Timeline 1998 July - September

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1998        Jul 1, Pres. Clinton in Guilin and Shanghai, China, said to the Chinese that the environment must not be sacrificed for economic growth. China was reported to have the top ten of the world’s most polluted cities. Clinton urged his Chinese hosts to also open markets and battle corruption.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.A1,14)(AP, 7/1/99)
1998        Jul 1, Florida fires closed a 125-mile section of I-95.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 1, The European Central Bank was inaugurated with headquarters in Frankfurt under Pres. Wim Duisenberg.
    (SFC, 5/1/98, p.A18)(SFC, 7/2/98, p.C3)
1998        Jul 1, The UN imposed sanctions on Unita-held areas in Angola due to the former rebels refusal to abide by a 1994 peace accord.
    (WSJ, 7/2/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 1, In the Congo Etienne Tshisekedi, opposition leader, was freed from internal exile and returned to the capital.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.C2)
1998        Jul 1, In England the memorial museum to Princess Diana opened on what would have been her 37th birthday at Althorp House, Great Brington.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 1, In South Korea Pres. Kim Dae Jung ordered the release of political prisoners. Some 500 prisoners were expected to be released by Aug 15, the 50th anniversary of the end of Japanese occupation.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.A16)
1998        Jul 1, In Sicily Mt. Etna erupted for 30 minutes.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A7)
1998        Jul 1, In Northern Ireland David Trimble, head of the Ulster Unionist Party, became the first minister of the new Northern Ireland Assembly. Seamus Mallon was elected deputy first minister.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 1, In Russia the Duma approved 9 of 20 economic measures called for by Pres. Yeltsin. The Russian market reached its lowest level in 25 months.
    (SFC, 7/2/98, p.C2)

1998        Jul 2, Apologizing to viewers and Vietnam veterans for "serious faults" in its reporting, Cable News Network retracted a story alleging U.S. commandos had used nerve gas to kill American defectors during the war.
    (AP, 7/2/99)
1998        Jul 2, The US Treasury Dept. allowed direct charter flights between Florida and Cuba to resume.
    (SFC, 6/29/98, p.A4)
1998        Jul 2, OpenTable, an online restaurant-reservation service company, was founded in San Francisco by Chuck Templeton.
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenTable)(SFC, 9/5/17, p.D1)
1998        Jul 2, Algeria agreed to allow a UN team to investigate the killings and promised free access to all sources of information.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.A16)
1998        Jul 2, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Jamaica reported plans to establish the Caribbean Court of Justice in 1999 and planned to change their constitutions to free themselves of the British Privy Council. The effort was pushed to establish the death penalty.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 2, With Guyana in turmoil Pres. Jagan met with former pres. Hoyte in St. Lucia to make a deal that provided the opposition more say.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 2, In Hungary a gangland car bomb killed 4 and injured 25 people in Budapest. It was directed at Jozsef Tamas Boros, a restaurateur who was cooperating with a police investigation. A turf war between Russian, Ukrainian, Romania, Turkish and Arab gangs had led to 140 bombings since 1991.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 2, The World Bank approved $1 billion loan to Indonesia as part of its $4.5 contribution to the $41 billion rescue package.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 2, Japan announced that a string of bridge banks would be set up to run failed banks as bad loans are sold and lending is continued.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 2, In Nigeria UN Sec. Gen’l. Kofi Annan announced that at least 250 political prisoners would soon be released including Moshood Abiola.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 2, In Northern Ireland 10 Roman Catholic churches were set on fire by arsonists.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 2, In Shawan, Pakistan, Haji Mohammad Alam Channa, the world’s tallest man at 7 feet 7 and 1/4 inches, died at age 42 from kidney disease.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.C2)
1998        Jul 2, In Russia the government ordered Gazprom to pay 4.2 billion rubles in unpaid taxes and to start regular tax payments. Gazprom is 40% owned by the government and threats were made to seize the company. As part of the deal the government agreed to pay billions of rubles for oil and gas used by government agencies. The deal was estimated to be a wash.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.D3)
1998        Jul 2, In Uzbekistan the state genetics' institute at Tashkent was reported to be working on a fungus to kill opium poppies. Pleospora papaveracea was a nuisance fungus that had been under development by Soviets in the 1980s.
    (SFC, 7/3/98, p.A14)

1998        Jul 3, Pres. Clinton ended his trip to China and praised Pres. Zemin as a man with "good imagination." Clinton concluded his Far East tour in Hong Kong, where he challenged leaders to set the pace for rescuing Asia from the region's financial crisis.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/3/9)
1998        Jul 3, A Western Water Policy Review Commission reported that farms and ranches, which soak up to 78% of the West’s available water, must give some up to the growing cities and restore degraded ecosystems.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 3, Residents in northeastern Florida continued to evacuate because of wildfires closing in from three directions.
    (AP, 7/3/9)
1998        Jul 3, The 12th World AIDS Conference ended in Geneva.
    (AP, 7/3/9)
1998        Jul 3, In Colombia rebels of the ELN freed 15 hostages, members of the army backed civic group called "Girls of Steel" in a deal brokered by Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 3, In Indian-held Kashmir Pakistani shelling forced over 2,000 villagers to flee and 7 people were reported killed in Dawar.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 3, Serbian forces in Kosovo broke through a stone blockade near Kijevo.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A8)

1998        Jul 3-5, 1998 Vienna celebrated the 400th anniversary of opera.
    (SFEC, 5/10/98, p.T3)

1998        Jul 4, Jana Novotna of the Czech Republic won the women's title at Wimbledon, defeating France's Nathalie Tauziat 6-4, 7-6 (7-2).
    (AP, 7/4/99)
1998        Jul 4, In Finland in the annual Wife Carrying World Championships, 2 Estonian couples won top honors in the 278 yard course in Sonkajarvi.
    (SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A2)
1998        Jul 4, Japan launched its Planet-B probe to Mars the Planet-B on its M-5 rocket, which is to begin beaming back photographs and data from the Red Planet in October 1999.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A10)(AP, 7/4/99)
1998        Jul 4, In Kosovo fresh fighting erupted outside Suva Reka, a region with 60,000 residents.
    (SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A17)
1998        Jul 4, In Pakistan Zuhair Akram Nadeem, a former provincial and federal legislator, was shot a killed by 2 men on motorcycle.
    (SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 4, Aftershocks hit southern Turkey and some 1000 people were reportedly injured.
    (SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A14)

1998        Jul 5, Pete Sampras won Wimbledon for the fifth time in six years with a 6-7 (2-7), 7-6 (11-9), 6-4, 3-6, 6-2 triumph over Goran Ivanisevic.
    (AP, 7/5/99)
1998        Jul 5, Algeria celebrated independence and put into effect a new law making Arabic the country’s sole official language. The Berber minority struggled to have the government recognize their own language, Tamazight.
    (SFC, 6/27/98, p.A13)(SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 5, In Bangladesh a memorandum of understanding was signed with the US that would allow Peace Corps volunteers to work here.
    (SFC, 7/6/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 5, In Hong Kong the 73-year-old Kai Tak Airport closed after 73 years of operation.
    (SFC, 3/18/98, p.A10)(SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 5, In India the government announced that it would ban all lotteries.
    (SFC, 7/6/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 5, Voters in Mexico elected governors in 10 states. The PRI won in Chihuahua with Patricio Martinez Garcia and in Durango. The PRD won in Zacatecas with Ricardo Monreal.
    (SFC, 7/4/98, p.A8)(SFC, 7/7/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 5, In Northern Ireland British forces blocked the Protestant march by the Orangemen outside the main Catholic neighborhood of Portadown. Some 1,000 members of the Orange Order began a protest and threatened violence. Rioting erupted in south-central Belfast.
    (SFC, 7/6/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/5/99)
1998        Jul 5, In the Philippines Pres. Estrada announced that a yacht would be equipped as an office to allow him to spend months in the central Visayas and Mindanao regions.
    (SFC, 7/6/98, p.A9)

1998        Jul 6, Se Ri Pak, a 20-year-old rookie golfer from South Korea, became the youngest winner of the U.S. Women's Open, defeating American amateur Jenny Chuasiriporn in sudden death.
    (AP, 7/6/99)
1998        Jul 6, It was reported that a planned shipment of nuclear rods was to be transported across Northern California, Nevada and Utah to Idaho for processing before final storage in South Carolina. The federal government had made 154 secret shipments of spent nuclear fuel rods over the last 40 years. Four more shipments from 7 Asian countries were planned to occur by 2009.
    (SFC, 7/6/98, p.a1)
1998        Jul 6, Roy Rogers (b.1911), singing cowboy, died at age 86 in Apple Valley, Calif. He was born as Leonard Franklin Slye in Cincinnati where his father worked in a shoe factory. Rogers starred in 81 Westerns [87 movies] and 101 episodes for his TV show.
    (SFC, 7/7/98, p.A1,2)(SFC, 7/8/98, p.A20)(AP, 7/6/99)
1998        Jul 6, The new Hong Kong Int’l. Airport at Chek Lap Kok welcomed its first commercial flight. Pres. Clinton flew in here a week prior to the official opening. The $20.6 billion project was built on reclaimed land off the northern coast of Lantau island. Inefficient coordination led to chaos on the 1st day.
    (SFEC, 7/5/98, p.A9,T3)(WSJ, 3/3/05, p.A11)
1998        Jul 6, Kazakhstan and Russia signed an agreement that divided the northern part of the Caspian seabed into Russian and Kazak sectors.
    (SFC, 7/7/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 6, Mobs battled police across Northern Ireland for a 2nd day after British authorities blocked an Orange Order march in Portadown. Protests continued even though the Parade’s Commission decided to permit a July 13 Protestant march in Belfast’s Lower Ormeau section.
    (SFC, 7/7/98, p.A8)(AP, 7/6/99)   

1998        Jul 7, The American League defeated the National League 13-8 in baseball's All-Star Game, played in Denver.
    (AP, 7/7/99)
1998        Jul 7, A jury in Santa Monica, Calif., convicted Mikail Markhasev of murdering Ennis Cosby, Bill Cosby's only son, during a roadside robbery.
    (AP, 7/7/99)
1998        Jul 7, In Texas 2 Border Patrol agents were killed in a gun battle with Ernest Moore who was suspected of killing a woman and her daughter. Moore soon after died of wounds at a hospital.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A2)
1998        Jul 7, In Angola 16 policemen were killed in an ambush by Unita.
    (WSJ, 7/7/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 7, In Australia the Senate passed a law that scaled back Aboriginal land rights under threat by Prime Minister John Howard to dissolve both houses and call for new elections.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 7, Britain sent more troops to Northern Ireland to help quell the rioting.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 7, In Indonesia troops battled protestors on Irian Jaya who demanded independence.
    (WSJ, 7/8/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 7, In Italy Silvio Berlusconi, media tycoon and former prime minister, was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison for bribing tax officials.
    (WSJ, 7/8/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 7, Mexican courts ordered the attorney general’s office to rehire more than half the 826 agents dismissed 6 months ago for failed drug tests and alleged corruption.
    (SFC, 7/10/98, p.A16)
1998        Jul 7, In Nigeria opposition leader Moshood Abiola (60) died of a heart attack while still in prison and his death sparked rioting in Lagos that left at least 19 people dead. Gen’l. Abubakar dissolved his cabinet, inherited from Abacha, but left intact the Provisional Ruling Council. He called the death a tragedy and appealed for calm.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A1)(SFC, 7/9/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/7/99)
1998        Jul 7, In Puerto Rico a general 2 day strike was called against the sale of the phone company and the San Juan Int’l. Airport was blocked for a short time.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 7, The UN voted to grant the Palestinian delegation nearly the same rights as given to independent states.
    (SFC, 7/8/98, p.A10)

1998        Jul 8, Dow Corning agreed to settle a suit with women claiming injury from silicone breast implants for $3.2 billion. A federal bankruptcy judge tentatively approved a settlement under which an estimated 170,000 women, who said silicone breast implants had made them sick, would get $3.2 billion dollars from Dow Corning Corp.
    (SFC, 7/9/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/8/99)
1998        Jul 8, The US and European countries demanded an immediate cease fire in Kosovo and called for a crackdown on the flow of funds to ethnic Albanian rebels.
    (SFC, 7/9/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 8, In Afghanistan the Taliban decreed that television was corrupting Afghan society and issued an edict that banned televisions, videocassette recorders, videos and satellite dishes.
    (SFC, 7/9/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 8, In Algeria Khalifi Athmani (24), a leading member of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), was killed outside the capital. Athmani’s nom de guerre was Hossein Flicha and he was believed to have led the Sep. ‘97 killings at Beni Messous.
    (SFC, 7/10/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 8, China announced that it would broadcast its first live court trial on Jul 11.
    (SFC, 7/9/98, p.A15)
1998        Jul 8, It was reported that elephant poaching had increased in Kenya.
    (SFC, 7/9/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 8, Thailand was expected to withdraw a plan to deport foreign workers and planned to announce proposals to widen work opportunities for migrant workers from Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Bangladesh.
    (SFC, 7/9/98, p.A10)

1998        Jul 9, Congress sent President Clinton an election-year bill overhauling the Internal Revenue Service; Clinton said he would sign it.
    (AP, 7/9/99)
1998        Jul 9, Former high school sweethearts Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson were sentenced in Wilmington, Del., to prison for killing their newborn son at a motel. Grossberg received 2 1/2 years; Peterson, who cooperated with prosecutors, got two years. Grossberg ended up serving nearly two years; Peterson, 1 1/2 years.
    (AP, 7/9/08)
1998        Jul 9, In Algeria a bomb exploded in a flea market in Algiers and killed 10 people and wounded 21.
    (SFC, 7/10/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 9, A 5.8 earthquake hit the Azores Islands and killed 10 people and injured about a 100. Some 1000 were left homeless.
    (SFC, 7/10/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 9, Nigeria’s junta commuted the death sentence of Gen’l. Oladipyo Diya and five other men convicted of plotting to overthrow Abacha. The rioting continued and the death toll was raised to 60. Northern Hausa Muslims were fighting Yorubas.
    (SFC, 7/10/98, p.A14)(WSJ, 7/10/98, p.A1)(SFC, 7/11/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 9, An explosion in Istanbul left 7 people dead and many injured at a spice bazaar. Pinar Selek was arrested by police two days after the explosion. Four expert reports said the explosion was caused by a gas leak and there was no evidence of a bomb. Selek was tortured and spent 2.5 years in prison, but was later acquitted when a Court for Serious Crimes in Istanbul determined there was no evidence linking her to the blast. In a separate trial, however, the court found her guilty under Article 169, which covers the aiding and abetting of a crime ring, on charges of carrying explosive material used to make a bomb and keeping a bomb in her workshop. The court later dropped the charge because of the length of the trial. In 2011 Selek (40) was acquitted for a 3rd time. Selek was sentenced to life in prison in January, 2013, despite three previous acquittals. On June 11, 2014, a top Turkish court overturned the life sentence.
    (www.pinarselek.com/public/page_item.aspx?id=520)(AP, 2/9/11)(Reuters, 6/11/14)

1998        Jul 10, Bringing to a close one of the biggest sex scandals ever to hit the Roman Catholic Church, the Diocese of Dallas agreed to pay $23.4 million to nine former altar boys who said they had been molested by a priest.
    (AP, 7/10/99)
1988        Jul 10, Lester Garnier (30), an off-duty SF vice cop, was shot and killed in a Walnut Creek parking lot. His murder remained unsolved and a new investigation was begun in 1998. Sgt. Robert Guinan allegedly spread rumors that Inspector Vince Repetto was responsible. Repetto sued the police dept. In 2008 Walnut creek police identified a woman possibly involved in the murder.
    (SFC, 5/21/98, p.A1)(SFC, 11/7/98, p.A17)(SFC, 6/3/08, p.B1)
1998        Jul 10, Police in England and Ireland arrested 9 people and thwarted a plot to bomb central London. The arrested were members of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, a hard-line dissident Catholic group opposed to the peace settlement that was led by Bernadette Sands. Her husband, Michael McKevitt, was the reputed leader of the Real IRA.
    (SFC, 7/11/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/18/98, p.A8)(SFC, 8/20/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 10, Serbian soldiers killed four Albanian arms smugglers and seized anti-tank mines.
    (SFC, 7/11/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 10, In South Africa 8 people were gunned down in the Kwa-Zulu-Natal town of Richmond. Pres. Mandela spoke out against the police after another 15 were killed with no arrests. 40 people had been killed since May.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)(SFC, 7/28/98, p.A8)

1998        Jul 11, Air Force Lt. Michael Blassie, a casualty of the Vietnam War, was laid to rest near his Missouri home after the positive identification of his remains, which had been enshrined at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington, Va.
    (AP, 7/11/99)
1998        Jul 11, From Australia it was reported that dingoes from Mount Archer National park near the central Queensland coast were stalking neighborhoods for food.
    (SFC, 7/11/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 11, Police in Cartagena, Colombia, seized 7 metric tons of cocaine in cargo containers bound for Europe.
    (SFEC, 7/12/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 11, Some 600,000 people gathered in Berlin for the annual Love Parade, billed as the largest celebration of techno music.
    (SFEC, 7/12/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 11, In Guinea-Bissau Radio Bombolon mixed music and junta rhetoric and featured the Iva and Ichy local hit duo.
    (SFC, 7/11/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 11, In Iran Mayor Karbaschi gave a 4-hour defense statement at the close of his trial in Tehran. He was accused of misappropriating public funds.
    (SFEC, 7/12/98, p.A17)
1998        Jul 11, It was reported that fires in southern Italy and Sicily burned 2,500 acres of forest and grassland.
    (SFC, 7/11/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 11, It was reported that tens of thousands of rotting fish were left when a section of the Llobregat River was drained too fast to fill a  repaired canal.
    (SFC, 7/11/98, p.A8)

1998        Jul 12, In Afghanistan Taliban forces captured Maimana, the provincial capital of the Faryab province from forces under Gen’l. Rashid Dostum.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 12, In Ecuador Jamil Mahuad, the mayor of Quito, won the election according to exit polls. His margin was 51.3% to 48.7 and he promised to fight poverty.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A7)(SFC, 7/14/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 12, In France the French team beat Brazil, 3-0, for its first World Cup soccer championship.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1) (AP, 7/12/99)
1998        Jul 12, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador agreed to join forces to build a $2 billion railroad network to link Central America with Mexico.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 12, It was reported that Japan burns 38 million tons of garbage a year compared to 34 million for the US. Japan’s air was reported to contain 10 times more dioxin that US air. Elections were held.
    (SFEC, 7/12/98, Par p.16)(SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 12, In Ballymoney, Northern Ireland a firebomb killed 3 young boys, Richard, Mark and Jason Quinn, who had been asleep in their beds. Garfield Gilmour (24) was later arrested, convicted of murder and sentenced to 3 life sentences for his role. Gilmour admitted that he drove an Ulster Volunteer Force gang to the house that night, but that he was coerced. He identified his companions but there was insufficient evidence for charges.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/12/99)(SFC, 10/30/99, p.A13)
1998        Jul 12, In Rwanda Hutu rebels hacked, shot or burned to death 34 people who had gathered in a hotel to watch the soccer finals.
    (SFC, 7/14/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 12, South Korea went on alert after discovering the body of a North Korean commando and a submersible boat that could carry five men.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A6)

1998        Jul 13, Thomas Martin Thompson (43) was executed at San Quentin, Ca., for the murder of Ginger Fleischli in 1981. In 2015 a federal appeals court judge that Thompson was likely innocent.
    (SFC, 7/14/98, p.A1)(SFC, 6/2/15, p.D1)(SSFC, 6/7/15, p.E2)
1998        Jul 13, A jury in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., ruled that the Rev. Al Sharpton and two others had defamed a former prosecutor by accusing him of raping Tawana Brawley. Steven Pagones won a $345,000 judgment.
    (AP, 7/13/08)(www.cnn.com/US/9807/13/brawley.verdict.02/)
1998        Jul 13, Four young cousins in Gallup, N.M., died after becoming trapped in a car trunk.
    (AP, 7/13/99)
1998        Jul 13, In Azerbaijan Suret Huseinov, a former prime minister, went on trial for treason.
    (SFC, 8/13/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 13, Ten nations joined the EU in locking out the leaders of Belarus for the eviction of foreign ambassadors.
    (SFC, 7/14/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 13, The IMF announced a $17.1 billion rescue package for Russia.
    (SFC, 7/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 13, In Italy Silvio Berlusconi, former premier, was convicted for the 3rd time since Dec. This conviction was for illegal party financing in 1991. A prior conviction was for bribing tax inspectors.
    (SFC, 7/14/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 13, In Japan Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto resigned after voters rejected his Liberal Democratic Party.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 13, King Hussein of Jordan went to the US to receive treatment for cancer.
    (SFC, 11/28/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 13, In Chiapas, Mexico, a technical junior high school in Oventic was inaugurated by Comandante Ezequiel and Peter Brown of the US. Brown was deported 2 weeks later for violating Mexican laws, i.e. building a school on a tourist visa.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, p.A18)
1998        Jul 13, In Norway delegates from 21 countries met to draft strategy to keep small arms out of the hands of terrorists.
    (SFC, 7/13/98, p.A8)

1998        Jul 14, The city of Los Angeles sued 15 tobacco companies for $2.5 billion over the dangers of secondhand smoke.
    (AP, 7/14/99)
1998        Jul 14, Flash floods hit Tennessee and Alabama and 2 people were reported killed. Meanwhile hot weather in Texas was responsible for some 23 deaths where temperatures hit over 100 for the last 26 days.
    (SFC, 7/15/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 14, In Puerto Rico the telephone union gave in after a 26-day strike and agreed to go back to work.
    (SFC, 7/15/98, p.A3)

1998        Jul 15, The US Congressional Budget Office estimated federal surpluses of $1.55 trillion over the next decade.
    (AP, 7/15/99)
1998        Jul 15, Direct flights between the US and Cuba resumed after 2 years. US authorities expanded a "security zone" to include most of the Florida coast to prevent anti-Castro protestors from entering Cuban waters.
    (SFC, 7/16/98, p.A10)
1998        cJul 15, Richard Butler, chief of UNSCOM, ordered Scott Ritter in mid-July to place a listening device in Baghdad to enable the Americans to eavesdrop on Saddam Hussein.
    (SFEC, 1/10/99, p.A24)
1998        Jul 15, Three days of ceremonies to bury Russia's last czar and his family, who were killed by the Bolsheviks, began in the city of Yekaterinburg.
    (AP, 7/15/99)
1998        Jul 15, Sudanese rebels declared a 3 month cease fire to allow food shipments to reach hundreds of thousands hungry people in the southwest.
    (WSJ, 7/16/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 15, It was reported that Sweden’s highest administrative court ruled that anyone can read “sacred documents" of the Church of Scientology. 150 confidential pages of the “sacred documents" were restricted to only some 350 of 8 million Scientologists. Copies were given to the Swedish parliament by a Church enemy and made public. Scientology asserts, and the US agrees, that copyright was violated. The case may wind up in the European Court of Justice.
    (SFC, 7/15/98, p.A8)(http://tinyurl.com/oq3lr)
1998        Jul 16, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia refused to block Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr from calling President Clinton's Secret Service protectors before a grand jury.
    (AP, 7/16/99)
1998        Jul 16, In Stockton, Ca., a jury awarded $30 million in damages to 2 brothers for enduring years sexual abuse from Rev. Oliver O’Grady. In 2006 Amy Berg produced her film “Deliver Us From Evil," a documentary on O’Grady, who was deported to Ireland after serving time in the US.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A1)(SFC, 10/25/06, p.E1)
1998        Jul 16, The US  FDA approved the use of thalidomide as a treatment for leprosy.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 16, In Gudermes, Chechnya, fighting broke out and over 50 people were reported killed in a battle between Chechen security forces and Muslim Wahabist paramilitary, a conservative arm of Sunni Islam.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A16)
1998        Jul 16, China’s leaders announced a war on smuggling and the formation of a new anti-smuggling police force.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 15, A letter, supposedly written by Jo Byong Ho, a North Korean official, was said to be addressed to Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. It said that the chief of the Pakistani Army, Gen. Jehangir Karamat, had been paid $3 million and asked that “agreed documents and components" be placed on a North Korean plane after delivering missile parts to Pakistan. The evidence suggested that Pakistan’s top military officials were involved in the secret sale of equipment to North Korea that enabled it to begin enriching uranium.
    (SFC, 7/8/11, p.A4)
1998        Jul 16, The Russian parliament agreed to a 5% sales tax.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 16, In Turkey some 2000 soldiers were flown into northern Iraq to hunt Kurdish rebels who fled there after killing 22 Turkish troops in a raid.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A16)

1998        Jul 17, Prosecutors in the Monica Lewinsky case questioned President Clinton's Secret Service protectors before a grand jury.
    (AP, 7/17/99)
1998        Jul 17, The Clinton administration sought approval to use funds for covert operations against Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 17, Scientists reported in the journal Science that the syphilis genome, 1.1 million base pairs of DNA, had been mapped.
    (SFC, 7/17/98, p.A7)
1998        Jul 17, In Bangladesh a week of flooding left 54 people dead.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 17, In Cambodia Khmer Rouge guerrillas under Ta Mok attacked a convoy of election workers and killed 2 people.
    (SFEC, 7/19/98, p.A24)
1998        Jul 17, In Eritrea a Ukrainian IL-78 transport plane crashed near Asmara and killed 9 people.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 17, In Rome UN delegates from more than 100 countries overwhelmingly approved (120-7) a historic treaty, the Statute of Rome, creating the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal, with jurisdiction over individuals, ignoring strenuous U.S. objections over certain provisions. It was to be located in the Hague with 18 judges from 18 countries serving 9 year terms. It  still required ratification by 60 countries to become effective. The vote passed 120 to 7 with 21 abstentions. The US, China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar and Yemen voted against the International Criminal Court Treaty (ICC). In 2002 the US moved to withdraw its signature.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 7/20/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/6/02, p.A1,4)(Econ, 11/22/03, p.27)
1998        Jul 17, Rising seawater was attacking the coastline of the Marshall islands.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 17, In Papua New Guinea a 23-foot tidal wave followed a 7.0 earthquake at the Solomon Islands and killed at 2,500-3,000 people. The villages of Malol, Arop, Otto, Warupu and Sissano were turned into barren strips of sand.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A10)(SFEC, 7/20/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/18/99)
1998        Jul 17, Nicholas II, the last of the Romanov czars, was buried in Russia 80 years after he and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks.
    (AP, 7/17/99)
1998        Jul 17, A 6.2 earthquake in Taiwan triggered falling rock that killed 4 people and injured 19.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 17, In Uganda Pres. Museveni proposed a single continental army and government for Africa with headquarters in Kampala.
    (SFC, 7/18/98, p.A12)

1998        Jul 18, The Yugoslav army claimed that 30 rebels were killed while infiltrating from Albania. A 4-day battle began at Orahovac and the bodies of 58 ethnic Albanians were buried. It was later alleged that most were buried in a mass grave at an alleged garbage dump.
    (SFEC, 7/19/98, p.A6)(SFC, 8/6/93, p.A14)

1998        Jul 19, Workers for Saturn Corp., a division of GM in Tennessee, authorized union leaders to call their first-ever strike.
    (SFEC, 7/20/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 19, Seeking to break a 16-month deadlock, Israel and the Palestinians held their first high-level talks in months.
    (AP, 7/19/99)
1998        Jul 19, In Israel Jalal Rumaneh (30), a member of Hamas, attempted to explode a car bomb made of 160 gallons of flammable liquid and nails in Jerusalem. The Fiat van ignited but failed to explode.
    (SFEC, 7/20/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 19, In North Belfast Andrew Kearney (33) was shot in the ankle and behind each knee in retaliation for a bar fight with an IRA man. He bled to death in a lift before help arrived.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul 19, In Russia Pres. Yeltsin decreed economic reforms that were rejected by his parliament in order to obtain IMF funds to stabilize the ruble.
    (SFEC, 7/20/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 19, In Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Albanian separatists claimed to have take the town of Orahovac with 20,000 residents. Serbs forces denied the claim. Hundreds of Serb police battled secessionist guerrillas for control of the central Kosovo town of Orahovac.
    (SFEC, 7/20/98, p.A10)(AP, 7/19/99)

1998        Jul 20, A smoky fire aboard the cruise ship Ecstasy just two miles from the Florida shore forcing its return to port.
    (AP, 7/20/99)
1998        Jul 20, In Nigeria Gen’l. Abubakar announced that elections would be held in 1999 and power passed to a civilian president on May 29.
    (SFEC, 7/21/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 20, Russia won an $11.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund to help avert the devaluation of its currency. Anatoly Chubais later admitted that he lied to the IMF about the state of the Russian economy to get a $4.8 billion loan released.
    (AP, 7/20/99)(SFC, 9/9/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 20, Saudi Arabia attacked a Yemeni island in the Red Sea and killed 3 guards. 3 islands and parts of the Empty Quarter, a vast desert with potential for oil, were under contention.
    (SFEC, 7/21/98, p.A7)
1998        Jul 20, In Tajikistan 4 UN employees were killed while on routine patrol.
    (SFC, 7/22/98, p.A12)

1998        Jul 21, President Clinton announced a crackdown on nursing homes that were lax about quality and on states that do a poor job of regulating them.
    (AP, 7/21/99)
1998        Jul 21, The Pentagon said it found no evidence to support allegations in a CNN report that U.S. troops had used nerve gas against American defectors in Laos.
    (AP, 7/21/99)
1998        Jul 21, In NYC a 48-story elevator scaffold collapsed at the construction site of the Conde Nast building on West 43rd St. One woman (85) was killed.
    (SFC, 7/22/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 21, Astronaut Alan Shepard, the first American in space, died in Monterey, Calif., at age 74.
    (SFC, 7/23/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/21/99)
1998        Jul 21, Robert Young, actor, died in Westlake Village, Calif. at age 91. He was best known for his TV roles in "Father Knows Best" and "Marcus Welby, M.D."
    (SFC, 7/23/98, p.C4)(AP, 7/21/99)
1998        Jul 21, Pakistan announced austerity measures to cope with imposed sanctions.
    (WSJ, 7/22/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 21, Serbian forces forced the Kosovo Liberation Army out of Orahovac. The rebels and some 15,000 refugees fled northeast to the city of Malisevo.
    (SFC, 7/22/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 21, Puerto Rico accepted a sweetened GTE-led bid for the government owned phone system that included concessions to appease workers.
    (WSJ, 7/22/98, p.A1)

1998        Jul 22, President Clinton, with Republican lawmakers at his side, signed a bill designed to mold the Internal Revenue Service into a friendlier, fairer tax collector.
    (AP, 7/22/99)
1998        Jul 22, The Senate Armed Services Committee rejected, on a 9-9 vote, Daryl Jones' bid to become Air Force secretary.
    (AP, 7/22/99)
1998        Jul 22, In Bangladesh the death toll from flooding reached 103 and left some 10 million people stranded.
    (SFC, 7/22/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 22, In China Pres. Jiang ordered the military to close down its many businesses.
    (WSJ, 7/23/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 22, Iran conducted a successful Shahab 3 missile test with a medium-range of 800 miles.
    (SFC, 7/23/98, p.A1)(SFEC, 11/1/98, p.A23)

1998        Jul 23, The US Senate voted to shut down the online gambling industry.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 23, It was reported that the US Congress made the Air Force buy more C-130 transport aircraft against its wishes. Since 1978 only 5 of 256 C-130s sent to the Air National Guard and Air Reserve were requested by the Air Force. The planes were built in Georgia.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 23, The Pacific Stock Exchange announced an agreement to merge with the Chicago Board of Options Exchange.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 23, Odwalla Inc. agreed to pay a $1.5 million fine for contaminated apple-based juices.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 23, Scientists at the University of Hawaii announced they had turned out more than 50 carbon-copy mice, with a cloning technique said to be more reliable than the one used to create Dolly the sheep.
    (AP, 7/23/99)
1998        Jul 23, In Colombia Manuel Mejia Vallejo, novelist, died at age 75. His work included "It was Us," "The Marked Day," and "the House of the Two Palms."
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.D5)
1998        Jul 23, In Chechnya Pres. Aslan Maskhadov received minor injuries from an assassination attempt in Grozny that killed 2 bodyguards. He had been cracking down on organized crime and Muslim militants.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.D2)(WSJ, 7/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 23, In Iran Tehran’s Mayor Karbaschi was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison for corruption.
    (WSJ, 7/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 23, In Kenya John Msafari, head of the revenue collection authority, was ordered arrested along with 15 other officials and businessmen on charges of defrauding the government of some $3.9 million.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 23, In Mexico three girls escaped capture by police in Mexico City. They had been held for 4 days and the two youngest were repeatedly raped. Sixteen officers were later arrested.
    (SFC, 7/28/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 23, Russia planned to sell its Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier to India for some $2 billion. The ship was launched in 1982 as the Baku.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 23, In Russia Vladimir Dudintsev (79), writer, died. His work included "Not By Bread Alone" and "White Garb." His work laid the foundation for a generation of dissident writers.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, p.D8)
1998        Jul 23, In Rwanda the army said that it had killed a top rebel commander. Colonel Leonard Nkundiye was killed along with at least 50 rebels on the Congo border.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.D2)

1998        Jul 24, A gunman burst past a metal detector at the US Capital and killed 2 policemen, officers Jacob Chestnut and John Gibson, and wounded a visitor. Russell Eugene Weston Jr. (41) was captured after being shot.
    (SFC, 7/25/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 24, The motion picture "Saving Private Ryan," starring Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg, was released.
    (AP, 7/24/08)
1998        Jul 24, A report on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in Science said that changes have been detected by satellite that might indicate a future collapse.
    (SFEC, 8/2/98,  p.A4)
1998        Jul 24, Keizo Obuchi, Japan’s foreign minister, won the ruling party nomination for prime minister.
    (SFC, 7/24/98, p.A14)

1998        Jul 25, Two government officials revealed that Pres. Clinton was subpoenaed by Independent Council Kenneth Starr to testify before a federal grand jury investigating Monica Lewinsky.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/25/99)
1998        Jul 25, The US Capitol was reopened, a day after a gunman killed two police officers; a wounded suspect, Russell E. Weston Junior, was charged with murder. Weston was later found unfit to stand trial because of paranoid schizophrenia. Weston refused to take any medications voluntarily. In May 2001, a federal judge authorized doctors to treat Weston involuntarily. A panel from a federal appeals court ruled in July 2001 that Weston could be forced to take the drugs which he was forced to do for 120 days. He remains incarcerated in a psychiatric center in the federal prison in Butner, North Carolina.
    (AP, 7/25/99)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Capitol_shooting_incident_(1998)#The_suspect)
1998        Jul 25, The new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Harry S. Truman, was commissioned by Pres. Clinton. The 97,000 ton ship cost $4.5 billion.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, p.A2)
1998        Jul 25, It was reported that the US dropped secret plans to seize Radovan Karadzic and Gen’l. Ratko Mladic in Bosnia.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, p.A17)
1998        Jul 25, It was reported that 5-7% of the drugs in Brazil were faked medicines mostly from India, China and Pakistan.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, p.A20)
1998        Jul 25,  It was reported that authorities in Split, Croatia, declared a natural disaster following an invasion of mice that devoured the region’s crops.
    (SFC, 7/25/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 25, In Japan some 60 people at a festival in the Wakayama prefecture were sickened after eating a curried rice dish. Four people died and police suspected that cyanide was mixed in the food. A district court convicted Masumi Hayashi in 2002 of deliberately lacing a pot of curry with arsenic and serving it to neighbors at the festival. In 2009 Japan's highest court upheld her death sentence.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A10)(AP, 4/21/09)
1998        Jul 25, The governor of Puerto Rico called for a December referendum on statehood.
    (WSJ, 7/27/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 25, Serb forces attacked rebel positions in Kosovo to clear major roads.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A8)

1998        Jul 26, The White House said President Clinton's lawyers were working with prosecutor Kenneth Starr to avert Clinton's direct testimony to a grand jury about the Monica Lewinsky case. The president ended up testifying via closed-circuit television.
    (AP, 7/26/99)
1998        Jul 26, AT&T and British Telecommunications PLC announced they were forming a joint venture to combine international operations and develop a new Internet system. The joint venture, known as Concert, proved a money-loser and was shut down.
    (AP, 7/26/03)
1998        Jul 26, It was reported that Digital Video Express (DIVX) was being marketed by Circuit City and the Good Guys as an alternative choice to Digital Video Disks (DVD). The system was developed by Circuit City and a law firm to provide viewers purchase options. The disks scramble after 48 hours if not renewed or purchased.
    (SFEC, 7/26/98, DB)
1998        Jul 26, In Michigan 3 spectators were killed and 6 people injured at the US 500 Race in Brooklyn.
    (WSJ, 7/27/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 26, In Algeria attackers in Khelil in Tlemcen province and in Sidi Abdelmoumen in Saida province killed 20 people in overnight attacks.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 26, In Cambodia a Khmer Rouge attack left 10 people dead as the nation voted for a new government. 40-50 guerrillas struck at an army outpost at O’Kong Bich. No party was expected to win a majority of the 122 seat National Assembly.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A8)
1998        Jul 26, In Guinea-Bissau army rebels and the government agreed to a cease-fire and promised to open peace talks.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 26, Serb military action in the villages of Srednja Klina and Hgornja Klina near Srbica left 3 elderly people shot to death and 2 others wounded.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A8)

1998        Jul 27, President Clinton held a town meeting in Albuquerque, N.M., on the future of Social Security, during which he expressed skepticism about proposals to privatize part of the Social Security trust fund.
    (AP, 7/27/99)
1998        Jul 27, Monica Lewinsky was interviewed for five hours by prosecutors in New York in a possible prelude to an immunity deal.
    (AP, 7/27/99)
1998        Jul 27, In Chicago two boys, aged 7 and 8, reportedly killed an 11-year-old girl, Ryan Harris, with a thrown rock that caused the girl to fall and hit her head. The boys dragged her to a wooded area and began to play with her body and later lied to police. The boys faced the juvenile equivalent of first degree murder. Her body was found the next day. Later evidence of semen caused prosecutors to drop murder charges against the boys. The boys later sued Chicago for false arrest and settled for $6.2 million. In September police arrested another suspect whose DNA matched that found on Ryan. The charges on the 2 boys were dropped Sept 4 and in 1999 Floyd Durr was indicted for the murder of Ryan Harris. On March 4, 2005 Floyd Durr, was convicted of three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping. He was sentenced to 20-year terms of imprisonment on the former convictions and a 15-year term of imprisonment on the latter. On April 10, 2006, Durr was sentenced to life plus 30 years in exchange for pleading guilty to raping and killing Ryan.
    (SFC, 8/11/98, p.A3)(SFC, 9/5/98, p.A3)(SFC, 9/23/98, p.A6)(USAT, 3/24/99, p.6A) (http://tinyurl.com/6rkl3d)
1998        Jul 27, Noel Behn (70), novelist and screenwriter, died in Manhattan. His work included "The Kremlin Letter," "The Big Stick-Up at Brink’s," and "The Shadowboxer."
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A19)
1998        Jul 27, In Fiji a new constitution took effect with a bill of rights that replaced a document that barred non-native people from top posts. Indians made up about 46% of the population.
    (SFC, 7/28/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 27, In Colombia rebels kidnapped a congressman and 6 others at a roadblock in Santander province.
    (WSJ, 7/28/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 27, It was reported that Russia and Iran were supporting the Northern Alliance of rebel groups fighting against the Taliban.
    (SFC, 7/27/98, p.A9)
1998        Jul 27, In Hodeida, Yemen, 3 nuns were killed by Abdullah al-Nashri (25), an unstable, mental patient treated by the Missionaries of Charity.
    (SFC, 7/28/98, p.A10)

1998        Jul 28, During a day of official mourning, President Clinton praised two slain police officers at the U.S. Capitol as heroes whose sacrifice "consecrated this house of freedom."
    (AP, 7/28/99)
1998        Jul 28, Monica Lewinsky struck a deal with independent council Kenneth Starr granting her blanket protection from prosecution in exchange for her "full and truthful testimony" to a grand jury on her relationship with Pres. Clinton.
    (SFC, 7/29/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/28/99)
1998        Jul 28, General Motors and the UAW agreed tentatively to settle an almost two-month strike at two parts plants in Flint.
    (SFC, 7/29/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/28/99)
1998        Jul 28, Bell Atlantic and GTE announced a $52 billion deal to create the second-biggest phone company.
    (AP, 7/28/99)
1998        Jul 28, In Indiana explosions at the coal-fired generating plant of Southern Energy Co. in Hammond injured 16 people.
    (SFC, 7/29/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 28, In Chicago the body of Ryan Harris (11) was found. [see Jul 27]
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A6)
1998        Jul 28, In Cambodia Hun Sen claimed victory and preliminary results showed him with 67 seats, Ranariddh with 42 and Rainsy with 13.
    (WSJ, 7/29/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 28, In Poland Zbigniev Herbert (b.1924), poet and essayist, died at age 73 in Warsaw. He insisted that civilization depended on artists’ staking out clear moral positions  resistant to the winds of history and ideology. In 1999 John and Bogdana Carpenter translated "Elegy for the Departure and Other Poems," and "The King of the Ants: Mythological Essays."
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.B2)(SFEC, 3/28/99, BR p.8)
1998        Jul 28, The Ukraine faced a financial crises as $1 billion in bond payments came due and parliament rejected austerity measures.
    (WSJ, 7/28/98, p.A1)

1998        Jul 29, Pres. Clinton reached an agreement with Kenneth Starr to provide closed-circuit videotaped testimony at the White House on Aug. 17 about whether he tried to cover up a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A1)(AP, 7/29/99)
1998        Jul 29, GM workers began returning to their jobs after ratifying a strike settlement.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 29, The Powerball jackpot of 20 East Coast states reached $292 million and the winning numbers were 8-39-43-45-49. A group of 13 machinists from Ohio, who bought their tickets in Indiana, elected to take a $161.5 million lump sum payout.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A2)(SFC, 7/31/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 29, The O.J. Simpson 6,200 sq. foot mansion at 360 N. Rockingham in LA was demolished. It had sold to an investment banker for $4 million and a new home was planned for the site.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul 29, Jerome Robbins, a master choreographer of modern ballet' and a major Broadway innovator, died in Manhattan at age 79. In 2001 Greg Lowrance authored the biography "Dance With Demons," and Christine Conrad authored a pictorial biography "Jerome Robbins: That Broadway Man, That Ballet Man."
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A10)(AP, 7/29/99)(WSJ, 5/4/01, p.W10)
1998        Jul 29, Brazil sold its Telebras telephone system to int’l. bidders for $19 billion. The 12 subsidiaries were sold one by one while demonstrators protested saying that Telebras was the property of the Brazilian people.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 29, A human rights tribunal ruled that Canadian public servants in female-dominated job categories deserved compensation for unequal pay. Payment was to be retroactive to March, 1985, and would range from $10k to 20k.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 29, In Japan the lower house of parliament approved Keizo Obuchi for prime minister. The upper house endorsed opposition leader Naoto Kan. The lower house had the power to overrule any upper house decision.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul 29, In Kenya John Harun Mwau, head of the anti-corruption authority, was suspended by Pres. Moi.
    (SFC, 7/31/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 29, In Sierra Leone a report called "Sowing Terror" was published that documented the violence of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council and the Revolutionary United Front. The rebel campaign code-named "No Living Thing" maimed civilians and sent them as messengers to the government of Pres. Ahmad Kabbah. Rebel leader Foday Sankoh was turned over by Nigeria to face charges in Sierra Leone.
    (SFC, 7/30/98, p.A12,14)
1998        Jul 29, In Sudan a UNICEF report said 130 people were dying every day in Ajiep out of a refugee population of 70,000 from famine. A program to provide 15,000 tons of food a month was planned. It would exceed the 1948 Berlin Airlift.
    (SFC, 7/29/98, p.A10)(SFC, 7/30/98, p.A16)

1998        Jul 29-1998 Jul 30, In Australia giardia and cryptosporidium were found throughout the water supply of Sydney. Prime Minister John Howard called the crises an international embarrassment.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A11)

1998        Jul 30, The US Post Office began selling a 40-cent breast cancer stamp. Eight cents from every stamp will go to breast cancer research sponsored by the NIH and the Dept. of Defense.
    (SFC, 5/9/98, p.A1,14)(SFC, 7/30/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 30, In California a scientific panel advised the state that diesel exhaust posed a serious cancer threat.
    (SFC, 7/31/98, p.A23)
1998        Jul 30, A group of 13 Ohio machinists stepped forward to claim the $295.7 million Powerball jackpot. The workers opted to take the cash option: one payment of about $161.5 million.
    (AP, 7/30/99)
1998        Jul 30, "Buffalo Bob" Smith, the cowboy-suited host of the Howdy Doody Show from 1947-1960, died at age 80 in Hendersonville [Flat Rock], N.C.
    (SFC, 7/31/98, p.D7)(AP, 7/30/99)
1998        Jul 30, In France a Proteus Airlines Beechcraft collided with a Cessna off the west coast and 15 people were killed.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 30, Japan's Parliament declared Keizo Obuchi the country's next prime minister.
    (AP, 7/30/99)(SFC, 9/21/99, p.A10)

1998        Jul 31, President Clinton said he would "completely and truthfully" answer prosecutors' questions about Monica Lewinsky in testimony to be beamed by closed-circuit television to a grand jury.
    (AP, 7/31/99)
1998        Jul 31, IBM's Russian subsidiary agreed to pay $8.5 million in federal fines for selling powerful computers ultimately destined for a Russian nuclear weapons laboratory.
    (AP, 7/31/99)
1998        Jul 31, Bicycle production at the Huffy plant in Celina, Ohio, ended 44 years of production and 650 workers lost their jobs.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A8)
1998        Jul 31, In Algeria 6 civilians were killed and 23 wounded in 2 overnight attacks. In Malakou village in Tiaret province 4 villagers had their throats cut and in Algiers a parcel bomb killed 2.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 31, Britain's National Minimum Wage Act came into force.
    (https://tinyurl.com/y6lrymdm)(Econ., 8/15/20, p.61)
1998        Jul 31, The British government banned the manufacture, sale and use of land mines by its military.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul 31, In China Chen Xitong, former mayor of Beijing, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for graft. The bribes were to be confiscated and handed over to the state treasury.
    (SFC, 7/31/98, p.D2)
1998        Jul 31, The Canadian dollar hit a historical low of 66.10 cents to $1US.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 31, In China it was reported that floods on the Yangtze River had killed 1,261 people in Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.
    (SFC, 7/31/98, p.D3)
1998        Jul 31, Talks between India and Pakistan broke down following border fighting in Kashmir that killed 50 people.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 31, In Italy over 10,000 members of the nation’s beach workers (bagnini) went on strike and closed their umbrella stands.
    (WSJ, 8/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Jul 31, In Japan Asa Takii, the oldest person in the country and a survivor of the Hiroshima blast, died at age 114.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A19)
1998        Jul 31, In Kosovo refugees fled Serb attacks one day after Serbia declared that the military offensive was over.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A10)
1998        Jul 31, In South Africa the Truth and Reconciliation Commission closed down after 2 years of hearings. A report was due in October.
    (SFC, 8/1/98, p.A12)

 1998        Jul, Globalstar planned to initiate global phone service in the 2nd half of this year.
    (F, 10/7/96, p.117)
1998        Jul, In Chicago the Asian long-horned beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis, was discovered in the Ravenswood neighborhood. A quarantine and winter destruction of infected trees was planned. The beetle was detected in New York in 1996.
    (SFEC, 11/1/98, p.A11)
1998        Jul, Gloria Williams kidnapped newborn Kamiyah Mobley from a hospital in Jacksonville and raised her in Walterboro, SC. In 2018 Williams (52) pleaded guilty to the kidnapping. Williams faced up to 22 years in prison. On June 8 Williams was sentenced to 18 years for kidnapping.
    (SFC, 2/13/18, p.A5)(SFC, 6/9/18, p.A7)
1998        Jul, In Houston six police officers without a warrant stormed the home of Pedro Navarro (22) on a drug tip. No drugs were found and Navarro was killed after being shot 12 times, 9 times in the back. The officers were later fired.
    (SFC, 11/3/98, p.A3)
1998        Jul, In Colombia Pres. Andres Pastrana met secretly with FARC and agreed to temporarily pull army troops out of 5 rural townships that included San Vincente, Vistahermosa, La Macarena, Mesetas and Uribe, in order to encourage negotiations by November.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.A12)
1998        Jul, Iraq and Iran agreed to allow 12,000 Iranians to visit shrines in Iraq each month.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A24)
1998        Jul, Mongolia’s government fell and the prime minister and his Cabinet continued as caretakers.
    (SFC, 10/6/98, p.A14)
1998        Jul, Vladmir Putin was named head of Russia’s FSB domestic intelligence agency.
    (WSJ, 2/23/05, p.A14)

1998        Aug 1, Dismissing as "an empty promise" GOP-backed legislation to create a patients' bill of rights, President Clinton in his Saturday radio address pressed Congress to pass a measure that would allow patients to sue their health insurers.
    (AP, 8/1/99)
1998        Aug 1, In China floodwaters burst through a levee along the Yangtze in Hubei province and over 1000 people were reported missing. News of more flooding was hushed and it was later learned that 8,000-10,000 people in Jiayu province were inundated and presumed dead.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A9)(SFC, 8/6/93, p.A12)(SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A18)
1998        Aug 1, The 5th quadrennial Gay Games began in Amsterdam with some 15,000 competitors. The games closed Aug 8.
    (SFEC, 8/2/98, p.A2)
1998        Aug 1, In Northern Ireland a car bomb exploded in Banbridge and wounded 35 people.
    (SFEC, 8/2/98, p.A18)
1998        Aug 1, In South Korea flooding killed at least 20 sleeping campers and left 70 others missing.
    (SFEC, 8/2/98, p.A24)

1998        Aug 2, In Indiana a stolen pickup carrying a homemade bomb crashed into the Tippecanoe County Courthouse in Lafayette. The driver escaped and there were no injuries.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 2, Ventriloquist Shari Lewis (Sheri Lewis, puppeteer) died in Los Angeles at age 65.
    (AP, 8/2/99)(SFC, 8/4/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 2, In Afghanistan the Taliban captured the base of Rashid Dostum.
    (WSJ, 8/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 2, Cyclist Marco Pantani of Italy won the Tour de France, which had been marred by a doping scandal.
    (AP, 8/2/99)
1998        Aug 2, Fidel Castro visited Grenada following an invitation from Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.
    (SFC, 7/25/98, p.A10)(SFC, 8/3/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 2, In Mexico Felipe Gonzalez of the National Action (PAN) led the elections in Aguascalientes.
    (SFC, 8/3/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 2, Serbian forces, shelling rebel position and burning villages, pushed back Albanian separatists on 3 fronts.
    (SFC, 8/3/98, p.A8)

1998        Aug 3, The White House played down the possibility that President Clinton would reverse previous statements and admit to a sexual relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky when he testified before a grand jury.
    (AP, 8/2/99)
1998        Aug 3, Lucky Stores and Albertson’s announced a merger creating the largest supermarket chain in the US.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 3, It was reported that the US prison population grew 5.2% to 1,244,554 in 1997.
    (WSJ, 8/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 3, US researchers announced the discovery of a number of new species on the island of Navassa, a US territory of 2 sq. miles in the Greater Antilles, 40 miles west of Haiti.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 3, The Oregon coastal Coho salmon were listed by the federal government as a Threatened species.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 3, Soviet composer Alfred Schnittke (63) died in Germany. The Kronos Quartet released a 2-disk recording "Alfred Schnittke: The Complete String Quartets" just weeks before his death.
    (WSJ, 8/4/98, p.A1)(SFEC, 10/18/98, DB p.49)
1998        Aug 3, In Austria Hermann Nitsch (b.1938) ignored animal rights protestors and began a 6-day festival during which he planned to kill pigs and bulls and paint pictures with their blood. This was his 100th such performance (named the 6-Day Play after its length) and it took place at his castle, Schloss Prinzendorf.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.E3)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann_Nitsch)
1998        Aug 3, In Congo rebellious troops seized control of several cities. Sylvain Mbuchi, claimed to be the rebel leader and announced that the military had decided to remove Kabila from power. Kabila last week ordered Rwandan and Tutsi troops to leave Congo.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A8)(WSJ, 8/4/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 3, In India 34 villagers were killed in Himachal Pradesh state.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 3, In Northern Ireland Protestant marchers and Catholic residents compromised on the Aug 8 Apprentice Boys parade scheduled in Londonderry.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 3, It was reported that Mexico’s bill for preventing the collapse of its banking system in 1995 was up to $65 billion.
    (SFC, 8/3/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 3, In Rwanda Hutu rebels massacred at least 104 civilians over the weekend.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 3, Serb forces overran 2 more ethnic Albanian strongholds.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 3, In Sudan the government declared a unilateral cease-fire.
    (SFC, 8/4/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 3, The UN approved plans for a NATO action in Kosovo to counter the Serb offensive.
    (WSJ, 8/4/98, p.A1)

1998        Aug 4, Turning aside an urgent White House appeal, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist cleared the way for prosecutors to question White House lawyers about their advice to President Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky case.
    (AP, 8/4/99)
1998        Aug 4, In Michigan Geoffrey Fieger, a defense lawyer for Dr. Jack Kevorkian, won the Democratic nomination for governor.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A5)
1998        Aug 4, The US Air Force announced plans to group its combat aircraft into ten teams over the next 2 years.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A4)
1998        Aug 4, The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 299.43 points, the third-biggest point drop to that time finishing at 8,487.31.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/4/99)
1998        Aug 4, In Colombia over 2 dozen attacks in half of the nation’s 32 provinces left at least 76 people dead.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 8/5/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 4, The Egyptian Jihad under Dr. Zawahri denounced the CIA-led arrests in Albania and said Americans should soon receive a response "in the only language that they understand."
    (WSJ, 7/2/02, p.A8)
1998        Aug 4, Japan announced that it will begin a new nuclear power plant in Higashidori in Dec. 51 nuclear power plants currently supply about 1/3 of the nation’s power.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 4, A heat wave swept over Eastern Europe and caused 20 deaths in Romania.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 4, In Sri Lanka Pres. Kumaratunga ordered a month-long state of emergency and effectively postponed provincial elections scheduled for August.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.B1)

1998        Aug 5, Marie Noe of Philadelphia (69), was arrested and charged with murdering 8 of 10 children by suffocation over a 19 year period (1949-1968). In 1999 Noe (70) pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years probation.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A3)(SFC, 6/29/99, p.A2)(AP, 8/5/99)
1998        Aug 5, It was reported that Ian Murphy, founder of the Freedom Scouts, believed that a million Indonesians planned to invade the Australia within 5 years. His organization trained as a guerrilla force to hit and run and protect Australia from attack.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 5, In Cambodia election officials declared Hun Sen the winner and int’l. monitors backed the results.
    (WSJ, 8/6/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 5, In Colombia rebels overran an antinarcotics base in Miraflores. 30 soldiers were killed, 50 wounded and 100 were missing.
    (WSJ, 8/6/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 5, In Congo Arthur Z’Ahidy [Zaidy] Ngoma, a Kinshasa politician, was identified as the leader of the rebels opposed to Kabila.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A12)(WSJ, 8/7/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 5, In London leaders of the Anglican Church approved a resolution that said homosexual activity is "incompatible with Scripture."
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A12)
1998        Aug 5, In Ecuador 2 earthquakes struck the coast at Bahia de Caraquez and killed 3 people.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A14)
1998        Aug 5, In India 18 people were killed under artillery fire in Kashmir.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A14)
1998        Aug 5, In Indonesia a human-rights group said that graves in Aceh province held bodies of hundreds of people killed over the last 8 years.
    (WSJ, 8/6/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 5, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein broke off cooperation with U.N. weapons inspectors and demanded the commission monitoring the weapons be reorganized.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A1) (AP, 8/5/99)
1998        Aug 5, In Israel 2 Israelis were ambushed and killed at a Jewish seminary in Nablus as they patrolled the boundaries.
    (SFC, 8/6/93, p.A12)

1998        Aug 6, Monica Lewinsky testified for 8 1/2 hours that she had a sexual affair with Pres. Clinton before a federal grand jury.
    (SFC, 8/7/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/6/99)
1998        Aug 6, The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee voted to cite Attorney General Janet Reno for contempt of Congress for her refusal to turn over reports recommending that she seek an independent counsel to investigate campaign fund-raising.
    (AP, 8/6/99)
1998        Aug 6, Rebels in Congo seized control of Moanda, an important oil depot.
    (SFC, 8/7/98, p.A14)
1998        Aug 6, NATO set exercises in Albania for Aug 17-22 to show force against the Serb offensive in Kosovo.
    (WSJ, 8/7/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 6, In Russia tax collectors raided three biggest oil companies and demanded payment of over $150 million in unpaid taxes.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A13)
1998        Aug 6, Alexander Smolensky, Russian banking tycoon and head of SBS-Agro, closed a deal to sell $1.2 billion in Russian government bonds to Goldman Sachs Int’l. for about $500 million. The deal helped push jittery markets into a nose dive.
    (WSJ, 10/4/00, p.A1)

1998        Aug 7, Pres. Clinton signed the US federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). It reformed federal employment, training, adult education, and vocational rehabilitation programs by creating an integrated "one-stop" system of workforce investment and education services for adults, dislocated workers, and youth. It superseded the Job Training Partnership Act.
1998        Aug 7, Steve Fossett departed from western Argentina on his 4th attempt to circle the world in a balloon.
    (SFC, 8/12/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 7, The Federal Aviation Administration, in a follow-up to the probe of the 1996 explosion that destroyed TWA Flight 800, ordered the inspection of Boeing 747 fuel tanks.
    (AP, 8/7/99)
1998        Aug 7, A fire in Tracy, Ca., burned some 2.5 million tires at Royster’s Tire Disposal. Some 6 million tires were expected to burn for weeks.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A21)(SFC, 8/10/98, p.A20)
1998        Aug 7, In Utah five young girls (ages 2-6) died from heat exposure after they were trapped in the trunk of a car in West Valley City.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A5)
1998        Aug 7, In China the death toll from the summer floods passed 2,000 and the Jingjiang flood plain was ordered evacuated.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A14)
1998        Aug 7, In Colombia Pres. Andres Pastrana took office. Following his inauguration Pastrana replaced the top leaders of the military.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 8/10/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 7, In Congo Pres. Kabila left Kinshasa for Lubumbashi, his former rebel base, to meet with a visiting South African delegation.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A13)
1998        Aug 7, Two powerful bombs exploded at the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The bombings killed 224 people and marked the first large-scale attack by al Qaeda. Twelve Americans were among the dead, and over 4,800 were injured. In Nairobi at least 53 buildings were damaged. The adjacent Ufundi Cooperative House was demolished and the 22-story Cooperative Bank House had all its windows shattered. Haroun Fazil of the Comoros Islands was later the 3rd bombing suspect to be charged in the Kenya bombing. Ali Mohamed, a former US Army sergeant, was involved in the US Embassy bombings. In 2000 he pleaded guilty for his role under the direction of Osama bin Laden. In 2001 Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-‘Owhali (24) of Saudi Arabia, Khalfan Khamis Mohamed (27) of Tanzania, Wadi El-Hage (40) of Texas, and Mohamed Sadeek Odeh (36) of Jordan were convicted on 302 counts. In 2007 Walid Muhammad bin Attash told a military tribunal at Guantanamo that he was responsible for organizing the 2000 Cole attack in Yemen as well as the 1998 bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. In 2014 Adel Abdul Bary, a suspect in the bombings, pleaded guilty to lesser charges of making threats against Americans. Plaintiffs began suing Sudan in 2001 in federal court in Washington for harboring and providing support to al Qaeda. In 2020 the US Supreme Court refused to hear Sudan's bid to avoid paying $3.8 billion in damages to family members of people killed or injured in the bombings.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A1)(SFEC, 8/9/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 9/18/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/7/99)(SFC, 10/21/00, p.A1)(SFC, 5/30/01, p.A13)(SFC, 9/21/01, p.A1)(SFC, 3/20/07, p.A3)(SFC, 9/20/14, p.A5)(Reuters, 1/13/20)
1998        Aug 7, In Nairobi Catherine Bwire (25) was one of 25 people blinded by the bombing. She was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter on Oct 27.
    (SFC, 11/25/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 7, In Pakistan Sadik Howaida (34), later named as Mohammed Saddiq Odeh, was detained at the Karachi airport. He reportedly confessed to participating in the bombing in Nairobi. He said that he and 2 coconspirators had left Nairobi and planned to enter Afghanistan a few days before the bombing. He acknowledged that the team was recruited and financed by Osama bin Laden who was ensconced in a fortress-style hideout in Kandahar. Odeh later refused to admit responsibility to American officials.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A17)(SFC, 8/17/98, p.12,17)(SFC, 8/18/98, p.A6)
1998        cAug 7, Immediately after the bombing of 2 US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, Sudanese authorities arrested 2 men suspected of being involved in the plot. [see Aug 21]
    (SFC, 7/30/99, p.A12)
1998        Aug 7, Vietnam devalued its currency 7%.
    (WSJ, 8/10/98, p.A10)

1998        Aug 8, Pres. Clinton in weekly radio address vowed the bombers of 2 US embassies in Africa would be brought to justice, "no matter how long it takes or where it takes us.''
    (AP, 8/8/99)
1998        Aug 8, A riot broke out in Reno, Nv., during the annual "Hot Autumn Nights" festival. There was some property damage and a few minor injuries. 130 people were arrested.
    (SFC, 8/10/98, p.A2)
1998        Aug 8, In Afghanistan the Taliban overran Mazar-i-Sharif and killed 9 of 11 diplomats from Iran. 8 of the dead were diplomats, the 9th was a journalist. Later reports indicated that the Taliban killed as many as 4,000 civilians, mostly Hazaras, in a campaign partly designed to wipe out the Shiite Muslim minority. Hazara residents were given 3 choices: convert to Sunni Islam, leave for Shiite Iran, or die.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.D4)(SFC, 9/18/98, p.D8)(SFC, 2/19/01, p.A9)(SFC, 2/12/02, p.A16)
1998        Aug 8, In China, engineers dynamited levees along the Yangtze River to ease the worst floods in 44 years.
    (AP, 8/8/99)
1998        Aug 8, A group called the Liberation Arm of the Islamic Sanctuaries claimed responsibility for the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and threatened more attacks. Israeli troops began to arrive to assist in rescue efforts.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.A1)(SFEC, 8/9/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/10/98, p.A13)
1998        Aug 8, In Iran the first daily newspaper dedicated to women’s issues, the daily Zan, was launched by Faezeh Hashemi. She was the daughter of former Pres. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
    (SFEC, 8/9/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 8, In Northern Ireland some 15,000 Apprentice Boys marched through Londonderry with a few minor scuffles.
    (SFEC, 8/9/98, p.A17)
1998        Aug 8, In Serbia Slobodan Milijkovic, a Serb wanted by the Int’l. War Crimes Tribunal, was shot and killed by a policeman along with 2 others following insults at an outdoor cafe in Belgrade. Milijkovic, a suspected member of the Chetnicks ultra-nationalist paramilitary unit, had rejected responsibility and said politicians were to blame for the war.
    (SFEC, 8/9/98, p.A17)
1998        Aug 8, From Sri Lanka it was reported that recent fighting has left some 1,800 guerrillas and 1,600 government troops dead.
    (SFC, 8/8/98, p.B1)

1998        Aug 9, Americans, Kenyans and Tanzanians held church and memorial services to mourn those killed in bombing attacks on two U.S. embassies.
    (AP, 8/9/99)
1998        Aug 9, A strike by 73,000 telephone workers of NYC-based Bell Atlantic began.
    (SFC, 8/10/98, p.A2)
1998        Aug 9, In Afghanistan victory in the battle for Mazar-i-Sharif was claimed by both sides.
    (WSJ, 8/10/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 9, Colombia’s Pres.  Pastrana replaced the top leaders of the military.
    (WSJ, 8/10/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 9, In London, England, the 13th Anglican Lambeth Conference, which had opened on July 18, closed. The 749 bishops present declared that homosexual acts were incompatible with scripture, but that gays were loved by God.
    (Econ, 3/29/08, p.50)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambeth_Conferences)
1998        Aug 9, In China engineers blew up secondary dikes in Jianli County, 90 miles upriver from Wushan, to relieve pressure from the swollen Yangtze and the worst floods in 44 years.
    (SFC, 8/10/98, p.A12)(AP, 8/9/99)
1998        Aug 9, In South Korea flooding over the last 7 days claimed 165 lives that included 3 US soldiers.
    (WSJ, 8/10/98, p.A1)

1998        Aug 10, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright announced a $2 million reward for information leading to the conviction of terrorists who bombed U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people, including 12 Americans.
    (AP, 8/10/99)
1998        Aug 10, The 308,000 sq.-foot Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center opened in Mashantucket, Conn.
    (WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 10, In Afghanistan it appeared that the Taliban were in control of Mazar-e-Sharif.
    (WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 10, In Angola fighting broke out between government troops and UNITA.
    (WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 10, Congo claimed to have recaptured the Atlantic ports near the mouth of the Congo River that were taken by Tutsi rebels.
    (WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 10, Fighting in Kashmir resumed and 19 people were reported killed in battles between Indian security forces and Pakistan-backed separatist rebels.
    (WSJ, 8/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 10, In Kosovo ethnic Albanians reportedly killed 10 police officers. 3 KLA rebels were also reported killed.
    (SFC, 8/11/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 10, Residents of Nevis voted on whether to break away from St. Kitts. 62% voted in favor but the resolution required 67%.
    (SFC, 7/15/98, p.C12)(SFC, 8/10/98, p.A14)(SFC, 8/12/98, p.C2)

1998        Aug 11, The Judicial Council of the Methodist Church ruled pastors who perform gay marriages can be tried under a 1996 resolution prohibiting gay marriages.
    (SFC, 8/12/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 11, Mitchell Johnson (14), one of the shooters in the March 24 Jonesboro, Ark., schoolyard massacre, pleaded guilty to murder and battery. He and Andrew Golden (12) were both convicted. The boys were detained by Arkansas juvenile authorities until they turned 18, then transferred to federal custody. Federal authorities released the two when they turned 21. In 2008 a US District Judge sentenced Johnson (24) to 4 more years in prison for possession of a 9mm pistol, a Federal violation of his parole. Charges remained pending on the possession of marijuana and a stolen credit card.
    (AP, 8/11/08)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Golden)
1998        Aug 11, Former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Lisha Gayle (42) was stabbed to death during a robbery at her suburban home. In 2001 Marcellus Williams was convicted of her murder and sentenced to death.
    (http://tinyurl.com/yarx46xw)(SFC, 8/23/17, p.A7)
1998        Aug 11, Steve Fossett (54) became the first man to cross the south Atlantic in a balloon. He was on his 4th attempt to float around the world.
    (SFC, 8/12/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 11, Bell Atlantic workers returned to work after reaching a tentative agreement with management.
    (SFC, 8/12/98, p.A9)
1998        Aug 11, British Petroleum PLC under John Browne announced a merger with Amoco Corp. in a purchase valued at $49 billion. The deal vaulted BP into the top ranks.
    (SFC, 8/12/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/11/99)(Econ, 1/20/07, p.17)
1998        Aug 11, In the Netherlands the body of Nicky Verstappen (11) was found, a day after he disappeared from a youth camp in southern Limburg province. He had been sexually abused before he was killed. In 2018 Dutch detectives said they have matched DNA traces and identified Jos Brech (55) as a suspect in the brutal murder. A European-wide warrant for Brech's arrest was issued on June 12, 2018.
    (AFP, 8/22/18)
1998        Aug 11, Tajikistan appealed to other former Soviet states for help in securing its borders as the Taliban consolidated its hold in Afghanistan.
    (WSJ, 8/12/98, p.A1)

1998        Aug 12, A Lockheed Martin Titan 4A rocket exploded after takeoff at Cape Canaveral. The $300 million rocket carried a  spy satellite for the Air Force valued at $800 to $1 billion. The explosion was blamed on a momentary loss of power.
    (SFC, 8/13/98, p.A2)(SFC, 9/3/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 12, In Bangladesh over 100 fisherman in trawlers and boats capsized in the Bay of Bengal during a storm and were feared dead.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 12, The flooding in China, the worst in 4 decades, was estimated to surpass $24 billion in costs.
    (SFC, 8/13/98, p.C5)
1998        Aug 12, Vincente Fox, governor of Guanajuato, Mexico, announced plans, during a speech in Oakland, to run for president in the year 2000 and to have every one of his state’s 4,500 communities provided with potable water, sewers, electricity, telephones and health services within a half hour for everyone.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 12, In Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was indicted on charges of illegally awarding a contract to a Dubai-based company for the import of gold and silver during her rule.
    (SFC, 8/13/98, p.C5)
1998        Aug 12, Rwanda protested a Congo crackdown on ethnic Tutsis and charged that Kabila was arming Rwandan Hutus to put down a Tutsi-led revolt along the border. The revolt in Congo was believed to be masterminded by Rwandan Major Gen’l. Paul Kagame.
    (WSJ, 8/13/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 8/17/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 12, Representatives of Swiss banks and holocaust survivors agreed to a settlement of $1.25 billion in reparations for victims of the Nazi regime.
    (SFC, 8/13/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/12/99)
1998        Aug 12, In the Ukraine Prime Minister Valery Pustovitenko called 1,500 executives to a civil defense base to solve the question of their debts. A previous summons had net 70 million, but was not sufficient to cover the $3.5 billion budget deficit.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A10)

1998        Aug 13, President Clinton led the nation in mourning 12 Americans killed in a pair of U.S. embassy bombings in Africa. Standing before black hearses carrying 10 of the bodies, the president pledged to seek justice "for these evil acts."
    (AP, 8/13/99)
1998        Aug 13, Oakland, Ca., declared a medical marijuana club a city agency.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 13, US border agents found 7 people dead in the Anza-Borrego Desert. They were believed to be illegal immigrants abandoned by their smuggler.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 13, In California Jack Jessee was stabbed to death by hit man, Thomas Joseph Garrick (36) of Laguna Hills. His wife had him murdered to avoid paying for his cancer treatment and to collect insurance money. Sandra Jessee was arrested in Phoenix in 2007. She had collected $650,000 after her husband's murder from the sale of their home, his death benefits and insurance.
    (SFC, 3/24/12, p.A5)(http://tinyurl.com/7wx9dol)
1998        Aug 13, Jose Garcia Reyes (57), an unemployed tomato picker, was murdered at the edge of the UC Davis campus. Ruben Campos, Guadalupe Franklin and Juan Palomino were arrested for the murder but their prosecution fell apart due to alleged coercive interrogation tactics.
    (SFEC, 6/18/00, p.A1,22)
1998        Aug 13, Julien Green (97), the first American to be elected to the Academie Francaise, died in Paris. The Catholic and homosexual writer produced 18 novels that included "Moira" and "Each in his Darkness." He also published 14 volumes of journals and 5 volumes of memoirs.
    (SFC, 8/18/98, p.A18)
1998        Aug 13, In Bangladesh more rain left 11 more people dead and the death toll grew to 326.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.D3)
1998        Aug 13, In Congo rebels seized a hydroelectric dam and cut off power to Kinshasa. Kabila fired his army chief in response.
    (WSJ, 8/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 13, In Berlin, Germany, a monument to the Berlin Wall and the 255 people who died crossing it was dedicated at the corner of Ackerstrasse and Bernauer Strasse.
    (WSJ, 9/10/98, p.A20)
1998        Aug 13, The president of South Korea ordered an amnesty for 7,007 prisoners to mark the Aug. 15 50th anniversary of the Republic.
    (WSJ, 8/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 13, Puerto Rico approved a Dec. 13 referendum for statehood.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 13, George Soros, in a letter to the Financial Times, called for the government of Russia to devalue its currency by 15-25%. The government insisted that it would not devalue and the ruble continued to drop.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 13, Three Russian cosmonauts lifted off for the second-to-last Mir mission.
    (SFC, 8/14/98, p.D3)
1998        Aug 13, In Kosovo, Serbia, Ibrahim Rugova formed a delegation to begin talks with Pres. Milosevic.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A16)

1998        Aug 14, A federal appeals court in Richmond, Va., ruled that the Food and Drug Administration had no authority to regulate tobacco, striking down FDA rules making it harder for minors to buy cigarettes; the Clinton administration said it would appeal. In 2000 the US Supreme Court ruled that the government lacked the authority to regulate tobacco as an addictive drug.
    (AP, 8/14/99)
1998        Aug 14, It was reported that the average compensation for the 100 top Prudential Insurance executives doubled from 1994 to 1997 to about $820,000.
    (WSJ, 8/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 14, In China flooding in Daqing broke a levee protecting the nation’s largest oil field. 155 0f 20,000 wells were closed as 200,000 people fought the flood.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 14, In Colombia government soldiers were attacked by some 600 guerrillas near Riosucio in Choco state. The fighting continued for 2 days and 60 soldiers and guerrillas were killed.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A9)
1998        Aug 14, In Congo Bizima Karaha, a minister who had defected to the rebels, said that the port of Matadi was captured. A rebel army was marching toward Kinshasa from the western coastline.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 14, Indonesia and the UN signed an agreement to allow human rights observers access to East Timor.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 14, In Israel the government approved a plan to erect barriers between Israel and the West Bank to help prevent car thefts which totaled 46,000 last year.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.A13)
1998        Aug 14, Israel’s main waste dump exploded. It was reported that industrial pollution plagued the country.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 14, Russia announced that it would proceed with plans to regulate wolves with a planned poisoning of 15,000.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 14, In Kosovo, Serbia, Adem Demaci agreed to take the leadership of the political wing of the KLA.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A16)

1998        Aug 15, Some 34,000 union workers went on strike against US West.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 15, In Britain it was reported that 6,000 mink from a fur farm in Ringworm had been released by animal rights activists. The released mink caused a wildlife disaster as they preyed on all wildlife.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A5)
1998        Aug 15, In Congo the US Embassy shut its doors as rebels approached Kinshasa. Pres. Kabila and his ministers retired to Lubumbashi.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 15, In Northern Ireland a car bomb killed 29 people in Omagh and wounded 220. A splinter group called the Real IRA took responsibility. It was affiliated with the political organization called the 32-County Sovereignty Committee. Families of the dead filed civil suit in 2001. In 2002 Colm Murphy (50), a veteran anti-British militant, was convicted of aiding the bombers and sentenced to 14 years in prison. In 2005 Murphy was released on bail pending a retrial. In 2003 Michael McKevitt, head of a dissident IRA faction, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for directing the group. In 2005 Sean Gerard Hoey (35) was charged with murdering 29 people in the attack. Detectives had used “low copy DNA profiling" to link Sean Hoey to the bombing. In 2007 a judge acquitted Hoey, saying he was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of the evidence's integrity. In 2009 a Belfast court found 4 dissidents liable for the bombing. Michael McKevitt, leader of the Real IRA,  Liam Campbell, Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly were found liable in a civil case brought by the families of those killed. A fifth man, Seamus McKenna, was cleared of involvement. In 2011 an appeals court ruled that the original trial judge gave too much credence to evidence identifying two of the men, Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly, as members of the Real IRA. The judges ordered a civil retrial for Murphy. In 2014 Daly was arraigned on 29 charges of murder.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A9)(SFC, 1/23/02, p.A6)(SFC, 1/26/02, p.A8)(SFC, 8/8/03, p.A3)(AP, 5/26/05)(AP, 12/21/07)(AP, 6/8/09)(AP, 7/7/11)(AP, 4/11/14)
1998        Aug 15, In Myanmar (Burma) 18 detainees, arrested for passing out literature and charged with violating the 1950 Emergency Provision Act, were forced to leave the country. A 5-year prison term was imposed if they break Burma’s laws again.
    (SFC, 8/15/98, p.A14)
1998        Aug 15, Some 750 Iranians entered Iraq to visit shrines for the first time in 18 years.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A24)
1998        Aug 15, In Paraguay Raul Cubas Grau took the presidential oath and promised to rejuvenate the economy.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A24)
1998        Aug 15, In Oslo, Norway, a 4-day conference by religious leaders ended. The group pledged to form an int’l. alliance to wipe out prejudice linked to religion and belief.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A21)
1998        Aug 15, The Russian Soyuz TM-28 ship docked in manual mode with the Mir space station. The new crew was expected to stay to Feb.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A26)
1998        Aug 15, Serbian forces seized the Kosovo rebel town of Junik.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 15, In South Korea police used water canons to disperse marching students in a banned pro-unification rally with North Korean counterparts. The day marked the 53rd year of liberation from 36 years of Japanese rule.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.A26)

1998        Aug 16, An int’l. crew broke the 1995 Steve Fossett record for sailing across the Pacific Ocean. The Explorer twin-hulled catamaran set sail from Yokohama on Aug 2 and arrived in SF after 14 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A5)
1998        Aug 16, Steve Fossett ran into heavy storms and plunged with his balloon into the Coral Sea, 500 miles from Queensland, Australia.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 16, A day before President Clinton was to face a criminal grand jury about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, his lawyer said, "The truth is the truth, and that's how the president will testify."
    (AP, 8/16/99)
1998        Aug 16, It was reported that about 80% of breeding-age swordfish had been eliminated by overfishing.
    (SFEC, 8/16/98, p.T9)
1998        Aug 16, Congo Pres. Kabila flew to Angola to meet with Pres. dos Santos and request direct support against rebels. Air cargo support was being provided as well as several thousand Congolese exiles known as the Katangese Gendarmes.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 16, Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland united in uncomprehending grief over the car bomb slaughter of 29 people in Omagh a day earlier.
    (AP, 8/16/03)

1998        Aug 17, Pres. Clinton testified via video via closed-circuit TV from the White House before a grand jury concerning his relations with Monica Lewinsky. He then delivered a TV address in which he denied previously committing perjury, admitted his relationship with Lewinsky was "wrong," and criticized Kenneth Starr's investigation. "I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate... It was wrong."
    (WSJ, 8/17/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/18/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/17/99)
1998        Aug 17, The Federal Reserve Board approved the mega merger of NationsBank and BankAmerica.
    (AP, 8/17/99)
1998        Aug 17, In China flooding of the Nen River at Daqing closed 1,391 wells and halted production at another 280. Daqing has 25,000 wells that produced 17.9 billion gallons of oil last year.
    (SFC, 8/18/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 17, India outlawed the use of quinacrine to sterilize women due to its suspected effects as a carcinogen.
    (WSJ, 8/18/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 17, The foreign debt of Nicaragua was reported to be $6 billion.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 17, NATO forces began a 5-day exercise in Albania as a threat to Serbia.
    (WSJ, 8/18/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 17, It was reported that spy satellites had detected a secret underground complex in North Korea that was suspected of being involved in a nuclear weapons program.
    (SFC, 8/17/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 17, Russia devalued its ruble and allowed the ruble's value to drop by up to 34 percent. It also imposed delays in the repayment of billions of dollars in debt. The government defaulted on $40 million in debt and provoked a stampede of capital from emerging markets. In 2010 Martin Gilman authored “No Precedent, No Plan: Inside Russia’s 1998 Default."
    (WSJ, 8/18/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/17/99)(WSJ, 10/4/00, p.A10)(Econ, 11/27/10, p.95)

1998        Aug 18, A day after his grand jury testimony, President Clinton left Washington on a vacation with his family. Meanwhile, some lawmakers called for Clinton to resign in the wake of his admissions concerning Monica Lewinsky while a spokeswoman for Hillary Rodham Clinton said the first lady "believes in this marriage."
    (AP, 8/18/99)
1998        Aug 18, In China the Songhua River rose to 397 1/2 feet and threatened the provincial capital of Harbin.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Aug 18, In India a flash flood swept up some 100 Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh. 182 people were feared dead.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Aug 18, In Kenya FBI agents, acting on a tip from Mohammed Saddiq Odeh, raided The Hilltop Hotel in Nairobi and confiscated 175 pounds of TNT. The room was reported to have been occupied by 2 Palestinians, a Saudi and an Egyptian from Aug 3 to Aug 7.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 18, In Mexico police nabbed Daniel Arizmendi (39) and 9 others. Arizmendi was the leader of a kidnapping gang that sent the ears of victims to their families to pressure for ransom.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 18, In Northern Ireland a splinter group claimed responsibility for the bombing in Omagh. The group offered apologies for the dead and declared an immediate cease-fire.
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 18, In Paraguay newly elected Pres. Grau freed Linio Oviedo, the leader of a 1996 coup attempt, and within days faced a move by Congress for impeachment.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.A1)

1998        Aug 19, President Clinton spent a quiet 52nd birthday with his family on Martha's Vineyard as controversy continued to swirl over his admissions to a grand jury concerning his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
    (AP, 8/19/99)
1998        Aug 19, American interests were threatened by the Int’l. Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders in a statement sent to Cairo, Egypt. The threat was accompanied by others from the Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy Shrines, which claimed responsibility for the embassy bombings in Africa.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 19, In Cleveland 49 prison guards, police officers and sheriff’s deputies pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges related to cocaine distribution from an FBI sting operation from Oct 1996 to Jan 1998.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 19, Asteroid 1998 QE2 was discovered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) program near Socorro, New Mexico.
1998        Aug 19, In Afghanistan Mullah Mohamed Omar, supreme Taliban ruler, said that: "Even if all the countries of the world unite, we would defend Osama with our blood."
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.A4)
1998        Aug 19, In Burma [Myanmar] Aung San Suu Kyi was in her 8th day of a roadside protest in her 4th attempt to travel to Bassein.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 19, In Chile the senate approved a bill to abolish the national holiday marking the 1973 coup against Pres. Allende. A Unity day was proclaimed instead to begin in 1999.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 19, In Colombia the Congress named Carlos Ossa to the post of comptroller general. he had reported links to Pastor Perafan, a convicted drug trafficker, and was opposed by Pres. Pastrana.
    (SFC, 8/21/98, p.D2)
1998        Aug 19, The Irish government announced plans to sharply tighten its anti-terrorist laws.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A14)
1998        Aug 19, In Italy the Assicurazioni Generali insurance company announced that it will pay $100 million to Holocaust survivors and the heirs of victims for life insurance and annuity policies that it refused to honor after WW II.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 19, In Jordan the cabinet resigned over polluted drinking water in Amman and King Hussein appointed Fayez Tarawneh to form a new administration. Hussein was at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for lymphatic cancer.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A16)
1998        Aug 19, In Scotland Campbell Aird was to be fitted with a new bionic arm developed by the Prosthetics Research and Development Team at Princess Margaret Rose Orthopedic Hospital. It was to have the first fully powered electrical shoulder.
    (SFC, 8/20/98, p.A17)
1998        Aug 19, In Lucerne, Switzerland, the new Kultur and Kongresszentrum designed by Jean Nouvel will open.
    (SFC, 7/21/96, p.T5)

1998        Aug 20, The German heavy-metal band Rammstein was reported to be making a hit in the US with their "Sehnsucht" (yearning) album.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.B1)
1998        Aug 20, Monica Lewinsky went before a grand jury for a second round of explicit testimony about her White House trysts with President Clinton.
    (AP, 8/20/99)
1998        Aug 20, Pres. Clinton ordered cruise missile attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan13 days after the deadly embassy bombings in East Africa. About 50 missiles were fired at the camp of Osama Bin Laden and some 25 missiles against a suspected chemical plant in Khartoum. The plant in Sudan was suspected of producing the chemical EMPTA, one of the ingredients in VX nerve gas, but also an ingredient in fungicides and anti-microbial agents. The US Operation Infinite Reach began in Afghanistan and Sudan and cost over $50 million.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/27/98, p.A10)(AP, 8/20/99)(WSJ, 9/22/99, p.A8)
1998        Aug 20, It was reported that a $1 million reward was given by the Justice Dept. to David Kaczynski for providing information that led to the arrest of his brother Theodore, the Unabomber.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 20, In Southampton, N.Y., townspeople met to express their concerns over the construction of a 110,000 square foot home by Ira Rennert, a businessman who bought troubled companies and leveraged them for the next purchase. The spread was to be the largest home in America.
    (SFEC, 8/23/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 20, It was reported that new CMOS light sensors were giving competition to CCDs (charge-coupled devices) as the eye of digital cameras.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.B1)
1998        The Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley tied with the Univ. of Virginia as the best public university in the country according to a US News & World Report.
    (SFC, 8/21/98, p.A24)
1998        Aug 20, In Canada the Supreme Court ruled that Quebec can’t secede unilaterally, but that if the province votes for secession, it must negotiate with  the rest of Canada.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.A12)
1998        Aug 20, In India 30,000 people were evacuated from 2 river valleys in Uttar Pradesh as landslides continued and the number of dead increased to about 300.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 20, In Hebron, Israel, settler Rabbi Shlomo Raanan (63) was killed by a suspected Palestinian assailant.
    (SFC, 8/24/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 20, In Sudan the US missile attack destroyed the Sugar Sweet and Candy factory of Mustafa S. Ismaeil and killed a guard there. The owner planned to sue the US for damages.
    (SFC, 8/24/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 20, In Venezuela the market plunged 9.5% on fears that the Bolivar would be devalued.
    (WSJ, 8/21/98, p.C12)

1998        Aug 21, Samuel Bowers, a 73-year-old former Ku Klux Klan leader, was convicted in Hattiesburg, Miss., of ordering a 1966 firebombing that killed civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer. Bowers died in prison in November 2006 at age 82.
    (AP, 8/21/08)
1998        Aug 21, In Bogota, Colombia, Venezuelan trafficker Fernando "Fatso" Flores was arrested. He was expected to be extradited to the US for shipping nearly 8 tons of cocaine to Florida in 1991.
    (SFC, 8/28/98, p.D3)
1998        Aug 21, In South Africa former Pres. Botha (82) was convicted of ignoring a subpoena to testify about apartheid atrocities in front of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He was fined $1,577 and given a suspended 1 year jail sentence.
    (SFC, 8/22/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 21, Pres. Omar el-Bashir said that Sudan could prove that the bombed Shifa Pharmaceutical factory was not used for chemical weapons. Ten people were reportedly treated for injuries and damages were estimated at $100 million.
    (SFC, 8/22/98, p.A1,3)
1998        cAug 21, Sudanese authorities, angered by the US attack of US cruise missiles, released 2 men suspected in the bombing of 2 US embassies on Aug 7. The men were sent to Pakistan.
    (SFC, 7/30/99, p.A12)
1998        Aug 21, Zimbabwe sent 600 troops to support Pres. Kabila in the Congo. Rwanda called for a cease fire and warned that it would intervene if the troops from Zimbabwe were not withdrawn.
    (SFC, 8/22/98, p.A8)

1998        Aug 22, President Clinton, in his Saturday radio address, announced he had signed an executive order putting Osama bin Laden's Islamic Army on a list of terrorist groups.
    (AP, 8/22/99)
1998        Aug 22, Elena Garro (b. 1920), Mexican novelist, playwright and former wife of Octavio Paz, died at age 77. Her foremost novel was "Recuerdos del Porvenir" (Remembrances of the Future).
    (SFEC, 8/23/98, p.D4)
1998        Aug 22, The 15 Caribbean leaders at the Caribbean Forum (Cariforum) said they wanted a new trade accord with Europe to maintain preferential quotas in order to gain time and adjust to the global liberalization of markets. The current  agreement expires in 2000. A hemisphere-wide Free Trade Area was envisioned by the year 2005.
    (SFEC, 8/23/98, p.A25)

1998        Aug 23, Retailers began marketing computers with the new 450 MHz Intel Pentium II.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.D3)
1998        Aug 23, In Congo rebels appeared to have seized Kisangani while government soldiers recaptured Kitona, a military base near the coast. Troops from Zimbabwe fought rebels advancing on Kinshasa. The capture of Kisangani effectively splitting Congo and cut off commerce with government-held territory and Kinshasa, the capital 900 miles downriver.
    (SFC, 8/24/98, p.A8)(WSJ, 8/24/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/18/03)
1998        Aug 23, In North Korea heavy flooding was reported with five times the annual rainfall. The rice crop was expected to decrease by 60%.
    (SFC, 8/24/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 23, Russia’s Pres. Yeltsin dismissed the government. He fired PM Kiriyenko (b.1962) and replaced him with Viktor Chernomyrdin the Soviet-style leader he'd fired five months earlier. The move was said to have been orchestrated by Boris Berezovsky, a wealthy financier.
    (SFC, 8/24/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/28/98, p.A12)(AP, 8/23/99)

1998        Aug 24, The United States and Britain agreed to allow two Libyan suspects in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 to be tried by a Scottish court sitting in the Netherlands. A former Libyan intelligence agent was later convicted of murder; the other suspect was acquitted.
    (AP, 8/24/08)
1998        Aug 24, A US federal court rejected the Census Bureau's plans to use statistical sampling for the 2000 census, a decision later upheld by the Supreme Court.
    (AP, 8/24/99)
1998        Aug 24, Tropical Storm Charley dropped a foot of rain on South Texas and northern Mexico and left at least 14 people dead and over 60 missing.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 24, E.G. Marshall, actor, died in Mount Kisco, N.Y, at age 84.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A17)(AP, 8/24/99)
1998        Aug 24, In Burma Aung San Suu Kyi bowed to medical problems and ended her 13-day roadside standoff against the government.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 24, In Congo some 2,000 Angolan troops captured a coastal naval base and oil port and moved up the Congo River to battle the rebels.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 24, In Egypt Abu Nidal was captured after crossing the border from Libya. He had split from the PLO in 1974 and was responsible for terrorist bombings in 1985 at the Rome and Vienna airports and a 1986 hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 as well as a number of assassinations of PLO figures. Egypt denied the report of Nidal’s capture.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A6)(WSJ, 8/27/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 24, In Indonesia Lt. Gen’l. Prabowo Subianto, son-in-law of former Pres. Suharto, was discharged. He had been the chief of Kopassus, a special forces unit that was implicated in abductions and torture of political dissidents.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 24, Israel agreed to turn over an additional 13% of the West Bank to the Palestinians.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A7)
1998        Aug 24, In Sierra Leone a jury found 16 people, including 5 journalists, guilty of collaborating with the ousted military junta.
    (SFC, 8/25/98, p.A8)
1998        Aug 24, It was reported that Salaheldin Idris, a Saudi Arabian banker, planned to sue the US for $50 million for damages to his Ashifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.
    (WSJ, 8/24/98, p.A9)

1998        Aug 25, Jose Antonio Llama, a member of the board of the Cuban-American National Foundation was indicted along with 6 other men for plotting to kill Fidel Castro in 1997.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 25, In Cincinnati, Ohio, 4 boys under age 11 were charged in the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 25, Hurricane Bonnie hit North Carolina with winds up to 115 mph.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 25, Lewis F. Powell Jr. (90), former US Supreme Court Justice (1972-1987), died in Richmond, Va. He wrote the majority opinion allowing colleges and universities to consider race among other factors in student admittance.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A4)
1998        Aug 25, In Argentina Horacio Estrada, a retired navy captain, was found shot to death. Four days earlier prosecutors had begun questioning him about the 1991-1995 weapons shipments to Ecuador and Croatia.
    (SFEC, 10/25/98, p.A24)(http://tinyurl.com/9r9z7)
1998        Aug 25, In Congo Pres. Kabila declared that this day all Congolese should "take up arms, even traditional weapons -bows and arrows, spears and other things... to crush the enemy because otherwise we are going to become the slaves of these...Tutsi people."
    (SFC, 10/2/98, p.B7)
1998        Israel fired a rocket from a helicopter into Lebanon that killed guerrilla leader Hossam al-Amin. Lebanese guerrillas then fired Katyusha rockets into Israel and injured at least 19 civilians.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A8)
1998          Aug 25, The Russian ruble fell 9% and the government introduced a plan to stretch out its debts.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 25, In South Africa a bomb exploded in a Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town and killed one person and injured 24. A group called Muslims Against Global Oppression claimed responsibility. One injured man died 10 days later.
    (SFC, 8/26/98, p.A8)(SFC, 9/4/98, p.D4)

1998        Aug 26, Attorney General Janet Reno reopened the investigation of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., focusing on two allegations of a conspiracy beyond James Earl Ray. A Justice Department investigation later rejected allegations that conspirators had aided or framed James Earl Ray in King's assassination.
    (AP, 8/26/08)
1998        Aug 26, In NYC a judge ruled to allow a Million Youth March for Sep 5. It was being organized by Khalid Abdul Muhammad and was opposed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
    (SFC, 8/28/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 26, Hurricane Bonnie drifted ashore in North Carolina and began creeping up the coast, packing heavy rains and high winds.
    (AP, 8/26/99)
1998        Aug 26, A Yemeni national, Mohammed Rashed Daoud Owhali, aka Khalid Salim, suspected in the bombing  of the US embassy at Nairobi, was flown to the US from Kenya.
    (SFC, 8/27/98, p.A14)(SFC, 8/28/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 26, A $225 million rocket and communication satellite exploded after take-off at Cape Canaveral.
    (SFC, 8/27/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 26, In China the government revised its death toll from the floods to over 3,000 [4,150] people.
    (SFC, 8/27/98, p.a14)(SFC, 8/6/99, p.A12)
1998        Aug 26, In Congo Rwandan-backed rebels attempted an assault on Kinshasa but were held off by government soldiers and troops from Zimbabwe and Namibia.
    (SFC, 8/27/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 26, Libya indicated that it would accept an American and British proposal that 2 suspects of the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jet be tried in the Netherlands by Scottish judges.
    (SFC, 8/27/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 26, The Russian ruble fell another 5% as government attempts to support it failed.
    (SFC, 8/27/98, p.A1)

1998        Aug 27, Two suspects in the August 7 bombing of the US Embassy in Kenya were sent to the United States to face charges. Mohamed Rashed Daoud al-'Owhali and Mohammed Saddiq Odeh were convicted in 2001 of conspiring to carry out the bombing; both were sentenced to life in prison.
    (AP, 8/27/08)
1998        Aug 27, The DJIA fell 350 points and markets around the world fell in response to the problems in Russia.
    (SFC, 8/28/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 27, Hurricane Bonnie was downgraded to a tropical storm as its winds dropped to 65 mph.
    (WSJ, 8/28/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 27, In Congo Unita forces from Angola joined the rebels, while forces from Namibia fought for Kabila’s regime.
    (WSJ, 8/28/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 27, Re: Cyprus, Russia planned to deliver the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to the Greek Cypriot government for about $200 million. Pres. Glafcos Clerides said the missiles would be deployed in Nov. if Turkey did not accept a proposal for demilitarization.
    (SFC, 4/29/98, p.A11)(SFC, 8/28/98, p.D4)
1998        Aug 27, In Israel a bus bombing in Tel Aviv injured 21 people. A small bomb in a trash can exploded in Tel Aviv and injured one person.
    (WSJ, 8/28/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/28/98, p.D3)
1998        Aug 27, In Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced the coming end of secular law and a new rule of Islamic law based on the Koran.
    (WSJ, 8/31/98, p.A18)
1998        Aug 27, In Kosovo a Serb shell was said to have killed 11 of 14 members of the Asllani family fleeing the village of Grape outside of Pristina.
    (WSJ, 8/28/98, p.A1)(SFC, 8/28/98, p.D4)
1998        Aug 27, In Russia major banks announced plans to merge and the government announced that it would nationalize SBS-Agro, the 3rd largest bank in the country.
    (SFC, 8/28/98, p.A12)

1998        Aug 28, President Clinton, speaking in Oak Bluffs, Mass., said he'd become such an expert in asking forgiveness in recent days that it was now "burned in my bones." But he still stopped short of offering a direct apology for the Monica Lewinsky affair.
    (AP, 8/28/99)
1998        Aug 28, Over 6,000 pilots of Northwest Airlines went on strike.
    (SFC, 8/28/98, p.A3)
1998        Aug 28, The Japanese money market interest rates were reported to be 0.5 % as compared to 7.5% in 1991.
    (WSJ, 8/28/98, p.A10)
1998        Aug 28, In Venezuela Aragua state police beat and took away Benito Antonio Barrios (28). Barrios died later in the day from multiple gunshot wounds. This began a series of police shootings and killings of related family members that continued to 2012.
    (SFC, 2/6/13, p.35)

1998        Aug 29, Northwest Airlines pilots went on strike after their union rejected a last-minute company offer.
    (AP, 8/29/99)
1998         Aug 29, In England new type of mosquito was reported to be breeding in the underground Tube with a taste for the rats and mice that lived there.
    (SFC, 8/28/98, p.A5)
1998        Aug 29, In Quito, Ecuador, a Cuban plane with 90 people onboard crashed. 80 people were killed including 5 children playing on the ground. At least 8 people survived the crash of the Russian-made Tupelov-154.
    (SFEC, 8/28/98, p.A15)(SFC, 8/31/98, p.A10)(AP, 8/29/08)
1998        Aug 29, In Indonesia riots quelled after thousands of fishermen burned at least 10 trawlers in Cilacap. They complained of exploitation by ethnic Chinese where they were paid about 18 cents per day. There were riots all week across the country due to economic turmoil.
    (SFEC, 8/28/98, p.A21)

1998        Aug 30, In Denver the largest union of US West, the regional telephone service, ended a 15-day strike with a tentative agreement on a three-year contract.
    (SFC, 8/31/98, p.A4)(AP, 8/30/99)

1998        Aug 31, President Clinton left for a summit in Russia, which was in a state of political chaos over lawmakers' rejection of Boris Yeltsin's candidate for prime minister, Viktor Chernomyrdin.
    (AP, 8/31/03)
1998        Aug 31, The DJIA fell 512 points, 6.37%, while the NASDAQ fell a record 140 points to 1499 amid news of political chaos in Russia and North Korea's apparent firing of a missile over part of Japan.
    (WSJ, 9/2/98, p.A1)(AP, 8/31/99)
1998        Aug 31, In Gaithersburg, Md., boxer Mike Tyson assaulted 2 motorists following a minor chain-reaction collision. In 1999 he was convicted of assault and sentenced to one year in jail.
    (SFC, 2/6/99, p.A1)
1998        Aug 31, An explosion in Algiers killed at least 17 people.
    (SFC, 9/1/98, p.A9)
1998        Aug 31, In Angola the ruling party expelled Unita deputies from parliament.
    (WSJ, 9/2/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 31, Congo’s Kabila declared victory over the Tutsi-led rebels near Kinshasa and in the southwest.
    (WSJ, 9/2/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 31, In Latvia the Skrunda radar base, the last Russian military outpost in the Baltic states, was closed.
    (SFC, 9/1/98, p.A9)
1998        Aug 31, North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. They later claimed that it was a rocket to launch a satellite. The US later agreed that it was a failed satellite launch.
    (SFC, 8/31/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/5/98, p.A11)(WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A1)
1998        Aug 31, In Spain Jose Antonio Ardanza, 14-year president of the Basque country, dissolved the regional parliament and set elections for Oct 25. He urged ETA extremists to lay down their arms.
    (SFC, 9/1/98, p.A9)

1998        Aug, In Alberta, Canada, the RC Mounted Police arrested evangelical pastor Wiebo Ludwig (56), his wife and son and a friend for bombing an oil-well site. They were later released for lack of evidence. Over the last 2 ½ years some 160 attacks were made on natural resource companies in the area.
    (SFC, 11/3/98, p.C3)
1998        Aug, Troops from Chad were sent to support Kabila in the Congo.
    (SFC, 10/15/98, p.A15)
1998        Aug, In Chile Pres. Eduardo Frei demanded the resignation of the director of the Indigenous Council in order to proceed with the development of the Ralco Dam through the land of the Pehuenche people on the Bio Bio River.
    (SFEC, 8/28/98, p.T4)

1998        Aug-Sep, At least 29 Ugandans were killed in bombings on 3 buses outside Kampala following Museveni’s support of the Aug 20 US missile attacks in Afghanistan and Sudan.
    (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A14)

1998        Sep 1, Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his 56th and 57th home runs, breaking the one-season record set by Hack Wilson in 1930.
    (AP, 9/1/99)
1998        Sep 1, The DJIA rebounded 288 points and the stock market set an all-time trading volume record with 1.201 billion shares traded on the NYSE.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 1, The California Legislature salvaged the Headwaters forest deal by one vote and approved $425 million to acquire 9,400 acres of redwood forest. The federal government already approved $250 million.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 1, A federal appeals court in NY ruled that the Million Youth March in NYC may take place with a reduced duration to 4 hours from 12, and a limited range to 6 blocks from 29.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 1, Pilots for Air Canada went on strike for the first time in the association’s 61 year history.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 1, China imposed a ban on logging upstream on the Yangtze effective by this date due to the excess flooding following a half-century of clear-cutting.
    (SFEC, 9/27/98, p.A20)(WSJ, 12/23/03, p.A1)
1998        Sep 1, In Malaysia capital controls were imposed on the stock market. Foreigners holding stocks were not allowed to take their money out of the country for one year.
    (WSJ, 9/8/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 1, During a Kremlin summit overshadowed by Russian economic and political upheaval, President Clinton offered Boris Yeltsin a prescription for tough reforms to lift the country from its crisis.
    (AP, 9/1/99)
1998        Sep 1, In Russia the Duma rejected the nomination by pres. Yeltsin for Viktor Chernomyrdin as premier. Chernomyrdin said he would form a government without waiting for parliamentary approval.
    (WSJ, 9/3/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/2/98, p.A8)
1998        Sep 1, Vietnam freed 5,000 inmates.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A9)

1998        Sep 2, President Clinton concluded his Moscow summit with Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
    (WSJ, 9/3/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/2/99)
1998        Sep 2, It was reported that US officials acknowledged that they were not aware that Sudan’s Shifa factory produced human and veterinary medicines. The admitted that their only knowledge about what the plant produced came from its Web site.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 2, A new strain of HIV-1 was reported by French researchers from a Cameroonian woman who died if AIDS in 1995.
    (SFC, 9/1/98, p.A4)
1998        Sep 2, Tropical Storm Earl hit the Florida Panhandle. It was expected to reach hurricane strength with winds over 74 mph.
    (SFC, 9/2/98, p.A2)(SFC, 9/3/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 2, Tropical Storm Isis grew into a hurricane and hit the tip of Baja California.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 2, Investigators in Poughkeepsie arrested Kendall Francois for the murder of Catina Newmaster (25), one of 8 women missing since 1996. The bodies of 3 women were pulled from his house.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 2, Vere Harmsworth, 3rd Viscount Rothermere, died. He turned the Daily Mail from a broadsheet into a tabloid in 1971 and expanded its circulation. His son, Jonathan Harmsworth took over operations. In 2006 the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) was dropped from the FTSE 100 index of Britain’s leading companies.
    (http://thepeerage.com/p7348.htm)(Econ, 6/10/06, p.66)
1998        Sep 2, A Swissair MD-11 jetliner crashed off Nova Scotia with 229 people aboard and all were feared dead. The New York to Geneva flight had 136 Americans on board.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/4/98, p.A17)(AP, 9/2/99)(WSJ, 11/13/01, p.A14)
1998        Sep 2, In Afghanistan a $415 million deal was signed with the Taliban government for telecommunications by Gary Breshinsky of Telephone Systems Int’l.
    (SFC, 9/16/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 2, Colombia devalued its currency by 9% and the peso fell 5.3%.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.B1)(SFC, 9/11/98, p.D2)
1998        Sep 2, Indonesian police on Sumatra shot 2 people to death in Lhokseumawe on the 2nd day of rioting. Rioters freed 90 prisoners and hundreds of ethnic Chinese fled the town. Several thousand fresh troops were sent to the city in the province of Aceh.
    (WSJ, 9/3/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/3/98, p.C18)
1998        Sep 2, Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad ousted deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim after the deputy disagreed with the free-spending policies of his boss.
    (SFC, 9/21/98, p.A12)(SFC, 9/22/98, p.A7)
1998        Sep 2, In Northern Ireland the IRA-allied Sinn Fein party announced that Martin McGuiness, its senior negotiator, would work with the Canadian-led commission charged with disarming paramilitary groups.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 2, In Russia Yuri Timoshenkov, mayor of Nizhznevartovsk, was injured along with 2 bodyguards when a bomb exploded near his car.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 2, In Rwanda prosecutors held Jean-Paul Akayesu, a former Hutu village mayor, guilty of 9 counts genocide. He was later sentenced to life in prison and 80 years for other violations.
    (SFC, 9/3/98, p.A14)(SFC, 10/3/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 3, President Clinton visited Omagh, Northern Ireland, walking down the street where a car bomb had killed 29, and offered his condolences to the families of the victims.
    (AP, 9/3/99)
1998        Sep 3, In St. Paul Khoua Her (24), a Hmong refugee from Laos, reported that she had strangled her 6 children ages 5-11. Police took her into custody after finding the 6 bodies. During the course of the investigation, police learned that Her had her first child at age 13 in a Thai refugee camp. In a plea deal, Khoua Her received 50 years in prison on six counts of second-degree murder.
    (SFC, 9/5/98, p.A3)(http://tinyurl.com/r6pje)
1998        Sep 3, Moody’s downgraded Brazil’s foreign-currency bonds to single B-2. This led to an 8.6% drop in Brazil’s stock market.
    (WSJ, 9/4/98, p.A9)

1998        Sep 4, During a visit to Ireland, President Clinton said the words "I'm sorry" for the first time about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, describing his behavior as indefensible.
    (AP, 9/4/99)
1999        Sep 4, In NYC the 2nd Million Youth March headed by Khalid Abdul Muhammad was attended by 1-2 thousand people and watched over by 1,400 police officers.
    (SFEC, 9/5/99, p.A2)
1998        Sep 4, In Yarmouth Harbor, New Brunswick, the new Incat 046 catamaran collided with a fishing dragger and killed Captain Clifford Hood (33). The new ferry carried up to 900 passengers and 240 cars from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Yarmouth across the Bay of Fundy at 50 mph. Travel time was cut in half from 6.5 hours for the 105 mile run.
    (SFC, 10/5/98, p.A3,5)
1998        Sep 4, In Nevada two Air Force helicopters crashed during training and all 12 people aboard were killed.
    (SFC, 9/5/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 4, In Brazil the Central Bank raised interest rates from 20 to 30%.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.D2)
1998        Sep 4, In Osasco, Brazil, near Sao Paulo a Universal Church roof collapsed and killed at least 23 people and injured 500.
    (SFEC, 9/6/98, p.A19)
1998        Sep 4, Flooding and mudslides in India was reported to have killed over 2,000 this year.
    (WSJ, 9/4/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 4, Former Rwandan Prime Minister Jean Kambanda was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the 1994 killings of Tutsis and moderate Hutus.
    (SFC, 9/5/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 4, Ukraine clinched a $2.2 billion IMF loan and announced a de facto currency devaluation for its hryvnia to between 2.5 and 3.5 to the dollar.
    (WSJ, 9/8/98, p.A23)

1998        Sep 5, The opera "Turandot" opened in a Ming Dynasty palace in the Forbidden City. The $15 million production was conducted by Zubin Mehta.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A20)
1998        Sep 5, President Clinton appealed to the people of Ireland never to allow "the enemies of peace to break your will" as he wrapped up a three-day visit.
    (AP, 9/5/99)
1998        Sep 5, In NYC the Million Youth March ended in a wild melee as police rushed the speaking platform after the event ran minutes over the allotted time. An estimated 20,000 people were in attendance. Mayor Giuliani later supported the police action at the rally where 6,000 people had gathered. Some 3,000 officers were massed in the area. A grand jury was later asked to investigate.
    (SFEC, 9/6/98, p.A3)(SFC, 9/7/98, p.A3)(SFC, 9/9/98, p.A3)

1998        Sep 6, Connecticut Dr. George Reardon (b.1930) died. He began abusing children in the 1950s as a young doctor in Albany, New York, and continued in Connecticut through the 1980s. In 2011 a jury found St. Francis Hospital in Hartford at fault for failing to protect young patients from abuse by Dr. Reardon. A man who said he suffered abuse as an 8-year-old was awarded $2.75 million.
    (SFC, 7/9/11, p.A5)(http://tinyurl.com/3s682nb)
1998        Sep 6, Divers working off Nova Scotia found the flight data recorder from Swissair Flight 111, which had crashed Sep 2, killing all 229 people on board. However, it turned out the recorder had stopped working several minutes before the crash.
    (AP, 9/6/03)
1998        Sep 6, In Japan Akira Kurosawa, film director, died at age 88.
    (SFC, 9/7/98, p.A21)
1998        Sep 6, North Korea revised its constitution to make Kim Il Sung the country’s "eternal president."
    (SFC, 9/7/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 6, In Peshawar, Pakistan, an estimated 15,000 members of the Movement for the Enforcement of Islam in English marched against the American missile attack in Afghanistan. The US did not inform Pakistan of the strikes that crossed Pakistani air space.
    (SFC, 9/7/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 9/14/01, p.A5)

1998        Sep 7, In baseball the St. Louis Cardinal’s Mark McGwire hit his 61st home run at Busch Stadium in St. Louis against the Chicago Cubs in the first inning. This tied the 1961 record held by Roger Maris.
    (SFC, 9/8/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 7, In Atlanta the 4-day Million Youth Movement ended with a march of less than 10,000 black youths.
    (SFC, 9/8/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 7, Disneyland’s new Tomorrowland was scheduled to open this Memorial Day in Anaheim, Ca., with whirling orbs and speeding starships.
    (SFC, 7/14/96, p.T3)
1998        Sep 7, In Colorado 6 people were found shot to death at 3 locations in Aurora. Two teenagers killed 5 people and then one of the teens killed the other.
    (SFC, 9/8/98, p.A3)(SFC, 9/9/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 7, At the New York State Fair in Syracuse two people were killed during a heavy storm. Gov. George Pataki declared a disaster emergency in 9 counties.
    (SFC, 9/8/98, p.A2)
1998        Sep 7, It was reported that 20 million Bangladeshis had their homes swamped by monsoon flood that lasted 2 months. Over 700 people were reported killed.
    (SFC, 9/7/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 7, In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Hun Sen ordered the arrests of his opponents and at least one person was killed as police fired into a crowd of protestors.
    (SFC, 9/8/98, p.A8)
1998        Sep 7, In Indonesia students rallied in Jakarta and demanded that Pres. Habibie quit. Rioters in Kebumen attacked ethnic Chinese shops and homes.
    (WSJ, 9/8/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 7, In Kenya the Central Bank took closed the Reliance Bank due to insufficient deposits. Five businessmen and 4 officials were charged with fraud.
    (WSJ, 9/21/98, p.A22)
1998        Sep 7, In Malaysia the market index rose 22.5%.
    (WSJ, 9/8/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 7, Russian lawmakers rejected Boris Yeltsin's candidate for prime minister, Viktor Chernomyrdin, for a second time, throwing the country into even deeper political turmoil.
    (SFC, 9/8/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/7/99)
1998         Sep 7, A summit in Zimbabwe was scheduled to create conditions for a cease-fire in Congo. A half dozen nations gathered to fashion a draft initiative for peace.
    (SFEC, 9/6/98, p.A11)(SFC, 9/8/98, p.A8)

1998        Sep 8, Mark McGwire his 62nd home run off Chicago Cubs pitcher Steve Trachsel in St. Louis and broke the 1961 record set by Roger Maris.
    (SFC, 9/9/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/8/99)
1998        Sep 9, The DJIA rose a record 380.53.
    (SFC, 3/17/00, p.A1)
1998        Sep 8, In Fayetteville, North Carolina 2 women’s clinics that performed abortions were attacked with firebombs.
    (SFC, 9/9/98, p.A2)
1998        Sep 8, David Logie (37), an Army major from North Carolina was beaten, robbed and killed by 2 couples on their way to Mexico. In 2010 Billy Galloway and Kevin Varga were executed for their role in the murder of Logie.
    (http://off2dr.com/smf/index.php?topic=7221.0)(SFC, 5/14/10, p.A6)
1998        Sep 8, In Brazil 110 miles northwest of Sao Paulo at least 53 people were killed when a truck carrying flammable liquid exploded on a highway and engulfed 2 chartered buses. 38 people were hospitalized.
    (WSJ, 9/9/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 8, In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, police scattered demonstrators and ended a 2-week protest against alleged fraud in the national elections. Protestors called their tent city Democracy Square and thousands participated with hopes of launching a people-power revolution.
    (SFC, 9/9/98, p.A8)
1998        Sep 8, The Congo rebel delegation stormed out of the peace talks in Zimbabwe.
    (SFC, 9/9/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 8, In Malaysia the market index fell a record 21.5%, 95.5 points to 349.56. A regulatory reprieve gave foreigners their first chance to sell since capital controls were imposed on Sep 1.
    (WSJ, 9/8/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 8, In Mexico a flood in Chiapas left 25 people dead and Gov. Roberto Albores Guillen declared a disaster zone along the Pacific Coast. 6 other people were confirmed dead from flooding in Veracruz and Jalisco.
    (SFC, 9/9/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 8, Serb forces opened an offensive on Kosovo’s border with Albania and 2 people were reported killed in Prilep.
    (WSJ, 9/9/98, p.A1)

1998        Sep 9, Pres. Clinton released $20 million in aid for the refugees in Kosovo.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.D3)
1998        Sep 9, Kenneth Starr, independent council, delivered 36 boxes to Capital Hill that contained 2 copies of his report on the case for the impeachment of Pres. Clinton. His probe began with the failed Arkansas land deal and ended with the Monica Lewinsky affair.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.A3)(WSJ, 9/10/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 9, Four tourists who had paid $32,500 each were taken in a tiny submarine to view the wreckage of the Titanic, 2 1/2 miles below the Atlantic off Newfoundland.
    (AP, 9/9/99)
1998        Sep 9, The Tripartite Gold Commission closed. It was set up in 1946 by Britain, France and the United States to oversee the return of some $4 billion in gold plundered by the Nazis from European treasuries.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 9, The UN General Assembly elected Uruguay’s foreign minister as president for its 53rd session. Didier Opertiti replaced Hennadiy Udovenko of Ukraine.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 9, The UN Security Council voted to suspend periodic reviews of the economic sanctions on Iraq.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 9, A 5.5 earthquake hit Italy between the towns of Castelluccio Inferiore and Laino Borgo where the regions of Calabria and Basilicata meet.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 9, In Kosovo some 25,000 civilians streamed out of the southwest as Serbian forces shelled their villages.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.A13)
1998        Sep 9, In Russia Pres. Yeltsin nominated Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov to be prime minister.
    (SFC, 9/10/98, p.A15)

1998        Sep 10, Keiko the killer whale, star of the 1993 "Free Willy" movie, was returned to Iceland, where he was captured in 1979 at age 2. Much of his early life was spent at a Mexico City amusement park.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A10)(SFC, 10/17/03, p.D1)
1998        Sep 10, US wrestler Sam Henson took first place in the World Wrestling Championships in Iran. He defeated Namik Abdullavev of Azerbaijan. Iranians stood for the US anthem for the first time in 19 years.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.D4)
1998        Sep 10, President Clinton met with members of his Cabinet to apologize, ask forgiveness and promise to improve as a person in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
    (AP, 9/10/99)
1998        Sep 10, The 445-page Starr report on Pres. Clinton was to be made partly public in the Internet.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 10, In Monterey County, Ca., narcotics investigators busted a khat plantation. The plant leaves contain cathinone, a natural amphetamine.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A19)
1998        Sep 10, The Northwest Airlines and its pilots reached an agreement to end their 13-day strike.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A3)(AP, 9/10/99)
1998        Sep 10, In Aurora, Colorado, 2 men and one woman were found killed just 2 miles from a shooting spree that killed 6 on Labor Day.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 10, In Utah Anna Palmer (10) was stabbed to death in Salt Lake City. In 2010 DNA evidence linked Matthew John Breck to her murder. Breck, serving time in Idaho for a 2001 conviction of sodomy with a minor, was extradited to Utah.
    (SSFC, 7/11/10, p.A6)(http://missing87975.yuku.com/sreply/11770)
1998        Sep 10, In Brazil the Sao Paulo stock exchange fell 15.8% in the afternoon. Earlier in the week the government announced spending cuts and a plan to halve the budget deficit, which stood at 7% of GDP.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.D2)
1998        Sep 10, Air Canada and its pilots reached an agreement to end a 9-day strike. [see Sep 14]
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 10, In Israel troops killed Imad and Adel Awadallah, senior figures in Hamas west of Hebron.
    (SFC, 9/12/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 10, In Kazakhstan a rocket, carrying 12 Globalstar satellites valued at $180 million, crashed shortly after takeoff.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 10, The Rotterdam Convention was adopted at a diplomatic conference in Rotterdam. It is a multilateral agreement to promote shared responsibilities in relation to importation of hazardous chemicals, became legally binding to its parties. It officially entered into force on Feb 24, 2004. As of 2008, 73 countries were signatories and 126 were parties.
1998        Sep 10, In Pakistan a court sentenced a Muslim to death for blasphemy. Ghulam Akbar Kahn, a Shiite Muslim, took the name of Mohammed in vain during a May 1995 scuffle with a rival Sunni Muslim.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.D4)
1998        Sep 10, In Russia the Duma supported Yeltsin’s nomination of Yevgeny Primakov (68) as prime minister.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 11, Congress released Kenneth Starr's report that offered graphic details of President Clinton's alleged sexual misconduct and leveled accusations of perjury and obstruction of justice; the president's attorneys quickly issued a rebuttal.
    (AP, 9/11/99)
1998        Sep 11, Tropical Storm Frances hit the middle of the Texas coast. In Louisiana one person was killed and 6 were injured. In Houston the streets were flooded.
    (SFC, 9/11/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 11, Algeria’s Pres. Liamine Zeroual (57) announced that he would step down by Feb 1999 following early elections.
    (WSJ, 9/14/98, p.A28)
1998        Sep 11, In Brazil The Bovespa index fell to an intraday low of 4575. By Nov 6 it moved back up to 8214.
    (WSJ, 11/9/98, p.C1)
1998        Sep 11, Divers off Nova Scotia recovered the cockpit voice recorder from Swissair Flight 111, which had crashed Sept. 2, with 229 people aboard. The data recorder was found Sep 6.
    (AP, 9/11/03)
1998        Sep 11, In Chile the last national holiday to celebrate the end of the Allende government in 1973 was held.
    (WSJ, 9/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 11, In Guatemala Ricardo Arnoldo Ramirez (67), aka Rolando Moran, a former leftist guerrilla commander, died.
    (SFC, 9/15/98, p.A22)
1998        Sep 11, In the West Bank violent protests erupted over the Israeli killing of 2 Hamas leaders.
    (SFC, 9/12/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 11, The death toll in Chiapas reached over 100 as 20,000 people were forced from their homes due to the flooding from Tropical Storm Javier. The toll grew to 162 and 450,000 were left homeless.
    (SFC, 9/12/98, p.A2,C18)(SFC, 9/18/98, p.A13)
1998        Sep 11, In Russia the parliament approved Yevgeny Primakov as Premier and Viktor Gerashchenko, a Soviet-era banker, as chairman of the Central Bank. Primakov appointed Yuri Maslyukov as his top deputy.
    (SFC, 9/12/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 11, In Russia near Murmansk security forces stormed a nuclear powered submarine and killed Alexander Kusminykh (19), a conscript who had killed 8 of his fellow crew members.
    (SFC, 9/12/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 11, In Sri Lanka Tamil separatists bombed City Hall in Jaffa and killed Mayor Ponnuthurai Sivapalan and at least 11 others.
    (SFC, 9/12/98, p.C2)

1998        Sep 12, Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs became the fourth major league baseball player to hit 60 home runs in a single season.
    (AP, 9/12/99)
1998        Sep 12, Lindsay Davenport won the U.S. Open, defeating defending champion Martina Hingis, 6-3, 7-5.
    (AP, 9/12/99)
1998        Sep 12, The White House responded to Kenneth Starr's graphic report on President Clinton by calling it a "hit-and-run smear campaign."
    (AP, 9/12/03)
1998        Sep 12, Leaders of striking pilots at Northwest Airlines ratified a new contract, ending a walkout that began Aug. 28.
    (AP, 9/12/03)
1998        Sep 12, In Albania Democratic Party leader Azem Hajdari (35) was assassinated.
    (WSJ, 9/14/98, p.A1)(USAT, 9/15/98, p.12A)(SFC, 9/14/98, p.A12)
1998         Sep 12, In Chile the anniversary of the 1973 coup was marked by weekend clashes with police and 2 people were killed and 77 injured.
    (WSJ, 9/14/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 12, In Israel as many as 100,000 people rallied in Tel Aviv demanding that the government move the peace process forward.
    (SFEC, 10/4/98, p.T11)

1998        Sep 13 NBC's "Frasier" won a record fifth consecutive Emmy as TV's best comedy series; ABC's "The Practice" was honored as best drama.
    (AP, 9/13/99)
1998        Sep 13 Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs hit his 61st and 62nd home runs of the season, passing Roger Maris' record and pulling into a tie with St. Louis' Mark McGwire.
    (AP, 9/13/99)
1998        Sep 13 Patrick Rafter won his second consecutive U.S. Open tennis title, beating fellow Australian Mark Philippoussis 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, 6-0.
    (AP, 9/13/99)
1998        Sep 13, George Wallace (79), former governor of Alabama, died in Montgomery.
    (WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 13, Algerian security forces said 27 people were killed in Zougala in Ain Defla province. Other sources said 38 people were killed.
    (SFC, 9/16/98, p.C2)
1998        Sep 13, In Afghanistan Taliban forces captured the last major opposition stronghold of Bamiyan.
    (SFC, 9/14/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 13, In Albania opposition supporters burned the Tirana office of Premier Nanos and sent the prime minister and his cabinet fleeing.
    (SFC, 9/14/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 13, In Ukraine Victor Verloo (64), a Peace Corps volunteer from Sacramento, was stabbed to death by robbers in Chernihiv, north of Kiev.
    (SFC, 9/16/98, p.A3)

1998        Sep 14, President Clinton, struggling to regain his footing from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, pledged during a speech in New York to work with America's allies to deal with the "biggest financial challenge facing the world in a half-century."
    (AP, 9/14/03)
1998        Sep 14, In Chicago Vincas Valkavickas (78), a retired factory worker, was put under deportation proceedings. A complaint alleged that he assisted Nazi forces as a Lithuanian police officer and guarded Jewish men, women and children between 1941-1944 at Sviencionys, Lithuania.
    (SFC, 9/16/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 14, In Miami ten suspected Cuban spies were arrested for trying to penetrate the military and exile groups. Five men later pleaded guilty to lesser charges; the trial of the other five has been postponed until May 2000. The 5 remaining men were convicted in June, 2001, for acting as unregistered agents and conspiracy to commit crimes against the US. In 2009 a federal judge lowered the life sentence of Ramon Labanino to 30 years. The 19-year sentence against Fernando Gonzalez was reduced to about 18 years.
    (WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A1) (WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/14/99)(SSFC, 8/5/07, p.A19)
1998        Sep 14, In Albania fighting continued in Tirana. Anti-government protestors stormed public buildings and 3 Berisha supporters were killed in a counter-attack.
    (WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A1)(USAT, 9/15/98, p.12A)(SFC, 9/15/98, p.A6)
1998        Sep 14, Air Canada pilots ended a 13-day strike with a 9% salary increase over 2 years.
    (SFC, 9/15/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 14, Yang Shangkun (b.1907), president of China during the 1969 Tiananmen massacre, died in Beijing.
    (WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/16/98, p.C4)
1998        Sep 14, Ecuador allowed its currency, the sucre, to drop by almost 10%. Pres. Jamil Mahuad outlined a new emergency economic package. The currency devaluation went to 15% and a new austerity eliminated power subsidies.  Welfare coupons for $17 were to be issued to the poor beginning Nov 1.
    (WSJ, 9/15/98, p.A17)(WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A17)
1998        Sep 14, In Indonesia a strike by 6,000 taxi drivers in Medan deteriorated into a riot. Hundreds looted a government-owned rice warehouse on East Timor.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A19)

1998        Sep 15, Mark McGuire of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his 63rd home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/14/99)
1998        Sep 15, Nine states and the District of Columbia held primaries. In New York, Rep. Charles Schumer, a liberal, won the Democratic nod to challenge Republican Sen. Alfonse D'Amato. (Schumer won.) In Washington state, Republican Rep. Linda Smith won the right to challenge Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat. (Murray was re-elected).
    (AP, 9/14/99)
1998        Sep 15, Pres. Clinton and the G-7 nations agreed to work together to deal with the world economic crises.
    (USAT, 9/15/98, p.1A)
1998        Sep 15, John That Luong (27), convicted of smuggling Chinese immigrants into the US, was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in Federal prison. Testimony at the 9-week trial linked the smuggling to an international crime syndicate involved in microchip robberies, extortion, gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking and murder.
    (SFC, 3/16/98, p.A1)(http://tinyurl.com/3yjamo)
1998        Sep 15, BankAmerica announced trading losses of about $330 million so far in the 3rd quarter.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 15, In Albania Sali Berisha surrendered 2 tanks posted outside his headquarters following threats of force. The government declared the unrest an attempted coup and ordered a criminal investigation.
    (SFC, 9/16/98, p.A11)
1998        Sep 15, For Argentina a World Bank loan of some $4.5 billion was almost completed to help stabilize the economy.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A19)
1998        Sep 15, In Congo Pres. Kabila restored four generals from late dictator Mobutu’s regime. Government forces were said to be moving on Goma.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 15, In the Galapagos Islands the Cerro Azul volcano on Isabela Island began erupting and threatened turtle colonies.
    (SFC, 9/18/98, p.D8)
1998        Sep 15, In Indonesia a 2nd week of looting and rioting continued.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A19)
1998        Sep 15, Italian police arrested Mariano Troia (65), one of the Mafia’s most notorious figures, near Palermo.
    (USAT, 9/16/98, p.14A)
1998        cSep 15, In Peru archeologist found 6 frozen mummies sacrificed to Inca gods over 500 years ago near the crater of the 19,100 foot El Misti volcano, 465 miles southeast of Lima.
    (SFC, 10/3/98, p.C1)
1998        Sep 15-Oct 1, Hurricane Georges caused 602 deaths in the Caribbean and four in the United States. The storm hit the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and British and U.S. Virgin Islands before striking Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.
    (AP, 9/11/04)(www.wunderground.com)

1998        Sep 16, In his first news conference since the release of Kenneth Starr's graphic report, President Clinton said he'd told "the essential truth" about his affair with Monica Lewinsky; as for whether he might resign, Clinton responded that Americans "want me to go on."
    (AP, 9/16/99)
1998        Sep 16, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, responding to a report in an Internet publication, Salon Magazine, admitted to "indiscretions" with a woman in the 1960s at a time when both were married.
    (AP, 9/16/99)
1998        Sep 16, The first photos of Phobos from the Mars Global Surveyor were reported. Its diameter is 16 miles at the equator and 11 miles pole to pole. Deimos measured 7 miles in diameter.
    (SFC, 9/16/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 16, Algeria was rebuked for abuses by its security forces by a UN report. Amnesty Int’l. called the report a whitewash.
    (WSJ, 9/17/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 16, In Bosnia early results from weekend elections indicated that hard-line nationalists led with 60% of the votes counted.
    (SFC, 9/17/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 16, The UN announced that the treaty to eliminate anti-personnel land mines will take effect in 6 months. Burkino Faso became the 40th country to ratify the pact.
    (SFC, 9/17/98, p.C4)
1998        Sep 16, In Germany Mamduh Mahmud Salim, an alleged terrorist associated with Osama bin Laden, was arrested.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Sep 16, From Norway it was reported that Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik (51), too depressed to work, was on sick leave. Plunging oil prices, surging interest rates and political bickering forced him to leave almost 2 weeks ago.
    (WSJ, 9/16/98, p.A22)
1998        Sep 16, In Russia the ruble fell to 14-16 to the dollar in street trading. Two more economic moderates were brought into the new cabinet.
    (SFC, 9/17/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 16, Serb forces in Kosovo attacked 12 villages between Mitrovica and Podujevo, 20 miles north of Pristina.
    (SFC, 9/17/98, p.A15)
1998        Sep 16, The Basque separatist ETA announced an indefinite cease fire to begin Sep 18. It ended 14 months later after one round of talks with the Aznar government. PM Jose Maria Aznar responded with a hard-line crackdown that ended cooperation between Basque moderates and Spanish political parties.
    (SFC, 9/17/98, p.C4)(SFC, 5/24/99, p.A1)(AP, 3/22/06)

1998        Sep 17, In Apollo, Pennsylvania, nuclear-processing plant operators were ordered to pay 8 cancer-stricken victims $36.5 million.
    (WSJ, 9/18/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 17, David Chain of Texas was killed by a falling redwood tree logged by Earl Ammons near the Headwaters Forest near Eureka, Ca. Chain's family filed suit in 1999 against Pacific Lumber. In 2004 Patrick Beach authored "A Good Forest for Dying: The Tragic Death of a Young Man on the Front Lines of the Environmental Wars."
    (SFEC, 3/14/99, p.A1)(SFC, 9/13/99, p.A28)(SSFC, 4/11/04, p.M1)
1998        Sep 17, In Burma 10 dissidents voted to annul all laws passed by the junta in the last 10 years after constituting themselves as the elected parliament of 1990.
    (WSJ, 9/18/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 17, In Israel a Palestinian youth, Iyad Hashem (17), was killed in a drive-by shooting on the West Bank.
    (WSJ, 9/18/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/18/98, p.A13)
1998        Sep 17, In Kenya the Central Bank took over the Trust Bank due to insufficient funds, the 2nd closure in 10 days.
    (WSJ, 9/21/98, p.A22)
1998        Sep 17, In Ensenada, Mexico, 20 people were shot and 19 were killed by gunmen. The victims included 8 children. Fermin Castro (38), aka "The Ice Man," was the principal target and leader of one of 6 gangs linked to the Arellano Felix drug cartel. Castro, a native Pai Pai Indian, was tortured before being shot and was in a coma. In Dec. Tijuana police arrested Hector Flores Esquivias and Cruz Medina Perez, the wife of gang leader Marinez Gonzalez. In 2008 US immigration officials in Los Angeles arrested Jesus Ruben Moncada (33), believed to be one of the Ensenada gunmen, and turned him over to Mexican authorities.
    (WSJ, 9/18/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/18/98, p.A1)(SFC, 10/17/98, p.A12)(SFC, 12/5/98, p.A13)(SFC, 8/25/08, p.A3)

1998        Sep 18, The House Judiciary Committee voted to release the video tape of Pres. Clinton’s grand jury testimony along with 2,800 pages of sexually explicit testimony.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 18, A Clinton advisory board on race relations issued its $4.8 million, 121 page report: "One America in the 21st Century: Forging a new Future." Its recommendations included a call for a permanent White House panel on race relations.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 18, A federal judge in San Jose awarded the Church of Scientology a $3 million settlement against Grady Ward for publishing secret scriptures on the Internet. Grady would not have to pay the full fine if he refrains from publishing church secrets and pays the church $200 per month for the rest of his life.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A23)
1998        Sep 18, Mark McGwire hit his 64th home run of the season, pulling out of a tie with Sammy Sosa.
    (AP, 9/18/03)
1998        Sep 18, In Algeria a bomb exploded in a market in Tiaret and killed 22. Another 30 people were wounded in the blast.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Sep 18, The ozone hole over Antarctica reached 10.5 million sq. miles, its largest size ever. It opened to 2 1/2 times the size of Europe.  It was feared that ultraviolet radiation would impact the marine food chain.
    (SFC, 10/2/98, p.B3)(SFC, 11/23/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 18, In Bangladesh Muslim militants called for the death of Taslima Nasrin, a writer who suggested that the Koran be rewritten. Her novel "Lajja" (Shame) criticized Muslims for attacking minority Hindus after the 1992 mosque destruction in India.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Sep 18, In Israel Hamas supporters clashed with Israeli police during a rally for the Awadallah brothers. 32 Palestinians were injured and the borders with the West Bank and Gaza were again sealed.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 18, In Italy the TV dubbers agreed to end their 2-month strike.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Sep 18, Japanese leaders agreed to a plan to take over some of the biggest and weakest banks and to use taxpayer money to dispose of some $606 billion in bad loans.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 18, The worst storm in a century hit the Netherlands and Belgium over the past week.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A5)
1998        Sep 18, In Nigeria authorities dropped charges against Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka and 14 others. Gen’l. Abubakar had asked that the charges be dropped and said that he was seeking a national reconciliation.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Sep 18, In the Philippines the Princess of the Orient passenger ship sank south of Manila near Fortune Island with 443 people on board. There were 311 confirmed survivors. The sinking was blamed on a shift in cargo in heavy seas. Rescue efforts continued off the Philippines for the Princess of the Orient, a ferry which had sunk in a storm, leaving at least 70 people dead and 80 others missing.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A14)(SFEC, 9/20/98, p.A19)(WSJ, 9/21/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/18/08)
1998        Sep 18, Russia began using bank reserves to help pay bank debts and pump new money into the economy. Inflation was already running at 40% for the month.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.C16)
1998        Sep 18, A secret, 269 page Swiss report asserted that Raul Salinas assumed control of practically all drug shipments in Mexico in 1988 when his brother became president.
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 18, Uganda’s government closed the Int’l. Credit Bank due to activities "detrimental to the interests of depositors."
    (WSJ, 9/21/98, p.A22)

1998        Sep 19, Miss Virginia Nicole Johnson, a 24-year-old diabetic who wore an insulin pump on her hip, was crowned Miss America 1999.
    (SFEC, 9/20/98, p.A2)(AP, 9/19/99)
1998        Sep 19, At the 22nd annual Oktoberfest in Cincinnati 25,000 kazoos were distributed in an attempt to set a Guinness record for the "World’s Largest Kazoo Band."
    (WSJ, 9/21/98, p.B1)
1998        Sep 19, Susan Barrantes, mother of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was killed in a car crash in Argentina; she was 61.
    (AP, 9/19/99)
1998        Sep 19, In Liberia fighting in Monrovia left at least 33 dead as the government tried to arrest Roosevelt Johnson, former rebel leader. The next day he was accused of plotting against Pres. Taylor and fled to the US Embassy.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 19, In Pakistani controlled Kashmir Indian artillery fire killed 9 people and wounded 11 others over the last 2 days.
    (SFEC, 9/20/98, p.A17)
1998        Sep 19, In Uganda police arrested 18 people suspected of planning attacks on diplomatic missions and government installations.
    (SFEC, 9/20/98, p.A24)

1998        Sep 20, Mark McGwire his 65th home run against the Milwaukee Brewers.
    (WSJ, 9/21/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 20, In Baltimore Cal Ripken sat out a game against the New York Yankees after playing 2,632 consecutive games, a record that began May 30, 1982.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/20/99)
1998        Sep 20, In Palo Alto, Ca., the 2nd annual Sand Hill Challenge, a soapbox derby for the Peninsula Community Foundation, was held. The world’s largest accordion band was scheduled to set a Guinness record. The band of over 500 played "Lady of Spain."
    (SFC, 9/19/98, p.A18)(SFC, 9/21/98, p.A21)
1998        Sep 20, Muriel Humphrey Brown, widow of Vice President Hubert Humphrey and his brief successor in the U.S. Senate, died in Minneapolis at age 86.
    (AP, 9/20/99)
1998        Sep 20, Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year began at sundown.
    (SFEC, 9/20/98, p.C1)
1998        Sep 20, In Afghanistan Russian-made opposition missiles were shot into Kabul and 180 people were killed or wounded.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 20, In Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim (51) was jailed following charges of sexual hijinks. His arrest coincided with protests calling for the resignation of the prime minister and with the end of the competition of the Commonwealth Games and a state visit by Queen Elizabeth II. Ibrahim was beaten by police chief Abdul Rahim Noor. Noor was sentenced to 2 months in prison for the assault in 2000.
    (SFC, 9/21/98, p.A12)(SFC, 3/15/00, p.A10)
1998        Sep 20, In Sweden the Social Democrats led by Prime Minister Goran Persson won the elections with 36.5% of the vote vs. 22.7% for the opposition Moderates led by Carl Bildt.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A12)

1998        Sep 21, Congress released the video tape of Pres. Clinton’s grand jury testimony. President Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony was publicly broadcast; in it, Clinton tussled with prosecutors over "the truth of my relationship" with Monica Lewinsky.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/21/99)
1998        Sep 21, In New York Wadih el Hage, a Texas American citizen who served as the personal secretary for Osama bin laden in Sudan, was indicted for lying to a Manhattan grand jury investigating bin Laden.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A6)
1998        Sep 21, Hurricane Georges roared through Puerto Rico and the northeast Caribbean. Georges threatened the islands of the Caribbean. The storm hit Puerto Rico and killed at least 5 people as winds reached 130 mph. One woman was killed on St. Kitts.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A13)(SFC, 9/22/98, p.A1) (AP, 9/21/99)
1998        Sep 21, Florence Griffith Joyner (38), winner of 3 gold medals in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, died of an apparent heart seizure at her home in Mission Viejo, Calif. She held the women’s record in the 100- and 200-meter dashes.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A1)(WSJ, 9/22/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/21/99)
1998        Sep 21, In Afghanistan a 2nd day of rocket barrages killed at least 10 people in Kabul.
    (WSJ, 9/22/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 21, In Bosnia Biljana Plavsic conceded defeat to nationalist Nikola Poplasen. Nine hard-line candidates were disqualified. For the presidency Serb Zivko Radisic defeated Momcilo Karjisnik, Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic won, and Croat Ante Jelavic defeated Kresimir Zubak.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A8)(WSJ, 9/22/98, p.A1)(SFC, 9/26/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 21, From China it was reported that the government had begun cracking down on the efforts of dissidents to organize the fledgling China Democratic Party.
    (SFC, 9/20/98, p.A16)
1998        Sep 21, In Lesotho opposition protestors clashed with South African and Botswanan troops at the royal palace. A faction of the Lesotho army rebelled 11 days ago and deposed the new military leadership. They charged that the May elections swept by the Lesotho Congress party were rigged.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A7)
1998        Sep 21, In Malaysia thousands of protestors clashed with police as the finale to the Commonwealth Games proceeded. The Suaram human rights group said that 34 people were arrested.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A7)
1998        Sep 21, In Russia the central bank began issuing 900 million new rubles valued at $55 million.
    (WSJ, 9/22/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 21, In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mustafa Mahmoud Said Ahmen of Egypt and Rashid Saleh Hemed of Tanzania were charged with murder in connection with the bombing of the US Embassy.
    (SFC, 9/22/98, p.A6)

1998        Sep 22, Congressional Republicans worked to snuff out new talk of a punishment for President Clinton short of impeachment, an idea floated by Democrats as polls showed most Americans opposed Clinton's removal from office.
    (AP, 9/22/99)
1998        Sep 22, The U.S. and Russia agreed to help Russia privatize its nuclear program and stop the export of scientists and plutonium.
    (AP, 9/22/99)
1998        Sep 22, Hurricane Georges hit the Dominican Republic and at least 12 people were killed. Three people were killed in St. Kitts, 2 in Antigua and 4 in Puerto Rico.
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 22, In Ethiopia the government said that 2,000 Eritreans had been expelled over the past week bringing the total to 6,500. It charged that Eritrea had forced out 17,000 Ethiopians.
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 22, In NYC Mohammad Khatami, Pres. of Iran, said that the 10-year fatwa (religious edict for the death of Rushdie) over author Salman Rushdie is "completely finished."
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A11)(SFC, 9/25/98, p.A13)
1998        Sep 22, In Japan Typhoon Vicki killed 9 people and injured over 100.
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 22, In Kosovo Serbian troops began an offensive against the last of stronghold of ethnic Albanian separatists. Many rebels were reported killed.
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 22, South African troops poured over the border into Lesotho and 30 people were reported killed.
    (SFC, 9/23/98, p.A12)

1998        Sep 23, In Milwaukee Sammy Sosa hit his 64th and 65th home runs against the Brewers, tying Mark McGwire for the single-season record.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A18) (AP, 9/23/99)
1998        Sep 23, Federal regulators approved the merger of Citicorp and Travelers Group.
    (AP, 9/23/99)
1998        Sep 23, Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan hinted that the central bank is prepared to cut interest rates and the Dow went up 257.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 23, Joan Kroc, the heiress to McDonald’s, donated $80 million to the Salvation Army.
    (USAT, 9/24/98, p.3A)
1998        Sep 23, Scientists reported two more planets beyond our solar system. One in the constellation Cygnus and the other in Aquarius.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A2)
1998        Sep 23, Actress Mary Frann, who played Bob Newhart's wife on TV's "Newhart," died in Beverly Hills, Calif., at age 55.
    (AP, 9/23/99)
1998        Sep 23, The death toll from hurricane Georges reached 110. 17 people were killed in Haiti and 17 in the Dominican Republic as the storm hit Cuba.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A12)(WSJ, 9/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 23, In Cambodia a rocket attack intended for Huns Sen killed 4 people including 2 children.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 23, Transparency Int’l, an int’l. good-government advocacy group, said that Cameroon is viewed as the most corrupt of the 85 countries rated. Nigeria, Tanzania, Honduras and Paraguay filled out the bottom five. Denmark, Finland and Sweden were seen as having the cleanest political systems.
    (WSJ, 9/23/98, p.B17)
1998        Sep 23, In Congo Hutu militiamen attacked a military post manned by ethnic Tutsis and 56 people were killed.
    (WSJ, 9/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 23, In Ecuador demonstrations in Quito erupted over the devaluation of the sucre. Unions called for a national strike for Oct 1.
    (SFEC, 10/4/98, p.T11)
1998        Sep 23, In Lesotho 9 South Africans and 40 rebels were killed since the SADC (Southern African Development Community) task force entered Lesotho to restore the government of PM Pakalitha Mosisili. Maseru was virtually destroyed by arson and looting that followed the military intervention. Damages were estimated at $39 million.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A14)(SFC, 4/10/99, p.C14)
1998        Sep 23, In Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that he would sign the nuclear test ban treaty within the year. Sharif also met with Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of India and agreed to resume talks on Kashmir.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A12)(WSJ, 9/24/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 23, Philippine Airlines (b.1941) cancelled its last flight from San Francisco and shut down operations due to financial problems. On Sep 28 Pres. Estrada announced that the airline could reopen following a management agreement with its largest union for a proposed rehabilitation plan.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A19)(SFC, 9/29/98, p.D1)
1998        Sep 23, In Thailand the economy was expected to contract by 7-10%. Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai called for an investigation into the sale of medical supplies and 3 prominent academics published the book "Guns, Girls, Gambling and Ganja."
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 23, The Turkey high court jailed Istanbul Mayor Tayyip Erdogan.
    (WSJ, 9/24/98, p.A13)
1998        Sep 23, The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution demanding a cease-fire in Kosovo and threatened further action if fighting continued.
    (SFC, 9/24/98, p.A12)(AP, 9/23/99)

1998        Sep 24, The US government began releasing the new, harder-to-counterfeit $20 bill.
    (SFC, 8/5/98, p.A6) (AP, 9/24/99)
1998        Sep 24, Eddie DeBartolo, co-owner of the SF 49ers, struck a deal with federal prosecutors to keep out of jail. He will pay a fine and testify against former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards.
    (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 24, Long Term Capital Investment, a hedge fund, received a $3.5 billion bailout by fifteen financial institutions orchestrated by the Federal Reserve.
    (WSJ, 9/25/98, p.A8)
1998        Sep 24, NATO instructed its generals to begin preparing for air strikes on Yugoslavia unless pres. Milosevic ends his attacks on ethnic Albanians.
    (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 24, Hurricane Georges charged toward Florida Keys. The death toll from Hurricane Georges reached 443. The Dominican Republic toll was later set at 265; 172 in Haiti; 6 in Cuba; 11 in Puerto Rico; 2 in Antigua; 4 in St. Kitts and Nevis and 1 in the Bahamas.
    (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A16)(WSJ, 9/28/98, p.A1)(SFC, 10/3/98, p.A11)(SFC, 10/7/98, p.A12)(AP, 9/24/99)
1998        Sep 24, French doctors performed a hand transplant on a New Zealand man, Clint Hallam (48). He had lost his hand in a sawing accident in a New Zealand prison where he was serving a 2-year sentence for fraud. The hand was removed in 2001 due to alleged failure to follow correct immuno-suppression treatment.
    (SFC, 10/16/98, p.D2)(SSFC, 2/4/01, p.A5)
1998        Sep 24, In Sierra Leone troops from the ECOMOG peacekeeping force killed at least 50 traditional Kapra hunters after the hunters opened fire on them. The hunters claimed to have mistaken the troops for rebels.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 25, Mark McGwire hit his 66th home run, just 45 minutes after Sammy Sosa hit his 66th homer of the season.
    (AP, 9/25/99)
1998        Sep 25, Hillary Clinton spoke on behalf of Barbara Boxer at the SF Hilton. Pres. Clinton also visited SF and the Bay Area seeking political donations.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 25, Douglas Groat, a former CIA covert operator, was sentenced to 5 years in prison after admitting that he attempted to extort $1 million from the agency with threats to disclose how the US intercepts foreign communications.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 25, It was reported that the world economic conditions had impacted the price of the Beanie Babies, the stuffed critters that burst on the toy market in 1994. Beanie prices were down as much as 45%.
    (WSJ, 9/25/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 25, Hurricane Georges raked the Florida Keys with sheets of rain and 105 mph winds, but spared Florida the kind of devastation seen across the Caribbean.
    (AP, 9/25/99)
1998        Sep 25, Frenchman Benoit Lecomte reached the Brittany coast after a 72-day swim across the Atlantic that began Jul 16 at Hyannis, Mass.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A11)
1998        Sep 25, In Liberia the US transported Roosevelt Johnson out of the country to Sierra Leone.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep 25, In Malaysia Abdul Malek was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA), at the height of the "Reformasi" (Reforms) demonstrations following the sacking and arrest of deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim. In 2007 a Malaysian court awarded Malek 740,000 dollars for his wrongful arrest and assault in custody. It was the first time that a Malaysian court had awarded significant compensation for illegal detention and abuse.
    (AFP, 10/18/07)
1998        Sep 25, In Morocco a chartered Spanish airliner crashed and killed all 38 people onboard.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A11)
1998        Sep 25, In Russia Alexander Shokhin quit as the new top economic official.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 26, The nation's first march on cancer took place on the National Mall in Washington.
    (AP, 9/26/99)
1998        Sep 26, Betty Carter, Grammy-winning jazz singer, died of pancreatic cancer in New York at age 69.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.D3) (AP, 9/26/99)   
1998        Sep 26, From Zimbabwe it was reported that timber companies were poisoning hundreds of baboons causing them to die a slow painful death over 7-10 days.
    (SFC, 9/26/98, p.A5)
1998        Sep 26, In Kosovo the Yugoslav army and Serbian police shot and killed 15 women, children and elderly of the Deliaj clan in Gornji Obrinje. Three men were burned to death and 3 more villagers were killed in nearby Donji Obrinje.
    (SFC, 9/30/98, p.A1)

1998        Sep 26-1998 Sep 30, In Ethiopia the Lions Club charity sponsored a free surgical program at the Adama hospital in Nazareth town. Over 700 cataract patients were treated. Some had been blind for 20 years.
    (SFC, 10/3/98, p.A12)

1998        Sep 27, In Holmdel, N.J., the nation’s first Vietnam Museum opened as the Vietnam Era Educational Center.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A7)
1998        Sep 27, St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire hit his 69th and 70th home runs in his last game of the season against the Montreal Expos at Busch Stadium. The ball was later sold at auction for $3.005 million to Todd McFarlane, creator of "Spawn" comic books.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A1)(SFC, 2/9/99, p.A2)
1998        Sep 27, Gerhard Schroeder and his Social Democrats won national elections in Germany, following 16 years of conservative rule under Chancellor Helmut Kohl.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A1) (AP, 9/27/99)
1998        Sep 27, In Malaysia about 10,000 people gathered in Kuala Lumpur to protests a crackdown on dissent by the Mahathir regime.
    (WSJ, 9/28/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 27, Serbian troops bombarded and burned villages in southern Kosovo.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 27, In Slovakia opposition leaders claimed victory after 2 days of elections for a new parliament. Prime Minister Meciar’s Movement for a Democratic Slovakia won 27% of the vote. Slovak Democratic Coalition leader Mikulas Dzurinda was seen as Meciar’s successor.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 27, In Sri Lanka government troops clashed with Tamil rebels and at least 49 people were killed.
    (SFC, 9/28/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 28, Hurricane Georges plowed into the Gulf Coast, weakening to a tropical storm but pouring rain at a pace of an inch per hour. President Clinton declared an emergency late in the day.
    (AP, 9/28/99)
1998        Sep 28, Yasser Arafat met with Benjamin Netanyahu and Pres. Clinton at the White House and agreed to hold a full-scale summit next month.
    (SFC, 9/29/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 28, In Albania Prime Minister Fatos Nano resigned following 2 weeks of rioting. Pandeli Majko (31), general secretary of the Socialist Party, was the party’s candidate for prime minister. The opposition called for an interim government and new elections.
    (SFC, 9/29/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 9/30/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 28, In Germany Gerhard Schroeder announced that he would form a coalition between his Social Democrats and the Green Party, which received 6.7% of the vote. The 669-seat parliament would have 298 Social Democrats and 47 Greens.
    (SFC, 9/29/98, p.A9)
1998        Sep 28, Two senior Iranian clerics claimed that the $2.5 million reward for Rushdie’s death was a fatwa that must be enforced.
    (SFC, 9/29/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 28, In central Mexico heavy rains caused mudslides in Mexico City that left 6 people dead in the squatter hillsides south of the city.
    (SFC, 9/29/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 28, Russia’s Justice Ministry announced that it would release 115,000 prisoners to ease over-crowding in its cash-strapped jails.
    (SFC, 9/29/98, p.A10)

1998        Sep 29, The US Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate .25% to 5.25%.
    (SFC, 9/30/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 29, Hurricane Georges drenched the Gulf Coast as it headed to Georgia and South Carolina. The US death toll stood at 4.
    (WSJ, 9/30/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 29, Tom Bradley, former mayor of Los Angeles (1973-1993), died at age 80.
    (SFC, 9/30/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 29, In Iran security officials raided homes and offices of members of the Baha’i faith. It was an effort to shut down the Bahai Institute of Higher Education.
    (SFC, 10/30/98, p.A20)
1998        Sep 29, Japanese Leasing, a non-bank affiliate of the failed Long Term Credit Bank, announced that it is filing for bankruptcy with liabilities of 2.2 trillion yen or more than $16 billion. Two other affiliates of the LTCB are expected to suffer the same fate. This was the country's biggest-ever bankruptcy. LTCB was later renamed Shinsei.
    (www.wsws.org/news/1998/sep1998/jap-s29.shtml)(Econ, 7/22/06, p.66)(Econ, 6/28/08, p.82)
1998        Sep 29, In North Korea the European charity Doctors Without Borders withdrew from the country because it was denied access to a large population of malnourished and sick children located in the "9-27" camps.
    (SFC, 9/30/98, p.A10)
1998        Sep 29, In the West Bank one Palestinian was killed and 2 were injured when a bomb blew up their car. They were suspected to be members of Hamas.
    (SFC, 9/30/98, p.A11)
1998        Sep 29, In Sri Lanka a commercial plane carrying 55 people disappeared off the coast after leaving the Jaffna peninsula. The Ukrainian-built Antonov-24 was bound for Colombo. The government said 700 soldiers and rebels had died in a 3-day battle in the north. Later reports put the death toll to 1300.
    (SFC, 9/30/98, p.A11)(WSJ, 9/30/98, p.A1)

1998        Sep 30, Both President Clinton and Republicans claimed credit for news that the government would have a surplus of about $70 billion in the current fiscal year following 3 decades of deficits.
    (SFC, 10/1/98, p.A1)(AP, 9/30/99)
1998        Sep 30, The General Accounting Office reported that Kenneth Starr and Robert Fiske had spent more than $40 million to investigate President Clinton's Whitewater land deals in Arkansas and later the Monica Lewinsky affair.
    (AP, 9/30/99)
1998        Sep 30, In California Gov. Wilson signed legislation to require the use of safety needles to protect health care workers from accidental needle sticks.
    (SFC, 10/1/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 30, US government researchers said there was a likelihood that low-frequency electric and magnetic fields may be linked to childhood leukemia.
    (SFC, 10/1/98, p.A3)
1998        Sep 30, Obesity researchers found a human gene mutation that appears to signal the body to make and fill more fat cells.
    (WSJ, 10/1/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 30, Gerhard Schroeder visited with Socialist leaders in France and endorsed controls on capital flows.
    (WSJ, 10/1/98, p.A1)
1998        Sep 30, In Israel the army sent reinforcements to Hebron after an assailant threw grenades at troops guarding a central square. 13 soldiers and 11 Palestinians were wounded.
    (WSJ, 10/1/98, p.A1)(SFC, 10/1/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 30, In Peru some 5,000 workers marched in Lima to protest a congressional vote that quashed calls for a referendum over whether Pres. Fujimori could run for re-election. 300 workers stormed the parade ground of the presidential palace.
    (SFC, 10/1/98, p.A14)
1998        Sep 30, In Portugal the end of Expo ‘98 in Lisbon.
    (SFEC, 2/1/98, p.T6)

1998        Sep, The series of books titled "Left Behind," co-written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, made publishing history when all 4 books reached the top 4 slots of religious best sellers. "Left Behind" (1995), "Tribulation Force" (1996), "Nicolae" (1997) and "Soul Harvest" (1998) are set in the present and near future and make reference to popular fears of social, economic and political turmoil as the year 2000 approaches.
    (SFEC, 10/4/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep, The cable TV network C-Span launched "Book TV." It was all weekend program on books.
    (WSJ, 11/30/98, p.A20)
1998        Sep, Iridium the satellite communications project spearheaded by Motorola was scheduled to begin operations. It was expected to cost $5 billion and included 16 co-investors. It planned for 66 satellites to fly in a 420 nautical mile orbit. The company filed for Chapter 11 in 1999 and faced bankruptcy in 2000.
    (WSJ, 12/16/96, p.A1)(WSJ, 3/6/00, p.A13)
1998        Sep, WorldCom completed its merger with MCI.
    (WSJ, 5/1/02, p.A8)
1998        Sep, Radioactive red harvester ants were found underground near waste pipes in Richland, Wa.
    (SFC, 10/22/98, p.A7)
1998        Sep, The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), an insect not previously seen in North America, was first collected in Allentown, Pa. It had probably arrived several years earlier. It is known as an agricultural pest in its native range of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
    (Econ, 9/10/11, p.36)(http://tinyurl.com/nkexo3)
1998        Sep, The ozone layer over Antarctica grew to its largest size ever. It opened to 2 1/2 times the size of Europe.
    (SFC, 10/2/98, p.B3)
1998        Sep, In Burma Air Myanmar F-27 with 39 people crashed near Tachilek in Shan state. Shan tribesmen looted the wreckage. 5 adult male survivors were tortured and an air hostess was raped for days. A surviving baby was left to die. 30 villagers were arrested.
    (SFC, 9/25/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep, In Cuba two Italian tourists, Fabio Usubelli and Michelle Niccolai, were killed during a robbery. In 1999 Sergio Antonio Durate Scull and Carlos Rafael Pelaez Prieto were convicted and sentenced to death.
    (SFC, 1/29/99, p.E9)
1998        Sep, In Egypt Brigadier Gen’l. Hamdi El-Batran was to go on trial for his book "The diary of an Officer in the Countryside."
    (SFC, 8/19/98, p.A12)
1998        Sep, Malaysia was scheduled to host the Commonwealth Games.
    (SFEC, 8/3/97, p.T3)
1998        Sep, In Dubai, UAR, the construction of a new multi-million prison was set to begin. Crown Prince Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum conceived of the facility as a prison for 2,000 "guests" of white-collar crimes. The prison will have a gym, theater, conference center, and be equipped with internet access.
    (SFC, 7/31/98, p.D8)
1998        Sep, Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister, authored the 1st volume of his memoir: "The Singapore Story."
    (SFC, 8/6/01, p.A8)(Econ., 3/28/15, p.29)

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