Timeline 1991 Jan-June

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1991        Jan 1, President Bush called top advisers to the White House for a fresh assessment of the Persian Gulf crisis.
    (AP, 1/1/01)

1991        Jan 2, Sharon Pratt Dixon was sworn in as mayor of Washington, D.C., becoming the first black woman to head a city of Washington's size and prominence.
    (AP, 1/2/98)
1991        Jan 2, European, Soviet and Arab officials pushed for talks to avert war with Iraq.
    (AP, 1/2/01)

1991        Jan 3, The 102nd Congress convened, plunging immediately into acrimonious debate over the Persian Gulf crisis. President Bush proposed direct talks between Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third and Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz.
    (AP, 1/3/01)

1991        Jan 4, With a week and a-half left before a U-N deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, Iraq agreed to hold its first high-level talks with the United States since the start of the Persian Gulf crisis.
    (AP, 1/4/01)
1991        Jan 4, Charles Stuart, who’d claimed to have been wounded and his pregnant wife shot dead by a robber, leapt to his death off a Boston Harbor bridge after he himself became a suspect.
    (AP, 1/4/01)
1991        Jan 4, Deposed Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega was arraigned in federal district court in Miami on drug-trafficking charges.
    (AP, 1/4/01)

1991        Jan 5, President Bush met at Camp David, Maryland, with UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar to discuss the Persian Gulf crisis. The same day, a pretaped radio address by Bush was broadcast in which the president warned Iraq: "Time is running out."
    (AP, 1/5/01)

1991        Jan 6, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, in a television address, told his country to prepare for a long war against what he called "tyranny represented by the United States."
    (AP, 1/6/01)

1991        Jan 7, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney canceled plans to purchase the A-12 stealth attack plane for the Navy.
    (AP, 1/7/01)
1991        Jan 7, Pete Rose left an Illinois federal prison camp and checked into a halfway house in Cincinnati to complete his sentence for cheating on his taxes.
    (AP, 1/7/01)
1991        Jan 7, Loyalist troops in Haiti crushed a coup attempt that had threatened the transition of power to the country’s first freely elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
    (AP, 1/7/01)

1991        Jan 8, Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third and Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz arrived in Geneva for the first high-level talks between their countries since the Persian Gulf crisis began.
    (AP, 1/8/01)
1991        Jan 8, Pro Soviet demonstrators protested price rises and surrounded the parliament in Vilnius. Fresh Soviet troops began rolling across Baltic borders from Pskov, Russia, allegedly to deal with Baltic youth who have been evading the Soviet draft.

1991        Jan 9, Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third and Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz met for six hours in Geneva, but failed to resolve the Persian Gulf crisis. President Bush, in Washington, accused Iraq of "a total stiff-arm, a total rebuff." Mr. Baker told Mr. Aziz that America would throw Iraq out by force if it did not leave Kuwait.   
    (AP, 1/9/01)(Econ, 5/24/08, p.19)
1991        Jan 9, Microsoft announced Excel 3.0.
    (Wired, 12/98, p.197)
1991        Jan 9, Lithuanians gathered to support the parliament in Vilnius.

1991        Jan 10, Baseball officially banned Pete Rose from being elected to the Hall of Fame.
1991        Jan 10, Five days before a UN deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, peace efforts intensified, with UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar setting off on a mission aimed at averting war.
    (AP, 1/10/01)

1991        Jan 11, The United States and Iraq intensified their rhetoric, with Secretary of State James A. Baker III telling Air Force pilots in Saudi Arabia, "We pass the brink at midnight January 15," and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein boasting of his army’s readiness. Congress empowered Bush to order attack on Iraq.
    (AP, 1/11/01)(MC, 1/11/02)

1991        Jan 12, A deeply divided Congress gave President Bush the authority to wage war in the Persian Gulf. The Senate voted 52-to-47 to empower Bush to use armed forces to expel Iraq from Kuwait; the House followed suit on a vote of 250-to-183. 45 of 55 Democratic senators voted against the congressional resolution authorizing the use of force.
    (HN, 1/12/99)(AP, 1/12/01)(NW, 9/30/02, p.72)

1991        Jan 13, UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar met with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in a bid to avoid war in the Persian Gulf.
    (AP, 1/13/01)
1991        Jan 13, Soviet troops besieged the Vilnius TV tower and crushed a woman under a tank, but failed to quash the drive for independence. The assault claimed 14 lives. The Soviets occupied strong points in Vilnius, Lithuania, in an attempt to stop the independence movement.
    (Wired, Dec., '95, p.94)(DrEE, 9/28/96, p.1)(AP, 1/13/01)(LHC, 1/12/03)
1991        Jan 13, Forty-two people were killed in a brawl and stampede during a soccer match in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    (AP, 1/13/01)

1991        Jan 14, With time running out before a United Nations deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, Iraq’s National Assembly voted to give President Saddam Hussein full authority over the Persian Gulf crisis.
    (AP, 1/14/01)

1991        Jan 15, In San Francisco thousands of anti-war demonstrators laid siege to the city, shutting down the Federal Building, closing the Bay Bridge for nearly two hours and ending the day with a violent, late-night rampage through the downtown area.
    (SSFC, 1/10/16, DB p.50)
1991        Jan 15, In Colombia Jorge Luis Ochoa turned himself in to police during an intense hunt for leaders of the Medellin drug cartel. The Colombian Constitution of this year forbade the extradition of its citizens.
    (SFC, 7/6/96, p.A10)
1991        Jan 15, With hours remaining before a United Nations deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar made a final appeal to Saddam Hussein to remove his troops.
    (AP, 1/15/01)

1991        Jan 16, The White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. President Bush said in a nationally broadcast address "the battle has been joined" as fighter bombers pounded Iraqi targets. Because of the time difference, it was early January 17th in the Persian Gulf when the attack began. At 4:30 P.M. EST, the first fighter aircraft are launched from Saudi Arabia and off of U.S. and British aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf on bombing missions over Iraq.
    (AP, 1/16/01)(MC, 1/16/02)

1991        Jan 17, The Persian Gulf War began as Coalition planes struck targets in Iraq and Kuwait. The first Iraqi Scud missile attacks on Israel were launched. There were reports of death and injury, and possibly even chemical weapons being used. For a few tense hours, it looked as though Israel would retaliate against Iraq, causing the allied coalition to break up. Six months of preparation and diplomacy might be undone by a few poorly aimed, 1950s-vintage ballistic missiles. Later that evening, U.S. Patriot surface-to-air missiles were launched against the incoming Scuds, and for the first time in history, a ballistic missile was shot down by another missile. The use of Patriot missiles in Israel’s defense helped to keep that country out of the Gulf War, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the American-European-Arab coalition. Jeffrey Zahn became the 1st US pilot shot down. Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher (33) was shot down over western Iraq. In 1993 the ruins of his plane were found. In 2009 his remains were found and positively identified.
    (SFC, 9/4/96, p.A8)(SFEC,12/797, p.A1,16)(HN, 1/17/99)(AP, 8/2/09)
1991        Jan 17, On the first day of Operation Desert Storm, US-led forces hammered Iraqi targets in an effort to drive Iraq out of Kuwait. A defiant Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declared that the "mother of all battles" had begun. Iraq attacked Israel with ten Scud missiles. The US Patriot defense missile was used in battle for the first time to shoot down a Scud fired at Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 1/17/01)
1991        Jan 17, Crude oil futures fell $10.56 following the release of strategic US crude oil stockpiles coinciding with the start of the Persian Gulf War.
    (WSJ, 8/23/08, p.B6)
1991        Jan 17, San Francisco police arrested 991 people protesting the US war with Iraq.
    (SSFC, 1/17/16, DB p.54)

1991        Jan 17-21, In Nov, 1998, Pentagon officials revealed a map of the Gulf War battlefield that showed sites where radioactive and toxic debris from 300 tons of depleted uranium ammunition was used over the 4 day war.
    (SFEC, 1/24/99, p.A1)

1991        Jan 18, The US acknowledged that the CIA and US Army paid Panama’s military leader Manuel Noriega $322,226 from 1955-1986. Noriega began receiving money from the CIA in 1976.
1991        Jan 18, Round-the-clock bombing of Iraqi targets continued in Operation Desert Storm.
    (AP, 1/18/01)
1991        Jan 18, Financially strapped Eastern Airlines shut down after 62 years in business.
    (AP, 1/18/98)
1991        Jan 18, Former New York Congressman Hamilton Fish Senior died in Cold Spring, New York, at age 102.
    (AP, 1/18/01)
1991        Jan 18, Three young people were crushed to death at an AC-DC concert in Salt Lake City.
    (AP, 1/18/01)
1991        Jan 18, Iraq fired more Scud missiles at Israeli cities. Israel refrains from responding at the request of President Bush.
    (HN, 1/18/99)

1991        Jan 19, During the Gulf War, Israel’s anti-missile force was boosted by additional Patriot missile batteries and US crews. A second Iraqi missile attack caused 29 injuries in Tel Aviv. Allied forces began bombarding Iraq’s elite Republican Guard.
    (AP, 1/19/01)

1991        Jan 19-23, Czechoslovakian soldiers in Northern Saudi Arabia detected sarin, a lethal chemical agent. This was about the same time that Desert Storm air attacks occurred on Muhammadiyat, west of Baghdad, that blew up an estimated 2.9 metric tons of sarin.
    (SFC, 8/7/96, p.A4)

1991        Jan 20, During the Gulf War, Iraqi missiles were shot down by US Patriot rockets as they approached Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Iraqi television showed interviews with seven downed allied pilots, three of them Americans.
    (AP, 1/20/01)
1991        Jan 20, In Latvia, "black beret" commandos of the Soviet Interior Ministry attacked the republic’s Interior Ministry headquarters, killing five people. Communist leader Alfred Rubiks supported a Soviet crackdown against a move by his countrymen for independence.
    (SFC,11/6/97, p.C3)(AP, 1/20/01)

1991        Jan 21, During the Gulf War, Iraq announced it had scattered prisoners of war at targeted areas; President Bush denounced Iraq’s treatment of POW’s, and said Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would be held responsible. CBS News correspondent Bob Simon, CBS News London bureau chief Peter Bluff, a cameraman and soundman were captured by Iraqi forces; they were released almost six weeks later.
    (AP, 1/21/01)

1991        Jan 22, During the Gulf War, Iraq fired six Scud missiles into Saudi Arabia; all were either intercepted, or fell into unpopulated areas. However, in Tel Aviv, a Scud eluded the Patriot missile defense system and struck the city, resulting in three deaths.
    (AP, 1/22/01)

1991        Jan 23, "Seinfeld" began at a regular slot on NBC-TV. Seinfeld initially debuted on NBC on July 5, 1989, in the guise of The Seinfeld Chronicles.
1991        Jan 23, After some 12,000 sorties in the Gulf War, General Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said allied forces had achieved air superiority, and would focus air fire on Iraqi ground forces around Kuwait.
    (AP, 1/23/01)
1991        Jan 23, Iraqi forces in Kuwait deliberately created a huge oil spill in the Persian Gulf.
    (SFC, 2/24/98, p.A9)

1991        Jan 24, A brief skirmish occurred high above the Persian Gulf as a Saudi warplane shot down two Iraqi jets.
    (AP, 1/24/01)

1991        Jan 25, During the Gulf War Iraq sabotaged Kuwait’s main supertanker loading pier, dumping an estimated 460 million gallons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf. Missiles fired from western Iraq struck in the Tel Aviv and Haifa areas, killing one Israeli and injuring more than 40 others.
    (AP, 1/25/01)(SFC, 11/20/02, p.A14)

1991        Jan 26, An estimated 200k to 300k people across the country demonstrated in support of, or in opposition to, Operation Desert Storm.
    (AP, 1/26/01)
1991        Jan 26, Four people were killed in a shooting spree at a Taco Bell restaurant in Irving, Texas. Jessy Carlos San Miguel was convicted and executed in Huntsville by lethal injection on Jan 29, 2000.
    (SFC, 6/30/00, p.A10)(http://murderpedia.org/male.S/s1/san-miguel-jessy.htm)
1991        Jan 26, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev granted the KGB and Soviet Interior Ministry sweeping search-and-seizure powers to combat economic crime.
    (AP, 1/26/01)

1991        Jan 27, The New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills, 20-to-19, in Super Bowl XXV, which was played amid extra-tight security at Tampa Stadium in Florida, because of fears of possible Iraqi-sponsored terrorism.
    (AP, 1/27/01)
1991        Jan 27, A woman’s badly beaten and burned body was found in a ravine off Palomares Canyon Road near the border of Sunol and Castro Valley, Ca. In 2008 she was identified as Vicenta Sanchez-Orellana (24) of Oakland, Ca. her husband Oscar Manuel Orellana did not file a missing person report until he needed paperwork to marry someone else.
    (SFC, 5/30/08, p.B9)
1991        Jan 27, Muhammad Siad Barre, the dictator of the Somali Democratic Republic since 1969, fled Mogadishu as rebels overran his palace and captured the Somali capital. Dictator Siad Barre was ousted and power fractured into some 27 warring sides and Ali Mahdi Mohamed declared himself president.
    (SFC,11/18/97, p.B2)(www.empereur.com/somalia1991.html)

1991        Jan 28, Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third and Soviet Foreign Minister Alexander A. Bessmertnykh announced in Washington DC that a planned February superpower summit in Moscow had been postponed.
    (AP, 1/28/01)
1991        Jan 28, The US military reported that more than 60 Iraqi fighter-bombers had taken refuge in Iran, where they were impounded by the Iranian government.
    (AP, 1/28/01)
1991        Jan 28, Harold "Red" Grange (b.1903), three-time All-American, died. He is credited with establishing professional football as a popular spectator sport. In 2009 Lars Anderson authored “Red Grange and the Barnstorming Tour That Launched the NFL."
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Grange)(SSFC, 1/3/10, Books p.F4)

1991        Jan 29, In his State of the Union address, President Bush assured Americans that the war against Iraq would be won and that the recession at home would end in short order. Extraordinary security measures were in effect for the first wartime State of the Union address since the Vietnam era.
    (AP, 1/29/01)
1991        Jan 29, Iraqi forces attacked into Saudi Arabian town of Kafji, but were turned back by Coalition forces.
    (HN, 1/29/99)

1991        Jan 30, The first major ground battle of the Gulf War was fought at the frontier port of Khafji in Saudi Arabia; eleven US Marines were killed, seven of them by "friendly fire."
    (AP, 1/30/01)

1991        Jan 31, During the Gulf War, Army Specialist Melissa Rathbun-Nealy and Army Specialist David Lockett were captured by Iraqi forces near the Kuwaiti-Saudi border; both were eventually released. Allied forces claimed victory against Iraqi attackers at Khafji, Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 1/31/01)

1991         Jan, In Albania the first opposition newspaper, Rilindja Demokratike, began publishing.
    (www, Albania, 1998)
1991        Jan, Kiro Gligorov (1917-2012) became president of Macedonia while it was still a Yugoslav republic. He served two consecutive presidential terms, leading the nation to November 1999.
    (AP, 1/2/12)

1991        Jan-Feb, US led forces fired 860,590 rounds of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq.
    (SSFC, 3/11/01, p.D3)

1991        Feb 1, The 1st US bunker buster (GBU-28) was built using surplus 8-inch artillery tubes as part of the weapon. The project received the official go-ahead a fortnight later as part of Operation Desert Storm. The bomb was designed by engineer Albert Weimorts (1938-2005).
    (SSFC, 12/25/05, p.B5)(http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2895081.stm)
1991        Feb 1, A US-Air jetliner crashed atop a commuter turboprop plane while landing at Los Angeles International Airport. 34 people were killed.
    (SFC, 8/9/97, p.A1)(AP, 2/1/97)
1991        Feb 1, Afghanistan and Pakistan were hit by an earthquake and 1,200 died.
1991        Feb 1, South African President F.W. de Klerk said he would repeal all remaining apartheid laws.
    (AP, 2/1/01)

1991        Feb 2, In Brazil Expedito Ribeiro de Souza, an environmental activist and head of the Farmworkers Union, was killed. Jose Serafim Sales was convicted for the shooting in 1995 and was sentenced to 24 years in prison. He later escaped. In 2000 rancher Jeronimo Alves Amorim was convicted for ordering the killing and was sentenced to 19 ½ years in prison.
    (SFC, 6/8/00, p.A16)

1991        Feb 3, US military officials confirmed that seven of eleven Marines who were killed in combat on January 30th died from "friendly fire."
    (AP, 2/3/01)
1991        Feb 3, The rate for a first-class postage stamp rose to 29 cents.
    (AP, 2/3/01)
1991        Feb 3, Nancy Kulp (b.1921), actress (Jane Hathaway-Beverly Hillbillies), died.

1991        Feb 4, President Bush sent Congress a $1.45 trillion budget for fiscal 1992 containing a deficit of $280.9 billion.
    (AP, 2/4/01)
1991        Feb 4, Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani offered to hold talks with Iraq and the United States in an attempt to mediate an end to the Gulf War.
    (AP, 2/4/01)
1991        Feb 4, In Cumuto, Trinidad, Indravani Pamela Ramjattan (28), a victim of repeated beatings, was again beaten unconscious by her husband, Alexander Jordan (47). A week later she got 2 men, one of them her lover, to murder Jordan. Ramjattan was convicted of murder in a 1995 trial and sentenced to death.
    (SFC, 1/29/99, p.A14)

1991        Feb 5, President Bush announced he was sending Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and General Colin L. Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the Gulf war zone to assess how the US-led offensive was progressing.
    (AP, 2/5/01)
1991        Feb 5, A Michigan court barred Dr. Jack Kevorkian from assisting in suicides.
1991        Feb 5, Pedro Arrupe (83), Basque priest and head of the Jesuit order, died.

1991        Feb 6, Jordan’s King Hussein tilted sharply toward Iraq in the Gulf War, describing the conflict as an effort by outsiders to destroy Iraq and carve up the Arab world.
    (AP, 2/6/01)
1991        Feb 6, Danny Thomas (79), comedian and television performer died in Los Angeles.
    (AP, 2/6/01)

1991        Feb 7, US Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and General Colin L. Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, left for a visit to the Gulf War zone.
    (AP, 2/7/01)
1991        Feb 7, The Reverend Jean-Bertrand Aristide was sworn in as Haiti’s first democratically elected president.
    (AP, 2/7/01)

1991        Feb 8, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin L. Powell met with American pilots in Saudi Arabia. Powell drew cheers as he described how allied troops would deal with the Iraqi force in Kuwait: "We’ll cut it off and kill it."
    (AP, 2/8/01)
1991        Feb 8, In Ohio Kenneth Biros (33) raped and killed Tami Engstrom (22) after offering her a ride home from a bar in Trumbull county. He then scattered her body parts in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Biros was executed in 2009.
    (www.forgottenoh.com/Counties/Trumbull/biroshouse.html)    (SFC, 12/9/09, p.A10)

1991        Feb 9, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin L. Powell met with military commanders in Saudi Arabia to evaluate a possible ground assault against Iraqi forces.
    (AP, 2/9/01)
1991        Feb 9, In a national poll 3 quarters of Lithuanian citizens called for independence from the Soviet Union in a non-binding plebiscite.
    (AP, 2/9/01)(LHC, 2/9/03)

1991        Feb 10, In a broadcast on Baghdad Radio, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein praised his countrymen for withstanding attacks by allied warplanes and rockets.
    (AP, 2/10/01)

1991        Feb 11, President Bush met with Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin L. Powell, who had just returned from the Gulf region. Afterward, Bush said he would hold off on a ground war against Iraq for the time being, saying allied air strikes had been "very, very effective."
    (AP, 2/11/01)
1991        Feb 11, The parliament of Iceland confirmed that the recognition of Lithuania from 1922 was fully valid and that diplomatic relations would be established as soon as possible.
    (DrEE, 1/4/97, p.4)
1991        Feb 11, Oscar Nitzchke (90), German architect, died in Paris. His buildings included the UN headquarters in New York, the Los Angeles Opera House.

1991        Feb 12, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein met with Soviet envoy Yevgeny Primakov, who brought with him a message from President Mikhail S. Gorbachev.
    (AP, 2/12/01)
1991        Feb 12, In China, two longtime democracy activists (Wang Juntao and Chen Ziming) were sentenced to 13 years in prison. Both were later freed.
    (AP, 2/12/01)
1991        Feb 12, Former New York City Mayor Robert Wagner died at age 80.
    (AP, 2/12/01)

1991        Feb 13, Arno Breker (90), German sculptor (Third Reich), died in Dusseldorf.
1991        Feb 13, Some 334 Iraqi civilians were killed when a pair of laser-guided US bombs destroyed an underground facility in Baghdad identified by US officials as a military installation, but which Iraqi officials said was a bomb shelter.
    (AP, 2/13/01)

1991        Feb 14, Two San Francisco men became the first couple to register as "domestic partners" under a new city ordinance.
    (AP, 2/14/01)
1991        Feb 14, Arno Breker (90), German sculptor (Third Reich), died.
    (MC, 2/14/02)
1991        Feb 14, Iraq charged the bombing of an underground facility the day before, which killed hundreds of civilians, was a deliberate attack on an air raid shelter, a charge denied by the US.
    (AP, 2/14/01)
1991        Feb 14, The Iraqi weapons depot at Ukhaydir was bombed. Iraqi authorities revealed to US authorities in 1996 that the site stored hundreds of rockets filled with mustard gas and nerve gas.
    (SFC, 7/30/97, p.A3)

1991        Feb 15, In Visegrad, Hungary, a declaration of co-operation was signed by Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The 4 became known as the Visegrad countries.
    (Econ, 11/22/03, p.10S)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visegr%C3%A1d_Group)
1991        Feb 15, Iraq proposed a conditional withdrawal from Kuwait, an offer dismissed by President Bush as a "cruel hoax."
    (AP, 2/15/01)
1991        Feb 15, Milo Djukanovic began serving as prime minister of Montenegro. He served until 1998 and held a 2nd term from 2003-2006.
    (Econ, 2/9/08, p.56)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milo_%C4%90ukanovi%C4%87)
1991        Feb 15, The government of South Africa and the African National Congress announced an agreement on terms of the ANC’s decision to suspend its armed struggle against apartheid.
    (AP, 2/15/01)

1991        Feb 16, Tonya Harding won the US female Figure Skating championship.
1991        Feb 16, Iraqi officials charged that 130 civilians were killed when British jet fighters raided the town of Fallouja two days earlier.
    (AP, 2/16/01)
1991        Feb 16, A Soviet Foreign Ministry spokesman downplayed Moscow’s initial enthusiasm for an Iraqi offer to withdraw from Kuwait, saying it was insufficient to end the war.
    (AP, 2/16/01)

1991        Feb 17, Benin held elections for the National Assembly, its first multi-party election since 1964. No party secured an overall majority. The largest grouping was an alliance of the pro-Soglo parties.
1991        Feb 17, During the Persian Gulf War, Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz traveled to Moscow for a meeting with Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev.
    (AP, 2/17/01)

1991        Feb 18, Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz held talks in Moscow with Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who presented a proposal for ending the Persian Gulf War.
    (AP, 2/18/01)
1991        Feb 18, The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for a bomb that exploded in a London rail station, killing a commuter.
    (AP, 2/18/01)

1991        Feb 14, Denmark issued a postage stamp series depicting Queen Margrethe II.

1991        Feb 19, President Bush told reporters a Soviet proposal to end the Persian Gulf War fell "well short of what would be required." Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin delivered an unprecedented public appeal for Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev to resign.
    (AP, 2/19/01)

1991        Feb 20, Quincy Jones’ "Back on the Block" was named album of the year at the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards.
    (AP, 2/20/01)
1991        Feb 20, President Bush and Queen Margarethe II of Denmark spoke in a ceremony marking the arrival of the Queen and her husband in the United States. President Bush spoke on the price of freedom and the sharing of values between Denmark and the United States since World War II and including the Persian Gulf war.
1991        Feb 20, In the Persian Gulf War, Baghdad radio said President Saddam Hussein would be sending Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz back to Moscow with a reply to a Soviet peace plan.
    (AP, 2/20/01)

1991        Feb 21, Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers," premiered in NYC.
1991        Feb 21, The Soviet Union announced that Iraq had agreed to a proposal for ending the Persian Gulf War; however, the Bush administration called the plan unacceptable.
    (AP, 2/21/01)
1991        Feb 21, Dame Margot Fonteyn (b.1919), ballerina (1st lady of British Ballet), died in Panama City, Fl. In 2004 Meredith Daneman authored “Margot Fonteyn: A Life."
    (AP, 2/21/01)(Econ, 12/4/04, p.)

1991        Feb 22, President Bush and America’s Gulf War allies gave Iraq 24 hours to begin withdrawing from Kuwait, or face a final all-out attack. Iraq denounced the "shameful" US ultimatum, aligning itself with a Soviet peace plan the US had rejected.
    (AP, 2/22/01)
1991        Feb 22, The US invaded Kuwait in the Gulf War Desert Storm and quickly chased out the Iraqi forces. US soldiers may have been exposed to minute amounts of the nerve gas agent called Substance 33. Russia had developed the Novichok family of nerve gases that were designed to be undetectable by American instruments and they may have been in Iraqi hands at this time. Gen. Anatoly Diamianovich Kuntsevich was in charge of the secret development of the gases and post-Soviet disarmament and the information about the battlefield sensors was revealed by former Soviet scientist Vil Mirzayanov. Their stories agree.
    (TMC, 1994, p.1991)(WSJ, 4/30/96, p.A-14)
1991        Feb 22, US soldiers were issued the drug pyridostigmine bromide (PB) to counter the effects of the nerve agents tabun and soman. The drug was prescribed at 3 pills per day, but produced a physical a rush and was abused by many service people. It was later suspected as a cause of the symptoms of Gulf War syndrome. The drug was not fully approved by the FDA and military personnel were not informed of its effects. In 1999 a 2-year Rand analysis concluded that the drug pyridostigmine bromide could not be excluded as a contributor to Gulf War syndrome. The drug was given to as many as 300,000 US troops during the Persian gulf war.
    (SFEC, 3/22/98, p.A4)(SFC, 10/19/99, p.A1)

1991        Feb 23, President Bush announced that the allied ground offensive against Iraqi forces had begun (because of the time difference, it was already the early morning of February 24th in the Persian Gulf).
    (AP, 2/23/01)
1991        Feb 23, French forces unofficially started the Persian Gulf ground war by crossing the Saudi-Iraqi border. Lessons learned in the savage 1972 Eastertide Offensive paid off at the Battle of Khafji in the Gulf War.
    (HN, 2/23/98)
1991        Feb 23, Tanks rolled in the streets of Bangkok and a coup was held to get rid of the corrupt government of Chatichai Choonhavan. After months of investigations a military-appointed committee seized the assets of 10 men from the ousted administration. Gen. Suchinda Kraprayoon toppled a civilian government in a bloodless takeover. He was ousted in 1992 following street demonstrations.
    (WSJ, 12/11/96, p.A16)(AP, 9/20/06)

1991        Feb 24, The United States and its Gulf War allies launched a large-scale ground assault against Iraqi troops, many of whom surrendered to the advancing forces. General Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the coalition army, sent in ground forces to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqis.
    (HN, 2/24/98)(AP, 2/24/01)

1991        Feb 25, During the Persian Gulf War, 28 Americans were killed when an Iraqi Scud missile hit a U.S. barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 2/25/98)
1991        Feb 25, Iraqi leader Sadam Hussein ordered his forces to withdraw from Kuwait.
    (SSFC, 12/2/18, p.A13)

1991        Feb 26, Allied troops took control of Kuwait after a 100-hour ground war. It was later reported that high concentrations of US armor-piercing depleted uranium shells were detonated in Iraq and Kuwait.
    (SFC, 9/4/96, p.A8)(SFC, 11/24/98, p.A4)
1991        Feb 26, Kuwaiti resistance leaders declared themselves in control of their capital, following nearly seven months of Iraqi occupation.
    (AP, 2/26/01)
1991        Feb 26, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein announced on Baghdad Radio that he had ordered his forces to withdraw from Kuwait.
    (AP, 2/26/98)
1991        Feb 26, In Iraq an American armored unit of 9 tanks and 12 Bradley fighting vehicles destroyed 28 Iraqi tanks, 16 armored vehicles, and 39 trucks without a single loss in the Battle of 73 Easting.
    (Econ, 3/3/12, TQp.10)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_73_Easting)

1991        Feb 27, President Bush declared that "Kuwait is liberated, Iraq’s army is defeated," and announced that the allies would suspend combat operations at midnight. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the US commander in the Gulf, briefed reporters in detail on the successful allied offensive. Coalition forces liberated Kuwait after seven months of occupation by the Iraqi army.
    (SFC, 2/24/98, p.A9)(HN, 2/27/99)(AP, 2/27/01)
1991        Feb 27, San Francisco porn businessman Jim Mitchell shot and killed his brother Artie Mitchell (45) at Artie’s home in Corte Madera. The brothers had produced pornographic films and operated a number of pornographic theaters that included the O’Farrell Theater in SF. Mitchell was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and on April 24, 1992, was sentenced to 6 years in prison. He was released on parole in 1997.
    (SFC, 10/3/97, p.A1,15)(SSFC, 4/23/17, DB p.50)
1991        Feb 27, In San Francisco Karen Wong (39) was found raped and killed in her flat in the 400 block of 47th Ave. In 2008 DNA evidence identified Otis Hughes (56), a paroled burglar, as the murderer. In 2013 Hughes faced a jury trial.
    (SFC, 12/11/08, p.B2)(SFC, 12/13/13, p.C2)(SFC, 12/13/13, p.C2)
1991        Feb 27, In San Francisco wrecking balls began demolishing the Embarcadero Freeway.
    (SSFC, 3/6/11, p.A2)
1991        Feb 27, Bangladesh General H.M. Ershad, leader of the Jatiya Party, was toppled in elections. He was then jailed for the next 6 years for corruption and abuse of power. The Nationalist Party of Khaleda Zia, widow of General Ziaur Rahman won the elections and moved the country away from a socialist economic system begun by Sheik Mujibur.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begum_Khaleda_Zia)(SFC, 6/12/96, p.E3)(SFC,11/27/97, p.B5)

1991        Feb 28, NCR Corporation acquired the Ohio-based Teradata Company specializing in data warehousing and analytic applications.
1991        Feb 28, Pres. Bush announced a cease-fire in Kuwait. Allied and Iraqi forces suspended their attacks as Iraq pledged to accept all United Nations resolutions concerning Kuwait. In 1998 George Bush co-wrote "A World Transformed" with Brent Scowcroft, his national security advisor. The book was a dialogue about the foreign policy problems face by the US during the Bush administration (1988-1992). In 1995 Michael Gordon and Bernard Trainor published "The General's War: The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf."
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_Gulf_War)(SFC, 9/4/96, p.A8)(SFC, 5/4/99, p.D1)(AP, 2/28/01)

1991        Feb, In Philadelphia a fire hit the 38-story One Meridian Plaza. Three firemen were killed and more than a dozen were injured as the fire burned to the 30th floor where a tenant installed sprinkler system doused it.
    (WSJ, 1/21/97, p.A1)
1991        Feb, A US Air Force A-10 attack jet was shot down by Iraqi fire and Lt. Col. Dale Storr was imprisoned. In 2002 17 former US prisoners including Storr won a suit for $959 million of frozen Iraqi assets for their documented torture. In 2003 the Bush administration sought to block the award in order to use the assets for reconstruction. A lower court ruled that Congress never authorized such suits. In 2005 the US Supreme Court declined to consider the suit.
    (SFC, 11/10/03, p.A3)(WSJ, 4/26/05, p.A1)

1991        Mar 1, President Bush said "we’ve kicked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all" following the allied victory in the Gulf War.
    (AP, 3/1/01)
1991        Mar 1, The US Embassy in Kuwait officially reopened.
    (AP, 3/1/01)
1991        Mar 1, Edwin H. Land, inventor of polarizing filters and Polaroid instant photography, died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at age 81.
    (AP, 3/1/01)

1991        Mar 1-7, US military specialists surveyed and then detonated a bunker at Kamisiyah, Iraq. The site had been declared a chemical weapons storage area by Iraq after the Gulf War. No trace of chemical agents were found before or after but US & UN inspections teams had earlier found nerve agent rockets and mustard gas shells in open pits at the site. It was later acknowledged by the Pentagon that more than 15,000 US troops may have been exposed to nerve gas due to the detonations. Defense Department logs of this period were later reported lost. In April 1997 the CIA acknowledged errors that led to the demolition.
    (SFC, 6/22/96, p.A15)(SFC, 10/19/96, A4)(SFC, 3/1/97, p.A2)(SFC, 4/10/97, p.A1)
1991        Mar 1-7, The US military used new ammunition made of depleted uranium. It produced a toxic debris that US soldiers were not informed about at the time.
    (SFEC, 8/17/97, p.A1)

1991        Mar 2, "Aspects of Love" closed at Broadhurst Theater in NYC after 377 performances.
    (SC, 3/2/02)
1991        Mar 2, "La Bete" closed at Eugene O'Neill Theater in NYC after 24 performances.
    (SC, 3/2/02)
1991        Mar 2, Serge Gainsbourg (b.1928), French singer-songwriter, actor and director, died of a heart attack. His extremely varied musical style and individuality make him difficult to categorize. His legacy has been firmly established, and he is often regarded as one of the world's most influential popular musicians.
1991        Mar 2, The UN Security Council adopted a resolution dictating allied demands that Iraq had to meet before a formal-cease fire was declared in the Persian Gulf War. Iraq released CBS newsman Bob Simon and his crew, held captive for nearly six weeks.
    (AP, 3/2/01)
1991        Mar 2, Shiite Muslims in southern Iraq and the Kurds rose up against Iraqi forces but were crushed by Iraqi armor that killed 50,000 and forced more than a million Kurds to flee to Turkey and Iran.
    (SFC, 9/4/96, p.A7)(SFC, 9/4/96, p.A8)
1991        Mar 2, Following the Kuwait cease-fire a retreating Iraqi unit stumbled into the Gen. McCaffrey’s 24th infantry division and some 400 Iraqis were reported killed. Army investigations concluded that the Iraqis started the Rumaylah battle.
    (SFC, 5/15/00, p.A3)(WSJ, 5/19/00, p.A38)(www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYqoaT0RTFU)
1991        Mar 2, A Tiger car bomb in Colombo, Sri Lanka, killed deputy defense minister Ranjan Wijeratne.
    (SFC, 7/24/96, p.A9)

1991        Mar 3, "Big Love" opened at Plymouth Theater in NYC for 41 performances.
    (SC, 3/3/02)
1991        Mar 3, American General H. Norman Schwarzkopf and Saudi Lt. Gen. Prince Khalid discussed cease-fire terms with Iraqi commanders Lt. Gen. Mohammed Abdez Rahman al-Dagitistani and Lt. Gen. Sabin Abdel-Aziz al Douri. The Iraqis’ astonishment at the disparity involved in the prisoner exchange demonstrated how ignorant they still were of the magnitude of their own defeat.
    (HNPD, 3/3/99)(AP, 3/3/01)
1991        Mar 3, In Los Angeles police arrested ex-convict Rodney King after an 8-mile chase. King resisted arrest and the police used force to subdue him. A local resident captured part of the arrest and beating on video tape. The incident led to a police trial and acquittal that sparked a violent riot. In 1998 Lou Cannon published "Official Negligence: How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD" documenting the whole affair.
    (WSJ, 2/5/98, p.A20)(SFEC, 2/8/98, BR p.1)(AP, 3/3/98)
1991        Mar 3, 25 people were killed when a United Airlines Boeing 737 inexplicably crashed while approaching the airport in Colorado Springs, Colo.
    (AP, 3/3/98)
1991        Mar 3, Arthur Murray (95), dance instructor, died of pneumonia.
    (SC, 3/3/02)
1991        Mar 3, Latvia and Estonia voted to become independent of the USSR.
    (SC, 3/3/02)
1991        Mar 3, Miguel Trovoada was installed as President of Sao Tomé e Principal. The former prime minister had returned from exile to run for president.
    (SC, 3/3/02)(AP, 7/18/03)
1991        Mar 3, Switzerland voted on lowering voting age from 20 to 18.
    (SC, 3/3/02)

1991        Mar 4, 2:05 p.m., The Army’s 37th Engineer Battalion blew up 33 Iraqi bunkers in the Iraqi desert. The Pentagon later acknowledged that one of the bunkers probably contained shells of sarin, a nerve agent, and mustard gas.
    (SFC, 8/12/96, p.A3)
1991        Mar 4, George W. Bush notified the SEC about his 1990 sale of Harken stock.
    (SSFC, 7/28/02, p.A19)
1991        Mar 4, Iraq released ten allied prisoners-of-war. A second group was freed the following day.
    (AP, 3/4/01)
1991        Mar 4, The Bank of Credit & Commerce International divested itself of 1st American Bank. BCCI was majority owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA).
    (SC, 3/4/02)(WSJ, 10/21/05, p.A10)

1991        Mar 5, Iraq repealed its annexation of Kuwait. The Iraqis turned over 35 prisoners of war, including 15 Americans, to the Red Cross. An anti-Saddam Hussein uprising was reported sweeping city after city in Iraq.
    (AP, 3/5/01)

1991        Mar 6, Following Iraq’s capitulation in the Persian Gulf conflict, President Bush told a cheering joint session of Congress that "aggression is defeated. The war is over."
    (AP, 3/6/01)

1991        Mar 7, In the wake of the allied victory in the Persian Gulf, Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third left for a tour of the Middle East, seeking to promote a new Arab-Israeli dialogue.
    (AP, 3/7/01)
1991        Mar 7, Iraq continued to explode oil fields in Kuwait.

1991        Mar 8, Planeload after planeload of US troops arrived home from the Persian Gulf to an emotional welcome from relatives. Iraq handed over 40 foreign journalists and two American soldiers whom it had captured.
    (AP, 3/8/01)

1991        Mar 9, Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third, on a fact-finding mission to seven countries, visited Kuwait following its liberation from Iraq.
    (AP, 3/9/01)
1991        Mar 9, In Serbia Milosevic ordered a crackdown on protests and 2 men were killed in the Belgrade Square of the Republic.
    (SFC, 12/27/96, p.A15)

1991        Mar 10, Eight Arab governments endorsed President Bush’s Middle East peace proposal calling for Israel to relinquish territory, and reiterated their desire for a peace conference.
    (AP, 3/10/01)
1991        Mar 10, In Benin President Kerekou was beaten by Nicephore Soglo (b.1934) in the first multi-candidate presidential elections. A runoff on March 24 gave Soglo 67.7% of the vote. Kerekou was granted immunity from prosecution over actions taken since October 1972.
1991        Mar 10, Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Moscow, demanding that President Mikhail S. Gorbachev resign.
    (AP, 3/10/01)

1991        Mar 11, Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third visited Israel, where he met with Foreign Minister David Levy to discuss prospects for Middle East peace.
    (AP, 3/11/01)

1991        Mar 12, Secretary of State James A. Baker met with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and a Palestinian delegation as he continued a fact-finding mission.
    (AP, 3/12/01)
1991        Mar 12, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the victorious commander of allied forces in the Gulf War, visited Kuwait.
    (AP, 3/12/01)

1991        Mar 13, President Bush, during a visit to Ottawa, Canada, warned Iran against seizing Iraqi territory in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War.
    (AP, 3/13/01)
1991        Mar 13, Exxon pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pay $100 million fine in a $1.1 billion settlement of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The deal fell apart when the Alaska House rejected it. A new settlement was reached later.
    (www.epa.gov/history/topics/valdez/02.htm)(HN, 3/13/98)(AP, 3/13/01)

1991        Mar 14, Speakers at a Los Angeles Police Commission hearing demanded the ouster of Chief Daryl F. Gates in the wake of the videotaped police beating of motorist Rodney King.
    (AP, 3/14/01)
1991        Mar 14, Doc Pomus (b.1925), American blues singer and songwriter, died. He collaborated with pianist Mort Shuman to write the hit songs: "Teenager in Love"; "Save The Last Dance For Me"; "Hushabye"; "This Magic Moment"; "Turn Me Loose"; "Sweets For My Sweet"; "Can't Get Used To Losing You"; "Little Sister"; "Suspicion"; "Surrender"; "Viva Las Vegas"; and "His Latest Flame (Marie's The Name)." In 2007 Alex Halberstadt authored “Lonely Avenue: The Unlikely Life and Times of Doc Pomus."
1991        Mar 14, A British court reversed the convictions of the "Birmingham Six," who had spent 16 years in prison for an Irish Republican Army bombing, and ordered them released after a court agreed that the police fabricated evidence.
    (HN, 3/14/99)(AP, 3/14/01)
1991        Mar 14, Denmark issued a postage stamp depicting its 1882 Class A steam locomotive.
1991        Mar 14, The emir of Kuwait (Sheik Jaber al-Ahmed al-Sabah) returned home after seven months in exile.
    (AP, 3/14/01)

1991        Mar 15, An indictment was unsealed in Los Angeles, charging four police officers with beating black motorist Rodney King.
    (HN, 3/15/98)(AP, 3/15/01)
1991        Mar 15, Soviet pole vaulter Sergei Bubka cleared a record 20 feet during an international meet in San Sebastian, Spain.
    (AP, 3/15/01)

1991        Mar 16, Americans Kristi Yamaguchi, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan swept the World Figure Skating Championships in Munich, Germany.
    (AP, 3/16/99)
1991        Mar 16, A plane crash near San Diego, Ca., killed 10 people including 7 members of Reba McIntire's band.

1991        Mar 17, Allied commanders from the Gulf War held a second round of cease-fire talks with Iraqi officers; the Iraqis were told they could not move their warplanes inside Iraq for any reason.
    (AP, 3/17/01)
1991        Mar 17, Millions of people voted in a landmark referendum on whether to preserve the splintering Soviet Union.
    (AP, 3/17/01)

1991        Mar 18, In Nevada Irish boxer Pat Lawler (27) defeated Roberto Duran in a 6th round technical knockout in Las Vegas. Lawler, a resident of San Francisco, was an 8-1 underdog for the fight.
    (SSFC, 3/113/16, DB p.50)
1991        Mar 18, Results from a non-binding Soviet referendum showed overwhelming support for preserving the union, a victory for President Mikhail S. Gorbachev. However, in a boost for Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin, voters in his republic also endorsed electing the federation president by direct ballot.
    (AP, 3/18/01)

1991        Mar 19, The US Labor Department reported that consumer prices, benefiting from a big monthly decline in gasoline prices, had edged upward only two-tenths of a percentage point the previous month.
    (AP, 3/19/01)
1991        Mar 19, Ending several days of ominous silence, the Yugoslav army declares it will not permit Yugoslavia to dissolve into civil war.
    (AP, 3/19/03)

1991        Mar 20, Pres. Bush announced the US would reduce Poland’s indebtedness by a full 70%. The Paris Club, an informal grouping of the world's 17 leading industrial countries, announced a week earlier that it would halve Poland's enormous debt and reduce accumulated interest by 80 percent. The US portion of the forgiven debt was approximately $2.4 billion.
1991        Mar 20, The US Supreme Court ruled employers could not adopt "fetal protection" policies barring women of child-bearing age from certain hazardous jobs.
    (AP, 3/20/01)
1991        Mar 20, A US jet fighter shot down an Iraqi warplane in the first air attack since the Gulf War cease-fire.
    (AP, 3/20/01)
1991        Mar 20, April Glaspie, the US ambassador to Iraq, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Saddam Hussein had lied to her by denying he would invade Kuwait.
    (AP, 3/20/01)

1991        Mar 21, Test results released in Los Angeles showed that Rodney King, the motorist whose beating by police was videotaped by a bystander, had marijuana and alcohol in his system following his arrest. President Bush denounced King’s beating as "sickening" and "outrageous."
    (AP, 3/21/01)
1991        Mar 21, Two US Navy anti-submarine planes collided about 60 miles southwest of San Diego and 27 were lost at sea.
    (AP, 3/21/91)(www.vpnavy.com/vp50mem_04dec98.html)
1991        Mar 21, A UN Security Council panel decided to lift the food embargo on Iraq.
    (AP, 3/21/01)

1991        Mar 22, Law enforcement officers raided fraternities at Univ. of Virginia seizing drugs.
1991        Mar 22, High school instructor Pamela Smart, accused of manipulating her student-lover into killing her husband, was convicted in Exeter, New Hampshire, of murder-conspiracy. She was sentenced to life in prison.
    (AP, 3/22/01)(SSFC, 7/13/14, p.A10)
1991        Mar 22, A US warplane shot down a second Iraqi jet fighter that had violated the cease-fire ending the Persian Gulf War.
    (AP, 3/22/01)

1991        Mar 23, In Tennessee 20 tornadoes killed 5 people.
    (SS, 3/23/02)
1991        Mar 23, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein shuffled his Cabinet, but kept in place his hard-line ministers of interior and defense to direct a crackdown on rebellion against his rule. A popular uprising had been prompted by Pres. Bush and 15 of 18 provinces were liberated, but no American help followed and Hussein’s forces crushed the intifada.
    (AP, 3/23/01)(WSJ, 9/10/02, p.A12)

1991        Mar 24, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the American commander of Operation Desert Storm, told reporters in Saudi Arabia the United States was closer to establishing a permanent military headquarters on Arab soil.
    (AP, 3/24/01)
1991        Mar 24, In liberated Kuwait, banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi troops had shut them down the previous December.
    (AP, 3/24/01)

1991        Mar 25, “Dances With Wolves" won seven Oscars, including best picture, at the 63rd annual Academy Awards. Kathy Bates won best actress for “Misery" and Jeremy Irons won best actor for his role in “Reversal of Fortune."
    (AP, 3/25/01)
1991        Mar 25, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, a rebellious conservative in the Roman Catholic Church, died in Martigny, Switzerland, at age 85.
    (AP, 3/25/01)

1991        Mar 26, The Bush administration indicated it would not aid rebels seeking to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
    (AP, 3/26/01)
1991        Mar 26, A divided US Supreme Court ruled that criminal defendants whose coerced confessions were improperly used as evidence are not always entitled to new trials.
    (AP, 3/26/01)
1991        Mar 26, Fuel pipe exploded under 58th street and Lexington Ave, NYC.
    (SS, 3/26/02)
1991        Mar 26, Marc Camoletti's "Don't Dress for Dinner" premiered in London.
    (SS, 3/26/02)
1991        Mar 26, The Treaty of Asuncion established the southern common market: (Mercado Comun del Sur) Mercosur, between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. They were later joined by associate members Chile (1996), Bolivia (1997), Peru (2001) and Venezuela (2004). Mexico was granted observer status in 2004.
1991        Mar 26, Mali became a democracy after a Revolution. Gen. Amadou Toumani Toure seized power in a coup. Prior to the period of French colonialism, each of 12 ethnic groups governed itself.
    (SFC, 6/7/96, p.A12)(Econ, 7/30/05, p.41)(AFP, 3/26/12)

1991        Mar 27, In a surprising flap, President Bush publicly disagreed with General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who claimed he had urged further fighting in the Persian Gulf War at the time Bush ordered a cease-fire. Schwarzkopf later apologized to Bush.
    (AP, 3/27/01)

1991        Mar 28, Former President Reagan declared his support for the so-called "Brady Bill" requiring a seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases.
    (AP, 3/28/01)
1991        Mar 28, Fire seriously damaged the US Embassy in Moscow.
    (AP, 3/27/01)
1991        Mar 28, Tens of thousands of supporters of Boris N. Yeltsin marched in Moscow in defiance of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s ban on rallies.
    (AP, 3/28/01)

1991        Mar 29, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf publicly apologized to President Bush for questioning his judgment about calling a cease-fire in the Gulf War.
    (AP, 3/29/01)
1991        Mar 29, Political strategist Lee Atwater, who’d helped propel President Bush to his 1988 election victory, died at age 40 of complications resulting from a brain tumor.
    (AP, 3/29/01)
1991        Mar 29, Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona was suspended by the Italian League for testing positive on March 17 for cocaine use.

1991        Mar 30, Patricia Bowman, a resident of Jupiter, Florida, told authorities she’d been raped hours earlier by William Kennedy Smith, the nephew of Senator Edward Kennedy, at the family’s Palm Beach estate. Smith was later acquitted at trial.
    (AP, 3/30/01)
1991        Mar 30, In Milwaukee, Wisc., serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer killed and dismembered Konerak Sinthasomphone (b.1976).

1991        Mar 31, Albania offered a multi-party election for the first time in 50 years. The Labor Party won over 67 percent of votes, while the Democratic Party won around 30 percent. Communists won Albania’s first multiparty elections, but democratic opponents scored victories in major cities.
    (HN, 3/31/98)(www, Albania, 1998)(AP, 3/31/01)
1991        Mar 31, Voters in the Soviet republic of Georgia overwhelmingly endorsed independence.
    (AP, 3/31/01)
1991        Mar 31, The Warsaw Pact spent the last day of its existence as a military alliance.
    (AP, 3/31/01)

1991        Mar, Connie "Chip" Armstrong Jr., former firefighter, led Hamilton Taft & Co., a SF payroll tax firm, into bankruptcy after embezzling $85 million. He was convicted in 1997.
    (SFC, 2/27/97, p.A16)
1991        Mar, In 1996 Pentagon officials said American troops destroyed an Iraqi ammunition depot in March 1991 that may have contained chemical weapons.
    (AP, 6/21/97)
1991        Mar, US Air Force Sgt. Ronald Stewart was killed in Greece. In 2002 November 17 member Iraklis Kostaris was charged with participating in the killing.
    (SFC, 7/22/02, p.A3)
1991        Mar, Sir Mervyn King (b.1948) began serving as the chief economist at the Bank of England. King left his office as the Governor of the Bank of England on June 30, 2013, and was replaced by Mark Carney.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mervyn_King_%28economist%29)(Econ, 6/15/13, p.57)
1991        Mar, Sartrouville, France, was badly scarred by riots after the killing of Djamel Chettouh (18) by a Euromarche supermarket security guard.
    (Econ, 4/7/07, p.50)(http://tinyurl.com/25eqm7)

1991        Apr 1, Duke defeated the University of Kansas 72-to-65 to win the NCAA college basketball championship.
    (AP, 4/1/01)
1991        Apr 1, The US Supreme Court ruled, 7-to-2, that trial prosecutors violate the Constitution if they bar prospective jurors for racial reasons—even when the defendant and the excluded jurors are of different races.
    (AP, 4/1/01)
1991        Apr 1, Martha Graham (96), modern dance pioneer, died. Her 1st solo concert as a dancer and choreographer was in 1926.
    (AP, 4/1/01)(WSJ, 6/4/02, p.D7)
1991        Apr 1, Argentina maintained a currency board regime this day through January 6, 2002, under which the Argentine peso was pegged one for one to the U.S. dollar.
1991        Apr 1, Chilean Senator Jaime Guzman was assassinated in Santiago. Sergio Galvarino Apablaza, head of the left-wing Manuel Rodrizuez Patriotic Front, was later accused of the murder and an arrest warrant was issued 2004. In 2005 an Argentine judge refuse to extradite Apablaza. In 2017 Mexican authorities arrested suspect Raul Escobar Poblete, an alleged Chilean militant, wanted in connection with the death of assassination of Guzman.
    (WSJ, 7/8/05, p.A11)(http://tinyurl.com/76olz)(Econ, 10/9/10, p.55)(SFC, 6/12/17, p.A2)
1991        Apr 1, Iran released British hostage Roger Cooper after 5 years.
1991        Apr 1, The Warsaw Pact was officially dissolved.

1991        Apr 2, Iraqi state media reported that only a few more days were needed to stamp out fighting with Kurdish rebels, who reported renewed skirmishes around the strategic oil center of Kirkuk.
    (AP, 4/2/01)

1991        Apr 3, "Penn & Teller Refrigerator Tour" opened at Eugene O'Neill in NYC.
1991        Apr 3, The UN Security Council adopted a Gulf War truce resolution demanding that Iraq abolish weapons of mass destruction, renounce terrorism and pay reparations.
    (AP, 4/3/01)
1991        Apr 3, English novelist Graham Greene died at age 86. His wife, Vivien Dayrell-Browning, died in 2003 at age 98. Greene had told his wife that he had had 32 other women. His books included “The Quiet American" (1955). In his so-called “Catholic" novels he challenged the idea that God is a cruel, unstinting Rules Keeper. In 2004 Norman Sherry completed “The Life of Graham Greene, Vol. III, 1955-1991."
    (AP, 4/3/01)(SFC, 8/25/03, p.B4)(SFC, 10/2/04, p.E2)(WSJ, 10/6/04, p.D14)

1991        Apr 4, Pennsylvania Senator John Heinz III, a leading 3-term Republican voice on health and trade policy, and six other people, including two children, were killed when a helicopter collided with Heinz’s plane over a schoolyard in Merion, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Teresa Heinz took his place as head of the family philanthropies. In 1995 she married Sen. John Kerry.
    (SFC, 9/25/99, p.A21)(AP, 4/4/01)(WSJ, 4/16/04, p.A1)
1991        Apr 4, Max Frisch (d.1991), Swiss architect and writer, died. His books included “I’m Not Stiller" (1958), a look at the nature of identity.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Frisch)(WSJ, 4/25/09, p.W8)
1991        Apr 4, In Benin Nicephore Soglo (1991-1996) took office as president. He had defeated Mathieu Kerekou in the country’s first free presidential elections. For the first time in mainland Africa a leader let himself be ousted peacefully.
    (http://people.africadatabase.org/en/person/3534.html)(Econ, 10/24/09, p.20)

1991        Apr 5, The US government reported the nation’s jobless rate surged to six-point-eight percent in March.
    (AP, 4/5/01)
1991        Apr 5, The space shuttle "Atlantis" blasted off on a mission that included the deploying of the second of "NASA’s" Great Observatories. NASA launched the $670 million Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. It was directed to a suicide plunge in 2000.
    (SFC, 3/24/00, p.A5)(SFC, 6/3/00, p.A6)(AP, 4/5/01)
1991        Apr 5, Former Texas Senator John Tower, his daughter and 21 other people were killed in a commuter plane crash near Brunswick, Georgia.
    (AP, 4/5/01)
1991        Apr 5, The UN adopted Resolution 688, which condemned Sadam Hussein’s suppression of the Kurds and demanded respect and political rights for all citizens. A safe haven was established above Iraq’s 36th parallel.
    (www.fas.org/news/un/iraq/sres/sres0688.htm)(SFC, 9/4/96, p.A7)

1991        Apr 6, Bosnian Serbs began a war in a quest for their own ethnically pure republic.
    (SFEC, 7/27/97, p.A6)
1991        Apr 6, Iraq reluctantly agreed to accept United Nations conditions for ending the Persian Gulf War.
    (SFC, 2/24/98, p.A9)(AP, 4/6/01)

1991        Apr 7, US military planes began airdropping supplies to Kurdish refugees who were facing starvation and exposure in the snow-covered mountains of northern Iraq. The United States warned Iraq not to interfere with the relief effort.
    (AP, 4/7/01)
1991        Apr 7, In Puerto Rico 3 prisoners escaped from the Rio Piedras State Penitentiary in a hijacked helicopter with the help of accomplices. Two were recaptured, while a third remained at large.
    (AP, 12/31/02)

1991        Apr 8, The show Twin Peaks ended its run on TV.
    (SFC, 2/19/96, zz-1 p.3)
1991        Apr 8, US Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third toured refugee camps near the Iraqi border, praising relief efforts but saying "hope must be given to these people for a return to home."
    (AP, 4/8/01)
1991        Apr 8, Jockey Willie Shoemaker was left paralyzed in an automobile accident.
    (AP, 4/8/01)

1991        Apr 9, The 1991 Pulitzer Prize for fiction was awarded to John Updike for "Rabbit at Rest"; the drama prize went to Neil Simon for "Lost in Yonkers." In journalism, The Des Moines Register received the gold medal for public service for its series about rape victim Nancy Ziegenmeyer, who’d allowed her name and pictures to be used.
    (AP, 4/9/01)
1991        Apr 9, Georgia SSR declared independence from the USSR.

1991        Apr 10, The US and Britain imposed a no-fly zone to protect 3 Kurdish provinces in northern Iraq.
    (SFC, 9/24/02, p.A11)
1991        Apr 10, A day after Mikhail Gorbachev appealed for a moratorium on all strikes, demonstrations and rallies, an estimated 200,000 workers in Byelorussia defied the Soviet president by staging a work stoppage in the capital, Minsk.
    (AP, 4/10/01)

1991        Apr 11, The musical "Miss Saigon," denounced by detractors as racist and sexist, opened on Broadway.
    (AP, 4/11/01)
1991        Apr 11, The space shuttle "Atlantis" landed safely after an extended, 93-orbit mission that included deployment of an observatory.
    (AP, 4/11/01)
1991        Apr 11, U.N. Security Council issued a formal cease fire with Iraq to end the Gulf War.
    (SFC, 2/24/98, p.A9)(HN, 4/11/98)

1991        Apr 12, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney announced plans to close 31 major US military bases, including Ford Ord in California and Fort Dix in New Jersey.
    (AP, 4/12/01)
1991        Apr 12, Kurdish rebels reported the Iraqi army was attacking guerrillas in northern Iraq.
    (AP, 4/12/01)

1991        Apr 13, Speaking at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, President Bush warned Iraq the United States would "not tolerate any interference" with the international relief effort for Kurdish refugees.
    (AP, 4/13/01)

1991        Apr 14,    The final withdrawal of American combat troops from southern Iraq began, 88 days after the United States launched its massive offensive to drive Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait.
    (AP, 4/14/01)

1991        Apr 15, Turkey began moving thousands of Iraqi Kurds from a border settlement to camps farther inside Turkey, in a major policy shift for President Turgut Ozal’s government, which had previously kept the refugees in the mountains.
    (AP, 4/15/01)

1991        Apr 16, President Bush announced that US forces would be sent into northern Iraq to assist Kurdish refugees.
    (AP, 4/16/01)
1991        Apr 16, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev began a visit to Japan.
    (AP, 4/16/01)
1991        Apr 16, Sir David Lean, director of the movies "The Bridge on the River Kwai," "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago," died in London at age 83.
    (AP, 4/16/01)

1991        Apr 17, Congress voted to put a quick end to a day-old nationwide strike by 235,000 rail workers. President Bush signed the legislation early the next day.
    (AP, 4/17/01)
1991        Apr 17, The Dow Jones industrial (DJIA) average closed above three-thousand for the first time, ending the day at three-thousand-four-point-46.
    (AP, 4/17/01)
1991        Apr 17, In Tennessee Lee Hall set fire to the car of his estranged girlfriend Traci Crozier (22) as she sat inside. Crozier died the following day with burns over 90% of her body. Hall was sentenced to death and became functionally blind in prison. Hall (53) was executed in 2019.
    (SFC, 12/6/19, p.A7)

1991        Apr 18, President Bush unveiled his "America 2000" education strategy, which included a voluntary nationwide exam system and aid pegged to academic results.
    (AP, 4/18/01)
1991        Apr 18, The US Census Bureau estimated its 1990 census had failed to count up to 6.3 million people.
    (AP, 4/18/01)
1991        Apr 18, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev ended a summit in Japan without winning the major aid package he’d been hoping for.
    (AP, 4/18/01)

1991        Apr 19, Evander Holyfield won a unanimous decision over George Foreman to retain boxing’s heavyweight title in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
    (AP, 4/19/01)
1991        Apr 19, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev arrived in South Korea for talks with President Roh Tae-woo.
    (AP, 4/19/01)

1991        Apr 20, US Marines landed in northern Iraq to begin building the first center for Kurdish refugees on Iraqi territory. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the US commander of Operation Desert Storm, left Saudi Arabia for home.
    (AP, 4/20/01)

1991        Apr 21, US Marines in northern Iraq began building the first safe-haven settlement for Kurdish refugees. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf arrived at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida to a hero’s welcome.
    (AP, 4/21/01)
1991        Apr 21, Willi Boskovsky (81), Vienna Philharmonic conductor (New Year's concerts), died.

1991        Apr 22, The US White House promised a full accounting of chief of staff John Sununu’s travels as it sought to stem political fallout over reports of his extensive personal use of military jets.
    (AP, 4/22/01)
1991        Apr 22, Johnny Carson announces he would retire the next year from Tonight Show.
1991        Apr 22, Intel released 486SX chip.
1991        Apr 22, Sixty people were killed when a strong earthquake shook Costa Rica and neighboring Panama, causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage.
    (AP, 4/22/01)

1991        Apr 23, President Bush welcomed General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the just-returned Gulf War commander, at the White House.
    (AP, 4/23/01)
1991        Apr 23, NASA scrubbed the launch of the space shuttle "Discovery" after a sensor on one of the main engines failed during fueling.
    (AP, 4/23/01)
1991        Apr 23, In Russia Pres. Gorbachev signed the so-called '9+1' agreement on a new Union Treaty. Under this agreement he accepted in principle the transfer of a major share of his central presidential authority to the republics, not only in economic management but also in important areas of political power.

1991        Apr 24, A Kurdish rebel leader announced the guerrillas had reached an agreement in principle with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to end the Kurds’ two-week rebellion.
    (AP, 4/24/01)

1991        Apr 25, "Secret Garden" opened at St. James Theater in NYC for 709 performances.
1991        Apr 25, The US White House threatened to "take whatever steps are necessary" should Iraq fail to meet a deadline for withdrawing its security forces from the refugee zone in northern Iraq.
    (AP, 4/25/01)
1991        Apr 25, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, facing harsh criticism during a closed-door meeting of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, offered to resign as party leader, an offer that was rejected.
    (AP, 4/25/01)

1991        Apr 26, The US government reported the nation had sunk deeper into recession in the first quarter of 1991 as the gross national product shrank at an annual rate of two-point-eight percent.
    (AP, 4/26/01)
1991        Apr 26, Twenty-three people were killed as four dozen tornadoes raked Kansas and Oklahoma.
    (AP, 4/26/01)

1991        Apr 27, A group of 250 Kurds became the first refugees to move into a new US-built camp in northern Iraq.
    (AP, 4/27/01)

1991        Apr 28, Anti-abortion demonstrators marched in Washington DC; authorities put the number of protesters at 200,000, but organizers claimed a turnout of about 700,000.
    (AP, 4/28/01)
1991        Apr 28, The musical "A Chorus Line" closed after 6,137 performances on Broadway.
    (AP, 4/28/01)

1991        Apr 29, US troops continued airlifting Iraqi refugees from a camp in southern Iraq to Saudi Arabia.
    (AP, 4/29/01)
1991        Apr 29, George Sperti (91), inventor of Preparation H, died.
1991        Apr 29-1991 Apr 31, A cyclone in Bangladesh killed an estimated 131,000 people. 9 million were left homeless. Thousands of survivors died from hunger and water borne disease.
1991        Apr 29, More than 100 people were killed and some 100,000 were left homeless when a strong earthquake struck Soviet Georgia.
    (AP, 4/29/01)

1991        Apr 30, Former Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.
    (AP, 4/30/01)

1991        Apr, The Federal Hourly Minimum Wage was set at $4.25 an hour.
1991        Apr, Integrated Health Services (HIS), founded in Maryland by Dr. Robert Elkins, went public. The federal Medicare reimbursement program changed in 1998 and in 2000 the large nursing home company was forced into bankruptcy.
    (WSJ, 5/24/02, p.A1)
1991        Apr, In the Desert Storm War an Iraqi chemical weapons storage site near al Nasiriyah, northwest of Basra, was destroyed by Army engineers wearing masks and protective rubber suits.
    (SFC, 8/7/96, p.A4)
1991        Apr, In Albania Alia was reelected as President. The Assembly passed a law on Major Constitutional Provisions which provided for fundamental human rights and separation of powers and invalidated the 1976 constitution.
    (www, Albania, 1998)
1991        Apr, In Colombia Julio Daniel Chaparro and Jorge Torres, journalists for the El Espectador newspaper, were killed. In 2011 prosecutors shelved their investigation in the murders saying the decision was made because the statute of limitations expired, and because the killers of Chaparro and Torres were leftist rebels later killed in combat.
    (AP, 4/18/11)
1991        Apr, Two masked armed men stole 20 paintings, worth at least $10 million each at the time, from Amsterdam's van Gogh Museum. The paintings are found in the getaway car less than an hour later.
    (AP, 2/11/08)

1991        May 1, "Will Rogers Follies" opened at Palace Theater in NYC for 983 performances.
1991        May 1, Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers threw his seventh no-hitter at age 44, shutting out the Toronto Blue Jays 3-to-0.
    (AP, 5/1/01)
1991        May 1, Rickey Henderson of the Oakland A’s set a major league record by stealing his 939th base during a game against the New York Yankees.
    (AP, 5/1/01)
1981        May 1, Senator Harrison A. Williams Junior (Democrat, New Jersey) was convicted in New York of charges related to the FBI’s "ABSCAM" probe.
    (AP, 5/1/01)
1991        May 1, The government of Angola and US-backed guerrillas initialed agreements ending their civil war.
    (AP, 5/1/01)
1991        May 1, In South Korea former student Park Seung-hee (19) set herself on fire at  Chunnam University to challenge continuing police violence under Pres. Roh Tae-woo.
    (http://tinyurl.com/ycf7d5wr)(Econ 5/6/17, p.37)

1991        May 2, US, British, French and Dutch forces plunged 50 miles deeper into northern Iraq.
    (AP, 5/2/01)
1991        May 2, Denmark issued a pair of stamps depicting satellite pictures of its land and water temperatures.
1991        May 2, In his ninth encyclical, Pope John Paul the Second acknowledged the success of capitalism, but denounced the system for sometimes achieving results at the expense of the poor and of morality.
    (AP, 5/2/01)

1991        May 3, The US government reported the nation’s civilian unemployment rate fell in April to 6.6%.
    (AP, 5/3/01)
1991        May 3, Exxon Corporation and the state of Alaska withdrew from a one billion-dollar settlement of the "Exxon Valdez" oil spill (another settlement was reached later).
    (AP, 5/3/01)
1991        May 3,    J.P. Morgan and Walt Disney companies were added to the Dow Jones. Caterpillar was also added to replace Navistar.
    (WSJ, 6/3/96, p.C1)
1991        May 3, Jerzy Kosinski (57), author (Being There), was found dead in his New York City apartment.
    (AP, 5/3/01)
1991        May 3, Carol Lutz (24) was locked in the trunk of her car near Cleveland, Ohio, and burned to death. In 2009 Daniel Wilson (39) was executed for her killing.
    (SFC, 6/4/09, p.A4)(http://zenas.org/bacheca/index.php?carol+lutz)

1991        May 4, "Strike the Gold" won the 117th Kentucky Derby.
    (AP, 5/4/01)
1991        May 4, President George H.W. Bush suffered shortness of breath while jogging at Camp David; he was rushed to Bethesda Naval Hospital, where doctors found he was experiencing an irregular heartbeat. He was diagnosed with a thyroid condition called Graves Disease.
    (AP, 5/4/01)(SSFC, 12/2/18, p.A13)
1991        May 4, Morris K. Udall (d.1998), (Rep-D-Ariz), resigned due to Parkinson's disease.

1991        May 5, New York City's Carnegie Hall celebrated its centennial with an all-day, all-star concert.
    (AP, 5/5/97)
1991        May 5, President Bush continued to experience an irregular heartbeat, one day after he was taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital because of fatigue and shortness of breath.
    (AP, 5/5/01)

1991        May 6, President Bush returned to work after spending two nights at Bethesda Naval Hospital because of an irregular heartbeat; he met at the White House with Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze.
    (AP, 5/6/01)
1991        May 6, US Steel was removed as a component of the Dow Jones.
    (WSJ, 5/28/96, p. R46)
1991        May 6, Wilfrid Hyde-White (87), British actor (Peyton Place/140+ films), died.

1991        May 7, Doctors said that President Bush’s recent bout with an irregular heartbeat was caused by a mildly overactive thyroid gland, a condition they said was easily treatable.
    (AP, 5/7/01)

1991        May 8, At the Third Annual Governor’s Quality Management Conference at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Ark., Gov. Bill Clinton invited Paula Jones, a state employee working at the registration desk, to a private meeting and exposed his desire for her. Days later Paula Jones filed a complaint of sexual harassment in US District Court in Little Rock. She has been seeking $700,000 in damages.
    (WSJ, 6/26/96, p.A18)(SFC, 5/29/96, A4)(SFEC, 11/24/96, zone 1 p.9)(WSJ, 4/20/98, p.A20)
1991        May 8, CIA Director William H. Webster announced his retirement; he was eventually succeeded by Robert Gates.
    (AP, 5/8/01)
1991        May 8, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of American forces in the Persian Gulf War, received a hero’s welcome as he addressed Congress.
    (AP, 5/8/01)
1991        May 8, Concert pianist Rudolf Serkin died in Guilford, Vermont, at age 88.
    (AP, 5/8/01)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Serkin)

1991        May 9, President Bush met at the White House with UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, who relayed Iraq’s rejection of a US-backed proposal for a UN civilian force in northern Iraq.
    (AP, 5/9/01)
1991        May 9, William Kennedy Smith was charged with rape, nearly six weeks after Patricia Bowman accused him of attacking her at the Kennedy family estate in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was later acquitted at trial.
    (AP, 5/9/01)
1991        May 9, Michael Landon (d.7/1/1991) appeared on Tonight Show to talk about his cancer.

1981        May 10, Socialist Francois Mitterrand defeated incumbent Valery Giscard d’Estaing in the second round of France’s presidential election.
    (AP, 5/10/01)
1991        May 10, Alexander Bessmertnykh became the first Soviet foreign minister to visit Israel as he met with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Foreign Minister David Levy.
    (AP, 5/10/01)

1991        May 11, President Bush dispatched an amphibious task force with thousands of Marines and dozens of helicopters to help cyclone-ravaged Bangladesh with disaster relief efforts.
    (AP, 5/11/01)

1991        May 12, Syrian President Hafez Assad, meeting with US Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third, refused to yield on key demands for joining a Middle East peace conference.
    (AP, 5/12/01)

1991        May 13,  The album "Michael Jackson: The Magic & the Madness" went on sale.
    (SS, Internet, 5/13/97)
1991        May 13,  Apple released Macintosh System 7.0.
    (SS, Internet, 5/13/97)
1991        May 13, South African black activist Winnie Mandela and two co-defendants were convicted of abducting four young black men and keeping them at her Soweto home. Winnie Mandela and Xoliswa Falati were both convicted of assaulting and kidnapping Stompie Seipei in 1988. Both received 6-year prison sentences. Mandela paid a $3,200 fine on appeal and Falati had her sentence reduced to 2 years.
    (AP, 5/13/01)(SFC,11/26/97, p.C4)

1991        May 14, President Bush announced his selection of Robert M. Gates to head the Central Intelligence Agency.
    (AP, 5/14/01)
1991        May 14, Britain's Queen Elizabeth the Second arrived in Washington to begin a two-week visit to the United States.
    (AP, 5/14/01)
1991        May 14, General Motors ended production of the Buick Reatta, a two-seater sports car that had been introduced in 1988.
    (WSJ, 6/23/08, p.R2)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buick_Reatta)
1991        May 14, Jiang Qing (77), widow of Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung, committed suicide in prison.
    (SFC, 12/25/99, p.B4)(AP, 6/4/01)
1991        May 14, Forty-two people were killed in a train collision in western Japan.
    (AP, 5/14/01)
1991        May 14, In South Africa, Winnie Mandela was sentenced to six years in prison for her part in the kidnapping and beating of three black youths and the death of a fourth.
    (HN, 5/14/99)

1991        May 15, Simon and Schuster published “Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography" by Kitty Kelly. Review copies came out in April.
1991        May 15, President Bush took Britain’s Queen Elizabeth the Second to a baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland Athletics. The queen left after two innings; the A’s won, 6-to-3.
    (AP, 5/15/01)
1991        May 15, Defense lawyers released docs claiming Noriega is "CIA's man in Panama."
1991        May 15, French President Francois Mitterrand appointed Edith Cresson to be France’s first female premier.
    (AP, 5/15/01)

1991        May 16, US Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third wrapped up his latest Mideast visit in Israel without an agreement for Arab-Israeli peace talks.
    (AP, 5/16/01)
1991        May 16 Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to address the U.S. Congress.
    (AP, 5/16/97)

1991        May 17, The Commerce Department reported the US trade deficit had narrowed sharply in March 1991 to $4.05 billion, the lowest level in nearly eight years.
    (AP, 5/17/01)   

1991        May 18, "Hansel" won the 116th running of the Preakness Stakes.
    (AP, 5/18/01)
1991        May 18, Helen Sharman became the first Briton to rocket into space as she flew aboard a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft with two cosmonauts on an eight-day mission.
    (AP, 5/18/01)
1991        May 18, France performed a nuclear test at Muruora Island.
    (SC, 5/18/02)
1991        May 18, Edwina Booth (86), actress (Trader Horn), died of heart failure.

1991        May 19, Martial-law courts in Kuwait began trying people accused of collaborating with Iraqi occupation forces, sentencing one man to life in prison for wearing a Saddam Hussein T-shirt. The trials came under international criticism, and were halted.
    (AP, 5/19/01)

1991        May 20, The movie "Barton Fink" won the top prizes at the 44th annual Cannes Film Festival.
    (AP, 5/20/01)
1991        May 20, Lawmakers in the Soviet Union voted to liberalize foreign travel and emigration.
    (AP, 5/20/01)
1991        May 20, The American Red Cross announced measures aimed at screening blood more carefully for the AIDS virus.
    (AP, 5/20/97)

1991        May 21, Cuban composer Julian Orbon (b.1915) died in exile in Miami. Mr. Orbon was not recognized by Cuba's musical establishment after he left the country permanently in 1960. He contributed to the adaptation of the famous Guantanamera tune with the verses of the Cuban poet Jose Marti (1853-1895).
1991        May 21, Ethiopia’s Marxist president (Mengistu Haile Mariam) resigned and fled into exile as rebels continued to advance. Mengistu left behind thousands of pages of memoranda.  (AP, 5/21/01)(Econ, 9/29/07, p.50)
1991        May 21, A Tamil suicide bomber assassinated PM Rajiv Gandhi (46) at a campaign rally near Madras. Tamil leader Velupillai Prabhakaran ordered the assassination. Gandhi and 16 others were killed when the female Tamil bomber, Dhanu, presented him flowers hiding explosives packed with 10,000 metal pellets. 41 Indian and Sri Lankan suspects were charged with murder and conspiracy. 12 suspects later committed suicide when they were trapped by police. In 1999 4 of the 25 convicted had their death sentences confirmed. 3 death sentences were commuted to life in prison and 19 sentences were set aside. In 1999 3 Tamil men and a woman, convicted in 1991, were scheduled for execution.
    (HFA, '96, p.30)(SFE, 9/16/96, p.A9)(SFC, 1/9/96, p.A10)(SFEC, 8/3/97, p.A15) (SFC, 1/29/98, p.A10)(WSJ, 5/12/99, p.A1)(SFC, 10/16/99, p.A16)(SFC, 5/30/00, p.A25)

1991        May 22, Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born wife of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was designated to lead his Congress Party through national elections, one day after his assassination. However, Mrs. Gandhi turned down the position.
    (AP, 5/22/01)

1991        May 23, In a five-to-four vote, the US Supreme Court upheld regulations barring federally subsidized family planning clinics from discussing abortion with pregnant women, or from telling women where they could get abortions.
    (AP, 5/23/01)
1991        May 23, Holly Washa (22) of Burien, Washington, was kidnapped, raped and soon murdered. Cal Coburn Brown was convicted of murder in 1993 and sentenced to death in 1994. In 2009 the Washington supreme Court granted a last minute reprieve and postponed his execution, which would have been the state’s first since 2001.
    (SFC, 3/13/09, p.A6)(http://tinyurl.com/alz33r)
1991        May 23, Last Cubans troops left Angola.
1991        May 23, Peter T. Thwaites, British brig-gen, playwright (Love or money), died.

1991        May 24, Eritrean rebels liberated Asmara from Ethiopian rule. Days later Ethiopian rebels from Tigray took Addis Ababa with the help of Eritrean counterparts and ended the 17-year rule of Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam.
    (SFC, 6/24/99, p.A10)
1991        May 24, Israel began airlifting 15,000 Ethiopian Jews to safety as Ethiopian rebels continued to advance on Addis Ababa.
    (AP, 5/24/01)
1991        May 24, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to deplore Israel’s deportation of four Palestinians from the occupied territories.
    (AP, 5/24/01)
1991        May 24, The remains of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, assassinated by a suicide bomber, were cremated.
    (AP, 5/24/01)

1991        May 25, "People Are Still Having Sex" by LaTour hit #35.
    (SC, 5/25/02)
1991        May 25, Foreigners fled the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa as rebels closed in on the city.
    (AP, 5/25/01)
1991        May 25, Israel completed "Operation Solomon," which had evacuated 15,000 Ethiopian Jews to their promised land.
    (AP, 5/25/01)

1991        May 26, Rick Mears became the third driver to win the Indianapolis 500 four times.
    (AP, 5/26/01)
1991        May 26, An Austrian Lauda Air Boeing 767 crashed in Thailand, killing all 223 people aboard. Crash investigators blamed an engine thrust reverser that had inexplicably deployed shortly after takeoff. The plane was enroute to Vienna and crashed shortly after takeoff from the Bangkok airport.
    (AP, 5/26/01)(WSJ, 11/13/01, p.A14)
1991        May 26, In Nepal Girija Prasad Koirala (1925-2010) became prime minister of the first democratically elected government after a popular revolt ended absolute rule by the king.
    (AP, 3/20/10)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girija_Prasad_Koirala)

1991        May 27, In a commencement speech at Yale University, President Bush announced he would ask Congress to extend most-favored-nation trade benefits to China for another year.
    (AP, 5/27/01)
1991        May 27, Ethiopia ordered its troops to lay down their arms in the face of a rebel advance. An estimated 60,000 Eritreans died in the rebel war with Ethiopia.
    (AP, 5/27/01)(Econ, 2/19/05, p.80)

1991        May 28, US Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and other NATO defense chiefs agreed to create a rapid reaction corps as part of a broad plan to reshape the Western alliance in the post-Cold War era.
    (AP, 5/28/01)
1991        May 28, Ethiopian rebels seized control of the capital of Addis Ababa, a week after the country’s longtime Marxist ruler, Mengistu Haile Mariam, resigned his post and fled.
    (AP, 5/28/01)

1991        May 29, "Les Miserables" opened at ACTEA Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand.
    (SC, 5/29/02)
1991        May 29, President Bush, addressing the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, unveiled a plan to curb "unnecessary and destabilizing weapons" in the Middle East.
    (AP, 5/29/01)
1991        May 29, Coral Browne (77) Australian actress, (Dreamchild, Ruling Class), died of cancer.

1991        May 30, The US Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors can be sued for the legal advice they give police and can be forced to pay damages when that advice leads to someone’s rights being violated.
    (AP, 5/30/01)

1991        May 31, US Federal health officials announced a new Medicare fee schedule.
    (AP, 5/31/01)
1991        May 31, Pres. Jose Eduardo dos Santos signed a peace treaty with Jonas Savimbi of UNITA, ending a 16-year-old Angola civil war. It called for a unified military and democratic elections.
    (AP, 5/31/01)(SFC, 4/5/02, p.A11)

1991        May, The last episode of the TV show "Dallas" (b.1978) was shown. It was revived in 1996 as "Dallas: J.R. Returns."
    (SFC, 9/9/96, p.A26)
1991        May, Salomon Brothers broke US government bond auction rules.
1991        May, Lawyer Daniel Foley filed suit in Hawaii on behalf of gay couples in pursuit of same-sex marriage. A lower court rejected the suit but in 1993 the Hawaii Supreme Court reinstated it.
    (WSJ, 6/17/96, p.A5)
1991        May, In Egypt Gen. Hussein Tantawi was appointed chief commander of the armed forces.
    (AP, 2/16/11)
1991        May, In Ethiopia an armed revolution led by the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front took over the government from the Marxist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam known as the Dergue (Derg). Meles Zenawi (36), a former Marxist-Leninist and the guerrilla leader of the TPLF took control of the government. The Tigrean minority made up only 5% of the country’s population. Some 4 million Tigrayans lorded over 18 million Amharans and 20 million Oromos. Some experts say 150,000 university students, intellectuals and politicians were killed in a nationwide purge by Mengistu's regime. No one knew for sure how many suspected opponents were killed.
    (SFC, 4/20/98, p.A12)(SFC, 5/12/98, p.A14)(SFC, 6/24/99, p.A14)(AP, 6/1/11)
1991        May, In Russia the Victory Day parade, celebrating the WW II Soviet victory over Germany, was suspended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was revived in 1996 without the display of military hardware.
    (SFEC, 5/10/98, p.A22)

1991        Jun 1, "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche peaked at #5 on the pop singles chart.
1991        Jun 1, The United States and the Soviet Union resolved differences over the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, clearing the way for a superpower summit.
    (AP, 6/1/01)
1991        Jun 1, NASA scrubbed the launch of the space shuttle "Columbia" after a navigational unit failed.
    (AP, 6/1/01)
1991         Jun 1, Mount Pinatubo (Philippines) erupted for the first time in 400-600 years. [see Jun 12,15]
    (DTnet, 6/1/97)(SSFC, 11/11/01, p.F4)

1991        Jun 2, "The Will Rogers Follies" won best musical at Broadway’s Tony Awards; "Lost in Yonkers" was named best play.
    (AP, 6/2/01)
1991        Jun 2, Pope John Paul the Second, on a pilgrimage to his native Poland, visited the town of Przemysl, less than ten miles from the Soviet border; an estimated 10,000 Ukrainians crossed into Poland to see the pontiff.
    (AP, 6/2/01)

1991        Jun 3, Pope John Paul the Second, visiting the Polish city of Kielce, indirectly criticized abortion, appealing to his listeners to "prevent further destruction of the Polish family."
    (AP, 6/3/01)
1991        Jun 3, Mount Unzendake in southern Japan erupted and left 43 people dead and nearly 2,300 homeless. The dead included volcano experts Maurice and Katia Krafft.
    (SFC, 3/31/00, p.A17)(SFEC, 4/2/00, p.A17)(AP, 6/3/01)(WSJ, 4/18/02, p.D7)

1991        Jun 4, President Bush tapped former Democratic national chairman Robert S. Strauss to be the new US ambassador to the Soviet Union.
    (AP, 6/4/01)
1991        Jun 4, The government of China announced the death of Jiang Qing (77), the widow of Mao Tse-tung, saying she had committed suicide on May 14th.
    (AP, 6/4/01)

1991        Jun 5, Lesbian priest Elizabeth Carl was ordained in Episcopal Church.
1991        Jun 5, The space shuttle "Columbia" blasted off with seven astronauts on a nine-day mission.
    (AP, 6/5/01)
1991        Jun 5, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev delivered his delayed Nobel Peace lecture in Oslo, Norway, warning that Western failure to heed his call for economic aid could dash hopes for a peaceful new world order.
    (AP, 6/5/01)

1991        Jun 6, Stan Getz (b. 1928), jazz saxophonist, died in California, at age 64. His biography, "Stan Getz" by Donald Maggin, was published in 1996.
    (SFC, 8/8/96, p.E5)(AP, 6/6/01)
1991        Jun 6, Sylvia Porter (77), economist, author (Money Book), died.
1991        Jun 6, NATO issued a statement saying it would not accept any "coercion or intimidation" against the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe.
    (AP, 6/6/01)

1991        Jun 7, The US government reported the nation’s unemployment rate had worsened to a four-year high of six-point-nine percent in May, up three-tenths of a percentage point from April.
    (AP, 6/7/01)
1991        Jun 7, A US District Court judge rejected a request by San Francisco TV station KQED for permission to televise the execution of convicted murderer Robert Alton Harris.
    (AP, 6/7/01)

1991        Jun 8, Preakness winner "Hansel" won the Belmont Stakes.
    (AP, 6/8/01)
1991        Jun 8, A victory parade was held in Washington D-C to honor the veterans of the Persian Gulf War.
    (AP, 6/8/01)

1991        Jun 9, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir insisted his country have a say in the selection of Palestinians who would attend a US-sponsored Middle East peace conference.
    (AP, 6/9/01)
1991        Jun 9, Jim Courier gained his first Grand Slam of tennis as he won the French Open.
    (AP, 6/9/01)
1991        Jun 9, Pianist Claudio Arrau died in Austria at age 88.
    (AP, 6/9/01)

1991        Jun 10, "Twin Peaks" ended its run on ABC-TV.
1991        Jun 10, New York City staged a massive celebration for US veterans of the Persian Gulf War, code-named Desert Storm.
    (AP, 6/10/01)
1991        Jun 10, In South Lake Tahoe, Ca., Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy, snatched Jaycee Lee Dugard (11) from a bus stop outside her home. In 2009 police freed Dugard and arrested the Garrido’s. During the interim Phillip Garrido fathered 2 children with Dugard keeping them in tents in a fenced backyard compound in Antioch, Ca. In 2010 California lawmakers approved a $20 million payment to Dugard and 2 her children, ages 12 and 15. On June 2, 2011, Phillip Garrido (59) was sentenced to 431 years to life in prison. Nancy (55) was sentenced 36 years to life. In 2011 Dugard authored “A Stolen Life: A Memoir." On Sep 22, 2011, Dugard sued the federal government for the lax supervision of her abductor.
    (AP, 8/28/09)(SFC, 7/2/10, p.C3)(SFC, 6/3/11, p.A1)(SSFC, 7/31/11, p.F1)(SFC, 9/23/11, p.C3)
1991        Jun 10, Vercors (b.1902) [Jean Bruller], French writer (Silence of Mer), died.

1991        Jun 11, President Bush authorized $1.5 billion in agricultural credit guarantees for the Soviet Union.
    (AP, 6/11/01)
1991        Jun 11, Actress Julia Roberts and actor Kiefer Sutherland called off their wedding three days before it was to have taken place.
    (AP, 6/11/01)
1991        Jun 11, Microsoft released MS DOS 5.0.
1991        Jun 11, The half-nude body of Jessica McHenry (14) of Livermore, Ca., was found strangled and burning on Tesla Rd. In 2007 Derick Moncada (35) hanged himself at Kern Valley State Prison after being confronted with DNA evidence that linked him to her murder. Moncada was serving time for other crimes.
    (SFC, 4/28/04, p.B1)(SFC, 3/20/07, p.B1)

1991        Jun 12, The Chicago Bulls won their first N-B-A championship, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers four games to one.
    (AP, 6/12/01)
1991        Jun 12, The Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines began erupting for the 1st time in 600 years. [see Jun 15]
    (AP, 6/12/01)(HN, 6/12/02)
1991        Jun 12, Russians went to the polls and elected Boris Yeltsin as president.
    (AP, 6/12/01)(www.cs.indiana.edu/~dmiguse/Russian/bybio.html)
1991        Jun 12, Mintimer Shaimiev (b.1937) became president of the Muslim republic of Tatarstan, located within Russia. He continued as president until the expiration of his 4th term in 2010.
    (Econ, 1/30/10, p.62)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mintimer_Shaimiev)

1991        Jun 13, Revising a policy with roots to the McCarthy era, the Bush administration agreed to remove almost all 250,000 names on a secret list of unacceptable aliens.
    (AP, 6/13/04)
1991        Jun 13, The US Supreme Court ruled a jailed suspect represented by a lawyer in one criminal case sometimes may be questioned by police about another crime without the lawyer present.
    (AP, 6/13/01)
1991        Jun 13, Tragedy struck the first round of the US Open golf tournament when lightning struck and killed a spectator.
    (AP, 6/13/01)

1991        Jun 14, The US government reported consumer prices had risen a modest three-tenths of one percent in May.
    (AP, 6/14/01)
1991        Jun 14, The space shuttle "Columbia" returned from a medical research mission.
    (AP, 6/14/01)
1991        Jun 14, Dame Peggy Ashcroft (83), film and stage, Actress died in London.
    (AP, 6/14/01)(www.screenonline.org.uk/people/id/457078/index.html)
1991        Jun 14, Swiss women blocked trams during a sit-in in the heart of Zurich's financial district and gathered outside schools, hospitals and across cities with purple balloons and banners to demand equal pay for equal work.
    (Reuters, 6/14/19)

1991        Jun 15, The song "Love Is A Wonderful Thing" by Michael Bolton (b.1953) reached #3 on the pop singles chart.
1991        Jun 15, India concluded its violence-racked elections, with the Congress Party of recently assassinated former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi gaining a plurality of votes.
    (AP, 6/15/01)
1991        Jun 15, Mount Pinatubo (4,750 feet high) exploded in a cataclysmic eruption. Due to early warning 56,000 people were evacuated and only 450 people died. The eruption forced the closure of Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City and displaced hundreds of families of the Aeta tribe. [see June 12]
    (SSFC, 11/11/01, p.F4)(http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/1997/fs113-97/)
1991        Jun 15, Arthur Lewis (b.1915), Saint Lucian economist, died in Barbados. According to Lewis, developing countries' industrial wages begin to rise quickly at the point when the supply of surplus labor from the countryside tapers off. The “Lewis turning point," named after him, gained wide circulation in the context of economic development in China. His work included “The Theory of Economic Growth" (1955) in which he sought to “provide an appropriate framework for studying economic development.
    (Econ, 6/25/11, SR p.16)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Lewis_%28economist%29)

1991        Jun 16, The seventh International Conference on AIDS opened in Florence, Italy. The conference was marked by pleas from African and Asian countries for more help and criticism directed at the United States for its refusal to allow visits by foreigners infected with the AIDS virus.
    (AP, 6/16/01)

1991        Jun 17, The remains of President Zachary Taylor were briefly exhumed in Louisville, Kentucky, to test a theory that Taylor had died of arsenic poisoning. Results showed death was from natural causes.
    (AP, 6/17/01)
1991        Jun 17, Payne Stewart won the US Open golf tournament.
    (AP, 6/17/01)
1991        Jun 17, The South African Parliament abolished the Population Registration Act, the last major apartheid law still in effect.
    (AP, 6/17/01)

1991        Jun 18, The Louisiana Legislature enacted a strict anti-abortion law, overriding a veto by Governor Buddy Roemer.
    (AP, 6/18/01)
1991        Jun 18, Russia’s newly elected president, Boris Yeltsin, arrived in the United States for visits with American officials, including President Bush.
    (AP, 6/18/01)

1991        Jun 19, Newly elected Russian President Boris Yeltsin lobbied Congress during a Washington visit as he sought closer ties.
    (AP, 6/19/01)
1991        Jun 19, Two of Mia Farrow's daughters were arrested in Danbury, Conn., for shoplifting lingerie.
1991        Jun 19, Actress Jean Arthur died at age 90.
    (AP, 6/19/01)
1991        Jun 19, Pablo Escobar, head of Colombia’s Medellin drug cartel, surrendered to authorities.
    (AP, 6/19/01)
1991        Jun 19, Five Cubans stole and flew a Russian-made Antonov AN-2 biplane to Miami.

1991        Jun 20, Boris Yeltsin, the newly elected president of the Russian republic, was welcomed to the White House by President Bush.
    (AP, 6/20/01)
1991        Jun 20, German lawmakers voted to move the seat of the national government from Bonn back to Berlin.
    (SFEC, 6/27/99, p.A24)(AP, 6/20/01)

1991        Jun 21, US Secretary of State James Baker visited Yugoslavia, where he pleaded for a peaceful solution to multi-ethnic conflicts that were threatening to erupt into civil war.
    (AP, 6/21/01)
1991        Jun 21, In North Carolina Erik Tornblom (17) was robbed of $27 and killed. In 1994 Marcus Reymond Robinson (21) was convicted of Tornblom’s murder and sentenced to death. In 2012 a judge vacated his death penalty under North Carolina’s 2009 Racial Justice Act. Robinson was resentenced to life in prison.
    (SFC, 4/21/12, p.A8)(http://www.wral.com/news/state/story/1169340/)

1991        Jun 22, An estimated 200,000 Albanians turned out in the capital Tirana to cheer visiting US Secretary of State James Baker.
    (AP, 6/22/01)

1991        Jun 23, The Group of Seven finance ministers and central bankers, meeting in London, agreed that the Soviet Union should become the first associate member of the International Monetary Fund.
    (AP, 6/23/01)

1991        Jun 24, The US Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment did not shield news organizations from being sued when they publish the names of sources who had been promised confidentiality.
    (AP, 6/24/01)
1991        Jun 24, Croatia and Slovenia voted to declare independence unless some new agreement was reached among the Yugoslav republics.
    (SFC, 6/11/96, p.A14)
1991        Jun 24, Rufino Tamayo (b.1899), a Zapotecan Indian artist born in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, died in Mexico City. His painting “Tres Personajes," sold in 1977 to a Houston couple for $55,000, was stolen in 1987. In 2003 it was found amongst street trash on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
    (SFC, 10/24/07, p.E3)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rufino_Tamayo)

1991        Jun 25, Slovenia proclaimed independence from Yugoslavia.
1991        Jun 25, The civil war in Yugoslavia began when Croatia and Slovenia proclaimed independence from Yugoslavia. Croatia voted to declare independence with Franjo Tudjman as president. Following months of unsuccessful talks among Yugoslavia’s six republics about the future of the federation, the western republics of Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence. Entities of Yugoslavia began to split off leaving Serbia and Montenegro.
    (SFC,10/16/97, p.A12)(AP, 6/25/01)(www.factmonster.com/ce6/world/A0857636.html)

1991        Jun 26, A Kentucky medical examiner announced that test results showed President Zachary Taylor had died in 1850 of natural causes—and not arsenic poisoning, as speculated by a writer. Taylor’s remains were exhumed so that tissue samples could be taken.
    (AP, 6/26/01)
1991        Jun 26, Slovenian crowds gathered to declare their independence. They blockaded the barracks of the Yugoslav army and their Territorial Defense Force attacked border crossings and armored columns.
    (SFC, 5/26/96, T-5)

1991        Jun 27, US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first black to sit on the nation’s highest court, announced his retirement.
    (AP, 6/27/01)
1991        Jun 27, The US Supreme Court ruled that juries considering life or death for convicted murderers may take into account the victim’s character and the suffering of relatives.
    (AP, 6/27/01)
1991        Jun 27, Cor Therapeutics went public and raised $15 million. In 1998 it received partial FDA clearance for Integrillin, an anti-clotting drug.
    (WSJ, 5/24/99, p.R8)
1991        Jun 27, Yugoslav army tanks and helicopters attacked Slovenia. Fighting broke out between Serbian and Croatian militias. The Slovene militia trapped an armored column and captured 2,000 soldiers. The prisoners were released and an agreement was reached for Slovenia to control its own borders after a 90 day period of int’l. observation.
    (SFC, 6/11/96, p.A14)(SFC,10/16/97, p.A12)

1991        Jun 28, In Detroit, a white woman was attacked by a group of black women at a downtown fireworks display in an incident captured on amateur video. Five women later pleaded no contest to charges stemming from the assault.
    (AP, 6/28/01)
1991        Jun 28, Two people were killed when the Sierra Madre earthquake, magnitude 5.8, shook Southern California.
    (AP, 6/28/01)(www.data.scec.org/chrono_index/sierrama.html)

1991        Jun 29, President Bush, speaking to reporters in Kennebunkport, Maine, refused to rule out the possibility of renewed military action against Iraq, calling its interference with UN inspectors "very disturbing."
    (AP, 6/29/01)
1991        Jun 29, In the Philippines Estrellita Vizconde and her 2 daughters, Carmela (18), and Jennifer (7), were stabbed to death in Paranaque City. Carmela was raped repeatedly and stabbed 17 times. In 2000 eight defendants, all members of rich families, were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Two of the defendants were still at large.
    (SFC, 1/7/00, p.D3)

1991        Jun 30, The federal base-closing commission voted to shut down 17 military bases, including the massive Philadelphia Navy Shipyard, in addition to seven facilities ordered closed two days earlier.
    (AP, 6/30/01)

1991        Jun, Alaska Airlines began the 1st regularly scheduled service from the US to the Soviet Far East.
    (WSJ, 1/7/07, p.A4)
1991        Jun, In Albania Prime Minister Fatos Nano and the rest of the cabinet resigned after trade unions called for a general strike to protest worsening economic conditions and the killing of opposition demonstrators in Shkodra. The Party of Labor was renamed to Socialist Party of Albania. Albania was accepted as a full member of the CSCE.
    (www, Albania, 1998)
1991        Jun, Georgian leader Zviad Gamsakhurdia, a noted author and scholar of the iconic Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli, was elected president of Georgia.
    (AP, 3/28/07)
1991        Jun, In India P.V. Narasimha Rao (1921-2004) assumed the post of prime minister. He launched a fast track program to attract private investment in the energy sector to reduce chronic power shortages. Rao led until 1996.
    (WSJ, 11/22/95, p.A-3)(www.ceeby.com/people/PVNarasimhaRao.cfm)
1991        Jun, Mount Unzendake in southern Japan erupted and left 43 people dead and nearly 2,300 homeless.
    (SFC, 3/31/00, p.A17)(SFEC, 4/2/00, p.A17)

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