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440 Int’l.    = Internet Web page:  Those Were the Days.

AAM        = Alaska Airlines Magazine, 3/96.

AAP        = Art After Pieces, Ward Kimball, 1964, Pocket Books, NY.

AARP        = AARP The Magazine, American Association of Retired People.

Acad        = Academy, Newsletter of the California Academy of Sciences.

ACC        = Austin, Nevada, Chamber of Commerce

A.Com        = Amazon.Com Internet book ad, e-mail spam.

ADH        = Arthur D. Howard, Geologic History of Middle California, 1979, Univ. of California Press.

ADN        = Anchorage Daily News, Anchorage, Alaska.

Adv. E. Tufte    = A mailout for a one-day course by Edward Tufte, author of "Envisioning Information" and "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information."

AFROAM-L    = Afro-American Archives, Internet, 2/95, today in History.

AFP        = Agence Française de Presse

AH        = American History Magazine
AHHT        = American History Magazine, Historic Traveler insert.

AHD        = American Heritage Dictionary, ed. William Morris, 1971, Am Her. Publ &
    Houghton  Mifflin.

AHDD        = Automobile History Day by Day, Douglas A. Wick, 1997.

AHM        = Aviation History Magazine, Internet.

AHS        = Austin, Nevada, Historical Society

AJSF        The Argonaut Journal of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, Vol. 14. No. 2, Winter, 2003.

A&IP        = America and Its Presidents, Earl Schenk Miers, 1964, Tempo Books, Gross & Dunlap, N.Y.

Alg        = Algebra, Structure and Method Book I, 1990, Houghton Miflin.

AM        = Archeology Magazine, the Archeological Inst. of America.

AMNHDT    = American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours Brochure

AOL        = America On Line, retrieved from the Internet.

AP        = Associated Press

APM        = Australian Prime Ministers edited by Michelle Grattan, © 2000, reprinted 2001, Published in Australia by New Holland Publishers, 14 Aquatic Drive, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086, ISBN 1 86436 756 3.

Arch        = Archeology Magazine

ASCTS    = A Star Called the Sun, George Gamow, 1964, Viking Press.

ATC        = Across the Centuries, Social Studies Text ed. by Armento, Nash, Salter,     Wixson, 1991     Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston.

AWAM        = America West Airline Magazine

AWC        = The  Almanac of World Crime, Jay Robert Nash, 1982.

BAAC         = Bay Area Accordion Club newsletter.

BAAC PN    = Bay Area Accordion Club Program Notes, Ken Chambers, 1/8/96.

Baker        = Justinian: The Last Roman Emperor by G.P. Baker, Cooper Square Press, 2002.

Bay        = Bay Nature magazine, An Exploration of San Francisco Bay Area nature.

BD         = Becton Dickinson, employee letters, memos, etc.

Beat. For.    = Beatles Forever, Starlog Comm Int'l, Inc., 1995.

BEP        = Bureau of Electronic Publishing, CD-ROM, Multimedia World History, 1994.

BFST        = "Beloved Friend" The Story of Tchaikovsky and Nadejda Von Meck by Catherine Drinker Bowen and Barbara Von Meck, Random House, 1937.

BHT        = A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking, 1988, Bantam.

BJSJ        = The Business Journal, serving San Jose and Silicon Valley.

BLM        = US Bureau of Land Management, brochure.

BLW        = Brahms: His Life and Work, Karl Geiringer, 1934, 1963 ed.

BMTI        = Bull Market Technical Investor, an online newsletter, (2000).

BN        = Baltic News, a community newsletter published every 3 months by the Baltic Council of Northern California.

BS        = Baltimore’s The Sun Newspaper

Buckeye    = San Bruno Mountain Watch information publication

BWH        = The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (1988 Aquarian Press).

Calg. Glen.    = Calgary, Canada, Glenbow Museum public handout. Article by assoc. curator L. Christensen, 1996.

CAM        = Canadian Airlines Magazine, Transcontinental Publ., Toronto.

Camelot    =

Canada    = Canada: A Modern History, J. Bartlet Brebner, Univ. of Mich. 1960.

Carmignano    = Carmignano wine bottle label, 1997, Villa Artimino

CAS        = California Academy of Sciences adult & family education brochure.

CBC        = Charles B. Compton: "Born to Fly: Some Life Sketches of Lieutenant Colonel William P. Benedict of California" (2002).

CDWR        = California Dept. Water Resources, brochure, 2002.

CSWP        = California State Water Project, brochure, 2002.
CFA        = Canadian Farmer's Almanac, Vol. 179, ed. by Peter Geiger.  PO Box, 1609     Lewiston, Maine, USA 04241.

CG        = California Gold, a series of video tapes on California history with Huell Howser.

CHA        = Colma, Ca., Historical Assoc.

Cinemayyat    = Publication for the 4th annual Arab Film Festival in San Francisco, Sep 7, 2000. 415-564-2203

CJ        = Cassette Jacket

CLTIH        = CityLine Today in History, San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner Info Service. Today in History. 415-808-5000-2170

CM        = Compuserve Magazine

CMW        = Chronology of the Modern World, Neville Williams, David McKay Co., 1968ed.

CO        = Compuserve Online

COE        = Compuserve Online Encyclopedia

CNN        = Cable News Network

CNT        = CondeNast Traveler Magazine.

Cont        = Continental Airlines Inflight Magazine

CP        = Canadian Press

CSM        = Christian Science Monitor

CSOE        = Compuserve Online Encyclopedia

CT        = Chicago Tribune

CU        = Catholic Update

CVG        = Columbia Visitors Guide

CW        = California Wild, Magazine of the California Academy of Sciences

CYBX        = Cyberonics Corp. annual report.

CyCEO    = Cypres Semiconductor: statement by CEO Dr. T.J. Rogers to the Senate committee on governmental affairs... pamphlet, 6/3/97

DA        = Dailyaid 1992, The Silent Secretary, Woolworth, NY.

DAH        = Documents of American History, Henry Steele Commanger, 3rd ed., F S. Crofts & Co, NY, 1946.

DAL        =

Daly City Fog Cutter = Daly City, Ca., community newsletter.

DataDragon    = DataDragon,

DBD        = Day By Day: The Fifties (Facts on File).

DC        = Discovery Channel (TV).

DCFD        = Daly City Fire Department, Centennial presentation

DD-EVTT    = David Dineley, Earth’s Voyage Through Time, 1974, A.A. Knopf, N.Y.
    [Excellent summary of geologic history.]

DFP        = Detroit Free Press

Disc        = Discovery Channel TV

DM        = Dick Morris, descendent of inventors Hiram and John Pitts.

DoW        = "Dictionary of Wars" by George Childs Kohn, copyright 1999. Printed by Checkmark Books, 11 Penn Plaza, New York NY 10001. Retail was $22.95.

DPCP        = Liner notes from 24 color postcard collection of impressionist paintings from the Art Inst. of Chicago by Dover Publ. 1984.

Dr        = Draugas: The Friend, Lithuanian daily newspaper, 4545 W. 63rd St., Chicago, Ill. 312-585-9500, fax: 312-585-8284, [email protected]
DrEE        = Draugas, English Edition.

DT Internet    =, gone
DTnet        =, gone
        =, current David Tanny

E&IH        = The Earth and Its History, Richard Foster Flint, 1973, W.W. Norton, N.Y.

EAWC        = Exploring Ancient World Cultures, 1996, Web page.

EofA        = Eleanor of Aquitane: The Mother Queen, by Desmond Seward, Dorset Press, 1978.

EB        = Encyclopedia Britannica.
           Year in Review 2002   

Echo        = Newsletter for Becton Dickinson retirees.

Econ        = The Economist magazine
Econ Sp    = The Economist magazine, special insert.

EEE        = (, p.12)

EMN        = Early Music News, San Francisco Newsletter.

ElMus        = Electronic Musician Magazine

Enc of Africa    = Encyclopedia of Africa, Franklin Watts, publ., 1976, London.

enRoute    = enRoute, Air Canada Airline Magazine, Nov. '95, Feb.'96.

Esq        = Esquire Magazine

EntW        = Entertainment Weekly Magazine

EW        = Eye witness account. I, Algis Ratnikas, was there.

EWH        = Encyclopedia of World History, ed. by W.L. Langer, 4th ed., Houghton Mifflin, 1968.

Exc        = Excursions, Reno Air Magazine

EXC        = Excite History Chat, Internet.

Disc.Ch.    = Discovery Channel, Cable TV, San Francisco, 1995.

F        = Forbes Magazine

FAMSF    = Fine Arts Museums of SF, internet letter.

FB        = Fresno Bee

FineArts    = A publication by the Museums of San Francisco

Fin. Post    = The Financial Post, Canada's Business Voice.

FT        = Financial Times

Fremontia    = Journal of the California Native Plant Society

G        = Gateways, Quarterly newsletter of the Golden Gate Nat’l Parks Association.

GAAE        = Grolier’s Amer. Acad. Enc.

GDC        = The Great Daly City Historical Trivia Book advertising flyer.

GDCH        = The Great Daly City Historical Trivia Book by Bunny Gillespie, 1986.

GEG        = Gnat’s Eye Gnus, UM alumni newsletter from the Biology Dept.

GEH        = Great Events From History, Magill & Weltin, Vol 1, Salem Press, 1972.

GenIV        = Genesis, The Alumni magazine of St. Ignatius College Preparatory (San Francisco), Winter 204-2005

G&M        = The Globe and Mail, Canada's National Newspaper.

GH-ADH    = Geologic History of Middle California by Arthur D. Howard, 1979, UC Press.

GQ         = Greenpeace Quarterly,

GTP        = “Gateway to the Peninsula: A History of the City of Daly City” by Samuel C. Chandler, City Librarian, 1973.

Guar        = The Guardian,

Harvard BDM    = The Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music, Willi Apel & Ralph T. Daniel, 1967 ed., Wash. Square Press, N.Y.

HBDM        = Horizon, the Becton Dickinson Magazine.

HC        = History Channel: Various TV shows i.e. "The Last Mass Execution."
        = "Today in History," Based on The History Channnel Television Series" copyright 2003 A&E Television Network.

HCB        = History Channel Book, 2003

HCQ        = History Channel Quiz, WWW page, today on HistoryNet.

Hem        = Hemispheres, United Airlines onboard monthly magazine.

HFA        = Harris' Farmer's Almanac, 1996, Harris Publ., N.Y.

HIR        = Helena, The Independent Record, daily of Helena, Montana

H of L         = History of Lithuania (Lietuvos Istorija), Doc. Pr. Penkauskas, Kaunas, 1931

HN        = History Net, Internet, Today in History.

HNC        = HistoryNet Communique

HND        = History Net Digest, pushed e-mail.

HNQ        = HistoryNet daily Quiz, see HN

Horizon    = Horizon, The Becton Dickinson Magazine, 1 Becton Dr., Franklin Lakes, N.J.

HoS        = History of Spain, Charles E. Chapman, MacMillan Co., NY, 1918
        Based on the work of Rafael Altamira.

HT        = Historic Traveler Magazine

HTnet        = History Today,

IBCC        = Int’l Business Communication’s Council, What’s Up in Factories brochure.

ICN        = ICN Pharmaceuticals, Annual Report.

I&I        = Ideas and Information, Arno Penzias, 1989, Touchstone, NY, NY.

I&WWI        = Imperialism and World War I, Vol XIII, 1966, Golden Press, NY.

IHub        = Investors Hub,

Ind        = The Independent, serving Daly City, Brisbane and Colma, Ca.

INV        = Inside Napa Valley, Napa Valley Publ. Co.

IPS        = Inter Press Service

IS        = The Idaho Statesman Newspaper

Ist.L.H.        = History of Old Lithuania, (Istorija, Senu Senove, Lietuvos Istorija), Esmaitis, 1948, Dillingenas ties Dunojum.

ITV        = Inside the Vatican.

IW        = Information Week, daily high tech business info download.

Jap. Enc.    = Japan Encyclopedia, Boye Lafatette De Mente, 1995, Passport Books, Lincolnwood, Ill.

K.I.-365D    = Keith G. Irwin, The 365 Days, The Story of Our Calendar, 1963, T.Y. Crowell Co., N.Y.

KMB        = Kohl Mansion Brochure, 2003.

KRN        = Knight Ridder Newspapers

LaPen        = La Peninsula, The Journal of the San Mateo Historical Society

LAT        = Los Angeles Times

LC        = Lithuanian Calendar, 24th edition, Toronto, 1998.

LCNT        = Latimer County New Tribune (Oklahoma)

LCTH        = Library of Congress, Today in History

L.C.-W.P.      = Leonard Cotrell, The Warrior Pharaohs, 1968, Evans Brothers Ltd, London.

LG        = [email protected]

LGC-HCS    = Harold C. Schonberg, Lives of the Great Composers, 1970, W.W. Norton &     Co., N.Y.

LHC        = Lithuanian History Calendar, Tomas Baranauskas: [email protected]

LHS        = Lawrence Hall of Science, welcome flyer.

LitCaL        =

LP        = Land&People, a quarterly magazine of the Trust for Public Land,

LSA        = LSA Magazine,  Univ. of Michigan.

LT        = Lan Times, a McGraw Hill Magazine for Enterprise Networking.

Maggio    =, gone
        =  [email protected]

MC        =

MofB        = Mysteries of the Bible on the Arts and Entertainment TV network.

MofE        = Murmurs of Earth, Carl Sagan et al., Random House, 1978.

MH        = Military History Magazine, Internet.

MM        = Money Magazine

MoTV        = Movies on TV, 1977,ed. by Steven H. Scheuer.

MT        = Michigan Today, (10/94, Vol. 26, No.3), (10/95, Vol 27, No.3).

MWH        = Multimedia World History, Bureau of Electronic Publishing, 1994.

NAS-BM    = National Academy of Sciences, Biographical Memoir, Internet.

NH, Nat. Hist.    = Natural History, the monthly magazine of the American Museum of Natural History.

New Media    = New Media Magazine, A Multimedia magazine.

NG        = National Geographic.

NGM        = National Geographic Map

NMWA        = National Museum of Women in the Arts magazine

NOHY        = The Next One Hundred Years, Jonathan Weiner, 3/1990, Bantam.

NPub        = NASA Publication SP-2002-09-511-HQ

NPR        = National Public Radio.

NPS-CNM    = National Park Service, Cabrillo National Monument

NW        = Newsweek Magazine, SAS = Special Advertising Section.

NYT        = New York Times newspaper

NYTBR    = New York Times Book Review

OAH        = Organization of American Historians Newsletter

OG        = Olga’s Gallery,

O.M.H.-R.L    = The Origin of Modern Humans, Roger Lewin,  1993, Scientific Am. Lib.

OAPOC-T.H.    = On a Piece of Chalk, Thomas Henry Huxley, Ed. & Intro by Loren Eisely,     Scribner, NY, 1967.

OGA        = Oxford Univ., Gabe’s Almanac, Internet

ON    = Old News, 3 West Brandt Blvd., Landisville, Pa. 17538-1105.

OTD        =

OT        = The Ottomans, Andrew Wheatcroft, Viking, 1993.

Panic        = The Panic of 1837, Reginald Charles, McGrane, 1924, Phoenix ed. 1965. 

PC        = Post Card

PG        = Program Guide, usually associated with the subject of the entry.

PM        = Parade Magazine

Park        = The Park, Quarterly News and Information for members and friends of the Golden Gate National Park Association.

PacDis        = Pacific Discovery, Calif. Academy of Sciences, Vol.47, No.2.

PBS-TV    = Public Broadcasting Television

PCh        = The People's Chronology, James Trager, Henry Holt & Co. 1992 ed.

PC Comp.     = PC Computing. A computer magazine of Ziff-Davis Publ.

PCTA        = Pacific Crest Trail Communcator

PI        = Peninsula Independent, 824 Cowan Rd., Burlingame Ca.
    415-692-9406, fax 415-692-7587

PGA        = Poor Gabriel’s Almanac, Internet,

PG-Comm    = Peter Gessner, e-mail correction.

PNI        = The Pacific Northwest Inlander, a weekly newsmagazine for Spokane, Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

PNM        = Program Notes for the SF Magnificat presentation of La Grandmere amoureuse.

Polar Times    = The Polar Times Magazine

PP        = Power Politics by Arundhati Roy, 2001, South End Press, 7 Brookline St. #1 - Cambridge, MA.  02139        

PR        = Press Release

PSS        = Pacific Stars and Stripes, US military paper.

PTA        = Popes Through the Ages, Neff-Kane, 1980.

PWG        = Peasant War in Germany, Frederick Engels, 1850.

Quick Topic:

RBI        = Recorded Books, Inc. Box 409, Charlotte Hall, MD, 20622
    1-800-638-1304, 270 Skipjack Rd., Prince Frederick, Md., 20678

RC handout     = Roaring Camp Memorial Day 5/27/96, American Civil War Assoc. re-enactment.

Reuters      = Reuters News Service   

RFH-MDHP    = Robert F. Heizer, MAN’S DISCOVERY OF HIS PAST, A Sourcebook of Original Articles, 1973, Peek Publ., Palo Alto, Ca. (RFH-MDHP, 1969, p.xx)

R.M.-P.H.C    = R.A. Stewart Macalister, THE PHILISTINES, Their History and Civilization, The Schweich Lectures 1911, 1965, Argonaut Inc, Chicago, Ill.

RNR        = Reno News and Reviews, Chico Community Publ., Chico, Ca.

RTH        = Reuter's Today in History

SAM        = Scientific American Mind

SB        = Site Brochure

SC        = Scope Systems, Today in History,

SCal        = Safeway Calendar

SCTC        = A Star Called the Sun, George Gamow, 1964, Viking Press, N.Y.

SD        = Stonehenge Decoded by Gerald Hawkins (1965) ISBN-0-88029-147-8

SFE        = San Francisco Examiner

SFC        = San Francisco Chronicle

SFCM        = San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

SFEC         = San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle (Sunday ed.)

SFEM        = San Francisco Examiner Magazine.

SFL        = Code word for San Francisco location

SFME        = Southern Fossil  & Mineral Exchange Newsletter, French Market, New Orleans.

SI-WPC     = St. Ignatius High School, San Francisco, Winter Pops Concert notes.

SJBJ        = The Business Journal serving San Jose and Silicon Valley. (Vol 13, No.36)

SJM        = San Jose Mercury News

SJSVB         = The San Jose and Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Sky        = Sky, Delta Airlines in-flight magazine.

Sm.        = Smithsonian Magazine.

SMBA        = St. Michaels Business Association, Visitor’s Welcome Brochure.

SMBP        = San Mateo Ballot Pamphlet.

SMH        = Sydney Morning Herald

Smith.        = Smithsonian, Smithsonian Assoc., Wash. DC. (4/95)(5/95)

SMMB        = San Mateo Museum Brochure

SMTS        = San Mateo Times Supplement

Sp        = Spirit, The Southwest Airlines Magazine.

SS        = Scope Systems, Today in History, Internet.

SSF        = South San Francisco, a History by Linda Kaufman, 1976

SSFC        = Sunday SF Chronicle, beginning Nov 26, 2000.

ST        = The Seattle Times

StuAus    = Study in Austria , Austrian Rector's Conference & Austrian Academic Exchange Service, April, 1995, Vienna.

TAI        = Timeline of the automotive industry:

T&L        = Travel and Leisure Magazine

TAR        = Timberline Software Corp. 1996 Annual Report.

Tat        = The Tattler, a Journal of the History Guild of Daly City.

TB-Comm    = Tomas Baranauskas, Lithuanian historian, e-mail commentaries:

TB, LC        = Lithuanian Historical Calendar, compiled by Tomas Baranauskas. - Vilnius: Zara, 1999.

T.E.-J.B.    = Time Exposure: A Photographic Record of the Dinosaur Age, Jane Bur-ton, Dougal Dixon, Beaufort Books, N.Y., 1984.

TGR        = Taylor’s Guide to Roses, ed. by Peter Schneider, 1995, Houghton Mifflin NY.

THC        = The History Channel

THM        = Travelhost Magazine,

TJOK        = The Jews of Khazaria by Kevin A. Brook

TLC        = The Learning Channel, cable TV.
            BTCW = Battles That Changed the World
TLFDF     = Tenth Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival Program Guide, 7/6/96, Chicago, Ill.

TL-MB        = Time Lines, ed. by Mitchell Beazley, Mitchell Beazley Publ. Ltd, London, 1988)

TMC        = Time Magazine Covers, Time Inc. Magazine Co., 1994

TMP        = The Miracle Planet, The Third Planet, Video, KCTS, 1987, “ 1992, Reader's .Digest

TMPV        = The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian, tr. & ed. William Marsden, re-ed. by     Thomas Wright, illust. by Jon Corbino, Doubleday, N.Y., 1948)

TNG        = The New Gravitation, H. Arthur Klein, J.B. Lipincott Co. N.Y., 1971.

TOH        = The Timetables of History, by Bernard Grun based on Werner Stein’s Kulturfahrplan, Simon & Shuster Touchstone ed. N.Y., 1982.

TVM        = TV Movies, 1975 edition, ed. by Leonard Maltin

TW        = Tony Wheeler, founder Lonely Planet travel books, e-mail.

UCSF        = Frontiers of Medicine, newsletter.

USAT         = USA Today Newspaper

USAW        = USA Weekend, Sunday newspaper supplement.

USBF          = US Baltic Foundation News

USDI        = US Dept. of the Interior, brochure, Battle Mountain, Nevada

USLC        = US Lib. Of Congress.

V.D.-H.K.       = Charles Van Doren, History of Knowledge, 1991, Ballantine Books, N.Y.

VH1        = Television Station

Video MP    = Video, The Miracle Planet, The Third Planet, KCTS, 1987, “ 1992, Reader's Digest

V. Sun        = The Vancouver Sun, a daily newspaper of British Columbia.

WA         = World Almanac and WA CD-ROM.

WaP        = Washington Post

WBO        = World Book Encyclopedia Online

WC        = War of 1812 Consortium, Journal of the War of 1812 and the Era 1800 to 1840.

WCG        = Wine Country Guide, Your Guide to Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties, July 1995, Spotlight Publ.

WDA        = Woolworth Dailyaide [see DA]

WGN-BTL    = Superstation WGN, Bozo Timeline

Wikipedia    =

Wired        = Wired Magazine, a publication of Wired Ventures, SF, Ca.

WH        = World History, 4th ed., 1994, D.C. Heath)

WM        = The World’s Money: Int’l. Banking from Bretton Woods to the Brink of Insolvency by Michael Moffitt, Simon & Schuster, 1983.

WP        = The White Plague, Rene and Jean Dubos, 1952, Little, Brown & Co.

WPR        = World Press Review, The Stanley Foundation, NYC, 700 Broadway, 212-982-8880

WSJ        = Wall Street Journal

WSUAN    = Wayne State Univ. Alumni News, Alumni House, 441 Ferry Mall, Det. Mi., 48202, 313-577-2300

WT-NWA     = World Traveler, Northwest Airlines passenger magazine.

WUD        = Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1994, Barnes & Noble.

WW        = Wild West Magazine, Internet.

WW2D    = World War II, Day by Day, Doris Kindersley Publ., NY, 2001.

WWofA    = Who's Who of Accordionists, publ. by Texas Accordion Assoc.)

WWW, WC    =

XXIA        = XXI Amzius, Lithuanian Catholic newspaper.

YB        = Yahoo online Britannica

YD        = York Dispatch, reporter feedback 10/2001.

YN        = YarraNet,

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