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  The island, a US territory, is 110 by 35 miles in size, 3,427 sq. miles in area, a little smaller than Connecticut.
 (SFEC, 4/26/98, p.A3)(SFC, 11/14/98, p.A6)(SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T5)

c1AD        The Tibes Indians date back to about this time. A flooding river exposed an ancient Tibes burial ground in 1977 and it became the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Park.
    (SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T5)

700AD        Ingeri and pre-Taino plazas date to this time.
    (SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T5)

1493        Nov 19, Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico on his 2nd voyage.  Juan Ponce de Leon was a member of Columbus’ crew.
    (HT, 4/97, p.28)(MC, 11/19/01)

1508        Aug 12, Ponce de Leon arrived and conquered the island of Boriquen (Puerto Rico). Spain had appointed him to colonize Puerto Rico. He explored Puerto Rico and Spanish ships under his command began to capture Bahamanian Tainos to work as slaves on Hispaniola. His settlement at Caparra, 2 miles south of San Juan Bay, was plagued by Taino Indians and cannibalistic Carib Indians.
    (http://welcome.topuertorico.org/glossary/index.shtml#936)(NH, 10/96, p.23)(SC, 8/12/02)

1509        Ponce de Leon (1474-1521) began serving as governor of Puerto Rico. He served three terms as the 1st, 3rd and 7th governor of the island. 

1512        The original San Juan Cathedral was constructed. [see 1549]
    (SFCM, 3/11/01, p.82)

1521        In Puerto Rico the Caparra colony founded by Spanish conquistadores relocated to a barrier island at the entrance of San Juan Bay.
    (HT, 4/97, p.28)(TL-MB, p.12)

1523        A Dominican Convent was built in San Juan.
    (SFC, 3/10/01, p.83)

1532        In Puerto Rico construction began about this time the San Jose church on land donated by Juan Ponce de León and whose base was erected atop an Indigenous settlement in San Juan. It was shuttered in 1996 due to serious deterioration. Two decades of detailed restoration approached completion in 2021.
    (AP, 3/12/21)

1533        The governor's mansion as La Fortaleza was built.
    (SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T1)

1537        The Spanish built La Fortaleza overlooking the bay on the southwestern edge of San Juan.
    (HT, 4/97, p.29)

1538        The watchtower El Morro was built.
    (HT, 4/97, p.30)

1539        The Castillo de San Felipe del Morro (El Morro Fortress) was begun. [2nd source says 1533]
    (SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T4)(SFCM, 3/11/01, p.82)

1549        The 1512 San Juan Cathedral was rebuilt.
    (SFCM, 3/11/01, p.82)

1575        Sep 21, A major hurricane hit Puerto Rico on the feast day of St. Matthew and became known as the San Mateo hurricane.
    (SSFC, 8/6/06, Par p.24)

1585        An additional hornwork was added to El Morro to guard the land approaches to the fort.
    (HT, 4/97, p.30)

1595        Queen Elizabeth sent Sir Francis Drake to capture treasure from a wrecked Spanish galleon stored at La Forteleza. Drake failed and returned to Panama.
    (HT, 4/97, p.30)

1598        Sir George Clifford, the third Earl of Cumberland, led an attack on Puerto Rico. He landed east of San Juan at Boqueron Inlet and attacked. The English prevailed and plundered San Juan but their food spoiled and 400 died of dysentery. The survivors burned San Juan and sailed away.
    (HT, 4/97, p.30)

1599        Spain sent 400 soldiers, 46 cannon and a new governor, Alonso de Mercado, to rebuild San Juan.
    (HT, 4/97, p.31)

1625        Sep 24, Dutch Gen’l. Bowdoin Hendrik and his fleet of 17 ships sailed into San Juan, Puerto Rico, and attacked El Morro. He held the garrison under siege for 3 weeks and then set the town to flames. This infuriated the Spanish who attacked and sent the Dutch fleeing.
    (HT, 4/97, p.31-33)(MC, 9/24/01)

1639        The San Juan Gate was built as the entry to San Juan.
    (SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T1)

1765        The Spanish Crown hired Irishmen Col. Thomas O’Daly and Field Marshall Alexander O’Reilly to upgrade the defenses of all of Spain’s Caribbean ports. They expanded and improved El Morro and San Cristobal.
    (HT, 4/97, p.33)

1770        Apr, Cockfighting in Puerto Rico, introduced by Spain in the 16th century, was officially recognized for the first time.
    (AP, 7/23/12)

1780        Guillaume Raynal, a French historian, proclaimed Puerto Rico to be “in proportion to its size the very best island in the New World."
    (SFEC, 4/26/98, p.A3)

1797        Apr, A British armada of 68 vessels and 7,000 men under Scotsman Sir Ralph Abercromby attacked San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Spanish defenses held. A procession of women made up to look like soldiers caused the siege to be called off. An annual parade later commemorated this event.
    (HT, 4/97, p.34)(SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T1)

1804        Sep 21, Another major hurricane hit Puerto Rico on the feast day of St. Matthew and became known as the San Mateo II hurricane [see 1575].
    (SSFC, 8/6/06, Par p.24)

1857        Jul 27, Jose Celso Barbosa, Puerto Rican statesman and humanitarian, was born in Bayamon.
    (AP, 7/27/07)

1868        Sep 23, Grito de Lares proclaimed Puerto Rico's independence. It was crushed by Spain.
    (MC, 9/23/01)

1873        Mar 22, Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico.
    (MC, 3/22/02)

1897        Nov 25, Spain granted Puerto Rico autonomy.
    (MC, 11/25/01)

1898        May 12, A US fleet under Admiral William T. Sampson attacked El Morro and San Cristobal in Puerto Rico. After 2 hours of shelling the fleet headed for Cuba.

1898        Jul 25, US Gen'l. Nelson A. Miles (1839-1925) landed troops at Guanica on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Spain and the US came to terms at the Treaty of Paris and the US acquired Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico became a US territory. He was promoted to lieutenant general in 1901. He retired from the army in 1903. His books include Personal Recollections and Observations (1896) and Serving the Republic (1911).
    (http://welcome.topuertorico.org/glossary/index.shtml#936)(HT, 4/97, p.65)(SFC, 3/26/97, p.C3)

1898        Aug 12, Fighting in the Spanish-American War came to an end. The peace protocol ending the Spanish-American War was signed Dec 10 after three months and 22 days of hostilities. 460 US soldiers died in battle. The US paid Spain $20 million to vacate Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Over the next 3 years US casualties in the Philippines war totaled over 4,000.
    (AP, 8/12/97)(WSJ, 2/23/98, p.A20)(HN, 8/12/00)(SSFC, 3/30/03, p.D1)(WSJ, 7/2/03, p.B1)

1898        Oct 18, The American flag was raised in Puerto Rico shortly before Spain formally relinquished control of the island to the US.
    (AP, 10/18/97)

1898        Dec 10, The United States and Spain signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the Spanish-American War. This ceded Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam to the United States. The US Senate ratified the treaty February 6, 1899. The US military governed Puerto Rico from October 1898 until May 1900, when the US Congress instituted a civil government. The civil government underwent many changes until a Constitutional Assembly formed in 1950 and established a Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which was proclaimed on July 25, 1952. [see Aug 12]
    (AP, 12/10/97)(HN, 12/10/98)(HNQ, 7/28/01)

1898        Cockfighting in Puerto Rico was banned after the US invaded the island.
    (AP, 7/23/12)

1899        Aug 8, Hurricane San Ciriaco made landfall in Puerto Rico. The number of fatalities ranged from 3,100 to 3,400, with the official estimate being 3,369. Approximately 250,000 people were left without food and shelter.

1900        Mar 19, President McKinley asserted the need for free trade with Puerto Rico.
    (HN, 3/19/98)

1900        May, The U.S. Congress instituted a civil government.
    (HNQ, 7/28/01)

1904        Jan 4, The US Supreme Court, in Gonzalez v. Williams, ruled that Puerto Ricans were not aliens and could enter the US freely; however, the court stopped short of declaring them US citizens.
    (AP, 1/4/08)

1904        Feb 17, Luis A. Fere (d.2003), gov. of Puerto Rico (1969-1972), was born in Ponce.
    (SFC, 10/22/03, p.A22)

1906        Nov 9, President Theodore Roosevelt left Washington D.C. for a 17 day trip to Panama and Puerto Rico, becoming the first president to make an official visit outside of the US. His trip popularized the Panama hat, a product actually made in Ecuador and shipped since the 1840s to prospective gold diggers in Panama. The toquilla straw hats had been made in Ecuador as long ago as the 17th century.
    (HN, 11/9/98)(Econ, 7/19/14, p.33)

1906        Nov 21, In San Juan, President Theodore Roosevelt pledged citizenship for Puerto Rican people.
    (HN, 11/21/98)

1917        Mar 2, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act giving Puerto Ricans US citizenship. The Jones Act separated the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of Puerto Rican government, provided civil rights to the individual, and created a locally elected bicameral legislature. The two houses were a Senate consisting of 19 members and a 39-member House of Representatives. However, the Governor and the President of the US had the power to veto any law passed by the legislature. Also, the US Congress had the power to stop any action taken by the legislature in Puerto Rico.
    (www.loc.gov/rr/hispanic/1898/jonesact.html)(AP, 3/2/98)

1917        The US granted residents of Puerto Rico citizenship just in time for 20,000 men to be drafted for WWI.
    (Econ, 1/9/16, p.21)

1920        US law dictated that all goods shipped between the mainland and Puerto Rico must be on American-flagged vessels.
    (Econ, 7/11/15, p.34)

1927        In Puerto Rico’s last execution farm worker Pascual Ramos was hanged for beheading his boss with a machete. Puerto Rico’s death penalty was outlawed in 1929.
    (AP, 1/25/05)

1929        Puerto Rico outlawed capital punishment. In 2005 it was among 12 US states and the District of Columbia that do not allow the death penalty.
    (AP, 1/25/05)

1932        May 17, Congress changed the name "Porto Rico" to "Puerto Rico".
    (HN, 5/17/98)

1933        Aug, The Puerto Rico legislature forced the governor to reinstate cockfighting, which had been banned, by threatening to block the budget. It won official status and became known as the "gentleman's sport" because of its honor-based betting system in which men yell bets at each other and later pay them.
    (SFEC, 4/26/98, p.A3)(AP, 7/23/12)

1937        Mar 21, Ponce massacre: police killed 19 at a Puerto Rican Nationalist parade.
    (MC, 3/21/02)

1938        Local baseball began here. Puerto Rico is just east of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is San Juan.
    (Hem., Dec. '95, p.105)

1941        Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Rexford Guy Tugwell as governor of Puerto Rico. Under his direction the island became an experiment in central planning.
    (Econ, 7/11/15, p.34)
1941        US Congress established two thirds of the island of Vieques as a military training ground. Residents were given 24 hours to leave their homes.
    (SFC, 7/26/99, p.A3)

1945        Sep 8, Jose Feliciano, blind singer, was born in Lares, Puerto Rico.

1947        Abelardo Diaz Alfaro published his short story collection "Terrazo."
    (SFC, 7/23/99, p.D6)

1948        Puerto Rico gained the right to choose its own governor and elected Munoz Marin. He held office until 1965. Luis Munoz Marin, ended the practice of teaching all high school subjects in English. From 1900 to 1948 all high school subjects had been taught in English.
    (SFC, 3/26/97, p.C3)(AFP, 5/9/12)

1950        Jul 3, US Pres. Truman signed public law 600. It provided federal statutory authorization for the people of Puerto Rico to write their own constitution.

1950        Nov 1, Two members of a Puerto Rican nationalist movement, Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola, tried to force their way into Blair House in Washington to assassinate President Truman. The attempt failed, and one of the pair Griselio Torresola, was shot dead. On July 24, 1952, Truman commuted Collazo’s death sentence to life imprisonment, on the same day he signed an act enlarging the self-government of Puerto Rico. In 2005 Stephen Hunter authored “American Gunfight: The Plot to Kill Harry Truman."
    (AP, 11/1/97)(HN, 11/1/98)(HNQ, 1/24/02)(WSJ, 11/8/05, p.D8)

1951        In Puerto Rico Río Piedras, a suburb of San Juan, merged with San Juan. It is an industrial and agricultural trading center. The Univ. of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences campus is located there.

1952        Mar 3, Puerto Rico approved its 1st self written constitution.
    (SC, 3/3/02)

1952        Jul 24, Pres. Truman commuted Oscar Collazo’s death sentence to life imprisonment, on the same day he signed an act enlarging the self-government of Puerto Rico. [See Nov 1, 1950]
    (AP, 11/1/97)(HN, 11/1/98)(HNQ, 1/24/02)

1952        Jul 25, Puerto Rico became a self-governing commonwealth of the United States.
    (AP, 7/25/97)

1954        Mar 1, Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives, wounding five congressmen. In 1998 the granddaughter of one of the nationalists published a family memoir. Lolita Lebron (1919-2010), Rafael Cancel Miranda, Irving Flores and Andres Figueroa Cordero all received lengthy prison sentences. President Jimmy Carter granted them clemency in 1979 and they were released.
    (WUD, 1994, p.1685)(AP, 3/1/98)(NPR, 2/28/98)(AP, 8/1/10)

1959        Hunter Thompson spent time working in San Juan as a journalist and based his novel "The Rum Diary," published in 1998, on the experience. Plans for a film based on the book developed in 2003.
    (SFC, 11/7/03, p.D11)

1965-1969    Roberto Sanchez Vilella (1913-1997) became the 2nd governor.
    (SFC, 3/26/97, p.C3)

1967        Luis A. Ferrre founded the pro-statehood New Progressive Party.
    (SFC, 10/22/03, p.A22)

1967        A non-binding plebiscite to determine the future status of Puerto Rico was not conclusive.
    (SFEC, 4/26/98, p.A3)

1969        Luis A. Ferrre became governor of Puerto Rico and served to 1972.
    (SFC, 10/22/03, p.A22)

1972        Rafael Hernandez Colon, a pro-commonwealth candidate, became governor of Puerto Rico.
    (SFC, 10/22/03, p.A22)

1973        Oct 22, Pablo Casals (96), Spanish cellist, conductor and composer died in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.
    (AP, 10/22/98)

1974        Oct 26, In NYC a bomb went off outside a Manhattan bank around 3 a.m. Soon after, someone called the city's Associated Press bureau and directed them to an Upper West Side phone booth, where a Puerto Rican FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation) letter claimed responsibility for attacking "major Yanki corporations." In 1981 Oscar Lopez Rivera and about a dozen comrades were convicted of seditious conspiracy "to overthrow the government of the United States in Puerto Rico by force," armed robbery and lesser charges. On May 17, 2017, Rivera (74) was released from house arrest in Puerto Rico.  
    (AP, 5/16/17)(SFC, 5/18/17, p.A2)

1974        In Puerto Rico the original mesh of the Arecibo observatory was replaced by a dish made up of 38,778 aluminum panels. The observatory soon began transmitting a 1,679-bit message  with graphic representations of basic biochemistry and astronomy towards a star cluster 25,000 light-years away.
    (Econ., 11/28/20, p.74)

1974-1983    A series of bomb attacks and robberies in the US by members of the FALN left 6 people dead and scores injured. 16 separatists who were later arrested for the attacks were granted clemency by Pres. Clinton in 1999.
    (USAT, 9/17/99, p.1A)

1975        Jan 24, In New York City, the FALN, a militant group seeking independence for Puerto Rico, sets off a bomb in Fraunces Tavern. Four people were killed and 53 injured.
    (NYT, 2/7/75, p.1)

1975        The US Navy left the island of Culebra. Sings of unexploded ordnance still lingered in 2001.
    (SFC, 6/15/01, p.D3)

1976        Section 936 provided US firms operating in Puerto Rico with tax-free income. It helped to stimulate industrialization and infrastructure development on the island. However it skewed investment towards technologies that were too advanced for Puerto Rico’s stage of development. On August 20, 1996 the U.S. Congress repealed Section 936 of the US Internal Revenue Code, with a clause that retains its benefit for ten years of existing corporations. Section 30A was created to substitute Section 936.
    (http://welcome.topuertorico.org/glossary/index.shtml#936)(Econ, 5/27/06, p.26)

1978        Puerto Rico sued the US Navy for economic damages due to military testing on the island of Vieques.
    (SFC, 7/26/99, p.A3)

1979        Apr 28, Carlos Muniz Varela, a Cuban travel agent and an activist for Puerto Rico's independence, was killed in Puerto Rico.
    (AP, 3/29/06)(www.rocla.org/Actions/MunizVarela.html)

1979        Sep 10, Four Puerto Rican nationalists imprisoned for a 1954 attack on the House of Representatives and a 1950 attempt on the life of President Truman were granted clemency by President Carter.
    (AP, 9/10/99)

1979        An attack by Puerto Rican independence militants killed two US sailors and wounded 10. A group known as Los Macheteros staged the attack in reaction to the death of an activist in a US prison. In 2014 Juan Galloza Acevedo (78) was arrested and sentenced 5 years in prison for his minor role in the attack.
    (AP, 8/7/14)

1980        Apr 5, Eleven Puerto Rican FALN members were arrested for attempting to rob an armored truck at Northwestern University; three were linked to the raid on the Carter-Mondale campaign headquarters. Several of those arrested were granted clemency in 1999.
    (WSJ, 9/14/99, p.A22)

1982        Feb 28, The FALN, a Puerto Rican Nationalist Group, bombed Wall Street.
    (MC, 2/28/02)

1983        Sep 12, Filiberto Ojeda Rios (d.2005), a Puerto Rican nationalist leader, was involved in the robbery of a Connecticut armored truck. It was considered an act of domestic terrorism because the money was used to fund activities by the Puerto Rican nationalist Macheteros, or Cane Cutters. Only about $80,000 of the $7 million was recovered. In 2005 Rios was shot and killed by FBI agents in Puerto Rico. In 2008 Avelino Gonzalez Claudio (65), a Puerto Rican militant suspected in the Connecticut robbery, was arrested in Puerto Rico, where he lived quietly under an assumed name. In 2011 FBI agents arrested Norberto Gonzalez Claudio, one of two remaining fugitives from the robbery.
    (www.amw.com/fugitives/case.cfm?id=24432)(AP, 9/25/05)(AP, 2/8/08)(SFC, 5/11/11, p.A2)

1984        Oct 31, The Puerto Rican tanker San Francisco exploded spilling 2 million gallons of oil as the ship caught fire.
    (MC, 10/31/01)

1985        Oct 7, In Ponce, Puerto Rico, a mudslide followed Tropical Storm Isabel and killed at least 129 people in the island's worst disaster this century.

1986        Dec 31, A fire at the Dupont Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, killed 97 and injured 140 people. (Three hotel workers later pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the blaze.)
    (AP, 12/31/97)

1989        Sep 18, Hurricane Hugo reached Puerto Rico, causing extensive damage as it continued to barrel toward the U.S. mainland.
    (AP, 9/18/97)

1991        Apr 7, In Puerto Rico 3 prisoners escaped from the Rio Piedras State Penitentiary in a hijacked helicopter with the help of accomplices. Two were recaptured, while a third remained at large.
    (AP, 12/31/02)

1991        Puerto Rico Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon declared Spanish the island's sole official language. The law was repealed a couple of years later by Gov. Pedro Rosello, whose first official act was to make both English and Spanish the official languages.
    (AP, 5/9/12)
1991        Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli built a colossal statue of Christopher Columbus, titled "Birth of a New World," to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' 1492 arrival in the Western Hemisphere. Several US cities including New York, Miami and Baltimore refused to accept it for reasons ranging from cost to appearance. Puerto Rico accepted the statue as a gift in 1998, using $2.4 million in public funds to bring it to the island after a former mayor envisioned it as the main attraction for Catano, a seaside suburb of San Juan. But officials said it would block airplane flight paths while residents protested plans to demolish homes to make room for it. In 2008 it was placed in storage in Mayaguez. In 2011 San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini said he would consider setting up the statue somewhere in the island's capital.
    (AP, 8/20/11)

1992        Oct 12, Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico began a microwave search for occupied planets.

1992        In Puerto Rico two toddlers, ages 2 and 3, were killed. The mother of Eliezer Marquez Navedo (17) was convicted. She was sentenced to 26 years in prison but paroled for good behavior after seven. In 2009 Eliezer Marquez Navedo was charged with the murder of an American tourist.
    (AP, 2/26/09)

1993        A 2nd non-binding plebiscite to determine the future status of Puerto Rico was not conclusive.
    (SFEC, 4/26/98, p.A3)

1993        The US Navy dropped 24 bombs of napalm on a target practice area on the island of Vieques. After years of denial the Navy admitted the drops in 1999.
    (SFC, 7/26/99, p.A3)

1994        Sep 7, U.S. Marines began training on a Puerto Rican island amid talk in Washington of a U.S.-led intervention in Haiti.
    (AP, 9/7/99)

1994        In Puerto Rico the Federal Death Penalty Act broadened the range of crimes punishable by death.
    (AP, 8/1/03)
1994        In Puerto Rico a record 995 people were killed.
    (AP, 11/12/11)

1996        Sep 10, Hurricane Hortense pounded Puerto Rico, causing at least 21 deaths and destroying thousands of homes.
    (AP, 9/10/97)

1996        Nov, The 5-story Hemberto Vidal building exploded and 20 people were killed in downtown San Juan.
    (SFC, 11/22/96, p.A3)

1998        Feb 11, Hector Acosta Martinez and Joel Rivera Alejandro kidnapped Hernandez Diaz and demanding a $1 million ransom from his family. When his family alerted police, prosecutors say the men killed him, hacked off his body parts and dumped them on a roadside. In 2003 a federal jury acquitted the 2 men.
    (AP, 8/1/03)       

1998        Feb 12, NASA planned a rocket launch from Tortuguero base in Puerto Rico. 10 more rockets were planned for launch over the next 30 days.
    (SFC, 2/2/98, p.A3)

1998        Mar 4, The US House approved a special referendum in Puerto Rico that would allow voters to choose 1 of 3 options: continued commonwealth status, statehood or independence.
    (SFC, 3/5/98, p.A5)

1998        Jun 18, Fearing loss of their jobs 6,400 workers of Telefonica went on strike and began cutting telephone cables.
    (SFC, 6/26/98, p.A2)(SFC, 6/30/98, p.A3)

1998        Jun 24, Gov. Pedro Rossello signed a law completed the $1.9 billion sale of Telefonica to a US consortium led by GTE.
    (SFC, 6/26/98, p.A2)

1998        Jun 25, Protestors planted bombs, smashed bank machines and burned telephone cables in reaction to the privatization of the phone company.
    (SFC, 6/26/98, p.A2)

1998        Jun 28, The Greater Committee of Labor Organizations voted for a work stoppage over the sale of the state phone company.
    (SFC, 6/30/98, p.A3)

1998        Jul 7, A general 2 day strike was called against the sale of the phone company and the San Juan Int’l. Airport was blocked for a short time.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A3)

1998        Jul 14, In Puerto Rico the telephone union gave in after a 26-day strike and agreed to go back to work.
    (SFC, 7/15/98, p.A3)

1998        Jul 21, Puerto Rico accepted a sweetened GTE-led bid for the government owned phone system that included concessions to appease workers.
    (WSJ, 7/22/98, p.A1)

1998        Jul 25, The governor called for a December referendum on statehood.
    (WSJ, 7/27/98, p.A1)

1998        Aug 13, Puerto Rico approved a Dec. 13 referendum for statehood.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A3)

1998        Sep 15-Oct 1, Hurricane Georges caused 602 deaths in the Caribbean and four in the United States. The storm hit the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and British and U.S. Virgin Islands before striking Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.
    (AP, 9/11/04)(www.wunderground.com)

1998        Sep 21, Hurricane Georges threatened the islands of the Caribbean. The storm hit Puerto Rico and killed at least 5 people as winds reached 130 mph. One woman was killed on St. Kitts.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A13)(SFC, 9/22/98, p.A1)

1998        Sep 22, Hurricane Georges hit the Dominican Republic and at least 12 people were killed. Three people were killed in St. Kitts, 2 in Antigua and 4 in Puerto Rico.
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 24, The death toll from Hurricane Georges reached 11.
    (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A16)

1998        Dec 13, Voters rejected statehood by a vote of 50.2% to 46.5%. The winning option was none of the above, but interpreted as a decision to remain as commonwealth, a US territory with local autonomy.
    (SFC, 12/14/98, p.A4)

1998        Puerto Rico’s population was about 3.7 million.
    (SFEC, 2/13/00, p.T5)

1999        Apr 19, Two US Marine jets in training dropped bombs over the island of Vieques and missed their targets. One civilian, David Sanes Rodriguez, was killed and 4 people were injured.
    (SFC, 4/20/99, p.A3)(SFC, 7/26/99, p.A3)

1999        Apr, Protestors began occupying the US Navy range at Vieques following the death of David Rodriguez.
    (SFC, 5/4/00, p.A3)

1999        Jun, The US Navy conceded that it had fired 263 uranium shells on the island of Vieques in 1999.
    (SFC, 7/26/99, p.A3)

1999        Jul 4, Anti US Navy protests drew some 50,000 people.
    (SFC, 7/26/99, p.A3)

1999        Jul 22, Abelardo Diaz Alfaro, short story writer, died at age 82.
    (SFC, 7/23/99, p.D6)

1999        Aug 11, Pres. Clinton offered conditional amnesty to imprisoned Puerto Rican militants (FALN). The separatists were responsible for at least 150 bombings over a 9-year period that killed 6 people and injured over 70.
    (SFC, 9/8/99, p.A3)(WSJ, 9/14/99, p.A22)

1999        Sep 7, In NY twelve Puerto Rican prisoners (FALN) agreed to accept Pres. Clinton's offer of conditional amnesty.
    (SFC, 9/8/99, p.A3)

1999        Sep 10, Eleven Puerto Rican nationalists (FALN) were freed under the clemency deal offered by Pres. Clinton.
    (SFC, 9/11/99, p.A1)

1999        Oct 18, A US presidential panel recommended that Navy gunnery on the Vieques Island of Puerto Rico be reduced and abandoned in 5 years.
    (WSJ, 10/19/99, p.A1)

1999        Oct 19, Gov. Pedro Rossello told a US congressional committee that live firing exercises on Vieques could not be resumed.
    (SFC, 10/20/99, p.A7)

1999        Nov, Drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto walked out of that Puerto Rican prison after presenting guards with a forged release order. He had served only four years of a 209-year sentence for killing a man suspected of stealing a cocaine shipment. Within a month, he moved to the Dominican Republic, where he was detained as part of a drug investigation in 2001. He was released after two weeks; he used an alias and authorities didn't know his true identity.
    (AP, 3/17/10)

1999        Dec 3, Pres. Clinton offered to reduce bombing practice on Vieques in the spring and use only dummy bombs plus $40 million in economic incentives with phase out in 5 years. Puerto Rico rejected the offer.
    (SFC, 12/4/99, p.A3)

2000        Jan 31, The US persuaded Puerto Rico to continue use of the Navy firing range off Vieques Island with dummy bombs in exchange for $40 million. A vote by islanders to approve live ammunition would bring Puerto Rico an additional $50 million. A no vote would require clean up and a halt to training by May 1, 2003.
    (SFC, 2/1/00, p.A3)

2000        Mar 8, Near Puerto Rico at least 10 people died when a boat carrying some 70 illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic capsized.
    (SFC, 3/9/00, p.A12)

2000        May 1, In Puerto Rico 2 US warships arrived off the coast of Vieques and some 50 protestors braced for the arrival of federal agents.
    (SFC, 5/2/00, p.A5)

2000        May 4, In Puerto Rico US federal agents moved and arrested 216 protestors from the bombing range on Vieques Island.
    (SFC, 5/5/00, p.A1)

2000        Jun 25, US Navy bombing in Vieques resumed with nonexplosive dummy bombs after 37 demonstrators were arrested. A fatal accident had prompted a yearlong occupation by protesters.
    (WSJ, 6/26/00, p.A1)(SFC, 6/28/00, p.A3)(AP, 6/25/01)

2000        Aug 6, In San Juan, Puerto Rico, thousands rallied to protest new US military exercises on Vieques.
    (SFC, 8/7/00, p.A3)

2000        Oct 13, A US federal appeals court ruled that residents of Puerto Rico cannot vote in presidential elections unless the island becomes a state or the US Constitution is amended.
    (SFC, 10/14/00, p.A4)

2000        Nov, In local elections Sila Calderon (58), Popular Democratic Party, defeated Gov. Pedro Rossello. Calderon opposed the US Navy bombing site on Vieques.
    (SFC, 1/2/01, p.A4)

2000        Dec 23, Pres. Clinton created a task force to study whether Puerto Rico should become a state, an independent country or continue as a US commonwealth.
    (SSFC, 12/24/00, p.A14)

2001        Mar 1, The Pentagon suspended Navy bombing on Vieques.
    (WSJ, 3/2/00, p.A1)

2001        Apr 26, A US federal judge ruled that military exercises could resume on Vieques Island. Puerto Ricans mobilized for mass demonstrations.
    (SFC, 4/27/01, p.A2)

2001        Apr 27, The US Navy resumed bombing exercises on Vieques Island where 14 protesters were arrested.
    (SFC, 4/28/01, p.A3)

2001        May 11, Denise Quinones of Puerto Rico won the Miss Universe contest held in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
    (SFC, 5/12/01, p.A2)

2001        Jun 14, Pres. Bush ordered a stop to the Navy bombing exercises on Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island.
    (SFC, 6/14/01, p.A3)

2001        Jun 14, Pres. Bush ordered a stop to the Navy bombing exercises on Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island. Cleanup was estimated to cost hundreds of millions and take decades. Bombing practice was set to stop by May, 2003.
    (SFC, 6/14/01, p.A3)(SFC, 6/15/01, p.D3)(WSJ, 6/15/01, p.A1)

2001        Jun 18, The US Navy dropped dummy bombs on Vieques island. A number of protesters were arrested for trespassing.
    (SFC, 6/19/01, p.A3)

2001        Jul 29, The residents of Vieques island voted on stopping the practice bombing by the US military. Opponents of the navy bombing gathered 68% of the vote.
    (SSFC, 7/29/01, p.A9)(SFC, 7/30/01, p.A3)

2001        Aug 2, On Vieques, Puerto Rico, the US Navy used tear gas and foam rubber projectiles to clear protesters and journalists.
    (SFC, 8/4/01, p.A3)

2002        Jan 2, A US federal judge dismissed a lawsuit to stop the resumption of bombing exercises on Vieques. The suit cited a 1972 federal Noise Control Act.
    (SFC, 1/3/02, p.A5)

2002        Jan 23, 17 people were charged in a corruption scandal that involved $4.3 million in diverted federal funds.
    (SFC, 1/24/02, p.A4)

2002        Aug 7, A U.S. Air Force cargo plane crashed on a Puerto Rican mountaintop with at least 10 military personnel on board, and all were feared dead.
    (AP, 8/8/02)

2002        Sep 4, In Puerto Rico US Navy security officers fired tear gas at protesters who hurled rocks over a fence during bombing exercises on the island of Vieques.
    (AP, 9/5/02)

2002        Sep 7, U.S. Navy fighter jets dropped dummy bombs and inert missiles on Vieques in military exercises that have divided this outlying Puerto Rican island for years.
    (AP, 9/7/02)

2002        Dec 31, In Puerto Rico police recaptured one of five convicts who escaped from prison when a helicopter swooped into their maximum security compound and spirited them away.
    (AP, 12/31/02)

2003        Jan 13, Protesters waved Puerto Rican flags and shouted "Navy get out!" as fighter jets dropped inert bombs over Vieques in what the Navy says will be its last round of training on the island.
    (AP, 1/14/03)

2003        Feb 8, The US Navy conducted its last scheduled round of weapons tests on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. A 2013 report said that the US Navy had fired more than 300,000 munitions in Vieques from the mid-1940s to 2003, taking control of 77 percent of the land.
    (SFC, 2/10/03, p.A9)(AP, 5/1/13)

2003        Apr 30, The U.S. Navy withdrew from its disputed Vieques bombing range in Puerto Rico, prompting celebrations by islanders.
    (AP, 4/30/04)

2003        Jun 12, Puerto Rico police arrested more than 1,000 people during a major anti-drug operation.
    (AP, 6/13/03)

2003        Jul 20, In Puerto Rico Jose Antonio Rivera Robles, was beaten to death at a gas station after he reportedly stole a police car. In 2009 a jury in US federal court convicted four Puerto Rican police officers in the beating death. Two other officers previously pleaded guilty to felony federal civil rights charges in the case.
    (AP, 8/13/09)(www.usdoj.gov/opa/pr/2009/August/09-crt-803.html)

2003        Aug 5, Catalino "Tite" Curet Alonso (77), a Puerto Rican composer who wrote nearly 2,000 dance songs and ballads, died in Baltimore.
    (AP, 8/6/03)(SFC, 8/9/03, p.A15)

2003        Sep 23, Puerto Rico's congressional delegate said the United States will close its Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in eastern Puerto Rico within the next six months.
    (AP, 9/23/03)

2003        Oct 21, Luis A. Ferre (99), a philanthropist and former governor of Puerto Rico who became the patriarch of the territory's US statehood movement, died.
    (AP, 10/21/03)

2003        Nov 9, Former Gov. Pedro Rossello won Puerto Rico's pro-statehood nomination for governor in a primary, clearing the way for him to run again in the territory's elections next year.
    (AP, 11/9/03)

2003        Dec 30, Miriam Naveira was sworn in as the new chief justice of Puerto Rico's Supreme Court, making her the first woman to hold the post.
    (AP, 12/30/03)

2004        Mar 31, US Navy ships and troops were scheduled to depart Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Puerto Rico. The base had been used for 6 decades to keep watch over the Caribbean.
    (AP, 1/6/04)

2004        Jan 17, Rafael Cordero Santiago (61), the mayor of the Puerto Rican city of Ponce, died after suffering a brain hemorrhage.
    (AP, 1/17/04)

2004        Jan 19, Puerto Rico police reported 45 homicides since Jan 1.
    (USAT, 1/20/04, p.12A)

2004        Feb 11, In Puerto Rico 4 people were killed in separate shootings over the last 24 hours, pushing the number of deaths past the 100 mark for this year. There were 780 killings in 2003, compared with 781 in 2002. Police say most of the violence on the island of 4 million people is drug-related.
    (AP, 2/11/04)

2004        Mar 31, The US Navy closed Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, its last base in Puerto Rico. It was transferred to a special naval agency that will coordinate the closing process. The base had been used for 6 decades to keep watch over the Caribbean.
    (AP, 1/6/04)(AP, 4/2/04)

2004        Sep 15, Tropical Storm Jeanne lashed Puerto Rico with damaging winds and rain that knocked out power, flooded roads and killed two people. It soon strengthened from a tropical storm into the 6th hurricane of the season.
    (AP, 9/16/04)

2004        Oct 8, A Puerto Rican attorney asked a federal appeals court to end "the state of servitude" that island residents find themselves in and allow them to vote in the Nov. 2 presidential election.
    (AP, 10/9/04)

2004        Nov 1, Puerto Ricans long have been U.S. citizens but cannot vote for the U.S. president, a situation that former Gov. Pedro Rossello promises to change if elected to return to the island's top job.
    (AP, 11/1/04)

2004        Nov 2, Puerto Rico's delegate to the US Congress clung to an extremely narrow lead in the race for governor against former Gov. Pedro Rossello, who promised to fight for statehood.
    (AP, 11/3/04)

2004        Nov 3, Puerto Rico's delegate to the U.S. Congress, who favors the island's current status as a U.S. commonwealth, claimed victory in a gubernatorial race so close that a recount has been ordered.
    (AP, 11/4/04)

2004        Nov 20, Puerto Rico's two highest courts ordered election authorities in separate rulings to immediately begin recounting votes cast in the extremely tight Nov. 2 gubernatorial elections.
    (AP, 11/21/04)

2004        Dec 23, Acevedo Vila, Puerto Rico's congressional envoy, who favors the island's status as a U.S. territory narrowly, won a recount in the governor's race.
    (AP, 12/23/04)

2004        Dec 29, Puerto Rico's governor-elect said he opposes the war in Iraq and wants to see a reduction in the number of U.S. troops, including islanders, posted in the troubled country.
    (AP, 12/29/04)

2004        Dec, In Puerto Rico Antonio Barcelo Jimenez, an attorney who worked as a government advocate for children, was killed along with his daughters were Yajaira Barcelo Segarra and Laura Barcelo Rosario in a mistaken drive-by shooting.
    (AP, 7/13/17)

2004        Puerto Rico’s annual income per person was around $12,000 for this year.
    (Econ, 5/27/06, p.25)

2005        Mar 16, Puerto Rico Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila unveiled proposals to eliminate more than 23,000 government jobs and close several public agencies, vowing to pull Puerto Rico out of a cycle of budget deficits and debt.
    (AP, 3/16/05)

2005        Apr 30, Students and administrators at the main campus of Puerto Rico's largest university agreed to end a 3-week-old strike called to protest a 33 percent tuition increase.
    (AP, 4/30/05)

2005        Jul 10, Puerto Ricans voted to do away with half their lawmakers, endorsing a referendum for a one-house legislature.
    (AP, 7/11/05)

2005        Jul 21, A truck strike paralyzed fuel deliveries across Puerto Rico.
    (AP, 7/21/05)

2005        Jul 22, Truck drivers in Puerto Rico ended a three-day strike that paralyzed gasoline deliveries.
    (AP, 7/22/05)

2005        Sep 23, In Puerto Rico FBI agents shot and killed Filiberto Ojeda Rios (72), a Puerto Rican nationalist leader wanted in the 1983 robbery of a Connecticut armored truck.
    (AP, 9/25/05)(Econ, 10/1/05, p.82)
2005        Sep 23, In Puerto Rico real estate developer Adam Anhang (b.1973), a Canadian businessman, was killed. His wife, Aura Vazquez, sued Anhang's parents six months after Anhang was beaten and stabbed to death. She accused them of seizing control of his estate and blocking her from it. Vazquez was later charged by a US grand jury with offering a man $3 million to kill Anhang. Jonathan Roman Rivera (22) spent eight months in maximum security prison after he was sentenced to 105 years for the slaying. Rivera was released in June 2008 after another man, Alex Pabon Colon, was indicted for the murder. In 2009 Rivera sued more than a dozen police officials and prosecutors for his ordeal, seeking $12 million in damages. In 2014 Spain agreed to extradite Vazquez to the US.
    (http://www.121s.com/viewtopic.php?t=594)(AP, 9/17/09)(AP, 8/17/11)(AP, 1/10/14)

2005        Oct 5, Drug agents found 3,904 pounds of cocaine in the steel oxygen tank, one of the largest drug busts in Puerto Rico's history. The DEA has estimated that as much as 20 percent of the cocaine that reaches the US moves through the Caribbean. Traffickers love Puerto Rico because after their drugs arrive on the island, they can be hidden amid regular cargo and shipped onward, bypassing routine searches because Puerto Rico is part of the United States.
    (AP, 11/7/05)

2006        Feb 10, FBI agents in Puerto Rico searched five homes and a business to thwart what the agency said was a "domestic terrorist attack" planned by militants favoring independence for the US island territory.
    (AP, 2/10/06)

2006        Feb 26, More than 1,000 demonstrators chanting anti-FBI slogans and carrying Puerto Rican flags marched through the capital of this U.S. island territory.
    (AP, 2/26/06)

2006        Mar 2, Puerto Rico's Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila signed into law a ban on smoking in enclosed public places, the toughest anti-tobacco prohibition in the Caribbean.
    (AP, 3/3/06)

2006        Apr 23, Powerful waves capsized a boat carrying Dominican migrants near a popular surfing beach off the coast of Puerto Rico killing at least five people. Small boats frequently attempt to smuggle migrants from the Dominican Republic to the US Caribbean territory, a roughly 70-mile journey across the often-perilous Mona Passage.
    (AP, 4/24/06)

2006        Apr 25, In Puerto Rico Gov. Acevedo Vila warned in a televised address that "Beginning next Monday, May 1, the majority of agencies of the central government will not be able to operate." Puerto Rico's House of Representatives wants to impose a 4 percent sales tax instead and has refused to review the governor's plan. The island now has no sales tax.
    (AP, 4/26/06)

2006        Apr 28, More than 45,000 Puerto Ricans marched through the streets of San Juan demanding politicians resolve a budget impasse that could lead to a government shutdown next week.
    (AP, 4/28/06)

2006        May 1, The government of Puerto Rico ran out of money, forcing the US commonwealth to close public schools and shut down government offices, putting almost 100,000 people out of work.
    (AP, 5/1/06)

2006        May 4, Puerto Rico moved a step closer to resolving a partial government shutdown as the island's Senate voted to impose a sales tax of 5.9% and a new levy on large corporations.
    (AP, 5/4/06)

2006        May 8, Puerto Rico's governor and legislative leaders have agreed to abide by the recommendations of a commission seeking a solution to a fiscal crisis that has partially closed the island's government.
    (AP, 5/9/06)

2006        May 10, Puerto Rican officials resolved a budget impasse that put more than 95,000 public employees out of work, crippled government services and hurt business in this U.S. island territory.
    (AP, 5/11/06)

2006        May 13, Puerto Rican lawmakers approved the first key pieces of legislation aimed at resolving a budget crisis that has kept more than 100,000 public employees out of work since May 1.
    (AP, 5/13/06)

2006        Jul 23, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza (18) of Puerto Rico was crowned as Miss Universe 2006. She hoped to someday star in US and Latin American films.
    (AP, 7/24/06)

2006        Jul 29, In Puerto Rico drug kingpin Jose Lopez Rosario (b.1976), who allegedly controlled the drug trade in the US island's northeastern region, died from gunshot wounds received on July 23. His death and his alleged connections to political figures were controversial in Puerto Rico, as local newspapers such as El Nuevo Dia and El Vocero covered the story for days after he died.
    (AP, 5/12/10)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Lopez_Rosario)

2006        The US government ended tax incentives for American firms manufacturing in Puerto Rico.
    (Econ, 10/26/13, p.18)   

2007        Jan 6, Seven people were killed in shootings across Puerto Rico, prompting the US territory's police chief to plead for tougher gun laws.
    (AP, 1/7/07)

2007        Mar 1, In Puerto Rico the US attorney's office in San Juan announced that a US federal grand jury indicted seven people in a case where terminally ill cancer patients were allegedly injected with a bogus cure made from the patients' own blood.
    (AP, 3/1/07)

2007        Mar 2, People caught smoking in bars and restaurants in Puerto Rico faced fines as a ban on lighting up in enclosed public spaces took effect.
    (AP, 3/2/07)

2007        Mar 12, In Puerto Rico union leader Wallis Rivera Rodriguez (51) was allegedly killed because he was going to reveal financial wrongdoing at an apartment complex. In 2009 Jose Juan Viera Morales was extradited from New Jersey to face murder charges and for conspiring to distribute drugs.
    (AP, 12/10/09)(http://tinyurl.com/ycq2d93)

2007        Apr 9, Puerto Rico seven inmates, convicted of homicides, escaped from prison using ventilation ducts.
    (AP, 4/10/07)

2007        Apr 22, Trustees said a fund to compensate Puerto Rico for damages from a 1994 oil spill will be used to build an artificial reef, create a shoreline nature reserve and restore the walls of a Spanish colonial fort.
    (AP, 4/22/07)

2007        Jun 13, In Puerto Rico Inter American University professor Leonardo Gamallo Sotolongo disappeared after going to pay Jorge Aguilera Enchautegui for work on his yard. Sotolongo’s body was found near a garbage dump two weeks later. On Feb 25, 2010, the FBI arrested Aguilera at a motel in Orlando, Florida, for carjacking and the slaying of Sotolongo.
    (AP, 2/26/10)

2007        Jun 14, In Puerto Rico 5 men robbed a Loomis Fargo armored car. The next day Angel Fernandez Ramos, a Puerto Rican police officer assigned to a DEA anti-drugs unit, was arrested and charged with carrying out the $515,000 armored car heist with three relatives and another man.
    (AP, 6/16/07)

2007        Jun 25, Puerto Rico's Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila acknowledged that he is the target of a US grand jury investigation into campaign finances, a revelation further jeopardizing his bid for re-election.
    (AP, 6/26/07)

2007        Aug 2, US federal agents arrested dozens of doctors accused of obtaining medical licenses through fraud or bribery, carrying out sweeping raids across Puerto Rico. The FDA accused 88 doctors of falsified credentials.
    (AP, 8/2/07)(WSJ, 8/3/07, p.A1)

2007        Aug 10, In Puerto Rico a police officer shot and killed Miguel Caceres Cruz during a struggle at a traffic jam. Javier Pagan Cruz, the officer who fired the shots, was convicted of murder and a weapons charge and sentenced to 109 years in prison. Prosecutors later said two associate police could have prevented the slaying. In 2011 a jury acquitted the two police officers of being accessories to murder.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puerto_Rico_Police_Department)(AP, 3/26/11)

2007        Oct 9, In Puerto Rico animal control workers seized dozens of dogs and cats from housing projects in the town of Barceloneta and hurled them to their deaths from a bridge in the neighboring town of Vega Baja. Mayor Sol Luis Fontanez blamed a contractor hired to take the animals to a shelter. In 2008 a Puerto Rican judge found a contractor and two of his workers not guilty of animal cruelty due to lack of evidence. International anger led more than 50,000 people worldwide to sign a petition threatening to boycott travel to the Caribbean island. Tourism officials estimated Puerto Rico lost more than $15 million as a result.
    (AP, 10/13/07)(AP, 9/10/08)(AP, 9/16/10)

2007        Oct 28,     Puerto Rican and US archaeologists said they have found the best-preserved pre-Columbian site in the Caribbean, which could shed light on virtually every aspect of Indian life in the region. Artifacts of Taino or pre-Taino people dated from 600 A.D. to 1500 A.D.
    (AP, 10/28/07)

2007        Oct 30, In Puerto Rico federal authorities arrested more than two dozen people in a crackdown on fraudulent medical licenses on the island.
    (AP, 10/30/07)

2007        Dec 12, US federal agents and local police launched raids in several Puerto Rican cities with arrest warrants for 121 drug suspects.
    (AP, 12/13/07)
2007        Dec 12, Tropical Storm Olga soaked portions of the Caribbean, triggering floods and landslides that killed at least 38 people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico.
    (AP, 12/12/07)(AP, 12/13/07)(WSJ, 12/15/07, p.A1)

2008        Jan 3, Puerto Rico halted all bird imports after a rare outbreak of avian flu in nearby Dominican Republic, where authorities killed more than 100 chickens, including fighting roosters that tested positive for the lethal virus. The ban forced the cancellation of more than 100 cockfights, dealing a blow to the lucrative industry.
    (AP, 1/4/08)

2008        Feb 23, in Puerto Rico Eddie Maco Campbells (b.1970) of Oakland, Ca., was shot and killed after an argument at a bar in the popular tourist area of Isla Verde. On March 13, 2009, a judge in Puerto Rico found Jose Perez Pagan guilty of murdering Campbells.
    (AP, 3/14/09)(http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4176/is_20080304/ai_n24373929)

2008        Mar 5, In Puerto Rico public school teachers voted to suspend a 10-day strike that shuttered classrooms and sparked clashes between protesters and police.
    (AP, 3/5/08)

2008        Mar 27, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila was charged with 19 counts in a campaign finance probe, including conspiracy to violate US federal campaign laws and giving false testimony to the FBI. 12 others were also charged in the corruption probe.
    (AP, 3/27/08)(WSJ, 3/28/08, p.A1)

2008        Apr 13, The winners of this year’s Goldman Awards were reported to be: Feliciano dos Santos (43) of Mozambique, the director of Estamos, an environmental group promoting sanitation, sustainable development and reforestation; Marina Rikhvanova (46), founder of Baikal Environmental Wave, which forced the rerouting of an oil pipeline in the Baikal basin; Pablo Fajardo (35) and Luis Yanza (48) of Ecuador, co-founders of the Amazon Defense Front, which accused Texaco (now Chevron) of dumping oil and wastewater into local streams; Rosa Hilda Ramos (63) of Puerto Rico, head of a movement to protect the Las Cicharillas Marsh; Ignace Schops (43) of Belgium, head of a movement to establish Belgium’s 1st and only national park; Jesus Leon (42) of Mexico, co-founder of the Center for Integral Small Farmer Development of the Mixtec (CEDICAM).
    (SSFC, 4/13/08, p.A4)

2008        Jun 1, NY Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won Puerto Rico's Democratic presidential primary 68-32%. Only 16% of the voters went to the polls.
    (www.mcclatchydc.com/election2008/story/39241.html)(Econ, 6/7/08, p.36)

2008        Aug 19, A US federal grand jury handed down a new indictment against Puerto Rico Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila, charging him with four counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection with alleged campaign finance violations.
    (AP, 8/19/08)

2008        Aug 25, In Puerto Rico US federal agents arrested 59 alleged members of a drug trafficking ring in coordinated raids in a number of small towns, where some housing projects were under siege by gangsters. Home to nearly 4 million people, Puerto Rico’s homicide rate was more than three times the US national average. Authorities said drug trafficking was behind the majority of the killings.
    (AP, 8/25/08)

2008        Aug 29, The San Juan Star, Puerto Rico's Pulitzer Prize-winning English-language newspaper, closed. The owner blamed the union for not agreeing to benefit cuts and layoffs to offset declining revenue.
    (AP, 8/29/08)

2008        Aug, Puerto Rico passed an animal protection law, nearly a year after authorities charged the owner and two employees of a private animal control company with taking away dozens of pet dogs and some cats from public housing projects and throwing them off a bridge.
    (AP, 9/16/10)
2008        Aug, In Puerto Rico FBI agents and police officers launched the late-night raid in the city of Carolina to free a Dominican man. Police say kidnappers were holding him in the trunk of a car and demanding $650,000 in ransom. A Puerto Rican policeman was killed by “friendly fire" during the gunbattle with kidnappers. In 2009 authorities charged FBI agent Jared Hewitt with negligent homicide for shooting 12-year police veteran Orlando Gonzalez Ortiz.
    (AP, 8/7/09)

2008        Oct 2, The US FBI arrested Puerto Rico Sen. Jorge de Castro Font (45) for providing political favors in exchange for cash and services totaling roughly half a million dollars. He was indicted by a federal grand jury on 31 criminal counts including bribery, wire fraud and money laundering.
    (AP, 10/2/08)

2008        Oct 27, It was reported that a new study, released last week, has found dangerous levels of toxic metals in produce grown on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, formerly used as a Navy bombing range, despite US government claims that the soil there is safe.
    (AP, 10/27/08)

2008        Nov 4, Puerto Rico voted to oust incumbent Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila, who is under indictment for allegedly violating campaign finance laws. Challenger Luis Fortuno of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party, vowed to fight crime and spur the island's troubled economy. On March 20, 2009, a jury found Vila not guilty on all 9 charges against him.
    (AP, 11/4/08)(SFC, 3/21/09, p.A2)

2008        Dec 3, In Puerto Rico a Rockwell International 690B plane slammed into El Yunque mountain, killing Caribbean pilot Ken Webster and two US tourists on board. A spokesman for the Medical Mutual of Ohio health insurance company later identified the two Americans as Kent W. Clapp, the firm's chief executive, and his fiancee, Tracy Turner.
    (AP, 12/5/08)

2008        Dec 19, Federal agents in Puerto Rico arrested three island police officers accused of providing security for drug traffickers.
    (AP, 12/19/08)

2009        Jan 2, Luis Fortuno (48), Puerto Rico's new governor was sworn, inheriting an island government that is battling a recession, a soaring murder rate and a deficit of more than $1 billion.
    (AP, 1/2/09)

2009        Jan 23, In Puerto Rico three of five co-defendants reached plea agreements days after another co-defendant, former Acevedo aide Eneidy Coreano, agreed to testify in a federal corruption trial against former Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila and have her charges dropped.
    (AP, 1/23/09)

2009        Jan, Liquor company Diageo PLC signed a long-term lease to build a Captain Morgan rum distillery in the Virgin Islands in exchange for a portion of the territory's excise-tax revenue, estimated at $2.7 billion over 30 years. The distillery opened in late 2010 on the island of St. Croix. Puerto Rico expected to lose $140 million in 2012 as a result of the lucrative production of Captain Morgan rum moving to the U.S. Virgin Islands.
    (AP, 7/6/11)

2009        Feb 4, In Puerto Rico Sara Kuszak (35) made a desperate call for help from the trunk of her kidnapper's car, about an hour before she was found dead with her throat slashed. Eliezer Marquez Navedo (36) confessed to kidnapping the pregnant tourist as she was jogging and killing her. The FBI used a signal from the victim's cell phone to help locate the suspect. Navedo was later convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder and sentenced to 105 years in prison.
    (AP, 2/5/09)(AP, 6/2/09)

2009        Feb 8, A single-engine plane carrying six US citizens crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the north coast of Puerto Rico.
    (AP, 2/9/09)

2009        Apr 1, Puerto Rican actor Miguelangel Suarez (69) died. His career included minor roles in last year's epic "Che" and Woody Allen's "Bananas."
    (AP, 4/1/09)

2009        Apr 2, In Puerto Rico FBI agents and police arrested at least 35 suspects in an alleged drug trafficking ring blamed for seven murders.
    (AP, 4/2/09)

2009        Apr 2, The director of the US Mint unveiled the first US coin with an inscription in Spanish, a quarter honoring Puerto Rico as the "Isla del Encanto" (Island of Enchantment).
    (AP, 4/2/09)

2009        Apr 12, In Puerto Rico Army Spc. Nokware Rosado Munoz (28) had been arguing with his pregnant wife about his upcoming redeployment to Iraq before hanging himself.
    (AP, 4/13/09)

2009        May 29, Puerto Rico fired nearly 8,000 government workers, the start of a wave of layoffs aimed at closing a budget deficit as the island struggles through its third year of recession.
    (AP, 5/29/09)

2009        Jun 21, In San Juan, Puerto Rico, a lone man who robbed $340,000 from a popular hotel and casino by threatening a supervisor's family.
    (AP, 6/22/09)

2009        Jul, In Puerto Rico Police Stephanie Rodriguez Pizarro died in a San Juan housing project after she sought treatment to help with marital and financial troubles. A spiritual healer allegedly dropped a candle into an alcohol bath where she was undergoing a Santeria ritual. She died of second-degree burns over half her body. In 2010 healer Jose Cadiz Tapia (46) was charged with negligent homicide.
    (AP, 7/15/10)   

2009        Aug 7, The US Environmental Protection Agency said the US Department of Agriculture  has agreed to pay $30,000 in penalties for alleged improper maintenance of underground storage tanks in Puerto Rico.
    (AP, 8/8/09)

2009        Aug 15, In Puerto Rico Ricardo Lebron Berrios (23), a prisoner being taken to jail to face car theft charges, allegedly shot one police officer to death and gravely wounded a second, then escaped in their squad car.
    (AP, 8/16/09)

2009        Sep 15, In Puerto Rico several employees of American Airlines were among a group of at least 20 people arrested on suspicion of aiding a smuggling ring that shipped drugs from Puerto Rico's main airport to the US mainland.
    (AP, 9/15/09)

2009        Sep 18, Puerto Rican authorities captured Angel Ayala Vazquez, also known as "Angelo Millones," an alleged dealer they say led a violent drug ring in at least two sprawling housing projects in Puerto Rico and trafficked narcotics to the US mainland.
    (AP, 9/22/09)

2009        Sep 24, In Puerto Rico police officer Luis Martinez was killed in the northern coastal city of Manati. In 2011 suspect Anthony Rivera Morales (23) was arrested at a homeless shelter in New York and extradited back to the US island territory to face murder charges.
    (AP, 4/16/11)

2009        Sep 25, Puerto Rico's government announced that it will lay off more than 16,000 public workers in the US Caribbean territory, adding to an unemployment rate higher than that of any US state.
    (AP, 9/26/09)

2009        Sep 29, In southern Puerto Rico hundreds of US and local agents swept into a town to break up violent drug rings accused of operating out of several public housing projects.
    (AP, 9/30/09)

2009        Oct 2, In Puerto Rico some 500 law officers swarmed into a public housing project and other sites to dismantle a trafficking ring allegedly run by the island's top drug suspect, Angel Ayala Vazquez, a man described as an aspiring Robin Hood and a patron to reggaeton stars. Ayala, better known as "Angelo Millones," was captured last month following a seven-year investigation.
    (AP, 10/2/09)

2009        Oct 14, In Puerto Rico labor unions called for an island-wide strike and a march near the capital to protest government layoffs in Puerto Rico, where more than 20,000 public employees have been dismissed as the island struggles to pull out of a three-year recession.
    (AP, 10/15/09)

2009        Oct 15, In Puerto Rico thousands of demonstrators swarmed the financial hub of San Juan, blocking highways and setting fires in the streets of the capital to protest massive layoffs of government workers. Gov. Luis Fortuno has said the dismissal of more than 20,000 public employees was necessary to close a $3.2 billion deficit and pull the economy out of a 3-year recession.
    (AP, 10/15/09)

2009        Oct 17, In Puerto Rico gunmen opened fire into a bar in Toa Baja shortly before midnight and killed seven people, injuring 20 others. On Oct 27 Wilfredo Semprit Santana, the owner of the bar, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.
    (AP, 10/18/09)(AP, 10/27/09)

2009        Oct 23, In Puerto Rico an earthshaking explosion at the Caribbean Petroleum Corp. in the suburb of Bayamon, just west of the capital of San Juan, led to the evacuation of more than 1,500 people. Authorities wee concerned about those downwind of the fire.
    (AP, 10/25/09)

2009        Oct 30, In Puerto Rico new Gov. Luis Fortuno's issued an order allowing large-scale development inside a 3,200-acre parcel of land immediately north of El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the US National Forest system. Previous Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila had declared the Northeast Ecological Corridor off-limits to all but small, eco-friendly projects after a preservation campaign backed by actor Benicio del Toro and attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    (AP, 11/16/09)

2009        Nov 13, In Puerto Rico the dismembered body of college student Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado (19) was discovered along a road in the interior town of Cayey. Lopez was widely known as a volunteer for organizations advocating HIV prevention and gay rights. Suspect Juan Martinez Matos (26), was soon arrested and allegedly confessed to killing Lopez and mutilating his body. He was charged with first-degree murder and weapons violations and jailed on $4 million bond.
    (AP, 11/18/09)

2009        Dec 22, In Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno signed legislation that lowered the blood alcohol limit for drivers ages 18 to 20 to .02% from the standard .08% that applies to all other drivers on the US island.
    (AP, 12/22/09)

2010        Jan 8, In Puerto Rico officials said they have killed 800 monkeys blamed for scavenging crops and damaging natural resources in southwest region. Most of those killed were patas monkeys. About 200 rhesus monkeys were sent to the Caribbean Primate Research Center at the University of Puerto Rico and to other countries. The monkeys had escaped from research labs in the 1960s and '70s.
    (AP, 1/8/10)

2010        Feb 26, Health officials in Puerto Rico declared an epidemic of dengue fever. Health Secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez says 210 cases have been confirmed for January, more than triple the number in the same month of 2007.
    (AP, 2/26/10)

2010        Apr 19, In Puerto Rico the naked body of Ashley Santiago Ocasio (31), born as Juan Antonio), was found at his home in the town of Corozal. Rico Ashley Santiago Ocasio (31), a transgender beauty salon owner with high cheekbones and a flair for fashion, had been shot in the head. Her car was missing and there were no signs of a break-in.
    (www.dosmanzanas.com/tag/ashley-santiago)(AP, 4/25/10)

2010        Apr 30, In Puerto Rico regulators shut down three banks that had struggled to stay afloat during Puerto Rico's grinding, four-year recession. A judge in Puerto Rico sentenced two former police officers to prison for the beating death of a suspect who was detained in 2003 for allegedly stealing a patrol car.
    (AP, 4/30/10)

2010        May 10, In Puerto Rico a group of people including nine American Airlines employees pleaded guilty to a drug-smuggling scheme that spanned a decade and targeted cities across the United States. They were arrested in September as part of a joint investigation called "Operation Heavy Cargo."
    (AP, 5/10/10)

2010        May 11, In Puerto Rico hundreds of police and federal agents raided a public housing complex and arrested more than three dozen people allegedly involved in selling an estimated $65 million worth of drugs.
    (AP, 5/12/10)

2010        Jun 10, In Puerto Rico Jose Claudio Montes, also known as "Chiki Bazooka," was captured by the FBI inside a housing project where he allegedly controlled the trade of heroin, cocaine and marijuana. 532 pounds (241kg) of cocaine was seized hidden on a pleasure craft named "La Burla" — Spanish for "Mockery." It was intercepted off Puerto Rico's west coast. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested the two Puerto Rican men and one Dominican man aboard.
    (AP, 6/11/10)

2010        Jun 16, In Puerto Rico negotiators reached an agreement to end a strike that has paralyzed the University of Puerto Rico for nearly two months. On June 21 students ratified the agreement.
    (AP, 6/17/10)(AP, 6/21/10)

2010        Jun 22, Puerto Rican Sen. Hector Martinez Maldonado (41) was indicted for allegedly supporting legislation in favor of a private security company in exchange for a trip to Las Vegas to watch a boxing match. Martinez was first elected senator in 2004 and re-elected in 2008. He resigned in March as head of an important judicial committee citing a federal investigation, but he denied any wrongdoing.
    (AP, 6/22/10)

2010        Jun 27, It was reported that thousands of Puerto Ricans have been caught up in a lucrative document-fraud scheme to hide illegal immigrants in the United States. The island government's only answer so far is to void every Puerto Rican birth certificate as of July 1 and require about 5 million people, including 1.4 million on the US mainland, to reapply for new ones with security features. New birth certificates will be issued starting July 1, and all old birth certificates will be annulled by Sept. 30.
    (AP, 6/27/10)

2010        Jul 9, In Puerto Rico hundreds of US drug agents and local police swept through public housing projects at dawn on the island's west coast in what officials described as the largest operation of its kind in the American territory.
    (AP, 7/9/10)

2010        Jul 17, In Puerto Rico US federal authorities arrested Jose Figueroa Agosto (45), a fugitive alleged drug kingpin, after a decade-long chase through the Caribbean marked by his narrow escapes and public taunting that he paid off police to remain free.
    (AP, 7/17/10)

2010        Jul 25, Puerto Rico's Gov. Luis Fortuno declared a state of emergency for 17 flooded communities in the US territory due to a weather system that later turned into Tropical Storm Bonnie.
    (AP, 7/25/10)

2010        Aug 10, In Puerto Rico Coraly Campos feuded with her partner and told him he would never see the two children again. She then beat them, stabbed them with a kitchen knife and set the house afire. Her 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son died in the attack in the city of Trujillo Alto. Campos also tried to kill herself. On March 11, 2011, Campos (21) was convicted of first-degree murder, child abuse, arson, domestic abuse and violation of weapons laws.
    (AP, 3/12/11)

2010        Aug 26, Puerto Rican teachers walked off their jobs in a one-day strike over staff and funding levels, giving students a day off barely 3 weeks into the new academic year.
    (AP, 8/26/10)

2010        Sep 15, In Puerto Rico a man, accused of dragging a stubborn horse last February alongside his truck, became the first person convicted by a local jury under an animal protection law enacted after dogs were thrown to their deaths from a bridge. On Nov 17 Georgenan Lopez (24) received a 12-year prison sentence, becoming the first person convicted by a jury under the animal cruelty law implemented in August 2008.
    (AP, 9/16/10)(AP, 11/17/10)

2010        Sep 29, In Puerto Rico 7 US Postal Service workers were indicted on charges they shipped thousands of parcels of heroin, cocaine and marijuana through the mail.
    (AP, 9/29/10)
2010        Sep 29, In Puerto Rico police fatally shot William Malaret Pagan (77) after he opened fire at them, a killing that comes as Puerto Rico's law enforcement officers are under scrutiny for allegedly using excessive force. Pagan shot at officers when they tried to arrest his son on drug charges. The killing happened hours before Gov. Luis Fortuno publicly introduced an independent monitor he appointed to assist a federal investigation into allegations of excessive force and corruption among police.
    (AP, 9/29/10)

2010        Sep 30, Puerto Rico police charged a couple with repeatedly raping their six children and forcing them to participate in drug-fueled orgies. Police said the alleged abuse occurred daily from 2001 to 2004. The three girls were 3, 5 and 7 years old at the time. The boys were 9, 10 and 11.
    (AP, 10/1/10)

2010        Oct 6, In Puerto Rico FBI agents began arresting police officers accused of corruption. Local newspaper El Nuevo Dia reported that police and corrections officers were among 133 people named in the federal indictments, yet to be opened.
    (AP, 10/6/10)

2010        Nov 22, US federal agents fanned out across Puerto Rico seeking to arrest 17 alleged members of a drug smuggling organization. Luis Figueroa, the younger brother of smuggling leader Jose Figueroa Agosto, had boarded the Caribbean Princess with his wife, two children and in-laws before the operation began. Agents waiting on board the ship arrested him without incident before the ship reached its first port-of-call in the US Virgin Islands.
    (AP, 11/22/10)

2010        Dec 20, In Puerto Rico at least 17 people were detained as students at the largest public university in the Caribbean clashed with police during an indefinite strike over a new fee.
    (AP, 12/21/10)
2010        Dec 20, A Puerto Rico National Guard UH-72 Lakota helicopter crashed in the ocean while returning from a drug raid on Vieques. 3 bodies of the six people on board were found and the remaining were feared dead. The last body was recovered on Jan 23.
    (AP, 12/21/10)(AP, 12/22/10)(AP, 1/23/11)

2011        Jan 1, In Puerto Rico Justino Sanchez Diaz (48) attacked his family with gasoline and a blowtorch. 2 of his victims soon died from their wounds and Diaz was charged with murder. The mother of Diaz and Jesus Sanchez 4th died of their injuries on Jan 4. On Jan 6 Kate Donahue (25) of Seattle, who was engaged to Sanchez, died of her injuries. On Jan 29 Nereida Vazquez, who had been in an induced coma for weeks, died of a lung infection brought on by her injuries. In September Diaz was convicted of killing 6 people and was sentenced to 198 years in prison.
    (AP, 1/3/11)(AP, 1/5/11)(AP, 1/29/11)(AP, 9/8/11)(AP, 9/26/11)

2011        Jan 4, In Puerto Rico police officers seized nearly 200 bags of cocaine and roughly 30 bags each of heroin and marijuana. A caiman was tied near the drugs, which were found during a routine patrol in La Perla neighborhood of historic Old San Juan.
    (AP, 1/4/11)

2011        Feb 9, The Puerto Rican Association of University Professors began staging a 24-hour strike in support of students who have clashed with police during protests over a new fee.
    (AP, 2/9/11)

2011        Feb 17, In Puerto Rico police arrested 469 people over the last 36 hours in a sweep that targeted people accused of crimes ranging from murder to traffic violations.
    (AP, 2/17/11)

2011        Feb 24, In Puerto Rico US federal officials said Alexis Candelario Santana is among five people indicted on federal racketeering charges involving an organization that sold drugs in Puerto Rico. The indictment of Santana accused him of 21 homicides from 1993 to 2009, though it does not charge him with murder. The five faced 17 charges including violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act), a charge that is viewed as easier to prove because it targets behavior patterns instead of criminal acts.
    (AP, 2/24/11)

2011        Feb 27, In Puerto Rico Rep. Rolando Crespo (35), a member of the party that favors US statehood for the Caribbean island territory, resigned his seat, two days after officials disclosed that a drug test showed he had used cocaine.
    (AP, 2/28/11)

2011        Mar 7, In Puerto Rico a jury convicted Sen. Hector Martinez and island businessman Juan Bravo Fernandez, who owns one of the island's largest security companies, of bribery in a high-profile trial that featured allegations the lawmaker accepted a trip to Las Vegas to see a boxing match in exchange for political favors.
    (AP, 3/7/11)(AP, 3/8/11)

2011        Mar 9, In Puerto Rico masked gunmen raided a waterfront casino, forced gamblers to the floor and fled with more than $200,000, leaving a trail of bills fluttering along the beach.
    (AP, 3/10/11)

2011        Apr 11, In Puerto Rico Hilton Cordero Rosario, the police commissioner of San Juan, was charged with sexually assaulting a minor and producing child pornography in a case that emerged after his teenage daughter accused him of molesting her. In December he was indicted on 22 charges of child pornography.
    (AP, 4/11/11)(SFC, 12/8/11, p.A9)

2011        Apr 14, Federal authorities in Puerto Rico seized $1.35 million in cash hidden inside a car aboard a cargo ship that arrived from Philadelphia.
    (AP, 4/16/11)
2011        Apr 14, Augusto Marin (b.1921), one of Puerto Rico's best-known painters and muralists, died. He was best known for large paintings and murals in the modern style that blended Caribbean and religious elements.
    (AP, 4/14/11)

2011        Apr 26, A Puerto Rico jury convicted Angel Ayala Vazquez, once considered the top local drug dealer, of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin and pills at public housing projects in the community of Bayamon. Also convicted was his brother, Luis Cruz Vazquez. On October 26 Ayala was sentenced to life in prison.
    (AP, 4/26/11)(AP, 10/26/11)

2011        May 10, In Puerto Rico Norberto Gonzalez Claudio (65), part of a radical group that stole the money to aid their struggle for Puerto Rican independence, was captured while out for a morning jog. A judge soon ordered that he be sent to Connecticut to face charges in the theft of $7 million from an armored car depot in 1983.
    (AP, 5/13/11)

2011        May 17, In Puerto Rico Jorge de Castro Font (47), an influential former senator whose testimony helped convict an ex-colleague and has bolstered federal investigations against other high-ranking politicians, was sentenced to five years in prison after having pleaded guilty to corruption charges. De Castro was accused of soliciting up to $525,000 in cash and other benefits including meals and private flights from 2005 to 2008 and of promising to block or advance certain bills as chair of the powerful rules committee.
    (AP, 5/18/11)

2011        May 19, In Puerto Rico a jury convicted five people of fraudulently obtaining medical licenses to work as doctors in the US territory.
    (AP, 5/20/11)

2011        May 27, In Italy a Naples hospital said Puerto Rican tourist Oscar Antonio Mendoza (66), who was knocked to the ground by muggers trying to grab his Rolex, has died, nine days after he was hospitalized with severe head injuries.
    (AP, 5/27/11)

2011           Jun 5, In San Juan, Puerto Rico, two surviving members of the “Flying Wallendas," Delilah Wallenda and her son Nik, successfully completed a dangerous high-wire walk between two towers of a hotel, on a wire 100 feet above the ground, without a net. They performed the stunt to honor the memory of family patriarch Karl Wallenda, who had fallen to his death while attempting the walk in 1978. 
             (AP, 6/5/11)

2011        Jun 14, President Obama became the first president since John F. Kennedy to make an official visit to Puerto Rico. Despite sweltering temperatures, he was greeted enthusiastically by thousands of Puerto Ricans. Obama spent time with Luis Fortuno, the island’s Republican governor, and he gave a speech in which he expressed his appreciation for the culture and heritage of the Puerto Rican people. Regarding the issue of Puerto Rico’s status, Obama said there should be a referendum, and if the voters choose statehood, or choose independence, his administration would respect their decision.     
            (AP, 6/14/11)

2011        Jun 15, In Puerto Rico Doral Bank executive Maurice J. Spagnoletti was shot to death on a busy highway in San Juan. The 56-year-old father previously held bank executive posts in South Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Suspected drug traffickers targeted Maurice Spagnoletti in the shooting because he was investigating improper bank transactions. In 2018 six men were charged in the case.
    (AP, 6/17/11)(AP, 12/12/18)

2011        Jun 27, In Puerto Rico Luis Calderon Rodriguez, sub-director of the water and sewer authority in the city of Carolina, was arrested and removed from his post. He was charged with conspiracy to commit bribery involving programs that use US federal funds.
    (AP, 6/28/11)

2011        Jun 29, Puerto Rican authorities broke up the island's largest heroin distribution ring with a raid on La Perla, a notorious seaside slum, after a grand jury indicted 114 people on drug and weapons charges.
    (AP, 6/29/11)

2011        Jul 2, Puerto Rico's police chief, Jose Figueroa Sancha, resigned amid sharp criticism over a rising homicide rate in the US territory and allegations of police abuse.
    (AP, 7/2/11)

2011        Jul 7, Ricardo Alegria (90), a Puerto Rican scholar, died. He was known for his pioneering studies of the island's native Taino culture and is credited with preserving the capital's colonial district.
    (AP, 7/7/11)

2011        Aug 22, In Puerto Rico Hurricane Irene, the first hurricane of the Atlantic storm season, cut power to more than a million people, downing trees and flooding streets, before heading out over warm ocean water on a path that could take it to the US mainland by the end of the week.
    (AP, 8/22/11)

2011        Aug 31, In Puerto Rico former Arecibo police officer David Gonzalez Perez was found guilty of providing security to drug dealers.
    (AP, 8/31/11)

2011        Sep 2, In Puerto Rico Raymar Lucena Rivera, president of a local trucking corporation, was arrested following accusations that he laundered more than $7 million in drug proceeds.
    (AP, 9/2/11)

2011        Sep 13, In Puerto Rico a 14-year-old girl went on a playground rampage with a hypodermic needle, stabbing 37 classmates in the southern coastal town of Arroyo. On Dec 2 she was sentenced to two years of probation.
    (AP, 9/15/11)(AP, 12/2/11)

2011        Sep 21, In Puerto Rico the FBI arrested six current and former employees of the Department of Education on charges that include bribery and money laundering. Agents arrested a total of 9 people and planned to arrest 4 more, including a person in Tampa, Florida.
    (AP, 9/21/11)

2011        Oct 14, Puerto Rico's Corrections Department said it plans to dismiss 97 officers and suspend more than 100 others who face charges of drug consumption, contraband smuggling and unjustified absences.
    (AP, 10/14/11)

2011        Nov 2, Police in Puerto Rico reportedly stopped an erratic driver and seized $500,000 in cash during the routine traffic stop.
    (AP, 11/2/11)

2011        Nov 7, In Puerto Rico eight shackled prisoners drowned after a van they were being transported in was engulfed by muddy floodwaters in the northern coastal city of Arecibo. On Nov 10 prosecutors charged prison guard Hector Cruz Santiago with eight counts of negligent homicide over the drowning deaths of the inmates.
    (AP, 11/7/11)(AP, 11/10/11)

2011        Nov 12, Puerto Rico reported that 983 people have been killed so far this year, equal to the number of killings reported for all of last year when the US Caribbean territory marked its second highest number of slayings ever. A record 995 people were killed in 1994 in this island of 4 million people.
    (AP, 11/12/11)

2011        Nov 14, Puerto Rico police captured drug smuggler Carlos Morales Davila between Puerto Rico and the island of Vieques. He was expected to be extradited to Miami.
    (AP, 11/14/11)

2011        Nov 16, Federal agents in Puerto Rico said they have seized 225 kg (nearly 500 pounds) of cocaine more than $4 million from a house owned by pro boxer Ivan Calderon. Calderon said the house was one of a number of investment properties he owns and that he was not aware of any illegal activities there.
    (AP, 11/16/11)

2011        Nov 17, Puerto Rico's governor said he's allocating $20 million to provide police with more training and resources as the island suffers a record number of killings this year.
    (AP, 11/17/11)
2011        Nov 17, It was reported that French company Fonroche plans invest $115 million to build a 44-megawatt solar farm in Puerto Rico. The farm will be built on 160 acres (65 hectares) and will provide power to the state-owned electric company as part of a 20-year, $240 million contract.
    (AP, 11/17/11)

2011        Dec 2, In Puerto Rico a man opened fire inside an unemployment office in Caguas, killing Luis Lopez Rodriguez (27) and wounding another in what an official said appeared to be targeted attack.
    (AP, 12/2/11)

2011        Dec 8, The US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry accepted local claims that there is a higher incidence of cancer and other health ills on Vieques island compared with neighboring Puerto Rico, but said there is no proof the problem is linked to US military activity. The bombing range closed in 2003 following years of protests about environmental risks and the 1999 killing of a Puerto Rican civilian guard by an errant bomb.
    (AP, 12/8/11)

2011        Dec 9, Puerto Rico’s most wanted criminal, Miguel Diaz Rivera (39), was arrested in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo. He is accused of running a drug trafficking network in at least five Puerto Rican cities.
    (AP, 12/10/11)

2011        Dec 27, The governor of Puerto Rico signed 4 laws that he said will help track suspects and provide aid to crime victims as the island struggles with a record number of killings.
    (AP, 12/27/11)

2011        Dec 29, In Puerto Rico FBI agent Daniel Knapp (43) drowned after trying to rescue a swimmer in distress at Hidden Beach in the coastal city of Fajardo.
    (AP, 12/30/11)

2011        The Habitable Exoplanets Catalogue (HEC), a list of Earth-like worlds, was begun by Abel Mendez and colleagues at the Univ. of Puerto Rico.
    (http://phl.upr.edu/about)(Econ., 2/13/21, p.65)

2012        Jan 11, Some 50 people were being arrested at various locations including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Rep., with most of them in the mainland US in a document fraud case.
    (AP, 1/11/12)

2012        Jan 27, In Puerto Rico Nicolas Gonzalez Figueroa, an assistant US Army chaplain who pleaded guilty to producing child pornography, was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison.
    (AP, 1/27/12)

2012        Feb 3, Puerto Rico's government announced plans to kill as many iguanas as possible and export their meat in hopes of eradicating an imported species that has long vexed residents and entertained tourists. The reptiles were first seen in the wild in Puerto Rico in the 1970s when owners began to release them, and their numbers have since exploded. The US territory estimated it has 4 million iguanas, which is a little more than the island's human population.
    (AP, 2/4/12)

2012        Feb 15, In Puerto Rico Barceloneta Mayor Sol Luis Fontanez was arrested in a restaurant parking lot and accused by federal prosecutors of accepting $55,000 in bribes from developers. Fontanez was first elected mayor in 1988.
    (AP, 2/16/12)

2012        Mar 15, In Puerto Rico a vintage cargo plane loaded with bread crashed in a lagoon near the international airport, killing the airline's owner and another crew member.
    (AP, 3/15/12)

2012        Mar 18, Mitt Romney won all 20 delegates in the Puerto Rico Republican presidential primary.   
    (SFC, 3/19/12, p.A7)

2012        Mar 28, Puerto Rico's police chief Emilio Diaz Colon, a retired National Guard general, quit less than a year after being appointed to lead a department that federal agents have accused of corruption, illegal killings and civil rights violations.
    (AP, 3/28/12)

2012        Mar 29, In Puerto Rico Hector Pesquera (65), a former director of the local FBI office, was nominated to lead the island's troubled police department.
    (AFP, 3/30/12)

2012        Apr 3, In Puerto Rico Santeria leader Orlando Robles Ortiz was among dozens of suspects arrested for helping run an organization that allegedly smuggled drugs bound for the US and rigged Puerto Rico's lottery system to launder money.
    (AP, 4/3/12)

2012        May, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Luis Fortuno proposed an ambitious, and what critics call far-fetched, plan to require all public schools to teach all courses in English instead of Spanish. Fortuno said he wants all public school students to be bilingual within 10 years.
    (AP, 5/9/12)

2012        Jun 6, In Puerto Rico US federal agents swept through the main airport and other areas, arresting dozens of baggage handlers, airline workers and others suspected of smuggling millions of dollars' worth of cocaine aboard commercial flights for at least a decade.
    (AP, 6/6/12)

2012        Jun 25, Puerto Rico's Gov. Luis Fortuno signed a law protecting 1,950 acres (790 hectares) of north coast state-owned land from large-scale development. The new reserve makes up 66 percent of what is known as the Northeast Ecological Corridor.
    (AP, 6/26/12)

2012        Jul 30, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Luis Fortuno signed into law an updated penal code increasing prison sentences for homicide, assault and other offenses as the US island territory struggled to contain crime and the widespread perception that violence is out of control.
    (AP, 7/30/12)

2012        Jul 14, In Puerto Rico Carmen Paredes (46) was killed at home. She was shot multiple times, including once in the forehead. On Jan  22, 2014, her husband Pablo Casellas, the son of a US district court judge, was found guilty on charges including murder, weapons offenses and destroying evidence.
    (AP, 2/6/14)(http://tinyurl.com/kkwosyf)

2012        Sep 29, In Puerto Rico Wilnilia Sanchez Falcon (27) was suspected of killing her boyfriend, Jesus Rivera Algarin (25), after he became upset about her activities on Facebook.
    (AP, 9/29/12)

2012        Oct 12, The government of Puerto Rico formally withdrew plans to build a natural gas pipeline after investing more than $50 million in a project that provoked strong opposition from islanders and environmentalists.
    (AP, 10/12/12)

2012        Nov 6,  A 54% majority of Puerto Ricans sought to change their ties with the United States and become the 51st US state in a non-binding referendum that would require final approval from Congress. Puerto Ricans also ousted Luis Fortuno, the pro-statehood governor in a close election. Challenger Alejandro Garcia Padilla won by less than 1 percent.
    (AP, 11/7/12)

2012        Nov 20, In Puerto Rico boxer Hector "Macho" Camacho (50) was struck in the jaw in a drive-by shooting. His friend Adrian Mojica Moreno was killed. Doctors at the Rio Piedras Medical Center in San Juan declared Camacho brain dead on Nov 22.
    (Reuters, 11/23/12)

2012        Dec 20, In Puerto Rico Joe Ramos, president of WAPA TV, told reporters that the SuperXclusivo show will be taped two hours before it is broadcast. The announcement follows a recent outcry over comments that the controversial puppet, known as La Comay, made about a man who was brutally killed.
    (AP, 12/21/12)

2012        Dec, Moody's lowered Puerto Rico's credit rating, stating in part that it doesn't have a clear idea as to how and when the government will solve the retirement systems' problems. It warned of an additional credit rating downgrade if no reforms are undertaken.
    (AP, 2/1/13)

2013        Feb 26, Puerto Rico's Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla approved turning over the operations of the country’s largest airport to a private company as part of an estimated $2.6 billion deal that began under his predecessor and has been fiercely protested.
    (AP, 2/27/13)

2013        Mar 14, Puerto Rico's government urged legislators to move quickly and approve financial austerity measures following a report from a Wall Street ratings agency that downgraded the island's general obligation bonds to near-junk status.
    (AP, 3/14/13)

2013        May 3, The president of the University of Puerto Rico's main campus resigned just days after the presidents of the university's 10 other campuses did the same. The announcement by Ana Guadalupe came amid a flurry of resignations to protest the governor's reform of the institution's board of directors.
    (AP, 5/3/13)

2013        Jun 30, In Spain Aurea Vazquez Rijos, accused of hiring someone to kill her wealthy Canadian husband in Puerto Rico on Sep 23, 2005, was arrested by Spanish police after being sought for five years in the alleged murder-for-hire scheme.
    (AP, 6/30/13)

2013        Aug 21, In Puerto Rico US federal authorities had arrested at least 68 people and were seeking seven more in a multimillion dollar Social Security fraud case. Puerto Rico has been said to have one of the highest rates of fraud involving federal disability benefits.
    (AP, 8/21/13)

2013        Aug 30, In Puerto Rico Dino Bouterse, the son of the president of the South American country of Suriname, was arrested on US drug charges.
    (AP, 8/30/13)

2013        Puerto Rico handled 40% of all the cocaine entering the US.
    (Econ, 11/23/13, p.36)
2013        Puerto Rico’s current debt stood between $52 billion and $70 billion, depending on how it was measured.
    (Econ, 10/26/13, p.84)

2014        Jan 10, A Spanish court ordered the extradition of Aurea Vazquez Rijos (33), a Puerto Rican woman, wanted by US federal authorities for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill her wealthy Canadian husband. Adam Anhang was beaten and stabbed to death in Puerto Rico on Sep 23, 2005, while he walked with Vazquez near a bar he had bought for her.
    (AP, 1/10/14)

2014        Feb 5, Puerto Rico's governor said he is renegotiating the payment of short-term debt and has ordered all government agencies to reduce their current budgets by 2 percent after the island's credit rating was downgraded to junk status.
    (AP, 2/5/14)

2014        Feb 6, In Puerto Rico Pablo Casellas, the son of a US district court judge, was sentenced to 109 years in prison for killing his wife in July, 2012.
    (AP, 2/6/14)

2014        Feb 7, In Puerto Rico Pedro Rodriguez Colondres was indicted on accusations that he ran a fraud scheme obtaining at least half a million dollars in veteran's benefits under a false name from 1984 to 2011.
    (AP, 2/8/14)

2014        Feb 13, US federal authorities said they have detained 57 migrants from Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Brazil in separate incidents near Puerto Rico's west coast. Authorities planned to prosecute 19 of those migrants, five of them on human smuggling charges.
    (AP, 2/13/14)

2014        Mar 4, The US Coast Guard said in a statement that agents with US Customs and Border Protection have arrested two suspects and seized 750 pounds (340 kg) of pot after spotting a go-fast vessel more than 50 miles (80 km) off Puerto Rico's southwest coast.
    (AP, 3/4/14)

2014        Mar 6, Two shipping companies agreed to civil settlements following accusations that they fixed prices of government cargo transportation contracts between the US and Puerto Rico. Sea Star Line LLC agreed to pay $1.9 million and Horizon Lines LLC $1.5 million to settle the cases.
    (AP, 3/8/14)

2014        Mar 12, Puerto Rico authorities said they have arrested 63 people accused of running a $10 million drug-trafficking operation in Ponce, the island's second largest city.
    (AP, 3/12/14)

2014        Apr 7, A judge in Puerto Rico ordered a diocese to provide state prosecutors with all confidential documents related to an ongoing sexual abuse probe. The Diocese of Arecibo has defrocked six priests accused of sex abuse, and prosecutors are investigating at least 11 other priests facing similar accusations.
    (AP, 4/8/14)

2014        Apr 11, Puerto Rico's Supreme Court ruled that a law to change a teachers' retirement system is unconstitutional, dealing a blow to the US territory's governor as he tries to revive a sluggish economy.
    (AP, 4/11/14)

2014        Apr 17, Puerto Rican salsa legend Cheo Feliciano (78) died in a car accident early today, prompting the governor of the US territory to declare three days of mourning.
    (AP, 4/17/14)

2014        Apr 25, Puerto Rico police said they have seized 209 pounds (95 kg) of cocaine found on an abandoned boat near the popular tourist island of Culebra.
    (AP, 4/25/14)

2014        May 2, Puerto Rico's governor filed legislation aimed at retaining young workers and reversing an exodus of people moving to the US mainland amid economic problems. The measure would allow for tax exemptions on the first $40,000 earned by those ages 16 to 26.
    (AP, 5/2/14)

2014        May 13, US authorities in Puerto Rico said they have arrested a Roman Catholic priest on charges including sexual trafficking of minors in the first federal case of its kind in the US territory. Israel Berrios (58), a priest in the Diocese of Caguas, was arrested in the northern town of Naranjito.
    (AP, 5/13/14)

2014        May 22, In Puerto Rico the US FBI issued arrest warrants for 16 police officers on charges of corruption.
    (AP, 5/22/14)

2014        May 28, In Puerto Rico dozens of employees with the Port Authority went on strike to protest fiscal measures aimed at reducing government spending. The protests come as Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla pushed to reduce spending as the island entered its eighth year in recession and battled a $73 billion public debt.
    (AP, 5/28/14)

2014        May 29, FBI agents in Puerto Rico arrested judge Manuel Acevedo Hernandez.
    (AP, 5/29/14)

2014        Jun 28, Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed a law establishing a de facto bankruptcy regime for state-owned enterprises.
    (Econ, 7/5/14, p.26)

2014        Jul 2, In Puerto Rico thousands of government workers launched a 24-hour strike across the US territory to protest a fiscal emergency law that targets bonuses and benefits, among other things.
    (AP, 7/2/14)

2014        Jul 9, Puerto Rico’s Senate announced the launch of an investigation into the payment of millions of dollars for overtime in government agencies.
    (AP, 7/9/14)

2014        Jul 17, Puerto Rican health officials declared an epidemic of the mosquito-borne virus known as chikungunya, which was introduced into the Caribbean region late last year.
    {Puerto Rico, Microbiology}
    (AP, 7/18/14)

2014        Jul 24, Puerto Rico unveiled a system that will allow migrants living illegally in the US territory to obtain a temporary driver's license.
    (AP, 7/24/14)

2014        Aug 13, In Puerto Rico 2 men died and two others were injured in a drive-by shooting in the US territory.
    (AP, 8/14/14)

2014        Sep 17, Puerto Rico reggaeton star Don Omar (36) was detained at a house in the northern coastal town of Vega Alta. Authorities said he was accused of threatening his 26-year-old partner.
    (AP, 9/18/14)

2014        Sep 23, In Puerto Rico the 110-foot (34m) US Coast Guard Cutter Key Largo was on patrol just northeast of Vieques when it collided with a 42-foot commercial fishing boat. Two US Virgin Islands residents aboard the Sea Shepherd were rescued after their boat sank in waters more than 100 feet (30 meters) deep.
    (AP, 9/24/14)

2014        Sep 25, Puerto Rican authorities said they have arrested 75 people including a state police officer during an island-wide drug raid.
    (AP, 9/25/14)

2014        Oct 10, A Puerto Rico court ruled that a deal calling for the US territory's government to repay $230 million in overpaid taxes to Doral Financial Corp., one of the island's biggest banks, is valid.
    (AP, 10/10/14)

2014        Nov 17, In Puerto Rico Miguel Ortiz Diaz (67, his wife, a 15-year-old son and his mother-in-law were fatally shot at their home in the upscale city of Guaynabo. Ortiz had been a professor for nearly 20 years at Puerto Rico's American Military Academy. Police believed Ortiz was killed by people who were renting a house he owned and were facing eviction because they had fallen behind on the rent. Christopher Sanchez Asencio and Jose Bosch Mulero, both 27, faced murder charges and nearly 40 other counts, including aggravated kidnapping of a minor and destruction of evidence.
    (AP, 11/18/14)(AP, 11/20/14)

2014        Nov 25, In Puerto Rico robbers approached Edwin Roman Acevedo (36), an off-duty police officer, outside a pharmacy in Trujillo Alto and announced they were holding him up. Roman used his department-issued gun to defend himself, but was shot three times and died.
    (AP, 11/26/14)

2014        Dec 10, In Puerto Rico thieves broke the lock on the main gate of the Egg Market warehouse in Bayamon and stole 456,000 eggs worth nearly $150,000.
    (AP, 12/11/14)

2014        Dec 18, Puerto Rico police arrested more than 310 people in one of their biggest crime sweeps of the year. Authorities also seized 825 marijuana plants as well as dozens of weapons and cars.
    (AP, 12/18/14)

2014        Dec 30, Puerto Rico police seized a record 110 weapons as part of a one-day crackdown on crime across the US territory. Authorities also seized 47 cars during the island-wide sweep.
    (AP, 12/30/14)

2015        Jan 24, Police in Puerto Rico seized $23 million worth of cocaine near a tiny island off the US territory's south coast. Three people from the Dominican Republic were arrested.
    (AP, 1/24/15)

2015        Jan 29, The US Justice Dept. said four Puerto Rico police officers have been sentenced after pleading guilty to robbery, selling drugs and manipulating court records. Three of the officers were sentenced to more than five years in prison and a fourth to seven years.
    (AP, 1/29/15)

2015        Feb 6, A US federal judge ruled that a Puerto Rico debt-restructuring law that aims to protect the government from bankruptcy and make public corporations self-sufficient is unconstitutional.
    (AP, 2/7/15)

2015        Feb 12, The US multi-state $564.1 Powerball lottery was won by ticket holders in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico.
    (SFC, 2/12/15, p.A7)

2015        Feb 19, In Puerto Rico a federal grand jury indicted 25 suspects on charges of running a multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring. The group allegedly began operating in 2010 and generated at least $6 million in sales.
    (AP, 2/19/15)

2015        Mar 5, In Puerto Rico thousands of students, education officials and community leaders protested a proposed 16 percent value-added tax that officials say would strengthen the island's economy. Puerto Rico was struggling to reduce $73 billion in public debt and generate more revenue amid concerns that some of its public corporations might go bankrupt.
    (AP, 3/5/15)

2015        Mar 17, Puerto Rico Police Chief Jose Caldero said that officers found 2,535 pounds (1,150 kg) of cocaine, worth an estimated $32 million, aboard a boat and detained 14 people from the Dominican Republic.
    (AP, 3/17/15)

2015        Apr 3, It was reported that Puerto Rico is slated to receive $3.7 million in federal funds from the US Homeland Security Department to be used for training and equipment to fight terrorism.
    (AP, 4/3/15)

2015        Apr 21, Puerto Rican officials said they have arrested two firefighters, Aneudy Colon Dominguez (35) T Jose Manuel Fajar Marrero (40), on charges of smuggling heroin and cocaine into a prison near the San Juan.
    (AP, 4/21/15)

2015        Apr 22, In Puerto Rico arrest warrants were being served to 29 people indicted by a federal grand jury for operating a multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring.
    (AP, 4/22/15)

2015        May 29, Puerto Rico's Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed into law a tax bill that is expected to provide the commonwealth with about $1.2 billion in much-needed additional tax revenue for the next fiscal year.
    (Reuters, 5/29/15)

2015        Jun 25, It was reported that Puerto Rico was among the Caribbean islands hit by the worst drought in five years.
    (SFC, 6/25/15, p.A4)

2015        Jun 29, Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla warned that his country can't pay its $72 billion public debt as international economists released a critical report on the island's economy.
    (AP, 6/29/15)

2015        Jul 6, The Puerto Rico-based World Boxing Organization stripped Floyd Mayweather of the welterweight world title he won by beating Manny Pacquiao two months ago. Mayweather had failed to meet a July 3 for paying a $200,000 sanctioning fee required by the WBO after he took the belt from Pacquiao on May 2 in Las Vegas.
    (AFP, 7/7/15)

2015        Jul 22, Federal authorities in the US territory of Puerto Rico began serving more than 100 arrest warrants on drug trafficking and weapon charges.
    (AP, 7/22/15)

2015        Aug 1, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla paid out just 628,000 dollars of $58 million in Puerto Rico Public Financing Corporation (PFC) debt that came due today, pleading a lack of liquidity in the recession-wracked US commonwealth.
    (AFP, 8/5/15)

2015        Aug 3, Puerto Rico’s Public Finance Corp., a government agency, failed to make a $58 million payment to bondholders.
    (Econ, 8/8/15, p.61)

2015        Aug 5, A deepening drought in Puerto Rico that has affected 2.5 million people forced the government to extend severe water rationing measures to more communities that are already struggling with an economic crisis.
    (AP, 8/5/15)

2015        Sep 2, Puerto Rico’s troubled state-owned power company announced a restructuring plan with some of its creditors that would provide breathing room for an island staggering under the weight of its public debt.
    (AP, 9/2/15)

2015        Sep 9, Puerto Rico's government released a long-awaited fiscal reform plan on that would reduce much of the island's $72 billion public debt and calls for restructuring the remainder at the expense of bondholders. Gov. Garcia Padilla’s plan put the island’s cash shortfall at $28 billion in 2016-2020.
    (AP, 9/9/15)(Econ, 9/12/15, p.69)

2015        Sep 29, In Puerto Rico FBI agents arrested 10 police officers as the US territory struggled to crack down on corruption during a federally mandated police department reform.
    (AP, 9/29/15)

2015        Oct 14, Puerto Rican authorities said they've charged 38 people in a scheme that let people pay bribes to get licenses or evade fines. The charges covered acts that began more than a year ago at seven DMV centers across the island.
    (AP, 10/14/15)

2015        Oct 30, Puerto Rico's Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said he has signed an executive order banning the use of plastic bags across the US territory effective as of mid-2016.
    (AP, 10/30/15)

2015        Nov 2, Puerto Rican Rep. Carlos Vargas Ferrer (44) hit a newspaper vendor after he lost control of his car early today, then crashed into a light pole in the San Juan suburb of Rio Piedras. The legislator soon died of his injuries.
    (AP, 11/2/15)

2015        Dec 3, In Puerto Rico the FBI arrested 10 government officials and businessmen charged with bribery and extortion.
    (AP, 12/3/15)

2015        Dec 15, A task force led by northern Ohio's US Marshal arrested manslaughter convict Ramon Flores (64) in, San Juan, Puerto Rico. He’s been on the run since 1975.
    (AP, 12/17/15)

2015        Dec 23, The US Department of Justice announced that Puerto Rico will spend $77 million to upgrade its water infrastructure in a settlement with the federal government. Storm water systems in San Juan were currently releasing, daily, an estimated 6 million gallons of untreated sewage into waterways in and around San Juan in violation of the Clean Water Act.
    (AP, 12/23/15)

2015        Dec 28, A Puerto Rico policeman fatally shot two high-ranking officers and a policewoman following an argument at the station where they worked in Ponce. On Dec 20, 2016, Guarionex Candelario was sentenced to more than 200 years in prison for the fatal killing of Lt. Luz Soto, Cmdr. Frank Roman and policewoman Rosario Hernandez.
    (AP, 12/28/15)(AP, 12/20/16)

2015        Puerto Rico’s population numbered about 3.5 million. Another 5 million lived on the US mainland.
    (Econ, 7/11/15, p.34)

2016        Jan 4, Puerto Rico’s government missed a $36 million coupon on paper issued by its Infrastructure Financing Authority.
    (Econ, 1/9/16, p.21)
2016        Jan 4, In Puerto Rico Antonio Soto (66), a former senator, died. He was awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to tax evasion and misappropriation of public funds.
    (AP, 1/4/16)

2016        Jan 7, Puerto Rico faced its first lawsuit over how the US territory's government has diverted funds to meet certain bond payments as its liquidity dwindles amid a worsening economic crisis.
    (AP, 1/8/16)

2016        Jan 18, In Puerto Rico prosecutor Francelis Ortiz (42), who worked at the main court, was killed at her house by gunmen who followed her home from work. On Nov 16 Daniel Vazquez and Rafael Aponte were sentenced to 149 years in prison. A 3rd suspect still faced trial.
    (AP, 1/19/16)(AP, 11/16/16)

2016        Feb 12, Puerto Rican authorities arrested James O. "Pilin" Santana Gonzalez (33), the alleged head of an auto theft gang whose other members have been arrested in last month's killing of a prosecutor.
    (AP, 2/13/16)

2016        Feb 25, US authorities said a group of people in Puerto Rico, who made more than $100,000 a year, received Medicaid coverage as part of a $10 million health care fraud scheme. FBI agents arrested eight people as part of the continuing fraud investigation, including three employees with Puerto Rico's Health Department. Five others were accused of recruiting Medicaid participants in exchange for bribes ranging from $10 to $30 a person.
    (AP, 2/25/16)

2016        Feb, In Puerto Rico a 70-year-old man infected with Zika died from a drop in blood platelets, the island’s first Zika-related death.
    (AP, 4/29/16)

2016        Mar 1, Puerto Rico police arrested a special education teacher and her husband after raiding the couple's upscale home and seizing $2.4 million worth of cocaine.
    (AP, 3/2/16)

2016        Apr 6, Puerto Rico's House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow the US territory's governor to declare a fiscal emergency and implement a debt moratorium to prevent a shutdown of basic government services.
    (AP, 4/6/16)

2016        Apr 7, A US appeals court ruled that Puerto Rico can't prohibit gay marriage.
    (AP, 4/8/16)

2016        Apr 11, Puerto Rico released a new proposal to restructure part of its $70 billion debt to buy time to implement a fiscal growth plan as multimillion-dollar payments loom for the US territory facing dwindling cash reserves.
    (AP, 4/11/16)

2016        Apr 13, Puerto Rico said it is publishing for the first time a list of delinquent taxpayers in hopes of recovering a portion of government-owed revenue amid a worsening economic crisis. The list represents those who owe more than $50,000 worth of sales tax.
    (AP, 4/13/16)

2016        Apr 17, Puerto Rican environmental planner Luis Jorge Rivera Herrera was one of six winners of this year's Goldman Environmental Prize. He fought to protect 3,000 acres (1,200 hectares) of coastal land that has long lured developers to the US territory.
    (AP, 4/18/16)

2016        Apr 22, Puerto Rico's financially strapped government was ordered by a federal judge to immediately pay long-overdue bills owed by the Health Department to companies that serve mentally disabled people in the US territory.
    (AP, 4/22/16)

2016        May 2, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced that the government will not make nearly $370 million in bond payments due today after a failure to restructure or find a political solution to the US territory's spiraling public debt crisis.
    (AP, 5/2/16)

2016        Jun 3, In Puerto Rico nurse Elena Santos Agosto (59) died in her living room after being struck by gunshots to the head and chest that were fired into her residence from a passing vehicle. Her daughter, ex-Miss Puerto Rico Alba Reyes, quickly called on the public to help police find those responsible for the shooting death of her mother.
    (AP, 6/4/16)

2016        Jun 29, The US Senate passed a financial rescue package for Puerto Rico, two days before a $2 billion debt payment on the island’s $70 billion debt. Pres. Obama signed the measure on June 30.
    (SFC, 6/30/16, p.A5)(SFC, 7/1/16, p.A6)

2016        Jul 11, Puerto Rico authorities said they have seized $2.7 million worth of cocaine off the territory's north coast. They also arrested two people and were looking for one fugitive.
    (AP, 7/11/16)

2016        Jul 30, In Connecticut nine members of a Puerto Rican military unit that served in several wars were honored with Congressional Gold Medals. The segregated military unit, known as the Borinqueneers, fought in World War I, World War II and the Korean War.
    (AP, 7/30/16)

2016        Aug 4, Authorities in Puerto Rico said they have seized 1, 500 pounds (680 kg) of cocaine valued at  $17 million off the island's southeast coast.
    (AP, 8/4/16)

2016        Aug 17, The cruise ship Caribbean Fantasy caught fire forcing the evacuation of more than 500 passengers and crew. As of August 19 the ferry continued to burn off Puerto Rico's north coast.
    (AP, 8/19/16)\

2016        Nov 22, In northern Puerto Rico dozens of FBI agents seized documents and electronic equipment at the city hall of the financially struggling town of Toa Baja.
    (AP, 11/22/16)

2016        Dec 19, In Puerto Rico eight people were shot outside a popular restaurant in San Juan. One person died of his wounds on Dec 21.
    (AP, 12/22/16)

2016        Dec 29, Puerto Rico said it has been awarded more than $2 million in US federal funds to fight Zika across mountain communities in the territory's interior.
    (AP, 12/29/16)

2016        Dec 30, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla came under fire for pardoning several convicted criminals including two politicians found guilty of lewd acts and sexual harassment against female employees. Padilla urged Governor-elect Ricardo Rossello to demand that a federal control board overseeing government finances move immediately to restructure much of its nearly $70 billion in debt.
    (AP, 12/30/16)(AP, 12/31/16)

2017        Jan 11, Puerto Rico's newly elected governor signed his first law — one aimed at boosting the US territory's economy via public-private partnerships.
    (AP, 1/12/17)

2017        Jan 18, Puerto Rico police Chief Michelle Hernandez ordered police to stop releasing information including the location of a crime, a suspect's criminal background and the amount of drugs seized or money stolen in certain cases.
    (AP, 1/19/17)

2017        Jan 19, Puerto Rico's governor reversed an order by the US territory's police chief that sought to greatly limit the release of public information about criminal cases.
    (AP, 1/19/17)

2017        Jan 30, Puerto Rico's governor signed a fiscal emergency law that in part aims to pay some of the US territory's nearly $70 billion public debt.
    (AP, 1/30/17)

2017        Feb 22, In Puerto Rico thousands of public university students went on strike to protest looming budget cuts amid a deep economic crisis.
    (AP, 2/22/17)
2017        Feb 22, Federal officials in Puerto Rico indicted three doctors and the owner of a medical equipment company in a $1.3 million Medicare fraud scheme.
    (AP, 2/22/17)

2017        Mar 1, Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rossello submitted a fiscal plan that rejects austerity measures sought by a federal control board and instead proposes alternative ways to boost revenue and cut spending amid an economic recession.
    (AP, 3/1/17)

2017        Mar 9, Top Puerto Rico legislators said they will provide some financial relief to islanders who invested in government bonds and face deep losses amid an economic crisis and ongoing defaults.
    (AP, 3/9/17)

2017        Mar 28, Thousands of students at the Univ. of Puerto Rico went on a one-week strike to protest multimillion-dollar cuts prompted by an economic crisis.
    (AP, 3/28/17)

2017        Apr 11, In Puerto Rico federal law enforcement broke up a $4 million drug-trafficking ring. Most of the 26 indicted suspects were arrested before dawn at the Luis Munoz Marin airport in San Juan.
    (SFC, 4/12/17, p.A2)

2017        May 1, In Puerto Rico hundreds of protesters blocked roads in San Juan as May Day demonstrators angered by a decade-long economic crisis marched against looming austerity measures and demanded an audit to identify those responsible for running up a $70 billion public debt load.
    (AP, 5/1/17)

2017        May 2, Bondholders filed to sue Puerto Rico in the first legal challenges to hit the US territory after a freeze on litigation that protected it from lawsuits expired amid a deep economic crisis.
    (AP, 5/2/17)

2017        May 3, Puerto Rico’s governor announced a historic restructuring of $70 billion debt through courts after talks with bondholders fail. Public sector debts totaled almost $74 billion.
    (AP, 5/3/17)(Econ 5/6/17, p.68)

2017        May 5, Puerto Rican officials said 184 public schools will be closing in a move expected to save millions of dollars amid a deep economic crisis that has sparked an exodus to the US mainland in the past decade. An estimated 27,000 students will be moved elsewhere when their schools close at the end of May. Puerto Rico currently has a total of 1,292 public schools that serve 365,000 students.
    (AP, 5/5/17)

2017        Jun 4, In Puerto Rico five inmates escaped from a high-security prison in the US territory's south coast. Four of the inmates had been found guilty of murder and were serving life in prison sentences. A fifth had been found guilty of kidnapping and weapons violations.
    (AP, 6/5/17)

2017        Jun 11, Puerto Ricans voted for statehood and won a non-binding referendum hit by a boycott and low turnout that raised questions about the vote's legitimacy. More than half a million people voted for statehood, followed by nearly 7,800 votes for free association/independence and more than 6,800 votes for the current territorial status. Voter turnout was just 23 percent.
    (AP, 6/12/17)
2017        Jun 11, In NYC tens of thousands of revelers packed Fifth Avenue for the annual Puerto Rican Day parade, despite a controversy over honoring Oscar Lopez Rivera (74), who spent 35 years in prison for his involvement with a group responsible for bombings that killed and maimed dozens in the 1970s and 1980s.
    (AP, 6/11/17)

2017        Jun 18, In Puerto Rico boat capsized off the southern coastal town of Salinas. Three people drowned and eight others were rescued.
    (AP, 6/19/17)

2017        Jun 21, In Puerto Rico the FBI arrested Ramon Orta, the former secretary of sports and recreation, and six other people accused of misusing public funds.
    (AP, 6/21/17)

2017        Jun 22, It was reported that an average of 14 families lose their homes every day to foreclosure in Puerto Rico, as the island faces a real-estate crash. Local courts oversaw foreclosure on nearly 33,000 homes from 2009-2016.
    (SFC, 6/22/17, p.A6)

2017        Jun 26, Federal authorities in Puerto Rico seized $4 million worth of cocaine and arrested three people.
    (AP, 6/28/17)

2017        Jul 12, A jury in Puerto Rico found five people guilty in the killing of a government official and two of his daughters during a mistaken drive-by shooting in 2004.
    (AP, 7/13/17)

2017        Aug 6, The US territory of Puerto Rico made it a crime to smoke inside a vehicle if one of the passengers is younger than 18. Violators will face a $250 penalty.
    (AP, 8/7/17)

2017        Aug 30, Hundreds of Puerto Ricans took to the streets of San Juan to protest austerity measures as anger builds over an unrelenting economic crisis that has hit the working class especially hard.
    (AP, 8/30/17)

2017        Sep 7, Hurricane Irma left more than 1 million people in Puerto Rico without power, nearly 70 percent of customers of Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority.
    (AP, 9/7/17)

2017        Sep 20, Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico, tearing off roofs and sending doors flying from hinges. Maria has already killed at least nine in the Caribbean. In 2019 it was reported that the hurricane killed an estimated 2,975 people and caused more than $100 billion in damage and that recovery was slow.
    (AP, 9/20/17)(SFC, 9/23/19, p.A7)

2017        Sep 21, President Donald Trump approved a disaster declaration for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria slammed into the US territory. Trump said that Maria "totally obliterated" the US island territory with its electrical grid destroyed.
    (AP, 9/21/17)(Reuters, 9/21/17)

2017        Sep 22, Puerto Rican officials said at least six people have died in connection with Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria lashed the Turks and Caicos Islands after destroying homes, causing widespread flooding, crippling economies and killing at least 25 people on Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.
    (AP, 9/22/17)(Reuters, 9/22/17)

2017        Sep 23, Puerto Rico's National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for people living along the Guajataca River in the northwest of the island, saying an earthen dam there was in danger of collapsing as the death toll from Hurricane Maria stood at 33 across the Caribbean. Some 3,000 homes were destroyed.
    (AFP, 9/23/17)(SSFC, 9/24/17 p.A7)

2017        Sep 28, President Donald Trump temporarily lifted restrictions on foreign shipping from the US mainland to Puerto Rico to help get fuel and supplies quickly to the US territory as it reels from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico's government had sought a waiver of the Jones Act, which limits shipping between US ports to US owned-and-operated vessels. The federal government waived the Jones Act shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico for 10 days in recognition of the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on the US territory.
    (AP, 9/28/17)(Reuters, 9/28/17)

2017        Sep 29, President Donald Trump pledged to spare no effort to help Puerto Ricans recover from Maria's ruinous aftermath even as San Juan's mayor, her voice breaking with rage, accused his administration of "killing us with the inefficiency."
    (AP, 9/30/17)

2017        Sep 30, President Donald Trump lashed out at the mayor of San Juan and other officials in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, contemptuous of their claims of a laggard US response to the natural disaster that has imperiled the island's future. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz had accused the Trump administration of "killing us with the inefficiency" after Hurricane Maria.
    (AP, 9/30/17)

2017        Sep, Estimates by the Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology in Germany for rebuilding Puerto Rico following Hurricane Irma amounted to about $13 billion.
    (Econ, 9/16/17, p.29)

2017        Oct 1, President Donald Trump scoffed at "politically motivated ingrates" who had questioned his administration's commitment to rebuilding Puerto Rico after a pulverizing hurricane and said the federal government had done "a great job with the almost impossible situation."
    (AP, 10/1/17)

2017        Oct 3, President Donald Trump flew to Puerto Rico to view the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Maria and meet residents, many of whom are frustrated and resentful that they are still struggling with basic necessities two weeks after the storm.
    (Reuters, 10/3/17)

2017        Oct 14, Puerto Rican authorities raised the death toll from Hurricane Maria by 3 to 48 based on a review of medical records.
    (AP, 10/14/17)

2017        Oct 20, In Puerto Rico a shooting outside a pizza parlor left three dead and three injured in the northern city of Bayamon.
    (AP, 10/21/17)

2017        Oct 26, US Pres. Donald Trump signed a $36.5 billion emergency aid measure to refill disaster accounts, provide a cash infusion to Puerto Rico and bail out the federal flood insurance program.
    (SFC, 10/27/17, p.A8)

2017        Oct 29, Puerto Rico's governor demanded that the board of the island's power company cancel the $300M contract with Whitefish Energy Holdings amid increased scrutiny of the Montana company's role in Hurricane Maria recovery efforts. Roughly 70 percent of the island remained without power more than a month after Hurricane Maria.
    (AP, 10/29/17)

2017        Nov 13, Puerto Rico asked the US federal government for $94.4 billion in aid as it recovers from Hurricane Maria.
    (SFC, 11/14/17, p.A7)

2017        Nov 14, New York state said more than 160 of its utility workers and nearly 100 utility vehicles have arrived in Puerto Rico to help the US territory restore its power grid in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
    (AP, 11/14/17)

2017        Dec 15, In Puerto Rico union leaders representing power company workers slammed local and federal officials for lack of equipment as the territory missed a deadline to restore 95 percent of power as promised by the island’s governor. Current power generation was at 64%, nearly three months after Hurricane Maria.
    (SFC, 12/16/17, p.A6)

2017        Dec 29, Puerto Rico authorities said that nearly half of power customers in the US territory still lacked electricity more than three months after Hurricane Maria.
    (SFC, 12/30/17, p.A10)

2018        Jan 12, Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello slammed the federal government's response to Hurricane Maria, saying residents of the island, who are U.S. citizens, are being treated like "second-class citizens."
    (AP, 1/12/18)

2018        Jan 25, Puerto Rico's governor submitted a revised fiscal plan that estimates the US Caribbean territory's economy will shrink by 11 percent and its population drop by nearly 8 percent next year.
    (AP, 1/25/18)

2018        Jan 29, It was reported that Puerto Rico's governor has signed a law meant to speed and encourage adoptions, partly by allowing unmarried couples to adopt children in the socially conservative US territory.
    (AP, 1/29/18)

2018        Feb 11, A blackout hit northern Puerto Rico late today after an explosion at a main power substation.
    (SFC, 2/12/18, p.A5)

2018        Feb 12, Officials with Puerto Rico's power company said that they have restored power to most customers who were hit by a blackout overnight after a fire at a substation, a setback that added to the US territory's struggle to recover from Hurricane Maria and years of deteriorating infrastructure.
    (AP, 2/12/18)

2018        Feb 16, A federal control board urgently sought a $300 million loan for Puerto Rico's power company after a judge rejected a previous $1 billion loan request despite warnings the US territory would have to start rationing electricity.
    (AP, 2/16/18)

2018        Feb 19, A US federal judge approved a $300 million loan for Puerto Rico’s power company to keep the agency working until late March.
    (SFC, 2/20/18, p.A5)

2018        Mar 1, A blackout hit Puerto Rico's capital and surrounding areas after two of the US territory's main power plants shut down as officials warn the power company is struggling to remain operational.
    (AP, 3/1/18)

2018        Mar 12, It was reported that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is launching a new effort to help Puerto Rico rebuild after last year's hurricanes.
    (AP, 3/12/18)

2018        Apr 1, Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rossello defied the federal control board overseeing the island's troubled finances. Rossello said he will submit a fiscal plan to the board on April 5 that will not contain any layoffs, reductions in pensions or a labor reform.
    (AP, 4/2/18)

2018        Apr 19, Puerto Rico's power company said that it has restored electricity to more than 80 percent of customers affected by an island-wide blackout that was caused by an excavator hitting a transmission line a day earlier, but tens of thousands of families still remain without normal service seven months after hurricanes Maria and Irma.
    (AP, 4/19/18)

2018        Apr 20, In Puerto Rico a 17-year-old boy died early today after someone started shooting in front of a business where several people were gathered in the western coastal town of Mayaguez. Ten others were injured.
    (AP, 4/20/18)

2018        Apr 23, Florida-based Silver Airways said it has bought Puerto Rico-based Seaborne Airlines, the Caribbean's largest regional airline.
    (AP, 4/24/18)

2018        May 1, In Puerto Rico thousands of people marched to protest pension cuts, school closures and slow hurricane recovery efforts.
    (SFC, 5/2/18, p.A6)

2018        May 2, An aging C-130 Hercules that rescued and resupplied US citizens after last year's hurricanes crashed onto a Georgia highway during what was supposed to be its final flight, killing all nine Puerto Ricans on board.
    (AP, 5/3/18)

2018        May 29, A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated that some 4,600 people in Puerto Rico lost their lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, as opposed to the official count of 64.
    (SFC, 5/30/18, p.A10)

2018        May 31, Puerto Rico's Institute of Statistics sued the US territory's health department and demographic registry to obtain data on the number of deaths following Hurricane Maria. A Harvard study published earlier this week estimated there were up to 4,600 more deaths than usual in the three months after Maria. The official death toll stood at 64.
    (SFC, 6/2/18, p.A6)

2018        Jun 5, In Puerto Rico a court ordered the US territory's government to release all death certificates issued after Hurricane Maria hit the island amid allegations that the official death toll of 64 is severely undercounted.
    (AP, 6/5/18)

2018        Jun 11, In Puerto Rico plans to shutter 265 public schools across Puerto Rico were temporarily derailed with a judge's order to stop the closure of at least nine institutions and his recommendation that other judges do the same in lawsuits still pending on other school closures.
    (AP, 6/12/18)

2018        Jun 29, A US federal control board overseeing the finances of Puerto Rico said it will eliminate a $25 million scholarship fund for the island's largest public university, as well as a $50 million annual fund for municipalities. In addition, the board said it will scrap an annual Christmas bonus for all government employees starting next fiscal year.
    (AP, 6/29/18)

2018        Jun 30, A US district judge ordered federal emergency oficials to extend vouchers for temporary hotel housing for nearly 1,700 Puerto Rican hurricane evacuees in Florida and Massachusetts.
    (SFC, 7/2/18, p.A5)

2018        Jul 3, A federal judge in Massachusetts extended an order blocking the federal government for three weeks from cutting off housing assistance to people who were forced to leave their homes in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria.
    (Reuters, 7/3/18)

2018        Jul 5, Federal authorities in Puerto Rico said they have arrested a mayor and two former government employees of the southwest town of Sabana Grande on charges of public corruption.
    (AP, 7/5/18)

2018        Aug 3, Puerto Rico police said Pedro Marrero Diaz (33) was shot a dozen times as he lay in bed at the Hima hospital in the northern city of Caguas. Diaz was being treated for stomach pains. The shooter escaped the scene.
    (AP, 8/3/18)

2018        Aug 9, It was reported that Puerto Rico is now estimating that Hurricane Maria killed more than 1,400 people, far more than the official death toll of 64, in a report to Congress seeking billions to help the island recover from the devastating storm. The government said were 1,427 more deaths from September to December 2017 than the average for the same time period over the previous four years.
    (AP, 8/9/18)

2018        Sep 12, The FBI arrested Puerto Rico Sen. Abel Nazario, who has been indicted by a federal grand jury on corruption charges. The case is related to funds Nazario received when he was mayor of the southwest town of Yauco.
    (AP, 9/13/18)

2018        Sep 13, President Donald Trump rejected the official conclusion that nearly 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico from last year's Hurricane Maria, arguing without evidence that the number was wrong and calling it a plot by Democrats to make him "look as bad as possible." The mayor of Puerto Rico's capital said Trump is "delusional, paranoid, and unhinged from any sense of reality."
    (AP, 9/13/18)

2018        Oct 1, Puerto Rico's government said it has bought four new ferries and announced a new departure site for those traveling to two nearby islands popular with tourists.
    (AP, 10/1/18)

2018        Nov 29, It was reported that Puerto Rico's largest public university has paid the US government $1.7 million as part of a settlement after the institution was accused of misusing grant money.
    (AP, 11/29/18)

2018        Dec 10, Puerto Rico's governor signed a bill to overhaul the US territory's tax laws in a bid to help workers and some business owners amid a 12-year recession.
    (AP, 12/10/18)

2018        Puerto Rico-based LiftFoils began shipping its first battery-powered propeller surfboards. The units enabled users to rise a foot or so above the water's surface.
    (SFC, 10/8/20, p.A11)

2019        Feb 6, US FBI agents raided a bank in Puerto Rico amid allegations over violations of US sanctions imposed on those who do business with Venezuela's government.
    (AP, 2/6/19)

2019        Mar 6, In Puerto Rico trucks laden with food, water and gasoline began arriving on the tiny islands of Vieques and Culebra after the governor activated the National Guard due to a breakdown of two ferries that carry supplies.
    (AP, 3/6/19)

2019        May 2, Former Puerto Rico Gov. Rafael Hernández Colón (82), who oversaw one of the US territory's most prosperous periods, died at his home in Puerto Rico. Hernández served as governor from 1973 to 1977 and again from 1985 to 1993.
    (AP, 5/2/19)

2019        May, The FBI arrested the executive director of Puerto Rico's Senate Office of Government Affairs and two legislative advisers. They were accused of creating an alleged billing scheme for professional services never rendered.
    (AP, 6/25/19)

2019        Jun 9, In NYC Puerto Rican pride was on full display along Fifth Avenue, as the National Puerto Rican Day Parade stepped off for its 62nd annual event.
    (AP, 6/9/19)

2019        Jul 10, Puerto Rico's former secretary of education and five other people were arrested on charges of steering federal money to unqualified , politically connected contractors.
    (SFC, 7/11/19, p.A6)

2019        Jul 13, Two of Puerto Rico's top government officials resigned following the publication of a bombshell group chat in which Governor Ricardo Rossello and his closest allies exchanged controversial messages that have led to widespread calls for Rossello to also step down.
    (Reuters, 7/13/19)

2019        Jul 17, In Puerto Rico protests rocked San Juan after a leaked series of chat group messages showed the governor and key aides mocking women, the disabled and victims of Hurricane Maria.
    (SFC, 7/18/19, p.A5)

2019        Jul 19, Puerto Ricans streamed into San Juan's old city and called on Gov. Ricardo Rossello to quit over the misogynistic and homophobic messages.
    (Reuters, 7/20/19)

2019        Jul 21, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced that he will not resign, but will not seek re-election or continue as head of his pro-statehood political party.
    (SFC, 7/22/19, p.A4)

2019        Jul 22, In Puerto Rico thousands of people blocked a major San Juan highway in a protest aimed at forcing Governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign over offensive chat messages. Rosselló's announcement a day earlier that he would not seek re-election next year and would step down as head of the New Progressive Party seemed to have little effect on the crowds.
    (Reuters, 7/22/19)

2019        Jul 23, Puerto Rican justice officials executed search warrants for the mobile phones of top associates of Governor Ricardo Rosselló amid a corruption scandal that provoked 10 days of protests demanding his resignation.
    (Reuters, 7/23/19)

2019        Jul 25, In Puerto Rico people danced in the streets of San Juan's old city, after Governor Ricardo Rosselló bowed to protesters' demands and said he would quit over profane chat messages and a corruption scandal that have sparked massive demonstrations. Rosselló said he would step down on Aug. 2. Celebrations were tempered by the fact that protesters weren't enthused over Secretary of Justice Wanda Vázquez being next in line to succeed Rosselló, based on current cabinet vacancies.
    (Reuters, 7/25/19)

2019        Aug 2, In Puerto Rico the handpicked successor to disgraced Governor Ricardo Rossello was sworn in after Rossello stepped down, but lawyer Pedro Pierluisi said his term as governor might be short as the island's Senate still had to ratify his position.
    (Reuters, 8/2/19)

2019        Aug 3, It was reported that Puerto Rico’s government debt exceeded $120 billion. This included pension liabilities.
    (Econ, 8/3/19, p.20)

2019        Aug 7, Puerto Rico's Supreme Court overturned the swearing in of Pedro Pierluisi as the island's governor less than a week ago, clearing the way for Justice Sec. Wanda Vasquez to be sworn in after weeks of turmoil.
    (SFC, 8/8/19, p.A5)

2019        Aug 28, Puerto Rico braced or the arrival of Tropical Storm Dorian, one of the island's first major tests since devastating hurricanes struck in 2017.
    (Reuters, 8/28/19)

2019        Oct 9, AT&T Inc said it would sell its wireless and wireline operations in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to Liberty Latin America Ltd for $1.95 billion, as the second-largest US wireless carrier cuts its huge debt pile.
    (AP, 10/9/19)

2019        Dec 18, Puerto Rico adopted a law to keep cock-fighting alive, seeking to protect a 400-year-old tradition despite a US federal ban due to go into effect this week.
    (SFC, 12/19/19, p.A9)

2020        Jan 6, A 5.8-magnitude quake hit Puerto Rico before dawn, unleashing small landslides, causing power outages and severely cracking some homes.
    (AP, 1/6/20)

2020        Jan 7, Puerto Rico's string of tremors continued as a magnitude 6.4 earthquake knocked out power and left at least one person dead. Damages from this quake were later estimated at $110 million.
    (The Week, 1/7/20)(SSFC, 1/12/20, p.A7)

2020        Jan 11, A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Puerto Rico causing extensive damage along the island's southern coast. This followed recent quakes including a magnitude 6.4 quake on Jan. 7.
(SSFC, 1/12/20, p.A7)

2020        Jan 15, US House of Representatives Jenniffer Gonzalez said Puerto Rico will be allowed access to $8.2 billion in delayed disaster-aid funding by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
    (Reuters, 1/15/20)

2020        Jan 18, People in a southern Puerto Rico city discovered a warehouse filled with water, cots and other unused emergency supplies, then set off a social media uproar when they broke in to retrieve goods as the area struggles to recover from a strong earthquake. The emergency supplies had been piled in the warehouse since Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico in September 2017. Gov. Wanda Vázquez quickly fired the director of the island's emergency management agency.
    (AP, 1/18/20)

2020        Jan 28, Puerto Rico opened only 20% of its public schools following a strong earthquake that delayed the start of classes by nearly three weeks as fears linger over the safety of students.
    (AP, 1/28/20)

2020        Feb 21, In Puerto Rico former DEA agent Jose Irizarry (46) and his wife were arrested at their home near San Juan, as part of a 19-count federal indictment that accused Irizarry of “secretly using his position and his special access to information" to divert millions in drug proceeds from control of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
    (AP, 2/21/20)

2020        Feb 24, The US Supreme Court threw out a court order to seize assests belonging to the Roman Catholic archdiocese of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to pay pension benefits for Catholic school teachers, due to lack of authority.
    (SFC, 2/25/20, p.A5)

2020        Apr 4, Puerto Rico has reported 450 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 18 deaths.
    (SSFC, 4/5/20, p.A9)

2020        Apr 12, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Wanda Vazquez extended an island-wide curfew until May in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 on the island. There have been about 7,700 people tested so far with more than 780 confirmed cases and 42 deaths.
    (ABC News, 4/12/20)

2020        Apr 15, Puerto Rico has reported 970 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and at least 51 deaths.
    (SFC, 4/16/20, p.A5)

2020        May 2, A 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit southern Puerto Rico hours after the government announced the island's biggest spike in COVID-19. At least 50 families were forced to relocate.
    (SSFC, 5/3/20, p.A4)

2020        May 13, Puerto Rico officials said they are closing more than 30 public school cafeterias and several food warehouses after dozens of workers tested positive for the coronavirus.
    (SFC, 5/14/20, p.A5)

2020        Jun 29, Puerto Rico's Gov. Wanda Vazquez extended a coronavirus curfew for three more weeks, even as she authorized the reopenings of certain businesses and government agencies.
    (SFC, 6/30/20, p.A6)

2020        Jul 9, At least 300,000 Puerto Ricans have filed unemployment claims linked to the pandemic — out of a civilian labor force of 1.05 million — and many others are ineligible for aid because they are part of the island’s large informal economy. Puerto Rico in mid-June had the highest insured unemployment rate in the country, at 23 percent.
    (NY Times, 7/9/20)

2020        Jul 11, In Puerto Rico dozens of activists marched through the historic part of San Juan, some wearing traditional Taino clothing, as they banged on drums and blew on conch shells to demand that the US territory’s government start by removing statues including those of explorer Christopher Columbus.
    (AP, 7/11/20)

2020        Jul 30, Tropical Storm Isaias battered Puerto Rico as it continued on a forecast track toward the US East Coast, unleashing small landslides and causing widespread flooding and power outages on an island still recovering from previous hurricanes and earthquakes.
    (AP, 7/30/20)

2020        Aug 9, Puerto Rico was forced to partially suspend voting for primaries marred by a lack of ballots as officials called on the president of the US territory’s elections commission to resign.
    (AP, 8/9/20)

2020        Aug 12, The FBI arrested Aníbal Jover, the former president of Puerto Rico’s Association of Certified Public Accountants. He became the seventh person arrested in connection with an ongoing federal fraud probe involving Puerto Rico's former education secretary Julia Keleher.
    (NBC News, 8/12/20)

2020        Aug 16, Thousands of Puerto Ricans got a second chance to vote for the first time, a week after delayed and missing ballots marred the original primaries in a blow to the US territory’s democracy. Gov. Wanda Vázquez acknowledged losing the primary of her pro-statehood party to Pedro Pierluisi, who briefly served as the US territory's governor last year amid political turmoil.
    (AP, 8/16/20)

2020        Aug 17, FBI agents arrested Puerto Rico Rep. María Milagros Charbonier, one of Puerto Rico's most conservative and religious legislators, and three other people. No further details were immediately available.
    (NBC News, 8/17/20)

2020        Aug 30, A $27 million smuggling operation got sniffed out before the MV Norma H II Voyage 818 could reach the US Virgin Islands. A K-9 agent sniffed 34 cargo boxes of vacuum-packed cash in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before leaving for St. Thomas.
    (Miami Herald, 9/3/20)

2020        Sep 12, Puerto Rico's Gov. Wanda Vazquez reopened beaches, casinos, gyms and movie theaters across the US territory following a drop in coronavirus cases. As of the next day the island reported 539 deaths and 37,000 cases.
    (SFC, 9/14/20, p.A4)

2020        Sep 18, The White House said the federal government will award an $11.6 billion aid package to Puerto Rico, focused on the territory's energy and education systems, to help the island recover from the devastation brought by 2017's Hurricane Maria.
    (Reuters, 9/18/20)

2020        Nov 3, A slim majority of Puerto Ricans voted that the island territory should become a state, with 52 percent backing a nonbinding referendum. Puerto Rico elected Pedro Pierluisi of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party, as governor. Pierluisi received nearly 33% of the vote compared with nearly 32% for Carlos Delgado of the Popular Democratic Party, which supports the current territorial status.
    (NY Times, 11/5/20)(SFC, 11/9/20, p.A4)

2020        Nov 11, Election officials in Puerto Rico said they found almost 200 boxes of uncounted votes, dealing another black eye to the mistrusted government. Puerto Rico doesn’t vote in the US presidential election. Officials acknowledged that the votes could change the results of particularly narrow races that had already been preliminarily certified.
    (NY Times, 11/11/20)

2020        Nov 19, The US National Science Foundation announced that it will close the huge telescope at the renowned Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico in a blow to scientists worldwide who depend on it to search for planets, asteroids and extraterrestrial life.
    (Reuters, 11/19/20)

2021        Jan 15, In Puerto Rico Roberto Felix Diaz reported that his partner Angie Noemí González Santos (29) was missing. Days earlier Santos had left her mom a voicemail, saying she was leaving her partner, even if she had to call the police. On Jan 20 Diaz confessed to her murder and led police to where he'd thrown the body in a ravine after strangling her to death. Weeks after Angie's murder, the governor declared a state of emergency for gender-based violence.
    (https://tinyurl.com/5n7y3fc4)(USA Today, 3/13/22)

2021        Feb 3, Puerto Rico’s new Gov. Pedro Pierluisi said that modernizing government services, repairing roads and increasing the salaries of certain public workers are among the priorities in the US territory’s proposed $10.7 billion budget.
    (AP, 2/3/21)

2021        Mar 8, Puerto Rico filed a framework that outlines how the US territory will restructure at least $35 billion in public debt and more than $50 billion in public pension liabilities. The plan threatens a 10% cut to public pensions if no agreement is reached with retirees.
    (AP, 3/9/21)

2021        Apr 9, Puerto Rico said it would close all private and public schools for two weeks amid a surge in coronavirus cases.
    (SFC, 4/10/21, p.A7)

2021        Jun 28, US Education Sec. Miguel Cardona said Puerto Rico will receive nearly $4 billion in federal education pandemic relief funds to help boost the territory's fight against COVID-19.
    (SFC, 6/29/21, p.A4)

2021        Aug 6, Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi announced that vaccinations will be required of government contractors, hotel guests, and employees, and all health facility workers to control a spike in COVID-19 cases.
    (SFC, 8/6/21, p.A3)

2021        Dec 2, US federal officials said Félix Delgado, prominent mayor in Puerto Rico accused of awarding 50 contracts worth nearly $10 million to an asphalt company, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery and receive kickbacks. He faced up to 20 years in prison.
    (AP, 12/2/21)

2021        Dec 15, A private jet crashed minutes after taking off outside Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, killing all nine people on board, including Puerto Rican music producer Flow La Movie.
    (Reuters, 12/15/21)

2022        Jan 18, Puerto Rico received approval from a federal judge to leave bankruptcy under the largest public-sector debt restructuring deal in the history of the United States, nearly five years after the financially strapped territory declared it could not repay its creditors.
    (NY Times, 1/19/22)

2022        Jan 28, Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi ordered that all central government employees and government contractors get boosted by Feb. 28 to fight COVID-19.
    (SFC, 1/29/22, p.A4)

2022        Feb 4, Thousands of teachers across Puerto Rico left their classrooms and took to the streets to demand higher wages, improved working conditions and better pensions amid an economic crisis.
    (AP, 2/4/22)

2022        Feb 7, Puerto Rico’s Gov. Pedro Pierluisi announced that all public school teachers will receive a temporary $1,000 monthly salary increase starting in July as he promised to make it permanent.
    (AP, 2/7/22)

2022        Feb 18, In Puerto Rico public employees shut down the streets of San Juan to demand better pay and pensions.
    (SFC, 2/19/22, p.A3)

2022        Mar 7, Puerto Rico's Gov. Pedro Pierlouisi said masks for COVID-19 would no longer be required as of March 10.
    (SFC, 3/9/22, p.A4)

2022        Mar 15, Puerto Rico exited bankruptcy, completing the largest public debt restructuring in US history.
    (SFC, 3/16/22, p.C2)

2022        Mar 16, Karolina Biewlaska of Poland took home the title of Miss World 2021 during the pageant’s finals night in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    (Rappler.com, 3/17/22)

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