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  Native Mayan tribes included the Chortis and the Lencas.
 (SFC, 9/30/97, p.A13)
  The population in 2003 was about 6.6 million.
    (SSFC, 9/28/03, p.A1)

c1600BC    Chocolate originated in northern Honduras.
    (SFEC, 5/16/99, BR p.8)

c900BC    In Honduras archeologists in 1997 discovered burial caves that date to this time. A cave from the same period was discovered in 1994 near the Talgua River, known as the Cave of the Glowing Skulls. The new cave was called the Cave of the Spiders.
    (USAT, 2/12/97, p.9D)

c435-950    The Mayan city of Copan flourished.
    (SFC, 9/30/97, p.A13)

437        Nov 30, A glyph in Copan records this date and mentions the 1st and 2nd rulers of the city-state.
    (NG, 12/97, p.81)

573        In Copan the Rosalila structure on the Acropolis culminated a period of intense construction
    (NG, 12/97, p.92)

738        Butz Tiliw’ or Cauac Sky defeated his overlord, Copan’s 13th ruler, 18 Rabbit. Monuments to this event are at the Quirigua Maya site in Guatemala.
    (AM, May/Jun 97 suppl. p.F)

746AD        Jun 12, The estimated date for the dedication of the Mayan Temple 22 in Copan.
    (Nat. Hist., 4/96, p.31)

763        Altar Q depicts Yax Pasah, Copan’s last dynastic ruler, receiving the symbolic baton of office from founder K’inich Yax K’uk’ Mo’ in this year.
    (NG, 12/97, p.80)

c900        The Mayan city-state of Copan was abandoned
    (NG, 12/97, p.80)

c1500-1600    The Lenca Indian chieftain Lempira withdrew to the high mountains to lead resistance against the Spaniards. According to legend he plunged to his death from a rocky outcrop near the summit of the highest peak. The Indians developed the Quezungal method of farming, where crops were planted under trees that kept hillsides from eroding.
    (SFC, 11/18/98, p.A14)

1502        May 11, Columbus embarked on his 4th voyage with 150 men in 4 caravels. Among those in the fleet were Columbus's brother Bartholomew, and Columbus' younger son Fernando, then just 13 years old.
    (EWH, 1968, p.390)(WSJ, 1/11/99, p.R49)(http://www1.minn.net/~keithp/v4.htm)

1502        Jul, Columbus reached the northern coast of Honduras during his 4th voyage and passed south to Panama.
    (http://www1.minn.net/~keithp/v4.htm)(Econ, 12/10/11, p.65)

1543-1773    The Palacio de los Capitanes in Antigua, Guatemala, was the center for Spanish rule over Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua during this period.
    (SFEM, 6/13/99, p.32)

1576        Mar 8, Diego Garcia de Palacios, a representative of Spain's King Felipe II, wrote to the crown with news of the ruins at Copan in western Honduras.
    (AP, 3/7/05)

1797        Some 5,000 black Carib Indians, also known as Garifuna or Garinagu, were exiled from St. Vincent  Island to Roatan Island off of Honduras. The Garifuna defined themselves not by country or territory but by language and culture.
    (SFEC, 5/4/97, p.T11)(SFC, 4/27/98, p.A6)

1806        A ruling by the Spanish king set a boundary between Honduras and Nicaragua projecting eastward along the 15th parallel from the mouth of the Coco River. In 1999 Nicaragua filed a border case against Honduras with the UN. It was resolved in 2007.
    (AP, 10/8/07)

1811        Scotsman Gregor MacGregor (1786-1845), later known as His Serene Highness Gregor I, Prince of Poyais (in modern Honduras), received a commission from Simon Bolivar in Venezuela to serve in the Army of Liberation. After he returned to London in 1820, he began selling land in the fictional kingdom of Poyais. He served 8 months in jail after English and French expeditions revealed the hoax. In 1839 he returned to Venezuela. In 2004 David Sinclair authored "The Land That Never Was: Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Most Audacious Land Fraud in History."
    (SSFC, 1/18/04, p.M2)(WSJ, 1/30/04, p.W9)(Econ, 12/22/12, p.109)

1821        Sep 15, A junta convened by the captain-general in Guatemala declared independence for its provinces Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua San Salvador and Chiapas.
    (AP, 9/15/97)(EWH, 1968, p.843)

1822-1823    Two British ships set out with settlers for the Poyais colony in Honduras, under a scheme organized by Scotsman Gregor MacGregor. The settlers failed to make the colony work and many were soon ferried to Belize. Two-thirds of the colonizers died of malaria, yellow fever and malnutrition. News reached London and MacGregor fled to France, where he tried to find new investors. He was imprisoned, then released and tried to float new bonds in 1826. 
    (Econ, 12/22/12, p.110)

1823        Jul 1, The United Provinces of Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and San Salvador) gained independence from Mexico. The union dissolved by 1840.
    (PC, 1992, p.393)(ON, 12/99, p.5)

1839        Nov 17, Catherwood and Stephens arrived at Copan, Honduras, and proceeded to explore the Mayan ruins in the area.
    (ON, 12/99, p.7)

1839        Nov 30, John Lloyd Stephens left Copan for Guatemala City to locate the government of the United Provinces of Central America.
    (ON, 12/99, p.8)

1839        John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood explored Copan. John L. Stephens attempted to purchase the Mayan city of Copan in Honduras.
    (RFH-MDHP, p.217)(NG, 12/97, p.80)

1839-1840    The Liberals of the United Provinces of Central America under leader Francisco Morazan were defeated in a civil war led by Rafael Carrera. The confederation dissolved into its 4 component states: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
    (EWH, 1968, p.857)

1842        Francisco Morazan (b.1799), Central American statesman and soldier, died. He served as the president of the United Provinces of Central America.
    (ON, 12/99, p.5)

1859        Roatan Island, 40 miles off the mainland, was ceded to Honduras. The British had settled the island with African slaves and the islanders speak English with a Caribbean accent. It was controlled for a time by the pirate Henry Morgan.
    (SFEC, 5/4/97, p.T10)

1860        Sep 12, William Walker (b.1824), conqueror of Nicaragua, was convicted and executed by the government of Honduras. The British had arrested him and turned him over to the government. In 2008 Stephen Dando-Collins authored “Tycoon’s War: How Cornelius Vanderbilt Invaded a Country to Overthrow America's Most Famous Military Adventurer."
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Walker_(soldier))(SSFC, 4/10/05, p.F4)

1894        The town of Copan Ruinas was founded.
    (Nat. Hist., 4/96, p.29)

1896        American writer William Sydney Porter, aka O. Henry (1862-1910), authored his short story “Cabbages and Kings," in which he coined the term “banana republic." Porter wrote the story while in Trujillo, Honduras, where he had fled to avoid embezzlement charges in Houston.
    (Econ, 12/10/11, p.67)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O._Henry)

1907        Mar 21, US Marines arrived in Honduras to protect American lives and interests in the wake of political violence.
    (SFC, 9/30/99, p.E5)(AP, 3/21/07)

1911        Feb 8, US helped overthrow President Miguel Devila of Honduras.
    (MC, 2/8/02)

1919        Sep 11, US marines invaded Honduras (again).
    (MC, 9/11/01)

1922        Feb 11, US "intervention army" left Honduras.
    (MC, 2/11/02)

1924        Feb 28, U.S. troops were sent to Honduras to protect American interests during an election conflict.
    (HN, 2/28/98)

1924        Mar 19, U.S. troops were rushed to Tegucigalpa as the Honduran capital was taken by rebel forces.
    (HN, 3/19/98)

1934        April, An earthquake shook western Honduras.
    (Nat. Hist., 4/96, p.25)

1944         Carlos Roberto Reina (d.2003), a teenage Liberal Party activist, was imprisoned for six months for protesting against dictator Tiburcio Carias.
    (AP, 8/20/03)

1954        A three month strike was held by some 60,000 workers against the US-based United Fruit Co. and other land holders. They won improved labor conditions and influenced union movements throughout Latin America.
    (SFC, 10/24/98, p.A22)

1957        In Honduras the military ousted the civilian president.
    (SFC, 8/9/99, p.A8)

1960        The Central American Common Market was set up by a treaty between El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and later Costa Rica. It fell apart by the end of the decade.
    (Econ, 5/14/05, p.41)(www.bartleby.com/65/ce/CentrACM.html)

1962        The US Peace Corps began operating in Honduras.
    (AP, 1/16/12)

1963        In Honduras Col. Oswaldo Lopez Arellano (1921-2010), with the backing of the military, ousted civilian President Ramon Villeda Morales.
    (SFC, 8/9/99, p.A8)(AP, 5/17/10)

1965        In Honduras Col. Oswaldo Lopez Arellano held a constitutional assembly that formalized his position as president of Honduras.
    (AP, 5/17/10)

1969        Jun 27, Honduras and El Salvador broke diplomatic relations due to soccer match. El Salvador and Honduras fought a 4-day "Soccer War" when fans brought out long-simmering tensions during World cup qualifying matches. Some 3,000 people died in the 4-day conflict.
    (www.onwar.com/aced/data/sierra/soccer1969.htm)(Econ, 11/28/09, p.52)

1971        In Honduras Pres. Lopez Arellano backed elections won by Ramon Ernesto Cruz of the National Party.
    (AP, 5/17/10)

1972        In Honduras the military under Oswaldo Lopez Arellano again ousted civilian president Ramon Ernesto Cruz.
    (SFC, 8/9/99, p.A8)(AP, 5/17/10)

1974        Sep 18, Hurricane Fifi struck Honduras with 110 mph winds. 5,000 died.
    (MC, 9/18/01)

1974        Sep 19, Hurricane Fifi hit the coast of Honduras; about 5,000 died. [see Sep 18]
    (MC, 9/19/01)

1975        In Honduras Lopez Arellano was ousted by the armed forces after dissident officers accused him of receiving a $2.5 million bribe they said US banana company United Brands offered to reduce a banana export tax.
    (AP, 5/17/10)

1976        Feb 4, A 7-5-7.9 earthquake hit Guatemala and Honduras. Some 23,000 Guatemalans, mostly Mayan Indians, were killed. It destroyed 58,000 houses in the capital and 300 villages.
    (NG, 6/1988, p.785,797)(SFEM, 6/13/99, p.8)(AP, 2/4/01)(AP, 6/22/02)

1980-1989    In Honduras death squads reportedly killed 184 people over the decade. During the 1980s the US provided training and support for Battalion 316, a Honduran military unit, which had a history of kidnapping, murder and torture of suspected leftists subversives. Washington gave Honduras $1.4 billion in aid. By 2000 charges were put forth against 29 soldiers and officers, 8 of whom fled justice.
    (SFC, 1/28/97, p.A3)(SFC,11/26/97, p.C5)(SFC, 1/15/98, p.A12)(SFC, 2/23/00, p.A14)

1981        Nov 29, Honduras held presidential elections. A total of 1,214,735 Hondurans, 80.7 percent of those registered, voted, giving the PLH a sweeping victory.

1982        Jan 11, Honduras approved a new constitution, the 12th since independence in 1838. It was amended by the National Congress 26 times from 1984 to 2005. 10 interpretations by Congress were made from 1982 to 2005.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_Honduras)(Econ, 4/15/17, p.29)

1982        Jan 27, Civilian rule resumed in Honduras.

1982        Dec 4, Guatemalan Pres. Rios Montt met with US Pres. Ronald Reagan in Honduras. Reagan dismissed reports of human rights abuses in the region and lifted an arms embargo to resume sales to military rulers.
    (SSFC, 2/14/04, p.M3)(www.consortiumnews.com/2007/012907.html)

1982        In Honduras rebels, during the height of conflict, kidnapped 104 businessmen and officials.
    (SFEC, 3/7/99, p.A22)

1983        Jun, James Carney (53) of St. Louis, Jesuit priest-turned-guerrilla, traveled to Nicaragua, where he joined leftist guerrillas. He was captured by soldiers in September as he led a column of 100 rebels across the border into Honduras. He was never heard from again. Suspected remains found in early 2003 proved false.
    (AP, 1/29/03)(http://tinyurl.com/3ad6ek)

1983        Jul 19, In Honduras Reyes Mata, a Cuban-trained doctor and guerrilla leader, led a unit of 96 Nicaraguan-trained rebels and Rev. James F. Carney into the Olancho. They were routed by the Honduran army. American CIA records, disclosed in 1998, reported that Mata was tortured and executed by the Honduran army.
    (SFC, 11/5/98, p.C4)(www.fas.org/sgp/congress/hr051198/valladares.html)

1983        US forces built the 3,090-acre El Aguacate air base in Olancho province.
    (SFC, 8/9/99, p.A8)

1986        Mar 25, President Ronald Reagan ordered emergency aid for the Honduran army. U.S. helicopters took Honduran troops to the Nicaraguan border.
    (HN, 3/24/98)

1988        Mar 16, The US sent 3000 soldiers to Honduras.

1988        Mar 17, Planeloads of U.S. soldiers arrived at Palmerola Air Base in Honduras in a show of strength ordered by President Reagan.
    (AP, 3/17/98)

1988        Apr 5, Honduran and US authorities captured Juan Ramon Matta-Ballesteros (b.1945). He was taken from Honduras by US marshals, triggering violent protests, the burning of a US Embassy office and the deaths of five people. In 2011 a court issued warrants for the arrest of 11 former officials accused of helping US authorities seize the drug trafficker.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Matta-Ballesteros)(AP, 8/10/11)

1989        Aug 5, Five Central American presidents began meeting in Honduras to discuss a timetable for dismantling Nicaraguan Contra bases.
    (AP, 8/5/99)

1990        Some 2,000 members of 7 leftist clandestine organizations accepted and amnesty.
    (SFEC, 3/7/99, p.A22)

1990-1994    Rafael Callejas served as president.
    (SFC,11/26/97, p.C5)

1990-1998    Death squads had killed 701 people over this period.
    (SFC, 1/15/98, p.A12)

1992        The Honduran government was forced to revoke a 40-year forest concession it had granted to a Chicago-based paper company, Stone Container,  after thousands of Hondurans marched in protest.
    (SFC, 6/25/96, p.A10)

1993        Sep 9-1993 Sep 14, Hurricane Gert caused 76 deaths. It affected Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.
    (AP, 9/11/04)(www.wunderground.com)

1993        Nov 28, Carlos Roberto Reina (1926-2003) was elected president of Honduras with promises to crack down on corruption and reduce the role of the military.
    {Honduras, Corruption}
    (AP, 8/20/03)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Roberto_Reina)

1994        Jan, Liberal Party leader Carlos Roberto Reina took over as President and promised to prosecute corruption and end military influence over civil society.
    (SFC,11/26/97, p.C5)

1996        July 20, A new sculpture museum is scheduled to open in Copan National Park, Honduras, with exhibits of Mayan work.
    (Nat. Hist., 4/96, p.25)

1996        May 29, A 15-year-old Honduran girl spoke in Washington of sweatshop conditions under South Korean owners in the production of clothing for the Kathie Lee Gifford line for Wal-Mart. The National Labor Committee accused marketers such as Eddie Bauer, J. Crew, and K-Mart of selling clothes made by underage Honduran workers.
    (SFC, 5/30/96, p.A5)

1996        Jun 19, A new mandated manpower list revealed that the army is comprised of 12,115 troops, including 12 generals and 2,013 officers. Soldiers in Honduras are not allowed to vote.
    (SFC, 6/20/96, p.A9)

1996        Aug 7, The attorney general accused the army of spying on thousands of public officials, judges, politicians and journalists.
    (SFC, 8/8/96, p.C1)

1996        Some 4,000 Garifuna marched on Tegucigalpa to demand property rights.
    (SFEC, 5/4/97, p.T11)

1997        Jan 7, Chagas disease, a parasitical illness, has infected an estimated 300,000 out of a population of 5.8 mil. Some 65,000 were in the late stages.
    (SFC, 1/7/97, p.A9)

1997        Apr 12, Candido Amador, a Chorti tribal leader, was shot to death near the ruins of Copan after a meeting with local landowners. He had demanded that the government turn over 35,000 acres of land that was promised to the indigenous peoples in an agreement with the Spanish colonial government in the 18th century. Another leader, Ovidio Perez, was gunned down less than a month later.
    (SFC, 9/30/97, p.A13)

1997        Apr, In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Santos Padilla and his four brothers kidnapped 25-year-old Ricardo Maduro Andreu as he left his home. The kidnappers opened fire on a vehicle carrying Maduro Andreu and his bodyguard, Henry Rivas. Rivas was killed and the gang grabbed a wounded Maduro Andreu, whose lifeless body was discovered a short time later. Maduro Andreu's father, Ricardo Maduro, was elected president of Honduras in 2002. Three of the Padilla brothers were killed in May 1998 during a shootout with police in Tegucigalpa. The fourth died a year later in another gunbattle with authorities.
    (AP, 6/7/06)

1997        Jul 2, US Aid to Honduras had dropped to $28 million from a high of $229 million in 1985. The country had the highest AIDS rate in Central America.
    (WSJ, 7/2/97, p.A1)

1997        Aug 11, Some 700 inmates escaped from prisons at Santa Barbara and Trujillo after rioting prisoners set fire to facilities and burned them to the ground.
    (SFC, 8/12/97, p.A9)

1997        Aug 19, Lawmakers voted to name Archbishop Oscar Andres Rodriguez to oversee the creation of a new civilian police force.
    (SFC, 8/21/97, p.A13)

1997        Aug 24, A power outage at a state-run hospital resulted in the death of 14 patients. The Sunday blackout was not reported until Monday.
    (SFC, 8/26/97, p.C3)

1997        Aug 27, A secret CIA report acknowledged that the CIA knew of human rights abuses by the Honduran military in the 1980s. It was declassified in 1998.
    (SFC, 10/24/98, p.A3)

1997        Nov 30, Carlos Flores Facusse (47), a newspaper owner, appeared to have won the presidential elections. He defeated Nora Gunera de Melgar of the National Party, the widow of a former military president.
    (SFC, 12/1/97, p.A12)

1998        Jul 12, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador agreed to join forces to build a $2 billion railroad network to link Central America with Mexico.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)

1998        Sep 23, Transparency Int’l, an int’l. good-government advocacy group, said that Cameroon is viewed as the most corrupt of the 85 countries rated. Nigeria, Tanzania, Honduras and Paraguay filled out the bottom five. Denmark, Finland and Sweden were seen as having the cleanest political systems.
    (WSJ, 9/23/98, p.B17)

1998        Oct 22-1998 Nov 9, Hurricane Mitch was one of the Caribbean's deadliest storms ever causing at least at least 9,000 deaths in Central America. The storm hit Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. Later reports put the death toll in Honduras to 6,076. In Nicaragua the deaths reached 4,000, in Guatemala it was157, and in El Salvador it was 222. The storm parked over Honduras and rain poured for 6 days straight.  Aid of $66 mil was ordered from the US, $8 mil from the EU, $11.6 mil from Spain along with pledges from other countries and private organizations.
    (SFC, 11/4/98, p.A9)(SFC, 11/6/98, p.A14)(AP, 9/11/04)(www.wunderground.com)

1998        Oct 31-Nov1, Hurricane Mitch caused a major mud slide in Nicaragua when the Casita Volcano crater lake overflowed. The death toll was estimated in the thousands. In Honduras Mayor Cesar Castellanos of Tegucigalpa and 3 others were killed in a helicopter crash while surveying the flood damage where hundreds were estimated killed.
    (SFC, 11/2/98, p.A1,17)

1998        Dec 1, The death toll from Hurricane Mitch was lowered to 5,657. Some 8,058 were verified as missing, 12,272 injured and 1.4 million homeless.
    (SFC, 12/2/98, p.C12)

1998        Dec 4, Honduras declared a national alert because of epidemics. 20,000 people were reported to have cholera and 31,000 suffered from malaria. Diarrhea was affecting some 208,000.
    (SFC, 12/5/98, p.A10)

1999        Jan 26, In Honduras the legislature voted to end 41 years of military autonomy and to put the military under civilian control.
    (SFC, 1/27/99, p.C10)

1999        Feb 16, The 240-foot Juan Ramon Molina bridge in Tegucigalpa was rebuilt with help from US Marines and $800,000 from the World Bank.
    (SFC, 3/10/99, p.A12)

1999        Mar 9, Pres. Clinton visited Honduras and paid tribute to US military efforts in rebuilding roads, bridges, schools and clinics following Hurricane Mitch.
    (SFC, 3/10/99, p.A12)

1999        Apr 19, One of the annual Goldman Environmental Prizes went to: Jorge Varela, a Honduran conservationist, for fighting the destructive shrimp farming practices in the Gulf of Fonseca.
    (SFC, 4/19/99, p.A2)

1999        Jul, Pres. Facusse fired 4 top military officials in an attempt to quell a power struggle and denied media reports of an attempted coup.
    (SFC, 8/9/99, p.A8)

1999        Aug 8, In Honduras the government began investigating the El Aguacate air base where human remains had been discovered 4 days earlier. The site was a former training base for Nicaraguan Contras.
    (SFC, 8/9/99, p.A8)

1999        Sep 24, Two weeks of torrential rain left 6 people dead and flood gates were opened to save the El Cajon dam.
    (SFEC, 9/26/99, p.A21)

1999        Sep 29, Flooding from weeks of hard rain was reported to have left 13 dead along with extensive crop damage.
    (WSJ, 9/29/99, p.A1)

1999        Oct 3, Flooding in Central America left 21 dead in Honduras, 10 dead in Nicaragua, and 11 dead in El Salvador and thousands were forced to flee their homes.
    (SFC, 10/4/99, p.A13)

1999        Nicaragua filed the border case against Honduras, saying international law gave it the right to "explore and exploit" natural resources, including possible oil reserves and fish stocks within a zone 200 miles from its coast. Honduras claimed that a ruling by the Spanish king in 1906 set a boundary projecting eastward along the 15th parallel from the mouth of the Coco River. The UN resolved the dispute in 2007.
    (AP, 10/8/07)

2000        Feb 23, The government announced that it would pay $2.1 million to the families of 19 of 184 political activists kidnapped and killed by death squads in the 1980s.
    (SFC, 2/24/00, p.A14)

2000        May 11, Mexico reached a free-trade agreement with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
    (SFC, 5/12/00, p.D2)

2000        Jul 10, Honduras qualified for debt relief and was expected to save over $556 million in debt service under a program of the world Bank and the IMF.
    (SFC, 7/11/00, p.A10)

2000        Aug 24, It was reported that 13 street kids had been killed over the last 7 months.
    (SFC, 8/24/00, p.A12)

2000        Sep 5, In Honduras protestors from the Chorti tribe began blocking Copan Archeological Park and demanded land to farm. Police removed some 900 protestors on Sep 7 and at least 17 people were injured.
    (SFC, 9/9/00, p.A12)

2001        Aug 17, It was reported that police and private security forces in Honduras had killed at least 66 children this year.
    (SFC, 8/17/01, p.A14)

2001        Aug 18, It was reported that a month-long drought ravaged Central America. Honduras lost 80% of its basic grains, El Salvador lost 80% of grains in its eastern provinces, Nicaragua lost 50% and Guatemala lost 80% of its beans in the eastern provinces. Hundreds of thousands of peasants were affected.
    (SFC, 8/18/01, p.A1)

2001        Oct 30, A 5th day of rain on Caribbean coast force 25,000 people from their homes in Honduras. 4 people were reported killed.
    (SFC, 10/31/01, p.C2)(SFC, 11/1/01, p.C7)

2001        Nov 25, In Pres. elections Ricardo Maduro (50) led polls over Rafael Pineda of the governing Liberal Party. Early returns showed Maduro with a 52% lead.
    (SSFC, 11/25/01, p.A18)(SFC, 11/26/01, p.A12)

2001        Dec, In Honduras a team of officers, reportedly under orders from regional police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares, tracked down and killed Angel Maria Romero, the suspected leader of a kidnapping gang.
    (AP, 6/1/12)

2001        In Honduras former Economy Minister Reginaldo Panting was found dead after his family paid a ransom of $125,000.
    (AP, 6/1/12)

2002        Jan 26, Congress elected Justice Vilma Cecilia Morales as the 1st woman to head the Supreme Court.
    (SSFC, 1/27/02, p.A19)

2002        Jan 27, Honduras restored diplomatic ties with Cuba just before Ricardo Maduro took office.
    (WSJ, 1/28/02, p.A1)

2002        Feb 9, In Honduras police broke up a drug-smuggling, kidnapping and bank robbery ring in Lempira. It was an arm of cartels based in Tijuana.
    (SSFC, 2/10/02, p.A14)

2002        Jun 6, Honduras Jorge Luis Caceres was killed. He had been picked up for questioning by men in ski masks and was found riddled with 36 gunshots the next day. Local police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares was reportedly at the scene of the abduction.
    (AP, 6/1/12)

2002        Apr 25, Lisa “Left Eye" Lopes (31), top female singer in the trio TLC, was killed in a car crash in Honduras.
    (SFC, 4/26/02, p.A2)

2002        Aug 26, In San Antonio, Honduras, Jose Callejas (46), director of a Human Rights Committee, was killed. Organized crime was blamed.
    (SFC, 8/29/02, p.A12)

2002        Dec 11, A US Black Hawk helicopter on routine training crashed and killed five American soldiers in the hills of central Honduras.
    (AP, 12/14/02)(SFC, 12/13/02, p.A14)

2003        Jan 20-27, In Honduras a drastic drop in oxygen in rivers and ponds may have killed 5.5 million fish near the El Cahon hydroelectric plant.
    (AP, 2/8/03)

2003        Apr 5, A prison riot in northern Honduras left 86 prisoners dead and dozens more injured at the 1,600-inmate El Porvenir prison outside of La Ceiba. Soldiers and police searched for escaped inmates. Honduras' 26 prisons were built to house 5,500 inmates but are crammed with 13,000 prisoners. In 2008 a court sentenced 22 soldiers and police to a combined 740 years in prison for the massacre. In 2008 a Honduran court sentenced Dimas Antonio Benitez, a former prison official, to 1,051 years in jail for the deaths in the prison massacre.
    (AP, 4/6/03)(SFC, 4/7/03, p.A8)(AP, 6/4/08)(AP, 9/7/08)(AP, 2/16/12)

2003        Apr 12, In San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras, gunmen opened fire on a restaurant killing 11 people and wounding 7 others in what police said appeared to be a dispute between rival drug gangs.
    (AP, 4/14/03)

2003        May 8, In Honduras 2 gunmen with automatic weapons fatally shot Arnulfo Gutierrez (62), an honorary Belgian consul as he drove his car in San Pedro Sula. His wife was kidnapped March 18 as she left a San Pedro Sula beauty parlor.
    (AP, 5/8/03)

2003        May, Police in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, found the dismembered body of Martha Isabel Moncada (28) in 2 suitcases. In 2007 Andrew Gole (49) of Long Island, NY, was sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing and dismembering his Honduran wife.
    (AP, 1/14/07)

2003        Aug 4, In Honduras 9 members of a family were shot to death by suspected gang that raided their home in San Pedro Sula.
    (AP, 8/4/03)

2003        Aug 19, Carlos Roberto Reina (77), a former political prisoner who rose to Honduras' presidency (1993), died at his home in Tegucigalpa. After his presidential term, he was a judge of the Interamerican Court of Human Rights and an ambassador to France.
    (AP, 8/20/03)

2003        Aug, Honduras passed an anti-gang law. Gang leaders faced 9-12 years in prison.
    (SSFC, 9/28/03, p.A8)

2003        Oct 14, Across Honduras thousands of protesters blocked streets and burned tires to demand the government not renew a debt-payment agreement with the IMF.
    (AP, 10/14/03)

2003        Nov 30, A 3rd day of storms in Honduras left at least 3 people dead.
    (SFC, 12/1/03, p.A3)

2003        Dec 17, The Bush administration reached a free-trade deal with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua for immediate duty-free access to half of all US farm exports and 80% of consumer goods.
    (WSJ, 12/18/03, p.A1)

2003        Dec 21, In Honduras crowds at a Christmas toy giveaway at National Stadium surged out of control, and a 7-year-old girl was killed and about 80 other people were injured. Television station, Compania Televisora, has run the charity giveaway for eight years, and many businesses contributed toys to the event.
    (AP, 12/21/03)

2004        Feb 21, in northern Honduras the disfigured body of a young man was found along with a message threatening the Honduran president. The discovery marks the 10th such slaying apparently carried about by gangs protesting a government crackdown.
    (AP, 2/23/04)

2004        Apr 19, Honduras President Ricardo Maduro announced the pullout of his 370 troops from Iraq "in the shortest time possible."
    (AP, 4/20/04)(WSJ, 4/20/04, p.A1)

2004        May 17, In northern Honduras authorities said a short-circuit caused a fire that killed 103 inmates before dawn. Survivors of the fire claimed that the inferno was intentionally set by fellow inmates. The prison at San Pedro Sula, designed for 800, was crammed with 2,200.
    (AP, 5/18/04)(SFC, 5/18/04, p.A8)(Econ, 5/22/04, p.31)

2004        May 28, US officials and 5 Central American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) signed a free trade pact (CAFTA), to be later approved by Congress. The Dominican Republic would be included later.
    (SFC, 5/29/04, p.A4)

2004        Jul 20, President Ricardo Maduro said he is sending troops to help police quell a clash between loggers and environmentalists in south-central Honduras.
    (AP, 7/20/04)

2004        Nov 29, More than a dozen people hunting rabbits being smoked out of a Honduran sugarcane field were engulfed by the fast-moving flames. Eleven children and four adults died.
    (AP, 12/1/04)

2004        Dec 23, In Honduras assailants claiming to be members of a revolutionary group opposed to the death penalty ambushed a bus filled with people bringing home Christmas gifts and killed at least 28 people, including six children, in an escalation of the battle between gangs and the government. On Feb 10, 2005, US Border patrol officials arrested a Honduran gang leader wanted in the massacre. In 2007 a three-judge tribunal found two members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang guilty of killing 28 people in the shooting attack, and acquitted two other men. In 2008 Juan Carlos Miranda (22) and Darwin Alexis Ramirez (23) were accused of being among about 10 gang members. They received sentences totaling 822 years each.
    (AP, 12/24/04)(WSJ, 2/25/05, p.A1)(AP, 2/21/07)(AP, 3/13/08)

2004        Dec 27, Honduras' security minister pledged to eliminate violent youth gangs, nine of whose members have been charged with homicide in connection with a Dec. 23 shooting attack on a public bus that killed 28 people.
    (AP, 12/27/04)

2005        Jan 3, Honduras Pres. Ricardo Maduro said that police have arrested the alleged mastermind of an attack on a public bus that left 28 passengers dead two weeks ago. The suspect was identified as Juan Carlos Miralda, 24, one of the leaders of the violent Mara Salvatrucha criminal gang.
    (AP, 1/4/05)

2005        Mar 3, The seven Central American nations (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama) agreed to create a rapid-response force to combat drug trafficking, terrorism and other regional threats.
    (AP, 3/3/05)

2005        Apr 18, The annual Goldman Environmental Prizes were awarded in San Francisco. Recipients included Rev. Jose Andres Tamayo Cortes of Honduras for his leading efforts in fighting unregulated logging.
    (SFC, 4/18/05, p.B2)

2005        Jun 26, Heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in El Salvador and Honduras, leaving a total of 39 dead in both countries, including 21 people killed when a bus was carried away by flood waters.
    (AP, 6/27/05)

2005        Jun 30, In Honduras Central American leaders agreed to create a regional special forces unit to fight drug trafficking, gang violence and terrorism within their borders. The 2-day regional meeting included the presidents of Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.
    (AP, 6/30/05)

2005        Jul 10, Vidal Cerrato (63), a former vice president of Honduras (1998-2001) and a representative of the Central American Parliament, died.
    (AP, 7/11/05)

2005        Jul 29, In Honduras Timothy Markey, a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent, was shot and killed in an apparent robbery attempt at a Roman Catholic shrine outside Tegucigalpa.
    (AP, 7/30/05)

2005        Jul 31, A Honduran official said police had arrested Erlan Colindres, a 13-year-old gang member, and Manuel Romero, his teenaged bodyguard, for the July 29 killing of Timothy Markey, a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent, during an apparent bungled robbery.
    (AP, 7/31/05)

2005        Sep 6, Dominican Republic legislators overwhelmingly approved a free-trade agreement with the US and five Central American countries, rejecting arguments that the pact would devastate the domestic sugar industry. The other five countries are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Costa Rica and Nicaragua had not yet ratified the pact.
    (AP, 9/6/05)

2005        Sep 8, El Salvador said that “Operation International" simultaneous raids this week in El Salvador, the US, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico netted 660 dangerous gang members.
    (AP, 9/9/05)

2005        Oct 5, Hurricane Stan knocked down trees, ripped roofs off homes and washed out bridges in southeastern Mexico, but it was the storms it helped spawn that were far more destructive, killing more than 65 people in Central America. Officials in El Salvador said 49 people had been killed, mostly due to two days of mudslides sparked by rains. 9 people died in Nicaragua, including six migrants believed to be Ecuadorians killed in a boat accident. Four deaths were reported in Honduras, three in Guatemala and one in Costa Rica.
    (AP, 10/5/05)

2005        Oct 24, Jose Azcona Hoyo (78), the former president of Honduras (1986-1990), died of a heart attack. He oversaw the start of the dismantling of bases for U.S.-backed Nicaraguan rebels in his country.
    (AP, 10/25/05)

2005        Nov 3, The Environmental Investigation Agency, a London-based environmental watchdog said US businesses are unwittingly importing illegal Honduran wood, contributing to deforestation, corruption and social strife in the Latin American country.
    (AP, 11/3/05)

2005        Nov 18, In Honduras Herlan Colindres (16), a street gang member implicated in 17 killings including a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent, escaped from a juvenile prison for the fifth time in three years, just as he promised.
    (AP, 11/20/05)

2005        Nov 20, Tropical Storm Gamma weakened into a tropical depression after it deluged the Central American coast, killing 14 people in Honduras and Belize. 2 US newlyweds were among the dead in Belize.
    (AP, 11/20/05)(WSJ, 11/22/05, p.A1)

2005        Nov 22, In Honduras officials raised the death toll from a tropical storm that hit over the weekend to 32 with 13 people missing.
    (AP, 11/22/05)

2005        Nov 27, Hondurans voted for president with Porfiro Lobo, a hard-line death penalty proponent of the ruling National Party, favored over Manuel Zelaya, the Liberal Party candidate. Opposition candidate Mel Zelaya, who vowed to reinvigorate the economy by eliminating government corruption, was elected as the country's new president.
    (WSJ, 11/26/05, p.A1)(AP, 11/28/05)
2005        Nov 27, Honduran police recaptured Herlan Colindres (16), who is accused of killing Timothy Markey, a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent on July 29 this year. It was Colindres’ second escape in less than four months and the fifth in three years.
    (AP, 11/27/05)

2005        Dec 2, Honduras' ruling party said it had enlisted 300 lawyers to check results of the country's disputed presidential election for evidence of fraud. Officials still hadn't declared Honduras' new president, five days after the country's contentious election.
    (AP, 12/02/05)(AP, 12/03/05)

2005        Dec 7, Honduras' ruling-party candidate for president conceded defeat, even though official results were still unavailable 10 days after the election because of vote-counting delays.
    (AP, 12/07/05)

2005        Dec 23, In Honduras, official results confirmed that opposition candidate Manuel Zelaya won the presidency in November elections.
    (AP, 12/24/05)

2006        Jan 5, A shootout between inmates at Honduras' biggest prison left at least 13 inmates dead and another 30 wounded.
    (AP, 1/6/06)

2006        Jan 27, In Honduras Manuel Zelaya was inaugurated as the new president. He promised to fight corruption and help criminal and gang members become useful citizens.
    (AP, 1/27/06)

2006        Feb 2, Honduras numbered 24 state prisons, but only one, the National Penitentiary, was actually built to house inmates. Prison facilities built for 6,000 prisoners housed 13,000.
    (AP, 2/2/06)

2006        Mar 16, In northern Honduras a speeding bus crashed into a small van carrying a group of US soldiers, killing two and injuring one.
    (AP, 3/16/06)

2006        Jun 6, Santos Padilla (40), a leader of a violent kidnapping gang that abducted and killed the son of a former Honduran president in 1997, was among four inmates who escaped from a prison outside Tegucigalpa.
    (AP, 6/6/06)

2006        Jun 29, Honduras officials said floods caused by heavy rains have left four people dead, forced 1,500 others from their homes and caused more than $8 million in damage to croplands.
    (AP, 6/29/06)

2006        Jul 10, In Honduras a bus with failing brakes slammed into the back of another bus on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, killing 15 people and injuring more than 24.
    (AP, 7/11/06)

2006        Jul 11, Central American presidents agreed on a plan to ease border controls and install a common customs system on the way to negotiating an eventual free-trade agreement with the EU. The agreement signed by Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize would allow residents to cross borders without passports or visas.
    (AP, 7/11/06)

2006        Jul 15, A Honduras newspaper quoted a senior military official that the United States is helping Honduras establish a new military base to combat international drug trafficking in the northeastern province of Gracias a Dios.
    (AP, 7/15/06)

2006        Oct 5, In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a fire raged through a building housing abused women and their families, killing three adults and six children.
    (AP, 10/5/06)

2006        Oct 17, In eastern Honduras a military truck plunged off a cliff, killing five soldiers and injuring 12.
    (AP, 10/18/06)

2007        Jan 12, An American man dubbed by local media the "butcher of New York" was sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing and dismembering his Honduran wife. Andrew Gole (49) of Long Island, NY, confessed to strangling and cutting up his wife, Martha Isabel Moncada (28) with an electric saw in May 2003.
    (AP, 1/14/07)

2007        Jan 17, In Honduras a concrete wall collapsed at a coffee warehouse in Villanueva, crushing six workers under tons of bagged coffee beans.
    (AP, 1/17/07)

2007        Feb 6, In Honduras 3 Americans on a charity mission were killed and 17 other people were injured in a traffic accident.
    (AP, 2/7/07)

2007        Feb 28, Honduras named its first ambassador to Cuba in 45 years, completing the restoration of diplomatic ties with communist-run island that were severed during the Cold War.
    (AP, 2/28/07)

2007        Mar 16, The Inter-American Development Bank announced it would forgive $4.4 billion in debt owed by five of the poorest countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The bank excused the foreign debts of Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti and Guyana in an announcement ahead of its annual meeting.
    (AP, 3/16/07)

2007        Sep 4, Hurricane Felix roared ashore as a fearsome Category 5 storm, the first time in recorded history that two top-scale storms have made landfall in the same season. The storm hit near the swampy Nicaragua-Honduras border, home to thousands of stranded Miskito Indians dependent on canoes to make their way to safety. Some 332 people left dead or missing.
    (AP, 9/4/07)(Econ, 11/10/07, p.45)

2007        Oct 8, The UN's highest court in the Hague granted Honduras sovereignty over four Caribbean islands in its decades-old dispute with Nicaragua, and carved up rich fishing grounds and offshore exploration concessions for oil and gas. Nicaragua filed the case in 1999, saying international law gave it the right to "explore and exploit" natural resources, including possible oil reserves and fish stocks within a zone 200 miles from its coast. Honduras claimed that a ruling by the Spanish king in 1906 set a boundary projecting eastward along the 15th parallel from the mouth of the Coco River.
    (AP, 10/8/07)

2007        Oct 13, In Honduras 3 children and a woman were killed when their boat capsized, raising to 21 the death toll from days of torrential rains that have driven thousands from their homes across Central America.
    (AP, 10/14/07)

2008        Mar 2, In northern Honduras 8 people were shot dead at a billiards hall by gunmen disguised as policemen in San Pedro Sula, a city plagued by violent gangs and drug traffickers. Honduras last month began a nationwide effort to halt a rising wave of violence and stem the flow of guns on the street.
    (AP, 3/3/08)

2008        Mar 25, In western Honduras a passenger bus plunged off a highway and rolled 500 yards down a hillside, killing 26 people and injuring at least 19.
    (AP, 3/26/08)

2008        Apr 24, In Honduras gunmen ambushed and killed Altagracia Fuentes (60), the leader of Honduras' largest workers federation and two traveling companions.
    (AP, 4/25/08)

2008        May 2, In Honduras 31 prisoners were attacked by their cellmates with knives and guns just hours after they were transferred to a prison in Tegucigalpa from San Pedro Sula. At least 18 inmates died in the attack.
    (AP, 5/4/08)

2008        May 30, In Honduras a Grupo Taca Airbus A320 overshot a runway and raced onto a busy street in Tegucigalpa, killing the pilot, two passengers and a motorist on the ground. At least 65 people were injured.
    (AP, 5/31/08)

2008        May 31, President Manuel Zelaya said that Honduras would create a civilian airport for commercial jets on a US military airfield, diverting traffic from Tegucigalpa's notoriously dangerous airport following a deadly crash.
    (AP, 6/1/08)

2008        Jun 3, Belize PM Dean Barrow declared a disaster area in southern Stann Creek Valley as flash flooding carried away houses and ripped a child from his father's grasp. Falling trees killed two people in Honduras, raising the death toll from Central America's twin tropical storms this week to at least nine.
    (AP, 6/4/08)

2008        Aug 3, Hundreds of Honduran squatters angry over a land dispute attacked the home of Henry Sorto, a local police official. Five employees and six of Osorto's family members were burned, shot and hacked to death with machetes.
    (AP, 8/4/08)(AP, 8/5/08)

2008        Aug 25, Honduran Pres. Manuel Zelaya signed adherence to the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA), a trade alliance created in 2004 by Venezuela and Cuba as a regional alternative to trade agreements with the US.
    (WSJ, 8/27/08, p.A9)

2008        Sep 16, Honduras said it will welcome a new US ambassador after a one-week delay meant to show support for Bolivia in its diplomatic spat with Washington.
    (AP, 9/17/08)

2008        Oct 20, Officials in Honduras said a week of heavy rains has caused landslides and flooding that have killed at least 11 people and left two others missing.
    (AP, 10/20/08)

2008        Oct 24, Officials  in Honduras said at least 29 people are dead and 14 others are missing because of heavy rains that began 2 weeks ago.
    (AP, 10/25/08)

2009        Feb 25, A UN survey said homicides in Honduras had more than doubled from 2,155 in 2004 to 4,473 in 2008.
    (SSFC, 3/1/09, p.A4)

2009        Mar 10, In northern Honduras a plane from Venezuela that was carrying more than 2 tons of cocaine crashed, killing the pilot. 2 US Drug Enforcement Administration helicopters were allegedly pursuing the aircraft when it went down near El Negrito town.
    (AP, 3/11/09)

2009        Mar 23, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya announced his government will hold a nationwide poll by June 24 on whether the country should convoke an assembly that would write a new constitution.
    (AP, 3/24/09)

2009        Mar 31, In Honduras assailants stopped journalist Rafael Munguia (36) as he was driving night in the city of San Pedro Sula, dragged him from his vehicle and shot him at least eight times. Munguia had recently been reporting on the country's violent crime wave.
    (AP, 4/2/09)

2009        Apr 1, Honduras Pres. Manuel Zelaya's government announced a series of measures to crack down on crime, including allowing the state telephone company to obtain court orders to record cellular phone conversations and read e-mails sent from computers at Internet cafes or hotels.
    (AP, 4/1/09)

2009        May 10, A small plane filled with cocaine crashed in Honduras. The plane registered in Venezuela was carrying around 3,300 pounds (1,500 kilograms) of cocaine when it crashed on Utila, one of the Bay Islands off the country's northern coast.
    (AP, 5/11/09)

2009        May 28, In Belize and Honduras a magnitude 7.1 earthquake collapsed more than two dozen homes, killing at least 6 people and injuring 40 others as terrified people ran into the streets in towns across much of Central America.
    (AP, 5/28/09)

2009        Jun 3, The Organization of American States (OAS), meeting in Honduras, cleared the way for Cuba's possible return to the group by lifting a 1962 ban on the communist-run country, a move backed by Washington despite initial objections.
    (AP, 6/4/09)

2009        Jun 25, Honduras Pres. Manuel Zelaya said he would ignore a Supreme Court ruling ordering him to reinstate a military chief he fired.
    (SFC, 6/26/09, p.A2)

2009        Jun 26, In Honduras leftist President Manuel Zelaya pushed ahead with a June 27 referendum on revamping the constitution, risking his rule in a standoff against Congress, the Supreme Court and the military.
    (AP, 6/26/09)

2009        Jun 28, In Honduras more than a dozen soldiers arrested President Manuel Zelaya and disarmed his security guards after surrounding his residence before dawn. Protesters called it a coup and flocked to the presidential palace as local news media reported that Zelaya was sent into exile in Costa Rica. He was detained shortly before voting was to begin on a constitutional referendum the president had insisted on holding even though the Supreme Court ruled it illegal and everyone from the military to Congress and members of his own party opposed it. The nonbinding referendum was to ask voters if they want to hold a vote during the November presidential election on whether to convoke an assembly to rewrite the constitution. Roberto Micheletti, the leader of Congress, was sworn in to serve until Zelaya's term ends. This was the first military ouster of a Central American president since 1993, when Guatemalan military officials refused to accept President Jorge Serrano's attempt to seize absolute power.
    (AP, 6/28/09)(AP, 6/29/09)
2009        Jun 28, In Honduras Vicky Hernández (26), a trans woman, was fatally shot on the night of a coup d'état. In 2021 an international court began examining whether the government was complicit in the killing.
    (Axios, 6/17/21)

2009        Jun 29, Presidents from around Latin America gathered in Nicaragua for meetings on how to resolve the coup in Honduras, the fist in Central America in at least 16 years, while the European Union offered to help start talks between the two sides. Security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to scatter protesters, who hurled rocks and bottles as they retreated. At least 38 protesters were detained. Zelaya said that Organization of American States Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza had agreed to accompany him back to Honduras.
    (AP, 6/29/09)

2009        Jun 30, The UN adopted a resolution calling on all 192 UN member states not to recognize any government in Honduras other than Zelaya's. Roberto Micheletti, Honduras' interim leader, warned that the only way his predecessor will return to office is through a foreign invasion. The regime that ousted Zelaya claimed that the deposed president allowed money and tons of cocaine to be flown into the Central American country on its way to the US.
    (AP, 7/1/09)

2009        Jul 1, In Honduras thousands demonstrated for the return of ousted Pres. Manuel Zelaya. Thousands more rallied in favor of the military-backed government. The Organization of American States said Honduran coup leaders have three days to restore deposed President Manuel Zelaya to power, before Honduras risks being suspended from the group.
    (AP, 6/30/09)(SFC, 7/2/09, p.A3)

2009        Jul 3, In Honduras Roberto Micheletti said new elections would be held on Nov. 29, as some200,000 demonstrated both for and against the return of Pres. Zelaya.
    (SSFC, 7/5/09, p.A3)

2009        Jul 4, The OAS suspended Honduras participation in the organization because of last week's military coup.
    (AP, 7/4/09)

2009        Jul 5, Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya said he was getting on a flight home to reclaim his post, accompanied by the UN General Assembly president and a group of journalists. The interim government said it ordered the military to prevent the landing of Zelaya's plane. Soldiers clashed with thousands of Zelaya backers massed at the airport in hopes of welcoming home the deposed leader removed a week earlier. Isis Obed Murillo Mencia (19) was killed by soldiers as a crowd tried to break through an airport fence. Pilots of the plane loaned by Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez circled the airport and decided not to risk a crash.
    (AP, 7/5/09)(AP, 7/6/09)(SFC, 7/7/09, p.A3)

2009        Jul 6, Honduras' interim government closed its main airport to all flights after blocking the runway to prevent the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
    (AP, 7/6/09)

2009        Jul 12, Hondurans enjoyed their first night of unfettered freedom in two weeks after the interim government lifted a curfew imposed following the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya.
    (AP, 7/13/09)

2009        Jul 15, Honduras' interim government suggested that backers of ousted President Manuel Zelaya were taking up arms to return him to power and it reinstated an overnight curfew it had lifted only days earlier.
    (AP, 7/16/09)

2009        Jul 21, Honduras’s interim government ordered Venezuelan diplomats to leave the country in 72 hours as the int’l. community threatened new sanctions if negotiations fail the resolve the overthrow of Pres. Manuel Zelaya.
    (SFC, 7/22/09, p.A2)

2009        Jul 24, Ousted Honduras President Manuel Zelaya stood on the edge of his country and called on his fellow Hondurans to resist the coup-installed government. He then quickly retreated back to Nicaraguan territory, saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed and give negotiations another try.
    (AP, 7/25/09)

2009        Jul 28, The US government turned up the pressure on the interim government of Honduras to accept the return of exiled President Manuel Zelaya, suspending the diplomatic visas of four Honduran officials a month after a military coup.
    (AP, 7/29/09)

2009        Jul 30, In Honduras Roger Vallejo (38), a high school teacher in the capital of Tegucigalpa, was wounded as thousands of Zelaya supporters blocked a highway and clashed with security forces. Vallejo died of his wounds on Aug 1.
    (AP, 8/2/09)

2009        Aug 11, In Honduras some 10,000 protesters arrived in Tegucigalpa after staging weeklong walks across Honduras, producing one of the largest demonstrations in support of Zelaya since he was ousted by the army June 28 and flown out of the country.
    (AP, 8/12/09)

2009        Aug 12, In Honduras supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya clashed with police in Tegucigalpa and some of them attacked the second-ranking member of Congress.
    (AP, 8/12/09)

2009        Aug 14, In Honduras 2 dozen supporters of ousted Pres. Zelaya were charged with sedition in an intensifying crackdown on protests against the coup-installed government.
    (AP, 8/15/09)

2009        Aug 19, Rights group Amnesty International alleged widespread abuse of protesters demanding the return of the Honduran president ousted in a coup, saying in a report that hundreds of people have been beaten and detained under the interim government.
    (AP, 8/19/09)

2009        Aug 24, In Honduras foreign ministers from seven OAS nations launched a direct, high-profile attempt to persuade the interim government to restore ousted Pres. Manuel Zelaya. The delegation failed to win a pledge to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
    (AP, 8/24/09)(AP, 8/25/09)

2009        Aug 26, Central America's development bank said it is freezing credits to Honduras following the June 28 coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Many other multilateral agencies and foreign governments have put Honduras aid projects on hold, in the face of the interim government's refusal to reinstate Zelaya.
    (AP, 8/26/09)

2009        Aug 27, In Honduras a plan was made public in which the interim leader offered to resign and back exiled President Manuel Zelaya's return home, provided the ousted leader gives up his claim to the presidency.
    (AP, 8/28/09)

2009        Sep 3, Washington cut off millions of dollars in aid to Honduras. Interim Pres. Roberto Micheletti vowed that ousted Pres. Zelaya would not return to power despite increasing international pressure.
    (AP, 9/4/09)

2009        Sep 4, Thousands of opponents of Hugo Chavez marched against the Venezuelan president across Latin America, accusing him of everything from authoritarianism to international meddling. The protests, coordinated through Twitter and Facebook, drew more than 5,000 people in Bogota, and thousands more in the capitals of Venezuela and Honduras. Smaller demonstrations were held in other Latin American capitals, as well as New York and Madrid.
    (AP, 9/5/09)

2009        Sep 21, In Honduras deposed President Manuel Zelaya sneaked back into the country and holed up at the Brazilian embassy to avoid threatened arrest.
    (AP, 9/22/09)

2009        Sep 22, In Honduras baton-wielding police fired tear gas at thousands of demonstrators, chasing them away from the Brazilian embassy where deposed President Manuel Zelaya, who a day earlier had sneaked back into the country, remains holed up, avoiding threatened arrest.
    (AP, 9/22/09)

2009        Sep 23, Honduras' interim government extended an already long curfew after police skirmished with backers of ousted President Manuel Zelaya throughout the night and arrested more than 100 people for vandalism and looting. The curfew was lifted for 6 hours to allow businesses to reopen and people to restock supplies.
    (AP, 9/23/09)(SFC, 9/24/09, p.A2)

2009        Sep 24, In Honduras the national curfew was lifted, but hundreds of troops and police continued to ring the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, where an increasingly exhausted President Manuel Zelaya, his family and about 70 supporters, have been sheltered since he sneaked back into Honduras on Sep 21.
    (AP, 9/24/09)

2009        Sep 28, Honduras' coup-installed government silenced two key dissident broadcasters hours after it suspended civil liberties to prevent an uprising by backers of ousted Pres. Manuel Zelaya. The measures were announced just hours after Zelaya called on his backers to stage mass protest marches in what he called a "final offensive" against the government. Interim president Roberto Micheletti promised to restore civil liberties and allow an Organization of American States mediation team into the country, quickly backpedalling from tough measures amid criticism from his own allies that he had gone too far in his fight to stay in power.
    (AP, 9/28/09)(AP, 9/29/09)

2009        Sep 30, In Honduras soldiers and police enforced an emergency decree suspending civil liberties despite promises by the coup-imposed government to lift the measures criticized by its own allies as going too far.
    (AP, 9/30/09)

2009        Oct 5, Honduras interim President Roberto Micheletti said an emergency decree that prohibited large street protests and limited other civil liberties following the return of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya "has been completely revoked."
    (AP, 10/6/09)

2009        Oct 10, Honduras' interim leaders put in place new rules that threatened broadcasters with closure for airing reports that "attack national security," further restricting media freedom following the closure of two opposition stations.
    (AP, 10/10/09)

2009        Oct 17, In Honduras ousted President Manuel Zelaya said negotiations over the coup are in "suspense" after the rival factions rebuffed each other's proposals and his foreign minister called the internationally brokered talks a failure.
    (AP, 10/17/09)

2009        Oct 20, The Honduras government lifted a three-week broadcast ban allowing opposition radio and television stations back on the air.
    (AP, 10/20/09)

2009        Oct 23, In Honduras a negotiator for ousted leftist President Manuel Zelaya said the latest round of talks to resolve the dispute over the June 28 coup has ended in failure, adding that further talks were unlikely. Escaped inmates in Santa Barbara set fire to a prison, a public market and a cultural center before authorities stopped the riot and captured 76 of the 79 fugitives.
    (AP, 10/23/09)

2009        Oct 25, In Honduras the body of Enzo Micheletti, the nephew of interim Honduran President Roberto Micheletti, was found in Choloma. He had been shot to death execution-style. The body of another, unidentified man was found nearby. Gunmen killed army Col. Concepcion Jimenez outside his home in Tegucigalpa. Honduras was noted for the highest homicide rate in Central America, much of it related to drugs.
    (AP, 10/26/09)

2009        Oct 29, Honduras filed a case at the UN's highest court accusing Brazil of meddling in internal Honduran affairs by allowing ousted President Manuel Zelaya to stay at its embassy in Tegucigalpa since Sep 21. Representatives of Zelaya finally reached an agreement with the interim government that could help end the months long dispute over the June 28 coup, and possibly pave the way for Zelaya's reinstatement. The agreement would create a power-sharing government and bind both sides to recognize the Nov. 29 presidential elections.
    (AP, 10/29/09)(AP, 10/30/09)

2009        Oct 30, Honduras interim President Roberto Micheletti and ousted Pres. Manuel Zelaya singed the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord. The power-sharing agreement required Mr. Zelaya to drop his plan for a referendum on constitutional reform.
    (Econ, 11/7/09, p.37)

2009        Nov 1, In Honduras the US secretary of labor, Hilda Solis, and a former Chilean president, Ricardo Lagos, were named to a commission tasked with monitoring the creation of a power-sharing government, under a US-brokered agreement to end the nation's 4-month-old political crisis.
    (AP, 11/2/09)

2009        Nov 6, Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said that a US-brokered pact failed to end a four-month political crisis after a deadline for forming a unity government passed.
    (AP, 11/6/09)

2009        Nov 12, In Honduras assailants fired an anti-tank grenade toward the building housing ballots for the upcoming Nov 29 Honduran presidential elections, which are taking place under the shadow of a four-month crisis caused by a coup. The grenade overshot its target.
    (AP, 11/13/09)

2009        Nov 29, Honduras held elections. Porfirio Lobo and Elvin Santos, two prosperous businessmen from the political old guard, were the front-runners. Conservative rancher Porfirio Lobo conservative rancher gathered a strong lead and his Santos conceded defeat.
    (AP, 11/29/09)(AP, 11/30/09)

2009        Nov 30, The United States recognized the results of a controversial election in Honduras but said the vote was only a partial step toward restoring democracy after a June coup that ousted the elected president.
    (Reuters, 12/1/09)

2009        Dec 2, Honduras' Congress ended hopes of reversing a coup that has isolated one of the poorest countries in the Americas, voting 111-14 against reinstating ousted President Manuel Zelaya despite intense international pressure to do so.
    (AP, 12/3/09)

2009        Dec 8, Honduras' president-elect Porfirio Lobo said he wants amnesty for ousted Pres. Manuel Zelaya and for all of those involved in the June 28 coup that deposed him. 2 gunmen riding motorcycles shot and killed retired Gen. Julian Aristides Gonzalez, the country's top anti-drug official.
    (AP, 12/8/09)

2009        Dec 9, The Honduras government granted authorization for ousted Pres. Zelaya to leave the country and go to Mexico.
    (AP, 12/9/09)

2009        Dec 11, Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said he will leave the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras by Jan. 27, when his presidential term ends.
    (AP, 12/11/09)

2009        Dec 12, In Honduras a Foreign Ministry spokesman says Honduras will grant ousted Pres. Zelaya safe passage to any country that offers him asylum outside Central America.
    (AP, 12/12/09)

2009        Dec 15, In Honduras gunmen attacked the car of a television journalist, killing her pregnant daughter but leaving her uninjured.
    (AP, 12/16/09)

2010        Jan 6, In Honduras the chief prosecutor asked the Supreme Court to issue arrest warrants charging Honduras' military commanders with abuse of power for sending President Manuel Zelaya out of the country in his June 28 ouster.
    (AP, 1/7/10)

2010        Jan 20, The Dominican government announced a deal with Honduras' president-elect to give ousted leader Manuel Zelaya safe passage to this Caribbean nation.
    (AP, 1/20/10)

2010        Jan 26, In Honduras a Supreme Court judge found six generals innocent of abuse of power charges for ordering soldiers to escort Zelaya out of the country at gunpoint. Hours later, Congress voted to approve amnesty for both the military and Zelaya, who had been charged with abuse of power and treason.
    (AP, 1/27/10)

2010        Jan 27, In Honduras President-elect Porfirio Lobo, a conservative rancher, was sworn in as the new president, ending months of turmoil and the quest by ousted leader Manuel Zelaya to be restored to power. Lobo provided safe passage to Zelaya, who left his refuge at the Brazilian Embassy and flew to exile in the Dominican Rep.
    (AP, 1/27/10)(SFC, 1/28/10, p.A3)

2010        Jan 28, Honduras' new administration began its term saying the nation is bankrupt and will likely need international financial assistance to recover from months of diplomatic isolation over its June coup.
    (AP, 1/28/10)

2010        Mar 4, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the sidelines of a meeting of regional officials in Costa Rica, said the Obama administration will resume aid to Honduras that was suspended after a coup last year and urged Latin American nations to recognize the new Honduran government.
    (AP, 3/4/10)

2010        Mar 11, In Honduras David Meza (51), a radio journalist whose career spanned three decades, was ambushed and killed in La Ceiba as he arrived home in his car.
    (AP, 3/15/10)

2010        Mar 13, In Honduras Nahum Palacios (36), director of a TV station in Tocoa near the Caribbean coast, was shot to death as he drove home and was intercepted by two other vehicles. This was the third such slaying in two weeks.
    (AP, 3/15/10)

2010        Mar 26, In Honduras radio journalists Jose Bayardo (52) and Manuel de Jesus Juarez (55) were riddled with bullets late in the day as they drove on a highway in the rural province of Olancho. Three other journalists have been killed in March in Honduras, which is wracked by political divisions relating to a 2009 coup and common crime fueled by street gangs.
    (AP, 3/27/10)

2010        Apr 11, In Honduras a shootout between rival street gangs battling for control of the drug trade killed nine people overnight on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa.
    (AP, 4/12/10)

2010        Apr 20, In Honduras a gunman fatally shot journalist Georgino Orellana (48) in the head as he was leaving a television studio in the city of San Pedro Sula.
    (AP, 4/21/10)

2010        May 5, The US federal government said it will allow people from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras to stay another 18 months in the US with temporary legal status. A new expiration date was set for Jan 5, 2012. The temporary legal status has been extended repeatedly since Hurricane Mitch devastated the region in 1998.
    (AP, 5/5/10)

2010        May 16, Honduran strongman Oswaldo Lopez Arellano (89) died. He led two military coups and served as president from 1963-1971 and 1972-1975.
    (AP, 5/17/10)

2010        May 30, Authorities in Central America struggled to clear roads of debris and reach cut-off communities due to landslides and flooding triggered by Tropical Storm Agatha. The death toll rose to include 165 people in Guatemala; in Honduras at least 18 deaths were linked to the storm; El Salvador President Mauricio Funes warned that the danger had not yet passed and reported 10 deaths.
    (AP, 5/30/10)(AP, 5/31/10)(AP, 6/1/10)(AP, 6/2/10)(AP, 6/6/10)(AP, 6/16/10)

2010        Jul 12, In Honduras 4 people were killed and another injured following a week of heavy rains. 3 people died in various parts of the country after being hit by lightning last week.
    (AP, 7/13/10)

2010        Jul 21, The Central American Integration System readmitted Honduras.
    (Econ, 7/24/10, p.40)

2010        Jul 30, Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno said his nation's ambassador would return to Honduras, but did not specify when.
    (AP, 7/31/10)

2010        Jul 31, Mexico said it will send its ambassador back to Honduras next week, recognizing the government of Honduran President Porfirio Lobo a year after his predecessor was ousted by a military-backed coup.
    (AP, 7/31/10)

2010        Sep 7, In Honduras men armed with assault rifles burst into a shoe factory in San Pedro Sula and opened fire, killing at least 18 workers and wounding five. The massacre was apparently carried out as part of a turf battle between small-scale drug gangs.
    (AP, 9/8/10)

2010        Sep 16, In Honduras a street vendor died from inhaling tear gas fired by police against hundreds of supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
    (AP, 9/16/10)

2010        Sep 18, A Honduras military helicopter crashed during an exhibition for children and the pilot was killed.
    (AP, 9/18/10)

2010        Sep 25, In Honduras Jesus Santos, the chief suspect in the massacre of 18 workers at a shoe factory earlier this month, was killed in a shootout with police.
    (AP, 9/26/10)
2010        Sep 25, Tropical Storm Matthew roared over Central America, dumping heavy rains on disaster-prone parts of Honduras and Nicaragua and leading to the evacuation of thousands amid fears of flooding and mudslides.
    (AP, 9/25/10)

2010        Oct 24, Tropical Storm Richard lashed Honduras' Caribbean coast with heavy rain and wind and was expected to strengthen into a hurricane as it roared toward Belize and southeastern Mexico.
    (AP, 10/24/10)

2010        Oct 30, In Honduras a carful of attackers armed with assault rifles drove up to a soccer field in a poor neighborhood of the northern city of San Pedro Sula and opened fire, killing 14 people. Officials said members of the Mara 18 gang were responsible.
    (AP, 10/31/10)(SFC, 11/1/10, p.A2)

2010        Nov 1, In northern Honduras 5 armed men broke into a military base at the major international airport and made off with a small airplane that authorities seized last year in an anti-drug operation.
    (AP, 11/1/10)

2010        Dec 28, In Honduras radio reporter Henry Suazo (36) was gunned down outside his home in La Masica, the 10th journalist killed in the Central American country this year.
    (AP, 12/28/10)

2010        Dec 29, Honduras and Mexico announced they have agreed to create a high-level group to combat attacks on undocumented Honduran migrants who are passing through the country en route to the United States.
    (AP, 12/29/10)

2010        Honduras, country of 7.7 million people, held the planet’s highest murder rate. The country saw 6,200 killings this year, the equivalent of 82.1 homicides per 100,000 people, well above the 66 per 100,000 in neighboring El Salvador.
    (Econ, 7/24/10, p.40)(AP, 10/30/11)
2010        A UN study showed that 30 percent of Hondurans interviewed had been victims of extortion, 26 percent more than once.
    (AP, 8/8/12)

2011        Jan 5, The US said it has decided against renewing a $215 million aid program for farming and infrastructure in Honduras.
    (AP, 1/6/11)

2011        Jan 6, In Honduras Gunmen killed 4 women and 4 children, including an 18-month boy, and wounded three others in an attack on a minibus in the rural eastern province of Olancho.
    (AP, 1/6/11)

2011        Jan 7, A Jamaica coast guard tried to stop a Honduran fishing boat in lobster- and conch-rich waters, fatally shooting the captain and wounding two crew members. Honduras' navy commander soon charged that the fishermen were unjustifiably attacked.
    (AP, 1/12/11)

2011        Feb 4, In Honduras gunmen ambushed the director of the nation's main prison and shot up the car he was driving, wounding the official in the head and also hitting a prison employee who was a passenger.
    (AP, 2/4/11)

2011        Feb 14, A small Honduran commercial airliner crashed near the capital, killing all 14 people aboard. It was carrying two pilots and 12 passengers, including Assistant Secretary for Public Works Rodolfo Rovelo, United Workers Federation of Honduras leader Jose Israel Salinas and former Economy Secretary Carlos Chain.
    (AP, 2/15/11)

2011        Feb 21, In Honduras a new law took effect banning smoking in most public and private spaces. It did not actually outlaw cigarettes inside homes, but did have a provision allowing people to file complaints about secondhand smoke in homes.
    (AP, 2/22/11)
2011        Feb 21, In Honduras evangelical pastor Carlos Marroquin (41), walking his two schnauzers, was shot to death by a gunman who tried to steal the dogs in San Pedro Sula.
    (AP, 2/22/11)

2011        Mar 9, In Honduras security officials discovered a cocaine lab in a mountainous area in the northeast reachable only on foot or in all-terrain vehicles. Evidence suggested Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel installed and ran the lab.
    (AP, 3/11/11)

2011        Mar 18, Honduras' president ordered striking school teachers back to work following clashes with police that left one teacher dead and two others injured.
    (AP, 3/19/11)

2011        Mar 25, A Honduras supreme court judge dismissed three arrest warrants for former President Manuel Zelaya, allowing him to return without detention to the country where he was deposed in a June 2009 coup. A day later Zelaya said he won't return to Honduras for fear of being killed.
    (AP, 3/25/11)(AP, 3/26/11)

2011        Mar 28, Honduran police using tear gas and water cannons dispersed a group of protesters who blocked a main avenue in the capital to demand the return of ousted former President Manuel Zelaya from exile.
    (AP, 3/28/11)

2011        Apr 9, Honduras' defense minister said that the country's armed forces will join the police for the first time in the fight against drug trafficking.
    (AP, 4/9/11)

2011        May 2, A Honduran court dismissed the last two remaining charges against former President Manuel Zelaya, removing a key obstacle to his return to the country.
    (AP, 5/2/11)

2011        May 10, In eastern Honduras six alleged drug traffickers were killed and two police officers and a teenager injured in a three-hour gunbattle in Catacamas. In northern Honduras television reporter Francisco Medina (35) was shot and killed by two gunmen on a motorcycle outside his home in the city of Morazan. Medina was critical of the Honduran national police and of private security firms contracted by ranchers in the area, where drug traffickers operate.
    (AP, 5/11/11)

2011        May 22, Honduras President Porfirio Lobo signed an agreement allowing the country’s re-entry into the Organization of American States and the return of ousted leader Manuel Zelaya to his homeland.
    (AP, 5/22/11)

2011        May 23, In Honduras gunmen opened fire on Manuel Acosta, the manager of a daily newspaper, as he was driving home in Tegucigalpa. Acosta was shot six times and his car had more than 30 bullet holes. Acosta was able to drive home and his family took him to a hospital.
    (AP, 5/23/11)

2011        May 28, Former Honduras President Manuel Zelaya returned from home exile bringing a nearly two-year political crisis to an end and hope to one of the poorest nations in the Americas.
    (AP, 5/28/11)

2011        Jun 1, The Organization of American States voted 32-1 to allow Honduras to rejoin the OAS. Only Ecuador voted against the measure.
    (SFC, 6/2/11, p.A4)

2011        Jun 22, In Guatemala the World Bank unveiled a billion-dollar plan to fund security measures in Central America, amid other hundred-million-dollar pledges from donors bidding to cut a wave of drug gang-related violence sweeping the region. The announcement came as leaders of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama attended the Central American Security Conference aiming to curb crime fueled by a spillover from Mexico's war on drug cartels.
    (AFP, 6/22/11)

2011        Jul 10, In Honduras a bus crash near the Copan archaeological ruin killed 10 people and injured 25. Among the dead were two Americans, a Canadian, three Salvadorans and three Hondurans. Another victim has yet to be identified.
    (AP, 7/11/11)

2011        Jul 13, A Honduran patrol boat located a semi-submersible craft used by drug traffickers to carry cocaine. Five crew members were detained. Divers recovered part of the cocaine aboard the craft. They estimate it was carrying as much as five tons.
    (AP, 7/14/11)

2011        Jul 27, Honduras authorities seized a semi-submersible craft off the country's Caribbean coast. The crew tried to sink it but officials recovered 7.3 tons (6.6 metric tons) of cocaine.
    (AP, 7/29/11)

2011        Aug 14, In Honduras 2 peasants and 4 guards at the Paso del Aguan ranch died when 300 peasants armed with machetes and automatic rifles tried to take over the ranch. Police the next day found the bodies of five peasants in a trash dump near the ranch. They included 3 men and 2 women.
    (AP, 8/15/11)

2011        Aug 20, In Honduras the UN-backed 1st World Summit of African Descendants called on the UN to create a development fund to fight poverty and protect the human rights of Afro-descendants. Over 1,000 representatives from 70 nations gathered for the event. The 2nd World Summit was scheduled for 2014 in Madrid.
    (AP, 8/21/11)

2011        Sep 2, Officials announced a joint US-Colombian operation against a major trafficker, in which police arrested 30 people and seized 21 small planes that were ferrying cocaine to Central America. Most of the planes were seized this past week in Guatemala and Honduras. Officials also announced a $2.7 million reward for trafficker Daniel "Loco" Barrera.
    (AP, 9/2/11)

2011        Sep 7, In Honduras Mahadeo Roopchand Sadloo, a fervent supporter of former Pres. Manuel Zelaya, died after he was shot five times inside the tire shop he owned. A truth commission has found that at least 20 Zelaya supporters have been killed by security forces.
    (AP, 9/7/11)

2011        Sep 10, Honduras Security Minister Oscar Alvarez resigned, saying he lacked economic support for his efforts and had been stepping on the toes of powerful interests. The government of President Porfirio Lobo also accepted the resignation of Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati. The moves marked the biggest shake-ups so far in Lobo's nearly two-year administration.
    (AP, 9/10/11)

2011        Oct 6, A United Nations report said Honduras and El Salvador have the highest homicide rates in the world. Honduras had 6,200 killings in 2010 out of a population of 7.7 million people, while El Salvador with 6.1 million people had 4,000 homicides.
    (AP, 10/6/11)

2011        Oct 14, In Honduras masked gunmen opened fire on four luxury SUVs as they left the parking lot the San Pedro Sula airport in the north, killing six men and wounding another three. Authorities say Mexico's Sinaloa and Zetas drug cartels operate cocaine-trafficking routes in northern and eastern Honduras.
    (AP, 10/14/11)
2011        Oct 14, Heavy rains generated by a low-pressure system hammered Central America for a third day. Mudslides and swollen rivers have already killed 36 people. At least 21 people have been killed in Guatemala, 6 in Honduras, and 4 in Nicaragua.
    (AP, 10/14/11)

2011        Oct 20, The Honduras Supreme Court voted 12-3 to reject abuse of authority charges against now-retired Gens. Romeo Vasquez, Luis Prince, Venancio Cervantes, Miguel Garcia, Juan Pablo Rodriguez and Carlos Cuellar. They had been accused of toppling former president Manuel Zelaya and flying him to Costa Rica in 2009.
    (AP, 10/20/11)
2011        Oct 20, Heavy rains generated by a low-pressure system hammered Central America for 10 days. Mudslides and swollen rivers killed at least 105 people including 38 in Guatemala, 34 in El Salvador, 15 in Honduras, 13 in Nicaragua and 5 in Costa Rica.
    (AP, 10/20/11)

2011        Oct 30, It was reported that half of the cocaine that reaches the United States is now offloaded somewhere along the Honduran coast and heavily forested interior, estimated at a total of 20 to 25 tons each month.
    (AP, 10/30/11)

2011        Dec 3, In Honduras a female Peace Corps volunteer was shot in the leg during an armed robbery in a bus in the city of San Pedro Sula. Two others were wounded. One of the three alleged robbers was killed by a bus passenger. A US government decision to pull out the entire Peace Corps delegation came 18 days later
    (AP, 1/18/12)

2011        Dec 8, The Honduran Congress passed bills allowing authorities to wiretap the telephone conversations, emails and bank accounts of suspected criminals and banning motorcycles from carrying passengers for 6 months. The bills were aimed at stemming a wave of drug violence. President Porfirio Lobo was expected to sign both bills.
    (AP, 12/9/11)

2011        Dec 21, The US government said it is suspending training for new Peace Corps volunteers in the Central American nations of Guatemala and El Salvador while it assesses security concerns. El Salvador has 113 volunteers, and Guatemala, 222. It was also decided to pull all volunteers from Honduras.
    (AP, 12/21/11)(AP, 1/18/12)

2011        Honduras saw 7,104 killings this year, above the 6,200 recorded last year.
    (SFC, 3/29/12, p.A2)

2012        Jan 11, Honduran officials said men armed with AJK-47 rifles and machetes killed 4 adults and 4 children in the Aguan River Valley, an area torn apart by a land dispute between palm plantation workers and landowners.
    (SFC, 1/12/12, p.A2)

2012        Jan 12, In Honduras a decomposed, bullet-riddled body was found near the border with Nicaragua. The body of Santos Guadalupe Borge was soon identified as the purported leader of a shadowy Nicaraguan resistance group.
    (AP, 1/13/12)

2012        Jan 16, All 158 Peace Corps volunteers in Honduras left the country, weeks after the United States announced that it would pull them out for safety reasons.
    (AP, 1/16/12)

2012        Jan 17, Honduran lawyer Ricardo Rosales (42), who had reported torture and human rights violations by police officers, was killed by 3 gunmen in Tela.
    (AP, 1/18/12)

2012        Jan 19, Honduras' congress approved legislation to allow extradition of its citizens charged elsewhere with drug trafficking, terrorism and organized crime. Honduras has barred extraditing its nationals since 1982.
    (AP, 1/19/12)

2012        Feb 14, In Honduras a fire swept through a prison in the town of Comayagua in one of the world's deadliest fires in decades. Many of the survivors escaped. 852 people had been crowded into the prison built for half that number. The prisoners whose scorched bodies were carried out piece by piece had been locked inside. Most inmates had never been charged, let alone convicted. The final death toll numbered 362 people.
    (AP, 2/15/12)(AP, 2/16/12)(AP, 2/18/12)(Econ, 2/18/12, p.40)(AP, 2/14/13)

2012        Mar 11, In Honduras Fausto Hernandez Arteaga (54) of Radio Alegre de Colon was killed in Saba, Colon province. He was director of the station's "Voice of the News" program. 19 journalists have been killed over the last two years in Honduras.
    (AP, 3/13/12)

2012        Mar 29, In Honduras at least 13 people died during an uprising by armed inmates at the San Pedro Sula prison, one of them decapitated and the others killed by a fire started by the rioters.
    (AP, 3/30/12)

2012        Apr 18, In Honduras Via Campesina activists and officials said farmworkers have seized 30,000 acres across the country as part of a dispute with large landowners and the government.
    (SFC, 4/19/12, p.A2)

2012        May 6, It was reported that the US military has established 3 new forward bases in Honduras to interdict smugglers moving cocaine toward the US from South America.
    (SSFC, 5/6/12, p.A8)

2012        May 11, In northeastern Honduras police gunfire killed four innocent people, including two pregnant women on the Patuca River. On May 16 the US Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed that some of its agents were on a US-owned helicopter with Honduran police officers when the shooting happened. People on the boat transporting cocaine had reportedly fired on the helicopters. Villagers later said masked agents landed their helicopters in the community near the river and began breaking down doors, hunting for a drug trafficker they called "El Renco." People in the predominantly Indian Mosquito coast region burned down government offices and demanded that US drug agents leave the area.
    (AP, 5/17/12)(AP, 5/22/12)

2012        May 17, In Honduras prisoners in San Pedro Sula seized hostages and battled among themselves leaving at least one person dead.
    (SFC, 5/18/12, p.A2)

2012        May 21, In Honduras Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares (46), nicknamed "The Tiger," was named police chief as part of President Porfirio Lobo's efforts to reform a department that is widely accused of killings and human rights violations. A 10-year-old report on Bonilla Valladares soon resurfaced in widely distributed emails and on a local website. The report named him in at least 3 killings or forced disappearances between 1998 and 2002 and said he was among several officers suspected in 11 other cases. In 2020 Valladares was charged in New York with helping to ship tons of cocaine into the US at the behest of Pres. Juan Antonio Hernandez Alvarado and his brother.
    (AP, 6/1/12)

2012        Jun 23, In Honduras a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent shot and killed a suspected drug trafficker during a raid in a remote northern area, known as a destination for illicit flights carrying cocaine from South America. Honduran National Police arrested four suspects and seized 792 pounds (360 kg) of cocaine. 6 other people were arrested later on suspicion of aiding the smuggling operation.
    (AP, 6/24/12)

2012        Jun 24, In Honduras journalist Anibal Barrow (62) was kidnapped while driving in his truck. Three of his family members were also taken, but were quickly released unharmed. On Jul 9 his body was found in a shallow pit on the bank of the Siboney lagoon in San Pedro Sula. His body had been beheaded and the arms legs cut off before it was set ablaze. 4 of 10 suspects in the case were reported detained.
    (AP, 7/11/13)

2012        Jun, In Honduras leaders of the Unified Farmworkers Movement of Aguan signed an agreement with Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, with the farmers due to receive most of the land they still hold in the Aguan Valley and repay the government $16 million through a long-term, low-interest loan. However eviction orders remained in force because the government failed to pay Dinant Corp. for the property by the Feb. 8 deadline. Thousands of farmworkers had seized about 27,000 acres (11,000 hectares) owned by Miguel Facusse's Corporacion Dinant, and demanded ownership of the property.
    (AP, 7/15/12)

2012        Jul 3, In Honduras the pilot of a suspected drug flight was shot and killed in an anti-narcotics by two US Drug Enforcement Administration agents after he refused to surrender. A 2nd injure pilot was arrested. Honduran police said the twin-engine plane arriving from Colombia with a load of cocaine crashed while being chased by government aircraft.
    (AP, 7/9/12)

2012        Aug 8, In Honduras a new police extortion unit was reported to have received 506 complaints of extortion involving homes, taxis and businesses in Tegucigalpa in the first half of this year.
    (AP, 8/9/12)

2012        Aug 25, Honduras President Porfirio Lobo replaced the head of the Honduran air force, a day after a visit by Gen. Douglas Fraser, head of the U.S. Southern Command.
    (AP, 9/7/12)

2012        Sep 4, American  activist Michael Strong signed an agreement for a small project to create jobs and cheap housing in Honduras. This outmaneuvered plans by Paul Romer, an economist at New York Univ., for a larger int’l. project to build a charter city in Honduras.
    (Economist, 10/6/12, p.71)

2012        Sep 7, The United States confirmed that it has suspended sharing of radar intelligence with Honduras because the Central American nation's air force shot down two suspected drug planes in violation of agreements with Washington. The radar intelligence was blocked starting in mid-August.
    (AP, 9/7/12)

2012        Sep 23, In Honduras human rights lawyer Antonio Trejo Cabrera was shot dead while attending a wedding in Tegucigalpa. He had fought a proposal to build 3 privately run cities with their own police and tax systems.
    (SFC, 9/24/12, p.A2)

2012        Dec 12, Honduras President Porfirio Lobo's National Party overwhelmingly and, many say illegally, approved the the dismissal of 4 judges who had rejected the president's plan to weed out corrupt police.
    (AP, 12/14/12)

2012        Dec 13, Honduras President Porfirio Lobo interrupted all television programing to call for a national dialogue with the country's key players, many of whom he accused of trying to oust him just a week ago, to find a way out of a constitutional crisis.
    (AP, 12/14/12)

2012        Honduras had a record homicide rate of 90.4 people for every 100,000 inhabitants.
    (Econ, 7/12/14, p.13)

2013        Jan 10, Honduras’ El Heraldo newspaper reported that police overnight had captured Kevin Samraid Carranza Padilla (28), a leader of the 18th Street gang along with his girlfriend, Cindy Yadira Garcia (19). Carranza was suspected in the shooting death of a police officer months earlier. Carranza and Yadira were later reported disappeared.
    (SSFC, 2/17/13, p.A16)

2013        Jan 15, In Honduras British tourist Kaya Omer (33) was shot dead in the dangerous city of San Pedro Sula, after being assaulted by two gunmen who stole his camera.
    (Reuters, 1/15/13)

2013        Jan 25, The Honduras Congress went on recess. Lawmakers had only partially passed a budget to pay some of state employees and contractors. That left undecided the budgets of autonomous institutions such as utilities and the port authority. The country has been on the brink of bankruptcy for months, as lawmakers put off passing a budget.
    (AP, 1/25/13)

2013        Mar, In Honduras two mothers discovered the bodies of their sons after the men had called in a panic to say they were surrounded by armed, masked police. The two members of the 18th Street gang had been shot in the head, their hands bound so tightly the cords cut to the bone.
    (AP, 5/13/13)
2013        Mar, The US suspended funding for the cleanup effort of the Honduras police force. In June the US Embassy made public confirmation of the suspension. 142 officers failed out of 373 who took a polygraph test between May 2012, when the program started, and November, when a Honduran law authorizing the tests expired, but apparently none were fired.
    (AP, 6/11/13)

2013        May 13, It was reported that at least five times in the last few months, members of a Honduras street gang were killed or went missing just after run-ins with the US-supported national police.
    (AP, 5/13/13)

2013        May 28, Honduras' two biggest and most dangerous street gangs declared an unprecedented truce, offering peace in the world's most violent country in exchange for rehabilitation and jobs.
    (AP, 5/28/13)

2013        Jun 3, It was reported that coffee leaf rust has devastated coffee plantations across Central America and knocked half a million people out of work. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were all severely impacted.
    (SFC, 6/4/13, p.A2)(http://tinyurl.com/alqvfoc)

2013        Aug 2, A report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights said Honduras' 24 prisons are controlled by inmates because the state has abandoned its role in rehabilitating people convicted of crimes.
    (AP, 8/2/13)

2013        Aug 3, Honduran President Porfirio Lobo ordered the militarization of the country's main prison after a gunfight there left at least three gang members dead and 12 people injured.
    (AP, 8/3/13)

2013        Aug 7, In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Edwin Mejia (15) shot and killed traffic officer Santos Arita (42) after he and gang partner Eduardo Aguilera (15) were stooped for illegally riding tandem on a stolen motorcyle. Aguilera was soon caught and beaten to death by police. Mejia was also beaten and faced trial.
    (AP, 12/27/13)

2013        Aug 22, The Honduran Congress approved the creation of a new military-style police force, aimed at countering violence spawned by Mexican drug cartels that use the country to transport cocaine.
    (Reuters, 8/22/13)

2013        Oct 12, Honduras police clashed with local residents during the arrest of Carlos Peralta (22), a man believed responsible for decapitating a 7-year-old boy in the rural town of San Francisco de la Paz. The boy's body was found a day earlier in the town in the Olancho region.
    (Reuters, 10/12/13)

2013        Nov 24, Honduras held elections. Ruling National Party's candidate Juan Hernandez, the head of Congress and considered to be Honduras' most powerful politician, faced deposed Pres. Manuel Zelaya's wife, Xiomara Castro (54). Honduran voters gave the ruling National Party four more years in the presidency.
    (Reuters, 11/24/13)(AP, 11/25/13)

2013        Nov 25, Leftist Honduran presidential candidate Xiomara Castro refused to accept partial official results that show her conservative rival on course to win elections, setting the stage for a drawn-out conflict.
    (Reuters, 11/25/13)

2013        Nov 29, Honduras ppposition candidate Xiomara Castro announced that she won't recognize the result of the presidential election because of alleged voter fraud and called on her supporters to protest the win by the ruling party candidate.
    (AP, 11/30/13)

2013        Nov 30, Honduras election officials said that conservative Juan Orlando Hernandez defeated rival leftist presidential hopeful Xiomara Castro by eight percentage points. Hernandez of the ruling National Party won 36.80% of the vote in the Nov 24 election against 28.79% for Castro.
    (AFP, 12/1/13)

2013        Dec 1, Honduras' defeated leftist presidential candidate, the wife of ousted former leader Manuel Zelaya, led thousands of supporters onto the streets of Tegucigalpa to protest the election results.
    (Reuters, 12/1/13)

2013        Dec 19, Honduras President Porfirio Lobo fired Gen. Juan Carlos Bonilla, the national police chief, who has long faced accusations he ran death squads when he was a lower-level officer and whose force has been hit with frequent abuse claims.
    (AP, 12/19/13)

2013        Dec 22, In Honduras Nedenia Post Dye (46), a great-granddaughter of Marjorie Merriweather Post, was found slain at her luxury spa on Roatan island. Police arrested suspect Lenin Roberto Arana, a local singer that to quit drugs.
    (SSFC, 12/29/13, p.A5)

2013        Honduras passed a law adding employment and economic development zones (ZEDES) to municipalities and departments as units of the republic.
    (Econ, 8/12/17, p.25)

2014        Jan 27, In Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado succeeded Porfirio Lobo Sosa as president. During Mr. Lobo’s presidency the social security system was defrauded of $300 million. A small amount of money from firms linked to the scandal helped finance Mr. Hernandez’s campaign.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Orlando_Hern%C3%A1ndez)(Econ, 4/15/17, p.30)

2014        May 5, Honduras detained Capt. Robert Mayne and five members of his crew aboard the Aqua Quest were detained in Puerto Lempira. The men were reportedly detained for firearms violations "on the false claim that a weapon they were carrying was an AK-47." All six men were released on June 26.
    (AP, 5/30/14)(AP, 6/27/14)

2014        May 8, Honduras for the first time extradited a suspected drug trafficker to the United States. Carlos Arnoldo Lobo (40) was arrested March 27 and has been indicted on US drug trafficking charges in Florida.
    (AP, 5/9/14)

2014        Jun 7, Arizona officials said the US government has asked them to rush medical supplies to a makeshift holding center housing hundreds of migrant children who were sent to the state after crossing into the US from Mexico alone. Jimena Díaz, consul general of Guatemala in Phoenix, visited the center a day earlier and said about 250 children are from Guatemala, with the rest coming from El Salvador and Honduras.
    (AP, 6/7/14)

2014        Jun 24, The Honduran fishing boat "Miss Nushka" was lost about 83 km (50 miles) north of the port of La Ceiba in heavy winds and waves. Divers later recovered one body inside the boat. Seven fishermen were rescued after floating for 10 hours before coming upon a small island. 7 remained missing.
    (AP, 6/28/14)

2014        Jul 2, The US government launched a $1 million international media campaign warning families in Central America that it's best to stay at home, following a surge in illegal immigration. The message was aimed primarily at Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.
    (AP, 7/3/14)

2014        Jul 4, In southern Honduras three miners were rescued after spending more than two days trapped following a collapse at a small, wildcat gold mine. Eight others remained missing.
    (AP, 7/4/14)

2014        Jul 18, More than 40 Central American children were expelled from the United States on flights to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, as the US government stepped up its deportation of illegal child migrants.
    (Reuters, 7/18/14)

2014        Nov 18, In western Honduras the bodies of Maria Jose Alvarado (19) and her sister Sofia (23) were found buried near a river in the mountainous region of Santa Barbara. Maria was found murdered just days before she was due to compete in the Miss World pageant in London. She and her sister had been missing since Nov 13, when they were seen leaving a party in Santa Barbara. Her boyfriend Plutarco Ruiz confessed to killing the sisters and led authorities to the bodies.
    (AP, 11/19/14)

2015        Apr 9, In Honduras prominent father-son lawyers Jose Eduardo Gauggel (70) and his son Jose Eduardo Gauggel Medina (48), who had held a variety of political positions, were killed in the city of San Pedro Sula.
    (AP, 4/10/15)

2015        Apr 20, The annual Goldman Environmental Prize was awarded in San Francisco to six activists. They included: Marilyn Baptiste (44) of Canada, for her work to stop the development of an open pit gold and copper mine that threatened lakes in British Columbia; Berta Caceres (42) of Honduras for her efforts fighting the Agua Zarca Dam, which threatened to cut off the water and hunting grounds of the Lenca people; Phyllis Omido (35) of Kenya for her work exposing lead fumes from a smelting plant; Jean Wiener of Haiti (50) for his efforts to protect and restore marine wildlife; Howard Wood (60) of Scotland for his efforts to restore undersea ecology; and Myint Zaw (39) of Myanmar for halt the construction of a hydroelectric plant on the Irrawaddy River that would submerge 50 villages and displace 18,000 people.   
    (SFC, 4/20/15, p.A6)

2015        May, In Honduras a journalist revealed that the ruling party had benefited from a scheme to defraud the national health service.
    (Econ, 8/15/15, p.25)

2015        Jun 5, In Honduras thousands of protesters marched through the capital demanding the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernandez over a corruption scandal that has seen growing calls for him to quit. Earlier this week Hernandez admitted his conservative ruling National Party had accepted money that had been misappropriated from social security funds.
    (AFP, 6/6/15)

2015        Jun 19, In Honduras thousands of angry protesters marched in the capital for the fourth week in a row to demand President Juan Orlando Hernandez step down over a corruption scandal.
    (AFP, 6/20/15)

2015        Jun 23, In Honduras police said Juan Carlos Cruz Andara, a journalist and gay activist, was stabbed 25 times by unknown attackers at his home in Puerto Cortes.
    (AP, 6/24/15)

2015        Oct 7, The US Treasury Dept. announced that former Honduras VP Jaime Rosenthal, his son Yani and nephew Yankel had been designated under the Kingpin Act. US prosecutors accused them of laundering money for Central American drug traffickers.
    (SFC, 1/4/16, p.A2)

2015        Dec 3, The Swiss justice ministry (FOJ) arrested two more top FIFA officials on a request from the US justice department. South American Football Confederation president Juan Angel Napout of Paraguay and Alfredo Hawit of Honduras, head of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean, were arrested at the five-star Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich.
    (AFP, 12/3/15)

2015        Dec 10, Honduras midfielder Arnold Peralta was shot to death in the city of La Ceiba. Peralta (26) was attacked by several men as he got into his car at a shopping center in his birth city.
    (Reuters, 12/11/15)

2016        Jan 2, Honduras said the US has requested the extradition of former vice president Jaime Rosenthal, one of the country's biggest tycoons, whom it accuses of drug trafficking and money laundering. The extradition request was received before December 24, but had been waiting for the document to be translated into Spanish.
    (AFP, 1/2/16)

2016        Jan 13, In Honduras 3 American women died in a bus crash while on a humanitarian mission. They were identified as Columbia student Olivia Erhardt, Barnard student Daniella Moffson and Abigail Flanagan, a nurse practitioner at Columbia University Medical Center and a student at the university's School of General Studies.
    (AP, 1/14/16)

2016        Feb 1, Honduras declared a state of emergency after officials said the number of Zika infections is rising at an "alarming" rate in the Central American country.
    (AFP, 2/1/16)

2016        Feb 6, In Honduras some 200,000 residents spent the day ridding homes and gardens of standing water and fumigating areas suspected of harboring mosquito larvae carrying the Zika virus.
    (AFP, 2/6/16)

2016        Feb 22, In Honduras an international mission aimed at tackling widespread corruption was installed, kicking off a four-year mandate that its backers hope will clean up corruption and lead to profound changes. The Organization of American States established an ambitious new corruption-fighting commission.
    (AP, 2/22/16)

2016        Feb 23, Police in Honduras arrested eight people, including a mayor of a town close to the capital and a former policeman, on charges of links to one of the country's most feared criminal gangs. Authorities looking for new ways to combat gangs terrorizing the country began a police operation called "Avalanche" to seize bank accounts, properties and even a small hospital from wealthy crime bosses.
    (AFP, 2/23/16)(AFP, 3/12/16)

2016        Mar 3, Honduran Indian leader Berta Caceres, who won the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize for her role in fighting a dam project, was murdered at her home in La Esperanza. On May 2 police arrested four people related to the killing.
    (AP, 3/3/16)(SFC, 5/3/16, p.A2)

2016        Mar 5, In Honduras assailants armed with AK-47 assault rifles burst into a pool hall in Tegucigalpa and opened fire, killing at least 12 people and wounding three others. The pool hall was controlled by the Barrio 18 gang.
    (AP, 3/5/16)

2016        Mar 11, In Honduras deputy warden Juan Andres Sanchez, who helped run the Marco Aurelio penitentiary to the north of the capital Tegucigalpa, was shot and killed just outside the city.
    (AFP, 3/12/16)

2016        Apr 29, Honduran officials fired more than two dozen top police officers in an aggressive move to purge security forces that have been accused of being infiltrated by organized crime.
    (Reuters, 4/29/16)

2016        May 27, The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said around 2.8 million people in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras need food aid after two consecutive years of severe drought decimated crops and exacerbated hunger among the poor due to prolonged dry spells since mid-2014, linked to the El Niño weather phenomenon.
    (Reuters, 5/27/16)

2016        Jun 1, In Honduras Rene Martinez (39), a leader in the gay community, was kidnapped in the city of San Pedro Sula. His body was found two days later.
    (AP, 6/4/16)

2016        Jul 30, Doctors in Honduras said six women have delivered babies with the birth defect microcephaly in just three days, raising fresh concerns about the spread of the Zika virus. Honduras has detected 27,869 cases of Zika this year.
    (AFP, 7/30/16)

2016        Aug 14, In Honduras killers wielding assault rifles shot 8 men to death on the outskirts of the capital before dawn. Authorities blamed a territorial dispute between rival street gangs.
    (AP, 8/14/16)

2017        Jul 25, In Pennsylvania the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of Joseph Maurizio (71), accused of sexually abusing orphans during missionary trips to Honduras, and denied his request for a new trial. The suspended priest has maintained his innocence. Maurizio was incarcerated at a low-security federal prison in Ohio with a projected release date of April 2029.
    (AP, 7/26/17)

2017        Oct 5, Tropical Storm Nate was blamed for at least 22 deaths in Central America as it dumped rain across the region. The death toll soon climbed to at least 16 in Nicaragua, 10 in Costa Rica, two in Honduras and two in El Salvador.
    (SFC, 10/6/17, p.A4)(AFP, 10/7/17)(Reuters, 10/8/17)

2017        Nov 26, Hondurans went to the polls with President Juan Orlando Hernandez seeking a second mandate despite a constitutional one-term limit, sparking fears that his bid could usher a crisis in the poverty and crime-wracked country.
    (AFP, 11/26/17)

2017        Nov 27, In Honduras initial election results were released and showed opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla leading President Juan Orlando Hernandez, after a tense evening that saw both men declare themselves the winner before official numbers were announced.
    (AFP, 11/27/17)

2017        Nov 30, Honduran protesters set up barricades and clashed with police near a vote-counting center, following a widely criticized presidential election that produced no clear result in four days and which the opposition says was fraudulent.
    (Reuters, 11/30/17)

2017        Dec 1, In Honduras at least one protester died, over 20 people were injured and more than 100 others were arrested for looting after a delayed and disputed presidential vote count sparked unrest amid opposition accusations of electoral fraud. The government declared a state of emergency late today and imposed a 10-day curfew in an attempt to stop violent demonstrations across the country triggered by claims of presidential election fraud.
    (Reuters, 12/1/17)(AFP, 12/2/17)

2017        Dec 4, In Honduras Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez held on to a lead of more than 52,000 votes in the disputed presidential race as the long-delayed count wrapped up. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal said the final ballot count showed Hernandez with 42.98 percent of the vote, barely ahead of Nasralla with 41.39 percent. But it declined to name an election winner, saying appeals could yet be lodged. The political crisis deepened after hundreds of police revolted against an order to impose a curfew.
    (AP, 12/4/17)(AFP, 12/5/17)
2017        Dec 4, Fugitive Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn, who disappeared six months ago before facing a prison sentence for his central role in a massive Social Security fraud case, was captured in Honduras and will be returned to the US.
    (AP, 12/5/17)

2017        Dec 5, Honduras Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez called late today for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to re-examine all the votes scrutinized from the Nov. 26 election. He said he would be OK with that "because the people deserve respect." Police officers returned to duty after Pres. Hernandez paid Christmas bonuses, promised salary increases and offered to build apartments for officers.
    (AP, 12/6/17)(SFC, 12/6/17, p.A4)

2017        Dec 8, Honduras' two main opposition parties presented formal requests to annul the results of the still-unresolved presidential election. Salvador Nasralla, the challenger in Honduras' still unresolved presidential election, filed a last minute challenge to the Nov. 26 contest that seeks to annul the results and requests a recount. The Honduran electoral court's original tally put President Juan Orlando Hernandez ahead by more than 52,000 votes or 1.6 percent.
    (Reuters, 12/9/17)(AP, 12/9/17)

2017        Dec 15, In Honduras thousands of supporters of opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla blocked highways with flaming barricades to protest the disputed presidential election, in which incumbent Juan Orlando Hernandez holds a slim lead according to official results.
    (AP, 12/16/17)

2017        Dec 16, In Honduras Hilda Hernandez (51), sister of Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez, and five other people were killed in a military helicopter crash on a mountain near Tegucigalpa. Hernandez was an agronomy engineer who served as communications minister under her brother.
    (AP, 12/16/17)

2017        Dec 18, In Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez has been declared the winner of the disputed election, but that did little to quell unrest from weeks of uncertainty as new protests erupted and the Organization of American States (OAS) proposed a re-do of the vote.
    (AP, 12/18/17)

2017        Dec 19, Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez declared himself re-elected despite calls by his opponent and the Organization of American States (OAS) for a fresh vote amid allegations of fraud and deadly protests over last month's disputed election. Opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla called on United States not to recognize the election results.
    (Reuters, 12/19/17)

2017        Dec 22, The Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis had ordered up an investigation into alleged financial and other irregularities in the diocese of one of his top advisers, Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga.
    (AP, 12/22/17)

2018        Jan 6, In Honduras thousands of demonstrators led by opposition leader Salvador Nasralla gathered in San Pedro Sula to protest the re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernandez in a vote they say was fraudulent.
    (AP, 1/7/18)

2018        Jan 12, In Honduras protests against the re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernandez turned violent with security forces firing tear gas and some marchers breaking windows and setting fires.
    (AP, 1/13/18)

2018        Jan 27, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was sworn in for an historic second term after prevailing last year in a bitterly disputed election that sparked deadly protests and international condemnation over alleged fraud.
    (Reuters, 1/27/18)
2018        Jan 27, Honduran authorities promised "an exhaustive investigation" into alleged ties between their new national police chief Jose David Aguilar Moran and a cartel kingpin who's now serving a 20-year sentence in a US federal prison. A confidential Honduran government security report said Aguilar helped the narcotrafficker pull off the delivery of nearly a ton of cocaine in 2013.
    (AP, 1/27/18)

2018        Feb 28, Honduran military police arrested the wife of former Pres. Porfirio Lobo as part of a corruption probe. Prosecutors said she deposited $600,000 in government funds into her personal bank account five days before Lobo ended his 4-year term in 2018. They also said she has not accounted for at least $6 million in government funds for her office.
    (SFC, 3/1/18, p.A2)

2018        Mar 2, Honduran authorities arrested Roberto David Castillo Mejia, an executive with a dam development company, in the 2016 killing of indigenous and environmental activist Berta Caceres, calling him an intellectual author of a crime that sparked an international outcry.
    (AP, 3/3/18)

2018        Mar 25, In southern Mexico a "caravan" of more than 1,200 Central American migrants, organized by the immigrant advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, began at Tapachula and headed to the US border. Its members were disproportionately from Honduras.
    (Reuters, 4/3/18)

2018        May 4, The Trump administration announced that it was ending temporary protected status (TPS) for the 57,000 Hondurans covered under the program. They now have until Jan. 5, 2020, to sort out their affairs before returning home — or try to normalize their migratory status in other ways, such as through marriage or sponsorship.
    (AP, 5/5/18)

2018        Jun 13, Honduras' ruling party said it will cooperate with prosecutors' investigation into allegations public funds were illegally diverted to the 2013 campaign of President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Prosecutors said $11.7 million was diverted from the agriculture ministry to political parties through nonprofit organizations.
    (AP, 6/14/18)

2018        Jul 20, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of a senior Roman Catholic bishop in Honduras, following allegations of financial and sexual impropriety against the cleric.
    (Reuters, 7/21/18)

2018        Oct 15, Up to 3,000 migrants crossed from Honduras into Guatemala on a trek northward, after a standoff with police in riot gear and warnings from Washington that migrants should not try to enter the United States illegally.
    (Reuters, 10/16/18)

2018        Oct 18, US President Donald Trump threatened to send the military to the Mexican border and to imperil a trade deal in an intensification of his anti-immigrant rhetoric ahead of congressional elections. Trump threatened to close the US-Mexico border if authorities there fail to stop an impromptu caravan, as about 3,000 Hondurans made their way north through Guatemala.
    (AFP, 10/18/18)(AP, 10/18/18)

2018        Oct 19, Members of a 3,000-strong US-bound migrant caravan massed in a Guatemalan border town and prepared to begin crossing the muddy Suchiate River to Mexico. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said that members of a caravan of Central American migrants heading north should proceed individually if they decide to enter Mexico.
    (AP, 10/19/18)(Reuters, 10/19/18)
2018        Oct 19, Hundreds of Central American migrants bedded down overnight on a bridge separating Guatemala and Mexico, many squeezed against a metal border gate, as efforts to halt a trek north by a caravan of thousands of people gathered pace under US pressure. A rush on the border ended when Mexican security forces with riot shields and pepper spray drove them back.
    (Reuters, 10/19/18)(AP, 10/20/18)

2018        Oct 22, President Donald Trump said the US will start cutting aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as a caravan of thousands of mostly Honduran migrants rolled on regardless toward the US border.
    (AFP, 10/22/18)

2018        Nov 29, A Honduran court found seven people guilty of participating in the 2016 murder of indigenous and environmental rights activist Berta Caceres, while acquitting one suspect in a case that has drawn international attention.
    (AP, 12/8/18)

2019        Jan 14, In Honduras hundreds of migrants began trekking out of a bus station in the violent northern city of Pedro Sula to join a new caravan of people hoping to reach Mexico or the US.
    (AP, 1/15/19)

2019        Jan 30, Italian authorities said they have seized 644 kg (1,420 pounds) of cocaine hidden in bags of Honduran coffee, one of the largest drug hauls in Italy in recent years.
    (AP, 1/30/19)

2019        Mar 30, The US government cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras after President Donald Trump blasted the Central American countries for sending migrants to the United States and threatened to shutter the US-Mexico border.
    (Reuters, 3/31/19)

2019        Apr 5, In Honduras thousands of people marched through the streets of the Tegucigalpa demanding the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernandez and an investigation of him and his family.
    (AFP, 4/6/19)

2019        May 18, In Honduras five foreigners including the pilot died when their private plane crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Roatán island, a tourist destination on the country’s Atlantic coast.
    (Reuters, 5/19/19)

2019        May 31, In Honduras masked protesters set fire to the gate of the US embassy during massive demonstrations against public sector reforms in the country.
    (AFP, 6/1/19)

2019        Jun 19, Members of a Honduran riot police that have dealt with weeks of protests stood down in Tegucigalpa, allowing adversaries of President Juan Orlando Hernandez to block streets and cause traffic chaos in the city. Members of the National Directorate of Special Forces (DNFE) said if they did not receive better benefits, they would not carry out anti-riot operations.
    (Reuters, 6/19/19)

2019        Jun 20, In Honduras three people were killed in Tegucigalpa in violent protests against President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Riot police ended a three-day work stoppage but warned the government they will not crack down on thousands who continue to protest in the streets demanding President Juan Orlando Hernández resign.
    (AFP, 6/21/19)(AP, 6/21/19)

2019        Jun 24, Honduran military police opened fire on protesting students at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, wounding at least five. Hundreds of students were demanding the resignation of Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez. Three people were killed in protests last week.
    (AFP, 6/25/19)

2019        Jul 27, Mexico's government said it would help Honduras create 20,000 jobs this year and support its coffee farmers as the two countries seek to curb migration to the United States that has created tensions with US President Donald Trump.
    (Reuters, 7/27/19)

2019        Aug 2, US federal prosecutors accused the Honduran government of essentially functioning as a narco state. A document filed in New York refered to Honduran Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez as a con-sonspirator who worked with his brother Juan Antonio Hernandez and former Pres. Porfirio Lobo to use drug trafficking to help assert control over the country.
    (SFC, 8/5/19, p.A4)

2019        Aug 9, The World Food Program (WFP) announced a plan to nearly quadruple the number of people to receive food assistance in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua due to five years of drought. The agency planned assistance to some 700,000, up from 160,000 helped already this year.
    (SFC, 8/10/19, p.A2)

2019        Aug 10, Honduras said it will analyze any US plan to have the Central American country act as a so-called safe third country to help contain migration north, but it has yet to receive any official proposal.
    (Reuters, 8/11/19)

2019        Aug 28, In was reported that 109 deaths from dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease, have been recorded this year in Honduras. At least 2 million people have caught the disease so far this year in Latin America and the Caribbean and more than 720 have died, according to PAHO, the regional arm of the World Health Organization (WHO).
    (Reuters, 8/28/19)

2019        Sep 21, It was reported that the death toll this year from the dengue fever outbreak in Honduras has reached 135.
    (SFC, 9/21/19, p.A2)

 2019        Sep 25, The Trump administration signed a deal with Honduras, the third Central American country that would effectively seal off the region, preventing asylum-seekers traveling through from entering the United States.
    (AP, 9/25/19)

2019        Oct 18, In New York City Juan Antonio Hernandez, the brother of Honduran Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez, was convicted in a major drug conspiracy case enabled by his brother.
    (SFC, 10/19/19, p.A5)

2019        Nov 1, The US Department of Homeland Security announced it is extending temporary protected status coverage for migrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan through Jan. 4, 2021.
    (AP, 11/1/19)

2019        Nov 21, The first Honduran asylum-seeker arrived in Guatemala from El Paso, Texas, under a controversial US agreement that establishes Guatemala as a safe third country to process people fleeing persecution in their homelands.
    (Reuters, 11/21/19)

2019        Dec 12, Guatemala received the first families of migrants sent by the US under an agreement to return non-Guatemalans who passed through that country on their way to the US border, 14 people arrived from Honduras and El Salvador along with 119 Guatemalans deported from El Paso, Texas.
    (SFC, 12/13/19, p.A2)

2019        Dec 20, In Honduras a prison riot in Tela left 19 people dead and 16 others injured. This came several days after the government declared a state of emergency in its prison system.
    (SSFC, 12/22/19, p.A4)(SFC, 12/24/19, p.A2)

2019        Dec 22, In Honduras a prison riot in El Porvenir left 18 people dead. The MS-13 gang had reportedly ordered prison riot to force the government to back down from emergency measures decreed a week earlier.
    (SFC, 12/24/19, p.A2)

2020        Jan 15, In Honduras hundreds of migrants started walking and hitching rides from the city of Pedro Sul in a bid to from a caravan to reach the US.
    (SFC, 1/16/20, p.A2)

2020        Jan 16, Guatemalan police accompanied by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swept up the majority of some 300 migrants  and returned them to the Honduran border. At another border point some 600 migrants rested at a shelter after crossing the frontier earlier in the day and encountering no resistance.
    (SFC, 1/17/20, p.A5)

2020        Apr 30, Federal prosecutors in New York charged charged former Honduran police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares with helping to ship tons of cocaine into the US at the behest of Pres. Juan Antonio Hernandez Alvarado and his brother. Bonilla's whereabouts were unknown.
    (AP, 6/1/12)(SSFC, 5/3/20, p.A3)

2020        Apr 2, Twitter said it has deleted 20,000 fake accounts linked to the governments of Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Honduras and Indonesia, saying they violated company policy and were a “targeted attempt to undermine the public conversation".
    (The Guardian, 4/2/20)

2020        Apr 4, Rafael Callejas (76), the former president of Honduras (1990-1994), died at a US prison in Atlanta. He was known for soliciting thousands of dollars in bribes in a scandal over lucrative broadcasting rights.
    (SFC, 4/6/20, p.A2)

2020        Apr 30, Federal prosecutors in New York charged charged former Honduran police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares with helping to ship tons of cocaine into the US at the behest of Pres. Juan Antonio Hernandez Alvarado and his brother. Bonilla's whereabouts were unknown. In 2021 the US requested Bonilla's extradition.
    (AP, 6/1/12)(SSFC, 5/3/20, p.A3)(SFC, 5/17/21, p.A4)

2020        May 23, In Honduras inmates at a women's prison used a fire late today to distract officials and killed six other prisoners.
    (SFC, 5/26/20, p.A2)

2020        Jun 18, It was reported that Honduras, Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19. Honduras has nearly 10,000 confirmed cases and 330 deaths.
    (SFC, 6/18/20, p.A6)

2020        Jul 19, In Honduras five black indigenous men were abducted from their homes by heavily armed gunmen in police uniforms. Among those abducted was Alberth Snider Centeno Thomas (27), president of the community board and a semi-professional footballer. He had previously reported threats linked to his role defending territorial rights. The abduction of the five Garifuna men come just weeks after the murder of Antonio Bernárdez (71), a Garifuna leader from the Punta Piedra community.
    (The Guardian, 7/23/20)

2020        Aug 19, In Honduras supporters of opposition parties, Partido Liberal de Honduras (PLH) and Libertad y Refundacion (LIBRE), and of the Indignants Movement, demonstrated on a bridge with a Honduran flag reading "Where is the money" hanging from it, against the government of President Juan Orlando Hernandez.
    (AFP, 8/20/20)

2020        Oct 1, About 2,000 Honduran migrants hoping to reach the United States entered Guatemala on foot this morning, testing the newly reopened frontier that had been shut by the coronavirus pandemic. Guatemala’s Pres. Alejandro Giammattei quickly vowed to detain them and return them to Honduras.       
    (AP, 10/1/20)

2020        Oct 3, Hundreds of US-bound Honduran migrants, who had entered Guatemala this week without registering, were bused back to their country's border by authorities who met them with a large roadblock.
    (AP, 10/3/20)

2020        Nov 5, The rain-heavy remains of Hurricane Eta flooded homes in Honduras as the death toll across Central America rose to at least 13. Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei said at least 50 people had been killed in landslides in his own country adding to seven victims in Honduras and two in Nicaragua. Guatemala’s national emergency agency later said only that at least 50 people were missing in San Cristobal Verapaz. .
    (AP, 11/5/20)

2020        Nov 16, Hurricane Iota, the 13th of the Atlantic season, made landfall in northeastern Nicaragua at 10:40 p.m. Eastern time as a Category 4 storm, with wind speeds of up to about 155 miles per hour.
    (SFC, 11/16/20, p.A2)(NY Times, 11/17/20)

2020        Nov 22, In Honduras thousands of victims from hurricanes Eta and Iota have taken shelter under highway overpasses or bridges as shelters became overcrowded. In all, some 200 people died and 7 million were affected by the storms, most of them in Honduras and Guatemala.
    (SFC, 11/23/20, p.A4)(Econ., 12/12/20, p.38)

2020        Nov 29, It was reported that El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have rounded up hundreds of suspected street gang members as part of US-backed "Operation Regional Shield." Arrest warrants had been issued for 1,152 suspects of whom 572 were arrested in a week-long effort.
    (SSFC, 11/29/20, p.A4)

2020        Dec 10, Honduran authorities began trying to break up a caravan of hundreds of people who set off for the United States to escape the impact of back-to-back hurricanes, testing efforts to stem immigration from the battered region.
    (Reuters, 12/10/20)

2021        Jan 15, Honduran migrants began walking toward the Guatemalan border before dawn, driven by deepening poverty and the hope of a warmer reception if they can reach the US border. Guatemalan officials estimated around 6,500 people to be heading north to the US.
    (AP, 1/15/21)(Reuters, 1/16/21)

2021        Jan 17, Hundreds of mostly Honduran migrants huddled overnight on a highway in eastern Guatemala after domestic security forces used sticks and tear gas to halt the passage of a US-bound caravan just days before U.S. President-elect Joe Biden takes office.
    (Reuters, 1/17/21)

2021        Jan 23, Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Pres. Joe Biden told him a day earlier that the US would send $4 billion to help development in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala — nations whose hardships have spawned tides of migration through Mexico toward the US.
    (AP, 1/24/21)

2021        Feb 6, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Biden administration has notified El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras that the US has suspended, with immediate effect, the Asylum Cooperative Agreements and will begin the process of terminating them.
    (AP, 2/7/21)

2021        Feb 7, In Honduras Kelly Martínez (26), a trainee nurse from La Esperanza, died in police custody last weekend after being detained for breaching a coronavirus curfew. A preliminary autopsy found she had died from “mechanical asphyxiation" and prosecutors announced they were investigating her death as a murder.
    (The Guardian, 2/12/21)

2021        Apr 12, The Biden administration announced that it has reached deals with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to increase border enforcement, aiming to reduce migrant flows.
    (AP, 4/12/21)

2021        Jun 24, Honduras opened its embassy in contested Jerusalem, becoming the fourth country to follow the US move under former President Donald Trump to relocate its chief diplomatic mission in Israel from Tel Aviv.
    (AP, 6/24/21)

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