous evening.
    (AP, 6/12/16)

2016        Jun 15, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg demanded that Russia withdraw its forces and military hardware from Ukraine, and halt its support for pro-Moscow separatists battling Kiev.
    (AFP, 6/15/16)

2016        Jun 16, Russia floated out a new nuclear-powered icebreaker, said to be the world's biggest and most powerful, to be used for hauling liquefied natural gas from its Arctic terminal.
    (AFP, 6/16/16)
2016        Jun 16, The Russian Defense Ministry said a 48-hour cessation of hostilities has been declared in the divided northern Syrian city of Aleppo and activists reported a relative calm in the city. Barrels bombs hit Aleppo just hours after a temporary truce came into effect in the war-torn city. Russian warplanes struck at rebels battling Islamic State militants, including forces backed by the United States, in southern Syria.
    (AP, 6/16/16)(AFP, 6/16/16)(Reuters, 6/17/16)
2016        Jun 16, France sentenced three Russian fans to prison and planned to deport 20 others next week for their role in the violence in Marseille that marred Russia's opening soccer match against England.
    (AP, 6/16/16)

2016        Jun 17, Russia's track and field athletes were banned from competing for their country at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics because the country has failed to do enough to clean up a deep-rooted doping system that tainted athletes who may be clean.
    (AP, 6/17/16)
2016        Jun 17, The EU rolled over for another year sanctions imposed to protest Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, which the bloc deems illegal.
    (AFP, 6/17/16)
2016        Jun 17, The United States expelled two Russian officials in response to an attack by a Russian policeman on a US diplomat in Moscow earlier in the month. On July 9 Russia said it had expelled two US Embassy staff members in June after a similar 'unfriendly' move by Washington.
    (Reuters, 7/9/16)

2016        Jun 18, In Russia at least 11 children and their adult instructor died in a storm while boating on a lake in the northwestern region of Karelia.
    (AP, 6/19/16)
2016        Jun 18, France expelled a Russian far-right leader of a football supporters group, Alexander Shprygin, and 19 other fans after the troubles with England soccer fans at Euro 2016.
    (AFP, 6/18/16)
2016        Jun 18, In Kazakhstan Tim Peake, the first British astronaut on the ISS, Russia's Yury Malenchenko and NASA's Tim Kopra parachuted down onto the Kazakh steppe in their Soyuz capsule at 0915 GMT after spending 186 days in orbit.
    (AFP, 6/18/16)

2016        Jun 19, Russia said it had reached an agreement with the United States to improve coordination between their military operations in Syria, where they are backing opposing sides of a civil war and launching air strikes.
    (Reuters, 6/19/16)

2016        Jun 20, Russian investigators announced they had completed a first probe into the February 27, 2015, murder of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, describing the killing as a hit ordered by a low-ranking Chechen official and other "unidentified" suspects. Five suspects currently in detention had been reportedly offered 15 million rubles (about $235,000) for the murder by Ruslan Mukhudinov and other individuals.
    (AFP, 6/20/16)

2016        Jun 21, The European Union's Brussels envoys agreed to extend until the end of January the energy, financial and defense sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, but formal approval is still pending.
    (Reuters, 6/21/16)

2016        Jun 22, In China  a six-nation security forum opened in Beijing as a multilateral forum involving high-level policymakers, defense ministry officials, military officers, and researchers from China, Japan, North and South Korea, Russia, and the United States.
    (AP, 6/22/16)
2016        Jun 22, Moldova's foreign ministry called on Russia to stop recruiting its citizens to the Russian Army. It said the alleged recruitments violate bilateral agreements.
    (AP, 6/22/16)

2016        Jun 24, The Russian parliament adopted a set of controversial counter-terrorism amendments which have sparked alarm among rights activists. The amendments included introducing prison sentences for failure to report a grave crime and doubling the number of crimes that Russians as young as 14 years old can be prosecuted.
    (AP, 6/24/16)
2016        Jun 24, In Russia Nikita Belykh, the liberal minded governor of the Kirovsk region, was arrested. He was accused of receiving a $445,000 bribe and faced 15 years in jail.  Belykh claims he was set up. The next day a Russian court ordered that Nikita Belykh be taken into custody for two months.
    (Reuters, 6/25/16)(Econ, 7/2/16, p.46)

2016        Jun 27, Russia said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has written to Russian leader Vladimir Putin to apologize over the shooting down of a Russian air force jet by Turkey's military last November.
    (Reuters, 6/27/16)

2016        Jun, Russia decriminalized battery. The Duma exempted domestic abuse and made it subject to the same two-year maximum sentence as racially motivated offences.
    (Econ, 1/28/17, p.46)
2016        Jun, Spanish authorities arrested half a dozen Russian citizens  with alleged ties to high-ranking Russian officials and Colombian drug cartels.
    (Econ, 7/2/16, p.46)

2016        Jul 1, Russian whistleblower Yulia Stepanova was cleared by track and field's world governing body to compete as a neutral athlete in the European championships and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The 800-meter runner had provided evidence to the World Anti-Doping Agency of widespread cheating in Russia that led the IAAF to bar the country's track and field athletes from international competition, including the Rio Games.
    (AP, 7/1/16)
2016        Jul 1, In Russia an Il-76 plane with a crew of 10 disappeared while on a mission to fight forest fires in the Irkutsk region of Siberia. Wreckage of the plane was found on July 3 along with 8 bodies.
    (AP, 7/1/16)(AP, 7/3/16)
2016        Jul 1, The European Union extended its economic sanctions on Russia until the end of January next year in a widely expected decision after EU leaders called for more progress in bringing peace to eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 7/1/16)

2016        Jul 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a package of controversial anti-terror amendments dubbed "Big Brother" measures by critics that may cost internet companies billions.
    (AFP, 7/7/16)
2016        Jul 7, Russian officials said at least 7 militants and one law enforcement officer have been killed in clashes in Dagestan in the North Caucasus region.
    (AP, 7/7/16)
2016        Jul 7, In Kazakhstan a Russian space capsule was launched beginning a two-day trip to the International Space Station. The Soyuz capsule carried Russian Anatoly Ivanshin, NASA's Kate Rubins and Takuya Onishi of Japan’s space agency JAXA.
    (AP, 7/7/16)

2016        Jul 8, In Syria militants shot down a military helicopter near Palmyra, killing 2 Russian pilots on board.
    (Reuters, 7/10/16)

2016        Jul 14, Russia said it has has conducted more than 50 air strikes since July 12 against Islamic State (IS) jihadists near the Syrian city of Palmyra. Six Tupolev bombers flew out of an airbase in Russia today and conducted strikes east of Palmyra, near the cities of Arak and Sukhna, as well as in the Homs region.
    (AFP, 7/14/16)

2016        Jul 18, An independent Canadian investigator said Russia operated a state-dictated doping system during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and other events, in a report likely to lead to demands for Russia to be completely banned from the Rio Games.
    (AFP, 7/18/16)

2016        Jul 19, The Russian intelligence agency FSB said it is conducting a probe of several top-ranking crime investigators on suspicion of collusion with criminal gangs.
    (AP, 7/19/16)
2016        Jul 19, A British court ordered disgraced Russian athlete Liliya Shobukhova (38) to repay organisers of the London Marathon almost £400,000 (476,000 euros, $527,000).
    (AFP, 7/19/16)

2016        Jul 21, Russia lost its appeal against the Olympic ban on its track and field athletes, a decision which could add pressure on the IOC to exclude the country entirely from next month's games in Rio de Janeiro.
    (AP, 7/21/16)

2016        Jul 24, In Switzerland the International Olympic Committee held showdown talks on whether to ban Russia from the Rio Games over state-run doping. The IOC said it was up to each international sports federation to decide if Russians could take part in Rio.
    (AFP, 7/24/16)(AFP, 7/25/16)

2016        Jul 25, The FBI said it is investigating how thousands of Democratic National Committee emails were hacked, a breach that Hillary Clinton's campaign maintains was committed by Russia to benefit Donald Trump. It was later reported that two teams of Russian hackers were at work. One nick-named Fancy Bear was thought to be linked to military intelligence. The other, code-named Fancy Bear, was believed to be linked to another part of the Russian security apparatus.
    (AP, 7/25/16)(Econ, 9/24/16, p.29)

2016        Jul, Russian police in Samara detained American pastor Jim Mulcahy (72), claiming he was planning to perform a same-sex marriage. Hours later, the American pastor was fined $30 and ordered to leave Russia within five days.
    (AP, 7/26/16)

2016        Jul 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin fired the governor of the Kirov region, Nikita Belykh, a month after he was jailed on a charge of accepting a bribe.
    (Reuters, 7/28/16)
2016        Jul 28, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev accepted the resignation of  Andrei Belyaninov, the head of the customs agency, several days after investigators searched his home and founds hundreds of thousand dollars stashed in shoe boxes.
    (AP, 7/28/16)

2016        Jul 30, Russia's intelligence service said that the computer networks of 20 organizations, including state agencies and defense companies, have been infected with spyware in what it described as a targeted and coordinated attack. The agency did not say who it suspected of being behind the attacks.
    (Reuters, 7/30/16)
2016        Jul 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin struck a conciliatory tone on a visit to Slovenia, shaking hands and honoring dead soldiers as he tested Western resolve in maintaining crippling sanctions against the Kremlin for its role in Ukraine.
    (AP, 7/30/16)
2016        Jul 30, In Syria dozens of civilians left the besieged and battered opposition-held east of Aleppo city through a "humanitarian corridor" to the government-held west. Russia's defence ministry announced that four additional "humanitarian corridors" will be opened from Aleppo, adding that 169 civilians have been able to get out so far.
    (AFP, 7/30/16)

2016        Jul 31, The Islamic State called on its group members to carry out jihad in Russia in a nine-minute YouTube video.
    (Reuters, 7/31/16)

2016        Aug 1, In northern Syria a Russian transport helicopter was shot down in opposition rebel territory. All five crew and officers onboard were killed.
    (AP, 8/1/16)

2016        Aug 2, In Russia the Yamal regional governor's office said a child has died of anthrax in Siberia in the first fatal outbreak of the bacterial disease reported in Russia in 75 years. More than 2,300 reindeer have also died in the outbreak in the region.
    (AP, 8/2/16)

2016        Aug 3, In Russia Yaroslavl Mayor Yevgeny Urlashov, the only opposition mayor of a major Russian city, was found guilty of soliciting bribes and sentenced to 12½ years in a high-security prison. Urlashov pleaded not guilty to the charges and claimed that he had been framed by his political rivals.
    (AP, 8/3/16)

2016        Aug 5, In Russia petition calling on Pres. Putinto sack PM Dmitry Medvedev, whose comments about teachers' pay sparked outrage earlier this week, attracted more than 160,000 signatures. Medvedev was asked by a teacher from the Dagestan region why teachers are paid half as much as police officers. He said that teaching is not a job for those seeking to make a fortune and that teachers could always do odd jobs to supplement their income.
    (AP, 8/5/16)

2016        Aug 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held their first meeting since the two leaders began healing a bitter feud over Ankara's downing of a Russian warplane.
    (AFP, 8/9/16)

2016        Aug 10, Russia's Federal Security Service said it had thwarted two armed Ukrainian attempts over the weekend to get saboteurs into Crimea and dismantled a Ukrainian spy network inside the annexed peninsula. Ukraine denied the action.
    (Reuters, 8/10/16)

2016        Aug 16, Russian warplanes took off from a base in Iran to target Islamic State fighters and other militants in Syria.
    (AP, 8/16/16)

2016        Aug 17, In Russia Usman Murdalov (21) and his friend Sulim Israilov (18) armed themselves with axes and attacked a traffic police post near Moscow. In a video posted online a day later, they professed loyalty to Islamic State. Murdalov and Israilov had worked together at a small manufacturing company in Valerik, Chechnya, producing windows and doors.
    (Reuters, 8/31/16)

2016        Aug 19, Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea fired cruise missiles at targets near Aleppo.
    (Reuters, 8/19/16)

2016        Aug 21, Ukraine said Russian activist Roman Roslovtsev, better known for his walks across Red Square in a President Vladimir Putin mask, has requested political asylum in their country.
    (AP, 8/22/16)

2016        Aug 22, Ukraine said it has launched a criminal investigation of 20 senior Russian officials, alleging their involvement in crimes against Ukraine's national security.
    (CSM, 8/22/16)

2016        Aug 25, Russia launched large-scale snap military drills, putting its troops on full combat readiness in districts bordering Ukraine and the Baltic states.
    (AFP, 8/25/16)

2016        Aug 27, In Russia a fire in a Moscow printing plant killed 17 people. A representative of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Russia said all the dead were members of its community. Some 500,000 Kyrgyz citizens worked in Russia.
    (Reuters, 8/27/16)

2016        Aug, A Russian court sentenced Alexander Belov, a leader of the banned Movement Against Illegal Immigrants (DPNI) to seven and a half years in jail.
    (Econ, 12/10/16, p.53)

2016        Sep 1, Russia’s new data-localization law went into effect. It requires that personal information from Russian citizens  is kept in databases located in Russia.
    (Econ, 9/24/16, p.16)
2016        Sep 1, A coalition of NGOs led by Human Rights Watch (HRW) said evidence is growing that Russia is behind a significant increase in the use of cluster bombs in Syria. More than 400 people were reported killed or maimed by the banned munitions in the world last year.
    (AFP, 9/1/16)

2016        Sep 2, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin had a rare meeting with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Vladivastok but there was no breakthrough in a territorial dispute that has kept the two countries from signing a peace treaty formally ending their WWII conflict.
    (AP, 9/2/16)

2016        Sep 5, At the G20 meeting in China Russia and Saudi Arabia announced that they would start working together to stabilize the market, including limiting output.
    (Reuters, 9/5/16)

2016        Sep 6, A German court dismissed appeals by 84 Russian athletes seeking to compete at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Another 10 Russians had a similar application rejected a day earlier as punishment for state-backed doping in the country.
    (AP, 9/6/16)

2016        Sep 10, The US and Russia agreed to a cease-fire in Syria. The 10-day cease-fire was not slated to begin until the evening of Sept. 12.

2016        Sep 12, The Chinese and Russian navies launched eight days of war games in the South China Sea, in a sign of growing cooperation between their armed forces against the backdrop of regional territorial disputes.
    (AP, 9/12/16)

2016         Sep 18, Russia held elections for a new national parliament. Vladimir Putin won even greater supremacy over Russia's political system after the ruling United Russia party took three quarters of the seats in parliament, paving the way for him to run for a fourth term as president. The official turnout was 48%.
    (AP, 9/18/16)(AP, 9/19/16)(Econ, 9/24/16, p.50)
2016         Sep 18, Moscow said air strikes by a US-led coalition on the Syrian army threatened the implementation of a US-Russian ceasefire plan for Syria and bordered on connivance with Islamic State.
    (Reuters, 9/18/16)
2016        Sep 18, Czech police detained Oleg Vorotnikov (38), a founding member of the Russian underground art collective Voina, wanted in Russia over a series of high-profile stunts that authorities branded insulting and violent. Vorotnikov was released on Sep 21  and allowed to stay in the Czech Republic during extradition proceedings. Prague had not yet received an official extradition request, which must be filed within 40 days.
    (Reuters, 9/20/16)(Reuters, 9/21/16)

2016        Sep 19, In Russia Yevgeny Zhilin (40), a prominent Ukrainian separatist figure, was fatally shot in the Gorki-2 neighborhood west of Moscow. Zhilin has been on Ukraine's wanted list since 2015.
    (AP, 9/20/16)

2016        Sep 22, In Russia 8 firefighters were killed as they battled a blaze at a warehouse in eastern Moscow.
    (AFP, 9/23/16)

2016        Sep 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin reshuffled his inner-circle again by giving the parliament speaker's job to Vyacheslav Volodin, his chief domestic strategist and the man who oversaw a vote that further strengthened the dominance of the main Kremlin party.
    (AP, 9/23/16)
2016        Sep 23, German security officials say a cyberattack believed to be directed by Russia targeted journalists and lawmakers in a sophisticated email phishing attempt between Aug. 15 and Sept. 15.
    (AP, 9/23/16)

2016        Sep 25, Syrian and Russian warplanes bombed a strategic camp on the northern edge of Aleppo as government and rebel forces battled for control of the high ground in a Russian-backed offensive that has left Washington's Syria policy in tatters.
    (Reuters, 9/25/16)(AFP, 9/25/16)

2016        Sep 28, A Dutch-led inquiry into the July 2014 downing of Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine said the Boeing 777 was shot down by a BUK missile system from an area in eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists, and that the system was brought in from Russia and then taken back there. Russian missile-maker Almaz-Antey said the BUK missile was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army and the prosecutors' findings were not supported by technical evidence.
    (AFP, 9/28/16)(Reuters, 9/28/16)

2016        Sep 30, Russian firefighters battled to extinguish wildfires that have engulfed forests in eastern Siberia and forced schools to close in its Irkutsk region. Some two million hectares had been on fire and large amounts of carbon disgorged by the fires represented an environmental threat and a danger to local communities.
    (Reuters, 9/30/16)

2016        Sep, In Russia prison staff reportedly beat and kicked Ildar Dadin (34) and put his head down a toilet bowl while he was in an isolation cell. Dadin came to prominence when he was handed a two-and-a-half year sentence under a controversial law that punishes repeated participation in unsanctioned rallies, after he demonstrated against President Vladimir Putin's rule.
    (AFP, 11/3/16)

2016        Oct 3, Russia’s Pres. Vladimir Putin withdrew his country from a plutonium disposal treaty that was signed with the US in 2000.
    (SFC, 10/4/16, p.A2)

2016        Oct 4, Rebels said they had repelled a Syrian army offensive in southern Aleppo as Russian and Syrian warplanes continued to pound residential areas in besieged parts of the city where thousands of civilians are trapped. 25 deaths in government-held west Aleppo were documented as a result of rebel shelling.
    (Reuters, 10/4/16)
2016        Oct 4, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights warned Russia over use of incendiary weapons in air strikes on the Syrian city of Aleppo, where he said attacks on civilian targets may amount to crimes against humanity.
    (Reuters, 10/4/16)

2016        Oct 5, Czech police arrested a Russian hacker in a Prague hotel. He was suspected of cyberattacks in the United States. After the arrest suspect Yevgeniy Nikulin collapsed, received first aid treatment and was hospitalized. LinkedIn had confirmed a breach in May and cooperated with the FBI to track the suspect down.
    (AP, 10/19/16)(SFC, 10/20/16, p.C4)

2016        Oct 7, Russia's lower house of parliament ratified a treaty with Syria that allows the Russian military to stay indefinitely in the Mideast country.
    (AP, 10/7/16)
2016        Oct 7, Estonia said a Russian jet violated its airspace, hours after neighboring Finland said two similar planes passed over its territory as it prepared to sign a defense pact with the United States.
    (Reuters, 10/7/16)

2016        Oct 9, The Russian government announced that Rosneft’s 330 billion ruble ($5.3 billion) bid for Bashneft, a state-controlled oil firm. Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft, orchestrated the deal which had been rejected by Bashneft’s former owner Vladimir Yevtushenko.
    (Econ, 10/22/16, p.45)

2016        Oct 10, In Russia the Basmanny District Court ruled that the Novaya Gazeta report linking Rosneft Chairman Igor Sechin to the St. Princess Olga yacht was untrue. The newspaper used social media and ship tracking data to allege that Sechin was the yacht's possible owner. Novaya Gazeta says it will appeal the court's ruling.
    (AP, 10/10/16)
2016        Oct 10, Russia's defence ministry said that the country was poised to transform its naval facility in the Syrian port city of Tartus into a permanent base.
    (AFP, 10/10/16)
2016        Oct 10, In Turkey Russia’s President Vladimir Putin met counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul, pushing forward ambitious joint energy projects on his first visit to Turkey since a crisis in ties. Erdogan and Putin reached a deal to proceed on the Turkish Stream project to carry Russian natural gas to Turkey and on to the EU.
    (AFP, 10/10/16)(SFC, 10/11/16, p.A2)

2016        Oct 11, In Syria regime ally Russia carried out its heaviest strikes in days on Aleppo. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 12 people, among them four children, were killed in raids in the Bustan al-Qasr and Fardos neighborhoods. At least five children were killed in rebel fire on a school in the southern city of Daraa.
    (AFP, 10/11/16)

2016        Oct 12, Egypt's military announced it will host Russian troops for war games along the Mediterranean coast, the latest step in the two countries' rapprochement and another sign of Moscow flexing its muscles in the Middle East.
    (AP, 10/12/16)

2016        Oct 14, The Russian city of Orel unveiled the country’s first monument to Czar Ivan the Terrible, who reigned from 1547-1584.
    (SFC, 10/15/16, p.A2)
2016        Oct 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified an agreement with the Syrian government that allows Russia to use the Hmeimim air base in Syria indefinitely.
    (Reuters, 10/14/16)
2016        Oct 14, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitor, said Russian and Syrian warplanes again pounded Aleppo’s opposition-controlled eastern districts, though it did not have any immediate information on casualties.
    (AFP, 10/14/16)

2016        Oct 16, The European Space Agency dispatched an experimental probe on the final leg of its quest to land on Mars, part of a mission aimed at exploring the red planet's atmosphere and searching for signs of life. The ExoMars mission was a joint endeavor by Europe’s and Russia’s space agencies.
    (AP, 10/16/16)(Econ, 10/22/16, p.71)

2016        Oct 17, The editor-in-chief of Kremlin-funded television network RT said that all its bank accounts in Britain have been closed down.
    (AFP, 10/17/16)
2016        Oct 17, A Lithuanian court called former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to testify in a mass trial related to the 1991 crackdown on the country's independence movement.
    (AP, 10/17/16)
2016        Oct 17, In Syria airstrikes by Russian warplanes on rebel-held areas in the northern province of Aleppo killed at least 36 people, including children.
    (AP, 10/17/16)

2016        Oct 18, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said airstrikes in Syria were to be suspended starting from 10 a.m. today. He said the suspension is intended to prepare for the opening of humanitarian corridors for the rebels to leave Aleppo.
    (AP, 10/18/16)
2016        Oct 18, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said Russia's transfer of nuclear-capable missiles to its western outpost of Kaliningrad this month was an aggressive move against the whole of Europe.
    (Reuters, 10/18/16)

2016        Oct 19, In Kazakhstan two Russian cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut soared into orbit in a Soyuz spacecraft at the start of a two-day journey to the International Space Station.
    (AFP, 10/19/16)
2016        Oct 19, In Syria a pause in Russian and Syrian strikes on Aleppo held into a second day, ahead of a brief ceasefire aimed at allowing civilians and rebels to quit the devastated city. Around 620 rebels and their families began evacuating the besieged town of Moadamiyat al-Sham, southwest of Damascus, under a deal with the government.
    (AFP, 10/19/16)

2016        Oct 20, The Syrian military said a unilateral ceasefire backed by Russia had come into force to allow people to leave eastern Aleppo, a move rejected by rebels who say they are preparing a counter-offensive to break the blockade. Russia has told the United Nations it will stop bombing eastern Aleppo for 11 hours a day for four days.
    (Reuters, 10/20/16)

2016        Oct 21, In Russia 3 crew members and 16 passengers died when the Russian-made Mi-8 helicopter came down late today in adverse weather conditions in northwest Siberia.
    (Reuters, 10/22/16)

2016        Oct 23, In Russia 3 people were killed and 13 others injured after an explosion, believed to have been caused by gas, hit a high-rise apartment building in Ryazan.
    (AP, 10/23/16)
2016        Oct 23, Russian police killed two suspected terrorists in a shootout in in Nizhny Novgorod. A bomb was found in the suspects' car.
    (AP, 10/23/16)

2016        Oct 24, Syrian government forces and their allies captured strategic high ground in embattled Aleppo as Russia — a key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad — said it was not planning more "humanitarian pauses" in the fighting in the city's eastern, rebel-held districts. 16 civilians, including three children, were killed in heavy bombardment across rebel-held Idlib province.
    (AP, 10/24/16)(AFP, 10/24/16)

2016        Oct 28, The UN General Assembly voted Russia off the Human Rights Council.
    (SFC, 10/29/16, p.A2)

2016        Oct 30, A Russian Soyuz space capsule landed in Kazakhstan, bringing astronauts Kate Rubins of NASA, Japan's Takuya Onishi and Anatoly Ivanishin of Russia back to Earth from a 115-day mission aboard the International Space Station.
    (AP, 10/30/16)

2016        Oct, Russian blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky was detained for posting a video on his blog showing him playing “Pokemon Go" on his phone in a church on the supposed site of where the last Russian czar and his family were killed in Yekaterinburg. On May 11, 2017, he was convicted of inciting religious hatred and given a suspended sentence.
    (SFC, 5/11/17, p.A2)
2016        Oct, The US began beaming “Current Time," a 24-hour Russian language TV channel, to Russia. It was only available online or by satellite.
    (Econ 6/17/17, p.26)

2016        Nov 1, Britain's Treasury Chief Philip Hammond promised that the UK will strike back against cyberattacks amid fears that state-sponsored hackers jeopardize society. The Kremlin dismissed as untrue allegations by the head of Britain's MI5 intelligence agency that Russia is mounting cyber-attacks and other aggressive measures which pose a growing threat to Britain.
    (AP, 11/1/16)(Reuters, 11/1/16)

2016        Nov 2, In Russia the Moscow office of rights group Amnesty International was sealed off by municipal officials without warning and staff could not get inside.
    (Reuters, 11/2/16)
2016        Nov 2, Moscow declared a 10-hour humanitarian truce in the war-ravaged city of Aleppo. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia seeks "honest cooperation" for a political solution in Syria -- "the sooner the better". Russia said it would extend the moratorium to Nov 4.
    (AFP, 11/2/16)(SFC, 11/3/16, p.A2)

2016        Nov 3, Moscow declared a 10-hour humanitarian truce in the war-ravaged city of Aleppo. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia seeks "honest cooperation" for a political solution in Syria -- "the sooner the better". Russia said it would extend the moratorium to Nov 4.
    (AFP, 11/2/16)(SFC, 11/3/16, p.A2)

2016        Nov 3, The Russian Parliament adopted an anti-doping bill that includes prison terms for coaches found guilty of coercing young athletes into using performance-enhancing drugs.
    (AP, 11/3/16)   

2016        Nov 6, In Russia a gas explosion hit a two-story apartment building before dawn in Ivanovo, 250 km (150 miles) northeast of Moscow. Six people were killed and four seriously injured.
    (AP, 11/6/16)

2016        Nov 9, President Vladimir Putin said Russia is ready to do its part to fully restore ties with Washington following the election of businessman Donald Trump as the next US President.
    (Reuters, 11/9/16)

2016        Nov 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev over allegations he extorted a $2 million bribe from top oil producer Rosneft, a case that could expose fault lines in the Russian leader's inner circle.
    (Reuters, 11/15/16)
2016        Nov 15, Russia launched coordinated missile strikes against rebels in Syria and Moscow for the first time used its only aircraft carrier in combat.
    (Reuters, 11/15/16)

2016        Nov 16, Russia dealt the International Criminal Court a fresh blow as the court's top officials urged nations to support the tribunal hit by a wave of unprecedented defections. Moscow has never ratified the world's only permanent war crimes court, but in a heavily symbolic move on the opening day of the ICC's annual meeting, it said it was formally withdrawing its signature to the tribunal's founding Rome Statute.
    (AFP, 11/16/16)
2016        Nov 16, Russia overturned a criminal conviction against opposition politician Alexei Navalny following a European court decision, but ruled he must face a fresh trial. He was convicted of embezzlement in 2013 along with a businessman associate in a trial he and his supporters see as politically motivated.
    (AFP, 11/16/16)
2016        Nov 16, Russian security services raided the offices of Rosnano, a state technology company headed by Anatoly Chubais, an economic reformer of the 1990s.
    (Econ, 11/19/16, p.45)

2016        Nov 17, In Russia economy minister Alexei Ulyukayev was arrested on bribery charges. He was the first serving cabinet minister to be arrested in decades.
    (Reuters, 11/18/16)

2016        Nov 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a Russian passport to US actor Steven Seagal (64) and said he hoped it would serve as a symbol of how the fractious ties between Moscow and Washington are starting to improve.
    (Reuters, 11/25/16)
2016        Nov 25, Russian aircraft maker MiG said Vano Mikoyan (b.1927), one of the developers of the MiG fighter jets for the Soviet and then Russian air force, has died.
    (AP, 11/25/16)

2016        Nov 29, Russian government officials said they plan to send 100,000 tons of wheat in humanitarian aid to Syria this year.
    (Reuters, 11/29/16)
2016        Nov 29, Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar, the dominant figure in the divided country's east, met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow and said he was seeking Russia’s help in his fight against Islamist militants at home.
    (Reuters, 11/29/16)
2016        Nov 29, Pirates hijacked the Greek-flagged Saronic Breeze off the coast of Benin and sailed the vessel to Nigeria before abandoning it near the southeastern oil capital of Port Harcourt. A Russian captain and two crewmen were kidnapped.
    (AP, 12/2/16)

2016        Nov 30, President Vladimir Putin named deputy finance minister Maxim Oreshkin (34) as Russia's new economy minister, two weeks after former economy minister Alexei Ulyukayev was detained and accused of bribery.
    (Reuters, 11/30/16)   

2016        Nov, Russia announced the placement of missile defense systems on Etorofu and Kunashiri islands, part of the lower Kurile island chain also claimed by Japan.
    (Econ, 12/10/16, p.40)
2016        Nov, Russian hacker Vladimir Anikeyev, who headed Shaltai-Boltai (Humpty-Dumpty) hacker group, was arrested and later sentenced to two years in prison. The group had hacked the accounts of several government officials, including a spokeswoman for Russia's prime minister. On August 6, 2018, Anikeyev was set free in line with a new law that makes one day spent in pre-trial detention equivalent to 1½ days in prison.
    (AP, 8/6/18)
2016        Nov, In Russia a cull of reindeer began in the northern Yamal region. The cull this year was raised from 70,000 to 100,000 and would continue to the end of January. Opponents of the plan said traditional pasture lands of the Nenets people are disappearing due to the growth of the oil and gas industry.
    (SFC, 11/17/16, p.A6)

2016        Dec 1, In Kazakhstan an unmanned Russian cargo ship blasted with a load of supplies to the International Space Station, but Russian space officials said they weren't getting data from it. The Progress MSD-04 cargo craft broke up over Siberia.
    (AP, 12/1/16)(SFC, 12/2/16, p.A2)

2016        Dec 4, In Russia at least 12 people, including nine members of a children's acrobatics team, were killed in a road collision in eastern Siberia.
    (AP, 12/4/16)

2016        Dec 5, In Syria opposition rebel shelling in Aleppo killed two nurses  and eight civilians.
    (SFC, 12/6/16, p.A2)

2016        Dec 7, The CEO of Rosneft, Russia’s state-controlled oil company, said that it had agreed to sell a 19.5 percent stake to Swiss commodities giant Glencore and Qatar's sovereign wealth fund.
    (AP, 12/8/16)
2016        Dec 7, In Ireland a Dublin judge ordered Irish authorities to unfreeze 100 million euros ($107 million) in cash belonging to exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, ruling that police had provided no evidence that the funds were illegally gained as Russia contends.
    (AP, 12/7/16)

2016        Dec 8, Germany's domestic intelligence agency said Russia is trying to destabilize German society with propaganda and cyberattacks ahead of the country's general election.
    (AP, 12/8/16)
2016        Dec 9, In France Kazakh opposition figure Mukhtar Ablyazov was released from prison after France's highest administrative authority blocked his extradition to Russia, where he is accused of embezzling billions of dollars.
    (AFP, 12/10/16)
2016        Dec 9, Syrian warplanes launched fresh raids on the last rebel-held districts in Aleppo, as key regime ally Russia vowed the assault would continue until opposition fighters left the battleground city. The UN human rights office said hundreds of men from eastern Aleppo have gone missing after leaving rebel-held areas.
    (AFP, 12/9/16)(Reuters, 12/9/16)
2016        Dec 9, A senior US official said the CIA has concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help President-elect Donald Trump win the White House, and not just to undermine confidence in the US electoral system. The next day Trump challenged the veracity of the CIA assessment.
    (Reuters, 12/10/16)(SSFC, 12/11/16, p.A10)

2016        Dec 10, OPEC and other non-OPEC producers, including Russia, reached their first deal since 2001 to curtail oil output jointly and ease a global glut after more than two years of low prices that overstretched many budgets and spurred unrest in some countries.
    (Reuters, 12/10/16)(SSFC, 12/11/16, p.A4)
2016        Dec 10, Syria's military and Russian warplanes bombarded rebel-held districts of Aleppo as Damascus's allies said victory was near, but insurgents fought back and army advances halted after rapid gains during the week. Hundreds more civilians fled what remained of the opposition's enclave in Aleppo.
    (Reuters, 12/10/16)(AP, 12/10/16)

2016        Dec 12, Italian energy company Eni said it would sell a 30 percent stake in an offshore Egyptian gas field to Rosneft. The Russian company will pay $1.125 billion for the holding in the Shorouk concession, which contains the giant Zohr gas field, and $450 million to cover past expenditures on the project.
    (AP, 12/12/16)

2016        Dec 13, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (40) announced he would run for president in 2018 after a court victory allowed the outspoken Kremlin critic to be a candidate.
    (AFP, 12/13/16)

2016        Dec 15, Japan and Russia agreed at a hot spring resort in southwest Japan to revive security talks and start discussing economic cooperation on disputed islands at the core of a row that has kept them from signing a peace treaty formally ending WWII.
    (Reuters, 12/15/16)
2016        Dec 15, Serbia's PM Aleksandar Vucic said Russia will arm Serbia with fighter jets to boost its defenses amid a row with neighboring Croatia, a member of NATO.
    (AP, 12/15/16)
2016        Dec 15, President Barack Obama promised that the US will retaliate against Russia for its suspected meddling in America's election process, an accusation the Kremlin has vehemently denied.
    (AP, 12/16/16)

2016        Dec 16, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin wrapped up two days of talks, with numerous economic deals but no big breakthrough on a territorial row that has overshadowed ties since World War Two.
    (Reuters, 12/16/16)

2016        Dec 18, A Russian Investigative Committee said that at least 18 people were poisoned after consuming a bath lotion containing methanol in Irkutsk. Eight of them have died and the 10 others have been hospitalized in grave condition. By Dec 19 the death toll had reached 49.
    (AP, 12/18/16)(AP, 12/19/16)

2016        Dec 19, The European Union extended economic sanctions against Russia by six months after completing the legislative process for a decision endorsed last week by national leaders at an EU summit.
    (Reuters, 12/19/16)
2016        Dec 19, Serbia said that it will purchase six Russian MiG-29 combat jets in a move likely to add to tensions in the Balkans amid Moscow's apparent efforts to prevent the volatile European region from joining Western institutions.
    (AP, 12/19/16)
2016        Dec 19, In Turkey Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov was shot and killed by Mevlut Mert Altintas (22) at an art gallery in Ankara. Altintas, who had worked for Ankara riot police, was killed minutes later by Turkish special forces. Turkish authorities later alleged that Karlov's killer had links to Fethullah Gulen, a US-based Muslim cleric, accused of masterminding the failed July 2016 coup. On Nov 23, 2018, a Turkish prosecutor charged 28 suspects including US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, over the murder of the Russian ambassador.
    (Reuters, 12/20/16)(AP, 4/2/18)(AFP, 11/23/18)

2016        Dec 20, In Syria President Bashar al-Assad's army closed in on the last rebel enclave in Aleppo. Russia, Iran and Turkey said they were ready to help broker a Syrian peace deal. They adopted a document they called the "Moscow Declaration", which set out the principles that any peace agreement should follow.
    (Reuters, 12/20/16)

2016        Dec 21, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin demanded restrictions on the sale of surrogate alcohol. At least 77 people died in the Irkutsk region of Siberia from drinking bath oil laced with methylated spirit in search of alcoholic highs.
    (Reuters, 12/21/16)(SFC, 12/23/16, p.A2)(Reuters, 12/27/16)
2016        Dec 21, The Kremlin said it did not expect the incoming US administration to reject NATO enlargement overnight and that almost all communications channels between Russia and the United States were frozen.
    (Reuters, 12/21/16)

2016        Dec 22, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russian air strikes in Syria have killed 35,000 rebel fighters since the start of operations there and prevented the collapse of the Syrian state.
    (Reuters, 12/22/16)

2016        Dec 25, A Russian military Tu-154 plane carrying members of the world-famous Russian army choir to Syria crashed into the Black Sea killing 92 people on board.
    (AP, 12/25/16)

2016        Dec 26, Russia’s Defense Ministry said its troops have found mass graves in Syria’s Aleppo with bodies showing signs of torture and mutilation.
    (SFC, 12/27/16, p.A3)

2016        Dec 27, Representatives of Russia, China and Pakistan met in Moscow and warned that the influence of Islamic State (IS) was growing in Afghanistan and that the security situation there was deteriorating.
    (Reuters, 12/27/16)
2016        Dec 27, Russian rescuers the clock found the main black box from the Syria-bound military plane that crashed Dec 25 into the Black Sea with 92 people on board.
    (AFP, 12/27/16)
2016        Dec 27, Russia activated a pipeline carrying Russian gas to Crimea with President Vladimir Putin hailing it as a step that would power economic growth on a peninsula Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014.
    (Reuters, 12/27/16)
2016        Dec 27, Russia said that a US decision to ease restrictions on arming Syrian rebels had opened the way for deliveries of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, a move it said would directly threaten Russian forces in Syria.
    (Reuters, 12/27/16)

2016        Dec 28, Russian investigators said they had opened a criminal case into a group of men who filmed themselves crushing a bear to death by repeatedly driving over it in off-road vehicles in the Siberian tundra.
    (Reuters, 12/28/16)
2016        Dec 28, In Latvia US senators visiting eastern European allies to discuss security issues called for sanctions against Russia for interfering in the presidential election by hacking American political sites and email accounts.
    (AP, 12/29/16)
2016        Dec 28, International observer body the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) confirmed being the victim of a "major" cyber-attack in early November. The Russian hacker’s group APT28 was believed to be behind the attack.
    (AFP, 12/28/16)
2016        Dec 28, Turkish state media said Turkey and Russia have agreed a ceasefire for all of Syria that should come into force at midnight, but rebel groups said no such official truce had been agreed.
    (AFP, 12/28/16)

2016        Dec 29, Russia's security agencies said they have arrested seven people in Dagestan suspected of preparing New Year's terror attacks in Moscow on orders from the Islamic State group in Syria. One police officer and two suspected militants were killed in a shootout outside the city of Khasavyurt, Dagestan.
    (AP, 12/29/16)(AP, 12/30/16)
2016        Dec 29, Syria's army and key ally Russia announced a nationwide ceasefire to take effect at midnight, in a major potential breakthrough after nearly six years of civil war. The ceasefire did not include Islamic State or the Kurdish YPG militia.
    (AFP, 12/29/16)(Reuters, 12/29/16)
2016        Dec 29, Pres. Obama sanctioned Russian intelligence services and their top officials, kicked out 35 Russian officials and shuttered two Russian-owned compounds in the US in response to Russian election hacking.
    (SFC, 12/30/16, p.A1)
2016        Dec 29, Michael Flynn, the national security advisor to US Pres.-elect Donald Trump, spoke on the phone in Washington to Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Flynn later denied having discussed the new US sanctions against Russia, but it turned out that he did. On Feb 13, 2017, Pres. Donald Trump removed Flynn as national security advisor.
    (Econ, 2/18/17, p.10, 21)

2016        Dec 30, Vermont’s Burlington Electric Department confirmed it had found on one of its laptops the malware code used in Grizzly Steppe, the name Homeland Security has applied to a Russian campaign linked to recent hacks.
    (AP, 12/31/16)

2016        Dec, In Russia Ruslan Stoyanov, head of Kaspersky Labs computer incidents investigations unit, was arrested. Stoyanov was arrested along with a senior Russian FSB intelligence officer and both faced charges of treason. Kaspersky later said the investigation dated back to the time before Stoyanov was hired by Kaspersky.
    (AP, 1/25/17)

2016        Charles Clover authored “Black Wind, White Snow: The Rise of Russia’s New Nationalism."
    (Econ, 4/23/16, p.72)

2017        Jan 5, America's top intelligence official said that Russia undoubtedly interfered in the US 2016 presidential election but stopped short of using the explosive description "an act of war," telling lawmakers such a call isn't within the purview of the US intelligence community. Senior US officials said the CIA has identified Russian officials who fed material hacked from the Democratic National Committee and party leaders to WikiLeaks at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin through third parties.
    (AP, 1/5/17)(Reuters, 1/6/17)

2017        Jan 6, Russia's military said it has begun scaling down its deployment to Syria, as the regime intensified its bombardment of a rebel-held district home to the capital's main water source.
    (AFP, 1/6/17)

2017        Jan 11, President-elect Donald Trump angrily denounced the publishing of claims he had been caught in a compromising position in Russia and attacked US intelligence agencies over the leak of the information. President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said the Kremlin has not collected compromising information about Trump.
    (Reuters, 1/11/17)
2017        Jan 11, Eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar was given a tour of a Russian aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean, a show of Kremlin support for the faction leader who opposes Libya's UN-backed government.
    (Reuters, 1/11/17)

2017        Jan 17, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia's policy of refusing to allow Americans to adopt Russian children was discriminatory, a decision Moscow said it would appeal.
    (AFP, 1/17/17)
2017        Jan 17, Moldova's new Pres. Igor Dodon, who is visiting Russia on his first trip abroad, voiced hope for rebuilding "strategic" ties with Moscow and hinted that the ex-Soviet nation could eventually shelve a trade pact with the European Union.
    (AP, 1/17/17)
2017        Jan 17, In Syria Russian warplanes carried out air strikes on Islamic State targets south of al-Bab in coordination with Turkey.
    (Reuters, 1/18/17)
2017        Jan 17, Ukraine said it has filed a case against Russia at the United Nations' highest court, accusing Moscow of illegally annexing Crimea and illicitly funding separatist rebel groups in eastern Ukraine. Kiev also is seeking compensation for deadly incidents including the 2014 shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
    (AP, 1/17/17)

2017        Jan 18, Russian authorities said they have extended US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden's Russian residency permit by three years.
    (AFP, 1/18/17)
2017        Jan 18, Syria and Russia signed an agreement allowing Russia to significantly expand its naval facility in the Mediterranean port of Tartus and keep using it for 49 years.
    (AP, 1/20/17)

2017        Jan 21, A group of Russian hackers claimed to have shut down the website of the African Cup of Nations soccer tournament in a protest at organizers holding it in Gabon, where Pres. Ali Bongo Ondimba retained power in disputed elections last year.
    (AP, 1/21/17)
2017        Jan 21, Russian security forces in Dagestan tracked down and killed two suspected militants in the village of Vperyod, Kizlyar region.
    (AP, 1/21/17)
2017        Jan 21, In Syria six Russian warplanes carried out airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.
    (Reuters, 1/21/17)

2017        Jan 23, In Kazakhstan indirect 2-day talks began in Astana between the Syrian government and rebels. The talks were hosted by Russia, Turkey and Iran.
    (Reuters, 1/23/17)(Econ, 1/28/17, p.39)

2017        Jan 24, The Russian military says its bombers have struck Islamic State positions in the province of Deir el-Zour in the third such raid in four days.
    (AP, 1/24/17)
2017        Jan 24, In Kazakhstan Russia, Turkey and Iran backed a shaky truce between Syria's warring parties and agreed to monitor its compliance. On the ground rebels faced continued fighting on two fronts, which could undermine the deal.
    (Reuters, 1/24/17)

2017        Jan 25, In Syria six long-range Russian bombers struck Islamic State targets in Deir al-Zor province.
    (Reuters, 1/25/17)

2017        Jan 28, In Russia over 2,000 people rallied in St. Petersburg to protest plans by the city authorities to give the landmark St. Isaac's Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church amid an increasingly passionate debate over the relationship between the church and state.
    (AP, 1/28/17)

2017        Jan 29, In Dagestan Russian security forces killed three suspected militants during a firefight in the town of Khasavyurt.
    (AP, 1/29/17)
2017        Jan 29, Dmitry Markelov died from shrapnel and bullet wounds while on a clandestine mission in Syria for the Russian state. In 2019 his wife decided to go public because she and her daughter were unable to access state benefits they would be entitled to as dependents of someone killed in combat.
    (Reuters, 2/15/19)

2017        Jan 30, In Syria six long-range Russian bombers launched an air strike against Islamic State positions in Deir al-Zor province, destroying two command points and several arms storehouses.
    (Reuters, 1/30/17)

2017        Jan 31, Russia sources said Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev, who worked for the cyber wing of Russia's FSB domestic intelligence service until their arrests in December, are accused of cooperating with the CIA. Ruslan Stoyanov, head of the investigation unit at Moscow-based cybersecurity giant Kaspersky, was also reported detained.
    (AP, 1/31/17)(AFP, 2/1/17)

2017        Feb 1, Libyan sources said around 70 soldiers from the forces of commander Khalifa Haftar have been sent to Russia for treatment, in one of the first overt signs of cooperation between Moscow and one of Libya's armed factions.
    (Reuters, 2/1/17)

2017        Feb 2, Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza (35) was hospitalized after collapsing in Moscow. On Feb 7 his wife said he suffered from "acute poisoning" by an unknown substance, two years after a suspected poisoning nearly killed him.
    (AFP, 2/7/17)
2017        Feb 2, Belarus said it suspected Russia was trying to restore a formal border zone between the two countries, a move it said flouted agreements on freedom of movement and trade and raised questions about Moscow's real intent.
    (Reuters, 2/2/17)
2017        Feb 2, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia violated the rights of opposition politician and anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny by breaking up demonstrations and detaining him on seven occasions between 2012 and 2014.
    (Reuters, 2/2/17)
2017        Feb 2, The US Treasury Department said it will allow companies to do some transactions with Russia's Security Service (FSB), despite cyber-sanctions put in place by former President Barack Obama.
    (Reuters, 2/2/17)

2017        Feb 3, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said a Russian move to create border zones near his country's frontier looked like a political attack and that Moscow had threatened to halve oil supplies to Minsk.
    (Reuters, 2/3/17)

2017        Feb 4, Alexei Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition figure, opened his first regional office for a presidential bid, despite an imminent court verdict that could bar him from running.
    (AP, 2/4/17)
2017        Feb 4, It was reported that Louis Marinelli, leader of the “Yes California" campaign to make California its own country, has partnered and received financial support from the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, a Kremlin-supported political group. Marinelli was reported to be living and teaching in Russia.
    (SFC, 2/4/17, p.A1)

2017        Feb 6, The EU’s top diplomats vowed to uphold sanctions against Russia for destabilizing conflict-torn Ukraine.
    (SFC, 2/7/17, p.A2)

2017        Feb 8, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny accused the Kremlin of trying to block him from running in next year's presidential election after a court found him guilty of embezzlement. A court in Kirov found Navalny guilty of embezzlement in relation to a timber firm called Kirovles, and gave him a five-year suspended prison sentence.
    (Reuters, 2/8/17)

2017        Feb 9, In northern Syria a Russian warplane "accidentally" hit a building on with Turkish soldiers inside, killing at least three troops and wounding 11 near al-Bab. Russia intervened to halt a clash between Syrian government forces and Turkey-backed Syrian rebels, the first confrontation between them as both sides fight Islamic State in the area.
    (AP, 2/9/17)(Reuters, 2/10/17)

2017        Feb 16, In Syria four Russian servicemen were killed when they their vehicle was struck by a roadside in the center of the country. The loss raised the total Russian combat casualties so far in Syria's war to 27.
    (AP, 2/20/17)

2017        Feb 18, The Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order for Russia to recognize passports and other documents issued by separatist rebel authorities in eastern Ukraine. Russian lawmaker, Vladimir Dzhabarov, said the measure does not formally recognize the rebel authorities as legitimate.
    (AP, 2/18/17)

2017        Feb 18, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after meeting with his Ukrainian, German and French counterparts in Munich that a Feb. 20 ceasefire between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists has been agreed.
    (Reuters, 2/18/17)

2017        Feb 20, Vitaly Churkin, Russia's envoy to the United Nations, died suddenly in New York, one day before turning 65.
    (AFP, 2/20/17)

2017        Feb 21, Ukraine's Pres. Petro Poroshenko called for new sanctions against Russia over its decision to recognize passports issued by separatist authorities in eastern Ukraine, while the Kremlin accused Ukraine of denying vital documents to people in the rebel regions.
    (AP, 2/21/17)

2017        Feb 22, Russia's highest court overturned the conviction of Ildar Dadin, a jailed opposition activist, and ordered him released more than a year after he was sent to prison. In December 2015 became the first person to be convicted of breaking a new law against protesters.
    (AP, 2/22/17)
2017        Feb 22, Russia successfully launched a cargo ship to the International Space Station (ISS) from Kazakhstan.
    (AP, 2/22/17)

2017        Feb 26, Thousands of Russians marched through Moscow shouting slogans such as "Russia will be free!" and "Putin is war!" to mark two years since opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down outside the Kremlin.
    (AP, 2/26/17)
2017        Feb 26, Russian opposition activist Ildar Dadin was released from his jail in the remote Altai region in southern Siberia after Russia's Supreme Court annulled his 2½-year sentence last week because of procedural violations.
    (AP, 2/26/17)
2017        Feb 26, The United States called on Russia to "immediately" observe the ceasefire in Ukraine, accusing combined Russian and separatist forces of targeting international monitors.
    (AFP, 2/26/17)

2017        Feb, Russia’s state-owned Rosneft signed a cooperation agreement with Libya’s National Oil Corp.
    (Econ, 3/18/17, p.53)

2017        Mar 2, Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny accused PM Dmitry Medvedev of controlling a property empire including mansions, yachts and vineyards financed by oligarchs through a network of shadowy non-profit organizations.
    (AFP, 3/2/17)

2017        Mar 6, Russian and South African communications officials pledged to work on collaborative media activities.
    (Econ, 3/18/17, p.53)
2017        Mar 6, Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister accused Russia of financing terrorism by shipping arms, ammunition and funds to separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine and of discriminating against non-Russians in the annexed Crimean Peninsula.
    (SFC, 3/7/17, p.A2)

2017        Mar 7, Russia’s Culture Ministry said children under age 16 won't be able to go to the new Disney film "Beauty and the Beast" in Russia because it includes a gay character.
    (AP, 3/7/17)
2017        Mar 7, In Turkey the top generals of the Turkish, Russian and US military met in Antalya in a bid to step up coordination in Syria and avoid clashes between rival forces in the fight against IS.
    (AFP, 3/7/17)

2017        Mar 9, It was reported that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has dismissed 10 senior law enforcement officers.
    (AP, 3/9/17)
2017        Mar 9, Moldova's parliament accused Russia's intelligence service of intimidating politicians, following an investigation into alleged money laundering by Russian officials.
    (AP, 3/9/17)

2017        Mar 13, The EU said it has prolonged for six months until Sept. 15 a blacklist of Russian and Crimean individuals and firms accused of undermining Ukraine's integrity and independence.
    (Reuters, 3/13/17)

2017        Mar 14, RIA news agency reported that President Vladimir Putin has approved a decree allowing some troops from Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia to be incorporated into the Russian army.
    (Reuters, 3/14/17)
2017        Mar 14, Russian-led peace talks on Syria were derailed as rebels backed by Turkey boycotted a third round of meetings in Kazakhstan and the Kremlin indicated there were international divisions over the process.
    (Reuters, 3/14/17)

2017        Mar 15, United States charged two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers with masterminding the 2014 theft of 500 million Yahoo accounts, the first time the U.S. government has criminally charged Russian spies for cyber offences. The indictment named the FSB officers involved as Dmitry Dokuchaev and his superior, Igor Sushchin, who are both in Russia. The alleged criminals involved included Alexsey Belan and Karim Baratov, who was arrested in Canada a day earlier. Belan was arrested in Europe in June 2013 but escaped to Russia before he could be extradited to the US.
    (Reuters, 3/16/17)

2017        Mar 18, Russian authorities said Vladimir Evdokimov (56), a former top space agency official, has been found dead with two stab wounds in a prison where he was being held on charges of embezzlement. He had been jailed in December on charges of embezzling 200 million rubles ($3.1 million) from the MiG aerospace company.
    (AP, 3/18/17)

2017        Mar 19, Russia concluded an agreement with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia to set up a military base in northwestern Syria. Russia will be training YPG fighters, who control the area, as part of the fight against terrorism.
    (Reuters, 3/20/17)

2017        Mar 20, Japan and Russia agreed to step up work toward resolving a longstanding territorial dispute through cooperation in a range of areas.
    (AP, 3/20/17)

2017        Mar 20, A Russian group of reporters said they have uncovered details of a complex system in which $21 billion were allegedly transferred illegally out of the country through a network of banks. The reporters in Moscow had obtained bank records that show that funds were transferred worldwide via 112 bank accounts in Eastern Europe.
    (AP, 3/21/17)

2017        Mar 21, Bosnia and Russia signed an agreement to settle Moscow's $125 million Soviet-era debt to the Balkan country. In 2003, Russia took over the responsibility for the Soviet Union's debt to the former Yugoslavia estimated at $1.3 billion.
    (AP, 3/21/17)

2017        Mar 22, Tensions between Russia and Ukraine spread to the May Eurovision Song Contest after Kiev banned Russian contestant Yuliya Samoilova (27) from entering the country over a past performance in Moscow-annexed Crimea.
    (AFP, 3/22/17)
2017        Mar 22, The US White House acknowledged that Paul Manafort, Pres. Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, had worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin. Manafort had signed a $10 million contract in 2006 with Oleg Deripaska, a close Putin ally, in a business relationship that lasted to at least 2009.
    (SFC, 3/23/17, p.A8)

2017        Mar 23, In Ukraine former Russian parliamentarian Denis Voronenkov (45) was killed by an assailant who was armed with a pistol and later died in hospital after being shot in the chest and head by Voronenkov's bodyguard. Voronenkov was key witness in a treason case against former leader Viktor Yanukovich. Ukraine soon identified the assailant as Pavel Parshov (28) and said he had been trained in Russia by Russian security services.
    (Reuters, 3/23/17)(AP, 3/24/17)
2017        Mar 23, In Ukraine fire and explosions caused the detonation of ammunition in several sites at a military base at in Balaklia in the Kharkiv region. One woman was found dead in a home that was hit by a shell. Ukraine suspected the Russian military or its separatist rebel proxies were responsible and cited a possible drone attack.
    (AP, 3/23/17)(AP, 3/24/17)

2017        Mar 24, President Vladimir Putin granted an audience to French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin, bestowing a level of international recognition that has so far eluded her in the countdown to France's presidential election.
    (Reuters, 3/24/17)
2017        Mar 24, In Chechnya six Russian soldiers were killed after successfully repelling an assault on a military facility at Naurskaya. The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility.
    (Reuters, 3/24/17)

2017        Mar 26, Russian police detained dozens of protesters across the country, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, after thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against corruption and demand the resignation of PM Dmitry Medvedev. Riot police arrested more than 1,000 people in Moscow alone.
    (Reuters, 3/26/17)(Econ, 4/1/17, p.43)

2017        Mar 27, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 15 days behind bars and fined after staging the biggest anti-corruption protests in years, an act branded a "provocation" by the Kremlin.
    (AFP, 3/27/17)

2017        Mar 30, Visa requirement between Russia and South Africa were scrapped allowing up to 90 days of trouble-free travel.
    (Econ, 3/18/17, p.53)

2017        Mar 31, Russian prosecutors moved to block calls on social networks for more street protests in Moscow and other Russian cities following a wave of rallies that have cast a new challenge to the Kremlin.
    (AP, 3/31/17)

2017        Mar, Russia’s Ministry of Justice asked the Supreme Court to outlaw the Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian denomination. Members in Russia numbered about 170,000.
    (SFC, 4/5/17, p.A5)

2017        Apr 1, Russian investigators opened a criminal case against unidentified internet users calling for what authorities say is an illegal anti-government protest in central Moscow on April 2.
    (Reuters, 4/1/17)
2017        Apr 1, Acclaimed Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko (b.1932) died in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1961 he gained international acclaim with the poem “Babi Yar," that told of the Nazi slaughter of almost 34,000 Jews and denounced the anti-Semitism that had spread throughout the Soviet Union.
    (SSFC, 4/2/17, p.C11)

2017        Apr 2, In Russia police detained more than 20 anti-corruption protesters who took to the streets of Moscow in a follow-up of last week's large-scale demonstrations.
    (Reuters, 4/2/17)

2017        Apr 3, In Russia an explosion ripped through a subway train in St. Petersburg, killing 14 people and injuring 50 others. The blast came as Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting the city, his hometown. Within two hours authorities found and deactivated another bomb at a separate busy St. Petersburg subway station, Vosstaniya Square by the Moscow railway station. Kyrgyz officials soon identified the suspected suicide bomber as Akbarzhon Jalilov (Akbarjon Djalilov), born in the city of Osh in 1995. One of the injured people died on April 21, raising the death toll to 15. On May 11 suspects Bakhram Ergashev, Ibragimzhon Ermatov and Makhamadyusuf Mirzaalimov were charged with involvement in a "terrorist act" and with having illegally used explosives. Seven other suspects awaited charges.
    (AP, 4/3/17)(Reuters, 4/4/17)(AFP, 4/21/17)(AFP, 5/11/17)

2017        Apr 4, In Russia two suspects shot two traffic police officers dead at point-blank range and seized their weapons in the city of Astrakhan.
    (AP, 4/6/17)

2017        Apr 6, Russian security agents arrested three people suspected of links to a suicide bomber accused of attacking the St. Petersburg subway on April 3 and deactivated an explosive device in the apartment where the suspects lived.
    (AP, 4/6/17)
2017        Apr 6, In Russia the National Guard in the city of Astrakhan found suspects, who had killed two traffic police on April 4. They refused to surrender and fired back at officers. In the ensuing gunbattle, all four gunmen were killed and three National Guard officers were wounded.
    (AP, 4/6/17)
2017        Apr 6, Pres. Trump announced a missile barrage on an air base in Syria in retaliation against Syrian President Bashar Assad for a chemical weapons attack against civilians caught up in his country's long civil war. US officials informed Russian forces ahead of the strikes.
    (AP, 4/7/17)(Reuters, 4/7/17)

2017        Apr 7, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev complained that US cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airbase were one step away from clashing with the Russian military. Russia the US-led coalition of its intent to suspend a communication channel for avoiding air accidents in the crowded airspace over Syria.
    (Reuters, 4/7/17)
2017        Apr 7, In Spain Russian computer programmer, Pyotr Levashov, was arrested in the city of Barcelona. Levashov was suspected of being involved in hacking attacks linked to alleged interference in last year's US election.
    (Reuters, 4/9/17)

2017        Apr 8, Russia said cosmonaut Georgy Grechko (85) has died. He made three trips into space (1975 – 1985), spending a total of 134 days off the Earth. His longest was a stay of more than three months aboard the Salyut-6 space station in 1977-78.
    (AP, 4/8/17)

2017        Apr 10, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny walked free after spending 15 days in jail over a rally he led against alleged massive corruption by PM Dmitry Medvedev.
    (AFP, 4/9/17)
2017        Apr 10, In Kazakhstan NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and Russia's Sergei Ryzhikov and Andrei Borisenko touched down after spending 173 days in space.
    (AP, 4/9/17)

2017        Apr 11, The Russian Defence Ministry said on that two of its soldiers had been killed in a mortar attack in Syria and a third was fighting for his life.
    (Reuters, 4/11/17)
2017        Apr 11, G7 industrialized nations meeting in Rome urged Russia to pressure the Syrian government to end the six-year civil war, but rejected a British call to impose new sanctions on Moscow over its support of President Bashar Assad.
    (AP, 4/11/17)

2017        Apr 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Moscow as the two countries traded sharp accusations about a chemical weapons attack in Syria. Putin used the meeting to give his views on why US-Russian relations had reached such a low point.
    (AP, 4/12/17)(Reuters, 4/13/17)
2017        Apr 12, Russia banned the use on its territory of US-based Zello, a smartphone app widely used like a walkie-talkie to organize demonstrations and other gatherings. A Russian law demands that Internet services store copies in Russia of all messages sent via them for six months and make them available to authorities on demand.
    (AP, 4/13/17)
2017        Apr 12, President Donald Trump declared that US relations with Russia "may be at an all-time low." His top diplomat offered a similarly grim assessment from the other side of the globe after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
    (AP, 4/13/17)

2017        Apr 13, Russian police stormed into the home of nationalist leader Vyacheslav Maltsev and taken him to Moscow for questioning. Maltsev was being questioned in connection with an investigation into an attack on a policeman at an opposition rally in Moscow last month.
    (AP, 4/13/17)
2017        Apr 13, A Russian court said billionaire Alisher Usmanov has launched legal action against opposition leader Alexei Navalny over an accusation of bribery in his report into alleged corruption by PM Dmitry Medvedev.
    (AFP, 4/13/17)
2017        Apr 13, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia failed to adequately protect victims of a 2004 school siege in the city of Beslan that left more than 330 people dead. Moscow said it would appeal.
    (AP, 4/13/17)
2017        Apr 13, Russia's state-run Channel One said it would not broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest, after rejecting proposals for contestant Yulia Samoilova to take part via video link or be replaced, after Ukraine slapped her with an entry ban over a concert she gave in annexed Crimea.
    (AFP, 4/14/17)
2017        Apr 13, The UN demanded that Chechnya halt the abduction, detention and killing of gay and bisexual men. Russia’s Novaya Gazeta had recently published a series of reports saying recent waves of crackdowns in Chechnya have seen more than 100 men arrested and at least three killed.
    (SFC, 4/14/17, p.A2)(Econ, 4/8/17, p.44)
2017        Apr 13, US President Donald Trump said "things will work out fine" between the United States and Russia, a day after he said US-Russian relations may be at an all-time low.
    (Reuters, 4/13/17)

2017        Apr 17, Russian officials announced an agreement with Google to settle a two-year-old case against Google for requiring the pre-installation of some of its apps on mobile devices using the Android system. Google is to pay 439 million roubles ($7.8 million) in fines and will not limit the pre-installation of third-party apps.
    (AP, 4/17/17)

2017        Apr 19, Russian counterintelligence agency FSB said two suspects, both from Central Asia, were killed in a shootout when they resisted arrest in a home in the Vladimir region east of Moscow.
    (AP, 4/19/17)
2017        Apr 19, Russian journalist Nikolai Andrushchenko (73) died of his injuries six weeks after being attacked in St. Petersburg. His assault was linked to articles in the newspaper about corruption in St. Petersburg.
    (AP, 4/19/17)
2017        Apr 19, Judges at the UN's highest court rejected a Ukrainian interim request to order Russia to stop supporting troops in the east of the country, saying its request did not meet legal requirements under an international terrorism treaty. The court ordered Russia to halt discrimination of ethnic Crimean Tartars.
    (Reuters, 4/19/17)

2017        Apr 20, Russia’s Supreme Court declared Jehovah’s Witnesses an extremist organization, banning the group from operating on Russian territory and putting more than 170,000 worshippers in the same category as Islamic State militants.
    (SFC, 4/21/17, p.A4)

2017        Apr 21, In far eastern Russia an armed man killed two people and injured another before he was shot dead at the office of the FSB intelligence agency in Khabarovsk.
    (AP, 4/21/17)   
2017        Apr 21, In Russia the leader of an Islamic State "sleeper cell" and one of the cell's members was killed late today in a shootout with police in the Stavropol region.
    (AP, 4/22/17)
2017        Apr 21, PEN, a Norwegian press advocacy group, finally gave an award to Edward Snowden in Moscow after several failed attempts to win a legal guarantee in Norway that the former National Security Agency contractor could travel freely without risk of being extradited to the United States.
    (AP, 5/3/17)

2017        Apr 24, Top US military officials said the United States must confront Russia for providing weapons to the Taliban for use against US-backed forces in Afghanistan.
    (AP, 4/24/17)

2017        Apr 25, Russia's justice ministry restored public access to the financial reports of charities linked to the prime minister after taking them off its website following claims of corruption.
    (AP, 4/25/17)
2017        Apr 25, Russian officials announced they will begin supplying electricity to separatist-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine after the Ukrainian government cut off the power because of millions in unpaid bills.
    (AP, 4/25/17)

2017        Apr 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to discuss a dispute over four islands that has kept the two countries from signing a peace treaty ending World War II.
    (AP, 4/27/17)
2017        Apr 27, The Kremlin said that an opposition protest planned for April 29 was illegal and police would deal with anyone who showed up accordingly. Russian police raided the Moscow office of Open Russia, an organization founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a top foe of President Vladimir Putin. Open Russia, which helps opposition candidates and political prisoners, called for the protest.
    (Reuters, 4/27/17)(AP, 4/27/17)
2017        Apr 27, In Russia unknown attackers doused opposition leader Alexei Navalny with green antiseptic, burning one of his eyes.
    (AP, 4/28/17)
2017        Apr 27, The Russian naval intelligence ship Liman sank off Turkey's Black Sea coast after colliding with the Togo-flagged Youzarsif H carrying livestock. All 78 personnel on board were evacuated.
    (Reuters, 4/27/17)

2017        Apr 28, In Russia Nataliya Fyodorova, an activist of the liberal opposition Yabloko party, suffered burns to her face and partial loss of her sight as a result of an attack near the entrance to her apartment building. Fyodorova has actively protested city development plans, including plans to build a shopping center in her Moscow neighborhood.
    (AP, 4/28/17)

2017        Apr 29, Several hundred Russians lined up in central Moscow under the gaze of riot police to hand over handwritten appeals for President Vladimir Putin to quit, as similar protests took place in other cities. Police detained dozens of activists in Saint Petersburg.
    (Reuters, 4/29/17)(AFP, 4/29/17)

2017        May 1, Russian police detained 17 young activists protesting against the persecution of gay men in Chechnya at a May Day parade in Saint Petersburg.
    (AP, 5/1/17)

2017        May 2, In Russia the mayor’s office of Moscow published a list of 4,566 buildings, home to some 1 million people, that will be up for demolition. It was part of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s plan for an urban makeover. May residents were furious.
    (Econ 5/6/17, p.50)

2017        May 4, Russia blocked access to Chinese social media app WeChat, developed by Tencent Holdings, for failing to give its contact details to Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications watchdog.
    (Reuters, 5/6/17)
2017        May 4, It was reported that France has granted political asylum to Russian artist Pyotr Pavlensky (33), who once memorably nailed his scrotum to Red Square to denounce state power.
    (AFP, 5/4/17)   
2017        May 4, Iran, Russia and Turkey signed an agreement calling for the setting up of four "de-escalation zones" in war-torn Syria at the cease-fire talks in Kazakhstan and said that President Bashar Assad's air force would halt flights over the designated areas in the country's north, center and south. Members of the Syrian opposition delegation shouted in protest and walked out of the conference room in Astana. The opposition said it could not accept creating safe zones in Syria because it threatens the country's territorial integrity and said it would also not recognize Iran as a guarantor of the peace plan.
    (AP, 5/4/17)(Reuters, 5/4/17)

2017        May 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin backed an official check into reported brutal attacks on gay men in Chechnya in his first public comment after German Chancellor Angela Merkel confronted him on the issue.
    (AFP, 5/5/17)
2017        May 5, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the agreement on safe zones in Syria will come into force from midnight tonight, but that its air force will continue striking Islamic State elsewhere in the country.
    (Reuters, 5/5/17)
2017        May 5, In France the Cartooning for Peace group, founded by French cartoonist Plantu, said cartoonists were increasingly becoming the victims of repressive crackdowns on free speech. Ten countries including Russia, Turkey and India were condemned for censoring, locking up or threatening cartoonists in a new report published by the group.
    (AP, 5/5/17)

2017        May 6, Russia's Defense Ministry said its military chief of staff and the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff have confirmed their readiness to restore a communications channel aimed at preventing midair incidents between Russian and US warplanes over Syria.
    (AP, 5/6/17)

2017        May 8, The Islamic State group released a video showing the beheading of an alleged Russian agent who it said had infiltrated its ranks as a fighter to spy on the militant group. Moscow denied the claim.
    (AP, 5/9/17)

2017        May 9, A Dutch appeals court ruled that Russian authorities knowingly plunged oil giant Yukos into bankruptcy in 2006 by ordering it to pay huge tax bills, the latest ruling in a long-running battle over the assets of a Dutch Yukos subsidiary.
    (AP, 5/9/17)

2017        May 10, President Donald Trump welcomed Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Vladimir to the White House marking his highest level face-to-face contact with a Russian government official since taking office. Before that session, Lavrov stopped at the State Department to see Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
    (AP, 5/10/17)

2017        May 12, A global cyber-attack infected computers at businesses, healthcare facilities and other organizations in dozens of countries, disrupting operations at some facilities. Spain said several Spanish companies had been targeted in ransomware cyberattack that affected the Windows operating system of employees' computers. Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm, said it had recorded at least 45,000 attacks in as many as 74 countries.
    (AP, 5/12/17)(Reuters, 5/13/17)(SFC, 5/13/17, p.A2)
2017        May 12, Federal prosecutors in New York announced late today a surprise settlement between the US government and Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, the owner of Prevezon Holdings. The Russian-owned group of companies agreed to pay nearly $6 million to settle US civil allegations that the firms laundered proceeds of a $230 million tax fraud, ending a politically charged case days before it was set to go to trial.
    (Reuters, 5/12/17)

2017        May 13, Russia's central bank said it had detected "massive" cyber-attacks on domestic banks, which successfully thwarted them. State-owned Russian Railways also successfully defended itself from a cyber-attack.
    (Reuters, 5/13/17)

2017        May 14, In Russia thousands of protesters took to the streets of Moscow to rally against a bill to tear down Soviet-era low-rise apartment building.
    (AP, 5/14/17)

2017        May 16, Ukraine imposed sanctions on Russia's largest internet group Yandex and other popular online firms, saying it wanted to guard against cyber-attacks, and the Kremlin threatened retaliation.
    (Reuters, 5/16/17)

2017        May 17, North Korea launched a ferry service to the Russian city of Vladivostok to develop links and boost economic cooperation.
    (Reuters, 5/17/17)

2017        May 19, Stanislav Petrov (b.1939), a former Soviet military officer known in the West as "the man who saved the world" for his role in averting a nuclear war over a false missile warning at the height of the Cold War, died in Fyazino, a scientific town in Moscow Oblast. His story stayed secret until 1998.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanislav_Petrov)(Econ, 9/30/17, p.82)
2017        May 19, The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to start delivering several tons of wheat each month after speaking on the phone with President Nicolas Maduro.
    (AP, 5/19/17)

2017        May 22, Turkey and Russia signed a memorandum on lifting trade restrictions against each other, after Ankara and Moscow agreed at a meeting this month to settle trade disputes.
    (Reuters, 5/22/17)

2017        May 26, In Russia a small crowd gathered outside Moscow’s Higher School of Economics to watch the unveiling of a 1.5 ton cube shaped like a six-sided die called the “Monument to the Anonymous Peer Reviewer." The five visible sides were carved with phrases such as “Minor Changes" and “Revise and Resubmit".
    (Econ 6/3/17, p.74)

2017        May 28, A Russian airstrike targeting Islamic State leaders outside Raqqa reportedly killed more than 300 militants. Russia announced the strike on June 16 and said IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been among those killed.
    (SFC, 6/17/17, p.A4)

2017        May 29, In Russia five people were killed in Moscow by falling trees and one person died after being hit by bus stop debris torn off by high winds as thunderstorms and strong winds buffet the city and its surrounding areas. The death toll soon rose to 16 with more than 200 others injured.
    (AP, 5/29/17)(Reuters, 5/30/17)
2017        May 29, French Pres. Emanuel Macron held talks with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin at Versailles. Macron pushed for cooperation on Syria and against the Islamic State group and launched an attack on two Russian media outlets he accused of spreading lying propaganda.
    (SFC, 5/30/17, p.A2)
2017        May 29, Moldova's pro-European Union government expelled five Russian diplomats, a move the ex-Soviet country's Moscow-backed president Igor Dodon says has led to the worst crisis in bilateral relations in 25 years.
    (Reuters, 5/31/17)

2017        May 31, A Russian court ruled against Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny in a defamation lawsuit brought by Alisher Usmanov, one of Russia's richest businessmen, ordering the removal of a popular video from the internet, released in March, which details PM Dmitry Medvedev’s alleged secret wealth. Navalny vowed to appeal and refused to comply.   
    (Reuters, 5/31/17)(SFC, 6/1/17, p.A2)
2017        May 31, Russia's Foreign Ministry said it had ordered two Estonian diplomats to leave Russia within five days, a move it said was retaliation for Estonia's expulsion of two Russian diplomats.
    (AP, 5/31/17)   
2017        May 31, The Russian Foreign Ministry said it has ordered five Moldovan diplomats to leave the country within three days, in retaliation for the expulsion of five members of its embassy in Moldova earlier this week.
    (Reuters, 5/31/17)
2017        May 31, The Russian defense ministry said its warships have fire four cruise missiles at Islamic State positions in the area of Palmyra, Syria. There was no information on when the missiles were launched.
    (SFC, 6/1/17, p.A4)

2017        Jun 2, A Russian Soyuz capsule, carrying astronauts Russia's Oleg Novitsky and Thomas Pesquet of France, landed in Kazakhstan after a half-year aboard the International Space Station. NASA's Peggy Whitson's mission aboard the space station has been extended by three months.
    (AP, 6/2/17)

2017        Jun 3, In Russia a drunken man shot nine people to death after an argument broke out during a festive dinner in Redkino, about 120 km (75 miles) northwest of Moscow.
    (AP, 6/4/17)

2017        Jun 5, Natalya Sharina (59), the head of Russia's only state-run Ukrainian library, was convicted of inciting hatred against Russians in a case that she compared to a Stalin-era political show trial. Masked police arrested her in October 2015, confiscating books that the authorities called illegal anti-Russian propaganda.
    (Reuters, 6/5/17)
2017        Jun 5, Lithuania started building a 130km fence on its border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad in an attempt to curb smuggling and illegal immigration and strengthen the EU's external border.
    (AP, 6/5/17)

2017        Jun 8, Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed close ties between the two nations during their meeting on the sidelines of a summit of an alliance dominated by Moscow and Beijing. The leaders are attending a two-day summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which also includes India, Pakistan and several ex-Soviet Central Asian nations.
    (AP, 6/8/17)
2017        Jun 8, Portugal's public prosecutor brought charges of espionage, disclosing state secrets and corruption against a Portuguese spy and a Russian secret service agent. The two men were arrested in Rome. A statement said the Portuguese spy is in custody in Lisbon but an Italian court refused to extradite the Russian, who was freed.
    (AP, 6/8/17)

2017        Jun 9, The Russian parliament gave preliminary approval to a controversial plan to tear down Soviet-era, low-rise apartment blocks that would relocate 1.6 million people in Moscow, as hundreds of protesters rallied outside. The bill will go up for the third and final reading next week, where it can only be adopted or rejected.
    (AP, 6/9/17)

2017        Jun 10, In Russia Lom-Ali Gaitukayev, one of five men convicted in 2014 for gunning down of Kremlin critic Politkovskaya in 2006, died of liver failure while serving a life term. Gaitukayev was the uncle of Rustam Makhmudov, who was also handed a life term for shooting Politkovskaya outside the block of flats where she lived. Former Moscow policeman Sergei Khadjikurbanov was given a 20-year term for helping to prepare the killing while two of Makhmudov's brothers were handed shorter terms.
    (AFP, 6/13/17)

2017        Jun 12, Russian authorities detained opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Protest gatherings in cities from Far East Pacific ports to St. Petersburg were spearheaded by Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner who has become the Kremlin's most visible opponent. Police arrested 866 demonstrators in Moscow and 658 in St. Petersburg and about 50 of them remained in custody a day later.
    (AFP, 6/12/17)(AP, 6/12/17)(AP, 6/13/17)(Econ 6/17/17, p.47)

2017        Jun 14, In Russia Alexander Reimer, the former head of the penitentiary system, was sentenced to eight years in prison for defrauding the state. He was convicted of taking part in selling electronic monitoring bracelets to the prison service at inflated prices. Two other high-ranking prison officials were also found guilty in the case and sentenced to terms of up to six years.
    (AP, 6/14/17)
2017        Jun 14, The US Senate voted to slap new sanctions on key sectors of Russia's economy and individuals over its interference in the 2016 US election campaign and its aggression in Syria and Ukraine. The measures were attached to a bill targeting Iran.
    (AP, 6/15/17)

2017        Jun 16, Russia announced that the Islamic State group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been killed in a Russian airstrike in Syria on May 28.
    (AP, 6/16/17)(SFC, 6/17/17, p.A4)
2017        Jun 16, A Russian court cut Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's jail term by five days after he appealed a one-month sentence handed down this week for calling a protest.
    (AFP, 6/16/17)

2017        Jun 20, The European Court for Human Rights ruled that Russia’s law banning dissemination of so-called gay propaganda to minors violates the right to freedom of expression.
    (SFC, 6/21/17, p.A2)
2017        Jun 20, The Trump administration announced that it has imposed sanctions on two Russian officials and three dozen other individuals and companies over Russian activities in the Ukraine. Soon after the announcement Pres. Trump met with Ukraine’s Pres. Petro Poroshenko.
    (SFC, 6/21/17, p.A3)

2017        Jun 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Brazilian counterpart Michel Temer signed a statement on "strengthening a strategic dialogue on foreign policy issues" following talks at the Kremlin.
    (AP, 6/21/17)

2017        Jun 22, A Moscow court sentenced Leonid Volkov, an ally of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, to five days in jail for organizing a webcast of massive anti-government protests earlier this month.
    (AP, 6/22/17)

2017        Jun 25, Russian security forces said they have killed two suspected militants during a gun battle in the volatile Dagestan region.
    (AP, 6/25/17)

2017        Jun 27, A major ransomware attack hit computers at Russia's biggest oil company, the country's banks, Ukraine's international airport as well as Danish global shipping firm A.P. Moller-Maersk. Germany's Metro said its wholesale stores in the Ukraine have been hit by a cyber-attack and the retailer was assessing the impact.
    (Reuters, 6/27/17)
2017        Jun 27, A Swiss government information technology agency said ransomware known as Petya seems to have re-emerged to affect computer systems across Europe, causing issues primarily in Ukraine, Russia, England and India. In 2018 Britain blamed the Russian government for the NotPetya cyber-attack.
    (Reuters, 6/27/17)(Econ 7/1/17, p.72)(SFC, 2/16/18, p.A4)

2017        Jun 28, The European Union officially extended economic sanctions against Russia by six months for destabilizing Ukraine.
    (AP, 6/28/17)

2017        Jun 29, A Russian court convicted five Chechen men of murdering opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in 2015, but the late politician's allies said the investigation had been a cover-up and that the people who had ordered his killing remained at large.
    (Reuters, 6/29/17)

2017        Jun 30, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin extended Russian counter-sanctions on the European Union until the end of 2018. Russia said it has suspended payments to the Council of Europe for this year, retaliation for its delegation there being stripped of its voting rights after the annexation of Crimea.
    (Reuters, 6/30/17)

2017        Jun, US agents extracted a high-level mole in the Russian government who had confirmed Vladimir Putin's direct role in interfering in the 2016 presidential election. This was only made public in 2019. On Sept. 10, 2019, Russian daily newspaper Kommersant said the official may have been a man called Oleg Smolenkov, who was reported to have disappeared with his wife, Antonina, and three children while on holiday in Montenegro in June 2017.
    (AFP, 9/10/19)(Reuters, 9/10/19)

2017        Jul 2, In Russia fourteen people died, two of them children, were killed when a long-haul passenger bus collided with a truck 900 km (550 miles) east of Moscow. In southern Russia a passenger car span out of control and collided with a tree and a parked vehicle, killing five people inside.
    (AFP, 7/2/17)

2017        Jul 4, China and Russia proposed that North Korea declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States and South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises.
    (AP, 7/4/17)

2017        Jul 5, Irina Ratushinskaya (63), Ukraine-born dissident and poet of the Soviet era, died in Moscow.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irina_Ratushinskaya)(Econ 7/29/17, p.78)

2017        Jul 6, Russian investigators raided the Moscow election headquarters of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny and police entered a warehouse, where activists said they confiscated pre-election pamphlets.
    (Reuters, 7/6/17)
2017        Jul 6, In Russia a Moscow court sentenced Vladimir Anikeyev on a conviction of hacking the accounts of several prominent Russians, including the spokeswoman for PM Dmitry Medvedev. He was arrested last November, but the arrest became known only after Russian news media reported that two officials of the Federal Security Service's cybercrime unit had been arrested on treason charges.
    (AP, 7/6/17)

2017        Jul 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin told US President Donald Trump that Moscow had not meddled in the US elections, and Trump accepted it, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Trump and Putin engaged in a conversation during a G20 dinner.
    (Reuters, 7/8/17)(SFC, 7/19/17, p.A4)
2017        Jul 7, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was released from jail after serving 25 days for organizing a wave of protests.
    (AP, 7/7/17)

2017        Jul 9, US President Donald Trump pledged to work "constructively" with Russia but ruled out an immediate easing of sanctions while the countries remain at odds over the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.
    (AFP, 7/9/17)
2017        Jul 9, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Russia that it must take the first steps to reduce tensions in eastern Ukraine and that American and European sanctions would remain in place until Moscow reversed course in the region.
    (AP, 7/9/17)

2017        Jul 10, Russia’s PM Dmitry Medvedev signed a package of anti-doping measures including orders for the Russian Sports Ministry and national sports federations to develop a scheme for "confiscating income and property from athletes, coaches, doctors and other specialists" involved in doping cases.
    (AP, 7/10/17)
2017        Jul 10, Russia confirmed that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had discussed forming a joint Russian-US group on cyber security, an idea that has provoked uproar in Washington, but said it was only a tentative proposal.
    (Reuters, 7/10/17)

2017        Jul 12, A Moscow court convicted one of Russia's most flamboyant tycoons, Sergei Polonsky (44), of fraud. The property developer, who symbolized the excess of the oil-fueled boom times, walked away a free man after the judge said too much time had elapsed since his crime for the sentence to have legal force.
    (AP, 7/12/17)
2017        Jul 12, It was reported that the Russian city of Vladivostok has embraced cheap North Korean painters. Human rights groups said most of the laborer’s earnings are confiscated by the state.
    (SFC, 7/12/17, p.A3)

2017        Jul 13, A Russian court sentenced Zaur Dadayev, convicted of murdering opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in 2015, to 20 years in jail. Four other Chechen men convicted of being his accomplices received jail sentences ranging from 11 to 19 years.
    (Reuters, 7/13/17)

2017        Jul 17, A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.
    (Reuters, 7/17/17)

2017        Jul 18, An international tribunal ordered Russia to pay damages and costs of nearly 5.4 million euros ($6.2 million) to the Netherlands for unlawfully seizing a Greenpeace ship protesting at an oil platform in Arctic waters. The Arctic Sunrise, sailing under a Dutch flag, was seized by Russian authorities in September 2013 during a protest against an offshore oil platform.
    (AP, 7/18/17)
2017        Jul 18, Separatists in eastern Ukraine proclaimed a new state, Malorossiya (Little Russia), that aspires to include not only the areas they control but also the rest of the country. But Russia, their chief backer, sought to play down the announcement, saying it was merely part of public discussion.
    (AP, 7/18/17)
2017        Jul 18, Britain's National Cyber Security Center said it had never certified products from Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab.
    (Reuters, 7/18/17)

2017        Jul 22, Russia's Defense Ministry said an agreement has been reached with the Syrian opposition on the boundaries for a de-escalation zone for the East Ghouta area near the Syrian capital Damascus.
    (AP, 7/22/17)

2017        Jul 23, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demanded Russia's Vladimir Putin halt arms supplies to rebels as the leaders of France and Germany tried to revive a peace plan.
    (Reuters, 7/24/17)

2017        Jul 26, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a law ratifying a deal with the Syrian government allowing Russia to keep its air base in Syria for almost half a century, official documents show.
    (Reuters, 7/27/17)
2017        Jul 26, In Greece a Russian man (38) wanted in the United States on suspicion of masterminding a money laundering operation involving at least $4 billion through bitcoin transactions was ordered held in custody until a US extradition request can be examined. The combined value of bitcoins in circulation reached $40 billion with per day transactions approaching 300,000 on average.
    (AP, 7/26/17)(Econ 7/29/17, p.61)
2017        Jul 26, The family of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II before disappearing under Soviet rule, sued Russia's security service for access to its files.
    (AFP, 7/27/17)

2017        Jul 28, The US Senate approved a new package of stiff financial sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea and sent it to President Donald Trump to sign. Russia's Foreign Ministry ordered a reduction in the number of US diplomats in Russia and said it was closing down a US recreation retreat in response to fresh sanctions against Russia.
    (AP, 7/28/17)

2017        Jul 30, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin said that the US diplomatic missions in Moscow and elsewhere in the country will have to reduce their staffs by 755 people in response to American sanctions over the Kremlin’s intervention in the 2016 US presidential elections.
    (SFC, 7/31/17, p.A4)

2017        Jul, Russia-based Yandex agreed to a $3.7 billion merger with Uber acquiring a 59.3% stake in a new enterprise. In 2019 Yandex Taxi, the ride-sharing joint venture co-owned by Yandex and US tech group Uber, agreed to buy Russia’s largest taxi company Vezyot.
    (Econ, 9/30/17, p.60)(https://tinyurl.com/y2a27aus)
2017        Jul, Yugra, Russia’s 34th largest bank, collapsed.
    (Econ, 9/2/17, p.64)

2017        Aug 1, In Russia three people were killed and four injured in a shootout at a courthouse in a Moscow suburb. Prosecutors said the gang members were placing spikes on roads in 2014, forcing the motorists out of their vehicles and shooting them dead.
    (AP, 8/1/17)

2017        Aug 2, Russia’s Novaya Gazeta reported that a Russian court has ordered Russia-born reporter Khudoberdy Nurmatov to be deported to his native Uzbekistan where he might face torture. Nurmatov, aka Ali Feruz, is openly gay, a human rights activist and a correspondent for the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper. On August 4 it was reported that the European Court of Human Rights has halted the impending deportation of Nurmatov.
    (AP, 8/2/17)(AP, 8/4/17)
2017        Aug 2, Moldova declared Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata in the wake of a diplomatic spat that saw his plane barred from flying over Romania. Rogozin is under an EU travel ban over Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region in 2014.
    (AFP, 8/2/17)
2017        Aug 2, US President Donald Trump reluctantly approved sanctions against Moscow calling the legislation "significantly flawed" and adding that some of its provisions were unconstitutional.
    (AFP, 8/3/17)

2017        Aug 3, Russia's Defense Ministry announced a cease-fire for a third safe zone in war-torn Syria, paving the way for the delivery of sorely needed humanitarian relief to rebel-held areas north of the city of Homs.
    (AP, 8/3/17)

2017        Aug 4, A Russian court extended probation for opposition leader Alexei Navalny by one year, a sentence that should bar him from running for office until at least 2021.
    (AP, 8/4/17)
2017        Aug 4, In eastern Russia rescuers at Alrosa’s Mir diamond mine in the Sakha region searched for 9 miners still unaccounted for after water leaked into an underground shaft with more than 100 workers inside. One of nine missing was rescued the next day. On Aug 26 Alrosa said it has called off the search for the missing miners.
    (AFP, 8/4/17)(AP, 8/5/17)(AP, 8/26/17)
2017        Aug 4, A British judge refused to extradite a London-based Russian businessman who is accused of organizing the killing of a retail tycoon in his homeland, saying there was little solid evidence against him. Russian officials say Georgy Shuppe (46) arranged the January 2014 murder of Alexander Mineev, who was shot 22 times with a Kalashnikov rifle on the outskirts of Moscow.
    (AP, 8/4/17)
2017        Aug 4, In Syria Russian military police deployed north of the central city of Homs, setting up checkpoints and observation points as part of a cease-fire in a third safe zone, but opposition activists said the truce was violated by government forces.
    (AP, 8/4/17)

2017        Aug 7, Russia said it will speed up work on reducing dependency on US payment systems and the dollar as a settling currency in response to the new sanctions.
    (Reuters, 8/7/17)
2017        Aug 7, In Russia two members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot were detained after a protest outside the prison colony in Siberia's Yakutia where Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov is being held.
    (AP, 8/7/17)
2017        Aug 7, Indonesia said that it will barter coffee, palm oil and other commodities for 11 Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets, calling US and European sanctions against Russia an opportunity to boost the Southeast Asian nation's trade.
    (AP, 8/7/17)

2017        Aug 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia and assured it of Moscow's military support, an act of defiance to Western governments that have condemned Russia's backing for the separatists.
    (Reuters, 8/8/17)
2017        Aug 8, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny launched a new YouTube attack against President Vladimir Putin's close associates. The video described the assets of billionaire brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg and their sons. Navalny's video charged that they won lucrative government orders unfairly and included footage of their palatial mansions.
    (AP, 8/9/17)

2017        Aug 10, Russian opposition politician Sergei Udaltsov (40), freed this week after completing a four-and-a-half-year prison term, urged a boycott of next year's presidential elections, calling them "dishonest".
    (AFP, 8/10/17)
2017        Aug 10, A Moscow court jailed Russian journalist Alexander Sokolov (29) after finding him guilty of organizing an extremist group and attempting to overthrow the authorities in a trial denounced by human rights groups as politically motivated.
    (Reuters, 8/10/17)

2017        Aug 14, Russia's FSB security service said that it had captured a gang planning major attacks on Moscow transport networks and shopping centers, directed by members of the Islamic State jihadist group from Syria.
    (AFP, 8/14/17)
2017        Aug 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov welcomed Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, the head of Libya's eastern military forces, as part of efforts to boost its influence in the chaotic country. Hifter is a rival to the internationally recognized government in Tripoli led by Faez Sarraj.
    (AP, 8/14/17)

2017        Aug 17, Spacewalking cosmonauts set free the world’s first satellite made almost entirely with a 3-D printer.
    (SFC, 3/18/17, p.A7)

2017        Aug 19, In Russia seven to eight people were wounded in a knife attack in the Siberian city of Surgut. The attacker (b.1994) was shot dead by police. The militant Islamic State group said one of its fighters had carried out the attack.
    (Reuters, 8/19/17)

2017        Aug 20, It was reported that a Moscow court has rejected a request by Siemens to seize its gas turbines, which have turned up in Crimea contrary to EU sanctions, and to ban their installation ahead of preliminary hearings next month.
    (Reuters, 8/20/17)

2017        Aug 21, Russia said it has intensified its air campaign in Syria to help Pres. Bashar Assad’s forces drive Islamic State militants from Deir el-Zour, killing an estimated 800 militants across the country this month alone.
    (SFC, 8/22/17, p.A2)
2017        Aug 21, The United States began to scale back its visa services in Russia, drawing an angry reaction from Moscow three weeks after President Vladimir Putin ordered Washington to more than halve its embassy and consular staff.
    (Reuters, 8/21/17)

2017        Aug 22, Russia detained and charged the theater and film director Kirill Serebrennikov (47) with fraud in a move that critics denounced as the latest sign of increasing censorship of the arts. In recent years Serebrennikov has fallen out of favor with the authorities and has criticized a government clampdown on artistic works, warning last year that "everything is returning to the most pathetic Soviet practices". On Dec 4 a court ruled that Serebrennikov should stay under house arrest at least until late January, rejecting a plea for bail.
    (AFP, 8/22/17)(AP, 12/4/17)
2017        Aug 22, US Treasury officials said the United States is imposing sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies and individuals for supporting North Korean weapons programs, including those dealing in Pyongyang's energy trade and helping North Korean entities gain access to the US and international finance system.
    (Reuters, 8/22/17)

2017        Aug 23, A Moscow court put revered theater director Kirill Serebrennikov (47) under house arrest on charges of embezzling $1.1 million, the latest step in a case widely seen as part of a crackdown on freedom of expression in Russia.
    (AP, 8/23/17)
2017        Aug 23, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited Russia to voice concern about Iran's efforts to expand its foothold in Syria.
    (AP, 8/23/17)

2017        Aug 25, In southern Russia at least 14 people died after a bus carrying construction workers veered off a pier and plunged into the Black Sea on the Taman peninsula.
    (AP, 8/25/17)

2017        Aug 29, Russia’s central bank (CBR) took a 75% stake in Otkritie, a private lender run by Vadim Belyaev, to keep it functioning following a run on its deposits.
    (Econ, 9/2/17, p.64)

2017        Aug 30, Ukraine said Russian propagandist Anna Kurbatova will be forcibly returned to Russia. Kiev accused her of spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda.
    (Reuters, 8/30/17)

2017        Aug 31, In Russia unidentified assailants attempted to set fire to a building housing the studios Alexei Uchitel, whose film "Matilda," set for release in October, describes Nicholas II's relationship with ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.
    (AP, 8/31/17)
2017        Aug 31, The US State Dept. ordered Russia to shutter its San Francisco consulate on Green St. in Pacific Heights and close trade offices at its missions in Washington and New York. It gave Moscow 48 hours to comply.
    (AP, 9/1/17)(SSFC, 7/15/18, p.C9)

2017        Sep 1, Russian vowed to respond to a US order to shut the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and offices in Washington and New York, but also indicated that Moscow was not inclined to raise the stakes in the diplomatic tit-for-tat between the two countries.
    (AP, 9/1/17)

2017        Sep 2, In Russia a biplane flying in an airshow just outside Moscow crashed in front of spectators, killing both people aboard.
    (AP, 9/2/17)

2017        Sep 3, China’s state news agency Xinhua said President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to "appropriately deal with" the latest nuclear test by North Korea. Putin was in China for the summit of business representatives of the BRICS nations.
    (Reuters, 9/3/17)

2017        Sep 5, President Vladimir Putin said Russia will ask the UN Security Council to send peacekeepers to patrol the front line in eastern Ukraine.
    (AP, 9/5/17)
2017        Sep 5, In Russia a boy (15) walked into a full classroom in the Moscow suburb of Ivanteyevka with an air gun hidden under a raincoat. He attacked a teacher and opened fire. The teacher was hospitalized with a brain injury. A student who jumped out of the window suffered a fracture, while two others who jumped had bruises.
    (AP, 9/5/17)

2017        Sep 8, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters that Venezuela is having problems with fulfilling its obligations on its debt to Russia.
    (Reuters, 9/8/17)
2017        Sep 8, Swiss commodities trader Glencore said that it and Qatar Investment Authority, the rich Persian Gulf emirate's sovereign wealth fund, have agreed to jointly sell a 14.16 percent stake in Rosneft to CEFC China Energy Company Ltd.
    (AP, 9/8/17)

2017        Sep 10, Prominent Russian political commentator and writer Yulia Latynina said she has left Russia fearing for her life. Latynina, who works as a columnist at the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, has been critical of the Kremlin's policy in the Chechnya republic in the Caucasus, as well as the local authorities.
    (Reuters, 9/10/17)

2017        Sep 13, The US banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky Labs software citing concerns about Kaspersky's ties to Russian intelligence services. The anti-virus company has repeatedly denied the existence of any such ties.
    (AP, 9/14/17)

2017        Sep 14, A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said hundreds of bomb threats made by anonymous telephone callers against major public buildings this week amount to "telephone terrorism."
    (AP, 9/14/17)
2017        Sep 14, Russia’s Zapad (West) 2017 maneuvers, mainly in Belarus this year, got underway involving thousands of troops, tanks and aircraft. The exercises will last until Sept. 20.
    (AP, 9/14/17)
2017        Sep 14, The European Union said it has extended sanctions by a further six months against dozens of Russian citizens and companies deemed to have a role in threatening the stability and independence of Ukraine.
    (AP, 9/14/17)
2017        Sep 14, In Syria the Russian Navy fired seven cruise missiles at Islamic state targets in the suburbs of Syria's Deir al-Zor at Islamic State targets in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour as pro-government forces closed in on the militants holed up in the eponymous capital.
    (AP, 9/14/17)(Reuters, 9/14/17)
2017        Sep 14, Ukraine welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin's declared openness to deployment of United Nations peacekeepers in separatist-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine, but said Russian troops must not join such an operation.
    (Reuters, 9/14/17)

2017        Sep 15, Turkey’s foreign ministry said Russia, Iran and Turkey have agreed to post observers on the edge of a de-escalation zone in northern Syria's Idlib region, which is largely controlled by Islamist militants.
    (Reuters, 9/15/17)

2017        Sep 17, Russia and Iraq restored scheduled commercial airline services for the first time since 2004, in what officials hailed as a sign of stability returning to the war-torn country.
    (AFP, 9/17/17)

 2017        Sep 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the weeklong war games with Belarus that have demonstrated the Russian military's resurgent might and made neighboring countries nervous.
    (AP, 9/18/17)

2017        Sep 19, Russia unveiled a statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle that became by some estimates the most lethal weapon ever made and the best known Russian brand abroad.
    (Reuters, 9/19/17)

2017        Sep 20, Russia agreed to accept a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights criticizing its handling of the 2004 Beslan siege which left 330 dead. Russia is required to pay a total of three million euros ($3.2 million) in compensation to 409 surviving hostages and relatives of the deceased.
    (AFP, 9/20/17)

2017        Sep 21, Russian police said they had detained four men, including the leader of a radical religious group, in connection with an arson attack related to the film “Matilda," by award-winning director Alexei Uchitel. Three of the men were charged with arson, including their alleged role in setting fire to two cars parked outside the office of Uchitel's lawyer.
    (Reuters, 9/23/17)
2017        Sep 21, Russia filed a counter-extradition request with Spanish authorities to stop the extradition of Pyotr Levashov, a notorious spammer, to the US where he is wanted on charges of fraud and unauthorized interception of electronic communications.
    (SFC, 9/23/17 p.A2)

2017        Sep 22, In northwestern Syria Al-Qaida-linked militant positions were hit by Russian cruise missiles fired from the Veliky Novgorod submarine in the Mediterranean. A day earlier three Russian troops were wounded after militants encircled Russian  military officers outside Idlib.
    (SFC, 9/23/17 p.A2)

2017        Sep 24, The Russian Defence Ministry said that Russian Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov had been killed by Islamic State shelling near Deir al-Zor.
    (Reuters, 9/25/17)

2017        Sep 25, Russian police arrested Natalia Baksheeva and her husband Dmitry Baksheev (35) in the city of Krasnodar. They were  suspected of killing a woman in an abandoned house earlier this month after a drunken brawl. Investigators said construction workers found a phone on the scene with the man's photographs posing with body parts. Authorities said the couple may be responsible for the death or disappearance of as many as 30 people.
    (AP, 9/25/17)(SFC, 9/27/17, p.A2)
2017        Sep 25, In Syria Russia bombed positions of US-backed forces in a major natural gas field they recently captured from Islamic State militants. The SDF said the airstrike killed one of its fighters and wounded two others in the Conoco gas field, in Deir el-Zour province. Russia's Defense Ministry denied the report.
    (AP, 9/25/17)(SFC, 9/26/17, p.A2)
2017        Sep 25, The UN human rights office said in a report that Russia is violating international law in Crimea, including by imposing Russian citizenship on its people and deliberately transferring hundreds of prisoners and detainees to prisons in Russia.
    (AP, 9/25/17)

2017        Sep 26, Russia's communications agency threatened to block access to Facebook if the company refuses to store its data locally. A 2015 Russian law on personal data obliges foreign companies to store it in Russia.
    (AP, 9/26/17)

2017        Sep 27, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was destroying its last chemical weapons, hailing the move as a "historic event" and accusing the United States of not following suit.
    (AFP, 9/27/17)
2017        Sep 27, A Russian court found Ilmi Umerov (60), a Crimean dissident opposed to Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea, guilty of separatism and sentenced him to two years in a prison colony. Umerov, who suffers from Parkinson's disease and attacks of high blood pressure, was deputy head of the Crimean Tatars' semi-official Mejlis legislature before it was suspended by Moscow after it took control of the peninsula in 2014.
    (Reuters, 9/27/17)

2017        Sep 28, Russia’s Pres. Vladimir Putin visited Turkey for talks that focused on Iraq, Syria and bilateral trade.
    (SFC, 9/29/17, p.A2)
2017        Sep 28, The Russian Foreign Ministry told the United States to step back from a confrontation over military observation flights before the two countries became embroiled in another round of tit-for-tat retaliatory measures.
    (AP, 9/28/17)
2017        Sep 28, Ukraine's Commander in Chief Viktor Muzhenko said Russia has withdrawn only a few units from Belarus and had lied about how many of its soldiers were there in the first place. A Belarussian defense ministry spokesman later said the last train of Russian troops and equipment had left Belarus today.
    (Reuters, 9/29/17)(Reuters, 9/30/17)

2017        Sep 29, Russian police took opposition leader Alexei Navalny into custody in Moscow and detained his associates in a city where he was heading for a rally.
    (AP, 9/29/17)
2017        Sep 29, A Russian soldier fired his Kalashnikov rifle at his comrades waiting to have target practice at a base outside the town of Belogorsk near the border with China and then fled. The soldier offered resistance to arrest and was shot dead early the next day following a massive manhunt.
    (AP, 9/30/17)
2017        Sep 29, Shareholders in Rosneft, a Russia energy giant, appointed Germany’s ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroder as a board director.
    (http://tinyurl.com/y7srpcpj)(Econ, 9/16/17, p.64)

2017        Oct 1, North Korea opened a second internet connection with the outside world, this time via Russia, a move which cyber security experts said could give Pyongyang greater capability to conduct cyber attacks. Dyn Research, which monitors international internet traffic flows, said it had seen Russian telecommunications company TransTeleCom routing North Korean traffic since about 0908 GMT today.
    (Reuters, 10/2/17)

2017        Oct 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the president of Turkmenistan on a rare visit to the gas-rich Central Asian nation.
    (AP, 10/2/17)
2017        Oct 2, A Russian court sentenced opposition leader Alexei Navalny for 20 days for calling for an unsanctioned protest.
    (SFC, 10/3/17, p.A2)

2017        Oct 3, Russia carried out airstrikes in Syria that it later said critically wounded Abu Mohammed al-Golani, leader of the al-Qaida-linked Levant Liberation Committee. 12 other militant commanders were also believed killed.
    (SFC, 10/5/17, p.A2)
2017        Oct 3, Islamic State released a video that it said showed two Russian soldiers captured by its fighters in the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor, where Russia has been backing the Syrian military against militants.
    (Reuters, 10/3/17)

2017        Oct 4, In Russia jailed government critic Alexei Navalny called on his supporters to hold street protests this weekend across Russia, in defiance of an official ban, to demand that Navalny be allowed to run in next year's presidential election.
    (Reuters, 10/4/17)
2017        Oct 4, Russia said it will retaliate tit-for-tat over a new Canadian law that will impose sanctions on officials from Russia and other nations considered guilty of human rights violations.
    (Reuters, 10/4/17)
2017        Oct 4, In Moscow Venezuelan Pres. Nicolas Maduro met with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and thanked him for his political and diplomatic support in difficult times. Putin said Russia would continue its economic cooperation with Venezuela, including on major projects.
    (Reuters, 10/4/17)
2017        Oct 4, A Greek court ruled to extradite Russian cybercrime suspect Alexander Vinnik to the US, where he is wanted in connection with a $4 billion bitcoin fraud case.
    (AP, 10/4/17)
2017        Oct 4, An official document issued by the Russian consulate in Damascus showed that at least 131 Russian citizens died in Syria in the first nine months of this year.
    (Reuters, 10/27/17)

2017        Oct 5, The Russian Defense Ministry said its submarines have fired 10 cruise missiles at Islamic State positions outside the eastern Syrian town of Mayadeen, one of the last major IS strongholds in the country.
    (AP, 10/5/17)
2017        Oct 5, Saudi Arabia signed preliminary agreements to buy S-400 air defence systems and receive "cutting edge technologies" from Russia during King Salman's landmark visit to Moscow.
    (AFP, 10/5/17)

2017        Oct 6, In Russia more than 130 fake bomb calls prompted the evacuation of some 100,000 people in the Moscow area.
    (SFC, 10/7/17, p.A2)
2017        Oct 6, In Russia at least 16 people were killed when a train slammed into a bus that had broken down on a level crossing near the town of Pokrov, east of Moscow.
    (AFP, 10/6/17)

2017        Oct 7, In Russia supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny rallied across the country, heeding his call to pressure authorities into letting him enter the presidential race with a wave of demonstrations on President Vladimir Putin's 65th birthday. Riot police detained at least 10 opposition protesters in central St Petersburg.
    (AP, 10/7/17)(Reuters, 10/7/17)
2017        Oct 7, Russia’s defence ministry said some 120 Islamic State fighters and 60 foreign mercenaries were killed in a series of Russian air strikes in Syria over the past 24 hours. The ministry also said three senior IS commanders including Omar al-Shishani had been confirmed dead as a result of an earlier Russian strike. The Pentagon said in 2016 the notorious fighter had been killed by American troops in Iraq.
    (AFP, 10/7/17)

2017        Oct 9, It was reported that Google has discovered Russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads on its YouTube, Gmail and Google Search products in an effort to meddle in the 2016 US presidential election.
    (Reuters, 10/9/17)
2017        Oct 9, Ukraine's chief prosecutor blamed Vladimir Tyurin, a Russian crime lord linked to Russia's security agency, for ordering the killing of renegade Russian lawmaker Denis Voronenkov last March.
    (AP, 10/9/17)

2017        Oct 10, Russia said it had dropped accusations against CNN International of violating Russian media law and the US channel could continue broadcasting in Russia.
    (Reuters, 10/10/17)
2017        Oct 10, In Syria a Russian military jet crashed while taking off from the Hmeymim air base in an incident that killed its two-man crew.
    (Reuters, 10/10/17)

2017        Oct 11, Russia’s domestic security agency said it has detained six people in Crimea accused of involvement in an extremist organization, a move described by one of the suspects' lawyer as part of Moscow's crackdown on the Crimean Tatars.
    (AP, 10/11/17)

2017        Oct 12, A group of senior officers from the general staff of the Russian armed forces could not attend the joint briefing with the Chinese military at the UN in NYC because they were not issued US visas.
    (AP, 10/13/17)

2017        Oct 13, Russia successfully launched a satellite into orbit that will monitor Europe's atmosphere, helping to study air pollution. The European Space Agency's Sentinel-5P satellite was launched by a Rokot missile from the northwestern Plesetsk launch pad.
    (AP, 10/13/17)
2017        Oct 13, On four voyages between Oct. 13, 2017, and May 7, 2018, the Russian Tantal tanker gave its destination as the Chinese port of Ningbo when it set sail. It then met up in international waters with a North Korean vessel to which it transferred its cargo of fuel.
    (Reuters, 2/26/19)

2017        Oct 14, An unmanned Russian cargo ship was launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, to take supplies to the six astronauts aboard the International Space Station.
    (AP, 10/14/17)

2017        Oct 15, Russia resumed sea trips to isolated North Korea after a two-month break. The ferry line, the only one between the two countries, was opened in May to carry passengers, predominantly Chinese tourists, and cargoes. It stopped operating in August because the port in Vladivostok refused to provide services to the vessel after the company failed to pay for them.
    (Reuters, 10/16/17)

2017        Oct 16, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a decree imposing restrictions on North Korea in order to comply with a UN Security Council resolution introduced in response to Pyongyang's missile tests in late 2016.
    (Reuters, 10/16/17)

2017        Oct 18, Ksenia Sobchak (35), a celebrity Russian TV host, announced her intention to run in the March 2018 election. She is the daughter of Anatoly Sobchak, the reformist St. Petersburg mayor in the early 1990s. President Vladimir Putin once worked as her father's deputy.
    (AP, 10/19/17)

2017        Oct 20, Russia formally handed over six MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia, part of an arms delivery that has the potential to accentuate tensions in the war-weary Balkans.
    (AP, 10/20/17)

2017        Oct 22, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was released from detention after spending around three weeks in jail.
    (Reuters, 10/22/17)

2017        Oct 23, In Russia Tatyana Felgengauer (32), a presenter for the Echo of Moscow radio station, suffered a knife attack after a suspect entered the radio station's building in central Moscow and blinded the security guard with a spray. The attacker, identified as Boris Grits (48), was caught.
    (AFP, 10/23/17)(AP, 11/8/17)

2017        Oct 24, Russia cast a veto at the UN Security Council preventing the renewal of the mandate to a mission that investigates the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The mission's mandate is due to expire in mid-November.
    (Reuters, 10/24/17)

2017        Oct 23, In Chechnya a Russian National Guard officer killed four other servicemen before he was killed by guards in Shelkovskaya.
    (SFC, 10/24/17, p.A2)

2017        Oct 25, Crimean Tatar activists Ilmi Umerov and Ahtem Chiygoz, who opposed to Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region, were released from prison and flown to Turkey. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko thanked Turkey's president for helping broker the release.
    (AP, 10/25/17)(Reuters, 10/27/17)

2017        Oct 26, Norwegian rescuers searched for a Russian helicopter which went down with eight people on board at sea off the coast of the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. On Oct. 29 Norwegian rescue officials said the wreckage of the Russian helicopter has been located on the seabed east of Cape Heer.
    (Reuters, 10/26/17)(AP, 10/29/17)
2017        Oct 26, Twitter Inc accused Russian media outlets Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik of interfering in the 2016 U.S. election and banned them from buying ads on its network, after criticism in the United States that the social network had not done enough to deter international meddling.
    (Reuters, 10/27/17)

2017        Oct 27, In China Vlada Dzyuba (14), a Russian model, died after working on a photo shoot in Yiwu, about 300 km (186 miles) south of Shanghai. A Chinese modeling agency that hired the girl denied media reports that a "slave contract" contributed to the teen's sudden death.
    (AP, 10/30/17)

2017        Oct 29, Hundreds of Russians gathered in central Moscow to honor the victims of Stalin-era purges, with many calling for the release of jailed activist Yury Dmitriyev, who researched mass graves. Dmitriyev (61) was arrested last year and accused of producing pornography, charges he denied.
    (AFP, 10/29/17)

2017        Oct 30, Russian journalist Ekaterina Gordon (37) became the second woman to enter the country's presidential race, saying she wanted to use the election to campaign for the rights of single mothers and children.
    (Reuters, 10/30/17)

2017        Oct 31, The Russian submarine “Veliky Novgorod" launched three "Kalibr" missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria's Deir al-Zor province.
    (Reuters, 10/31/17)
2017        Oct 31, The US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control published an amendment which bans US entities from helping sanctioned Russian oil companies in exploration or production for deepwater, Arctic offshore, or shale projects anywhere in the world.
    (Reuters, 11/2/17)

2017        Nov 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Iran for trilateral talks with Tehran and Azerbaijan.
    (AP, 11/1/17)
2017        Nov 1, The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that six long-range bombers struck Islamic State positions in Deir al-Zor province.
    (Reuters, 11/1/17)

2017        Nov 2, Russia dismissed a report by a UN-led panel that blamed the Syrian regime for the April 4 sarin gas attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhun as "superficial and unprofessional".
    (AFP, 11/2/17)
2017        Nov 2, In Syria six Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers struck Islamic State targets near the town of Abu Kemal.
    (Reuters, 11/2/17)

2017        Nov 3, Russia's top domestic security agency said it has detained a group of suspects accused of planning firebomb attacks on official buildings. It said the suspects belonged to the Artpodgotovka (Artillery Bombardment) group founded by opposition activist Vyacheslav Maltsev, a former regional legislator from Saratov. He unsuccessfully ran for the federal parliament in 2016 and left Russia during the summer. In October he was arrested in absentia on extremism charges.
    (AP, 11/3/17)
2017        Nov 3, The Tversky court in Moscow confirmed that opposition leader Alexei Navalny has filed a lawsuit against Pres. Vladimir Putin over repeated refusals by authorities to sanction rallies for his supporters.
    (SFC, 11/4/17, p.A2)
2017        Nov 3, The Russian Defense Ministry said that six Tu-22M bombers unloaded bombs on IS targets near Boukamal. Two Russian submarines in the Mediterranean also launched six cruise missiles at IS targets.
    (AP, 11/3/17)
2017        Nov 3, Russia’s FSB, the successor to the Soviet-era KGB, said on its web site that it had arrested all the members of Artpodgotovka, an anti-government movement in the Moscow region, and seized 15 bottles of Molotov cocktail. It said the group had planned extremists actions on Nov. 4-5 Unity Day weekend.
    (Reuters, 11/5/17)
2017        Nov 3, Russian authorities said they were investigating whether 141 Baikal earless seals starved to death after their carcasses began washing up last weekend on the shoreline of Lake Baikal.
    (AP, 11/3/17)
2017        Nov 3, Canada banned and froze assets of 30 Russians linked to the case of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in prison after exposing a $230-million tax fraud. Russia quickly reacted to the sanctions by announcing "mirror-image" measures.
    (AFP, 11/4/17)

2017        Nov 4, Russian riot police detained dozens of people at a nationalist anti-Kremlin march on a public holiday known as the Day of National Unity. Some 200-300 people participated In the march.
    (AFP, 11/4/17)
2017        Nov 4, Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers struck Islamic State targets near the town of Albu Kamal in Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/4/17)
2017        Nov 4, A Russian helicopter was raised from the seabed where it had crashed last month off Norway's Arctic Svalbard archipelago with eight people on board. None of the missing people were inside the helicopter that went down Oct. 26.
    (AP, 11/4/17)

2017        Nov 5, Russian security services said they had detained 263 people in the center of Moscow for "breach of public order".
    (Reuters, 11/5/17)

2017        Nov 6, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross denied wrongdoing over business ties to a shipping firm linked to Vladimir Putin's inner circle, detailed in a vast leak of financial documents that also revealed Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's investments in tax havens. The findings emerged as part of the Paradise Papers released by the US-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which was behind the Panama Papers made public last year.
    (AFP, 11/6/17)

2017        Nov 7, In Russia thousands of Communist party members and supporters marched across downtown Moscow to mark the centennial of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution even as the Russian government ignored the anniversary.
    (AP, 11/7/17)
2017        Nov 7, Estonian prosecutors said a Russian citizen was detained over the weekend over suspicions of spying and preparing a computer crime on behalf of Russia's domestic security agency.
    (AP, 11/7/17)   

2017        Nov 8, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Moscow opposed a draft UN resolution to extend the mandate of the investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/8/17)
2017        Nov 8, Moscow's finance minister said Venezuela has agreed to Russia's terms for restructuring its debt. As of 2016 Venezuela's official debt to Moscow stood at $2.8 billion.
    (AFP, 11/8/17)

2017        Nov 9, In Russia at least three people were killed when a corner section of a nine-storey residential building collapsed due to a suspected gas explosion in the provincial city of Izhevsk.
    (AP, 11/9/17)
2017        Nov 9, Four more Russian cross-country skiers were found guilty of doping at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, including three-time silver medalist Maxim Vylegzhanin, and were banned from all future Olympics. President Vladimir Putin disputed the bans, saying that United States interests were trying to use doping scandals to discredit his government and influence the country's presidential election in March.
    (AP, 11/9/17)
2017        Nov 9, Britain accused Russia of carrying out a "thinly veiled political attack" on the head of the world's chemical weapons watchdog, escalating a row over the agency's investigation into toxic attacks in Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/9/17)
2017        Nov 9, A report by France's nuclear safety agency said an apparent accident at a Russian facility is suspected of causing a recent spike in radioactivity in the air over much of Europe. It said the release of the isotope Ruthenium-106 posed no health or environmental risks to European countries. The Ruthenium appeared to come from an accident in late September involving nuclear fuel or the production of radioactive material.
    (AP, 11/10/17)

2017        Nov 10, In Vietnam on the sidelines of the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit President Donald Trump used a speech to denounce multi-nation agreements embraced by the region and deliver what appeared to be a rebuke to China, railing against trade practices he says have put Americans out of work. Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin shook hands at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit dinner. Chinese President Xi Jinping said nations need to stay committed to economic openness or risk being left behind.
    (AP, 11/10/17)(Reuters, 11/10/17)
2017        Nov 10, In Vietnam Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte thanked Moscow for its "timely assistance" in defeating pro-Islamic State militants who took over a southern city for months, expressing his willingness to buy Russian weapons on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Duterte also defended his country’s brutal crackdown on drugs and said that at age 16 he had killed a person.
    (Reuters, 11/10/17)(SFC, 11/11/17, p.A2)

2017        Nov 11, US President Donald Trump said he believed President Vladimir Putin when he denied accusations that Russia meddled in last year's US election after the two met briefly at the APEC summit in Vietnam and agreed a statement on Syria.
    (AP, 11/11/17)

2017        Nov 12, Turkey said its purchase of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles has been completed. Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said Ankara is still discussing a further deal with a European consortium to help it develop its own missile defense system.
    (Reuters, 11/12/17)

2017        Nov 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks focusing on the situation in Syria.
    (AP, 11/13/17)
2017        Nov 13, Spain's defense and foreign ministers said they had evidence that state and private-sector Russian groups, as well as groups in Venezuela, used Twitter, Facebook and other Internet sites to massively publicize the separatist cause and swing public opinion behind it in the run-up to the Oct. 1 referendum.
    (Reuters, 11/13/17)

2017        Nov 14, Russia's top domestic security agency detained 69 suspected members of an outlawed Islamic group during a raid near Moscow.
    (AP, 11/14/17)
2017        Nov 14, Human Rights Watch said Russian authorities have intensified a crackdown on Crimean Tatars in an apparent bid to silence dissent on the Black Sea Peninsula.
    (SFC, 11/16/17, p.A2)

2017        Nov 15, The Russian Finance Ministry says it has signed a deal to restructure Venezuela's debt.
    (AP, 11/15/17)
2017        Nov 15, In Syria six Russian long-range bombers struck Islamic State targets near the town of Albu Kamal in Deir al-Zor Province.
    (Reuters, 11/15/17)

2017        Nov 16, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree which said Russia's armed forces numbered just over 1.9 million people, including over 1 million military servicemen.
    (Reuters, 11/17/17)
2017        Nov 16, Russia named nine US government-sponsored news outlets likely to be labeled "foreign agents" under a new law that is being rushed through parliament in response to what Moscow says is unacceptable US pressure on Russian media.
    (Reuters, 11/16/17)
2017        Nov 16, In central Russia at least 14 people were killed in a collision involving a bus and a logging truck in the Mariy El region.
    (AP, 11/16/17)

2017        Nov 17, Russia cast a second veto in as many days at the United Nations Security Council to block the renewal of a probe to identify the perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks in Syria.
    (AFP, 11/17/17)
2017        Nov 17, In Syria six Russian long-range bombers struck Islamic State targets near the town of Albu Kamal in Deir al-Zor province.
    (AP, 11/17/17)

2017        Nov 19, In Turkey top diplomats from Iran, Russia and Turkey met in Antalya to discuss the civil war in Syria ahead of a three-way summit in the Russian city of Sochi Nov. 22.
    (AFP, 11/19/17)

2017        Nov 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad for three hours of talks to lay the groundwork for a new push by Moscow to end Syria's conflict now that Islamic State's territorial caliphate is overrun.
    (Reuters, 11/21/17)
2017        Nov 20, French police arrested Suleiman Kerimov (51), a Russian businessman and lawmaker, at Nice airport in connection with a French tax evasion case. Kerimov built his multi-billion natural resources business through a combination of debt, an appetite for risk, and political connections.
    (Reuters, 11/22/17)

2017        Nov 21, The Russian Meteorological Service said in a statement that it recorded the release of Ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals in late September and classified it as "extremely high contamination." Rosatom's Mayak plant nuclear fuel processing plant, denied it was the source of contamination.
    (AP, 11/21/17)

2017        Nov 22, Vladimir Putin called for "concessions and compromise" from all parties in Syria's six-year conflict as he kicked off a key summit in Sochi with the leaders of Turkey and Iran aimed at reviving stuttering peace negotiations.
    (AFP, 11/22/17)
2017        Nov 22, Two more Russian athletes were stripped of their Olympic medals from the 2014 Sochi Games, leaving the United States as the country with the most medals.
    (AP, 11/22/17)

2017        Nov 23, Meeting in Russia Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide and war crimes, asked Russia's Vladimir Putin to protect his country from the United States. Bashir also said he wanted to ramp up military ties and praised Moscow's military campaign in Syria.
    (AFP, 11/23/17)

2017        Nov 24, Russia's Defense Ministry said six TU-22M3 long-range bombers had carried out air strikes on Islamic State targets on the western bank of the Euphrates river in Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/24/17)

2017        Nov 25, Russia’s RIA news agency reported that President Vladimir Putin has signed a law which will allow authorities to list foreign media operating in Russia as "foreign agents".
    (Reuters, 11/25/17)
2017        Nov 25, Russian Defense Ministry said Russian long-range bombers hit Islamic State targets in the northeast of Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/25/17)

2017        Nov 26, Syrian government airstrikes and shelling outside Damascus killed at least 23 civilians. Six Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers hit Islamic State targets in Deir al-Zor province. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes on Al-Shaafa, an Islamic State-held village, killed 34 civilians, including 15 children.
    (AP, 11/26/17)(Reuters, 11/26/17)(AFP, 11/26/17)

2017        Nov 28, Russian weather satellite Meteor M 2-1 and nearly 20 micro-satellites from various nations failed to enter their designated orbits following the launch from Russia's new Vostochny launch pad in the Far East. It wasn't immediately clear if they fell into the ocean or were stranded in low orbit.
    (AP, 11/28/17)

2017        Nov 29, Kremlin-backed RT published a letter from the Executive Committee of the Congressional Radio And Television Correspondents Gallery saying the channel's Congressional press credentials had been withdrawn due to its registration as a foreign agent in the United States.
    (Reuters, 11/30/17)
2017        Nov 29, Washington urged tough action at an emergency meeting of the Security Council held today to respond to North Korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s call for nations to "cut off all ties with North Korea" was rejected by Moscow.
    (AFP, 11/30/17)

2017        Nov 30, Russia's government published a draft agreement between Russia and Egypt allowing both countries to use each other's air space and air bases for their military planes. The draft was set out in a decree, signed by PM Dmitry Medvedev on Nov. 28.
    (Reuters, 11/30/17)
2017        Nov 30, Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev said Moscow was already preparing to withdraw its military contingent from Syria.
    (Reuters, 11/30/17)
2017        Nov 30, Denmark passed a law that could allow it to ban Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from going through its waters on grounds of security or foreign policy.
    (Reuters, 11/30/17)

2017        Dec 1, In Russia Leonid Volkov, the campaign chief of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was jailed for 30 days over an unauthorized Sept. 29 rally. Volkov has already served four days of his sentence and is set to be released on December 26.
    (AFP, 12/1/17)
2017        Dec 1, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that a US threat to destroy North Korea in the event of a war was "a bloodthirsty tirade" and that military action against Pyongyang would be a big mistake.
    (Reuters, 12/1/17)
2017        Dec 1, Russia’s Defense Ministry said six Russian long-range bombers have hit Islamic State targets in Syria's Deir al-Zor province.
    (Reuters, 12/1/17)
2017        Dec 1, Ukraine head Patriarch Filaret said the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will never return to Russia's fold, accusing Moscow of "lying."
    (AFP, 12/1/17)

2017        Dec 5, Russia named Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and seven affiliated news services as foreign agents. The Russian parliament prepared to ban the organizations from attending its sessions in response to similar US actions against English-language Russian network RT.
    (SFC, 12/6/17, p.A2)
2017        Dec 5, Russia arrested Norwayian pensioner Frode Berg, a former guard working on the Norwegian-Russian border. FSB security service later said it caught the Norwegian taking secret documents about the Russian Navy from a Russian citizen.
    (Reuters, 12/19/17)

2017        Dec 6, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced he would seek re-election in March 2018, a contest opinion polls show he will win comfortably.
    (Reuters, 12/6/17)
2017        Dec 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his government will allow Russians to compete as neutral athletes at the upcoming games in South Korea. The International Olympic Committee has banned the Russian team from games as punishment for doping violations at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
    (AP, 12/6/17)

2017        Dec 8, Russian authorities denied that a radioactivity spike in the air over Europe this fall resulted from a nuclear fuel processing plant leak in the Ural mountains, saying their probe has found no release of radioactivity there.
    (AP, 12/7/17)

2017        Dec 9, Russia said it was fully committed to a Cold War-era pact with the United States banning intermediate-range cruise missiles, a day after Washington accused Moscow of violating the treaty.
    (Reuters, 12/9/17)

2017        Dec 11, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin flew into Syria and ordered "a significant part" of Moscow's military contingent there to start withdrawing, declaring their work largely done. Putin added that Russia would keep the Hmeymim air base in Syria's Latakia Province and its naval facility in the port of Tartous.  The Russian defense ministry has said 41 of its troops have died in Syria. The St. Petersburg-based website Fontanka has said 73 private contractors have been killed fighting in Syria.
    (Reuters, 12/11/17)(Reuters, 12/12/17)(SFC, 12/13/17, p.A3)
2017        Dec 11, Bulgaria said it has asked Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG to overhaul and maintain its 15 aged MiG-29 fighter jets in a four-year deal worth up to 81.3 million levs ($49 million).
    (Reuters, 12/11/17)
2017        Dec 11, Egypt and Russia signed a final contract for the building of Egypt's first nuclear power plant, during a visit to Cairo by President Vladimir Putin.
    (AFP, 12/11/17)

2017        Dec 12, Russia suspended its diplomatic presence in Yemen and all its staff left the country due to the situation in the capital Sanaa. Russia’s foreign ministry said some diplomatic staff will be working temporarily out of the Saudi capital Riyadh.
    (AP, 12/12/17)

2017        Dec 13, A senior executive at the Russian nuclear processing plant suspected of being behind a spike of radioactivity over Europe this fall admitted that the Ruthenium-106 isotope recorded does emerge as part of the plant's production cycle but said its levels are negligible.
    (AP, 12/13/17)
2017        Dec 13, Russia's FSB security service began detaining members of an Islamic State cell who had been planning attacks in public places. Over the next 24 hours seven members of the group were detained in St Petersburg.
    (Reuters, 12/15/17)

2017        Dec 14, The EU extended sanctions against Russia because of the stalled peace process in the Ukraine.
    (SFC, 12/15/17, p.A2)
2017        Dec 14, Three astronauts returned to Earth from the Int’l. Space Station (ISS) after nearly six month in orbit. A Russian Soyuz capsule landed in Kazakhstan with NASA’s Randy Bresnik, Russia’s Sergey Ryazansky and Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency.
    (SFC, 12/15/17, p.A4)

2017        Dec 15, The Russian Central Bank said it has started bailout proceedings for private lender Promsvyazbank, the country’s ninth-largest lender.
    (AP, 12/15/17)
2017        Dec 15, In Russia former economy minister Alexei Ulyukayev was found guilty of soliciting a $2 million bribe and sentenced to eight years in jail, in a case that has shone a rare light on infighting among the elite ahead of a presidential election.
    (Reuters, 12/15/17)
2017        Dec 15, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said seven suspected followers of the Islamic State have been arrested for allegedly planning to carry out terror attacks in St. Petersburg. The arrests were enabled by information provided by America’s CIA.
    (SFC, 12/18/17, p.A2)
2017        Dec 15, Russia and Egypt signed a deal in Moscow to resume flights between Moscow and Cairo starting from February, after more than a two-year break.
    (AP, 12/15/17)

2017        Dec 17, Russian security operatives killed three suspected militants in a raid in the village of Gubden, Dagestan province.
    (AP, 12/17/17)
2017        Dec 17, In Kazakhstan a Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts from Russia, Japan and the US blasted off for a two-day trip to the Int’l. Space Station. Anton Shkaplerov, Norishige Kanai and Scott Tingle will join Russia's Alexander Misurkin and Joe Acaba and Mark Vandde Hei of NASA, who have been aboard since September.
    (AP, 12/17/17)

2017        Dec 18, The Russian foreign ministry said it was recalling officers serving at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) in Ukraine, accusing the Ukrainian side of obstructing their work and limiting access to the front line.
    (AP, 12/20/17)
2017        Dec 18, Russian agriculture safety watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor banned all imports of agricultural products from Sri Lanka starting today, saying it found an insect known as the Khapra beetle in the packaging of a consignment of Sri Lankan tea. The beetle is one of the world's most destructive pests for grain and seed products.
    (AP, 12/20/17)
2017        Dec 18, Moldova recalled its ambassador to Russia for consultations in response to the harassment and intimidation by Russian authorities of Moldovan politicians and officials. The Chisinau government says its officials are being mistreated partly to derail a Moldovan investigation into an alleged Russian-led money laundering operation.
    (Reuters, 12/18/17)

2017        Dec 20, In Russia Maria Alekhina, an activist from the punk collective Pussy Riot, and two photographers were detained during a protest outside the headquarters of the FSB, the main intelligence agency in Moscow, after unfurling a placard saying "Happy birthday, butchers!".
    (AP, 12/20/17)
2017        Dec 20, The US Treasury Dept. said it is slapping five Russians with sanctions under the Magnitsky Act.
    (SFC, 12/21/17, p.A2)

2017        Dec 21, The Russian parliament voted to extend Russia's lease of a naval base in Syria for 49 years, following Vladimir Putin's announcement of a partial pullout of Russian troops from the war-torn country.
    (AP, 12/21/17)
2017        Dec 21, Russia's Rosatom nuclear agency signed an agreement in Khartoum to build a nuclear power plant in Sudan, a month after a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir.
    (AFP, 12/22/17)

2017        Dec 22, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said a total of 48,000 of Russian troops have taken part in Moscow's military campaign in Syria.
    (AP, 12/22/17)
2017        Dec 22, A group of Russian scientists sounded the alarm over what they said were attempts by Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the security service (FSB), to openly justify Stalin's mass purges, the first such attempt in decades.
    (AFP, 12/23/17)

2017        Dec 23, President Vladimir Putin presented his vision for modernizing Russia, while some of his challengers in next March's presidential vote were formally nominated for the race. He pledged to offer broader incentives for business, fight corruption and pour extra resources into the underfunded health care and education system.
    (AP, 12/23/17)

2017        Dec 24, In Russia more than 15,000 people nationwide endorsed the candidacy of Alexei Navalny (41), seen as the only Russian opposition leader who stands a fighting chance of challenging strongman Vladimir Putin in a March vote.
    (AP, 12/24/17)

2017        Dec 25, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was barred from running in next year's presidential election after officials ruled he was ineligible to take part due to a suspended prison sentence he says was trumped up. Navalny said he would appeal and called on his supporters to boycott the election and campaign against it being held.
    (Reuters, 12/25/17)
2017        Dec 25, In Russia four people were killed when a Moscow bus ploughed into a pedestrian underpass in the west of the city.
    (AFP, 12/25/17)

2017        Dec 26, Russia’s defense minister said it has started establishing a permanent military presence at naval and air bases in Syria, as parliament ratified a deal with Damascus to cement Russian presence in the country.
    (Reuters, 12/26/17)
2017        Dec 26, Angola’s Russian-built AngoSat 1 satellite successfully entered orbit after launch from the Baikonur pad in Kazakhstan, but experts couldn't immediately establish contact. By Dec. 29 state-run Energia company engineers established communications with the craft and received data indicating that all its systems are operating properly.
    (AP, 12/29/17)

2017        Dec 27, In Russia opposition leader Alexei Navalny announced a series of rallies across the country in January to press home his call for a boycott of next year's presidential election, a move likely to draw a sharp response from the Kremlin and police.
    (Reuters, 12/27/17)
2017        Dec 27, Russia said it will supply Turkey with four batteries of S-400 surface-to-air missiles for $2.5 billion under a deal that is almost complete. The deal has caused concern in the West because Turkey is a member of NATO, but the Russian missile system cannot be integrated into NATO's military architecture.
    (Reuters, 12/27/17)
2017        Dec 27, In Russia Ilya Averyanov, a factory's former director, opened fire in the Moscow pastry factory, wounding a guard. He reportedly shot in self defence to stop people taking the factory from him. Averyanov fled the scene but was arrested the next day.
    (Reuters, 12/27/17)(Reuters, 12/28/17)
2017        Dec 27, Russia’s RIA news agency reported that Moscow will limit the scope of US military observation flights over Russia from Jan. 1 next year in retaliation for US curbs on similar Russian flights over the United States.
    (Reuters, 12/27/17)
2017        Dec 27, In Russia an explosion injured 18 people in a branch of the Perekrestok supermarket chain. Investigators opened a criminal case into the blast, which they say was caused by a homemade bomb packed with pieces of metal.
    (Reuters, 12/28/17)(SSFC, 12/31/17, p.A4)

2017        Dec 28, In Russia Andrei Rudomakha, head of the Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus NGO, and a group of activists were assaulted late today in Krasnodar upon returning from the Black Sea coastal city of Gelendzhik where they were documenting the illegal construction of a mansion for high-ranking officials.
    (AP, 12/29/17)

2017        Dec 29, A Moscow court sentenced William Browder, the financier who has advocated for a US law targeting Russian officials over human rights abuses, to nine years in prison in absentia over tax evasion and funneling money overseas. The Tverskoy District Court also sentenced Browder's associate Ivan Cherkasov to eight years in prison for avoiding taxes and illegally funneling funds overseas.
    (AP, 12/29/17)
2017        Dec 29, Turkey and Russia signed an accord for Moscow to supply Ankara with S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries, finalizing a deal set to deepen military ties between NATO member Turkey and the Kremlin.
    (Reuters, 12/29/17)

2017        Dec 30, Russia's Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny against a decision by the country's central election commission to bar him from taking part in next year's presidential election.
    (Reuters, 12/30/17)
2017        Dec 30, Russia's main domestic security agency said it has arrested a man suspected of setting off the Dec. 27 explosion at a supermarket in St. Petersburg.
    (AP, 12/30/17)
2017        Dec 30, Two senior Western European security sources said Russian tankers have supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea. The Russian Foreign Ministry denied claims that UN sanctions against North Korea had been breached by Russian tankers transferring fuel to North Korean tankers at sea.
    (Reuters, 12/30/17)(AP, 12/30/17)

2017        Dec 31, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a law doubling the penalty for false reports of impending explosions or fire to a possible 10 years in prison.
    (AP, 12/31/17)
2017        Dec 31, In Syria a Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed on New Year's Eve killing both pilots following a technical fault.
    (AFP, 1/3/18)
2017        Dec 31, In western Syria two Russian service personnel were killed in a mortar attack on the Hmeimim base.
    (Reuters, 1/8/18)

2017        Jonathan Miles, a British cultural historian, authored “St. Petersburg: Three Centuries of Murderous Desire."
    (Econ 7/29/17, p.72)

2018        Jan 4, Pres. Vladimir Putin authorized the resumption of regular Russian airline flights to Cairo, according to a document published on the Moscow government's website. It said the clearance for flights to resume was effective from Jan. 2.
    (Reuters, 1/4/18)
2018        Jan 4, In Russia at least 10 people were killed in a warehouse fire in Chernoretsky village, Siberia. The dead were believed to be workers from China and Kyrgyzstan.
    (AP, 1/4/18)
2018        Jan 4, In Syria at least 30 civilians were killed when Russian jets dropped bombs on the Eastern Ghouta residential area, a besieged rebel enclave east of Damascus.
    (Reuters, 1/4/18)

2018        Jan 6, Russia's Supreme Court turned down an appeal by opposition politician Alexei Navalny to overturn a controversial ruling barring him from running in the March presidential election against Vladimir Putin.
    (AFP, 1/6/18)
2018        Jan 6, Syrian regime and Russian air strikes on Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held enclave near Damascus, killed at least 17 civilians. In western Syria militants used 13 drones to attack Russia’s Hmeimim air base and Tartus naval base.
    (AFP, 1/6/18)(Reuters, 1/8/18)

2018        Jan 12, The Russian military said it has eliminated a group of rebels that had attacked Russia's air base in Syria, and destroyed a rebel facility for assembling drones in Idlib.
    (AP, 1/12/18)

2018        Jan 13, Russia deployed a new division of S-400 surface-to-air missiles in Crimea, in an escalation of military tensions on the Crimean peninsula.
    (AP, 1/13/18)

2018        Jan 17, In Russia masked attackers torched the office of the prominent Russian rights group Memorial in the region of Ingushetia, the latest escalation of tensions between the activists and officials in the North Caucasus.
    (AP, 1/17/18)

2018        Jan 18, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said that police were raiding his campaign headquarters in Saint Petersburg as he pressed ahead with a call for a boycott of presidential polls.
    (AFP,  1/18/18)
2018        Jan 18, In Lithuania the commercial television station TV3 was reportedly hacked late today and shortly after that a fake news story appeared on the channel's website accusing Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis of sexually harassing a local radio journalist. The IP address of the hacker was traced to St. Petersburg, Russia.
    (AP, 1/19/18)

2018        Jan 20, Russia said it has relocated Russian military operational group and military police from Syria's Afrin where Turkey has started its military operation against the Kurds.
    (Reuters, 1/20/18)

2018        Jan 22, A Moscow district court ordered the closure of the foundation crucial to the failed election campaign of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (AP, 1/22/18)

2018        Jan 23, Russia's Culture Ministry banned a satirical film about Soviet leader Josef Stalin's death from movie theaters following criticism from communists and others that the British-French production made a mockery of Russia's history. Scottish writer-director Armando Iannucci's "The Death of Stalin" film premiered in Britain in October and was scheduled to open in Russia on January 25.
    (AP, 1/23/18)

2018        Jan 24, Russia’s Supreme Court overturned an earlier Moscow court's decision to send Khudoberdy Nurmatov back to Uzbekistan, which has shown little tolerance to dissent. Nurmatov fled the country in 2008 after he was allegedly tortured and coerced into collaborating with security agencies.
    (AP, 1/24/18)   
2018        Jan 24, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny took his battle with President Vladimir Putin back to Europe's top rights court, complaining of his repeated arrests ahead of elections in March.
    (AFP, 1/24/18)

2018        Jan 25, It was reported that a Reuters investigation has found that major global technology providers SAP, Symantec and McAfee have allowed Russian authorities to hunt for vulnerabilities in software deeply embedded across the US government.
    (Reuters, 1/25/18)
2018        Jan 25, The United States called on Russia and Myanmar to reconsider a reported agreement for the supply of six Russian fighter planes and potential further purchases of military hardware.
    (Reuters, 1/26/18)

2018        Jan 26, Russian police officers have shown up at Moscow’s Pioner movie theater that screened a satirical film about Soviet leader Josef Stalin in defiance of an official government ban. Showing an unlicensed movie is punishable by a fine.
    (AP, 1/26/18)
2018        Jan 26, A Dutch newspaper and television show jointly reported that the Netherlands' spy service in 2014 broke into the computers used by a powerful Russian hacking group, often nicknamed Cozy Bear, and may be sitting on evidence relating to the breach of the US Democratic National Committee.
    (AP, 1/26/18)
2018        Jan 26, Three Western European intelligence sources said North Korea shipped coal to Russia last year which was then delivered to South Korea and Japan in a likely violation of UN sanctions. A US security source also confirmed the coal trade via Russia and said it was continuing.
    (Reuters, 1/26/18)

2018        Jan 28, Russian police wrestled opposition leader Alexei Navalny into a patrol wagon moments after he appeared at a rally to urge voters to boycott what he said would be a rigged presidential election in March. Protesters shouting slogans including "Putin is a thief!" gathered briefly around the Russian government's headquarters while marching through central Moscow.
    (Reuters, 1/28/18)(AP, 1/28/18)

2018        Jan 29, In Russia delegates arrived in the Black Sea resort of Sochi for peace talks aimed at ending the Syrian conflict, but hopes of progress were dimmed after the main opposition group and the Kurds said they would boycott the event.
    (AFP, 1/29/18)
2018        Jan 29, Russia's Defense Ministry called on the Syrian government to hold talks with the rebels in eastern Ghouta to arrange for the medical evacuation.
    (AP, 1/29/18)
2018        Jan 29, The US Treasury Department named top businessmen including the heads of the two of Russia's biggest banks, metals magnates and the boss of the state gas monopoly on a list of oligarchs close to Russian power. Two lists included 114 Russian politicians and 96 oligarchs.
    (Reuters, 1/30/18)

2018        Jan 30, A Syrian peace conference in Russia was marred by discord after the Russian foreign minister was heckled, an opposition delegation refused to leave the airport on arrival, and delegates squabbled over who should preside over the event.
    (Reuters, 1/30/18)
2018        Jan 30, The head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said that Russia, Kuwait and nine European countries have agreed to speed up their contributions to help fill a shortfall left by the Trump administration's decision to greatly reduce crucial US funding.
    (AP, 1/30/18)

2018        Feb 1, Russia’s PM Dmitry Medvedev approved the deployment of Russian warplanes on a disputed island near Japan.
    (Reuters, 2/2/18)
2018        Feb 1, A court in Moscow convicted former Kirov regional Gov. Nikita Belykh of taking a 400,000-euro ($500,000) bribe and sentenced him to eight years in prison.
    (AP, 2/2/18)
2018        Feb 1, Switzerland's market regulator said it has banned the Swiss affiliate of Russia's Gazprombank from taking new private clients over money laundering concerns over a 10-year period that emerged from the Panama Papers leak.
    (AP, 2/1/18)

2018        Feb 2, In Syria warplanes, believed to be Russian, hit a convoy of civilians fleeing along a major highway killing at least seven people in northwestern Idlib province.
    (Reuters, 2/3/18)
2018        Feb 2, Thailand police arrested Russian national Sergey Medvedev in Bangkok. On Feb. 7 a US indictment accused him of running an online cybercrime marketplace where everything from stolen credit card information to hardware for compromising ATM machines could be purchased. The Infraud Organization's main servers were seized in Paris on February 6.
    (AP, 2/9/18)
2018        Feb 2, The Trump administration announced it will continue much of the Obama administration's nuclear weapons policy, but take a more aggressive stance toward Russia.
    (AP, 2/3/18)

2018        Feb 3, In Syria rebels shot down a warplane in the country's northwest where government forces and their allies are advancing under the cover of intense airstrikes. A Russian pilot who ejected from his fighter jet was killed by militants after he landed alive on the ground and resisted capture by an al-Qaida-linked group. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported more than 35 airstrikes on Saraqeb over the last 24 hours.
    (AP, 2/3/18)

2018        Feb 4, In Russia heavy snow and freezing rain over the last 24 hours knocked down thousands of trees in Moscow and one person was reported killed.
    (AP, 2/4/18)

2018        Feb 5, Vladimir Shamanov, head of the Russian lower house of parliament's defense committee, said that Russia has deployed advanced nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to its Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea.
    (Reuters, 2/5/18)
2018        Feb 5, The Agora rights group presented a report in Moscow on "the creeping criminalization of the internet," in which it registered 115,706 cases of restrictions on internet freedom last year. Agora warned that the country is slowly criminalizing internet use as the security service tightens its grip.
    (AP, 2/5/18)

2018        Feb 7, In Syria about 300 men working for a Kremlin-linked Russian private military firm were either killed or injured near Deir al-Zor as US-led coalition forces attacked forces aligned with Moscow's ally. Sources later said about 100 Russian military contractors were killed in the Deir al-Zor battle. Russia later acknowledged that at least five of its citizens may have been killed. The Kremlin-linked private military organization that recruited the fighters returned bodies more than seven weeks after the battle and with official documents bearing details that people who knew them say were incorrect.
    (Reuters, 2/16/18)(SFC, 2/16/18, p.A2)(Reuters, 2/5/19)
2018        Feb 7, The US Justice Department announced indictments against 36 people accused of being active in the Infraud Organization — founded in 2010 and operated under the slogan "In Fraud We Trust" — which was an anonymous online forum that the department described as a "one-stop shop for cybercriminals." The US indictment described Russian national Sergey Medvedev (31) as the group's co-founder.
    (AP, 2/9/18)

2018        Feb 8, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny published an investigation alleging that a Russian Cabinet member received lavish hospitality from billionaire Oleg Deripaska, a tycoon who has been linked to US President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.
    (AP, 2/8/18)
2018        Feb 8, A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said North Korean workers can stay in Russia until Dec. 2019, in line with a United Nations' resolution.
    (Reuters, 2/8/18)
2018        Feb 8, Moldova’s parliament adopted a declaration condemning alleged Russian attacks on cybersecurity and accusing the Russian secret services of financing Moldovan political parties.
    (AP, 2/9/18)
2018        Feb 8, In Syria the US-led coalition and its local allies struck pro-government forces with deadly air and artillery fire overnight to repel "an unprovoked attack" near the Euphrates. The US-led coalition said it killed at least 100 pro-regime fighters to fend off an attack on its allies. It was later reported that at least four Russian private military contractors were killed in the strike.
    (Reuters, 2/8/18)(AFP, 2/8/18)(SFC, 2/14/18, p.A2)

2018        Feb 9, The Russian Federal Nuclear Center confirmed the arrest of two employees of its top nuclear research institute in Sarov for using the facility's supercomputer for crypto-currency mining.
    (AP, 2/10/18)

2018        Feb 10, Russia's National Anti-terrorism Committee said two militants have been killed in a gun battle in Ingushetia, one of whom was being sought for having fought with the Islamic State group.
    (AP, 2/10/18)
2018        Feb 10, Estonia and Russia exchanged two men convicted of espionage at a border crossing between the two countries. Raivo Susi, an Estonian found guilty of espionage and sentenced to 12 years in prison in Russia, was exchanged for Artern Zintsenko, who had been given five years by Estonia for spying for Russia in May.
    (AP, 2/10/18)

2018        Feb 11, Russia scrubbed the planned launch of an unmanned cargo spacecraft that was to have delivered tons of supplies to the International Space Station.
    (AP, 2/11/18)
2018        Feb 11, A Russian Saratov Airlines passenger plane crashed near Moscow after take-off on and the Kremlin said all 71 people on board were feared dead. Investigators later said that the plane’s pilots failed to turn on the heating unit for measuring equipment, resulting in flawed speed data.
    (AP, 2/11/18)(SFC, 2/14/18, p.A2)

2018        Feb 15, A Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Moscow has tangible evidence of "the destructive interference of some Western countries" in Russia's domestic affairs ahead of a presidential election next month.
    (Reuters, 2/15/18)
2018        Feb 15, Russia's communications providers blocked access to the website of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on orders of the state communications watchdog.
    (AP, 2/15/18)
2018        Feb 15, In Dagestan a Russian special forces officer was killed in a shootout with a militant that also left the fighter dead.
    (AP, 2/15/18)

2018        Feb 16, US Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians, and three Russian organizations, with meddling in the 2016 US election.
    (AP, 2/17/18)

2018        Feb 19, In South Korea a doping case involving a medal-winning Russian curler rocked the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Alexander Krushelnitsky's failed drug test came to light a week after he won mixed doubles bronze with his wife, Anastasia Bryzgalova.
    (AFP, 2/19/18)

2018        Feb 22, A Russian court slapped a $1,700 fine on a Moscow cinema which screened British comedy "The Death of Stalin" in defiance of an official ban, prompting a police raid.
    (AFP, 2/22/18)
2018        Feb 22, Argentina's security minister announced that 389 kg (856 pounds) of cocaine were discovered in luggage in 2016 and that agents swapped the cocaine for flour. The luggage was tracked in a 2017 shipment to Moscow and three people were arrested there. Two Russian-Argentine citizens were arrested on Feb. 21.
    (AP, 2/23/18)

2018        Feb 24, It was reported that St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin is believed to control more than a dozen news portals in Russia that attract tens of millions of visitors and serve as an important state propaganda weapon as President Vladimir Putin runs for re-election in the March 18 vote. Other Prigozhin assets included a "troll farm," 12 of whose operatives were indicted in the US along with Prigozhin.
    (AP, 2/24/18)

2018        Feb 25, In South Korea Russian hockey players won their first hockey gold medal since 1992 with a 4-3 win over Germany.
    (AP, 2/25/18)

2018        Feb 26, Russia called a daily "humanitarian pause" in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, bowing to pressure to halt the carnage in the rebel-held enclave where bombardments eased late today after hours of deadly raids.
    (AFP, 2/26/18)
2018        Feb 26, Thai police arrested a group of 10 Russians who were running a sex training class for their compatriots in the seaside town of Pattaya, and have charged them with working in Thailand without permission.
    (Reuters, 2/26/18)

2018        Feb 27, Russia said it would strive to maintain a "humanitarian corridor" to let aid in and civilians out of Syria's besieged eastern Ghouta region, although the first five-hour truce unilaterally declared by Moscow quickly collapsed.
    (Reuters, 2/27/18)
2018        Feb 27, In Russia nine people were killed when a minibus collided with a truck in the Bashkiria region.
    (Reuters, 2/27/18)

2018        Feb 28, The Int’l Olympic Committee (IOC) lifted Russia's ban from the Olympic movement despite two failed doping tests by its athletes at the Pyeongchang winter games.
    (AP, 2/28/18)
2018        Feb 28, In Thailand Anastasia Vashukevich, a Belarusian woman jailed for offering sex lessons without a work permit, said she has a story to tell involving the Kremlin, Russian billionaires and even the president of the United States.
    (AP, 3/1/18)
2018        Feb 28, In Syria the Russia-ordered brief humanitarian pause was in effect for a second day in rebel-held Damascus suburbs but no civilians used the corridor manned by Syrian and Russian forces to leave the enclave. Government forces, meanwhile, tried to push their way into the area, setting off ground battles.
    (AP, 2/28/18)

2018        Mar 1, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin declared that an array of new strategic nuclear weapons has been tested that can't be intercepted, claiming a technological breakthrough that could dramatically increase Russia's military capability, boost the Kremlin's global position and also raise Western concerns about a potential renewed arms race in the 21st century.
    (AP, 3/1/18)

2018        Mar 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Washington to send him hard evidence that his citizens meddled in US elections, mocking accusations to date as "yelling and hollering in the United States Congress".
    (Reuters, 3/3/18)
2018        Mar 2, In Moldova a one-day security conference was held in the capital, Chisinau. Pro-EU leaders from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia said that the continued presence of Russian military in their countries was destabilizing.
    (AP, 3/2/18)

2018        Mar 3, In Russia tens of thousands of supporters of Pres. Vladimir Putin gathered for a campaign rally at Moscow’s sprawling main sports complex.
    (SSFC, 3/4/18, p.A6)
2018        Mar 3, Russia’s state natural gas monopoly Gazprom said it is beginning efforts to end its contract to supply gas to Ukraine, raising concerns about downstream gas supply to European countries. The move comes after the Stockholm international arbitration court ruled that Gazprom should pay Ukraine more than $2 billion for failure to deliver the agreed-upon volumes of so-called "transit gas".
    (AP, 3/3/18)

2018        Mar 4, In England former Russian spy Sergei Skripal (66) and his daughter (33) were in a critical condition after collapsing in unexplained illness in Salisbury. Skripal had been convicted in Russia on charges of spying for Britain and sentenced in 2006 to 13 years in prison. He was freed in 2010 as part of a US-Russian spy swap. Yulia Skripal was discharged from Salisbury district Hospital on April 10 and taken to a secure location. Her father was reported to be recovering more slowly.
    (AP, 3/6/18)(SFC, 4/11/18, p.A3)

2018        Mar 7, In Chechnya at least three people died in a Russian border guard Mi-8 helicopter crash in the North Caucasus mountains.
    (AP, 3/7/18)

2018        Mar 11, Russia said it has successfully launched the hypersonic Kinzhal missile, which President Vladimir Putin called "an ideal weapon" as he unveiled a new array of next-generation arms earlier this month.
    (AFP, 3/11/18)

2018        Mar 12, In London Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov (68), an associate of late tycoon Boris Berezovsky, was found dead. Police said the cause of death was "compression to the neck." In 2021 a coroner ruled that Glushkov murdered in his own home and his death made to look like suicide.
    (http://tinyurl.com/y6wmfl8f)(Reuters, 3/16/18)(The Telegraph, 4/9/21)
2018        Mar 12, The EU said it has prolonged sanctions against senior Russian officials, lawmakers and military officers for a further six months over alleged meddling in Ukraine.
    (SFC, 3/13/18, p.A2)

2018        Mar 13, Britain's ambassador in Moscow, Laurie Bristow, said Britain expected an explanation from Russia on how a nerve agent used in an attack on a former double agent came to be in Britain.
    (Reuters, 3/13/18)
2018        Mar 13, British independent regulator Ofcom warned that it could strip Russia Today (RT) of its UK license if the government determined that Moscow was behind the poisoning of a double agent in England this month. Russia in return threatened to expel all British media.
    (Reuters, 3/14/18)

2018        Mar 14, Britain said it will expel 23 Russian diplomats after Moscow failed to meet a deadline to explain the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter with a Soviet-made nerve agent on British soil. Russia denies involvement in the attack. PM Theresa May said Britain is looking to find other countries to supply gas as part of steps being taken by London against Russia following the poisoning.
    (Reuters, 3/14/18)(AP, 3/14/18)
2018        Mar 14, In Syria about 25 civilians in need of medical treatment left the besieged eastern Ghouta enclave for the 2nd straight day under a medical evacuation agreement. Bombardment of Ghouta continued with fresh Russian air strikes. Opposition activists said at least 20 civilians have been killed in government bombing of the enclave.
    (Reuters, 3/14/18)(AFP, 3/14/18)(AP, 3/14/18)
2018        Mar 14, The Ukrainian government ordered its athletes not to take part in any competitions held in Russia, which the country accuses of occupying its territory.
    (AP, 3/14/18)

2018        Mar 15, Local media reported that Bosnia has banned leaders of the Russian Night Wolves motorcycle club from entering the country next week because of security concerns. The club is under US sanctions for its role in a pro-Russian separatist insurgency in Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 3/15/18)
2018        Mar 15, Syrian charities and rights groups called on Western leaders to threaten a boycott of the upcoming football World Cup in Russia to protest against Moscow's support for Syria's regime.
    (AFP, 3/15/18)
2018        Mar 15, The US Treasury Department said sanctions have been slapped on 19 Russian individuals and five groups, including Moscow's intelligence services, for meddling in the 2016 US election and malicious cyber attacks.
    (Reuters, 3/15/18)
2018        Mar 15, The leaders of the United States, France and Germany joined Britain in blaming Russia for poisoning a former spy with a powerful nerve agent.
    (AP, 3/15/18)

2018        Mar 16, Egypt's national carrier EgyptAir said it would resume direct flights between Cairo and Moscow, three years after they were halted following the bombing of a Russian charter jet over the Sinai.
    (AFP, 3/16/18)
2018        Mar 16, Ukraine said Russians living in Ukraine will be unable to vote in Russia's presidential election because access to Moscow's diplomatic missions will be blocked.
    (AFP, 3/16/18)

2018        Mar 17, Russia expelled 23 British diplomats. Russia also suspended the British Council, a network of cultural and linguistic institutes, amid escalating tensions over the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England.
    (AFP, 3/17/18)

2018        Mar 18, Russians voted in a presidential election that was expected to give Vladimir Putin an easy victory, but his opponents alleged officials were compelling people to come to the polls so that a low turnout does not tarnish the win. President Vladimir Putin easily won another six-year term with about 76.69 percent of the vote with turnout at 67.7 percent.
    (Reuters, 3/18/18)(Reuters, 3/19/18)

2018        Mar 20, Russia's Supreme Court threw out an appeal by messaging app Telegram ruling that it can be forced to provide user data to Russian security services.
    (SFC, 3/21/18, p.C4)

2018        Mar 21, In Russia a gas poisoning linked to a toxic landfill outside Moscow left dozens hospitalized in Volokolamsk.
    (SFC, 3/22/18, p.A2)
2018        Mar 21, In Kazakhstan two Americans and a Russian cosmonaut blasted off from the Baikonur launch pad on their way to the Int'l. Space Station.
    (SFC, 3/22/18, p.A2)

2018        Mar 22, Top Russian media outlets launched a rare boycott of parliament after it dismissed claims from several journalists that a senior lawmaker had sexually harassed them. Several reporters for Western and Russian independent media have accused Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma's foreign affairs committee, of making lewd sexual comments and groping.
    (AFP, 3/22/18)
2018        Mar 22, EU member states agreed at a summit in Brussels to take further punitive steps against Russia in the coming days for the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, as Moscow accused the bloc of joining a London-driven hate campaign against it.
    (Reuters, 3/23/18)

2018        Mar 24, In Russia the Urals city of Yekaterinburg blew up its most famous landmark -- a rusty, half-finished Soviet-era television tower. The tower's construction started in 1983 but it was never completed due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    (Reuters, 3/24/18)

2018        Mar 25, In Russia at least 64 people died in a fire that broke out in a multi-story shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo. Dozens of children were feared to be among the dead.
    (AP, 3/25/18)(Reuters, 3/26/18)

2018        Mar 26, It was reported that Sergei Mavrodi (62), an operator of Ponzi schemes and sometime politician, has died in a Moscow hospital. He was a TV personality and was elected a member of parliament in 1994, which gave him immunity from prosecution. He later served a four-year prison term for fraud, but was only ordered to pay back a fraction of the sums invested in his schemes.
    (AP, 3/26/18)
2018        Mar 26, British PM Theresa May said 18 countries have announced they are expelling more than 100 Russian intelligence officers in response to the nerve-agent poisoning of a former spy.
    (AP, 3/26/18)
2018        Mar 26, Canada said it is expelling four Russians alleged to have worked as spies or interfered in Canadian affairs under diplomatic cover and denied three applications for Russian diplomatic staff.
    (Reuters, 3/26/18)
2018        Mar 26, Several EU countries and Ukraine said they are expelling Russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a former Russian double agent with military-grade nerve agent in the English town of Salisbury.
    (Reuters, 3/26/18)
2018        Mar 26, The US said it is expelling 60 Russians, including 12 intelligence officers from Russia's mission to UN headquarters in New York and closing the Russian consulate in Seattle. Moscow said it will expel at least 60 staff from US diplomatic missions in Russia.
    (Reuters, 3/26/18)
2018        Mar 26, Spanish authorities said police have captured a cybercrime gang made up of Ukrainians and Russians that allegedly stole more than $1.24 billion from financial institutions worldwide in a 5-year spree. Almost all of Russia's banks were said to have been targeted and about 50 of them had lost money.
    (SFC, 3/27/18, p.A2)
2018        Mar 26, Syria and its ally Russia threatened to resume bombing the final opposition holdout of Douma in Eastern Ghouta unless rebels there agree to evacuate.
    (AFP, 3/27/18)

2018        Mar 27, In Russia thousands of angry residents rallied in Kemerovo to demand a full probe following a fire in a shopping mall that killed at least 64 people, many of them children. Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to the city to look at the investigation into the blaze and declared March 28 a day of national mourning.
    (AP, 3/27/18)
2018        Mar 27, In Russia monkey chants could be heard from the crowd in St. Petersburg when black French players touched the ball in a friendly against Russia. The abuse was also audible on a TV broadcast after Paul Pogba scored France's second goal in a 3-1 win.
    (AP, 3/28/18)
2018        Mar 27, Australia and Ireland joined more than 20 other nations in expelling Russian diplomats in response to the nerve agent attack on a former Russian military intelligence officer and his daughter in Britain.
    (AP, 3/27/18)
2018        Mar 27, Bulgaria, which holds the rotating EU presidency, said it has recalled its ambassador from Russia to discuss the nerve agent attack in Britain which London blames on Moscow.
    (Reuters, 3/27/18)
2018        Mar 27, Moldova's foreign ministry ordered three Russian diplomats to leave the former Soviet republic within seven days.
    (AP, 3/27/18)
2018        Mar 27, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO has expelled seven diplomats from Russia's mission to the alliance and blocked the appointment of three others over the nerve agent attack in Britain this month.
    (Reuters, 3/27/18)

2018        Mar 28, In Russia the head of a human rights office in Dagestan was attacked near his home. Memorial, one of Russia's biggest human rights groups, said the assault was linked to his work.
    (Reuters, 3/28/18)
2018        Mar 28, Montenegro decided to expel a Russian diplomat over the poisoning of a former Russian double agent that the British government has blamed on Moscow.
    (Reuters, 3/28/18)
2018        Mar 28, Slovakia's foreign minister said the government has decided to recall its ambassador to Moscow for consultations over the nerve agent attack on a former spy in Britain.
    (AP, 3/28/18)

2018        Mar 30, Russia ordered new cuts to the number of British envoys in the country, escalating a dispute with the West over the poisoning of an ex-spy in Britain. Scores of foreign ambassadors streamed into the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow to receive the notices given to 23 nations: Albania, Australia, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.
    (AP, 3/30/18)

2018        Mar 31, Moscow's Tverskoy District Court said on that the co-owner of Russia's Summa group, Ziyavudin Magomedov, and his associates are suspected of embezzling more than 2 billion rubles ($35.01 million), including from the state budget. Magomedov and two of his business partners had been detained.
    (Reuters, 3/31/18)
2018        Mar 31, Moscow said it has told Britain it must cut "just over 50" more of its diplomatic and technical staff in Russia in a worsening standoff over the poisoning of a Russian former spy and his daughter in England.
    (Reuters, 3/31/18)
2018        Mar 31, In Russia Ziyavudin Magomedov (49), who is worth $1.4 billion according to the Russian Forbes magazine, was arrested along with his brother after a court refused to release him on bail of 2.5 billion rubles ($44 million), the sum police say he embezzled from government infrastructure contracts. He was involved in the construction of one of the stadiums to be used in this summer's World Cup.
    (AP, 4/2/18)

2018        Apr 1, In Russia Aman Tuleyev (73), the longtime governor of the Kemerovo region, where a huge mall inferno killed dozens of people, most of them children, resigned after bitter criticism over his response to the tragedy.
    (AFP, 4/1/18)

2018        Apr 2, Russia's foreign ministry said a diplomat from Montenegro will be expelled, after Montenegro expelled a Russian diplomat over a nerve agent attack in England that the British government has blamed on Russia.
    (Reuters, 4/2/18)

2018        Apr 3, In Russia regional lawmakers, despite protests, voted to cancel direct elections in Yekaterinburg, the country's fourth-largest city, in a blow to opposition Mayor Yevgeny Roizman as the Kremlin intensifies a crackdown on dissent. The new mayor will be elected by city lawmakers.
    (AFP, 4/3/18)
2018        Apr 3, In Turkey Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remotely gave the go-ahead for the construction of the $20 billion Russian-built Akkuyu nuclear plant on the Mediterranean coast at Akkuyu.
    (AP, 4/3/18)
2018        Apr 3, The British defence laboratory at Porton Down analyzing the nerve agent revealed that it could not say whether the substance came from Russia.
    (AP, 4/4/18)

2018        Apr 4, Russia's foreign ministry said it was expelling one Hungarian diplomat in response to Budapest's decision to expel a Russian diplomat.
    (Reuters, 4/4/18)
2018        Apr 4, Russia began testing missiles with live munitions in the Baltic Sea, alarming Latvia, a member of NATO, which says the drills have forced it to partly shut down Baltic commercial airspace.
    (Reuters, 4/4/18)
2018        Apr 4, In Russia a fire at a shopping center in an eastern Moscow district killed an employee and left six firefighters injured.
    (AP, 4/4/18)
2018        Apr 4, At The Hague Britain and Russia accused each other of duplicity and untrustworthiness. London slammed as "perverse" a Russian proposal for a joint probe into the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia at the start of a meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
    (AFP, 4/4/18)(AFP, 4/4/18)
2018        Apr 4, Turkey, Iran and Russia pledged to accelerate efforts to bring stability to Syria, following a summit meeting in Ankara.
    (Reuters, 4/4/18)

2018        Apr 5, Russian gulag historian Yury Dmitriyev, who has exhumed Stalin-era mass graves, was found not guilty of child pornography charges and released following a trial that supporters have denounced as a sham.
    (AFP, 4/5/18)

2018        Apr 6, The United States imposed sanctions against 24 Russian businessmen, companies and government officials, in one of Washington's most aggressive moves to punish Moscow for a range of activities, including alleged meddling in the 2016 US election and other "malign activity".
    (Reuters, 4/6/18)(Reuters, 4/7/18)

2018        Apr 8, Russia's Foreign Ministry said reports of a gas attack in Syria were bogus.
    (Reuters, 4/8/18)

2018        Apr 10, Russia warned that any US missiles fired at Syria over the deadly assault on a rebel enclave would be shot down and the launch sites targeted.
    (Reuters, 4/11/18)
2018        Apr 10, The ruble plunged for the second day in a row following fresh US sanctions against Russia.
    (AP, 4/10/18)
2018        Apr 10, Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said sanctions will be imposed on Russian oligarchs including Oleg Deripaska, following the lead of penalties ordered by the United States.
    (Reuters, 4/10/18)

2018        Apr 11, The Russian ruble fell sharply again as US sanctions imposed last week continued to bite and President Donald Trump threatened a missile strike on Syria. By late afternoon, the ruble traded at around 64.5 to the dollar, the most since 2016.
    (AP, 4/11/18)
2018        Apr 11, US President Donald Trump warned Russia of imminent military action in Syria over a suspected poison gas attack, declaring that missiles "will be coming" and lambasting Moscow for standing by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Trump offered to help boost Russia's economy and sought an end to what he called an "arms race," in an apparent diplomatic overture less than one hour after warning Moscow about pending missile strikes in Syria.
    (Reuters, 4/11/18)
2018        Apr 11, Police in Thailand confirmed that new charges have been filed against a self-described Russian sex guru and a woman who claims to have evidence of Russian ties to President Donald Trump's election campaign. Anastasia Vashukevich, also known as Nastya Rybka, has attracted widespread attention for claiming to have recordings of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a crony of President Vladimir Putin, discussing interference in the US election.
    (AP, 4/11/18)

2018        Apr 12, Egypt and Russia resumed direct flights, more than two-and-a-half years after they were suspended in the wake of a bombing that brought down a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai Peninsula.
    (AP, 4/12/18)

2018        Apr 13, A Russian court ordered that a popular messaging app, Telegram, be blocked after the company rejected to share encryption data with authorities.
    (AP, 4/13/18)

2018        Apr 14, Russia called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council as Moscow said it would consider supplying S-300 missile systems to Syria following US-led strikes. Russia said Syria's air defence system, which mostly consists of systems made in the Soviet Union, has intercepted 71 of the missiles fired by the US, British and French forces. Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White warned that Russia was actively attempting to sow confusion about the attack.
    (Reuters, 4/14/18)

2018        Apr 15, In Russia journalist Maxim Borodin died in a hospital, three days after reportedly falling from his fifth-floor balcony in Yekaterinburg. Borodin had written about the deaths of Russian mercenaries in Syria.
    (AP, 4/18/18)

2018        Apr 16, Russia's communications watchdog said it has begun enforcing a nationwide ban for the popular messaging app Telegram. Entrepreneur and app developer Pavel Durov said last week the latest version would have "built-in" features that would be able to circumvent the ban.
    (AP, 4/16/18)

2018        Apr 19, The WTO web site posted a filing from Russia joining the European Union, India and China in demanding compensation from the United States for its tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.
    (AP, 4/19/18)
2018        Apr 19, The head of the consular section of the US Embassy in Moscow told Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper that it was having difficulties issuing urgent visas to Russian pilots because of a shortage of staff.
    (Reuters, 4/20/18)

2018        Apr 21, Russia said the United States was trying to fence off Russians with a "visa wall" after two Bolshoi ballet dancers were refused visas to perform in New York.
    (Reuters, 4/21/18)

2018        Apr 22, Russia's communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said that it is adding some Google IP addresses to the state registrar of banned sites, as a dispute intensified over Telegram, a banned messaging app.
    (SFC, 4/23/18, p.A2)

2018        Apr 25, Russia's Supreme Court upheld a criminal conviction against opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother. The 2014 conviction gave Navalny a suspended sentence and sent his brother to prison for 3½ years.
    (AP, 4/25/18)
2018        Apr 25, Russia's military indicated that it will soon supply the Syrian government with a sophisticated air defense system.
    (SFC, 4/26/18, p.A2)
2018        Apr 25, In Syria OPCW chemical weapons inspectors collected samples from a new location in Douma, their second visit to the area that was hit by a suspected gas attack on April 7. Russia has even said the attack was staged and Russian diplomats said they plan to bring evidence of this to the OPCW.
    (AP, 4/25/18)

2018        Apr 26, In the Netherlands Russian officials brought purported Syrian witnesses for a briefing at The Hague headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Moscow says they were filmed in "staged videos" in the aftermath of the April 7 reported chemical weapons attack in Douma. Britain and France denounced this as a stunt and an "obscene masquerade".
    (AP, 4/26/18)

2018        Apr 27, Russia's main intelligence agency said it has detained four men from a Siberian oil town who are linked to the Islamic State group and are suspected of plotting terror attacks in Moscow.
    (AP, 4/27/18)
2018        Apr 27, A declassified US congressional panel report released today on its investigation into Moscow's suspected interference in the 2016 US election said Russia has aggressively engaged in information warfare against the West for a decade.
    (Reuters, 4/27/18)

2018        Apr 28, In Moscow Russian, Iranian and Turkish foreign ministers talked up their successes in brokering a political solution to the Syrian conflict.
    (AFP, 4/28/18)
2018        Apr 28, A floating nuclear power plant built in Russia embarked on its first sea voyage so its reactors can be loaded with fuel. The Lomonosov is to be put into service in 2019 in the Arctic off the coast of Chukotka in the far east, providing power for a port town and for oil rigs.
    (AP, 4/28/18)

2018        Apr 29, In Albania Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (71) celebrated mass in Tirana, the highlight of his first visit to the mainly Muslim country.
    (AFP, 4/29/18)
2018        Apr 29, Iraq sentenced 19 Russian women to life in prison for joining the Islamic State group. Six women from Azerbaijan and four from Tajikistan were also condemned to life in prison on the same charge.
    (AFP, 4/29/18)

2018        Apr 30, In Russia thousands rallied in Moscow in support of internet freedom after authorities tried to block access to the popular messaging app Telegram in the latest onslaught against dissent under Vladimir Putin.
    (AFP, 4/30/18)

2018        May 1, In Russia more than 100,000 people came out on the streets on Moscow to march in the traditional May Day parade.
    (AP, 5/1/18)

2018        May 3, A Russian Su-30 fighter jet crashed off the coast of Syria, killing both pilots.
    (AP, 5/3/18)

2018        May 5, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was detained by police during street protests against Vladimir Putin ahead of his inauguration for a fourth term as president. At least 1,575 people, nearly 500 of them in Moscow, were arrested in demonstrations in 26 cities across the country. Navalny was soon released from detention but faced charges of organizing an unauthorized meeting and of resisting police. 
    (Reuters, 5/5/18)(AP, 5/6/18)

2018        May 7, Russia's President Vladimir Putin stuck with his long-serving PM Dmitry Medvedev in his first act after being sworn in for a new 4th term.
    (Reuters, 5/7/18)

2018        May 8, Russia's lower house of parliament confirmed Dmitry Medvedev as prime minister, voting 374 against 56 in favor of him remaining in the job he has held since 2012.
    (Reuters, 5/8/18)

2018        May 9, Russia celebrated the Soviet Union's World War Two victory over the Nazis. The Moscow parade was one of many which took place across Russia involving a total of 55,000 troops, 1,200 weapons systems and 150 war planes in 28 Russian cities.
    (Reuters, 5/9/18)
2018        May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a brief meeting in Moscow with Nechirvan Barzani the prime minister of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.
    (Reuters, 5/9/18)
2018        May 9, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin and discuss military coordination amid new strikes in Syria blamed on Israel.
    (AP, 5/9/18)

2018        May 10, The Russian Foreign Ministry said Russia will maintain close coordination on nuclear issues with Iran despite the US quitting the international agreement.
    (Reuters, 5/10/18)

2018        May 14, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin opened the Eurasian Economic Summit in Sochi.
    (AFP, 5/14/18)
2018        May 14, New Armenian premier Nikol Pashinyan (42) assured Russia's Vladimir Putin that Yerevan's ties with Moscow will remain close following his rise to power on the back of mass anti-government protests.
    (AFP, 5/14/18)

2018        May 15, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin, driving a truck, unveiled the auto section of a new 11.8-mile, road-and-rail bridge linking Russia's Taman Peninsula to the annexed Crimea, defying Ukraine which said the move showed cynical disregard for international law.
    (Reuters, 5/15/18)(SFC, 5/17/18, p.A2)
2018        May 15, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 30 days in jail for staging the May 5 unsanctioned protest in Moscow.
    (AP, 5/15/18)
2018        May 15, In Kazakhstan talks on Syria spearheaded by Russia in Astana failed to edge the seven-year conflict closer to a political settlement, and cast the future of diplomatic efforts to end the crisis into uncertainty.
    (AFP, 5/15/18)
2018        May 15, Ukraine's security service raided the Kiev offices of Russia's state-run RIA Novosti news agency, detaining one journalist who was accused of treason.
    (AFP, 5/15/18)

2018        May 17, Russian state oil firm Rosneft said in a statement that its drilling in the South China Sea is within Vietnamese territorial waters, two days after its Vietnamese subsidiary began drilling in Vietnamese waters claimed by China.
    (Reuters, 5/17/18)
2018        May 17, Polish authorities said they plan to expel one Russian and banned four others from entering for five years on allegations they had engaged in "information warfare" seeking to fuel animosity between Poles and Ukrainians.
    (AP, 5/17/18)

2018        May 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin wished "good health" to former agent Sergei Skripal as he was released from a British hospital, after recovering from a nerve agent poisoning alleged to have been orchestrated by the Kremlin.
    (AP, 5/18/18)

2018        May 22, Russia's parliament adopted a wide-ranging bill that could freeze crucial exports to the United States and imports to Russia from the US and other countries.
    (AP, 5/22/18)
2018        May 22, In Russia Yevgeny Roizman, a rare critic of the Kremlin in a senior regional job, said he was resigning as mayor of Yekaterinburg after authorities moved to scrap mayoral elections in the soccer World Cup host city.
    (Reuters, 5/22/18)

2018        May 23, In Syria the Islamic State targeted a group of Syrian and allied Russian fighters near the town of Mayadeen in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor. 35 pro-government forces were reported killed, including at least nine Russians.
    (AFP, 5/27/18)

2018        May 24, The European Union imposed obligations on Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom to improve the flow of gas at competitive prices in eastern EU nations, but did not fine the company.
    (AP, 5/24/18)
2018        May 24, Dutch prosecutors said a detailed analysis of video and photos by an international team of investigators has unequivocally established that the Buk missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine nearly four years ago came from a Russia-based military unit in Kurst. Russia's military denied that any Russian missile complex had ever crossed the border between Russia and Ukraine.
    (AP, 5/24/18)(Reuters, 5/24/18)

2018        May 25, The Netherlands and Australia announced they were holding Moscow legally responsible for its role in the July 17, 2014, missile attack and downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine nearly four years ago.
    (AP, 5/25/18)

2018        May 27, The Russian Defence Ministry said four Russian military personnel were killed in fighting in Syria's Deir al-Zor province after several groups of rebels attacked an artillery battery of the Syrian army. The Ministry said 43 rebels had been killed in the same fighting. This appeared to be the same incident as the May 23 IS attack reported near Mayadeen.
    (Reuters, 5/27/18)(AFP, 5/27/18)

2018        May 30, Spanish police detained and then released British businessman Bill Browder, a prominent Kremlin critic, after a warrant from Russia for his arrest for tax evasion was found to be invalid.
    (Reuters, 5/30/18)
2018        May 30, In Ukraine Russian dissident journalist Arkady Babchenko, who was reported murdered in Kiev, dramatically reappeared alive and well in the middle of a briefing about the killing by the Ukrainian state security service. Ukraine admitted it had staged the murder of Babchenko in order to foil an attempt on his life by Russia.
    (Reuters, 5/30/18)(AFP, 5/30/18)

2018        Jun 1, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said his country was ready to bring back border controls with Russia after 20 years of free movement if a recent reimposition of spot checks by Moscow proved to be long-lasting.
    (Reuters, 6/1/18)

2018        Jun 3, In Kazakhstan Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, Scott Tingle of the United States and Norishige Kanai of Japan touched down in a Russian Soyuz space capsule on the Kazakh steppe after a 168-day mission aboard the International Space Station.
    (AFP, 6/3/18)

2018        Jun 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law counter-sanctions legislation that was drawn up by lawmakers in response to US sanctions imposed on Russia in April.
    (Reuters, 6/4/18)
2018        Jun 4, A Russian court sentenced a Ukrainian journalist, Roman Sushchenko (49), to 12 years in jail after convicting him of spying for his native Ukraine. Sushchenko was detained in 2016 after he flew into Moscow from Paris where he worked as a correspondent for Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform.
    (Reuters, 6/4/18)

2018        Jun 5, Austria welcomed Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin, making his first foreign trip since being sworn in for a fourth term. Putin's sixth official visit to traditionally neutral Austria marked the 50th anniversary of the start of Soviet gas deliveries to the country.
    (AP, 6/5/18)

2018        Jun 6, In Kazakhstan a trio of astronauts from Russia, the United States and the European Space Agency blasted off for a mission on the International Space Station. A Russian spacecraft carried Serena Aunon-Chancellor of NASA, Sergey Prokopyev of Russian space agency Roscosmos and the ESA's Alexander Gerst, from Germany, as it lifted off as scheduled from the Russia-leased Baikonur cosmodrome.
    (AP, 6/6/18)

2018        Jun 7, In northwestern Syria suspected Russian warplanes attacked Zardana, a rebel-held village in Idlib province, killing at least 44 people late today and wounding dozens more, including children. Russia denied that its war planes carried out the strike.
    (Reuters, 6/8/18)(AP, 6/8/18)

2018        Jun 8, Moscow's Gulag History Museum said it has discovered a secret Russian order in 2014 instructing officials to destroy data on prisoners — a move it said "could have catastrophic consequences for studying the history of the camps." Up to 17 million people were sent to the Gulag, the notorious Soviet prison camp system, in the 1930s and 1940s, and at least 5 million of them were convicted on false testimony.
    (AP, 6/8/18)
2018        Jun 8, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin China's first friendship medal, calling him his best friend. The two oversaw the signing of several agreements, including a joint $1 billion industrial investment fund.
    (Reuters, 6/8/18)
2018        Jun 8, In Finland US Gen. Joseph Dunford, current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Russia's chief of the military's General Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, met in Konigstedt Manor to exchange views on US-Russia military relations, Syria and the current international security situation.
    (AP, 6/8/18)
2018        Jun 8, President Donald Trump injecting fresh drama even before he arrived at the G7 meeting in Quebec by calling for Russia, ousted from the elite group of nations for its annexation of Crimea, to be reinstated.
    (AP, 6/8/18)

2018        Jun 9, Russia's President Vladimir Putin welcomed soccer teams and fans to the World Cup, saying the tournament will be thrilling and memorable.
    (AP, 6/9/18)

2018        Jun 11, In Russia a pleasure craft carrying 16 people collided with a tugboat on the Volga River in Volgograd, about 250 meters from the riverbank, late today, killing 11 people. Investigators the next day blamed a drunk captain for a boat crash.
    (Reuters, 6/12/18)
2018        Jun 11, The US Treasury imposed sanctions on three Russian individuals and five firms, saying they had worked with Moscow's main intelligence service on ways to conduct cyber attacks against the United States and its allies.
    (Reuters, 6/11/18)

2018        Jun 13, In Russia the FIFA Congress in Moscow voted that the 2026 World Cup will return to North America for the first time since 1994 after gaining 134 votes, while Morocco got 65.
    (AP, 6/13/18)

2018        Jun 14, In Russia a North Korean official handed a written message to Pres. Vladimir Putin from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. President Vladimir Putin asked North Korean official Kim Yong Nam at their meeting to pass an invitation to visit Russia in September to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
    (Reuters, 6/14/18)
2018        Jun 14, The World Cup trophy was displayed at Moscow's 80,000-seat Luzhniki Stadium ahead of the tournament's opening match between host nation Russia and Saudi Arabia.
    (AFP, 6/14/18)

2018        Jun 16, In Russia the Fare Network, which helps FIFA and UEFA investigate cases of discriminatory behavior by fans, accused St. Petersburg authorities of having it evicted from premises in the city.
    (AP, 6/16/18)

2018        Jun 18, The EU said it has extended restrictions on doing business with companies or officials in Ukraine's Crimea region an d the city of Sevastopol for a year over Russia's annexation of the peninsula.
    (SFC, 6/19/18, p.A2)

2018        Jun 19, A Moscow court said Karina Tsurcan, a top manager of a state-controlled Russian energy company, has been placed in custody of charges of espionage. She was accused of spying for Romania.
    (SFC, 6/20/18, p.A2)

2018        Jun 20, The Russian Foreign Ministry said it had given Latvia a list of Latvian citizens it has banned from entering Russia for their "Russophobic" views and calls to tighten sanctions against Russia. The entry ban is retaliation for a similar move by Latvia with regard to 49 Russian citizens.
    (Reuters, 6/20/18)

2018        Jun 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin and visiting South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to support "efforts to establish complete denuclearization on the Korean peninsula" following the US-North Korea summit last week.
    (Reuters, 6/22/18)

2018        Jun 23, Russia and other oil-producing allies said they would endorse a nominal output increase of 1 million barrels crude oil per day after their meeting in Vienna with OPEC countries.
    (AP, 6/23/18)

2018        Jun 25, Romania's the defense minister said his country faces Russian aggression on a daily basis, and is fending off a wave of cyber-attacks and political interference.
    (AP, 6/25/18)

2018        Jun 26, Russia, backed by Iran and Syria, sought to head off a Western push to endow the world's global chemical watchdog (OPCW) with new powers to identify those behind toxic arms attacks.
    (AFP, 6/26/18)

2018        Jun 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has withdrawn 1,140 military personnel and 13 warplanes from Syria in last few days.
    (Reuters, 6/28/18)
2018        Jun 28, It was reported that US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold their first summit on July 16 in Helsinki.
    (Reuters, 6/28/18)

2018        Jun 29, In Russia Oleg Navalny (35), the brother of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was released from prison after serving a 3½-year term on fraud charges. His verdict was widely seen as retribution for the political activities of his brother, who got a suspended sentence in the same trial.
    (AP, 6/29/18)

2018        Jun, The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, known colloquially as Shaninka, was a stripped of its government accreditation.
    (SFC, 7/23/18, p.A2)
2018        Jun, US lobbying firm Mercury LLC sought to recruit the ambassadors of France, Germany and several other countries to demonstrate international support for severing Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's control of Rusal, the aluminum manufacturing giant sanctioned by Washington.
    (AP, 7/14/18)

2018        Jul 3, Russian investigators said historian Yury Dmitriyev (62) has been charged with sexual assault and faces up to 20 years in prison, if convicted. Dmitriyev was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter between 2012 and 2016 and vehemently denied all the charges. He spent decades locating and exhuming mass graves of people killed under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's rule. Activists said the case against him is an attempt by authorities to muzzle the outspoken historian.
    (AFP, 7/3/18)

2018        Jul 4, In Russia a resident (63) was killed and three other people were hospitalized after a car mounted a pavement and hit pedestrians in the World Cup host city of Sochi. Initial signs suggested the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.
    (Reuters, 7/4/18)

2018        Jul 5, The European Union extended sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine for another six months.
    (AP, 7/5/18)

2018        Jul 6, Meeting in Vienna top diplomats from Germany, Britain, France, Russia and China reaffirmed their commitment to the 2015 deal with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
    (AP, 7/6/18)

2018        Jul 7, Russia was eliminated in a penalty shootout after its quarterfinal match against Croatia in Sochi was tied 1-1 after regulation and 2-2 after extra time.
    (AP, 7/8/18)

2018        Jul 10, A Russian cargo ship delivered a fresh load of fuel, food, and other supplies for the International Space Station, making it in record time. The unmanned spacecraft docked at the station in automatic mode less than four hours after the launch.
    (AP, 7/10/18)
2018        Jul 10, In the World Cup semifinals in St. Petersburg French defender Samuel Umtiti's second-half headed goal led France to a 1-0 victory over Belgium.
    (AP, 7/11/18)

2018        Jul 11, Greece said it will expel two Russian diplomats suspected of meddling in the politically sensitive issue of Macedonia. Russia said it would respond in kind to the Greek move.
    (Reuters, 7/11/18)

2018        Jul 12, The Russian Foreign Ministry complained that Macedonia was being sucked into the NATO military alliance by force.
    (Reuters, 7/12/18)

2018        Jul 13, A US federal grand jury indicted 12 Russian military intelligence officers alleged to have hacked into Democratic party and campaign accounts in 2016. The charges were drawn up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director who is looking into Russian interference in the November 2016 vote. The indictment identified "Kate S. Milton" as an alias for military intelligence officer Ivan Yermakov, one of 12 Russian spies accused of breaking into the Democratic National Committee and publishing its emails in an attempt to influence the 2016 election.
    (AFP, 7/14/18)(AP, 8/1/18)

2018        Jul 14, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas was in Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin, just days after the Russian leader hosted Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
    (AFP, 7/14/18)
2018        Jul 14, Syrian state media said rebels in the southern city of Daraa were surrendering their heavy weapons to government forces, under a deal brokered by regime ally Russia.
    (AFP, 7/14/18)

2018        Jul 15, In Russia Croatia lost France 4-2 to in the World cup final.
    (AP, 7/16/18)
2018        Jul 15, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban denounced EU sanctions imposed on Russia, during a visit to Pres. Vladimir Putin in Moscow ahead of the Moscow World Cup final.
    (AFP, 7/15/18)

2018        Jul 16, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin held a historic summit vowing their determination to forge a reset of troubled relations between the world's greatest nuclear powers as they met in Helsinki, Finland. Trump's news conference alongside Putin, where he discounted US intelligence assessments that Russia meddled with the 2016 election, drew fire from members of both political parties, who said he put Russia above US interests.
    (AFP, 7/16/18)(Reuters, 7/17/18)
2018        Jul 16, The French Embassy said a decision to close the Business France office in Moscow was made because "operating conditions have degraded considerably" in recent months.
    (AP, 7/16/18)

2018        Jul 17, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill led some 100,000 people in a nighttime procession to mark 100 years since the Bolsheviks murdered tsar Nicholas II and his family, amid a simmering conflict between the state and the Church over their remains.
    (AFP, 7/17/18)
2018        Jul 17, Russia's Defense Ministry said it's ready to boost cooperation with the US military in Syria, following talks between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    (AP, 7/17/18)
2018        Jul 17, Russia and Tajikistan began joint military exercises near the Tajik-Afghan border to prepare to ward off potential Taliban attacks.
    (AFP, 7/17/18)
2018        Jul 17, The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay 20,000 euros ($23,442) in damages to relatives of murdered investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya, saying it had failed to carry out an effective investigation into her killing.
    (Reuters, 7/17/18)

2018        Jul 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused forces in the United States of trying to undermine the success of his first summit with US President Donald Trump, but said the two leaders had begun to improve U.S.-Russia ties anyway.
    (Reuters, 7/19/18)
2018        Jul 19, Russian lawmakers tentatively approved a hugely unpopular government plan to raise the pension age to 65 for men and 63 for women. The plan has led to protests and a record slump in Vladimir Putin's approval ratings.
    (AFP, 7/19/18)
2018        Jul 19, The Press Association reported that British police have identified several Russians who they believe were behind the March 4 nerve agent attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.
    (Reuters, 7/19/18)
2018        Jul 19, US President Donald Trump said he wants a second meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin to start implementing ideas they discussed at the Helsinki summit.
    (AP, 7/19/18)   

2018        Jul 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin said a plan to raise the retirement age would be reviewed, signaling a retreat from a reform that is needed to balance state finances but which has hurt his popularity.
    (Reuters, 7/20/18)

2018        Jul 21, Humanitarian aid sent by France and Russia arrived in Syria as the two countries' leaders discussed a joint mission to distribute much-needed relief supplies in a ravaged former rebel enclave.
    (AFP, 7/21/18)

2018        Jul 23, In Syria Russian air strikes late today killed four civilians in the pocket held by the Islamic State group in the southern province of Daraa.
    (AFP, 7/24/18)

2018        Jul 24, Russian agencies reported that scientist Viktor Kudryavtsev (74) has been arrested in a probe into allegations that staff at from the Central Research Institute of Machine Building near Moscow, a top space research center, have been passing information on the country's weapons program to the West.
    (AFP, 7/24/18)
2018        Jul 24, Syrian and Russian aircraft pummeled a jihadist holdout in southern Syria bordering Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights after deadly strikes overnight.
    (AP, 7/24/18)

2018        Jul 25, Russia said it has sent working groups to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to help coordinate the return of refugees to Syria.
    (AP, 7/25/18)
2018        Jul 25, In Russia Elena Yampolskaya, an ultra-conservative journalist and MP who once said only God or Stalin could save Russia, was appointed head of the country's parliamentary culture committee.
    (AFP, 7/25/18)
2018        Jul 25, In South Africa leaders of the BRICS emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) began an annual three-day summit, with attention focused on the threat of a US-led global trade war. The meeting opened with a business forum.
    (AFP, 7/25/18)

2018        Jul 26, In South Africa the leaders of the BRICS bloc of emerging economies, meeting in the wake of tariff threats by US President Donald Trump, signed a declaration supporting an open and inclusive multilateral trading system under World Trade Organization rules at their summit. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa agreed at the three-day meeting to fight unilateralism and protectionism.
    (Reuters, 7/26/18)
2018        Jul 26, A US government report said China, Iran and Russia, along with their proxy hackers, are hard at work trying to steal trade secrets and proprietary information from the US. The report identified a Chinese cyberespionage group called APT10 and an Iranian hacker group called "Rocket Kitten".
    (SFC, 7/27/18, p.A3)

2018        Jul 28, In Russia tens of thousands took part in rallies across the country organized by Communists to protest against highly controversial plans to hike the pension age.
    (AFP, 7/28/18)

2018        Jul 29, In Russia thousands protested in central Moscow against a proposed increase to the retirement age and the crowd chanted slogans critical of President Vladimir Putin whose approval ratings have been dented by the bill.
    (Reuters, 7/29/18)

2018        Jul 30, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree creating a new directorate inside the Russian army to promote patriotism. In the Soviet Union, a similar directorate worked to ensure that the army stayed loyal to the then ruling Communist party.
    (Reuters, 7/31/18)

2018        Jul 31, The EU expanded its sanctions against Moscow to include companies that helped build a bridge from mainland Russia to Kremlin-annexed Crimea, which it says violates Ukraine's sovereignty.
    (AFP, 7/31/18)
2018        Jul 31, Central African Republic and Russian officials said three Russian journalists were killed in an ambush outside Sibut, CAR. Russian media said they were reporting on a private Russian security firm.
    (SFC, 8/1/18, p.A2)

2018        Jul, In Russia Mikhail Khachaturyan (57) was maced, hit with a hammer and stabbed 36 times by his three teenage daughters at home in Moscow's northern outskirts. Investigators hit the girls with the toughest murder charges on the books and they faced up to 20 years in prison. It was later reported that the prominent local businessman and churchgoer had insulted, humiliated, threatened and subjected his daughters to physical and sexual violence.
    (The Telegraph, 7/5/19)

2018        Aug 2, Russia said it will deploy its military police on the Golan Heights frontier between Syria and Israel, after weeks of mounting volatility in the area.
    (Reuters, 8/2/18)

2018        Aug 3, Russia denied a report by the Wall Street Journal that said Moscow was allowing thousands of fresh North Korean laborers into the country and granting them new work permits in potential violation of UN sanctions. Russia said fresh documents had been issued to laborers already based in Russia who were working on old contracts.
    (Reuters, 8/3/18)
2018        Aug 3, The United States imposed sanctions on Moscow-based Agrosoyuz Commercial Bank, which it said had facilitated a transaction with Han Jang Su, a person blacklisted by Washington for involvement with North Korea's nuclear weapons program. The Treasury also added Ri Jong Won, the Moscow-based deputy representative of Foreign Trade Bank, North Korea's primary foreign exchange bank.
    (Reuters, 8/3/18)

2018        Aug 4, Russia's Defence Ministry confirmed that it had proposed cooperating with the United States on Syrian refugees and de-mining in a letter sent to the top US general in July.
    (Reuters, 8/4/18)
2018        Aug 4, Russian police arrested 30 LGBT activists in Saint Petersburg during a coordinated demonstration defending the rights of sexual minorities.
    (AFP, 8/4/18)
2018        Aug 4, A Russian helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff in Siberia, killing all 18 people aboard, mostly oil workers.
    (AP, 8/4/18)

2018        Aug 7, In Russia Maria Alekhina, an activist from the Pussy Riot punk collective, led a protest outside the headquarters of the state penitentiary agency in response to torture and slave labor in Russian prisons.
    (SFC, 8/8/18, p.A2)
2018        Aug 7, The European Union reiterated its "firm support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders" and lamented the Russian military presence in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev said an attempt by NATO to incorporate the former Soviet republic of Georgia could trigger a new, "horrible" conflict.
    (AP, 8/7/18)
2018        Aug 7, The lawyer for Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, hunger striking in a Russian jail for nearly three months, said that the prisoner has lost 30 kg from his original weight of 100 kg, his heart rate has slowed and he has very low levels of red blood cells. The 42-year-old was serving a 20-year sentence in the far north of Russia after being convicted three years ago of arson attacks in his native Crimea following its annexation by Moscow. According to Kiev's estimates, Russia is currently holding around 70 Ukrainian political prisoners.
    (AFP, 8/8/18)

2018        Aug 8, The US announced it would impose new sanctions on Russia for illegally using a chemical weapon in an attempt to kill former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Britain earlier this year.
    (SFC, 8/9/18, p.A6)

2018        Aug 9, Russia condemned a new round of US sanctions as illegal after news of the measures sent the ruble tumbling to two-year lows and sparked a wider asset sell-off over fears that Moscow was locked in a spiral of never-ending curbs by the West.
    (Reuters, 8/9/18)
2018        Aug 9, The Russian punk collective Pussy Riot said its member Maria Alekhina has departed for Britain for a performance at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, despite being banned from leaving the country.
    (AP, 8/9/18)

2018        Aug 10, Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev sternly warned the United States against ramping up sanctions, saying that Moscow will retaliate with economic, political and unspecified "other" means.
    (AP, 8/10/18)

2018        Aug 12, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan agreed in principle how to divide up the potentially huge oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea.
    (Reuters, 8/12/18)

2018        Aug 14, Eduard Uspensky (80), legendary Soviet children's writer and creator of the USSR's most popular cartoon characters, died in his home in the Moscow suburbs. He was most famous for his iconic cartoon characters Gena the Crocodile, a friendly crocodile who works at a zoo and plays the accordion, and Cheburashka, a strange brown-haired creature with large ears.
    (AFP, 8/15/18)

2018        Aug 15, Shipping industry sources said that some Russian shipowners not subject to sanctions have now stopped shipping to Ukraine for fear of losing their cargo. The Mekhanik Pogodin oil tanker, under the Russian flag, has detained in the port of Kherson since August 10, and prevented from offloading because its owner is on a list of sanctions imposed by Kiev.
    (Reuters, 8/15/18)
2018        Aug 15, The United States imposed sanctions on a Russian port service agency and Chinese firms for aiding North Korean ships and selling alcohol and tobacco to Pyongyang in breach of US sanctions.
    (Reuters, 8/16/18)

2018        Aug 19, Russia's top investigative agency said it has detained a deputy head of the nation's top space corporation on fraud charges. The Investigative Committee said Alexei Beloborodov, a deputy director general of the state-controlled RKK Energiya company, has been detained along with his two associates.
    (AP, 8/19/18)

2018        Aug 20, Microsoft Corp charged that hackers linked to Russia's government sought to launch cyber attacks on the US Senate and conservative American think tanks, warning that Moscow is broadening attacks ahead of November's congressional elections. Russian authorities quickly denied the allegations.
    (Reuters, 8/21/18)

2018        Aug 21, Moscow and the Central African Republic signed a military cooperation agreement, less than a month after three Russian journalists were killed in the strife-torn CAR while probing alleged Russian mercenaries.
    (AFP, 8/21/18)
2018        Aug 21, Serbia's air force took the delivery of two Russian MiG-29 fighter jets, part of an arms purchase that could heighten tensions in the Balkans and increase Moscow's influence in the region.
    (AP, 8/21/18)

2018        Aug 22, The US State Dept. said it has rejected an invitation to join Russia-led talks on Afghanistan because they are unlikely to help bring peace. Russia said the Taliban will be joining the Sept. 4 talks in Moscow along with representatives of several neighboring countries.
    (SFC, 8/23/18, p.A2)

2018        Aug 23, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said he and his US counterpart John Bolton have broadly agreed to re-open communication lines between their respective foreign and defense ministries.
    (Reuters, 8/23/18)
2018        Aug 23, The Russian Central Bank said it will halt foreign currency purchases, a move that helped the ruble to recover from its lowest level against the dollar since 2016.
    (AP, 8/23/18)

2018        Aug 25, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (42) was detained in Moscow.
    (AP, 8/25/18)
2018        Aug 25, Iran said it has resumed talks with Russia to build a new nuclear power plant capable of generating up to 3,000 megawatts of electricity.
    (Reuters, 8/25/18)

2018        Aug 27, A Russian court sentenced opposition leader Alexei Navalny to 30 days in jail after convicting him of breaking public protest laws, a move that will prevent him from leading a planned anti-government rally against pension reform next month.
    (Reuters, 8/27/18)

2018        Aug 29, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin proposed measures to soften a pension reform deeply unpopular among Russians, in an apparent attempt to stem a major fall in his approval ratings.
    (AFP, 8/29/18)

2018        Aug 31, In Russia three people were killed in a blast at the Sverdlov plant, one of the country's largest makers of explosives and ammunition, in the city of Dzerzhinsk.
    (AP, 8/31/18)

2018        Aug, Vladimir Lyubishin Jr. and Sr. were flown to Moscow and jailed pending investigation and trial. They had been in a Hungarian jail, charged in an elaborate plot to ship weapons to Mexican drug cartels and cocaine to the US.
    (AP, 12/7/18)
2018        Aug, Spanish authorities reportedly uncovered a plot by anti-Brexit campaigners to assassinate leading Brexiteer and now favorite to be Britain's next prime minister, Boris Johnson. A 2019 study found that this story and others like it were created by a network of social media accounts operating from Russia which have attempted to seed false narratives across 30 different online platforms.
    (Reuters, 6/22/19)

2018        Sep 1, In Russia a supervisor at Sochi airport died during an emergency response early today after a landing plane careered off the end of the runway into a riverbed and caught fire. 18 people were injured in the accident.
    (AP, 9/1/18)

2018        Sep 2, Thousands of people across Russia protested against a deeply unpopular pension reform despite President Vladimir Putin's announcement of several concessions this week.
    (AFP, 9/2/18)
2018        Sep 2, A Russian state-owned television channel began a new weekly current affairs program devoted to President Vladimir Putin. The first episode of "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin." aired this evening, stressing the Russian president's work to address various crises and stay in touch with ordinary Russians.
    (AP, 9/3/18)

2018        Sep 3, Estonian officials arrested former military officer Deniss Metsavas (b.1980) and his father Pjotr Volin (b.1953) on suspicion of treason and spying for Russia.
    (AP, 9/5/18)

2018        Sep 4, In Syria Russia resumed its air strikes against insurgents in Idlib after 22 days, following weeks of aerial bombardment and shelling against rebels by pro-Syrian government forces in an apparent prelude to a full-scale offensive. The next day the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said the Russian strikes killed 13 civilians, including children, but no fighters.
    (Reuters, 9/4/18)(Reuters, 9/5/18)

2018        Sep 5, The Russian Defense Ministry said that four jets struck targets linked to an al-Qaida-linked group, including a weapons depot and a launch pad for drones that Russia says have targeted its military bases in Syria.
    (AP, 9/5/18)
2018        Sep 5, Russian athletes Tatyana Lebedeva and Maria Abakumova were stripped of three world track championship medals because of doping. Abakumova had her javelin results from August 2008-August 2012 erased, stripping her of her world championship bronze from 2009 and gold from 2011. Lebedeva had her results from August 2008-August 2010 erased, including a silver medal from the 2009 worlds.
    (AP, 9/5/18)
2018        Sep 5, Britain charged two Russians in absentia with the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter, and said the suspects were military intelligence officers almost certainly acting on orders from high up in the Russian state. British authorities identified the suspects as Russian nationals traveling on genuine passports under the aliases Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.
    (Reuters, 9/5/18)

2018        Sep 6, Russia's head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said Vietnam has placed orders for Russian weapons and military services worth more than $1 billion.
    (AP, 9/7/18)
2018        Sep 6, Polish prosecutors said they have indicted a former employee of the EU member's economy ministry with spying for Russia's GRU intelligence agency, the latest case in a string of espionage allegations in the region.
    (AFP, 9/6/18)
2018        Sep 6, Rescue workers in Syria's northwestern Idlib province said they were forced to halt operations in a rebel-held town after Russian air strikes damaged their center there. Warplanes, believed to be Russian, struck the southern countryside of Idlib and a village in nearby Hama province.
    (AFP, 9/6/18)(Reuters, 9/6/18)

2018        Sep 7, Meeting in Tehran the presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia failed to agree on a ceasefire that would forestall a Syrian government offensive in rebel-held Idlib province. They agreed in a final statement that there could be no military solution to the conflict and it could only end through a negotiated political process. But as Syrian government and Russian warplanes mounted air strikes in Idlib, Putin and Rouhani pushed back against Erdogan's call for a truce.
    (Reuters, 9/7/18)
2018        Sep 7, Hundreds of Syrians took to the streets in the country's last major rebel bastion of Idlib, calling on neighboring Turkey to help prevent a regime assault on their region. Air strikes targeted positions belonging to rebel groups in the northern Hama and southern Idlib provinces. Russian air strikes killed five people in Idlib.
    (AFP, 9/7/18)(Reuters, 9/7/18)
2018        Sep 7, The Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarchate said it is sending two bishops to Ukraine "within the framework of the preparations for the granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine." The patriarchate's leader is considered the "first among equals" of Eastern Orthodox clerics.
    (AP, 9/8/18)

2018        Sep 8, The Russian Orthodox Church denounced a decision by Orthodox Christianity's leading body to send two envoys to Ukraine as a step toward declaring ecclesiastical independence for the church there.
    (AP, 9/8/18)
2018        Sep 8, Syrian government and Russian warplanes targeted the southern edge of Idlib province. Rescue workers said at least four civilians were killed, including two children and a woman, most of them in Abdeen, a village west Khan of Sheikhoun, Idlib province.
    (AP, 9/8/18)

2018        Sep 9, Thousands of Russians turned out to protest deeply unpopular pension reforms as the country voted in local elections. Police arrested 1,018 people who were taking part in nationwide demonstrations called by jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The ruling United Russia party suffered a major blow in several regions as Russians voted to elect governors and local lawmakers in a nationwide day of polls. Sergei Sobyanin, mayor of Moscow since 2010, won a predictable victory with 70.02 percent of the vote. Turnout stood at 30.8 percent.
    (AFP, 9/9/18)(AFP, 9/10/18)(SFC, 9/11/18, p.A2)
2018        Sep 9, Syrian government forces bombed the village of Hobeit in Idlib province, killing an infant girl and wounding several other civilians. Russian and Syrian government airstrikes struck the towns of Latamneh and Kafr Zeita in neighboring Hama province.
    (AP, 9/9/18)

2018        Sep 11, Russia's largest war games in recent history kicked off in the Far East. The Vostok 2018 exercises, the largest military drills since the end of the Cold War, will involve about 36,000 tanks and 300,000 troops at sea and on the ground.
    (AP, 9/11/18)
2018        Sep 11, In Russia Viktor Zolotov (64), President Vladimir Putin's former bodyguard and chief of the National Guard, challenged opposition leader Alexei Navalny to a duel. Last month Navalny published an investigation alleging that at least $29 million had been stolen in procurement contracts for the National Guard.
    (AP, 9/11/18)
2018        Sep 11, In Geneva the UN envoy for Syria hosted key diplomats from Iran, Russia and Turkey to discuss work toward rewriting the country's constitution, amid concerns about a possibly devastating military offensive on rebel-held Idlib province.
    (AP, 9/11/18)

2018        Sep 12, President Vladimir Putin said Russia had found the two men accused by British prosecutors of trying to murder ex- Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain, but that there was nothing criminal about them.
    (Reuters, 9/13/18)
2018        Sep 12, Russian news media reported that Pyotr Verzilov, a member of the Pussy Riot punk protest group, was been hospitalized in grave condition for what could be a possible poisoning.
    (SFC, 9/13/18, p.A2)

2018        Sep 14, Russia's Central Bank hiked its key interest rate for the first time in nearly four years, moving to shore up the ruble amid increasing risks of US sanctions. It raised the rate to 7.5 percent from 7.25 percent.
    (AP, 9/14/18)
2018        Sep 14, The Russian Orthodox Church announced a rebuff to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the leader of the worldwide Orthodox community, saying it would not participate in events headed by the Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarchate due to a dispute over control of the church in Ukraine.
    (AP, 9/14/18)
2018        Sep 14, Greece's supreme court approved a Russian extradition request for Alexander Vinnik (38), a bitcoin fraud suspect. The Greek supreme court also has accepted an extradition request from the United States, where Vinnik is accused of allegedly laundering billions of dollars with bitcoin.
    (AP, 9/14/18)
2018        Sep 14, Swiss authorities said that the Netherlands arrested and expelled two suspected Russian spies earlier this year who allegedly tried to hack a Swiss laboratory that conducts tests for the UN-backed chemical weapons watchdog.
    (AP, 9/14/18)
2018        Sep 14, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Russia of actively working to undermine international sanctions on North Korea and said the enforcement of the steps was essential to convince Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.
    (Reuters, 9/15/18)

2018        Sep 15, Pyotr Verzilov, publisher of a Russian online news outlet and affiliated with the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot, arrived in Berlin from Moscow late today on a medical transport plane. The anti-Kremlin activist lost his sight, hearing and his ability to walk in a suspected poisoning last week.
    (Reuters, 9/16/18)

2018        Sep 16, In Russia up to thousand protestors demonstrated in Saint Petersburg against a plan to raise the state pension age which has sparked public anger.
    (AFP, 9/16/18)

2018        Sep 17, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Russia of "cheating" on UN sanctions on North Korea and said Washington has "evidence of consistent and wide-ranging Russian violations."
    (Reuters, 9/17/18)

2018        Sep 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Sochi to try to come to an agreement over the Syrian rebel stronghold of Idlib. Russia and Turkey announced they would create a "de-militarized zone" ringing Syria's Idlib province.
    (AFP, 9/17/18)(AFP, 9/18/18)
2018        Sep 17, Hundreds of Russian Communist Party supporters took to the central square of Vladivostok to protest against what they said was the brazen rigging of a regional election in favor of a politician backed by President Vladimir Putin.
    (AP, 9/17/18)
2018        Sep 17, A Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, with 15 Russians on board, was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft systems. Russia accused Israel of indirectly causing the incident, saying Israeli jets nearby had put the Russian plane in the path of danger.
    (Reuters, 9/18/18)

2018        Sep 18, President Vladimir Putin, standing next to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, said that the Russian state atomic energy firm Rosatom would start the construction of two new reactors at the Paks power nuclear plant in Hungary soon. Orban told reporters that they had agreed on gas supplies for 2020.
    (Reuters, 9/18/18)

2018        Sep 19, Russia's election commission recommended re-running a key regional poll, an unprecedented move triggered by claims of vote-rigging in favor of a candidate backed by Vladimir Putin.
    (AFP, 9/19/18)

2018        Sep 20, Russian election officials in the Far East cancelled the results of the Sept. 16 gubernatorial election following reports of blatant vote rigging and said they will hold a new vote.
    (AP, 9/20/18)
2018        Sep 20, The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA) reinstated Russia despite a wave of protests, ending the nearly three-year suspension of the country's drug-testing program because of a state-sponsored doping scheme.
    (AP, 9/20/18)
2018        Sep 20, The United States blacklisted 33 Russian nationals and three entities in a new round of sanctions for the Russian interference in the 2016 election. One of the companies is an aircraft-making factory in Russia's Far East. The US also imposed sanctions on a Chinese military agency over the purchase of Russian weapons.
    (AP, 9/21/18)

2018        Sep 21, The Norwegian Police detained a Russian citizen on suspicion of illegal intelligence activities. The man had attended a seminar this week on digitalization in the Norwegian Parliament.
    (Reuters, 9/23/18)

2018        Sep 22, Thousands rallied across Russia to protest the government's plan to raise the eligibility age for retirement pensions by five years. Communist Party chief Gennady Zyuganov called for rolling back the proposed changes, arguing that the government should redistribute resources to avoid raising the pension age.
    (AP, 9/22/18)

2018        Sep 24, Russia announced it will supply an S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria in two weeks against strong Israeli objections, a week after Moscow blamed Israel for indirectly causing the downing of a Russian military plane in Syria.
    (Reuters, 9/24/18)

2018        Sep 26, The Russian parliament's lower house passed a controversial pension reform bill, after President Vladimir Putin announced concessions to try to dampen widespread public anger over plans to raise the state retirement age. The bill, which still has to go through the formality of a third reading and a senate hearing, would see Russian men retire at 65 instead of 60.
    (AFP, 9/26/18)
2018        Sep 26, An investigative group in Britain named Bellingcat said one of the two suspects in the March poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK is in fact Col. Anatoliy Chepiga with the Russian military intelligence agency GRU, who in 2014 was awarded Russia's highest medal.
    (AP, 9/27/18)
2018        Sep 26, Norway's Borgarting Court of Appeals said there was evidence that Mikhail Bochkaryov of Russia had collected information from computer and wireless networks at the parliament last week, upholding a decision by a lower court that he can be held for two weeks.
    (Reuters, 9/26/18)

2018        Sep 30, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said more than 18,000 people, nearly half of them civilians, have been killed in Russian air strikes on Syria since Moscow began its game-changing intervention three years ago.
    (AFP, 9/30/18)

2018        Oct 2, Moscow said it had delivered the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria after the downing of a Russian spy plane by Syrian forces in September.
    (Reuters, 10/5/18)

2018        Oct 3, Saak Karapetyan (58), a Russian prosecutor, died in a helicopter crash. It was later alleged that he played a role in a 2009 fraud case involving $230 million and the death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saak_Karapetyan)(Econ., 1/23/21, p.59)

2018        Oct 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in India for a two-day visit during which India is expected to sign a $5 billion deal to buy Russian S-400 air defense systems despite a new US law ordering sanctions on any country trading with Russia's defense and intelligence sectors.
    (AP, 10/4/18)
2018        Oct 4, Russia's Defense Ministry said the United States appears to be running a clandestine biological weapons lab in the country of Georgia, allegedly flouting international rules and posing a direct security threat to Russia.
    (AP, 10/4/18)
2018        Oct 4, In Ingushetia thousands attended a rare protest to decry a land-swap deal with neighboring Chechnya, despite authorities reportedly setting up roadblocks to hinder demonstrators. Russia turned off 3G and 4G mobile Internet services in Ingushetia from Oct. 4 to Oct. 17 "on the basis of the justified decision of the law enforcement authorities".
    (AFP, 10/4/18)(Reuters, 11/16/18)
2018        Oct 4, In Kazakhstan the Russian Soyuz MS-08 space capsule carrying Russia's Oleg Artemyev and NASA's Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold landed safely after a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station.
    (AP, 10/4/18)
2018        Oct 4, In Norway Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg, under US sanctions over the Ukraine conflict due to his close ties with President Vladimir Putin, filed suit against four Nordic banks, accusing them of discrimination. Rotenberg also holds a Finnish passport and is not subject to European sanctions over Russia's role in Ukraine, but European banks must comply with the US sanctions in order to do business with American banks.
    (Reuters, 10/22/18)
2018        Oct 4, The US Justice Department charged seven Russian military intelligence officers with hacking anti-doping agencies and other organizations. Britain and the Netherlands condemned the Russian GRU military intelligence for a series of alleged global cybercrimes. Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the foreign affairs committee in the upper house of Russian parliament, denounced the accusations as fake.
    (AP, 10/4/18)

2018        Oct 5, Russia signed a $5 billion deal with India to supply five regiments of S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to India. The contract was signed during Pres. Vladimir Putin's trip to India.
    (Reuters, 10/5/18)(SFC, 10/6/18, p.A3)
2018        Oct 5, Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, jailed in Russia on terrorism charges, said he had been forced to end a prolonged hunger strike because prison authorities had told him they planned to force feed him.
    (Reuters, 10/5/18)

2018        Oct 8, Russia's foreign ministry said four Russians, accused by the Netherlands last week of hacking, were traveling with technical equipment intended to test their embassy's IT systems in the Hague.
    (Reuters, 10/8/18)
2018        Oct 8, The second of two Russians who Britain blames for the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was named by investigative website Bellingcat as Alexander Yevgenyevich Mishkin (39), a military doctor for Russia's GRU intelligence service.
    (Reuters, 10/9/18)

2018        Oct 11, The two-man US-Russian crew of a Soyuz spacecraft en route to the International Space Station was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing in Kazakhstan when their rocket failed in mid-air. The rocket malfunctioned two minutes after liftoff, forcing its two-man crew of Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin to make an emergency landing. Investigators later said the rocket failure was caused by a sensor that was damaged during assembly at the Soviet-era cosmodrome at Baikonur.
    (Reuters, 10/11/18)(Reuters, 10/8/19)

2018        Oct 13, The Russian Orthodox Church said it would respond firmly to the Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarchate over its decision to back Ukraine's request to establish an independent, or "autocephalous", Church.
    (Reuters, 10/13/18)

2018        Oct 14, Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny was released from jail after serving 50 days on two consecutive sentences for organizing unsanctioned protests.
    (AP, 10/14/18)

2018        Oct 15, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi arrived in Russia on a visit expected to further boost ties between the two nations.
    (AP, 10/15/18)

2018        Oct 17, In Russian-annexed Crimea 19 people were killed and dozens more wounded, most of them teenagers, after a student opened fire at the Kerch Polytechnical College. Investigators identified the attacker as Vladislav Roslyakov (18), a fourth-year student whose body was found "with a gunshot wound" on the premises.
    (AFP, 10/17/18)
2018        Oct 17, Twitter said that it had identified 3,841 accounts affiliated with the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, a Russian “troll farm" that has been indicted by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller for attempts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
    (Reuters, 10/17/18)

2018        Oct 18, The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said it had seen weapons being transported from Russia to rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine over the last week, contradicting Moscow's claim it is not arming separatists.
    (AFP, 10/18/18)

2018        Oct 19, In Uzbekistan Russian President Vladimir Putin and Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev ordered the start of preliminary work at the ex-Soviet republic's first nuclear power plant. The $11 billion plant will have two 1,200-megawatt nuclear reactors and was set to begin operating in 2028.
    (AP, 10/19/18)
2018        Oct 19, The US accused Russian woman Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova of helping oversee the finances of a sweeping, secretive effort to sway American public opinion through social media in the first federal case alleging foreign interference in the 2018 midterm elections.
    (AP, 10/20/18)
2018        Oct 19, American intelligence officials released a rare public statement asserting that Russia, China, Iran and other countries are engaged in ongoing efforts to influence US policy and voters in future elections.
    (AP, 10/22/18)

2018        Oct 20, Russia's defence minister said that almost 88,000 rebels had been killed in Syria in the three years since Moscow's intervention to back government forces.
    (AFP, 10/20/18)
2018        Oct 20, President Donald Trump said Washington would withdraw from a landmark 1987 Cold War-era treaty that eliminated nuclear missiles from Europe because Russia was violating the pact, triggering a warning of retaliatory measures from Moscow.
    (Reuters, 10/21/18)

2018        Oct 21, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that a unilateral withdrawal by the United States from a landmark 1987 Cold War-era treaty that eliminated nuclear missiles from Europe would be "very dangerous" and lead to a "military-technical" retaliation.
    (Reuters, 10/21/18)

2018        Oct 22, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, in a presidential decree posted on the Kremlin's website, instructed the government to draw up a list of Ukrainian firms and individuals to be targeted for economic sanctions.
    (Reuters, 10/22/18)

2018        Oct 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Italian PM Giuseppe Conte in Moscow. They vowed to expand economic ties between their two countries despite European Union sanctions against Russia.
    (AP, 10/24/18)

2018        Oct 25, President Vladimir Putin says Russia will commission new weapons that have no comparisons anywhere in the world.
    (AP, 10/25/18)
2018        Oct 25, A Russian military tribunal upheld murder and torture convictions against senior security and police officers in the region of Ingushetia. The officers were convicted of using electric shocks and other torture techniques to force confessions from detainees in the mainly-Muslim region.
    (AFP, 10/26/18)
2018        Oct 25, The EU awarded its top human rights prize to Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian filmmaker imprisoned in Russia accused of plotting acts of terrorism, calling him a symbol of all political prisoners being held there.
    (AP, 10/25/18)

2018        Oct 26, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said it had detained six members of an Islamic State cell plotting attacks in Moscow.
    (Reuters, 10/26/18)

2018        Oct 27, The leaders of Turkey, Russia, France and Germany met to try to find a political solution to Syria's devastating civil war, provide access to humanitarian aid and salvage a fragile ceasefire in the country's last major rebel-held bastion.
    (AFP, 10/27/18)

2018        Oct 29, Russia sent a high-level official delegation to Venezuela, including a deputy finance minister, to help advise the cash-strapped country on economic reform at a time of crisis.
    (Reuters, 10/29/18)

2018        Oct 30, German police arrested a Russian man (43) suspected of smuggling some 12 million cigarettes into the country from 2009-2011.
    (AP, 11/1/18)

2018        Oct 31, Russia opened an investigation into suspected terrorism after a 17-year-old youth blew himself up in the lobby of an office belonging to Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) in the northern city of Arkhangelsk. On Nov. 6 a Moscow court arrested a 14-year-old boy believed to be linked to the bomb attack.
    (Reuters, 10/31/18)(AP, 11/6/18)

2018        Oct, Valery Alemchenko, a former convict who worked for Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman who has been indicted by American investigators for allegedly trying to interfere with the 2016 US election, disappeared early this month. Alemchenko had recently told a reporter that he orchestrated attacks on Prigozhin's opponents as well as the killing of an opposition blogger in northwest Russia, all at the mogul's behalf.
    (AP, 10/22/18)
2018        Oct, Russia's National Guard, which polices anti-government protests, received delivery of two vehicles fitted with a laser and a sonic sound system to disorient people. News of this raised fears among the opposition they could be used to disperse peaceful protesters.
    (Reuters, 11/22/18)

2018        Nov 1, The Russian government published a list of 322 individuals and 68 companies in the Ukraine who will have their assets — if they have any — frozen, in a largely symbolic gesture in the ongoing conflict between the two countries.
    (AP, 11/1/18)

2018        Nov 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin met Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel who was making his first official visit to long-term ally Moscow.
    (AFP, 11/2/18)

2018        Nov 3, Russia said that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had agreed to send a group of senior politicians to peace talks in Moscow, at which a delegation representing the Taliban would be present.
    (Reuters, 11/3/18)

2018        Nov 6, Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev signed measures approving regulations that would identify smartphone messenger users by their cellphone numbers. The decree goes into effect after 180 days.
    (AP, 11/6/18)

2018        Nov 9, Austria's government said that a retired colonel in the country's military is suspected of having spied for Russia for decades, a claim swiftly dismissed by Moscow.
    (AP, 11/9/18)

2018        Nov 9, In Russia a Taliban delegation attended a diplomatic conference for the first time, in a move that underscored Moscow's keenness to play a role in the Afghan peace process, but the Kabul government sent no official representative.
    (Reuters, 11/9/18)

2018        Nov 10, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, a formal suspect in an investigation into corruption and influence-peddling in Monaco, returned to Moscow. Earlier this week, police in Monaco had detained the billionaire, who also owns soccer club AS Monaco, for questioning as part of the probe.
    (Reuters, 11/10/18)

2018        Nov 12, Russia denied being behind the recent disruption to GPS signals across Lapland which put civil aviation at risk, after Finland's PM Juha Sipila said the interference was "almost certainly deliberate".
    (AFP, 11/12/18)

2018        Nov 13, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said he was prevented from flying out of Moscow for a European court ruling on whether his recent detentions have been politically motivated.
    (AP, 11/13/18)
2018        Nov 13, The independent Russian New Times magazine, fined 22 million rubles last month for failing to notify authorities on time of receiving foreign funding, said it has raised over $370,000 in four days to pay the fine. Critics and media experts have viewed the fine as retribution by the government for the New Times' critical reporting.
    (AP, 11/13/18)

2018        Nov 14, Meeting in Singapore Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Japan's PM Shinzo Abe agreed to step up the pace of talks to end a decades-old territorial dispute.
    (Reuters, 11/14/18)

2018        Nov 15, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia's repeated arrests and detention of opposition leader Alexei Navalny were politically-motivated and breached his human rights, a decision Moscow called questionable.
    (Reuters, 11/15/18)

2018        Nov 16, Investigative group Bellingcat and Russian website The Insider published a report suggesting that Russian intelligence has infiltrated the computer infrastructure of a company that processes British visa applications.
    (AP, 11/16/18)
2018        Nov 16, The Russian Defense Ministry said that nearly 6,000 people have returned to Syria in the last week alone and that nearly 270,000 Syrian refugees have returned home in recent months, a fraction of the estimated 5.6 million Syrians who have fanned out across the world fleeing the seven-year conflict.
    (AP, 11/16/18)
2018        Nov 16, Russian investigators opened a criminal case after finding pollution levels in the Novaya river in St. Petersburg far exceeded norms, with ethyl alcohol levels charted at 5,400 times the acceptable limit.
    (AP, 11/17/18)
2018        Nov 16, A Russian Soyuz rocket launched its first cargo mission to the International Space Station since a Soyuz rocket carrying astronauts failed last month.
    (AFP, 11/17/18)

2018        Nov 19, Russia clashed bitterly with the West as it tried to block the world chemical arms watchdog's new ability to attribute blame for attacks like those in Syria and Salisbury.
    (AFP, 11/19/18)
2018        Nov 19, Russian prosecutors said they suspected Kremlin critic Bill Browder (54) of ordering the 2009 murder of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky whose memory he has championed, but he dismissed the accusation as a cynical ploy to tar him for lobbying for sanctions on Moscow.
    (Reuters, 11/19/18)
2018        Nov 19, In Turkey Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan marked the completion of a key phase of TurkStream, a natural gas pipeline connecting the two countries. The last part of the offshore pipe was laid on live broadcast, reaching Turkish shores at Kiyikoy near Istanbul.
    (AP, 11/19/18)

2018        Nov 20, Russia failed in its bid to stall the global chemical warfare watchdog's controversial new power to apportion blame for attacks like those in Syria. Member states approved the 2019 budget for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which includes funding for the new role.
    (AFP, 11/20/18)

2018        Nov 21, Russian police detained rapper Dmitry Kuznetsov (25), aka Husky, for performing on a car in Krasnodar after prosecutors banned his gig. Husky is known for his songs mocking authorities and police brutality.
    (AP, 11/22/18)
2018        Nov 21, Russian Colonel-General Igor Korobov (62), the head of the military intelligence agency that the West has blamed for a string of brazen attacks died, after "a serious and long illness".
    (Reuters, 11/22/18)

2018        Nov 25, Russia stopped three Ukrainian navy vessels from entering the Sea of Azov via the Kerch Strait by placing a huge cargo ship beneath a Russian-controlled bridge, with officials from both countries accusing the other of provocative behavior. A bilateral treaty gives both countries the right to use the sea, which lies between them and is linked by the narrow Kerch Strait to the Black Sea. Russian coast guards opened fire on three Ukrainian ships near the Kerch Strait and then seized them. Three Ukrainian sailors were wounded and 24 were detained.
    (Reuters, 11/25/18)(Reuters, 11/26/18)

2018        Nov 26, Ukraine's biggest state-run bank said an arbitration court in Paris has ruled that Russia must pay $1.3 billion in damages for property seized in the annexation of Crimea.
    (AP, 11/26/18)

2018        Nov 27, Russia's TASS news agency reported that a court in Russian-annexed Crimea ordered the first of 24 Ukrainian navy sailors captured by Russia to be detained for two months.
    (Reuters, 11/27/18)
2018        Nov 27, The European Court of Human Rights issued a fresh rebuke to the Kremlin, ruling that Russia's continued ban on LGBT rallies is discriminatory and represents a violation of human rights.
    (AP, 11/27/18)
2018        Nov 27 The US State Department said Hungary denied a US request to extradite suspected Russian arms dealers Vladimir Lyubishin Sr. and Vladimir Lyubishin Jr. and sent the men to Russia, where it is unclear whether they will face trial.
    (Reuters, 11/27/18)

2018        Nov 28, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia had no choice but to cut its dependency on dollars to conduct trade, after becoming the target of increasingly severe US sanctions.
    (AFP, 11/28/18)
2018        Nov 28, President Vladimir Putin insisted that Russian forces had the right to seize three Ukrainian ships at the weekend, as Kiev lashed out at Moscow for failing to release its sailors.
    (AFP, 11/28/18)
2018        Nov 28, Moscow's latest tourist attraction, a cable car over the Moskva River, was shut the day after it opened because of what the operator said was a cyberattack.
    (Reuters, 11/29/18)
2018        Nov 28, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed an act introducing martial law after Russia's seizure of three of Kiev's navy vessels sparked the worst crisis in years between the neighbors.
    (AFP, 11/28/18)

2018        Nov 29, Police in Russia's fourth-largest city of Yekaterinburg seized children's paintings over what they consider to be depictions of gay love. A high school drawing competition on the subject of tolerance had featured several drawings which depicted same-sex couples.
    (AP, 11/29/18)
2018        Nov 29, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia's Vladimir Putin of wanting to annex his entire country and called for NATO to deploy warships to a sea shared by the two nations. Ukrainian border guards said all non-Ukrainians will be barred from crossing into the Russia-occupied Crimean peninsula by land after martial law went into effect.
    (Reuters, 11/29/18)(AP, 11/29/18)
2018        Nov 29, Ukraine's infrastructure minister, Volodymyr Omelyan, said two Ukrainian Azov Sea ports, Berdyansk and Mariupol, are effectively under blockade by Russia as vessels are being barred from leaving and entering.
    (Reuters, 11/29/18)

2018        Nov 30, In Argentina Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly briefed his US counterpart Donald Trump on the Ukraine crisis as the leaders met briefly at a G20 summit dinner.
    (AFP, 12/2/18)
2018        Nov 30, G7 nations called Russia's seizure of three Ukrainian ships off Moscow-annexed Crimea unjustified and demanded the release of the 24 sailors, saying the standoff had "dangerously raised tensions".
    (AFP, 11/30/18)
2018        Nov 30, Ukraine banned Russian men of combat age from entering the country, a move introduced under martial law after Russia fired on and captured three Ukrainian naval ships off Crimea last weekend.
    (Reuters, 11/30/18)

2018        Dec 1, Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said Russia is building up its land forces and weapons along the border as German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Russia not to block Ukrainian ports in the Sea of Azov.
    (AP, 12/1/18)

2018        Dec 3, The Czech spy agency BIS said it's "obvious" that Russia was behind cyberattacks against the country's foreign ministry, calling them the most serious case of cyberespionage to hit the European country.
    (AP, 12/3/18)
2018        Dec 3, A Soyuz rocket carrying Russian, American and Canadian astronauts took off from Kazakhstan and reached orbit, the first manned mission since a failed launch in October.
    (AFP, 12/3/18)

2018        Dec 4, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Russia, looking for support amid a spiraling economic crisis.
    (AP, 12/4/18)

2018        Dec 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced support for Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro as he visited Moscow seeking financial assistance for the socialist country's collapsing economy.
    (AFP, 12/5/18)
2018        Dec 5, Russia warned authorities in Cyprus not to allow the US military to deploy on their territory, saying such a move would draw a Russian reaction and result in "dangerous and destabilizing consequences" for the Mediterranean island.
    (Reuters, 12/5/18)
2018        Dec 5, EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini urged Russia and the US to save a Cold War arms control treaty after Washington issued a 60-day ultimatum to Moscow.
    (AFP, 12/5/18)
2018        Dec 5, Slovakia's PM Peter Pellegrini said his country has expelled a Russian diplomat after discovering he was a spy working under diplomatic cover.
    (AP, 12/5/18)

2018        Dec 6, The Ukrainian parliament voted to withdraw from a wide-ranging treaty on friendship with Russia, the latest step in escalating tensions between the two neighbors.
    (AP, 12/6/18)

2018        Dec 7, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin held Kremlin talks with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and overcome a rift over the expulsions of diplomats that have strained their traditionally friendly ties.
    (AP, 12/7/18)

2018        Dec 8, In Russia Lyudmila Alexeyeva (91), the founder of Russia's oldest human rights group, died in hospital in Moscow.
    (Reuters, 12/8/18)

2018        Dec 10, In Russia Mikhail Popkov (54), a former police officer jailed for murdering 22 women, received a second life sentence for the murder of 56 more people, making him one of modern Russia's deadliest serial killers. He has been dubbed the "maniac of Angarsk" after his home city in Siberia.
    (Reuters, 12/10/18)
2018        Dec 10, EU security commissioner Julian King alleged that Russia launched a year-long fake news campaign about Kiev's and NATO's plans for the Azov Sea before seizing three Ukrainian ships and their crew there.
    (AFP, 12/10/18)
2018        Dec 10, The EU blacklisted nine locals involved in last month's rebel elections in east Ukraine, but was unlikely to heed swiftly Kiev's call for more reprisals against Moscow over the latest flare-up of tensions in the Azov Sea.
    (Reuters, 12/10/18)

2018        Dec 11, President Vladimir Putin said it was unclear to him why a Russian woman, Maria Butina, had been detained in the United States and accused of being a Russian agent because his intelligence chiefs had told him they knew nothing about her.
    (Reuters, 12/11/18)
2018        Dec 11, The Russian military said that nearly 114,000 Syrian refugees have been repatriated this year, a fraction of the estimated 6 million who have fled since the start of the conflict.
    (AP, 12/11/18)

2018        Dec 12, In France a cousin of jailed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov accepted the European Parliament's Sakharov human rights prize on his behalf, saying the director remained committed to winning the release of all "political prisoners" in Russia.
    (AFP, 12/12/18)

2018        Dec 16, Russians living in the far eastern region of Primorsky Krai elected a Kremlin-backed candidate for governor on Sunday after a previous election was thrown out due to voting fraud. Oleg Kozhemyako won 61.4 percent of the votes after 95 percent of the ballots had been counted.
    (AP, 12/16/18)

2018        Dec 17, Russia said it had built new barracks for troops on a disputed chain of islands near Japan and would build more facilities for armored vehicles, a move likely to anger Tokyo after it urged Moscow to reduce its military activity there.
    (Reuters, 12/17/18)

2018        Dec 18, Russia said it has cut its military flights in Syria from more than 100 per day to fewer than four a week, in another sign the country's conflict is winding down.
    (AFP, 12/18/18)
2018        Dec 18, Meeting in Geneva the foreign ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey said that a new Syrian Constitutional Committee should convene early next year, kicking off a viable political peace process.
    (Reuters, 12/18/18)

2018        Dec 19, Russia's top domestic security agency said it has killed suspected members of the Islamic State group plotting a terror attack. FSB commandos tracked down the IS members in the city of Stavropol in southwestern Russia.
    (AP, 12/19/18)
2018        Dec 19, The Greek Supreme Court ordered the extradition to France of Russian Alexander Vinnik, who headed the Bitcoin exchange BTC-e, on suspicion of money laundering.
    (AFP, 12/19/18)
2018        Dec 19, Police in Lithuania said one Russian and several Lithuanians have been detained, suspected of being part of a ring spying for Russia. Those arrested included Valery Ivanov, a former anti-independence leader in the early 1990s, and Algirdas Paleckis, a former lawmaker and leader of the Lithuania's Socialist People's Front.
    (AP, 12/19/18)
2018        Dec 19, The US Treasury Dept. sanctioned 15 Russians over hacking, interference in US elections and a nerve agent attack in England.
    (SFC, 12/20/18, p.A6)

2018        Dec 20, Vladimir Putin took over 60 questions from a hall of journalists, speaking on everything from rap to pensions to the prospect of taking over the world. Putin said the West was trying to hold back an increasingly powerful Russia.
    (AFP, 12/20/18)
2018        Dec 20, Three astronauts returned to Earth after more than six months aboard the International Space Station. A Russian Soyuz capsule with NASA's Serena Aunon-Chancellor, Russian Sergey Prokopyev and German astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency landed on the snow-covered steppes in Kazakhstan.
    (AP, 12/20/18)

2018        Dec 21, A Russian court charged one of the Kremlin's most vocal foreign critics, British financier and human rights activist William Browder, with creating an international criminal syndicate. The court called for his extradition to Russia and a two-month period of arrest.
    (AP, 12/21/18)

2018        Dec 22, Russia's state-controlled Rosatom corporation said that Reactor No. 1 at the Leningrad nuclear power plant has been shut down as planned. It said it will take until 2023 to fully unload its uranium fuel. Launched in 1973, the reactor became the first unit of the RBMK-1000 type to be built in the Soviet Union. A reactor of the same type exploded in Chernobyl in April 1986.
    (AP, 12/22/18)
2018        Dec 22, In Russia nine construction workers were trapped inside a burning potash mine in the Perm region near the Ural Mountains. Rescuers soon found the nine construction workers dead in the mine operated by potash maker Uralkali.
    (AP, 12/22/18)(Reuters, 12/23/18)

2018        Dec 26, The Russian government approved a draft bill allowing the country to produce crops used in medicinal narcotics, saying this would reduce its dependence on foreign states that have imposed sanctions against it.
    (Reuters, 12/26/18)
2018        Dec 26, Russian blogger Alexander Valov, critical of the authorities in Sochi, was sentenced to six years in prison. He was charged earlier this year with extorting money from federal lawmaker Yuri Napso.
    (Reuters, 12/26/18)
2018        Dec 26, Russia's Kommersant newspaper reported that a Russian court has sentenced Igor Kiyashko, a Ukrainian lawyer, to eight years in a maximum security prison for espionage and trying to illegally obtain and export military goods.
    (Reuters, 12/26/18)

2018        Dec 28, Russia's FSB state security service detained an American citizen suspected of spying in Moscow. This was only announced on Dec. 31. The English-language service of TASS news agency then named him as Paul Whelan (48). The Canadian-born former US Marine with triple UK, US and Irish citizenship, was charged with espionage. His lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov later said Whelan was handed a USB drive containing state secrets but he had thought it was information about Russian culture. Whelan denied the charge. If found guilty he could face up to 20 years in jail.
    (AP, 12/28/18)(AFP, 12/28/18)(AFP, 1/22/19)(Reuters, 5/24/19)

2018        Dec 29, The United States detained Russian citizen Dmitry Makarenko (b.1979) on the Northern Mariana Islands, a US commonwealth in the Pacific Ocean. He was soon transferred to Florida. Makarenko was accused in June 2017 by federal prosecutors of conspiring with another man, Vladimir Nevidomy, to export defense articles including night-vision scopes from the United States to Russia without US approval. Court papers showed Nevidomy pleaded guilty in the case in June 2018 and was sentenced to 26 months in prison with three years of supervised release.
    (Reuters, 1/5/19)

2018        Dec 30, Russia's Defence Ministry said it will deploy in 2019 the S-350 Vityaz new generation short-to-mid range surface-to-air defence missile complex, in a long-planned move to replace its ageing S-300 system.
    (Reuters, 12/30/18)

2018        Dec 31, A Russian apartment block partially collapsed in an explosion, killing at least four people in Magnitogorsk. Russian rescue crews soon pulled two more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building, bringing the death toll to nine. By Jan. 2 the number of confirmed dead rose to 22 and 19 remained missing. The number of dead from the gas explosion jumped to 39 on Jan. 3 as rescuers finished searching for bodies in the rubble of the partially collapsed building.
    (Reuters, 12/31/18)(AP, 1/1/19)(AP, 1/2/19)(AFP, 1/3/19)

2018        The Association for Free Research and International Cooperation (AFRIC), run by Yevgeny Prigozhin’s St. Petersburg-based organization, was founded as a “network of agents of influence" meant to provide “expert evaluations and opinions beneficial to Russia" in Africa. AFRIC sent “election observers"—many of them well-known white supremacists and neo-Nazis from Europe—to try to sway democratic races in Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa, in races in which other arms of Prigozhin’s vast empire often supported one or more of the candidates.
    (The Daily Beast, 3/2/21)
2018        Russians Alexander Shabarchin and Danila Vasilyev were arrested after they taped the mannequin, sporting a Putin mask and striped prisoner jumpsuit, to a lamp post in the city of Perm. Shabarchin (22) was sentenced to two years in prison in August, 2020. Vasilyev received a one-year suspended sentence. On Nov. 5, 2020, following an appeal, the Perm regional court reduced Shabarchin's punishment to a two-year suspended sentence. Vasilyev's punishment was left unchanged, but he was never jailed.
    (AP, 11/6/20)
2018        The Central African Rep. hired Russia's Wagner Group to guard diamond mines, train the army and provide protection for Pres. Faustin Archange Touadera.
    (https://tinyurl.com/y3qvv8vn)(Econ., 5/30/20, p.37)

2019        Jan 9, Russia's Defense Ministry says it has received 30 Soviet WW II-era T-34 battle tanks from Laos, a move reflecting the national veneration of the weapon. The ministry said more than 58,000 T-34s were built between 1940 and 1946, making it the world's most widely produced tank. The T-34 was widely exported and used in numerous conflicts.
    (AP, 1/9/19)

2019        Jan 10, Belarus Pres. Alexander Lukashenko sternly warned Russia that it could lose its ally if it fails to offer compensation for higher oil prices.
    (AP, 1/10/19)   

2019        Jan 11, Russia's space agency lost control of the Spektr-R satellite, an orbiting radio telescope launched in 2011 with an expected useful life of about three years.
    (AP, 1/12/19)
2019        Jan 11, Prominent Russian LGBT activist Igor Kochetkov said that gay rights supporters have seen a spike in detentions in Chechnya of men and women suspected of being gay since late December.
    (AP, 1/11/19)

2019        Jan 14, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threw cold water on Tokyo's hopes for a quick return of disputed islands in the Pacific, warning Japan that it must recognize them as part of Russia's territory as a starting point for talks.
    (AP, 1/14/19)
2019        Jan 14, In southern Russia one person was killed and four were missing after a gas explosion tore through a multi-storey residential building in the town of Shakhty.
    (AP, 1/14/19)
2019        Jan 14, LGBT activists in Russia charged the republic of Chechnya with launching a new crackdown on gays in which at least two people have died and about 40 people have been detained.
    (AP, 1/14/19)

2019        Jan 15, Russia extended the detention of Ukrainian sailors captured together with their vessels off Crimea in November despite protests from Kiev and the West.
    (AFP, 1/15/19)

2019        Jan 17, Anastasia Vashukevich, the Belarusian model who claimed last year that she had evidence of Russian interference in the election of Donald Trump as US president, was arrested immediately upon her arrival in Moscow following deportation from Thailand.
    (AP, 1/18/19)
2019        Jan 17, President Vladimir Putin arrived to a rousing welcome in Serbia, a key Moscow ally, where he will confer Russia's top award to his counterpart Aleksandar Vucic.
    (AFP, 1/17/19)
2019        Jan 17, Facebook said it has removed hundreds of Russia-linked pages, groups and accounts that it says were part of two big disinformation operations targeting users outside the US.
    (AP, 1/17/19)

2019        Jan 18, Russia said it has agreed for France and Germany to monitor shipping traffic in the Kerch Strait following a naval confrontation between Moscow and Kiev last year.
    (AFP, 1/18/19)

2019        Jan 21, The European Union sanctioned the heads of Russia's military intelligence and two of their officers blamed for poisoning a former Russian double agent in Britain last year, a decision Moscow dismissed as groundless. The EU also sanctioned a Syrian research center and five staff members.
    (Reuters, 1/21/19)(AP, 1/21/19)

2019        Jan 22, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin met with Japan's PM Shinzo Abe in the Kremlin for the latest round of talks on the dispute over a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Police detained 11 people protesting against territorial concessions outside the Japanese embassy in Moscow.
    (Reuters, 1/22/19)
2019        Jan 22, In Russia Anastasia Vashukevich, a Belarusian model and self-styled sex instructor who last year claimed to have evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, was released from detention pending trial.
    (AP, 1/22/19)
2019        Jan 22, A Russian a long-range Tu-22M3 bomber crash-landed in the Arctic, leaving three of its crew of four dead.
    (AP, 1/22/19)
2019        Jan 22, Russia's Transport Ministry said ten crew died and another 10 were missing presumed dead in a fire that broke out on two ships while they were transferring fuel in the Black Sea. The vessels which caught fire a day earlier have the same names as two Tanzania-flagged ships, the Maestro and Venice, which last year were included on a US sanctions advisory as delivering fuel to Syria.
    (Reuters, 1/22/19)

2019        Jan 23, In Russia Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sat down for Syria-focused talks with Pres. Vladimir Putin as their governments bargain over zones of influence in the war-torn country.
    (AP, 1/23/19)
2019        Jan 23, The Russian military rolled out a new missile and released its specifications, seeking to dispel the US claim that the weapon violates a key nuclear arms pact. The military insisted that the 9M729 land-based cruise missile conforms to the limits of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
    (AP, 1/23/19)

2019        Jan 24, Russia accused Washington of stoking street protests in Venezuela and called Nicolas Maduro the legitimate president. Moscow alongside China has become a creditor of last resort for Caracas, lending it billions of dollars as its economy implodes.
    (Reuters, 1/24/19)

2019        Jan 25, Russia offered to mediate between the government and opposition in Venezuela if necessary, saying it was ready to cooperate with all political forces that acted responsibly.
    (AP, 1/25/19)
2019        Jan 25, It was reported that a board game that makes light of last year's nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in Britain has gone on sale in Russia. Players of "Our Guys In Salisbury" roll dice to advance across the board from Moscow to Salisbury, the city where Britain says two Russian spies used a chemical weapon to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter.
    (Reuters, 1/25/19)
2019        Jan 25, The head of Ukraine's cyber police said hackers likely controlled by Russia are stepping up efforts to disrupt Ukraine's presidential election in March with cyber-attacks on electoral servers and personal computers of election staff.
    (Reuters, 1/25/19)

2019        Jan 27, Russia marked the 75th anniversary of the end of the World War II siege of Leningrad, which claimed more than 800,000 lives.
    (AFP, 1/27/19)
2019        Jan 27, Berlin and Moscow announced that Germany had provided 12 million euros to help Russian World War II veterans and siege survivors but Moscow said it was not enough.
    (AFP, 1/27/19)

2019        Jan 30, Russian lawmaker Rauf Arashukov (32) was arrested during a session of the upper house of parliament and was led away to face questions over two murders after failing in a bid to flee the chamber.
    (Reuters, 1/30/19)

2019        Jan 31, Russian news agencies reported that the state communications regulator said that the BBC World News channel had committed "certain violations" while operating in Russia.
    (Reuters, 1/31/19)

2019        Jan, The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay Georgia 10 million euros ($11.5 million) over the mass deportation of Georgian citizens from Russia in 2006. The court found that Moscow carried out a coordinated policy of targeting at least 1,500 Georgian nationals for expulsion.
    (Reuters, 2/12/19)

2019        Feb 1, Belarusian model Anastasia Vashukevich, who claims to have information on the ties between Russia and Donald Trump's election campaign, said she has turned it over to Russian billionaire businessman Oleg Deripaska.
    (AP, 2/1/19)
2019        Feb 1, The United States announced that it was pulling out of a landmark nuclear arms control treaty with Russia, accusing Moscow of violating the Cold War-era pact with "impunity" by continuing to develop banned missiles.
    (AP, 2/1/19)

2019        Feb 2, President Vladimir Putin said Russia will abandon a centerpiece nuclear arms treaty but will only deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles if Washington does so. US President Donald Trump accused Moscow a day earlier of violating the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with "impunity" by deploying banned missiles.
    (AP, 2/2/19)(Econ., 1/23/21, p.41)
2019        Feb 2, China called for Washington to negotiate with Russia instead of pulling out of the 1987 nuclear arms treaty the Trump administration sees as a restraint on its ability to compete with Beijing and Moscow.
    (AP, 2/2/19)
2019        Feb 2, It was reported that Cape Verde police have detained 11 Russian sailors for the suspected smuggling of more than nine tons of cocaine.
    (Reuters, 2/2/19)

2019        Feb 3, In Russia a bus crashed south of Moscow killing at least seven people, four of them children, and sending 32 others to the hospital with injuries.
    (AP, 2/3/19)

2019        Feb 5, It was reported that activists in Russia are expressing alarm about more than 100 whales that are being kept in small, crowded pools in what environmentalists are calling a "whale prison," off the coast of the Russian Far East.
    (AP, 2/5/19)

2019        Feb 6, A regional court in western Russia sentenced Dennis Christensen, a Danish Jehovah's Witness, to six years in prison, in arguably the most severe crackdown on religious freedom in Russia in recent years.
    (AP, 2/6/19)
2019        Feb 6, It was reported that Russia has finalized a 38 million euro ($43.27 million) loan for Cuba's defense sector.
    (Reuters, 2/6/19)

2019        Feb 8, In Russia a truck carrying miners to the Raspadskaya coal mine in the Kemerovo region in central Siberia veered off the road and fell 8 meters (26 feet) down a slope. Six workers were killed and 16 others were injured and hospitalized. In the nearby Belovo region of Kemerovo, a section of a coal mine collapsed, trapping four workers. One of them died of injuries while three others have been rescued.
    (AP, 2/8/19)
2019        Feb 8, Sergei Yursky (83), a renowned Russian film and stage actor, died in Moscow. He has been widely recognized as one of the most talented actors of his generation.
    (AP, 2/8/19)

2019        Feb 10, In Russia protesters in several cities took to the streets in solidarity with opposition activist Anastasia Shevchenko, the first person to be charged under a new law that carries a prison term for "participation in the activities of an undesirable organization".
    (AP, 2/10/19)
2019        Feb 10, A Russian official said that Moscow had repatriated a fresh batch of 27 children whose mothers are being held in Iraq for belonging to the Islamic State group. Thirty other children were sent back to Moscow in late December.
    (AFP, 2/10/19)

2019        Feb 11, Russia and Turkey agreed that they needed to take decisive measures to stabilize the situation in Syria's Idlib province after talks between the two country's defense ministers.
    (Reuters, 2/11/19)
2019        Feb 11, A court in Estonia found former Estonian military officer Deniss Metsavas (38) and his father, Pjotr Volin (65), guilty of treason for spying for Russia. Metsavas passed information along for a decade and was sentenced to 15½ years in prison. Volin worked with the GRU for approximately half as long and received a six-year prison term.
    (AP, 2/11/19)

2019        Feb 14, Russia's Pres. Putin hosted a meeting in Sochi to weigh the future of Syria with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Russia told Turkey it had no right to create a "safe zone" in northeast Syria unless it sought and received the consent of Syria's Pres. Bashar al-Assad.
    (Reuters, 2/14/19)

2019        Feb 15, A Russian court ordered Baring Vostok executive Phillipe Delpal, a French national, to be held in custody for one month and 30 days after he was detained on suspicion of embezzlement. He was one of several executives at private equity group Baring Vostok including Michael Calvey, a US citizen, who were detained a day earlier.
    (Reuters, 2/15/19)

2019        Feb 16, A Russian court ordered Michael Calvey, the US founder of one of Russia's biggest private equity firms accused of fraud, to be kept in custody until April 13. Investigators accused Calvey and other executives of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles ($37.73 million).
    (Reuters, 2/16/19)

2019        Feb 19, Russian lawmakers approved a bill prohibiting military personnel from using smartphones on duty, a move intended to block leaks of sensitive information on social media.
    (AP, 2/19/19)

2019        Feb 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to deploy new missiles against Western capitals as he delivered a state of the nation address aimed at boosting falling approval ratings.
    (AFP, 2/20/19)
2019        Feb 20, Russian news agencies said a shipment of Russian medicine and medical equipment has arrived in Venezuela.
    (AP, 2/20/19)
2019        Feb 20, A Thai court ruled that Dmitry Ukrainsky, a Russian man who allegedly was part of a gang that stole millions of dollars online from bank accounts, can be extradited to the United States to stand trial. However, Ukrainsky's extradition to Russia was previously approved last year by a Thai court after he agreed to return there after he finishes serving a 10-year, 8-month prison term in Thailand for fraud, money laundering and conducting business illegally as a foreigner.
    (AP, 2/20/19)

2019        Feb 21, Russian state prosecutors formally charged top US investor Michael Calvey, the founder of the Baring Vostok private equity group, with fraud, hours before Washington accused Moscow of denying its diplomats access to him.
    (Reuters, 2/21/19)
2019        Feb 21, Ukraine's State Security Service SBU accused Russia of meddling in the electoral process in Ukraine by creating illegal structures to help guarantee victory for a certain candidate.
    (Reuters, 2/21/19)

2019        Feb 22, A Russian court ruled that Paul Whelan, a former US marine accused of spying, should be held in a pre-trial detention facility for a further three months to give investigators more time to look into his case.
    (Reuters, 2/22/19)
2019        Feb 22, Russia accused the United States of using aid deliveries to Venezuela as a ploy to carry out military action against President Nicolas Maduro's government.
    (AFP, 2/22/19)

2019        Feb 23, In Russia a train carrying war "trophies" captured in Syria left Moscow on a two-month tour to parade Russia's military gains in the eight-year conflict.
    (AFP, 2/23/19)

2019        Feb 24, In Russia thousands of people marched in central Moscow to commemorate Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, who was killed on Feb. 27, four years ago.
    (AP, 2/24/19)

2019        Feb 26, In Russia a court in Moscow sentenced Col. Sergei Mikhailov, former deputy head of the FSB's Information Security Center, to 22 years in prison and a fine on treason charges. The court also sentenced Ruslan Stoyanov, an executive at the Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity firm, to 14 years in prison and a fine.
    (AP, 2/26/19)
2019        Feb 26, Sweden arrested a suspected Russian spy in Stockholm. Kristian Dmitrievski (45), a naturalized Swedish citizen who previously held a Russian passport, was arrested by Sweden's domestic security agency SAPO as he met with a Russian intelligence officer working at Russia's Embassy in Stockholm under diplomatic cover. On March 29 a prosecutor said Dmitrievski has been released.
    (Reuters, 2/27/19)(AP, 3/29/19)

2019        Feb 27, Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin expected to focus on regional security and Syria.
    (AP, 2/27/19)

2019        Mar 1, Russia vowed to maintain support for the embattled regime of its Venezuelan "friend" President Nicolas Maduro, including with humanitarian aid supplies.
    (AFP, 3/1/19)
2019        Mar 1, Belarus Pres. Alexander Lukashenko strongly rejected the possibility that Russia could incorporate his nation, as the two former Soviet republics discussed how to more closely integrate their economies, including a possible joint currency.
    (AP, 3/1/19)
2019        Mar 1, Venezuela's Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said President Nicolas Maduro has ordered state oil company PDVSA's office in Lisbon to be relocated to Moscow, a move she said was designed to help safeguard her country's assets.
    (Reuters, 3/1/19)

2019        Mar 2, Russia announced that Zhores Alferov (88), a physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, has died in in St Petersburg. Alferov shared the Nobel Physics Prize in 2000 for developments in semiconductor research that have been used in satellite communications and cellular telephones.
    (AP, 3/2/19)

2019        Mar 4, President Vladimir Putin officially suspended Russia's participation in a key Cold War-era arms treaty, after the US first moved to ditch the INF deal.
    (AFP, 3/4/19)

2019        Mar 10, In Russia thousands of people took to the streets of Moscow and two other cities to rally against tighter internet restrictions, in some of the biggest protests in the capital in years.
    (Reuters, 3/10/19)

2019        Mar 11, The United States imposed sanctions on the Russian bank Evrofinance Mosnarbank over its dealings with the Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA.
    (Reuters, 3/11/19)

2019        Mar 15, The EU imposed sanctions on eight more Russian officials that it says were involved in the seizure by Russia of Ukrainian ships and crew in November.
    (AP, 3/15/19)

2019        Mar 16, Russia said it will respond to new European Union sanctions, without saying what action it would take.
    (Reuters, 3/16/19)

2019        Mar 18, It was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed bills restricting online media and making a criminal of anyone who insults the state, laws that critics see as part of Kremlin efforts to stifle criticism and tighten media control.
    (AP, 3/18/19)
2019        Mar 18, In Crimea Russian flags flew across Simferopol as Pres. Vladimir Putin flew in to mark the fifth anniversary of Moscow's internationally condemned annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine. Putin inaugurated two new power stations in Crimea.
    (AFP, 3/18/19)(Reuters, 3/18/19)
2019        Mar 18, The European Union and NATO condemned Russia's 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula five years after Moscow declared the region Russian territory.
    (AP, 3/18/19)

2019        Mar 20, Ukraine's Pres. Petro Poroshenko ordered new sanctions against Russian companies and individuals involved in construction and other activities in Crimea.
    (SFC, 3/21/19, p.A2)

2019        Mar 22, A Russian court sentenced Pavlo Gryb (20), a Ukrainian teenager, to six years in prison for plotting a bombing in a Russian school. He was kidnapped in summer 2017 in Belarus where he had traveled to meet a girl he met online. He later surfaced in a Russian prison. The girl turned out to be an officer from the Russian intelligence services who was messaging him on her behalf shortly before his trip. Gryb's family said he suffers from cirrhosis of the liver and partial vision loss, urgently needs surgery and may die in a Russian prison.
    (AP, 3/22/19)(AFP, 3/22/19)

2019        Mar 24, Two Russian air force planes carrying a Russian defense official and nearly 100 troops arrived in Caracas, Venezuela, amid strengthening ties between the two countries.
    (Reuters, 3/25/19)

2019        Mar 26, Turkish and Russian forces carried out the first "independent and coordinated" patrols in the mainly Kurdish-controlled northern Syrian region of Tel Rifaat.
    (Reuters, 3/26/19)

2019        Mar 27, A Lithuanian court found former Soviet defense minister Dmitry Yazov (94) guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role in a 1991 crackdown against the Baltic state's pro-independence movement. 67 former military officials and army officers were being sentenced after a three-year trial.
    (Reuters, 3/27/19)
2019        Mar 27, Ford said it will close three factories in Russia, causing heavy job losses, as it pulls out of passenger vehicle manufacturing in the country.
    (AP, 3/27/19)
2019        Mar 27, A $436 million superyacht belonging to Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov, at the center of one of the world's costliest divorce battles, was released by a Dubai court after being impounded last year. Forbes has estimated Akhmedov's net worth is $1.4 billion. The US Treasury Department has put him on a list of sanctioned Russian state-owned companies.
    (Reuters, 3/28/19)

2019        Mar 28, Russia detained a former cabinet minister and oil executive on suspicion of defrauding oil giant Rosneft. Viktor Ishaev was the second former minister from PM Dmitry Medvedev's cabinet to be detained this week.
    (Reuters, 3/28/19)

2019        Mar 31, In Germany Russian airline S7 Group co-owner Natalia Fileva was aboard a single-engine, six-seat Epic LT aircraft that crashed and burned in a field as it approached the small airport at the town of Egelsbach near Frankfurt. Three bodies were recovered in the crash.
    (AP, 4/1/19)

2019        Apr 1, Russian state-owned industrial conglomerate Rostec said it has opened a training center in Venezuela to help the country's pilots fly Russian-made military helicopters.
    (Reuters, 4/2/19)

2019        Apr 3, Kazakhstan's interim president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made his first foreign visit since being appointed two weeks ago, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
    (AP, 4/3/19)

2019        Apr 4, The Russian Progress freighter blasted off from a launch facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, and docked with the International Space Station after two orbits. It set a record time for a trip to the ISS, docking in three hours and 21 minutes.
    (AP, 4/4/19)

2019        Apr 5, Russia won a dispute about "national security" at the World Trade Organization, in a ruling over a Ukrainian transit dispute because it had invoked national security. The WTO ruling, the first ever on national security, can be appealed.
    (Reuters, 4/5/19)
2019        Apr 5, A small Russian bank owned by former US congressman Charles Taylor was stripped of its license after allegedly breaking anti-money laundering rules. Taylor, a Republican widely considered a hard-line conservative, was a congressman from North Carolina between 1991 and 2007. Taylor bought CBI in 2003 alongside his business partner Boris Bolshakov, a former KGB agent and Supreme Soviet deputy who is listed as the bank's second-largest shareholder.
    (AP, 4/5/19)
2019        Apr 5, Jean-Michel Cousteau of the Ocean Futures Society arrived in Russia's Far East on a mission to inspect 97 belugas and orcas and help create conditions for them to be released. Environmentalists said four animals likely died because of cramped conditions and low temperatures.
    (AP, 4/5/19)

2019        Apr 7, The lawyer for Vladimir Barsukov, an imprisoned Russian organized crime figure, says the man has been charged in the 1998 assassination of reformist lawmaker Galina Starovoitova. Barsukov has been behind bars since 2007 and is serving sentences for murder, extortion, fraud and money laundering.
    (AP, 4/7/19)

2019        Apr 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks focusing on the situation in Syria, the sale of advanced Russian missiles to Turkey and other economic deals.
    (AP, 4/8/19)
2019        Apr 8, Russian officials said they will work towards freeing all orca and beluga whales from a notorious facility in the east of the country, after a visit by US-based marine mammal advocates.
    (AFP, 4/8/19)
2019        Apr 8, A Russian court ordered the release from house arrest of renowned film and theatre director Kirill Serebrennikov (49) who is on trial on embezzlement charges.
    (AFP, 4/8/19)

2019        Apr 9, Russia's President Vladimir Putin put forward an ambitious program to secure the country's foothold in the Arctic, including efforts to build new ports and other infrastructure facilities and expand an icebreaker fleet.
    (AP, 4/9/19)
2019        Apr 9, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia violated the rights of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny by placing him under house arrest in 2014 and imposing other restrictive measures on him.
    (Reuters, 4/9/19)

2019        Apr 11, A Russian court released Alexei Kordichev from pre-trial detention and put him under house arrest. The former chairman of Vostochny bank, which is co-owned by Baring Vostok, was accused of fraud along with executives from the Baring Vostok private equity fund. Interfax news agency reported that he has admitted his guilt.
    (Reuters, 4/11/19)
2019        Apr 11, A Russian court released from jail Michael Calvey, a US investor who faces charges of embezzlement, and placed him under house arrest.
    (AP, 4/11/19)

2019        Apr 12, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin visited rocket-maker Energomash and said the government will offer more cash to develop new rockets and create more incentives for space industry workers. Putin's visit came on Cosmonauts Day, a holiday marking the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight on April 12, 1961, to become the first human in space.
    (AP, 4/12/19)

2019        Apr 14, Dmitry Bykov, a Russian poet known for his outspoken prose against Vladimir Putin, fell ill on a flight to Ufa. He had been trailed and targeted by the same poison squad that nearly killed Alexei Navalny. In 2021 an investigation by Bellingcat found what it called a “cluster" of airline and rail trips by members of Russia’ secret service force known as the FSB that coincided with the poet’s movements before he was near-fatally poisoned.
    (The Daily Beast, 6/9/21)

2019        Apr 16, A Moscow court convicted a retired Norwegian border guard on spying charges and sentenced him to 14 years in prison. Frode Berg (63) was detained in Moscow in 2017 following a sting operation by Russia's FSB security service.
    (AFP, 4/16/19)

2019        Apr 17, Ukraine's security service SBU said it had captured a Russian military intelligence hit squad responsible for the attempted murder of a Ukrainian military spy in the run-up to a presidential election on April 21. Two of the group's members were said to be Russian citizens, the other six were Ukrainians.
    (Reuters, 4/17/19)

2019        Apr 18, Estonia's Pres. Kersti Kaljulaid met with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow for talks on trade and global relations, during the first such Russian visit in eight years.
    (AFP, 4/18/19)
2019        Apr 18, The United States and Russia said they could not support a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Libya at this time.
    (Reuters, 4/19/19)

2019        Apr 19, In Russia nine people were hospitalized in critical condition after a fire engulfed the Nizhnekamskneftekhim (NKNK) petrochemical complex in the Republic of Tatarstan.
    (Reuters, 4/20/19)

2019        Apr 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order simplifying the procedure for obtaining a Russian passport for residents of separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine, prompting an angry response from Kiev. Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin denounced the Russian move.
    (Reuters, 4/24/19)
2019        Apr 24, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in the Russian city of Vladivostok or a summit he is likely to use to seek support from President Vladimir Putin while Pyongyang's nuclear talks with Washington are in limbo.
    (Reuters, 4/24/19)

2019        Apr 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un confirmed during their first summit he is willing to give up his nuclear weapons, but only if he gets an ironclad guarantee of security beforehand.
    (AP, 4/25/19)
2019        Apr 25, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was ready to restore full relations with Kiev, after a political novice won the Ukraine presidential election.
    (AFP, 4/25/19)
2019        Apr 25, Ukraine's parliament approved a controversial law to enhance the status of the Ukrainian language at the expense of Russian. Russia slammed the move as "scandalous." The law was championed by outgoing President Petro Poroshenko.
    (AFP, 4/25/19)(Reuters, 4/25/19)

2019        Apr 26, In northwestern Syria Russian strikes killed 10 civilians in Idlib province, the hub of territory held by the jihadists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).
    (AFP, 4/27/19)
2019        Apr 26, In Washington DC Maria Butina, the only Russian arrested and convicted in the three-year investigation of Moscow's interference in US politics, was sentenced to 18 months in prison.
    (AP, 4/27/19)

2019        Apr, Russian Col. Kirill Cherkalin, a section chief in the economic security department of the Federal Security Service, or FSB, was arrested along with two other senior FSB officers on suspicion of taking bribes. Russian media reported that the suspects were found in possession of 12 billion rubles (about $186 million) in cash. Cherkalin, the former head of the unit, and Andrey Vasilyev and Dmitry Frolov, his associates, were jailed on suspicion they took huge bribes from banks and other commerce they were supposed to supervise. A video purported to show the equivalent of $185.5 million being hauled out of Cherkalin’s residence. The initial charge against him involved a single bribe worth $850,000.
    (AP, 5/20/19)(The Daily Beast, 7/10/19)
2019        Apr, In Russia Naama Issachar (26), a US-Israeli woman, was arrested while in transit while travelling from India to Israel. Authorities said more than nine grams of hashish were found in her luggage Issachar. She arrested at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport and was soon sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison.
    (Reuters, 10/11/19)(AP, 1/22/20)

2019        May 1, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin signed into law a measure expanding government control over the internet. The law requires internet providers to install equipment to route Russian internet traffic through servers in the country.
    (SFC, 5/2/19, p.A2)
2019        May 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree fast-tracking Russian citizenship for more Ukrainians, a controversial new move expected to deepen the crisis between the two countries.
    (AFP, 5/1/19)
2019        May 1, Russian riot police and national guardsmen detained more than 100 people during May Day protests, sometimes using extreme force to take into custody anti-government activists.
    (Reuters, 5/1/19)

2019        May 2, Syrian and Russian forces intensified air strikes and shelling in rebel-held northwestern Syria overnight, the heaviest assault since the area was declared a demilitarized zone under a Russian-Turkish deal.
    (Reuters, 5/2/19)

2019        May 5, A Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger plane caught fire during an emergency landing in Moscow. 41 people were killed.
    (Reuters, 5/06/19)
2019        May 5, In Syria warplanes struck a hospital in northwestern Idlib province, knocking it out of service, as government forces continued to bombard the rebel-held region following insurgent attacks last week. Russian Air Force repeatedly bombed four hospitals in Syria in order to crush the last pockets of resistance to President Bashar Assad.
    (AP, 5/05/19)(NY Times, 10/14/19)

2019        May 6, In Russia a blast at the Azot chemical plant in the region of Perm killed three people. Russian fertilizer producer Uralchem owns the plant.
    (Reuters, 5/06/19)
2019        May 6, Seven Russian tourists on a hiking holiday in Siberia were feared dead after an avalanche on a ridge in the Altai region. Two people survived.
    (Reuters, 5/08/19)

2019        May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the 74th annual military Victory Day parade in Red Square that the country will continue to strengthen its armed forces.
    (AP, 5/09/19)
2019        May 9, Russia’s government agency for aerial protection of forests said wildfires are blazing on about 58,000 hectares (145,000 acres) throughout the eastern reaches.
    (AP, 5/09/19)
2019        May 9, A Montenegro court sentenced 13 people, including two Russian secret service operatives, to up to 15 years in prison after they were convicted of plotting to overthrow the Balkan country's government on Oct. 16, 2016, and prevent it from joining NATO. The two Russians, identified as Eduard Shishmakov and Vladimir Popov, were tried in absentia.
    (AP, 5/09/19)

2019        May 16, Russian police detained several dozen people in the early hours at a rally protesting plans to build a cathedral in a popular park in Yekaterinburg, Russia's fourth-largest city.
    (AP, 5/16/19)
2019        May 16, In northern Germany activists occupied a building site to protest against the ongoing Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with Russia.
    (AP, 5/16/19)
2019        May 16, The United States imposed sanctions on five Russians over abuses including the killing of a prominent opposition leader, days after top-level talks seemed to ease tensions between the two powers.
    (AFP, 5/17/19)

2019        May 17, The Council of Europe adopted a declaration that allows Russia to start voting again at the continent's main human rights body following a spat related to its annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.
    (AP, 5/17/19)

2019        May 20, In Russia a senior editor and 10 journalists at the daily newspaper Kommersant said they were resigning to protest against the firing of two colleagues over an article about a possible reshuffle of Pres. Vladimir Putin's close allies.
    (Reuters, 5/20/19)
2019        May 20, In Syria overnight air strikes by regime ally Russia killed 10 civilians including five children in a northwestern jihadist bastion, hours after Moscow announced a ceasefire there.
    (AFP, 5/20/19)

2019        May 21, Russia's top security chief raised alarm about Islamic extremists massing on Afghanistan's northern border.
    (AP, 5/21/19)

2019        May 22, The Kremlin condemned as unacceptable an alleged US ultimatum to Turkey designed to force it to cancel a deal to buy Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems and purchase US Patriot missile systems instead.
    (Reuters, 5/22/19)
2019        May 22, Syrian government troops repelled three big attacks by militants in Idlib province. Nusra Front militants based in Idlib also launched a missile attack on Russia's Hmeymim air base, but the Russian Ministry of Defense said that their missiles were either shot down or did not reach their target.
    (Reuters, 5/22/19)

2019        May 23, A court in Russia ruled that Dennis Christensen, a Danish Jehovah's Witness, must stay in prison for the next six years. He had been found guilty of participating in the activities of an extremist organization.
    (AP, 5/23/19)

2019        May 24, A Russian court extended the arrest for Paul Whelan, a former US Marine charged with espionage, for three more months. Whelan had complained in court about abuse in custody.
    (AP, 5/24/19)

2019        May 25, A UN maritime tribunal ruled that Russia must immediately release three Ukrainian naval vessels captured by Russia in November and also free the 24 sailors it detained.
    (AP, 5/25/19)

2019        May 27, Russia rebuffed a call by an international maritime tribunal for it to release 24 Ukrainian sailors, saying the court had no jurisdiction over the strait where Russian security forces captured them on Nov. 25, 2018.
    (Reuters, 5/27/19)

2019        May 28, It was reported that Russia's space sector is at the heart of a staggering embezzlement scheme that has dampened ambitions of recovering its Soviet-era greatness. In mid-May Alexander Bastrykin, the powerful head of Russia's Investigative Committee, said billions (of rubles) are being stolen there.
    (AFP, 5/28/19)
2019        May 28, Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Kosovo of provocation after its police detained what Moscow said were 13 Serbians in Serb-populated municipalities in Kosovo's north.
    (Reuters, 5/28/19)

2019        May 30, In Russia the Taliban and other Afghan factions wrapped another round of talks in Moscow to discuss peace settlement. There was no breakthrough in their bid to end 18 years of war and that further talks would be needed.
    (Reuters, 5/30/19)

2019        May 31, The Kosovo government said that Mikhail Krasnoshchenkov, a Russian national working for the UN mission would not be allowed back into the country after his expulsion.
    (Reuters, 5/31/19)

2019        May, Libyan security forces arrested two men accused of working for a Russian troll farm seeking to influence elections in the oil exporter and other African countries.
    (Bloomberg, 7/5/19)

2019        Jun 1, In central Russia at least two people were reported missing after blasts at the TNT explosives plant Kristall in the town of Dzerzhinsk. 79 people were injured.
    (Reuters, 6/1/19)(SSFC, 6/2/19, p.A4)

2019        Jun 3, Russia's communications regulator said that Tinder was included on a list of online services operating in Russia that are required to provide user data on demand to Russian authorities, including the FSB security agency.
    (AP, 6/3/19)

2019        Jun 4, Russia's leading internet company, Yandex, said it's committed to data privacy as it responds to reports that the national intelligence agency is pressuring it into handing over encryption keys.
    (AP, 6/4/19)

2019        Jun 5, In Russia Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin sat down for talks at the Kremlin in a visit affirming the increasingly close relationship between the two former Cold War communist rivals.
    (AP, 6/5/19)
2019        Jun 5, Huawei signed a deal with Russian telecoms firm MTS to develop 5G technology in Russia. The deal was agreed as China's President Xi Jinping began a three-day visit to Russia.
2019        Jun 5, Russian rights activists and US diplomats said Paul Whelan, a former US Marine held in Russia on suspicion of spying, is being illegally isolated in a Moscow pre-trial detention center and prevented from communicating with visitors.
    (Reuters, 6/5/19)

2019        Jun 6, Russia detained investigative journalist Ivan Golunov (36) on drugs charges that supporters the next day condemned as trumped-up and suggested were punishment for his reporting. In his investigations, Golunov zeroed in on everything from Russia's shady funeral industry to corruption within Moscow city hall.
    (AFP, 6/7/19)
2019        Jun 7, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin called for rethinking the role of the US dollar in global trade and slammed US pressure against Chinese tech giant Huawei. China's Xi Jinping and Putin hit back at US global economic dominance as they took the stage together at Russia's showcase business forum.
    (AP, 6/7/19)

2019        Jun 10, Russian authorities faced unprecedented pushback against the arrest last week of Ivan Golunov, an investigative reporter on drugs charges, with independent as well as pro-Kremlin figures urging his release.
    (AFP, 6/10/19)
2019        Jun 10, Russian authorities said police have uncovered around $3 million worth of stolen diamonds, and over $2.5 million in cash, at the homes of a criminal ring operating inside state-controlled diamond producer Alrosa.
    (Reuters, 6/10/19)

2019        Jun 11, In Russia three people were missing and two injured after a blast on an oil tanker caused a fire while it was pumping oil in the southern port of Makhachkala.
    (Reuters, 6/11/19)

2019        Jun 12, Russian police detained more than 400 people, including opposition politician Alexei Navalny, at a protest in Moscow calling for punishment for police officers involved in the alleged framing of a journalist. Police had abruptly dropped drug charges a day earlier against investigative journalist Ivan Golunov.
    (Reuters, 6/12/19)

2019        Jun 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin fired two police generals involved in a discredited criminal case against a journalist, an episode that sparked a mass protest in Moscow the previous day.
    (Reuters, 6/13/19)
2019        Jun 13, Russian lawmakers said that a new US military deployment to Poland announced by President Donald Trump would force Moscow to take retaliatory steps, with one saying it would make Poland a target in the event of a conflict.
    (Reuters, 6/13/19)

2019        Jun 14, EU officials said that "Russian sources" stepped up a long-running disinformation campaign against the European Union in a bid to undermine the bloc's elections last month.
    (AFP, 6/14/19)

2019        Jun 15, US President Donald Trump accused The New York Times of "a virtual act of treason," after it reported the US is stepping up digital incursions into Russia's electric power grid.
    (AFP, 6/15/19)

2019        Jun 17, A Russian court released a local newspaper editor and former lawmaker who had been facing extortion charges, following an outcry from supporters and international organizations. Igor Rudnikov (53), founder and editor of the weekly Novye Kolesa (New Wheels) in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, had been in detention since November 2017, accused of extorting $50,000 from a senior investigator.
    (AFP, 6/17/19)

2019        Jun 19, Dutch-led int'l. team charged three Russians (Igor Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov) and one Ukrainian (Leonid Kharchenko) with murder over the 2014 shooting down of flight MH17 above rebel-held eastern Ukraine in which 298 people were killed.
    (AFP, 6/19/19)

2019        Jun 20, Russians took their fears over falling incomes and a creaking healthcare system to President Vladimir Putin during a glossy annual phone-in that comes following a decline in his ratings.
    (AFP, 6/20/19).
2019        Jun 20, State TV said Russia has started releasing a group of captive killer whales whose detention in Russia's Far East has caused an international outcry. Russian Deputy PM Alexei Gordeyev said the whales would be taken back to where they were caught and released within four months.
    (Reuters, 6/20/19)
2019        Jun 20, In Russia former US Marine Paul Whelan, held on suspicion of spying, called on US Pres. Donald Trump and the leaders of Britain, Canada and Ireland to help him as he appeared in court at an appeal hearing that extended custody to Aug. 29.
    (Reuters, 6/20/19)
2019        Jun 20, Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad rejected the implication that Russia may have been involved in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, after international prosecutors charged with murder four men in the July 17, 2014, missile attack that killed all 298 people aboard.
    (AP, 6/20/19)

2019        Jun 21, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree banning Russian airlines from flying to pro-Western Georgia from July 8 late today in response to anti-government rallies in the ex-Soviet neighbor.
    (AFP, 6/22/19)
2019        Jun 21, Prominent Russian human rights advocate Oyub Titiev (61), jailed on charges his supporters say were trumped up, walked free, but said he would not return to his work in Chechnya because he felt the risk to his staff there would be too great.
    (Reuters, 6/21/19)

2019        Jun 22, Russia's travel industry and ordinary Russians hit out at a decision by the Kremlin to suspend flights to Georgia as a politically motivated move that has little to do with safety concerns.
    (AFP, 6/22/19)

2019        Jun 24, Russia served notice to ex-Soviet Georgia it faces painful consequences if anti-Russian protests are not brought under control, saying it was tightening controls on wine imports that bring Georgia millions of dollars in revenue each year.
    (Reuters, 6/24/19)
2019        Jun 24, In Russia Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in talks with his Egyptian counterpart, Mohamed Zaki, said that Moscow is ready to continue helping strengthen Egypt's defense capability.
    (AP, 6/24/19)

2019        Jun 25, The Council of Europe voted 118-62 to readmit Russia early today, five years after suspension over Crimea. The decision was supported by France and Germany as a way of keeping communication open at a time of East-West tension.
    (Reuters, 6/25/19)
2019        Jun 25, Ukraine expressed anger at its Western partners after lawmakers at the Council of Europe agreed to allow Russian representatives back following a five year absence prompted by Moscow's annexation of Crimea.
    (AFP, 6/25/19)

2019        Jun 27, Russia said six beluga and two killer whales, captured to perform in aquariums and held in cramped pens, have been released into the wild.
    (AFP, 6/27/19)

2019        Jun 29, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin announced new initiatives to further expand economic ties and tourist exchanges between the two nations, but have made no visible progress on a decades-long territorial dispute.
    (AP, 6/29/19)

2019        Jul 1, Russia called on the US to free Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko and proposed a prisoner swap with Washington to win the release of any American national held in Russia.
    (Reuters, 7/1/19)
2019        Jul 1, Fire broke out on one of the Russian navy's deep-sea research submersibles, and toxic fumes from the blaze killed 14 sailors aboard.
    (AP, 7/2/19)

2019        Jul 2, Aeroflot and two other Russian airlines canceled several flights to and from the Czech Republic after the Czech Transport Ministry withdrew permits for the flights. The Czech ministry said it took action after Russia limited the right of national carrier Czech Airlines to use routes across Siberia on its flights from Prague to Seoul. A Russian decision early today to grant temporary access to the transit routes until July 7, enabled the Czech ministry to authorize Russian carriers' flights to the Czech Republic until that date to provide time for negotiations.
    (Reuters, 7/2/19)

2019        Jul 3, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill suspending Russia's participation in a pivotal nuclear arms treaty. The decree formalizes Russia's departure from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty with the US following Washington's withdrawal from the pact.
    (AP, 7/3/19)

2019        Jul 4, At the Vatican Russia's Pres. Putin met with Pope Francis for talks on a range of subjects including Ukraine and the Catholic church in Russia.
    (SFC, 7/5/19, p.A3)

2019        Jul 5, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), the country's top KGB successor agency, said it has arrested Alexander Vorobyov, an aide to the presidential envoy to Russia's Urals region, on treason charges that carry punishment of up to 20 years in prison.
    (AP, 7/5/19)

2019        Jul 9, Russian lawmakers adopted a resolution in favor of introducing economic sanctions against Georgia. President Vladimir Putin said he was against imposing sanctions on Georgia after MPs backed economic measures with the neighboring Caucasus country.
    (AFP, 7/9/19)
2019        Jul 9, Russian officials raised an alarm about massive bee deaths in at least seven regions across the country. Experts attributed the deaths to a careless and excessive use of pesticides.
    (SFC, 7/10/19, p.A2)

2019        Jul 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin had his first phone call with Ukraine's new president and discussions centered on the conflict in eastern Ukraine that has bitterly blighted relations between the two countries.
    (AP, 7/12/19)
2019        Jul 11, In Russia three orcas were loaded onto trucks at a controversial facility near the far eastern port town of Nakhodka, as the country continues to release animals from what the media have dubbed a "whale jail".
    (AFP, 7/11/19)

2019        Jul 12, Russia began delivery of the advanced S-400 missile defence system to Turkey, a move expected to trigger US sanctions against a NATO ally and drive a wedge into the heart of the Western military alliance.
    (Reuters, 7/12/19)

2019        Jul 13, A Russian Proton-M rocket successfully delivered Spektr-RG, a new space telescope, into orbit. It was destined to orbit at the L2 Lagrange point, where objects can maintain their position relative to the sun and the planets 930,000 miles from Earth.
    (SSFC, 7/14/19, p.A8)
2019        Jul 13, Syrian government and Russian airstrikes in northwestern Kfarya village killed a mother, her baby and another man, leaving 11 injured, including one White Helmet volunteer. Other airstrikes in the town of Khan Sheikhoun hit a farm, killing two families— four children and four parents.
    (AP, 7/13/19)
2019        Jul 13, Turkey continued receiving components of a Russian-made air defense system, despite Washington's warnings that it will impose sanctions on the NATO-member country.
    (AP, 7/13/19)

2019        Jul 14, Russian opposition leaders led a rally in Moscow of about 1,000 people to protest the city election commission's decision that will keep several opposition candidates off the ballot in a local election.
    (AP, 7/14/19)

2019        Jul 16, Russian officials refused to register nearly 30 candidates for elections to Moscow's local parliament including prominent critics of Pres. Vladimir Putin despite protests over the move.
    (AFP, 7/16/19)(Econ, 7/27/19, p.42)

2019        Jul 17, The United States accused Russia of using children as pawns, after Moscow rejected visas for dozens of new teachers at an English-language school set up by the US, British and Canadian embassies in Moscow for the children of diplomats.
    (Reuters, 7/17/19)
2019        Jul 17, Two South Korean and 15 Russian crew members were aboard a Russia-flagged fishing boat when it was detained by North Korea. North Korea is holding six other South Koreans it has detained in recent years for alleged attempts to build underground Christian churches inside the North and other anti-state charges.
    (AP, 7/24/19)

2019        Jul 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron agreed via phone on the need to "consolidate efforts" to save the Iran nuclear deal following months of soaring tensions.
    (AP, 7/18/19)

2019        Jul 19, Ukraine's Pres. Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in televised comments that Ukraine could release journalist Kirill Vyshinskiy, who has been in jail for a year on treason charges, if Russia releases film director Oleg Sentsov from a Russian prison colony. Sentsov is serving 20 years in a Russian prison for allegedly plotting acts of terrorism.
    (AP, 7/19/19)

2019        Jul 20, In Russia more than 10,000 people took to the streets of Moscow to protest against the exclusion of most opposition-minded candidates from an election for the city's legislature.
    (Reuters, 7/20/19)

2019        Jul 21, In Russia Elena Grigoryeva (41), an activist for LGBT rights, was fatally stabbed in St Petersburg. She had regularly received death threats and reported them to police, who did nothing to protect her before she was murdered.
    (Reuters, 7/23/19)

2019        Jul 22, President Vladimir Putin handed Russian citizenship to gas producer Novatek's veteran finance chief Mark Gyetvay, a move that could potentially help the US national bypass some sanctions restrictions.
    (Reuters, 7/22/19)

2019        Jul 24, Russian police detained opposition leader Alexey Navalny (43) as a standoff intensified over the authorities’ decision to bar prominent anti-government candidates from September elections in Moscow. Police raided the homes of several opposition politicians soon after top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 30 days in jail, in an apparent bid by authorities to crush a new wave of protest.
    (Bloomberg, 7/24/19)(AFP, 7/25/19)

2019        Jul 25, Ukraine seized a Russian tanker for its alleged involvement in the capture of three Ukrainian navy vessels by Russia. Ten crew members were soon freed and were on their way home, but the tanker remained in Ukrainian custody in the Danube river port of Izmail.
    (Reuters, 7/25/19)

2019        Jul 26, Russian police extended a crackdown on the opposition by raiding the offices of independent politicians on the eve of a high-profile protest rally.
    (AFP, 7/26/19)
2019        Jul 26, Britain's media regulator Ofcom said it had fined Russia's state-financed RT television channel 200,000 pounds ($248,740) for breaching impartiality rules in broadcasts over the poisoning, the conflict in Syria, and Ukraine's polices on Nazism and gypsies. Russia warned British media operating on its territory that they should be ready for consequences.
    (Reuters, 7/26/19)

2019        Jul 27, Russian police arrested 1,373 people as they gathered in Moscow at the weekend to demand free and fair elections, the biggest crackdown on a rally in the country in years.
    (AFP, 7/27/19)(SFC, 7/29/19, p.A2)

2019        Jul 28, In Russia a day after protests in Moscow, opposition leader Navalny was hospitalized for an apparent allergic reaction. In a Facebook post, his doctor, Anastasia Vasilyeva, herself an opposition activist, voiced her suspicion that he had been poisoned.
    (AFP, 7/29/19)
2019        Jul 28, Representatives from Europe, China and Russia, which are still committed to the Iran nuclear deal, met with Iran's representative in Vienna to discuss how to salvage the unraveling accord.
    (AP, 7/28/19)
2019        Jul 28, Two South Koreans and 15 Russians returned to South Korea about 10 days after their boat drifted into North Korean waters.
    (AP, 7/28/19)

2019        Jul 29, Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for boosting the Balkan nation's military with battle tanks and armored vehicles, amid Western fears that the arms buildup could threaten fragile peace in the region.
    (AP, 7/29/19)

2019        Jul 30, A Russian court imposed a heavy fine on one of the country's most prominent human rights activists for participating this month in a picket on Red Square, marking the 10th anniversary of the abduction and killing of Natalia Estemirova, the director of Memorial's Chechnya office. Svetlana Gannushkina was fined 150,000 rubles ($2,300).
    (AP, 7/30/19)
2019        Jul 30, A Russian court arrested Yulia Galyamina (46), a linguistics professor, and eight other key opposition leaders for calling on protesters to stage a rally in downtown Moscow without government authorization.
    (The Daily Beast, 8/2/19)

2019        Jul 31, A Russian state hospital said that opposition leader Alexei Navalny had tested negative for poison after falling ill in custody, but his personal doctor warned the findings were inconclusive and could be wrong.
    (Reuters, 7/31/19)

2019        Jul, Moscow became the latest world city to attempt to regulate street art when it set down new rules which stated that all murals require prior approval from authorities as well as property owners. Depictions of sex and drugs from its walls under new restrictions were aimed at drawing a line between art and blight.
    (Reuters, 8/9/19)

2019        Aug 1, Russian investigators said they had detained five people as part of a criminal probe into mass unrest after thousands took to the streets last week to demand fair elections.
    (AFP, 8/1/19)
2019        Aug 1, In Russia hundreds of town and cities were shrouded in heavy smoke from wildfires in Siberia and the Far East. More than 11, 850 square miles were on fire.
    (SFC, 8/2/19, p.A2)
2019        Aug 1, President Donald Trump put more sanctions on Russia via executive order as required by law in response to Russia’s use of chemical weapons in a 2018 attack on an ex-spy in the US.
    (The National Interest, 8/2/19)

2019        Aug 2, The United States formally withdrew from a landmark nuclear missile pact with Russia after determining that Moscow was in violation of the treaty, something the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.
    (Reuters, 8/2/19)
2019        Aug 2, US President Donald Trump imposed another round of sanctions on Russia over the poisoning of a former spy in Britain, a move Moscow said would hurt already strained US-Russia ties.
    (Reuters, 8/2/19)

2019        Aug 3, Russian police detained prominent opposition activist Lyubov Sobol ahead of a planned protest. Police detained 828 demonstrators in Moscow as opposition supporters took to the streets in defiance of a formidable security presence, in fresh protests calling for fair elections in the capital next month.
    (Reuters, 8/3/19)(SSFC, 8/4/19, p.A6)
2019        Aug 3, Russian authorities announced they had opened a criminal investigation into money laundering against the Anti-Corruption Foundation led by opposition activist Alexei Navalny.
    (SSFC, 8/4/19, p.A6)

2019        Aug 7, Oleg Melnikov (28), founder of the anti-slavery group Alternativa, left Turkey for the Idlib province of Syria late today. The Russian vigilante activist who freed hundreds of people from slavery missed planned calls at 9am, 12pm and 3pm on the following day, after which colleague Maxim Vaganov followed the group's policy and informed the media and the Russian embassy that he had disappeared.
    (The Telegraph, 8/9/19)
2019        Aug 7, Ukraine's new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called Russian President Vladimir Putin to urge him to help halt fighting in eastern Ukraine.
    (AP, 8/7/19)

2019        Aug 8, Russian authorities froze a slew of bank accounts linked to jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny as part of a money laundering investigation that his allies say is a trumped-up attempt to cripple his political movement.
    (Reuters, 8/8/19)
2019        Aug 8, In Russia two people died and four others were wounded when a rocket engine exploded during a test at a military shooting range in Nyonoksa in the northwestern Arkhangelsk region. On August 9 US-based nuclear experts said they suspected the accidental blast and radiation release occurred during the testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile vaunted by President Vladimir Putin last year. Russia's state nuclear agency Rosatom later said that five of its staff members died in the accident. Pres. Vladimir Putin later hailed the five nuclear engineers as heroes and patriots.
    (AP, 8/8/19)(Reuters, 8/10/19)(AP, 11/22/19)

2019        Aug 10, In Russia nearly 50,000 opposition supporters rallied and dozens were arrested in Moscow in one of the largest authorized protests since President Vladimir Putin's return to the Kremlin in 2012. This was the 4th consecutive weekend protest over the exclusion of opposition and independent candidates from Moscow's council ballot.
    (AFP, 8/10/19)(SSFC, 8/11/19, p.A4)

2019        Aug 13, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy signed a decree offering citizenship to Russians suffering political persecution, and also to foreigners who fought on Kiev's side in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 8/13/19)

2019        Aug 16, A suspected Russian airstrike hit a displaced people's gathering the town of Hass south of Idlib province, killing at least 13, including a number of children.
    (AP, 8/16/19)

2019        Aug 17, The Russian Communist Party held a rally in central Moscow calling for honest and fair city council elections as the newly energized opposition planned to skip mass protests this weekend for the first time in five weeks. Opposition activists staged a string of pickets in central Moscow to call for free elections and for charges against protesters detained at recent rallies to be dropped.
    (Bloomberg, 8/17/19)(Reuters, 8/17/19)
2019        Aug 17, Syrian government and Russian airstrikes pounded the southern edge of a rebel stronghold in the country's northwest, killing at least seven members of one family in Deir al-Sharqi village, Idlib province.
    (AP, 8/17/19)

2019        Aug 20, US President Donald Trump said it would be "appropriate" to have Russia rejoin what used to be the G8. G7 members Germany, France, Britain quickly rebuffed Trump, noting that Russia was excluded after it annexed Ukraine's Crimea and then backed an anti-Kiev rebellion in the industrial region of Donbas in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 8/22/19)

2019        Aug 22, It was reported that Russian state oil major Rosneft has become the main trader of Venezuelan crude, shipping oil to buyers in China and India and helping Caracas offset the loss of traditional dealers who are avoiding it for fear of breaching US sanctions.
    (Reuters, 8/22/19)
2019        Aug 22, In Russia Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi signed energy and security agreements with Pres. Vladimir Putin in the first visit by a leader from the southern African state in two decades.
    (AFP, 8/22/19)
2019        Aug 22, Ukraine's president backed leading European powers in opposing the readmission of Russia to the Group of Seven advanced economies, saying Moscow still occupied Crimea and was frustrating peace in eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 8/22/19)

2019        Aug 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian military to work out a quid pro quo response after the test of a new US missile banned under a now-defunct arms treaty.
    (AP, 8/23/19)
2019        Aug 23, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was freed from prison where he had served 30 days for encouraging a protest calling for free elections. His first statement upon release was to predict that opposition to President Vladimir Putin and protests against the authorities would only grow.
    (Reuters, 8/23/19)
2019        Aug 23, A Moscow court ruled to keep American Paul Whelan, suspected of spying, in prison for two more months. Whelan has publicly complained of poor prison conditions and has said his life is in danger. Whelan looked pale and sick when his prison guards brought him to Lefortovo court. He said he had been beaten and is suffering from a hernia.
    (AP, 8/23/19)(The Daily Beast, 8/23/19)
2019        Aug 23, Russia opened a showroom selling its first post-Soviet luxury limousine under the Aurus brand, a type of car used by President Vladimir Putin at his inauguration last year. It was priced at 18 million rubles ($274,000).
    (Reuters, 8/23/19)
2019        Aug 23, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Russia's Vladimir Putin that Syrian army attacks in northwest Syria are causing a humanitarian crisis and threaten Turkey's national security.
    (Reuters, 8/23/19)

2019        Aug 24, Russia test-fired Sineva and Bulava ballistic missiles from two submarines from the polar region of the Arctic Ocean and from the Barents Sea as part of combat training.
    (Reuters, 8/24/19)
2019        Aug 24, A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying a humanoid robot, the FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), failed to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). Officials planned to attempt the docking on August 26.
    (Reuters, 8/24/19)

2019        Aug 26, Russia's state weather agency said it had found the radioactive isotopes of strontium, barium and lanthanum in test samples after a mysterious accident on August 8 during a test at a military site.
    (Reuters, 8/26/19)

2019        Aug 27, In Russia the annual opening of the Russian air show was attended by Turkey's Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a guest of Pres. Vladimir Putin.
    (SFC, 8/28/19, p.A2)
2019        Aug 27, The Russian military said it will help reconstruction efforts in a town in northwestern Syria that has been reclaimed by the Syrian government.
    (AP, 8/27/19)
2019        Aug 27, An unmanned spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot docked at the International Space Station following a failed attempt over the weekend.
    (AFP, 8/27/19)

2019        Aug 28, Prominent Russian opposition figure Ilya Yashin (36) was detained by police for the fifth consecutive time after he served four sentences in jail connected to protests in Moscow.
    (AP, 8/28/19)
2019        Aug 28, Russia unveiled its new passenger plane MC-21, billed as a competitor to Boeing and Airbus even as the project was overshadowed by sanctions and setbacks with its predecessor, the Superjet. An MC-21 prototype made its maiden flight in 2017 but serial manufacturing has been delayed, in part due to US sanctions affecting the production of its carbon composite wings.
    (AFP, 8/28/19)
2019        Aug 28, A court in Ukraine ordered the release from pre-trial detention of Russian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky, amid signs the two countries are preparing a wider exchange of detainees.
    (AP, 8/28/19)

2019        Aug 30, The Russian military said Syrian government forces will begin a unilateral cease-fire in the northwestern province of Idlib in the coming hours. The cease-fire was set go into effect Aug. 31 at 6 a.m.
    (AP, 8/30/19)

2019        Aug 31, Russian opposition leaders urged supporters to join the latest election protest in Moscow, risking a new wave of detentions after city officials refused to authorize the rally. Thousands of people took to the streets of central Moscow to demand free elections to the Russian capital's city legislature, defying a ban which has been enforced with violent detentions during previous protests.
    (Bloomberg, 8/31/19)(Reuters, 8/31/19)(SSFC, 9/1/19, p.A6)

2019        Sep 2, Russian police detained Lyubov Sobol and Nikolai Lyaskin, who work at opposition leader Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, and Ilya Azar, a journalist and local politician, and then released them pending hearings.
    (Bloomberg, 9/3/19)
2019        Sep 2, French and Iranian experts huddled in Paris as the clock ticked on an end-of-the-week deadline for Europe to come up with a way for Iran to sell its oil despite US sanctions. Russia said it welcomed French efforts to save the Iran nuclear deal as Moscow and Tehran blamed US policies for Middle East tensions.
    (AP, 9/2/19)(AFP, 9/2/19)

2019        Sep 3, Russian police detained Sergey Boiko, the head of Russia’s Libertarian Party, and civil activist Mark Galperin. The powerful Investigative Committee said it has dropped charges against five men who attended a July 27 protest and were accused of participating in “mass disorder." Protesters Ivan Podkopaev and Danila Beglets, were sentenced to prison for assaulting police officers.
    (Bloomberg, 9/3/19)

2019        Sep 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Indian PM Narendra Modi for talks in Vladivostok on boosting investment and trade, with a special emphasis on energy and arms deals.
    (AFP, 9/4/19)
2019        Sep 4, A Russian court sentenced protester Yevgeny Kovalenko (48) to 3-1/2 years in jail after finding him guilty of using violence against the police at an opposition rally in July. Another protester was sentenced to three years in jail on similar charges.
    (AP, 9/4/19)

2019        Sep 6, Russian news agencies reported that investigators have issued an international arrest warrant for Sergei Petrov, owner of the country's largest car dealership and a former member of parliament. Russia's Investigative Committee accused Petrov, who says he is currently in Austria, of illegally transferring 4 billion rubles ($60.7 million) abroad.
    (Reuters, 9/6/19)

2019        Sep 7, A long-awaited swap of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine began with 70 people involved in the landmark exchange. They reportedly included the 24 Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia last year.
    (The Telegraph, 9/7/19)

2019        Sep 8, Russians voted in local elections that tested the popularity of President Vladimir Putin and his allies after a crackdown on opposition protests in Moscow. The ruling United Russia party, which supports Putin, lost one third of its seats in the Moscow city assembly. The party retained its majority in the Moscow assembly following nationwide local elections, and its candidates for regional governor appeared to have won in St Petersburg and in 15 other parts of the vast country.
    (AP, 9/8/19)(Reuters, 9/9/19)
2019        Sep 8, Russian state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said tech giants Google and Facebook had allowed political advertising during today's regional elections despite being asked to ban such publicity.
    (Reuters, 9/8/19)

2019        Sep 10, Bulgarian prosecutors charged the head of an NGO with spying for Russia as part of a scheme they said aimed to draw Bulgaria away from its Western allies and towards Moscow. Prosecutors said Nikolai Malinov (50), head of the National Russophile Movement, had worked for Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, run mainly by former foreign intelligence officials, and also for a Russian NGO, the Double-Headed Eagle, since 2010.
    (Reuters, 9/10/19)

2019        Sep 12, Russian investigators raided dozens of regional offices of top protest leader Alexei Navalny as well as the homes of his supporters after mass opposition rallies this summer.
    (AFP, 9/12/19)
2019        Sep 12, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin signed new protocols to clarify how authorities will monitor "compliance with the law on Lake Baikal's conservation and environmental rehabilitation".
    (South China Morning Post, 9/22/19)
2019        Sep 12, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu threatened war in Gaza and then flew to Russia to discuss Israeli freedom of action in Syria with President Vladimir Putin as a frenetic election race neared its end.
    (Reuters, 9/12/19)

2019        Sep 13, Russia's Ministry of Transport said the state had bought passenger carriages and locomotives for a new rail route linking Russian cities to Crimea, but declined to say who had supplied the new rolling stock.
    (Reuters, 9/13/19)

2019        Sep 13, A negotiating team from the Taliban arrived in Russia, just days after US President Donald Trump declared dead a deal with the insurgent group in Afghanistan. The meeting underlined the necessity of renewing talks between the US and the Taliban, and that the Taliban confirmed their readiness to continuing dialogue with Washington.
    (AP, 9/14/19)

2019        Sep 14, Russian state nuclear energy company Rosatom said the country's first-floating nuclear power plant, known as "Akademik Lomonosov," has arrived to its permanent base near an isolated Russian town across the Bering Strait from Alaska. The plant will replace a coal-fired power plant and an aging nuclear power plant supplying more than 50,000 people with electricity in Chukotka.
    (Reuters, 9/14/19)

2019        Sep 16, In Russia Pavel Ustinov (23) was sentenced to three and a half years in jail for dislocating a police officer's shoulder when he was arrested during an Aug. 3 rally in Moscow. He denied the charges and said he had not even taken part in the protest.
    (Reuters, 9/17/19)
2019        Sep 16, In Turkey the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Ankara to discuss the situation in Syria, with the aim of halting fighting in the country's northwestern province of Idlib and finding a lasting political solution to Syria's civil war, now in its ninth year.
    (AP, 9/16/19)

2019        Sep 17, It was reported that Russian border guards have detained two North Korean boats in Russian territorial waters in the Sea of Japan after one of them attacked a Russian patrol.
    (Reuters, 9/17/19)

2019        Sep 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed weekend attacks on Saudi Aramco's oil infrastructure by phone with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Moscow.
    (AP, 9/18/19)
2019        Sep 18, A Moscow court freed opposition protester Aidar Gubaydulin on bail, as school teachers and Orthodox priests told authorities to rein in a crackdown following the biggest anti-Kremlin protests in the capital for years. Gubaydulin faced years in jail for assaulting a police officer at a protest last month.
    (Reuters, 9/18/19)
2019        Sep 18, Uganda said it had signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with Russia to help the East African country build capacity to exploit nuclear technology for energy, medical and other peaceful purposes.
    (Reuters, 9/18/19)

2019        Sep 19, Russian police detained a Siberian shaman trekking towards Moscow on a mission to expel "demon" President Vladimir Putin, picking up a crowd of supporters on the way.
    (AFP, 9/19/19)   

2019        Sep 20, A Russian court ordered the release of Pavel Ustinov (23), an aspiring actor, whose prison sentence for injuring a police officer on the sidelines of an opposition protest sparked a public outcry over alleged police brutality and judicial injustice.
    (Reuters, 9/20/19)

2019        Sep 23, Russia said it has ratified the Paris climate agreement, marking a shift in rhetoric for the world's fourth largest greenhouse polluter even though its pledged targets are so low it can still increase emissions.
    (AP, 9/23/19)
2019        Sep 23, A Russian a government document published online showed that President Vladimir Putin has approved a government proposal to bankroll the modernization of the armed forces in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia.
    (Reuters, 9/23/19)

 2019        Sep 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his support for his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, who made a surprise visit to Moscow.
    (AP, 9/25/19)
2019        Sep 25, In Kazakhstan a Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off carrying an American, a Russian and the first space traveler from the United Arab Emirates to the Int'l. Space Station.
    (SFC, 9/26/19, p.A2)

2019        Sep 26, The United States imposed sanctions on a firm it said was participating in a scheme to avoid US sanctions while helping provide jet fuel to Russian forces in Syria. Maritime Assistance LLC was said to be operating as a front company for OJSC Sovfracht, a company the United States had previously sanctioned in relation to operations in Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 9/26/19)

2019        Sep 27, The Russian military said it has downed dozens of drones and rockets launched by militants this year targeting Russia's air base in Syria. Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that so far in 2019 the military has shot down 58 drones and 27 rockets that targeted the Hemeimeem air base in Syria's Mediterranean province of Latakia.
    (AP, 9/27/19)
2019        Sep 27, Russia detained three North Korean vessels and more than 200 crew in the second such incident in two weeks as part of a clampdown on poaching by the secretive nation's fishermen.
    (Reuters, 9/27/19)
2019        Sep 27, Russia urged the United States not to publish Donald Trump's conversations with Vladimir Putin after a growing scandal led the White House to release a transcript from a call with Ukraine's leader.
    (AFP, 9/27/19)

2019        Sep 29, About 20,000 people rallied in Moscow to demand the release of those who were arrested during a wave of opposition demonstrations this summer.
    (AP, 9/29/19)
2019        Sep 29, Russian journalist Yulia Yuzik flew into Tehran and Iranian officials seized her passport at the airport for unknown reasons. She was arrested in her hotel room on Oct 2 and reportedly faced charges of espionage for Israel.
    {Iran, Russia, Journalist}
    (AP, 10/4/19)

2019        Sep 30, A Moscow court overturned a prison sentence for actor Pavel Ustinov (23), giving him a one-year suspended sentence instead, in a case that has sparked protests and a major solidarity campaign.
    (The Telegraph, 9/30/19)
2019        Sep 30, The Trump administration sanctioned nearly a dozen companies and individuals along with three planes and a yacht connected to Yevgeny Prigozhin, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest confidants, to punish the country for interference in the 2018 U.S. elections.
    (Bloomberg, 9/30/19)

2019        Oct 1, A report by the World Health Organization published today showed alcohol consumption in Russia has dropped by 43 percent since 2003.
    (AFP, 10/1/19)

2019        Oct 3, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was helping China build an early warning system to spot intercontinental ballistic missile launches, something only Russia and the United States possess at the moment.
    (Reuters, 10/4/19)
2019        Oct 3, Russian defence lawyers said Alexander Gabyshev, a Siberian shaman who set off to walk across Russia to drive out President Vladimir Putin, whom he called a demon, has been found mentally unfit to stand trial.
    (AFP, 10/4/19)

2019        Oct 4, Russia said that Moscow's move to help Beijing build an early warning system to detect missile attacks showed the two countries had a special relationship.
    (Reuters, 10/4/19)

2019        Oct 5, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview broadcast today that Russia will find ways to help Cuba secure supplies of oil and petroleum products.
    (Reuters, 10/5/19)

2019        Oct 9, Russia upped the pressure on opposition leader Alexei Navalny, declaring his Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) a "foreign agent" that will be subject to increased state monitoring.
    (The Telegraph, 10/9/19)

2019        Oct 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern over Ankara’s military campaign into northeast Syria, compounding a volatile week marked by an international backlash to the Turkish incursion.
    (Bloomberg, 10/11/19)
2019        Oct 11, NASA announced the death of the world's first spacewalker, Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (85). His 12-minute spacewalk on March 18, 1965, preceded the first US spacewalk by Ed White by less than three months.
    (AP, 10/11/19)
2019        Oct 11, Israel said it has asked Russia to show leniency to an Israeli tourist arrested on drug charges and has rejected an apparent swap involving a detained Russian national subject to extradition to the US. Naama Issachar (26) was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison today after being arrested at Moscow's international airport in April.
    (AP, 10/11/19)

2019        Oct 13, Israel's Pres. Reuven Rivlin in a letter asked Russian leader Vladimir Putin to pardon Naama Issachar, a young Israeli woman, imprisoned on drug charges in Russia.
    (AP, 10/13/19)

2019        Oct 14, Saudi Arabia and Russia signed a key deal to bolster cooperation among the world's oil giants. Visiting President Vladimir Putin and Saudi King Salman, penned a string of multi-million-dollar investment contracts targeting the aerospace, culture, health, advanced technology and agriculture sectors.
    (AFP, 10/14/19)

2019        Oct 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the United Arab Emirates, as part of a Mideast tour aimed at strengthening ties between Moscow and this longtime US ally amid tensions in the wider Persian Gulf. Putin sought to attract over $1.3 billion worth of investments in Russia's economy.
    (AP, 10/15/19)(AFP, 10/15/19)
2019        Oct 15,  Russia moved to fill the void left by the United States in northern Syria, deploying troops to keep apart advancing Syrian government and Turkish forces. At the same time, tensions grew within NATO as Turkey defied growing condemnation of its invasion from its Western allies.
    (AP, 10/15/19)
2019        Oct 15,  Russian investigators raided opposition offices across the country, in the latest move to increase pressure on top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny and his allies.
    (AFP, 10/15/19)

2019        Oct 19, In Russia a dam at a small Siberian gold mine collapsed and water flooded two workers' dormitories leaving least 15 people dead and seven unaccounted for near the village of Shchetinkino in the Krasnoyarsk region.
    (AP, 10/19/19)

2019        Oct 22, The presidents of Russia and Turkey met in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, hours before a five-day cease-fire between Turkish troops and Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria was set to expire.
    (AP, 10/22/19)
2019        Oct 22, In Russia three people were killed in an accident at Norilsk Nickel's Taimyr underground mine in Siberia. The mine, launched in 1982, is one of the deepest in Europe. In 2015 Nornickel said the Taimyr facility produced 35% of the company's total nickel output, 21% of its copper, 38% of its cobalt and 15% of its platinum group metals.
    (AP, 10/22/19)
2019        Oct 22, Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine said they had sentenced a journalist to 15 years in prison after a court found him guilty of spying on behalf of Ukraine's SBU intelligence service. Stanislav Aseyev (30) disappeared in Ukraine's Donetsk region in June 2017 where he was working under a pen name for the Ukrainian service of US-government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), among other outlets.
    (Reuters, 10/22/19)

2019        Oct 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted dozens of leaders of African nations for the first-ever Russia-Africa summit, reflecting Moscow's new push to expand its clout on the continent and saying there is "enormous potential for growth." 43 leaders of the continent's 54 countries attended the 2-day summit.
    (AP, 10/23/19)(SFC, 10/24/19, p.A2)
2019        Oct 23, Russia landed the world’s biggest military aircraft in South Africa, the Tupolev Tu-160 ‘Blackjack’ bomber, in a rare display of cooperation between the defense forces of the two countries. The two bombers, which are capable of launching nuclear missiles, are the first to ever land in Africa and were escorted by fighter jets from the South African Air Force as they arrived at the Waterkloof air base in Tshwane.
    (Bloomberg, 10/23/19)
2019        Oct 23, Russian military police began patrols on part of the Syrian border, quickly moving to implement an accord with Turkey that divvies up control of northeastern Syria. The Kremlin told Kurdish fighters to pull back from the entire frontier or else face being "steamrolled" by Turkish forces.
    (AP, 10/23/19)

2019        Oct 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to expand Moscow's clout in Africa by touting military aid and economic projects at the first-ever Russia-Africa summit and even offered to help mediate a growing dispute between two of the continent's largest powers, Egypt and Ethiopia.
    (AP, 10/24/19)
2019        Oct 24, A Russian commission recommended President Vladimir Putin pardon a Norwegian man jailed for spying, spurring hopes in Norway that he may be released as part of a spy swap brokered behind closed doors. Frode Berg, a retired guard on the Norwegian-Russian border, was detained in December 2017 and jailed for 14 years after being convicted of gathering intelligence about nuclear submarines.
    (Reuters, 10/24/19)
2019        Oct 24, Chief executive Igor Sechin said Rosneft, Russia's largest oil company, has fully switched the currency of its contracts to euros from US dollars in a move to shield its transactions from US sanctions.
    (Reuters, 10/24/19)

2019        Oct 25, The Russian Defense Ministry said it has sent hundreds of additional troops to Syria to help patrol the country's Turkey-Syria border after a deal between Moscow and Ankara.
    (AP, 10/25/19)
2019        Oct 25, Russian soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov (20) killed eight of his comrades and wounded two others in a shooting outburst at a base in Siberia before being apprehended.
    (AP, 10/25/19)
2019        Oct 25, Maria Butina, convicted in the US of being a Russian agent, was deported by the United States after serving a prison sentence. The Russian woman returned to Moscow the next day and declared that she has no desire to go back to America.
    (AP, 10/26/19)
2019        Oct 25, Serbia's Pres. Aleksandar Vucic praised Russia for sending sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to joint air defense drills, the first such deployment by Moscow to a country seeking to join the European Union.
    (AP, 10/25/19)
2019        Oct 25, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic went to Moscow to sign a free trade deal with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hapless EU clone. The new agreement extends the cooperation to Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. As Serbia worked on the deal, it received repeated warnings from the EU that this represented an unwelcome detour from the European path.
    (Bloomberg, 10/25/19)

2019        Oct 26, A US convoy of over a dozen vehicles was seen driving south of the northeastern city of Qamishli, likely heading to the oil-rich Deir el-Zour area or another base before it. Russia's Defense Ministry harshly criticized the United States decision to send armored vehicles and combat troops into eastern Syria to protect oil fields.
    (AP, 10/26/19)

2019        Oct 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed Cuba's resilience in the face of US pressure as he hosted Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel for talks on expanding cooperation between the old allies.
    (AP, 10/29/19)
2019        Oct 29, Bulgaria's foreign ministry gave a Russian diplomat allegedly involved in espionage 24 hours to leave the country after it found that its request to Moscow to recall him by Oct. 28 had not been carried out.
    (Reuters, 10/29/19)

2019        Oct 30, Bulgaria said it had declined a visa to the incoming defence attaché at the Russian embassy in Sofia, a day after expelling another Russian diplomat over spying allegations.
    (Reuters, 10/30/19)
2019        Oct 30, Hungary's PM Viktor Orban, after hosting a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that good relations with Russia are a necessity because of his country's geographical location. Putin said that Russia expects to complete construction of the TurkStream pipeline to Turkey this year and build extensions to Bulgaria and Serbia the following year.
    (AP, 10/30/19)
2019        Oct 30, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg welcomed a pullback by the Ukrainian army and Moscow-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, but reiterated calls for Russia to "withdraw all their troops".
    (AFP, 10/30/19)
2019        Oct 30, Facebook said it had suspended three networks of Russian accounts that attempted to interfere in the domestic politics of eight African countries, and were tied to a Russian businessman accused of meddling in past US elections.
    (Reuters, 10/30/19)

2019        Oct 31, The US State Department warned that it had seen indications of Russian "influence" on recent unrest in Chile, where two weeks of protests and riots have rocked the administration of President Sebastian Pinera.
    (Reuters, 10/31/19)

2019        Oct, The New York Times revealed that a specialized group of Russian intelligence operatives — Unit 29155 — had for years been assigned to carry out killings and political disruption campaigns in Europe.
    (NY Times, 12/23/19)

2019        Nov 1, Russia's "sovereign internet" law, which President Vladimir Putin signed back in May, took effect. It gives the country's government power to block access to content whether from within or from outside Russia "in an emergency," which is up to the government to decide.
    (Engadget, 11/2/19)
2019        Nov 1, Turkey and Russia launched joint patrols in northeastern Syria, under a deal that halted a Turkish offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters who were forced to withdraw from the border area following Ankara's incursion.
    (AP, 11/1/19)

2019        Nov 4, President Vladimir Putin's conferred a state award on a Bulgarian charged with spying. The next day Russia warned of "very negative consequences" if this affected ties. Tensions had spiked in September when Bulgarian prosecutors charged a pro-Russian activist, Nikolay Malinov, with espionage and banned his alleged Russian handler from entering Bulgaria.
    (AFP, 11/5/19)

2019        Nov 5, Russian lawmakers backed legislation in a preliminary vote that would require all smartphones, computers and smart TV sets sold in Russia to come pre-installed with Russian software.
    (Reuters, 11/5/19)

2019        Nov 7, Russian and Syrian officials said that the US military has blocked efforts to disband the Rukban camp near the Jordanian border despite "inhumane conditions" there.
    (AP, 11/7/19)
2019        Nov 7, It was reported that Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg, who has been under US sanctions since 2014, has sold his gas pipeline construction firm Stroygazmontazh to construction company Gazstroyprom for some 75 billion rubles ($1.18 billion). Russian gas giant Gazprom owns a 49% stake in Gazstroyprom.
    (AP, 11/7/19)

2019        Nov 8, The United Nations' highest court ruled that it has jurisdiction in a case brought by Ukraine that alleges Russia breached treaties on terrorist financing and racial discrimination following its annexation of Crimea by arming rebels in eastern Ukraine and reining in the rights of ethnic Tartars and other minorities.
    (AP, 11/8/19)

2019        Nov 9, In Russia Oleg Sokolov (63), a prominent Saint Petersburg-based Napoleon expert, was arrested. He confessed to murdering his young lover and former student and dismembering her body in a grisly crime that sent shock waves across the country. On Dec. 25, 2020, court in St. Petersburg convicted Sokolov on charges of murdering and dismembering a female student and sentenced him to 12 1/2 years in prison.
    (The Telegraph, 11/10/19)(AP, 12/25/20)

2019        Nov 10, Iran and Moscow inaugurated a new phase of construction for a second reactor at Iran's sole nuclear power plant in Bushehr on the Gulf coast. Iran began pouring concrete at its Bushehr power plant, a facility Tehran points to as its reason to break the enrichment limit set by its unraveling 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.
    (AP, 11/10/19)(AFP, 11/10/19)

2019        Nov 11, It was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed that Ukraine should give its separatist-led Donbass region a special status set out in Ukrainian law.
    (Reuters, 11/11/19)

2019        Nov 12, American prosecutors expanded an election-fraud case against 13 Russians that was first brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, adding details to flesh out how the defendants allegedly defrauded the US by interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.
    (Bloomberg, 11/12/19)

2019        Nov 14, Russia said it has set up a helicopter base at an airport in the north-eastern Syrian city of Qamishli, a move designed to increase Moscow's control over events on the ground there.
    (Reuters, 11/14/19)
2019        Nov 14, Libya’s internationally recognized PM Fayez al-Sarraj said Russian mercenaries backing his rival, Khalifa Haftar, will drag out a months-long war in the North African oil producer, and urged the US to act to restore peace.
    (Bloomberg, 11/14/19)

2019        Nov 17, Russian news said Russia will return three captured naval ships to Ukraine on Nov. 18 and is moving them to a handover location agreed with Kiev.
    (Reuters, 11/17/19)

2019        Nov 18, Russia returned three Ukrainian naval ships that were seized by Russia nearly a year ago. The two gunboats and a tug were taken by the Russian coast guard on Nov. 25, 2018, as they maneuvered near the Kerch Strait that connects the Black Sea with the Azov Sea.
    (AP, 11/18/19)

2019        Nov 19, Russia says it has repatriated another 32 children of members of the Islamic State group from Iraq.
    (AP, 11/19/19)
2019        Nov 19, Mothers of Russian prisoners denounced the prosecution of protesters as a "travesty of justice" as they gathered outside the offices of the presidential administration. They called on Pres. Vladimir Putin to have the courts, investigators and the FSB security service probed over their handling of the cases.
    (AFP, 11/19/19)

2019        Nov 21, Russia's lower house of parliament passed legislation that will allow individual journalists to be labelled foreign agents, a move that critics say will tighten curbs on the media. The bill now goes to the upper house and then President Vladimir Putin for approval.
    (Reuters, 11/21/19)
2019        Nov 21, Ukraine's navy said three Ukrainian navy boats seized by Russia a year ago were vandalized before being handed back to Ukraine. Ukraine's navy said the vessels had been stripped bare and left so badly damaged that they had to be towed home by tug.
    (AP, 11/21/19)

2019        Nov 22, Russian authorities in the far east placed Yulia Tsvetkova (b.1993), an artist and activist, on house arrest on charges of "distributing pornography." On February 11, 2020, she was recognized as a political prisoner.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yulia_Tsvetkova)(Econ., 10/17/20, p.74)

2019        Nov 25, Russian military launched a Soyuz-2-1v/Volga rocket from Site 43 in Plesetsk, delivering a classified cargo into orbit. Russia launched its Kosmos 2542 satellite. 11 days later it disgorged another satellite named Kosmos 2543. On Jul 15, 2020, 2543 spat out another object, which sped off into the void.
    (http://www.russianspaceweb.com/cosmos-2542.html)(Econ., 8/15/20, p.68)

2019        Nov 26, Russian internet giant Yandex was given the green light to pursue planned changes to its governance structure, after President Vladimir Putin signed a law late today concerning the management of Russian offshore companies.
    (Reuters, 11/27/19)

2019        Nov 27, President Vladimir Putin opened what has been billed as Russia's first modern motorway, almost halving the driving time between the two biggest cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
    (AFP, 11/27/19)

2019        Nov 30, Russia's TASS new agency reported that a MiG-31K interceptor jet carried out a test of the Kinjal (Dagger) hypersonic missile in Russia's part of Arctic earlier this month.
    (Reuters, 11/30/19)

2019        Dec 1, In eastern Russia 19 passengers died and 21 were injured when a bus skidded off a bridge and plunged into a river in the Zabaikalsk region.
    (Reuters, 12/1/19)

2019        Dec 2, Russia and China launched the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, one of three major projects aimed at cementing Moscow's role as the world's top gas exporter. The 3,000-km (1,850-mile) pipeline will supply China with 38 billion cubic meters (1.3 trillion cubic feet) of gas annually when fully operational in 2025. The Gazprom-operated pipeline in Eastern Siberia, transports natural gas from Yakutia to Primorsky Krai and China.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_of_Siberia)(AFP, 12/2/19)

2019        Dec 3, It was reported that Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin has signed into law an amendment that could require bloggers and independent journalists to register as foreign agents, a move that rights activists say poses a threat to independent journalism.
    (The Telegraph, 12/3/19)
2019        Dec 3, Russia accused former US Marine Paul Whelan, who has been held for almost a year on spying charges, of faking health problems in custody and lying about his ill-treatment to stir up noise around his case.
    (Reuters, 12/3/19)

2019        Dec 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States was rapidly developing its military forces for potential operations in space and that Washington openly viewed space as a potential theatre of war.
    (Reuters, 12/4/19)
2019        Dec 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Bulgaria of deliberately delaying the implementation of Russia's TurkStream natural gas pipeline on its territory and said that Moscow could find ways to bypass Bulgaria if needed.
    (Reuters, 12/4/19)
2019        Dec 4, Russian media reported that authorities have arrested a man accused of building a fake border with Finland and charging four South Asian migrants more than 10,000 euros, or $11,000, to help them cross into what they believed was the European Union.
    (Insider, 12/5/19)

2019        Dec 5, Russian state nuclear company Rosatom said it has suspended work on revamping a factory at Iran's Fordow nuclear complex due to an issue with uranium compatibility.
    (Reuters, 12/5/19)
2019        Dec 5, Libya's UN-supported government and US officials accused Russia of deploying mercenaries to fight alongside opponents in the country's civil war. The Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) has documented 600-800 Russian fighters in Libya.
    (SFC, 12/6/19, p.A4)
2019        Dec 5, US and British authorities took aim at the Russia-based cybercriminal group known as Evil Corp, indicting two of its leaders, Maksim Yakubets and Igor Turashev, and ordering asset freezes against 17 of its associates over a digital crime spree that has netted more than $100 million from companies across the world.
    (Reuters, 12/5/19)

2019        Dec 6, In Russia Moscow student Yegor Zhukov (21) stepped out of a courthouse, effectively free after a judge handed down a three-year suspended sentence. Zhukov, a student at the liberal Higher School of Economics, spent a month in pre-trial detention in August before rioting charges against him were dropped amid a public campaign, supported by many Russian celebrities.
    (The Telegraph, 12/7/19)
2019        Dec 6, Saudi Arabia and Russia spearheaded a deal in which OPEC and its allies committed to some of the deepest oil output cuts this decade aiming to avert oversupply and support prices.
    (Reuters, 12/6/19)
2019        Dec 6, Social news and aggregation firm Reddit Inc. banned 61 accounts under its policies against “vote manipulation" ahead of Britain’s general election on Dec. 12. The accounts, which were used to draw attention to the trade documents, were “part of a campaign that has been reported as originating from Russia," according to Reddit.
    (Bloomberg, 12/7/19)

2019        Dec 7, Belarus Pres. Alexander Lukashenko met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Russia to discuss "key issues in our bilateral relations. Roughly 1,000 Belarusians joined an unauthorized demonstration against the prospect of a closer union with Russia.
    (AFP, 12/7/19)

2019        Dec 8, In Belarus some 500 hundred protesters braved the repressive climate to hold a demonstration for a 2nd day against deepening the country's ties with Russia.
    (AP, 12/8/19)
2019        Dec 8, Belarus state news agency Belta reported that the government is seeking about $70 million in compensation because of disruption in flows in a pipeline on its territory caused by contaminated Russian oil. The Russian Druzhba pipeline, which pumps 1 million barrels per day of oil to eastern and western Europe, was found in mid-April to be contaminated.
    (Reuters, 12/8/19)
2019        Dec 8, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani announced Sunday a "budget of resistance" against US sanctions targeting the country's vital oil sector, backed by a $5 billion Russian investment.
    (The Telegraph, 12/8/19)

2019        Dec 9, Russia's interior minister said passports have been issued to 125,000 residents of rebel-held eastern Ukraine, deepening Moscow's ties with the separatist region even as it begins talks with Kiev aimed at ending the conflict.
    (Reuters, 12/9/19)
2019        Dec 9, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned Russian athletes from competing in the Olympics and other major sporting events under the country’s flag after it found Russia tampering with key doping test data. WADA banned Russia from hosting or participating in any major sporting events for a four-year period.
    (Benzinga, 12/10/19)
2019        Dec 9, In France the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France met in Paris to discuss a peace settlement for Ukraine’s war-ravaged east for the first time in more than three years. Ukraine's Pres. Volodymyr Zelenskiy made clear at the talks that Ukraine must regain control of its eastern border before elections can take place in the disputed region as part of a peace accord. Russia's Pres. Putin said the elections must come first. Participating leaders agreed to implement a comprehensive ceasefire and hold a major prisoner exchange between the Ukrainian government and the separatists.
    (The Telegraph, 12/9/19)(Bloomberg, 12/10/19)(The Telegraph, 12/10/19)
2019        Dec 9, The UN's general assembly passed a resolution condemning Russia's occupation of Crimea and the city of Sebastopol and urging the withdrawal of its military forces "without delay".
    (The Telegraph, 12/9/19)

2019        Dec 10, A Russian court ordered the deportation of five employees of the United States' University at Buffalo after finding them guilty of violating the terms of their visas. The court in the city of Ryazan, 200 km (125 miles) southeast of Moscow, said the group had arrived in Russia on a multiple-entry tourist visa but had given a lecture at a local university.
    (Reuters, 12/12/19)
2019        Dec 10, Yury Luzhkov (83), who served as Moscow’s mayor for 18 years, died after a heart operation at a clinic in Munich. He had presided over the rapid transformation of the Russian capital after the Soviet Union’s collapse.
    (Bloomberg, 12/10/19)

2019        Dec 11, The German government said it was unaware that Russia had made an extradition request for a Georgian man murdered in Berlin in August after Russian President Vladimir Putin said requests from Moscow had not been heeded.
    (Reuters, 12/11/19)

2019        Dec 12, Russia expelled two German diplomats in what it called a standard diplomatic response to a similar move by Germany last week and said it hoped a dispute over the killing of a Georgian citizen in Berlin would not damage ties further.
    (Reuters, 12/12/19)
2019        Dec 12, A fire on Russia Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier broke out during welding work at a shipyard in the Arctic port of Murmansk and spread quickly through the carrier's internal compartments. Two crew members were killed and 11 others injured.
    (AP, 12/13/19)

2019        Dec 16, China and Russia proposed easing sanctions against nuclear-armed North Korea, in response to steps the North takes towards denuclearization. The US knocked back the call to ease sanctions on North Korea despite threats of further provocations, as President Donald Trump said he would “take care of" any threats the regime had in the works.
    (AFP, 12/16/19)(Bloomberg, 12/17/19)

2019        Dec 19, In Russia an officer of the Federal Security Service (FSB) was killed in a shooting near its Moscow headquarters. The attack killed two of the agency’s employees. The attacker, identified as Moscow resident Evgeny Manyurov (39), was killed.
    (AP, 12/19/19)(The Telegraph, 12/19/19)(Bloomberg, 12/20/19)

2019        Dec 20, China and Russia blocked a UN Security Council resolution that would have extended for a year cross-border humanitarian aid to four million Syrians.
    (The Telegraph, 12/20/19)
2019        Dec 20, President Trump signed off on sanctions against companies building a Russian natural gas pipeline to Germany that Congress fears will give the Kremlin dangerous leverage over America's European allies.
    (The Telegraph, 12/20/19)

2019        Dec 23, Russia's President Vladimir Putin stood in the driver's cabin of a train for the official opening of a railway bridge that links annexed Crimea to southern Russia. The bridge for car traffic opened in May last year when the president drove a truck across it.
    (AFP, 12/23/19)
2019        Dec 23, Russian authorities conscripted Navalny ally, Ruslan Shaveddinov (23) for compulsory military service in a remote Arctic base. Authorities flew him to Novaya Zemlya after breaking into his Moscow apartment, in what supporters denounced as a state abduction reminiscent of Soviet times. Shaveddinov was well known for presenting vivid, well-documented corruption investigations on YouTube.
    (Bloomberg, 12/26/19)(The Daily Beast, 2/24/20)

2019        Dec 24, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has got a strong edge in designing new weapons and that it has become the only country in the world to deploy hypersonic weapons.
    (AP, 12/24/19)

2019        Dec 25, Ukrainian officials opened a criminal probe after a passenger train from Russia arrived in Crimea via a new Russian-built bridge, arguing that the train illegally carried people across the Ukrainian border.
    (AP, 12/25/19)

2019        Dec 26, Russian security officials searched the offices of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's anti-corruption foundation, with his team calling the raid a new bid to disrupt their work. Masked police dragged away opposition leader Alexey Navalny.
    (AFP, 12/26/19)(Bloomberg, 12/26/19)
2019        Dec 26, Russia's Ministry of Communications announced that it has successfully tested a countrywide alternative to the internet. The government's "sovereign internet" law, which allows content to be blocked in an "emergency situation," took effect in November, and Pres. Vladimir Putin recently signed a law that bans the sale of devices without pre-installed Russian apps.
    (Endgadget, 12/26/19)
2019        Dec 26, A bus crash in southwestern Russia killed two people and injured eight others near the village of Yarkino in the Lipetsk region.
    (AP, 12/26/19)

2019        Dec 27, Russia's defense minister reported that a new intercontinental weapon that can fly 27 times the speed of sound became operational, bolstering the country's nuclear strike capability. Pres. Putin has described the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle as a technological breakthrough comparable to the 1957 Soviet launch of the first satellite.
    (AP, 12/27/19)
2019        Dec 27, China, Iran and Russia started four days of joint naval drills in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.
    (The Telegraph, 12/27/19)
2019        Dec 27, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview broadcast on Russian state television that Russia and Ukraine are withdrawing all of their lawsuits against each other after they agreed on a gas transit deal last week.
    (The Telegraph, 12/27/19)
2019        Dec 27, The UN General Assembly approved a Russian-led resolution that will start the process of drafting a new international treaty to combat cybercrime over objections from the European Union, the United States and other countries.
    (AP, 12/27/19)(AFP, 12/28/19)

2019        Russian military prosecutors announced that 2,800 military officials had been charged with corruption. The amount stolen was around $90 million.
    (Econ., 11/7/20, p.46)
2019        China leapfrogged Russia to become Ukraine's biggest single trading partner.
    (Reuters, 2/23/22)
2019        Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi hired Russia's Wagner Group to tackle a jihadist insurgency in the north. The group pulled out after a bunch of its men were killed. The government then hire the Dyck Advisory Group (DAG), led by Lionel Dyck, a South Africa-based colonel.
    (Econ., 5/30/20, p.37)

2020        Jan 3, Belarus suspended its oil exports after Moscow stopped supplying crude until contracts for this year are drawn up. A day later Belarus reached an agreement for limited oil supplies to ensure refinery operations for January.
    (SFC, 1/4/20, p.A2)(SSFC, 1/5/20, p.A4)

2020        Jan 4, The Russian government published a plan to adapt the economy and population to climate change, aiming to mitigate damage but also "use the advantages" of warmer temperatures.
    (AFP, 1/5/20)

2020        Jan 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Syria to meet with President Bashar Assad and other officials.
    (AP, 1/7/20)

 2020        Jan 8, Turkey and Russia called for a Jan. 12 cease-fire in war-torn Libya while European Union officials intensified diplomatic efforts to cool tensions in the North African nation by holding talks with its prime minister.
    (AP, 1/8/20)

2020        Jan 11, Russia's President Vladimir Putin pushed for a ceasefire in Libya as he held talks with some of the countries that support the warring sides in the North African nation.
    (Bloomberg, 1/11/20)
2020        Jan 11, German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid growing tensions in the Middle East and elsewhere.
    (AP, 1/11/20)

2020        Jan 12, Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) agreed to a ceasefire urged by Moscow and Ankara, several hours after rival strongman Khalifa Haftar announced a cessation of hostilities. Meeting in Moscow Libya's rival governments considered a draft document spelling out details of a truce proposed jointly by Russia and Turkey.
    (AFP, 1/12/20)(AP, 1/13/20)

2020        Jan 13, Talks in Moscow about bringing an end to Libya's long-running civil war failed to reach a solution and adjourned for the night.
    (AP, 1/13/20)

2020        Jan 14, Russia sought to downplay the collapse of talks that sought to secure a cease-fire in Libya after the country's rival leaders left Moscow without reaching an agreement.
    (AP, 1/14/20)
2020        Jan 14, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that that a Russian trial judge’s refusal to “allow the defense to examine prosecution and defense witnesses and to submit important expert or exculpatory evidence" violated Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s rights and those of his former business partner Platon Lebedev during their second trial in 2009 and 2010. The Russian businessman had spent nearly a decade in prison in Russia on what he said were politically motivated charges by the Kremlin.
    (Bloomberg, 1/14/20)

2020        Jan 15, Russia's government resigned in a shock announcement after President Vladimir Putin proposed a shake-up of the constitution. The announcement came after Putin used his annual state of the nation address to call for a nationwide vote on a package of constitutional reforms. The changes would transfer more authority to parliament, including the power to choose the prime minister and senior cabinet members.
    (AFP, 1/15/20)

2020        Jan 16, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin signed an order formally appointing Mikhail Mishustin (b.1966), head of the Federal Tax Service, as prime minister after lawmakers in the lower house of parliament voted overwhelming to confirm his candidacy, with 383 in favor and none against.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Mishustin)(Bloomberg, 1/16/20)

2020        Jan 19, In Russia eight people were detained by police at a march in Moscow commemorating the 2009 killing of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and reporter Anastasia Baburova. A Russian nationalist was sentenced to life in prison for the killings.
    (AP, 1/19/20)
2020        Jan 19, Participants at a Berlin summit agreed to respect a much-violated arms embargo in Libya, halt military support to the warring parties and push them to reach a full cease-fire. The summit was quickly overshadowed by a fresh crisis over oil. There were reports of ongoing fighting on the frontlines south of Tripoli and Western leaders appeared downbeat on the prospects of putting the ceasefire agreement into force. It was later revealed that at least five cargo planes filled with weapons from the UAE and Russia were bound for Libya as global leaders posed for a group picture.
    (AP, 1/20/20)(The Telegraph, 1/20/20)(SFC, 9/4/20, p.A4)

2020        Jan 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to parliament a package of constitutional amendments widely seen as an attempt to secure his grip on power well after his current term ends in 2024.
    (AP, 1/20/20)
2020        Jan 20, In Russia a heating pipe burst in a small hotel in the central city of Perm, flooding rooms with boiling water that killed five people and left six others injured. The plumbing explosion left 20 buildings, including a hospital, a school and a kindergarten, without heat or hot water in the middle of winter.
    (AP, 1/20/20)

2020        Jan 21, In northern Syria Russian-led air strikes killed at least 18 people in the northwest where a major government offensive to clear out rebels has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing toward the border with Turkey. One strike on the rebel-held village of Kfar Taal killed at least nine people, including an entire family.
    (Reuters, 1/21/20)(AP, 1/21/20)

2020        Jan 23, Russian lawmakers unanimously approved a sweeping constitutional reform bill put forward by President Vladimir Putin in its first reading, after less than two hours of debate.
    (AFP, 1/23/20)
2020        Jan 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated a bronze monument, named "Memorial Candle," in the heart of Jerusalem commemorating the citizens and defenders of Leningrad during the 1941-1944 Nazi siege of the city.
    (AFP, 1/23/20)

2020        Jan 29, Russia arrested five former police officers on suspicion of planting drugs last year on Ivan Golunov, a prominent journalist, to frame him.
    (Reuters, 1/29/20)

2020        Jan 30, Russia said it is closing its land border with China, effective tomorrow, similar to steps taken by Mongolia and North Korea, to guard against a new viral outbreak.
    (AP, 1/30/20)
2020        Jan 30, Naama Issachar, a US-Israeli woman jailed for drug trafficking in Russia, was released and flew out with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu after she was pardoned by President Vladimir Putin.
    (AFP, 1/30/20)

2020        Jan, Russia successfully test-launched its Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile from a military vessel for the first time early this month.
    (Reuters, 2/27/20)

2020        Feb 1, Russia's aerospace defence forces began evacuating Russian citizens from China due to the coronavirus outbreak.
    (Reuters, 2/1/20)

2020        Feb 5, FBI Director Chris Wray said that Russia is engaged in “information warfare" heading into the 2020 presidential election, though he said law enforcement has not seen ongoing efforts by Russia to target America's election infrastructure.
    (AP, 2/5/20)

2020        Feb 6, Russia said it has begun checking the body temperature of officials and reporters attending events involving President Vladimir Putin due to coronavirus fears.
    (AFP, 2/6/20)

2020        Feb 7, President Vladimir Putin ordered payments to be made to Russian World War II veterans in Russia and the Baltic States as well as to those who were held in Nazi concentration camps. The one-time payments of 50,000 rubles to 75,000 rubles ($790-$1,200) will also go to the widows or widowers of veterans in Russia as well as Russian citizens in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
    (AP, 2/7/20)
2020        Feb 7, Airat Khairullin, a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament, was killed in a helicopter crash in Tatarstan, about 850 km (500 miles) east of Moscow. Two survivors suffered serious injuries.
    (AP, 2/7/20)

2020        Feb 10, Russian law enforcement officers in Siberia detained Vadim Kutsenko, an adherent of the Jehovah's Witnesses, late today and drove him to a secluded area where they reportedly beat his head and legs, put him in a chokehold and used a taser on him. Kutsenko was suspected of helping to organize the Jehovah's Witnesses' activities in Chita.
    (AP, 2/14/20)

2020        Feb 12, It was reported that two Russian women who were kept in isolation for possible inflection by a new virus say they fled from their Russian hospitals this month because of uncooperative doctors, poor conditions and fear they would become infected.
    (AP, 2/12/20)
2020        Feb 12, Viktor Sviridov, a former top Russian prison official reportedly suffering from advanced cancer, killed himself in court with a shot to the chest, shortly after getting a three-year sentence for extortion.
    (Reuters, 2/12/20)

2020        Feb 17, Russia said that plans by the United States to deploy weapons in space would deal an irreversible blow to the current security balance in space, the RIA news agency cited the foreign ministry as saying.
    (Reuters, 2/17/20)
2020        Feb 17, In Florida Hector Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes was arrested after being recruited by a Russian official last year. Russian intelligence had recruited the Mexican citizen to track down the whereabouts of an FBI informant in Miami who previously provided the US government with information on Russian operations.
    (The Daily Beast, 2/18/20)

2020        Feb 18, Vladislav Surkov (55), the Kremlin's chief ideologue and pointman on relations with Ukraine and Moscow-backed separatists, was dismissed late today. He was for many years viewed as one of Russia's most powerful men. Surkov later said that he stepped down because of a shift in the Kremlin course on the Ukrainian conflict.
    (AFP, 2/19/20)(AP, 2/26/20)
2020        Feb 18, A Dutch appeals court reinstated an international arbitration panel's order that Russia should pay $50 billion compensation to shareholders in former oil company Yukos. The Hague court of Appeals had ruled in 2016 that the decision was not correct. Russia said it would appeal the verdict.
    (SFC, 2/19/20, p.A3)
2020        Feb 18, The Trump administration announced significant new sanctions targeting Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil company, for helping Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro circumvent US sanctions.
    (Miami Herald, 2/18/20)

2020        Feb 19, Libya's Khalifa Hifter, commander of the eastern-based forces, was in Moscow and met with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.
    (AP, 2/19/20)

2020        Feb 22, Bulgarian authorities identified three Russians who have been charged in absentia over the 2015 attempted poisoning of Emilian Gebrev, the owner of an arms factory, his son and a company employee. Suspects Sergei Pavlov, Sergei Fedotov and Georgy Gorshkov were believed to be residents of Moscow.
    (SSFC, 2/23/20, p.A4)

2020        Feb 27, Russian state television said Turkish military specialists in Syria's Idlib region were using shoulder-fired missiles to try to shoot down Russian and Syrian military aircraft.
    (Reuters, 2/27/20)

2020        Feb 28, In Russia Moscow's deputy mayor said 88 foreign nationals will be deported for allegedly violating quarantine measures imposed on them as a precaution against the coronavirus.
    (AP, 2/28/20)

2020        Feb 29, In Russia thousands rallied in central Moscow to call on President Vladimir Putin not to stay in power indefinitely, in the first major protest by the Russian opposition since the Kremlin chief announced controversial plans to change the constitution. Thousands of people marched on a central Moscow boulevard in remembrance of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down five years ago while walking on a bridge adjacent to the Kremlin.
    (AFP, 2/29/20)(AP, 2/29/20)

2020        Mar 3, A Moscow court ruled that the city's facial recognition system does not violate the privacy of its citizens, a blow to activists who had hoped to ban the technology's use.
    (Reuters, 3/3/20)
2020        Mar 3, Russia's main opposition leader Alexei Navalny (43) said that authorities had frozen all of his bank accounts and those of his family, including his elderly parents.
    (AP, 3/3/20)

2020        Mar 5, In Russia an agreement on a ceasefire in Syria was announced after a six-hour meeting between the Turkish and Russian presidents in Moscow. The deal essentially froze the conflict lines and did not force Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces to roll back military gains made in the past three months.
    (AP, 3/6/20)
2020        Mar 5, In Vienna OPEC members agreed to cut oil output by an extra 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in the second quarter of 2020 to support prices that have been hit by the coronavirus outbreak, but made its action conditional on Russia and others joining in. Russia and Kazakhstan, both members of the broader and informal group known as OPEC+, said they had not yet agreed to a deeper cut.
    (Reuters, 3/5/20)
2020        Mar 5, In northwestern Syria an airstrike on a rebel-held village hit a poultry farm where several displaced families were sheltering, killing at least 15 people including children. Activists blamed Russian warplanes for the strike on Maaret Musreen village.
    (AP, 3/5/20)

2020        Mar 6, In northwestern Syria a cease-fire deal brokered by Turkey and Russia took hold in Idlib province. Farhad Dabirian, a commander with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was killed near Damascus.
    (AP, 3/6/20)(AP, 3/7/20)

2020        Mar 8, Moscow city authorities threatened prison terms of up to five years for people failing to self-isolate in their homes for two weeks after visiting countries hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.
    (Reuters, 3/8/20)
2020        Mar 8, In the Netherlands the families of people killed when a missile shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014 set out 298 white chairs outside the Russian Embassy in a silent protest against Moscow’s lack of cooperation in the investigation into the downing of the passenger jet.
    (AP, 3/8/20)

2020        Mar 9, A special North Korean flight believed to be carrying dozens of diplomats and other foreigners arrived in Russia's Far East, as the North tightens a lockdown intended to fend off the coronavirus.
    (AP, 3/9/20)
2020        Mar 9, Crude oil prices tumbled by as much as a third after Saudi Arabia launched a price war with Russia, sending investors already spooked by the coronavirus outbreak fleeing for the safety of bonds and the Japanese yen.
    (Reuters, 3/9/20)

2020        Mar 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin laid out a path to staying in power after 2024, as lawmakers approved sweeping reforms to the constitution.
    (AFP, 3/10/20)

2020        Mar 12, A Russian court fined BBC World News and one of its senior journalists for failing to correctly label content unsuitable for children and failing to submit content to a state archive, the Interfax news agency reported.
    (Reuters, 3/12/20)

2020        Mar 14, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin signed a law on constitutional changes that could keep him in power for another 16 years. The step must still be approved in a nationwide vote. Police detained around 50 people in Moscow protesting against plans to change the constitution.
    (AP, 3/14/20)(Reuters, 3/14/20)
2020        Mar 14, Russia’s PM Mikhail Mishustin signed orders to close the land borders with Poland and Norway for most foreign citizens from March 15.
    (Bloomberg, 3/14/20)

2020        Mar 15, Syria's brutal conflict entered its 10th year with President Bashar al-Assad's regime consolidating its hold over a war-wracked country where foreign powers are flexing their muscle. In the northwest Turkish and Russian troops began joint patrols on the key M4 highway. Rebel provocations forced Russia and Turkey to cut short their first joint patrol.
    (AFP, 3/15/20)(AP, 3/15/20)(Reuters, 3/15/20)

2020        Mar 16, Russia's Constitutional Court approved a law on constitutional amendments that could allow Vladimir Putin to remain in power for another 16 years.
    (AP, 3/16/20)
2020        Mar 16, US federal prosecutors said that they were moving to drop charges against two Russian companies accused of funding a social media campaign to influence US voters in the 2016 presidential election. The companies, Concord Management and Consulting and Concord Catering, were among three companies and 13 individuals then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged with conspiracy to spread disinformation on social media, one of the main indictments that came out of his team's two-year Russia investigation.
    (AP, 3/17/20)

2020        Mar 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a vote on changes to the constitution which could allow him to extend his rule to be held next month as planned, but warned it could be delayed if the coronavirus situation worsens.
    (AP, 3/17/20)

2020        Mar 18, Russia's Kremlin Guard said it has closed Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin's tomb on Moscow's Red Square to the public amid coronavirus fears. Russia has reported 147 cases of the virus so far and no deaths.
    (Reuters, 3/18/20)

2020        Mar 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the coronavirus by phone and agreed to deepen cooperation on developing pharmaceuticals. Russia announced its first coronavirus death. It has reported 147 confirmed coronavirus cases, but many Russians believe the real total is far higher.
    (Reuters, 3/19/20)(NY Times, 3/19/20)
2020        Mar 19, Top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny urged Russians to boycott a vote on constitutional changes backed by President Vladimir Putin, slamming plans to hold it during the pandemic.
    (AFP, 3/19/20)
2020        Mar 19, Russia has reported just 199 coronavirus cases and some doctors have questioned how far the official data reflects reality. A reported sharp increase in pneumonia cases in Moscow and contradictory information around the issue fueled fears about the accuracy of official coronavirus data which remains much lower than many European countries.
    (Reuters, 3/19/20)
2020        Mar 19, In Russia riot police stormed a protesters' makeshift command post near a radioactive waste. More than 60 people were detained. Activists in Moscow vowed to persist with their campaign against plans to bulldoze a highway through the waste site.
    (SFC, 3/21/20, p.A2)
2020        Mar 19, EU analysis said Russian state media and news outlets supporting President Vladimir Putin are waging a fake news campaign aimed at undermining public confidence in the ability of European health care systems to cope with the coronavirus.
    (AP, 3/19/20)

2020        Mar 21, Russia's largest carmaker Avtovaz reported the first two cases of the coronavirus among its workers. Russia has so far reported 253 cases of the virus and one death, and has introduced a raft of economic and social measures to limit its spread.
    (Reuters, 3/21/20)

2020        Mar 22, In Russia small-scale protests against Vladimir Putin's plans to amend the Russian constitution so he can run for president again in 2024 took place in several medium-sized cities. Protests were called off in Moscow and St. Petersburg due to measures imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus.
    (Reuters, 3/22/20)
2020        Mar 22, The Russian military started sending medical help to Italy in order to help it battle the new coronavirus after receiving an order from Pres. Vladimir Putin following a conversation a day earlier with Italian PM Giuseppe Conte. Russia itself has reported 306 cases of the virus, most of them in Moscow, and one coronavirus-related death.
    (Reuters, 3/22/20)

2020        Mar 23, Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin gave the authorities five days to develop a system that would track and notify people who have come in contact with any known carriers of coronavirus. The system would simultaneously notify special regional headquarters set up to fight the pandemic.
    (The Daily Beast, 3/24/20)

2020        Mar 24, Russia has so far reported 495 cases of the coronavirus. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the outbreak in the capital was much worse than official figures showed.
    (Reuters, 3/24/20)

2020        Mar 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was postponing a nationwide vote on constitutional changes that would allow him to extend his rule due to the worsening situation with coronavirus. Russian authorities reported 163 more virus cases in the country since the day before, bringing the national total to 658.
    (AP, 3/25/20)

2020        Mar 26, The Russian government ordered the grounding of all international flights as part of new measures against the coronavirus pandemic, with the exception of flights evacuating Russian citizens from abroad. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri S. Peskov told reporters: “There is de facto no epidemic" in Russia.
    (Good Morning America, 3/26/20)(NY Times, 4/14/20)

2020        Mar 27, In Russia the total number of coronavirus cases rose by 196 to 1,036.
    (Bloomberg, 3/27/20)
2020        Mar 27, Russian low-cost airline Pobeda, a subsidiary of flagship carrier Aeroflot, said it will suspend all its domestic flights and stop flying altogether from April 1 until the end of May.
    (Reuters, 3/27/20)

2020        Mar 28, Russia reported 228 new cases of coronavirus overnight, bringing the total to 1,264, with four deaths attributed to the virus. Russia said it will close its borders starting on March 30 in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The order will not apply to Russian diplomats and the drivers of freight trucks, among others. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin urged Muscovites to stay at home during the non-working week announced by President Vladimir Putin in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
    (Bloomberg, 3/28/20)(Reuters, 3/28/20)
2020        Mar 28, Russia's state-controlled Rosneft oil company said that it is ceasing operations and selling its assets in Venezuela. Rosneft said that it’s turning over its Venezuelan projects to an unnamed state-owned company in what it called an effort to protect its shareholders’ interests.
    (SSFC, 3/29/20, p.A3)(Bloomberg, 3/28/20)

2020        Mar 29, In Russia the total number of coronavirus cases in Moscow exceeded 1,000 with many Muscovites going out despite a plea to stay home. The official tally of confirmed cases in Russia rose by 270 in 24 hours, bringing the total to 1,534. Nine people have died of the coronavirus, seven of which in Moscow.
    (Reuters, 3/29/20)

2020        Mar 30, Moscow, with its more than 12 million people, went into lockdown while other parts of Russia moved to introduce similar steps to curb the coronavirus outbreak.
    (AFP, 3/30/20)

2020        Mar 31, Russian lawmakers backed jail sentences of up to seven years for quarantine offenders as the number of cases jumped by a record daily amount. Over the past 24 hours Russian authorities have reported 500 new cases -- the biggest daily increase so far --- bringing the total tally to 2,337 cases and 17 fatalities.
    (Reuters, 3/31/20)(AFP, 3/31/20)

2020        Apr 1, Russia has so far registered 2,777 cases of the coronavirus and 24 deaths, mostly in Moscow. The Kremlin said Pres. Vladimir Putin has decided to handle his duties remotely, after the head of the country's main coronavirus hospital tested positive following a meeting last week with the president. Putin signed legislation to allow the government to declare a state of national emergency in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus.
    (AFP, 4/1/20)(Reuters, 4/1/20)
2020        Apr 1, A delivery of Russian medical supplies arrived at JFK. The US purchased 60 tons of ventilators, masks, and respirators in a shipment from the Russian government in a public relations coup for Vladimir Putin.
    (Reuters, 4/2/20)

2020        Apr 2, President Vladimir Putin extended his order keeping Russians at home until April 30, warning that the spread of coronavirus has yet to reach its peak. Russia reported a 28% increase in infections overnight, bringing the total number of infected to 3,548.
    (Bloomberg, 4/2/20)
2020        Apr 2  Russian police detained Anastasia Vasilyeva, the leader of an independent doctors' union, as she tried to deliver masks and gloves to a small hospital outside Moscow.
    (Econ, 4/11/20, p.43)
2020        Apr 2, Italy's La Stamp newspaper said that the 104-strong contingent of doctors and experts, sent by Russia to the country's coronavirus epicenter near Milan, almost certainly included officers from Russia's GRU military intelligence agency.
    (AFP, 4/3/20)

2020        Apr 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he supports cutting oil production by about 10 million barrels a day to shore up falling prices.
    (AP, 4/3/20)
2020        Apr 3, Russian officials reported 4,149 cases of coronavirus in the country, four times more than a week ago.
    (AP, 4/3/20)

2020        Apr 4, Russia reported the second straight day of declines in new coronavirus cases. The latest figures showed 582 additional infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 4,731, with 43 deaths.
    (Bloomberg, 4/4/20)

2020        Apr 6, Russia's government announced a 150 billion-ruble program under which banks will offer interest-free loans to small businesses to pay salaries as the coronavirus lockdown continued.
    (Reuters, 4/6/20)
2020        Apr 6, The US State Department designated a white supremacist group as a foreign terrorist organization, assigning the label to the Russian Imperial Movement. It also named three of the group's leaders as terrorists.
    (The Week, 4/7/20)

2020        Apr 8, Russia reported 1,175 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 8,672. The epicenter of the epidemic in Russia is Moscow, with 5,841 cases. President Vladimir Putin announced additional payouts to health professionals working on "the frontline" of the country's fight against the coronavirus.
    (AFP, 4/8/20)

2020        Apr 9, Russia said it had over 10,000 novel coronavirus cases, two-thirds of them in Moscow, and all regions are in partial lockdown, their citizens advised to stay at home.
    (Reuters, 4/9/20)
2020        Apr 9, Russia and all but one member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reached an agreement late today to cut 10 million barrels a day in production, which amounts to a 23 percent reduction from the group’s baseline of about 44 million barrels a day. Mexico rejected OPEC’s proposal that it cut production by 400,000 barrels a day, proposing a cut of one-quarter of that amount instead.
    (NY Times, 4/10/20)
2020        Apr 9, Three astronauts flew to the International Space Station. NASA’s Chris Cassidy and Russians Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner arrived at the orbiting lab in their Soyuz capsule six hours after blasting off from Kazakhstan.
    (AP, 4/9/20)
2020        Apr 9, China's border city of Suifenhe reported that it had a total of 123 imported coronavirus cases, nearly 97% of cases in northern Heilongjiang province. The city has seen an influx of Chinese people returning home, many infected with the virus, traveling by road from the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok after flying there from Moscow.
    (Reuters, 4/10/20)

2020        Apr 10, Russia's PM Mikhail Mishustin said the government has decided to extend payment holidays to larger mortgage loans in a new measure to support its citizens from the coronavirus fallout.
    (Reuters, 4/10/20)
2020        Apr 10, Russia's Prosecutor General's Office started blocking access to "fake news" social media posts criticizing quarantine measures taken by the city of Moscow to curb the new coronavirus. Russia last year passed legislation with tough new fines for people spreading misinformation or insulting the state.
    (Reuters, 4/10/20)
2020        Apr 10, In Russia inmates clashed with guards at a maximum security prison in the Siberian city of Angarsk. A fire amid the unrest left one inmate dead.
    (SFC, 4/13/20, p.A2)
2020        Apr 10, The OPEC oil cartel and other nations including Russia and Mexico agreed to boost oil prices by cutting as much as 10 million barrels a day in production until July, then 8 million barrels per day through the end of the year.
    (SFC, 4/11/20, p.A2)

2020        Apr 11, The Kremlin said a "huge influx" of coronavirus patients was beginning to put a strain on hospitals in Moscow as Russia's death toll rose to more than 100.
    (Reuters, 4/11/20)

2020        Apr 12, OPEC, Russia and other oil producers agreed to reduce output by 9.7 million barrels a day in May and June, close to 10 percent of the world’s production. Demand for oil is down about 35 percent since the start of the crisis.
    (NY Times, 4/13/20)

2020        Apr 13, Russia’s total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 18,328, double the level of five days earlier. The number of deaths stood at 148.
    (NY Times, 4/14/20)

2020        Apr 14, Ukraine said it had detained a security service general, Valery Shaitanov, on accusations of treason and working for Russia as a spy. The SBU security service said he had planned "terrorist acts" in Ukraine in exchange for $200,000 and a Russian passport.
    (Reuters, 4/14/20)

2020        Apr 15, In Russia confirmed cases rose by 3,388 in the past day. New daily cases exceeded 3,000 for first time and have almost tripled from last week. The death toll reached 198 with 28 people dying overnight.
    (Bloomberg, 4/15/20)

2020        Apr 16, President Vladimir Putin said Russia would postpone its May 9 celebrations including a huge military parade across Red Square to mark 75 years since the Soviet victory in World War Two because of the deepening coronavirus crisis.
    (Reuters, 4/16/20)

2020        Apr 17, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin prodded top officials to move faster to prepare for a surge in coronavirus cases. The virus has penetrated more deeply into Moscow's population than official data show. Early results from the first commercial Russian tests suggest that a much higher proportion of people in Moscow are infected, and that the disease has spread among residents without symptoms. Moscow has recorded 18,105, equivalent to just over 0.1% of its population. Russia's space corporation Roscosmos said it had 42 coronavirus cases and reported two deaths. Russia has recorded 32,008 coronavirus cases and 273 deaths.
    (Reuters, 4/17/20)(AP, 4/17/20)(SFC, 4/18/20, p.A4)
2020        Apr 17, In Kazakhstan a US-Russian crew landed safely following a stint on the International Space Station and was greeted with extra precautions due to the coronavirus.
    (AP, 4/17/20)

2020        Apr 18, In Russia new infections jumped by 4,785 to 36,793. Forty people died in the past day, including 21 in Moscow, bringing the number of fatalities to 313.
    (AP, 4/18/20)

2020        Apr 19, Russia identified 6,060 new infections in 24 hours, setting another daily record with an increase of 27%. The total number of cases rose to 42,853, with 48 new deaths bringing the number of fatalities to 361. President Vladimir Putin said: “The situation is completely under control".
    (Bloomberg, 4/19/20)

2020        Apr 20, In Russia the head of Rospotrebnadzor, a health and consumer protection agency at the forefront of Russia’s fight against the pandemic, said that medical institutions accounted for more than half of 74 infection “hot spots" so far identified across the country. It was reported that remote northern Russian region of Komi has become Russia’s third most infected area after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia has so far reported 47,121 cases of the coronavirus with a death toll of 405.
    (AP, 4/20/20)(Reuters, 4/20/20)
2020        Apr 20, Hundreds of people protested against regional authorities in southern Russia over what they said were restrictive and unnecessary coronavirus measures. The Republic of North Ossetia, where the protest took place, has officially registered only 145 cases and two deaths.
    (Reuters, 4/20/20)

2020        Apr 21, The US Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report confirming its conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election aiming to help Donald Trump win the presidency.
    (The Week, 4/22/20)

2020        Apr 25, In Russia the number of new coronavirus cases rose by 5,966 over the past 24 hours, bringing its nationwide tally to 74,588. The country's coronavirus crisis response center reported 66 new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total death toll in Russia to 681.
    (Reuters, 4/25/20)
2020        Apr 25, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a symbolic joint statement calling for renewed cooperation.
    (WSJ, 4/25/20)

2020        Apr 26, Russia reported 6,361 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours and said 46% did not have symptoms. An additional 66 people have died.
    (Bloomberg, 4/26/20)
2020        Apr 25, An unmanned Russian cargo capsule docked at the Int'l. Space Station bringing more that 2 tons of supplies to the three-person crew.
    (SSFC, 4/26/20, p.A4)

2020        Apr 27, Russia reported 87,147 confirmed coronavirus cases and nearly 800 deaths. News reports from a dozen regions in the past two weeks suggest at least 450 medical workers have had COVID-19, with 11 doctors and five nurses dying.
    (Reuters, 4/27/20)(AP, 4/27/20)

2020        Apr 28, Russia's President Vladimir Putin extended a non-working period aimed at containing the spread of the novel coronavirus until May 11. The head of Russia's state atomic corporation expressed concern about the spread of the new coronavirus to three 'nuclear cities', including one that houses a top-secret research institute that helped develop the Soviet atomic bomb. Russia now ranks eighth worldwide with 93,558 confirmed cases, though its death toll of 867 is still far below that of many other nations.
    (Reuters, 4/28/20)

2020        Apr 29, Russia reported 972 deaths in total for the coronavirus. A Remembrance List showed 74 medical staff who had died from the virus, this included 4 from Belarus. Confirmed cases neared 100,000 after 5,841 new cases were registered overnight along with a record daily rise in the death toll.
    (AFP, 4/29/20)(Reuters, 4/29/20)

2020        Apr 30, Russian television aired a video call between Mishustin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the call, Mishustin told Putin about his positive coronavirus diagnosis, and encouraged Russians to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously. There are now more than 100,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Russia, with the death toll at 1,073.
    (The Week, 5/1/20)

2020        May 1, Russia reported a record daily rise in confirmed coronavirus cases that pushed the national tally to 114,431. The country has recorded 1,169 deaths from the virus.
    (Reuters, 5/1/20)

2020        May 2, Russia reported 9,623 new cases of coronavirus, its highest daily rise since the start of the pandemic, bringing the total to 124,054, mostly in the capital Moscow, where the mayor threatened to cut the number of travel permits.
    (Reuters, 5/2/20)

2020        May 3, Russia reported 10,633 new cases in the last 24 hours. More than half the cases were in Moscow
    (SFC, 5/4/20, p.A4)

2020        May 4, In Russia the number of cases rose by 10,581 over the past 24 hours compared with a record of 10,633 the previous day.
    (Reuters, 5/4/20)

2020        May 5, Russia reported 10,102 new cases of COVID-19 for the third day in a row, with the country's overall caseload soaring past 150,000. Russia now has 155,370 diagnosed cases. However, the country's death toll remains relatively low with just 95 fatalities reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the nationwide tally to 1,451.
    (ABC News, 5/5/20)

2020        May 6, Russia recorded more than 10,000 new cases for the fourth day in a row, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 165,929, with 1,537 deaths. President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting to discuss a gradual withdrawal from lockdown as Russia registered the world's sixth highest total number of coronavirus cases.
    (AP, 5/6/20)

2020        May 7, Russia saw a record daily rise in COVID-19 cases, with 11,231 new infections reported over the past 24 hours. Russia has reported 165,929 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 1,625 deaths.
    (ABC News, 5/7/20)
2020        May 7, A leaked UN report said hundreds of mercenaries from Russia's shadowy Wagner Group are operating in Libya.
    (BBC, 5/7/20)

2020        May 8, Russia's coronavirus cases rose by over 10,000 for the sixth straight day, bringing the nationwide tally to 187,859. Around 100 central bank employees have been diagnosed, most of them in Moscow.
    (Reuters, 5/8/20)

2020        May 9, Russia reported that the number of confirmed coronavirus infections had risen by another 10,817 to reach a total of 198,676 and 1,827 deaths as President Vladimir Putin presided over a muted 75th anniversary celebration of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. The regional branch of Russia's consumer health watchdog said 89 cases of the novel coronavirus have been recorded among employees of Polyus Krasnoyarsk, a unit of Russia's largest gold producer Polyus.
    (AFP, 5/9/20)(Reuters, 5/9/20)

2020        May 10, Russia registered a total of 1,915 deaths from the new coronavirus. Cases of infection rose by 11,012 in the last 24 hours, bringing the nationwide tally to 209,688.
    (Reuters, 5/10/20)

2020        May 11, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin declared an end to a nationwide partial economic shutdown but noted that some restrictions will remain. Putin said that it will be up to regional governors in the far-flung Russian Federation to determine what industrial plants could reopen starting May 12. The Financial Times reported that the real death toll could be 70% higher.
    (AP, 5/11/20)(Econ., 5/23/20, p.39)

2020        May 12, Russia moved to ease a nationwide coronavirus lockdown. It was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman has been hospitalized for the coronavirus. He is the fifth senior government official in Russia to get the virus, and the second from within Putin's inner circle. Another 10,899 cases were recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the country's total number of confirmed infections to 232,243. At least 2,116 people have died.
    (AFP, 5/12/20)    (Business Insider, 5/12/20)
2020        May 12, In Russia a fire broke out in a Saint Petersburg hospital early today and killed five coronavirus patients. Preliminary reports suggested an overheated ventilator had short-circuited and caught fire. On May 9 a fire caused by a faulty ventilator in the Spasokukotsky Hospital in Moscow killed one patient.
    (Good Morning America, 5/12/20)(SFC, 5/13/20, p.A2)

2020        May 13, Moscow said it had ascribed the deaths of more than 60% of coronavirus patients in April to other causes as it defended what it said was the superior way it and Russia counted the number of people killed by the novel virus.
    (Reuters, 5/13/20)
2020        May 13, Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund head, said 60% of the 40 coronavirus patients taking tablets of favipiravir, which was first developed in Japan under the name Avigan, tested negative for the virus within five days and said the treatment could cut coronavirus recovery times in half. Favipiravir is undergoing trials in India by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In Japan Avigan was found to cause birth defects.
    (Reuters, 5/13/20)

2020        May 14, Russian health officials said they had registered 9,974 new infections in the last 24 hours, bringing Russia's tally to 252,245 with a total of 2,305 deaths.
    (AFP, 5/14/20)

2020        May 15, Moscow began testing thousands of randomly-chosen residents for coronavirus antibodies under a mass screening program authorities hope will help them determine when it is safe to lift the city's lockdown restrictions.
    (AP, 5/15/20)

2020        May 16, Russia reported 9,200 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The overall number of cases nationwide stood at 272,043. The official death toll rose to 2,537 after 119 people died over the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 5/16/20)

2020        May 18, Russia reported 8,926 new cases of COVID-19, a new low in a gradual declining trend. Total cases numbered 290,678. 91 new fatalities were reported over the past 24 hours, bringing that total to 2,722.
    (AP, 5/18/20)
2020        May 18, It was reported that Russia's defence ministry is setting up a mobile field hospital at the largest Siberian mine of the country's top gold producer, Polyus, to treat miners who contract the new coronavirus.
    (Reuters, 5/18/20)
2020        May 18, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin promised to send aid to Dagestan, and asked residents not to gather for the Eid celebration marking the end of Ramadan this weekend. 657 people had died of pneumonia in the region, including 40 medics.
    (AFP, 5/19/20)

2020        May 19, Russian health officials reported 9,263 new infections in Russia over the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 299,941. PM Mikhail Mishustin returned to his duties on Tuesday after recovering from the coronavirus.
    (AP, 5/19/20)

2020        May 20, Russia reported 8,764 new cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 308,705. There were also 135 coronavirus-linked fatalities over the same period. The nationwide death toll rose to 2,972.
    (Good Morning America, 5/20/20)

2020        May 21, It was reported that at least 9,479 Russian medical workers in more than 70 regions have been infected with the coronavirus in the past month, and more than 70 have died. Health care workers believe the death toll to be much higher and they have compiled a list of more than 250.
    (AP, 5/21/20)
2020        May 21, Russian state media reported that Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya's strongman leader, was flown to Moscow and hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms.
    (The Week, 5/21/20)
2020        May 21, The US delivered 50 ventilators to Russia as part of a $5.6 million humanitarian donation to help Russia cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Another 150 were expected to follow in a week.
    (SFC, 5/22/20, p.A6)

2020        May 22, President Vladimir Putin said the coronavirus outbreak in Russia has begun to abate. Russia has recorded 326,448 cases, including 3,249 deaths. Russia recorded its highest one-day coronavirus death toll of 150.
    (AP, 5/22/20)(AP, 5/23/20)

2020        May 23, In Russia the new daily coronavirus case counts fell to 9,434.
    (AP, 5/23/20)

2020        May 24, Russia reported their updated coronavirus figure at a total of 344,481.
    (Good Morning America, 5/24/20)

2020        May 25, Russian prosecutors asked a Moscow court to sentence former US Marine Paul Whelan (50) to 18 years in prison on espionage charges, wrapping up a high-profile trial that has put additional pressure on the country's relations with Washington. The Moscow City Court is expected to hand down a verdict on June 15.
    (CBS News, 5/25/20)
2020        May 25, Traffic returned to a major highway in northeastern Syria for the first time in seven months, following Russian mediation to reopen parts of the road captured last year by Turkey-backed opposition fighters.
    (AP, 5/25/20)

2020        May 26, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has passed its peak of coronavirus infections and ordered a World War II victory parade postponed by the pandemic to be held next month. Russia recorded its highest daily death toll of 174, bringing the nationwide toll to 3,807. Russia reported 8,915 new cases of COVID-19 over the same 24-hour period, placing the country's total count at 362,342.
    (AFP, 5/26/20)(Good Morning America, 5/26/20)
2020        May 26, A Russian military helicopter crash-landed on an airfield in the far eastern region of Chukotka, killing four people.
    (AP, 5/26/20)
2020        May 26, The US military accused Russia of deploying at least 14 fighter planes last week to conflict-stricken Libya to support Russian mercenaries aiding east-based forces in their offensive on the capital, Tripoli.
    (AP, 5/26/20)(SFC, 5/27/19, p.A2)

2020        May 28, Russia reported more than 8,300 new infections. The total number of infections topped 379,000. Russian officials reported 174 new deaths, for a total of almost 4,150.
    (AP, 5/28/20)
2020        May 28, The US National Security Agency warned government partners and private companies about a Russian hacking operation that uses a special intrusion technique to target operating systems often used by industrial firms to manage computer infrastructure.
    (Reuters, 5/28/20)

2020        May 29, Police in Moscow and St. Petersburg detained 25 people who came out to protest, in violation of city coronavirus restrictions, against the arrest of a prominent Russian journalist. The activists were protesting against the arrest of journalist Ilya Azar, who was sentenced to 15 days in jail the night before, also for holding a one-man protest amid the lockdown.
    (AP, 5/29/20)
2020        May 29, Russian mining company Norilsk Nickel spilled more than 20,000 tons of oil into a river in the Arctic Circle. President Vladimir Putin soon declared a state of emergency and expressed anger that officials only learned about the spill two days after it happened.
    (Business Insider, 6/4/20)

2020        Jun 1, Moscow residents ventured out to exercise, stroll and shop as the city eased a strict nine-week lockdown, but millions remained largely confined to their homes as Russia recorded thousands more coronavirus cases. Russia recorded 9,035 new infections bringing its total to 414,878. The death toll was put at 4,855.
    (AFP, 6/1/20)

2020        Jun 2, President Vladimir Putin endorsed Russia's nuclear deterrent policy which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation's critical government and military infrastructure.
    (AP, 6/2/20)
2020        Jun 2, A Russian court committed to a mental asylum Alexander Gabyshev, a Siberian shaman critical of Vladimir Putin, a move rights groups condemned as a repressive move to silence a dissenter. Last year Gabyshev set out three times to walk from his home in Yakutsk to the Kremlin to "banish" the Russian president.
    (AFP, 6/2/20)

2020        Jun 3, In northwestern Syria Russian warplanes early today carried out the first airstrikes in three months on the last remaining rebel stronghold. There was no immediate word on any casualties.
    (AP, 6/3/20)

2020        Jun 4, Russia's coronavirus headquarters said it had registered 8,831 new cases of COVID-19 and 169 deaths in the past 24 hours. The country's tally now stands at 441,108 diagnosed cases with 5,384 deaths.
    (Good Morning America, 6/4/20)

2020        Jun 9, Moscow lifted a strict anti-coronavirus lockdown after more than two months of restrictions. Health officials reported 8,595 new cases and 171 deaths. The total death toll reached 6,142. The overall number of infections rose to 485,253.
    (AFP, 6/9/20)
2020        Jun 9, In northwestern Syria suspected Russian airstrikes pounded villages in southern Idlib and western Hama, sending thousands of civilians fleeing. State media said government forces have repelled an offensive by the insurgents, and that a soldier was killed.
    (AP, 6/9/20)

2020        Jun 11, It was reported that hundreds of Russian polling station officials, citing the risk of spreading the coronavirus, say they won't help organize a nationwide vote on reforms that could extend President Vladimir Putin's rule until 2036. Russia reported 8,779 new cases, bringing its nationwide infection tally past the half million mark.
    (Reuters, 6/11/20)

2020        Jun 12, Russia reported 8,987 new coronavirus infections, taking the total to 511,423 cases. Russia has confirmed a total of 6,715 coronavirus deaths. President Vladimir Putin said an "absolute majority" of Russians backed his controversial plan to change the constitution, as he made his first public appearance after weeks of lockdown.
    (AFP, 6/12/20)

2020        Jun 14, Russia confirmed 8,835 new virus cases, taking the total to 528,964.
    (AFP, 6/14/20)

2020        Jun 15, A court in Moscow sentenced Paul N. Whelan (50) to 16 years in a high-security prison on espionage charges that he and his family have described as a tool to increase his value in a potential future trade for Russians held in the United States. The former Marine, who holds British, Irish and Canadian citizenships, was arrested in December 2018 at a luxury hotel in Moscow, where he was attending a wedding.
    (NY Times, 6/15/20)
2020        Jun 15, The Russian cities of Penza, Pyatigorsk and Yakutsk joined a growing list of places that are cancelling June 24 military parades over coronavirus fears despite a decision by President Vladimir Putin to press ahead with the main event in Moscow. Coronavirus cases rose by 8,246 cases over the last 24 hours raising the total to 537,210 and 7,091 deaths.
    (Reuters, 6/15/20)(SFC, 6/16/20, p.A6)
2020        Jun 15, Russia's Foreign Ministry ordered two Czech diplomats to leave the country in a quid pro quo response to Prague's expulsion of Russian diplomats amid tensions rooted in differences over history.
    (AP, 6/15/20)

2020        Jun 18, Russia revised steeply higher, to nearly 500, the number of medical workers who have died after contracting COVID-19. The official figure rose to 489, some 6.4% of the overall nationwide death toll. The Health Ministry had reported on May 26 that 101 medics had died from the coronavirus.
    (Reuters, 6/18/20)
2020        Jun 18, The US Africa Command released a statement accompanied by two photographs, saying it had photographic evidence of Russian aircraft being deployed in Libyan airspace.
    (AP, 6/18/20)

2020        Jun 20, Temperatures in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk hit 100.4 degrees. More than 680,000 acres were reported burning in the Sakha Republic.
    (SFC, 6/22/20, p.A2)

2020        Jun 22, A Russian military court convicted two members of a left-wing youth group of terrorism in a case that human rights groups called fabricated and based on coerced testimony. A three-judge panel in the court in St. Petersburg found Victor Filinkov (25) and Yuly Boyarshinov (28) guilty of membership in a terrorist organization. Filinkov was handed a seven-year prison term, while Boyarshinov, who was also found guilty of possession of explosives, was sentenced to five and a half years behind bars.
    (AP, 6/22/20)

2020        Jun 23, Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov abandoned plans to attend the Moscow 75th anniversary Victory Day parade when two members of his delegation tested positive for the virus after arriving in Moscow. He and the delegation returned to Kyrgyzstan and the president went into self-isolation. The parade for the May 9 Victory Day, Russia’s most important secular holiday, was postponed to June 24 due to the pandemic.
    (AP, 6/24/20)

2020        Jun 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over a long-awaited military blowout to celebrate 75 years since Nazi Germany's defeat in World War II. Authorities in at least 20 cities have canceled their Victory Day parades outright, citing concerns over the coronavirus epidemic. Russia reported 7,176 new cases of the coronavirus, pushing its nationwide case total to 606,881, the world's third highest tally.
    (NBC News, 6/24/20)(Reuters, 6/24/20)

2020        Jun 25, Russians began casting early ballots in a nationwide vote on controversial constitutional reforms that could keep President Vladimir Putin in power until 2036. Election officials opened polling stations in the lead-up to the official voting day on July 1 to reduce the risk of overcrowding that could spread the coronavirus infection.
    (AfP, 6/25/20)

2020        Jun 26, Russia reported 6,800 new coronavirus cases, the first daily rise below 7,000 since late April, taking its nationwide tally of infections to 620,794.
    (Reuters, 6/26/20)

2020        Jun 27, It was reported that fires in Russia's Sakha Republic have grown nearly five-fold over the past week. 2.85 million acres were reported burning in Siberia in areas that cannot be reached by firefighters.
    (SSFC, 6/28/20, p.A4)
2020        Jun 27, It was reported that American intelligence officials believe a Russian military intelligence unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing foreign soldiers in Afghanistan, including targeting Americans. On April 15, 2021, the Biden administration announced that US intelligence only had “low to moderate" confidence in the story.
    (NY Times, 6/27/20)(DB, 4/15/21)

2020        Jun 29, Russia's coronavirus headquarters reported 6,719 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the nationwide total to 641,156. Russia's death toll from the disease now stands at 9,166, after an additional 93 patients died over the past 24 hours.
    (Good Morning America, 6/29/20)

2020        Jul 1, Russians with children received cash payments on the final day of a vote on constitutional changes that could allow Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036. State exit polls suggested the changes will be backed by over two thirds of voters. Nenets, an autonomous region on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, was the only region in Russia out of 85 to reject the proposals, with more than 55 percent voting against. Voters approved a package of constitutional amendments, one of them stipulating that marriage is only between a man and a woman.
    (Reuters, 7/1/20)(AFP, 7/8/20)(AP, 7/12/20)

2020        Jul 2, Russia's Central Elections Commission announced early today that nearly 78 percent of voters had cast their ballot in favor of the changes to the constitution that could see Putin, 67, remain in power until 2036. The opposition and Western leaders voiced criticism over suspected poll violations.
    (AFP, 7/2/20)

2020        Jul 3, President Vladimir Putin ordered amendments that would allow him to remain in power until 2036 to be put into the Russian Constitution after voters approved the changes during a week-long plebiscite. Other key reforms include an amendment granting former Russian presidents automatic immunity from criminal prosecution, as well as reforms enshrining a reference to "belief in God" and a statement about marriage being only the union of a man and a woman. Changes to the constitution will come into force on July 4.
    (AP, 7/3/20)(Reuters, 7/3/20)
2020        Jul 3, A Russian Orthodox Church panel in Yekaterinburg defrocked a coronavirus-denying monk who has defied Kremlin lockdown orders and taken control of a monastery. Father Sergiy urged his backers to come to defend the Sredneuralsk women's monastery where he has holed up since last month.
    (AP, 7/3/20)

2020        Jul 4, Russia marked a milestone as the death toll rose above 10,000. The national coronavirus task force reported 6,632 new infections, raising the total for the outbreak to 674,515.
    (AP, 7/4/20)

2020        Jul 5, It was reported that European Space Agency satellites last fall detected huge plumes of methane gas leaking from Russia's Yamal pipeline. One Siberian leak was reportedly gushing 93 metric tons of methane each hour. Another leak nearby was gushing at a rate of 17 tons an hour. The find had not been reported before now.
    (Reuters, 6/25/20)(SSFC, 7/5/20, p.B10)

2020        Jul 6, A Russian court convicted journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva of “justifying terrorism" after she wrote an opinion article in 2018 suggesting that teenage suicide bomber Mikhail Zhlobitsky (17) was driven to the act by anger at the repression of law enforcement agencies. The court in Pskov fined her 500,000 rubles (some £5,000). The judge seized her laptop and phone.
    (The Telegraph, 7/6/20)
2020        Jul 6, Britain used a new legislation drafted in the memory of a killed Russian tax adviser to sanction 25 Russian nationals linked to prosecution and mistreatment of tax adviser Sergei Magnitsky as well as 20 Saudis involved in the murder of a journalist in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
    (The Telegraph, 7/7/20)

2020        Jul 7, In Russia former journalist Ivan Safronov, who worked as an adviser to the director of Russia's state space corporation, was detained on charges of passing military secrets to a Western nation, accusations that many of his colleagues dismissed as absurd. Dozens of prominent journalists protested and were promptly detained.
    (AP, 7/7/20)(Econ., 7/18/20, p.42)
2020        Jul 7, China and Russia vetoed a UN resolution that would maintain two border crossing points from Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria’s mainly rebel-held northwest for a year. Russia immediately circulated a draft Security Council resolution that would authorize the delivery of aid through a single crossing point from Turkey for six months.
    (AP, 7/7/20)

2020        Jul 8, A Russian bid to get the United Nations to reduce cross-border humanitarian aid to war-torn Syria was voted down by the Security Council. Authorization for aid, which comes through two crossing points on the Turkish border, expires on July 10.
    (AFP, 7/8/20)

2020        Jul 8, A Russian bid to get the United Nations to reduce cross-border humanitarian aid to war-torn Syria was voted down by the Security Council. Authorization for aid, which comes through two crossing points on the Turkish border, expires on July 10.
    (AFP, 7/8/20)
2020        Jul 8, It was reported that Ukraine's security service has detained a suspected Russian agent who was allegedly planning to blow up an ammonia tank in the country’s war-torn east.
    (The Telegraph, 7/8/20)

2020        Jul 9, In Russia Sergei Furgal, the opposition governor of the Khabarovsk region, was detained. Investigators searched the homes of several Kremlin critics who have urged supporters to protest against President Vladimir Putin's rule.
    (AP, 7/9/20)(AFP, 7/10/20)

2020        Jul 10, A court in Moscow ruled to jail Sergei Furgal (50), the governor of the Khabarovsk region, pending a probe on charges of his involvement in multiple murders. The Investigative Committee, the nation’s main criminal investigation agency, said he is accused of involvement in the murders of several businessmen in the region and nearby territories in 2004 and 2005.
    (AP, 7/10/20)

2020        Jul 11, Russia scored a victory for its ally Syria by forcing the Security Council to limit humanitarian aid deliveries to the country’s mainly rebel-held northwest to just one crossing point from Turkey, a move that Western nations say will cut a lifeline for 1.3 million people.
    (AP, 7/11/20)
2020        Jul 11, In eastern Russia thousands of demonstrators in Khabarovsk demonstrated against the July 9 arrest of regional Gov. Sergei Furgal, a member of the nationalist Liberal Party. His 2018 election marked a setback for Pres. Putin's United Russia party.
    (SSFC, 7/12/20, p.A6)

2020        Jul 13, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin supported a proposal to extend the deadline for a 25.7 trillion ruble ($363 billion) package of state spending, known as the national projects, by six years until 2030 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
    (Reuters, 7/13/20)
2020        Jul 13, It was reported that Russian prosecutors have brought charges of premeditated murder against three Moscow teenage sisters for killing their abusive father. Krestina, Angelina and Maria stabbed their 57-year old father Mikhail Khachaturyan in July 2018 after enduring years of intimidation, beatings and sexual abuse.
    (The Telegraph, 7/13/20)
2020        Jul 13, In eastern Russia thousands of demonstrators in Khabarovsk demonstrated for a third straight day against the July 9 arrest of regional Gov. Sergei Furgal, a member of the nationalist Liberal Party.
    (SFC, 7/14/20, p.A2)
2020        Jul 13, Russia reported 6,537 new coronavirus cases, pushing its overall tally to 733,699, the fourth largest reported in the world.
    (Reuters, 7/13/20)

2020        Jul 14, It was reported that a human-like robot designed to look and act like a female clerk has started providing services to the public at a government office in Perm, Siberia.
    (AP, 7/14/20)
2020        Jul 14, Russia confirmed 6,248 new coronavirus infections bringing the country's official number of cases to 739,947. Over the past 24 hours, 175 people have died bringing the total death toll to 11,614.
    (AP, 7/14/20)

2020        Jul 15, The Trump administration imposed sanctions on companies connected to a Russian businessman who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and suspected of helping finance the covert social media campaign aimed at American voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election.
    (AP, 7/15/20)
2020        Jul 15, The US military accused Russian mercenaries fighting on the side of eastern Libya forces of planting land mines and improvised explosive devices in and around the Libyan capital, Tripoli.
    (AP, 7/15/20)

2020        Jul 16, It was reported that Russia plans to produce 30 million doses of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine domestically this year, with the potential to manufacture a further 170 million abroad. The first human trial of the vaccine, a month-long test on 38 people, ended this week. A 100-person Phase II trial wraps up on August 3.
    (AP, 7/16/20)
2020        Jul 16, Britain, the United States and Canada accused Russia of trying to steal information from researchers seeking a COVID-19 vaccine.
    (AP, 7/16/20)

2020        Jul 17, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny (44) was barred from leaving Moscow as police carried out a new raid on his offices. Navalny said he was questioned by investigators as part of a new probe into suspected slander over comments he made on social media.
    (AFP, 7/17/20)
2020        Jul 17, Russian drugmaker R-Pharm said it has signed a deal with AstraZeneca for it to manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the British pharmaceuticals giant and Oxford University.
    (Reuters, 7/17/20)

2020        Jul 18, In Russia tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the Far East in a rare show of defiance against the Kremlin as they protested the arrest of a popular governor. The protests in Khabarovsk, a city of some 600,000 people, began a week ago following the sudden arrest of popular governor Sergei Furgal in a murder probe.
    (AP, 7/18/20)

2020        Jul 20, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin appointed lawmaker Mikhail Degtyaryov as acting governor to the Far Eastern Khabarovsk region, where tens of thousands have been protesting against the arrest of the popular incumbent on charges of involvement in multiple murders.
    (AP, 7/20/20)

2020        Jul 21, First Deputy Defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov told Argumenty i Fakty newspaper that Russia’s first vaccine against the novel coronavirus is ready.
    (Good Morning America, 7/21/20)

2020        Jul 22, Turkish and Russian delegations met in Ankara to discuss the war in Libya and agreed to press ahead with efforts for a lasting cease-fire in the North African country.
    (AP, 7/22/20)
2020        Jul 22, Russian activist and ethnographer Yuri Dmitriyev was sentenced to 3½ years in prison on charges of sexually abusing his adopted daughter. Rights activists called this a politically driven fabrication. Dmitriyev had discovered a mass grave in the late 1990s full of skulls with holes in them and worked relentlessly to research and document Stalin-era purges in the Karelia region.
    (SFC, 7/23/20, p.A2)

2020        Jul 23, US and British officials claimed that a July 15 test of an anti-satellite weapon signaled a continuing Russian effort to develop technologies that could threaten space assets of the United States and its allies.
    (AP, 7/24/20)

2020        Jul 24, Russia dismissed US and British claims that it tested an anti-satellite weapon in space and declared that the accusations served to justify Washington's own plans to deploy weapons in orbit. Russia's Defense Ministry previously stated that the July 15 event involved “a small space vehicle" that “inspected one of the national satellites from a close distance using special equipment".
    (AP, 7/24/20)
2020        Jul 24, In Russia groups of Azerbaijanis beat up Armenians in Moscow early today and later assailed Armenian-owned stores. Azerbaijanis and Armenians have engaged in a series of fights and violent rampages in Moscow, venting their anger over recent cross-border clashes between the two ex-Soviet nations.
    (AP, 7/25/20)

2020        Jul 25, In Russia tens of thousands of people marched across the Far East city of Khabarovsk on the border with China to protest the arrest of the regional governor on murder charges, continuing a two-week wave of protests that has challenged the Kremlin.
    (AP, 7/25/20)

2020        Jul 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Russian navy will get 40 new ships and vessels this year, as he attended a naval parade in St. Petersburg. He also said the Navy would be armed with hypersonic nuclear strike weapons and underwater nuclear drones, which the defence ministry said were in their final phase of testing.
    (AP, 7/26/20)(Reuters, 7/26/20)

2020        Jul 27, Russia-based Biotech group Biocad said it discussing producing in China a potential COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Russia's Vector state virology institute. The potential vaccine - based on the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) - is expected to enter clinical trials in mid-August.
    (Reuters, 7/27/20)

2020        Jul 28, Russia reported 5,395 new COVID-19 cases and 150 coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours. Russia's total case count now stood at 823,515 with 13,504 coronavirus deaths.
    (Good Morning America, 7/28/20)

2020        Jul 29, A top Russian official has said the country's coronavirus vaccine is nearing the end of clinical trials and is likely to get approval in mid-August – potentially making it the world's first approved vaccine against the disease.
    (The Telegraph, 7/29/20)
2020        Jul 29, Belarusian authorities detained dozens of Russian private military contractors accused of planning to destabilize Belarus amid an election campaign. 32 members of Russia's Wagner private military company were detained overnight at a sanitarium outside Minsk by a SWAT team from the Belarusian State Security Committee.
    (AP, 7/29/20)
2020        Jul 29, President Donald Trump confirmed in an interview released today that he didn’t discuss the intelligence about potential Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan with Russian President Vladimir Putin when they spoke by phone last week. Trump dismissed reports that Russia has been paying the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan and said he'd not raised the issue with President Vladimir Putin.
    (NBC News, 7/29/20)(AFP, 7/29/20)

2020        Jul 30, A Moscow court sentenced former US Marine Trevor Reed to nine years in prison for assaulting and endangering the lives of two police officers in 2019.
    (SFC, 7/31/20, p.A2)
2020        Jul 30, The European Union slapped sanctions on six people and three organizations, including Russia’s military intelligence agency, accusing them of responsibility for several cyber-attacks that threatened EU interests. The EU imposed travel and financial sanctions on a department of Russia’s military intelligence service and on firms from North Korea and China over their suspected participation in major cyberattacks across the world.
    (AP, 7/30/20)(The Telegraph, 7/31/20)

2020        Aug 1, In Russia thousands of demonstrators rallied in the Far East city of Khabarovsk to protest the arrest of their governor, keeping up a three-week wave of opposition that has challenged the Kremlin. Smaller demonstrations took place in at least 10 other cities and 55 people were detained in those protests.
    (AP, 8/1/20)

2020        Aug 3, The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said that at least 150,000 packs of Avifavir, an anti-viral drug Russian authorities have approved to treat COVID-19, would be sent to Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay. The drug will also be supplied to South Africa.
    (Reuters, 8/3/20)

2020        Aug 6, The US government sent text messages to cellphones in Russia and Iran offering up to $10 million for information about people trying to attack American voting systems.
    (NY Times, 8/7/20)

2020        Aug 8, Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Russia's Far East for a fifth consecutive weekend as anti-Kremlin rallies showed little sign of dying down. Protesters demanded that regional governor Sergei Furgal be either released or tried in Khabarovsk.
    (AP, 8/8/20)

2020        Aug 11, Russia claimed it has developed the world's first vaccine offering "sustainable immunity" against the coronavirus, as the pandemic marked another bleak milestone with 20 million infections globally. The new vaccine was dubbed "Sputnik V" after the Soviet satellite. Scientists in Russia and other countries warned that Russia's claim to have registered the first coronavirus vaccine was not the breakthrough that President Vladimir Putin claimed. They noted that the vaccine had not gone through final-stage, Phase 3 trials, which are expected to take months and are the only way to be sure an experimental drug is safe and effective.
    (AP, 8/11/20)(The Week, 8/12/20)

2020        Aug 15, Russia's health ministry reported the production start of the first batch of its new vaccine for COVID-19. Russian pharmaceutical company Petrovax confirmed it was running a trial for a COVID-19 candidate vaccine from China-based CanSino Biologics Inc.
    (Reuters, 8/15/20)(Reuters, 8/17/20)
2020        Aug 15, Belarus' embattled President Alexander Lukashenko appealed to his long-time ally Russian President Vladimir Putin as protesters continue to call for his resignation following his recent disputed election victory, which the opposition alleges he rigged. Thousands of demonstrators in Belarus gathered at the spot in the capital where a protester died in clashes with police, calling for authoritarian Lukashenko to resign after 26 years in power.
    (The Week, 8/15/20)(AP, 8/15/20)

2020        Aug 16, The Kremlin said Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko that Moscow was ready to offer Minsk military assistance if necessary to quell anti-government protests in Belarus.
    (The Week, 8/16/20)

2020        Aug 18, The United States and Russia concluded two days of arms control talks with the two sides still at odds over the US demand to include China in any new treaty.
    (AP, 8/18/20)
2020        Aug 18, The Republican-led Senate intelligence committee on the Russia investigation concluded that Trump campaign's interactions with Russian intelligence services during the 2016 presidential election posed a “grave" counterintelligence threat as it detailed how associates of the Republican candidate had regular contact with Russians and expected to benefit from the Kremlin's help.
    (AP, 8/18/20)

2020        Aug 19, Norway's Foreign Ministry expelled a Russian diplomat linked to the case of a man jailed on accusation of spying for Russia. The suspected spy was arrested on Aug.15.
    (SFC, 8/20/20, p.A2)

2020        Aug 20, Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny collapsed in an airplane bathroom. Navalny, Russia’s most prominent opposition leader, was in intensive care at a Siberian hospital today after suffering symptoms of what his spokeswoman called poisoning.
    (NY Times, 8/20/20)(AP, 8/20/20)

2020        Aug 21, The chief doctor at the Siberian hospital where Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is being treated said that Navalny would remain there until his condition stabilized. Navalny's wife made a direct appeal to President Vladimir Putin to allow her husband to be evacuated to Germany, as Russian doctors denied he had been poisoned.
    (Reuters, 8/21/20)(AFP, 8/21/20)
2020        Aug 21, It was reported that Britain's AstraZeneca has received regulatory approval to conduct part of a Phase III trial of its potential COVID-19 vaccine in Russia.
    (Reuters, 8/21/20)
2020        Aug 21, In Virginia Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins (45), a former Army Green Beret living, was arrested, charged with divulging military secrets about his unit's activities in former Soviet republics during more than a decade of contacts with Russian intelligence. Prosecutors say the espionage took place from 1996 to 2011.
    (AP, 8/21/20)

2020        Aug 22, Russia’s most prominent Kremlin critic, Alexei Navalny, was in a critical condition and undergoing full tests at a German hospital after an emergency medical flight from Russia with suspected poisoning.
    (Washington Post, 8/22/20)
2020        Aug 22, In Los Angeles Igorevich Kriuchkov (26), a Russian citizen, was arrested as he headed to the airport to return home. He was accused of offering a Tesla employee $1 million to enable a ransomware attack on the electric car company's plant in Nevada.
    (SFC, 9/25/20, p.D2)

2020        Aug 24, Austria expelled a Russian diplomat for reported industrial espionage, prompting protests and a tit-for-tat response from Moscow.
    (The Telegraph, 8/24/20)
2020        Aug 24, In Germany the Charite hospital said a medical examination of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has found indications of poisoning. The clinical findings indicated poisoning by a substance from the group of active substances called cholinesterase inhibitors.
    (Reuters, 8/24/20)

2020        Aug 25, The Kremlin brushed off allegations that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is in a coma in a German hospital, was poisoned and said there have been no grounds for a criminal investigation so far because the politician's condition may have been triggered by other causes.
    (AP, 8/25/20)
2020        Aug 25, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a notorious ally of Vladimir Putin, said he will use Russia’s corrupt courts to destroy Alexei Navalny financially if the stricken opposition leader ever recovers from a chemical agent believed to have been slipped into his tea.
    (The Daily Beast, 8/26/20)

2020        Aug 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed military support for embattled Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, while urging a peaceful resolution to unrest and demonstrations that erupted after a disputed election.
    (AFP, 8/27/20)
2020        Aug 27, It was reported that Washington has blacklisted five Russian institutions it believes are developing chemical and biological weapons. Moscow called the decision “groundless" and said it will seek clarification.
    (The Telegraph, 8/27/20)

2020        Aug 28, Russia's Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of a Norwegian diplomat in response to a similar move by Norway last week.
    (AP, 8/28/20)

2020        Aug 30, In Russia opposition activist Yegor Zhukov (22) was hospitalized after what supporters said was a vicious attack by two men outside his house in Moscow.
    (The Telegraph, 8/31/20)

2020        Sep 1, Russia became the 4th country to surpass 1 million coronavirus infections as authorities reported 4,729 new cases. Lockdown restrictions have been lifted in the majority of the country’s regions. Russia has a total of 1,000,048 reported cases and 17,299 deaths.
    (AP, 9/1/20)(SFC, 9/2/20, p.A8)
2020        Sep 1, Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia, dubbed the "4+1," defeated US efforts to restore international sanctions on Iran.
    (AFP, 9/2/20)

2020        Sep 2, The German government said Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was poisoned with the same type of Soviet-era nerve agent that British authorities identified in a 2018 attack on a former Russian spy.
    (AP, 9/2/20)

2020        Sep 3, Russia said the West should not rush to judge it over the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny and said there were no grounds to accuse it of the crime, as talk in the West of punishing Moscow intensified.
    (Reuters, 9/3/20)

2020        Sep 4, Russian scientists have belatedly published first results from early trials into the experimental Sputnik V vaccine. Developers of the vaccine said it appeared to be safe and to prompt an antibody response in all 40 people tested in the second phase of the study within three weeks. However, the authors noted that participants were only followed for 42 days, the study sample was small and there was no placebo or control vaccine used.
    (AP, 9/4/20)
2020        Sep 4, NATO demanded Russia cooperate with an international investigation into the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, as EU diplomats cast doubt over whether the bloc could impose sanctions on Moscow.
    (The Telegraph, 9/4/20)

2020        Sep 7, Russia's deputy prime minister said a senior Russian delegation in Damascus is discussing the expansion of economic and trade cooperation with Syria and the two sides expect to sign an economic pact before the end of the year to circumvent US sanctions.
    (AP, 9/7/20)

2020        Sep 9, Russia's sovereign wealth fund said it had signed a deal to supply Mexican pharmaceutical firm Landsteiner Scientific with 32 million doses of the Russian-produced COVID-19 vaccine "Sputnik-V".
    (Reuters, 9/9/20)
2020        Sep 9, It was reported that 26 scientists, most of them working at universities in Italy, have signed an open letter questioning the reliability of the data presented in the early-stage trial results of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine, named "Sputnik-V".
    (Reuters, 9/9/20)

2020        Sep 10, The Trump administration charged Artem Mikhaylovich Lifshits, a Russian national, of serving as a translation manager in a Russian effort that at least since 2014 has tried to disrupt the political system in the US and other countries.
    (SFC, 9/11/20, p.A4)
2020        Sep 10, Microsoft announced that hackers from Russia, China, and Iran are trying to influence the 2020 presidential election. MS warned that China is growing more adept at targeting campaign workers. But contrary to Trump administration warnings, Beijing is mostly aiming at Biden campaign officials.
    (AFP, 9/11/20)

2020        Sep 13, Russians cast their ballots in dozens of local elections, with nearly 160,000 candidates vying for seats in local parliaments and governors being elected in several regions. The main Kremlin party retained its dominance in regional elections across Russia, but the opposition made gains in some areas. Two allies of Alexei Navalny were elected to their city councils in Novosibirsk and Tomsk.
    (The Week, 9/13/20)(AP, 9/14/20)(Econ., 9/19/20, p.49)

2020        Sep 14, Belarus' authoritarian Pres. Alexander Lukashenko visited Russia in a bid to secure more loans and political support, as demonstrations against the extension of his 26-year rule entered their sixth week. President Vladimir Putin announced a $1.5 billion loan to Belarus when he hosted his counterpart for more than four hours of talks in Sochi.
    (AP, 9/14/20)(AP, 9/15/20)

2020        Sep 15, Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny shared a photograph from a Berlin hospital, sitting up in bed and surrounded by his family, and said he could now breathe independently following his suspected poisoning last month.
    (Reuters, 9/15/20)

2020        Sep 23, In Germany Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was discharged from a hospital after more than a month of treatment for poisoning with a Soviet-era nerve agent.
    (CBS News, 9/23/20)
2020        Sep 23, The US Treasury Department said it imposed sanctions on individuals and entities linked to the leader and financier of the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a "Russian troll farm." The Treasury in a statement said it imposed sanctions against "the network of Kremlin-connected Russian operative" Evgeny Prigozhin, a businessman with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    (AP, 9/23/20)

2020        Sep 24, In Russia official daily data showed that new cases of COVID-19 have risen to 6,595, the biggest rise in over two months, and new infections in Moscow surpassed 1,000 for the first time since late June.
    (Reuters, 9/24/20)
2020        Sep 24, Russia's sovereign wealth fund and its partner Chemrar said the COVID-19 drug Avifavir will be supplied to 17 additional countries.
    (Reuters, 9/24/20)

2020        Sep 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed concluding a pact with Washington against interfering in one another's elections and internal affairs, just weeks before the US hosts a divisive presidential vote.
    (AFP, 9/25/20)
2020        Sep 25, The mayor of Moscow urged businesses to get more people to work from home as Russia's daily tally of new coronavirus cases hit its highest since June 23. Officials reported 7,212 new infections, bringing the national case total to 1,136,048.
    (Reuters, 9/25/20)
2020        Sep 25, UN diplomats said Russia and China have blocked the official release of a report by UN experts on Libya that accused its warring parties and their international backers -- including Russia -- of violating a UN arms embargo on the conflict-wracked country.
    (AP, 9/26/20)

2020        Sep 26, Russia's daily tally of new coronavirus cases hit its highest level since June 22 at 7,523, bringing its total to 1,143,571.
    (Reuters, 9/26/20)

2020        Sep 29, Newly elected Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he wants to settle their territorial dispute and sign a peace treaty formally ending their World War II hostilities.
    (AP, 9/29/20)

2020        Oct 1, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny accused President Vladimir Putin of being behind his poisoning, as he vowed to return to Russia to press on with his opposition campaign. The Kremlin accused opposition leader Alexei Navalny of working with the CIA and making "groundless and unacceptable statements."
    (AP, 10/1/20)(AFP, 10/1/20)
2020        Oct 1, The “Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens" (NAEBC) was exposed as a Russian front reportedly linked to the Internet Research Agency—the Kremlin-backed troll farm behind much of the interference in the 2016 US election. Reuters news agency reported the FBI has been investigating the pretend pro-Trump media outlet. It’s only been a month since the FBI exposed the fake left-wing news organization, Peacedata, as another project run by Putin’s internet troll army.
    (The Daily Beast, 10/1/20)
2020        Oct 1, Britain, France, Germany, Estonia and Belgium wrote in a letter to the United Nations Security Council that the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny "constitutes a threat to international peace and security."
    (Reuters, 10/1/20)
2020        Oct 1, Former US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said President Trump is "aiding and abetting" efforts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to interfere in the US presidential election.
    (The Week, 10/1/20)

2020        Oct 2, Russian journalist Irina Slavina, editor-in-chief of the Koza Press news website in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, set herself on fire and died outside police headquarters in an apparent protest against months of official harassment. A day earlier, police raided her home in connection with an investigation into a man linked to an organization bankrolled by exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. “They took away everything they could find. They left me with no means to work."
    (The Telegraph, 10/2/20)

2020        Oct 3, Russia reported 9,859 new coronavirus cases, the highest number of daily infections since May 15, when the outbreak was at its peak.
    (Reuters, 10/3/20)

2020        Oct 5, Russia reported nearly 11,000 new infections, the most since mid-May. Only around a third were in Moscow.
    (Bloomberg, 10/6/20)

2020        Oct 6, The Russian military launched a successful test of the new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, giving Russian President Vladimir Putin something to smile about on his 68th birthday.
    (AP, 10/7/20)

2020        Oct 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement calling for a break in the fighting between the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces that have raged for nearly two weeks over the region. Putin invited their foreign ministers to visit Moscow for peace talks.
    (AFP, 10/8/20)(AP, 10/9/20)
2020        Oct 8, The Kremlin said that a rise in new cases in Russia was a cause for serious concern and warned that numbers could rise even quicker unless people took heed of the situation and protected themselves.
    (Reuters, 10/8/20)

2020        Oct 9, Russia reported a record 12,126 new coronavirus infections, pushing the overall total to 1,272,238. Officials said 201 people had died of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, pushing the official death toll to 22,257.
    (Reuters, 10/9/20)
2020        Oct 9, It was reported that US and Russian negotiators have agreed in principle to continue freezing their nuclear warhead stockpiles in a bid to salvage their last remaining arms control pact before it expires next year.
    (AP, 10/9/20)

2020        Oct 10, In Russia police in a far eastern city of Khabarovsk detained several dozen protesters, the first such crackdown since rallies against the arrest of the provincial governor started three months ago. Police didn't intervene while thousands of protesters marched across the city, but later detained about 30 demonstrators when they set up tents on the central square.
    (AP, 10/10/20)
2020        Oct 10, Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed early today to a Russia-brokered cease-fire in Nagorno-Karabakh starting at noon, after two weeks of heavy fighting that marked the worst outbreak of hostilities in the separatist region in more than a quarter-century. Shortly after the truce took force, the Armenian military accused Azerbaijan of shelling the area near the town of Kapan in southeastern Armenia, killing one civilian.
    (AP, 10/10/20)(SFC, 10/10/20, p.A2)

2020        Oct 11, Russia recorded a fresh record increase in daily coronavirus cases, pushing the world's fourth highest infection tally towards 1.3 million.
    (Reuters, 10/11/20)
2020        Oct 11, It was reported that single men who became fathers via surrogacy are fleeing Russia as conservative politicians seek to entrench big heterosexual families with two parents as the only socially approved form of household.
    (The Telegraph, 10/11/20)

2020        Oct 12, Russia said human trials of its Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine have begun in the United Arab Emirates. Russia reported 13,592 new coronavirus cases, almost the most recorded in a single day since the pandemic began, pushing the national tally to 1,312,310. Officials said 125 people had died in the previous 24 hours, pushing the official death toll to 22,722.
    (AP, 10/12/20)(Reuters, 10/12/20)
2020        Oct 12, In central Russia a gunman opened fired at a bus and a bus stop in a village in the Nizhny Novgorod region, killing three people and wounding three more.
    (AP, 10/12/20)

2020        Oct 13, Russia reported record high daily coronavirus cases and deaths, pushing total infections to 1,326,178, but authorities said they do not plan to impose lockdowns across the vast country.
    (Reuters, 10/13/20)

2020        Oct 14, In Kazakhstan a trio of space travelers blasted off to the International Space Station, using for the first time a fast-track maneuver that allowed them to reach the orbiting outpost in just a little over three hours. NASA’s Kate Rubins along with Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov of the Russian space agency Roscosmos lifted off as scheduled from the Russia-leased Baikonur space launch facility for a six-month stint on the station.
    (AP, 10/14/20)
2020        Oct 14, Norway's foreign minister said Russia is behind a break-in into the Norwegian Parliament’s email system in August, calling the intrusion “a serious incident that affects our most important democratic institution."
    (AP, 10/14/20)

2020        Oct 15, The European Union slapped sanctions on Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian tycoon, who has close ties to President Vladimir Putin and is accused of interfering in a US election, for helping undermine the security of Libya and breaking the UN arms embargo on the conflict-torn north African country. The EU and Britain imposed sanction on six Russians, some among the highest-ranked officials in the nation.
    (AP, 10/15/20)(SFC, 10/16/20, p.A2)
2020        Oct 15, Human Rights Watch released a 167-page report titled “Targeting Life in Idlib," in which the group names 10 senior Syrian and Russian civilian and military officials — including Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin, Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad as well as defense ministers and top generals — who may be implicated in war crimes as a matter of command responsibility.
    (AP, 10/15/20)

2020        Oct 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a strong call to save the last existing nuclear arms control pact between his country and the United States, proposing to extend it at least for one year.
    (AP, 10/16/20)
2020        Oct 16, Russia reported a record high of 15,150 new cases in the previous 24 hours, including 5,049 in the capital Moscow. The Kremlin said it was worried by a record surge in COVID-19 cases but that the situation was still under control. Russia has the world's fourth highest infection tally.
    (Reuters, 10/16/20)

2020        Oct 17, A new cease-fire agreement was announced between Armenia and Azerbaijan, effective at midnight, following Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s calls with his counterparts, in which he strongly urged them to abide by the Moscow deal.
    (AP, 10/18/20)
2020        Oct 17, It was reported that the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd have received renewed approval to conduct late-stage clinical trials in India of Sputnik V, the Russian COVID-19 vaccine.
    (Reuters, 10/17/20)

2020        Oct 19, Russia's daily tally of coronavirus cases surged to a record high of 15,982, including 5,376 in the capital Moscow, pushing the national case total to 1,415,316 since the pandemic began. Authorities reported 179 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the official death toll to 24,366.
    (Reuters, 10/19/20)
2020        Oct 19, The US Justice Department unsealed charges accusing six Russian military intelligence officers of an aggressive worldwide hacking campaign that caused mass disruption and cost billions of dollars by attacking targets like a French presidential election, the electricity grid in Ukraine and the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
    (NY Times, 10/20/20)

2020        Oct 20, Russia said it’s ready to accept a US proposal to freeze the number of nuclear warheads and extend the two nations’ last arms control pact for one year and Washington responded that it's prepared to make a quick deal.
    (AP, 10/20/20)

2020        Oct 21, US officials said Iran and Russia have both obtained American voter registration data, and Iran used the information to send threatening, faked emails to voters.
    (NY Times, 10/22/20)

2020        Oct 22, A trio of space travelers safely returned to Earth after a six-month mission on the International Space Station. The Soyuz MS-16 capsule carrying NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, and Roscosmos’ Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner landed on the steppes of Kazakhstan southeast of the town of Dzhezkazgan.
    (AP, 10/22/20)
2020        Oct 22, Iran and Russia strongly denied US allegations of having taken actions to influence public opinion ahead of the November 3 US presidential election.
    (AFP, 10/22/20)

2020        Oct 22, Moscow's deputy mayor said Russia has started opening temporary clinics and repurposing hospitals in the capital to cope with the rising numbers of coronavirus patients, as the nationwide death toll from the virus passed 25,000. Authorities reporting 15,971 coronavirus cases, taking the nationwide total to 1,463,306, the fourth highest in the world.
    (Reuters, 10/22/20)
2020        Oct 22, Russia's agriculture safety watchdog said it had found traces of African swine fever in pork products in several regions earlier this year, urging producers to step up controls and make sure they don't use ill or infected pigs for production.
    (Reuters, 10/22/20)
2020        Oct 22, US cybersecurity officials said that Russian hackers have tried to steal data from dozens of U.S. state and local governments in recent days, stoking fears of foreign interference in the looming November election.
    (The Week, 10/23/20)

2020        Oct 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that weeks of fighting over the mountainous Nagorno-Karabakh province had left close to 5,000 people dead as world leaders scrambled to broker a truce.
    (AFP, 10/22/20)
2020        Oct 22, Former US security contractor Edward Snowden was granted permanent residency in Russia. The former contractor with the US National Security Agency has been living in Russia since 2013 to escape prosecution in the US after leaking classified documents detailing government surveillance programs.
    (AP, 10/22/20)

2020        Oct 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed that NATO and Russia should conduct mutual inspections of each other's military bases to secure a moratorium on the deployment of new missiles in Europe following last year’s demise of a US-Russian nuclear arms pact.
    (AP, 10/26/20)
2020        Oct 26, An airstrike on a rebel training camp in northwestern Syria killed more than 50 Turkish-backed fighters and wounded nearly as many. The opposition vowed to retaliate for the attack on Faylaq al-Sham, blaming Russia for the daytime airstrike.
    (AP, 10/26/20)

2020        Oct 27, Russian authorities ordered people across the country to wear facemasks in some public places and asked regional authorities to consider shutting bars and restaurants overnight after a surge in coronavirus cases. Health authorities registered 16,550 new cases and 320 deaths, the country's highest daily toll since the beginning of the pandemic.
    (Reuters, 10/27/20)(SFC, 10/28/20, p.A4)

2020        Oct 28, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a post on his website that remote working period for businesses in Moscow will be extended until Nov. 29, and online learning for secondary school students will continue until Nov. 8. Russia's the defence ministry said it will send army medics to a region in the Urals hit by a surge in COVID-19 cases.
    (Reuters, 10/28/20)

2020        Oct 29, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was facing challenges scaling up production of its main COVID-19 vaccine due to problems with equipment availability, but hoped to start mass vaccinations by the end of the year.
    (Reuters, 10/29/20)
2020        Oct 29, In Russia Vitaly Antipov (16) threw a Molotov cocktail at the police station in the town of Kukmor in the predominantly Muslim region of Tatarstan late today and stabbed a police officer who tried to detain him. The teenager reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar!" and threatened to kill “enemies of Allah".
    (The Telegraph, 10/30/20)

2020        Oct 30, Russian authorities reported 18,283 new infections, the highest tally recorded since the pandemic began, and 355 deaths high amid a shortage of doctors across the country. Authorities in Moscow were preparing for mass vaccinations against COVID-19. Russia's COVID-19 death toll stood at 27,656. It has reported 1,599,976 infections.
    (Reuters, 10/30/20)

2020        Nov 2, Russia's only major independent pollster, the Levada Center, said a growing number of Russians are unwilling to be inoculated against COVID-19 once a vaccine becomes widely available.
    (Reuters, 11/2/20)
2020        Nov 2, Russian investigators said Vladimir Marugov, an oligarch reportedly nicknamed the "Sausage King," was killed with a crossbow in his sauna after masked robbers broke into his home outside of Moscow. One suspect was soon arrested.
    (AP, 11/3/20)

2020        Nov 3, Russia's top diplomat said that about 2,000 fighters from the Middle East have joined the fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh.
    (AP, 11/3/20)

2020        Nov 5, Russia reported 19,404 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, close to a record high that included 5,255 infections in Moscow and took the national tally to 1,712,858. The Kremlin said that the coronavirus situation in Russia was alarming, but that it was nonetheless still under control. A health official said Russia's coronavirus tests give false negative results up to 40% of the time.
    (Reuters, 11/5/20)

2020        Nov 6, The Swiss General Prosecutor’s office said it plans to return 99 percent of the frozen assets belonging to one alleged Russian fraudster and 100 percent of the assets belonging to an alleged Russian crime syndicate boss.
    (The Daily Beast, 11/19/20)

2020        Nov 9, A representative of Russia's health ministry said its Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 is more than 90% effective, citing data collated from vaccinations of the public rather than from an ongoing trial. Russia reported a record high of 21,798 new coronavirus infections as authorities called for stricter measures to contain the virus in certain regions.
    (Reuters, 11/9/20)
2020        Nov 9, Russia said that one of its military helicopters was shot down in Armenia, near the border with Azerbaijan, killing two servicemen.
    (AP, 11/9/20)
2020        Nov 9, The Kremlin said it would wait for the official results of the US presidential election before commenting on its outcome, and that it had noted incumbent Donald Trump's announcement of legal challenges related to the vote.
    (Reuters, 11/9/20)
2020        Nov 9, The spokesman for the president of the separatist government in Nagorno-Karabakh confirmed that Azerbaijani forces have taken control of Shushi, a strategically key city, and said they were nearing Stepanakert, the region’s capital. Armenia and Azerbaijan signed a Russian-brokered deal to end the war in the border region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The agreement calls for Armenia’s army to withdraw from the region and to be replaced by Russian peacekeepers, and gives Azerbaijan what it has sought for years in negotiations. At least 5,000 people were killed in the recent fighting.
    (AP, 11/9/20)(NY Times, 11/10/20)(Econ., 12/19/20, p.83)

2020        Nov 12, The RIA news agency reported that Russia's supreme court has ruled that US investor Michael Calvey and other executives of private equity firm Baring Vostok be released from house arrest.
    (Reuters, 11/12/20)

2020        Nov 13, Russia reported a record 21,983 new coronavirus infections as Moscow prepared to close restaurants and bars overnight in an effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
    (Reuters, 11/13/20)
2020        Nov 13, The German government criticized an announcement by Russia's foreign minister that Moscow is imposing sanctions against German and French officials in response to EU measures taken over the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (AP, 11/13/20)
2020        Nov 13, Microsoft said hacker groups backed by Russia and North Korea have targeted seven companies in the US, Canada, France, India, and South Korea. It blocked the "majority" of the attacks, but Microsoft acknowledged that some were successful.
    (AP, 11/13/20)

2020        Nov 16, Pres. Vladimir Putin approved the creation of Russia’s first naval base in the Indian Ocean, expanding his country’s global military footprint and cementing its defence ties with African nations. The facility in Sudan, which will be able to accommodate up to four military vessels and 300 personnel.
    (The Telegraph, 11/17/20)
2020        Nov 16, Russia reported a record 22,778 new daily coronavirus cases as the authorities in Moscow turned to a temporary hospital built inside an ice rink to handle the influx of COVID-19 patients.
    (Reuters, 11/16/20)
2020        Nov 16, Russia resumed the vaccination of new volunteers in its trial for its flagship COVID-19 Sputnik V vaccine after a short pause.
    (Reuters, 11/19/20)

2020        Nov 18, Russia reported a new record daily high of 456 coronavirus-related deaths.
    (Reuters, 11/18/20)
2020        Nov 18, Former Army Green Beret Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins (45) of Gainesville, Virginia, pleaded guilty to a charge under the federal Espionage Act at a hearing in US District Court in Alexandria. Debbins, a Minnesota native, had a 15-year relationship with Russian intelligence, dating back to 1996 when he was an ROTC student at the University of Minnesota.
    (AP, 11/18/20)

2020        Nov 19, Russia's COVID-19 case tally passed the 2 million mark as the number of daily deaths and infections hit new highs.
    (Reuters, 11/19/20)

2020        Nov 20, Russian authorities reported 24,318 new coronavirus infections and 461 coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours, taking the official death toll to 35,311. Developers of Russia's second vaccine against COVID-19 said mass production would begin in 2021.
    (Reuters, 11/20/20)
2020        Nov 20, Russia said it has sent troops to reinforce its border guards in Armenia and secure a peace settlement with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. Russia planned to deploy a 2,000 strong peacekeeping force for the next 5-10 years.
    (Reuters, 11/20/20)(Econ., 11/14/20, p.48)

2020        Nov 23, Russia reported a record 25,173 new coronavirus infections as the Kremlin said it was up to regional authorities to decide what measures needed to be imposed in their regions to curb its spread. The country's coronavirus task-force reported 361 coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours, taking the official death toll to 36,540.
    (AP, 11/23/20)

2020        Nov 24, Russia announced that its coronavirus vaccine was 95 per cent effective on par with two other leading vaccines - but the lack of full scientific data has left some questions unanswered. Financial backers and developers said Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine will cost under $20 per person on international markets and Moscow aims to produce more than a billion doses at home and abroad next year. Russian authorities reported a record 491 deaths linked to COVID-19 as well as 24,326 new infections.
    (AP, 11/24/20)(Reuters, 11/24/20)
2020        Nov 24, It was reported that Russian authorities have carried out dozens of raids and detained several people as they pursue a new criminal case accusing the country's Jehovah's Witnesses of extremism.
    (CBS News, 11/24/20)
2020        Nov 24, The acting head of a big Russian state fur company floated the idea of vaccinating minks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, after millions of infected minks were destroyed in Denmark and cases of the disease were found elsewhere.
    (Reuters, 11/24/20)

2020        Nov 24, It was reported that several policemen serving in the Russian drugs control department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Surgut, Siberia, have been arrested for allegedly selling a bad batch of a psychotropic drug that has killed several of their clients.
    (The Daily Beast, 11/24/20)

2020        Nov 25, Thousands of people in Russia's Far East region of Primorye remained without heating or electricity, as local authorities and emergency services wrestled with the consequences of an unprecedented ice storm that hit the region last week.
    (AP, 11/25/20)
2020        Nov 25, Russia reported a record 507 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours, taking its national death toll to 37,538 since the pandemic began.
    (Reuters, 11/25/20)

2020        Nov 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated a pharmaceutical plant in Siberia that will manufacture drugs to treat COVID-19. Russia reported a record high of 25,487 new coronavirus infections and 524 deaths in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 11/26/20)

2020        Nov 27, Russia said it plans to vaccinate more than 400,000 military personnel against COVID-19, as authorities reported a record 27,543 new coronavirus cases.
    (Reuters, 11/27/20)
2020        Nov 27, It was reported that Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero will manufacture over 100 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine per year under the terms of a deal unveiled today between it and Russia's RDIF sovereign wealth fund.
    (Reuters, 11/27/20)

2020        Nov 28, Russia reported more than 27,000 new coronavirus cases raising its total to more than 2.2 million. Total deaths reached 38,676.
    (SSFC, 11/29/20, p.A10)

2020        Nov 30, Russian authorities confirmed 26,338 new coronavirus cases taking the national total to 2,295,654 since the pandemic began. They also reported 368 deaths in the last 24 hours, pushing the official death toll to 39,895. Russia delivered the first known batch of Sputnik V vaccines for civilian use to a hospital just south of Moscow and began vaccinating the local population last week.
    (Reuters, 11/30/20)

2020        Dec 1, Russian authorities detained a long-wanted serial killer, known as the "Volga maniac," suspected of murdering at least 26 elderly women between 2011 and 2012. Radik Tagirov (38) was arrested in the city of Kazan. He was identified using DNA evidence and shoe prints obtained from the crime scenes.
    (CBS News, 12/1/20)

2020        Dec 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a “large-scale vaccination" campaign using the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine as early as late next week. Developers, however, have yet to release full clinical data of their Phrase III trials.
    (AP, 12/2/20)
2020        Dec 2, Beijing and Moscow announced an expansion of their cooperation in space exploration and related technologies, boosting their alliance as the China-US rivalry continues.
    (South China Morning Post, 12/4/20)

2020        Dec 5, Russia launched its nationwide coronavirus immunization effort in Moscow, where thousands of workers in the city's health and education systems have signed up to receive the Sputnik V vaccine at 70 vaccinations facilities throughout the capital.
    (The Week, 12/5/20)

2020        Dec 6, Russia reported a record daily increase of 29,039 new cases, taking the national total to 2,460,770 since the pandemic began, while the official national death toll rose to 43,141. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said his city wants to vaccinate up to seven million people.
    (Reuters, 12/6/20)

2020        Dec 7, The UN General Assembly approved a resolution urging Russia to immediately withdraw all its military forces from Crimea “and end its temporary occupation of the territory of Ukraine without delay." The vote was 63-17 with 62 abstentions, close to the vote on a similar resolution adopted last year.
    (AP, 12/7/20)

2020        Dec 8, President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing Russia's national legislation precedence over international treaties and rulings from international bodies in cases when they conflict with the Russian constitution.
    (Reuters, 12/8/20)

2020        Dec 9, Turkey ruled out buying the Russian coronavirus vaccine since its development lacked "good practice," as Ankara steps up efforts to inoculate 50 million citizens by spring.
    (AP, 12/9/20)

2020        Dec 10, Two Russian citizens who had been held by the UN-backed government in Libya for more than 1 1/2 years on spying charges were released from captivity. Maxim Shugalei and Samir Seifan were detained in May 2019 by the UN-backed government in Tripoli on charges of espionage.
    (AP, 12/10/20)
2020        Dec 10, The United States sanctioned alleged human rights abusers in Russia, Yemen and Haiti including Ramzan Kadyrov, who is the leader of Russia's Muslim-majority Chechnya region and a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    (Reuters, 12/10/20)

2020        Dec 11, Russia reported its highest COVID-19 daily death tally, a day after official data revealed a surge in excess deaths in October that made it the most deadly month in a decade.
    (Reuters, 12/11/20)
2020        Dec 11, Russia's sovereign wealth fund said AstraZeneca is to start clinical trials to test a combination of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine with Russia's Sputnik V shot to see if this can boost the efficacy of the British drugmaker's vaccine.
    (Reuters, 12/11/20)
2020        Dec 11, Construction of Nord Stream 2, a German-Russian pipeline that the United States has vehemently opposed, resumed after nearly a year.
    (AP, 12/11/20)
2020        Dec 11, The global chemical weapons watchdog (OPCW) criticized Syria for failing to declare a chemical weapons production facility and respond to 18 other issues. Russia accused the watchdog of conducting a “political crusade" against its close ally, the Syrian government.
    (AP, 12/11/20)

2020        Dec 12, A Russian nuclear submarine successfully test-fired four intercontinental ballistic missiles in a show of readiness of Moscow's nuclear forces amid tension with the US.
    (AP, 12/12/20)

2020        Dec 14, Russia successfully test-launched its heavy lift Angara A5 space rocket from the Plesetsk cosmodrome for the second time.
    (AP, 12/14/20)
2020        Dec 14, Russian developers published fresh trial results for their Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine based on new data, and said the shot had again been found to be 91.4% effective in providing protection from COVID-19.
    (Reuters, 12/14/20)
2020        Dec 14, Russian authorities said they are investigating the death of nearly 300 endangered seals, including pregnant females, that have been found washed up on the Caspian Sea shores of Dagestan since December 6. The Caspian seal was included in Russia’s Red Data Book of rare and endangered species this year.
    (The Telegraph, 12/14/20)

2020        Dec 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election after weeks of holding out.
    (AP, 12/15/20)
2020        Dec 15, In Russia a fire in a private retirement home in the southern Urals killed 11 people while three more were hospitalized with injuries in the Bashkiria region.
    (AP, 12/15/20)
2020        Dec 15, The Lithuanian and Polish governments said they have been the target of a cyber disinformation attack that appears aimed at undermining relations between the two NATO allies. Polish government official, Stanislaw Zaryn, said Russia appeared to be the culprit.
    (AP, 12/15/20)

2020        Dec 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin (68) said that he has yet to receive the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine because it has not yet been approved for anyone over 65. He also brushed off accusations that the Russian state was behind the poisoning of opposition figure Alexei Navalny earlier this year.
    (NBC News, 12/17/20)
2020        Dec 17, The EU formally prolonged for six months economic sanctions against Russia over the country's failure to live up to commitments to the peace agreement in Ukraine.
    (AP, 12/17/20)
2020        Dec 17, A Swiss court cut Russia’s four-year doping ban from global sports in half. Russia’s teams will still miss the 2021 and 2022 Olympics.
    (NY Times, 12/17/20)

2020        Dec 18, Russia began vaccinating its cosmonauts and staff at Star City, the closed town near Moscow that is home to the country's space program.
    (Reuters, 12/18/20)
2020        Dec 18, OneWeb, the satellite firm rescued by the British government and India's Bharti Group, resumed flights in its push to provide global broadband coverage as 36 of its satellites blasted off into orbit from Russia's Far East. The launch was the first fully commercial flight from Russia's new Vostochny cosmodrome.
    (AP, 12/18/20)
2020        Dec 18, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia was responsible for a cyber attack that embedded malicious code inside US government software systems and those of other governments and companies across the world.
    (Reuters, 12/19/20)

2020        Dec 19, In Russia the number of COVID-19 deaths surpassed 50,000 as the country continued to fight stubbornly high numbers of new infections daily. 585 people died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, taking the country's official death toll to 50,347. The country also recorded 28,209 new infections, bringing the national tally to 2,819,429.
    (Reuters, 12/19/20)
2020        Dec 19, The US State Department said it is halting work at two consulates in Russia, citing safety and security issues at the facilities where operations had been curtailed over COVID-19.
    (Reuters, 12/19/20)

2020        Dec 21, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny released a recording of a phone call he said he made to an alleged state security operative who revealed details of how the politician was supposedly poisoned. Media outlets identified the man Navalny said he spoke with as Konstantin Kudryavtsev, a trained chemical-weapons specialist. Kudryavtsev explained that the poison had been applied to Navalny's underpants.
    (AP, 12/21/20)(Econ., 1/2/21, p.37)

2020        Dec 22, Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced that Moscow is expanding the list of European officials barred from entering Russia in response to the European Union’s sanctions over the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (AP, 12/22/20)
2020        Dec 22, Russian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky was detained in front of the Russian secret service agency FSB for waving a pair of blue boxer shorts in protest at the alleged poisoning by the agency of Alexei Navalny.
    (The Daily Beast, 12/22/20)
2020        Dec 22, It was reported that Russia has sent an additional 300 military instructors to the Central African Republic (CAR) to deal with what its foreign ministry calls a "sharp degradation of security." Russia said the CAR government, which is threatened by rebel groups ahead of presidential elections on Dec. 27, had asked for help.
    (BBC, 12/22/20)

2020        Dec 23, Russian lawmakers approved a raft of new measures restricting political activity as well as tightening control over the internet.
    (SFC, 12/24/20, p.A3)
2020        Dec 23, Russia's sovereign wealth fund said that the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, which it markets abroad, has been approved for use by Argentina's regulators.
    (Reuters, 12/23/20)

2020        Dec 25, Russian police raided the home of prominent opposition activist Lyubov Sobol (33) and hauled her in for questioning after the mother-in-law of an alleged intelligence agent pressed charges of trespassing. Sobol was officially charged and released on Dec. 27 after spending 48 hours in detention.
    (AP, 12/25/20)(The Telegraph, 12/28/20)
2020        Dec 25, In western Russia an intercity bus veered off a road in the Ryazan region, killing four people and injuring another 11.
    (AP, 12/25/20)

2020        Dec 26, In Russia the total number of cases of coronavirus infections crossed the 3 million mark for the first time after officials recorded 29,258 new cases in the preceding 24 hours and 567 deaths. Total cases rose to 3,021,964.
    (Reuters, 12/26/20)
2020        Dec 26, George Blake (98), a former British intelligence officer who worked as a double agent for the Soviet Union and passed some of the most coveted Western secrets to Moscow, died in Russia. A Polish defector exposed Blake as a Soviet spy in 1961. He was convicted on spying charges in Britain and sentenced to 42 years in prison. Blake has lived in Russia since his daring escape from a British prison in 1966 and was given the rank of Russian intelligence colonel.
    (AP, 12/26/20)

2020        Dec 28, Russia's prison service gave Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny a last minute ultimatum: Fly back from Germany at once and report at a Moscow office early tomorrow morning, or be jailed if you return after that deadline. Navalny was serving out a suspended three-and-a-half-year prison term over a theft case he says was politically-motivated. His probation period expires on Dec. 30.
    (Reuters, 12/28/20)
2020        Dec 28, Russia's state statistical agency announced new figures indicating that the coronavirus death toll is almost four times as high as officially reported. The government left unchanged its 55,827 death toll.
    (SFC, 12/30/20, p.A4)
2020        Dec 28, A Russian fishing trawler sank in the northern Barents Sea and 17 of its crew were still missing. Two crew members were rescued.
    (AP, 12/28/20)

2020        Dec 29, The Investigative Committee, Russia's main investigative agency, said it has opened a new criminal case against Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny on charges of large-scale fraud related to his alleged mishandling of some $5 million in private donations to his Anti-Corruption Foundation and other organizations.
    (AP, 12/30/20)
2020        Dec 29, A court in Moscow convicted Karina Tsurkan, a former top executive of Inter RAO, a Russian state-controlled energy company, of spying for the ex-Soviet nation of Moldova and sentenced her to 15 years in prison. Tsurkan has denied the accusations.
    (AP, 12/29/20)
2020        Dec 29, Russian riot police stormed into a monastery to detain rebel monk Father Sergiy at the Sredneuralsk monastery outside Yekaterinburg, who has castigated the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church leadership and denied the existence of the coronavirus.
    (AP, 12/29/20)
2020        Dec 29, Russia said it had dismantled an international drug smuggling network as part of a collaborative operation with the United States. The mission elapsed in several stages beginning in May this year in Saint Petersburg and concluded with the discovery of a cache in the Moscow region last month.
    (The Telegraph, 12/29/20)
2020        Dec 29, Moscow said it will extend the school holiday by one week until Jan. 17 in hopes of stabilizing the situation regarding new coronavirus infections and avoid new COVID-19-related restrictions.
    (Reuters, 12/29/20)
2020        Dec 29, Belarus said it has begun administering the Russian-made Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, after the first consignment arrived in Minsk. Belarus expects to vaccinate around 200,000 people with Sputnik V in the first stage of its national program.
    (AP, 12/29/20)
2020        Dec 29, Brazilian health regulator Anvisa said Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine has requested regulatory approval to launch Phase 3 trials in Brazil.
    (Reuters, 12/29/20)

2020        Dec 30, President Vladimir Putin signed an array of laws handing Russia new powers to restrict US social media giants, label individuals "foreign agents", and to crack down on the disclosure of its security officers' personal data.
    (Reuters, 12/30/20)

2020        Dec, News emerged that Russia will set up a naval base in Sudan with up to 300 Russian troops, and also to simultaneously keep up to four navy ships, including nuclear-powered ones, in Port Sudan on the Red Sea. In exchange, Russia would provide Sudan with weapons and military equipment. The agreement would last for 25 years, with automatic extensions for 10-year periods if neither side objects to it. In May 2021 Sudan announced a review of the agreement.
    (AP, 6/2/21)

2020        Catherine Belton, former Moscow corespondent for the Financial Times, authored "Putin'sPeople: How the KGB Took Back Russia and then Took on the West."
    (Econ, 4/25/20, p.75)
2020        Grigory Rodchenkov authored ""The Rodchenko Affair: How I Brought Down Russia's Secret Doping Empire." His book covered the history of drugs in sport.
    (Econ., 8/1/20, p.66)

2021        Jan 1, The 47-member UN Human Rights Council now included China and Russia.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Human_Rights_Council)(Econ., 12/19/20, p.76)

2021        Jan 5, Syria and close ally Russia clashed with the US and other nations over a Western initiative to suspend Syria’s voting rights in the global chemical weapons watchdog for failing to provide details of three chemical attacks in 2017 that investigators blamed on President Bashar Assad’s government.
    (AP, 1/5/21)

2021        Jan 7, In New York City Andrei Tyurin (37), a prolific Russian hacker, was sentenced to 12 years in prison after admitting involvement in one of the biggest thefts of consumer data from a US financial institution. Tyurin was extradited from the country of Georgia in Sept. 2018.
    (SFC, 1/9/21, p.A4)

2021        Jan 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted his counterparts from Armenia and Azerbaijan to discuss reopening transport routes in the region that have been paralyzed for nearly three decades amid a conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.
    (AP, 1/11/21)
2021        Jan 11, Russia's sovereign wealth fund said the Palestinian health ministry has approved the main Russian vaccine against COVID-19, known as Sputnik V, for use in Palestinian self-ruled territory.
    (Reuters, 1/11/21)
2021        Jan 11, Authorities said that Russia will conduct a clinical trial of a one-dose "Sputnik-Light" version of its coronavirus vaccine, describing it as a possible "temporary" solution to help countries with high infection rates make it go further.
    (Reuters, 1/11/21)

2021        Jan 12, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said that Russia's prison authority has asked a court to jail him for having allegedly broken the terms of a suspended sentence he has been serving.
    (Reuters, 1/12/20)

2021        Jan 13, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has ordered his government to expand the vaccination effort.
    (AP, 1/13/20)
2021        Jan 13, Top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said he plans to go home to Russia on January 17 despite the authorities' threats to put him once again behind bars.
    (AP, 1/13/20)
2021        Jan 13, It was reported that the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Brazilian pharmaceutical company Uniao Quimica have agreed on supplies of 10 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine to Brazil in the first quarter of 2021.
    (Reuters, 1/13/20)

2021        Jan 15, Russia said that it will withdraw from an international treaty allowing surveillance flights over military facilities after the US exit from the pact, compounding the challenges faced by the incoming administration of president-elect Joe Biden.
    (AP, 1/15/21)
2021        Jan 15, Russia's RDIF sovereign wealth fund said Paraguay has become the latest Latin American country to approve emergency use of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus.
    (Reuters, 1/15/21)

2021        Jan 17, Alexey Navalny, a Russian opposition leader and fierce Kremlin critic, departed Berlin and headed for Moscow several months after he was nearly killed following an alleged poisoned by Russia's FSB spy agency. Upon arrival home Navalny was immediately detained.
    (The Week, 1/17/21)(NBC News, 1/18/21)

2021        Jan 18, A Russian judge ruled that Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny should be held in custody for 30 days. Navalny slammed the proceedings as a mockery of justice, criticized President Vladimir Putin's 20-year rule, and called on his supporters in Russia to take to the streets in protest.
    (Reuters, 1/18/21)(CBS News, 1/18/21)

2021        Jan 19, In  Russia Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) released an extensive report and a nearly two-hour-long video starring Navalny about a palace built for Pres. Putin near Gelendzhik on the Black Sea at a cost of $1.35 billion filched from taxpayers..
    (Business Insider, 1/20/21)(Econ., 1/23/21, p.39)
2021        Jan 19, Russian consumer health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said a candidate COVID-19 vaccine known as EpiVacCorona, Russia's second to be registered, has proved "100% effective" in early-stage trials.
    (Reuters, 1/19/21)

2021        Jan 20, Russia filed for registration of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in the EU bloc.
    (Reuters, 1/21/21)

2021        Jan 21, Russia said it could supply Hungary with its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine from next month, after Budapest gave initial approval to the shot.
    (Reuters, 1/21/21)
2021        Jan 21, Europe's top human rights court found Russia responsible for a swath of violations in Georgia's breakaway regions after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. Georgia hailed the verdict by the European Court of Human Rights as a major victory.
    (AP, 1/21/21)

2021        Jan 24, The spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin says the US Embassy’s statements about the nationwide protests, in which more than 3,500 people reportedly were arrested, interfere in the country’s domestic affairs and encourage Russians to break the law.
    (AP, 1/24/21)man rights court found Russia responsible for a swath of violations in Georgia's breakaway regions after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. Georgia hailed the verdict by the European Court of Human Rights as a major victory.
    (AP, 1/21/21)
2021        Jan 21, The United Arab Emirates registered Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine for domestic use. New daily cases in the Gulf state of about 9 million people tripled in the past month to about 354 per million this week.
    (Reuters, 1/21/21)

2021        Jan 22, In Russia several leading opposition activists and Navalny associates were detained over the last 24 hours ahead of the rallies scheduled for tomorrow. Russia said that TikTok had deleted some of what it called illegal posts promoting weekend protests aimed at securing the release of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.
    (AP, 1/22/21)(Reuters, 1/22/21)
2021        Jan 22, EU Council President Charles Michel told Russian President Vladimir Putin by telephone to release opposition politician Alexei Navalny and insisted on an investigation into his August poisoning.
    (AP, 1/22/21)
2021        Jan 22, Hungary said it has signed a deal to buy Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, the first European Union country to do so.
    (Reuters, 1/22/21)

2021        Jan 23, In Russia protests erupted across the country to demand the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin's most prominent foe. The protests moved across time zones and more than 3,000 people were arrested in at least 109 cities
    (AP, 1/23/21)(NY Times, 1/24/21)

2021        Jan 26, US President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin held their first conversation as counterparts. Biden pressed the Russian president on the arrest of opposition leader Alexey Navalny and the Russia-linked hack on US government agencies.
    (Reuters, 1/27/21)

2021        Jan 27, Russian lawmakers quickly approved the extension of the last remaining nuclear Russia-US arms control treaty, a fast-track action that comes just days before it’s due to expire. The Kremlin said they agreed to complete the necessary extension procedures in the next few days.
    (AP, 1/27/21)

2021        Jan 28, A Russian court rejected opposition leader Alexei Navalny's appeal against his arrest while authorities detained several of his allies and issued warnings to social media companies after tens of thousands swarmed the streets in over 100 Russian cities last weekend demanding his release.
    (AP, 1/28/21)
2021        Jan 28, Russia dispatched 240,000 doses of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, with most heading to Argentina and the rest bound for Bolivia.
    (Reuters, 1/28/21)

2021        Jan 28, The United States called on Russia, Turkey and the UAE to immediately halt their military interventions in Libya as demanded in a cease-fire agreement, and accept Libyan sovereignty as it moves to unify its government, hold elections and end years of fighting.
    (AP, 1/28/21)

2021        Jan 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill extending the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between Russia and the US a week before the pact was due to expire.
    (AP, 1/29/21)
2021        Jan 29, A Moscow court put the brother and and several allies of opposition leader Alexei Navalny under house arrest for two months in an effort to stymie more protests over the jailing of the top Kremlin foe.
    (SFC, 1/30/21, p.A2)

2021        Jan 30, Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg said he owns the huge palace in southern Russia which jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny has linked to Pres. Vladimir Putin.
    (Reuters, 1/30/21)

2021        Jan 31, Thousands of supporters of Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny once again took to the streets across Russia. More than 5,000 people were detained in at least 85 cities across Russia, including Navalny's wife, Yulia Nalvanaya, who was also detained last week.
    (AP, 1/31/21)(NY Times, 1/31/21)
2021        Jan 31, It was reported that Russia has begun supplying its Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine to the rebel-controlled region of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine despite a ban by Kyiv.
    (Reuters, 1/31/21)

2021        Feb 2, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny denounced a Moscow court hearing on whether he should be sent to prison for years, calling it a vain attempt by the Kremlin to scare millions of Russians into submission. More than 200 supporters of Navalny were arrested outside his trial hearing. Navalny's prison term was shortened for time he had served earlier under house arrest. He sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison.
    (AP, 2/2/21)(NBC News, 2/2/21)(Reuters, 2/2/21)
2021        Feb 2, Russian scientists said the country's Sputnik V vaccine appears safe and effective against COVID-19, according to early results of an advanced study published today in a British medical journal. Researchers said that based on a fall trial involving about 20,000 people in Russia, the vaccine is about 91% effective and appears to prevent inoculated individuals from becoming severely ill with COVID-19.
    (AP, 2/2/21)

2021        Feb 3, Russian authorities shrugged off the massive rallies against the jailing of top Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny and rejected Western criticism as “hysterics" as activists reported more than 1,400 new arrests in the crackdown on protesters.
    (AP, 2/3/21)
2021        Feb 3, A Moscow court ordered the jailing of one of the country’s leading independent journalists, Sergey Smirnov, editor-in-chief of Mediazona. His supposed crime? Retweeting a joke on Twitter.
    (The Daily Beast, 2/3/21)
2021        Feb 3, The Kremlin said Russia would supply the rebel-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine with its Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 despite Kyiv's ban on using the Russian shots.
    (Reuters, 2/3/21)
2021        Feb 3, The United States and Russia said they had extended the New START arms control treaty for five years, preserving the last treaty limiting deployments of the world's two largest strategic nuclear arsenals.
    (Reuters, 2/3/21)
2021        Feb 3, Ukraine said it has shut several television channels owned by Russia-linked magnate Viktor Medvedchuk in what President Volodymyr Zelenskiy described as a necessary move to fight Kremlin propaganda.
    (AP, 2/3/21)

2021        Feb 4, The Kremlin strongly rebuffed Western criticism and described the thousands of arrests at protests against the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny as a necessary response to the unsanctioned rallies.
    (AP, 2/4/21)
2021        Feb 4, In Russia members of the security service in black uniforms arrested ethnic Chechen gay men. Security agents detained two brothers, Ismail Isayev (17) and Salekh Magomadov (20), in a shelter in Nizhny Novgorod in central Russia. Police brought both back to Chechnya by force.
    (The Daily Beast, 2/10/21)

2021        Feb 5, Russia's Foreign Ministry said it was expelling diplomats from Sweden, Poland and Germany for attending a rally in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (AP, 2/5/21)

2021        Feb 6, Work on the disputed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a Russian-German underwater gas pipeline that’s been the target of US sanction threats, was resumed.
    (AP, 2/7/21)

2021        Feb 8, Russia issued updated statistics on coronavirus-linked deaths showing that 162,429 people died last year with COVID-19.
    (SFC, 2/9/21, p.A4)
2021        Feb 8, Germany, Poland and Sweden each declared a Russian diplomat in their country “persona non grata," retaliating in kind to last week’s decision by Moscow to expel diplomats from the three European Union countries over the case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (AP, 2/8/21)

2021        Feb 9, An ally of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny urged Russians to gather near their homes fora brief Valentine's Day protest this weekend, shining their mobile phone torches and lighting candles in heart shapes to flood social media.
    (Reuters, 2/9/21)

2021        Feb 12, In Russia jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny appeared in court on slander charges he denounced as politically motivated amid mounting tensions between Russia and the West over his treatment.
    (Reuters, 2/12/21)

2021        Feb 14, In Russia supporters of  imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny gathered across the country and shined their cell phone flashlights in a display of unity.
    (SFC, 2/15/21, p.A2)

2021        Feb 15, The Kremlin says it is considering Elon Musk's offer to chat with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Clubhouse. Musk tweeted at the Kremlin on Feb 13 asking Vladimir Putin to join him on Clubhouse.
    (Business Insider, 2/15/21)

2021        Feb 16, Russian prosecutors asked a Moscow court to fine jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny (44) on charges of defaming a World War II veteran, maintaining pressure on the top Kremlin foe.
    (AP, 2/16/21)
2021        Feb 16, Russia extended a ban on flights to and from Britain until the end of March 16 due to a new variant of the coronavirus first detected in the UK.
    (Reuters, 2/16/21)

2021        Feb 17, Estonia’s foreign intelligence agency said that Russia is counting on the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken unity in the West which would help Moscow gain a more prominent role in international affairs and lead to “declining Western influence on the global stage".
    (AP, 2/17/21)
2021        Feb 17, Europe's top human rights court ordered Russia to release jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, a ruling that will be unlikely to soften the Kremlin's determination to isolate its most prominent foe.
    (AP, 2/17/21)

2021        Feb 18, A Russian court handed a suspended sentence to an activist accused of membership of an “undesirable" organization, part of the authorities’ effort to tighten control over the nation's political scene. Anastasia Shevchenko (41) was accused of engaging in political activities under the aegis of Open Russia, a group funded by self-exiled Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
    (AP, 2/18/21)

2021        Feb 19, It was reported that Moscow plans to nearly quadruple the number of electric buses it operates in coming years and replace all petrol or diesel-powered public transport vehicles with greener alternatives by 2030.
    (Reuters, 2/19/21)
2021        Feb 19, The Biden administration added a layer of sanctions to a Russian vessel and the shipowner for their work on a new gas pipeline from Russia that is strongly opposed in the US and eastern Europe.
    (AP, 2/19/21)

2021        Feb 20, It was reported that Russia has registered the first case of a strain of bird flu virus named A(H5N8) being passed to humans from birds and has reported the matter to the World Health Organization.
    (Reuters, 2/20/21)
2021        Feb 20, PM Mikhail Mishustin said Russia has approved a third coronavirus vaccine for domestic use, though large-scale clinical trials of the shot, labelled CoviVac and produced by the Chumakov Center, have yet to begin.
    (Reuters, 2/20/21)

2021        Feb 21, It was reported that Israel paid Russia $1.2 million to provide the Syrian government with coronavirus vaccines as part of a deal that secured the release of an Israeli woman held captive in Damascus. Israel announced on Feb. 19 it had reached a Russian-mediated deal to bring home a young woman who had crossed into Syria earlier this month.
    (AP, 2/21/21)

2021        Feb 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko for talks, amid media reports suggesting that the leader of Belarus was coming to Russia to secure another loan.
    (AP, 2/22/21)
2021        Feb 22, Ukraine accused unnamed Russian internet networks of massive attacks on Ukrainian security and defence websites, but gave no details of any damage done or say who it believed was behind the assault.
    (Reuters, 2/22/21)

2021        Feb 24, Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered the nation's top counterintelligence agency to redouble its efforts to address what he described as Western attempts to destabilize the country.
    (AP, 2/24/21)
2021        Feb 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Sadyr Zhaparov (52), the newly elected president of Kyrgyzstan, voicing hope for political stability in the Central Asian nation that recently saw a violent change of government for the third time in 15 years.
    (AP, 2/24/21)

2021        Feb 26, Moldova's medical agency said it had approved Russia's Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19, despite President Maia Sandu saying it could not be registered until the World Health Organization had done so.
    (Reuters, 2/26/21)
2021        Feb 26, President Joe Biden reaffirmed US support for the people of Ukraine and vowed to hold Russia accountable for its aggression in a statement on the 7th anniversary of Russia's 2014 invasion of Crimea.
    (Axios, 2/26/21)

2021        Feb 27, Russian researchers said a trial testing the effectiveness of revaccination with the Sputnik V shot to protect against new mutations of the coronavirus is producing strong results.
    (Reuters, 2/27/21)

2021        Feb 28, Russia launched its space satellite Arktika-M on a mission to monitor the climate and environment in the Arctic amid a push by the Kremlin to expand the country's activities in the region.
    (Reuters, 2/28/21)
2021        Feb 28, In northeast Syria a Russian military helicopter made an emergency landing for technical reasons while patrolling Hassakeh province. One crew member was killed and others were wounded.
    (AP, 2/28/21)

2021        Mar 1, Russian news outlets reported that Aleksei A. Navalny, the opposition politician, is going to serve his prison sentence in a penal colony notorious for disciplinary measures considered harsh even by Russian standards.
    (NY Times, 3/1/21)

2021        Mar 2, The EU imposed sanctions on four senior Russian officials over the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, President Vladimir Putin’s most high-profile political foe.
    (AP, 3/2/21)
2021        Mar 2, The US announced sanctions on seven Russian government officials and 13 Russian and European companies in response to the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which a US intelligence assessment confirmed to be the work of the FSB.
    (The Guardian, 3/2/21)

2021        Mar 4, The United States accused Syrian President Bashar Assad and his close ally Russia of trying to block all efforts to hold Damascus accountable for using chemical weapons during attacks on civilians.
    (AP, 3/4/21)

2021        Mar 7, Russia's organization For Human Rights said in a statement that it was disbanding, citing the inclusion of its leader, Lev Ponomarev, on the Justice Ministry’s list of foreign agents. Ponomarev founded the organization in 1997.
    (AP, 3/7/21)

2021        Mar 8, Russia accused Facebook of violating citizens' rights by blocking some media outlets' content in the latest standoff between a government and Big Tech. Russia has in recent months taken steps to regulate and curb the power of big social media companies.
    (Reuters, 3/8/21)

2021        Mar 9, It was reported that Russia accounts for about 7% of the world's bitcoin mining. The figure does not include grey-market players and those illegally connecting to power grids. Kazakhstan is responsible for a similar figure, while China is the market leader.
    (Reuters, 3/9/21)
2021        Mar 9, China and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding to set up an international lunar research station.
    (AP, 3/9/21)
2021        Mar 9, The Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce announced that Russia has signed a deal to produce its Sputnik V vaccine in Italy.
    (SFC, 3/10/21, p.A5)

2021        Mar 10, The presidents of Russia and Turkey remotely inaugurated the construction of a third nuclear reactor at the Akkuyu power plant in southern Turkey, vowing to continue their close cooperation.
    (AP, 3/10/21)

2021        Mar 13, Russia accused the United States of using IT opportunities to engage in unfair competition and of social media platforms arbitrarily and indiscriminately censoring content.
    (Reuters, 3/13/21)
2021        Mar 13, Russian police detained about 200 participants at a forum in Moscow of independent members of municipal councils. They were detained for taking part in an event organized by an "undesirable" organization and violating coronavirus restrictions.
    (SSFC, 3/14/21, p.A6)

2021        Mar 15, Russia's RDIF sovereign wealth fund said Russia has vaccinated 3.5 million people with both shots of its Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19, which puts it ahead of all countries in Europe in terms of the absolute number of people fully vaccinated.
    (Reuters, 3/15/21)

2021        Mar 16, A declassified US intelligence report found that Russia tried to influence the 2020 election in Trump’s favor. The assessment found broad efforts by the Kremlin and Iran to shape the outcome of the race but ultimately no evidence that any foreign actor changed votes or otherwise disrupted the voting process.
    (AP, 3/16/21)

2021        Mar 17, Two Polish government websites were hacked today and used briefly to spread false information about a non-existent radioactive threat, in what a Polish government official said had the hallmarks of a Russian cyberattack.
    (AP, 3/17/21)
2021        Mar 17, President Joe Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin will face consequences for directing efforts to swing the 2020 US presidential election to Donald Trump, and that they would come soon.
    (Reuters, 3/17/21)

2021        Mar 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to President Biden's comment calling him a "killer," by challenging the US leader to a debate.
    (Axios, 3/19/21)
2021        Mar 18, The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which is responsible for exports of the COVID-19 vaccine, said Mexican authorities have seized a batch of fake doses of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine.
    (Reuters, 3/18/21)

2021        Mar 19, Bosnian officials denounced a Russian warning that it will take action if the country takes steps toward NATO membership.
    (AP, 3/19/21)
2021        Mar 19, Bulgaria's Prosecutor General’s spokeswoman, Siika Mileva, said “several acting and retired members of the Bulgarian armed forces have been detained on suspicion of passing classified information to a foreign state." The officials allegedly spied for Russia.
    (AP, 3/19/21)

2021        Mar 22, Russia said it has completed clinical trials for its one-shot "Sputnik-Light" version of its COVID-19 vaccine. Pres. Vladimir Putin said that 4.3 million Russians had received both shots of the vaccine and that he would get vaccinated on March 23.
    (Reuters, 3/22/21)
2021        Mar 22, Bulgaria’s foreign ministry announced two Russian diplomats accused by Bulgarian prosecutors of espionage will be expelled from the country. The suspects could not be charged with espionage because of their diplomatic immunity.
    (AP, 3/22/21)

2021        Mar 23, Three members of a Russian bomber's air crew died when their ejection seats accidentally activated during preflight checks at an airbase in the Kaluga region.
    (AP, 3/23/21)
2021        Mar 23, Allies of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny announced plans to stage the biggest anti-Kremlin street protest in modern Russian history this spring, in a new push to win the opposition's politician's freedom.
    (Reuters, 3/23/21)
2021        Mar 23, Russian developers of the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 said they have applied for domestic approval of a single-dose "light" version, and that trials of it in Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Ghana have already begun. The slimmed-down shot is not expected to be as effective as the original vaccine.
    (AP, 3/23/21)
2021        Mar 23, Russia's communications watchdog accused Twitter of deleting banned content too slowly in the latest dispute between a major government and Big Tech.
    (Reuters, 3/23/21)
2021        Mar 23, China and Russia lashed out at the “destructive" behavior of the United States and called for a UN Security Council summit to establish stability between global superpowers. Their statement also urged other countries to refrain from “politicizing human rights issues" in a clear reference to the deplorable human rights record of both Moscow and Beijing.
    (The Telegraph, 3/23/21)
2021        Mar 23, The United Nations, United States, Russia and the European Union met virtually to discuss relaunching their long-stalled effort to get Israel and the Palestinians to negotiate a two-state solution to their decades-old conflict.
    (AP, 3/23/21)

2021        Mar 25, Officials said Russia has started producing CoviVac, its third vaccine against COVID-19, and will soon make it available for use in its regions, though phase three trials are still under way.
    (Reuters, 3/25/21)
2021        Mar 25, OneWeb launched 36 satellites into orbit from a cosmodrome in the far east of Russia as part of the satellite firm's plans to deliver global high-speed internet access. OneWeb resumed flights in December after emerging from bankruptcy protection with $1 billion in equity investment from a consortium of the British government and India's Bharti Enterprises.
    (Reuters, 3/25/21)

2021        Mar 26, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for a phone call with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin about the Russian troop buildup across his country's border and the escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine. The request was lodged when four Ukrainian troops were killed in a mortar attack in the east.
    (AP, 4/12/21)

2021        Mar 30, A Russian health official said a third wave of coronavirus infections was emerging in the country, which has recorded more than 4.5 million cases since the start of the pandemic. Russia reported 8,277 new coronavirus cases in the previous 24 hours, including 1,291 in Moscow. The country also reported 409 deaths, raising the official toll to 98,442.
    (Reuters, 3/30/21)

2021        Mar 31, Aleksei A. Navalny, the imprisoned Russian opposition leader, declared a hunger strike in protest over what he said was prison officials’ failure to provide him with proper medical care for severe pain in his back and his right leg.
    (NY Times, 4/1/21)
2021        Mar 31, Italian secret service agents backed by Carabinieri military police swooped in on a clandestine meeting in a Roman parking garage early today just as an Italian navy officer named as Walter Biot was handing a secret dossier of Italian state secrets and classified NATO documents to a Russian spy who had a reportedly paltry sum of €5,000 ($5,863) in cash ready to swap for the documents.
    (The Daily Beast, 3/31/21)

2021        Mar, Vladyslav Yesypenko, who worked for the Ukrainian service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), was apprehended by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) after covering an event honoring Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in Simferopol on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. During his first closed-door court appearance, the journalist declared that he was beaten and tortured with electric shocks in order to procure a false confession.
    (The Daily Beast, 5/28/21)

2021        Apr 1, Russia’s embassy in North Korea said the country is suffering severe shortages of medicines and necessary goods amid the coronavirus pandemic. It said fewer than 290 foreigners remain in Pyongyang.
    (AP, 4/1/21)

2021        Apr 2, Russian human rights activists released a report that chronicles alleged war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law during the 10-year conflict in Syria.
    (AP, 4/2/21)
2021        Apr 2, In Russia a Moscow court fined Twitter for not taking down calls encouraging minors to take part in unauthorized rallies. The court ordered Twitter to pay fines adding up to about $117.000.
    (SFC, 4/3/21, p.B2)

2021        Apr 3, It was reported that the Russian government has approved extending an agreement on cooperation in space with the United States until December 2030.
    (Reuters, 4/3/21)

 2021        Apr 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing him to potentially hold onto power until 2036, a move that formalizes constitutional changes endorsed in last year's popular vote.
    (AP, 4/5/21)
2021        Apr 5, Russia said it would extend a punitive slowdown of Twitter until May 15 though it acknowledged the US social media company had speeded up deletion of banned content.
    (Reuters, 4/5/21)

2021        Apr 6, In Russia a number of supporters of Alexei Navalny were detained outside his penal colony east of Moscow after they demanded access to the jailed Kremlin critic, who is on hunger strike demanding proper medical treatment.
    (The Telegraph, 4/6/21)

2021        Apr 7, Russia’s foreign minister said Moscow and Islamabad will boost ties in the fight against terrorism, with Russia providing unspecified military equipment to Pakistan and the two holding joint exercises at sea and in the mountains.
    (AP, 4/7/21)
2021        Apr 7, A lawyer for imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (44), who has complained of serious back and leg pain in custody, said doctors have found him to be suffering from two spinal hernias.
    (AP, 4/7/21)

2021        Apr 8, Russia called on Slovakia to return hundreds of thousands of doses of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, citing contract violations, in an escalating row between the two countries after a Slovak watchdog raised doubts about the shot. Slovakia imported 200,000 doses of Sputnik V last month, despite a lack of EU regulatory approval.
    (Reuters, 4/8/21)

2021        Apr 9, Russia said it fears the resumption of full-scale fighting in eastern Ukraine and could take steps to protect civilians there, a stark warning that comes amid a Russian troop buildup along the border.
    (AP, 4/9/21)

2021        Apr 10, A New York Times analysis of mortality data shows deaths in Russia during the pandemic last year were 28 percent higher than normal — an increase in mortality greater than in the United States and most countries in Europe.
    (NY Times, 4/10/21)

2021        Apr 13, Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said he was suing his prison for withholding the Quran, which he intended to study while serving time in a prison outside Moscow.
    (AP, 4/13/21)
2021        Apr 13, President Joe Biden spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin, directly raising concerns about the Russian military buildup on Ukraine's border.
    (AP, 4/13/21)
2021        Apr 13, Russia unsuccessfully tried for the first time to prevent Kosovo’s representative from speaking at the UN Security Council with the country’s flag in the background, saying the majority of council members don’t recognize its independence from Serbia.
    (AP, 4/13/21)

2021        Apr 14, Russian authorities levied criminal charges against four young editors of the online DOXA student magazine that had coverage of about nationwide protests supporting jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (SFC, 4/15/21, p.A3)

2021        Apr 15, A Russian court convicted Lyubov Sobol, a top associate of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny, of trespassing and handed her a suspended sentence of one-year community service for trying to gain entry into the apartment of a relative of the alleged security operative believed to be involved in Navalny's poisoning.
    (SFC, 4/16/21, p.A4)
2021        Apr 15, The United States announced economic sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 10 diplomats in retaliation for what Washington says is the Kremlin's US election interference, a massive cyber attack and other hostile activity. The White House said in a statement that Russia's foreign intelligence service, known as the SVR, was responsible for the SolarWinds hack, which led to the compromise of nine federal agencies and hundreds of private sector companies.
    (The Telegraph, 4/15/21)(Reuters, 4/15/21)

2021        Apr 16, Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who has been on hunger strike since March 31, described threats to force-feed him, using “straitjacket and other pleasures," in a message from behind bars.
    (AP, 4/16/21)
2021        Apr 16, Russia said it will expel 10 US diplomats and blacklist eight US officials in response to new sanctions from the Biden administration.
    (The Week, 4/17/21)

2021        Apr 17, Russia’s main security agency said it has arrested two Belarusians who it said were preparing a plot to overthrow Belarus’ government and kill authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko. Aleksandr Feduta and Yuras Zyankovich were handed over to Belarus.
    (AP, 4/17/21)
2021        Apr 17, A Soyuz space capsule returned from the Int'l. Space Station to the steppes of Kazakhstan with NASA's Kate Rubins and Russians Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov. The three had arrived at the ISS last October 14.
    (SFC, 4/17/21, p.A7)
2021        Apr 17, Czech police identified Ruslan Tabarov from Tajikistan and Nicolaj Popa, a Moldovan citizen, as players in the huge explosion that tore apart an ammunitions storage depot in a forest in the Czech Republic on 16 October 2014. The same two men had traveled to the UK in March 2018 under the names Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov. Both were caught on CCTV at Salisbury and identified by the Metropolitan Police as suspects in smearing Novichok nerve agent on the door handle of the house of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal.
    (BBC, 4/18/21)

2021        Apr 18, Russia expelled 20 Czech diplomats in an escalating diplomatic clash with the Czech Republic. Moscow was retaliating for Czech allegations that two Russian spies suspected of the nerve-agent poisoning of a former Russian agent in the United Kingdom were behind a 2014 explosion that killed two people at a Czech ammunition depot.
    (Reuters, 4/19/21)
2021        Apr 18, Activists for imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny called for massive protests in the heart of Moscow and St. Petersburg as Navalny’s health reportedly is deteriorating severely while on hunger strike.
    (AP, 4/18/21)

2021        Apr 19, Russia's prison service said opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been transferred to a hospital in another penal colony, one day after his doctor warned that the jailed Putin critic "could die at any moment".
    (Axios, 4/19/21)
2021        Apr 19, A Russian military airstrike killed about 200 militants in eastern Syria. Russian warplanes hit two militant hideouts northeast of Palmyra.
    (AP, 4/19/21)
2021        Apr 19, The European Union estimated that 150,000 Russian troops have already amassed for the biggest military buildup ever near Ukraine's borders and that it will only take “a spark" to set off a confrontation.
    (AP, 4/19/21)

2021        Apr 20, Russian police detained several allies of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny and raided two of his regional offices, a protest monitoring group said, a day before his supporters plan to stage mass protests over his deteriorating health in jail.
    (Reuters, 4/20/21)
2021        Apr 20, Russia announced that it was closing the airspace over parts of Crimea and the Black Sea, saying the areas had been "declared temporarily dangerous for aircraft flights".
    (CBS News, 4/21/21)

2021        Apr 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced new social support measures for families with children and hinted at more tax changes, saying the corporate sector was on course for record profits this year. Putin also said he wanted Russia to reach collective COVID-19 immunity by the autumn and called on Russians to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus.
    (AP, 4/21/21)(Reuters, 4/21/21)
2021        Apr 21, Russian police rounded up scores of protesters as allies of hunger-striking Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny staged nationwide protests over his failing health in jail. Security forces arrested more than 1,700 people.
    (Reuters, 4/21/21)(Reuters, 4/22/21)

2021        Apr 22, Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that massive military exercises near the border with Ukraine had been completed, and that he had ordered troops to return to their permanent bases by May 1. Shoigu also said that they should leave their weapons behind in western Russia for another exercise later this year.
    (AP, 4/22/21)
2021        Apr 22, The Czech Republic ordered more Russian diplomats to leave the country, further escalating a dispute between the two nations over the alleged involvement of Russian spies in a massive ammunition depot explosion in 2014.
    (AP, 4/22/21)

2021        Apr 23, The Kremlin announced that President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree allowing the country to limit the number of Russians employed at embassies of countries determined to be unfriendly, or to ban their employment entirely.
    (AP, 4/24/21)
2021        Apr 23, The Kremlin said Russia plans to resume direct flights to Egypt’s Red Sea resort towns after the 2015 downing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula. In 2017, it started flying to Cairo again, but direct trips to the two Red Sea resort towns have remained halted.
    (AP, 4/23/21)
2021        Apr 23, Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny (44) said that he had decided to end his 24-day hunger strike after being warned by his doctors that continuing it would put his life at serious risk.
    (CBS News, 4/23/21)
2021        Apr 23, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania ordered the expulsion of a total of four Russian diplomats as an act of solidarity with the Czech Republic, where scores of diplomats have been expelled over the alleged involvement of Russian spies in a massive ammunition depot explosion in 2014.
    (AP, 4/23/21)

2021        Apr 25, Czech President Milos Zeman said the idea that Russian spies caused a 2014 ammunition dump explosion in the central European country was just one of two theories and the possibility it was an accident should not be ruled out.
    {Czech Rep., Russia}
    (AP, 4/25/21)

2021        Apr 26, Russian authorities ordered the offices of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny to suspend their activities pending a court ruling on whether they should be outlawed as an extremist group.
    (AP, 4/26/21)
2021        Apr 26, Russian pharmaceutical firm Pharmasyntez said it was ready to ship up to 1 million packs of the remdesivir antiviral drug to India by end-May to help fight a surge in COVID-19 cases there, once it has received the approval of Russia's government.
    (Reuters, 4/26/21)

2021        Apr 27, Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) said it had fined Apple $12 million for alleged abuse of its dominance in the mobile applications market. Apple said it "respectfully disagreed" with the FAS ruling and that it would appeal it.
    (Reuters, 4/27/21)
2021        Apr 27, It was reported that some Russians who have taken COVID-19 antibody tests and found their antibodies have fallen are having third and fourth shots of the Sputnik V vaccine, but researchers in the country suggest they are unnecessary.
    (Reuters, 4/27/21)

2021        Apr 28, Slovakia's health ministry said doses of Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine sent to Slovakia in March will have to be kept in storage for at least another month, after Moscow asked for some doses to be sent back for testing.
    (Reuters, 4/28/21)
2021        Apr 28, Turkey said it has signed a deal for 50 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine which will start arriving next month.
    (Reuters, 4/28/21)

2021        Apr 29, Russian developers of the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 said that they were suing Brazilian regulator Anvisa for defamation, accusing it of having knowingly spread false information without testing their product.
    (Reuters, 4/29/21)
2021        Apr 29, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that 16 suspects from a Ukrainian far-right neo-Nazi group known as “Maniacs. Cult of Killers" (M.K.U.) were arrested in connection with a plot to carry out violent attacks in nine of the country’s southern and northern cities.
    (The Daily Beast, 4/30/21)
2021        Apr 29, A Moscow judge upheld the defamation conviction against opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
    (The Week, 4/30/21)

2021        Apr 30, In Russia Ivan Pavlov, the lead lawyer defending Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, was arrested for disclosing details of a law enforcement investigation unconnected to Navalny. Pavlov was soon released but barred from using the phone of the internet.
    (SFC, 5/1/21, p.A3)

2021        May 6, Russian authorities gave regulatory approval to a single-dose version of the country's Sputnik V vaccine, arguing that the move could accelerate the process of achieving herd immunity against the coronavirus. Russia started human trials of Sputnik Light, identical to the first dose of the two-dose Sputnik V, in January. The studies remained ongoing.
    (AP, 5/6/21)

2021        May 7, Amnesty International announced that it would restore jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's status as a "prisoner of conscience," apologizing to Navalny and Russian activists for revoking the designation in February.
    (Axios, 5/7/21)
2021        May 7, In Russia Alexander Murakhovsky, who was promoted to become minister of health of the Omsk Region days after he publicly refuted claims that someone had tried to kill Vladimir Putin’s most public foe, went hunting on a four-wheeler and has not been seen since.  The doctor reappeared on May 10 after being reported missing.
    (The Daily Beast, 5/9/21)(Reuters, 5/10/21)

2021        May 9, President Vladimir Putin vowed Russia will "firmly" defend national interests and denounced the return of "Russophobia", as the country marked the 76th anniversary of victory in World War II.
    (AFP, 5/9/21)
2021        May 9, A Slovakia health ministry spokeswoman said a Hungarian lab has confirmed that the first batch of Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccines sent to Slovakia were satisfactory and the government would discuss the next steps with Russia.
    (Reuters, 5/9/21)

2021        May 11, In Russia a gunman (19) attacked a school in the city of Kazan and killed seven students and one teacher, while leaving 21 other people hospitalized. President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian Federal Service of National Guard Troops to start working on new gun regulations following the shooting.
    (AP, 5/11/21)

2021        May 12, RIA news cited Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova saying Russia has vaccinated over 14 million people against COVID-19 so far with at least one dose.
    (AP, 5/12/21)
2021        May 12, It was reported that Russia has experienced production problems with its Sputnik V vaccine. Sputnik is unusual in that its two required doses are different and not interchangeable.
    (SFC, 5/12/21, p.A7)

2021        May 14, Indian drugmaker Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd said it expects to get 36 million doses of Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine in the next couple of months under its contract with Russia's sovereign wealth fund.
    (AP, 5/14/21)

2021        May 15, The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said Venezuela has approved for use Russia's single-shot Sputnik Light COVID-19 vaccine.
    (Reuters, 5/15/21)

2021        May 18, It was reported that the Biden administration will waive sanctions on the corporate entity and CEO overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany.
    (Axios, 5/18/21)

2021        May 19, The Russian parliament's lower house voted to withdraw from an international treaty allowing surveillance flights over military facilities following the US departure from the pact. The Russian exit from the Open Skies Treaty is yet to be endorsed by the upper house of parliament and needs to be signed by President Vladimir Putin to take effect.
    (AP, 5/19/21)
2021        May 19, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin joined in a videoconference to initiate a series of nuclear energy projects, an event intended to display warming ties between two nations that have paired-up as the chief geopolitical rivals to the US.
    (AP, 5/19/21)
2021        May 19, US broadcaster Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) filed a legal case at the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the "foreign agent" label imposed on it by Russian authorities.
    (Reuters, 5/19/21)

2021        May 25, The Russian military said it has deployed three nuclear-capable long-range bombers to its base in Syria, a move that could strengthen Moscow's military foothold in the Mediterranean.
    (AP, 5/25/21)
2021        May 25, Russia shipped a generic version of the remdesivir antiviral drug called Remdeform to India as part of its humanitarian aid contributions to the South Asian country which is fighting a surge in COVID-19 cases.
    (Reuters, 5/25/21)
2021        May 25, Russia's consumer health watchdog in the Yakutia region said that all employers must organize COVID-19 vaccines for their employees in a bid to speed up inoculation there.
    (Reuters, 5/25/21)

2021        May 26, It was reported that a legal appeal by former US Marine Trevor Reed, who is serving a jail term in Russia, was postponed after he tested positive for COVID-19 on May 23.
    (Reuters, 5/26/21)

2021        May 27, Russia said it has signed an agreement to supply the UN children's fund UNICEF with enough doses of its Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine for 110 million people.
    (Reuters, 5/27/21)
2021        May 27, Russia's Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit from US company Gilead Sciences that challenged a Russian government decision to let a Russian firm develop and market the anti-COVID-19 drug remdesivir without Gilead's consent.
    (Reuters, 5/27/21)
2021        May 27, Russia blocked at least two European planes from landing in Moscow because they planned to avoid Belarusian airspace.
    (Axios, 5/27/21)
2021        May 27, Microsoft Corporation disclosed that hackers linked to Russia’s main intelligence agency surreptitiously seized an email system used by the State Department’s international aid agency to burrow into the computer networks of human rights groups and other organizations of the sort that have been critical of President Vladimir V. Putin.
    (NY Times, 5/28/21)

2021        May 28, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin met with Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Lukashenko pressed a briefcase of mysterious documents onto Putin, saying it contained everything he needed to know about what “really happened" with the forced landing of Ryanair flight in Minsk.
    (The Telegraph, 5/28/21)
2021        May 28, Five former Russian police officers were convicted on charges of fabricating evidence in the 2019 drug arrest of Ivan Golunov, a prominent investigative journalist. The court sentenced the former officers, who have been in custody since their January 2020 arrests, to prison terms of five to 12 years and ordered them to pay Golunov damages.
    (AP, 5/28/21)
2021        May 28, Moscow's deputy ambassador to the United Nations said six hundred Russian soldiers requested by the Central African Republic this month are "unarmed instructors".
    (AFP, 5/28/21)

2021        May 31, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of Russia's presidential Security Council, said that a revised version of Russia's national security strategy says that it may use forceful methods to respond to unfriendly actions by foreign countries.
    (AP, 5/31/21)
2021        May 31, The Russian military said it will form 20 new units in the country's west this year to counter what it claims is a growing threat from NATO.
    (AP, 5/31/21)
2021        May 31, Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny asked a court to halt the hourly nighttime checks he has been subjected to in his penal colony.
    (AP, 5/31/21)
2021        May 31, Russia began production of the Aurus Senat luxury sedan car promoted by Pres. Vladimir Putin. Its most basic available features will cost 18 million rubles ($245,000).
    (Reuters, 5/31/21)

2021        Jun 2, A Russian court sent Andrei Pivovarov, the head of the Open Russia movement that has just disbanded itself, to jail pending a probe, as authorities continue to crack down on dissent ahead of September's parliamentary election.
    (AP, 6/2/21)
2021        Jun 2, It was reported that Russia has administered at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to more than 18 million people, around 12% of the population.
    (Reuters, 6/2/21)

2021        Jun 3, Russia said it will completely remove the US dollar from its rainy day fund, a move intended to counter American pressure two weeks before a summit of the two countries' leaders.
    (AP, 6/3/21)

2021        Jun 4, President Vladimir Putin said that suggestions the Russian state was linked to high profile ransomware attacks in the United States were absurd and an attempt to stir trouble ahead of his summit this month with US President Joe Biden.
    (Reuters, 6/4/21)

2021        Jun 6, Dmitry Gudkov, a well-known Russian opposition politician, said that he has left the country for Ukraine. He was held in police custody for two days last week in a criminal investigation. Gudkov said he believes the investigation was aimed at preventing him from running for the national parliament this year.
    (AP, 6/6/21)
2021        Jun 6, Sri Lanka received one million doses of China's Sinopharm vaccines amid the island's recent surge in coronavirus infections and vaccine shortage.
    (SFC, 6/7/21, p.A5) 

2021        Jun 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill to withdraw from an international treaty allowing surveillance flights over military facilities, following the US exit from the pact.
    (AP, 6/7/21)
2021        Jun 7, The head of Russia's space agency suggested Moscow would withdraw from the International Space Station in 2025 unless Washington lifted sanctions on the space sector that were hampering Russian satellite launches.
    (Reuters, 6/7/21)

2021        Jun 8, In Switzerland the daughter of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny accepted a human rights award on her father's behalf for his courage in facing down President Vladimir Putin’s government.
    (AP, 6/8/21)

2021        Jun 9, A Russian court designated Aleksei A. Navalny’s political movement as an extremist network.
    (NY Times, 6/9/21)
2021        Jun 9, Russia reported 10,407 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours. Authorities in Moscow said they would step up enforcement of rules requiring people to wear medical masks and gloves in indoor public spaces due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases.
    (AP, 6/9/21)
2021        Jun 9, It was reported that a microscopic organism has wriggled back to life and reproduced asexually after lying frozen in the vast permafrost lands of northeastern Siberia for 24,000 years. Russian scientists found the tiny bdelloid rotifer in soil, dated from between 23,960 and 24,485 years ago, taken from the river Alazeya in Russia's far north region of Yakutia.
    (Reuters, 6/9/21)

2021        Jun 11, Russia reported 12,505 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, its highest number of daily infections since late February, taking the national tally to 5,180,454 since the pandemic began.
    (Reuters, 6/11/21)

2021        Jun 12, Moscow's mayor effectively declared a public holiday for all of next week to combat a surge in COVID-19 cases. Sergei Sobyanin said it would not affect organizations that maintain the Russian capital's infrastructure, the military, and other strategically important enterprises.
    (Reuters, 6/12/21)
2021        Jun 12, Alexander Gintsbur, the scientist who led the development of the Sputnik V vaccine, said Russia has tested a nasal spray form of its COVID-19 vaccine that is suitable for children aged 8-12, and plans to launch the new product in September.
    (AP, 6/12/21)

2021        Jun 13, Russian authorities confirmed 14,723 cases nationwide, the largest one-day total since Feb. 13. Moscow reported 7,704 new infections, the most in a single day since Dec. 24. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that anyone over 18 who receives the first of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine from June 14 until July 11 would now be automatically entered into a draw to win a car.
    (Reuters, 6/13/21)

2021        Jun 15, In Russia Catherine Serou (34) a US citizen and former Marine studying at a university in Nizhny Novgorod, disappeared after leaving her house in a suburb of the city and entering an unknown vehicle. Local police on June 19 announced that her body was found. Suspect Alexander Popov, born in 1977 with prior convictions, was arrested on suspicion of abducting and murdering her an hour before Serou's body was found.
    (Axios, 6/19/21)(Fox News, 6/23/21)

2021        Jun 16, Moscow made coronavirus vaccines mandatory for people working in retail, education and other service sectors, part of an effort to boost the country's low immunization rates as COVID-19 cases continue to soar. The surrounding Moscow region, the Siberian region of Kemerovo and the Far East region of Sakhalin promptly followed.
    (AP, 6/17/21)
2021        Jun 16, President Joe Biden finished his summit in Geneva with Russia's Pres. Putin with few of the "deliverables" — concrete outcomes — that diplomatic negotiators obsess over. The two leaders mostly agreed to set up a process for lower-level aides to keep talking about key issues. Biden and Putin agreed to return their respective ambassadors to Washington and Moscow in a bid to improve badly deteriorated diplomatic relations between their countries.
    (AP, 6/16/21)(NBC News, 6/17/21)

2021        Jun 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the outcome of his summit with US President Joe Biden and called him an astute and shrewd negotiator.
    (AP, 6/17/21)
2021        Jun 17, Moscow's Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the COVID-19 situation was unexpectedly and rapidly deteriorating, and that the city was probably facing new coronavirus variants that were more aggressive and infectious.
    (AP, 6/17/21)

2021        Jun 18, Moscow recorded more than 9,000 new coronavirus cases, over half the national total. The city has had to reintroduce curbs that had been scrapped, including ordering bars and restaurants to shut by 11 p.m.
    (Reuters, 6/18/21)

2021        Jun 21, Russia's President Vladimir Putin warned that the coronavirus situation in some regions was getting worse as authorities began promoting the idea of regular revaccinations to try to halt a surge in new cases.
    (Reuters, 6/21/21)

2021        Jun 22, The Kremlin said people who were not vaccinated or did not have immunity would be unable to work in all workplaces in Russia, which reported the most confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in a single day since February.
    (Reuters, 6/22/21)
2021        Jun 22, Poland's government said it has evidence linking a recent cyberattack on thousands of email and social media accounts of politicians, public figures and other Poles to Russia's secret services.
    (SFC, 6/23/21, p.A4)

2021        Jun 23, In Russia deaths related to COVID-19 spiked in major cities amid a surge in new cases that authorities have blamed on the new Delta variant, and restrictions seeking to curb the virus' spread were strengthened. Russia's coronavirus task force reported 548 coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours, the most confirmed in a single day since February, with 88 in Moscow and 93 in St Petersburg respectively, a record in both cities.
    (Reuters, 6/23/21)
2021        Jun 23, The United States, Britain and France accused Russian mercenaries of operating alongside Central African Republic forces and committing human rights violations against civilians and obstructing UN peacekeeping. The charges were immediately denied by Russia which denounced the Western nations for engaging in an “anti-Russia political hit job." Russia has troops in CAR training its military at the invitation of the government.
    (AP, 6/24/21)

2021        Jun 26, Russia's national coronavirus task force said that 619 people died over the past day, the most since Dec. 24. More than a third of the new infections were in Moscow.
    (AP, 6/26/21)

2021        Jun 28, The Kremlin strongly rejected the claims that Russian military instructors in the Central African Republic have been involved in killing civilians and looting homes.
    (AP, 6/28/21)
2021        Jun 28, Russia reported 21,650 new coronavirus infections, including 7,246 in Moscow, and 611 deaths related to COVID-19 across the country. Under new rules customers had to start showing QR-codes to get their coffees in Moscow.
    (AP, 6/28/21)
2021        Jun 28, The leaders of China and Russia hailed increasingly close ties between their countries and announced the extension of a 20-year-old friendship treaty, a show of unity amid their tensions with the West.
    (AP, 6/28/21)

2021        Jun 29, A Russian court ordered the arrest in absentia of Ivan Zhdanov, an ally of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Zhdanov was the director of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation which has been declared "extremist" and in effect outlawed by the authorities.
    (Reuters, 6/29/21)
2021        Jun 29, Russian authorities raided the apartments of several investigative journalists of the Proekt investigative online outlet and their family members. The outlet had promised to release an investigation into Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and his alleged wealth.
    (SFC, 6/30/21, p.A3)
2021        Jun 29, The Kremlin said Russia will fail to vaccinate 60% of its population against COVID-19 by the autumn as planned due to sluggish demand for the shots, after the country recorded its highest number of daily deaths from the virus.
    (AP, 6/29/21)
2021        Jun 29, RIA News said Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is around 90% effective against the Delta variant of coronavirus. RIA cited Denis Logunov, the deputy director of the Gamaleya Institute that developed the vaccine. Authorities reported 652 new coronavirus deaths. Russia has reported nearly 5.5 million cases in the pandemic and 134,545 deaths.
    (Reuters, 6/29/21)(SFC, 6/30/21, p.A4)

2021        Jun 30, Russia reported 21,042 new COVID-19 infections and 669 deaths. Pres. Vladimir Putin revealed that he had received the domestically developed Sputnik V vaccine earlier this year, stressing the importance of getting vaccinated amid a surge of new infections and deaths.
    (AP, 6/30/21)
2021        Jun 30, Russia’s UN ambassador called a proposal to reopen a border crossing from Iraq to Syria’s northeast for delivering humanitarian aid “a non-starter." He also refused to say what will happen to the only crossing now in operation, from Turkey to the country’s rebel-held northwest.
    (AP, 6/30/21)

2021        Jul 1, Russian health authorities launched booster vaccination for those who had been sick with COVID-19 or immunized more than six months ago, an effort that comes amid a surge in new infections and deaths.
    (AP, 7/1/21)
2021        Jul 1, US and British agencies disclosed details of methods they say have been used by Russian intelligence to break into the cloud services of hundreds of government agencies, energy companies and other organizations.
    (AP, 7/1/21)

2021        Jul 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a revised version of a national security strategy that envisages “symmetrical and asymmetrical measures" in response to foreign states' “unfriendly actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Russia.
    (AP, 7/3/21)
2021        Jul 2, Russian authorities reported a record-breaking 679 new coronavirus deaths, a fourth day in a row with the highest daily death toll in the pandemic. The Kremlin said no plans for a lockdown are being discussed.
    (AP, 7/2/21)
2021        Jul 2, Kaseya, an Ireland-based software provider that provides services to more than 40,000 organizations, said that it was investigating the possibility that it had been the victim of a cyberattack. About the same time Russian hackers breached Synnex, a third-party IT contractor that works with Microsoft accounts. The hackers are part of a group known as APT 29 or Cozy Bear, which has been linked to Russia's foreign intelligence service.
    (NY Times, 7/2/21)(AP, 7/6/21)

2021        Jul 3, Russia reported 697 coronavirus-related deaths, the most confirmed in a single day since the pandemic began and the fifth day in a row it has set that record.
    (Reuters, 7/3/21)

2021        Jul 5, Renowned French winemaker Moet Hennessy said that its champagne shipments to Russia were suspended after President Vladimir Putin signed a law on July 2 saying the term "champagne" is allowed to be used only for "Russian champagne".
    (Fox News, 7/5/21)
2021        Jul 5, Press watchdog Reporters Without Borders put Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on its list of “predators," the first time a Western European leader has been placed in the line-up of heads of state or government who “crack down massively" on press freedom. The list published today includes 37 leaders. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin were listed among this year's most effective "press freedom predators".
    (AP, 7/5/21)(Washington Examiner, 7/7/21)

2021        Jul 6, Russia reported a record 737 deaths and 23,378 coronavirus-linked causes in the past 24 hours as the country stepped up efforts to vaccinate its population of more than 144 million people.
    (Reuters, 7/6/21)(SFC, 7/7/21, p.A5)
2021        Jul 6, Russian tech giant Yandex said driverless robots will soon deliver food to students on college campuses in the United States after Yandex and online food-ordering company GrubHub agreed a multi-year partnership.
    (Reuters, 7/6/21)
2021        Jul 6, In eastern Russia a Soviet-made An-26 passenger plane carrying 28 people crashed in the Sea of Okhotsk. There were no survivors.
    (SFC, 7/7/21, p.A4)

2021        Jul 7, The developer of CoviVac, one of Russia's vaccines against COVID-19, said it is effective against the highly infectious Delta variant.
    (Reuters, 7/7/21)

2021        Jul 8, Russia's coronavirus task force reported 24,818 new cases in the last 24 hours, including 6,040 in the capital. Russia also reported 734 coronavirus-related deaths, close to a record daily high.
    (Reuters, 7/8/21)
2021        Jul 8, Russia said its airlines can resume charter flights to Egyptian resorts, which had been banned for more than five years after the suspected bombing of a Russian airliner in which 224 people died.
    (AP, 7/8/21)
2021        Jul 8, The Taliban seized another key Afghan border crossing, this time with Iran. It was the third border crossing the insurgents have taken in the past week. A delegation of the Taliban visited Moscow to offer assurances that their quick gains on the ground in Afghanistan do not threaten Russia or its allies in Central Asia.
    (AP, 7/8/21)

2021        Jul 9, Thirty-two percent of Russians support the extremism ban on jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's political network while 27% oppose it, according to an opinion poll by the Moscow-based Levada Center.
    (Reuters, 7/9/21)
2021        Jul 9, The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said the gap between the two shots of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine can be extended up to 180 days and it will remain effective.
    (Reuters, 7/9/21)
2021        Jul 9, President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call that he must “take action" against cybercriminals acting in his country and that the US reserves the right to “defend its people and its critical infrastructure" from future attacks.
    (AP, 7/9/21)

2021        Jul 11, Russia's daily tally of coronavirus cases exceeded 25,000 for a 3rd day in a row. 749 new deaths were registered today. Oficials blamed the surge on the delta variant.
    (SFC, 7/12/21, p.A5)

2021        Jul 13, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin hosted Belarus Pres. Alexander Lukashenko, who has increasingly relied on Moscow's support amid increasing tensions with the West.
    (AP, 7/13/21)
2021        Jul 13, The Russian REvil group, short for “Ransomware evil," went offline early today. It had been identified by US intelligence agencies as responsible for the attack on one of America’s largest beef producers, JBS. It was not clear who made that happen.
    (NY Times, 7/13/21)

2021        Jul 14, Moscow reported 3,966 new COVID-19 cases out of 23,827 new infections nationwide. Food delivery service Delivery Club said it has started offering Moscow residents temporary tattoos of QR codes, needed for entry into restaurants and bars, to try and encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and support the sector.
    (Reuters, 7/14/21)

2021        Jul 15, Russia reported 25,293 new infections, and set a grim new record for daily deaths with 791 confirmed fatalities. Overall, Russia has officially identified more than 5.8 million COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began. Just 19.5% of Russia's 146 million population have received at least one shot of a vaccine.
    (AP, 7/15/21)
2021        Jul 15, Russian authorities outlawed the publisher of an investigative media outlet and listed its journalists as “foreign agents," the latest move in a series of steps to raise pressure on independent media. Russian authorities also designated Proekt's chief editor Roman Badanin and several of his journalists “foreign agents." Project Media Inc., the US-based publisher of Proekt, was labeled an “undesirable" organization.
    (AP, 7/15/21)

2021        Jul 16, Russia registered a fourth straight day of record-high daily COVID-19 deaths, with the authorities reporting 799 fatalities, including 105 in Moscow. Authorities in Moscow canceled their order that restaurants only admit customers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from the virus or have had a recent negative test. The move takes effect on July 19.
    (AP, 7/16/21)

2021        Jul 17, Russia reported 25,116 new COVID-19 cases, including 4,561 in Moscow, taking the official national tally since the pandemic began to 5,933,115. The government coronavirus task force said 787 people had died of coronavirus-linked causes in the past 24 hours, pushing the national death toll to 147,655.
    (AP, 7/17/21)
2021        Jul 17, Russia's Defense Ministry said the military has used its heavy-lift transport planes to help douse wildfires in Siberia. More than 300 fires had engulfed about 857,000 hectares (over 2.1 million acres).
    (AP, 7/17/21)

2021        Jul 18, In Russia heavy smoke from raging wildfires covered the city of Yakutsk and 50 other Siberian towns and settlements, temporarily halting operations at the city's airport. Local emergency officials said 187 fires raged in the region.
    (AP, 7/18/21)

2021        Jul 19, The Russian military reported another successful test launch of a new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile. The missile was launched from an Admiral Groshkov frigate located in the White Sea.
    (AP, 7/19/21)

2021        Jul 20, Russian aircraft makers unveiled a prototype of a new fighter jet that features stealth capabilities and other advanced characteristics. The jet appears intended to compete with the US F-35 Lightning II fighter, which entered service in 2015.
    (AP, 7/20/21)
2021        Jul 20, Russia's card payment system Mir, which was set up in 2015 after the West imposed sanctions on Moscow, said it is now connected to Apple Pay.
    (Reuters, 7/20/21)

2021        Jul 21, Russia successfully launched a long-delayed lab module for the Int'l. Space Station intended to provide more room for scientific experiments and space for the crew.
    (SFC, 7/22/21, p.A3)

2021        Jul 24, Russia reported nearly 24,000 new COVID-19 cases and a repeat all-time high in the number of daily deaths, at 799. Some officials suggested that infections, especially in Moscow, may have peaked. The national death toll linked to COVID-19 rose to 153,095.
    (Reuters, 7/24/21)

2021        Jul 25, President Vladimir Putin said the Russian navy can detect any enemy and launch an "unpreventable strike" if needed.
    (Reuters, 7/25/21)

2021        Jul 26, Russian authorities restricted access to the website of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as well as dozens of sites run by his close allies.
    (AP, 7/26/21)
2021        Jul 26, In Russia about 4.6 million acres of forest were burning in the far northeast. More than 5,000 regular firefighters fought the blazes still leaving 55% of the fires untouched.
    (SFC, 7/28/21, p.A3)

2021        Jul 27, It was reported that Russia's health officials have given a go-ahead to testing a combination of the AstraZeneca coronavirus shot and the single-dose version of the domestically developed Sputnik V vaccine.
    (AP, 7/27/21)
2021        Jul 27, Swiss prosecutors said they have closed a decade-long investigation into suspected Russian money laundering linked to a fraud scandal in which late lawyer Sergei Magnitsky played a leading role.
    (AP, 7/27/21)

2021        Jul 28, Russian police raided the home of Roman Dobrokhotov, the chief editor of an investigative news site that was recently designated as a “foreign agent." police seized cellphones, laptops and tablets during the raid.
    (AP, 7/28/21)

2021        Jul 29, A Moscow court ordered Google to pay a fine of 3 million rubles (roughly $41,000) for refusing to store the personal data of Russian users on servers in Russia, a move that is part of the government's longstanding effort to tighten its grip on online activity.
    (AP, 7/29/21)
2021        Jul 29, Russia’s long-delayed lab module successfully docked with the International Space Station, eight days after it was launched from the Russian space launch facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The space station lost control of its orientation for 47 minutes when the Nauka science lab accidentally fired its thrusters a few hours after docking, pushing the orbiting complex from its normal configuration.
    (AP, 7/29/21)(AP, 7/30/21)

2021        Jul 30, Moscow abolished a widely-flouted requirement for people to wear gloves in public places and shops as daily coronavirus cases stayed below 4,000, down from over 7,000 earlier this month. Moscow reported 3,481 new infections and 76 deaths, even as the number of daily nationwide cases, at 23,564, remained close to levels recorded at the start of the month with 794 nationwide deaths in the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 7/30/21)
2021        Jul 30, The US Justice Department said Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds cyberespionage campaign broke into the email accounts of some of the most prominent federal prosecutors’ offices around the country last year. It believes the accounts were compromised from May 7 to Dec. 27, 2020.
    (AP, 7/30/21)

2021        Aug 3, Russia blocked DeviantArt, an online community for artists and designers that is popular with Russians, over its failure to remove prohibited content. Roskomnadzor said certain pages contained child pornography, pro-drug and pro-Nazi content, as well as other prohibited images. Founded in 2000, LA-based DeviantArt was bought by Israel-based Wix.com in 2017 for $36 million.
    (Reuters, 8/4/21)

2021        Aug 5, Two Russian news outlets and a legal aid group backed by a leading Kremlin critic shut down after authorities blocked their websites, the government's latest moves targeting independent media, opposition supporters and human rights activists ahead of Russia’s September parliamentary election.
    (AP, 8/5/21)

2021        Aug 7, In Russia wildfires in the Siberia region endangered a dozen villages and prompted authorities to evacuate some residents. 93 fires were active in the region.
    (SSFC, 8/8/21, p.A8)

2021        Aug 9, Russia resumed flights to Egyptian Red Sea resorts, ending a ban that had lasted almost six years following the Oct. 2015 bombing of a Russian airliner that killed all 224 people onboard.
    (AP, 8/9/21)

2021        Aug 10, Russian authorities opened a new criminal case against the two closest allies of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Leonid Volkov and Ivan Zhdanov were accused of raising funds for extremist groups.
    (AP, 8/10/21)
2021        Aug 10, Germany arrested a British Embassy worker in Berlin on suspicion of being a spy after prosecutors accused him of passing documents to Moscow.
    (Washington Examiner, 8/11/21)

2021        Aug 11, Russia's Investigative committee said it has charged Alexei Navalny with creating a non-profit organization that infringes on people's rights.
    (SFC, 8/12/21, p.A4)
2021        Aug 11, A new BBC investigation revealed the scale of operations by Wagner fighters, a shadowy Russian mercenary group in Libya's civil war, which includes links to war crimes and the Russian military.
    (BBC, 8/11/21)

2021        Aug 12, Russia's state TV Rossiya 24 said late today that BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford will have to leave Russia before the end of the month when her visa expires. It said the Foreign Ministry's decision not to extend Rainsford's visa came in retaliation to British refusal to grant or extend visas to Russian journalists.
    (AP, 8/13/21)
2021        Aug 12, In Russia a tourist helicopter crashed into Kurile Lake, a crater lake on the Kamchatka peninsula. At least 8 people were missing. Another 8 people survived.
    (SFC, 8/13/21, p.A4)

2021        Aug 13, Russian authorities expanded a state of emergency in northeast Siberia to bring in outside resources to combat wildfires that have engulfed the vast region.
    (AP, 8/13/21)
2021        Aug 13, Russia reported a record high 815 coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours. Moscow's mayor said hospitalizations from the disease in the capital had halved over the past six weeks. The total number of cases recorded in Russia stood at 6,557,068, with 68,864 deaths.
    (AP, 8/13/21)

2021        Aug 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged authorities to strengthen their efforts to fight wildfires across northeastern Siberia, calling the situation “unprecedented" as fires threatened people's homes.
    (AP, 8/14/21)
2021        Aug 14, Russian officials said heavy rains have flooded broad areas in southern Russia, forcing the evacuation of more than 1,500 people. The Black Sea resort city of Anapa was among the worst affected.
    (AP, 8/14/21)
2021        Aug 14, Russia's daily COVID-19 deaths hit a new record of 819, a day after Moscow's health department reported the highest number of monthly deaths in the city since the start of the pandemic.
    (Reuters, 8/14/21)

2021        Aug 15, Russia reported 21,624 new COVID-19 cases, including 1,954 in Moscow, taking the official national tally since the pandemic began to 6,600,836. The government coronavirus task force said 816 people had died of coronavirus-related causes in the past 24 hours, pushing the national death toll to 170,499.
    (Reuters, 8/15/21)

2021        Aug 16, A Russian court sentenced Kyra Yarmysh, a spokeswoman and close associate of im prisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny, to 1½ years of parole-like restrictions for inciting people to violate coronavirus restrictions.
    (SFC, 8/17/21, p.A4)

2021        Aug 17, A Russian prototype military transport plane crashed while performing a test flight outside Moscow, killing all three crew members on board.
    (AP, 8/17/21)

2021        Aug 22, Russia reported 20,564 new coronavirus cases, including 1,661 in Moscow and 1,481 in St. Petersburg, which took the national tally to 6,747,087.
    (Reuters, 8/22/21)

2021        Aug 23, Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin announced the construction of two new nuclear submarines and other warships in Severodvinsk.
    (SFC, 8/24/21, p.A3)

2021        Aug 24, It was reported that Russia is using new digital hardware to target an online app that jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's team created to undermine the Kremlin at next month's parliamentary elections.
    (Reuters, 8/24/21)
2021        Aug 24, Russian forces moved into an opposition enclave in the Syrian city of Deraa to try to avert an Iranian-backed assault on a stronghold that has defied state authority since it was retaken three years ago.
    (Reuters, 8/24/21)

2021        Aug 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed in a phone call to step up efforts to combat the threats of "terrorism" and drug trafficking from Afghanistan.
    (Reuters, 8/25/21)
2021        Aug 25, The RIA news agency said Russia will deliver Pantsir missile defence systems to Myanmar on schedule as outlined in a January sales contract. The truck-mounted systems are used to shoot down aircraft, drones and cruise missiles.
    (Reuters, 8/25/21)
2021        Aug 25, Nigeria and Russia signed a military cooperation deal providing a legal framework for the supply of equipment and the training of troops.
    (Reuters, 8/25/21)

2021        Aug 28, A new report from Russia’s state statistics agency showed the country recorded a record number of deaths in July of people infected with coronavirus. The Rosstat agency said 50,421 people suffering from COVID-19 died during the month, sharply higher than the previous record of 44,435 in December.
    (AP, 8/28/21)

2021        Aug 30, It was reported that Kira Yarmysh, the spokeswoman for jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, has left Russia and flown to the Finnish capital Helsinki. A Russian court imposed 18 months of restrictions on her freedom of movement earlier this month, after finding her guilty of breaching COVID-19 safety rules.
    (Reuters, 8/30/21)

2021        Aug 31, Russia's President Vladimir Putin approved one-off payments to law enforcement and military officials ahead of a parliamentary election next month, a move critics said was designed to encourage them to vote for the ruling party.
    (Reuters, 8/31/21)
2021        Aug 31, BBC journalist Sarah Rainsford left Russia after Moscow abruptly refused to extend her permission to work in what it said was a tit-for-tat row with Britain over the treatment of foreign media.
    (Reuters, 8/31/21)

2021        Aug, Marc Fogel, an American man, was detained at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. He was accused of attempting to smuggle marijuana into the country in his luggage. Fogel later told a group of human rights lawyers who visited him in December that he used marijuana for medical reasons after undergoing surgery on his spine.
    (CBS News, 1/27/22)

2021        Sep 2, Russia's communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said Google and Apple could face an initial fine of up to 4 million rubles ($55,000) for not restricting access to Alexei Navalny's app, which opponents plan to use to organize a tactical voting campaign to deal a blow to the pro-Kremlin United Russia ruling party.
    (Reuters, 9/2/21)

2021        Sep 4, A dozen opposition candidates for Russia's September parliamentary election met scores of journalists in Moscow with a message of resistance against the Kremlin's squeezing of independent media.
    (Reuters, 9/4/21)
2021        Sep 4, Ukrainian officials said more than 50 Crimean Tatars have been detained by Russian law enforcement officers in Simferopol, Crimea. This came during protests after the FSB detained five minority Crimean Tatar activists.
    (AP, 9/4/21)

2021        Sep 6, Germany's Foreign Ministry said it has protested to Russia over attempts to steal data from lawmakers in what it suspects may have been preparation to spread disinformation before upcoming elections.
    (AP, 9/6/21)

2021        Sep 7, Ivan Pavlo, a prominent Russian human rights lawyer who defended jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's foundation and worked on many high-profile cases, said that he had left Russia due to a criminal inquiry against him.
    (Reuters, 9/7/21)
2021        Sep 7, Russian tech firm Yandex said it had removed jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's tactical voting website from its search engine to comply with a government ban ahead of a parliamentary election this month.
    (Reuters, 9/7/21)

2021        Sep 8, Russia's emergency management chief Yevgeny Zinichev (55) died diving into an Arctic river in an attempt to rescue Alexander Melnik, a filmmaker who fell in. Neither man survived.
    (Business Insider, 9/8/21)

2021        Sep 9, Belarus and Russia formally opened vast joint military drills, a week-long exercise across the territory of both countries and in the Baltic Sea that has alarmed some NATO countries.
    (Reuters, 9/9/21)

2021        Sep 10, Russian company Gazprom said it had finished construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will take natural gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 9/11/21)

2021        Sep 11, In Russia three people died early today, including an 11-year-old girl, after a gas explosion caused a two-storey apartment building to partially collapse in Solidarnost village 400 km (250 miles) south of Moscow.
    (Reuters, 9/11/21)

2021        Sep 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin received his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad for the first time since 2018 and criticized foreign forces that are in Syria without permission or a UN mandate - a rebuke of the United States and Turkey.
    (Reuters, 9/14/21)
2021        Sep 13, The Russian foreign ministry said it had demanded detailed information from the Czech Republic's ambassador to Moscow about the detention of a Russian national at Prague airport.
    (Reuters, 9/13/21)

2021        Sep 15, Allies of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny urged Russians to vote for the Communist Party at a parliamentary election this week, part of a tactical voting campaign meant to hurt the ruling United Russia party.
    (Reuters, 9/15/21)

2021        Sep 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that dozens of his staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus.
    (AP, 9/16/21)

2021        Sep 17, Russians began voting in a three-day parliamentary election. An app created by allies of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny disappeared from Apple and Google stores.
    (NY Times, 9/17/21)(AP, 9/17/21)

2021        Sep 18, In Russia allies of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny accused Telegram of censorship after the popular messaging app followed Google and Apple in restricting access to their voting campaign in Russia's parliamentary election. Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov alleged widespread violations in the election for a new national parliament, in which his party is widely expected to gain seats.
    (Reuters, 9/18/21)(AP, 9/18/21)

2021        Sep 19, Russians voted in the final stretch of a three-day parliamentary election that the ruling party is expected to win emphatically after a crackdown that crushed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's movement and barred opponents from the ballot.
    (Reuters, 9/19/21)

2021        Sep 20, Russia’s ruling party retained its supermajority in parliament. Partial voting results showed United Russia, carried 49.8 percent of the vote, 10 percentage points less than in the previous election in 2016. In second place, the Communist Party received 19 percent, compared with 13 percent in 2016. Opponents accused Russian authorities of mass fraud.
    (AP, 9/20/21)(Reuters, 9/20/21)
2021        Sep 20, In Russia a law student (18) wielding a pump-action shotgun went on a shooting spree on the Perm University campus, killing at least six people and wounding 19. The gunman was wounded and taken into custody.
    (NY Times, 9/20/21)
2021        Sep 20, The US State Department said Russia prevented citizens from exercising their civil and political rights in recent elections and the United States does not recognize the Russian Duma elections on sovereign Ukrainian territory.
    (Reuters, 9/20/21)

2021        Sep 21, British police said a third Russian had been charged in absentia with the 2018 Novichok murder attempt on former double agent Sergei Skripal, saying they could also now confirm the three suspects were military intelligence operatives. Russia accused Britain of using the poisoning case as a tool to sabotage UK-Russia ties and stoke anti-Russian sentiment.
    (Reuters, 9/21/21)
2021        Sep 21, The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia "was responsible for the 2006 assassination of Aleksandr Litvinenko" in London.
    (Axios, 9/21/21)

2021        Sep 23, In Russia a coalition of defeated parliamentary candidates in Moscow who allege they were cheated of victory in a parliamentary election by a crooked online voting system said on Thursday they would try to overturn the results via lawsuits and public pressure.
    (Reuters, 9/23/21)

2021        Sep 24, It was reported that Russia will add three new tools to its technological arsenal as part of its fight against banned content online, a move that critics fear could further stifle political dissent.
    (Reuters, 9/24/21)
2021        Sep 24, Russian police detained opposition activists and warned they would break up any illegal rallies this weekend after an opposition coalition angered by last week's parliamentary election urged voters to gather in Moscow.
    (Reuters, 9/24/21)
2021        Sep 24, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that recent talks with US President Joe Biden had proved disappointing, and that his country, a NATO member, would seek closer ties with Russia.
    (AP, 9/24/21)

2021        Sep 25, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov defended the Mali government's right to hire a private Russian military company to help fight terrorists, accusing French troops in the country of failing to get rid of them and scolding the European Union for demanding that the Russian mercenaries leave.
    (AP, 9/25/21)
2021        Sep 25, In Russia hundreds of people, angered by last week's parliamentary election, joined a protest in central Moscow, holding posters carrying slogans such as "bring back the elections".
    (Reuters, 9/25/21)
2021        Sep 25, Valentina Chupik, a human rights lawyer who operates a hotline for migrants in Russia, said she has been detained at a Moscow airport after the country's security service revoked her refugee status. Chupik, an Uzbekistan citizen, has held refugee status since 2009.
    (Reuters, 9/25/21)

2021        Sep 26, In northern Syria warplanes attacked Turkey-backed opposition fighters, killing and wounding about 20. Opposition activists said the strike was carried out by Russian warplanes.
    (AP, 9/26/21)

2021        Sep 27, A 15-year agreement between Hungary and Russian gas company Gazprom was finalized, and involves the import of an annual 4.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to Hungary through lines that bypass Ukraine, depriving it of lucrative transit fees.
    (AP, 9/28/21)

2021        Sep 28, Russia sharply escalated a campaign against jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, opening a new criminal case against President Putin's fiercest domestic critic that could allow the authorities to hand him another decade in jail.
    (Reuters, 9/28/21)
2021        Sep 28, Russian authorities arrested Ilya Sachkov (35), the chief executive of leading Russian cybersecurity company Group IB, on suspicion of state treason, sending a chill through Russia's IT and business sectors. Sachkov was soon charged with divulging state secrets.
    (Reuters, 9/29/21)(Reuters, 10/7/21)
2021        Sep 28, Hungary and Ukraine summoned each others' ambassadors over Budapest's decision to sign a long-term contract to purchase Russian gas, something Ukraine considers a blow to its economic and national security interests.
    (AP, 9/28/21)

2021        Sep 29, The presidents of Russia and Turkey held talks in Sochi on curbing renewed violence in northwest Syria and on possibly expanding Moscow's sales of military defence systems to Ankara despite US objections.
    (Reuters, 9/29/21)
2021        Sep 29, Russia's Communist Party filed multiple lawsuits to contest parliamentary election results from online voting in Moscow, which party members allege was rigged and blame for their defeat in races in the Russian capital.
    (AP, 9/29/21)

2021        Sep 30, It was reported that Russia urged Tajikistan and Afghanistan to resolve any dispute in a mutually acceptable manner, saying it had heard reports they were sending troops to their common border.
    (Reuters, 9/30/21)
2021        Sep 30, Roman Dobrokhotov, the editor of a Russian news outlet that angered the Kremlin with its investigations, including into the poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, said the authorities had declared him a wanted man. Dobrokhotov said he was currently outside Russia and did not want to disclose his location.
    (Reuters, 9/30/21)
2021        Sep 30, The United States and Russia said they have held "intensive and substantive" talks in their second meeting within the Strategic Stability Dialogue framework, aimed at easing tensions between the world's largest nuclear weapons powers.
    (Reuters, 9/30/21)

2021        Oct 1, Senior Russian envoy Sergei Ryabkov said President Vladimir Putin is no longer interested in a joint freeze of nuclear weapons production with the United States. Ryabkov protested American inspections requests and a recent agreement to provide nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.
    (Washington Examiner, 10/2/21)
2021        Oct 1, The US Department of Justice said billionaire Oleg Tinkov, whose online bank is Russia's second biggest credit card issuer, pleaded guilty to filing a false US tax return and agreed to pay $507 million in taxes, interest and penalties.
    (Reuters, 10/2/21)

2021        Oct 3, Russia reported a record daily death toll from COVID-19, the fifth time in a week that deaths have hit a new high. The national coronavirus task force said 890 deaths were recorded over the past day, exceeding the 887 reported on Oct 1.
    (AP, 10/3/21)
2021        Oct 3, A massive leak of financial documents was published by several major news organizations that allegedly tie world leaders to secret stores of wealth, including King Abdullah of Jordan, Czech PM Andrej Babis and associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The files are linked to about 35 current and former national leaders, and more than 330 politicians and public officials in 91 countries and territories.
    (Reuters, 10/3/21)

2021        Oct 4, The Russian military said that it had successfully test-fired a hypersonic "Tsirkon" missile from a submarine for the first time.
    (CBS News, 10/4/21)
2021        Oct 4, Russia reported 25,781 new coronavirus infections reported nationwide, the most since Jan. 2. The Kremlin implored people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, calling it the only way to stop the virus' spread.
    (Reuters, 10/4/21)
2021        Oct 4, The Pandora Papers revealed that Svetlana Krivonogikh, President Vladimir Putin's alleged mistress, is worth an estimated $100 million in secret assets.
    (Washington Examiner, 10/4/21)

2021        Oct 5, A Russian actress and a film director blasted off for the International Space Station, beating Tom Cruise in the race to shoot the first movie in space.
    (Reuters, 10/5/21)
2021        Oct 5, It was reported that Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has imposed sanctions on 95 Ukrainian and Russia citizens in connection with the holding of Russian parliamentary elections in annexed Crimea.
    (Reuters, 10/5/21)

2021        Oct 6, Russian authorities said they had fired five senior prison officials and opened a slew of criminal investigations into alleged torture and sexual assaults at a jail in the Saratov region.
    (Reuters, 10/6/21)
2021        Oct 6, Russia's sovereign fund RDIF said the UAE has authorized the Russia-developed one-shot Sputnik Light as both a standalone COVID-19 vaccine and a booster shot.
    (Reuters, 10/6/21)

2021        Oct 7, Investigators in Russia's Orenburg region opened criminal cases into the deaths of nine people from alcohol-poisoning this week after they consumed locally-produced spirits. The death toll from the mass poisoning rose to 34 Oct. 11, and 24 more people were being treated in hospital.
    (Reuters, 10/7/21)(Reuters, 10/10/21)
2021        Oct 7, A Moscow court told state bailiffs to enforce the collection of 26 million rubles ($361,400) in fines imposed on US social media giant Facebook for failing to delete content that Russia deems illegal.
    (Reuters, 10/7/21)
2021        Oct 7, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the organization withdrew the accreditation of eight Russian officials to the military alliance in response to a rise in “malign activities" by Moscow.
    (AP, 10/7/21)
2021        Oct 7, Microsoft said Russia’s relentless hacking efforts accounted for 58% of all state-sponsored cyberattacks over the past year, and the county appears to have gotten significantly more efficient in its digital assault.
    (NY Daily News, 10/7/21)

2021        Oct 8, Russia's state statistic service Rosstat said at least 49,389 people died in Russia in August due to the coronavirus and related causes, taking the toll to around 418,000 people since the pandemic began.
    (Reuters, 10/8/21)
2021        Oct 8, Russia designated the Bellingcat investigative news outlet a "foreign agent" along with nine people who work for Russian language news outlets or non-governmental organizations.
    (Reuters, 10/8/21)

2021        Oct 11, In Russia jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said that a prison commission had designated him an extremist and a terrorist, but officially no longer regarded him as an escape risk.
    (Reuters, 10/11/21)
2021        Oct 11, Russia's state coronavirus task force reported 29,409 new confirmed cases, the highest number since the year’s start and just slightly lower than the pandemic record reached in December.
    (AP, 10/11/21)

2021        Oct 12, The Kremlin said it disagreed with comments by new Japanese PM Fumio Kishida that Japan's sovereignty extended to a chain of islands known by Tokyo as the Northern Territories, and that they were in fact part of Russia.
    (Reuters, 10/12/21)
2021        Oct 12, Russia hit another record of daily coronavirus deaths as the country struggled with a rapid surge of infections and lagging vaccination rates, but authorities have been adamant that there would be no new national lockdown.
    (AP, 10/12/21)

2021        Oct 13, Russia's sovereign wealth fund said that the Sputnik Light vaccine shows 70% effectiveness against the Delta variant of COVID-19 three months after injection and the single product is likely to become the country's main vaccine.
    (Reuters, 10/13/21)

2021        Oct 14, A Russian court imposed one year of restrictions on Anastasia Vasilyeva, a doctor who treated and supported Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, after finding her guilty of breaching COVID-19 safety rules.
    (Reuters, 10/14/21)
2021        Oct 14, A Russian-led security bloc said more than 3 million refugees from Afghanistan are trying to reach Iran and Pakistan and the displacement of ethnic and religious minorities in the country may escalate tensions to a critical level.
    (Reuters, 10/14/21)

2021        Oct 15, A Russian firm said it had begun trials of the Betuvax-CoV-2 vaccine against COVID-19, the second vaccine of its kind produced by a private Russian company.
    (Reuters, 10/15/21)
2021        Oct 15, China and Russia held joint naval drills in the Sea of Japan and practiced how to operate together and destroy floating enemy mines with artillery fire.
    (Reuters, 10/15/21)

2021        Oct 16, Russia's national coronavirus task force reported 1,002 deaths in the previous day, up from 999 on Friday, along with 33,208 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, more than 1,000 higher than the day before.
    (AP, 10/16/21)

2021        Oct 17, A Russian actor and a film director making the first move film in space returned to Earth after spending 12 days on the International Space Station (ISS).
    (Reuters, 10/17/21)

2021        Oct 18, Russia said it would halt the activities of its diplomatic mission to NATO after the Western military alliance expelled eight Russians saying they were spies.
    (Reuters, 10/18/21)

2021        Oct 19, Moscow's mayor announced four months of stay-home restrictions for unvaccinated over-60s and the Russian government proposed a week-long workplace shutdown as the national death toll from COVID-19 hit yet another daily high.
    (Reuters, 10/19/21)
2021        Oct 19, In Germany the body of a man (35) was found early today by Berlin police officers guarding the Russian Embassy in Berlin. Security services later said he was an undercover agent of Russia's FSB intelligence service and had fallen from an upper floor at the embassy. The was officially listed as a second secretary at the embassy.
    (Reuters, 11/5/21)
2021        Oct 19, It was reported that the FBI is conducting "law enforcement activity" at US-blacklisted Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's home in Washington, DC. Deripaska (53) has been subject to the US sanctions since 2018. Washington blacklisted him along with several other influential Russians because of their ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin following alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.
    (Reuters, 10/19/21)

2021        Oct 20, President Vladimir Putin ordered most Russians to stay off work for a week later this month amid rising COVID-19 infections and deaths, and he strongly urged reluctant citizens to get vaccinated.
    (AP, 10/20/21)
2021        Oct 20, Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was awarded the European Parliament's annual human rights prize for his efforts to challenge President Vladimir Putin's grip on power.
    (Reuters, 10/20/21)

2021        Oct 21, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Moscow will reintroduce COVID-19 lockdown measures from Oct. 28, with supermarkets and pharmacies the only shops allowed to stay open in an effort to cut soaring infections and deaths.
    (Reuters, 10/21/21)
2021        Oct 21, NATO defence ministers agreed a new master plan to defend against any potential Russian attack on multiple fronts, reaffirming the alliance's core goal of deterring Moscow despite a growing focus on China.
    (Reuters, 10/21/21)

2021        Oct 22, Russia reported a fourth straight daily record of COVID-19 deaths, with still a week to go before the start of a nationwide workplace shutdown ordered by President Vladimir Putin to try to curb a rise in infections. The government  coronavirus task force reported 37,141 new infections and 1,064 deaths in the last 245 hours.
    (Reuters, 10/22/21)(SFC, 10/23/21, p.A4)

2021        Oct 25, Russia reported 37,930 new COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours, its highest single-day case tally since the start of the pandemic.
    (Reuters, 10/25/21)

2021        Oct 26, Russia ordered regional leaders to step up their fight against COVID-19 as the daily death toll hit a record for the sixth time in eight days.
    (Reuters, 10/26/21)

2021        Oct 27, Russia’s Pres. Vladimir Putin told Alexei Miller, the head of state-controlled gas giant Gazprom, to start pumping gas into the company's storage facilities in Austria and Germany after it fills domestic depots by Nov. 8. The EU depends on Russia for more than 40% of its gas imports.
    (AP, 10/28/21)
2021        Oct 27, Russia hit another record for daily COVID-19 deaths as authorities across the country moved to keep most people off work in line with a Kremlin order aimed at stemming the spread.
    (AP, 10/27/21)

2021        Oct 28, Moscow started a nonworking period intended to stem coronavirus infections as new daily cases and deaths from COVID-19 surged to all-time highs.
    (AP, 10/28/21)
2021        Oct 28, The US State Department said the Russian government last week approved US air carriers' requests for overflights. Some cargo and passenger airlines sought additional flights.
    (Reuters, 10/28/21)

2021        Oct 29, Russia recorded another record of daily coronavirus deaths as authorities hoped to stem contagion by keeping most people off work. The government’s coronavirus task force reported 1,163 deaths in 24 hours, the largest daily number since the pandemic began.
    (AP, 10/29/21)
2021        Oct 29, Russia's natural gas giant Gazprom and the Moldovan government said they had signed a new five-year contract for Russian gas supplies.
    (Reuters, 10/30/21)

2021        Oct 31, Russia’s national coronavirus task force reported 40,993 new infections over the previous day, up more than 700 on the previous record of a day earlier.
    (AP, 10/31/21)

2021        Nov 1, Authorities in Russia's Novgorod region ordered most residents to stay off work for one more week starting Nov. 8 as coronavirus infections and deaths remained at all-time highs.
    (AP, 11/1/21)

2021        Nov 2, Coronavirus deaths in Russia hit another daily record. The state coronavirus task force reported 39,008 new confirmed cases and 1,178 COVID-19 deaths.
    (AP, 11/2/21)

2021        Nov 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the country's arms manufacturers to develop even more advanced hypersonic missiles and high-energy lasers to maintain the country's edge in military technologies.
    (AP, 11/3/21)
2021        Nov 3, Russia’s state coronavirus task force reported over 40,000 new confirmed cases from a day earlier, the most since the start of the pandemic. Coronavirus cases and deaths remained at all-time highs as more regions announced extending existing restrictions in an effort to tame the country's unrelenting surge of infections.
    (AP, 11/3/21)
2021        Nov 3, A Russian Antonov An-12 cargo plane carrying seven people crash-landed in Siberia and was engulfed in flames after disappearing from radar just outside the city of Irkutsk. At least two people were killed.
    (Reuters, 11/3/21)
2021        Nov 3, The US Commerce Department added four companies from Israel, Russia and Singapore to its "entity list", saying they engaged in "activities that are contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States".
    (AP, 11/3/21)

2021        Nov 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin marked the national Unity Day holiday with a trip to Crimea, declaring the region will always be a part of Russia.
    (AP, 11/4/21)
2021        Nov 4, The presidents of Belarus and Russia signed an array of measures to deepen the integration of the two countries but stop short of a full merger.
    (AP, 11/5/21)
2021        Nov 4, Russia’s national coronavirus task force said 1,195 people died of COVID-19 over the past day, exceeding the 1,189 recorded the previous day.
    (AP, 11/4/21)

2021        Nov 5, A senior Russian official said the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened in 10 Russian regions despite a week-long nationwide workplace shutdown designed to curb a surge in infections.
    (Reuters, 11/5/21)
2021        Nov 5, The Dutch Supreme Court handed Russia at least a temporary victory in an appeal of what’s believed to be the world’s largest award in an arbitration case after former shareholders of bankrupted Russian oil giant Yukos accused the Kremlin of taking down the company in 2003 to silence Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin.
    (AP, 11/5/21)

2021        Nov 6, Russia’s national coronavirus task force reported 41,335 new cases since the previous day, exceeding the previous daily record of 40,993 from Oct. 31. The task force reported about 57.2 million full-course vaccinations, or less than 40% of the country’s 146 million people.
    (AP, 11/6/21)

2021        Nov 8, In Russia a top human rights lawyer who defended the Anti-Corruption Foundation of jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny was added to the Justice Ministry's list of "foreign agents." Ivan Pavlov and four other lawyers were placed on the list, now comprising 93 names.
    (Reuters, 11/8/21)
2021        Nov 8, Russia reported 39,400 new COVID-19 cases, including nearly 5,000 in Moscow alone. Most Russians went back to work for the first time in more than a week as a nationwide workplace shutdown was lifted across most regions.
    (Reuters, 11/8/21)
2021        Nov 8, The US Justice Department said that it had brought charges against Yevgeniy Polyanin (28), a Russian national, whom it accused of conducting ransomware attacks against American government entities and businesses, including one that temporarily shut down the meat supply giant JBS. The department also unsealed a separate indictment accusing a Ukrainian national, Yaroslav Vasinskyi (22), with conducting multiple ransomware attacks, including the July 2021 assault on the technology company Kaseya. Europol said seven hackers linked to REvil and another ransomware family have been arrested since February.
    (NY Times, 11/8/21)(SFC, 11/9/21, p.A8)

2021        Nov 9, Russia said the nationwide workplace shutdown it ended this week had helped turn the tide on a wave of COVID-19 cases, even as officials reported the largest one-day death toll of the pandemic so far. The state coronavirus task force reported 1,211 COVID-19 deaths.
    (Reuters, 11/9/21)(SFC, 11/10/21, p.A4)
2021        Nov 9, Russia said the nationwide workplace shutdown it ended this week had helped turn the tide on a wave of COVID-19 cases, even as officials reported the largest one-day death toll of the pandemic so far.
    (Reuters, 11/9/21)

2021        Nov 10, Russia reported a record 1,239 deaths from COVID-19 in the previous 24 hours, two days after most of its regions emerged from a week-long workplace shutdown designed to curb the spread of the virus.
    (Reuters, 11/10/21)

2021        Nov 11, Russia reported 40,759 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,237 deaths. Fewer than 40% of the country's 146 million population have been fully vaccinated.
    (SFC, 11/12/21, p.A6)
2021        Nov 11, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko raised the possibility he could shut down the transit of natural gas to Europe via Belarus in retaliation against any new EU sanctions imposed over his country's handling of migrants. Russian gas flows on the Yamal-Europe pipeline halved over the last 24 hours.
    (Reuters, 11/11/21)

2021        Nov 13, Russia’s national coronavirus task force said that a record 1,241 people died from the virus over the past day.
    (AP, 11/13/21)

2021        Nov 14, Russia news reported that Russia has started supplying India with S-400 air defence missile systems.
    (Reuters, 11/14/21)

2021        Nov 15, Russia carried out an antisatellite missile test, obliterating one of its own satellites in orbit. The test created a vast cloud of debris that continues to orbit Earth, and some of the material loomed dangerously close to the International Space Station, forcing astronauts to take shelter for hours in a pair of spacecraft capable of returning them to Earth.
    (NY Times, 11/15/21)
2021        Nov 15, A new round of fighting between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists began with a dispute over grocery shopping. One Ukrainian soldier was killed.
    (NY Times, 11/15/21)

2021        Nov 17, Russia said it would deploy a new paratroop regiment on annexed Crimea by the beginning of December and complained about a British deal to boost Ukraine's navy which it said showed British military activities were expanding near its borders.
    (Reuters, 11/17/21)

2021        Nov 18, Russian natural gas flows through the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Germany eased this morning, but gas prices dropped despite ongoing uncertainty over Russian supplies this winter.
    (Reuters, 11/18/21)
2021        Nov 18, Russia recorded 1,251 coronavirus deaths, a record high for a 2nd straight day.
    (SFC, 11/19/21, p.A10)

2021        Nov 23, Yevgeny Smirnov Irina Fatyanova, involved with Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's recent political campaign, said they have fled Russia as the jailed opposition leader launched a new bid to challenge his designation by prison authorities as an extremist.
    (Reuters, 11/24/21)

2021        Nov 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he has taken an experimental nasal vaccine against the coronavirus, three days after he received his booster shot, as Russia faces its worst surge of infections and deaths since the pandemic began.
    (AP, 11/24/21)

2021        Nov 25, A methane explosion at a coal mine in Russia's Siberia killed 11 people and injured more than 40, with dozens of others remaining trapped at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerova region. The death toll soon rose to at least 52.
    (AP, 11/25/21)((SFC, 11/26/21, p.A4)
2021        Nov 25, Belarusian and Russian fighter jets jointly patrolled Belarus' border, in the latest sign of Moscow's support for its ally in a standoff with the EU over migrants camped at the frontier with Poland.
    (Reuters, 11/25/21)

2021        Nov 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted the leaders of regional rivals Armenia and Azerbaijan for talks marking the first anniversary of a Moscow-brokered peace deal that ended fighting in the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
    (AP, 11/26/21)
2021        Nov 26, A Russian cargo craft carrying a new docking module successfully hooked up with the International Space Station after a two-day space journey.
    (AP, 11/26/21)
2021        Nov 26, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Ukraine had uncovered a plot to overthrow his government next week, involving individuals from Russia caught on tape talking about roping Ukraine's richest businessman into backing a coup.
    (Reuters, 11/26/21)

2021        Nov 27, A Russian court ordered five people to remain in pre-trial detention for two months pending an investigation into a devastating blast in a coal mine in Siberia that resulted in dozens of deaths.
    (AP, 11/27/21)
2021        Nov 27, Russia's US Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said that 27 more Russian diplomats and their families were expelled from the United States and would leave on Jan. 30.
    (AP, 11/28/21)

2021        Nov 29, The developer of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine said that it will immediately start working on adapting that COVID-19 vaccine to counter the omicron variant. A new version of Sputnik V could be ready for mass production in 45 days.
    (AP, 11/29/21)

2021        Nov 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin sternly warned NATO against deploying its troops and weapons to Ukraine, saying it represents a red line for Russia and would trigger a strong response.
    (AP, 11/30/21)
2021        Nov 30, A rebel Russian monk who castigated the Kremlin and denied that the coronavirus existed was convicted on accusations of encouraging suicides and given a 3½-year prison sentence. Father Sergiy was arrested in December 2020 on charges of inciting suicidal actions through sermons in which he urged believers to "die for Russia".
    (AP, 11/30/21)
2021        Nov 30, Ukraine PM Denys Shmygal accused Russia of being "absolutely" behind what he called an attempt to organize a coup to overthrow the pro-Western government in Kyiv, citing intelligence.
    (Reuters, 11/30/21)
2021        Nov 30, The US warned of "serious consequences" if Russia escalates the conflict in Ukraine, sending a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin as he continues to mobilize troops on the border of his neighboring country.
    (The Hill, 11/30/21)

2021        Dec 1, Russia said it was ordering US embassy staff who have been in Moscow for more than three years to fly home by Jan. 31, a retaliatory move for what Moscow said was a U.S. decision to limit the terms of Russian diplomats.
    (Reuters, 12/1/21)

2021        Dec 2, It was reported that Russia has deployed its Bastion coastal missile defence system to a remote part of the Kuril island chain in the Pacific near Japan.
    (Reuters, 12/2/21)

2021        Dec 6, Russia-based Rosneft said it has signed a deal to supply refiner Indian Oil with up to 2 million tons of crude next year.
    (Reuters, 12/6/21)
2021        Dec 6, India and Russia signed 28 investment pacts, including deals on steel, shipbuilding, coal and energy. Moscow and New Delhi also signed a deal that will see India produce more than 600,000 AK-203 assault rifles.
    (Reuters, 12/6/21)
2021        Dec 6, Russia confirmed its first two cases of the omicron variant in travelers who returned from South Africa.
    (SFC, 12/7/21, p.A4)

2021        Dec 7, President Biden met with Vladimir Putin by video to discuss tensions at the Russia-Ukraine border. Putin and Biden set out their opposing positions on Ukraine and agreed that Russia and the United States should keep talking.
    (NY Times, 12/7/21)(Reuters, 12/7/21)
2021        Dec 7, Ukrainian authorities charged that Russia is sending tanks and snipers to the line of contact in war-torn eastern Ukraine to “provoke return fire," an accusation that comes amid fears that a Russian troop buildup near the Ukrainian border might indicate plans for an invasion.
    (AP, 12/7/21)

2021        Dec 8, British PM Boris Johnson apologized after a video surfaced showing his staff laughing and joking about a party in Downing Street during a Christmas COVID-19 lockdown last year when such festivities were banned.
    (Reuters, 12/8/21)
2021        Dec 8, Britain reported 51,342 new cases of COVID-19 and a further 161 deaths within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test result. Cases were up 11.3% over the last seven days compared to the previous seven days. Britain reported 131 new cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant, taking the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 568.
    (Reuters, 12/8/21)

2021        Dec 11, The G7 democracies sought to present a united front against Russian aggression toward Ukraine as Britain hosted a meeting of foreign ministers in the northern English city of Liverpool.
    (Reuters, 12/11/21)

2021        Dec 12, G7 delegates meeting in L:iverpool warned that Russia faces massive consequences and severe costs if President Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 12/12/21)

2021        Dec 13, Russia vetoed a first-of-its-kind UN Security Council resolution casting climate change as a threat to international peace and security, sinking a years-long effort to make global warming more central to decision-making in the UN's most powerful body.
    (AP, 12/13/21)
2021        Dec 13, The EU imposed sanctions on a group of private Russian military contractors it accuses of fomenting violence and committing human rights abuses in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine.
    (AP, 12/13/21)

2021        Dec 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he wants "immediate" talks with the United States and NATO over security guarantees, as tensions soar between Moscow and the West over Ukraine.
    (AP, 12/14/21)
2021        Dec 14, The European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling urging Russia to introduce measures tackling domestic violence against women, which it said is happening on a “staggering scale" amid “systematic problems in securing prosecutions and convictions".
    (AP, 12/14/21)

2021        Dec 15, Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin agreed in a video call that China and Russia should stand firm in rejecting Western interference and defending each other's security interests.
    (Reuters, 12/15/21)
2021        Dec 15, In Belgium the young adult daughter of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny received a standing ovation from European Union lawmakers as she accepted the EU's top human rights prize on her father's behalf.
    (AP, 12/15/21)
2021        Dec 15, Germany announced that it is expelling two Russian diplomats after a German court cnculded that Moscow was behind the 2019 killing of Zelimkhan "Tornike" Khangoshvili (40), a Georgian citizen of Chechen ethnicity. Judges convicted Vadim Krasikov (56) of the killing.
    (SFC, 12/16/21, p.A4)

2021        Dec 16, Russia said it was ready to send a government minister to "any neutral country" for talks with the United States on its proposals for security in Europe, and presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden could speak again before New Year.
    (Reuters, 12/16/21)
2021        Dec 16, Russia fined Twitter, Facebook owner Meta Platforms and TikTok for failing to delete content the government deems illegal, the latest in a string of penalties against foreign technology firms.
    (Reuters, 12/16/21)
2021        Dec 16, NATO stood by its promise to open a path to Ukrainian membership amid warnings from Western intelligence agencies that Moscow could soon begin a military incursion.
    (NY Times, 12/16/21)

2021        Dec 17, Russia said it wanted a legally binding guarantee that the NATO military alliance would give up any military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, part of a wish list of ambitious security guarantees it wants to negotiate with the West.
    (Reuters, 12/17/21)
2021        Dec 17, Switzerland's highest court dismissed a final appeal by Vladislav Klyushin, a Kremlin-linked Russian businessman seeking to block his extradition to the United States, by arguing he was a victim of a US political campaign to snare him on trumped-up charges.
    (Reuters, 12/17/21)

2021        Dec 19, The Interfax news agency reported that Facebook has paid 17 million rubles ($229,643) in fines owed in Russia for failing to delete content Moscow deems illegal.
    (Reuters, 12/19/21)
2021        Dec 19, A Russian court handed the retired father of one of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's allies a three-year suspended sentence, in a corruption case that critics say is without merit. Yury Zhdanov (67) spent several months in pre-trial detention, but was released from custody after sentencing.
    (AP, 12/19/21)
2021        Dec 19, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said NATO will discuss Russia's security proposals but it will not let Moscow dictate the alliance's military posture.
    (Reuters, 12/19/21)

2021        Dec 20, Russia said it urgently needed a response from the United States on its sweeping security demands and again warned of a possible Russian military response unless it saw political action to assuage its concerns.
    (Reuters, 12/20/21)
2021        Dec 20, Russia ordered two German diplomats to leave in response to the expulsion of two Russian envoys after a German court's ruling that blamed Moscow for the killing of a Chechen man in Berlin two years ago.
    (AP, 12/20/21)
2021        Dec 20, Poland and Lithuania joined Ukraine to call for stronger Western sanctions against Moscow amid a Russian troop buildup near the Ukrainian border that has fueled fears of an invasion.
    (AP, 12/20/21)
2021        Dec 20, US authorities charged Vladislav Klyushin (41) and four others with gleaning material nonpublic information about company performance announcements and trading ahead of the news. One of the others charged, an employee of Klyushin’s named Ivan Ermakov (35), a former Russian military intelligence officer, was previously charged for his alleged role in hacking and an influence effort related to the 2016 presidential election. Klyushin was extradited by the US from Switzerland on Dec. 18. The four other co-defendants remained at large.
    (Bloomberg, 12/20/21)

2021        Dec 21, President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia was prepared to take military steps in response to "unfriendly" Western actions over the Ukraine conflict, in a sharp escalation of rhetoric.
    (AFP, 12/21/21)

2021        Dec 22, The new German-language broadcast of Russia's international television station RT went off the air days after its launch after German authorities ruled that it did not have the license it needed to operate in the country.
    (Reuters, 12/22/21)

2021        Dec 23, It was reported that Russian mercenaries have deployed to separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine in recent weeks to bolster defenses against Ukrainian government forces as tensions between Moscow and the West rise.
    (Reuters, 12/23/21)
2021        Dec 23, France condemned the Malian transitional authorities' decision to allow the deployment of the Wagner Group, and accused Moscow of funding the private military company's use of mercenaries in the West African country.
    (AP, 12/23/21)

2021        Dec 24, A Moscow court slapped Google with a $98.4 million fine and Facebook's parent Meta $27.2 million over their failure to delete content banned by local law.
    (SSFC, 12/26/21, p.A4)
2021        Dec 24, Mali's government denied the presence of Russian mercenaries in the West African country after 15 Western powers accused Russia of providing material support to a deployment of private military contractors.
    (Reuters, 12/25/21)

2021        Dec 25, Interfax news agency reported that more than 10,000 Russian troops have been returning to their permanent bases after month-long drills near Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 12/25/21)
2021        Dec 25, OVD-Info, a Russian organization that tracks political arrests and provides legal aid to detainees, said that government regulators blocked its website, the latest move in a months-long crackdown on independent media and human rights organizations.
    (AP, 12/25/21)

2021        Dec 27, A Russian court added two more years to a 13-year jail sentence for historian Yuri Dmitriev, in a sex abuse case that his supporters say was trumped up to punish him for uncovering mass graves of Stalin's Gulags.
    (Reuters, 12/27/21)
2021        Dec 27, Andrei Zakharov, an investigative journalist for the BBC's Russian-language service in Moscow, said in a video released today that he had felt compelled to leave Russia for self-imposed exile in Britain due to what he called unprecedented surveillance.
    (Reuters, 12/27/21)

2021        Dec 28, Russian state investigators detained the former heads of provincial election headquarters in the Siberian cities of Tomsk and Irkutsk for questioning. Leonid Volkov said he had tried to persuade both activists, Kseniya Fadeyeva and Zakhar Sarapulov, to leave Russia, as he and a number of other dissidents have done, but they refused.
    (Reuters, 12/28/21)
2021        Dec 28, Russia's Supreme Court ordered Memorial, the country's best-known human rights group, to be liquidated for breaking a law requiring groups to register as foreign agents, capping a year of crackdowns on Kremlin critics unseen since the Soviet days.
    (Reuters, 12/28/21)
2021        Dec 28, In Russia Abubakar Yangulbaev, a lawyer with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, was taken by "officials from the Chechen Center to Prevent Extremism or simply political police" to a police station in Pyatigorsk. A day earlier Yangulbaev had reported that more than 30 members of his own family had been detained in Chechnya.
    (The Daily Beast, 12/28/21)
2021        Dec 28, Iran and Russia both gave upbeat views about talks that kicked off this week to salvage Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal with global powers, although Western nations have said the negotiations are going too slowly.
    (Reuters, 12/28/21)

2021        Dec 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a new pipeline to Germany has been fully filled with natural gas, noting that it could help quickly reduce soaring European energy prices.
    (AP, 12/29/21)

2021        Dec 30, Russian authorities ordered hospitals to get prepared for a possible surge in COVID-19 cases. Russian statistics service, Rosstat, said 87,527 people had died from coronavirus-related causes in November, making it the deadliest month in Russia since the start of the pandemic.
    (Reuters, 12/30/21)
2021        Dec 30, The Russian government extended its approval for drugmaker Pharmasyntez to produce a generic version of US anti-COVID-19 drug remdesivir without a patent for one year, citing the need to protect its citizens.
    (Reuters, 12/30/21)
2021        Dec 30, Britain's foreign minister Liz Truss spoke to her counterparts from the United States, Germany and France about deterring Russian aggression towards Ukraine, concerns about Iran's nuclear program and solidarity with Lithuania in face of China pressure.
    (Reuters, 12/30/21)
2021        Dec 30, President Biden and Vladimir Putin held a 50-minute call, in which Putin warned against imposing economic sanctions on Russia. A terse White House statement said Biden “made clear that the United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine".
    (NY Times, 12/30/21)

2021        Dec 31, It was reported that Russia test-fired around 10 new Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missiles from a frigate and two more from a submarine.
    (Reuters, 12/31/21)

2022        Jan 2, Russian jets bombed areas near the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib, marking a new year flare-up for the last opposition-held bastion.
    (Reuters, 1/3/22)

2022        Jan 6, Britain warned Moscow that it was working with Western partners on high-impact sanctions targeting Russia's financial sector should it invade Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 1/6/22)
2022        Jan 6, Kazakh authorities said security forces killed dozens of protesters and 12 police died during extraordinarily violent demonstrations that saw government buildings stormed and set ablaze. Paratroopers from a Russia-led military alliance began arriving to restore order after a night of protests in the Central Asian country turned violent. The evening saw renewed battles in Almaty's main square, occupied alternately by troops and hundreds of protesters throughout much of the day. Authorities later said at least 227 people were killed in the worst bout of political violence in the Central Asian in its post-Soviet history.
    (NY Times, 1/6/22)(Reuters, 1/6/22)(AP, 1/6/22)(Reuters, 2/2/22)

2022        Jan 7, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ruled out any halt to the continued expansion of the military organization to address Russian security concerns, rejecting a key part of President Vladimir Putin’s demands for easing tensions with Ukraine.
    (AP, 1/7/22)

2022        Jan 10, US and Russian diplomats began meeting in Geneva for talks about Ukraine. The US and Russia deadlocked about NATO expansion.
    (NY Times, 1/10/22)
2022        Jan 10, Ukraine's SBU security service said it had detained a Russian military intelligence agent who was planning attacks on the country's largest Black Sea port of Odessa.
    (Reuters, 1/10/22)

2022        Jan 11, Russia staged live-fire exercises with troops and tanks near the Ukrainian border while sounding a downbeat note over the prospects for talks with the United States that Washington hopes will remove the possible threat of an invasion of Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 1/11/22)
2022        Jan 11, Russian political satirist and Kremlin critic Viktor Shenderovich (63) said he had left Russia fearing that a criminal case for slander would be opened against him after authorities designated him as a "foreign agent".
    (Reuters, 1/11/22)
2022        Jan 11, China and Russia blocked the UN Security Council from supporting new sanctions on Mali for its military leaders’ decision to delay next month’s elections until 2026, a blow to the restoration of democracy in the troubled West African nation.
    (AP, 1/11/22)
2022        Jan 11, A senior French armed forces ministry official said 300 to 400 Russian mercenaries are operating in central Mali, challenging an assertion by the West African country's junta that only Russian military trainers are deployed there.
    (Reuters, 1/11/22)

2022        Jan 12, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is facing a new surge of coronavirus infections because of the highly contagious omicron variant. Russia's state coronavirus task force reported more than 17,000 new infections for a 2nd day.
    (AP, 1/12/22)
2022        Jan 12, The United States and NATO rejected key Russian security demands for easing tensions over Ukraine but left open the possibility of future talks with Moscow on arms control, missile deployments and ways to prevent military incidents between Russia and the West.
    (AP, 1/12/22)
2022        Jan 12, The United States imposed sanctions on six North Koreans, one Russian and a Russian firm it said were responsible for procuring goods from Russia and China for North Korea's weapons programs. The action followed a series of North Korean missile launches, including two since last week.
    (Reuters, 1/12/22)

2022        Jan 13, A Russia-led military bloc began pulling out from Kazakhstan after a week-long deployment amid an explosion of unrest during which authorities in the Central Asian nation.
    (Reuters, 1/13/22)
2022        Jan 13, Armenia and Turkey held a first round of talks in Moscow. The next day they said the talks, the first in more than ten years, were "positive and constructive," raising the prospect that ties could be restored and borders reopened after decades of animosity.
    (Reuters, 1/14/22)
2022        Jan 13, The European Union prolonged economic sanctions against Russia for six months for failing to live up to its commitments to the peace agreement in Ukraine, amid concern that Moscow may be preparing to invade its former Soviet neighbor.
    (AP, 1/13/22)

2022        Jan 14, Russia's security agency claimed it has arrested members of the Russia-based cyber gang REvil that was responsible for multiple massive ransomware attacks against US companies last year.
    (Axios, 1/14/22)

2022        Jan 15, A Moscow court remanded in custody for two months six more suspected members of the ransomware crime group REvil over illegal trafficking of funds, a day after Russia claimed it had dismantled the group at the request of the United States.
    (Reuters, 1/15/22)
2022        Jan 15, Ukraine said it believes a hacker group linked to Belarusian intelligence carried out a cyberattack that hit government websites this week and used malware similar to that used by a group tied to Russian intelligence.
    (Reuters, 1/15/22)

2022        Jan 16, In the Central African Rep. a 2-day operation began by CAR forces and mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner near the town of Bria. The operation targeted the Union for Peace rebel group. More than 30 civilians were reportedly killed, some by stray bullets.
    (Reuters, 1/21/22)
2022        Jan 16, Ukraine said that Russia was behind a cyberattack that defaced its government websites and alleged that Russia is engaged in an increasing “hybrid war" against its neighbor.
    (AP, 1/16/22)

2022        Jan 17, Russian military forces and hardware began arriving in ex-Soviet Belarus for joint drills starting in February, amid soaring tensions between East and West over Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 1/17/22)
2022        Jan 17, A Moscow court said it had ordered Alphabet's Google to pay 4 million rubles ($52,526) for not removing access to content banned in Russia, the latest in a string of fines for the US tech giant.
    (Reuters, 1/17/22)
2022        Jan 17, Russian authorities reported a sharp spike in new coronavirus cases, apparently driven by the rapid spread of the omicron variant health officials warned about last week. The state coronavirus task force registered 30,726 new infections over the last 24 hours, twice as many as 15,830 just a week ago, and the highest daily tally since early December.
    (AP, 1/17/22)
2022        Jan 17, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that she hoped mounting tensions with Russia over Ukraine could be solved by diplomacy, but she warned that Moscow would suffer if it does attack the country.
    (AP, 1/17/22)
2022        Jan 17, A bipartisan group of United States senators promised solidarity and weapons on a visit to Kyiv, while warning Russian President Vladimir Putin against launching a new military offensive against Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 1/17/22)

2022        Jan 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, hailing the two countries' cooperation on the crisis in Syria and other international issues.
    (AP 1/19/22)
2022        Jan 19, President Biden said that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin will advance into Ukraine, but he also tried to address Russia's main complaint, indicating that Ukraine would not join NATO in the near future.
    (Fox News, 1/19/22)

2022        Jan 20, Russia dismissed warnings that the United States could restrict electronics supplies if Moscow attacks Ukraine, saying any such measures would mostly hurt the manufacturers.
    (Reuters, 1/20/22)
2022        Jan 20, It was reported that a small Russian-Italian preliminary laboratory study has shown that levels of Omicron-neutralizing antibodies of people vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik V vaccine did not decline as much as of those who had Pfizer shots.
    (AP, 1/20/22)
2022        Jan 20, Canada's signals intelligence agency said network operators of critical Canadian infrastructure should boost their defenses against Russian state-sponsored threats.
    (Reuters, 1/20/22)
2022        Jan 20, US President Joe Biden said that he has made clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that any Russian movement into Ukraine would be considered an invasion.
    (Reuters, 1/20/22)
2022        Jan 20, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said he spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin about cooperation between the two countries. A statement said the presidents spoke of the increase in commerce between both countries, the launch of air service between Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, and Moscow, and Russia’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines to Venezuelans.
    (AP, 1/20/22)

2022        Jan 21, Russia reported 49,513 new coronavirus infections, a new all-time high. Only about half the population has been fully vaccinated.
    (AP, 1/22/22)
2022        Jan 21, PM Kiril Petkov said Bulgaria decides on its defence plans in coordination with its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, after Russia said its security demands included that NATO forces leave Bulgaria and Romania.
    (Reuters, 1/21/22)
2022        Jan 21, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy concluded two days of talks with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda. PM Duda called on European leaders to take a tough, united stance towards Russia amid fears that Moscow could be readying an invasion of Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 1/21/22)
2022        Jan 21, Ukraine's military intelligence said that Russia was actively recruiting mercenaries and sending them for intensive training in separatist-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine.
    (Reuters, 1/21/22)

2022        Jan 22, The British government said that the Kremlin was developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine, and had already chosen a potential candidate, as President Vladimir V. Putin weighs whether to order the Russian forces amassed on Ukraine’s border to attack. Britain's foreign ministry said Russia was considering the Ukrainian politician Yevhen Murayev to lead a new government. Russia dismissed Britain's accusation as "disinformation." Murayev poured cold water on