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Norway is about the same size as New Mexico.
(SSFC, 10/9/05, Par p.27)
Bergen is the 2nd largest city. Trondheim was Norway’s first capital.
    (SFEC, 1/18/98, p.T12)
May 17 is national day.
    (Econ, 5/29/04, p.54)

150Mil BC    In 2006 researchers in Norway announced the discovery of the remains of a short-necked plesiosaur, a prehistoric marine reptile the size of a bus, that they believe is the first complete skeleton ever found. The 150 million year old remains of the 33-foot ocean going predator were found on the remote Svalbard Islands of the Arctic. Researchers in 2008 said it was the biggest of its kind known to science with dagger-like teeth in a mouth large enough to bite a small car.
    (AP, 10/5/06)(Reuters, 2/27/08)

7000BC    The Sami people began herding reindeer in northern Europe about this time as the last Ice Age ended. They were later considered to be Europe’s only indigenous people. By 2013 they numbered about 80,000 including 8,000 in Finland, 50,000 in Norway, 20,000 in Sweden and 2,000 in Russia.
    (SFC, 8/30/13, p.A2)

700-800    Vikings began arriving to the Orkney Islands.
    (SFEC, 3/23/97,  p.T3)

793        Jun 8, Vikings raided the Northumbrian coast in England. Corfe served as a center of West Saxon resistance to Viking invaders. Vikings plundered the monastery and St. Cuthbert convent at Lindsfarne
    (HN, 6/8/98)(AM, 7/00, p.64)(PC, 1992, p.68)

800-900    In Scandinavia Futhark evolved around the 9th century. Instead of 24 letters, the Scandinavian "Younger" Futhark had 16 letters. In England, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc started to be replaced by the Latin alphabet by the 9th century, and did not survive much more past the Norman Conquest. Futhark continued to be used in Scandinavia for centuries longer, but by 1600 CE, it had become nothing more than curiosities among scholars and antiquarians.

834        In southeastern Norway's Vestfold County a 65-foot vessel was buried in an enormous mound as the grave ship for a rich and powerful Viking woman. In 1904 the mound surrendered the Oseberg Viking longboat.
    (AP, 9/11/07)

843        Jun 24, Vikings destroyed Nantes.
    (MC, 6/24/02)

850-933    Harold the Fairhaired. Princess Gyda is said to have incited Harold to gather the whole of Norway under his scepter. The name Gyda was later corrupted to Gjøe, the name of Amdunsen’s Northwest Passage sloop (1903-1905).
    (Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)

891        Sep 1, Norse defeated near Louvain, France.
    (MC, 9/1/02)

c900-1000    Harald Bluetooth, or Harald Blatand, 10th-century king of Denmark, attributed to himself the unification of Denmark and the Christianization of the Danes. He also conquered Norway and raided Normandy. He was later invaded and defeated by German emperor Otto II.
    (HNQ, 9/3/98)

960        Thorvald Asvaldsson, the father of Eric the Red (950-1003), committed a murder about this time and was banished from Norway. He took his family to Iceland.

969-1000    Olaf Tryggvesson, Olav I, King of Norway from 995-1000.
    (WUD, 1994, p.1002)

c986        Denmark's King Harald Gormsson (b.c958), aka Harald Bluetooth or Harald Blatand, died about this time. He attributed to himself the unification of Denmark and the Christianization of the Danes. He also conquered Norway and raided Normandy. In 974 he was defeated by German emperor Otto II.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harald_Bluetooth)(AM, 11/00, p.21)
986        Bjarni Herjolfsson sailed from Norway to Iceland with cargo for his father, who had moved on to Greenland. Herjjolfsson was blown off course and reached Labrador, which he described as "worthless country."
    (NG, V184, No. 4, Oct. 1993, p.4)(WSJ, 7/6/04, p.D5)
986        Greenland's west coast was settled by Icelanders and Norwegians, through a contingent of 14 boats led by Erik the Red.

995-1000    Olaf I was king.
    (WUD, 1994, p.1002)

995-1030    Olaf Haraldsson, aka Saint Olaf, the patron saint of Norway. He was king from 1016-1029. He and a crew of Vikings attacked London and pulled down the London Bridge with ropes. This is remembered in the nursery rhyme "London Bridge is falling down..."
    (WUD, 1994, p.1002)(SFC, 8/23/97, p.E3)

1002        Thorer Eastman (d.1002), a Norwegian sea captain, was blown off course on a trading voyage from Iceland to Greenland. He and his wife, Gudrid, along with a crew of 13 became stranded on a rock near the coast of Newfoundland for weeks until they were rescued by Leif Eriksson, who was on his way home to Greenland from North America with a cargo of timber. That fall an epidemic swept Greenland and Eastman died.
    (ON, 12/07, p.4)

c1004        In 2004 archaeologists in western Norway found the remains of a harbor complex built by the Vikings about this time, at the ancient harbor complex at Faanestangen, near the west coast city of Trondheim, some 250 miles north of Oslo.
    (AP, 3/6/04)

1015        After converting to Christianity in France, Olaf Haraldsson returned to Norway and promptly conquered land held by Denmark, Sweden and Norwegian lords.
    (HNQ, 11/30/00)

1016-1029    In Norway Olaf Haraldsson served as king. He later became Saint Olaf, the patron saint of Norway.
    (WUD, 1994, p.1002)

1024         Olaf Haraldsson introduced a religious code in his efforts to convert the Norwegians to Christianity.
    (HNQ, 11/30/00)

1028        Olaf Haraldsson was forced to flee Norway by Canute, king of England and Denmark, Olaf returned to reconquer Norway, but was defeated and killed at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030.
    (HNQ, 11/30/00)

1028-1035    Canute the Great became King of Norway.
    (AHD, 1971, p.198)

1030        Jul 29, The patron saint of Norway, King Olaf the Second, was killed in the Battle of Stiklestad. Olaf Haraldsson was born a pagan and lived as a warrior for most of his years going on to become the patron saint of Norway. The son of Harald I, Oaf's early career was spent outside Norway fighting the Danes and English among others.
    (HNQ, 11/30/00)(AP, 7/29/01)

1031        Olaf II, aka Olaf Haraldsson, was named a saint.
    (HNQ, 11/30/00)

1035        Nov 12, Cnut the Great (b.c995), King of Denmark, England and Norway, died in England. The area of his rule is often referred to as the North Sea Empire. As a Danish prince, Cnut (Canute) won the throne of England in 1016 in the wake of centuries of Viking activity in northwestern Europe. Scotland submitted to him in 1017. His later accession to the Danish throne in 1018 brought the crowns of England and Denmark together.

1045-1066    King Harold Hardready reigned. During this time Snorre Sturleson wrote the "Heimskringla." In his Ynglingasaga he said that in 1049 under King Svein and in 1051 under King Magnus, a special sermon against Curonian pirates was introduced in the Danish churches.
    (DrEE, 11/23/96, p.3)

1047        Oct 25, Magnus I Godhi, king of Norway and Denmark (1035-47), died.
    (MC, 10/25/01)

1066        Sep 21, At the Battle at Fulford Norway king Harald III Hardrada beat the British militia.
    (MC, 9/21/01)

1066        Sep 25, King Harold Godwinson II marched north and attacked the Vikings at the Battle of AA Bridge in Yorkshire. Harald III Hardrada (51), King of Norway    (1046-1066), died in battle. Godwinson’s forces destroyed the Vikings who returned to Norway in 24 of their 300 ships. Marching north to face a Norwegian invasion force commanded by King Harald Sigurdsson, aka Hardraade, and by his usurper brother, Tostig, Godwinson defended his crown at Stamford Bridge, resulting in a Saxon victory and the deaths of both Harald and Tostig. Soon afterward, however, Harold had to march south to face another invading contender for his throne, Duke William the Bastard of Normandy, who defeated and killed Harold at Hastings on October 14, and took the English crown as William the Conqueror.

1066        Sep, Harold Hardrata, King of Norway, sailed south with 10,000 men in 300 ships to attack England.
    (TLC, Battles That Changed the World, 6/25/95)

1070        Bergen was founded on the southwest coast of Norway.
    (SSFC, 6/5/05, p.F7)

1100-1200    Chronicles mentioned stave church in the village of Vaga.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)

1100-1400    The official stave churches were mostly built during this period.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)

1103        Aug 24, Magnus III Berbein, [Blootbeen], King of Norway (1093-1103), died.
    (MC, 8/24/02)

1184        Jun 15, King Magnus of Norway was defeated by his rival, Sverre.
    (HN, 6/15/98)

1262        Greenland formally came under the Norwegian crown.
1262        After a long and bloody conflict between the various families and clans, the Icelanders accepted the rule of the Norwegian kingdom.
    (DrEE, 1/4/97, p.4)

1263        Oct 2, At Largs, King Alexander III of Scotland repelled an amphibious invasion by King Haakon IV of Norway.
    (HN, 10/2/98)

1319        May 8, Haakon V, King of Norway (1299-1319), died.
    (MC, 5/8/02)

1360-1754    Hanseatic traders brought prosperity to Bergen, Norway.
    (SSFC, 6/5/05, p.F7)

1375-1412    Queen Margaret I (b.1353) ruled over Denmark. In 1388 her rule extended over Norway and in 1389 extended to include Sweden.

1397        Jun 17, The Union of Kalmar united Denmark, Sweden, and Norway under one monarch. The alliance grew out of the dynastic ties of the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden in response to rising German influence in the Baltic. The Kalmar Union is a historiographical term meaning a series of personal unions (1397–1523) that united the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway (with Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and, prior to their annexation by Scotland in 1471, Shetland and Orkney), and Sweden (including Finland) under a single monarch.

c1440        Leif Eriksson drew a map of America about this time. The "Vinland Map" was introduced in 1965 by Yale University as being the 1st known map of America, drawn about 1440 by Norse explorer Leif Eriksson.
    (MC, 10/10/01)

1472        The Orkney Islands were part of Norway until this year.
    (SFEC, 3/23/97,  p.T3)

1520        Nov 4, Danish-Norwegian king Christian II was crowned king of Sweden.
    (MC, 11/4/01)

1523        Christian II was deposed in Denmark after a civil war and was exiled. His uncle became King Frederick I of Denmark and Norway.
    (TL-MB, p.12)

1523        Sweden became independent and dropped out of the Kalmar Union, formed in 1397 with Denmark and Norway.

1537        The Reformation came to Norway.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)

1540        Renaissance artist Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553) created his painting "Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me" about this time In 2009 it was stolen from a Lutheran church in the southern Norway town of Larvik. It’s value was estimated at 15-20 million kroner ($2.1-$2.8 million).
    (AP, 3/8/09)

1570        Dec 15, The Peace of Stettin was concluded in Livonia. Denmark recognized the independence of Sweden in the Peace of Stettin. Sweden gave up her claim to Norway.
    (TL-MB, p.22)(http://depts.washington.edu/baltic/papers/livonianwar.htm)

c1600-1700    A local commander in Varda burned over 70 women alive as witches.
    (WSJ, 6/6/00, p.A1)

1627        The stave church at Vaga was rebuilt by architect Werner Olsen. His design included a few fragments of the original building.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)

1656        In Norway merchant Herman Leopoldus (d.1696) began doing business after immigrating from Lübeck to Christiania. His son, also named Herman Leopoldus (1677–1750), became very rich and was in 1739 ennobled by letters patent.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%B8venskiold_%28noble_family%29)(Econ, 3/12/15, p.64)

1684        Dec 3, Ludvig Baron Holberg, founder of Danish & Norwegian literature, was born.
    (MC, 12/3/01)

1751        A treaty between Finland and Norway defined a strait-line border along the side of the Halti mountain, depriving the Fins of the crest. In 2016 Norway PM Erna Solberg suggested that her government might cede some 15,000 sq. meters of Halti mountain as a birthday gift to Finland in 2017, making it the highest point in Finland.
    (Econ, 8/6/16, p.40)

1802        Aug 5, Niels Henrik Abel (d.1829), mathematician, was born in Frindoe, Norway.
    (Internet)(SFC, 3/26/04, p.A15)

1814        Jan 14, The Treaty of Kiel or Peace of Kiel was concluded between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Kingdom of Sweden on one side and the Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway on the other side in Kiel. It ended the hostilities between the parties in the ongoing Napoleonic Wars, where the United Kingdom and Sweden were part of the anti-French camp (the Sixth Coalition) while Denmark-Norway was allied to Napoleon Bonaparte.

1814        May 17, Norway's constitution was signed, providing for a limited monarchy. Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden.
    (AP, 5/17/97)(HN, 5/17/98)

1814        The union between the crowns of Denmark and Norway was dissolved. The Treaty of Kiel severed Norway's former colonies and left them under the control of the Danish monarch. Greenland became a Danish colony, and a part of the Danish Realm in 1953 under the Constitution of Denmark.

1824        Niels Henrik Abel (1802-1829), Norwegian mathematician, proved that equations of the 5th order cannot generally be solved.
     (Econ, 5/15/04, p.80)

1825        Oct 9, The first Norwegian immigrants to America, sailing form Stavanger, arrived on the sloop Restaurationen.  
    (HN, 10/9/98)(SSFC, 4/21/13, p.H4)

1828        Mar 20, Henrik Ibsen (d.1906), poet and dramatist was born in Skien, Norway. His work included “Peer Gynt" and “Hedda Gabler." "The worst enemy of truth and freedom in our society is the compact majority. Yes, the damned, compact, liberal majority." In 1971 the 3rd and final volume of “Ibsen: A Biography" by Michael Meyer (d.2000) was published.
    (HFA, '96, p.26)(HN, 3/20/98)(AP, 7/22/98)(SFC, 8/10/00, p.D2)

1829        Apr 6, Niels Henrik Abel (b.1802), Norwegian mathematician, died of tuberculosis. After him comes the term Abelian group, an algebraic commutative group. In 2004 Peter Pesic authored “Abel’s Proof: An Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Mathematical Unsolvability."
    (AHD, 1971, p.2)(SFC, 3/26/04, p.A15)(Econ, 5/15/04, p.80)

1838        The Norwegian violinist Ole Bull visited Memphis but the local whites preferred the fiddling of the slave musicians.
    (WSJ, 8/14/97, p.A16)

1841        Aker ASA was founded. By 2007 the industrial holding company was Norway’s largest private employer with some 35,000 employees.
    (WSJ, 12/10/07, p.B1)

1841-1912    Gerard H. Hansen, Norwegian physician. He discovered the leprosy-causing Mycobacterium leprae (aka Hansen’s disease).
    (WUD, 1994, p.644)

1843        Jun 15, Edvard Grieg (d.1907), Norwegian composer, was born. He was best known for his "Peer Gynt" suite. In 1999 over 40 unknown pieces from 1858-1862 were found in Bergen, Germany. Grieg studied at Leipzig during this period.
    (WUD, 1994, p.622)(SFC, 2/23/99, p.B3)(HT, 6/15/00)

1853        The Kvaerner ASA conglomerate dated back to this time. It developed into a hydropower, shipping and pulp and paper giant.
    (WSJ, 10/26/01, p.A16)

1856        Christian Schibsted purchased a hand operated printing press to print a newspaper for somebody else. When the contract moved elsewhere he began his own newspaper and in 2006 the original press could be seen in the Oslo headquarters of the Schibsted newspaper firm.
    (Econ, 8/26/06, p.52)

1859        Apr 4, Knut Hamsun (d.1952), Norwegian writer, was born. He won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1920.
    (SFEC, 4/20/97, DB p.47-49)

1863        Dec 12, Edvard Munch (d.1944), Norwegian artist (The Scream), was born.
    (WUD, 1994 p.941)(NH, 6/00, p.20)(HN, 12/12/00)

1867        Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian writer, wrote his poetic drama "Peer Gynt." He took his main figure from a character in Norwegian folklore who flees from his difficult mother, Ase, gets swept up in a world of trolls, grows up, gets engaged in a variety of nefarious enterprises, and returns home where he is redeemed by a woman who always loved him.
    (WSJ, 1/28/98, p.A16)

1868        Edvard Hagerup Grieg (1843-1907), Norwegian composer, completed his “Piano Concerto in A Minor."
    (Econ, 8/13/11, p.81)

1870        Sophus Lie (1842-1899), Norwegian mathematician, became a media sensation after he was found outside Paris with a backpack filled with undecipherable mathematical notes and arrested as a spy.

1872        May, George C. Johnson, former sea captain and Consul-General for Norway and Sweden in San Francisco, died.
    (Ind, 8/11/01, 5A)

1872        Jul 16, Roald Amundsen (d.1928), Norwegian explorer, discoverer of the South Pole, was born.
    (Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)(MC, 7/16/02)

1872        Aug 3, Haakon VII, King of Norway, was born in Charlottenlund, Denmark.
    (SC, 8/3/02)

1876        Feb 24, Henrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt," premiered in Oslo.
    (MC, 2/24/02)

1879        Henrik Ibsen wrote his play "A Doll’s House." Much of the dialogue was written to move characters on and off stage.
    (WSJ, 4/4/97, p.A7)(SFC, 1/7/99, p.A8)

1882        May 20, Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts" (Gengangere, 1881) premiered in Chicago.
    (MC, 5/20/02)

1882        Henrik Ibsen wrote his moral melodrama "An Enemy of the People."
    (WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A16)

1882-1884    Norwegian adventurer Johan Adrian Jacobsen collected some 200 Chugach items from graves in caves on Chenega Island, Alaska, for Germany's Royal Museum of Ethnology. In 2018 a Berlin museum returned ancient wooden masks, an idol and other spiritually significant artifacts plundered from graves to indigenous Alaskans.
    (AP, 5/16/18)

1887        Feb 5, Peder Balke (b.1804), Norwegian painter, died. He was known for portraying the nature of Norway in a positive manner and influenced a dramatic and romantic view of Norwegian landscape.

1887        Jul 18, Vidkum Quisling, Norwegian minister of Defense, premier (1942-45), was born. He was considered a traitor to his country for allowing an easy takeover by Nazi Germany.
    (HN, 7/18/98)(MC, 7/18/02)

1887        Sophus Lie (1842-1899), Norwegian mathematician, recognized a mathematical structure called E8, which contained 248 dimensions. It took 120 years to solve. In 2007 Dr. Garrett Lisi proposed that this structure could be used to describe fully the laws of physics.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophus_Lie)(Econ, 11/24/07, p.87)

1888        Mar 4, Knute Rockne, Norwegian-US football player, coach for Notre Dame, was born.
    (HN, 3/4/98)(SC, 3/4/02)

1888        Fridtjof Nansen of Norway led a 5-man team across Greenland on skis.
    (ON, 7/05, p.1)

1891        Feb 26, Henrik Ibsen’s "Hedda Gabler" premiered in Oslo.
    (SFC, 4/14/01, p.B1)(SC, 2/26/02)

1882        May 20, Sigrid Undset, Norwegian novelist (Kristin Lavransdatter), was born.
    (HN, 5/20/01)

1893        Jun, Fridtjof Nansen left Norway for the North Pole aboard the Fram. He theorized that the ship would become ice-bound and cross the Arctic and the North Pole in 3 years.
    (ON, 7/05, p.1)

1893        Edvard Munch (1863-1944), Norwegian artist, painted "The Scream." The red sky in the painting was later said to have resulted from his views of the red skies over Norway during the 1883 volcano explosion at Krakatoa. In 2012 an 1895 version sold for a record $119,922,500 at auction in New York City.
    (AP, 12/10/03)(AP, 5/3/12)

1894-1895    Edvard Munch (1863-1944), Norwegian artist, painted "Madonna." In 2004 it was stolen from the Oslo Munch Museum.
    (WSJ, 8/24/04, p.D8)
1895        Mar 3, Ragnar Frisch, economist (1st Nobel prize in economy-1969), was born in Norway.
    (SC, 3/3/02)

1895        Mar 15, Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen left their ship Fram in an attempt to reach the North Pole by dogsled. [see Jun 17, 1896]
    (ON, 7/05, p.5)

1895        Jul 12, Kirsten Flagstad, Norwegian opera singer, was born.
    (HN, 7/12/01)

1896        Jun 17, Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen met up with English explorer Frederick Jackson at Franz Joseph Land in the Arctic.
    (ON, 7/05, p.5)

1896        Aug 20, Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen arrived back in Norway following a 3 year Arctic venture. In 1898 Nansen published “Farthest North," a best-selling account of his adventure. In 1922 Nansen was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.
    (ON, 7/05, p.5)

1896        Jul 16, Trygve Lie, first secretary-general of the United Nations (1946-52), was born in Norway.
    (HN, 7/16/98)(MC, 7/16/02)

1896        Dec 10, Alfred Nobel (63), Swedish Nobel Prize ceremony on this date, died. By the time of his death Nobel had acquired a massive fortune. In his will, he left instructions that the bulk of his estate should endow the annual Nobel prizes for those who had most contributed to the areas of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. In 1968, a sixth award for economics was established  [see Nov 27, 1895]. The Nobel Peace Prize is therefore awarded on December 10. The first of the Nobel Prizes was presented in 1901 according to instructions in his will. At his death he was one of the richest men in the world, he also felt it would be wrong to leave his fortune to relatives. "Inherited wealth is a misfortune which merely serves to dull man's faculties." Nobel wished the Peace Prize to be administered in Norway.
    (HNPD, 10/21/98)(AP, 12/10/06)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Peace_Prize)

1896        Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian playwright, authored “John Gabriel Borkman." This was Ibsen’s penultimate play.
    (Econ, 1/22/11, p.100)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gabriel_Borkman)

1899        Feb 18, Sophus Lie (b.1842), Norwegian mathematician, died.

1902        Apr 28, Johan Borgen, Norwegian novelist, was born.
    (HN, 4/28/01)

1902        Nov 1, Nordahl Brun Greig, Norwegian writer, was born. He was a wartime hero during WWII.
    (HN, 11/1/00)

1903        Jun 16, Roald Amundsen (31) departed Christiana (later Oslo), Norway, aboard Gjøa with a crew of 6 to search for the Northwest Passage. They reached California in the fall of 1905.
    (NG, 6/1988, p.765)(Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)

1903        Jul 2, Olav V, King of Norway (1957), was born in England.
    (SC, 7/2/02)

1903        Dec 9, The Norwegian parliament voted unanimously for female suffrage.
    (MC, 12/9/01)

1903        Dec 15, The British Parliament placed a 15-year ban on whale fishing in Norway.
    (HN, 12/15/98)

1905        Jun 7, Norway declared independence from Sweden. Their union had been in effect in since 1814.
    (SC, 6/7/02)(SSFC, 6/5/05, p.F7)

1905        Aug 19, Roald Amundsen and his crew of 6 aboard Gjøe, a converted herring boat, made contact with the US Coast Guard cutter Bear, which confirmed their crossing the Northwest Passage following a 26-month journey. Amundsen continued by dogsled to the Yukon while his crew completed their journey at Point Bonita, California, just outside the Golden Gate. 
    (SFC, 4/17/00, p.D8)(WSJ, 4/18/00, p.A16)(Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)

1905        Oct 26, Norway signed a treaty of separation with Sweden and chose Prince Charles of Denmark as the new king; he became King Haakon VII.
    (HN, 10/26/98)

1905        Nov 18, The Norwegian Parliament elected Prince Charles of Denmark to be the next King of Norway. Prince Charles took the name Haakon VII.
    (HN, 11/18/98)

1906        May 23, Henrik Ibsen (78), Norwegian playwright and poet died in Christiania, Norway.
    (AP, 5/23/06)

1906        Oct 19, The crew of Roald Amundsen aboard Gjoe, a converted herring boat, arrived off the coast of San Francisco following their crossing of the Northwest Passage in a 26-month journey. The Gjoe was returned to Norway in 1972 and a commemorative sculpture was left next to the Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach.
    (SFC, 10/19/06, p.B1)(Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)

1907        Mar 7, Rolf Jacobsen, Norwegian poet, was born.
    (HN, 3/7/01)

1907        Jun 14, Women in Norway won the right to vote.
    (HN, 6/14/98)

1907        Sep 4, Edvard Hagerup Grieg (b.1843), Norwegian composer (Peer Gynt Suite), died.

1909         Jun 16, In San Francisco the Gjoe, explorer Roald Amundsen’s converted herring boat, was passed as a gift to the people of San Francisco. He had used the vessel to cross the Northwest Passage in 1905 and had arrived in SF in 1906. In 1972 the Gjoe was returned to Norway and a commemorative sculpture was left next to the Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach.
    (Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)(SSFC, 6/14/09, DB p.50)

1910        Nov 22, The Norwegian freighter Seija sank in 300 feet of water off the coast of San Francisco after a collision with another ship. 2 crew members were killed and both captains were found at fault in a case that went to the US Supreme Court.
    (SFC, 9/17/14, p.A10)

1911        Oct 19, A team, consisting of Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, Oscar Wisting, and Roald Amundsen set out to reach the South Pole.

1911        Dec 14, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach the South Pole, beating an expedition led by Robert F. Scott. The best book on Scott and Amundsen is by Roland Huntford "Scott and Amundsen."
    (AP, 12/14/97)(SFEC, 1/24/99, BR p.1,6)

1912        Apr 8, Sonja Henie (d.1969), ice skater, actress (Olympic-gold-1928,32,36), was born in Oslo, Norway. Henie won 10 consecutive world championships.
    (MC, 4/8/02)(SSFC, 10/5/03, Par p.2)

1913        In Norway industrialist Sam Eyde built the town of Rjukan, Telemark County, to provide workers for a hydroelectric plant located at the foot of a nearby waterfall.
    (SFC, 10/31/13, p.A4)

1914        May 29, The Canadian ship Empress of Ireland sank while enroute to Quebec City to Liverpool after colliding with the Norwegian coal freighter Storstad. 1,012 (1,024) of the 1,500 passengers and crew were killed. The site of the tragedy was proclaimed a protected historic and archeological site by Quebec in 1999.
    (SFC, 4/23/99, p.D3)(SC, 5/29/02)

1914        Jun 6, The 1st air flight out of sight of land was made from Scotland to Norway.
    (MC, 6/6/02)

1914        Oct 6, Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian entomologist and adventurer whose 1947 Kon-Tiki expedition established the possibility that Polynesians may have originated in South America, was born.
    (HN, 10/6/98)

1915        Feb 23, Germany sank US ships Carib & Evelyn and torpedoed the Norwegian ship Regin.
    (MC, 2/23/02)

1916        Apr 16,     In Norway Lars Korvald (d.2006), later prime minister (1972-1973) was born on a farm near the southeastern village of Nedre Eiker. He graduated from the Norwegian Agricultural College in 1943, and became an agriculture teacher.
    (AP, 7/4/06)

1916         Sep 13, Roald Dahl (d.1990), son of Norwegian immigrants, was born in Llandaff, Wales. He is best known for his children’s books such as "James and the Giant Peach."

1917        Jan, In Norway a piece of sugar containing anthrax bacilli was found in the luggage of Baron Otto Karl von Rosen, when he was apprehended in Karasjok for suspected espionage and sabotage.
    (NH, 10/98, p.18)

1917        Dec 6, In Nova Scotia some 2000 people were killed and thousands wounded following an explosion in Halifax harbor. The Imo, a Norwegian freighter ship, had collided with the French munitions ship Mont Blanc and a fire soon caused a massive explosion. A local court found Captain Le Medec of the Mont Blanc and other defendants guilty of the collision. Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that the captains of both ships were equally to blame. A Privy Council in London ruled that Le Medec had done nothing illegal.
    (EWH, 4th ed, p.1054)(ON, 7/05, p.7)(AP, 12/6/07)

1917        The Sami people held their first congress in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. In 1992 they declared Feb 6 as their national day.
    (AP, 2/6/17)

1920        Feb 9, The Svalbard Treaty gave Norway sovereignty over the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, but allowed other countries to establish settlements there  and to exploit its natural resources. The treaty allowed Russia to pursue mining at Spitsbergen. By 2017 there were more than 40 countries party to the treaty.
    (WSJ, 9/19/97, p.A1)(Econ, 10/11/08, p.70)(Econ, 10/2/04, p.52)(Reuters, 10/26/17)(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svalbard)

1920        Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), Norwegian writer, won the Nobel Prize in literature for his work "The Growth of the Soil."
    (Econ, 11/7/09, p.79)

1922        Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian Arctic explorer (1893-1896), was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.
    (ON, 7/05, p.5)

1924        Jul 10, Denmark took Greenland as Norway ended its claim.
    (MC, 7/10/02)

1925        Aug 24, The Svalbarg Treaty took effect, at the same time as the Svalbard Act regulated the archipelago and the first governor, Johannes Gerckens Bassøe, took office. The Svalbard Act made Svalbard a full part of the Kingdom of Norway.

1926        Erik Rotheim of Norway invented the aerosol can.
    (SFEC, 1/17/99, Z1 p.1)

1828        Mar 20, Henrik Ibsen (d.1906), Norwegian dramatist (Peer Gynt, Hedda Gabler), was born.
    (HFA, '96, p.26)(HN, 3/20/98)

1928        Jun 18, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen (b.1872) flew to the North Pole with a crew of rescuers to search for the survivors of the dirigible Italia. They were never seen again.
    (ON, 10/00, p.8)(Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roald_Amundsen)

1930        Feb 5, Sonja Henie (17), Norwegian figure skating star, won her fourth consecutive world's amateur singles championship.
    (NY Times, 2/6/1930, p.30)

1930        May 13, Fridtjof Nansen (68), Norwegian Arctic explorer (1893-1896), died in Oslo.
    (ON, 7/05, p.5)

1931        Jul, Norway occupied then-uninhabited eastern Greenland as Erik the Red's Land, claiming that it constituted terra nullius. Norway and Denmark agreed to submit the matter in 1933 to the Permanent Court of International Justice, which decided against Norway.

1931        Nov 30, The submarine Nautilus was sunk near Bergen, Norway. Hubert Wilkins, Australian explorer, had used the ship in a failed attempt to sail beneath the North Pole.
    (ON, 1/02, p.8)

1940        Apr 8, British troops landed at Narwik to mine Norway’s territorial waters.
    (ON, 11/05, p.3)

1940        Apr 9, The Nazi army invaded and occupied Denmark and Norway. German forces landed along the Norwegian coast and made a paratrooper assault on Oslo and Stavanger. More than 300,000 German soldiers occupied neutral Norway. After the Nazi invasion most of Denmark’s police were killed.
    (WSJ, 4/29/96, p.C-1)(SFEC, 1/26/97, p.A14)(AP, 4/9/97)(ON, 11/05, p.3)(AFP, 10/17/18)

1940        Apr 10, Vidkun Quisling formed a Norwegian pro-Nazi "national government."
    (MC, 4/10/02)
1940        Apr 10, The HMS Hunter, a British destroyer, went down with 110 men in the fist Battle of Narvik as the Royal Navy tried to keep German forces from overrunning a strategic Norwegian port. Germany lost 4 destroyers in the battle. In 2008 a Norwegian minehunter found the wreck
    (AP, 3/9/08)

1940        Apr 14, Allied troops landed in Norway.
    (MC, 4/14/02)

1940        Apr 15, French and British troops landed at Narvik, Norway.
    (HN, 4/15/98)

1940        Apr 29, Norwegian King Haakon and government fled to England.
    (MC, 4/29/02)

1940        May 5, Norwegian government in exile formed in London.
    (MC, 5/5/02)

1940        May 7-1940 May 8, The British House of Commons debated the disastrous Norwegian campaign.

1940        May 10, Winston Churchill took office as PM. Churchill formed a new government and served as the Conservative head of a coalition government with the opposition Labor Party. The debate over the Norway campaign led directly to Churchill replacing Chamberlain.
    (WSJ, 9/3/98, p.A6)(PCh, 1992, p.864)(Econ, 11/4/06, p.67)

1940        Jun 9, Norway surrendered to the Nazis during World War II, effective at midnight.
    (AP, 6/9/07)

1940        Sep 25, German High Commissioner in Norway set up the Vidikun Quisling government.
    (SFC, 6/25/97, p.A10)(MC, 9/25/01)

1940        Nov 9, Germany invaded Norway and Denmark. [see Apr 9, 1940]
    (MC, 11/9/01)

1941        Jun 26, In Norway an adviser to collaborationist leader Vidkun Quisling suggested in a letter, four days after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, that northern Russia would be better used by Germanic peoples because Slavic peoples "don't know how to make use of the land." The document was not made public until 2010.
    (AP, 4/9/10)

1941        Jul 16, Dag Solstad, Norwegian novelist and playwright, was born.
    (HN, 7/16/01)

1942        Oct, An advance team of 4 Norwegian commandos parachuted into Norway as part of Operation Grouse to destroy the German-operated heavy-water Vemork plant on the Mane River near Rjukan.
    (ON, 4/07, p.2)

1942        Nov 26, The German ship SS Donau prepared to leave the Oslo wharf with 332 Norwegian Jews bound for death camps.
    (AP, 8/24/06)

1942        Nov, A Royal Air Force bomber and 2 gliders, carrying 34 British commandos, crash landed in Norway. This was part of Operation Freshman, which planned a raid on the heavy-water plant at Vemork. The survivors were captured by German soldiers and executed by the Gestapo.
    (ON, 4/07, p.2)

1942-43    Under the Quisling government 767 Jews were deported to Auschwitz. An estimated 1,100 Jews fled to Sweden and bureaucrats looted the possessions of 1,179 Jewish families and 71 Jewish companies.
    (SFC, 6/25/97, p.A10)

1943        Feb 28, In Operation Gunnerside Norwegian commandos flown in from Britain bombed the Nazi heavy water plant near Rjukan. The raid was later depicted in the 1965 film "The Heroes of Telemark." The 9 commandos included Claus Helberg (d.2003), Knut Haukelid (d.1994) and Joachim Ronneberg (1919-2018). In 2016 Neil Bascomb authored "The Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Atomic Bomb."
    (SFC, 3/14/03, p.A27)(ON, 4/07, p.4)(SFC, 10/25/18, p.C4)

1943        Nov 16, One hundred and forty American bombers flew from British bases to Vemork, Norway, to destroy the Nazi heavy water facility near Rjukan, where production had resumed despite a commando raid in February. Only 14 of some 700 bombs hit the plant killing 24 civilians. The bombing did not harm the basement level where the heavy water was collected and stored.
    (ON, 4/07, p.5)

1943        Gustav Vigeland (b.1869), Norwegian sculptor, died. His major life's work was the creation of 212 sculptures of 600 figures in an Oslo park named Vigeland Park.
    (SSFC, 6/22/03, p.A1)

1944        Jan 23, Edvard Munch (b.1863), Norwegian painter and hopeless alcoholic, died. His work included “Kiss by the Window" (1892), “The Scream" (1893) and “Self Portrait With Cigarette" (1895). He had a breakdown in 1908 and retreated to Ekely, where he painted for his remaining years. He left behind a collection 1,008 paintings at his estate outside Oslo. In 2005 Sue Prideaux authored “Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream."
    (WSJ, 4/16/02, p.D7)(SSFC, 12/18/05, p.M2)(Sm, 3/06, p.60)(WSJ, 2/25/09, p.D7)

1944        Feb 20, A time-bomb planted by Norwegian commando Knut Haukelid sank the Lake Tinn ferry Hydro, which carried heavy water canisters from the Vemork plant destined for Germany. 12 German soldiers and 14 civilian passengers drowned. Rescuers saved 23 Norwegians and 4 Germans.
    (ON, 4/07, p.5)

1944        Nov 12, The RAF sank the German battleship Tirpitz at Troms Fjord, Norway. Great Britain so feared the Tripitz, that any hint of its use caused escort ships to flee their convoys.
    (HN, 11/12/98)(MC, 11/12/01)

1944        Odd Nerdrum, Norwegian figurative artist, was born. He made haunting oils of eerily incandescent nudes.
    (WSJ, 3/19/97, p.A16)(www.oddnerdrum.com)

1945        Feb 9, The German submarine U-864 with a crew of 73 sank about 2 1/2 miles off Fedje, Norway. It was on a desperate mission to supply Japan with advanced weapons technology and carried a poisonous cargo of 70 tons of mercury. Leakage of the mercury posed a severe threat in 2006 and plans were made to encase the wreck. In 2007 Norway’s government said it would be buried in special sand to protect the coastline.
    (AP, 12/20/06)(AP, 2/13/07)

1945        May 9, Norwegian Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling was arrested.
    (MC, 5/9/02)

1945        Sep 10, Vidkun Quisling was sentenced to death in Norway for collaborating with the Nazis. He was executed by firing squad in October 1945.
    (AP, 9/10/07)

1945        Oct 24, Vidkun Quisling, Norway's wartime minister president, was executed by firing squad for collaboration with the Nazis.
    (HN, 10/24/00)

1946        Scandinavian airlines began as a co-operative venture between the airlines of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In 1951 they merged. Marcus Wallenberg Jr. (1899-1982), tennis champion, sold out of railways to concentrate on airplanes. Wallenberg helped to establish the Scandinavian Airlines System and controlled companies that employed one of every eight working Swedes.
    (www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,925746-2,00.html)(Econ, 10/14/06, p.73)(Econ, 5/19/12, p.74)

1946-1953    Trygve Lie of Norway served as the Secretary-General of the UN.
    (SFC, 12/14/96, p.A1)

1947        Apr 28, Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl (d.2002) and five others sailed from Peru aboard a balsa wood raft named the Kon-Tiki on a 101-day, 4,300 nautical mile journey across the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia. They wanted to prove that Peruvian Indians could have settled in Polynesia. Heyerdahl published "Kon-Tiki" in 1950.
    (AP, 4/28/97)(WSJ, 5/22/97, p.A13)(HN, 4/28/99)(SFC, 4/19/02, p.A2)

1947        "Kon Tiki" by Thor Heyerdahl of Norway was published by Rand McNally.
    (SSFC, 11/18/01, p.A28)

1949        Apr 4, The (NATO) North Atlantic Treaty Organization pact was signed by the US, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Canada. It provided for mutual defense against aggression and for close military cooperation.
    (www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/official_texts_17120.htm)(TOH, 1982, p.1949)

1951        Apr 9, Vilhelm Friman Koren Bjerknes (b.1862), Norwegian physicist and meteorologist, died in Oslo. He did much to found the modern practice of weather forecasting climate modeling. He developed the so-called Bergen School of Meteorology, which was successful in advancing weather prediction and meteorology in the early 20th century.

1952        Feb 19, Knut Hamsun (b.1859), Norwegian writer, died. He won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1920. His work included "From the Cultural Life in Modern America" (1889), "Hunger," "The Growth of the Soil," "Victoria," and "An Overgrown Path." A film portrait of his life was produced in 1997. In 2009 Ingar Sletten Kolloen authored “Knut Hamsun: Dreamer and Dissenter."
    (SFEC, 4/20/97, DB p.47-49)(Econ, 11/7/09, p.79)

1952        Dec 11, The outbound Norwegian ship Fernstream was sliced open by the inbound SS Hawaiian Rancher under heavy fog inside the Golden Gate. The Fernstream sank in 30 minutes but all passengers escaped.
    (SFC, 12/6/02, p.E16)

1957        Sep 21, Norway's King Haakon VII died in Oslo at age 85.
    (AP, 9/21/07)

1959        Nov 20, Seven European nations (Austria, Britain, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland) signed the Stockholm Convention to form the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The organization becoming operative on May 3, 1960. After the accession of Denmark, Ireland, and the UK to the EEC in January 1973, the EFTA began to falter. Portugal (1985), followed in 1995 by Austria, Finland and Sweden, left to join the EU. In 2017 Four members remained: Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

1959        Norway’s Stolt-Nielsen shipping group was founded and grew to become one of the biggest players in Norway's large shipping industry.
    (AP, 2/16/11)

1967        May 11, The United Kingdom re-applied to join the European Community. It is followed by Ireland and Denmark and, a little later, by Norway. General de Gaulle is still reluctant to accept British accession.

1968        In San Francisco Mayor Alioto greeted King Olav V of Norway with a grand reception at City Hall.
    (SFEC, 2/1/98, p.A10)

1969        May 25, Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer, departed with his crew on the reed raft Ra for from Morocco. They abandoned their trip 1 week shy of Barbados. Heyerdahl sailed across the Atlantic in his Egyptian reed boat, Ra, and reported on garbage floating everywhere in the sea. On 16 July the crew was saved by the American yacht Shenandoah. In just 56 days they had sailed a distance of 2,700 nautical miles.

1969        Oct 12, Sonja Henie (b.1912), Norwegian ice skater  (Olympic-gold-1928,32,36) and film star, died of leukemia on a flight from Paris to Oslo. Henie's career included a record 10 consecutive world championships.
    (SSFC, 10/5/03, Par p.2)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonja_Henie)

1969        Oct, Economists Jan Timbergen (1903-1994) of the Netherlands and Ragnar Frisch of Norway were awarded the first Nobel Prize in Economics for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes. Tinbergen was a founding trustee of Economists for Peace and Security.

1970        May 17, Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), Norwegian anthropologist, left Morocco aboard Ra II, a papyrus reed boat, and sailed 3,270 nautical miles across the Atlantic to Barbados in 57 days [see Jul 12].
    (SFC, 4/19/02, p.A2)(www.spiritus-temporis.com/thor-heyerdahl/)

1970        Jul 12, Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian ethnographer, crossed the Atlantic Ocean in "Ra" and docked in Barbados.

1971        Norway began extracting oil from its continental shelf.
    (Econ, 10/10/15, p.69)

1972        May 4, The remains of the ship Gjoe, a converted herring boat used by Roald Amundsen to cross the Northwest Passage (1903-1905), departed San Francisco for Oslo, Norway. A commemorative sculpture was left next to the Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach.
    (SFC, 4/17/00, p.D8)(WSJ, 4/18/00, p.A16)(Ind, 4/27/02, 5A)

1972        Oct 18, In Norway Lars Korvald (1916-2006) became the first Christian Democrat to serve as prime minister.
    (AP, 7/4/06)

1973        Jul 21, Israeli intelligence mistakenly assassinated Ahmed Bouchiki, a Moroccan living in Lillehammer, Norway, as part of its retribution for the Sep 5, 1972, terrorist attack in Munich. He was mistaken for Ali Hassan Salameh (d.1979). Mossad agent Michael Harari (1927-2014) escaped from Norway, but six Israeli agents were arrested. Five were later convicted and sentenced one to five years in prison. Norway later pardoned three of the agents.
    (WSJ, 12/21/05, p.D10)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Bouchiki)(SFC, 9/29/14, p.C3)

1973        Oct 16,     In Norway the Christian Democrat government of Lars Korvald (1916-2006) resigned as the socialists won a majority in parliamentary elections.
    (AP, 7/4/06)

1980        Mar 27, The Alexander L. Kielland, a North Sea Norwegian floating oil field platform, capsized during a storm killing 123 workers. It was owned by the Stavanger Drilling Company of Norway and was on hire to the US company Phillips Petroleum at the time of the disaster.
    (AP, 3/27/02)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_L._Kielland_%28platform%29)

1980        The 2,032 passenger SS France became the SS Norway, flagship of the Norwegian Cruise Lines.

1981        Gro Harlem Brundtland became prime minister of Norway.
    (SFC, 6/21/96, p.A12)

1982        In 2005 Karin Linstad, a leading Norwegian pro-Palestinian activist, said she infiltrated the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad as a double agent in the 1980s. The Oslo newspaper Aftenposten said Mossad had been skeptical of Linstad's offer to act as an agent but was drawn in by her claims of tight contact with leading Palestinians. The newspaper, without citing sources, said she provided information about Palestinians in Beirut, Lebanon, ahead of Israel's 1982 invasion.
    (AP, 10/6/05)

1986        May 9, In Norway the Conservative-led coalition resigned and Gro Harlem Brundtland (b.1939) returned to power. She immediately appointed 8 women to her 18-member cabinet.
    (SFC, 10/24/96, p.C3)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gro_Harlem_Brundtland)

1986        In Norway the Aker Brygge shipyard on the Oslo waterfront closed and the area was developed into a promenade.
    (SSFC, 3/8/15, p.L3)

1989        Oct, The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Trygve Haavelmo of Norway, for clarification of the probability theory foundation of econometrics.
    (SFC, 10/15/98, p.A2)(AP, 10/11/09)

1989-1990    Jan P. Syse (d.1997 at 66) served as prime minister of a conservative-led coalition government. He led the conservative party from 1988-1991.
    (SFC, 9/18/97, p.C2)

1990        Apr 7, An arson fire aboard a ferry enroute from Norway to Denmark killed 159 people.
    (AP, 4/7/00)(AP, 1/14/12)

1990        Norway established a sovereign wealth fund, the Government Pension Fund Global, to prepare the country for a post-oil future and to prevent deindustrialization. By 2020 the $1 trillion GPFG was the world's largest fund  and owned about 1.5% of all world shares.
    (Econ, 2/2/13, SR p.14)(Econ., 5/23/20, p.61)
1990        Norwegian church groups brought the government of Guatemala and rebels together for peace talks in Oslo.
    (SFC, 12/5/96, p.C1)

1991        Jun 5, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev delivered his delayed Nobel Peace lecture in Oslo, Norway, warning that Western failure to heed his call for economic aid could dash hopes for a peaceful new world order.
    (AP, 6/5/01)

1991        Norway became one of the first countries to adopt a carbon tax in an attempt to slow global warming.
    (Econ, 1/24/09, p.28)

1992        Mar 5, In Copenhagen the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden, in the presence of the representative from the European Commission, opened a 2-day meeting and decided to establish a Council of the Baltic Sea States to serve as a forum for guidance and overall coordination among the participating states. Iceland joined the CBSS in 1995
    (www.bmwi.de/English/Navigation/European-policy/baltic-market.html)(Econ, 6/7/08, p.63)

1992        Nov 25, Norway formally applies to join the European Communities.

1992        In Norway the 1993 Oslo I peace accord was begun in 1992 following a research project on Palestinian living conditions by Terje Roed Larsen. Larsen arranged discussions between Uri Savir of Israel and Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala) for Palestine.
    (SFEC, 10/31/99, p.A21)
1992        Norway introduced a carbon tax in an effort to fight global warming.
    (Econ, 6/2/07, p.22)
1992        Norway dramatically cut top tax rates on both labor and capital income, from a 58% top income tax rate to 28%.
    (Econ, 9/24/11, p.84)
1992        Norway’s 19th cent. Holmenkollen Chapel, often attended by the royal family, fell victim to arson.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)
1992        Varg "the Count" Vikernes murdered a rival Satanist leader and was sentenced to 21 years in prison. He was also involved in at least four cases of church arson.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)

1993        Jan 22, Norwegian Air Shuttle was founded by Bjorn Kjos to take over the regional airline services produced by Busy Bee for Braathens in Western Norway.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Air_Shuttle)(Econ 7/15/17, p.55)

1993        Aug, Norwegian academic Terje Roed-Larsen and other Norwegian mediators helped broker a secret peace accord in which the Palestinians formally recognized Israel's right to exist and Israel agreed to establish self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza. The accord allowed thousands of PLO guerrillas to return to Palestine without Israeli interference.
    (SFC, 6/19/96, p.A8)(SFC, 6/4/98, p.C3)(AP, 11/12/04)

1993        Oct 11, In Norway William Nygaard was seriously wounded when he was shot three times in the back near his home in Oslo. Police believed this was linked to the 1989 publication of the Norwegian version of Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" by a publishing house that Nygaard ran. In 2018 police formally accused several foreign nationals over the attack, thus preventing the statute of limitations from closing the case.
    (AFP, 10/9/18)

1993        Dec 19, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and senior PLO officials ended two days of closed-door talks in Oslo, Norway, in which they sought to break a deadlock over Palestinian self-rule in the occupied territories.
    (AP, 12/19/98)

1993        In Norway Labor's Gro Harlem Brundtland won re-election.
    (AP, 9/15/09)
1993        Norway legalized gay marriages.
    (SFC, 6/28/96, p.A14)
1993        Norway resumed the hunting of minke whales after a six-year self-imposed moratorium.
    (SFC, 5/9/98, p.A7)

1994        Feb 12, The XVII Winter Olympic Games opened in Lillehammer, Norway. The official song was "Fire in Your Heart."
    (SFEC, 10/5/97, p.A17)(WSJ, 3/12/98, p.A16)(AP, 2/12/99)

1994        Feb 13, At the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, American Tommy Moe won the men's downhill, defeating local hero Kjetil Andre Aamodt by 0.004 seconds.
    (AP, Internet, 2/13/99)

1994        Feb 14, At the Winter Olympics in Norway, speedskater Dan Jansen slipped and fell during the 500 meters race.
    (AP, Internet, 2/14/99)

1994        Feb 18, At the Winter Olympic Games in Norway, speedskater Dan Jansen finally won a gold medal, breaking the world record in the 1,000 meters.
    (AP, Internet, 2/18/99)

1994        Feb 19, American speedskater Bonnie Blair won the fourth Olympic gold medal of her career as she won the 500-meter race in Lillehammer, Norway.
    (AP, Internet, 2/19/99)

1994        Feb 25, At the Winter Olympics in Norway, Oksana Baiul of Ukraine won the gold medal in ladies' figure skating while Nancy Kerrigan won the silver and Chen Lu of China the bronze; Tonya Harding came in eighth.
    (AP, Internet, 2/25/99)

1994        Feb 27, The Winter Olympic Games ended in Lillehammer, Norway.
    (AP, Internet, 2/27/99)

1994        May 7, Norway's most famous painting, "The Scream," by Edvard Munch, was recovered almost three months after it was stolen from an Oslo museum. Another version was stolen in 2004.
    (AP, 5/7/99)(WSJ, 8/24/04, p.A1)

1994        Nov 28, Norwegian voters narrowly rejected European Union membership.
    (WSJ, 4/8/96, p.A-14)(DT internet 11/28/97)

1994        Olav Koss announced that he would donate Olympic awards from the Norwegian government, totaling over $100,000, to an organization called Olympic Aid, dedicated to helping children worldwide.
    (SFC, 2/14/06, p.A11)

1995        Jan 25, A team of Norwegian and American scientists launched a Black Brant XII four-stage sounding rocket from the Andoya Rocket Range off the northwest coast of Norway to study the aurora borealis over Svalbard. Nuclear forces in Russia were put on alert, and the nuclear-command suitcase was brought to President Boris Yeltsin, who then had to decide whether to launch a nuclear barrage against the United States. This became known as the Norwegian rocket incident or Black Brant scare.

1996        Mar 10, A Norwegian member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang was shot and wounded at the Oslo airport.
    (SFEC, 8/11/96, p.A13)

1996        Aug 29, A Russian Tu-154 plane with 141 passengers crashed on a desolate arctic island 6 miles from Spitsbergen where they were returning to jobs in a Russian-run coal mine. It was the worst crash in Norway’s history.
    (SFC, 8/30/96, p.A14)(SFC, 7/4/01, p.A10)

1996        Sep 19, The Arctic Council was founded to promote joint scientific research and to study pollution, conservation and mapping. The Ottawa Declaration named eight members of the Arctic Council: Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the United States, Sweden and Finland. The first step towards the formation of the Council occurred in 1991 when eight Arctic countries signed the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS).
    (Econ, 3/24/12, p.61)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctic_Council)

1996        The prime minister of Norway is Gro Harlem Brundtland.
    (WSJ, 5/16/96, p.A-14)

1996        Aug 27, The 29 stave churches left were under government protection and threatened by arsonists of a Satanic movement.
    (WSJ, 8/27/96, p.A12)

1996        Oct 23, Gro Harlem Brundtland announced her resignation as prime minister. Thoerbjorn Jagland, leader of the Labor Party, was expected to replace her.
    (SFC, 10/24/96, p.C3)

1996        Nov 1, Norway announced a $24 million donation to educate girls in 19 African countries. The gift went to UNICEF’s African Education for All program.
    (SFC, 11/2/96, p.C1)

1997        Jan 18, Norwegian Boerge Ousland completed a solo crossing of Antarctica that began Nov 15. He used a parachute and skies to help pull himself across the 1695 miles from Berkner Island to Scott Base.
    (SFC, 1/18/96, p.C1)

1997        Jun 4, In Drammen a car bomb destroyed the headquarters of the Bandido motorcycle gang. One passerby was killed and 4 people were injured.
    (SDUT, 6/6/97, p.A26)

1997        Sep 2, The US demanded exemptions to a proposed global ban on land mines at an int’l meeting in Oslo, Norway. The exemptions were for mines on the Korean peninsula and for certain types of mines.
    (SFC, 9/3/97, p.C2)

1997        Sep 14, It was reported that Norway is the world’s 2nd largest oil exporter and that the government sets aside nearly $8.3 billion into a fund for the future.
    (SFEC, 9/14/97, p.A24)

1997        Sep 15, Prime Minister Thorbjoern Jagland said he would step down after support in national elections reached only about 35%.
    (SFC, 9/16/97, p.A12)

1997        Sep 18, In Norway an explosion at a Russian-operated coal mine in the Svalbard islands killed 23 Russian and Ukrainian workers.
    (SFC, 9/19/97, p.A14)

1997        Sep 23, The Gilmore Artist Award, a $300,000 prize given every 4 years to a classical pianist, was awarded to Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes at the Irving S. Gilmore Int’l. Keyboard Festival in Kalamazoo, Mich.
    (SFC, 9/24/97, p.E5)

1997        Feb, It was first noticed that lake water near Oslo was subsiding in association with the construction of an 8-mile tunnel.
    (SFC,10/24/97, p.A11)

1997        Jun, Terms of the Baltnet Group, an Air Surveillance System for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, were established in Oslo, Norway.

1997        Oct 25, In Norway it was reported that a new 8-mile tunnel outside of Oslo was draining water from nearby lakes at the rate of 10,000 gallons a minute. The sealing compound Rhoca-Gil was supposed to stop the leaks, but its use in Sweden had already caused water to be contaminated with acrylamide, an agent that causes nerve damage. In Sweden construction of a controversial tunnel was halted when water draining from the tunnel was found to be contaminated by the sealing compound, Rhoca-Gil.
    (SFC,10/24/97, p.A11)

1997        Dec 3, Dr. Christian Sandsdalen was convicted for the mercy killing in Jun 1996 of Bodil Bjerkmann (45), who suffered from multiple schlerosis. He was the first Norwegian tried for mercy killing.
    (SFC, 12/4/97, p.C4)

1997        Jo Nesbo (b.1960), Norwegian writer, musician, and former economist and reporter, authored "Flaggermusmannen,", his first Harry Hole crime novel. In 2012 it was translated to English as "The Bat." By 2020 his books had sold over 45 million copies worldwide.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jo_Nesb%C3%B8)(Econ., 5/23/20, p.72)
1997        Norway's King Harald V publicly apologized on behalf of the nation for its treatment of the Sami people. An estimated 40,000-60,000 Sami live in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia and have their own language.
    (AP, 11/29/17)

1998        Jan 27, The UN named Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former prime minister of Norway as the head of the World Health Organization (WHO).
    (SFC, 1/28/98, p.A6)

1998        cApr 3, A 2-day meeting called by the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers was attended by 18 African nations, over a dozen European countries and Japan, Canada and Argentina. They endorsed measures to control the spread of light weapons.
    (SFC, 4/6/98, p.A13)

1998        cMay 8, Norway authorized another season of hunting minke whales with a 30% allotment increase to 671.
    (SFC, 5/9/98, p.A7)

1998        May 26, In Russia Pres. Yeltsin signed an accord with King Harold V of Norway for the dismantling and disposal of 90 nuclear submarines decaying in the Barents Sea. Russia expected Norway to provide $30 million for the project, which was expected to cost billions and take over a decade.
    (SFC, 5/27/98, p.C2)

1998        Jun 26, A draft law was passed to set aside $58 million for Jewish survivors of Nazi death camps.
    (SFC, 6/27/98, p.A14)

1998        Jul 13, In Oslo delegates from 21 countries met to draft strategy to keep small arms out of the hands of terrorists.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)

1998        Aug 15, A 4 day conference by religious leaders ended. The group pledged to form an int’l. alliance to wipe out prejudice linked to religion and belief.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A21)

1998        Sep 16, It was reported that Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik (51), too depressed to work, was on sick leave. Plunging oil prices, surging interest rates and political bickering forced him to leave almost 2 weeks ago.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A22)

1998        Oct 12, Canada planned to begin discussion with Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Liechtenstein for the first trans-Atlantic free-trade pact.
    (WSJ, 10/12/98, p.A1)

1998        Oct 15, Up to 1 1/2 million workers were expected to strike for 2 hours to protest a government proposal to cut the annual vacation allowance by one day to 4 weeks.
    (SFC, 10/15/98, p.A17)

1998        The Norwegian film "Junk Mail" was directed by Pal Sletaune.
    (SFC, 5/1/98, p.C5)
1998        A Norwegian newspaper claimed that police on Cyprus routinely dismissed rape claims, treating the victims as liars.
    (The Telegraph, 1/6/20)

1999        Jan, Norway and Sweden announced a plan to merge their state-owned phone carriers.
    (WSJ, 3/29/99, p.A21)

1999        Mar 11, Norway approved a $57.7 million package to compensate the nation's Jews for suffering during WW II.
    (SFC, 3/12/99, p.A15)

1999        Jul 6, Thor Alex Kappfjell (32) was killed during a miscalculated jump in Norway. He had earlier parachuted from the World Trade Center, Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in NYC, after which he pleaded guilty to 3 counts of reckless endangerment and was sentenced to 7 days of community service.
    (SFC, 4/2/99, p.A3)(SFC, 7/9/99, p.D6)

1999        Aug 27, In Norway the Supreme Court declared that it was legal to use discriminatory statements in real estate listings.
    (SFC, 8/28/99, p.A14)

1999        Nov 2, Pres. Clinton met with Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat in Oslo to revitalize the  Middle East peace process.
    (SFC, 11/3/99, p.A12)

1999        Oct 6, Jon Lech Johansen (15) of Norway released DeCSS, a program that allows users to copy DVDs onto computer hard disks.
    (WSJ, 10/13/05, p.A8)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeCSS)

1999        Nov 26, A Norwegian passenger ferry, the catamaran Sleipner, sank at the mouth of the Boemla Fjord. There were 16 people killed.
    (SFC, 11/27/99, p.A14)(AP, 11/26/02)

2000        Jan 4, In Norway 2 passenger trains collided 110 miles north of Oslo. At least 20 people were believed to have died.
    (WSJ, 1/5/00, p.A1)(SFC, 1/6/00, p.A10)

2000        Feb 16, In Sri Lanka 57 soldiers and guerrillas were killed in renewed fighting as Knut Vollebaek, the foreign minister of Norway, met with Pres. Chandrika Kumaratunga to help broker peace talks.
    (SFC, 2/17/00, p.D3)

2000        Mar 9, In Norway Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik announced that his minority government would resign following a failed vote of confidence in an environmental dispute. He opposed new power plants to burn gas supplies.
    (SFC, 3/10/00, p.D6)

2000        Dec 6, The 15-mile Laerdal Tunnel between Aurland and Laerdal was scheduled to open after 5 years of construction.
    (SSFC, 12/3/00, p.T3)

2000        Oslo formally apologized to the 10,000 to 12,000 children born to Norwegian mothers and German soldiers, who had suffered reprisals following WWII. It was estimated that between 30,000 to 50,000 Norwegians, labelled "German girls", had intimate relations with occupying troops during World War II.
    (AFP, 10/17/18)
2000        Fred Kavli, a Norwegian-born entrepreneur, sold his California-based Kavlico enterprise, a global supplier of sensors for industrial application, for $340 million. He then established the Kavli Foundation to support basic scientific research.
    (SFC, 4/12/08, p.C2)

2000-2001    Jens Stoltenberg, head of the Labor Party, served as prime minister of Norway.
    (AP, 9/13/05)

2001        Jan 17, It was reported that Norway was lifting its ban on exports of whale meat and byproducts.
    (WSJ, 1/17/01, p.A1)

2001        Jan 26, Benjamin Hermansen (15), a black teenager, was stabbed to death in Holmlia near Oslo. 5 Neo-Nazi Bootboys were soon arrested. In 2002 Joe Erling Jahr (20) was sentenced to 16 years in prison and Ole Nicolai Kvisler (22) was sentenced to 15 years. Veronica Andreasen (18) received 3 years as an accomplice.
    (SFC, 1/30/01, p.A11)(SFC, 1/18/02, p.A6)

2001        Apr 3, Sri Lanka agreed to open peace talks with Tamil rebels following diplomatic initiative by Norway.
    (WSJ, 4/4/01, p.A1)

2001        Jul 9, The UN ranked Norway as the country with the world’s highest standard of living. PM Jens Stolenberg credited the nation’s welfare system.
    (SFC, 7/10/01, p.A8)

2001        Aug 23, The Norwegian government established the Abel Prize in mathematics in honor of the Niels Henrik Abel (1802-1829).

2001        Aug 25, In Oslo, Norway, Crown Prince Haakon (28) married Mette-Marit (28), a single mother and former waitress.
    (SSFC, 8/26/01, p.A16)(AP, 8/25/02)

2001        Sep 10, In parliamentary elections no party received a majority. The ruling Labor Party had its worst showing in decades. Labor won 24% of the vote, its worst showing since 1924 as voters rejected the high-tax funded social welfare system.
    (WSJ, 9/11/01, p.A1)(SFC, 9/11/01, p.B2)

2001        Dec, Vebjorn Sand, Norwegian artist, completed a 330-foot bridge linking Norway and Sweden at Aas, 16 miles south of Oslo. The design was based on plans drawn up by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502.
    (SSFC, 12/9/01, p.C2)(WSJ, 11/5/05, p.P12)

2001        Braathens, a Norwegian airline, was taken over by the SAS Group, partly owned by the governments of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It merged with SAS in 2004.
    (Econ, 4/27/13, p.61)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braathens)
2001        Ansar al-Islam, blamed for attacks in Iraq and supported by a network of members in Europe, was founded in late 2001 in Kurdish part of northern Iraq by Mullah Krekar, who had lived as refugee in Norway since 1991.
    (AP, 1/8/05)

2002        Jan, Per-Kristian Foss, the Conservative finance minister, married Jan Erik Knarbakk. This was the 1st legal gay partnership by a member of the Norwegian government.
    (SFC, 1/16/02, p.A7)

2002        Feb 21, Sri Lanka approved a Norwegian long-term cease-fire plan already approved by Tamil Tiger rebels.
    (SFC, 2/22/02, p.A13)

2002        Mar, The condo-resort ship, The World, first set sail from Oslo, Norway. The $280 million, 12-deck cruise ship ran into financing problems and was sold Oct 31, 2003, for $71 million to a residents' partnership.
    (WSJ, 2/20/04, p.A1)

2002        Apr 18, Thor Heyerdahl (87), Norwegian head of the 1947 Kon-Tiki voyage, died in northern Italy.
    (SFC, 4/19/02, p.A2)

2002        Dec 14, The Norwegian Tricolor, a cargo ship carrying nearly 2,900 luxury cars capsized and sank after colliding with the Bahamas-registered Kariba cargo ship in the English Channel. Tricolor carried 2,862 cars, high-end BMWs, Volvos and Saabs, and 77 other items, mainly tractors and large crane parts.
    (AP, 12/14/02)

2003        Jan 28, US and Afghan forces battled rebels aligned with renegade leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the largest-scale fighting in 10 months. 18 enemy fighters were killed in 2 days of fighting. Norwegian F-16s participated in bombing enemy targets.
    (AP, 1/28/03)(WSJ, 1/29/03, p.A1)(SFC, 1/29/03, p.A8)

2003        Mar 20, Norwegian police arrested Mullah Krekar, the leader of a Kurdish guerrilla group suspected of links to al-Qaida, on kidnapping charges. After settling in Norway in 1991, Krekar founded the Kurdish Ansar al-Islam during visits to Iraq.
    (AP, 3/20/03)(AP, 2/14/12)

2003        Aug 22, Oslo, Norway, was ranked the world's most expensive city by Swiss banking giant UBS. It was followed by New York, Zurich, Switzerland; Copenhagen, Denmark; London; Basel, Switzerland; Chicago; and Geneva.
    (AP, 8/22/03)

2003        Sep 30, Norway's national film board lifted a ban on hundreds of films that were deemed too sexually explicit or violent, including 1994's "On Deadly Ground" starring Steven Seagal and the 1990 gangster epic "Miller's Crossing."
    (AP, 10/1/03)

2003        Dec 10, The Nobel Prize awards ceremony were held in Sweden and Norway. Iranian democracy activist Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, accepted the award in Oslo, Norway.
    (AP, 12/10/03)(AP, 12/10/08)

2003        Dec 12, Keiko the killer whale (27), whose early life inspired the film "Free Willy," died in Norway of apparent pneumonia.
    (SFC, 12/13/03, p.A1)

2004        Jan 1, In Norway a new law went into effect to allow foreign hunters to hunt seals. The legislation raised the seal kill quota to 2,000.
    (SFC, 11/27/04, p.A10)

2004        Jan 2, Norwegian police arrested Mullah Krekar, Muslim Kurd leader of Ansar al-Islam, on charges connected to 2 suicide bombings in Iraq 2 years ago. Norway ordered Krekar deported in 2005 after declaring him a national security threat, but postponed the move because of worries he could face execution or torture in Iraq.
    (SFC, 1/2/04, p.A3)(AP, 2/14/12)

2004        Jan 19, The freighter MS Rocknes capsized in a narrow inlet between the island of Bjoroey and Norway's western coast, less than 200 yards from land after it put out a distress call. The 30 crew members included 24 Filipinos, three Dutch, two Norwegians and one German. 12 crew members were rescued. The death toll was put at 18.
    (AP, 1/20/04)(WSJ, 1/21/04, p.A1)

2004        Mar 25, A Norwegian Academy awarded the Abel Prize in Mathematics to Isadore M. Singer of MIT and Sir Michael F. Atiyah of the Univ. of Edinburgh for discovering and proving the mathematical concept called the "index theorem."
    (SFC, 3/26/04, p.A15)

2004        Jul 2, A Norwegian strike began targeting the oil exploration sector. It incidentally affected two mobile production units, the Petrojarl I, which ceased operations in early September, and the Petrojarl Varg.
    (AP, 10/13/04)

2004        Aug 22, In Oslo, Norway, armed men stormed into the Munch Museum, threatened staff at gunpoint and stole 2 of Edvard Munch's famous paintings, "The Scream" and "Madonna" before the eyes of stunned museum-goers. Another of 4 versions of “The Scream" was stolen in 1994. Police recovered both paintings in 2006. In 2007 3 men were sentenced to prison for their roles in the heist. The 3 were ordered to pay a total of $262 million in compensation.
    (AP, 8/22/04)(WSJ, 8/24/04, p.A1)(SFC, 9/1/06, p.A2)(SFC, 4/24/07, p.D6)

2004        Sep 29, An Algerian asylum seeker on a commuter plane in northern Norway attacked both pilots and a passenger with an ax as the aircraft was landing.
    (AP, 9/29/04)

2004        Oct 11, Edward C. Prescott (63), an American, and Finn E. Kydland (60), a Norwegian, won the 2004 Nobel Memorial Prize in economics for shedding light on how government policies and actions affect economies around the world.
    (AP, 10/11/04)

2004        Oct 25, The Norwegian Shipowners Association threatened to lock out more oil and gas rig workers, a move analysts said could result in a near shutdown of the third-largest petroleum exporter's production and drive world oil prices even higher.
    (AP, 10/25/04)

2004        Nov, Norway adopted new rules that barred investments in its national Petroleum Fund “which constitute an unacceptable risk that the Fund may contribute to unethical acts or omissions."
    (WSJ, 12/1/05, p.A11)

2004        Dec 5, It was reported that the Norwegian firm Hydro and Qatar's state energy company signed a deal to build one of world's largest aluminium plants in the gas-rich Gulf state at a cost of three billion dollars.
    (AFP, 12/5/04)

2005        Jan 1, Norway was forecast for 3% annual GDP growth with a population at 4.6 million and GDP per head at $55,290.
    (Econ, 1/1/05, p.89)

2005        Feb 22, It was reported that Norway finished 2004 with the world’s best performing equities market, based on nominal return on equity investment in dollar terms.
    (WSJ, 2/22/05, p.C20)

2005        Mar 6, In Norway 3 works by Edvard Munch were stolen from a hotel, the second theft of the renowned Norwegian's art in less than seven months.
    (AP, 3/7/05)

2005        Apr 13, Norway’s Statoil ASA announced oil exploration drilling from the offshore rig Eirik Raude has been shut down after its 3rd spill into ecologically fragile Arctic waters in just over two months.
    (AP, 4/13/05)

2005        May 23, The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate announced a wildcat exploration well drilled in the Norwegian Sea has made a promising natural gas strike, although it was too early to say how large.
    (AP, 5/23/05)

2005        May, Norway announced a new biennial prize for science, the Kavli prize, funded by philanthropist Fred Kavli to begin in 2008. Only the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience would be considered for the $1 million prize.
    (Econ, 5/14/05, p.84)

2005        Jun 8, In Norway US Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and his Norwegian counterpart on signed an agreement allowing the US military to continue storing equipment there.
    (AP, 6/8/05)

2005        Jun 10, King Harald V of Norway and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden met in the middle of the Svinesund bridge and opened the span over a fjord south of Oslo.
    (AP, 6/10/05)

2005        Jun 24, A Norwegian court sentenced the pilot of a British Airways jet to six months in prison for preparing to fly even though members of his crew were drunk.
    (AP, 6/24/05)

2005        Aug 17, Norwegian officials said 3 unarmed Polish researchers stranded on a remote Arctic island were rescued by helicopter as polar bears were closing in on them. The escape took place on an island in Norway's Svalbard archipelago, about 650 miles from the North Pole.
    (AP, 8/17/05)

2005        Sep 12, Norwegians lined up at polling stations in what promised to be a close race between a governing center-right coalition advocating lower taxes and a left-leaning opposition that wants to spend more of the Nordic nation's oil wealth on the welfare system. Jens Stoltenberg, head of the Labor Party, and 2 allied parties won 87 of the parliament’s 169 seats.
    (AP, 9/12/05)(Econ, 9/17/05, p.51)

2005        Sep 13, Norway's PM Kjell Magne Bondevik, who presided over four years of unprecedented prosperity fueled by high oil prices, said he will resign after a left-wing opposition bloc won parliamentary elections.
    (AP, 9/13/05)

2005        Sep, Henrik Syse (39), professor of philosophy, began work as in-house ethicist for Norway’s Petroleum Fund. His books included “Paths to a Good Life: Philosophical Reflections on Everyday Ethics."
    (WSJ, 12/1/05, p.A1)

2005        Dec 10, In Norway Chief UN nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei accepted the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize, sharing the award with his International Atomic Energy Agency for efforts to control the spread of nuclear weapons. The other Nobel Prizes were awarded in Sweden.
    (AP, 12/10/05)

2006        Jan 1, Norway passed legislation requiring every publicly traded company in Norway to have 40% women on its board by Jan 1 2008.

2006        Jan 11, The British weekly New Scientist said Norway is to build a "doomsday vault" in a mountain close to the North Pole that will house a vast seed bank to ensure food supplies in the event of catastrophic climate change, nuclear war or rising sea levels.
    (AFP, 1/11/06)

2006        Jan 31, In the Economist Intelligence Unit's biannual survey Oslo was reported to have overtaken Tokyo as the world's most expensive city. Tokyo had held the top spot for 14 years. Of 17 US cities featured in the survey, the most expensive were New York (27th), Chicago and Los Angeles (tied for 35th), and San Francisco (40th).
    (AP, 2/1/06)

2006        Feb 6, Royal Caribbean Intl. announced that it has ordered the world’s largest and most expense cruise ship. The $1.24 billion ship, capable of holding 6,400 passengers, will be built by Norway’s Aker Yards.
    (SFC, 2/7/06, p.C1)

2006        Feb 10, The editor of a small Christian newspaper in Norway apologized for offending Muslims by reprinting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in January.
    (AP, 2/10/06)

2006        Feb 18, In Italy Kjetil Andre Aamodt of Norway outwaited the weather and outran the field to successfully defend the men's super-G title for his record eighth Olympic Alpine medal. American Shani Davis won the men's 1,000-meter speedskating in Turin, becoming the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal in Winter Olympic history.
    (AP, 2/18/06)(AP, 2/18/07)

2006        Mar 9, A fuel oil spill from a chemical plant in southeastern Norway threatened hundreds of birds in a salt water nature preserve, while snow and ice hampered a cleanup operation. Nearly 200 barrels leaked during the transfer of fuel oil from a ship on March 4, but because of ice in the harbor area the oil was not visible and was not discovered before the ice broke up on March 8.
    (AP, 3/9/06)

2006        May 2, In Norway 3 key suspects were convicted in the theft of the Edvard Munch masterpieces "The Scream" and "Madonna" and sentenced to between four and eight years in prison. The works were snatched by masked gunmen from the Munch Museum in Oslo in August 2004. They are still missing.
    (AP, 5/2/06)

2006        Jun 2, Norwegian rig owner Fred. Olsen Energy ASA said 8 foreign workers on an oil rig operating off Nigeria were kidnapped overnight. The workers, six British, one American and one Canadian, were aboard the drilling rig Bulford Dolphin when it was attacked during the night.
    (AP, 6/2/06)

2006        Jun 19, In Norway the prime ministers of 5 nations gathered at the northern island of Svalbard to lay the cornerstone for the Svalbard Int’l. Seed Vault. The site will hold millions of seed varieties to restock the planet in the case of a global catastrophe.
    (SFC, 6/19/06, p.A3)

2006        Jul 4, Lars Korvald (90), the first Christian Democrat to serve as prime minister of Norway (1972-1973), died.
    (AP, 7/4/06)

2006        Aug 23, In Oslo Villa Grande, a sprawling mansion used by Norwegian Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling during World War II, opened as a center to oppose the intolerance, hatred and treachery he represented.
    (AP, 8/23/06)

2006        Sep 22, In Norway police accused four men suspected in an attack on Oslo's main synagogue of also plotting to blow up the US and Israeli embassies. The men were arrested Sep 19 in connection with an attack on the Mosaic Religious Community synagogue, which was hit with at least 10 bullets on Sep 17.
    (AP, 9/22/06)

2006        Oct 5, Researchers in Norway announced the discovery of the remains of a short-necked plesiosaur, a prehistoric marine reptile the size of a bus, that they believe is the first complete skeleton ever found. The 150 million year old remains of the 33-foot ocean going predator were found in August on the remote Svalbard Islands of the Arctic.
    (AP, 10/5/06)

2006        Oct 10, In Norway a charter plane caught fire and skidded off the runway while landing at Stord Airport.
    (AP, 10/10/06)

2006        Oct 16, The biggest underwater gas pipeline in the world, transporting gas from Norway 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) under the North Sea to Britain, was officially opened by PM Tony Blair and PM Jens Stoltenberg. Construction of the pipeline by Norwegian firm Hydro began in 2004. The Langeled pipeline is expected to supply one fifth of Britain's total gas requirements in the coming decades.
    (AP, 10/16/06)

2006        Nov 9, The UN ranked Norway as the best country to live in for a sixth consecutive year, prompting the country's aid minister to tell Norwegians to stop whining about wanting more.
    (AP, 11/9/06)

2006        Nov 10, A Norwegian refugee group said it is closing down its humanitarian operations for nearly 300,000 people in Darfur because it is impossible to work in the Sudanese region.
    (AP, 11/10/06)

2006        Nov 13, Norwegian government and industry officials said Norwegian hunters killed 546 minke whales this year, falling far short of their commercial whaling quota because bad weather spoiled much of the season.
    (AP, 11/13/06)

2006        Nov 22, In Norway a court rejected an appeal by the founder of Ansar al-Islam, a suspected Islamic terror group in Iraq, and upheld a government order to expel him as a threat to national security.
    (AP, 11/22/06)

2006        Dec 18, Norwegian oil companies Statoil ASA and Norsk Hydro ASA announced plans to merge their offshore oil and natural gas units in a nearly $30 billion (23 billion euro) deal they said would create the world's largest offshore oil operator.
    (AP, 12/18/06)

2007        Jan 5, The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries warned that some 790,000 salmon and trout escaped from Norwegian fish farms in 2006, up 10% on the previous year and a trend that poses a serious threat to wild salmon.
    (AFP, 1/5/07)

2007        Feb 23, In Norway 46 of 49 nations adopted a declaration calling for a 2008 treaty banning cluster bombs, saying the weapons kill and maim long after conflicts end and inflict "unacceptable harm" on civilians, particularly children. Some key arms makers including the US, Russia, Israel and China, snubbed the conference of 49 nations. Of those attending, Poland, Romania and Japan did not approve the final text.
    (AP, 2/23/07)

2007        Feb 25, Thieves in Oslo, Norway, stole a work of art by Jan Christensen called "Relative Value." It had pasted bills worth $16,300 on a sprawling 7-by-13 foot canvas.
    (AP, 2/26/07)

2007        Apr 12, A Norwegian oil rig support vessel carrying 15 people capsized off northern Scotland and five crew members were missing.
    (AP, 4/13/07)

2007        May 9, Police in Brazil and Norway detained at least 25 people in simultaneous raids on suspected criminal gangs, seeking evidence of money laundering.
    (AP, 5/9/07)

2007        May 21, Norway said it would make its first transfer of direct aid to the Palestinians' new government, more than two months after the Nordic country broke with most Western nations by recognizing the Hamas-led coalition.
    (AP, 5/21/07)

2007        Jun 1, The Norwegian environmental group Bellona warned that a nuclear waste dump in the Russia Arctic may be in danger of exploding because of corrosion caused by salt water in enormous storage tanks.
    (AP, 6/1/07)

2007        Aug 27, Ethiopia ordered six Norwegian diplomats to leave the country by Sept. 15, expressing "dissatisfaction" with Norway's conduct in the Horn of Africa region.
    (AP, 8/27/07)

2007        Aug 28, Ethiopia justified its decision to expel Norwegian diplomats arguing that Oslo was interfering in its internal affairs and destabilizing the Horn of Africa.
    (AFP, 8/28/07)

2007        Sep 20, Borse Dubai and Nasdaq, rivals to take over Nordic market operator OMX, said they had joined forces to acquire it together in a deal that gives Borse Dubai 19.99 percent of US-based Nasdaq and 28 percent of the London Stock Exchange.
    (AP, 9/20/07)

2007        Nov 8, Nordic countries again dominated the World Economic Forum's ranking of gender-equal countries. New Zealand squeezed into the top five and the US fell to 31st place. Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland retained the top four spots in the 2007 Gender Gap Index released by the Swiss-based think tank.
    (Reuters, 11/8/07)

2008        Jan 9, Norway and Sweden dropped plans to send some 400 troops to the UN peacekeeping force in Darfur because of opposition by Sudan.
    (WSJ, 1/10/07, p.A1)

2008        Feb 10, Norway closed its embassy in the Afghan capital because of terror threats.
    (AP, 2/11/08)

2008        Feb 21, A magnitude-6.2 earthquake, the largest ever recorded on Norwegian territory, hit off the Arctic Svalbard islands, the national seismic monitoring center said. No casualties or damage were reported.
    (AP, 2/21/08)

2008        Feb 26, A "doomsday" seed vault, built to protect millions of food crops from climate change, wars and natural disasters, opened deep within an Arctic mountain in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.
    (AP, 2/26/08)(Econ, 3/10/12, p.71)

2008        Feb 28, Swedish and Norwegian authorities cracked down on terror financing, arresting six people in what Swedish investigators said were coordinated raids in Stockholm and Oslo.
    (AP, 2/28/08)

2008        Mar 26, In Norway a six-story apartment building collapsed in the west coast city of Aalesund after it was hit by a rock slide, injuring 15 people and leaving five missing.
    (AP, 3/26/08)

2008        Apr 12, King Harald V opened Norway's $840 million national opera house on the shores of the Oslo Fjord, kicking off a gala performance. The parliament's decision to approve construction and funding of a national opera house belatedly confirmed an overly optimistic 1881 report in an Oslo newspaper that the capital was about to get a new opera house.
    (AP, 4/13/08)

2008        Apr 23, Norway raised its main interest rate a quarter point to 5.5%.
    (WSJ, 4/24/08, p.A8)

2008        May 28, The first winners of the new Kavli Prizes for outstanding research in nanoscience, neuroscience, and astrophysics were to be announced in Oslo, Norway.
    (SFC, 4/12/08, p.C1)

2008        Jun 9, Russia and Norway met for 2-days talks in the hope of making progress in a decades-old dispute over their maritime border in the Barents Sea, a part of the Arctic that could hold large oil and gas reserves. After visiting the Norwegian town of Kirkenes, the ministers will go to Murmansk in northwest Russia.
    (AP, 6/9/08)

2008        Jun 13, Norway said it may seek foreign help to extinguish its biggest forest fire since World War Two, which has been raging for five days.
    (Reuters, 6/13/08)

2008        Jun 17, Norway passed a new equality law granting gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals to marry, adopt and undergo artificial insemination.
    (AP, 6/17/08)

2008        Jul 24, In southern Norway a group of men armed with bats and iron bars attacked a center for political asylum-seekers, leaving more than 20 people injured.
    (AP, 7/25/08)

2008        Jul, Religious leaders meeting in Norway unveiled a plan for a code of conduct for holy sites on which all governments could agree.
    (Econ, 8/30/08, p.60)(www.arcworld.org/news.asp?pageID=254)

2008        Aug 20, A top Russian general said 64 of the country's soldiers were killed and 323 wounded in this month's fighting with Georgia. Russia informed Norway that it plans to suspend all military ties with NATO, a day after the military alliance urged Moscow to withdraw its forces from Georgia.
    (AP, 8/20/08)(AP, 8/21/08)

2008        Sep 16, Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg said Norway will give Brazil US$1 billion by 2015 to preserve the Amazon rain forest, as long as Latin America's largest nation keeps trying to stop deforestation.
    (AP, 9/16/08)

2008        Oct 10, Finland's ex-president Martti Ahtisaari won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to build a lasting peace from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Middle East. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said it honored Ahtisaari for important efforts over more than three decades to resolve international conflicts.
    (AP, 10/10/08)

2008        Nov 20, The Norwegian government said it has picked the US developed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to replace its aging US-made F-16 aircraft in a roughly 60 billion kroner ($8.5 billion) deal.
    (AP, 11/20/08)

2008        Dec 3-2008 Dec 4, In Norway 94 nations signed a treaty banning cluster bombs in a move that supporters hope will shame the US, Russia and China and other non-signers into abandoning weapons blamed for maiming and killing civilians. Norway, which began the drive to ban cluster bombs 18 months ago, was the first to sign, followed by Laos and Lebanon, both hard-hit by the weapons.
    (AP, 12/3/08)(Econ, 12/13/08, p.70)

2008        Dec 10, The Nobel Prizes were awarded in twin ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo.
    (AP, 12/10/08)

2008        Dec, In Norway Think Global AS, a front runner in the plug-in car market, filed for Bankruptcy after its failure to get capital financing under the current credit crunch.
    (WSJ, 1/24/09, p.B2)

2009        Jan 11,  Arne Naess (b.1912), Norwegian philosopher, writer and mountaineer, died. He was best known for launching the concept of "deep ecology," promoting the idea that Earth as a planet has as much right as its inhabitants, such as humans, to survive and flourish.
    (AP, 1/13/09)

2009        Jan 23, In northern Norway an off-duty police officer shot and killed his ex-girlfriend with another officer's service pistol, then critically wounded himself outside the elementary school where she was a student teacher.
    (AP, 1/23/09)

2009        Jan 26, Norway announced a 20 billion kroner ($2.89 billion) stimulus package to boost growth and employment.
    (WSJ, 1/27/09, p.A8)

2009        Feb 23, Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn (b.1924) died in Oslo. His unique style of blending modern forms with Scandinavian traditions earned him the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize (1997). His white concrete Glacier Museum (1991), which has been hailed as a landmark within contemporary architecture. It stands on a plain carved by Norway's Jostedal Glacier at Fjaerland Fjord.
    (AP, 2/28/09)

2009        Mar 26, The MT Bow Asir, a Norwegian tanker with a crew of 27, was hijacked 250 miles east of the south coast of Somalia.
    (AP, 3/27/09)(WSJ, 3/27/09, p.A8)

2009        Apr 17, In Norway a $225 million fund to provide low-price anti-malaria medicine around the world was launched in Oslo to fight a disease that kills 2,000 children a day.
    (AP, 4/18/09)
2009        Apr 17, In Afghanistan two earthquakes shook eastern Nangarhar province, collapsing mud-brick homes on top of villagers while they slept and killing at least 21 people. Two suicide bombers on foot tried to attack the office of the minister of refugees in southern Nimroz province. Guards shot and killed one bomber at the scene of the attempted attack. While fleeing the 2nd bomber detonated his explosives, killing 3 civilians. A Norwegian intelligence officer serving with the nation's peacekeeping force was killed by a roadside bomb near the northern city of Maymana.
    (AP, 4/17/09)

2009        Apr 22, A group of Norwegian lawyers filed a complaint accusing 10 Israelis of war crimes in Gaza under the country's new universal jurisdiction law.
    (AP, 4/22/09)

2009        May 16, Norway’s fiddle-wielding Alexander Rybak (23), dubbed 'Alexander the Great' by Norwegian media, won a landslide victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow for his song "Fairytale," gaining the most points in Eurovision's 53-year history.
    (AP, 5/17/09)

2009        May 25, Haakon Lie (b.1905), a pioneer of Norway's welfare state and one of the country's most influential politicians, died in Oslo. His several books included "Slik jeg ser det naa" ("As I See it Now"), which was published last year.
    (AP, 5/26/09)

2009        May, In CongoDRC 2 former Norwegian soldiers (Tjostolv Moland and Joshua French) allegedly murdered their driver and attempted to murder a witness. The motive behind the killing was unknown. On Sep 8 they were convicted of espionage and murder. In 2010 a military judge threw out the ruling and ordered a new case. In August, 2013, Tjostolv Moland (32), died in prison. An autopsy report said he had hanged himself. French was freed in May, 2017.
    (AP, 12/4/09)(AFP, 9/8/09)(AP, 4/22/10)(AP, 8/29/13)(Reuters, 5/17/17)

2009        Jun 8, In Norway Georg Mueller (58) stepped down as bishop in the western city of Trondheim. On April 7, 2010, Norway’s Catholic Church said he did so after admitting he had molested a child years earlier, when he was a priest.
    (AP, 4/7/10)

2009        Jun 16, The Norwegian firm Opera Software unveiled new technology that allows it Opera 10 Web browser to also function as a file server. A feature called Opera Unite enables users to push content and establish communications without the need for a 3rd party.
    (SFC, 6/17/09, p.C1)

2009        Jul 19, Warren Titus (94), founder of the Royal Viking and Seabourn cruise ship lines, died at a hospice in Marin County, Ca. He helped father the modern cruise concept as president of Peninsular and Oriental Navigation Co., which later morphed into Princess Cruises. He left P.&O. to start the Royal Viking Line in 1972. After the SF-based Royal Viking went out of business in 1987, he was called by Atle Brynestad, a Norwegian millionaire, to start Seabourn Cruise Lines.
    (SFC, 7/31/09, p.D5)

2009        Jul 24, A senior Chechen official held talks in Norway with prominent separatist figure Akhmed Zakayev, who said they had agreed to seek a political settlement of rebellion in the south Russian region.
    (Reuters, 7/24/09)

2009        Sep 8, In the Democratic Republic of Congo two Norwegians were sentenced to death by a court for murdering a Congolese man in the northeast of the country in May.
    (AFP, 9/8/09)

2009        Sep 14, Norway's left-leaning government faced a splintered opposition in an election focused on how to manage the Nordic nation's soaring oil wealth and seal cracks in its welfare system. Jens Stoltenberg's Labor-led coalition won 86 seats to keep a slim majority in the 169-seat Parliament after using oil money to shield the welfare state from the global recession.
    (AP, 9/14/09)(AP, 9/15/09)

2009        Sep 15, Norway's PM Jens Stoltenberg (50) said fighting climate change would be a priority in his 2nd term after his left-leaning government beat a splintered opposition to win re-election.
    (AP, 9/15/09)

2009        Oct 4, Grameenphone, Bangladesh’s largest mobile phone firm, opened the largest IPO in Bangladesh history. It aimed to raise $70 million. It was owned by Telenor, a Norwegian telephone company, and Grameen Telecom, a non-profit founded by Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer of microfinance.
    (Econ, 10/17/09, p.88)

2009        Oct 5, A UN agency said Norway enjoys the world's highest quality of life, while Niger suffers the lowest, as it released Human Development Index, a ranking that highlights the wide disparities in well-being between rich and poor countries.
    (AP, 10/5/09)(http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/)

2009        Nov 12, In Norway thieves stole a valuable artwork by Edvard Munch from an Oslo art dealer in downtown Oslo. One or more thieves stole "Historien" (History) from Nyborgs Kunst.
    (AP, 11/13/09)
2009        Nov 12, A Norwegian freelance journalist kidnapped on Nov 5 in eastern Afghanistan was released along with his Afghan interpreter. Paal Refsdal was in Afghanistan filming a documentary for the Norwegian production company Novemberfilm.
    (AP, 11/12/09)(SFC, 11/13/09, p.A2)

2009        Nov 14, In Moscow Magnus Carlsen (18) of Norway became the new No. 1 chess player in the world with a tournament victory over Peter Leko of Hungary.
    (SSFC, 11/15/09, p.A6)

2009        Oct 28, Norway’s central bank became the first in Europe to tighten, raising its policy rate to 1.5% from 1.25%.
    (Econ, 11/7/09, p.70)

2009        Nov 26, Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, said that Iranian authorities took her medal about three weeks ago from a safe-deposit box, claiming she owed taxes on the $1.3 million she was awarded. Ebadi said that such prizes are exempt from tax under Iranian law. In Norway, where the peace prize is awarded, the government said the confiscation of the gold medal was a shocking first in the history of the 108-year-old prize.
    (AP, 11/27/09)

2009        Dec 3, A Congolese court upheld death sentences for two Norwegians convicted of espionage and murder, prompting condemnation from Norwegian officials. They had been convicted in Sep of murdering their driver and attempting to murder a witness in May 2009.
    (AP, 12/3/09)

2009        Dec 10, In Oslo, Norway, President Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, acknowledging his own few accomplishments while delivering a robust defense of war and promising to use the prestigious award to "reach for the world that ought to be."
    (AP, 12/10/09)

2009        Dec 12, Iraq sold Russian firm Lukoil rights to the West Qurna-2 oil field, one of the world's biggest untapped oil fields, on the 2nd day of an auction. Lukoil will work with junior partner StatoilHydro of Norway.
    (AP, 12/12/09)

2009        Dec 25, In Norway Knut Magne Haugland (92), the last of six crew members who crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1947 on board the balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki, died in Oslo.
    (AP, 12/26/09)

2009        Dec 31, In Myanmar Freelance reporter Hla Hla Win (25) was sentenced by a court in Pakokku for an alleged violation of the country's Electronics Act. She was arrested in September after visiting a Buddhist monastery in the northern town of Pakokku. The jailed reporter had worked with the Myanmar exile broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), based in Oslo, Norway. A man accompanying her was sentenced to 26 years in jail.
    (AFP, 1/6/10)

2009        Karl Ove Knausgard (b.1968), Norwegian writer, authored the first of his 6-volume autobiographical work: “My Struggle" (Min Kamp).
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Ove_Knausg%C3%A5rd)(Econ, 2/2/13, SR p.14)

2010        Jan 4, The Norwegian Chess Federation said Magnus Carlsen (19) is the youngest person to hold the title since ratings were introduced in 1971.
    (AP, 1/4/10)

2010        Jan 6, A diplomat at the Iranian embassy in Norway told Norwegian television that he had resigned in protest over a crackdown on demonstrators in Iran. The government in Tehran denied the report. In mid-February the Norwegian Immigration Directorate gave Mohammed Reza Heydari and his family permission to remain in Norway as political refugees after going through "all necessary information pertaining to the case."
    (AP, 1/6/10)(AP, 2/18/10)

2010        Jan 25, In Afghanistan a Norwegian soldier died when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Faryab province in the north.
    (AP, 1/25/10)

2010        Feb 15, Yara, a Norwegian fertilizer maker, agreed to pay $4.1 billion for Terra, an American company. This would extend Yara’s lead as the world’s biggest maker of nitrogen-based fertilizer.
    (Econ, 2/20/10, p.62)

2010        Mar 24, Norway announced that John Tate, an American professor at the University of Texas, Austin, has won the 6 million kroner ($1 million) Abel Prize for mathematics. The prize jury praised Tate as "a prime architect" of number theory, a branch of mathematics that has played a key role in the development of modern computers.
    (AP, 3/24/10)
2010        Mar 24, In Norway 16 empty cargo train cars careened downhill for 3 miles (5 km) on the outskirts of Oslo before slamming into a port and killing three dock workers. Faulty brakes were blamed for the accident.
    (AP, 3/25/10)

2010        Apr 13, Norway’s Nokia Corp. launched three less-expensive smart phones, including its first model expected to sell for under euro100 ($135), in a strong move to grab new customers in emerging markets.
    (AP, 4/13/10)

2010        May 2, Norsk Hydro announced that it was acquiring  the aluminium assets of Vale, a Brazilian mining giant, in a deal valued at $4.9 billion.
    (Econ, 5/8/10, p.65)

2010        May 21, Norwegian browser developer Opera Software said it is moving its data processing capacity to a newly-built center in Iceland, one of the first foreign investment deals for the crisis-hit island as it tries to rebuild its economy.
    (AP, 5/21/10)

2010        May 28, Indonesia said it will impose a 2-year moratorium on large-scale clearance of rainforests, effective as off January 2011, in return for $1 billion grant from Norway to fund projects as part of the REDD plan (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation).
    (http://news.mongabay.com/2010/0527-hance_moratorium.html)(Econ, 10/30/10, p.44)

2010        Jun 27, In Afghanistan 4 Norwegian soldiers died after a roadside bomb exploded near their vehicle in Faryab province. NATO forces killing a local leader of the Haqqani group, a Taliban faction with close ties to al-Qaida, in an airstrike in Khost province. The leader, known only as Satar, was responsible for planting roadside bombs in the area. The US-led operation, began in the region around Kunar province. 2 US troops were killed in the operation. Pp to 150 Taliban insurgents were killed in battles along the Kunar border.
    (AP, 6/27/10)(AP, 6/28/10)(AP, 6/29/10)

2010        Jul 8, In Norway 2 suspected al-Qaida members were arrested for what Norwegian and US officials said was a terrorist plot linked to similar plans to bomb New York's subway and blow up a shopping mall in England. A 3rd suspect was arrested in Germany. Authorities later said the ringleader of the plot is Mikael Davud (39), an Uighur who came to Norway in 1999 as part of a UN refugee program and then became a Norwegian citizen eight years later. Davud was arrested along with suspected accomplices Shawan Sadek Saeed Bujak Bujak, an Iraqi Kurd (37), and Uzbek national, David Jakobsen (31). Norwegian and Danish police later said the 3 were likely planning an attack against a Danish newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad. Jakobsen was released on Oct 15 after prosecutors revealed that he had been a police informant in the case. Jakobsen still faced terrorism charges because the allegations against the group rely partly on events that took place before he approached police last year.
    (AP, 7/8/10)(AP, 8/29/10)(AP, 9/28/10)(AP, 10/15/10)

2010        Aug 11, Norway pledged to work for democracy in Swaziland, Africa's last absolute monarchy during a Norwegian-sponsored meeting held in South Africa and featuring diplomats and Swazi pro-democracy groups.
    (AP, 8/11/10)

2010        Sep 8, Belgian police say 10 people have been arrested in raids across Europe against hackers who put illegal copies of movies and television series on the Internet. Police said 5 arrests were in Belgium and the other arrests were made in Poland, Norway and Sweden, where the alleged leaders of four computer piracy networks were being held.
    (AP, 9/8/10)

2010        Sep 15, Russia and Norway ended a 40-year dispute in signing an Arctic border treaty which opens the door to offshore oil and gas exploration. President Dmitry Medvedev and Norway's PM Jens Stoltenberg presided over the signing in Murmansk.
    (AP, 9/15/10)

2010        Oct 10, Norwegian oil firm Statoil is expanding further its shale gas operations in the United States, saying it has created a joint venture with Canada's Talisman to acquire acreage on the Eagle Ford prospect in Texas for $1.325 billion.
    (Reuters, 10/10/10)

2010        Nov 4, The UN named oil-rich Norway as the country with the best quality of life, while Asia has made the biggest strides in recent decades. Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Ireland followed at the top of the standings. Zimbabwe came in last among the 169 nations ranked, behind Mozambique, Burundi, Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo.
    (AFP, 11/5/10)

2010        Nov 18, The Norwegian Nobel Committee Russia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Morocco, Iraq and China have declined to attend the December 10 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. 16 more countries had not replied by the committee's extended deadline. An award spokesman said the Nobel Peace Prize may not be handed out this year because no one from imprisoned Liu Xiaobo's family is likely to attend the ceremony.
    (AP, 11/18/10)

2010        Dec 7, In Norway Nobel officials said China and 18 other countries have declined to attend this year's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, as China unleashed a new barrage deriding the decision.
    (AP, 12/7/10)

2010        Dec 10, Dignitaries in Norway celebrated this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, with an empty chair.  Xiaobo, derided by Beijing as a political farce, dedicated it from his prison cell to the "lost souls" of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.
    (AP, 12/10/10)(Reuters, 12/10/10)
2010        Dec 10, Serbia reversed its boycott of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo after facing sharp criticism from the EU and human rights activists at home.
    (AP, 12/10/10)

2011        Jan 18, Negotiators from the Philippines government and communist rebels agreed to resume peace talks after informal meetings in Norway.
    (AP, 1/18/11)

2011        Feb 15, In Norway Stolt-Nielsen, founder of the Stolt-Nielsen shipping group, wrote the following in the financial newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv: "When (piracy) implies a great risk of being caught and hanged, and the cost of losing ships and weapons becomes too big, it will decrease and eventually disappear."
    (AP, 2/16/11)

2011        Mar 11, Norway rejected oil drilling in ecologically sensitive waters just above the Arctic circle, partly because of worries over a disaster like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
    (AP, 3/11/11)

2011        Apr 1, Norway announced an oil find some 120 miles north of its mainland in the Barents Sea. The Skrugard find was believed to contain some 500 million barrels of oil.
    (SFC, 5/2/11, p.D2)(http://tinyurl.com/44ljesw)

2011        Apr 25, In Libya Norwegian F-16s flattened a building inside Muammar Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah compound, in what a press official from Gaddafi's government said was a NATO attempt on the Libyan leader's life. Refugees fleeing the Western Mountains told of heavy bombardment by Muammar Gaddafi's forces as they try to dislodge rebels in remote Berber towns.
    (AP, 4/25/11)(Reuters, 4/25/11)(Econ, 4/30/11, p.52)

2011        May 4, The Chinese Embassy in Oslo said Sino-Norwegian relations are "in difficulty" because the peace prize was given to "a Chinese criminal ... and the Norwegian government supported this wrong decision." Norwegian salmon exporters were having their fish held up for days or even weeks by Chinese food safety inspectors, devastating its freshness.
    (AP, 5/6/11)

2011        Jul 22, In Norway a powerful bomb tore open several Oslo buildings, including the prime minister's office. Police confirmed the explosion was caused by a bomb. A suspect in police custody, a blonde blue-eyed Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist, anti-Muslim views, was suspected in both the shootings at Utoya island and the massive explosion. Anders Behring Breivik (32), suspected in the bomb and shooting attacks that killed 77 people, including 69 on Utoya, had bought six tons of fertilizer weeks before the massacres. A manifesto he published online ranted against Muslim immigration to Europe and vowed revenge on "indigenous Europeans," whom he accused of betraying their heritage.
    (AP, 7/23/11)(AP, 7/24/11)(AP, 7/26/11)(AP, 7/30/11)

2011        Jul 26, In Norway the defense lawyer for Anders Behring Breivik says the terror suspect claims he is part of an organization with several cells in Western countries and his attacks in Norway were necessary because he's in a state of war.
    (AP, 7/26/11)

2011        Aug 5, In the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard a polar bear mauled one person to death and left four other members of a British youth expeditions group seriously injured.
    (AFP, 8/5/11)

2011        Aug 16, Norway’s Statoil said that the North SEa Aldous and Avaldsnes oil discoveries together contain between 500 million and 1.2 billion barrels of oil, significantly more than previously thought.
    (SFC, 8/31/11, p.A4)(http://tinyurl.com/3u5v3zp)

2011        Sep 11, Norway began 2-day local elections. The ruling Labor Party won its best local election result in more than two decades and the anti-immigrant Progress Party plummeted in support two months after attacks by a right-wing fanatic killed 77 people.
    (AP, 9/13/11)

2011        Sep 15, Passengers on the MS Nordlys were forced to evacuate a popular cruise off Norway's craggy western coast when a fire in the engine room killed two crew members and sent heavy smoke billowing through the ship.
    (AP, 9/15/11)

2011        Oct 7, The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Tawakkul Karman (32) of Yemen. She shared the prize with Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson and Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee, as the Nobel committee gave a nod to the Arab Spring.
    (AP, 10/7/11)

2011        Nov 29, Norwegian prosecutors said confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was insane when he killed 77 people in a July 22 bomb and shooting rampage, and should be sent to a psychiatric ward instead of prison.
    (AP, 11/29/11)

2011        Nov 30, Norway said it has temporarily closed its embassy in Tehran due to security concerns after the British mission in the Iranian capital was attacked by an angry mob.
    (AFP, 11/30/11)

2012        Jan 25, Boeing won its largest ever order from Europe as Norwegian Air Shuttle ordered 122 planes. The deal was worth $11.4 billion at list prices. NAS also planned to buy some 100 Airbuses. The total package for 222 planes was about $10 billion.
    (Econ, 1/28/12, p.65)(Econ, 4/27/13, p.61)

2012        Jan 30, In Norway 2 men were found guilty Monday of involvement in an al-Qaida plot to attack a Danish newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad. A third defendant, David Jakobsen, who assisted police in the investigation, was convicted on an explosives charge and sentenced to four months in prison. The Oslo district court sentenced alleged ringleader Mikael Davud, to seven years in prison and co-defendant Shawan Sadek Saeed Bujak to three and a half years. The three men were arrested in July 2010.
    (AP, 1/30/12)

2012        Feb 15, Norway's state railroads suspended testing of a new Swiss-made train after five people were injured when it derailed and slammed into a mountainside during a test run.
    (AP, 2/15/12)
2012        Mar 15, A Norwegian military plane crashed killing all five people on board during an exercise in northern Sweden. Four men and one woman, all Norwegians, were on board the C-130 heading from Evenes, on Norway's Arctic coast, to the Swedish city of Kiruna.
    (AP, 3/17/12)

2012        Mar 19, In Norway an avalanche killed 5 people and one person was dug out alive after Swiss and French skiers were buried on Sorbmegaisa mountain.
    (SFC, 3/20/12, p.A2)

2012        Mar 23, Norwegian fertilizer giant Yara International said it had uncovered "unacceptable payments" in Switzerland in connection with a corruption probe into its activities in Libya. The company asked last year for an external investigation after discovering possible financial misdeeds committed before October 2008 in connection with the creation of its Lifeco joint venture in Libya.
    (AFP, 3/23/12)

2012        Mar 26, The Norwegian Foreign Ministry said it has decided to close down its embassy in Damascus due to security concerns.
    (AP, 3/26/12)

2012        Mar, In Norway Mullah Krekar (56), Iraqi founder of the Iraqi Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam, was sentenced to five years in jail for issuing death threats against a former government minister and others. In July Krekar, whose real name is Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad, faced three new charges of inciting terrorist acts, threatening witnesses in a case against him and criminal damage.
    (AFP, 7/12/12)

2012        Apr 5, A team led by a Norwegian major general arrived in Damascus to negotiate the possible deployment of a UN team that would monitor a cease-fire agreement between Syrian government troops and rebel forces.
    (AP, 4/5/12)

2012        Apr 16, In Norway Anders Behring Breivik admitted to the July 22, 2011, bomb-and-shooting massacre that killed 77 people but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defense.
    (AP, 4/16/12)

2012        Apr 20, In Norway far-right fanatic Anders Behring Breivik described in court how he gunned down teenagers in the Utoya massacre as they fled in panic or froze before him, paralyzed with fear.
    (AP, 4/21/12)

2012        Apr 30, Norwegian telecom giant Telenor wrote off the rest of its mobile business in India worth 3.9 billion kroner (513 million euros, $680 million) after New Delhi scrapped licenses in a massive fraud probe. In 2009 Telenor acquired a 67.25 percent stake in Uninor which holds 22 of the 122 licenses cancelled by India’s Supreme Court.
    (AFP, 4/30/12)

2012        May 2, Edvard Munch's "The Scream" (1895), one of the art world's most recognizable images,  sold for a record $119,922,500 at auction in New York City. The previous record for an artwork sold at auction was $106.5 million for Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust," sold by Christie's in 2010.
    (AP, 5/3/12)

2012        Jun 16, Myanmar’s Suu Kyi presented her Nobel Prize acceptance speech in Oslo 31 years after winning the world's highest diplomatic honor in 1991.
    (AP, 6/16/12)

2012        Jun 24, In Norway a pension dispute led to an industry-wide strike by the nation’s energy workers. The government intervened on July 10 after the oil industry threatened to halt all output. Energy professionals in Norway averaged $180,300 per year.
    (SFC, 7/11/12, p.A2)

2012        Jul 6, Japan, Norway and their allies blocked a bid to give the UN a greater role in protecting whales, as sought by conservationists frustrated by deep polarization over whaling as the International Whaling Commission closed its latest annual meeting in Panama marred by intense divisions.
    (AFP, 7/6/12)

2012        Aug 24, A Norwegian court sentenced Anders Behring Breivik (33) to prison, denying prosecutors the insanity ruling they hoped would show that his June 22, 2011, massacre of 77 people was the work of a madman, not part of an anti-Muslim crusade.
    (AP, 8/24/12)

2012        Sep 11, Norway's government said it will create a carbon-emissions program to compensate domestic manufacturers, in the hope of dissuading them from moving their industries to countries with less stringent climate regulations.
    (AP, 9/11/12)

2012        Sep 14, In Norway the Philip Morris company lost a court battle against Norway's government over the right to display tobacco products in stores.
    (AP, 9/14/12)

2012        Oct 17, Colombian government and rebel negotiators met for their first set of talks outside Oslo, Norway.
    (AP, 10/18/12)

2012        Dec 19, Norwegian energy company Statoil ASA said it has bought 70,000 acres of land rich in gas and liquid gas in West Virginia and Ohio.
    (AP, 12/19/12)

2012        Dec, An unnamed Iranian diplomat defected from the Iranian Embassy in Oslo and sought help from the Humlen & Rieber-Mohn law office, which specializes in immigration law.
    (AP, 2/22/13)

2013        Jan 17, British, Norwegian and Spanish oil companies evacuated workers from Algerian energy facilities following the hostage-taking by Islamic militants in the Sahara desert and Algeria's attempt to free them.
    (AP, 1/17/13)

2013        Jan 21, Arctic Council members set up the first permanent secretariat at Tromso, Norway.
    (Econ, 2/2/13, p.49)

2013        Jan 25, Norwegian energy company Statoil ASA said two Norwegian employees missing after a terror attack on a gas plant in Algeria have been confirmed dead.
    (AP, 1/25/13)

2013        Feb 14, A Norwegian court in Oslo sentenced Sadi Bugingo (47) of Rwanda to 21 years in prison after he was found guilty of taking part in the slaughter of more than a thousand Tutsis in his home country.
    (http://tinyurl.com/lhbc8tq)(AP, 4/8/14)

2013        Mar 10, Rwanda police arrested Charles Bandora (60) following his extradition from Norway to stand trial for his alleged role in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.
    (AP, 4/8/14)(http://tinyurl.com/loffxhw)

2013        Mar, Norway expelled the leadership of the Basque Homeland and Liberty (ETA) separatists.
    (http://tinyurl.com/qd8kbqg)(Econ, 8/17/13, p.46)

2013        Apr 17, A Chinese factory fishing ship caught fire just off the coast of Antarctica and 97 crew members were rescued by a nearby Norwegian vessel as Chile's military mobilized to prevent any environmental damage.
    (AP, 4/18/13)

2013        May 18, Russia's Sergey Karjakin won the €100,000 ($130,000) Norway chess championship after drawing against Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria.
    (AP, 5/18/13)

2013        May 20, A Norwegian security firm reported that cyber spies had attacked Telenor, one of the world’s largest mobile operators, and that the attack was probably directed from India.
    (Econ, 5/25/13, p.61)

2013        Jun 19, Norway's Parliament opened up a new area on the fringe of the Arctic Ocean to offshore oil drilling despite protests from opponents who fear catastrophic oil spills in the remote and icy region.
    (AP, 6/20/13)

2013        Jun, Norway’s Telenor and Qatar’s Ooredoo won an auction for mobile licenses in Myanmar. They will compete with each other and a loca lstate-owned outfit.
    (Econ, 9/28/13, p.68)

2013        Jul 16, In southwestern France a neo-Nazi linked to Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was arrested after investigators decided he might stage a large "terrorist act." Kristian Vikernes (40), who is also a convicted murderer from Norway, had in the past received a copy of a manifesto from Breivik, the far-right militant who killed 77 people in 2011.
    (Reuters, 7/16/13)

2013        Jul 17, In Dubai Marte Deborah Dalelv (24), a Norwegian woman, was sentenced to 16 months in jail for having sex outside marriage after she reported an alleged rape. On July 19 she decided to speak out in hopes of drawing attention to the risks of outsiders misunderstanding the Islamic-influenced legal codes in this cosmopolitan city. Norwegian diplomats secured her release and she has been allowed to remain at the Norwegian Seamen's Center in central Dubai. She said her alleged attacker received a 13-month sentence for out-of-wedlock sex and alcohol consumption. On July 22 Dubai pardoned Dalelv.
    (AP, 7/19/13)(Reuters, 7/22/13)

2013        Sep 9, Norwegian voters cast ballots in a parliamentary election. A strong showing was expected for the anti-immigration Progress Party. Erna Solberg (52) led her Conservative Party to victory alongside three other center-right parties, putting an end to eight years of center-left rule.
    (AP, 9/9/13)(AFP, 9/10/13)

2013        Sep 26, Norwegian oil group Statoil said it had made a big oil find off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada with 300 million to 600 million barrels of recoverable crude.
    (AFP, 9/26/13)

2013        Oct 4, Norway said will slightly reduce its aid to Afghanistan from next year, signaling to Kabul that it has not done enough to combat corruption and violence against women.
    (Reuters, 10/4/13)

2013        Oct 11, The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as  the global watchdog worked to destroy Syria's stockpiles of nerve gas and other poisonous agents.
    (AP, 10/11/13)

2013        Oct 18, Kenya officials identified Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow (b.1990), a Norwegian-Somali, as one of the four attackers of the Westgate Mall on Sep 21. Charred body parts taken from a collapsed portion of the shopping center still awaited forensics analysis to determine if they were the remains of the assailants.
    (AP, 10/18/13)(SFC, 10/18/12, p.A2)

2013        Oct 25, Norway rejected a US request to help destroy Syria's chemical arms, arguing that the Nordic nation was an unsuitable site because it lacked suitable staff, equipment and regulations.
    (Reuters, 10/25/13)

2013        Oct 30, In Norway the residents of Rjukan received faint rays from the winter sun in the town’s market square for the first time following the construction of three 183-square-foot mirrors on a nearby mountain. The town was built 100 years ago to provide workers for a hydroelectric plant in Telemark County.
    (SFC, 10/31/13, p.A4)

2013        Nov 4, In rural Norway a knife-wielding man hijacked a bus and killed the driver and two passengers before he was detained by authorities. A South Sudanese man suspected in the hijacking and killing was a failed asylum seeker who was about to be deported.
    (AP, 11/4/13)(AFP, 11/5/13)

2013        Nov 19, Norway's military intelligence chief said his country carries out surveillance on millions of phone calls in conflict areas around the world and shares that data with allies, including the United States.
    (AP, 11/19/13)

2013        Nov 20, At UN talks in Poland the governments of Norway, Britain and the United States said they will allocate $280 million of their multi-billion dollar climate change finances to a new initiative aimed at halting deforestation.
    (Reuters, 11/20/13)

2013        Nov 22, In India Magnus Carlsen (22) of Norway defeated Viswanathan Anand of India in the chess world championship, becoming the first Western player since Bobby Fischer to hold the title. The match in Chennai, which began Nov. 9, has been shown live on TV in both Norway and India, with millions more watching online.
    (AP, 11/22/13)

2013        Dec 6, The Norwegian oil company Statoil announced the discovery of a major gas deposit with its US partner ExxonMobil off the coast of Tanzania.
    (AFP, 12/6/13)

2013        Dec 10, Nobel Prize winners collected their awards in Sweden amd Norway.
    (AP, 12/10/13)

2013        Dec 30, Disarmament teams returned Scandinavian escort vessels to port as they accepted an end-of-year deadline for the removal of Syrian chemical weapons could no longer be met. Norway and Denmark were providing ships to transfer the the chemical weapons to the Cape Ray, an American-owned ship fitted with equipment to break down lethal chemical agents to an industrial toxic waste.
    (AFP, 12/31/13)(Econ, 12/14/13, p.58)

2013        Norway extradited Charles Bandora to Rwanda to stand trial for his alleged role in the genocide.
    (AP, 4/8/14)

2014        Jan 15, Norway's Yara, the world's biggest mineral fertiliser producer, said it has been hit with a hefty fine by Norwegian authorities following an international corruption investigation. The affair centered on bribes to senior government officials in Libya and India, and to a supplier in Russia from 2004-2009.
    (AP, 1/15/14)

2014        Feb 25, The Norwegian defense group Kongsberg says it has been charged with corruption relating to its activities in Romania. The charges were linked to deliveries of communication equipment to Romania from 1999 to 2008.
    (AP, 2/25/14)

2014        Feb 27, Uganda shrugged off foreign aid cuts and int’l criticism of its tough new anti-gay law, saying it could do without Western aid. Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands cut aid over Uganda’s anti-gay law.
    (AFP, 2/27/14)(SFC, 2/28/14, p.A4)

2014        Mar 25, NATO member Norway suspended all joint activities with the Russian military through May because of Moscow's annexation of Crimea.
    (AP, 3/25/14)

2014        Mar 26, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters said Russian mathematician Yakov G. Sinai (78) has won this year's $1 million Abel Prize in mathematics.
    (AP, 3/26/14)

2014        Apr 8, A Norwegian court authorized the extradition of Eugene Nkuranyabahizi (41), a man suspected of being involved in the Rwandan genocide two decades ago.
    (AFP, 4/8/14)

2014        May 7, Tibet’s exiled Dalai Lama began a three-day stay in Norway. Unlike on his previous visits, no government officials will meet with him to avoid upsetting China.
    (AP, 5/7/14)

2014        May 20, In Norway international donors pledged more than $600 million dollars in aid to South Sudan at a conference in Oslo aimed at averting a famine threatening millions of people.
    (AFP, 5/20/14)

2014        May 27, Norway’s security service said three men with alleged links to al-Qaida have been arrested for supporting or participating in a terror organization. Two of the suspects have fought for ISIL in Syria.
    (SFC, 5/28/14, p.A2)

2014        May 29, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced that nine scientists have won the biennial Kavli awards for theories about the first moments of the universe, discoveries about the brain and techniques to let researchers see ever-tinier things.
    (AP, 5/29/14)
2014        May 29, Norwegian police removed Greenpeace activists from a platform operated by Statoil, which they boarded two days ago in a protest against drilling in Arctic waters.
    (AP, 5/29/14)

2014        Jun 21, Albie Sachs (79), the South African judge who rose to fame for his role in the anti-apartheid struggle, was awarded the Tang Prize, touted as Asia's version of the Nobels, for his contributions to human rights and justice. Earlier this week, Norwegian ex-premier Gro Harlem Brundtland was named as the first recipient of the prize for her work as the "godmother" of sustainable development, while noted Chinese American historian Yu Ying-shih was awarded for his accomplishment in sinology. Immunologists James P. Allison of the United States and Tasuku Honjo of Japan became joint recipients in the biopharmaceutical sciences category for their contributions in the fight against cancer. Named after China's Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), the Asian prize was founded by Taiwanese billionaire Samuel Yin in 2012 with a donation of Tw$3 billion.
    (AP, 6/21/14)

2014        Jul 2, Norwegian energy companies Statoil and Statkraft announced plans to build a wind farm off the British coast in a 15 billion kroner ($2.4 billion) investment, expected to be completed in 2017.
    (AP, 7/2/14)

2014        Aug 21, Lithuania signed a deal with Norway's Statoil to supply natural gas to the country's new terminal starting 2015, as the Baltic state strives to cut its dependence on Russian energy.
    (AFP, 8/21/14)

2014        Sep 20, Kiribati President Anote Tong ended a Greenpeace-organized tour of glaciers in Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, a trip he said left a deep impression that he would share with world leaders at a UN climate summit next week in New York.
    (AP, 9/20/14)

2014        Sep 25, The Rafto Foundation, a Norwegian human rights group, gave its annual prize to Russian lawyer Pavel Chikov (36) and the Agora group, for their work defending the right to fair trial.
    (Reuters, 9/25/14)

2014        Oct 1, Jens Stoltenberg (b.1959), former PM of Norway (2005-2013), assumed office as 13th Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

2014        Oct 6, A US-British scientist, John O'Keefe, and a Norwegian husband-and-wife research team, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser, won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the brain's navigation system — the inner GPS that helps us find our way in the world.
    (AP, 10/6/14)

2014        Nov 13, Eight northern European nations (Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden) agreed to step up cooperation to counter an increase in Moscow's military activity that has included a tripling of NATO intercepts of Russian jets this year.
    (Reuters, 11/13/14)

2014        Dec 11, In Vienna, Austria, several states (Britain, Norway, Netherlands and the US) pledged to back a UN nuclear agency (IAEA) request for 4.6 million euros ($5.7 million) as soon as possible to pay for its monitoring of an extended, interim nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.
    (AP, 12/11/14)

2014        Dec 14, Norwegian police said they have warned politicians about possible eavesdropping of cellphone calls after several listening devices were reportedly found in central Oslo, including near government buildings and Parliament.
    (AP, 12/14/14)

2014        Dec 22, Norway's prison authorities said they had seized over 200 letters from mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik to prevent him from setting up a network outside jail.
    (AFP, 12/22/14)

2014        Dec 31, A Minnesota judge ordered Norway to pay Ellen Ewald $170,594, double her lost wages, plus $100,000 for emotional distress, for violating equal-pay laws. She had been paid $30,000 less than a male counterpart. Norway has had a diplomatic presence in Minnesota since 1906. The state is home to nearly 900,000 people of Norwegian descent.
    (AP, 1/1/15)

2015        Jan 2, A Norwegian cargo vessel, the "Bulk Jupiter," sank off Vietnam. Bergen-based Gearbulk said only one of the 19 Filipino crew members was known to have survived. The lone survivor was the chief cook on the ship, but he refused to cooperate with rescuers.
    (AP, 1/3/15)

2015        Jan 16, A Norwegian appeals court upheld the maximum sentence for Rwandan Sadi Bugingo found complicit in the death of 2,000 people during his country's genocide in 1994.
    (AFP, 1/16/15)

2015        Mar 2, In Norway flights by a subsidiary of low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle — Norwegian Air Norway — were partly disrupted after pilots continued a walkout begun Feb 28, causing the company's share price to crash 5 percent in Oslo.
    (AP, 3/2/15)

2015        Mar 4, Thousands of passengers were stranded in Denmark, Norway and Sweden as a strike by pilots of Norwegian Air Shuttle continued for a fifth day.
    (AP, 3/4/15)

2015        Apr 21, In Norway five wolf hunters were sentenced to jail in an unprecedented environmental crackdown to protect a tiny stock of about 35 of the predators living in eastern pine forests despite widespread local opposition.
    (Reuters, 4/21/15)

2015        Apr 29, In Norway three football players received prison sentences for rigging matches in the country’s third division. The Oslo District Court convicted them of corruption and fraud for colluding with a Swedish gambler to fix two matches that their teams lost on June 24, 2012. The Swede, who made 340,000 kroner ($57,000) on the results, was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison.
    (AP, 4/29/15)

2015        Apr 30, Norway said it would increase its financial aid to Syrian refugees to nearly 120 million euros ($134 million) and would send another vessel to help patrol the Mediterranean.
    (AFP, 4/30/15)

2015        May 8, A Pakistan military helicopter carrying diplomats to inspect a tourism project crashed killing 7 people, including the ambassadors of Norway and the Philippines and the wives of the Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors. 17 people were on board the Mi-17 when it crashed into a school in Gilgit and caught fire. The
Taliban later claimed responsibility.
    (Reuters, 5/8/15)(AP, 5/10/15)

2015        Jun 5, Norway's parliament voted to pull its sovereign wealth fund -- the world's biggest -- out of coal, in what is seen as a major victory for environmentalists.
    (AFP, 6/5/15)

2015        Jul 7, A Norwegian court sentenced four former top executives at Yara, the world's biggest nitrate fertilizer maker, to prison for paying bribes in Libya and India.
    (Reuters, 7/7/15)
2015        Jul 7, Cuba and Norway called for restraint in Colombia as they helped facilitate peace negotiations in Havana between Colombia and FARC rebels.
    (AP, 7/8/15)

2015        Jul 10, Oslo-based Scatec Solar said Mali said has signed an agreement to build west Africa's first industrial-scale solar power plant.
    (AP, 7/10/15)

2015        Jul 12, Zimbabwean writer Chenjerai Hove (59) died in exiled in Norway. His work largely portrayed the struggles of Zimbabwe's powerless groups. He left Zimbabwe for France in 2001 at the height of Zimbabwe's political tumult, claiming he was in danger. He later relocated to Norway.
    (AP, 7/13/15)

2015        Jul 16, The United States, Russia and other Arctic nations signed an agreement to bar their fishing fleets from fast-thawing seas around the North Pole. The accord was also signed in Oslo by the ambassadors of Canada, Norway and Denmark.
    (Reuters, 7/16/15)

2015        Jul 17, Norway’s Univ. of Oslo said convicted mass killer Anders Behring Breivik (36) has been admitted to the University’s political science program, although he will stay in his cell to study.
    (AP, 7/17/15)

2015        Aug 4, Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev ordered preparation of retaliatory measures against several non-EU European nations that have joined the European Union's sanctions against Russia. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova and Ukraine joined the EU sanctions last week.
    (AP, 8/4/15)

2015        Aug 31, Norway’s police Chief Inspector Goeran Stenseth said that 151 migrants have crossed the border this year near the northeastern town of Kirkenes.
    (AP, 8/31/15)   

2015        Sep 5, Former US intelligence worker Edward Snowden received a prize from the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression via a live link from Russia, where he has sought asylum from US charges.
    (SSFC, 9/6/15, p.A4)

2015        Sep 14, Norway held local elections. The opposition Labor Party emerged as the winner of the election with 33 percent, its best result in a local election since 1987. The two parties in the right-leaning coalition government suffered large losses, partly because of the anti-immigration Progress Party's opposition to Syrian refugees.
    (AP, 9/15/15)

2015        Sep 15, Norway said it will make a final $100-million payment to Brazil this year to complete a $1-billion project that rewards a slowdown in forest loss in the Amazon basin.
    (Reuters, 9/15/15)

2015        Sep 17, Kenyan security forces searching one of its ships at Mombasa port discovered undeclared weapons among the consignment of UN vehicles. The consignment of vehicles was from Mumbai, India, and was destined for the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. On Sep 27 the Norwegian-flagged ship was reported released.
    (AP, 9/23/15)(AP, 9/27/15)

2015        Oct 19, Oslo, Norway, officials said cars will be banned from the city center by 2019 to help reduce pollution.
    (Reuters, 10/19/15)

2015        Oct 30, Coast Guard leaders from the US, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden signed an agreement setting up the Arctic Coast Guard Forum dedicated to stewardship of Arctic waters.
    (SFC, 10/31/15, p.A4)

2015        Nov 12, Police announced a swoop on a European jihadist network that was allegedly planning to kidnap diplomats and carry out attacks to try to spring its leader out of detention in Norway. Seventeen arrest warrants were issued and 13 people were detained in Britain, Italy and Norway.
    (AFP, 11/12/15)

2015        Nov 13, Norway said its police, who had been authorized to carry firearms for the past year due to a heightened threat of Islamist attacks, will be unarmed again now that the threat level has been lowered.
    (AFP, 11/13/15)

2015        Dec 19, In Norway a man was killed when an avalanche hit the town of Longyearbyen, the biggest settlement on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. The avalanche engulfed about 10 houses in the town, which has some 2,000 inhabitants.
    (Reuters, 12/19/15)

2016        Mar 15, Norway's Academy of Science and Letters said British mathematician Sir Andrew J. Wiles has won the Abel Prize in math for his stunning proof of French mathematician Pierre de Fermat's Last Theorem, first conjectured by Fermat in 1637.
    (AP, 3/15/16)

2016        Apr 4, Norway's government invited the heads of top company boards to talks on corruption as offshore banking revelations added to a string of allegations over the ethics of some of the country's largest firms. The invitation followed the leak of more than 11.5 million documents from the files of a Panama-based law firm, allegedly showing how clients avoided tax or laundered money.
    (Reuters, 4/4/16)

2016        Apr 20, Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik won his lawsuit against the state over his "inhuman" solitary confinement in prison. The court concluded that the prison conditions constitute inhuman treatment.
    (Reuters, 4/20/16)

2016        Apr 29, Off western Norway a helicopter traveling from a North Sea oil field to Bergen, 120 km (74 miles) away on the Norwegian mainland, crashed into a tiny island killing all 13 aboard. In 2017 the country's Accident Investigation Board (AIBN) said metal fatigue in the aircraft's gearbox caused the crash.
    (AP, 4/29/16)(Reuters, 4/28/17)

2016        May 13, President Barack Obama welcomed a group of Nordic leaders to the White House and celebrated the five Nordic nations (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) as models of reliability, equality, generosity, responsibility, even personal happiness. Obama said that he and the five Nordic nations agreed on the need to maintain sanctions against Russia.
    (AP, 5/13/16)(Reuters, 5/13/16)

2016        May 18, Norway awarded 10 new licenses for offshore oil and gas exploration in the Barents Sea, including three in previously untouched waters near the Russian border. The 13 companies awarded participating interests in the licensing round included Statoil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Lukoil.
    (AP, 5/18/16)

2016        Jun 2, Norway announced that nine scientists have won this year’s Kavli Prize for their work on gravitational waves.
    (SSFC, 6/5/16, p.C8)

2016        Jun 7, Norway's parliament agreed on a goal to cut the country's net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030, moving the target forward by 20 years.
    (Reuters, 6/7/16)

2016        Jun 22, Norway said it might send troops into Syria, including special forces after parliament authorized it to do so.
    (Reuters, 6/22/16)

2016        Aug 3, A Norwegian court sentenced two men to prison for affiliation with the Islamic State group in Syria. Hasan Ahmed was sentenced to six years and Adam Idrisovich Magomadov to 7½.
    (AP, 8/3/16)

2016        Aug 22, Jordan signed grant agreements for the school program with Britain, the US, Norway and Switzerland. Donor countries pledged close to $100 million to help Jordan enroll all Syrian refugee children in the kingdom in schools next month.
    (AP, 8/22/16)
2016        Aug 22, Philippine government and Maoist-led guerrillas opened peace talks in Oslo, seeking to end nearly five decades of conflict that has killed more than 40,000 people. Both sides announced ceasefires at the weekend to buoy the talks.
    (Reuters, 8/22/16)

2016        Aug 26, In central Norway 323 wild reindeer werre killed by lighting on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau.
    (AP, 8/29/16)

2016        Aug 31, The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) was founded in London. It planned to build up a bank of candidate vaccines for as many as possible of the viral diseases that lurk on the edges of human society. Founders included the Wellcome, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economics Forum and the government of Norway.
    (Econ, 9/3/16, p.67)

2016        Nov 20, Norwegian police said they were investigating a pedophile network suspected to involve at least 51 people, which includes the abuse of infants and at least one case of a suspect acknowledging abusing his own children.
    (AP, 11/20/16)

2016        Dec 2, German police said an iron gate with the infamous slogan "Arbeit macht frei" ("Work will set you free") stolen from the former Nazi concentration camp Dachau two years ago has been found in Norway.
    (AFP, 12/2/16)

2016        Dec 9, The Norwegian Refugee Council said South Sudan has expelled Victor Moses, its country director there.
    (AP, 12/9/16)

2016        Dec 19, China and Norway announced the resumption of diplomatic relations during a surprise visit to Beijing by Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende. This came six years after Beijing froze ties with Oslo over the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to a Chinese dissident.
    (AFP, 12/19/16)

2016        Norway’s population was about 5.2 million.
    (Econ, 9/24/16, p.67)

2017        Jan 11, Norway began shutting off FM radio signals and planned to have all of its radio networks only on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) by the end of the year.
    (SFC, 1/11/17, p.A4)

2017        Jan 30, Norway's Lutheran Church voted in favor of new ceremonial language that will allow its pastors to conduct same-sex marriages, bringing it into line with several other mainstream Protestant denominations abroad.
    (Reuters, 1/30/17)

2017        Feb 3, The Norwegian security service said nine personal civil-servant email accounts have been targeted by hackers in "spear-phishing" attacks believed to be associated with Russian intelligence. No classified information was taken.
    (AP, 2/3/17)

2017        Feb 6, The indigenous Sami people of Europe's Arctic north, formerly nomadic reindeer herders in Lapland, celebrated their national day with hundreds of events across the Nordic lands. The Sami settled with their reindeer herds 9,000 years ago in Europe's Arctic and now number 70,000 people spread across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.
    (AP, 2/6/17)

2017        Feb 20, Norway said it has joined an international initiative to raise millions of dollars to replace shortfalls left by US President Donald Trump's ban on US-funded groups worldwide providing information on abortion.
    (Reuters, 2/20/17)

2017        Feb 23, UN aid agencies and donor countries gathered in Oslo for a two-day meeting to raise emergency aid for millions of people threatened by famine in the Lake Chad region, which comprises northeast Nigeria, northern Cameroon, western Chad and southeast Niger.
    (AFP, 2/23/17)

2017        Feb 24, In Norway fourteen donor countries, with the US conspicuously absent, pledged $672 million in emergency aid for people threatened by famine after eight years of Boko Haram violence in the Lake Chad region, but the sum is just a fraction of what the UN says is needed.
    (AFP, 2/24/17)

2017        Mar 1, A Norway appeals court ruled that Norway did not violate the human rights of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by isolating him in jail, overturning a lower court ruling from last year.
    (AP, 3/1/17)

2017        Mar 20, Norway jumped to top spot in the World Happiness Report despite the plummeting price of oil. Denmark fell to second, followed by Iceland, Switzerland and Finland.
    (AP, 3/20/17)

2017        Mar 22, Norway granted political asylum to a group of Turkish military officers based in Norway who had refused to return home after the failed July 15 coup attempt.
    (AP, 3/22/17)

2017        Apr 1, Norway kicked off its annual six-month whale hunt season with a quota of 999 minke whales, up from 880 animals in 2016.
    (AP, 4/1/17)

2017        Apr 5, Norway said it plans to build a 5,610-foot tunnel for ships. The Stad Ship Tunnel was expected to open in 2023 at a cost of $314 million.
    (SFC, 4/7/17, p.A6)

2017        Apr 8, Norway's police found an explosive device late today near a busy subway station in Oslo. The device was neutralize and a suspect was soon arrested.
    (AP, 4/9/17)

2017        Apr 21, PEN, a Norwegian press advocacy group, finally gave an award to Edward Snowden in Moscow after several failed attempts to win a legal guarantee in Norway that the former National Security Agency contractor could travel freely without risk of being extradited to the United States.
    (AP, 5/3/17)

2017        Apr 27, In Cyprus a Cypriot-Norwegian child was kidnapped from outside a nursery school in the capital Nicosia. The next day four men were remanded in custody over the kidnapping. The Norwegian father emailed the mother to say the girl was with him somewhere in Cyprus.
    (AP, 4/28/17)

2017        May 5, The Norwegian central bank said Norway's wealth fund has excluded Bharat Heavy Electricals from its investment portfolio because of concerns over the environmental impact of a plant the Indian company is building. BHEL was building a coal-fired power plant close to the Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, in Bangladesh.
    (Reuters, 5/5/17)

2017        May 9, Norway’s second-largest supermarket chain, Coop Norway, said it has launched reverse vending machines that give customers discount coupons for new batteries when they deposit old ones for recycling.
    (SFC, 5/10/17, p.A2)

2017        May 30, Some 200 troops and 60 combat vehicles from Norway arrived in Lithuania, completing a multinational NATO unit of more than 1,000 soldiers in the Baltic nation neighboring Russia.
    (AP, 5/30/17)   

2017        Jun 2, The chief executive of Norway's $960 billion sovereign wealth fund said he will ask the banks in which it has invested to disclose how their lending contributes to global emissions of greenhouse gases.
    (Reuters, 6/2/17)

2017        Jun 9, It was reported that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik (38), who is serving a 21-year sentence for killing 77 people in a 2011 bomb-and-shooting rampage in Norway, has legally changed his name to Fjotolf Hansen.
    (AP, 6/9/17)

2017        Jun 19, In Norway participants from 21 countries gathered at a conference in Oslo and called for an end to deforestation in the first international multi-faith, multi-cultural plea to reduce the emissions that fuel climate change.
    (AP, 6/19/17)

2017        Jun 21, Norway said some 330 US Marines will be stationed in Norway until the end of 2018, doubling the length of what was initially billed as a one-year trial period.
    (Reuters, 6/24/17)

2017        Jun 23, Norway’s PM Erna Solberg warned Brazil’s Pres. Michel Temer to curb deforestation in the Amazon or Norway will reduce its financial contribution to the Amazon fund.
    (SFC, 6/24/17, p.A2)

2017        Jun 27, Chinese pop star Wang Leehom christened the new cruise chip Norwegian Joy in Shanghai. It was built for Norwegian Cruise Line by Meyer Werft in Germany.
    (Econ 7/1/17, p.59)

2017        Aug 14, In Norway’s Conservative PM Erna Solberg pledged on to cut taxes to boost growth and job creation if she was reelected with four weeks to go before an election that is too close to call.
    (Reuters, 8/14/17)

2017        Aug 20, Norway’s director of the  University Museum of Bergen said some 400 Viking objects were stolen at some time over the weekend of August 11-13, describing the loss as "immeasurable".
    (AFP, 8/20/17)

2017        Sep 10, Norwegians began voting in a 2-day parliamentary election whose outcome is too close to call, with opinion polls showing Prime Minister Erna Solberg's center-right government and the opposition center-left bloc running neck and neck.
    (Reuters, 9/10/17)

2017        Sep 11, Norwegians voted in the second and final day of a knife-edge parliamentary election. PM Erna Solberg's center-right bloc wants to cut taxes in a bid to boost growth. The center-left opposition Labor leader Jonas Gahr Stoere wants tax hikes to improve public services such as education and healthcare. PM Erna Solberg clinched a narrow victory in legislative elections. She will start out with a fragile second mandate, given her weaker majority and less conciliatory allies.
    (Reuters, 9/11/17)(AP, 9/12/17)

2017        Sep 15, Norway's Foreign Minister Boerge Brende said he has resigned from his position to become president of the World Economic Forum.
    (Reuters, 9/15/17)

2017        Sep 18, A Norwegian court sentenced a former police officer Eirik Jensen to 21 years in prison for severe corruption and being an accomplice in one of Norway's biggest drug-smuggling cases. Jensen was arrested and suspended from duty in February 2014 in connection with an investigation into the drug network.
    (AP, 9/18/17)

2017        Sep 29, Norway granted Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu permission to immigrate so he can be united with his Norwegian wife.
    (AP, 9/30/17)

2017        Oct 5, Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen said Norway will study ways to make its economy greener and reduce dependence on oil and gas reserves that are likely to lose value amid efforts to slow climate change.
    (Reuters, 10/5/17)

2017        Oct 17, Norwegian solar panel maker Saga Energy signed a deal worth 2.5 billion euros ($2.9 billion) with Iran's state-owned company Amin Energy Developers to build solar power plants.
    (AP,  10/18/17)

2017        Oct 26, Nordea Bank AB, the Nordic region's largest bank, said it plans to cut at least 6,000 jobs over the next four years to stay competitive as its retail banking operations increasingly become digital and automation hits the financial industry. The cuts will spread across its home markets of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
    (AP, 10/26/17)
2017        Oct 26, Norwegian rescuers searched for a Russian helicopter which went down with eight people on board at sea off the coast of the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. On Oct. 29 Norwegian rescue officials said the wreckage of the Russian helicopter has been located on the seabed east of Cape Heer.
    (Reuters, 10/26/17)(AP, 10/29/17)

2017        Oct 30, A Norwegian court sentenced a 17-year-old Russian citizen to nine months in jail for making a small explosive device and bringing it to the center of Oslo in April.
    (Reuters, 10/30/17)

2017        Oct 31, Norway's Statoil said it aims to sign a power purchase agreement with a US utility to develop an offshore wind power project off New York toward the end of 2018.
    (Reuters, 10/31/17)

2017        Nov 4, A Russian helicopter was raised from the seabed where it had crashed last month off Norway's Arctic Svalbard archipelago with eight people on board. None of the missing people were inside the helicopter that went down Oct. 26.
    (AP, 11/4/17)

2017        Nov 10, Norway received the first three of the 40 F-35 fighter jets it ordered from Lockheed-Martin as part of efforts to beef up its air force.
    (Reuters, 11/10/17)

2017        Nov 17, President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey is pulling 40 soldiers out of a NATO exercise in Norway, after his name appeared in a list of enemies on a poster at the drill, an incident that drew an apology from both the military alliance and Oslo.
    (Reuters, 11/17/17)

2017        Nov 21, A Norwegian court granted a reprieve to seven wolves near Oslo caught in the middle of a battle between environmental activists and sheep farmers. It issued an injunction temporarily stopping the hunt of 12 wolves in the Oslo region -- five of which have already been killed -- pending a final decision on the matter.
    (AFP, 11/21/17)

2017        Nov 29, A Norwegian train smashed into a herd of reindeer in the country's Arctic region, killing 17 animals. Reindeer have been hit eight times between Nov. 22 and 25, resulting in the death of 110 animals.
    (AP, 11/29/17)
2017        Nov 29, It was reported that generations of native Sami people living in remote northern Norway have been victims of rape and child sex abuse that has gone largely unreported and uninvestigated. A police report covering the period from 1953 to August 2017 documented at least 151 sexual assaults, including 43 rapes, in the Arctic municipality of Tysfjord, which has a population of less than 2,000.
    (AP, 11/29/17)

2017        Dec 5, Russia arrested Norwayian pensioner Frode Berg, a former guard working on the Norwegian-Russian border. FSB security service later said it caught the Norwegian taking secret documents about the Russian Navy from a Russian citizen.
    (Reuters, 12/19/17)

2017        Dec 9, Meeting in Oslo, Norway, representatives of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), called on the US and North Korea to reduce tensions and end the "urgent threat" posed by weapons of mass destruction.
    (AP, 12/9/17)

2017        Dec 20, It was reported that a study this month by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) said tiny bits of plastic are contaminating mussels from the European Arctic to China in a sign of the global spread of ocean pollution that can end up on people's dinner plates.
    (Reuters, 12/20/17)

2017        Dec 21, A small reindeer herder from the indigenous Sami community in the Norwegian Arctic lost a much-publicized appeal with Norway's top court over a ruling that he must cull 41 of his 116-strong herd.
    (AP, 12/21/17)

2018        Jan 3, Norway said it has suspended exports of munitions and arms to the United Arab Emirates as a "precautionary line," based on its assessment of the situation in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition including the UAE has been fighting Shiite rebels for nearly three years.
    (AP, 1/3/18)

2018        Jan 4, A court in Norway said that the government can hand out oil drilling licenses in the Arctic, dealing a blow to two environmental groups that had filed a lawsuit against further drilling in the Barents Sea. The court also said Nature and Youth and Greenpeace Nordic should pay legal expenses worth 580,000 kroner ($71,435).
    (AP, 1/4/18)

2018        Jan 6, Norway’s justice minister said that Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad (aka Mullah Krekar), an Iraqi-born cleric suspected of enticing recruits to fight in Iraq and Syria, will be extradited if a court in Italy convicts him. Italian prosecutors allege that Krekar is behind Rawti Shax, a European network aimed at violently overthrowing the government in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and replacing it with a radical caliphate.
    (AP, 1/6/18)

2018        Jan 14, Norway's PM Erna Solberg said the Conservative-led government has agreed to include the small centrist Liberal Party in the cabinet, expanding it to three parties from two. The three parties together still hold only 80 seats in Norway's 169-seat assembly and need support from the Christian Democrats to pass legislation.
    (Reuters, 1/14/18)

2018        Feb 5, In Norway environmental groups launched an appeal after an Oslo court rejected their arguments that Norway's oil and gas exploration in the Arctic violates citizens' right to a clean environment.
    (Reuters, 2/5/18)

2018        Feb 23, Norway's $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, said it will generally shun investments in energy sources such as coal that are unlikely to be needed in a future low-carbon society.
    (Reuters, 2/23/18)

2018        Mar 2, In Norway two foreign with residency permits men were hit by a train and killed in Oslo.
    (AP, 3/3/18)

2018        Mar 13, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was dealt a political blow, after a last-minute legal challenge by a group loyal to ousted leader Jacob Zuma blocked the signing of $4.7 billion in renewable energy deals. Three solar plants planned by Norway's Scatec Solar were among 27 energy deals blocked by the court.
    (Reuters, 3/13/18)(Reuters, 3/15/18)

2018        Mar 14, In Alaska Norwegian musher Joar Ulsom was the first to reach the finish line in Nome after traveling nearly a thousand miles across rugged terrain.
    (AP, 3/14/18)

2018        Mar 30, Russia ordered new cuts to the number of British envoys in the country, escalating a dispute with the West over the poisoning of an ex-spy in Britain. Scores of foreign ambassadors streamed into the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow to receive the notices given to 23 nations: Albania, Australia, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.
    (AP, 3/30/18)

2018        Apr 10, The Newport Arctic Scholars Initiative convened in Newport, Rhode Island, with representatives from the Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and the US.
    (AP, 4/10/18)

2018        Apr 18, Norway's national transport regulator said high school graduates should refrain from running naked across bridges and having sex on roundabouts lest they give drivers "too much of a surprise".
    (Reuters, 4/18/18)
2018        Apr 18, In Norway Stefan Ranstrand, the Chief Executive Tomra, the world's top maker of machines that collect plastic bottles and repay a deposit, said his company is seeking to expand in China as governments worldwide work to limit waste.
    (Reuters, 4/18/18)

2018        May 15, Norway's fisheries minister told industry executives fish that the farming industry must cut mortality rates to improve animal welfare and protect their reputation and profits. While the survival of salmon in cages can vary greatly between individual farming sites, some 15-20 percent of the fish dies every year.
    (Reuters, 5/15/18)

 2018        Jun 12, Norway said it will ask the United States to double the number of US troops stationed in the country and deploy them nearer the border with Russia.
    (AFP, 6/12/18)

2018        Jun 13, Two Norwegian lawmakers nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after the Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
    (AP, 6/13/18)

2018        Jun 19, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres said the number of countries involved in "violent conflicts" is the highest in 30 years, while the number of people killed in conflicts has risen tenfold since 2005. Guterres spoke at the annual Oslo Forum panel discussion on peacemaking.
    (AP, 6/19/18)

2018        Jun 21, In Norway 23 nations said they would try to limit their greenhouse gas emissions more than already planned under the Paris climate agreement by 2020. Signatories were Argentina, Britain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Spain and Sweden.
    (Reuters, 6/21/18)

2018        Jun 28, Blackrock, the world's largest investment company, said it has bought a 197.4 megawatt(MW) wind farm in western Norway through one of its funds and will cover its construction cost. Zephyr, a Norwegian wind farm developer and operator, will continue to manage the farm's construction.
    (Reuters, 6/28/18)

2018        Jul 5, Norway invited companies to submit bids to use subsea reservoirs to store carbon dioxide near the country's largest oil and gas field, Troll.
    (Reuters, 7/5/18)

2018        Jul 10, Norway's energy regulator said Norwegians enjoyed the warmest May this year since records began in 1900, but as rainfall has been unusually low, the treat will cost them about 2 billion euros ($2.34 billion) in higher power bills.
    (Reuters, 7/10/18)

2018        Jul 14, Norway recommitted itself to lifting its defense spending to meet NATO targets during talks with Trump's defense secretary.
    (Reuters, 7/14/18)

2018        Jul 26, Authorities in Canada's easternmost province said they had reached a tentative agreement with Norwegian oil giant Equinor to develop a major oil field discovered off Newfoundland in the North Atlantic.
    (AFP, 7/30/18)

2018        Jul 27, Thorvald Stoltenberg (87), Norway's highly popular ex-foreign minister, died. Stoltenberg was foreign minister 1987-1989, and again from 1990 to 1993. He also served as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the UN Special Representative to the Former Yugoslavia.
    (AP, 8/2/18)

2018        Jul 28, Norwegian authorities said a polar bear has attacked and injured a man leading tourists off a cruise ship on the most northern island of Svalbard. The man was taken by helicopter to Spitsbergen island and the bear was shot dead.
    (AP, 7/28/18)

2018        Jul 29, Israel's navy intercepted a Norwegian-flagged activist boat trying to break its more than decade-long blockade of the Gaza Strip.  The Norwegian-flagged Karstein ship had 22 people on board. The captain of the boat later accused Israeli authorities of violating the law by boarding the vessel in international waters and using violent force against its crew who were arrested.
    (AFP, 7/29/18)(AFP, 8/2/18)

2018        Aug 13, Norway's rightwing Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg (58) quit after breaching security protocol when he went on holiday to Iran in July with an Iranian-born former beauty queen (28), in a major media scandal.
    (AFP, 8/13/18)

2018        Aug 20, Dutch cyber security expert Arjen Kamphuis (47), a WikiLeaks associate, was last seen in Bodo, Norway. On Sept. 12 a fisherman found some of Kamphuis's personal belongings floating in the waters about 50 km (30 miles) east of Bodo.
    (AFP, 9/13/18)

2018        Aug 28, The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said the number of Somalis left homeless has surged this year as thousands who had already fled war, drought and floods were forcibly evicted from mostly makeshift homes. Its report said one of the main factors driving people out of their homes was property developers requisitioning land, often without warning, during a building boom in Mogadishu.
    (Reuters, 8/28/18)

2018        Sep 5, Norway's $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund said it wants companies in which it invests to follow stricter guidelines on global sustainability and strengthen efforts to combat plastic pollution of the oceans.
    (Reuters, 9/5/18)

2018        Sep 21, The Norwegian Police detained a Russian citizen on suspicion of illegal intelligence activities. The man had attended a seminar this week on digitalization in the Norwegian Parliament.
    (Reuters, 9/23/18)

2018        Sep 24, In Norway a man (51) was convicted of terror offenses for providing online instructions on how to carry out attacks and sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison. The man had denied calling for acts of terror, adding that he had wanted to infiltrate IS to destroy it from the inside.
    (AP, 9/24/18)

2018        Sep 26, Norway's Borgarting Court of Appeals said there was evidence that Mikhail Bochkaryov of Russia had collected information from computer and wireless networks at the parliament last week, upholding a decision by a lower court that he can be held for two weeks.
    (Reuters, 9/26/18)

2018        Sep 30, Britain's defense secretary said the government is preparing a "defense Arctic strategy" that would deploy 800 army and marine commandos to Norway in 2019 and establish a new military base there amid concerns about increasing Russian aggression.
    (AP, 9/30/18)

2018        Oct 4, In Norway Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg, under US sanctions over the Ukraine conflict due to his close ties with President Vladimir Putin, filed suit against four Nordic banks, accusing them of discrimination. Rotenberg also holds a Finnish passport and is not subject to European sanctions over Russia's role in Ukraine, but European banks must comply with the US sanctions in order to do business with American banks.
    (Reuters, 10/22/18)

2018        Oct 17, Norway's government officially apologized to Norwegian women targeted for reprisals by authorities for having intimate relations with German soldiers during the country's war-time occupation.
    (AP, 10/17/18)

2018        Oct 19, Norway released Mikhail Bochkarev (51), a Russian man suspected of spying at the Norwegian parliament. A Norwegian judge ruled a day earlier that investigators had failed to substantiate their case and Norway's intelligence service withdrew an appeal against the decision.
    (AFP, 10/19/18)

2018        Oct 25, NATO's biggest military maneuvers since the Cold War kicked off in Norway with about 55,000 military personnel.
    (AP, 10/25/18)

2018        Oct 30, In Norway British PM Theresa May and Norway's PM Erna Solberg said British citizens already living in Norway and Norwegian citizens living in Britain will have the right to remain residents, even in case of a no-deal Brexit.
    (Reuters, 10/30/18)

2018        Oct 31, In Norway Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen (68) married to a real estate and energy magnate, disappeared from her home in Lorenskog. Ten weeks later police said a ransom demand for $10.3 million in cryptocurrency has been received for the missing woman.
    (AP, 1/9/19)

2018        Nov 8, In western Norway an operation was underway to try to stop a Norwegian navy frigate from sinking after it collided with a Maltese oil tanker in a fjord.
    (AFP, 11/8/18)

2018        Nov 17, In Norway thousands of protesters demonstrated in cities against restricting women's access to abortion, the subject of talks between the ruling minority coalition and a small party seeking to join the government.
    (Reuters, 11/17/18)

2018        Dec 10, In Norway Nobel laureates Denis Mukwege of CongoDRC and Nadia Murad of Iraq called on the world to protect victims of wartime sexual violence in their Peace Prize acceptance speeches, slamming indifference to the plight of women and children in conflict.
    (AFP, 12/10/18)

2019        Jan 2, In Norway avalanche occurred in the northern region of Troms in an area popular with skiers. Three Finns and a Swede were skiing in the area and were reported to police as missing.
    (Reuters, 1/3/19)

2019        Jan 10, Norway's Aker Energy said it had discovered oil in commercial quantities off Ghana, which the government welcomed as a potential boost to the economy. Exploratory drilling indicated an "estimated 450-550 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe)" in the Pecan field.
    (AFP, 1/10/19)

2019        Jan 17, In Norway a woman in her 20s was in critical condition after being stabbed in a downtown Oslo supermarket. A Russian suspect (20) arrested after the assault told investigators he wanted to kill several people and that it was a terror attack.
    (AP, 1/18/19)

2019        Feb 1, TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron) countries Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Turkey, condemned in a joint statement the Israeli government's unilateral decision not to extend the observer force's mission in the flashpoint city.
    (AP, 2/2/19)

2019        Feb 6, Cyber security researchers said hackers working on behalf of Chinese intelligence breached the network of Norwegian software firm Visma to steal secrets from its clients. The hacking campaign, which is known as Cloudhopper, targets technology service and software providers in order reach their clients. Cyber security firms and Western governments have warned about Cloudhopper several times since 2017 but have not disclosed the identities of the companies affected.
    (Reuters, 2/6/19)

2019        Mar 8, Norway's $1 trillion wealth fund, the biggest of its kind in the world, said it will begin dumping shares in oil and gas companies, but stopped short of barring major producers like ExxonMobil and Chevron.
    (AP, 3/8/19)

2019        Mar 12, Norwegian Air said it will temporarily ground its Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger jets at the advice of European regulators.
    (Reuters, 3/12/19)

2019        Mar 13, Norwegian Air said it will seek compensation from plane maker Boeing for costs and lost revenue after grounding its fleet of 737 MAX 8 aircraft in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash.
    (Reuters, 3/13/19)

2019        Mar 19, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced in Oslo that Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck of the University of Texas at Austin was this year's winner of the Abel Prize, seen by many as the Nobel Prize in mathematics.
    (AP, 3/19/19)

2019        Mar 24, Viking Ocean Cruises said rescue helicopters took more than 475 passengers from the Viking Sky cruise ship that got stranded off Norway's western coast in bad weather before the vessel departed for a nearby port under escort and with nearly 900 people still on board.
    (AP, 3/24/19)

2019        Mar 28, Norway's justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara submitted his resignation after his partner was accused of setting his car on fire and other threatening acts.
    (AP, 3/28/19)

2019        Apr 16, A Moscow court convicted a retired Norwegian border guard on spying charges and sentenced him to 14 years in prison. Frode Berg (63) was detained in Moscow in 2017 following a sting operation by Russia's FSB security service.
    (AFP, 4/16/19)

2019        Apr 25, Weather experts warned of drought in Europe over its summer as firefighters tackled forest fires in Germany, Norway and Sweden. In Austria the first signs of drought have already appeared in the east and north, raising fears of another bleak harvest. In the Czech Republic 99 percent of the country has already been hit by drought over the last five weeks.
    (AFP, 4/25/19)
2019        Apr 25, The Norwegian Refugee Council said tens of thousands of people are living in the bush without humanitarian aid in Cameroon after two years of fighting between separatists and government forces that has failed to attract widespread international support.
    (AP, 4/25/19)

2019        Apr 28, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, announced further flight cancellations for the next week on the third day of a pilots strike as the parties have failed to resume talks on a new collective bargaining agreement.
    (AP, 4/28/19)

2019        Apr 29, A strike among pilots at Scandinavian Airlines, flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, entered its fourth day.
    (AP, 4/29/19)

2019        May 1, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) canceled 504 flights today as talks with the pilots resumed in Norway.
    (AP, 5/1/19)

2019        May 10, The Norwegian Refugee Council estimated that a record 41 million people have been displaced within their countries, with many forced to flee conflict, violence and internal tensions in several African countries and Syria.
    (AP, 5/10/19)

2019        May 13, Arab activist Iyad el-Baghdadi, living in Norway, said he's been given protection by two different Norwegian entities after the CIA informed officials of an unspecified threat against him, which he said is likely linked to his research on Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 5/13/19)

2019        May 16, Norwegian media reported that representatives of Venezuela's regime and the opposition are holding "peace negotiations" in Oslo this week.
    (AFP, 5/16/19)

2019        May 27, Nasdaq Nordic, which owns most stock exchanges in the Nordic-Baltic region, withdrew its offer to acquire Norway's main exchange, saying " under the current circumstances the minimum acceptance condition for completion" cannot be satisfied. This paved the way for rival Netherlands-based Euronext to proceed with its buyout.
    (AP, 5/27/19)

2019        Jun 7, A member of Venezuela's opposition said that a mediation effort by Norway is stalling over Nicolás Maduro's refusal to accept presidential elections to resolve the nation's political crisis. The UN said the number of Venezuelans who have left their country in recent years has surpassed 4 million.
    (AP, 6/7/19)

2019        Jun 13, Two oil tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were damaged in suspected attacks. The MT Front Altair, a Marshall Islands-flagged crude oil tanker owned by Norway-based Frontline, and Kokuka Courageous, managed by a Singapore company were attacked in the Gulf of Oman.
    (AP, 6/13/19)

2019        Jun 28, A Norwegian man was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the sexual abuse, including rape, of several hundred underage boys in what was described as the largest such case in the country's history.
    (AFP, 6/28/19)

2019        Jul 15, An Italian court in Bolzano found Mullah Krekar (63) guilty of attempting to overthrow the Kurdish government in northern Iraq and create an Islamic caliphate. Krekar, a refugee from Iraqi Kurdistan, has lived in Norway since 1991.
    (AP, 7/18/19)

2019        Jul 18, A Norway court ordered Mullah Krekar, an Iraqi-born Muslim cleric, be held in custody for four weeks after he was sentenced to 12 years in prison in Italy for terror offenses.
    (AP, 7/18/19)

2019        Aug 10, In Norway a suspected shooter at the al-Noor Islamic Center near Oslo was arrested. No one was hurt at the site. The young, white male carrying several guns was also suspected of killing one of his own family members, a young woman, who was found dead at his home. Philip Manshaus (21) was overpowered by a 65-year-old member of the mosque, who managed to wrestle away his weapons in a fight after Manshaus entered. Manshaus killed his 17-year-old stepsister, Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen, by shooting her four times, three in the head and one in the chest, with a hunting rifle at their home in the Oslo suburb of Baerum. Ihle-Hansen was adopted from China as a 2-year old.
    (Reuters, 8/11/19)(Reuters, 8/12/19)(AP, 5/7/20)

2019        Aug 15, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro dismissed European leaders’ concerns about his government’s environmental policies after Norway followed Germany and froze millions of dollars in financial aid to an Amazon rainforest preservation fund.
    (Bloomberg, 8/15/19)

2019        Aug 19, It was reported that Norwegian Air has agreed to sell its stake in banking company Norwegian Finans Holding for 2.22 billion crowns ($246.7 million), boosting the loss-making airline's finances and sending its shares sharply higher.
    (Reuters, 8/19/19)

2019        Aug 30, A helicopter carrying workers from an oil platform to the mainland crashed off the coast of Hordaland, Norway most likely killing 13 people.

2019        Aug 31, In Norway a helicopter crash crashed southwest of Alta killing a Swedish pilot and 5 Norwegian youths. The flight was related to Høstsprell, a two-day music festival taking place near Alta.
    (AP, 9/3/19)

2019        Sep 7, Norwegian officials said they haven't been able to detect the cause behind an unexplained disease that is estimated to have killed dozens of dogs in the country in recent days.
    (AP, 9/7/19)

2019        Sep 8, Norwegian energy company Equinor said it will clean up the onshore oil spill discovered this week at its Bahamas storage terminal in the aftermath of hurricane Dorian.
    (Reuters, 9/8/19)

2019        Oct 22, In Norway an armed man (32) stole an ambulance in Oslo, lightly injuring five people including two babies in an apparent attempt to target pedestrians. The man was apprehended after police shot at the vehicle. The suspect was not critically injured.
    (Reuters, 10/22/19)(SFC, 10/23/19, p.A2)

2019        Oct 24, Norway's foreign minister said countries at a two-day conference have pledged at least 583 billion kroner ($64 billion) toward protecting the oceans.
    (AP, 10/24/19)
2019        Oct 24, A Russian commission recommended President Vladimir Putin pardon a Norwegian man jailed for spying, spurring hopes in Norway that he may be released as part of a spy swap brokered behind closed doors. Frode Berg, a retired guard on the Norwegian-Russian border, was detained in December 2017 and jailed for 14 years after being convicted of gathering intelligence about nuclear submarines.
    (Reuters, 10/24/19)

2019        Nov 5, Norwegian Air said it is planning a share issue and a $175 million bond, raising enough cash to meet the struggling budget airline's needs through 2020 and beyond.
    (Reuters, 11/5/19)

2019        Nov 6, It was reported that Norwegian company Urchinomics has a plan for dealing with purple sea urchins that have laid waste to Northern California coastal zones. The company would like to scoop the urchins from the ocean, fatten them in a seaside urchin ranch, and then sell them to sushi and seafood restaurants.
    (SFC, 11/6/19, p.A1)

2019        Nov 12, The Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights said it has asked Norwegian prosecutors to open a criminal investigation against senior Syrian officials over allegations of torture and crimes against humanity.
    (AP, 11/12/19)   

2019        Dec 2, Norwegian Air became the first airline to sign the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) pledge, committing to become climate neutral by 2050.
    (Travel+Leisure, 12/5/19)

2019        Dec 4, Loss-making budget airline Norwegian Air said it is selling its Argentinian subsidiary Norwegian Air Argentina (NAA) to JetSMART Airlines for an undisclosed sum.
    (Reuters, 12/4/19)

2020        Jan 20, The populist Progress Party pulled out of Norway's center-right governing coalition over the decision to repatriate an Islamic State group-linked woman and her two children from a detention camp in Syria. PM Erna Solberg said she would continue with a minority government comprised of three coalition partners.
    (AP, 1/20/20)

2020        Jan 28, Norway's national economic crime unit (Okokrim) raided the local office of international shipping company Teekay Offshore on suspicion of illegally exporting waste. The company said a vessel had been sent to an Indian yard in 2018 for recycling in full compliance with the requirements and standards of the Hong Kong convention.
    (Reuters, 1/30/20)

2020        Feb 7, Norway, western Europe's largest oil and gas producer, announced it was increasing its ambition to cut carbon emissions and would put an implementation plan before parliament later this year.
    (Reuters, 2/7/20)

2020        Feb 27, In the past 24 hours, the WHO recorded seven nations that announced their first cases of the novel coronavirus: Brazil, Georgia, Greece, North Macedonia, Norway, Pakistan and Romania.
    (Good Morning America, 2/27/20)

2020        Mar 10, Norway-based Equinor reported the oil industry's first coronavirus infection on an offshore installation, highlighting the challenge in preventing contamination for thousands of workers living in the close quarters on rigs and platforms.
    (Reuters, 3/11/20)

2020        Mar 23, Norway's foreign ministry said the UN will create a fund to support the treatment of coronavirus patients worldwide. Almost 340,000 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus across the world and more than 14,500 have died.
    (AP, 3/23/20)

2020        Mar 26, Norway extradited Muslim cleric Mullah Krekar to Italy, where he was sentenced last July to 12 years in prison for planning terror. He had been found guilty of attempting to overthrow the Kurdish government in northern Iraq and create an Islamic caliphate.
    (SFC, 3/27/20, p.A2)

2020        Apr 6, Norway's health minister said the COVID-19 epidemic is under control in the country, pointing to the low rate of transmission of the disease.
    (AP, 4/6/20)

2020        Apr 27, Norwegian children returned to school as hair salons and tattoo parlors reopened under easing coronavirus restrictions.
    (SFC, 4/28/20, p.A4)

2020        Apr 28, In Norway Tom Hagen, a real estate investor and owner of an electric company, was arrested in connection with the 2018 disappearance of his wife. Police had first reported that Anne Elizabeth Falkevik Hagen was abducted.
    (SFC, 4/29/20, p.A2)

2020        May 3, Norwegian Air said it had secured support from enough bondholders for a $1.2 billion debt-for-equity swap, a vital step in helping it survive the coronavirus crisis.
    (Reuters, 5/3/20)

2020        May 4, PM Erna Solberg said Norway will give $1 billion to support the distribution worldwide of any vaccine developed against COVID-19 as well as for vaccines against other diseases. The $1 billion will go to GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. Norway has financed GAVI since its inception in 2000.
    (Reuters, 5/4/20)

2020        Jun 3, In northern Norway a powerful landslide near the town of Alta swept eight houses into the sea.
    (AP, 6/4/20)

2020        Jun 11, In Norway Philip Manshaus (22), a white nationalist who killed his stepsister and then stormed an Oslo mosque and opened fire, hitting no one, was found guilty and sentenced to 21 years in prison.
    (AP, 6/11/20)

2020        Jun 15, Norway said it will halt its track and trace app and delete all data collected so far after criticism from its data protection watchdog.
    (Reuters, 6/15/20)

2020        Jul 20, It was reported that Norway's Adevinta has won the auction to buy the bulk of eBay's classified ads unit for nearly $9 billion, with the US e-commerce firm planning to keep a minority stake.
    (Reuters, 7/20/20)

2020        Jul 31, The University Hospital of North Norway said three members of the crew of Norwegian cruise vessel Roald Amundsen have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The vessel had close to 200 passengers on board when it arrived at the Arctic port of Tromsoe.
    (Reuters, 7/31/20)

2020        Aug 3, Norway's Hurtigruten cruise ship line halted all trips and apologized for procedural errors after an outbreak of the coronavirus on the MS Roald Amundsen ship infected at least 5 passengers and 36 crew.
    (SFC, 8/4/20, p.A6)

2020        Aug 19, Norway's Foreign Ministry expelled a Russian diplomat linked to the case of a man jailed on accusation of spying for Russia. The suspected spy was arrested on Aug.15.
    (SFC, 8/120/20, p.A2)

2020        Aug 28, A polar bear attacked a camping site in Norway's remote Svalbard Islands, killing a 38-year-old Dutch man before being shot and killed by onlookers. Johan Jacobus Kootte was the fifth person on Svalbard to have been killed by polar bears since 1971.
    (AP, 8/28/20)
2020        Aug 28, Russia's Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of a Norwegian diplomat in response to a similar move by Norway last week.
    (AP, 8/28/20)

2020        Sep 20, Knut Kloster (91), one of the founders of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., died.
    (GlobalNewswire, 9/21/20)

2020        Sep 30, The British government hailed a historic fisheries treaty with Norway and offered Brussels a three year transition period on fishing during trade negotiations with the EU.
    (The Telegraph, 9/30/20)

2020        Oct 13, Norway's government said it will provide a vaccine against COVID-19 free of charge to its inhabitants when one becomes available.
    (Reuters, 10/13/20)

2020        Oct 14, Norway's foreign minister said Russia is behind a break-in into the Norwegian Parliament’s email system in August, calling the intrusion “a serious incident that affects our most important democratic institution."
    (AP, 10/14/20)

2020        Nov 3, The Norway-based Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI) said it will fund the development of the protein-based S-Trimer COVID-19 vaccine candidate by China's Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc.
    (Reuters, 11/3/20)

2020        Nov 5, PM Erna Solberg told Norwegians to avoid travelling domestically and instead stay at home as much as possible, as part of a new round of recommendations and restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus.
    (Reuters, 11/5/20)

2020        Nov 6, Norway's capital Oslo said it will shut down theatres, cinemas, training centers and swimming pools to contain the spread of the coronavirus, with bars and restaurants no longer able to serve alcohol for three weeks as of Nov 9.
    (Reuters, 11/6/20)

2020        Nov 10, Norway recalled Home Guard forces to patrol its land border as neighboring Sweden reported another surge in COVID-19 cases that is straining hospitals and stretching testing to the limit. Sweden tightened recommendations for three more regions, meaning inhabitants in 13 out of 21 regions now are advised to work from home, avoid public transport and limit social interaction outside the family as much as possible.
    (Reuters, 11/10/20)

2020        Nov 12, It was reported that archaeologists using radar technology have discovered a millennium-old ship burial in southeastern Norway, at a site that they hope will offer clues about life during the period after the fall of the Roman Empire through the end of the Viking Age. Researchers made the discovery in April 2018 in Gjellestad.
    (AP, 11/12/20)

2020        Nov 27, It was reported that Norwegian officials are asking the public for helping cleaning up and mapping “large amounts" of paraffin wax found at the entrance to the Oslo Fjord, a narrow inlet south of Norway’s capital.
    (AP, 11/27/20)

2020        Dec 27, Norway's Institute of Public Health said that the new variant of the coronavirus circulating in Britain has been detected in two people who came to Norway from the UK.
    (AP, 12/27/20)

2020        Dec 30, In Norway a massive landslide struck a residential area near the capital. Ten people, including children, were missing. In February search teams found two more bodies in the rubble bringing the total found to nine.
    (AP, 12/31/20)(AP, 2/10/21)

2020        Dec 31, Norway said all travelers entering the country will have to take a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of arrival from Jan. 2.
    (Reuters, 12/31/20)

2021        Jan 14, Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle said it will focus on European destinations and close its long-haul operations as it struggles with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and debt restructuring.
    (AP, 1/14/20)

2021        Jan 18, PM Erna Solberg said Norway will ease some coronavirus restrictions as extra measures in place for two weeks seem to have had the desired effect, although she added that infection rates remained too high for comfort.
    (Reuters, 1/18/21)

2021        Jan 21, Norway’s government said it will help ailing low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle - a U-turn from its previous refusal to do so - as long as the company manages to raise 4.5 billion kroner ($529 million) from other investors.
    (AP, 1/21/21)

2021        Jan 23, Norway's capital Oslo and nine neighboring municipalities imposed some of their toughest lockdown measures yet after an outbreak of a more contagious coronavirus variant, first identified in Britain.
    (Reuters, 1/23/21)

2021        Jan 26, Norway said it has called off two military exercises involving primarily NATO troops in its Arctic region in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
    (AP, 1/26/21)
2021        Jan 26, US gay dating app Grindr was notified that it faces a fine of more than $10 million from Norwegian regulators for failing to get consent from users before sharing their personal information with advertising companies, in breach of stringent European Union privacy rules.
    (AP, 1/26/21)

2021        Jan 30, In Norway two civilian employees of the Norwegian military were killed and a third one injured in an avalanche on the remote Arctic Jan Mayen island. The only inhabitants on Jan Mayen, part of Norway since 1930, are the staff of the Norwegian military and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
    (AP, 1/31/21)

2021        Feb 15, Norway's $1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, said it wants the companies it invests in globally to boost the number of women on their boards and to consider setting targets if fewer than 30% of their directors are female.
    (Reuters, 2/15/21)

2021        Mar 8, New data by the non-profit Rainforest Foundation Norway revealed that humans have degraded or destroyed roughly two-thirds of the world's original tropical rainforest cover, raising alarm that a key natural buffer against climate change is quickly vanishing.
    (Reuters, 3/8/21)

2021        Mar 10, Norway officials said hackers have infiltrated the Parliament's computer systems and extracted data, just six months after a previous cyber attack was made public. The attack by unknown hackers was linked to a "vulnerability" in Microsoft's Exchange software.
    (Reuters, 3/10/21)
2021        Mar 10, It was reported that Norway's $1.3 trillion wealth fund will probe whether companies it is invested in may be using the labor of ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims linked to China's internment camp system in the country's Xinjiang region.
    (Reuters, 3/10/21)

2021        Mar 13, Norwegian health authorities said three health workers in Norway who recently received the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 are being treated in hospital for bleeding, blood clots and a low count of blood platelets.
    (Reuters, 3/13/21)

2021        Mar 19, Denmark, Sweden and Norway said they needed more time to decide whether to use AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine while Finland joined them in putting the shots on hold, even though the EU drug watchdog said the benefits outweighed any risks.
    (Reuters, 3/19/21)

2021        Apr 22, Norway said it will lend all of its 216,000 doses of AstraZeneca to neighboring Sweden and Iceland as long as its own government regulator has paused the use of the vaccine.
    (AP, 4/22/21)
2021        Apr 22, The United States, Norway and Britain joined forces with companies including Amazon and Nestle to launch a project aimed at protecting the world's tropical forests.
    (Reuters, 4/22/21)

2021        Apr 23, Norway said it will offer those who have received a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 to take an injection from an mRNA vaccine as their second dose.
    (Reuters, 4/23/21)

2021        Apr 26, Norwegian PM Erna Solberg (60) received her first dose of a vaccine against COVID-19. Four other cabinet ministers were also vaccinated.
    (Reuters, 4/26/21)

2021        Apr 30, Norway said it will extend the time between first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccines to 12 from six weeks for most adults under the age of 65 in order to reach its first vaccination target sooner than planned.
    (Reuters, 4/30/21)

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